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0"" h, MR. ccmSngsTc^Oo>ilT^ot«er
is dead. . . —
Branch (mice, Vf. 11. B. —
1 sr f.l well educated, desires to form the acquaint-
ancSoravonn*ladvoriiieans: object matrimony;
J'feiet, ,s Harmed. Address Acharat, Box ird,
Cau. Branch Offlce. ; »"»» ■"*
7". I'ir, 1 lill .I'EK BROS., WHOLESALE
( i and retail grocers; the oldest established and
most rename house on the I'acllic Coast: teas and
soirees a specialty; no ehromos or crockery: best
roods at lowest prices; country orders packed and
•hipped free. V and 11 Montgomery aye.. 40 and
*■• Fourth St., 401) and 411 Montgomery aye.. 401
Haves rt. je!7 TuTbs.i If
JVI now ft! Ml at LESSER BROS.. 406 Kcarny.eodtf
J-i At LESSER BROS.. 406 Kearny St. )}l7 cod tf
Jp 1 .OU Oodeus' Art Studio, 10 Oth. aS SuTuTh tt
«**-__.. beautirul colored picture and gilt frame
at WILSON'S Gallery, _'l Kearny St. lny-'S Bin
-(A publicity; terms reasonable; no fee unless suc-
cessful, and costs advanced to reliable parties.
CHARLES ABIIiEU. attorney, 124 Sausome St.,
Boom 24. auirtr
X to practice with him evenings for mutual bene-
fit: references exchanged. 11. A. I!.. 151f> Hyde
street ' ■ -■■•-'- auli .if
-I C'Ullds, |iUliantr--pl3t, having the welfare or
every woman »: heart, requests the ladles to call on
her at once. Boom 124, fourth floor, .Murphy
Building. City. No charge. aul7 t£_
J) Including the large trimming buttons made to
order, at the button factory, 110 Taylor St. |e__2 8m
.\ ii,,,, e pleating, it deary St.. Km i. '12 SuMoTu tf
J* (in celebrated glove-store); only Suudays.al6 7*
hatlsfaet.rrliy obtained; terms reasonable. li.
SCOU I.A X, attorney, '305 Kearny st. - my 18 6m
'A erased; a perfect complexion guaranteed.
Mill, 1.1. 1.r). 401 lost St. SUI tf_
_.'V SON'S AMVCOSI get well: druggists: oc.
X Folium St.. MRS. M. 1.. ROGERS. -Midwife. aS tt
IJ price; easiest terms on new an.i second-hand
Idrnlture aud carpets, stores and ranges; highest
price paid for second-Band goods; ,r : on evenings.
1017 1019, 10-11," 1023 Mission St., bet. Sntu and
Seventh. ■'. NOONAN. an" tt
\V , r to Like charge ot a well-establish rd and vveli-
paylng bnsiness; • ro- with small capital preferred:
u.u_rt give name and residence and last place of
teaching; for further particulars address 1.. A.
DKEWS, 71 New Montgomery St.. S. K. aua lot*
J dress made In '24 hours for #15, fill, $25: goods
all (ound: also ready-made suits. MRS. ___, DAVIS,
•2i.4 laylorst. _^ ?'.'i_____
money at low rates: private rooms lor ladies:
pledges for saie; take elevator. au] : '_
sliks sealskin and sealette cloaks; also carpets,
lurulture, lace-curtalns, hiankets and folding-beds
at M. FRIEDMAN A CO.'S, _>_!!_ and 230 Slockton
#1. Why pay ready nioney «iron you can buy just
as cheap hy making a small cash payment down.
laianee weekly or monthly f An Inspection of our
sleek is respectfully solicited: orders by mall for
po. ds or sat:.] promptly tended to. '-"-'!_ and
L'iO Stockton sL. cor. l'usl; trpen evenings, apllltf
15 — EXAMINE l'l 11 NO. 1001
J__ mirrored ith large plate 18x40; walnut, oak and
dierry; c^isli price elsewhere 965: our installment
price ouly .- ii. M. FRIEDMAN A CO., 228-230
Stockton St.. cor. Post: open evenings. apldtf
VJ and sold: highest price paid. 1123 V^ Market, l tt
XJ li.gucs free. Agency 4:10 Sutter st. jyll Dm
X terlal; also ivory. rim buttons. Ill) Tavlor St.,
the only button tory on this Coast. " -'- 3m
sage: hygienic specialist. 1611 Leavenworth. tin)
able prices: orders by mail prompt; . executed:
lit guaranteed. MRS. M. . i. HAGAN,9ti7 _Miss.oii.tfin
■1- asthma. Wilson's Inhaler, '-".'9 Kearny, jco tf
"ll* EII AYE am BBEK OF HI. I. muss SUITS
)* to hire for balls, parties or funerals at a reason-
able price. ORIGINAL misfit CLOTHINU l'.ili-
LOKS. cor. lost and Dupont sts.
scription of collateral; old gold ami sliver
bought. iLEMAN'S, 41 lit! St., sati Francisco. in:)')
OAKLING'S. 7101^ Taylor St. ]y25 tf
no publicity; terms reasonable: no fee unless
successful; costs advanced for reliable persons. Ad-
dress Attorney, P.O. Box 1322, S. F. jy','s tf
■fV lra( tor, rock and brick work. 3015 Buchanan, tf
'I at W ENZEL'S. 289 Third St. jylS tf
I hour 25 cents. S3 l Markel, Room 32. my Id l'.'iu
Ing, gold, jewelry, -boots. KLEIN, lua Sixth. '.:
a\ save you 50 per cent by purchasing a mercliaut
talior-made business stilt for $15; merchant tailor's
LOKS, ...r. lost and Ditiiuut sts.
the best work. J. SPAULDINU i CO., 358 Te-
bainasL; telephone 3010, aplJtf
- V 1 rijiunt, to select a nobby spriug suit marie by
a merchant tailor for tio. our price $15. ORIGI-
Dupont s[S. -•■
V tne best won guaranteed or no pay; telephone
8228. S. STBAI 1211 Market St. a;,« Bin
XI chant tailor-made spring suit In 3 or 4 button
cutaway for S2O; merchaut tailor's price $40,
lost and Dupont - ' r.
V.'est ami best in the city. J. E. MITCHELL *
CO., 230 Fourteenth St. ap'_l tt
dressed when vie can lit you in a merchant
tailor-made suit, newest si, ring styles, for $18; mer-
chant tailor's price $35. ORIGINAL MISFIT
CLOTHING PARLORS, cor. Post and Dupont sti.
J ' pairs spring styles Ireht-colored trousers made
I' icirick merchant tailors for from $10 to $15; our
PARLORS, cor. post and Dnpont sts.
\J rating works: dyeing and cleaning. 21 and 26
Eighth ■■. U. H. STEVENS, proprietor. jiL'tini
■rt. tice. GOLDBERG. 118 McAllister st. jyll 6m
ii derby WILLIAM Mr I'lll V 1195 Market. '-'; ._
if 1.1 you, no matter In iv tall, in a merchant tailor-
made sirring suit for $20: merchant- tailor's price
cor. Post and Dupout sts.
V^nnd hands; Invisible, harmless; 25c. At DU-
BOIS', Clay A Leavenworth, A all druggists. jy__ 3m
> beating: refitting a specialty. CONKLIN
1.R05., 333 Oolden Gate aye.: telephone 212(i. 13 tf
Vl sleeves In; skirt cut, stitched, braid drapery
belts put on; $3. MME. MICHAUX, llti McAlUslr.
J stallments; easy terms. HAKE BROS., 322 vii
Hayes st., beL Franklin and Gougb. uirlStt
crayon, water colors and pastel. Pacific i'or-
tralt Co.. 1 22 1 Market st-., T.J. O'BRIEN. M'gr. 20 tf
tions taken at (.'all Branch Offices, 603 Larkin
51.339 Hayes St. and 2518 Mission st. open till
V:.ill v. m. ■ --
si ————— ——%S——^__ __—_—__— ______r____________i___
Biting suits made, handsomely draped, for $6,
or with goods, making and trimmings for $15. please
call Mi:.-. MORRIS. 7321^ Geary st. an 1 7 8t»
-ting and dressmaking — You are taught to make
a dress from beginning to end; cutting, fitting,
draping, fine linishing and designing. 37 Sixth st ,
B. F. jy'22 1 m_
authentic Freucb tailor system. 610 PosLjels 6tu
-111 Geary: stylish suits from $3 60 up: cuttlnzaii
till, ga specialty; 75 cents: perfect ft. apt tt
Iions taken at Call Brancb offlces. 60 3 Lamia
«t., mil) Hayes at. and 2518 Misslou St.; open till
trior, m. 'v.c'
tal, ing a directory of California hotels and re-
sorts, lent tree to any address. Hotel Guide. 310
Post St., Union Club building. jeS tf
" convenient and best conducted hotel in Santa
Crux. HOYT A WHITMAN, proprietors, jyl 3m
class boarding-house: $1 to $1 26 per day wal-
nntave. MRS. P. J. DUTCHER. Je27 3m
Best summer resort on Beach Hill, overlooking
the bay. O. W. FOLLIN, proprietor. jc27 Sm
Xj salt-water baths. iny3 4 mo
County. Cal., tbe favorite resort of tbe Facitic
Coast; hotel and cottages all newly furnished: lovely
ponds; also tbe famous pebbly beach, where are
iound agates, opals, topaz, moonstones, emeralds,
water crystals and many other precious stones; good
trio:: fisbiug and wild game: hoard reasonable; spe-
elai rates for famllie--. MRS. S.W. SWANTON.tU tf
I Third st., Room 4. au!9 3t»
■l'i dlum; fee 60c and $1. 402 3lcAlllster.aulS 3*
■««- past, present ana future; fee 25c. aulS 81*
xv. vealer; seer of past, present and future; Is
elilrvoyant; 60c. 211 Third i.L.jipstalir au!7 7t
J.VJ dlum;leeßUcaiidf_L 402 McAllister st. a! 6 4t
tells the very day things will happen; advice
on business, marriage and lottery; tells names of
your friends. «U3 ilowaid st., near Sixth, auls tf
clairvoyant; magic charms; love tokens; shows
true pictures of future husbands and wives; teaches
fortune. 2326 Missiunst.. ur. 20th; leesl. jyi»s 12m*
to 1087 Market, bet. Btli and Room 2.jyl» tt
past, preseut and future, anil if.yes lucky nun-
• feers. 815 Mission St. ; advice in basement Jel3 8m
rortunes toid: ladles, 26c; gents, SOc; open Sun.
I reveals pas:, present and tutors. - Call and i*»
MISS LELAND, 789 Mission, near Fourth; lei,
ladle. 60c; gentleman $1; lucky charms, my 3 it
n iwned ; revealing lire's future events: ladies $1,
gtittilcuieu $2, by mail fi. Ollice &56 -Mission. mil tf
t_tf— V o you think of me at the twilight hour,
|f % When evening's calm is near?
B mDo you think of one who Is far away,
" ' Whom once you held so dear T
Do yon ever dream of the bygone times,
When we were not apart,
When our hands were join'd In a clinging clasp,
And heart was near to heart 7
Do yon ever think of the time that's past,
Of days thai used to lie.
When our spirits were free from worldly care,
When do you think or me ? _..„.«.
Is WONDER now many people will believe the
1 strange utstoiy I am about to write. Hot
4 many, I am positive, for as soon as my sad
- 1 sio-y becomes public It will be known that I,
a perfectly sane woman, am an inmate or an asy
lum lor the insane. 1. who was once society s
favorite; 1, who was ouce possessed of such
wealth of beamy as no woman before me ever
had How horrible it seems to think that lam
confined here by one I would give my life lo save
Hum the awful fate Hint awaits Hlm as be grows
older. Older? No. no, younger ! I alone, be
sides himself, possesses llie secret ol his lire and
tbe manner in which his coming lortuue may bo
ivci tod
1 nil) the daughter of a beautiful Spanish
woman and one who was a rich and wise man.
Sly father, Edward Hume, was a g.eat >»«"•
and 11 was his wish that his son, Leopold, should
follow in bis footsieps. Leopold was a gay
venue fellow many jeais my senior, fond of SO;
i-i. iv ni,(l me ladies; io It seemed as though my
falliei's Wish WOUld never be liiililled.
1 once wandered Into His study, but the sights
1 saw there weie too horrible to relate -horrible
cieaiii is of all kinds, parts oJ tlie human body,
well preserved, i bones' io winch dried flesh still
cluiL'gi Inning skulls, bottled beings. 1 stood
_ d Jazi d ii tenor. A part at the end of tie
room was curtained oB and. drawn toward it by
so " "Known, Irresistible power. I; advanced
fucking ,iv sleps. Knowing not what I expected
to see In.iUr.iL' aside 11..' curtain I gazed luto
the dun aiiariment beyond. Oh, horrors I My
heart stood Mill; my wi.ole being was paralyzed
l.y in.- sigiit 1 met there. A mass of mires and
vessels, which, as my eyes grew more used to
the dim light, luck the shape of the human foim,
lav on ibe Boor I The arms and legs were ii
their places ou the truuk, and, holding I lie Horrid
bead, my father stood gazing on the work oi lily
bands, Dining mo Inriant I stood there. i
beard my lamer muller, "Dust thou art," and
then I lied. Fiom that day until two years ago 1
looked upon my father as a muiderer I
A few weeks ailer the adventure my father
died, and In my childish hear! 1 rejoiced. > ''•
bad I known vvlia, was to Happen in a lev sin rt
years, 1 should have been anxious It. eniei Ilia
room of horrors ana destroy -but 1 must not
rave or become, In reality, insane. My biolher
went into lhe room alone, and when lie came out
I sawlbat his lace was pale as death Itself,
bin. although I knew what had made It so. 1 raid
nothing. Ills hands shook as he sealed up me
doors .if lhe room, but bis voice was turn when
lie forbade the teivauls to enter, From that
day Leopold was a changed man. for. although
ne gave up none of ins old pleasures, he would
pace ibe tloor by the hour with a pulled look
ou his handsome face.
as 1 g.ew up I threw myself into the cay
whirl .'I society, and ti led to drown the thoughts
of my falhei'a crime, but all efforts proved lire
less—lhey still remained with me, hauu'.lug my
dreams, pursuing me to the ball-room. -Thus 1
grew in in a pretty child to a dazzling beautiful
cli I.
