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Blood-Letting Follows a Dispute i
Over Articles for a
The Rhoads Faction Captures the
Primary Election at Sacramento.
A Candidate for Congress Ar
rested—Serious Accident to a
Farm -Hand Near Pleasanton.
Vacaville Fruit.
Special Dispatches to The Uohkixo Call.
Spokane Falls. July 18.— The reporters'
room ..I the Morning Spokesman was the. seen* of
a terrible tragedy this morning. A party ol local
«nd visit prize-fighters bad met there to sign
articles ol agieemcnt tor a tight between Patsy
Mulligan and Jimmy Casey. Two bundled dol
lars loireit had been placed iv the bands of a re
porter ol Ihe Spokesman Darned Hutchinson.
The men got Into a dispute over the teims of the
tight and Billy Lynn, another prize-lighter,
etuick Mulligan. The latier thi n pulled a revolver
and struck Lynn. The men were separated,
and Lynn while struggling to draw Ins gun was
ejected by Hutchinson. He slipped around to
the back door and comiug in through the com-
I posing room shot Mulligan through Ihe back,
tbe ball teailng a terrible wound through the
lungs. Altogether be liied Hire© or four shots,
also wounding Ed Smith In the knee and hand.
Mulligan was taken to the hospital, where lie
now lies dying. Lynn was arrested and placed
in jail.
. rfc
Election of Delegates to ths Republican State
Saceamknto. July 19.— Republican pri
mary elections to-day were holly contested in
four of the six precincts, but the result was a
complete victory in every precinct for lire
Bboads element. There were a few fights. but
none seiious. Grove L. Johnson, tbe well-known
lawyer and caudidate for Cougressjook an active
part against the Bboads faction, and owing t'
the loud discussion, in which be took part, and
winch caused some disturbance, he was arrested
en complaint ol dlslubtng he peace, hut the
charge will .■i amount to anything.
RiniiivG. July 19.— The following-named per
sons weie appointed by lbe Republican Couuty
Ceutral Committee of Shasta as delegates to the
State Convention, whicli meets In Sacramento,
Angus 12th: Ed ward sweeny, Franit VV. smith,
Harry Dodson, William Uawes, Marye Plumb,
M. 1". Rose, A. J. Drynau and 1.. W. Kldd. They
indorsed i. err. Chipman of Red Hi till for Gov
en or.
Ilof.i.isTFß. July 19.— The Republican County
Ceutral Committee ot San Benito County to-day
chose Thomas Film Jr., T. L. Baldwin, George
If. Root and N. CL hriges Jr. delegates to the
Slaic and Congressional Couveutloti, Willi W. B.
Winn, Thomas McCloskey, A. Tom and A.H.
Fiedson as aiiernates.
San i:i i;s,u:i'i.Mi. July 19.— The San Bernnr
diin. delegates will go lo Sacramento with the
Markham rose in ihelr buttonholes. Nearly all
pails of the county are heard Irom, and every
where lire Markham delegates were elected at
the primaries. Waterman's own piecluct weul
for Mai .- nam.
Stockton, July 19.— Prohibitionists held
their Coutr.y Convention to-day and nominated
the following ticket: Asseuiblym-n- A. M.D.
Mcintosh, R. 1. Wilson; Treasurer. Jolin
Tret way; Clerk, Freeman Mills; Recorder, O.
S. Hull; Sheriff, J. A. Anderson; Assessor, J. A.
I'ciiw; superintendent of Schools, Airs. S. C.
TKCCKEE, July 19.— At a meeting of Republi
cans held to-aay to elect a delegate to the Slate
Convention from Meadow Lake Township, CF.
Mctilashau was elected by acclamation.
Nevada Judges Temporarily Restrained From
Trying Water Suits.
Carson, July 19.— Some days ago General R.
M. Clark of Carson sued out a writ of prohibi
tion lv tire Supreme Court to prohibit Judge
.Bigelow from tiylug water suits In and about
the Truckee River. Yesterday General Clark
caused bis suit la tbe Supreme Court to be dis
missed. On the same day T. D. Edwards, an al
toruev, filed a pennon In the Supreme Court
praying tire court to prohibit Judge Rising from
Lying lire shit relating to the waters of the Car
son River and Its tributaries. The object of Ibis
suit l.i io test il.i cousiuutionaliiy ol the water
law. By testing this law great expense may be
saved to tlie 160 deleuitants, and It Is claimed
that sucli a test should le made belore defend
ants are nil to expense aud irouble of trying tne
case iv lire District Court. This bearing iii ihe
Supreme Court is let for August 2. >lh next and
eminent counsel from San Francisco will appear
ou boih sides. The suit Involves greater Interests
than auy ever belore tried in the courts of this
Orchariists Jubilant Over the Goed Prices
Realized in the Eastern Markets.
VAr ■.wii.le, July 19.— fruit men are jnbl.
lain over the prices being obtained for fruit ln
the Eastern markets. So far, according to a
carelully prepared table published In to-day's
Enterprise, 270 cars have been loaded here since
the seasou opened, while nearly 050,000 pounds,
or the equivalent of 32 car-loads, have been
Edward Fisher, cashier of the Bank of \ aca
ville, ■eioiis that the receipts for fruit from the
Ist of May lo lire close of business yesterday
afternoon show net exchanges amounting to
(167,92044, winch ls but little less than half
the receipts of an entire ordinary season.
Peaches on the trees are bringing 4 cents a
pound, while In the Eastern markets the average
returns are from 10 to 20 cents.
The weather Is cool and pleasant, and fruit Is
ripening so that there is no glut ln ilia maiket.
A Row Over a Woman Nearly Culminates in
MAitvsvn.i.r, July 19.— Marysvllle came near
being tire scene of another tragedy early tbis
rooming, when John McDermott took three sbots
at John Sullivan, who is more familiarly known
as "Arizona Jack." The shooting occui red iv a
house iuu by a wonian named Minnie Steel.
.'.: iTiei i: oil had been living with this woman for
some lime, aud when a dispute arose beiween
Minute Steel and Sullivan, McDermott inieilcred.
lying to avoid trouble, Sullivau started io go
upstairs, when McDermott, following, took three
shots at lllin wltb a revolver, one shot going
thrones his coat-sleeve. McDermott was ar
resled this morning. He bad a hearing In the
Police Court and Judge Garduer bound nun over
to answer to the charge ol assault lo murder be
fore lbe Superior Com i and bond fixed at (4000.
He Did Not See the Train Until It Was Too
Late to Escape
Pleasanton, July 19.— A German named A.
F. lloglriai.d. employed on the Lefranc ranch,
just east ol town, while returning from town this
evening did not appear to notice the approach ol
the west-hound local train, lie undertook to
cioss lbe Hack, but lire train being so close the
lim -e look flight and made a sudden turn, throw
ing tne buggy against the train. The force of
lie train threw Mm back against the fence,
breaking his aim and culling bis bead badly in
several Maces, lie was taken aboard the '.rain
and brought to Pleasantou, and Is under the care
ol Drs. Cope and Metnman, who think bis
chances aie good for recovery. He 19 70 years
old and has no relatives in this country.
James Madegtn, a Burglar, Drowned Near
the Prison a Folsom.
SaCiiamesto, July 19.— Bee's Folsom
special says: James Madegan.a convict serving
a live years' sentence In I'Olsoni Prison, having
beeu sent from Sacramento on a conviction of
buiglaiy, was drowned in the Ameiicau Kiver
_* yesteiday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Mauriran was
repatilug some ot tlie rlggiug of the derrick sta
tioned about midway cl the dam, lost his looting
and fell fifteen leet Into the river, and was car
ried over the oam. He rose to the surface, and
efloris weie made to lescue litm, but betote he
could be reached he went down and was seen
' no mote. Hi- bony was found mis morning 300
yards below ihe dam
One of a Band of Indian Murderers Reported
t Killed.
Tucson. July IS.— The Star's Wilcox special
says: News lias just leached lieie that Lieu
tenant Michle and his scouts, while in a battle
this afternoon Willi the Kid gang In the Sierra
Ancha Mountains, killed Wall Lan Tan, the oth
ers escaping Into the mountains, and the officers
and tcouis following c me. It Is thought they
will soon be captuied. Wall Lan Tap's head was
eenl to ihe nearest post lor Ideutlhcatlun. He Is
one of Ihe Indians who killed Sheittt ltevuolds
last fall, and it is supposed that be, with the
Kid gang, murdered Haidy a short nine ago In
Suckers Canyon.
