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IT stood no marble stand upon.
No crystals glittered 'round Its brim,
Ko silken shields wben day was done
Made shade for eyes waxed weak and dim.
Of antique form from metal cast,
A spluttering, black and wry-necked thing,
low down beneath the hickory Joist
It hung by rod and leather string.
It lightly swung an air-moored boat,
With dusty deck and flame-rUled prow;
(And smoky lard in the hold afloat
Supplied tbe wick that weighted the bow.
From finger-polished peg it swung.
And feebly fell Its flickering rays
On unhewn wall and door where hung
Outworn homespun of other days.
It smiled up red on bnckhorn racks,
Where fllnt-locn guns and ramrods lay,
And twisted hanks of new spun flax
That turned to sliver 'nealb its ray.
The fireplace shadows deep it searched.
The husking plus aud old sheep-shears.
And lace bits, time and finger smirched,
And yellow seed-corn ln the ears.
Heady It bong as years crept past.
And though they all have left their stamp
Of dents and stains, It hangs at last
The staunch, the willing old black lamp.
Mils. E. _ 11 *. : 1 M.l.
«■ f^ BE members of the Darkmeie Hunt had a
if Ih* 5 * (ileal lilting tor Squire Dent home of the
■Vl !a«i I'lange, a good-natured, bsrd-rldlng and
c?*?^ kindly, II choleric, old gentlemen. He
wis blessed with an only daughter, Mabel, who,
accustomed from childhood io do pretty well
what she iik-.i. was, perhaps, a little wilder and
self-willed than are must girls of 19. still, she
was sound to ihe very core, and was a favorite
Inst as much « ith her own sex as with men.
"Fearless in praising, faltering iv blame," she
was of si Chivalrous, geneious nature, easily
moved lo laughter or to tears. And being, to ad
dition to her mane accomplishments, au excel
lent rid i and devoted in hunting, what could be
. expected but mat tunny a goo.i fellow should fall
down and worship the lair chatelaine of the
Orange? Hut Miss Deuthoine was not so easy
. to i lease, ami every one m lie neighborhood was
' fiually extremely surprised lo learn that she had
become engaged, alter barely a mouth's ac
quaintance, to baud-vine lie .ice .Mowbray, a
man who bad quite unexpectedly come tutu his
. uncle's line place, Stallbrldge i'ark, close by,
and had vow fur the first lime set foot lv the
Ami, naturally, surprise might be expressed,
fur Mowbray— shy, taciturn and re.ervi-d—
S'eni d baldly the one to win the fancy of a
. blight. light-hearted girl. But mere the fact
was. snd li had iv be accepted. The squire was
well -.tii-I'.ed, and certainly the il.uigluei never
fit one moment even hluledlo hlm or to any one
that she in ihe very least regretted the step she
-had taken. As lor Mowbiay, worshiped the
gipuiid .Mabel trod on, and a more devoted
fiance no girl could have desiied. But be never
obiiuued hlm sell, and llicie seemed in him a
strength of purpose and a power of reserve that
. drew Mabel nearer and closer to him. And so
much was this the case thai she tried to put
aside many of her own particular whims and
laucics, and, to please ihe mau she honored
above all hers, endeavored to pallet v bei self
- on ins more staid demeanor.
Ihe strain was, however, too great to be
always kept up, and vow and then she would
I bleak out in her old, accustomed manner, and
i.e.. baldly undeislandlne. would look tin
-• in wonder, and theu, swiftly unbending, sltlveto
appieciate ibe happiness ol the jest or the
subtlety of the thought, and, almost against bis
o.iu ie lei Judgment, would Join in Ilie merri
ment of the moment.
One evening, wnen sltllug In tbeflrawlug-room,
"" alter a t.aid day wiiti the hounds, the squire all
of a sudden bethought mm of letters thai must
be nun, and strolled away, leaving the en
(aged couple v, inning themselves by the blazing
i.iv. It.c lights had been brought lv and the lea
things removed, aud -Mabel. still lv ber riding
habit, lazily leant back In her lounge chair, la a
hrwitci.'tii attitude of careless ease.
"I i.e." said Mowbray, bteaklug Ihe
chaiiiie.l silence, "my — an has brought over my
diess collies, and mat 1 must go aud get ready
for dinner."
"No, Ueorge, wait a bit. It's so jolly here, and
. I Halt) can't stir."
-As you like, darling. I don't feel much In
clined lo move mysell.''
"I've sou. lag lo show you," presently said
Mabel, with some Utile hesitation.
"Haveu'i I * eu it hetoie?"
"Siseu It ! No, 1 am sine you have not. By
. the by. 1 wonder, George, you never asked me if
1 had any — However,'' checking herself In
pint' contusion, "1 did uot mean that."
Mowhiay looked at her curiously, waiting for
any explanation she might deslie lo give. How
ever, she gave none.
"Well. sweetheart, what have you to show?"
"lru'il see 10-iiiunuw. lam going to surprise
My chief surprise Is," be rejoined, "that you
can see anything lv cue about tv me."
".Now would be the lime," she laughed, "to
pay you a very pielty compliment, but 1 shall
spate your blushes. Ah!" laklug up the Dally
.- Civij li.c. " here aie seme mote pictures of
won cv tiding en cavalier, I wouder bow 1
stiunld took in thai costume ? 1 feel inclined lo
tiy it."
-' - ijov.d heaven.-! You are not lv earnest 1"
"Well, mis ol ladies tide like that. Is It not
lie case thai queens aud women ol ibe highest
lank have done so?"
< "That may he. But what has that to do with
tue mallei ? 1 can't uudeislanU how It would be
possible for a lady of any lelineiueul to adopt
such a costu inc."
••Ana how do you know (saucily) I am not
going 1., adopt .it' lam sure it would suit hie."
. "1 know, deal, yuu only joking; but 1 don't
like you even lo jest on such a subject-"
■* oust you wail here," said Mabel, rising as she
■poke, 'and I'll bouoi you with a private view,
all to jouisell, of bow 1 look in my new riding
dress, it will ptepure you lor to-morrow," and
so saying, beloie he could lemuuslraie sue ran
uul lie loom.
■ Mowbray more than half believed ibat what
bis fiancee bad said was all Jest, but mere was
also au uneasy suspicion iv Ins mind that he
might be wrong; and while be was still moodily
turning the mutter over the door was thrown
open, eaietully closed, and before him stood
' .\ii-s Deuthoine lv tue garb of Hie Darkmsre
—Uul— cap, bonis, hie dies and all!
"And how do yia tiuuk 1 loo* V" Inquired ihe
11..1 a-, i.r- giil, standing saucily before hlm, ber
bauds ou her hips, null a little mutiuuus expres
sion in her eyes.
Mowbray si. used up In dismay.
"I beg— l implore, .Mabel, mat you will at
once lake those clothes on," be passiouately
*• Wby should 1 ? They fit very well."
■ "It 1 have auy right lo speak— and surely I
have," be holiy said, "you will at ouce resume
youi owu dress."
"Are yuu nut rather premature?"' she replied,
wiih an sii.git movement oi her bead. "1 am
not bvuiic ,hai I bate yet given you authority to
dictate to me what 1 am to wear."
"II your onu good sense and ladylike feel*
-■■lug," be coldly made icjoiuder, "do not eouviuce
you ol the indecency—
" Slop, sir," said ihe now angry gltl, "you are
going 100 la.-. II lam anting, as you imply, in
fowl sense, lady-llae feeling, aud mo sense of de
cency, it .seems to me that we have botb of us of
iale Litri. standing on false ground."
"1 caunot withdraw one word I bave said.
.But, "label !" now changing Ills tone to oue of
eunealy, "surely you are only doing this to try
are. 1 implore you to lake oft this— ibis cos
tume I"
•■a in 1 to have no voice in what best suits
- me?" protested Miss Deuihorue.
" Good heavens 1 You don't Imagine that this
—man's dress suits you 1"
- Weil"— pretending to glance critically over
bei sell— think It suits me very well. And,
Just to puuisli you tor your rudeness, I shall
wear il at the meet 10-woiiow. .Now I what
bay you to say to that?"
"It seems," her lover coldly made answer,
"tbat we no must bave been laboring under a
mistake. I cannot pretend to tbe honor of
claiming alliance Willi a lady wbo can thus un
.. sex herself."
-- "ion are extremely rude." returned Mabel,
"And 1 am sure Ihat 1 don't want to Keep you lo
your engagement. At any rate, 1 will uoi con
sent lo be Use butt of your bad temper"; aud so
saying, she iefi the room.
Hutu ay once quitted the bouse, and Mabel,
who was a good deal agitated aod distressed,
said uotblngol what had passed to her lather,
merely icui.-rklug. wben Mr. Denlhome comm
ented ou George's absence at dinner, Ihat her
nance had been obliged to return tostalibridite
. l'aik.
N. at day Mowbray, ball Inclined to slay at
borne, dieamug to see Mabel lv the costume to
•bleu he so objected, finally determined to at
tend Hie meet. Fn chance," alter all, li had been
• mere fun ami bravado on ..label's pari, ami tier-
Laps, h had been rather hard ou bei ; but then
again, had she not as much told him that she
. bad a surprise In store for bin), aud bad she uot,
when piessed for an explanation, actually ab
peaied in the costume which be baa denounced
which showed she bud actually goue so far as to
.rdei the detestable garments.
Willi a veiy heavy ueart, for be was madly in
love, be rode toward Shapstone gully, wheie the
meet was, but purposely kept in" tbe back
ground, glancing uneasily arouud to ascerulu If
• Miss Driitiiorue was anywhere about. He had
tailed to catch sight of her at all until, the
bounds giving a cry, the whole field started,
wben, in an opening of the ranks hot 100 yards
Horn, no recognized the squire, witb Mabel
besiue I. im on her baudsome chestnut— aud alas,
an« was rrdiug en cavalier.
Augi y and annoyed Mowbray very nearly
tinned back heme, but tbe suddeu fear was
borne ui*ou bim that the girl, good horsewoman
as she was, rluing In that strange fashion, was
sine lo conn* to griet, and, ab! how terrible If
sbe were mjuied lv any way. He accordingly
•teteinilued to keep her wlthiu sight, and Ibis, of
course, be easily managed; Indeed, at one time
the two weie close together for a few seconds.
lie made uo attempt, however, at reconciliation'
and tbe lady completely Ignored bis pieseuce!
One consoling thought occurred to Mowbray,
and It was that by coming late he bad been
stated all ihe cliaD and badinage which must
bave been Hying about when Miss Deuthoine
first appealed. Even ibis was a small mercy,
ana one to be grateful for.
Again tailing back, Mowbray kept bis eyes
vigilantly ou bis hancee, who was now quite
aloue, and clearing every obstacle that came
lv her way lv capital style. But, all! what is
"JS*. lhe gallant chestnut iv raising at a
•un fence strikes his forelegs on the limber,
aud m lalling his rider Is sent spinning to tbe
. grouud. Ibe horse, unburt. Is soon oil on bis
own accuuut, while M «wl>ray Is promptly by
the side of th; prostrate figure, lying with fact)
wi the around and *5« burning cap Jerked over
the back of the head. He waS oil bis horse In a
trice, and In an agony of tenor knelt upon the
ground. Gently littiug the senseless girl, mud
slaiued and disfigured as she was, be tested her
bead ou bis shoulder, his eyes, glazed wiih tears,
never wandering from her face, aud with un
steady band be poured a few drops from bis flask
through the ueothly while lips. Never bad be
more desperately loved this girl, now that she
teemed to bave slipped from ills grasp forever.