A few years ago by brother withdrew from the
world, and, lor the hist lime hi ins life, shut
himself away iiom me. 'lwo hours dally he
spent iv our father's old study, and during me
remainder of the day he lead from musty old
uiauusciliis. Oue day he came lo me and said:
" tome, Leouoia, 1 have souielhlug lo show
Without a woid I followed him to nis study.
The mom was in excellent order— not a sign of
the tilings that had been there befoie. lie led
nic to the end of the room and pulled aside lhe
cm tain. My eyes weie almost blinded by the
Sight that met them. Lying on a lounge as
tliuugh asleep, one beautliul baud hanging care
lesslydown, was the most giandiy handsome
being 1 ever saw. ills hair was pure golden and
lay in curls on the blgh, while blow. llie lashes
and buns weie heavy and black, while the
beautifully shaped mustache shone as the hair—
glilieiiiig gold. The pure Oreclau nose, the
sweetly curving mouib, the while teetb gleam
ing through me parted mouth, the gtaud figure
all were without blemish.
I sank on my knees to feast my eyes on the
pei.'eet piaine. How long 1 gazed 1 cannot
icll, but 1 was dlsiuibed by my brother's whis
' ' Leonora, do you want him for your own?"
lie needed no answer oilier man my delighted
look, and taking my baud he laid it into lhe
stranger's, saying:
" 1 give him to you. When the work is com
plete he shall be yours to do wiih as you will."
1 started as my hand touched mat oilier, for In
II was no lite, it was a hand of wood.
"As yet lie is iioiliiiig but earlh," continued
Leopold. 'Our f.riliei began ibe work auu led it
for ore to finish. 1 can never see hlm alive, for
when his life begins mine musl end. it will not
bo long to wail, however, as death has beeu
knocking at my dooi for over a year."
Every day 1 went to look at this magnificent
man, and 1 gtew to love him Willi all the stiengtb
ol my passionate nature. He was mine— my
lather aud brother had made hlm for me— and no
oue could lake linn irom lue. We named him
Vincent (conquerlug) Fernando (pure love), lor
bad he not conquered me and won my love, as so
many had tiled lo do, and. as lie lay there, did
be hot picrein a picture oi "pine peace 1"
A weea afler 1 hud seen my love for the first
time, Leopold came io n.c and said in a weary
•• My lime is up, Leonora, and I must say good
by. But, child, dou't cry so," as 1 buisl into a
flood of teais, "1 have prepared a comloiter for
you, and you will be n.oie Imply man ever.
Come!" .
we soon stood In the presence of my Vincent,
and 1 tremblingly watched Leopold's every mo
"Here Is a bottle that yon must treasure as
your life. When Vincent has lived six years he
must drink this liquid, foi lie will live backward,
as It weie, bemuiiiug as you see me at ihe age of
31, and, if he noes not drink tills liquid, he will
become a Dabe, for lie will grow younger as the
veais pars. You hear me'/"
With my aid, Leopold raised the figure to a
silting posture, and pouted a dat liquid into the
mouth. Then, silling down beside lucent, he
1 drew the tight aim around himself and motioned
me to collie same around the oilier side. 1 heie
we sat in lenible silence for more lhau an Hour,
my brother growing weaker every moment. At
last be drew himself slowly up nil his face was
opposite the face of the man lie had ctealed. His
breath came more slowly man before, and then
there was a struggle, a gasp, and— Leopold war
dead. At the same moment I felt a shiver pass
through the frame beside me, liist veiy gently
and then more strongly, and 1 knew that me
mau was iiviua; my brother's death reversed.
The bieath came slowly, the eyes opened and
fixed themselves ou me wall opposite, aud— l
knew no mine.
When 1 came to myself some one was rubbing
my bauds. 1 looked up languidly, aud recog
nized one of our old servants. Fur some time I
could remember nothing— men me whole came
back to me. and i .nibbed aloud. Anna smoothed
li, d. Uk hair and v. hi spin ed condoning wools
to me.
"Where Is— where Is Mr. Fernando?" I asked
at last.
"ls be the gentleman wbo behaved so kindly
through lt all? He is just like poor, dear Leo
pold, for he knows Just what lo dJ. Shall I send
bim up to you-" asked mo servant.
lv a few minutes he came. and. throwing my
self upou his bieast, I bum iuto a flood ol tears,
and moaned out my sorrow.
Then followed mouths of bliss. Vincent took
up my brother's life just as poor Leopold had
left ii— being 111, but uol showing it. I never
knew what happiness was till then. Iv three
months a serpent crept Into my Eden In the
form of Lucy i'ope, a daughter of my falliei's
sisler. She was a pink and while Northern girl,
whose heart sent mi in blood in which the pas
sions of love and Hale would uot deign to dwell.
She soon bad eyes for none but Vincent, and he
myUod! He paid her more attention than ne
ever paid me. lv my rage, I told bim the whole
siory of lur creatlou, but lie looked at me Willi a
pitying look in bis handsome bine eyes, and 1
knew ne did not believe a word of my lale.
The night after this 1 was sitting un the moon
lit balcony when l heard voices in me grand
parloi— his voice and Lucy's. Heavens! what
was he saying to her? He was lelling i.er of his
iove tor her, and she, the little fool— she was
saying she was happy. My head spun 'round
and 'louud, and an iron band seemed to hold my
heait In a terrible grip. They weie coming to
the balcony and 1 forced myself to be calm.
How 1 congratulated them 1 do uol kuow, but 1
did li— did it with a smile.
I hastened the pieparatlous for the wedding,
and In weeks tbey were man and wife. Was
I content to have her steal bun fiom me?' Per
haps so, for my revenge was to be a royal oue.
He should die by the hand her whom be had
wronged, and his newly made wife should wit
ness the killing. He bad no soul, my brother
had giveu him to me, and it was uo sin io cud
his life.
Cue day we were walking through the beauti
ful paik. 1 was looking moie lovely than ever
befoie, for expectant revenge flushed my dark
face and brightened my glowing eyes. Linger
ing behind, under pretense of looking at a nne
flower, 1 drew a pretty Jeweled dagger, that bad
been my mother's, and tested it with my linger,
1 lie blood flowed from a deep cut In my finger,
but I heeded it not. 1 ian lightly down the path,
raised my dagiter, and was about to plunge It
lulo Vincent's back when a shrill cry rang out
on me calm air, my aim was grasped, aud Lucy
Pone bad saved her husband.
The nt xl thing I knew I tound myself in a
suite of elegant rooms, but the light I have comes
from lhe free atmosphere without through irou
bars. Vincent comes lo see me and i have faith
ful Anna, but my heart is crushed and bleeding.
He will nut di ink the liquid, and I am walling,
waiting for the time when Lucy I'ope turns from
the baby husband, and theu we will see how
patiently the beautiful Leonora will care for ibe
lender Infant she now loves so passionately. —
W. F. Newby hi Pittsburg Press.
It Knocked a Bole in the Steamer's Side
After Uelng Wounded.
A curious occurrence, resulting In tlie
loss of a steamer, occurred last Thursday
off the Varangcr Fiord In the north of Nor
way, says Beyer's Weekly News. A whale
that had been harpooned by one of the
steamers employed in those waters turned
upon its pursuers and rammed the vessel,
holing lt so badly that it sank almost imme
diately, the crew having just time to escape
from ihe sinking ship In boats. The whales
of the species frequenting the seas of the
north coast, from North Cape eastward to
Varanger Fiord, aro notoriously vicious
when attacked, and if not killed nt once by
the explosion of the shell attached to the
harpoon are apt in be dangerous.
We recollect a somewhat similar Incident
that happened eighteen years ago. A whale
was struck, out not killed Immediately, and
it rushed off, towing tlio vessel after it by
the harpoon line at a great speed. The en
gine of the steamer, about thirty horse
power, was started at full speed astern to
counteract the whale's strength, In the ex-
I'U'rtfUfrllWiVll fWll'irafctfrillir 1 .. t v nil i Jinn $ .■ nmni-fl
poctation that the animal would soon suc
cumb, but without avail; then the sails
were hoisted and backed, to still further
increase the drag, but still the vessel con
tinued to be towed at a high speed, on a
direct north course, away from the coast.
Tlio vessel was towed in this way for near
ly fifty miles without any sign of the ani
mal giving in. At length tlio position be
came so critical, the vessel not being pro
vided with an outfit for reaching the North
Tole. that the tow-rope was cut, and the
whale allowed to escape.
Thrilling Experience of the Pas
sengers of the Portia.
Recently the steamer Portia, while on her
way to New York, when off the coast of
Newfoundland, ran upon an iceberg. When
the vessel reached the port of destination
the master was seen by a representative of
the ilerald, who presented the following
The second engineer, Mr. McCoy, the
Itev. John *'. Potter, an Episcopal clergy
man, rector of Christ Church, in Harri
son, near Newark. N. J., thought was the
real hero of the hour, lie remained at his
engine through all tho terrifying moments,
and was therefore able, in obedience to the
captain's orders, to put on full steam the
moment the wave swept the vessel off the
ice spur, and got her out of danger.
' I found Captain Francis Ash, a Newfound
lander, whose keen, strong features made
linn look like a son of.New England, among
his business papers in his snug cabin on
board the Portia. This man, who was ice
master in the Hear expedition, who person
ally bore Greely back to frieuds and safety,
has had perhaps more experience with ice
bergs under every aspect than any other
steamship captain living. For the most ot
his life be lias been In the sealing trade.
He modestly asked me to narrate his latest
experience "without reference to his Arcic
Captain As li smiled at the suggestion that
he might have been too intimate with this
Newfoundland iceberg.
"I was sailing at full speed, it is true,''
said the cautain in the course of his story.
"We were about two hundred yards from
the bore. 1 did not consider that danger
ously close. In those clear waters you can
see any sunken spur at a depth oi many
fathoms. The berg had none. It had no
towers to topple over, lt was to all appear
ances a large, solid block from 600 to GOO
feet long and from 80 to 100 feet high. 1
have nt times passed near enough lo an ice
berg to touch it with my hat. 1 have often
when sealing tied up to an iceberg for a
week at a time. Certainly I never knew
one to behave as this one did.
"The iceberg was directly in our ccurse.
I proposed to pass at what I had every
reason to believe was a perfectly safe dis
tance. Just as we got abreast of the first
end I saw a few tons of ice fall out of its
square face. Then I told the man nt the
wiieel to steer to starboard. In ten seconds
there were three bergs instead of one. The
break was accompanied by terrible noises.
"The furthest purlieu ahead of us tipped
so that its submerged part arose directly in
our course, lifting us almost out of llie sea,
there being not more than three or four
feet of water under us. The propeller be
t'.rti to go around rapidly. 1 stopped the
engines. We had run squarely upon a shelf
about one hundred and twenty yards from
the main body of the berg. Then the com
inution of the waters caused by the plungo
of the berg rai.-ed a wave that swept on
ward while we were trying to go ahead. I
signaled the engineer to uroceed at full
speed. That was the critical moment. Had
the berg continued to roll it would have
carried us over and under. Had not that
wave helped us our ship would have been
high and dry on that mountain of ice.
"We left a broad streak of red paint on
that ice dock, and tne wave that saved us
swept quantities of ice aboard. This the
passengers gathered and put in tumblers of
water," said the cautain in conclusion.
Ministers In Convention — rromiuent
Speakers Present.
Yesterday was the second day of the Con
vention of the American Sabbath Union,
which was held in the rooms of the Young
Men's Christian Association on Sutter
street. In the morning Key. M. O. Buck ol
the First M. L. Church presided, and in the
afternoon Key. Mr, Johnston of Oakland
was in the chair. Key. J. Morrison of San
Bernardino officiated as Secretin'. The
convention was non-sectarian and had for
its purpose that of introducing to the San
Frauciseo public Edward Thomson, LL.O.,
District Secretary for the Pacific Coast, who
has for some time been engaged in the
southern part of the State in organizing so
cieties haviug for their aim the agitation of
Sunday laws.
The organization i. national, and Mr.
Elliott F. Sheppard, proprietor of the New
York Mail and Express, is its President.
The programme in the morning consisted
of devotional exercises and organization,
followed by a discussion of the topic, "The
Sabbath Home." which was led by Itev. -M.
M. Gibson, O.D. (U. P.) The question was
debated at considerable length by various
members of the convention.