-' . 4AA. .— _... _ - ~
0.-.c Hundred sn-1 Twenty-five Thousand Do!-
lt.ri Asked For.
. I'oiin.AKD, Jn.'y 19.— Nine suits for damages,
aggregating $1125.000, recently begun In the
Slate Circuit Court at The Dalles against the
Oregon Shoit Line and Utah Northern railroads,
were to-day, muslened lo the United Stales
court in llils city. Tlie suits are brought by
four persons who were injured by the falling of
a car through lire bridge near Hie Cascades last
February, anil by relatives of live men Killed in
the same accident.
Disappearance of a Hotel Clerk and Money
Belonging to a Guest.
Seattle, July 19.— Harry Cuniinttigs, night
clerk at the Willis House, Is missing and Willi
him $441, the properly of John Smigester.
About blteen days ago the position of night
cleik at the Willis became vacant and Cum-.
tilings, who had just arrived irum Caiifo.uia,
where be claimed lie had been employed in
vailous lintels, was employed. On the night ol Ihe
lOih John Siiiim-sier stopped at the house and
gave cummings f-Ml to keep lor trim, obtaining
clerk's receipt lot that amount. Sauge-ter
called at the hrrtel Ihis morning it) gel Iris money
and was Informed that Ctimuilngs had not been
seen since Thursday morning. All Inquiries
have fulled to elicit auy information as lo bis
whereabouts. .
A While Ulan Fired Urtn and a Hut-nine
Fit? lit Ensues.
I.inkville (Oregon), July 10.— Keports da
shooting affray between a man named Garret
and some Indians on tie reservation reached
here to-day. Garret bought a pony from the In
dians and was takiug ihe horse away when he
was attacked by two Indians and several shots
were exchauced. The horse was grounded, and
after a luuuiug fight nl several miles the annual
leil (lead. Uat rei escaped on lout.
Two Miners Injured at the Golden Gate Claim
at Oroville.
l.w.Mii-vro, July 10.— Bee's Oroville
special says: Sam Downing and George James,
two miners at the Golden Gate claim, were pre
piiiiimto put on a blast in a ruck yesierday
atic noon, wii, n lire charge of powder exploded,
wounding Downing on lbs arm and band, and it
is icai ed blinding him lv both eyes. James had
oue eye seriously hurt.
Change of Venn? Refused ih- Alleged Mur
derers ef the Fredericksons.
AsTOKiA, July 19.— A motion lor a change of
venue In the cases ot J. li. and George Itose,
John Edwards and Edward Gibbons, charged
Willi tire murder ol J. F. rieJt.rick_.un and iris
wile in l'.icinc County. Washington, was denied
by Judge Bloomfietd In the Superior Court at
Oystcrvtlle. The prisoners will ire tried there at
E'Wnrd fir Gcrrett Ball's Mnrcerfr
Makvsvii.i.k, July 19.— The Board of Super
visor* of Yuba County have offered a rewind of
5300 for Information lhat will lead to the arrest
and conviction of the i allies Implicated to the
murder ol George Ball, which occurred in this
clty on tbe mug of July ICth. ihe citizens
are also raising a purse lor the same purpose.
Owing to the atroelousaess of the crime and the
lac - of a clew, the Governor has been requested
to offer a liberal reward al once.
Etate Convention Delegates.
Redding, July 19.— The following-named per
sons were appointed by tire Republican County
Central committee of Shasta as delegates to the
ate Convention, which meets lv Sacramento,
Augusl l.th: Edward Sweeny, Frank \\. Smith,
Harry Dodson, William Elawes, M.-rvn Plumb,
M. P. Rose. A. J. Dryuou and 1.. W. Kldd. They
Indorsed Geueiai Cliipinau ol Led Bin If for Gov
Accidentally Shot.
Salem (Oregou), July 19.— Newton Tanner,
aged 23 years, livme three miles Irom here, was
piobably fatally injured this afternoon by tlie
accidental discharge of a revolver. The weapon
leil from bis pockel and was discharged, the hall
entering bis shoulder, fracturing his collar-bone.
His recovery is douh'.rul.
Barns Destroyed.
C i.i iv, July 19.— The barns and outbuild
ings belonging to J. F. Rholon, .1. R. Todd and
the estate ol O. sweaty were destroyed by fire at
13 o'clock last night. The loss Is $1300, Insur
ance $650. The origin the lire Is unknown,
but it is supposed to have been caused by
Ipinr a ny a Blast.
Qz-.or.__*., July 19.— Yesterday Sam Downing
and Georce James, laborers al the Golden Gate
River Mine, near this town, were Injured by a
premature blast. The Hrst is badly hurt, and
tlie second will lose oue ol bis eyes, it not both.
The accident was caused by carelessness.
A Skull Fractured.
Grass Valley, July 19.— This afternoon a
ten-year-old son of Henry Hanson was thrown
from a wlu--bul-i at a mine near the Idaho mine,
and the back of his skull was reared, the brain
protruding from the wound. Trepanning will be
resorted lv.
A Prob«be Fatal -"cedent.
Albany (Oregon), July 19.— James Sheridan,
while moving away hay In a bain at Tangent,
leil from the loft to the floor, a distance of
eighteen feci. Ills right thigh was crushed, aDd
three le;*lh kuocked out. His recovery is
H g_ fcltoo Tax.
Bkaldsbuko, July 19.— election for the
purpose of voting a tux for High School purposes
was held in tins city to-day, and, although great
opposition was made to the measure, the tax was
carried by a large majority.
Prostrated by the Heat.
Petaluma, July 19.— Ed Hiichen, a young
man woikirg on White's larm. near Laieville,
was prostrated by heat yesterday, and Is not ex
pected to live. He was brought to the Brooklyn
Hotel ln this city for treatment.
Illne _s of a Pioneer.
Petaluma, July 19.— Colonel Robert J. Pres
tou, a pioneer merchant of San Francisco, 84
years of age. is very ill and not expected to live
until morulug. He is a member of lbe Mexican
Veteran Association of America.
= v:lle'» Population.
Vaca ville, July 19.— From returns given
Ihe Enterprise by local enumerators, Vacavllie
Township shows a population of 14. and In Hie
town proper ef 7215. Among tbe number are 706
Chinese and Japauese.
Irjured by a Hay-Cutter.
Petaluma, July 19.— A little 6on of Pete
Meadows of this city had bis hand badly Injured
-day while liaviui: with a hay-cutler, ami two
tiugeis will probably have to be amputated.
Forest Fires Nesr Orov.'le.
Ohovillk, July 19.— Heavy forest fries are
racing In lire foothills east ot here, and much
damage is being done.
Hotel Closed.
Petaluma, July 19. — The City Hotel was
closed yesterday by an execution from Yolo
County. _—————_——.
John Crane Ends His Life "Willi
"Koush on Eats."
Jobn Crane, a tailor's assistant, who some
times worked as bushelman, committed suicide
at his room, 524 Geary street, last evening by
taking a large do-e of " Hough on Rats."
Crane came fioni Connecticut about three
months ago and secured a place as pressman In
a downtown lailoii ug establishment, but did not
keep his position long, (it late lie has been very
despondent ana lias threatened several times to
take his Uie.
At Woodward's Gardens on July 14th at the
French celebration, and In the presence of his
room-mate, G. K. I.ichty, he wanted to jump
over tire balcony of lire pavilion to tire ground
below, but was dissuaded from the attempt by
Ills companion.
When the latter entered his room last night be
found Crane lytuu on the door, dylogfrom lbe
effects of the poison he had taken. Crane was
23 years of age and a member of the Young
Men's Christian Association, lie Is not known
to have lett a family.
Paul l_ehramm of Hamburg Is at the I'alaee.
M. Manasse, a merchant of Ked Bluff, Is at tbe
Allen Cooley, a merchant of Marysvllle, Is at
the Lick.
John 1". Ellison, an attorney of Ked Bluff, is a
the (li and.
Judge G. It. Belknap of Carson City, Nev., Is
at the Palace.
Newton Parr, a prominent resident of Ogdeu,
Is at the Lick.
I). O. Mills and Herman Shaluwald have gone
to-New York.
Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Thvvlng of Brooklyn aro at
the Occidental.
Dr. Dudgeon and family, of Peking, China, are
at the Occidental.
Hr. 11. IlausUnecht and Captain Gosch, of Ger
many, aie al the Palace.
George A. Wiley, Superintendent of a stock
ranch at Dan Hie, is at i lie Grand.