"My God i" be said to himself, "she might
wear a groom's dress If only she would live."
Presently, to bis intense joy, tbe eyes opened;
but, alas! there was uo lecognltlon of hlm Id
tin in, and the appalling thought forced Itself
upon hlm thai her bialu must have been affected
by the awful shock.
"Mabel!" be Implored, '•will you Dot speak to
"Oh, don't be a born Idiot. Give me some
The face was the face of Mabel, though surely
this was not her voice. But now others arrived
and with ihem the squlie.
"My pour lad!" cried Mr. Denthorue. "Ah!
he's In safe hands with you, George."
"He."' stammered Mowbray, the two now
standing aside while a local medico was doing
the needful.
" Yes, I ought to have told you before," hur
riedly exclaimed the squlie, "but Mabel wanted
to surprise you. The fact Is Ihat the hoy—
boy is Charley— Ab, thank (Jodl I see he's com
ink round " tt£_i
•* your son, sir?"
" Yes, yes, of course. You see he wanted to
enter the army and failed in the 'prelim.' In a
mad freak he enlisted lv the Seventeenth Lan
cers. I was very sore on the point, and we
never talked about him. However, I bought
hlm out, and he turned up last night. Mabel
aud be aie twins and she has been dying Io tell
you all about him. She insisted on lending him
her chestnut to-day, and this Is what it has all
come to."
In ibe end no great harm eventuated. Charley
was soon able to mount the chestnut, nnd he and
bis father and Mowbiay rode home Arriving at
Ihe Orange, Mabel met them at the door, and,
rushing up lo Mowbiay, threw ber arms around
hlm and said: "Poor dear, I did not tor one In
stant think that you would treat the matter bo
seriously, lv all penitence I promise never to
wear the— the clothes again."— London Truth.
Some of the Experiences of City
" A curious 111 me abool the census returns ol
Cbluatuwti," paid Stipei visor Davis yesteiday,
" Is Ibal over 70 per ceul of tlie Chluese women
aver Ull) lliey weie born in San Francisco. Ol
course they are not speaking lie truib. I learn
from Collector I'lielis thai all the Chinese
women admitted at this port are admitted only
on the plea Unit tliey were born liere and liave
been io China on a visit. Evidently these women
are keeping up the original deception."
Fuuuy stories by enumerators describing ibelr
experiences are still coming lv. One found a
family seated around the festive board or rather
me dinner table. There were Uie (sillier, mother
and six children, and ihe enumerator took down
tli- names wliii neatness and dispatch and tbcu
commeucrti bis catechism. He asked tbe man:
" Are you the head ol Uie family '.'"
"No, sir," spoke up the woman, "be is nnt. I
am the head of the family, lie is head down at
bis business, but when at home 1 run things.
Put me down as the bead ul the family, young
Another woman was asked If she was married
or single.
" her." she replied; " I am a grass widow."
Another woman, who was young when me bay
came unto Montgomery slreet, was asked her
" I am just 20," she replied.
The enumerator paused with pen lv air.
"Hut, msidame," he expostulated, "you must
know that 1 cannot believe that statement."
" Young man, 1 am just 20."
"Oh, well." said the enumerator, proceeding
to write, "the law compels me, when l know
that a statement is untrue, to make an estimate
of my own."
'-What are you willing tliere?" cxc.almel the
"It Is false. I was born In 1850."
Oue enumerator In the Chinese quarter went
down lulu an underground cellar, it was in the
last degree filthy. Dirt rendered the footing In
secure. A c.it and six kittens weie gnawing at
a number of dead rats. The air was Indescriba
bly foul— almost stilling him. Delimited through
his woik, ami was about to rush out when the
Interpreter lifted a concealed trapdoor lv ihe
tie went down another story, and the filth and
evil smells weie worse there v.vii lv the
place above. lie nearly fainted from the
foulness of the air, aud attain started to go out,
when tlie Interpreter opened a door that had es
caped his notice. A soil light came through the
open door. The enumerator looked in, and Ilie
sight Ibat met his eyes almost caused bltn to drop
bis books lv utter amazement.
it was a section of Aladdin's palace. A large
room, furnished luxutluusly In Oileutal style,
witb upholstered wails, splendid carpets and di
vans. On couches lay two Chinese youths
dressed in the richest of Chinese silks, and wear
ing jewelry that sparkled in the dim light like
coals of fire. They were smoking opium. This
room, far underground, and only reached through
tons of filth, bad been constructed by them so
tbat tbey might Indulge In their dieains undis
John R. Spring to Syndicate Investment Com
pany, lot vol, Gift Map a »10
William Nicoi to .V. I". asperson, lut on W.
line of Broderlck st-, 02:0 s. of lomiuin, S.
25x100 400
Victor I). Duboce to Charles J. Heggerty, lots
925 to 930. Gltt Hap 3 ". 10
Dennis Coyne to Margaret Coyne, lot on E.
line of Iwenty-sixth aTe., 100 -N. or Point
Lobos. X. 100. E. 110, BE. 70, W. 20. S. 20.
W. 109:1 Gift
L. M. Spauldlng to liruns, lota 11 and 12,
Block 12, Noe Garden Homestead 10
Patrick Norton to John F. Lyons, lot un K.
line or Hartford st., 125 S. of Eighteenth,
S. 25 _ 1 25 10
Savings and Loan Society to John I*. vmc
bol.it, lot on SB. cor. of Nineteenth and
Guerrero sis.. S. 35x90 4,500
Sainautba A. YVehlke to Jacque V. Falvrc, lot
on X. line or McAllister st., 406:10 W. of
Parker are., X. 87, SW. 25. s, 25, E. 26 10
Wendell Easton to Jacob lieyniau, lot on SW.
cor. of Forty-second are-, and ,S nt., S. __5x
' 240. and thise other pieces 10
Wendell Easton to Jacob man, tot on sw.
cor. V st. and Forty-fourth are., S. 285, W.
120. S. 30, E. 120. 8. 285. W. 240, X. 600,
E. 240, to beg 10
City and County of San Fraaclsco to George
D. Lucy, lot on SE. cor. of Nebraska and
Alamedists.. E. 200x70
11. lrreyer to Christian Ilr -yer, lot on W. line
of Elgin Park, 75 X. or Ridley St., S. 22x75. Gift
Bridget Hurray to Catherine Mitchell, lot on
8. line of Twenty-ninth st., 130 Vf. of Noe,
W. 25x114 Gift
Jacob Hey man to Annie Lemo9. lot on W. line
ot Thirty-first St., 250 8. of J.S. SOxlsiO;
also lot on N. line of X st*B2:6 W. of
Tnlrty-seeond aye.. W. 5!)xl0d 10
William E. Allen to Victor I). Dulioie, lots 509,
511, 513, 515 and 517, Girt Map 2 10
G. Podesta et ai. to Charles Lopplu, lot
on i;. line of Masou St., ©0 X. oi Clay, N.
64x60 10
James Kouadtree et al. to Andreas Zllin and
wife, lot on N. line or latest., 57:6 W. of
Lyon, \V. 25x95 10
Julius P. chenot 'to John J. Callaghan et ai.,
lot 554. Gift Map 3 .. 10
George W. Prink to A. P. Morrison, lot on W.
line of MOSCOW St., ISO S. of India aye., S.
150, W. 100. S. 160, W. 100. N. ..UO, E. 200,
to beg., and two other pieces 10
Philip 11. limn to a. C Heiuekeu, lot on N.
line of lost st., 93 K. or Fillmoro, E. ills.
137:6 10
George Vilas to Mary B. Corkery, lot on w.
line of Seventh aye., 225 N. of Lake St.. >'.
60x114 10
Jessie S. Potter to George H. talker, lot on
N. line or Ul.iii St., 87:6 E. of Pllliuore. E.
40x137:G 10
William s. it-vise: aL to Louis M. Voder, lots
62, 53, Block 9. Flint Tract Homestead, and -
three other descriptions. 10
Un! versity Mound Homestead Association to
James Boland, lot on E. line of Amherst st.,
125 S. of Hansen, E. 120. S. 25, E. 120, 8.
5:9, SW. 2*l, N. 61:5, to be? 150
James Boland to John Coxe, same " 25
John Co to V. Joost, same 10
Daniel F. Hughes to Joanna M. Drlscoll* lot
on SE. Hue of Minna St., 331 NX of Third,
NE. 30X70 10
Marion IS. Holmes to Mary a. Keating, lot on
S. line of Sutter St., 143: W, or Lyon,
W. 00:4. S. 73, SW. 26:31/4, E. 50, NE. 100,
to beg 1
Joseph a. Ijemingct al. to John CL Wilson,
lot on XE. cor. Vallejo and Battery sts., X.
183:4x137:0 10
Julie J. Koseuberg to L. V. B. Hose berg, lot
on E. line of Maple St., 245 N. ol Four
teenth, E. 130. X. 6. W. 10. X. 30. W. 120.
8.35 10
Tbeorelila i'ark et al. to illl. legal-. 1 Park, lot
on NE. cor. Twenty-fourth and Mission sts.,
N. 100x60, and three other pieces Gift
Oscar E. W. Park toll. Park, same Gift
L. M. T. Wanxer to William A. Plunkett. lot
on Sr,. cor. Twenty-first and Castro sts., S.
76. li 105. S. 38, E. 50, N. 114, W, LAS 6
William A. Plunkett to Caroline V. Plunkett,
lot ou I*, line of san Jose aye., 141 N. of
Twenty-fifth, X. 37x90: also SE. cur.
Twenty-first and Castro, 8. 76, E. 105, 8.
38, E. 00, N. 114, W. 165 Gift
11. Schottier and wile to Belle Mnbec, lot on
E. Hue of Sanchez St., 63 X. ot Eighteenth,
N. 25x100 10
Margaret Hatpin aud husband to Albert Han
son, lot on 8. line of Post St., 110 W. of
Baker, W. 27:6x110 10
John K. Spring to Charles F. Each and wife,
lot 949. Girt Map 3 10
Nicholas Dimmer to James de la Montanya,
lot on SK. cor. Broadway anil Powell sts., E.
6yx85:8 13,000
•Builders' Contracts.
Louis Blank with K. K. Loonier, to build on lot
on W. line or Sherman sts., 124:4 S. of Eighteenth.
8. 20x125. 82200.
John Eagan witb Ilrennsn Bros., to build on lot
on Ms. cor. of Folsom aud Moss sts.. E. 25x8 6,
John Sullivan and wire with J. O'Conneil, to build
on lot on W. cor. of Lafayette and Natoma sts., XW.
23xe0, $2190: bonds «2000, Blytn A Trott sureties.
It. J. Tobin with George D. Xagle. to build on lot
on X. line or Braunan St., 175 E. of Second, 74: ox
80. 2000. ■
Officers Elected.
Friendship Lodge, No. 17, United Endowment
Associates, lias elected and Installed the follow
lug i Hi. eis to serve for the unexpired term end
ing July Ist: Mrs. 11. Cassell.C; Miss .1. Pet
ers, V. ('.; Mrs. Goebel, A. V. 0. ,
Seminole Tribe, No. 54, Improved Order of
Red Men, has elected the following onicers to
serve for the ensuing term: M. Catisse, P.; I".
Kobuste, s. ; M. iviissou. S. S. ; It. de Masse
rano, J. S. ; K. Lavigue, Col It-; P. Bellgnde,
K. til W.j P. Scliwelteit. L.-0. Berlin, E.
Driven, Trustees; Dr. L. Bazet, Physician.