Lev. John Thompson, 0.0. (General Bible
Agent, Pacific Coast), spoke on "Bangers to
the Nation From a Neglected Sabbath."
Br. W. W. Atterbury, D.D., of Nebraska,
State Secretary of the Association, spoke on
the work of the association.
Rev. W. 11. Scudder (Cong.) delivered an
address on "Daubers to the Nation From a
Neglected Sabbath," and Key. J. Q. A.
Henry (Baptist) on "Sunday Laws Not Op
Mat different views were entertained as
to the manner of obtaining Suuday legisla
tion through the Legislature, as well as to
what extent the Sabbath should be kept.
At the evening session Dr. A. J. Nelson
presided and introduced Miss Carrie Tan
of Chicago, International Secretary of tho
Young Woman's Christian Association,
who addressed the convention ou "Woman's
Interest in the Sabbath Question." Sho
was followed by Dr. Edward Thompson,
Secretary of the American Sabbath Union
of the Pacific Coast, who spoke briefly of
the necessity of a Sunday law in California.
Bishop John P. Newman, Vice-President
of the American Sabbath Union, was in
troduced and handled the question from tlio
standpoint of a layman, and assured his
hearers that he was proud to stand a de
fender of the American Sunday. We have
a right, said he, to demand that this day be
observed and respected as it was in the days
of our fathers. The American people are
thinking on the subject. They are discuss
ing it, and ere long we may expect to see a
giaud popular movement wliich will for
ever solve the Sabbath Question.
A Vuutliliil I'itlaburc duple Surmounts
.':.!-, liiOlßultles to lie Married.
Pittsburg, Aug. B.— A sensational elope
ment took place here last night, when .Miss
Annie Kress of 3809 Butler street ana Hurtle
Otte went to Buffalo, N. V., to he married.
Miss Kress is an orphan, and lived with her
uncle, Leopold Kiess of the Eagle Hotel.
She is only 10 years of age and the heiress
of Soo.ooo. One was the bar-keeper at the
lintel. When her uncle found they were
"keeping comnany" lie discharged Otto and
also administered a thrashing to him. Last
night when the couple bad started for the
depot Mr. Kress caught them and gave Otte
another beating aud started to take his
niece away, She managed to break away
from liini and again rejoined her lover. The
uncle then went to the depot, but failed to
find them. Tliey went out the road a short
distance and flagged the train. It stopped
aud took them on board, and tbey are now
supposed to be married.— Special to Chicago
Gaining for a Man's Life.
Before the war a man was on trial in
Lauderdale County for murder. The cir
cumstantial evidence against the man was
very stron?, and when the jury retired and
took a ballot the result was six for convic
tion and six for acquittal. ft remained this
way for two days and nights, neither side
showing any disposition to change their
minds. At last one of the jury, named Ml
vertootb, proposed a game of seven-tip be
tween the opposing sides, one man to be
selected from each side, and whoever won
the losing side was to stand by the result.
This was agreed to, and Silvertootli, who
was in favor of acquitting the prisoner, and
another juror, who was strongly in favor of
conviction, commenced the game. It was a
hotly contested game, aud each juror had
scored six points when it came Silvertootli's
time to deal. lio shuffled the cards care
fully and dealt off the sufflcient number to
each, and then turned a jack, which made
blm win the game and which saved the
prisoner's life. The six who were for con
viction voted with the other six for acquit
tal, and the prisoner was discharged from
custody.— Atlanta Constitution.
Tbo Danube Due.
Tlie Canadian Pacific Company's steamer
Danube, tlie first ol the fleet ordered liere
since tbe war was declared between that
company and tbe Pacific Mail Company, Is
due here to-day from Victoria. < The Dan
ube is consigned to J.. V. Spreckels & Bros.
blie ris i not a through boat, but > has been
rutin inn iou the sound. _: : She will : bring
down the freight and passengers destined
for This port tbat arrived at Victoria on the
last steamer Irom the Orient.
News Received of a Terrible
Storm nt Valparaiso.
Captain Meyer ' Reports a Danger to Navi
gation—Vessels Spoken at Sea— The
Damage to the Mary Garrstt.
A sailor who slopped on the American bark
I'm Hand Lloyds at Valparaiso, Chile, last month,
bas written Ills mother In this city au account of
a storm iv Valparaiso Uay . which almost rivals
the terrible one at Samoa. Tbe following are ex
tracts from the letter:
July 2d.— Is blowing a living gale and the waves
are breaking over the city. Some of the ships
parted their moorings and arc going ashore. The
life-boats bave taken the crew from a small brig
that was driven ou the breakers. A large steamer
alongside of us has parted her chains and Is in dan
ger of going down.
July 3d, 3 in the afternoon.— The weather Is not
settled yet. It blew great guns last night and will
prubablydoso to-night. A Nova Scotia ship,
English hark and a steamboat went down last night.
Tbe bark went ashore within 1000 yards of the door
of the Consulate. The Nova Scotia ship is 011 the
rocks near the railroad station and last going to
pieces, 'lhe sea-walls covered with people. We
got our lite-boat ready this morning as some of tbe
vessels ahead lost some of their moorings aud they
are in danger ot coming down upon us. A small
vessel close by us Is banging to one anchor. The
lite-boat went aiongdde 01 her this morning but
toon no one ott. She has since cut away her masts
ami is riding easier. All ships are sending down
their spars. We have ours down, with four anchors
The letter was evidently sent on board the mail
steamer bout'd north belore the storm abated.
Since then 110 advices have been received as to
whether the Portland Lloyds aud the other ves
sels weathered the vale or not.
The new cuilser Ball Fiauclsco will go on the
dry-dock al Hiiuleis Point this alternoou to be
cleaned and palmed, piepaialory lv making her
official tual trip. Her 1 ' 1 1 0111 lias got quite loul
while she lias been lying lv the bay. Captain
Miner liuodall is well bionzed by bis experience
t, 11 lhe cruiser on Saturday, lie says he was on
ii,- budge tor iliiiieen hours steady, aud at times
tbu vessel made close oil twenty knots au hour.
1 lie steamer Sauia ltosa arrived yesleiday
morning, sixly-live bonis from Sau Diego and
way puils, bringing 140 cabin and eleven steer
age passeugeisaud a large list of eight. Among
ber passengers was Judge Thurman uf Chicago.
The bull ol the wrecked steamer Mendocino, at
ibe noun spit In Humboldt Hay, has biokeu iv
two. Il ls said thai lhe hull bas moved 600 yaids
from Its original positlou. _,
'llie weather was hazy at I'olnt Lobos yester
day aud the wind all day fiom Hie northwest,
blowing in the ioienoou 28 miles and increasing
lv the afternoon 10 30 miles an hour. The bar
ometer read: 8 o'clock in Hie morning, 30.10;
uoou, 30.00; li o'clock iv lhe evening, 20.99.
Captain Meyer of the Chilean bane Lulsa Mai In
reported lo ihe llydiugiaphic Office yesleiday
that duiliig the passage heie from Caleta liueua
ou June Hum and July 7th heavy tbunder-storms
were encountered. In latitude 34° 02' mirth,
longitude 129° 20' west, a uumber of logs {were
seen Iloatiug.
Assistaut Engineer Campbell was Inspecting
and measuring piies^yesleiday forthe new slip at
lite lout of Lombard street. The contract for me
slip lias been let 10 Hie San Francisco liiidge
Cuinpauy and work will be commenced immedi
'1 lie river steamer Constance, which had a hole
knocked in her boiioui by sti iking a snag a few
days ago, went on the Merchants' JUiy-dock yes
leiday lor repairs.
Charles l.ougee went down in bis dress at Sec
tion 8 11 of Hie sea-wall yesterday to bx a defect.
lie it nialiird down lliieo bouts without coining
10 the surface.
The ship James Druminoud was spoken on
July li.iii iii latitude 32° south, longitude 3s
west; the Tliessalus. July liitu, lv latitude 3"
soulb, locgliude 21° weal; the Abertoyie, Au
gust Otu, in latitude 12- nollll, longitude 27°
west, and the inch Keith, July 14lb. 111 latitude
30° south, longitude 45° west. All excepting Hie
Abeifoyle are bound lor ibis purl.
The Oceanic Company's steamer Mariposa,
beuce, nrrived at Aucklaud, N. /... on -Saturday.
The Craigend in lived at Liverpool ou Friday aud
tbe Henry B. Hyde on Sunday.
ai the city office of ibeowuersof the steamer
Mary Ctiiiiait 11 was learned yestetday that the
damage to the steamer by lhe i've at Slocktou
will hoi exceed $4000. J his Is fully Covered by
lusiiiaiire. When lhe new administration 100K
bold ol aflali sail Hie steamers of the line were
The British ship City of Athens lias been char
tered to load heal 01 Hour foi the United
Kingdom, liavie or Antweip; rate, £2.
Although a stronc uortbwest wind was blow
ing outside all day yesterday, there were ouly
loin arrivals of vessels up to uaik.
Captain Lamb lib will go lv command of the
baik Valley Forge, which sails to-day for iS a-
Hie steamer Furalluu came over Horn Oakland
and docked at .Misslou No. 1.
The bark E. C. Allen leu ibe dry-dock at the
Union lion \\ 01 ks aid docked at Berry stieet.
The baiks Cuiypbcue and Nuiiabiitui will low
to sea lo day.
Ihe 11 .1 iiieid came down from Port Costa yes
terday and anchored In the stream.
The Daik Valley Foige will go to sea to-day.
The Cony vi ecu. 111 will go up 10 I'ort Costa to
day to load.
The ship City of Athens aud lhe schooner Fal
con went 10 ihe sugar iciineiy.
The W. G. livviu docked at Folsom No. 1.
The ilayuau Republic lowed 10 Misslou No. 1.
The ship .lulin A. lirlggs Is lying iv the stream ,
wheal Mi'ii'ii for Europe.
The steamer Columbia la having her propeller
shall II.Md at Spear-stieet I, an by menus of a
culier-dara. __________________
KKAL, ESTATE tuaasautioxs,
Robert Kaessier to A. Krancheschini, lot on
N. line of Fourteenth St., 148 W. of Folsom,
w. A* ißt i. -V 130, K. 30:6. S. 130:1 ', $10
Carl IS. iM'pler to (ieorge llass, lot on K. line
or Twenty-ninth 100 N. of Sit.. S. 49:8,
BK. to point, N. 230. W. 120, S. 181:0, W.
120, to beg 10
William M. Cubery and Wife to George Vf.
Kotlas.*, ims 14 and 15. illock 12, Flint Tract
Homestead 10
Giovanni Aran to I eter .McLean, lot on E,
line of lirynii*. aye., IS2 s. of Twenty-third
St., S. 2t)ilOU 10
Tacitlc Land Association to Mary C. Hughes,
lot on K. line ot Carolina St.. 125 S. of Napa,
8.23x100 ... 6
Charles N.leiUit] (by attorney) to Leon (ireen
ler.-, nil mi >'. line of Carl St., 175:7Vs W.
of Cole, W. 50x137:6 10
Sarah A. Damon to i'.eubcu T. Hopkins, lot on
SI. or. ol O'iarreil and Mollis sts., S. 'li
-90 10
Fit hard Ilarrotd to Lulga carbolic, lot on S.
Hue of Chestnut st., 87:0 Li. or Stocntdn, ii.
50x»3:d 10
Augusta 11. S.inusirom to Oscar FOBS, lot on
.NW. line of Minna St., 400 SVV. of Fourth,
SW. 22x80 4,300
1.n.1, tl Shlrek et al. to William lleukel, lot
on 8. line of I'luo St.. 137:3 l'l. of Buchanan,
K. 60x137:0 10
Calvin -'.. Knlckcrbotker to U. D. McLean,
lot on >' W. line of Howard St., 274:10 svv.
of First, SW.O:2iBS „ . 10
Kate A. Van Wyck to William S. Tevls. lot en . '.
V. line of .lack-on St., 87 :0 K. of Fierce, E.
50x127:8>/4 10
Kicbinond Villa Association to 1). 8. I'.icli
m.iii, lot on W. Hut of Tenth aye., 200 S. of
Point Lobos. S. 25x100 926
William E. II alio way to Mary B. yon Schrue
der, lot ou SK. cor. li st. and Thirtieth aye.,
SK. 600x240 -. 10
William 11. Swain to Maurice i.ritltn. lot on
W. line of i'otroro aye.. 85 S. of Twenty*
third St., S. '.15x100 10
John Klelnhalis to Charles il. Ford, lot on
MW. cor. ot U st. anil Thirty-eighth aye.,
W. 210x000 10
Bridget o'ltrlen to Martin (ilynu. lot on vv.
line of lioi-dolu St., 100 S. ot Sullivan, 8.