Douglas Sladen of England, with lib wife,
child and secretary, is at lbe Palace.
. Senator Thomas Flint Jr. of San Juan has just
returned Hum a trip to the East aud is at the
Charles A. Garter, an attorney of Red Bluff,
and Ms son, A. K. Garter, who is also an attor
ney, arc stopping at the Grand.
Professor E. T. Tenollose, Mrs. Tenollose
and Miss liienda Tenollose, of Boston, and Miss
Bun Y'auraguchi ol loklo, Japan, are at the
Palace, TQtrjif'fnti irlffliß'niffir -f*r*i i
Traveling Agiftt Freeman of the Denver and
Klo Grande Western Kallroad will dansrer tils
headquarters to I'm Hand. Oregon, to look after
lnci easing business in the Northwest.
Thomas 11. Fiaser, a wealthy man of New
Glasgow, Nova Scotia, whose late laiher occu
pied a seat in the Nova Scotia Leglsture tor
many years, and James H. Eraser, a business
man olMoideu, Manitoba, are on a visit to this
city aud are stopping at the Lick House. They
leave lor the East tills evening. -----vl
Why Has Sozndont
Become the staple Dentifrice of America Simply
because lt Is Impossible to use it, even for a week,
without perceiving Its hygienic effect upon : tbe
teeth, ttie gums and tbe breath. ,
II I ■IIIIIMIIII .... - -—.—---—^M«l-^MMaW---»ll-^»M»---M»»-«------------»«----l-MMM—--M-—« M M«MMMMI»
Ha r— -•'■:--- . - .
A Survey of the Republican Gub
ernatorial Field.
Hsrkham and Chipman Are Both Said to Be
Gaining Strength— Morrow Stands in a
Peculiar Pcskim.
The friends of W. W. Morrow, among whom
aro ex-Governor George Ci Perkins, W. L.
Merry, Wendell Easton, Irving M. Scott. E. P.
Danlorth, F. S. Slralttrn. C. A. Alexander. John
C. Quinn and others, held a meeting yesterday
Iternoon fur the purpose of providing against
the report*, which have been put la cli dilution
t hat the iormer had withdrawn from the guber
natorial light. Alter a lengthy discus
sion, the friends of Mr. Morrow con
cluded that he is tlie man to lead
the party to victory, and resolved to telegraph
the Congressman Irom Ihe Fourth District that
they recommended bis candidacy and would use
nil honorable means to secure his nomination.
One of the geutlemen present stated that it was
In lie regretted that owluc to public duties in
Washington Mr. Morrow could not be present at
tlie convention in Sacramento.
His friends declare their intention or opening
headquarters at the '..'Mr*;; Eagle Hotel, and
malting a light for him. The story which has
been circulated as lo his having been advised by
bis Irieuds to withdraw, they denounce as a
canaid slatted by his opponents to weaken his
In the mean Iter, the Congressman himself is
singularly reticent, and has never denied or af
firmed his candidacy.
Markham Is said to be gaining strength, and it
is claimed that he will go Into Hie convention at
Sacramento wltn everyone of Iho 181 votes from
tin- Sixlh Congressional District. I.os Angeles
and San Diego have already been pledged to htm
with ihelr eighty seven voles. San Bernardino,
with Its sixteen delegates, although the home of
Governor Waterman, will, It is claimed, be In
structed for Mar bam.
So also will the counties of Orange. Ventura,
San Luis Ohisno. Mouterey ar.d San Benito, with
thirty-eight moie. Fresno, Kern and Tulare,
wiili thirty-one, are favorable to mm. as also are
Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Alameda, with
seventy-nine more. Santa Barbara may give
nil complimentary votes to Klwood Cooper, but
it Is claimed mat before the day ol the conven
tion ihey will be in live for Markham. Yolo,
Suiter and Sierra are expected to vole tire same
way. making nineteen lv add to those already
Mr- friends are also claiming strength for him
In Sacramento. San Francisco, Sau Mateo, Hum
boldt. Placer. Lan c and Mendocino counties, or
enough with those already named to give him
the nomination ou the first ballot. They aie
calculating on Hie votes of Napa and Sonoma,
Iweuty-sevcn lb number, on tire second ballot,
should one be not sutlicient. This lhev base ou
the belie! that Frank 1.. Coomb-, to whom the
above counties win give a complimentary vole,
will conclude to accept second place if obtain
able, and that Ills only hope would be to throw
nts strength in Mat Ulr.rin. as any other man, tf
nominated, would lender impossible his claims
for the Lieutenant Governor shin.
Sacramento, 100, may vote on the first ballot
for Gregory, who is a young man, and who
would, It Is believed, be satisfied to preside over
tire Senate.
Mai I* ham's most formidable opponent at pres
ent Is General N. I*. Ctilpmau, who was referred
to in 'lase columns some time ago as the most
promising of tire daik horses. Colusa, Shasta,
Siskiyou and Del Norte are claimed by bis ad
herents as solid lor him, while they assert that
ire will draw a number of votes from Lake,
Mendocino. Iliimbolt. Lassen, Modoc aud
Tehama. In fact be is said to be strong politi
cally throughout the entire northern portion of
lire State, aud it il came to a serious light be is
expected to slip In.
Patterson and sblppes may help to complicate
matters more or less, but tin- iormer Iras, no
doubt, a greater following than the taller, who
cannot, it Is reported, hold long to his own
ANTI-ISLt K-LfcY (111*.-.
OrgranlZstlon Perfected In a Number of
The "Regular Democratic County Committee,"
of which Eugene N. Deupiey Is Presideut, an
nounces that the following clubs bave been
Third Precinct— President, John I.ambc; Vice-
President, James Mullin; Secretary, Martin
Heney; Treasurer, James Gllmore; Sergeaut-ai-
Arms, Frank Kelleher.
Eighth I'reciuct— President, George Bailey;
Vice-President, J. Harvey; Seietary, M. Earlt;
Treasurer, J. Murdoch; Sergeant-at-Arms, i".
Mm lin.
Eleventh Precinct — Parker Munson, Presi
dent; T. 1". Maber, Vice- Preside ut; James By
land, Secretary; A. Andrews, Treasurer, M.
Johnson, Serg aut-at-Airns.
Fourteenth i'reeinct — Ilenry Hinds. Presi
dent; I". A. MeGowan, Vice-President; William
J. Young, Secretary; William Hinds, Treasurer;
Thomas Brennan, Sergeant-at-Arms.
First rreclnct- James Flaherty, l'resldent; T.
Nonges, Vice Presideut; J. F. smith, Secre
tary- ; William M. Edgar. Treasurer; Thomas
Flaherty. Sergeant-at-Arms.
Slxlh Precinct— M. Fleming, President; F*. F.
Mirier, Vice-President: W. F. Fleming, Secreta
ry; John Harrison, Treasurer; John O'Neill,
Tenth Precinct— Johu F. Marrlon. President;
Johu Gray, Vice-President: Thomas Conway,
Secretary; John Uallaghan, Treasurer; William
Silverman, Sergeant-at-Arms.
Seventh Precinct— A. J. Bruner, President; J.
H. Vander-Ilavden, Vice-President; Thomas
Coffey, Secretary; M. Barwald, Treasurer; J.
Cleary, Sergeant-at-Arms.
Ills Followers ff«rj or Uls Air of Ex
* clnsi retires.
The Buckley men are still hard at work
segregating aud arranging tbe names which
have been signed to their pledges, and promise
before the end oi Ibe present week to have their
organization complete In nearly every one of the
310 precincts In the city.
There Is no doubt that the movement Is
troubling the " boss," and he will. It is believed,
make an effort soon to " pull It down." How lar
lie can succeed Is a question for the future to
decide; bui it Is dollars lo dimes he will be badly
frightened belore lie succeeds, He Is losing
strength every day. : ad all because Of bis inor
dinate desire for social recognition.
Tire "lambs" are beginning to find to Ihelr
sonow lira! tlie stories of his Intention to hold
himself aloof from tbem are only too true, and
Ibis is causing iliem to regard him with sus
picion. They realize, too, that by their efforts
he has grown rich, and while they remain poor
lr.: Is preparing to shake them oil. This feeling
Is growing deeper as the days go by, and mutlcr
ings of discontent are already heard.
Mnlealrey Holding tire Fort.
