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An Interesting "Talk " About
Palestine by Mrs. Robert
The Aldine Club Party— U. E. A. En
tertainment — A Double Wedding
- at Calistoga— Tea at Santa Cruz.
An Ignacio Surprise — Silver
Wedding in Oakland — Society
Personals and Notes.
The military ball given Ibis evening at Del
Monte, 111 honor ol General Nelson A. Miles, will
be a very elaborate affair. The committee con
sists of the following officers: Captain A. E.
- Wood, Lieutenant T. H. Barry, Lieutenant F. de
L. Carrlnctoo, Lieutenant L. H. Stiutber, Dr.
■^Leonard Wood, Lieutenant S. 1.. Eaison, Lleut
teiiuni J. B. liwlu. Many guests from tills cily
(leave 10-day to be present.
mo Fino l'arlor, No. 9, N. D. G. W., will Rive
en entertainment and social at Saratoga Hall
this evening.
r. Judtie and Mis. Widney gave a fart- well recep
tion at Los Angeles Tuesday, prior to their de
pariure (or Boston for an extended period.
lie I'eeiless Club will give Its second party
this evening at Union- square Hall.
lards _ue out lor the reception to be given to
General Culling and staff this eveuing by Mr.
aud Mrs. J. Phillip Smith at Sunshine Villa.
•'A Tour 'lliroueh Palestine. "
A delightful reception was given yesterday be
tweeu 3 and 6 o'clock to the ladles o! the First
Presbyterian L'huich al the parlors of lb-- church,
ou Van Ness avenue. There was averylarje
attendance, entirely composed of ladles, who
were cordially received by Mrs. Mackenzie, as-
ted by Mis. Lai bam, Ibe kindly President of
the Ladles' Aid Society.
The chief event of the afternoon was a " tain,"
by Mrs. Robert Mackenzie, "What a Woman
Saw In Uie Holy Laud." It was blight, chatiy
and full of Interest to eveiyone who had the
good loi lune lv hear the graphic account of her
{ recent travels in thai historic country. Mrs.
Mackenzie la a good traveler, and her account
of a really remarkable trip will be published in
full and sold for the benefit of a Church Fund.
She and brr husbaud arrived at Joppa
on Faster Sunday, and spent the day wandering
about that interesting city. On the following day
Ihey were busy in making arrangem-nts for
their ttilrty days' trip ou horseback. Their party,
when fully completed, comprised twenty-five
tourists, .even guides, seventy animals, together
with a complete ouiiii of t nts and cooking
P utensils. At an early hour on Tues nay morning
they started, and for thirty days were on the
— ":nrarcli. Theli iou c embraced the whole of the
Holy Laud, and nearly every place that has any
special Interest to students ot the Bible were
visited. At Nazareth Mrs. Mackenzie had the
!:..:,,: lortune to attend a wedding ceremony,
wl.icli she described with much vivacity. The
long route liually came to an end with tbe visit
io Jerusalem, which place, of course, received
the most graphic description. The condition ol
the homes/ the women and the childreu of i'al
- estiue was evidently the subject nearest the
steakei's lean, and ii was touched on with the
loving instincts ol a lender and artistic ob
lielieious refreshments weie served at the
close of the address, and the friends remained
amid the beautiful floral decorations, arranged
l> Miss Grove, io discuss the absorbing points
or interest raised by Mis. Mackenzie's address,
and lo thank her lor the new vistas of thought
thus opened to tliem. The pleasant affair con*
eluded witii a vocal selection by Miss Anita 1.
IV. We, the talented soprano.
The Luili.rMi C linrcli Entertainment.
A remaikably pleasant musical entertainment
was given last evening by the Ladies' Aid Soci
' eiy of tbe Lutheran Chinch, In the lectuie-room
of the new ci. inch, on Geary street, between
O ougb and Octavia streets.
The following i to gramme was rendered most
acceptably: Violin solo. "Faust" (arranged by
Singelee), Mr. W. C. Schneider; bass solo, " The
Skipper," I i ;iMr. Kobert Blair; vocal duet,
■'Home lo Our MouuiAlns," (Verdi); Miss
Lottie Collisou and Mr. John L. Flood; soprano
solo, "Angel's Serenade," (G. Braga); Miss Hil
da Collisou; violin (.bligato. Mr. W.li Schneider;
recitation, "Queen Esther," Miss N. Allies
l'lace ; tenor solo, "Liflii- lions*-," Mr. J. C. Flood ;
'flute solo, "Kaphaela" (A. Terschak), Mr*
i. tome H. Ames; quartet, " Come, I'ietiy Fay "
" t*rJ. Vrriinoll), sort.aiio, Miss Hilda Collisou,
contralto, Miss Lottlt Collisou, tenor, Mr. Frank
Mitchell, bass, Mr. W. 11. Toomy, accompanied
by .composer.