60x100 450
Jacob lleytilali to Matilda A. Mcuougali. lot
on BW. Hue of W st.. 57:6 W. of lliirty
nlulhavo.. w.OOxIOO 10
Heiryinaii isryant and wire to Calhoun liry
ant, lots 3. 6 and 7. Block 15, I Invirsity
Extension Homestead 8,546
Kcrryman liryant ami wire to Calhoun liry
ant, lots 3 and a. Mock 530: also lots 2, 3,
4, 13. 14 and 16, block 6.9, Kay View
Homestead Association 0,323
7 .' ■■-■
Hlbernla Savings aud Loan Sod ty toM. lint
ler, lot 39x115, on W. line of Union st.,
172:6 8. of Twenty- fourth w .. 250
E. A. Kandlett to A. Kouudy. lot „0x.16,
on NW, cor. of I'acllic aye. ami I'aris st — —
Moses H. liiiauis to l*. Monroe, lot l'JOx
135. on M_. cor. of Itore and Louisa sts.,
Herkeley 10
.1. Doherty to c. 11. Scott, lot 37:6x100, on 8.
line of Flflh St., 75 E. of Brush
O. I), de Ferrari to L. 1). Ferrari, lot 60x100,
on N. line of Spruce St., 150 E. of Daven
port. Alameda -7 jq
J. F. Davis to Stewart Irwln, lot suxloii , on
.N. line of Thirty-third st„ 366:3 E. of Mar
ket 9^5
Charles Johnson to M. A, Johnson, lot 72x
276, on 8. line of Prospect aye., 1584 E. ot
Telegraph road Gilt
Annie L. Wells to Mary E. Ayres, lot 85x123*
on W. Hue of Myrtle St., 203 S. of Forty
eighth \ Gif
Q. F. Reynolds to H. A. Kandlett. lot 50x150
on SE. cor. oi ltailroad aye. and Chestnut
street. ..'...., jq
W. J. Smith to M. (.'Council, lot 10x100* "oil
IS E. cor. ol Forty-Am si. and San I'ablo aye.,
. Oakland ■ jq
1i1111, 1.i-.' Contracts.
Frederick J. Hund with Schutt'Jfc Hrecker to
build on E. cor. of Folsoni and Haywood sts NE.
28:6X60; *4705. •-.■.'.,*.
E. Auzerais with Cabin A Hall, to build elevator
on SW. cor. of Fowell aud Ellis st.s. 48x75' » '540
Swain liros. with C. C. Terrlll, to umid. boitiuiiluir
200 N. of Mission St. and 186 W. of Eltbtb. vv 3Mi
75; 81966 50. * su. 11.00*.
John Nightingale Jr. with A. Jackson, carpenter
work on N w. cor. of Van Ness aye. and Market St..
N. 39 3-16. W. 23. S. 56:4. NX 28:4; *4600.
___. _
Greek Meets Greek.
There is a low in the Greek Church
circles in this city over the removal of
bodies fouud in the Greek Cemetery to the
City Cemetery. Health Inspector Harris
suggested the removal to the Orthodox
Eastern Church and Benevolent Society
and the work was undertaken upon the
order of that society. Its enemies, how
ever, object, and threaten to sue for dam
ages, It is said that already fifty bodies
have been removed, while the Health Office
records only show twenty-six interments.
.:.-.. Will Ask for n I'ardon.
Charles li. 'Wilson, who was convicted of
murder in the second degree in this city in
June, 1886, and - sentenced to San Quentln
for seventeen years, has notified the Dis
trict Attorney that lie will apply to the
Governor for a pardon in the usual manner.
Sabbath Observance.
, Rev. J. B. Campbell presided at a meet-'
ing of the | Presbyterian I Ministerial Union
yesterday morning which was held for the
purpose of listening to an address by Rev.
W. W. Atterbury.D.D., Secretary of the New
York Sabbath Committee on Sabbath Obser
vance. The address was of an interesting
character— especially the history of the New .
York organization, of which Dr. Atterbury
Is Secretary, the policy of which society is
confined to the secular phase of the Sab
bath.avoiding the religious element entirely.
Arguments in the Federal Court
on Ks Power.
Argument was commenced yesterday
morning in the United States Circuit Court,
before Judge Sawyer, in the case of Lee
Sing ex parte Chief of Police Crowley,
otherwise known as the Bingham ordinance
case. The large attendance of Chinese tes
tified the deejf interest taken by the pagan
population in the case, involving as it does
under the ordinance their future right of
residence in Chinatown, from which the
ordinance provides for their removal.
, Counsel for the defense argued that to
move Chinatown would mean the removal
of Chinese domestics; that the value of
property In Chinatown had not deteriorated
by the presence of the Chinese; that a busi
ness of 815,000,000 a year was done there;
that the Chinese were not vicious, immoral
and criminal as alleged; that the ordinance
was in distinct conflict with the treaty be
tween this country and China; that under
the ordinance the highest Chinese, such as
oven the Emperor of China, would nut bo
allowed to stay at any special point except
that provided for the general reception of
all the Chinese, and that the ordinance was
a direct discrimination mist the Chinese
as a race, which was entirely opposed to the
Constitution of the United States.
Assistant City Attorney Humphreys ar
gued that the ordinance was intended to
assist the powers of the police. There was
no attempt to legislate precisely against the
Chinese, except as they wero an over
whelming evil to the city. The safety and
welfare of the city demanded tlio indorse
ment of the ordinance. Ho then cited at
lengtli a large number of authorities to
show that the Supervisors had power to
pass such an ordinance.
The case was then submitted to the Court.
There was a very fair business in mining stocks In
the first session yesterday morning and prices were
better, but variations were neither numerous nor
In the afternoon board there was a break. Bel
cher sold down to $2 96, Con. Cal. A Virginia 10
$3 70. Potosl to $6, Savage to;? 3 95 and Sierra Ne
vada to fl 40, the other stocks declining from 10c
to 20c.
The close was about 6c lower all around.
Local securities were active, with fractional ad
vances in 8. \. Water, 8. F. Gas and Hawaiian Com
Black Diamond Coal Company has declared a div
idend of 20c.
Kentiick is assessed 30c.
The Standard Con. delinquent sale takes place to
The production of the Comstock lode last week
was as follows: opblr, 60 tons of ore, assaying $23;
Con. Cal. A Virginia, 1 30 tons, s22 75; Chollar.l26
tons, $22 72: Savage, 622 tons, (20 50; Alta, 350
tons, * 22: Overman, 432 tons, %_.%_; Justice, 194
tons, $31 73.
Commonwealth has shipped 19, 282. Tbe mine
produced last week 341 tons ore.
.North Commonwealth has shipped to the eoncen*
trator 400 tons aud to the mill 100 tons, assaying
$242. ,■■".:■
Assessments fending.
Tie following Is a list of asst ssments now pending
>taii(l:inl (.'on., .- 3
inieCoo 8
Silver King 3
ladle Con m
•on. PicUe 12
Vinikoll 4
•elrher 40
'resccnt 4
'rulkshanlc.., 1
exchequer. 29
tuna Kors 1
Uiuont '»
'on. Imperial 2*
•'. lionauza II
•nil Sherman I
i.i Mi Con 4)
<avajoQueen '
rrojaa II
llnenU King (
)ccidental '
;tali II
>luviluwer 41
'eer I
motive I
'eeriess It
Lentui-K 2:
.July 21 ..Sept 15
.July 10. Auk '.'5
.July 17 .Auk Ti
.July 32 ah; -jii
.July 26 Auk 23
.July lit* .An* SI
.Allg 2 .AUK •-!»
.A IK 4!.aiib M
An- 10. Sept 4
.Aug 11 ..Sept 6
.Auk 13 .Aug 30
.Aug 17 .Sept 11
)i.AU|{ 18 .Sept 3
■ .Aug 301. Sept 4
il.Aug 21 .Sept 15
.Aug 22 .Sept 6
.AUK 23 .Sept b
I An? 30 .Sept 2-2
s .Sept 6 ..Oct 7
M.sept ,<ict 2
i H«pt « . Sept 29
i Kept 7 ..oet 3
»|. Soul 13. .0ct 7
i h ji; 14 ..»Ct 14
j'.Sept ..Oct ..
*i.4 of lc per share.
-Note— Assessments of nilurs not listed on the
1 ...... full vi..:,, .:. in onice.
loiliwiirjr were the sales yesterday in the San
1 t..i. . .*, , Stock Hoard:
Hl.rrt-I.AR SKStrtoV— 9 .Bo A. M.
60 A1pha. ..1.101 SO C Imp 40 '.'OO Occld 90
800 Andes 00 '100 Sir iou Ophlr. ...d.70
60 Belcher. 3.lo UOO Exchq «:. __50 4.65
200 .S.U.i'lllo 90 IOU 4.00
60 li A 15...11.0 . 500 li « 17 . ..'J. 100 Cotoel. ...«'•/
200 80d1e.. .1.10 '.1UU 2.15,300 _i_
IUU ..s 30. ..1.1(1 150 II * y....'1'.-j tooOßavife.4.Bo
000 Hiillioii..'-!.do V.Ab 100 4.35
501'b.ill C..2.15] 70 2.80 800 41,1
2011 Chollar.. 200 lion. lrii Sli iii. .1.31)
liud '-'.ISO 150 Mexican.!. 10 .Nev... .2 : ',s
270 C C* V. 3.96 50 ..0 6 3.10 100 Uni0n. ...2. 45
300 C pacific. li overm..2.ou!2oU VJairket.3.lo
SO Cl'olUl..2.tiU.loU 1.96|
intßstros BK-SSlos.'—
100 Alta 1.10 Kxctto 90100 Potosl...
100 Andes 'itou ii A «...'_!. 10 .savage..
..ti B„ 60 100 U Prize.. ..3U's_.U 4.00
60 ueicner.a.9D;7SU H *>'... V.40l 20 3.05
6 3.00.200 lleudrcks..4o 200 SIHM..II,
200 ltodie....lVi l IHO Justice. . 1.30 100 8Nev...2.6U
4SU Bullion. .2.70 20U KeiltlicKl.Uo 100 2.64
IOU l r... .1 C..2. 15. Mexican 2.80J1U0 Uni0n. ...2.35
100 Lb 1iar. .2.60 60 2.<>_> II) Utah 65
320 C C A V.3';0200.n 11 isle. 1.05 250 W C0in. ...60
SOU Imp 115 luu.)i>iinir...4ij, 100 VJacxel.3.ls
100 Ul*olut..2.4o|loJ Potosl Ui,,,
Following were tne talcs in '.lie Pacific Stock Board
rKIt'IAB session— lU:3o.
lim A1pha.. .1.15 200 0 0 * v 3.70 100 0ph1r. ...4'i
1111 l 1.20 200 Ulmp 39 2 00 4.60
300 Belcher. 3.lo 500 37'.j 100 4.66
..•oO 3.06 460 Crocker. ..2l| 60 4.70
350 151e... 1.00 450 (' l-i.1iit..2.6f.60(10vruin...1.96
200 1.05 40O__-xc1ieii....9U4. , >0 2.00
•2110 UA 8...3.05 I.UO 84:4110 1'0t0a1....6: «
2UU 80d1e. ...1V4'5UU 95.350 ..6'/j
400 1.3U3U0 901 100 6' „
600 1.35;70U0 A. ...2.1C 160 6'/
75.1 8u11i0n.. 2. 7U l.'ii) 2.16 lr',o 5.1V.1KV....4
250 2.60 500 2L_ sOO 4.20
100 2% 160 114 N...2.41 150 4.16
400 2.66 160 Just ice.. 1. 11l ,00 Is BAM... 11.4
300 2 , , i .HUOKentuCkl.Uii 150 1.20
200 Uiioll.ir...'-'V I SO Mexican. 3.lo 200 Mini 25
200 2.65 IUU 3.06 500 t tan... .62' ■_
100 2.70J I
100 Ain1ia...1.16 IOU C 1'01nt...2i _. 200 0vcrui.. 1.95
IUU All 1.10100 2.55 2(10 1.90
200 Andes 551300 tlxcneq... .91;175 1'0t051....6i 4
100 Belcuer.3.Os|4oU U A C... 2. 10 260 6.00
150 2.95,150 2.1>6h_50 Savage.. 4. l6
IOU 114 8... 3.05200 Justice.. 1.30150 -1 1 „
50 3.oo;36UKeutuckl.UU,loU 4.10
260 Belle 1. .1.001 50 96 60 4.06
200 80d1e. ...i',4 150 90 650 4.00
200 bu1110n..2.7(i.750 150 3.95
2UO 2.65,130 Mexican. 2.9s 260 3.90
400 Cllnp 37 100 Mono 45 150 M Nev... 2. 70
3UU.... 3"'-_ 150 Upmr .3U0UUa....62V«
L'ou-N V...2-! I
31o_«UAY, Aug. 18-4 P. m.
.I'M. Allied., JIUI. AsknL
Alpha '..05 -l.lustlce 1.30 1.35
Alta 1.16 1.20 Keniut'-t 85 90
Andes 50 —La ily Waslingn. 30 35
Belcner 2.90 —(Locomotive.... — 10
Belle Isle. 1.00 1,05 Mexican 2.85 2.9U
I. est ,v Belcner.u.oo —Mono 46 60
Bodle 1.10 —Navajo 30 —
Bullion 2.00 2.65 .Nev Queen 60 65
Itulwer 20 26 -n Belle Isle 1.00 1.25
Caledonia '30 35 Occidental 80 !-5
Central '10 — jupliir 4.60 4.56
Challenge C0n.. 2. 10 —Overman 1.95 a.ou
Chollar 2.60 2.65 Peer 05 10
Commonwealth — 2.70 Peerless 10 15
Con Cal A V1r.. 3.65 3.70 Potosl 6'fe 0.00
Con New York.. 26 —Savage 3.90 4.00
Con Imperial... 35 40 sli i Mules C..1.20 1.26
Crocker 20 26 Scorpion 16 20
Crown P0int. .2.40 Sierra Nevada.. 2.(so 2.65
Del Monte 1.00 1.25 Silver Hill 20 25
Exchequer 86 9U Union Con 2.35 —
could A curry.2.oo 2.06 Utah 60 —
(.land Prize 25 —Weldon 06 10
Hale A _Sorcrs..2.lo 2.40 V Jacket 3.10 —
Julia 'I" 2S|
Mosiwr, Aug. 18-2 r. «.