Jim Mulcabey still holds the toil at the corner
of Stockton nod Ellis streets, but it is painfully
evident that tire glory of the Republican Execu
tive Committee lias departed. Somebody lias
"fallen down" and the promised bolt is beard of
no more. Andy Loudeiback persists in main
taining lhat the headquarters will be kept open
until alter lbe election, hut there are those who
doubt the possibility of such an assertion prov
ing Hue. The probabilities are that their task is
ended and ihat they will quietly close up shop to
the near future. *
In tlin First Ward.
Republicans residing In the First Precinct of
the Thirty-Ural District, met at 115 Jackson
stieet last evening and made the following choice
of officers: President, Thomas Murrey; Vice-
President, Autoulo Maitlono; Secretary, M.
Stafford; Treasurer, Frank Alviera; Seigeant
at-Arms, J. Raymond; Executive Committee—
1,. Nunes, G. Malan. Songs and recitations
were given by John Brgonoltl, William Sllviera
and Joseph Hello. L. Muties was Indorsed for
Sui ct visor of lbe First Ward.
Preparing for the Primaries. "
George W. Lee, the Secretary of the Republi
can County Committee, Is busily preparing with
the aid of his assistant, Hugh bos. for Ihe
approaching primaries, and Is working night and
day. His woik has been done In a most thorough.
and systematic manner, and has gained lor him
the thanks of the coinnrtttee.
Lime Kiln Club.
The Lime Kiln Club of ihe seventli Ward has
elected as officers: President, John Robinson;
Vice-President, James Garrlgan; Secretary,
John M cCabe; Treasurer, Bernard McCabe;
Sergeant-at-Arms, John Daley; Trustees— Leo
Johnson, Daniel Lynch and Michael Dougheity,
The club ls said to number seventy-live members.
Delegates Chosen.
Club No. 2, of the Foity-elgbtb Assembly Dis
trict, mot last evening at Maybetry's Hall, and
nominated H. L. Sanborn, G. W. schell and 0.
W. Tabor as delegates io the State convention.
Itetnrn of Grand I'resident Sullivan From
the X..SI.
The Banquet Committee of the Young Men's
Institute met last evening for the purpose of
making further arrangements for the reception
of the sixth Grand Council to be held In tbls city
next month, It was decided that the banquet in
honor of the event should be held at B'nal lii itli
Hall on Wednesday evenlne. August 6tb, the
closing night ot the council. About GOO are ex
pected to attend and tbe list of toasts will be as
follows: ,
"Our Church," "San Francisco." " The President
of tbe United States,"" our Uuests," "The Young
Men's Institute," "Our Atlantic ■ Jurisdiction,'!
"The liar," "The Press." "California, "The
Sixth Grand Council." " Fraternity," •' The Native
Sons of the Uolden West," *' Our Supremo Conncil,"
"The Young Men's Catholic Union." "The Ladles."
It Is - expected that the Governor, Mayor
Food, ex-Mayor Gregory of Sacramento and
Mayor Glascock of Oakland will he pieseut as
Invited guests. Ron. Frank 1). Kyan of Sacra
mento, Junior Past Grand President, N. S. G.
w., and W. I*. Sullivan Jr. of the Young Men's
Catholic Union luli' also been Invited.
- . The Executive Committee aiso held a short
session, with I>. J. O'Leary In the chair. Coin*
munications were read from Institutes at Peta
luma, San Jose, . Oakland, Napa, Wauouville,
Hint cla and Virginia City. Nov.. ■ slating that
they would send delegates to take pail In the
ct v -uil, and Ural delegations from Watsonville,
Virginia City aud Santa Cruz will bung frieuds.
- -Irogiesslve leioits wire received Irom all
suh-etiiiruiltlees. Tickets for the hull have been
printed and placed in the hands of rei leseula
tives of each Institute and can lie obtained for
cash. F. S. Story of Institute 53 was selected as
boor manacer for tire ball, with A. 15. lieade aud
J. K. Burke as assistants.
Grand I'iesltleiit J. F. Sullivan rclmiied yes
terday Irom the East and will he tendered a re
ception tins evening at -Metropolitan Temple by
the Sau rranclsco Institutes, lie was met at
Tort Cosla byacommitree consisting of M. W.
Fleming, I. . (I. 1., Joseph Twol.lg, G. S., J. J.
Harrington and A. B. Maguire. While en route
to California Mr. Sullivan lias organized six in
stitutes as follows: Scranton, I'a.; Brooklyn,
N. V.; Canton, Ohio; Omaha, .Nebr.; Salt Lake
City, tab, ami Aiiouua, Pa.-- .- - «,-,_•_.
Tells of Her Adventures at the
Bull of the Thistle Club.
MaiUer Editor: Our Sandy cam' barne a
few ntclils ago and says lie: "Maggie, Chlet
Fraser o' the San Francisco Scottish Thistle
Club sent you Hint, wi' the compliineuts v' the
club." He handed me au envelope, coirtalulu' a
bouuie ticket aud programme, to the eighth
aunual ball for distribution v' prizes, an' says
be: "They wad like l.ie see ye at the ball."
"Preserve me, Sandy," says I, "but they're unco
liberal, but I'm suie ye ken line 1 liiuuaa guuu
I cuuld gaug in." "Ilo.i muckle clailli vis it lak
t.it_ mak' a noun." says he. "About twenty-five or
tbeiiy yards," Bays I. ''Wiimau. ye maun be
deiio-ntit," says he; "that muckle clailli wad
carry .1 ship lac China." "I canua help thai."
says I; •'Ural's just what lt takes"; and altera
gtild deal v' grtuubliir' he put his ban' In his
punch and geld me seventy cents, wi' a c union
lac iirak' it gang as far as 1 could au' no' tae
siren' it a.' "Mind." says he, "1 diuua want ye
lac gtug unless ye be like ilher folk."
Weil, it's uu oueu we go out uud Bill] scldemer
we gang tae what ye might ca' a gran' ball, but
someiioo or Hirer 1 ditliia want my Sandy la-s
gang alaue, tor whan he is aiming tliey lieilaii*
and l.oAlati' lolk he never thinks o' cumin'
name. Weel, 1 hud au awfu' time gelling ready
tv gang. 1 had iwa o'lbe balms picking the gray
hairs out rr' my held at the rale v' a peony a dun
zeu. Una at lire end o' au hour 1 loukit In the
glass tv see ll 1 loukit uuy yuuuger, au' 1 ditlna
ken uny odds, they weie tbeie yet » a thick as
Rudeiick Dim's clansmen, far "above, below,
stood out at once the king toe." 1 gird ll up
lor a bad job, au' 1 sent aue 0' the bairns ana'
lac tell a coluted leddy (that sews for a livlu'), to
come ower an' gie me a ban', and I wad gle her
two or tinea pennies au' aguld bowl o' lea.
The lime he was »wa" for her I gaed up lac the
gar iel lac hum up a dress coat lot Sandy. They
heiatrged lac my fanner afore lie was mar lit. He
was butler tae the Duke o' Argyle at that lime—
about foi ly yeats syue, but lur a' that there no
a' bit wain v' thu wear, aud they jist lined sandy
fine, and tie's tael proud o' them, an* everybody
lhai was at the ball said he loukit rael weel.
"Sandy," says 1, "Pin savin' send Johnnie uwie
t.te Tain Hood's and ask 1 .in tae the ball; he is
sic .1 bouuie dancer in the Seolcu reel, an' we'll
ha : a set o' our ulu" ; but he seui back a bit note
staling that be had tae gaug fur the bundle au'
cuuldu.i come. Weel, Sandy an' the mildest
lassie gut ready. 1 bad promised to iak' her wi'
me, lot she's a belter dancer thau her uilther,
although site's ouly -iiirr, yeats auld, au' 1 had
just guueu the three yuuugesi aues lv their bed
Cam' In wi' the colored leddy. I was ver
-111 1 rood o' uiy looks, an' 1 wanted tae gang
early and get a seat lotted, paiilly mat 1 cuuld
see an' hear a' mat was gaeti' uu and pan Uy that
a' the folks beiilut me cuuld see ma braw red
banuet. 1 was 10011 teady, and 11 ye bad seen
the look 0' admiration uor Sandy gied me, an'
says be, "Maggie, 1 never ihocht tbat seventy
cenls cuuld mak sic a change un ye." Weel, by
the time we weie leady the bairns were a'
watiken. au' telling y lu anliiier that llieir laiher
and uilther was gawn awa' tae bu marrii, but we
gied them some sweeties an' lett them wo 1
pleased, an' lhe auldesl laddie greelln' because
1 wanna lak' him. He's 10 year avid au' a giau*
gteeter. I was olleu* ihiukeu' I cuuld mak'
pleuty 0' siller by hiriu' him out to greet at luuer
als al ssta t muckle an boor. But we slai led at
last, went doun Market stieet lac Lai kin an'
iutae the Paviliou. A my, what a muckle ha'
Ihuii is. 1 titiiii.t think uny club caulu till It, but
the Thistle did alore 11 o'clock. The hall was
grand wi' flags and ..(reamers, the Slats and
Stripes entwined up wl' lbe flag v' auld Scutlaud,
lion rampant, an' the handsom' new flag tbe
thistle, a present lac the club trom Captain Flege
0' the ship Iknlailg. that he ordered Ira (liases.