The several selection*, which were admirably
accompanied by Mrs. Howe de Deiky, met with
aue appreciation at the bauds of the large audi
ence. The lectuie-room was crowded and
prettily decorated, and biilllautly illuminated as
it was looked veiy altractive. A neat little sum
ias netted for ihe Church .Building 1-uud, the
major portion of ciedit loi ibe gratifying success
being generally ascribed to tl.e efioits of Miss
Lottie and Miss Hilda Collisou of the society.
The A loin., Clnb Tarty.
The twelfth anniversary patty of the Aldine
Musical Club took place last evening at Union
equaieUall. li was another ot the pleasant af
fairs now so thoroughly Identified with llie club.
The company was laige and entirely congenialjin
lis elements.
Dancing commenced about 9:30 o'clock and
concluded at 1:30. Dr. Henry Silvester ably
directed tbe grand mai and subsequent dances.
Zancke's orchestra furnished the music The
ladies' toilets formed subject of admiring com
ii i.l, nud the gentlemen, all In evening dress,
made titling toils to their graceful partners. Two
vocal selections were happily introduced during
the evening.
The agreeable affair was held under the fol
lowing auspices: Honorary Committee (officers
18;iO.-Mr. Henry B. Ituss, President; Dr. 11.
Sylvester, Vice-President; Mr. ii. S. Bailsman,
Secietaiy; Mr. J. E. Hammersmith, Treasurer;
Professor it 1.. Yanks, Musical Director; Execu
tive Committee— Mr. George C. Snelder, Mr. J.
H. Pierson, Mr. Ci-sai Brand, Mr. V. Bruus, Mr.
-M. J. Colmaun; floor manager. Dr. Ilenry Syl
vester; assistant, Mr. Julius Bergbauser.
I lie V. B. .A. Kiiterl >tim_Dt.
The sixth anniversary entertainment and dance
of the United Endowment Associates, under the
auspices ol Grand Division, No. _;, took place
- last renins at Odd Fellows' Hall. The Associ
ates comprised Golden Gate, No. 3; Yosemite,
No. 4; (.'alilornla, No. 5; Memorial, No. C; Eu
reka, No, 0: Security, No. 12; Unity, No. 10;
Lincoln, No. 25; Ediths, No. 26; Fraternity)
No. 37; Protection, No. 39; Acme, No. 40; Ivy
Leaf, No. 67; Liberty, No. 69.
Seidoni, If ever, has there been a greater at*
tendance at Odd Fellows' Hall. At y o'clock
every seat and extra available chair was taken,
the aisles and doorways even iv lite galleries
were blocked, and the ves:ioules were filled.
i ale comers had no chance ol seeing me sia_;f,
whence the tollowiae programme was rendered:
Overture, Blum's Orchestra; address, Hon. M.
• Cooiiey, Grand Commander; presentation of cou
pon-; "Grand Chorus of Polgrlne," Verdi, all pu
l lis; "Ei oaiilltivolami"(l_eclieCavatiua), Verdi,
in prima donna, Siguorina Adeiiua Sperauza;
duet, soprano and tenor (Verol), Miss E. Cablli
and J. Cabitl; baryione solo, Mr. Samuel
i> iu -eh; duet, soprano and alto (Campana), Miss
J. Sawyer and Miss J. Sullivan; prayer, "Hear.
Cl Kind" lEosstol), .Miss M. Flynn, .Miss A. Burg
luiid, Miss J. F'orcade, .Miss W.Stone, Miss L.
botman, Miss 0. Callaghan, -Miss J. Sawyer,
Miss S. de Com .Miss A. Westuaus, Miss J.
Sullivan. .Miss T. H. Giuunagle; violin solo
(Uni!;, Master Leopold Kowalsky; recitation.
Professor W. T. Koss; violin solo, "Arte Vane,"
Miss Eda Blanxart; banjo trio, the Misses Belle
and l.olta Kodgers aud Miss Birdie bralnard;
chorus, "Anglo!! c Demon!" (Verdi), by all the
pupils (musical dliector, Prolessor D. Speranza.).
'Ming the evening coupons, aggregating
514.750, weie presented to C. lsert, M. 3tep__eajk
J. N. Rogers. A. Bodde, E. Frodshain, C.
McAidie, W. E. Dubois, M. Samel, Joshua D.
Haines. Warren J. Delano, Kate Eyau. Jme
Raymond, Mary Thompson, Miss E. D. Layers,
Albert Gregory. Mrs. S. A. Jones, .M. A.