Sid. AskecLl Hid. Asked.
OH 8d5.4'5.. .1233/g — ll'acincl.lghtg. 79 79"^
CutaCoWßds.lOU 101 Gaslight.. 69 69".4
llunut-st Btls.loß 128 Stkton (J A 11. 30 60
F4C'llseKyß.lo6 : !ilUß Cal-stltlt 107 JIU
MAl'ltKßds... 80 — Central K8.., 18 24
Mkt-stHKßdsl23',il26 City XX. — 100
N V CoastKK. - 103 |X * 0 Use Ky 37 4214
NP II Bits.. 114114116 Ueary-stKK. — lUO
NKyofCall»dslo9ii — NBA MR it. 60 63V4
Oinnlbn-iUBd.II9 1191/j Omnibus RK. — 80
P4OltKßds...lldV l2o Presidio It it.. 20 -
PACIIKyBiIs. — 109 Anglo Nev As. 90 —
Powl-stßyßd. — 120 California InsllS —
SPKltArizUdslOdi'g - (oiniuerc'lliu — 90
Sl'ltKCalUas.lls')i — Fireman's _rii.ls2i' 3 160
SPP.KCaIBSs.IO3 — Home Mlltual.l6o —
SPBrKCaindsll'-ii-illSii Slate luvestiu 76 77 '
SVWater 6'5..124V*126 Union Ins Sii',;. 94
SVWater4's.. 921,3, 95 (Atlantic Pow. — 46
AnnloCalßnK. 86 90. Cal Powder... 165 —
Bank 0fCa1... 267 275 (ilant Powder — 70
CaiSafeOepos 48 60 Sal'tyNUPow. X'isr* 14
FlrstNatßank. — 180 Vlgorlt Pow.. 7Va 7\<t
Ll'iAmUauk.l23i^ _ Vulcan Pow.. — 18
LA 8 F Bank. 35 37y a Cal Elec Light 21% 22
Pacific 8ank. .161 170 Cal Kloo Wka. — 5
Merck Ex 15 23V4 Haw'n Com... 17% 18
Blue Lakes W. 18 — llutch'n Sugar 23 -25
Contra Cos W. 92 — Juds'iiMTgCo 20 25
Marin Co W... 46 60 Oceanic 8 8.. 98 ' 99
Water.... 98V4 V. 1 Pac B8 * 8... Os —
Central Uas... 80 90 IPac In A Nail. — 35
Los Ansa Gas. 55 — [Pac l'lionogh. I\'* H/_
Oakland Has.. : 841.4 34»i PacWoodaw'e 25 —
PacUaslinCo 06":% «7 ' _
Board— 2o Pacific Borax. 651,21 »1000 S V 6,°.'
Bonds 12134.: 5 S F Gaslight, 69; 6 Oakland Gas.
34»; • »5000 Omnibus Cable Bonds, 1 19 i.ii; 100 S V
Water, 98%; 100 Contra Costa Water, 92.
Board-BO Hawaiian Commercial, 18; 100 8 F
Gaslight 69: $5000 Omnibus Cable Bonds, llil',*.
Street— loo Contra Costa Water, 92; 100 do 5,
92- J'J' mo s p ... a Bonds, 109 Vi; 40 Omnibus
. Cable, I._k-' ''■"■ - - ,•'•'- ' ' '■ " : '
Parasols made of the best linden wood,
manufactured by Finnish peasants is Hi ;i
suburbs: of Viborg, ore in -fashion In "•• ;
Kusslan summer resorts along lines of Vie
liusso-Fiunisli railroads. . : They are ; licit, -;
elegant and very clieap. ; * |
J Wade, Martinez J 8 Osborne A vr, Vlsalla
T L Oaf ner. El Dorado J A Lorkbalt, Tulare
OT Rousslii, El Dorado X Lutz, Outteuberg
D J Jay. Cincinnati J 11 Little. San Jose
F 0 Jay, Cincinnati M llurthain, New York
W Marshall, Modesto M lilekle. New York
JJ Elllnghand Aw, Stum- T il Newman, San Jose
ford J B Hoffman. Stockton
R Williams, Sliver King w Jackson, Modesto
J E Patterson, i'leasanton J B Butte, Cklah
N Patterson. Pleasanton J Koos, San Jose
A Elliott, Sacramento L C Smith, Alameda
J II Hudson. New York I Gaurle, San Leandro
M E Anderson, RedwoodC W Fltzpatrlck, Los Ang
J Twoney, Dohertv A W Lceman, Los Aug
O Morris, Los Angeles H E Sheldon, Staßarbara
T F Corbett, Los Angeles C L Cambron, San Die-to
J A Farrely, Santa Cruz E L Cambron A c.S Dlego
E M Price A wr. Dalab I' Cainburu, San Dlego
O Crandall. Redding E Camburu, San Dlego
0 L Stanley, Guerueviile I Mrs Travis A c, Sn Dlego
V It Norton, Madera J Zanarkle. Crass Valley
Mrs Oil bert, Los Angeles < . Harrison. Portland
G Smith, Cloverdale W High. Denver
L M Davidson A wf, Cal R Nanman, Denver
A stielbey, Denver •-• C J Winkler* wf, Ohio
J Watson. Los Angeles W Duncan, Monterey
W Sonic, Los Angeles T D Bristol, Sacramento
W J Johnson. Sacto ll Thompson, Chicago
X II Illiin. Visalia !F Hunter. San Jose
W Frledben. Flagstaff J J Sullivan A w.Sonoma
£ 11 Archer*!. fy.Madisonlw M Wootenir, Madison
I) Pfuhl. Eureka A B Treadwell, Stockton
J M Finch, Crockett C S Young, Rio Itonlt Col
A J lllelb A w, Napa J llLee w ,v I, New Haven
J W Kerrlck, Stockton J Farley, New York
F J bouncy A w, winton Mrs Glover. San Jose
FKCuiilifiiilham,L Angels T Grady, San Jose
1 Chase, Halifax X G Maine. San Jose
Miss Scot.)-, San Diego X Mia-. Oakland
vv a ice, New Zealand X Nuns, san Jose
M Leg?, Ireland Kitty Minns, San Jose
O N Taylor, Oakland X Mms, San Jose
S A Dabeuck, Oaklaud M 11 Sims, San Jose
WII Wood, Sacramento MSA Ashman, Atchison
W M Hoard-nan, Nevada >' M Macmlllan, Sn Diego
R Phillips, San Jose 0 Benedict * w. San Jose
T Grady, San Diego J Kerrick. Stockton
E A Spegle, San Jose D Jayes, Stockton
J 0 Uridine, Hanford T Marriott A w, Alma
G Man. llur, St Louis S England, San Diego
J 11 Miller, Chicago 0 0 Starr, Stockton
W C Leonless S»,_(T .Miss A Sibley, Porterville
Miss Leonless, New York i-l Tadlocic Jr, hrestio
M 11 lieartic. Los Angeles Mrs G C Lomtley.Los Ang
II A Mills. San Rafael Dr W J Qiiinlan. Montery
Mrs P Brush, Sacramento V H Laytou, Monterey
G VV Henry, Sacramento Mrs C A Booth, Monterey
J W Conway, Monterey Mrs J L Davis. Clara
F E Titus, Oregon Miss Davis, Santa Clara
J I' Wiiiard, USA M J Murphy A it, N York
Li II Faniiibarsoii A wife. Col J X Smith, USA
San Itafael Mrs Smith. Los Angeles
It G Stanwooit.Marysvllle Miss Smith, Los Angeles
o KGell. Salinas Miss E Thompson. Los A
Mrs Eastwood, Vallejo M Johnston. Glasgow
E T Clowe, Woodland H C Smltn A w, Nw York
Mrs J VV Sperry, Sausallo G Alexander, New York
Miss M A Miller.Sausalto A Kehlraaun, Portland
G Telglnnau, Sausalito 0 W Pauley. San Diego
MrsGTelghman.Sausalto D G Campbell, Sau Diego
Miss D Telghmau, Cum- Miss A E Fountalne,
beriaud I Brooklyn
Miss A Telghman.Cmbrld Miss M J Cummings.Bkln
W 1' Putnam 4; w, Porlrvl |
AII Robinson A w~. Cat iJ w Hammond, nanford
S Watson, Astoria II C Payne, San Jose
T Cuunuliigs, Sacramento II L Palm. Ohio
J Telibutt, Tacoma W Cook, Reno
J W Hammond, Harford Ii LGriswold, Reno
A C Morgan, Delano |R Holgersou. Santa Rosa
C Woodward Aw, S Diego (J Healiber, Nebraska
C lilies. Los Aiikeles IE Deaconing. San Jose
J Waldrlf & w, Ensenada A H Hall, Tacoma
c II Reed Jr, Los Angeleslß 11 Griffith, California
J Warren, Los Gatos c P Jackson Aw, S Pedro
T li Wlnrorth, Mexico w Jackson, San Pedro
J V Dawson, lone City J II Jackson, San Pedro
B R Thurkutf. Lathrop Miss L Jacitson, S Pedro
W Carson. Novata A V Hainpstead, Oregon
J P Mote *w, California L L Allan, Oregon
11 Wolfe, Watsonvllle J S McLaughlin, Martinez
I; Olsen, v. atsonvtlle L C Carey, Sau Mate
E High, Pennsylvania Mrs J Harriman, L Gatos
il I) stltzel. Pennsylvania Miss Harriman, Los Gatos
J West, Cleveland J W Oison, Truckee
J F Nickel, Ukiah A Larson. Stoekton
J w Simpson, Fresno W llayling, Pasadena
l: E More, San Kafnel D J Sullivan, California
W Bertram. Merced -
A Kahn, Tomales iP Stow, Pomona . I
C C Martin, Glenwood Ui 11 Miller, Sacramento
VV A llaytie, Sta Barbara! C M Scainuion.Sebastopol
J J Morton, Oakland A E Scammon, Sebastopol
H B Vatitllii, Cal J A Heath, san Diego
vv Brlsco, Stockton J Scarlett A wf, Ventura
C G Taylor, Eureka 8 W Pierce & wr, Davis
J C Harrison, Portland Mrs C X Simpson, 111
J vv Roper, Chico Miss Simpson, ill
A L Nichols, Chico E Hieklin, Pomona
CM Burr. Pasadena Illi Kentlrick. Staßarbara
Mrs N Kelley, Marysvllle VV Lacy. Lais Angeles
A V Lamotte. Glen Ellen It E Lunt. Los Angeles
F L Reed, Dudley Mrs Elrter, San Diego
A W Brooks, Seattle Mrs W H Gibbon. Dlego
J II United, Wadsworth C it Dowe. Woodland
J M Mcl'lke. st Helena Mrs v W Williams, S Jose
J Smith, Portland J Westwood a- sn, Mass
G X Ford, Carson J II Itowe, San Jose
F .Northrop, Chicago Mrs WW Cunningham,
W D Doane A Auburn Mrs J P Cunningham, Cal
A F Welch, Grldley N W Blanchard, sta Paula
Miss Flint, sail Juan Mrs Blaucnarii, Sta Paula
.1 M Fulton, Reno M Gagus. Red Bluff
J M Dunlap. Madera C Sprague. Buffalo
J C Sprigs * wLSanlllego R Hlckmott, Haywards
W J smilh A wf.Courtlud 0 W I'latt, VacavUle
J C Carter, Falnleld W Tormev, Vallejo
E W Council, San Jose E J Wilson, Vallejo
J M N Wood, Stockton 0 Wood A wf, Danville
(' Sloan, Las Vegas Mrs W M Lyon, Sacto
N Sloan, Las Vegas L L Woodruff. Salt Lake
C N Hater, Santa Paula w p Woodroif, S'lt Lake
.1 W Dates, Santa ltosa J Boyer, Los Angeles
L J Olive, Santa Cruz J C Mogu, Colusa
Mrs Lewis, Oakdale W McLaughlin A wf , Sac
A Andrew, Sacramento
II N Whltcomb, Monterey iO C Fitzgerald, Santa Cruz
.1 A Skinner. Monterey I J W Balch. Port Costa
J A Harris. Santa Rosa J Hamilton, Dixon
J Wlsrott, Santa Rosa 6 Dewey, Woodland
N B Klrtlev. Yuba City I J Gallagher, Delano
11 F AifordA a, Fresno J S Ledfonl, I.os Angeles
J F Qulgg. Illinois J M Gall igber. San Jose
1) M l.ri - r., llama A M Kennislon, San Bdno
1 C hdgi-cumbe. Vallejo w B Anthony, Alaska
I. P Smith 4 wf. Gonzales T B Hopper * t, Healdsrg
C E Van. Gonzales J C Steele, Pasadena
J M Shannon, VacavUle 0 A Bice *f , Arroyo Gnde
E I. Meek, Marysvllle 0 Valr A wf, lowa
811 1- nolle), Forest 1111 l L A Hardin Af. Petaluma
J E Mitchell. Orlaud M Cannon. Ventura ..■ .;. ■.