Temple Encampment, No. 60, Champions of
the lted Cross, has elected oflicers as follows:
(J. Hall, CL: Mrs. S. Wlswell, J. C: A. E. Wat
son, It. S. ; Mrs. Uiuner, F. S.; W. W. Moses,
T.; Mr. Prlichard. I. G. ; Mrs. 11. M. M. St.
Clair, O. C; M. Scaumrell, C. of H.
Mount Iloreb Encampment, No. C 9. Champi
ons of the lted Cross, has elecied the following
officers: ft. K. Pierce, C; Mrs. N. Lewis, J. C:
Mrs. Worden, U.S.; Mrs. 11 -gister, F. 8.: J.
Swauson, T.: Mrs. Smiley, I. G.; Mrs. Garrlck,
O. G.j Mrs. M. Sutherland, 0. ot F.
Eureka Encampment, No. 74, Champions of tbe
Ked Cross, has elected the following officers to
serve for the ensuiug term: T. Barrett, C. : Mrs.
Diercks. J. C; B. 0. Bell, K. a.; Mr. Bovyer,
F. 8.; Mrs. Smith, T. ; Mrs. M. Barren, I. G. ;
Mrs. L. Newburg, O. G.; N. Bovver, C. ol H.
The followiug officers havo been elected to
serve lv Hesperian Parlor, No. 137. N. 8. U. \V.:
Fred L; Waibel, F. ; G. E. Gallagher, F. V. P. ;
William F. Cordes, 8. V.P.; George A. Moutell,
T. V. P.; Harry A. Anderson. It. S.; Charles W.
Etllug, P. 8.: George U. Mower, M.j K. P. Doo
lan. L. A. Moore, *). U. Martin, Trustees; 11.
C. Bach, G. A. Moutell, William F. Cordes,
Beading-room Directors: Dr. W. B. Coffey, S.:
Fred J. Clausen, X. ; C. M. Belt, 11.
Bis Ribs Broken.
John Connolly, a brick-layer at C6G Mis
sion street, fell from a scaffold yesterday,
on a building in i course of construction, on
Mission street, near Third, and sustained a
fracture of two ribs.
— ■ i i ■»_■■■■■!■ ■M l __s_.M__w___.M»^Min^-M_»_«Tr^— ----———-"—-—-■— --■^nr^ 171
The Bids. on Hill, the Largest
Sailing Vessel in Port.
Toanajre of Vene's Now on the Way Here.
Ships Spoken at Sea— The Steamer
Emily Docked to Discharge.
The British Iron ship Bldston Hill docked at
Mission-street Wharf 2 yesterday afternoon
to discbarge her cargo of 3325 tons of coal from
Newcastle, Australia. She is a splendid speci
men of marine architecture and enjoys the dis
tinction of being the largest sailing vessel in
poit, tb-* next one in point of size being Ihe
Commodore X. U. Allen. This is her first voyage
to this pott and her second one to tea. Last
year she was at San Diego.
Sue was built by T. Hoyden & Sons, of Liver
pool, where she is owued. Her dimensions are:
Length on keel 301 :C, over all 320 feet; beam
42:1; depth of bold 24:7, molded depth 211:10
feet; net tonnage 2434, gross 2519, under deck
£330. She has two collision bulkheads. Al
though 60 large she looks alow and aloft as trim
as a yacht. Her masts are lolly and tapering
and her yards very satiare. She has four masts
aud Is bark-rigged, the jiggermasl carrying only
fore and all sails. She carries tluee skysail
and six topgallant yards and in place of a bow
spilt and jibboom she has what Is called a born,
43 leet iv length.
The tluee forward masts are of the same
length, each measuring 200 feet from the main
deck to the ttuck, aud from the deck to each
top C 4 feet. The jiggermast is 147 feet in length.
The yards measuie as follows: Lower yards
85, lower topsail 77, upper topsail 72, lower top
gallant C 4, upper topgallant «0, royal 52, sky
sail 41 feet. When all sail is set, the vessel
spreads 12,000 feet of canvas. She carries 4
officers and 10 apprentices and her crew num
bers 35 all told.
All the latest Improvements have been placed
ou the vessel, including a powerful donkey engine
and iwo sleam winches, three double purchase
and two plain capstans, the latest patent wind
lass and a condenser capable of condensing 700
gallons of water a day.
The quarters for the apprentices, the petty
offlceis and crew, the galley and tradesmen's
shops are all spacious and well lighted, and lv
Uie forward bouse is a hospital for auy who be
come sick ou board.
In ibe after pail, under the poop, are the cap
tain's and officers' quarters and sall-locker, etc.
The fore cabin is a spacious intent, lilted in
bii d's-eye maple, black walnut and mahogany,
and contains a handsome mahogany sideboard.
Ahalt it and separated by a bulkhead and en
trances will portieres is the captain's cabin sim
ilarly lilted.- It Is a cosy place, upholstered in
led plush and contains something never seen on
a steamer or sailing vessel iv this port before—
a m.i. bie mantelpiece and stationary fireplace
and unite. Ibe sides inlaid with Million tiles.
On either side the cabin are state-rooms and
also two bath-rooms. All the metal woik Is
silver-plated. On Ihe poop Is the captain's chart
house and lotiugiiig-i ooin, also a half - round house
to shelter the man at the wheel. A gangway
fi oni Ihe poop inns the whole length of i i.i- ship
lo the forecastle head.
Captain Frederick Mallamlaiue, her command
er, Isau old trailer to this port- He was liist
here in 1808 iv command ol the Ladybird, and
the last tune, aud live years ago, as master of
the ship lmberhorn. He is 50 years of age, al
though fie looks much younger,
The total tonnage of vessels now ou the way to
this port is 240,065. At the same lime last year
It amounted to 199,534 ions. Of that vow oil
the way 30,390 lons comes from New Yoik, 4416
front Philadelphia, 8,50 from Baltimore, 13.122
Irom Antwerp, 4517 from Caleta Bueua, 7520
from Caidiff, 5515 from Calcutta, 25.).) fiom
Glasgow, 1700 ft on] Genoa, 5575 from ham
burg, 13,000 from the Hawaiian Islands, 2808
1 ■ ..in Hong-Kong, 2033 irom llmgo, 10:9 from
Inuiqiie, SlO5 Hum Java, 13.0'J0 from Liverpool,
28,493 Hum Loudon, 45,888 Hum Newcastle, N.
S. VV.; 8080 fiom Newcaslle-ou-Tyue, 8957 from
Sydney and 13,048 from Swansea.
ihe lint ship Duntillaii, Captain Ritchie, is
now fully due. having left Llveipool for ill's
port 170 days ago. The Uolltugvvood is 08 days
out from Newcastle, N. S. IV., the Buteshire 155
fiom Loudon, the ship Ventura 172, und the
balk Anna 157 from Autweip; the John \V.
.Mair 168 from Baltimore, the Cony viecliau 153
from Hamburg, ihe Undaunted 131 from New
York, and the bark c. D. Bryant 32, schooner
Olga 30 and bark Lady l.ampsou 80 from Houo
luiu, all bound to this port.
The fori Townsend correspondent of the Dally
Commercial News reports that ou Juue 2d there
were at Sound purls twenty-six vessels with au
aggiegaie tonnage of 23,510.
The ship Diiuiii; an was spoken on March 2d
In latitude s 7° south, longitude OS' west; the
Elmhurst, on April 11th, In latitude 18* south,
longitude 25° west; the Hyderabad, on May
24th, in latitude 28 north, longitude 54 west,
and Ihe Queen's Island, ull Suuday, In latitude
40° uoilti, longitude 21° west.
The weather was foggy at I'oint Lobos yester
day, lv the forenoon iii.-ie was a light hieeze
from the south, which veered In the atieriioon to
the west. The barometer read ; 8 o'clock in the
mottling, 30.05; uooll, 30.02; 5 o'clocu iv the
alleriioun, 20.110.
The steamer China ai lived at Yokohama yes
terday, the City ol New York at Panama on .I,on
day and ti, Sau Juan sailed iiuiu Aeapulco for
i his purl on Wednesday.
The steamer Emily bas docked at the sea-wall
to discharge. 'the extent of her Injuiies cannot
be ascertained until she goes ou Ihe diy-duck, as
ihey sue below the water Hue.
A new tug called tlie Wanderer has been
launched at Port Bla-eley and will be placed in
vice on the Sound lv about oue nioulli.
The barkcullue Jobu Smith has been chartered
to load lumber at Puget Sound for .Melbourne;
rate £3 los.
The British ship Ai.'.inili.iii sailed Tor Cork yes
teiday Willi 54.254 centals wheat, valued at
Th shin Bohemia shilted from Mission No. 2
to Howard No. 1 yesterday.
The ship Liuily Heed went to the sugar re
The Kobert Searles came off the Merchants'
Diy-dock and docked at Mission No. 1.
'1 he Spai ia.i wen. up to Port Costa to discharge
hei coal.
The Fannie Dutard came from Oakland Creek
to Loin ha id street.
The Ktdston Hid docked at Mission No. 2.
The Aleiancihon went to the sea-wall.
Tbe Commodore T. 11. Alien weut up to Port
Costa in load.
The steamer Jennie shifted from the Mall Dock
to the Arctic Oil vs., i ks.
The baikeullue John Smith went to the Third*
Slie.t tints.
Tue bark U. N. Wilcox will go to sea to-day.
Henry X. .skill lugs' 11, in-.rkiible Series
(if All ventures.
Henry N. tilings, a native of I'm Hand, Me.,
who left this port in 18C7 ou the Audubon tor
China, returned lo Ibis city a tew days ago .on
the baik Almy from Australia. During Ibe past
Itveniy-thiee years be has passed through some
remarkable ad veutui as in the East Indies and
South Sea Islands. Skil.'lugs was on the Aus
tralia when she was wrecked shortly after leav
ing Hong Kong, lie and another passenger
reached the Caer do (.lean rock, and at the cud
ot a week weie rescued and taken to Manilla by
an English ship. He then shipped ou a schooner
for Sydney, aud soon after sailing found out she
was a slaver. Ilia gab- Hi*- schooner was dis
abled and all on board, Incliidini; llitily-luur
slaves, ticked up on a Soutb Sea Island, sullei ed
great privations. Finally, Hie schooner reached
Pleasant Island, wheie Skillings left her. For
years he Haded around among the surrounding
islands, making Ins headquarters al i'ouape, and
acquired considerable wealth. All went well
uuin the natives drove linn away alter nearly
killing hlm. He returned wliii tbo Spanish
Governor of Manilla, Who desired to use the
Island as a strategic point. Again the natives
rose as soon as the Spanish mau-ut-wur left, aud
nearly all I lie white men led behind were killed.
Skiiliugs managed to ellect bis escape on an
American schooner, and reaching Guap, au
Island near by, finally succeeded in gelling to
Australia- From thence he now returns lo
visit relatives and lends lv the East.
l'ni (»-eil Removal uf ISodies— Prison
At the meeting ot the Supervisors' Health nnd
Police Coiuuilllee yesteiday morning A. D. Spll
valo, on half of ibe liullau societies, opposed
the removal ot tbe City Cemetery, and asked that
tbe question be refeired to the City and County
Ibis coin se was opposed by T. G. Paiker, but
It was finally adopied, I he amount to be Included
In the tax levy and no action taken If an un favor**
able ifioii is received (rom the Lily and County
Attorney. There aie 14,000 bodies lv the ceme
tery, which will cost $80,000 to remove.