Weel, Piter a' thegiau' prizes were delivered
tae the winner-, we a' gut teady fur the grau'
match. The club pipers bluwed up their pipes
and led about a thooseu' couples anion' lbe large
aod weel-waxed floor. Chief Hugh Fraser and
his modest wile was first couple, then his offi
cers, clansmen and ladles followed, till the floor
was covered wi' dancers. When the march was
hit ished they formed Into aquadillle, but 1 wad
as Mine gang through a whin bush as ihiough
a quadrille. So we gaed awa' beu lac lite le
freashmeut-rooni—oor Saudy, Rab Henderson,
Joe. Smith, Sandy Giant and their ieddies,
wliaur we had a social crack. Syne we got back
tae the ball-mom iv time tor a Scotch leel. Mao
body could lesist the bounle strains o' the pipes
for the teet an tbey were a' on their feel m a
nieenlt, uu like Tarn O'Shautei's witches,
They rccl'd, they set, they crossed au' cleefc It,
'ITU Ilka carliu swat an' reek It.
It did ma li-_.ii guld tae line a reel, that's what
ye michl ca' dancing. Wewaukeireo up the verie
cockroaches lv the cracks o' the floor. The wee
bit laddies and lassies dressed in their buiiuid
kilts danced verre weel, but ol the grown-up
fr Ik; (au' tho' self-praise is nae honor)
Were oor Sanity an' me, Jock Smith, Bab Hen
derson, Sandy Matlesou and teddies. The reel
m.ide us awlu' dry so we (tied Uen Ue ibe re-
Ireshmeut-rooin and had a it ram. Syne we
asket Jock Smith lac gie us a sunt, so lie eled us
In gran' style. "Scatland Yrl" aud "Whan ya
Gang Awa', Jamie?" "The Barriu* o' the Door,"
and lor an encore sang verre sweetly, "Bounte
Mary o' Aruyie." Just as Jock was finishing
bis sang, up cam' a caliin. I thought it was
Jiinmie ilium o' Sacrameuto and ills wile.
She was uuco braw in her brocaded goon, a
trimmed up all roon' with thluglmy tlilugs, so
she gied un a sang "London's hoiiuls Wads and
Braes" and "O. a' the airts the win' can hlaw."
She was tremendously encored, and alter a gutd
deal o* prinln' sire sang "1 Canua Bide the
.Men." We gird awa' tao see what
our lassie and the ither balms were Uaein' an'
there wis auldSouier, the tailor (Irae Sau Jose*,
wi' his held droukit wi' waier. lie was glen'
the li.iiii.s a lemirerauce lecture, nae doot.
Everybody seemed to be enjoy thelrsel's flue.
Saudy Bays, "Maggie, look al they lour lads."
Yiu was Wattle llobertson Ira Stockton. Wat
tle Is a hue singer; but whan Dauvil Keiller
cam' onre lac slug (lor he's sac sweet lie must
be some Ireeu o' Keiller, Ihe Dundee manna. ade
man)— as I was savin', he cam' owie wl' iwa
dogs and started lo slug "Scots Wha liae"; but
wluuever lie commenced the iwa dogs stalled
tae yowl, and they thocht he was grei'liu' and
they wanted tae help lilm, so he bad to glut ui>.
It's a peely Ural Jock S. Mackay gied owre
weaiin' ihe kilt, tor no Thistle man v' them >'
wore'l wi' the same dignity and grace. Then we
met '■ ■ ■■'*• II ray, and I asklt him
tae (Lime "the next reel wl' me. bays
he: "Maggie, 1 canna dae't; my i. ouches
is In' o' prase, scons and treacle lor the
ii .ri that's wl' me at Intermission. 11 1 danced
wl' ye noo, Ihe scons wad be a' out on the hoor
o' tbe ball-room in a uicentt.*' A bouuie sudger
ci .i; ide asklt mc tao dance llie reel, but 1 re
luscd lilm. 11l bad been ii young lass, 1 comma
hue refused htm, (or I bad aye a llkln' lor sod
gers, an' this aue bud sic a taken' nay wl' him.
Then came Intermission. Twa bouuie callaus in
lleilan' costume and llieir leduies, Sandy and 1
weul lac supper. It was hard work lor me tae
gel through wi" chicken, roast turkey, an' a' lire
liber 11. .ri,',-. fir I biiinii iiiuny teeth, but 1 man
aged tae demolish as muckle as onybody else,
and we marched back tae the ball-room, and had
a' the dauces aud pleasant company that could
be desired, l'nir Mis. Tamson was awtully dis
appointed. Aula l'eter liroou bad i rninl-ei! IO
come fur her alts o'clock wi' me buggy, aud the
pun* body nad ou her new mulch, au' was a'
ready, but l'eter baa guue into Mcintosh's, au'
he lorgot aboot lire ball and everything else.
Such is lite— uaeibing but ups and duoiis, uu' the
ball's bye, an' we're a' back lac the auld Hung
owre again. Mauuie I.aldi.i:, the Fish Wile.
Final Meeting of lire Fourteenth of July
Last night Ihe committee of the Fourteenth of
July celebration met at Its headquarters to audit
bills. Neatly every member ot the committee
was present and Chairman J-.uianuel Meyer pre
Bills amounting to $3144 55 were andited
These are about all thai lha committee will have
lo pay, as every ciedltor was cautioned to send
lv his demand early. Other Dills, it Is thought,
will nut amount 10 more than $600 In all.
The total receipts ot the celebration are $5505,
of which (4656 are g»te receipts. The commit
tee voted $100 to the fuud ol widows and or
phan!) ol deceased policemen, $150 to the French
Ladles' Bel Society, foil to l.a Lyre Fran
caise, a choial society, ami $50 to the French
Baud, knowu as La Uaulolse. The amount of
money donated is $350, and will lueieaseths
debit account of the committee to $34114 55,
This at present leaves a balauco 01 $2400 45
In the hands oi the committee, but It way, as be
fore slated, be reduced about $000 by incoming
bills. The net profits will bo divided equally
between the three French • military companies
Lafayette Utiaid, French Zouaves and La Lesion
Francaise— amt It is thought that each will re
ceive about $000. Each society is expected to
make small awards and donations with the
funds thus placed la llieir hands, though that
Is optional
A voie of sincere thanks was passed to all who
participated lv any way to make lire celebration
a success. * - •
A. B. Zahnlser Innocently Helps a Fellow
to Steal a Barrel or Resin. ; ;*■-;-
A. H. Zabnlser was arrested and locked up In
tbe Seventeenth-street Police station, charged
with stealing a barrel of reslu. Zabnlser, who Is
an honest-looking workiugman, says that a man
named Clarke, lor* whom the police are looking
for the same i iiei.se, borrowed the wagou lie
was driving from his employer and asked him to
help him get a load, and Zabnlser, who suspected
nothing wiouk, as lie says, helped lilm roll a bar
rel of reslu on the wagon from Fe«hboch's soap'
factory on Sixteenth street. They took the
resin to the barn where the horse is kept and
lelt It standing in the wagon all night. Zabnlser
further explains that Clarke is a soap maker aud
lie supposed lhat he had bought the reslu from
Feshboch in the usual course of business.
"Nlbsy '_; Levy's Troubles.
"Nibsy" Levy, a familiar figure In front of
the theaters, where he can be generally found
practicing his calling ot ticket-scalper, was ar
rested by Officer Burnett in trout of the Califor
nia Thealer last night for peddling theatrical
tlckeis without a license. -. "Nibsy" was re
leased on depositing $100 casn ball. '-■ He has
been arrested belore for tue same offense.
Four Honses Destroyed on Twen-
tietli Street.
The Fire Originates in an Old Wooden Ash
Barrel— A Total Loss of $15,000 Is
A fire broke out al 5:30 o'clock yesterday
afternoon on the corner of Stevenson and Twen
tieth streets, which gave the department con
siderable trouble In handling, and which at one
time looked as if It would carry the entire block.
The tire started in the rear of a two-story
frame at 828 and 830 Twentieth street, owned
by J. A. Spainer and occupied by Charles Fink
and S. W. Fusseit. lt had obtained consider
able headway before It was discovered. An
alarm was Immediately rung In from Box 142,
but before the arrival of the department the
flames had enveloped the greater part of the
A fresh breeze was blowing at the time, which
fanned the blaze until the flames were communi
cated to lbe adjoining structure, another two
story frame owned by James Callopy. The
secoud story was occupied by the owner, while
in the first was a grocery kept by John Tled
nian. The {tames were light modern structures
and easily succumbed to the flames. -----.'
While a stream from Hose 21 was playing on
the fire the hose suddenly burst, completely
flooding the street and Captain White of Hie Fire
Patrol. Tills proved a setback to the men who
were king to control lite flames. They wero
compelled to witness the fire spreading to a third
building, a two-story frame, at 1808 -Steveusou
street, owned also by .lames Callopy aud occu
pied as a dwelling by James Budget's.
A fourth building was attacked, notwithstand
ing the efforts of the firemen lo confine the flames
to the structures mentioned. The next building
logo was a three-story Irameat 1800 and 180i;yj
Stevenson, owned by Catherine Tlghe, who occu
pied the basement. Tire remaining stories were
occupied as dwellings by William Cashman aud
Henry Kelchmulier.
As It was Impossible to save the light struc
tures when once attacked the firemen directed
their chief attention to saving adjoining build
ings aud preventing the spieadiug uf the flames.
In this they were successful, the only other loss
being a alleht damage to the roof of a two-story
frame at 18G4 Steveusou street, owned by U. I*.
The spreading of the flumes over so extensive
.1 territory was attributed to the bursting ol hose
at the critical stages during lire progress ot the
lite. The total damage is estimated at $15,000,
almost evenly divided beiween the ditlerent
bouses, except the last, which was only burned
ou the loot. The remaining buildings may be
said to be totally destroyed, as what Is left of
tliem In the way of standing charred walls Is
only good for firewood.
A loss of {15,000.
The $15,000 estimate also includes the losses
of personal property by the diffeient parties re
siding 111 the burned buildings. The loss is only
partly coveted by insurance. Among those In
sured are J. A. Kpamer, Charles link and James
Callopy, Mrs. Tlghe had no insurance on her
-ma! properly, nor had James Rogers and
William Cashman any Insurance. John Tied
man, who kept the corner grocery, was Insured,
hut Mrs. Brady, who rau a bakeiy next door,
had none.
The lire Is supposed to have teen caused by a
heated wooden ash-barrel iv the tear of the first
building attacked. There is always a strong
wind blowing through an alleyway there, aud
tbe drati is thought to have speedily lauued the
first small spaiks.
Carelessness With M-itcUi-*.
1 he alarm at 3:38 o'clock yesterday afternoon
from Box 283 was for a lire In a one-story frame
at 237 Twenty-eighth street, owned by Joseph
Nell and occupied by R. A. Matthews. The loss
was $200 and the cause carelessness Willi
matches. ___________^____
An Address Issued by (he Native
Sons' Committee.
All Is lovely once more wllb the Native Sons of
the Golden West, as regards Ihe Admission day
celebration, and the goose baugs higher than
ever, In denial of the publications lv the coun
try, especially Santa Cruz, that the hotel rates
will be advanced, the statement Is made that the
Committee on Hotels and Accommodations com
pleicd arrangements over six weeks ago by
which visiting Native Sous and their friends will
be given special rates. The following hotels and
private boarding-houses have agreed to a reduc
tion: Baldwin, Palace, Grand, Occidental, Brook
lyn. International, Commercial, Pleasatiton, Fair
mount, Marquette, Berkshire, Beresford, Lick
House, Kuss, American Exchange, Vosemite
House, I.'-- rr •■ House, Union Square, Stock
ton-street House, Fulton House and Florence
House. J. Swau has been awarded Hie contract
to erect Hie triumphal arch at the crossing at
Maiket and louiih streets, at a cost not to ex
ceed $2500, and the Press Committee has at last
Issued ihe following addiess:
The arrangemeuis tor the celebration of Ad
mission day in San Francisco on September (jib,
i li. Sih, Dili and lOili next aie assuming deti
nue sliane, and the fortieth anniversary of the
State's admission lu'o the Union will be cele
brated in a tilling manner, the Native Sons of
Hie Golden West having entered upou lie work
In a manner that precludes Hie possibility of any
thing but succes-r crowning llieir eOorts. The
various subordinate committee- have made re
ports to the joint committee which indicate lhat
the celebrations ol the Grand Armyol tbe ltepubllo
and the Knights Templar beld iv San Francisco
will be surpassed on Admission nay. It Is Hie
hrst lime iv Hie history of the State tbat au at
tempt has been made to celebrate California's
birthday on such aa elaborate scale. Native
sous from every seotiou ol the State will
attend, bringing with ihem their friends and
relatives to enjoy the various ecieriaiuineiils
that will be provided during the first and second
woe .i of September. The event will be long re
membered by all who participate as au pro
priate and worthy commemoration ol the fortieth
auulversaiy ot the admission ol California into
lib Union.
lbe city will be artistically decorated by ex.
perieuced decorators, and contracts for the
building ot the triumphal arches will soon bo
let. The city will don the gayest garb It bas
ever worn, lbe sum of $10,000 having already
been approprlaied for decorative put poses, lt
Is expected that nearly $100,000 will be ex
pended lv Hie pioper observance of the day,
which amount Is already assured. The various
parlors will have headquarters throughout the
ciiy, wheie visitors will he loyally entertaineu.
Besides Hie decoration of tne city, the Me
chanics' Pavilion will be gorgeously adorned.
The grand ball will be held In the Pavilion, ad
mission to which will be slrl ctly by Invitation.
September Sin having been declared a legal
holiday, will give many additional persons an
opportunity ol enjoying the live days' celebra
tion. Excursion trains will run fiom all parts
ot the Stale, and the atleudauce In Sun Frau
cisco will be very large.
Arrangements have been already made with
the proprietors and managers of all the princi
pal hotels, lodging-houses and restaurants In
sui lug to all visitors the usual and In many in
stances reduced prices for board and lodging. A
Committee ou Hotels and Accommodations has
already been appointed, nnd It Is now ready to
arrange tor the accommodation of visitors.
The arrangements lor Hie entertainment of
the guests, so far as completed, indicate that thu
celebration will be tire greatest event of such
character lv lire history of tire Stale. The vari
ous committees In charge aie working jealously
aud many novel features will .be provided
throughout the demonstration.
The festivities will commence on Saturday
eveulug. September Oth, by a magnificent dis
play ul liiewoiks, music aud competitive drills
by the various corps in the oider, In Union
square, which will be handsomely decorated for
the occasion.
Sunday, the 7th, will be .1 day of rest, prepar
atory io the festal days following. Sunday
morning special services will he held ln all of
the churches lv honor of California's anniver
sary, and ln the afternoon a graud sacred co?
cert will be given in Golden Gate Park, for
which a special programme will be arranged
and excellent music discoursed.
Mouday, September Bth, will be devoted to an
exchange of I internal courtesies by the mem
bers ol Hie dlltereiit parlors with their frieuds,
and a general welcome to all visitors, In the
evening a grand promenade conceit wilt be
held in Hie Pavilion, and everybody given an op*
portunity of reviewing the pleasing sights.
Music will be provided for the entire evening. *
Tuesday, September Bth (Admission day) will
witness the great parade, which will be, without
exception, the most magnlllceut and gorgeous
demonstration In the history ol the Slate. At
the conclusion of the parade literary exercises
will be held in the Grand Opera liouse and an
Interesting programme olfered.
The dilleient parlors will also entertain visi
tor on that day. A grand rowing regatta will
also be held Iv the afternoon. In the eveuing the
grand ball will be held at the Pavllllun. and
there will also be a grand display of fireworks.
Wednesday, Sepiember.lo.— Exclusions around
the bay will bring the celebration of Admission
day to a lining close. For the excursion It ls
expected to secure three large ocean steamers
to convey the visitors to the different poiuts of
. The above I s a correct outline of the events to
happen durl ng the celebration, 90 far as determ
ined by the committees In charge. Other Inter
esting features will also be provided.