W Hood, irrlainl J Field, Cloverdale
J Culverhouse, Redding JVV Turner, Petaluma
W c Shaffer, Marysvllle J Dow, Santa Barbara
EB W ill is. San Antonio Mrs Bond As. San Diego
VI A Long, vv mums J J Morton, California
.1 M Logan A- I, Bedding J N Tyler. Tomales
.1 o Weed, ( hlco I) Maloney. New York
G W HUH, Woodland J J Kelleu, Eureka
W T Biatt. Shasta W W Wright. Volta
(' Caselv, Montague N Blby. Volta
J o Hull, Montague J L Murphy, Los Angeles
c Halght, Montague J R Ceok, Lakeport
C A Doyle, Montague W A Hays, Lakeport
J C Ball, Petaluma J W Bona, Lakeport
J I: llorlifoi-,1. Wood J M Ilendley, Sonora
J E Martin & wf. Conway J W Houston. Courtland
P Ward, Duncan " W Ely. Santa Cruz
E D McCabe, Modesto J C Gibson, Templeton
QVV vv bitty, Tulare * J Miller. Oregon
C A Vooeltiian. Modesto Tll Cartwrl-tht. Salt Lake
F W Donnelly, Modesto RII Lauor, Oregon
G BReed, Denver U Craig, Woodland
A li Heed. Denver 'G M Franks, New York
L E Evans, Springfield 1 11 Fenuell. Oskosh
J A Montgomery, L Angle II ilarstes. Philadelphia
It G I nut. Los Angeles IJSArmdt, Philadelphia
G W Ford .v w, S Ana IN It Gillls, Philadelphia
W 11 Si urgeon. Santa Ana '(_ W Cooper, Calllornla
E S Boseburg. Omaha N Cash, California
L W Bates, Tacoma Isaac Cook, St Louis
I) M Baker, Santa Ana Mrs I Cook, St Louis
W Downing, Suisuu C Watson, St Louis
.1 W Stilt. VacavUle H Kelssley. Albu-iurque
X I siroby. Denver I. H.McVVblte, Fresno
Mr Mi vvson. London G G Goucher, Fresno
.1 A Johnson, Napa l'l II Barton, Modesto
o F Braub, Los Angeles W P Floto, Modesto
1, Goldsmith, Los Angeles A G Fruhllitg, L Angeles
J McNevlti. Ovvenalitir (1 S Berry A d, Visallo
E S Hall, Newark, N J J II Caldwell. Modesto
Mrs B .1 llall, Newark, S RClayes, Modesto
T Hall, Newark, N J IF Fi Vadlock Jr. Modesto
o R Wick, Wisconsin W Tabbelts, Sutter Ck
F Padlock Jr, Fresno I Mrs M L White, Cklah
(' J Perkins, Cal Mrs E B Crocker A maid,
0 1* Anderson, Seattle ■ Sacramento
Mrs D M Delmas, Mount- Miss Rhodes, L Angeles
am View ¥ B Koss, Hedland
W 11 Jackson A wf, San d I: Robinson, Albuqnrk
Jose J B Robinson, Chicago
W W Pope, Albuquerque N 1* Chipman. Red Bluff
C li i iii.it, , Omaha J B Cone. Red Bluff
.1 M Ksllo-.11, Sonora J E Usher, San Jose
vv p Harrington. Colusa li Peyton, Santa Cruz
A 11 Rose, California 1 J 1-eiinlch. St John
M 11 Kelly & «, Willows II li Bush * w, N Orleans
Mrs E Franklin. Sac Mrs w II Gllson, S Diego
.1 1) Stephens, Woodland J J Minear, Jackson
G D Fisk Woodland .1 II McCoon, New York
A M Smith, Orovlile Mrs C McCoon, NcwYork
vv p Lynch, Oroullle L li Rogers, New York
T W Chaiiillier A w. Cal A It Crane A w, Shlneprt
A W Chase A w, Oakland W c Van Fleet, Sac
r c Coogan, Ashland J Crane, Sacramento
J Gambetta, Stockton Mrs J L BaUue, S Jose
F: E Leake, Dixon J C Parr, Western Nev
A Black, Cal 11 l.ludley, Los Angeles
II J Nause, San Jose L F Hatfield, Sacrameulo
J James. Pacheco J A Fletcher, Auburn
J II Mtleue, Hanford J C Morrison. Cal
R Barton * f. Barton Yd M It Wielaud. Germany
G B Young, Clinton A Bailey. Saeklngin
II M Young, Clinton Mrs G W Branell. Chicago
B F stock Colo A Abrahams, Reno
C N i'rldley, Colo Mrs Hutting. Muscatine
Au Unfortunate Sleep.
James Carroll, a quarryman on Angel
Island, who fell asleep in a hallway on
Kearny street on Sunday night and was
robbed of liis shoes, lint and money, ap
pealed yesterday in Judge Joachimsen s
court to answer a charge of sleeping in a
hallway. He was well dressed, only his head
and feet were bare. As lie would be dis
charged by liis 'employers if detained in
prison, the Judge dismissed him.
On Her Maiden Voyage.
r_-i._ . _-, VI- nr...... n .t.i.i.
The new schooner U. TV. Watson, which
was recently built at Humboldt Bay, ar
rived in port from there last evening after
a passage of sixty hours. Captain Olsen is
in command, and she brought down 7,000,
--000 ingles, although only half loaded. On
arrival she weut direct to Port Costa.
Monday Evekixo, AUg. IS.
Wheat weaker.
Barley firmer.
Oals and Corn steady.
Bye quiet.
Beans rising.
no. ,1 Hay tirm.
Feet]studs stronff.
Fotatoes advancing.
Australian orders for Onions.
Butter and Cheese weak.
A car of Eastern Poultry in. .
Bartlett Pears doing better.
Dried Apples higher. Dried Peaches lower.
Hops still. ' ". :-.. -■*"■
Tomatoes la better supply. .
Fine Silver higher. lIKP
Mexican Dollars advanced.
' ' Coffee active aud higher.
Enslisli Wheat Market.
Li VKHrooL, Aug. 18. -The spot market is steady at
7s [email protected] Od. Cargoes are firm at 38« 9d for oil
coast, _>Hs Ud tor just shipped and 38s 9d tor nearly
due. ■
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
Liverpool quotations: August, 7s SV-jd: September,
7s O'/id; October,' 7s 7V*d;' November, 7s 8d;
December, 7s BVid. "*■-• -. - '
r_-_^; . „.,_.-•-.._., SECURITIES..' . '
r, London-. Aug. 18.—Consols, »6 9-16; United States
Bonds - I's, , 126; IVa's. 10* a»; Silver,-; Bid;
IMIII I Ml-i-i-IHIII Pi III'Ii i limimlll " Vi mi 1 lln
Rentes, 961. Bullion Into Bank of England, £17,
--000. _______________
New York Markets.
New York, Aug. 18.— The Stock market opened
lower this morning and made further declines dur
ing the day. Silver certificates were the feature of
the day, and the price pushed up rapidly, lacking
now less than 10 cents of a parity with Gold. Tbe
market rallied slightly in the last hour, and closed
firm at a slight Improvement, though still close to
the lowest prices of the day. Governments steady.
Petroleum, spot, opened at 01% and closed at
91%. September opened at 93 and closed at 921^.
Nkvv York, Aug. 18.— United States Bonds: 4's,
123%: 4%'s. 102%: Northern Pacific. 34%; Cana
dian Pacific, 83>4; Central Pacific, 31%; Atchi
son, 43; Union Pacific, 60%; Wells-Fargo, 140;
Western Union, 84%; Silver, 117%; Sterling,
$1 84%@4 88%.
Wheat-Cash, $1 10; September, $1 07%
Flour— Firm.
Coflce— slß 30.
Sugar— 4 [email protected]
Hides— lsc.
Copper— $16 85.
Tin-Spot, $21 10.
Lead— Domestic, $4 65.
Petroleum— 91 .
< liieago Market*.
Chicago, Ang. 18.— Wheat opened »4e higher,
but under tree offerings broke off from %c to %c,
rallied from Vfcc to %c, atraln eased off, declining
from 21/ic to _'.'.-. ruled irreiiular, and closed l%c
lower for September and vitc lower for December.
Receipts 521,000 bushels, shipments 403.000 bush
els. Rye steady at BlVjc. Barley steady at 72c.
Chicago, Aug. 18.— Wheat, cash, $1 02.
Corn— 4B%c.
Pork— sll 25.
Lard -SO 20.
Ribs-fa 30.
Wblsky-$1 13. '''■---'._
Fruit by Auction.
Chicago, Aug. 18— Porter Bros. & Co. sold to-day
ten carloads ol California fruit. Beurre dl Anjon
Pears, $2 [email protected] (over-ripe, $1 [email protected] 20); Beurre
Hardys, $1 [email protected] 25; Beurre Clalrgean, $2; Susque
hanna*, $1 75t&2 10; Early Crawford Peaches. $1 40
(81 90 (poor order, !■...■•*: 20): Gross Prunes,
[email protected] 30: Foster Plums. $1 65: Muscats, half
crates, 165(8S1 75; Tokays, $1 80.
New York, Aug. 18.— Sgobel ft Day sold six car
loads of Calirornla fruit. Bartlett Pears, $2 [email protected]
3 55; Early Crawford Peaches, $1 60.'$'-.' 25: Gross
Prunes, $1 90.-1-.' 40; Egg Plums, $2 U.,%1 16; Co
lumbia Plums, $1 80; Victorias, $1 [email protected] 95.
New York Exchange.
New York Exchange, 10c for eight drafts and
15c for telegraphic.
-Finn Silver.
Has advanced to 115(3)117%, the highest point
touched for twelve years, and the tendency ls still
upward. The Bank of California yesterday sold
'200, ounces to the Government,
Mexican Dollars.
Higher at 91:392 c. Market very bullish.
Shipping Notes.
Steamers to sail to-day are the Areata for Cocs
Bay and the Gipsy for the Salln is River. The Bo
nlta falls due from the southern coast, the Crescent
City from Crescent City, the Caspar from Grays
Harbor, the Newport front Eel River and the San
Pedro from Taenia.
The Oceanic falls due from China and Japan Sat
The British iron ship Cltv of Athens. 1199 tons,
was chartered prior to arrival tor Wheat to United
Kingdom, Havre or Antwerp, 40s; British Iron ship
Star of Russia, 1892 tons, same options, prior to ar
rival. 37s 6d.
The ship Louisiana, 1365 tons. Is chartered for
Wheat to United Kingdom, Havre or, Antwerp, 40s.
• — — — - — —
Produce -Market.
FLOUR— Net cash prices are as follows: Family
extras, $4 2604 50; Bakers' extras, $4 25 &4 35;
city superfine, fi,,yl 35; Interior brands, [email protected]
4 50 ' for extras, and tils,! 36 ft bbl for super
WHEAT— Was quiet and easier yesterday. Ship
pers continue to pay more in the country than on
this market. Quotations as follows: No. 1, $1 36%
©1 37%; No. a, $1 32V 2 @l 35; choice, $1 40;
extra choice for milling, $1 42%@1 431; : Sonora,
$1 33%<»1 3614 » etl. - V '
Prices declined. Buyer '90-300, $1 45%: 100.
$1 45%: 400. 51 45%. Buyer season-3UO, $1 64%;
600, $1 54U.
Buyer '90-501), $1 45: 400, $1 44%. Buyer sea
son—loo, $1 53%; 300, $1 54%; 200, $1 54.
BARLEY"— Strong at the advance, with a good de
mand. Quotations as follows; Feed, $1 27% for
choice; $1 25(*1 26% ror No. land »i 2'2',i®l 23%
for lower grades; Chevalier, $1 50 for Standard aud
$1 3001 35 tor lower grades; Brewing, $1 [email protected] 35
%i ctl for fair to choice new and $1 40 for choice .
Buyer '9o— lloo. $1 33. Buyer season— $1 39;
300, $1 38%. May-100, $1 31%.
Prices advanced. Buyer '90-200, $1 34; 400.
$134%. Buyer season-100, f 1 39%: 200, $1 39%;
200, $1 39%. May— TOO, $1 82%.
OAT'S — Steady at the recent advance. Black,
$1 [email protected] 40: No. 1, $1 57%@1 62%: No. 2. $1 45
®l 55: Choice, [email protected] 67%: Gray, — ; surprise,
$1 [email protected] 75 ri cm
CORN— Liberal arrival of 3050 sacks. The mar
ket continues strong and well held. Large Yellow.
fl 25(_01 32% lor common to choice; small Round
Yellow. $1 30C-41 3_!"..; White, $1 20(0)1 27% * Ctl.
RYE— Quotable at $1 40 {• ctl for new and $1 60
asked for old.
BRAN— Strong at $186918 50 torthe best and
17 60 tH ton lor lower crude* and outside brands.
MIDDLINGS— Firm at $26<#27 fl ton.
HAY— Good Hay runes firm. heat, quotable
at f.-'i-ii 50 '# ton for fair to good and fill 50(4
14 50 lor choice; Oat, [email protected]; Wild Oat, [email protected];
Barley, $7 siKg)ll: Clover, $-< 80.£11 * tun.
STRAW —Quotable at 45<3>55c V bale.
Jlli.l.sil'i is - Ground Barley, $27 50(a_.'8 SO.