Mrs. A. B. Gove, Slate Superintendent of the
prison work of Hie Women's Chilsllan Temper*
ance Union, asked the committee to provide for
the employment of matrons at the City Prison.
She made a lung argument in favor if such em
ployment ol women to take charge of girls, boys
and women arrested. Asa matron Is now em
ployed In the Receiving Hospital for this purpose
the ii ..it ci was refeiied to the Chief of Police to
lepoiton whether the employment additional
women at the city Prison Is necessary. .
Trie committee decided to award the contract
for the subsist in— ot pilsouers to Thomas Mc
luetuuy _ Co. at 19% cents per prisoner.
Christina Endeavor.
A meeting ot the Golden Gate Union of
Christian Endeavor Societies was held on
Thursday evening, in tho V.M.C. A. Building,
with L. C. Clark in the chair. The Chairman
read a paper on " Lessons to . lie Gathered
From : the Last Convention," which was
discussed hy the meeting. The general idea
prevailed that to make the work successful
greater activity and earnestness must be
shown by members of tbe society. G. M.
Malcolm was appointed to prepare a paper
to be read at the next meeting. '. It was re
ported that the linn International Conven
tion would probably commence at St. Louis
on June Utl and last four days. l^gi^^gi
S. C. mine's Estate.
J. G. Leghorn,' Frauk VV. llossbach and
Frank 11. Ames ' have >'. been, appointed
special - administrators '-■ of ■_■ the estate \of
Socrates '■ C. "-' Fleming, the ' retired Police
Sergeant, who recently ; ended . his life by
suicide. The estate "is : valued ■at $11,000,
and tbe heirs are a brother . and ' sister In
Minnesota and the children of a deceased
brother who are now residing In New York
State, 'j- ' __ '...,"■.
Mining stocks were steady as a rule yesterday at
the high prices, though In the afternoon session
most stocks fell back 5c and 15c. Trading was very
fair all day. The closing was firm, as will he seen
Local securities were dull, with no variations
worthy of note.
True Con. Is assessed 2 Vie delinquent July 21st.
Home Mutual Insurance will pay a dividend of $ 1
on the 10th.
Commonwealth has $485 cash and 800,000 Ojs
concentrates on hand. .
Mount Diablo has shipped 1*8242.
Follo-lrig were the sales yesterday in the San
1 lIILCiSCO Mock Heard:
Kl'.l I vlt BF.SBION— 9:3O A. H.
375 A1pha.... 1.70 ''00 CP01nt..2.701000cc1<1nt..1.155
200 Alta 1.30 76 Del M... 1.10300 0iih1r.... 4.70
200 Andes 85 450 Eichq 85 250 0verm. .2.40
100 80400 U A C... .2.20400 2.45
150 Hclcher..2.(to 1050 -2V4 400 Peer 30
050 11 Isle 601350 0 Prize 60 560 1'0t051...7.00
300 Bit 11 .3.45 -00 II * N...2.H0 50 ....7Va
1100 Bonanza.Bo 500 Julia 40 100 8avaze..2.30
1010 Ilulllon'J.BOlOO Justice.. .ii,. SOO S 15 4M..1.55
100Uu1wer....20 350 1.46 00 1.90
120 Caledonla.4s 300 Kentiickl.Ti 1003 15ev...2.20
100 Chall C..2.40; 60 -1*,.. 15 2.15
300 (-H011ar.. 4. 4" 100 LadyW... .3l 150 5i1ver 11.. .46
350 4.36 280 Uexlcan.3.4i 20 ....2.96
300 4.30 10 3.3; 50 2.86
3io Vi 100 Mono 40 100 Utah. 95
50 Gondii... 6. On 100 Navajo. ...35 460 1.00
700 0 Imp 45 100 Nev « 86,100 YJacket.3.os
100 Conn y... 20) j
AlTDß.ioo*: skssiov 2:3l.
400 Alpha... 1.60 50 C Imp 45 100 0cc1d....
20 1.05 150 411 100 1.60
100 Alta IVji!lso C 100 Ophlr... .4.60
120Uelcher.2.85 50 Del M... .1.20 100Ovriun...*t.40
120 2.80 HOd Ei-cliii 85U50 P0t051. ...6%
2110 B Isle 60 llJOi 1* 0... 2.20400 7.00
170 II » B. .3.35 125 '760 SaT»(rr...Ji i
200 3.411 .150 O Prize 60 200 S 11A M..1.80
1100 Bon__l.BC 100 II 4. N... 2.85:200 Nev. ..2.15
1550 UUIIIOH2.B. 100 lowa ;.*> l 100 8 Hill 45
450 2.H." lou Julia 40' IOU Cu10n.._2.85
100 Chall C..2.41 100 Justice. .l.46 Utah 95
860 Chl>lliir..4.2i 50 1.4' 300 W C0m. ...35
100 l Sin. lth .3.7; 00 Kentuck 1.7(.. 100YJacket.2.95
225 C V.. ..4 Vi 00 Mexican. 3.S&l
).:'.v:i,;: were the sales in the Pacific Stock Board
jester day:
rrnriAß srtssiox— lo:3o.
700 Alpha.. ..l*/* 300 Excheq....93 Peerless.. .25
300 1.701200 "5 :.00P0t05i....7i/H
250 Alta 1.30450 U .1 C. .2.20 650 7U
250 Andes 91) 250 2V, 4UO 7.110
2011 Belcher. 2.9o 100 2.30 100 6;»
150 2% 300 II it N.. 2.85 250 81ivaRe...2.35
350 Bi 8... 3.45400 2.903505c0rp10n..22
250 3.40 150 Justice.. 1.45 250 21
4U08u11i0n..2.95 -'00 I>/, ! 4110 BAM.I.HiI
1100 2.90 -'50 Kciltuckl.7o 300 1.85
200 2.8.. 250 "■!<".; ..■.!. i:. 160 8 Nev... 2. 20
200 2.80 .'SO 3.40 300.. 2' _,
lOOChal C..2.41 lUO Nev (*.... 83,800 Hill 45
750 Ch011ar..4.4'. .'SON li Isle. 1.45 250 44
250 41. IsOUccid ...1.55400 42
300 4.31 100 I.6'J 150 Uni0n,. .2.80
300 4 . lOOOphlr 454 250 Utah 95
250 4.21 100 4.70 250 V Jacket. 3. os
23000* V.4.61 :50 .2.461260 3.00
850 0 Imp It I
450 A1pha.. .1.70 250 Clmp 46400 Overmn.2.4o
300 AIM 1.30300 47350 Potosl 1%
350 Andes 80 '00 48 200 6%
350 8e1cher. 2.80;..00 C P0int. 2.65 200 7' j
600 II A 11.. 3.4 A 350 Exche(]....Bs 200 7.00
250 3 V 4 * 2HO UJt 0. .. .21.-1 880 Savage.. 2.2o
100 :.5S iOO 2.30 250 2*4
1000 Bullion 'J-'!,. 150 2.35 250 2.30
650 2.81' 300 V. it N...2.81 250 8 lit 51.1.80
250 2.9? 10.) 2.HE *50 1.85
600 2.9 l 01 Julia 4' 100 5Nev...2.20
1000 Bonanza. 3l 00 Keiituckl.St iOOSHIII 42
700 3". :00 Mexican 3.3S UU 44
600 3! :,10 3.4! 00 45
200 3: 00 0cc1dn. .1.61 SO Uni0n.... 2.90
100 Ch 1iar. ..4 1.4 450Ophir. ...4.60 4UO Utan ...... 95
200 4.. 50 500 4.70 350 YJacket.3.os
250 Crocker... 250 1. 65,350 3.00
260. 2*| I
Friday, June 6—4 i*>. tt,
Bid. Asked.) - . Bid. Asked.
Alpha Con 1.65 I.7ull«lnies 2.00 —
Alia 1.26 1.3U lu.lelieudeuce.. — 10
Andes 80 85 Julia 35 40
Belcher 2.85 2.9o:Justlce 1.40 1.45
Utile Isle 65 60,1'entuck 1.70 1.75
Billion Con. ... — 2.25 1. Wasnngn. 30 35
Best 8c1Cher.3.56 3.60 .Mexican 3.35 3.40
Bodle 60 MM 35 40
Bullion 2.90 2. '.15 Nor Queen 80 8.1
Bulwer 20 2a!.N Belle 151e.. ..1.36 -
Caledonia 45 60 N Coliliuuwlt— .2.os 2.25
Central 10 I.', occidental 1.65 1.60
Challenge C0U..2.40 2.45v'|.1i1r 4.70 4.75
Cbollar 4.25 4.30 Overman 2.40 2.45
l. .111111.. 1. we;. 1 ii . —Peer 30 35
Con Cal 4 Vlr. 4.55 4. Peerless 25 30
Confidence 6.50 — Putust 7.00 7'»
Con New York.. 20 26 Savage 2.25 2.30
Con Imperial... 45 60's II a Slides c.1.50 1.85
Crocker 20 25i8corplon 20 26
Crown P0int... 2.65 2.71> sierra Nevada.. 2.2o 2.25
I'd -Monte 1.10 -Silver Hill 40 45
Exchequer 85 90 Union Con 2.85 2.90
l.ould « Curry. 2.35 Utah 85 1.00
brand Prize 60 —Wcldon 10 15
Dale A N0rc15..2.85 2.90 V Jacket 3.00 3.05
i i M'W. June 6—2 r. it.
Bid. Asked., Bid. Asked.
8d5.4'5... 121*4 - 1-aciflcl.lithtlt. 79VaSl'/4
CntaCoWltds.sooi. 3 I' Uasllght.. 57 , i6B
Diipitt-st lids. — ll'Ji.. Stktou li .V 11. SO 60
l-'.Yl'llaeKv'l.lUO - ia Ist Rlt 108 110
MJiI'KISISds... — 90 Central XX... 15 —
Hlit-stKl*l!ilsl24Sil2sl..Cll) li K. — 102
N FCoa.,tll,U.looy_. —'"X* C Use Ky 36 40
NP X X ll<ls..ll6V_.ll7Vi'<-eary-st X It. — 102
HydCalltdsllO — ', 1; _M i: K. — 63
Oiiiniliiiscitiiuii.. — Omnibus XX. — b2ij_.
PJtOKKllds... 130 HI 24 llresidio It It.. 20 36
pACHKyIIiH. — 108 AnsloNev As. 84 87V4
I'owl-stKylld . — 122 Calliornla InsllO 115
.slltltArlzll.lsluT'o — ll'muiuerc'llna — 90
Sl'l.lSi .ill'.ds 1 ..; — Fireman's 1'd. 145 150
Bi"i:i:calßss.loo'_j — lloine.Mutual.l4o —
51 r.rlll'allldil 11 i, — State luve.stlll 76 —
Water 6's.. 122 12-':i4 Union Ins 811 __ (i, )
SVWarerl's.. - 95V- Atlantic low. - 45'/t|
AllgloCalßllK. 83 8» lal rowder...l4o 190
Bans, i, 1a1... — 280 Giant Powder — 721, _,
CalSaC-Depos. — 60 Sa.'lyNltl'ow. — IB 1 /*
llis'Nallfaiik.l7o — Vlgontl'ow.. 7% B".s
LP.v 123^130 Vulcan Pow.. — 171,.