Special provisions will be made to entertain
the press of the State. It ls desired that every
newspaper man In the Stale shall attend, that he
may obtain an adequate Idea of the grand pur- 1
poses of the fraternity as one designed to add to
the material and moral advancement of the State
and to perpetuate the memory of men and events
that have made California historic In the annals
of the world. A headquarters will be established,
of which Information will bo furnished later,
where visiting newspaper men will be cordially
received. All necessary materials for corre
spondence and otber press work will be pro
vided, aud lt is expected that me visiting jour
nalists will avail themselves of these conveni
ences to the fullest extent. The members of the
Press Committee will also provide special* en
tertainment for their guests during the entire
celebration. - :
Broke His Jaw.
Michael Spalght, a savage-looking "tough,"
was Id a drunken row wllb Michael Bogue ln a
Bernal Heights saloon yesterday nud struck
Bogue wiih a club, breaking his jaw. Spalght
was arrested and locked up In ihe Seventeenth,
street Station ou a charge of mayhem.
Not an Clever After All.
. ; Charles (lershaber thought It would he a clever
I tilck to pais a $5 Conlederate bill off on a poor
Italian peddler. •; Ho did 90 and ;■ received $4 In
change. Gershaber ! does - not find It so funny
now, since he languishes behind the bars at the
southern .Police station with a charge of obtain
ing money under false pretenses, beautifully em
bossed opposite his name on : the prison legister.
-rf" DR. W. B. SIMONTON.
At an early hour yesterday moriiiuc Dr. W. B.
Simonton died at his residence, 1470 Eighth
street, Oakland, - alter an Illness of several
mouths, and by Ills death the community has lost
• one of us oldest, ablest physicians and honored
Citizens. He was a native of Bloomfield, Pa., G3
yeais of age. He has been a practicing physi
cian for tbe last forty years and during tils resi
deuce in this city enjoyed a large if not the
largest practice of any physician iv town. He
came to the Coast lnl BGS and after sojourning
lor some time in Oregon and Washington and a
year In San 1- rancisco he came to Oakland. This
was In the spring of 1877. He has resided here
constantly ever since. He was one ol the few
physicians who was fond of his profession, and
but for his close appii catlou and devotion 10 his
large practice his health might not have failed
when It did. For years he was one of the insane
examiners of the Superior Court. Dr. Simonton
was a gratmate of the Pennsylvania Medical
College 0! Philadelphia, and belonged to the reg
ular school. His father was a practicing physi
cian In Bloomfield, Pa., for over fifty years. His
Illness dales baca five months, wheu he was first
attacked with la grippe. Ibis was lollowed by
two attacks of pneumonia, one ou the right and
oue on tne left side, the result of the latter being
tbe cause of his death. Au abscess in llie left
lune. the discharge from which caused Inflam
m.ition of llie bowels, hastened his death. De
ceased leaves a widow and oue daughter, Mrs.
Dr. J. R. Lave of Sacramento, aud hve brothers
In the Fast. The funeral will be held on Mon
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from his late resi
deuce, 1470 Eighth street. Rev. Dr. Horton
will officiate. The Interment will be private,
The sad news ol the death of M Icbael O'Brien,
father of J. J. and James O'Brien, the well
known firm of J. J. O'Brieu & Co., Dennis
O'Brien and Mrs. Ann Dillon, of this city, has
just been received. Mr. O'Brien died ou lite
IStli lilt., In his home at Nodstown, Cashel, Ire
land, surrounded by his relatives auo Intimate
friends. He was highly esteemed and respected
by all who knew 1,11.1. and his death is deeply re
gretted. He bad reached the venerable age
of 88. The obsequies of Mr. O'Brien were
celebrated at Bnheilahau Catholic Church at
Cashel, June 20th. High mass was celebrated,
and the cofllu which bore bis remains
was laid on a catafalque in front of
the high alter. At the mass Rev. Father
Lane officiated as celebrant and the
Rev. Fathers Harrlgan and Twohy of Cashel as
ue icon aud sub-deacon. The Very Rev. Dean of
Cashel and Fathers Clancy and Madden attended
in ihe choir. As soon as the mass was over the
funeral ptocession started foi Ardmayln Ceme
tery. It was attended by a large concourse of
people, together with the clergymen. Among
those assembled were William O'Brien, sou of
the deceased; Michael Ryan Ballydlne. son-in
law, and many ol decedent's irraiiiKhildien as
chief mourners; R. Phillips, Esq., D. 1..; M.
Ryau, P. L. G. and Presideut of the 1. N. 1.. of
liv. lia Iran : D. Walsh, Honorable Secretary, I.
N. 1,. ; IN. Matter, P. 1,. G. A solemn requiem high
mass will be celebrated next Tuesday morniug at
0 o'clock at St. .Mary's Cathedral iv tbls city lor
the repose of his soul.
Hon. Charles Maclay, Slate Senator, died at
his home iv San Fernando, Los Angeles County,
yesterday, atied 08. His death was not unex
pected, for lie had been suffer ing for years wllb
cancer of the lace. The deceased was born in
Concord, Franklin County, Pa., on November 0,
1822. In 1844 he joined the Baltimore Confer
ence of tbe Methodist Episcopal Church, and
served as agent for the Dtcucuson College till
1851, when ire came to California with bis wife.
Brother .Maclay was one of the founders of tbe
California Christian Advocate, and the first .M.
E. 1 "iiieieirce iii ihis State was held at his home
in San Francisco. Iv llie establishing of ihe
Methodist College at Santa Clara and as tiustee
of that and the flrst Protestant church. Mr.
Maciay look a prominent part In educational
matters. He was also active In politics, and
was sent to the Legislature by the Republicans
iv 1801 and 1862. From 1864 to 1868 he
veil as State Senator, and wus on the State
electoral ticket when President Lincoln ran the
second time. In 1873 Mr. Maclay settled 111 San
Fernando, where he lived quietly until 1834,
when lie established the Theological College of
the University of Southern California. He en
dowed the Institution so liberally Hint Its name
was formally changed to Maclay Colleire. The
deceased leaves a widow and several children.
The death of Congressman James Peter
Walker at his home In Dexter, Mo., Irom apo
plexy, was telegraphed 10 his colleague, Repre
sentative Dockery, ot the Third District at Wash
lugton, as having occurred during the day yes
James Peter Walker of Dexter was born In
I.ouderdale County, Teunessee, March 18. 1851.
lie removed to Missouri in 1807, nud was
elected to the FiltietU Congress. He was re
elected ro the Fifty-first Congress asa Democrat,
receiving 10,878 against 14.130 votes lor Moses
W'hybark, Republican, and 30 votes scattering.
He tepreseuled the Fourteenth District.
— • ' it
C obtain John Hunter, a Mexican War veteran
and an old sailor, died at his home lv Peiaiuma
yesteiday aged 80 years. He was an officer on
the man-of-war that made lbe Oral attack ou the
foi tress of De 'lon, when the attack was made
in Vera Cruz, and iv ihe early fifties was an
officer 111 the Pacific -dull steamers sailing out
of Ibis city. ______________________
Mrs. V. K. Fargo died yesterday morning at
Buffalo after an illness ol lung duration. De
ceased was the widow of William (I. Fargo, the
well-known express manager, home years ago
she mauled F. F. Fargo, who was at onetime
well knowu ln California politics. He was no
relative. ■ _^
Doctor Christian llcniy Peters, the astrono
mer, was found dead lv bed at Utica, >'. V., yes
terday morning.
Morris S. Belknap, an Ameiican banker of the
City ot Mexico, died suddenly yesterday at Lou
isville, Ey.
I.ydla Becker, the leader of lbe Woman's Suf
frage movement, died yesterday at Geneva from
Sir Alfred slade, Chief of the Inland Revenue
Department, died at London yesterday.
Mr. Heushaw of Portland, Or., owns four
pheasants that are making a record as layers.
They began early In the spring and to dale have
produced 102 eggs.
Saturday. July 19.
Stnjr Noyo, Drlsko, 60 fcouis trom Newport; bal
last, to Noyo Lumber Co.
Schr Mary Helen, tiruzsle. 37 hours from Port
Restless: wreckage, to Lorenz Foard.
Movements of Transatlantic Steamers.
NEW YORK— Arrived July 19-Stmr City of
Richmond, Irom Liverpool: stmr Veendam, from
Rotterdam; stmr Slsvonta, from Hamburg.
LONOON— Arrived July 19— Stmr Nordland. fm
New York.
A n_(_r{Te(_ farmer stalked into the sanctum
With a big whip under his arm.
"Be you tho editor?" "I am," was tbo
half apprehensive reply.