The mills sell Oilcake Meal at $25 fl ton net, the Job
bers charge 27 * ton: Rye Flour, M_.c fl lb: Rye
Meal. 3c; Graham Flour. 3' .c; oatmeal, 4%c; Oat
Groats, sc; Cracked he.it, 3% c; Buckwheat Flour,
sc; l'earl Barley, 4 '.:.0t;-l»,c p lb.
SEEDS-Yellow Mustard, $1 9032 9 ctl: Brown
Mustard. $2 5003; Flax. $2 V CMS Canary, _\4®
3-% c V lb; Alfalfa, Se ¥ lb; Rape, l_i 3 c; Ueuip,4%c;
Timothy, .".''^.-.O' ie
DRIED PEAS— NUes, f'_ip2 25 lj. ctl; new Green,
[email protected]$I 25: Split Peas, tie y in.
BUCKWHEAT— NominaI at $1 75 ? etl.
CORNMEAL, ETC.- Table Meal. 3%@3%c * »;
Feed Corn, $28: Cracked Corn, [email protected] fl ton;
Hominy. 41.4 c v in.
BEANS- Pries are firm. Butters are higher in
sympathy with Whites and Llmas. Bay us nominal;
Pea, con. 90; Small White. $2 [email protected] 90 spot and
$2 75 future: Pink, $3&3 60; Reds. $41»4 25;
Llmas. $1 6U(__)4 75 spot, and S3 75(bt4 ror October-
November delivery; Butlers, $2 10(92 30 f! ctl for
small and medium.
POTATOES— Tne market lias an upward tendency.
Sweets, quotable at 1' ..tu.'-l'.ic fl lb; Garnet Chiles,
sacks, 75<__>9Uc: I'.urbank Seedlings, [email protected] 1 25: Sa
linas Bur. ranks, $1 [email protected] 26: Early Rose, 7utf»sc:
Peerless. [email protected]$l ¥ ctl.
ONIONS— I here are Australian orders for about
lUOU boxes on the market, and prices are accord
ingly still. Sllversklns, $1 70 _t-i 10 ft ctl. Small,
for pickling, [email protected] * Ctl.
BUTTER— No further change. Market quiet and
weak. Fancy, 260370 * ib: good to choice, [email protected]
ft tb; common to lair, 17 V. iii) 2 2c %* lb; store Butter,
12i / .|(a)lse; pickled roll, 17"i,i.®20e; firkin, l-itoUßc:
Eastern creamery, [email protected]%c lv tubs and 10(._)_iuc vi
lb in rolls.
CHEESE— Good to choice mild new, Bi,£@
10c * Ib; lalr, 7<joßc; fancy. 11l« A ©llc # lb; Young
Americas, [email protected]: cased. %c additional; Western,
bialluc: Eastern. 9® 12c 9 lb.
POULTRY— A ear-load of Eastern came In yester
day and sod at $7 Tor old Roosters, [email protected])7 60 for
liens, $3 [email protected] 60 for Broilers and lß@2oc for
Turkeys. Caiifnrnia Poultry was nominal as fol
lows: Live Turkeys, [email protected]'-_2%c * Ib for Gobblers
and [email protected] for Hens; Geese, fl pair, $1 5052;
Ducks, $4 for old and $ I 60 _i 560 for young: Hens,
fa [email protected] 50; Roosters, young, [email protected]; do, old, $6(3)
0 50; Fryers. m.4 SU; Broilers, $3 60 tor large
and $2 [email protected] ft doz for smalL
GAME— Venison. [email protected] fi V_; Doves, [email protected] 9
doz; Hare. 75er__if 1 60; Rabbits, $1 25 for Cotton
tails, and [email protected] for small.
EGGS— Prices continue to tend upward. Choice
are very firm an.l scarce. Fancy Eastern. 23c ft doz;
common to choice Eastern. 11(__i__jc: California, 17%
@25e for store and 27%@.iUc for ranch, with sales
even higher.
HONEY— Choice White Comb, SioJ-ie; do. In 1-tb
frames, Hkolllc; ordinary comb, 7.'_i)7%c; While
extracted, 6%c: amber. 4 \<_<<t.sc V lb.
BEESWAX— at 24<326c * 16. - .'-
FRESH FRUlTS— Yesterday's market was dull
and showed no change beyond an advance in Bartlett
Pears, which were wanted by the runners. Huckle
berries. 9c fl lb; Crabapmes, [email protected] 1 ¥ box: Grapes,
[email protected] for small White or Black, 5n(9.76c for
Muscats, [email protected] for Rose or Peru, I'luinc for
Black 3lalvolse and $1 fl box for Tokay: Can
taloupes, [email protected] for Winters and 76e(a.fl V crate
for Rivers: Nutmeg Melons, 76c * crate: Water
melons, fS® 12 t> 100; Black Figs, 40(-_i5lie for single
layer and eOifirSSc * box lor double-layer boxes:
White Figs, 6uc »l box: Plums, %@2e ■(<»•. Egg
Plums, $30(0)35 V ton; R. (land Blue I runs, fIOISI 0;
Greeu Gages, $26(435: Washington Plums, $3('(4 15:
Raspberries, f߮l2 behest: Blackberries. $1(95 fi
chest; Freestone Peaches, 20(<-)65c V box and 40®
65c » basket and 1 V:o3c V lb in bulk: Cllngs.SlK*
75c » basket ; Nectarines. 75fc*i<0c » box tor red nud
60®75c ror white: Apples. [email protected] 1 * box: Pears.
26.H150C ¥ box: Bartlett Pears. 1%@%20 * ib;
Strawberries, [email protected] '* chest lor Sharplcss and 10 for
CITRUS FRUIT, ETC.— Malaga Lemons are quot
able at 4(3)6: Sicily Lemons, fiu.tf.li: Riverside
Lemons. s4; Mexican Limes, $5 6l'i"oi6: Bananas, $1
©•J 50 V, bunch; Pineapples, [email protected] V dozen.
DRIED FRUlTS— Peaches and Apricots are dull
and hard to sell at the lower prices. Buyers are
leaving them alone. Apples are in demand
and higher. Tbe quotations are for fruit in
sacks. Evaporated Apples. 1 1 : ..■■«'. V ir. : sliced,
[email protected]; quartered. 7%@Bc: Pitted Plums, 7(o)10c *
Ib; evaporated Peaches. 17%(519c: bleached Apri
cots, sacks, 13i«16c: boxes. 16%@17%e: White
Nectarines, 14©10 c; Red Nectarines, 12%@13%C;
futures, 7 1 -i-(o)10c for California Pruues; Grapes. 3%
@H»/ie V lb.
RAlSlNS— Layers. September and October delivery,
$1 77 ,_■_ 25. Tbe spot market is wholly nominal, at
$1 75ra12 15 Tor good to choice layers and f [email protected] 50
for common to fair layers.
NUTS— New crop sortsbell Almonds, future de
livery, quotable at ll'(9!3i.iC *1 is. and new Wal
nuts at 9ViMlu%c V tb. We quote old crop
as follows: Sortshell Almonds. 15c ft lb; hardshell
Almonds. [email protected] ¥ Ib; Calirornla Walnuts. IMllo
for Los Angeles, lOcil'-'c lor Santa Barbara: Chile
Walnuts, 10c: Peanuts. [email protected]; Hickory Nuts, B>U»i
Pecans, [email protected]: Filberts, 11%@12%c: Brazil
Nuts, nominal at [email protected]_iC » lb. Cocoauuts, 5(3)6
* 100. ...
VEGETABLES — Supplies of Tomatoes were
rather larger yesterday. Marrowfat Squash quot
able at $20325 * ton: Egg Plant, 60c ¥ box;
Green Okra, 4(86c * Ib; Green Peppers, MAftOO vi bx
for Chile and 60c * box Tor Bell; Tomatoes, large
boxes. $1 ■-■!■". r 50 ¥ box for River and $1 50 « box
for Alameda; Green Corn, $ @1 60 ft sack and
crate tor common and 20i$2Sc t 1 dozen for Ala
meda: Summer Squash, [email protected] f, bnx for Bay:
String Beans, It.v'-'e; Lima Beans, 2v-.'fto3c f lb; Cu
cumbers, _.';.•. 1 ..tic Vi box for Bay; Pickles. 75c 9
box: Cabbages. 75c fi ctl; Feed Carrots. 50A65c;
Turnips, 76c: Beets, $1 ; Parsnips, $1 25 V ctl: Gar
lic. [email protected] t' in. i -■-; . . -
PROVISIONS-Eastern covered Breakrast Bacon.
1. l.i.L!' Vi lb; California smoked Bacon. (idlun
for heavy and medium, and [email protected]%c for light; 13%
(lie ror extra Built; Bacou sides. 9' ..(^9"ie V lb;
Astern Sugar-cured Hams for city" trade. 14ia
14M"C; California Hams, salt, l'i%i9l'i%fl V lb;
refrigerator-cured, ll!(o)13i jc. Lard. tierces. East
ern, ail kinds. BAB<i4e: cases, [email protected]%c: California
tierces, 9i,[email protected]%c; baif-bbis, 9Ltia9%c: tins. 10c:
palls, 10-16, 10% c; do, 6-16. 10 . c: kegs, paitaiOo
V tr.; Mess Beer, $7 600..5: extra mess do. $8 "50.4
9: family do, $11 60t__ii2; clear Pork, 19 SUo)2U:
extra prime, flO s(kn>l7; extra clear, $2Uo)2u 6U;
mess do, $18(0.18 50 > bbl; -Pig Pork,* keg, f.1.0
8 26: Pigs' Feet, S 'l'j.-.il'j 60 V bbi; Smoked Beer.
Il%iai2c?._b. -• ■ -■
■ HOPS— Very firm at [email protected]%c ft lb, with sales of
Sonmnas at (lie top figure. iT-.i,-4<i nr"wi, 'BT^WMW-MfliM
UiUl.s AND PELTS-Heavy salted steers an
-'.... i ■_.-■• r. .._;.-... ' . .-..-. r ■ -
quotable at B%e » lb: medium. [email protected]%e 11 IB: light,
[email protected]%c * lb: Cowhides. [email protected]%c; salted Kin. 7c;
salted Calf. Ba9c: dry Hides, usual selection, lU<»
lie; dry Kips,l0((«10%e: dry Cir, [email protected]; prim*
Goatskins. 4([email protected] each: medium do, 360360 ; small
skins, 10X420C; Deerskins, good summer, 30c;
medium, 22V_,<tJ25c: tnin. 20c fl lb: Sheepskins,
shearlings, [email protected]: short wool. [email protected]: meilliim,
6»@9oe; long wool, [email protected]$l 25 * B. Culls of all
kinds % less. Bniciitri green skins sell rela
tively higher. - -
TALLOW— Fair to good rendered, 3®3%0; re
fined. [email protected]%c; Grease, 2u,@2%c ?l ID.
wool— We quote spring clips: Eastern Oregon,
[email protected]%c: Valley Oregon, 20C#22c: Nevada, lii)
17c; choice Northern, 18%@20e: Humboldt ana
Mendocino. 20r<_>22c: San Joaquin and southern,
seven months, [email protected] V lb.
General Merchandise.
BAGS— No further change. San Qnnntln Bags,
7%c; Calcutta, spot, 8c; Wool Bags, [email protected]; Potato
Gunnies, nominal.
COFFEE— Higher, in sympathy with an advance
In New kork. Guatemala has gone up ' ■'■ ann Costa
Rica aie. Sslvador is now quoted at 2U%c fi lb.
SUGAR— The Calirornla Sugar Refinery quotes
as follows, terms net cash: Cube, 6%c fi lb;
Crushed, ai.sc: Extra Powdered, 6i/»c: Fine Crushed,
OVsC: Dry Granulated. 6 7 M c: Confectioners' A,
5:3.4 c; Extra C. 4%c; Goldeu C, 4%c ¥ Ib: Bags,
i/ c more than bbls.
The American Refinery quotes, terms net casb:
Extra flue Cube, O'sc: Crushed, 8 c; Fine Crushed.
6%c; Powdered, 6V«c: Extra fine Powdered, 6 : .'(, c;
Dry Granulated, 6 7 he: AX do, Stic: Courectiuners'
A, Si-id White Extra c, sc; Extra C, 4%c; Uoldua
C4%c*lb. _
San Frnnclsen Meat Market.
Wholesale rates from slaughterers to dealers are as
BEEF— First quality. si/_,@6c; second quality,
43 4 (asc; third do. 31 „(tL4' 2 r.
VEAL— Large, [email protected]: small Calves. 698 c.
MUTTON— Wethers, 6L«(-*7c: Ewes, [email protected]%(_.
LAMB-Spring Lamb. 7' i.(4B'/ 2 c V lb.
PORK-Llve Hogs. 4 r>4cror light grain-red,
and s-^raiic for heavy Making: stock Hogs, i_.
4 Vic fl ID; dressed do, 69-ic fl to.
MONDAY, Aug. 18.