L,v 8 I Hank. 38*/4 41 Cal EI.'C I.Ulit 20-*_i 20' »
Parllic Dank. .l6o 165 Cal K1«0 Wkas — 7Vi
Mereh Xx Bnk — 26 Haw'nOoiii... 181& 19Vi
BlueLakesW. 16 — lluleli'n Sugar 20 25
Contra Cos Vt. 90 92 Juds'uM'fgCo 17 19
Marin Co W... 47 60 oceanic SS.. — 9814
S V Water... t)9>iloo Pac BS A 8... 06 —
Central Has... — 95 Pac lit A Nail. — 35
Los Angs Gas. 65 — Pac l'nonogn. 2 2\' A
Oakland (J—.. 34*4 351 PacWoodnw'6 25 —
Gas lin Co 61 **3>j__l
lloard-25 8 v Water, Wi*; 15 do, 99-14; 80
Hutchinson s 1' Co, 22.
Street— Hawaiian Commercial, 19.
astisknoon SAL —
Board— 8 1' IT inch Hallway Honda,
11 IH: <fiooO Market-st Cable iiumls, 1-5.
Peaches and Cherry Plums are the latest new'
Fruits, but they are yet green. Apricots are some
what riper but not fully ripe, however. Cherries aro
now In their zenith. They are plentiful and very
choice. Currants are also iv good supply. Many of
the strawberries come In poor.
In Vegetables, Garlic is cheaper and String Beans
are dearer.
Butter and Cheese are In heavy supply and cheap.
Eggs, on the contrary are higher, a choice article
being rather scarce.
Moats and Fish show no change. With the excep
tion of young Roosters, Poultry Is very abundant
and prices are lower.
Following is Tub Call's regular weakly retail
price list:
Cedar River. 8 OW* 0 Seattle 8 50*3 900
Canuel 1-1 on —.Coos Bay 76031 8 00
Diamond ooota) — .Cherry Valley 7 603 800
Mew Welling- .unman sim v 000
ton, 't- tou.lO6ovail 00 Coke, p. u:,i.. T6_u 00
Wellington.. 10 60(g)ll Oo|
Dntter, choice lb. ...20*0025 Cheese, Swiss,. *. .. .29930
do. good 1T.... —.Kites, ados 325.17
Ordinary, u0..«....15(gl — . do, Eastern ssoiffl —
Cheese, Cal 10(912 Iloney.comb "t* tb..17;520
Cheese, Eastern 20(3,25. do, extracted 10ig)12
jMssats— ran roiNo.
Bacon 12® 15 Pork, salt... 15® —
Beef, choice -ta)2o Pork Chops 1 8:421}
Corned Beef 10-i_>l2 Kill Chops 12®15
Ham, cal Ist OS 15 Bound Steak loi-vrPj*
do, Eastern limits sirloin steak 15'a)17
Lard, •_» lb —fails. Porterhouse, d0.... 20® —
Mutton 10(312 , Smoked Beef. 15,i_}20
Lamb 12316! Veal 10.0)16
Pork.lresh 15®20j
Broilers, each. 37® 62 I.ucks.earn.... 62® 87
Ileus, each.... tisliqsl 00_('eese.e:ich....l 26®2 25
Vouiig Boost- Pigeons, tt pair ISOM 76
ers. each 1 [email protected] 25.llahblts, (* pair 37® 50
Old Roosters, i Squirrels, each lOio —
each 6'Jlij" 75 Hare, each 25(g) —
Turkeys, lb.. 25© -|Doves, * d0z..l 60® —
Apricots, -_* lb.. 8(d) 16 Limes, f>dox.. — <a 15
Apples, -p ... 16(31 20 Lemons, dox, 20(3 SO
New Apples, 5® b' oranges.;.* dox. 15t<i 30
Almonds, iB lb. 204} 25 .Navel oranges,
l'.(n. :n.. is, v dm *;o® an tjl doi 25(* 60
Cherries. it* lb 6a_j> 12 1 Peaches, fl Ib. 10® 15
Cherry Plums, Pineapples, ea. io& 60
» lb 10® 16 Uaspberrlos, '?. -
Currants, "Sd'er 25® 40 basket 10® 15
Chestnuts.fslb.. 25® "30 Kalslus, tj- tb.. Hy) 15
Cocoanuts, ea. lo.gl 12: Strawberries "it
Figs, Sinyr'a.lb 16® 201 drawer SO® 70
Gooseberries, | Walnuts, * to. MM 25
»_ «. 0(j» 8| . v . "ia. -.-
Asparagus, st I New Onions, "a
tb 6® 10 lb ,-va 4
Artichokes, * Ultra, dry. ft lb 26W 40
doz 20ia 25 oyster Plat-bb -3 10
Beets, V dot... 16® — Peppers, green.
Beans, White, »»...".. ..„ -®'60
*5* to.. ■■■.■■■ ' "■"'=* 6 Parsnips, - ,* dox —fat 25
Do. Pink. -p 18. 631 8 Potatoes,?! lb.. 2 rig! 3 „
Do. Lima, dry, do, new, -p n> T® 4
•Plb -<"•> 10 Radishes, i idi ®-
Cabbages, ea... 6® 10 bchs 15*9 20
Caulltlowers.ea 8® 10 Rhubarb, «lb 4.5 ' a
Celery, vp bch. 10(4) - Sage, *lb ' 30;<ri '36
Cucumbers, ft Sprouts, « lb.. . — St 8
-d0x...... .... 60® 85 Spinach, %t lb.. 5.2 6
Cress, di bchs 15® 20.Mtriii.iHeans.lb lota 12
Garlic, 58.... 15(_» - ..MiuiiiierSuuasb
Gr'n Peas, "ft lb 4® 6 ? 1t.... B'ff. 10
Green Corn, tf IMar'ft Squash.
doz 600 75| ....;"' -ja _
Lentils 8® 12|Thymo. ft tt,... —fa 37
Lettuce,** dor- 20® 25 Turnips, Tn doz. 5® 8
Mushr'ms, *lb 60® - 1 Tomatoes, |»_ 60® 06
Barracuda — ® 16 1 Smelts in* - in
Carp -® 10 Soles " uS it,
Codtlsh 8® 10, English Solos.. -Z 15
Flounders 10® 12iSlcates. each. 20in 26
Halibut -® 29 I Sturgeon Km in
Herring — ® -.Tomcod , _2X is
Klngllsh 8® 10iTurb0t.. ....... US ii
Mackerel.each. 20® 25 ; Clams, * gall _/_ 75
Do, Horse, 18.. 10® 1? Do, hard shell"
Percn s 8® 101 * 100 40— BO
Pompano -®1 60 Crabs.each.. __ is
Rocknsn — ® 10 Do. soft shell" m- : .
Salmon, srnxd. -(St la) .J, dox... 87® 60
Saliuon.rresh.. lorn) 16 Crawfish... iS 5
Shrimps .....12® 15. Mussels, -pqrt,. 10® 15
Do.plcked -® 60iOy*ters. Cal «
Shad..-.....;...-. 10® i 121 100. ..60® 75
Speckled Trout — — .26 Do, Eastern « ' *■-■"
Sea Bass _® 15 1 : dox ~^y ;j S;S 60
It-Junction Sustain ,1.
.1 he motion to dissolve the Injunction in
the case of the Mexican I'hosphuratn and
Sulphur Company r vs. 'Ellen M. Mowry
and others to prevent the Sheriff '. and de
fendants from selling certain property on
the 1 Potrero, has . been denied- by Judge
Hoge, who also overruled tbo demurrer of
two of the defendants.
TI.AOE y-£^.''j4? MARION
.Xi , '-'r^Mj*_ls l *wrw_r' t
Crocs Promptly- and PEjUjanestly
Bhonm atism. Headache, Toothache,
Kouralgla, Swell inns, Frost -Mips,
B.'B-U'l'B E S .
cc 4 eoditSu Omo '
Many Witnesses.
100,000 wwin.-.,..-*t n.-.,..-* test lfv to the virtues of
Dr. Tutt's Pills. Wherever 1 ' !.; 1 1- iiiiii Fever,
Bilious Discusses or liver Affections prevail,
they have proven a great blessing. .Headers,
a single trial will convince you that this i« no
catch-penny medicine. Twenty yrisrs test has
established their merits all over Ui 'j world. *
Gains Fifteen JPoun^s.
«1 have been using Tutt's Pills for liy» pep->
Bias, and And them the best remedy I ever
tried. Up to that time everything I ate ilis-
agreed with me. I can now digest any kind
of food; never have a. headache, and have
gained fifteen pounds of solid flesh."
\V. C. SCHI'IjTZB, Columbia, S. C.
Tutt's Liver Pills
'■'"-'.' ra y2l Km TnThSaarWy _^
be well to remember that 1 make a specialty of
eiauiliiinit and measuring all Imperfections of tba
eye where glasses are required, and Kriudliii, such It
necessary. Mo otber establishment can get tue saina
superior facilities as are found here, for the instru-
ments and methods used are my own discoveries ami
Inventions aud are far in the lead of any now In .-»■:.
Batlsfactlou guaranteed.
de 27 eodtr
block In the center of Han KrancUco. It i* th)
model bote! or tbo world. Fire and eurthqii-'o
proof, lias five elevators. Every room ii largo,
light ana airy. The ventilation is perfect. A bath
and closet adjoin every room. All rooms are eat/
of access trom broad, light corridors. The central
court, illuminated by electric light. its inimeit-d
glass roof, broad balconies, carriacjtj-way and tropi-
cal plants, are features hitherto uukuown ta Amort-
can hotels. ■.-■-; -. entertained ou etcher the Amer-
ican or European plan. Tho restaurant Is tho _.ne*t
in the city. Secure rooms lv advance by tele-trap:*-
nottl San FraacUco. UaU
The Produce Exchange Issues Its
mi- A ii mi a I Estimate.
J. C. Frledlander, Secretary of the Produce Ex«
change, furnishes the following statement of the
amount of breads! tuts left In Hie State June Ist,
as estimated by the Exchange. The quantity of
wheat and barley being about what the trade
had expected, prices weie not affected by the
Marln, Counties .Sonoma, lake,
Volo Counties 11
Sutler, luitte,
Contra Counties
Coun- Kern Fresno,
San Clara,
San Angeles,
and Wbarf, Including Rriln nrioat In
iilorlno anil Humboldt Counties
►luHft Countlefl I
11,390 3,023
2,641 69
10,4'JS 100
000 1 8,1)60
2 *
H-rnaritlnu and San 1)1 Igo1 go Counties
Totals ,
.. II
1887 ,
1885 ,
hiur, \* hriu. liarley, oals, Hphms, Cum, Kye,
ibis. Ctl«. __ CtU. I ctw. _S:ick». ctls._ i:tls.