Sciiroeper, J. D. Jailers, M. D. Chase, Ellen
Mi'Ceough.Chilstliie Billings, Mrs. Mary Murphy,
(Jecrce B." Mackreet, Cinislliie \Velle_Uon,
.M i' E. Fair, Mrs. Bertha Luchman. Dauciug
to the music of Blum's orclieslia was afieiw.ird
continued till 1 o'clock. The hall was tastefully
oecorated with flowers and streamers. The
affair was a notable success.
The committees ot tne evening were composed
.' as follows: Committee of Arrangements (Dis
trict Deputies, Division No. 2)— Mrs. M. A. Mar
ine, D. D. G. C, Chairman Grand Division, No.
3; Mrs. Eolta A. Lampe. D. D. G. C; Mrs. J.
11. Webser, D. D. G. C. ; Mis. L. J. Washburn,
D. D. G. I.; Mrs. C. Goctz, D. D. G. C; Mrs.
.Pinion Smith. It. D. G. C. cepliou Committee
—Lawrence Vincent, 1). D. G. C, C'liaiiman
(.land Division, No. 1; I". H. I'endergast, D. D.
G. C, Chairman Gland Division, No. 8.; Ihoin is
P.. Hiding, li. G. C. and Instructor; Professor W.
J. Ross, T. W. Welden, Mrs. A Lorber, C. H.
'leny, Mis. Jennie Peterson, Mis. M. Clark,
Mis. S. A. Eggleson. Mis. U. Sullivan, Miss Min
nie A. Megan. Miss Jessie Holland, Mrs. liertha
FiedericKson, Miss M. Kearney, Charles Alpers,
Mis. E. Junes, A. Duller, W. W. Moses, F. U
Van de Hark. Mrs. M. Grace, Mrs. K. Brodwell,
Charles Anderson, J. E. Shean. Moor manager.
Dr. A. 11. Mulberry. Floor Committee— Professor
W. J. O'Brien, James McAllister, John Grace,
\V. 11. Biott, George B. Mowry.
Sij^'pr.s*- at Ignaoio.
Last Saturday evening a pleasant surprise
pany was given at the house of Mr. A. Kynock,
'ln lauaclo. At about 8:30 o'clock the advent of
the merry -makers was auuounced by fish born
and vocal echoes, and as team after team arrived,
tlie occupants ol the vehicles were received wlih
much cordiality. The piazza and tbe trees sur
rounding the bouse were Illuminated by Japan
one lanterns, and when the music sounded i lie
by thins ol tbe dance the bouse presented a gala
appearance. . ' -** '-'■'-"
Tue evening was spent In dancing, music and
game*, supper was served at 12 o'clock, after
which dancing was resumed until late. All
unanimously declined the eveuiug a most enjoy
able one.
Among those present were: Mrs. Valencia,
Mrs. Loser, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Paclieco of Han
Itafael, Mr. aud Mrs. Kyuock, Mr. aud Mrs.
aituony, Mr. and Mrs. Neil .00, Miss Ella
i'belan. Miss A. McDonnell. Mrs. Foster, Miss
Maggie j.'osier. Miss Hose Foster, Alias Ida
hosier. Miss Stella. Miss Henrietta aud Miss
Julia Valencia, Miss Nellie Maddocs, Miss
Minnie Sutlou, Miss Mercy I'acheco, Miss Flora
Kynork, Mrs. King, Mr*. Ben I'acheco. Mr. ta
niuiid Lucas, Mr. J. W. Whitney. Mr. J. Connell.
Mr. E. Comieil, Mr. B. Siolir, Mr. 1.. Tanlaran.
Messrs. Frank, Theodore, Milton and V.
Valencia, Mr. George Clark, Mr. Valentine
Ciaik, Mr. A. Simon. Mr. J.Sutton, Mr. limouy,
Mr. FiauK Foster, Mr. B-Kyoock, Mr. Charles
_-\.iili,es, Mr. J. liogeis, Mr. liederick Kynock,
Messrs. John ana li. Keating, Messrs. Leonard
and E. Cau opn, Messrs. T.and Thomas Pacheco.
Silver IVf tltl ioc in Oakland.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Moody celebrated their
silver wedding on Monday evening at tbelr
residence. 1007 Twenty-third stieet, Oakland.
A larce number of Ilielr friends gathered to do
t.onoi to the happy occasion and many elegant
presents showed love miii esteem. The marriage
ceieinony was performed and it Is hoped another
twenty-live yeais of bapuiuess was thus inaug
urated. Music, vocal and Instrumental, on
liveued the ie&iivitie». winch were prolonged to a
la. i' in- ur. Among those present wort: I'ioles
si.r L. D. Fleming, Mis. I. U. Fleming. Mr. and
Mrs. si in lev ant. Mr. and Mrs. Kairr, Mr. and Mrs.
Bartlett, Mr. B. 11. Olney, Mis. M. J. E. