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Palmer's Players Will Present a
New Double* Dill Next
"The City Directory" a Steady Pull.
Where Curtis Made a Mistake.
" Orpheus and the Literature
Thereanent — Elsie Leslie and
Mark Twain's " Prince and Pau-
per" — The Lask-Cook Farewell
There was not niucli m tlie way of novelty last
week to be viewed " through the opera glass."
Curtis' Hebrew (day at the Bush-street stood
aloneln the fact of newness, bul not of merit. The
pieces at the Baldwin and the California were
revivals. The closer we analyze "The Shatcheu"
Uie more we see the awkwardness with which the
play is put together, I rom the title line to tbe
colophon. In the lirst pi. ice, the name Is so old
and difficult to pronounce lhat man; prefer not
io tackle it for fear ol making a blunder. The
siib-iltle, "The Marriage-broker," ought to be
made the principal, because It Is by all odds the
be-t aud one thai would catch the attention of
tlie public, particularly the feminine portion of
It. They khovv what •' marriage " means and
the lively interest that attaches 10 it, but to the
average mind " Sbatehen " lias about as much
significance as the cunilonu characters of the
aucieul Persians. It Is a household word, do
doubt, on the banks of the Vistula
and the Hug in Poland, but li<e many
other wolds and things imported from
the Old World Is as much out of place In an En
glish-speaking American community as a hick
i-iy-uut is in a mince pie. Your teeth are broken
over tire word almost as much as on tbe nit. in
llie second place, the character of Joseph Lewis
is written on such a high plane and In so pro
nounced a grandiose vein that ll suboidlnates all
i he .east, even when played by an average actor,
In Uie hands of such a self-assertive man as
Frank Mordauul II reduces the surrounding
people to mere nonentities, and metaphorically
lells Meyer Petowsky, supposed to be the prime
I art in the play, as flat as if he nad been bit over
the head with a base-ball bat. There Is good
maiei ial In " 1 he Shatchen " if it had been prop
el ly put togethei In the lirst place; but it was
not. and the reason for the delect ion of Mr.
Lewis Morrison an d his daughtei Bosabel ts eas
i* apparent. Hie piar must be rearranged— lt
must be reformed altoge.her in its es-euiui lea
•Jim, the Penman" has been a steady draw, and
thai Dial old, fair-sex loving tentleiuau, Henry
Clay ,! irrett, the manager, is as happy as the day
is loug. A favorite Willi ail lite members "I the
company, populai with the theater patrons,
innkiug _ nice little sack while enjoying the cool
summer winds of tbe peninsula, be may be said
to be in the midst of on« of those na-es we some
limes meet— too infrequent, unfortunately— ln the
Bandy desert journey of lite. We hope he will hud
i; tn tlie way ot bis busiuess to give a few more
I'rilorniauces of "Jim" before tne engagement
ciu.-ei lot good and all.
A Novelty,
At least to our theater-goers, will be lbe produc
tion at the Baldwin morrow evening by the
Palmer Company of their latest Eastern achieve
ment, ■Auut Jack." Consider able Ink, pro and
. con, has already been spilt In regard to this play,
but ibe consensus of critical opinion seems In its
lavor, although l is geuerally conceded a de
flection from the usual J'aliner line. It is said to
be a liotby— a "wliipt syllabub" kind of a piece,
and tim author lias departed (rom accepted
dramatic method* Iv constructing bis work with
the same freedom A. W. Piueru allows himself
in elaborating ins admirable Plays; but at tne
same lime, in tins case as in l'lnero's, the result
i- said to be a f resb bieezme.ss altogether de
,*- Berkeley Brae. 1, ._.-,,,.., /..Mr. E. M Holland
Caleb Cornish.. . . / *"*■'" ' " I Mr Edward Bell
.Mr. .Irillin. a solicitor Mr. Charles W. Batter
Colonel Tavenor, retired Mr. Frederic Kobinson
Lord St. John Brompton Mr. I*. 11. Tyler
Mr. Justice Handle Mr. J. 11. Stoudart
Swi Iter, Brne's clerk Mr. K. Fax
* Usher Mr.l'ercy ".".inter
Josepb, _ writer Mr. Herbet Mlllwanl
Foreman of the jury Mr. Harry James
Joan ryson, Caleb's aunt...., 3liss Ada Dyas
Mildred, Caleb's wife Miss Maud ilarnsou
Mrs. l-.piiraim B. Mo Streek Miss Ella Seward
"Aunt Jack" will be piecedcd each evening
by an original one-act comedy from the pen of
(ins Thomas, author of "The Burglar," entitled
* A Man ol the World," which is also claimed to
be an Eastern success. It calls only for a quar
tet of i artlcipants, and lv this Instance Maurice
Barrymore, I*. 11. Tyler, Henry WoodiuH aud
. Nannie Craddock answer the call. Pretty iday
was made with this trifle In Kew York, we are
told. >
I.itilo Elsie Leslie.
Mr. Dauiel Frohman will begin his regular pro
fessional lour with Elsie Leslie In the "Pilnce
and the Pauper" at Denver In about a fortnight.
The interest (ell hereabouts In tins play is two
fold; first, because Frobinan's well-known abil
ity anil standing as a manager are In the nature
of a pledge that the "P. and P." is worth
the lime and trouble taken with it; and, sec
ondly, Mr. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), the
author of the story and said to be its dramatist,
has a pood many friends and admirers in mis
part of the United Stales, where lie spent many of
the earlier— happier, if all accounts bo Hue—
years ol his life. Mr. Clemens has always been
noxious io be the author ol a successful dramati
zation. True, bis name was attached to "Colonel
Sellers," out of which Bayniond made a fortune,
. bul It had no business there, as that dramatic
version is the worK of Mr. <;. 1!. Densmore of
this city. The only fair claim Mr. Clemens can,
llieielore, oner lobe considered a dramatic au
thor will be In "Tire Ii nice and the Pauper."
Frohman Is fortunate in having tbe popular lit
ile Leslie gir! to Interpret the leading role. She
was the enigma! Lord Fauutleroy in New Y'oik,
and Is said to be exceptionally clever, while de
void rl lhat obnoxious precocity and froward
ne.s usually the chief characteristics of Infant
"Orpheus nnd Eurvdice."
- i; ginning July 21st. the Tlroll will reproduce
l! is opera for one week, calling Into action tip!
euliie strength of the company. The principal
distribution is as follows:
Jupiter Henry Norman
Aristeusaad Pluto Francis UaUlard
Orpheus Eugene Carl Mueller
I. lice Louise Manfred
Venus.. 7. , llauie Oelaro-Barnes
The cast numbers In all twenty-three people.
There Is some interest In finding bow frequently
this classic fable, that personifies the power of
music, has inspired writers ol English literature
from lire earliest times. Three Instances occur
to mind just now. Albion in. his beautiful
Orpheus' self may heave bis head
From golden slumber on a bed
"-"~" • Of heaped Elystan flower*, and bear
Such strains as would nave won the car
Of Plato, to have set free
Ills hall regained Enrydlco.
in llieihlrd act, scene I, "King Henry VIII,"
Queen Katharine says 10 one of her maul _ in
walling: "lake Iby lute, wench; my soulgrows
sad with troubles. Sing and disperse them, if
thou canst." And the maid slugs:
Orphans with his lute made trees
And the mouutamtops that freeze
bow themselves when be did sing;
To i... music plants and flowers
I.mi rspr.ng: as sun and showers
* These bad made a lasting spring.
• * n • •
In sweet music Is such art.
Killing care ami grief of heart
Tall asleep, or, hearing, die.
Then, again. In Pope's "Ode to Summer" we
have these stalely lines:
But would you slog ami rival Orpheus' strain
The wondering forests soon would dance again.
The moving mountains hear the powrful call.
And headlong streams bangllst'ulng in their fall.
lie next opera to be uroduced at this theater,
on July 27th, will be Mllloekei's" Vice- Admiral."
A Oood * Season Before Ye.
Manager ilavman lias been seeding bis engage
ment book for the Baldwin In such a way with
Eastern attractions, that a rich dramatic harvest
may be expected.at that theater for the rest of the
season. Following the Palmer Company, now
' holding the boards, come in regular succession:
*• T be Seven Aces " and " Adonis," Witb Dlxey.
" The Crystal Slipper."
The Cailelon Comic Opera Company.
The Emma Juch English Opera Company. ;
Emma Abbott's Opera Company.
in. Morris m lbe emotional drama.
Sarah Bernhardt in the magnetic and dynamic
ditto. . if-hl '■"'" IM
The ll.mion Volta Pantomime Company.
I.otia in tier little character bits.
The Lyceum Theaters "Charity Ball," and
tie Daly Company toward the close of the season
" Here's richness I" as Squeeis when he.