Flour. qr sks 18,772 Hay. tons 850
Wheat, ctls 88,025 Straw, tons _ 10
Barley, ctls 10.350 Bran, ska 15 ,
Oats, ctls 661 Middlings, 5k5..... 610
Corn, ctls Mustard Seed. sks.. 67
Rye.ctls 1,252 Wool, bales 361
Beans, 1,582 Quicksilver. Asks... 90
Potatoes, sks 3.776 Hides, uo _. 11l
Onions, sks 4601
SrtniKi:. J DasTIMATIOS. |
llanietteV Vaqulna Hay.... Aus'.'U. Ham iSeaw'l 4
ntaKosa.. San Dle«o I auk2o.llam i;<iwri
lurabla.... I'cirtlauil Aiiicmlinu Spear
ration | Honolulu Aii.'id, 2i'n Mm'nl
rona Humuolilt Hay.. Auk 2o, 9 aw lidvc'y 1
irelta San Pedro AU322. Bam liow'ya
DjDU ... Panama jAuj'.'l. I'JU P»tB
alandia . . . I Australia Ang23.U «*™i«
:yonvknß!C!iln.i A- Japan.. Aug'J:4.lv! m l- M s s
alia Walla I Vie 4 Pat sound 1 An? 2:1. 9>v Hilw'y t
imuoldt ..iHumboldtUay.. A»u' v.\. Bam I'lay
■uci) iSanUie^o Auic24.llam iMw't3
ate or Cal. I Portland ! Aii^'J4,lo\u 1 spear
iwbern 1 Mexico lauk'JS. 9AH|Udw*yl
'».\u«eies..|s:iiil"cilro. .--■■. BAw|Bdw'yJ
departure or Austr.iiiiu au-aiucr depeaOi until*
igitsh malls.
11a nosa. .
urnbla ...
a110u.... I
una I
tjnan ...I
l-.n.li 1
1'11. . 1U .
mil Instrument
r. IS
H.W. L.W. H.W. L.W. ~b
Small. Large. Large. SruilL " 3
... 1.09 AH 7.41 am '-'.30 Ml 8.03 r»
... 1.58 AM 8.19 am 3.50 m «. 04 rM
Small. Largo.
... 50 All 8.55 am 3.18 PM 9.56 PM
... 4.10 am 9.41 am 3.57 PM 11.00 I'Mi
... 5.54 AM 10.34 AM 4.49 0 nil am
... 7.41 AM 11.35 AM 5.52 pm 0.13 am
„.| H.f.i; AM' 0.4 li HI 7.01 KM 1.-'S AM'
tor Lots Slnpi_tn. JiittUiiitnca are J_'igM\ Paqs.
Moxdav, Aug 18.
Stmr Willamette Valley, Paten, 48 hours from
Yaqulna; pass ami mdse. to c H Haswell .Ir.
Stmr West Coast. Stanton. 15 hours from Fort
Bragg; 140 Mttlumber. 0000 posts, to Fort Bra^g
Redwood Co.
Stmr Alex Duncan, Gray, 45 hours from Cayncos:
produce, to Goodall, Perkins ft Co.
stmr Crescent City, Stocklletd, 34 hours from
Crescent City; pass and mdse. to Hobbs. Wall A Go.
Stmr .i.e. Le Ballister. 19 hours from Bear
Harbor; 250 cds bark, to Pollard A Dodge.
Stmr Sauta Rosa. Gage, 65 hours from San
Dlego: pass and mdse, to Goodall. Perkins A Co.
Scor Ida Florence, Guttormsen, 7 days rrom
Iversens Landing; 88 cds wood, to N Iverson.
Sr-ltr Cou-ianza, Topter. 5 days from Humboldt;
150 M rt lumber, to Preston * McKlnnon.
Schr Alice Kimball, Asplund, 30 bours from
Westport; 147 M ft lumber, to H Garthwaiie.
Senr Hayes, Anderson, 60 hours from Humboldt;
250 M ft lumber, to (lias Nelson.
scbr Ivauboe, Liind.vait. Up river direct.
Schr Norma, Small, 7 days from Columbia River;
451 M ft lumber, to Pacific Pine Lumber Co.
Senr G vv Watson. 60 hours from Humboldt;
7,000, shingles, to Chas Nelson.
Monoat, Ang 18.
Ship Valley Forge, Lambert. Nanalmo; John Ro»
--enreld's Sons.
Bark Nonatiim, McGulre, Port Townsend; EM
Moxday, Aug 18.
Stmr Umatilla, Holmes. Victoria.
Stmr Los Angeles. Leland, Wilmington.
Stmr Navarro. Anderson, Navarro River.
Stmr Yaqulna. Thai ter, Lompoq.
Stmr Coos Bay, Nicholson, Point Arena. etc. _
l s stmr Maii/.anitu, Richardson. Portland.
Schr Letitia, Hansen. Santa Barbara.
point LOBOS-Aug 18 — r. a. — Weather
hazy; wind N VV, velocity 32 miles.
July 13— Lat 32 S. lon 48 W, ship Jas Drummond.
from Philadelphia for San Francisco.
July 16— 3 s. ion 27 W, Br snip Tbcssalus, frra
Swansea for San Francisco. .
Aug 6-l.at 12 N.lon 27 W, Br ship Aberfoyle,
heuce Apr 17 for Fleetwood.
Ter West — Left at Fort Bragg loading, stmr
South Coast.
Domestic Ports.
ALBlON— Arrived Aug 17— Scbr Mary Gilbert, rm
"Ban Pedro.
WESTPORT-Sailed Aug 17-Schr Alice Kimball,
for Sau Francisco,
MONTEREY— Arrived Aug 18— Scbr Newport, rm
Bowens Landing.
CASPAR— Arrived Aug 17— Scbr Abbie, hence
Aug 12.
HUENEME-Arrlved Aug 18-Stmr Jewel, from
San Pedro.
sailed Aug 18— Stmr Jewel, for San Francisco.
PORT BLAKELE.— Arrived Aug IS-Br bark
Dartmouth, from Valparaiso via Port Townsend
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Aug 18-Bark Oregon, frm
Nanalmo; stmr Alcatraz. from Guaymas.
Sailed Aug 18— Stmr Alcatraz, for San Francisco.
POINT ARENA— sailed Aug 18-Schr Thcrese,
for San Francisco.
EUREKA— Arrived Aug 18— Schr Howard, hence
Aug 10: schr Seven Sisters, hence Aug 10.
Sailed Aug 18— Schrs Emma and Louisa and Mary
Butine, for San Francisco.
REDOSDO-Arrlved Aug 18-Bkm North Bend,
from Columbia River.
Forelcn Ports.
AUCKLAND— Arrived Aug 16-Stmr Mariposa,
hence July 26.
YOKOHAMA— SaIIed-Br ship Austrlana, for Port
Blakeley. -
LIVERPOOL— Arrived Aug 15— Br ship Cralgend,
from Tacoma. 17— Ship Henry B Hyde, hence
Apr 80.
DEAL— Sailed Aug 17— Br ship Maxwell, for San
LONDON— Arrived Aug 17— Br ship Linlithgow
Sailed Aug 16— Br ship General Roberts, for San
Movoments of Transatlantic Steamers-
HAVRE— Arrived Aug IS— Stmr La Bretagne, frm
New York.
GLASGOW— Arrived Aug 18— Stmr State of Indi
ana. Ir.riii New York.
SOLTHAMPTON-Arrived Aug 18-Stmr Elder
from New York for Bremen.
NEW YORK— Arrived Aug 18— Stmr La Norman
die, from Havre; stmr Llleo, from Hull.
DOVER— Passed Aug IS— Stmr Greece, from New
York for Loudon.
LOMPOC— rer Alex Duncan— l tags 23 bxs butter.
34 cs eggs. 3 coops chickens, 7 cs honey, 6 bxs fruit,
3 tins tallow, 1 bdl dry skins, 1 bill g hides, 25 sks
onions. 106 sks potatoes. 417 sks beans. S6 sks corn,
35 sks corn, 38 sks wheat, 1661 barley, 11 sks
mustard, 15 sks seaweed, 1 skabalones, 1 ducks,
31 bogs.
Cayucos— 4o hogs.
Port Harford— l3 cirs bituminous rock.
CRESCENT CITY— Per Crescent Cltv— 7 bis wool.
190 M It lumber. 40 M shakes. 3 rls leather, 75 kegs
26 tes 155 bxs butter, 9 bdls bides. 1 bill pelts, 2 cs
seed, 6 pkgs mdse.
SAN DlEGO— ler Santa Kosa— bis dried frnit,
1 bx bam, 43 bxs seed. 113 bxs lemons. 2 es boots. 1
bx oranges, 60 bdls li bbls dried fish. 1 bx bats, 70
dry hides. 2480 sks ore, 4 sks beeswax. 1 es honey, 8
bxs g seed, 2701 sks barley, 465 sks wheat, 19 bit
San Pedro— bis lemons, 758 sks corn, 60 bids
wine, lUUO sks barley, 19 sks crawfish.
Santa Barbara— l mat tea. Ibx cocoa, 54 s bides,
66 bxs lemons, 19 bxs oranges, 6 bdls pells, 4 bbis
tallow, 1 bdl bides, 269 sks beans.
Port Harford— 7 ks 44 bxs butter, 16 hr cs eggs, 10
sks cbeese, 39 sks wool, 25 green hides. 43 bis green
fruit, 3 bxs bacon, 27 bis fish, 1 sk coin.
Nipoma— slß7 sks beans. 113 sks potatoes, 211 sks
rye, 1072 sks wheat. 1899 sks oats.
San Luis Oblspu— 2o9 sks wheat. 350 tks barley.
Santa Maria— 447 sks wheat, 969 s»s beans, 150
sks oats.
Los Amos -353 sks barley.
Los 011v05— 236 sks barley, 240 sks wheat.
YAWITNA BAY— Per Willamette Valley— ll.3s7
sks wbeat, :i__4sks oats, 11 M ft ash lumber. 62 ship
knees, 17 bdls hides, 63 bis wool, 1 cs cbeese, 36 bxs
seed, 4 bdls bags, 3 cs dry goods. 11 rls leather. 41
sks 3 bbls bones. 1 bdl sacks. 2 sks bark. 1 cs cigars.
3 horses, 1 pair elk burns, 39 sks gardeu teed, 1 pk.;
personal effects.
Per Alex Duncan— Wheaton A Luhrs: Hills Bros;
Getzßros A Co: Dodge, Sweeney 4 Co; J A lair-
Child; CE Whitney* Co; Bassett A Bunker; South
San Francisco Packing Co; W B Sumner A Co; 1. 14
Stevens: Grangers' Business Ass'n; 8 Levy A Co: U
Montgomery A Co; Felling, Henry A Co; Hail Sate
A Lock Co; John Laws; Shattuck, Kowalsky & Co;
Lowry A Stellar: 11 Dutard; Dalton Bros; Wm Bad
ger; Roger Bros Produce Co.
Per Crescent City— Hobbs, Wall ft Co; Hills Bros;
Pollard A Dodge; W B Sumner ft Co; Thos A Cox;
Baker A Hamilton; Witzelft Baker; Goodwin A 00;
B Smilh Co: Vervalln ft Rowe: Curtis, Dixon
A Co; SMcllcuryftCo; 1 Porter, Slesslnger A Co:
Heeler ft Johnson; Rouse, Anderson A Co: Robert
Halght ft Co; C E Wbltney ft Co; Vervalln ft Rowe;
Ii M At. r..n ft Co; Wheaton ft Luhrs; Martin,
Feusier ft Co: Dodge, Sweeney A Co.
Per Santa Rosa -Get! Bros ft Co; Kissinger 4 Co:
Weilman, Peck ft Co; C E Whitney * Co; Page *
Son; 11 Dutard; Allison. Gray ft Co: American Pros*
Ass'n; Lenormand Bros: J 1) Spreckels ft Bros; L
Jahn; Demlng-Palmer Milling Co; W X strong: J II
Bennett; J Gundlacb ft Co: NewmarkftCo; Paul
sell ft Earnest: II Saltier: T Price ft sou; Hall A
l.uhrs; Schacht, I.emcke ft Steiner: o A Sbopard;
II Case; E J Boweu; J Ivancovleh: Union Iron Wks;
Neustadier Bros: Aflalll Fruit Co; ¥ .opliti; M 3
Simon; Sachs Bros; M Solomon* Co; Selby Smelt
ing ft Lead Co; J Mcl .'.ill; Wetmore Bros: Cai Fire
works Co: Hegler A Johnson; O II Smith ft Co; W H
Minor: Hills Bros; Gets Bros 4 Co: Goldtree Bros;
Porter Bros ft Co; Russ, Sanders* Co: Duff ft Co;
Phelps, Butler ft Co; Blum, Baldwin A Glrvlu; C L
Dlngley ft Co; Slnsbeiuier Bros: Redlngton A Co;
Erlanger ft Galinger; Bassett ft Bunker; I. Kauf
man; Moore, Ferguson ft Co: Felling. Henry * Co;
House, Anderson 4 Co: Dc Bernardl ft Westpbai;
Wells, Fargo 4 Co: Palmer* Key ; Eveleth A Nash:
Smith's Cash Store; San Kranciscu Visaing Co; Starr
ft Co: Nalliam. Iloriir.ian A Co.
Per Willamette Valley— Moore, Ferguson A Co; E
Straut: W B Sumner ft Co; Rouse, Anderson * Co;
Alien A Levi- T'ros A Cox; Murpby, Graut * Co;
ACM.boisACo: J Kverding* Co; White Bros: VV
J Ad; "•-: i iuu _.v(. ■■: Beitdel: T ll.Milgln Sous; KJ
liont J PThomas; W ft.l Sloane ft Co; J iirecn
berg: N Oral.iiiut: H Bohls: U Braudensteln ft Cot
C D Lirlil : Mack 4 Co; s I, Kline; M .vi-jisuer.

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