16224 1T,'300.J88 3.321.610 120,336 107.419 "TST.BTB 86,640 l
)0.50r. 8,098,480 1,052,630 119.245 60.415 3H.925 10,2161
>5 908 10,819, 830 4. (187. 050 l'-'1).175 385,820 260,747 7.010 1
"1,9-JO H,SKI,»W) 'J,Ub:-1,48U UL',O!IS 08,875 X'-YJOO 800,
SH 9751 8.7H0.01JU 4,. r rJ'.'.fl;io| B5.:)8o! 101), 825 l'il.M'O' 4, USD,
iO.iT.", 2,790,4001 798.81101 4'J.-100l 74.405 7H,:<;m[ 1,350!
til 805 7.81'J,850[ 2.. r .!t11,-J5O 47,100 24:1, s!iO l:f«,H50l 44. SSI)
)'2,H25 1,25 1.>.6U0iI .>.6U0i 111,850 31,150 10;),700 'J7.U25! I.OBU
)7.1h0 13,7«8,o:(P 1.n2H.5(!0 1 1
rO.HOO 5,3X2.1)00 UOfl.lM) 107,440 81.2801 72,100 a2.H75
(7.830 15,862, "J'JO 1,|i:4:i,250| 304.710 16X,110l 14(>.4:10l Bl.liOO
12,00(1 W84.050 H40.350 58.450 44,176 lti.llO :tO,l(IO
■7,°80 8.7:(5.7'-'O 2,Ui1.150l 1 1!),:WO| s:i.li:n 91,220 68,910'
:7,O(IO !179,500 H20,500i IO.ItOO f.8.0U0 57,430 B.l'Jsi
iH.WI:; 8,381,879 1,«41,4«6 118.11.10 )14.*10 110.565 2:;.6«5
.9.324 9,822,908 IHL».4IbI 21,305 48 70* 01.5117 :f.O'.'l
13,151 15, 1111,020 898,582 Hs,li;i »S,n4:l 157,710 89,059
16,698 1 12.444.27 M 595.028 IB, 744 70.7C0 91,'J101 :t,82()
•5.253 19,805,4 B« 1.8.t 1,787 95,22«1 1)8,708 2'J8.0:i7 17,7-J'Ji
10.9311 323,821 VOA, 21141 18.M57 6.. 217 88.572 5.11 M9 1
111,638 4,096,8!15 2,01:i,9:t0] 112,351 48.904 129,716 88.713
17.788 893.251 80n.665l 'J8.484 118,002 22,237
'5,130 6.781.168 2,207.1421 187.013 233,534 «l,:t84 l
10,231 284,124 147,6081 29,564 i II.OBH 2-0
.7.187 2,646,8111 K82.0461 104,9«8t.. 110,434 3,901 1
. An Independent Lull.
Charles Harrison, a boy i) years of age,
was found early yesterday morning by a
policeman wandering along California street
and taken to the City Prison. He said lie
came here from Chicago about a year ago,
after his father's death, and was living
with his mother, lilanclio Harrison, a va
riety actress. The mother went to El Paso,
Tex., two weeks ago and left Charles be
hind, as she Had not money enough to pay
his fare. Sho told him to go to the office of
the Society for tlie Prevention of Cruelty to
Children, nut he preferred to bo free and
make money on the water front by his va
riety tricks. He was sent to the Boys' and
Girls' Aid Society.
Divorces Granted.
Bosa Jalser has been granted a divorce
from Charles F. Jaiser by. Judge Hoge for
extreme cruelty. (She was awarded tho
custody of a minor child, and ' also certain
community property in Shasta County.
In Judge Kearden's department yesterday
Judge Lawler granted a divorce to John \V.
Taureck from Julia A. Taureck for deser
Lizzie Schotter hns been granted a divorce
from Herman Schotter by Judge Law lei
for Infidelity.: ■-■-".-.;■■
An Assignable Contract.
In the case of Larue ' against Croezinger;
the Supreme Court decided that contracts
which do not call for a performance which
' one man . cannot render as well as another
are assignable, in this case one Hopper,
contracted with Croezinger to sell to • him
at a certain price all that I his vineyard pro
duced during ten years. At the end of five
years Hopper • sold ; his vineyard to ' Larue,
who brounht suit to ■ compel Croezinger to
continue buying at the old prices. * -
We Are Bristling with Bargains This Week
Hat Department! ills Department! FurnishingjQepartment!
For the balance of this week we will Thursday, Friday and Saturday will Here we we will offer greater induce-
sell 80 cases of the LATEST BLOCK be the last days of the unprecedented ments than ever. WHITE MERINO
STIFF HATS for sale of $12 50, $15 aud $16 Suits for UNDERWEAR, finished rib skirt, for
Of which the actual value is $3 and Also, notwithstanding the great run, WHITE SHIRTS of the best body
83 50. We have the largest stock of will close the sale of Suits for materials, 22 . 0 linen bosom and bands,
reinforced front and back, for
Straw Hats $13,50 55c
Value for $1 25.
On the Coast, with the greatest variety These suits are of the best materials FULL-FINISHED HALF HOSE, war-
to select from. As the season is grow- and workmanship, and of the latest ranted fast colors, striped and plain,
ing late the balance will be sold at re- styles, and cannot be duplicated else- 2 PAIRS FOR 25c.
duced prices. where for less than $17 50, $20 or $22. Sold everywhere for 25c a pair.
_TV.L_("~»li Ji rLflwIN &. UU, ""j ,_/VJL_
924 to 928 Market Street, Through to Ellis.
Friday Evexivm, June 6.
Stocks of cereals announced.
Wheat dull.
Harley quiet.
Oats steadier.
White Corn higher.
Ilye inactive.
Beans quiet.
Hay unchanged.
Buckwheat weak.
Flaxseed neglected.
Klce steady.
2*lg Iron depressed.
Fig Tin active and firm.
Tin Plat* selling low.
Quicksilver continues high.
Nut Oil weaker.
New Potatoes arid .miens higher.
Butter market choked.
Cheese lower.
Errs very firm.
Poultry weak and dull.
Fruits and Vegetables abundant.
Orange season almost over.
High prices for Prunes check trade,
Sugar marked up.
Hops very strong.
Dressed Hogs lower. Beef weak. Mutton firm.
Candy marked up.
Black Pepper lower.
Knirllgli li.-.ii Market.
Liverpool, June 6.— The spot market Is Quiet
at 8a lld#7a _<!. Cargoes are steady at 35* 9«i
lor nil' coast, BSfl Sd for Just shipped aud 35s OU lor
nearly due.
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
Liverpool quotations: June, Ta I*4*l*. July, 7s
_i/_«i: August, 7sl*/ 2 d: September, 7t l*4d; Octo
ber, 7s 2Vid; .November, 7s ***£d. December, 7s
LoNi'os-. June 6.— Consols, AT" I*: United States
Bonds: 4's, 125: 4V.,'8, lUS: Silver, 47V*d;
Hemes. 9217'jic. Bullion Into Bank of England,
New York Mai-hot..,
New York. June 6.— The favorable influences ln
the stock market this morning were entirely neu
tralized by a demoralization In the sugar-refiners.
After the first hour the railway list became dull and
moved within very narrow limits. The recent ad
vance in the price of refined sugar created a strong
tone in the stock and a rumor that Spreckels bad
come Into the trust was the occasion of a rise of
about 4 per cent. Toward the close- the rumor was
denied and tbere was a sudden drop from 84 to
75 1 ,.., the business doing at that time being simply
enormous. The market closed rather heavy and
final changes, wbllo irregular and for fractional
amounts, only show a majority of the losses, and
Sugar Is down 2 1 4.
New York, June 6. — United States Bonds*. l's>
122: 4'i's. 103y__: Northern Pacific, 87*4j Cana
dian Pacific, 82% ; Central I'acilic, sou.; Union Pa
clnc, (37 1 /-:: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, 48%:
Watts-Pargo, 113 bid, 143 asked; Western Union
88: Silver, 104: Sterling, 84 ts.il 87.
Wheat, cash. -No. 2. 97c; So. 3, SOU.
Flour -Quiet.
Coilec-817 40.
Sugar— 15-10®5 9-180.
Hops California, 18a
Hides— California, 13(_.c.
Copper— l.ake, $15 70.
Tln-Bpot. 821.
Lead-Dourestlc. 84 27V_j.
Petroleum— B6V - ! c.
Chlcag-n Market*.
Cnu-Ac.n, June 6.— Wheat opened strong at *a_,c
higher, but became weak, declining steadily, and
with only slight fluctuations ot Hie for July, I<4C
for August and September and tic for December
from the outside opening figures, recovered slightly
and closed l*,»c lower for July, 43c lower for
August and */i. c lower for December than yesterday.
Receipts 159,000, shipments 70,000 bushels. Eye
easy at 52c. Barley steady.
Chicaoo. June o.— cash, UOi.i'-.
Corn— 33? ':■■'
Fork— Bl2 75.
Lard— 90.
ltlbs-85 60.
Whlsky-fl 09.
Fine Silver.
Quotable at Jl 02 .»;. 1 03 <p ounce.
Mexicau Dollars.
Quotable at Sic. '
New York Exchange.
New York exchange, 200 for sight drafts and
!6c for telegraphic.
The Week's F.-.I! nres.
The Bradstreet Mercantile Agency reports 12
failures In the Pacific Coast States ami Territories
for the week ending yesterday, as compared
with 19 for the previous week and 16 for the corre
sponding week of 1889. The failures for the past
Week are divided among the trades as follows: 4
grocers, 1 Jeweler, 1 hotel, 1 clothing, 1 restaurant,
1 shoe manufacturer, 1 saloon, 1 general store, and
1 crockery.
Shipping Notes. .
Steamers to sail to-day are the Los Angeles for
San Pedro and the Humboldt for Humboldt Bay.
The Alameda falls due from Australia and Hono
lulu, the Mexico from San Diego, the Alex Duncan
from the southern coast arid the Wilmington from
Puget Sound. '
The San Juan falls due from Panama Thursday.
The barkentine John Smith, 565 tons, loads Lumber
on the sound for Melbourne. 70s; the ship Samaria,
1439 tons, merchandise for New York ; the Ardmlllan
takes for Cork 64,264 ctls Wheat, valued at 870,000.
„ Prod ; ltlnrkot.
'.. FLOUR— stock In : tho State June Ist was
81,090 bbls, against 100,505 bbls Juue 1, 1889.
Net cash prices are as follows: Family extras. 84®
.4 20; Bakers' extras, *[email protected] 10; city superfine, 82 80
®3 10;' Interior brands. 81(9 I 20 for extras and
82 [email protected] 10 "P bbl for superfine.
WHEAT— Produce Exchange gives the stock
on band In the State June Ist at 4,801,003 ctls, or
240,000 short tons. ■ This was about what the trade
In general had calculated on. The stock on June 1,
1889, was 2,092.430 ctls. or over 50 per cent less
tban present stocks. The market rules quiet at
uncharged prices. - No. 1, 81 [email protected] 28% ; No*
2. $1 25; choice, fl 30; extra choice, for milling,
81 32'/.. tt* 0 ' 1 *
Call sales— Hon**rrxo.
. Buyer '90-100, fl 39% ; 100, fl 39%; 600 ;
81 40. i^*^— lM»^_^lillt|llia»»l "**WlMMßi__a_ija_to
Buyer '90-100, fl 40: 200, 8139%.;
I BARLEY— Tbe Produce Exchange announces a
stock of 1,004.457 ctls. or 50,000 tons, lv the State
June Ist, against 2,032,030 ctls June 1, 1889. This
Is about what the trade had expected. The market
is quiet and unchanged. No. 1 Feed, •*:■': OS.'/. ;
choice, fl 03%: lower grades, 98% c: fair to good
Brewing, 81 0591 10; good to choice, $ 1 12>/_.®
1 15 ft ctL ....
Buyer '9o-1 00,81 08%; 400, fl 09; 200, fl Oil . 8 .
. 'No afternoon sales. '- . -..-• .
1 OATS— Tbe stock in the State June Ist Is given at
61,235 Ctls, against 119,2*5 ctls June 1, 18S9. ■ The 1
li'llli ■■_ii_laie,iiT_^ ii ■ rrTT iTiTiTIT. 1 isTi*lsltTfil**irirTillT~)ll"l In i_*Hl I'l'lH' llWWHlilll
market shows steadier symptoms, with a fair de
mand. No. 1 Whlie, »1 471 1.(0.1 50; No. 2 do. $1 40
@1 15; choice. $1 550] 67"'<_: Gray, $1 42"M4
I 47^; Black, $1 [email protected] 35; Surprise, $1 70®1"76
CORN— The supply In the State June Ist was
91,111 ctls, against 38.925 ctls June 1, 1889. The
market fur Yellow Is steady and White is higher.
Large Yellow, $1 200125; small round do, $1 25;
White. $1 07-AOl 15 f. ctl.
RYE— The stock in the State June Ist was 15,892
ctls, against 10.215 ctls June 1, 1839. The market
coutthiics dull at 900921* ¥ ctl.
BRAN— quotable at *13 50014 50 for the best
and $1 ¥ ton for lower grades and outside brands.
NGS-Ouotedatsl7 50019 ¥ ton.
HAY — Previous prices rule. New Wheat. 88
010 50; new Oat, $709. Old Is quotable as follows:
Wheat. $9®12 50 for ordinary, aim $15015 50 (or
extra choice; Wheat and Oat, *.-,.. 50; Oat, $80
II 60: Wild Oat, [email protected]: Barley. $7010 ¥ ton.
STRAW —Quotable at 45®55c ¥ ba c.
MILLSTUFFS-Grouud Barley $33023 50. The
mills sell Oilcake Meal at $25 ¥ ton net; Rye Flour,
3c ¥ Ib: Rye Meal, 2V_.c; Graham Flour, 3*j4e; Oat
meal, 4i/ 2 c: Oat Groats, 4i.ic: Cracked Wheat.
3i,ic: Buckwheat Flour, sc; Pearl Barley. 4 1 _.(*_)
4S4C ¥ lb.
SEEDS— Flaxseed Is hard to sell. Yellow Mustard,
$1 9(102 ¥ ell; Brown Mustard, $2 suras 25: Flax,
$2 75; Canary, S'iQStJic ¥ lb: Alfalfa, 7'-.®Si4c
5* lb; Rape,2i/>c: Hemp, 4' 2 c; Timothy, s^®6'ic.
DRIED PEAS— Nominal. Niles, $202 25 tf ctl.
Split Peas, 61,4.0 ¥ tb.
BUCKWHEAT— California very weak at $1 26®
1 76: Eastern, *2 15 ¥ ctl.
COKNMEAL, ETC.— Table Meal, 2!<[email protected]>.'j_.C ¥ _;
Feed Corn. $26 50027 50; Cracked Corn, 8270
27 50 -* ton; Hominy, 4c ¥ lb.
BEANS— Continue quiet. The Produce Exchange
gives the stock on hand in the state June Ist at 39,
--603 sacks, against 60,415 sacks June 1, 1889. Bayos,
$3 9001 20: Pea. $2 2502 50: small White. $2 JO
02 45: Pink, $2 7503 05; Reds, nominal; Llmas,
$4, 7555; Butters, [email protected] 25 ¥ ctl for small and
POIATOES— Xew advanced yesterday under a
brisk demand. Eastern, »1 4001 60 for common.
$1 75 for good and 92 tor choice. New Potatoes,
$1 2501 50 In sacks and $1 6002 In boxes.
ONIONS— Red are very firm at $1 6001 75 "_* ctl.
Australian, $2®3.
BUTTER— The market continues choked with
medium and common grades. Fancy, quotable at
ISViOIBc ¥ lb: good to choice. 12i. :_si4i.c; com
mon to fair, 100130; store Butter, |-011e ¥ lb;
pickled roll, nominal: Eastern. 7010 c ¥ lb.
CHEESE — Still tending downward. Good to.
choice mild new,6®7c; Young Americas, B(__-B*/ic;
cased, »,..c ar'ditional ; Eastern. l3ol4Vfcc ¥ lb.
POULTRY— Turkeys were demoralized yesterday
under heavy receipts and Hen Turkeys sold low.
The rest of the market showed littse change. Live
Turkeys, quotable at 17020 c ¥ It. for Gobblers and
12>>*,0lCc (or Hens; Geese, *_» pair. $101 25; Gos
lings. $1 '...';__. 75; Ducks, $3 s' ©4 (or old and
84 ..ox.'. 50 for young: Hens. 84 5005 50: Roosters,
young. $9012 50; do, old. 84 6005; Fryers, $607;
Broilers, 8506 for large and $201 %-* doz for small.
GAM— -Doves. 7500$ 1 ¥ doz: Hare. 81 75: Rab
bits. $1 50 (or Cottontails, and $1 2501 37Vs (or
EGGS— Stiff at tbe adVance. There seems to be no
disposition to lurther advance prices, however.
Eastern are offering more freely. Eastern, 16®
17 1 ...c; California, 15019 c for store and 20022 c (or
HONEY— New White Comb, 11 -£ol 2c: do, in 1-Ib
frames, l2*Ac: new bright extracted. 2 c: amber,
4i.-w.sc ¥ It.. Old Honey is largely nominal.
BEESWAX— Quotable at 20024 c ¥ lb.
ritESH FRUlTS— Yesterday's receipts of Cherries
were very large, and only the choicest Black brought
60c. Strawberries arid Raspberries were firmer.
Cherry Plums. SnrCril 25 ¥ drawer. Yesterday's re
ceipts Included 576 firsts Strawberries. 191 chests
Currants. 10,360 boxes Cherries, 53 boxes Peaches
and 679 boxes Apricots. Currants, $'.'@3 50 ¥
chest; Raspberries, $10012 ¥ chest, aud »1 SO
-a crate: Apricots. 50c«j.$1 ¥ box for Pring!e9
and 75i®$l 50 ¥ box for Royals; Green Apples, 500
75c V box; Cherries, 300400 for good to choice
Red. 30010 c tor White, ;'s<3'soc ¥ box (or good to
choice Black Tartarian and [email protected] for Royal-Anne.
Gooseberries. 202rj_c ? lb ror common, 'j.*jj_©3*/_.c
for Oregon Improved and s®6c ¥ lb for English;
Strawberries, $2 60©4 * chest (or large Berries
and $4 60010 for Longworths.
CITRUS FRUIT. ETC.— Oranges ik beginning
to go out. Mediterranean Sweets are- quotable at
$303 25 ¥ box; Riverside seedlings., $I®2 60 is
box; Riverside Navels. $1 5003 V. box; Los Angeles
seedlings, 81 5002; Los Angeles Navels,
¥ box; Malaga Lemons, $406; Sicily Lemons,
$506: Riverside Lemons, $1 6002 60: San Diego
Lemons, $10150; Los Angeles Lemons, $10150;
Mexican Limes. 8506: Bananas. $103 50 ¥ bunch;
Pineapples, 61*05 ¥ dozen.
DRIED FRUITS— Some Xew York buyers are re
ported afraid of the high prices asked by orchard Ists
for Prunes and say they will push the French Prunes
this year Instead of the California article. They
further say that at going prices the Eastern demand
for our Prunes will cease, others probably have
different views, (or sales are continually belut*
made. Raisins, quotable at $1 7502 15 for good
to choice layers, [email protected] 10 (or common to (air layers
and [email protected]$l 60 (or loose*. Grapes. 3®4c *£
lb: Pressed Figs. 405 c; unpressed do. l-,__®3c; pitted
Plums, "St: unuitted Plums. 3®ie: evaporated
Apples, 111 ._,'(*) I'-'Vijc; sliced Apples, 607*raC; quar
tered do, s l,_;i^.7c:I ,_;i^.7c: Calif* rnla Prunes, B®l2»^_c: Ger
i man Prunes" b®7c; sun-dried unpceled bleached
Peaches. 12i/.015c: unbleached Peaches, B<_yllc:
peeled bleached Peaches, 17*j>022Vs*e; sun-dried
bleached Apricots, 15017 c: unbleached, 8011 c;
evaporated Apricots, 15®17VSiC ¥ th-
NUTS— Are quotable as follows: Pine Nuts, 8®
Oc V, 16: softshcll Almonds, 13011 c ¥ lb; hard-shell
Almonds, s..ijt*c ¥ Ib: paper-shell Almonds. 14016 c:
California Walnuts, 10011 c for Los Angeles, 10®
12c (or Santa Barbara: Chile Walnuts. 10c; Pea
nuts, 607>/,c; Hickory Nnts, 6i^Bc : Pecans. 105,1
Filberts, 1 1 1 s.'oi 12 1 :.(•'; Brazil Nuts, nominal at 12®
12'.'-c¥ lb; Cocoanuts, $5®6 ¥ 100.
VEGETABLES— Asparagus old better yesterday.
Green Corn 35c ¥ dozen. letter dai's receipts In
cluded 230 boxes Asparagus. 142 boxes Rhubarb and
lii.i sacss String Beans. Summer Squash, $I®l 25
•J) box for Winters and $2 (or Alameda: Wax Beans.
Tim:.- ¥ tb: Fountain Beans, 809' ? It: Siring
Beans. 6V_i®7c -** lb; Cucumbers, $203 50 ¥ box:
ordinary Asparagus. $101 60 "ft box: choice, 8176
¥ box; fancy. $202 60: Rhubarb. 750a.5l ¥
box for No. 1 and 60c for Xo. 2: Green Peas,'-'®
2i,s.Cs_s lb; dry Peppers, 12c: dry Okra. 6®loc ¥ lb:
Cabbages, $I®l 25 ¥ ctl: Feed Carrots. 50005 c;
Turnips, 75ca»l ; Beets,sl; Parsnips, $1 25®1 50 ¥
Ctl: Garlic. ol^Bc ¥**>•-'-
PROVISIONS— Eastern covered Breakfast Bacon,
quotable at 13013V4C ¥ lb; California, smoked
Bacon, 8010 c ¥ lb for heavy and medium,
and i:Ka,l3i.s,c--»rb for light: 131-.014 C ¥16 for
extra light; Bacon Sides. 9(/_.®9' / ',c m>. lb; JEastero
Sugar-cured Hauls for city trade, 13>-<|®l 3 'ie;
California Hams, salt. 12' [email protected]'-' is Ib: refriger
ator-cured. lMl3*4e; lJ»rd, tierces, Eastern, all
kinds 909 Vie leases, lOTgilO'-jc: California tierces,
9i ,(5i9'-.,c; halr-bbis. 9V'ii®9Uc: tins. lUc;
palls. 10-m. 10*,ic: do, 5-16, 10 : 'ic; kegs, 9440100
¥ lb; Mess Beer. 88 5009; extra io ■■-■. do, $9 50*
10: family do, *12 50013; clear Pork, $20_J21) 50:
extra prime, $16 60017: extra clear, 821) 60 #21;
mess do. $18 50019 ';' bbl; Pig pork, ¥ keg, 83 50®
8 75; Pigs' Feet, $12__j»12 50 ft bbl; Smoked Beet,
ll»/i(iJ12c ¥ lb. ■-■■
in li'S-lirm at ll'®i6c ¥ _, with sales at the top
figure. ■■-■
HIDES AND PELTS-lleavy salted steers are
quotable at S^c ¥ : It.; medium, 6c ¥ lb; light.
5c ¥ It,; Cowhides, 5c ¥ 16 ; salted Kip, 4®
4VjC: salted Calf. 41 :.c; Dairy Cair. 20®30c; dry :
Hides, usual selection, 8c: dry Kips, 7c: dry
Cair, 7c *** lb; prime Goatskins, 35c each; medium '
do. 20030 c: small skins, 10,*: Deerskins, good sum- ,
mer. 30032 Vac: medium, thin. t* tb: Sheep
skins, shearlings, 10020 c; shore wool, :«>®soc: me
dium. 65(<S90c: long wool, 80®$l 25 ss '■'■■ Butcher
town green skins sell relatively higher.