Opera Class
looked Into the boys' milk cue at the Saracen' 8
Bead. Here Is an array of talent sufficient to
gladden the hearts of the most exacting public
In the I tiled Slates. Dtxey has taken on an
Immense amount of reputation with his " Seven
Ages" since he was here with "Adonis;" and
the •' Crystal Slipper" piece, now running to
immense bouses in Chicago, Is said to be a
spectacle of such brilliancy that all previous
productions in tbe same lute pale before it. The
operatic trinity secured— Carleton, Juch and
Abbott— will commend itself, sandwiched as it
will be In the middle of the list of dramatic at
tractions. Miss Clara Morris Is confessedly the
greatest emotional actress on the American
stage, and Is always In demand; and alter ber
comes the capricious Bernhardt, whose whole
liie Is devoted to creating a sensation, now glv-„
Ing out that she has poisoned Herself, and again
Unit she intends to follow Hie explorer Stanley,
so much dues slie love him, into the It ait of
equatorial Africa. We will bate an opportunity
to see Iter, "with eves In a line frenzy tolling,"
as tbe Maid of Orleans— " Jeanne d" Are." 'me
'* Haulon Yolta Pantomime Company" Is ibe
chief noveliy of the lime. Lively Lotta, old as
she is. the "Charity Bail," and the ever-wel
come Dalys complete iho season.
The Gristlier Engagement
Will be commenced at the Bush-street Tbeater
on Monday, July "Bth, with cbarles Gayler's
powerful melodrama "Lights and Shadows,"
new to the San Fraucisco theatrical world, but
-well established in lbe favor of New Yorkers as a
meritorious piece. The play is said to bo skil
fully constructed, sho wing the dual life of the
hero— one phase being that of a naturally
bones! man. Hie other au eufotced accomplice
of a gang of thieves. ii" ie are many side-plots
and accessories of stage Illustration. Mr. Joseph
K. T.i istnei assumes the put of Mark Melburn,
tho heio, and Miss Phoebe Davies thai of Libel
thought, >ti, alias Mabel Bland, the heroine.
Mr. Joseph R. liri-lner, .Mr. Scott Cooper.
Mr. James i'arden. Miss l , ■ ■be Davies,
Mr. ...... r_-e M. llermance, Miss Delia M. (iiuii.l,
Mr. Lorimer Johnson, Miss Loyola O'Connor,
Hr. 1 homas Kelrus, - is Sara Stevens.
Mr. Clarence Ferguson,
Mr. Sam Thai! Is Mr. Grismer-s business man
ager, and Mr. li. A. Kllday treasurer.
tMiiiieiiiiii - Desirable.
The Lask-Cook farewell testimonial at the
Baldwin Theater next Sunday nigbt, July -71b,
promises to be an affair of importance iv a
dramatic way. After the augmented orchestra
lias played the overture to '-Setnlramlde," Mr.
James Garden, Mr. Paul Davis and Miss Emmie
Wilmot will appear in the comedietta, ''Delicate
Ground," respectively as Citizen Sangfroid,
Alphouse and Pauline. This will be fallowed by
a musical auddiamatic interlude— i.en t-u,
of Aronson's Casino, New Yors, Phoebe D.ivie-,
Irene Dudley, Ida V—hrrgm, Laura Bigcar, Alvab
Glover Salmon, and a quadruple quartet ol male
voices taking part. 'ihe balcony and utuse
scenes from ••Borneo aud Juliet" come uext,
with Lilian l.aiiisun (the successful debutante),
Fannie Young and Bichaid Poo c as partici
pants. Melville Kills, aged 12 (a Mozart in pre
cocity), has finished two musical compositions—
i (a) "Album Leaves," and (fr) "Concert Mazurka.
—which will he played by the orchestra after the
Shakespearean scenes, Becitations and selec
tions by Messrs. Grismer, Lemati, Miss llattle
Delaro and the Bilbao yuai ate next in otder.
Miss Dorothy Kossmoie and Mi. Leo Cooper suc
ceed tv the dramatic Hide called "The Silent
System" by which A). Coqueliu Miss Agnes
Laud-Boom made such a sensation in New Yoik.
lt is a novelty in stage repr sentntiuu. A
specially olio follows; and the wind-up wiil be
a "Surprise" ill which nil the leading profes
sionals of Hie city take oatl, representing, per
haps, the unexpected ai pearauee ol the "Ghost"
at the Grand Opera House ou salary day. The
advance sale for the "complimentary" is already
quite good.
A Sappy Thought.
When Mr. August Hiniichs. chef de baton of
the Baldwin theater orchestra, conceived the
Idea of eucouraglog local and State musical com
positions in* did a good thing fur himself ..lid for
a certain tine of talent latent among the ladies
and gentlemen of California, Many had the
stirrings of ambition In this direction, but the
lion in the path was the difficulty of geitiug tbelr
wink before the public. Ibe " lllnrichs' compe
tition" proposition removed this difficulty and
a lidded the musical scribes just tbe opportunity
they wanted. Already foriy-slx compositions
bave beeo submitted to the leadei's notice, und
twenty selected, of which the "One Bunny
Lock " solo has alieady been played by the
Baldwin cornetist, Mr. Young, with gieat eclat,
and the remainder will be given iv ihe following
The selections are:
1. Cornet solo (already given), "One Sonny
Lock. " by i laic Elmer (-Mrs. O. Perkins, city)
2. Aline." waltz by (.race nes, city
3. "Album-:. ' if et concert Mazurka"
by Melville E.'lis (la years of age), city
4. Violin solo, ••i:eniei_i_>r_uu-e_ ■■■ Thurlngla"..
l.y Carl v.rii der Meaden, city
5. *• impromptu ft Tarantella " 1., yi. it. .r.
6. "Uu.rli_iidcn"..by i-ran.: Nebelung, Anaheim. Cal.
7. March, ** Vein. V nn, n.i " try 11. C. Walt, city
B. Descriptive Fantasle, " the . vers' Quarrel *'
In Phil J. Jacoby, Los Angeies
11. Song, " Maggie Oncine'*
l'l Hut ence Eastern?, >apu. Cat.
10. Waltzes. "Fairy Dreams" and " The tidal -
Wave" by Prof essor T. Foreman, city
11. Gavotte by H. 1-aikeiii.u. ciiy
11. Entr'acte, from th. MS. ..J- ■::. "Lucy Mar
lihot" by Professi Richard J. Wilmot, city
13. I'vlka, "La Utile c.ilif -ruiennc "
by Oscar iielscher
14. Idyl. "Kip Van Winkle" ;:r.v""
by Jim Bidden, Stockton, Cal.
15. '* i'ne Dream of the White House"
. ."....by Jennie I.easy (12 years of Hirer, city
Miss lleasy is tin* composer, you .g as she Is,
or twenty or more scures. Mie submitted,
besides the oue accepted, two others 1.. Mr.
llinrichs— "The Storm" and "A Grand
March "—which be pronounced remarkably
good. The yonug lady Is now engaged on a
march for the Native Sous.
10. Scbottisene by Nellie White, San Jose, Cal.
17. Waltz, " l.'lvriirit de Champagne"
by Ada Wetzl. cltv
ta " Pacific Kallroad," a galop '_■ Miss S. Ml, city
19. Mazurka £legante by ... 1. Jobauusen. ciiy
-0. Sereuau .mi. em ana (liumoristiqiie)
by ir. Walziniihti, city
The uext composition to be performed by the
theater oi dies tra is the Aline" waltz, by Miss
Grace Janes of this city, said to be writieu in a
very spirited style aim wotked out wiih gieat
airs. I). I. H.w rs.
Who joins forces with Mr. Frederick Wank
next season lv a Shakespearean touni.e, made
her first appearance on the Amerlcau stajre at
the old Paik, New York, then under the man
agement of the late Thomas Dairy, on December
8. 1845. She was but It.", years of age and
Known as Ml-s Crocker. The occasion was a
benefit to Mr. ittuunh, and lbe young lady a|>
peared as Amanlhis lv '-The Child of Nature."
She wis very favorably received, and at once in
dicated tbe possession of talent. She remained
In the slock of ibat company for seveial years.
Mrs. Bowers Is a native of Connecticut, and has
a reasonable share of Yankee entei prise, enemy
and spit it. She married, in ti.e summer Of 1848,
and. after her husband's death, much occuried
to 1857, look the management of one of the
theaters in Philadelphia, whore, tor several
years, she resided as a leading actress. Mrs.
Bowers has always been veiy popular with the
American public, and still commands attention
and admiiation iv important characters, lf a
liking for Shakespeare, acied, be one of the
signs of the dramatic times as claimed, Hie
Win rtc-Boweis onion will hit the occasion very
nicely. We will, at least, not be annoyed by
broken English.
1 I*. in i's Concert To-Night.
Mr. Louis Planet, violinist!' de S. M. la Heine
Isabelle and Ul'tcier dc riuslruetion I'ubllque.
makes bis first appearance before his friends at
tbe Baldwin Theater this evening. He has been
abroad lor seventeen years and returns with an
enviable reputation as a master of his Instru
ment. The (.elections will be the full concerto
ot diiiii. and ii "Cradle song" of his own com
position. He also furnishes an accompaniment
for Mine. Mane Tekley Phinil's recitation or
.siivesiie's latest verses, and sinus two tenor
songs (Massenet's). Mine. Zeiss. 8. Martinez
and Kmue itainvtlie coulilbute tbe ten aimler of
the programme.
The Weary .Musician.
Only not to see the painted tares,
Only not to hear the music's i.iare.
Only not to vleiv tin- arts and graces
'> enth tbe gaslight's flicker and Its hare.
..fitly to my tssk 1 to in: will iug,
l'iay the music's measure, sad or gay.