*' Hero's two dollars— me your paneti
for life." ho said. r .*T*
" You sec," he went on, "our daughter was
rack and like to die; she drooped and grew
weak and pale, had headaches, no appetite,
buck ached, bands and feet like ice, couldn't
sleep, backed with cough, and we thought sho <
had consumption. No medicine helper.! her
until sho tried that Dr. Pierces Favorite Pro-
scription mentioned in your paper, when she
began to mend in no tlmo ana is now well and
handsome as a rose— put mc down as a Ufa
subscriber." • ■ •■_
Now tho editor is looking for another scare*.
The medicine has cured thousands afflicted as
was the farmer's daughter, restoring the fe-
male functions to healthy action, and remov-
ing the obstructions and suppressions which
caused her trouble. It is guaranteed to give
satisfaction in every case, or price (51.00) re-
funded. It's a legitimate medicine, not a bev-
erage. Contains no alcohol to inebriate: no
Eyrup or sugar to sour or ferment in the stom-
ach and derange digestion.
For a Book of 160 pages on Woman: lier-
Diseases, and How to Cure them, (sent sealed
In plain envelope) enclose ten cents, in stamps;
to World's Dispensary Medical AssocUi*
uion. No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
-Laxative, or Cathartic, aocording to size of
dose. Smallest, Cheapest, Sugar-coated and
Easiest to take. -■ Cure Sick Headache.
. Biliousness, Constipation. By drug.
gists. 85 cents a vial. ~*.:,-.r*.
fe3B Su*WolTl2p*WylyT '' ' '"■
.- 338 Montgomery St., San Francisco. *
GUARANTEE CAP1TAL ............ »300,000
. Interest Paid on Deposits. loans Mads.
Wm. Alvord. V. m. Hancock, Adam Orant,
Jerome Lincoln. D. O. Mi 11.., ■:- W. 8, Jones; .
_,_, Jurioj, . ■ a. it. 1", Harmon. IX U Hoßtisft
- . _ )a»7 SuWefr lip tf * .
fILnLIJ Q 24 Post St.
mm_mm(-_-9_-w m G-alftrCirnlu.
Book-keeping, renmanship .Short- hand Type-writing
* _______~_~~X_2?is!_j^ _^._7_--
agß!^a_gasaaa_sg_iaßßagEaaßa ■■ '" " * '_tm_aE__-U-_-_aLSEaa
Has CapM lie Mcl
The contagions enthusiasm caused by our FIRST SEMI-ANNUAL
CLEARANCE SALE is something wonderful. Never since the discovery or
gold in California-has there been such excitement among all classes and
conditions of men. Mechanics, merchants and millionaire-; have ever since
the start stood should*!' to shoulder, side by side, and charged down upon
OUR MATCHLESS BARGAINS in high-style clothing. OUR MAIL OR-
DER DEPARTMENT is daily flooded with orders from one end of the Slate
to the other as well as from adjoining States. In their sensational efforts
to check this torrent of trade OUR WOULD-BE COMPETITORS are meet-
ing with about as much success as did the worthy Mrs. Partington in her
foolish attempt to stop the tide with a broom. " "
Some Plain Words:
IN THESE UNITED STATES there isn't a special sale or reliable
clothing going on that Tor INTRINSIC VALUES nnd STYLISH, SEASONA-
BLE WARES can come within hailing distance of this one of ours. Look
around this town and see Ihe BIGGEST Baits of Odds and Ends and Shoddy
that others HAVE TO SHOW, then come here to Bargain Headquarters
and we'll quickly convince you that EVERY WORD WE ADVERTISE IS
BSF* NOTICE. -To accommodate our patrons who are
unable to get their Sunday clothes from our tailors' hands
late on Saturday night, our stores will be opened until 12
o'clock noon on Sundays during this great Clearance Sale only.
■ ' ■■'—■-
■ "■" ■— - — *-■ ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' -— *
Boys' and Children's Stylish and Reliable
Clothing Going at 50 Cents on the Dollar!
"The Hub,"
CHARLES KEILUS & CO., Proprietors,
* ...____. ... . *
202, 204 and 206 Kearny Street,
The Leader of Leaders and the Birthplace
of Great and Honest Bargains. '
Wonders of Alaska
For Sale by all Booksellers, or
C. D. ALLEN, Ceneral Agent,
J)*2o lt
s&r" — — f<r*
JlO Makes the best lit- Mjfo.
_Wi_\ t '" :; C '°*' lPS « a ' *" W&v
Kj3 percent lc*"-; than g^
tins elothfs, at 4d fffn
per cent les* than jjffi
iw any other house on Mm
11 /j Uie Pacific Coast. Jl\
Ad Immense Clearance Sale. To the Public.
Ueld Serges? and Cheviots, In blue and black, at
an Immense bargain. 1 have more than I can use
and will offer a genuine reduction sale for the next
30 days that has never been offered before on the
l'aclflc Const. Suits made to order for $*_"_! 50 that
are worth $;o, and other goods In proportion. These
goods make fine dress suits and are all the go.
JUT bee my prices In the window.
734 MAKKET ST. and l 1 111- I I IS MARKET.
mylBSuM-iWetf r- -■ ■
__%____ '"■" •____.
RReXnd mariNE
San .' r hi i-> ■. i i\.
] my 3 FrSuTn tf __
block in the center of San Franclsca It Is the
model hotel or the world. Fire and earthquake
proof. - Has nine elevators. Every room 13 target
light and airy* The ventilation is perfect. A b&tti
and closet adjoin every room. All room* are easy
of access from broad* light corridors. The central
court, Illuminated by electric light. Its immense
glass roof, broad balconies, carriage-way and tropi-
cal plants, are features hitherto unknown in Ameri-
can hotels. Guests entertained on either the Amer-
ican or European plan. Tho restaurant Is the flnait
ln the city. Secure rooms In advance by telegraph
IDS. TIIE I'Al.U.'i: UOTl_l_»
no* San -franclseo, Cat*
ftth $3.50
tl» A. ORDER S
frOn-V AND UPWARD, --*.
**^ W. BRANCH.424 KEARNY frr.
jew tt SaWet'T
_401, 111! LIS AND SAFETIES.
MSSIL- ladies and Others Taught to Eide.
mm THOS. H.T varney,
d?HP' 42 and 44 Fremont St., 3. F., Cal,
Jel 3 KrsuTatt
-O nnrt 8 East 53d St.. New VortCltT."
MISS JULIA O. MCALLISTER Prlueipal, s-jnee'C.
Ing MliS. Sl-LVAIiTCS SEED, who c-z:_itmt* it Vis-
itor. . WTtb year begins Wed. Oct. 1. jeTJ ft i.oWr_
knitJtingco. V
120 Sutter Street, Room 23.
The Largest Mannractory In the Halted States.
Constantly Kept on Hand and Knit to Order
Illustrated catalogue!" with self-measurement
blanks sent free ou application. Apia SuWe tt
* Ranges.
£323 to 327 3V__.<ix-l_cot St.
]el tf SuMoFr
Hie llii Insurance Go.
Incorporated A. D. 1864.
Loi«es Paid since Organization (3,0113,420 31
Assets. January 1, 1890 .* 831,517 03
Surplus for Policy Holders. 810.567 09
Reinsurance Reserre. 231,1812 0.
Capital Pair! Upln Gold 800.00000
Net Surplus oyer everything 244, .484 41
Income In 1889..... „„,„ „',„.„ (389.971 75
Fire Losses Paid ln 1889 192,375 118
Fire Losses Unpaid January 1, 1390.. 10,359 00
President ...-.717177. J. F. HOBGIITON
Vice-President J. L. N. SUEPARt>- -
Secretary. CHAS. B. STORY
General Agent K. U. MAULLL
mr 4 Su tf
Naber, Alfs & Brune
>^^kSOLE AGENTS 1-°^-^
The purest and best Whisker in the market
for Medicinal and Family use. Sold by all
first-class dealers. Ask for It X
noB cod tf _
■j Near Steuart Street.
Je29 3ntt , ■ 21-3 California Street.
■ 1 t% Eyeglass and Spectacles. Take home, try, and '-■
I_IB not satisfactory come back and < lv in ■•■>
I If them. : 0- FOURTH ST.. next to bakery.
Note number; opcn9A.it. to 6:30 r. if. Sundays.
728 Market st., lv front of Celebrated Ladies' Olove
Store, next G.entlemaa'3 IU: Store. •__!" lot FSuTu 2p

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