TALLOW— Fair to good rendered. [email protected]*/ic; re
fined, si4®s l^_ c: Grease, 2' ..®3e ¥ &>-
WOOL— We quote spring clips: Eastern Oregon,
16020 c; Nevada. 15®l*o/"C: choice Northern, 19
®2ic: Humboldt aid Mendocino, 21023 c: San
Joaquin and Southern, year staple. 1- i _..__,;:..■ : San
Joaquin and Southern, seveu in vutlu, 12®i6c;
choice Foothill, 16018 .so & *»<
General Merchandis?.
BAGS— Calcutta, spit, 6%®6i_iC: Wool Bags. 36
©38c: Potato Gunnies, nominal. ..:-.;:.
RlCE— Stocks are only fair and the general mar
ket Is steady with several slight variations. Chinese
mixed, $4 621.101 70; No. 1 Chinese. $5 3005 36
¥ two mats; extra Xo. 1, $5 4005 50; Hawaiian,
$6 fl ctl. ■■- .* ■■,-- ■■ . ■ -..- Is - ;■• -„ ,--.
■ MEI'ALS-Plg Iron Is depressed: Pig Tin Is firm
and active at [email protected]2li ..c. There are large stocks of
damaged Tin Plate here and this depresses standard
•roods, which nre quoted low— say $1 7004 75 ¥
box. Lead and Shot are higher. .
■■- QCICKSILVER-Firui mid scarce at $57 50058
¥ flask. „•- ' .--■ -1- --..._... .... ......
Nil 1- OIL-6*'@7Bc¥ gallon. . V
CANDIES— Maple kinds have advanced to 14 Vise
I* It, In sympathy with the rise in Sugar. -- - ■■
PEPPER-Black China has declined lc ¥ lb.
All-Is very scarce and active. I Jobbers caa
iffl,i..iin ui„ lit. ji.il i iiiiii ii ii 111, 11 ■■liiin^in, ,1— iiii«ni„Miinri.M
not fill their orders. The California Sugar Refinery
has advanced its prices and now quotes, terms net
cash: Cube, 7 1 .<> c; Crushed, 7 1 /_ > c: Extra Powdered,
7'/_,c: Fine Crushed, 7 ',4c: Dry Granulated, 7*j»cj
Confectioner's A. 7c: Extra C. 6Vic: Golden 0,
5" 8 s ¥ '&; Bags, „c more than bbls.
San Francisco Meat Market.
Dressed Hogs are lower and Live Hogs are weak,
under free arriva s. Mutton is firm. licet and Veal
are weak and abundant. Wholesale rates from
slaughterers to dealers are as follows:
BEEF— First quality, s>,i®6c; secaud quality,
4»'®st,ic: third do. 404 ■£&
\ EAL— Large. 4®6c: small yes, 6371-.
MUTTOX— Wethers, 6n.®7c; Ewes, 6061/46
LAMB— Spring Lamb. 708 c ¥ 18.
FORK— Live Hogs. 4® 4 iac for light grain-fed, and
3*4040 for heavy packing: stock Hogs, 1 1 /2 *j>4 Ho '
¥ lb: dressed do, 7®7V__c ¥ tb.
Friday. June &
Flour, qr sks 3,3B6:Hran, sks 1,050
Wheat, ctls 2. 54:r Middlings, s<s 675
Barley, 2 497 Hay. tons 190
Oats, Oregon,ctls... 820 Straw, tons _ 30
Corn, 1,140 Wool, bis 188
Beans.sks I,'JS3 do, Wash. da... 767
Potatoes, s<s l,62ii.Qulcksllver.lls«s.„ 60
Onions, ass 574'Uldes, no 11l
OCEAN steamers.
Dates of Departure From Ran Francisco,
Steamer, j Destination*, j
I Whit
Humboldt .. liumimMt May., t June 7. OauiW. until
Los Angeles., san Pedro. June 7. -<»ulliil«> i
wiiiiinetic V Yarjuina Kay.. .. Jane H,lo«x|SeaWl4
Columbia. ... Portland June 9.10a u S|m.tr
Walla Walla Vie A I'll Sound June 9, !<am;i:il»'/ 1
Mexico Shu Diego June i».ll aw .ll.lWf
Eureka San Pedro Jiie 11. Bah lli.iw'fl
Corona Humholdt bay.. Jno 11. 9au IWw'fl
Pomona }San Diego Jue 13. Hah ! B«lw'y 2
State of en. ; Portland Jno LB,loAMl9paar
City Sydney. 1 Panama hie 13.V1 M|PM!)9
CltyPuettla.. IVlc&pgt Sound > Jne 14, UiviiMv'rl
CltyotPeknglChlna* Japan.. .i:m- 14. BmfPM9 S
Departure of Australian steaiuer depends on tat
English mails.
In Pacific Standard Time. Computed by Tho_—
Ten-sent, Chronometer and Instruinout
■faker, IS Market street.
t" H.W. L.W. H.W. L.W. 31
g Small. Small. Large. Large, 'X 3
7.... <.: .9 pa 9.07 Ml 124 am 8.5 C a-j *.i-
-8.... S.S9 ru 10.28 ru 2.31 am 9.50 ah 4.47
Large. [ I Small. ■ 4.47
9.... 6.16 11.53 pm: 3.67 ah 10. am
10.... 7.00 ru O.UO AM' 5.86 am 11.47 am 4.47
11.... 7.11 fm 1.11 ami 7.07 am 0.47 m 1.47
Large. Small.
12.... 8.20 m 2.13 am 8.23 am l.? 8 m 1.47
13.... 8.57 3.08 ml 9.33 am 2.28 ru 1.47
tor Lain Shipping InUUiuence see Aiy/isa rue*.
Friday. June 6.
Stmr Willamette Valley, Paton, 45 hours from
Yaquina; pass and m.lse. to C II Haswell Jr.
Stmr Empire, Butler, 51/, days from Departure
Bay: 844 tons coal, to X D Chandler.
schr Golden Gate, — sen, 30 hours from Fort *
Bragg: 170 M ft lumber, to Golden Hate Lumber Co.
Schr Gen Banning, Spring, — from Navarro River*
lumber, to >'avair j Mill Co.
FarDAT. June 8,
Stmr Los Angeles, Leland, Wilmington: Goolall,
Perkins A Co.
Stmr Jeanle. Porter. Port Townsend: Pacini!
Steam Whaling Co.
Stmr Humboldt, Jessen, Eureka; Searles a Stone,
Thursday. June B.
Schr Helen Merrlain, Llndbrtdge, KlamatM Riven,
I'Rin.tv. June 6..
Haw Stmr San Mateo, Colvllle, N'ana'.mo.
Stmr Santa Cruz. Trlbble, Loinpoc.
Stmr Caspar, AndOudsen, Grays Harbor.
Stmr Tillamook, Ham. Coos Lay.
Stmr Ajax, Donaldson. Coos Bay.
Stmr Crescent City, Stockfleth, Crescent City.
Stmr Westport. Jacobs, Westport.
Stmr Gipsy. Plummer. Santa Cruz. etc.
Stmr Navarro. Anderson, Navarro River.
nrshlii Ardmillan. McLean, (-ueenstowu.
Snip Two Brothers. McCartney. Taeoini.
Schr Viking. D.ii.n, Port crford.
Schr Therese, scniiisilng.
Scbr BUI tue Butcher, Johnson, Bowens Landing.
point LOBOS— Jane 6 — 10 p. m. — Weather
foggy; wind NW. velocity 28 miles.
Mar 17-I.at 57 S. long 68 Vf, Br shlo Dunnllaa
from Liverpool for San franclseo.
Apr 11— Lat 18 s, long 25 W, Br ship Elmhurst,
hence Jan 13 for Hull. ..'_*',.'.. . .
May 24— Lat 28 N. lung 91 W, Br ship Hyderabad,
hence Jim 27 tor sligo.
June 1-I.at 48 N, lons 21 W. Br ship Queens
Island, hence Jau 26 tor Liverpool.
Domestic Port*.
NAVARRO-Salled June 9-Schr Geu Binning
for San Fraucisco. ."„"'.. „,.
FORT Arrived June 5— S-'hr Reliance,
hence June 4. __ _ - „ __ — '
POKT TOWNSEND— Arrived June 6-Bark I*.
tella. from Guayaquil; schr Courser, hence May 32.
POKT BLAKELKY— Arrived June ti-Schr Cour
ser, hence May 22 via Port Townseud.
MENDOCINO— SaiIed June b— scar Kiectra. for
San Francisco. ■ „ . «
Arrived June 6— Schr Bender Brothers, hence
June 3.
Hl'ENEME— Arrived June 6— Stinr Jewel, from
San Pedro.
WESTPORT— SaiIed June B— Stmr Wbltes bora,
for San Francisco.
ALBION-Arrlved June 8-Schr John McCul.
lougb, hence June 3.
SAN DlEGO— Arrived June 6— Schr Laara May,
from Astoria: schr Mabel Gray.
FOKT BRAUU— Sailed June U-Stmr South Coast,
for San Fraucisco.
Forel-n Ports.
LONDON— Entered out May 28— Br bark Alexan
dra, for San Francisco.
NEWCASTLE, ENG-Sallcd June 5-Qer bark
Schiller, for San Francisco.
QUlsENSTOWN— Arrived June s— Ship Chal
lenger, from Oregon ; Br ship Fort George, hence
Feb 4; Br ship Wr.iy Castle, heuce Fen 3; Br ship
Dumfriesshire, hence Jan 18. ■
Sailed June s— Br ship Leicester Castle.
. WESIFOKT— June 4— Br bark Carletou,
hence FeO 9.
MOLLENDO— Arrived previous to June 4— Bark .
Arcturus. from Port II ((lines.
SWANSEA— Entered out May 19— Br ship Tlies—
lus, for San Francisco.
LIVEKPOOL-Arrlved June s— Br bark Queens
Island, hence Jan 28. -
QUEENSTOWN— Arrived June s— Br bark Ar
t hurst oue, from Oregon; Br bark. Bowman B Law,
bonce Jan 27.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived June B— Stmr China, hence
May 21.
ACAPL'LCO— SaiIed June 4-Stmr Ban Juan, for
San Francisco. ••-■.-■•■..
PANAMA— Arrived June 2-Stmr City of New
York, hence May 14.
FKAW'LE POlNT— Passed June s— Br ship Ph*.
ens, heuce Feb 17 tor Havre.
- Imttnrtatlons, '
YAQI.'IN'A BAY— Per Willamette Valley— Bl2 M
sks flour, '.15 . s.h.s wheat. 5185 sks oats. 2 rs brandy,
162 bits hides. 1 id wool, 8 pkgs dry goods. 43 rls
leather, 10 cylinders. 2 bis cotton. 6 bchs leathers, 8
horses, 15 bis hair, 4 bf bbls salmon.
! - Consisnees.
Per Willamette Valley- Moore, Ferguson * Co;
Grangers' Business a-s'u; -Allen * Lewis; Peters M
Cowie: \v B Sumner A Co: Tlllmann A Bendel: Am
paeher Bros; Sawyer Tanning Co: A C Nichols A Cot
Murphy, Grant it: I'o; S L Jones & Co; l'latsctiek A
Harris: Cahn, Nickelsburg A Co; Wbe.il.iii * I.nlirs:
J C Johnson A Co: F N Faencb; H i-nudenstein:
w T Caldwell; Sterling Furniture Co. .
Weekly Call, $125 per Year
faikVtmMm if_i.^__d___t_fV_k__i_^g-_M_r_L_^^

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