Harmonies that other souls arc thrilling
While my thoughts are absent, far away,
Ob, the mocking ecbo of i be voices,
-*;*_/* In melodic chorus, soft and sweet.
While my heart so heavy, ne'er rejoices,
Ittiylhinic sway the dancer's dainty feet.
.Nightly gleam the tinseled fabrics airy,
Mashing through Ihe mazes r.t the dan c.
Gleams i..c wing of sylph, or sprite, or fairy.
Shows the studied pose, the pictured glance.
How I hate tbe art-oedtzeoed -seeming,
Nymphs will, jewels fiaabing us their eyes.
Life Itself, Its straggle*, and Its scheming,
Quickly now, Hie gaudy vision dies.
Only not to see the painted trices.
Only not to view the hollow strife.
Let the merry- makers take their places
In the tragicomedy of life.
**>* * • *
" He Is dead," they say. "tbe poor musician.
And he's poor; we 11 bury tank" they said.
Quickly all as If by one volition.
Opened wide their purses, for the dead.
Tint last bed of bis. beneath the grasses.
s Purchased by those players whom he scorned—
And still the panoramic vision passes.
By charity redeemed, by love adorned.
->. Y. Truth.
Acne* Huntington nnil ncr Backer.
Marcus Mayer, as American representative of
the International Managers' Agency, has ar
ranged the lour for next season ot Agnes Hunt
ington and her comic opera company. The or
ganization will be under bis personal direction.
Miss Huntington will leave London about Sep
tember Ist and bring with her a company of
seventy people, the leading ones bclua Miss
Buy Ills r.roiiirlitnn, Annie Scliuberlli, Miss Wad
man, liime Lee, Mr. Monkhouse, 11. Ashley,
Templar Saxe. Albert .fames and George Temple.
Mr. Stanislaus will probably be i lie musical di
rector. The season, according to Mr. Slayer,
will probably open at the 'irenium Theater hi
Boston, Septembei 2'j.li, but If not will certainty
open at the Broadway, In llils city, October Oh.
Lady HurdettCoults is the financial backer of
the enterprise, with 125,000 as a starter. .
In relation to this enterprise the following re
marks of an exchange are pertlneul:. "The
Baroness Iluideli-Coutts Is b-comlug moie and
wore prominent In theatrical life every day In
London. She Is a victim of the present rage for
patronizing theatrical people, and it Is under
stood that her enterprise will not stop content
with merely backing Acnes Huntington's Opera
Company. The London correspondents an
nounced ihat Miss Huntington's patroness will
set aside {125.000 for her to lose In her oper
atic venture before she closes lite door of tba
Coults' bank. All this is Interesting, II true.
Unfortunately there ls a very well-grounded
suspicion that the enterprising Baroness has a
halm of promising things ln a rambling fashion,
which never aie fulfilled. Two hopeful Ameri
can actors have told the same story concerning
tbis rich and rather eccentric Englishwoman,
but nothing ever comes of her promises. She
means well, and she Is ecstatic in her admiration
of clever Americans, but she does not pass over
the keys of the Coults' bauk to them so rapidly
as ihey sometimes expect. Miss Huntington
may get that 1126,000, but sbe is not a hut fa
vorite for It exactly."
Agnes lluiitiuglon has arranged with George
Kdwnides to rein the new theater now build lvi;
In Leicester Square, London, for a term or years,
for comic operas, etc. It will be finished ill May,
1891, and Mis. Huntington Will take possession
after her Aineiicau lour. -
Echoes of "Tbo Senator."
The "Senator" party are not decrying the
Slope aud its people as much as we *ive been
led lo believe. According to the Clipper, Brooks
repoits Ihe season as having been thoroughly
satisfactory, while that active agent, J. B. Aic-
Cormlck, says ihey had a royal good lime for all
concerned. Crane looks well ana sliiine utter
his trip notwithstanding his attributed bilious
utterances, and has gone to I basset, Mass.,
with his wife, where they will remain till Decem
ber. McCormick is about starting his theatrical
news bureau. It is bis intention to publish a
weekly budget tol* the dramatic editors through
out the countiy. John I'aul Bocock ls his part
Barrett anil llontli. Financially.
Edwin Booth is a very rich man. Be lives sim
ply, but Is lavish in other duectlons, his gifts to
the Flayers' Club having been princely. Ills
wealth Is largely Invested In leal estate, and be
owns prouerty all over the country, ills lours
wllb Lawrence Barrett have been very profita
ble, and he is vow a sure card as long as he
chooses to act. Lawrence Barren is one of the
Men American actors who has always earned a
handsome Income and saved most of it for many
yeais. Ho Is an enterprising manager aud is as
good a business man as he is an actor. As man
ager of a New Sort, theater be would be a suc
An euormous bouquet was handed over the
footlights of a theater to a largo blonde lady who
sings a secondary part in the comic opera at lie
house, and comes iv for a plentiful share of at
tention ftom the regular occupants of front seats.
Two very young men lv the first row of chairs
weie suspected of having sent the flowers, for
when they were lifted over the lights by the usher
they flattered and fidgeted about In their seats
and made some nervous lemarks to each other,
Throughout the evening they devalued the move
ments of Hie handsome blonde, and th y were
1 1 en ted to a few fugitive glances ol recognition
from the goddess, who also wore some of ihelr
roses in her corsage. They designated the fair
creature as " Baby. 1 ' As a term of endearment
this might be allowed to pass, but viewed from
any practical standpoint the youths might more
appropriately have termed the lady of their re
gatd '• Mamma." However, the evening passed,
and alter the opera was over the two youug men
limned out, and the observer fancied them lush
ing home lo get in beloro their papas locked
the doois for the night, but as he was
passing by tbe stage entrance of the theater, a
moment later, lie saw litem stationed there with
eyes fixed excitedly upon the sacred portal at
which ibe stars of Hie snow would be forced lo
appear. The door-keeper was holding a conver
sal ion with a policeman close at baud.
•'.Miss Twilight's husband will gel a good price
for thai bokay what was sent uplober to-night,"
said Hie door-keeper.
••Why, docs be sell her bokays?" asked the po
"Always, And doesn't he just smash the
dude's laces when they come 100 close. lie's
iiiitud here lull to-nlghl, and he'll hit anything
that comes near lum."
A look ol consternation overspread the faces
Of two young men. The younger of the two wbls
peted something to ins companion. Then ihey
both glided away and turned Into Broadway witn
the Indiscriminate crowd. Miss Twilight, whose
husband sold her banquets and intitillated the
i ices nt the dudes who showed attention to her,
was ihen* "Baby." hits aie the choicest mo
ments of love's youug dieaui made a burden and
a failure.— Sun.
l'.tssiiMi il.v I'roGta.
London Truth reports German newspapers as
making merry over the extravagant nonsense
which cm respondents at Oberaininergau ate
willing about the profits of the play. It appears
that, so fat* from the profits tv 1880 having beeu
CuO.ooo mar s, as staled in the Loudon Stand
aid, they were only 240,000 marks, winch sum
has been divided between 700 persons. The net
i-ioltis (estimated al 1,000.000 marks) cannot
possibly exceed 250,000, reckoning a letum of
20,000 m.ii ks fu.iu each of the twenty per
lot malices, as there is a deficit ot 250,000 maiks
to be i aid oil, which sum lias been expended on
lie* theater, sceuery and costumes. The ques
tion of abolishing the play has never risen at
Obeiaimuergau, atnl if the performances are
slot pen alter this year it will be In consequence
ri the Interference of the Bavarian Government,
as the ii luce Itcgeut Luitpoid does not approve
of tbem.
"Joan of Arc" Annlvz.il.
Even with tbe advantage of Mme. Sarah Bern
liauU's magnetic personality, says the Fall Mall
Gazette, "Jeanne d'Ar<-" Is a disappointing pro
duction. Take away lbe gteal French tragedi
enne and it would De barely toleiable. M. Jules
ltarbiere styles bis work a draine-legende— a
somewhat vague description, which it was per
haps just us well to adopt, as It would have been
dillicutt. Indeed, to classify the piece under any
of the ordinary heads. But If one considers the
case analytically, It must be confessed that there
Is very little rendu about "Jeanne d'Atc." and
uot much limine. 10, Ilarblei's dr-iiue-legende
lias, in abort, all the etteet— or rather all the ab
sence of efleci— oi a poem which was never in
tended tor the stage tit all. Ihe lines, save when
Mute, lie am: herself Is ipeakiag, seem to lack
variety and action. The eye Is attracted more
by the iiilse-en-scenc than by the insignificant
movements and gestures of the dramatis per
sona 1 , and the ear is more roil";. appealed
toby M. Gounod's music than by the words of
the poem Itself, Of couise it Is only fair to
remember that the Parisians must have lis
tened to the woik iv a far different spirit
in that in which a London play-goer
would enter Her Majesty's Theater to
day. To the French the ecstatic mono
logues and the patriotic utterances of Jeanne
would doubtless be foil of soul-stirring signifi
cance. But lbe i.hh'irmiilic Englishman cannot
till himself (or llie occasion with the national
sympathy cherished by a loielcu people. Let us
say at' once that any one who has not seen Mine.
Be* i iriii.it iii Iter great roles will be ol necessity
disappointed with her Jeanne d'Aic. Perhaps
lite most striking nipuicuts in her performance
ai e the close of tbe first tableau, where Jeanne
yields to the will of heaven and leaves her home.
and the climax of the prison scene, where the
captive maid mocks at and instills ber con
queror, Warwick. But, taken as a whole, the
part will never be cited as one in which the ac
tress will be able to exhibit her full powers, and
we question whether any of her English ad
mirers will care to witness for a second time a
play wbicb afiords tier so tew dramatic chances.
Ii - :. -irl Wagner.
old creeds, old deed.-,, for centuries dead, rise out
The grave and swarm beside the storied Itliliie;
I ... death anil destine, ttiese play their part,
And nit mule break some storm-beat human
heart ;
While thunders of the heaven nre girt about
With sliver /.ones of melody divine.
Klill.lKl.l- BI'KTOS.
'ihe Wisw 'in.
li) Inline there will bo a Satuiday as well as a
Sunday matinee given atthe Wigwam. The pro
gramme lor the coming week Is filled with at
tractions, chief among which Is Noi lis' Canine
Paradox. Some Of our pretentious biped barn
stormers would conclude the "piol-sh" had
"gone to the dogs" did tbey see _Sui lis' animals
al work.
r.'rsininl -Slid Oilier Jutting*.
Ida'eue Cotton lias beeu engaged for the new
season at the Alcazar. The young lady has
. shown rapid Improvement of late.
Hugo Toland goes Willi "Mr. Barnes of New
Yoik" next season.
johu J. Levy, lor so many years business mana
ger fur Lawrence Batten, is spending ibe sum
mer at Laielimoiil Manor ou Lout: Island Sound.
Joseph L. Submit/., a very competent orchestral
leader wlio lias Just returned from Mexico, con
ducted the monster band of fitly musicians fur
nished by the Musicians' Protective Union for
the Molders' ball last night at the Mechanics' Pa
vilion. Mr. Scbmilz was formerly chef de baton
at Miiguiic's Opera House on Washington street,
also at the Baldwiu and the Grand Opera House.
He Is distinguished for precision of tempo In
leading and for holding his musicians firmly le
ge; her.
Miss Augusta Lowell of Oakland, and at pres
ent organist of one of lbe leading New York
churches, will preside in the organ-loft of Hr.
Stebblns' chnrcb this morning (Sunday), by In
vitation of Louis Schmidt, the stated organist.
Mr. Daniel Frohman purchased while In Eu
rope two plays byA.lt. I'lnero, one by Sltunis
aud Buchanan aud one by Jerome K. Jerome;
also two French comedies and _ play by me
author of "Captain Swill." It is his Intention
to alternate iv productions of these plays with
plays by American authors, already secured, al
the Lyceum Theater next season.
George Pauncefoit. an English actor, well
known in San Francisco In Hie fifties. Is said to
be now keening a tea-garden and restaurant n ear
Yokohama, Japan. Geoige. no doubt, knows his
business to a i by, this lime. lor an Item lo the
same ell. el has been hunting tin ouch the Amerl
cau press for "years aud years," as Mr. Florence
says in the play.
J. Hamilton Whitney's American opera
" s.mtltnuet.' " will be produced al the Bijou
Opera House on Wednesday, July 23d, for lbs
benefit of Liberty Fust, No 1.13, U. A. It. There
will be a lull chorus and orchestra, and a fancy
drill by Jordan Legion, S. K. of A., under the
direction of Captain William Irelau. Admis
sion 50 cents. >
* Aiiss Linda Uietz has been engaged by Sol
Smith Kusseli to create the leading female part
lv the uew play which Hum Boucicaull bas writ
ten lor him.
Colonel J. 11. Havctiy. who has become one ot
the most conspicuous figures around the betting
quarters at the Washington Park races, asserts
that lie will be the pioptlelorol two Chicago the
aters next year.
• • W. I*. Florence isa thorough Bohemian. lie
begun lite as a printer, and the newspaper style
of looking at the wot hi still clings to him. *He
lives hugely for to-day, Is not a complalner and
does not cry over "spilt milk" as loug as there is
more cream in the maiket. -
Alice Dunning Litigant, unappalled by Lydia
Thompson's reception, talks of returning to
Amei ira with a burlyque company next season.
Alice and Lydia, says the lliooklyn Eagle, were
good-looking ut about llie same time; not re
cently. __. X .'. ". '*'-"•■
Poor old Campanlnl, observes a New York con
temporary, fancies thai his voice Is entirely re
stored. Bin the ii tub Is Hut the operatiou he
had perloimed on bis vocal chords leaves bis
voice In but little better condition than lt was
belore. Broken down opera-slugers. however,
never lealizo their; inability to sing. When
Gerster's voice was wholly gone she fancied that
she sang as well as when tbe world was at ber
feet. ■--- . ■ • ";- -
Many a man has made his fortune by keeping
hi*, mouth discreetly shut, but, of course, this
wont apply to Sims Beeves or any one in bis line.
Mr. and Mrs. Kendal will make their reappear
ance at the fifth avenue Theater, New York, in
A. W. Pineio's play, "The Squire." It was
otiginally produced by the Kendals at the St.
James Theater, London, where it had a run of
170 nights. "The Squire" recalls an interesting
controversy, Thomas Hardy claiming a bold
plagiarism from bis novel, "bar From the Mad
ding Crowd," which accusation Mr. Plnero em-,
phatically denied. The (act could not be gainsaid,
however, that the motives ol novel and play were
strikingly similar. ■..--."-*
It Is said that Stuart liob. ou has become a
complete wreck since the recent death of Ills
wife, and doubts are euteitalued as 10 whether
lie Will lons survive her. Tbe comedian ls at bis
home in Cobasset, Mass., aud repoit says that he
Is completely prostrated. Mr. Louis James is
with Bob son as bis guest, and doiug his best to
comlort him in his affliction.
The new farcical niece, "PreteMolla Femme,"
lias lurnished Mr. Diou Bouclcault with the sub
ject for a new play for Bolaud Keed. The sub
ject has beeu localized and extended to three
nets. Mr. Keed assumes the character of au old
steamboat captain, and expects to add another
strong cbaracter to bis repertory.
li Slugger Sullivan makes a hit as a dramatic
slat ii is suggested by the Chicago Herald
that Manager Harrison might let htm have a
go at Shakespeare. Sullivan as Borneo, with
("aggie Cline as Juliet, would be a dramatic
noveliy, aud oue that would fill any theater lv
Verdi has obtained a decree in the Italian
courts prohibiting any baud-organists lv that
country from grinding out alts trom bis operas,
as they pay him 110 royalties.
When the announcement was made that Mrs.
Leslie Carter intended going on the stage pre
dictions were made tbat she would not venture
to make her appearance In Chicago. The
woman was misjudged, says the Herald. Mana
ger Hamlin has included her among the attrac
tions (?) that will be presented at his theater
uexi seasou.
Arthur Sullivan's first serious opera, "Ivan
hoe," will mouse unusual mure-;. The com
poser baa engaged tor the leading part Eugene
(Judlii, whose wife, too, will sing in the opera.
i-ig. Tito Mattel, the soug composer, bas
Lillian Ilingstou, daughter of E. J. Hlngston,
who managed Ai tenuis Ward's tour of the world,
Is now au understudy at the Loudon Avenue
Louis James can be claimed by llllnoisans as
one ot their own. He was born at Btoomluglon,
iv that State, and was at one time In business in
Chicago, lv 18(10 he became a member of the
famous Ellsworth Zouaves and went Into the war
with ihem. He made tils debut as an actor at
the old Colonel Woods' Museum, I bunco, about
1874 hi a melodramatic play called " Hevotlou,"
winch enjoyed a brief term of success.
The Daly Compauy are lv clover, John Hull
has at lust been captured by the American play
ers, horse, font auu dragoons. Editor Ledger of
lue Era gave a splendid entertainment Sunday
evening, Juno 29th, at London, in honor of the
professional visitors. Three bundled persons
prominent in literary and artistic circles were
present, Including Heury Irving, the Kendals,
Charles Wtliard, (Jeorge Giossmilh, Agnes
Iluntington, Mr. Baucioltand Mis. Keely. The
houses at thu London Lyceum ate enormous.
Tne Mendelssohn Quintet Club of Boston have
secured for their list violin Ute now somewhat
famous lsidor .scliiiiizler, who has for llie last
live years been » concert master lv i'iaukfui-on
the .Main. Mi. Scliiiiizler is well remembered In
this country as haviug been hist violinist of the
club when the club visited California, Australia,
aud on tlieir return traveled Willi Mine. Nilssou.
Miss Marie Barnard of San Fraucisco, a local
celebrity of great promise, has been secured us
prima donna for the next seasou of Lite club. —
American Musician.
Mr. J. Thomas Maguire, after concluding to
visit San Francisco with "The City Directory,"
changed his mum, preferring the healed term in
New York to the cool summer breezes of tills
While in France Bliss Mather visited the bis
torical village i.t Domremy, the bitthpiace of
Joan of Aie, and made a study of the traditions
tbat have been banded down among the peasants
about the icmaikabie maul. This statement is
good enough by way cf an ad., but It Is absntd
when one comes to analyze it. Mather will open
In the "Maid of Orleans" at Palmer's Theater,
New York, on September Ist. She will be an
ticipated, piobably, as lbe " woods aie lull" of
Joans just now.
Messrs. Lock and Davis, managers of the
Herman- Juch Opera Company, will open seventy
eight new (beaters next season.
Louise Naiiiii (Miss Louise Lester) lias beeu
receiving high commendation lor her operatic
woik vi the summer veasuu in Philadelphia
'i'bcie is to be a legal squabble over "The
Ii luce and tlie Pauper" next season. Daniel
Frobman bas arranged to star Elsie Leslie in
Mrs. Abby Sage llichatosou's dramatization of
Hark Twain's story. Mr. N.A. d'Aicy has ar
ranged to star Tommy Russell 111 Mr. E. 11.
House's version of Hie same story. Mr. Fi oil
man claims Uk" exclusive right, under contract
wuti Mai k Twain, 10 control any dramatization
of the story, and will attempt lo enjoin the Bus
sell party.
he Lancashire, Blackpool and Fleetwood
Gazette of June loth mentions thai itobett Mar
tin of •' liallyhooley " and "Killaloe'' fame has,
in conjunction with Finest Ford, produced a
new opera called "Joan; or, The Brigands of
Bluegorta," at the Opera continue, London, It
i- described as "a Story of the stock Exchange. "
ihe Marchioness of Carinaitbeii and Viscount
Glcntwurth \*eie among the chorus, and included
hi Hie principals weie Lady Augusta lane, Sir
Augusta Weoslei and Mrs. Goatiey reuse, who
is a daughter ol Mario and Grlsi.
'•Never again," In iho words of a recent cable
gram Irom Loudon, "will Charles Wyndham In
vite newspaper critics to his theatrical perform
ances. ills bat has gone forth, and the press
bave iii-irjirii It a casus belli. Whin seen at his
residence, Mr, Wyndham said: 'With all duo
inspect to Uie power and Influence of tlie London
press, I have severed my connection with It lor
good. I certainly gave orders not to invite any
of Hie critics nor to admit them free.' Mr. Wynd
ham said mat the Pint. ii criticisms on 'David
Garriek' and '.-i stoops to Conquer' led bun to
lake lbe step, '1 he public had paid un attention
to the attacks, but had eiowded hi. house. This
rupture will, it is thought, result In serious
Injury to Mr. Wyndh.-iiu and his prospects in
London, as two dally newspapers are reported
to bave given orders never 10 mention him In
their columns again. Mr. Wyndham will pro
duce a new play next week, when it Is expected
lie Will he utterly ignored by every paper iv
I'hillip W. (ioatclicr, the scenic artist, appeals
to bave got Into trouble hi the United States
and left for Australia to gel rid of It. Accoidtug
to the .New York Sun be changed his mind, bow
ever, when lie leached Loudon, and leuiatncd
Iheie under engagement to paint the scenes tor
a in vi 1 lay which Mis. l.angliy contemplated
producing. Now that the Lily has canceled ail
iier arrangements for this and next season,
Goalcher has stopped work on the St. James'
canvases and has made good bis hist promise,
for be has really booked passage lor Australia.
J.C. Williamson, tbe Melbourne manager, has
hired linn on a tluee years' contract, The wages
aie lube veiy large— larger, Indeed, than have
ever been paid to a scene-palmer iv Australia.
European Musical Item-.
Translated Trom the Bazsetta Musli aio of _________
The the. of Sau Carlo In Naples has closed
Its doors for needed repairs.
" 1 be Kheliigold." by Wagner, and " Un Hallo
In Mascheia." by Verdi, were given in succes
sion ul lbe Opera In Berlin; to empty benches
the first aud to crowded houses the last.
At one of the Philharmonic orchestral concerts
of London, Signal Euounnciut, the talented
pianist fiom Floieuce, made a great impressiou.
Two operas by A. Bitter nave obtained an en
thusiastic success iii Weimar.
A statue ot Wagner has been sculptured by
Bcbapper of ncillu, ana glveu the city of Leipsic
to be placed in lite Municipal Theater.
Laughams. the great German musical histor
ian and cillic, leceulty delivered an lulcrosliug
leciuie m Milan and liologna upon lite "Musical
Eelaliuus Between Genuauv and Italy."
A second volume of "Arte Auilche," by the
best composers of the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries, bus been published by lticordl of
Milan. Tbese Alia have been collected by A.
I'aiisoili, and the work has been dedicated to
Queen -Maigbetlu ol Savoy.
Fied Coueu bus been chosen. as judge [for the
musical competition instituted by the English
paper Puck. A prize uf 20 guineas for the best
song loi the lovers 01 the velocipede will be given.
Tiie fashion of holding conceits lv the Kitfel
Tower, Parts, is gaining lavor every day. A
good oicliestia and excellent singers prove a
gieat attraction there.
Tlie Musical Tunes of London has become
alaimed at the Increasing number of studeuts of
the flute since practice on lhat instalment was
piesciibed as acme for lung diseases and dys
pepsia by many doctors.
The 'cello of Carlo Bergonzi, belonging to
Fisher, ipe Velloist, now insane, was sold lv
Palis tor loili) Hani's to M. Cios-Snlut-Aiige.
ii..- .... :.. of "Asrael,"by Baron Fraucbetti,
coninues Its success all over Em ope.
Tbe mandolin and guitar clubs are disband
ing throughout Italy as If by magic. Now the
1 age is to study the tlute, while mandolin, and
guitars aie sinking lino oblivion— v consumma
tion devoutly 10 be wished,
"Judith," a new .opera by Mme. Pauline
Tylis, bas been performed In Paris with success,
ol i uiu,^. also, the favor ol the press.
A dinner was recently given In Eiffel Tower
by the Society of .Musical Composers of Paris.
Salnl-Saeus occupied the seal of honor and vi
■ eplyiaa compliuieutaiy toast sang an Impro
vised soug. _ - ■
G.iyune has l.i; a paper In which tho sum ob
tained tor every season he sang leads as fol
lows; V arose, 1870. 110 francs; Corno, 1870,
1G0; Milan, 1871. 300; Parma, 1871, 9000;
Cremona, 1871,' l."..t>iX); Seville, 1873,12,000;
Bologna, 1873, 17,000; Rome, 1874, 23,000;
Vienna, 1876, 7400; Milan, 1870, 32,000;
Buenos Avies, 1877, 100,000; Milan, 1877,
40.000; Loudon, 1878, 40,000; Madrid, 1878,
80,000; Loudon, 187'J, 45,000; Madrid, 1870,
100,000; Biiicelouti, 1880. 110,000; Madrid,
1881, 125,000; Turin, 1882, 50,000; Lisbon,
1883, 00,000; Parts. 1884, 20,000; .Milan, 1885,
110,000; Buenos Ayres, 1888.520.000; Madrid,
1887, 110,000, and so on, bringing a lolal of
3,180,320 f raucs— "y lodo esio cou la garguuta."
(And all this with tbe throat!)
Correspondence of Interest to the
General Public.
In Everybody's Column The Call will
publish short letters from correspondents
on topics of interest to the general public
The matter In these communications will
represent only the views of the writers.
Ought to Give Transfers.
Editor Call: I wish to call your attention to a
wrong that Is done to the traveling public on
street-cars. ':. If a passenger enters a car, and,
after paying his fare, by some ' accident to the
cable or machinery canuot reach his destination,
the conductor should be provided with tickets to
hand to such passenger to entitle him to ride on
that Hue at some oilier lime, else iv my t-slima
totn such passenger Is wronged. N. S. -
July, iSSU.
Choosing a President by the
Electoral System.
Issuance of Patents— Speed of Torpedo-Boats.
Antiquity of Arithmetic— Termination
of the Civil War.
The Call's Query Column Is conducted with
a view to aid all seekers after knowledge of geu
eral interest.
Catch questions will not receive any attention.
No opinion will be given In tins column regard
ing the reliability or character of any person or
firms in this city or elsewhere.
Questions, answers to which are in the nature
of an advertisement, will not be answered.
Every Inquiry must have the true and full
name of tbe sender, as well as the correct resi
dence. Any inquiry lint has not llie cor
rect name ami ,iti(Jrcs< of the sender will
be treated n_ it lt wag nat signed, and lbe
writer need not expect au answer.
E^Ulectino a President —C. 8., City,
-I"i\» While a contingency might arise making
%_.^f _ it possible to elect a Democratic Presi
— dent of the United States and a Republi
can Vice-President or vice versa, the likelihood
of such a possibility is very remote, when you
consider for- one moment the plan of voting for
the same by electors. That plan was adopted by
the tamers ot the Constitution to Insure the
action ot the desire of the people In the choice
of tbelr Chief Magistrate without tunning the
lists of a possible revolution through popular ex
citement over an unusually favorite candidate.
The plan first proposed was to have the Presi
dent chosen by the Justices of tbe Supreme
Court, but It was thought best after much discus
sion to give tbe power into the bands of a limited
number of persons chosen by the people lor the
sole purpose of making this selection. As Alex
ander Hamilton expressed it:
It was desirable that the sense of the peoplo
should operate In the choice of the persons to whom
so Important a trust was to be confided. It was
equally desirable that tbe Immediate election
should be made by men most capable of analyzing
qualities adapted to the station. A small number
ot persons selected by tlieir -How-citizens from tiio
general mass would be most likely to possess the la*
formation and discernment for so complicated an
The idea of Hamilton and others was that the
people would select their very best and wisest
men as electors, and that these, Independent of
any outside pressure, would sit In judgment upon
the qualities and abilities of the foremost citizens
of tho Itepubllc and choose from their number,
not the most popular man, perhaps, but the man
possessed of the highest qualifications for the
office to serve as I'iesident. Each elector was
to vote for two persons, either ot whom he re
garded as qualified for the position, and when
tin- electoral votes were counted the person re
ceiving the highest number was to be Piesident
and the one receiving the second highest iittinOer
was to be Vice-President, and so being it is ob
vious that the Fresident and Vice-President
chosen might be of different political pat
ties. hut It is a curious commentary on
the foresight of man to note that the practical
result of this carefully thought-out plan of the
wise men who framed the Constitution was
directly the opposite of what they Intended. In
less than forty years after tho adoption of the
Constitution the dominant parlies had begun,
through their conventions, to arrange before
hand whom the party's candidates should be for
the offices of I'iestdent and Vice-President, and
the election of electors became merely a method
by which to test the patty strength in various
States. The electors 10 be voted for were deter
mined by a parly convention hi each State, and
Ihe majority to any such State would elect the
entire roll of electors vt oue party and thus de
termine the parly vole to be cast by that Slate
lor i'resident and Vice-President. Thus these
electors became what ihey still ate, gentle
meu chosen to cast the vote of the party
lv cnnfoim with the nomination ot tbe
party; aud the ties of the party are so
strong in this country that tliero Is not a
slugle instance ou lecord of an elect. it's ignoring
Ills party obligation and exercising any other
choice than that of his party. Each State Is en
titled to a number of electors corresponding to
its number of representatives in both Houses of
Congress, and the triumph of a patty vole in any
stale elects usually ihe entire roll of electors.
The "scratching" of a ticket, however, has
sometimes interfered with this uniform result
and sent to tie Electoral College those of dif
ferent partis* in the same ate. As a matter of
fact this electoral vote cast for Hie successful
Presidential candidate lms been the same as
that cast for the Vice-President on the same
ticket Willi hint ever after 1832, when Van Union
received 170 and It. M. Johnson 147 electoral
votes for Vice-President.
ToitrEDo-BoAT Speed— l*:. K. c . City. Your
polul is uot well taken, and if what Is said ts
true the Cushlug may, notwithstanding, be the
fastest craft afloat. Tbe dispatch you refer to
was as follows:
NEV Vokk, July 12.— The torpedo-boat Cashing,
whirl: lett tne nary-yard at nitop 'oil Friday atnl
arrived nt New London lour bouts iimt forty min
utes inter, lias beaten all previous records for speed
of trans-Atlantic steamships or war vessels. Her
average spec. l was __..;t:> Snots an hour, The speedy
torpedo-boat liestractor of the Spanish navy lias
made only 'l-i. Oli nautical miles, and the Italian
cruiser 1-n-uiiionte. which Is the swlrtest war vessel
atlont. outside of torpedo-boats, made the maximum
sp ed of 'I'ifi nautical miles.
drained now as claimed that, the Kussian tor
pedo-boat Adler attained a speed ot 2G.55
knots, tbe Cushing, it is said, made something
lute 28 aud 'M hunts per hour on stretches. Her
aveiage speed for the entire voyage was 25.35
knots. That Is uot saying tliat nt any time on
the trip she did not go faster. The Adler may
be. as a matter of fact, the faster of Hie two.
The wat vessels being something new, Ameri
cans, like the child with a uew toy, are apt to
make much of theirs. The L}. I', is patriotic
enough 10 stand by the Cusblug until couvluced
to the contrary. '
The Motto Translated— ll. It. C, Vallejo,
Cal. The motto, ".Edes. mores juraque curat,"
which you say is lhat the city of Charleston,
S. ('., and lias b>eu adopted by her namesake,
the San Francisco-built ciulser, Is susceptible of
several Interpretations, but the following is ap
plicable as well as correct: "It (or she, mean
ing the vessel) protects (or defends) your homes,
your honor tor integrity) aim your rights." Hero
is _ somewhat lloeial rendering: " Keenelb
ward over our homes, our characters, and our
rights"; and here's one more literal: "liath
caie r'oi our) houses (wdes). ways of life (or man
ners) (motes), and (our) rights (at law)."
Meshes and Nets— A. S. C, Elmira, Cal.
(1) it certainly Is unlawful to catch lish with
seine or net, the meshes of which ate one Inch
long. (9) The meshes should be. when drawn
closely together and measured inside the knot,
not less than seven and a halt Inches In length. (It)
The t>. C. cannot, to answer your general and
How Ihe Royal Family's Milk and
Butter Are Cared For.
(^\(Jr> all students of history know,
:£A\ *'L' Windsor Castle of history a know,
.' Windsor Castle stands on a sharp
■_L\*_7 bluff overlooking the Hiver Thames,
and in the midst of one of the most beauti
ful pastoral valleys iv the world. The do
main of this ancient stronghold has an
extent of many acres, to practically use
which the late Prince Consort established
tho Shaw Farm within its boundary. One
TO<-_g, fl
■ i h
k £ A^y a *xxx^ r *%31|^
#MKkX llffci^
THE QClfEfi-n DA 711 V ' BVXtIUVB,
of the most interesting le.iturps of this is
the dairy, nn illustration of which Is given
below. . This building Is of yellow brick,
with sandstone facings. It consists on the
ground floor of the milt-room, the churn
ing-room and the scalding-room; * the
upper floor contains the rooms set apart for
the use of the woman In charge; the milk
room is fitted -up with due attention to
labor saving. The walls and tho floor are
of subdued coloring, being lined with en
caustic tiles ; the .- shelves nud the butter
tables are of ordinary veined marble; the
decoration, though simple, is in excellent
taste, consisting of several small portrait
medallions in bas-relief of the royal chil
dren, a few pieces of antiquated porcelain
and a small fountain at either end. In the
center of one side wall stands the butter
table, on which presides a bisque figure of
a nymph emptying a stone jar. The milk
vessels are shallow white china jars of two
gallons capacity each.- The cows- which
supply the milk are milked twice daily, at
5 o'clock in the morning aud three o'clock
in the afternoon." The milk is skimmed
twice a day ■ and butter -is . churned on
six days .of . the week, except . when the
court ;,-. is at ?• the castle; then,'' when
required for immediate consumption, butter
is made twice every day. • The dairy herd
numbers twenty head of Jerseys, beauties,
all pedigreed cattle; to supplement these
thirty-live head of nun-pedigreed shorthorn
cows are kept. These latter aro equal in
appearance to purebred shorthorns. > There
Is 'also a herd, of 'purebred shorthorns,
sixty head in number, which are a comely
lot. Some individuals of tbis herd are in
indefinite questions, reproduce for your benefit
the en lie tisii and game laws. ; Suffice it to say
that In the use of seines tbev - must not be ex
tended more than one-third across stream; that
those catching youog lish with legal seine or auy
other means must return them , to tho water
Immediately and alive; that on the Eel Itiver, in
Humboldt County, the owners of land fronting
on the river have cci tain Inclusive rights to cast,
haul and land seines and nets on llieir own water
frout; that the use of the seine Is prohibited In
Bollnas Bay, Napa Elver, Sonoma Creek, Lake
.Meruit, Stockton aud Mormon I sloughs, Sail
A;, ton;., Creek, Lake Blgler and near any way
in any stream; and the setting, using or con
tinuing or any pound, weir, set-net, trap or otlier
fixed or permanent contrivance for catcblug fish
In the waters of the State is prohibited. (4) No
distinction is drawn In the law betweeu a stream
and slough as a place for fishing.
Arithmetic— M., City. Arithmetic, while
the simplest, Is also tbe most ancieut mathe
matical ait treating of numbers. The earliest
history of the ait is lost, but tbe science began,
as all other sciences, with the Greeks. The
Greek arithmetic was deficient, however, In
using letters (or signs ot numbers and moreover
In having no mark for zero. The Indian method
was introduced Into Europe by the Arabs In
ibe fourteenth century and diffused over the
continent by means of almanacs, lt was not
until lbe sixteenth century tbat it had assumed
its present form and come into general use
among the learned, still another century elapsed
before the common people were acquainted wllb
tho art. Arithmetic uses only the nine Arabic or
Indian digits and a zero cipher, the introduction
of a "naught" or "0" cipher constituting the
great distinction of modem arithmetic. The
decimal system probably possesses no special
advantages over lbe duodecimal, which the
Greeks used, except in the employment of a
"naught." _fA-—____
Issuance of Patents— J. Vf. V., City.
There are thousands of claims awaiting patents
before the Commissioner of tbe General Land
Ollice at Washington. The present Commis
sioner has undertaken, since he has been in
office, to accelerate the issuance of patents as
speedily as possible, and you must wait until
your claim ls reached In regular order before
you can expect to receive the coveted document.
There Is only a limited force employed in the
division where patents are Issued, heuce with
thousands upon thousands of claims awaiting
final adjudication, you can readily understand
that you must give the Commissioner lime, and
as soon as be can, you may rest assured your
patent will Issue— that is, if you have fulfilled all
the conditions of the law relative to your claim.
if not, lt may take still longer, as theu it passes
ton Hoard of ltevlew, and this last procedure is
itidi-iiulio in so lar as tho matter of time is con
New York City and Yonkers— J. I)., City.
(1) According to Appleton's Dictionary of New-
York City the city Includes Manhattan Island,
lilackwell, Ward and Itandall islands in the
East Kiver, Governor, Eedloe and Ellis Islands
lv Hie bay (occupied by thn United States Gov
ernment), and a portion of the mainland north
of Manhattan Island, separated from It by Har
lem Itiver and Spuyteu Duyvel Creek. It is
bounded north by the city of Yonkers, east by
the Broux and East rivers, south by the bay
and west by tbe Hudson and North rivers. (2)
Yonkers is ou the east bank of the Hudson
Itiver, about eighteen miles above the New York
('Uv Hall, Its boundaries adjoining those of New
York City ou the north.
Termination- of the War— Si. T., City.
From July, 1883, with the capture of Vleksburg
and l'ort Jackson and the Union victory at Get
tysburg, the final victory or the national cause
was assured. Lee's surrender to Grant at Ap
pomattox Court-house un April 0, 1805, broke
the back of the rebellion and brought the war to
a conclusion practically. The last battle of the
war occurred near Uiazos Santiago on May 13,
1805. Tin-, engagement Is ollicially recoided as
the battle of Palmeiio Kancb. Thirteen days
later Kirbv Smith surrendered to Major-General
Canity. The proclamation of peace was issued
iv ISOC.
Two Years' Limitation— E. O. H., City.
The limit of time lv the amendment to the one
hundred and third Article of War means simply
that in time of peace you can be tried and pun
ished by coiirt-m 1 1 only tor adeseitiou com
mitted within iwo years ot tile Unto of the ar
raignment for tbe olleuse, the two years' limit to
begin with the end of the term of enlistment for
which you were mustered, but absence from the
Culled Slates uot to count Iv making up that two
years. It is as plain as a pike staff.
Mineral on Land— A. 11., City. II the settler
did not kuow thai there were minerals on tbe
land when be proved up, but ascertained this
attei ward, his claim holds good, aod whatever is
tv, on or uuder the laud belongs to bun. If It
can be proved that be falsely look up the land as
agricultural, knowing it to be mineral, his title
to the same can be contested, with the chances
Strongly In favor of his losing his right as a
homestead or pre-cuipllnii settler.
Once More for all— J. ft!., San Mat cos, Cal.
The Legislature of 1838-83 amended Section
2662 to exempt from operation of road poll-tax
"all persons who were honorably discharged
from service in the army or navy of the limed
Slates at any lime between the Ist day of
Anril, 1801, ami the Ist day of May, 18G3." You
have there uot only the substance bul the lan
guage of the amendment, which weut into ellect
on passage.
Said of Alexander— T., A. M. S. and B.
M. M., City. It is related of Alexander the Great
that when a boy he uttered the exclamation,
"My father will leave nothing for me to do" (or
words to that effect), lv lamenting over the tri
umphs of his sire, Phillip II of Macedon.
First-Class I-owers— J. D., City. Taking
as a criterion the salaries paid to the Envoys
Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary
the United States, estimate of the llrsl class pow
ers of Europe is (alphabetically) France, tier
many, (.real Britain and Kussla.
Looking Backward— M. (!., Santa Ana, Cal.
The "4lh of September, 1820, was ou a Thurs
day, likewise the 23d of September, 1847 ; the
Ti li of June, lrS.-il.was on Saturday, and the IStb
of February, 1829, on a Wednesday.
Sax Qientin— M. 0., Santa Ana. Cal. Sau
Quenlln. wbere the Slate i'enltentlary Is located,
Is in Mat in County, north of San l''ranclsco,2lVi
miles by one route and 14 by another, including
stage, aud about 13 by water.
Divorce on Death— A. W., City. If A's
wife in-set him. whether with or without cause,
he cannot again marry until he has secured a
divoice or obtained proof presumptive or posi
tive of bei death.
A Billion— V., City. 1,000,000,000 ex
press d In words Is oue thousand millions, anil Is
the French anil American billion; 1,000,000,
--000,000 is the English billion.
Fisk-Stokes Tragedy:— L. M. 11., Alameda,
Cal. James Flsh Jr. was shut and killed on the
stairway of the Grand Central Hoiel, New York,
on the Tib of Jauuary, 1872.
" Normal Schools- R. EL N., City. There are
State Normal Schools at San Jose (Charles 11.
Allen principal), i.os Angeles (Ira Store ptltici
pal) aud one at Chico.
Consul or 3_r_X— 11. X., Seattle, Wash.
The Consul of Japan in San Francisco Is
T. Kawagita, I'helau building.
progress of preparation for the coming
summer -shows, and later on will be exhib
ited at tiie fat stock show in Sinithfield.
The treatment of the cows in milk is as
follows: They are put on pasture about
the loth of April for midday relaxation
until the middle of May, when they range
both day and night. Then, according to
tlie state of the weather, they are brought
in about the inth of September, or the
lirst week in October, They nre allowed
daily exercise at pasture until the second
or third week In November, when they are
finally taken up for the winter.
The dairy cows during the non-pasturing
months of the year are fed threo times dur
ing every twenty-four hours. The allow
ance is libera), and consists of cut feed; the
component parts are chopped hay, chopped
root (the yellow mangel is preferred), wheat
bran,. crushed oats, and about two pound »
of coin meal subdivided through the three
feedings. The cows which are in full How
of milk have daily in .their feed an extra
allowance of two pounds of linseed cake.
A large lump of rock-salt is kept in every
manger; two cows stand in a twin stall and
share a water-tank between them. Extreme
care is taken to keep the cow stables nt an
even temperature nnd fully ventilated; thus
animal beat is economized and the capacity
of the cow is increased as a milk-pwduciug
machine. '-. -%
In March last 100 head of young stock
calves and yearlings were in the stables of
the Shaw Farm. Tins farm proper consists
of 800 acres of pasture land and ISO acres of
arable. There are in all on the Shaw Farm
twenty Clydesdale horses; of these ten are
mares from which three to five foals are an
nually obtained. The system in vogue is to
sell the colts and' retain the fillies. - The
glory of the Shaw Farm is in its pigs; these
are super-excellent.- In one pen resides a
Berkshire boar which Is a gem in his fam
ily; the - creature is dish-faced, ' of a most
attractive countenance, his nose is upward,
and _ . absolutely : perfect, belug button
shaped, with a latent power. for rooting
equal to a double weed-grubber with a steam
attachment; close by is his beauteous mate,
and also near at hand are to be found many
of their youthful progeny. * There are some
specimens of the large white Yorkshire, as
also of the small Windsor whites. To com
plete the Shaw Farm a pretty sheet of orna
mental water faces an aviary where hand
some breeds of poultry are kept.— American
Agriculturist.;;- .' -. -:•-
liPElifLlfllfflOl SALE!
Following our usual custom preparatory to SEMI-
ANNUAL STOCK-TAKING, which custom this year is
rendered more necessary through our IMPERATIVE
LIQUIDATION SALE, we have created havoc in prices
in all departments, which has caused consternation and
wonder among the vast army of purchasers who have
so liberally patronized us the past few weeks. We are
Hearing the culmination of this
Great Dry Goods Sale !
And intend it shall end in a blaze of glory and will not
feel thoroughly satisfied unless those of our patrons
who have not yet secured some of our great bargains
favor us with a call. We are interested in seeing all
share in the benefits of this vast liquidation.
REMNANTS in all departments at positively HALF
943,945,947,949,951 Market Street,
7 ' Af- A * 20 lt
v|^^«^yS*n«»S3 li. WELLS, FARGO * CO.'S BANK,
_i^*^^f__pSJßreOTwl^i3Sw ß^S«- PACIFIC PHONOGRAPH CO.,
t^^^^S^pi^^^^c^^^^^-^jr^V HEALD'S BUSINESS COLLEGE,
PlS^^^^^^MlP^^^^^ Write for De - cri P' ive Catalogue and Prices lo
T^^tS^S^^^jMi* '$■< A^iH^Sif^Je* GENERAL AGENTS,
2.8 Sansome Street, S. F.
jj-is FrSiiTutt
What You Can Buy fora Small Amount
LEADING M /l omg
mil jLTffjm
ta Sill rtT% UjS
Kour-ply Collars , 5c
Hook-strap .'..'.. J." ,""!5c
French make Tooth-brush '„.77.'..'.'.-.
Large size Horn Dressing Com!, 7.be
One Quire of each. Papa and Envelopes In Box. 5c
Silver-plated Chased Napkin Kings Bo
All-silk Satin-back Scar: 15c
All-leather Ladies' l'urse X_sc
Full size Hair-brush, Olive wood polished back. .2sc
Kitchen Lamp, complete , *,'SC
Fancy Chatelaine Hag ','/ aoc
Half dozen Silver-plated Table Knive5. ....'..."! 750
All-linen I'.osom Laundrled Shirt 750
Oood Oil Stove *.']!' 75 C
Correct Timer. Nickel I rain? Kitchen Clock 850
Good Stylish Hat In soft or stiff Kelt, latest"
Shape «1 go
Sllvfr-plated, Five-bottle Table Castor »1 -JS
Silver-plated, Fancy-glass Top Fru:t or Cake
Stand »1 25
A Oood All-leather 11-luch Traveling Bag... *1 50
Good Packing Trunk , $% •__
Don't fail to visit our Art Booms, elegant
lines of Lamps, Tables, Bronzes, Bisques and
Bric-a-Brac at Moderate Prices.
Goods delivered free m Oakland Alameda, Berke -
ley. and s.m Rafael.
Country orders promptly filled.
15, 17, 19, 21, 23 O'Farrell St, .
las TuThSu tf ;
IJK 1 iXz^f^M
mr'J 3 Su tf
Sick Headache fi
El 5— .PoßitlvolyCured byH
f!_ARTFfiQ th.«,__u«ioPii_u. a
VMiit fcf\Ol They also relieve Ills f§
tm tress from I) 8 P e i' Bla .
_Ms Indigestion and Too
* j BWfeK Hearty Eating. A per
Xc'J PI iiSa feet remedy for Dizz.i
K_\\_______\\__} ness, Nausea, Drows -
\ysS__^Btm ____Jness, Had Taste in the
Mouth, Coated Tongue, Pain In tho Side, TOR-
PID J_,lYEIt, &c. They regulate the B^>.- els
and prevent Constipation and Piles. The
smallest and easiest to take. Only one pill a
dose. Purely vegetable. Price 25 cents. •
CA&TSS VSDICmS CO.. r::?'rs. St. Vtfe.M
niMiii— ■ t— nm3
-"-r. - apa. Mi nil hA ...
liebic COMPANY'S
Finest and Cheapest Meat Flavoring Stock forSonps,
Made Dishes and Sauces. As Beef Tea, "an lnvauy
able tonic and agreeable stimulant." Annual sale
V.OUU.OUU Jars. .
nennlnn only with fae-«l mile of Juntas
yon I. iel, it's signature In blue across label,
as above. _, „..-. ■. -.—_---—. .-aw*.
Sold by Store-keepers, Grocers and Druggists.
UJfUiu's KxritAcr of meat co., Ltd, Loudon.
- . t - . ■ . se3o ThSuly ..■■..... -
7-AIH. CATOS'S I;,IAUr - «''>lll'Ol-.Nl)forl..\.
DIBS are Sure. I'rompi. i:iTr<*Uial. Tbeorlgl.
ltd uid only genome Woman's Nulvution.
A I AHAi; v M v . , -'. lot i , I rmai, '* l -l Sealed iidcl'iisaini-
• -' CATOX.M>:UICAL T Sl'EClnC CO., Jtoston, Hs.
-■* THK ItICHAUDS DRUG CO., ; (109 and 611
■ft Market st., S. V. Cal.. Agents. •• iny*i» Su ly
a certified copy of the Assessment Book con-
taining the City and County's portion of the per-
sonal property taxes for the year 1890 has this day
been received. The personal property taxes for
city and county purposes are now due and payable
at the office or tbe undersigned. •
The above-named taxes will become delinquent on
Monday, August 4, ISM* at « o'clock r. m., after
which time 5 per cent will be added to tbe amount
Tax-payers will please send for their bills as early
as possible.
Positively no checks received after Friday, August
l, 1890.
For the convenience of those parties unable to
call during the daytime, the offlce will remain open
from 7 to 9 v. ir. durin-z the evenings of July Slat,
August Ist and 2d. THOMAS O'BKIKX.
Tax-collector of the City and County of San Fran-
cisco, New City Hall.
Dated San Franclseo. July 14, 1890. Jyl4 ill
Coca Beef with Citrate of Iron Tonic
A. Purely Natural and Kasily l>l?e*toJ
Tonic for Invalids, Dyspeptics and Debili-
tated Broken-down Constitutions aud
Restorative for Convalescents
Highest Medals at Principal Expositions.
Indorsed and Prescribed by the Mm;
Eminent Physicians of Europe
and America.
Liebig Laboratory and Chemical Works Co.,
New York, ParU and London.
Likbio Cat) Coca Rekv Tovio embodies tia ii-
tritive elements of the muscular fiber, blood, nora-i
and brain of carefully selected healthy lurl-)-:'*!. **
dissolved as to make it readily digestible by tbs
weakest of stomachs. It also embodies the toils
nutritive virtues of the Coca or Sacred Life mas it
the Incas, tbe greatest of known vegetable nutria i;
tonics, the whole being dissolved la a gu.araate.9l
quality of Amontillado Sherry, thus constituting i;
the most perfect nutritive reconstrnctive tonio /Ji
ottered to tbe medical professloinand public
PrJce, Ul Wan Bottle.
Sold by WAKELEE* CO., cor. Montgomery ail
Busb sts., and cor. Toils and Sutter sts., and all fln>
class druggists. oc'27 tt _
""a dr. imm
To Prove Its ''"'' '
Wonderful , I'ower EverT one knows that
nnd Superiority, Browa .g effulri . J Veritable
J}, 9 , 1 15 , 0tu0 KHair of Life was a failure.
Will be riven or **& that Pr - I-i^'K's tan R -
. sent rree orator is the oricbal and
bn apph.-atton, per- on * <***>»> ™ Llixir.
flou-iily or by Inter. ' b
* ( the BtaMM raotxSAHMl CXSSOT GET rrr.ifn of
i Chronia, Private. Special I'rttn plain tt, ScrToui DeMß^y. In-
rutiral Wn-xo, Lois of Jli'Bwr/ ami Maiili <•■■!. UfW, I i'H,
ilr. RUa« ud Stomach fjaaMf, Im;>itri;i<*« p t lU«
Mood. Pimrl<*«. "S^r^ an-1 othrr Skin MMHM, N -"it* to a
complication called rroaiauirrbdea with U/pernihesta, which
require* special tnaUnrnt.
DR. LIKBIO'3 INVIOORATORXo. ItfltiM only p.'tlUrPcare
ft>r above dlarawa rapt h-n t*tl with I'r ■>- lain rrb«-«. N*. 1
cur-t rrmtaiorrhota. l'rk-o »f tollaMSlM. ft; caM ef lit
b. : "■■%, $10; hn\'.*\tt botOe*. half pile*!. Bout « t*t turn free.
DR. LIKBIO A **'». for BMOfff * t^tarTrrofa eratary have
made a i(«'.*lairr of ■"■*«.•* of Uen. Ulaeaae, hewercr In-
duced, OMtftfi ta_nnra_chljr eared ; recent cave *- l frr fv-v* ■
lDTetcrnti! rates »klllfu!tT Imlfd: charges mod •» o.
CIMAMhI Free. Tall or a-iJre«, 400 Ct_ - * .: ■-«. ■» «. .
FnuidMo, Cat. Prtcato entrance, 445 M _.*._. 8 «•,
CAUTION * ***»&** >-**•* » . ,
lid I I 111 |\ trunu. whoae makes. . ■« •• »■ ir-li
\J£_ -> X XVyJ.I . ..,., and ,m.kinrai ay A | »•* ta
ermtpelons, ruarantevloc cum for _'■>, nr offer &« t . .vfu^X
UuullKdrKciiol— UR. I.IEHIUa INVIUi -^ ■" ■ .
. JylOtf ThbuTu
STANDARD, ] Sold During tho Year
EXTRA PALE, 1888 -
ERLAHGER. J 122J73 Barrels of Beer.
For Sale at All Principal Saloons.
frissuTi-, tr
i i .
j— &___-s»_ J] , B, " <il ""i< , arttnoivl-K!(!<<a
__?(__*■ — "*-Sfc?*H lee-mttri tti.dv for all Urn
Jgt-W Cores in Tfc« unnatural fils^hai-ses and
Private diseases of men. A
mStff tintr._L-_i net to« certain cure for thedebill-
HA huh Siriciiu,. w tatliiß weakness peculiar
jF^« > to wnmrn.
Wtm jii-lonWby ' IpresiTibeitnnrtfeeHafe
imTHtLMiXriFM'"''"*). In n-rrmini-ndlug i' to
VJBk C'*i: N«»T1,0 tSSKSM a" sufferers.
VHI v. a. a. JmT.i STONER, M D.,Dec«ti,.s,!l!_
NBtJtiw __^y 1 hold by DrasiliU.
TulT^TTiaf^i i° PBICE $1.(X).
my 3 Saga We ly '
/* Slw, PENHAKY.esUbllslieiltiy Lonrton
trA~ 4XH-t "no York pnyslclans of 3*l
-4Si^ years' practice, expressly for tho
rC"""^M.'tS' treatment of Special anil Private
l'KN.SAUV.p.tablKlie.l l>y l.ori.lmi
ana Now Yuri. |iUyslrlaus of ii
..■.irs* **ractice, ezproeal^ f"r tho
treatment ot Special ami I'rlTatti
t»K ,4_9& Ulwjsh of -Men. Tliey will for-
V-p7Ti<7k. felt Five HuiiUreU Dollars fur any
. ,'" F_sS6>^igk case they Ululertate an.l Tall to
jJsijr'S^^ cure. Call oraddress the Kngllalt
4atS3BH'^ Dispensary, n-l'J Kearny st., S. _.

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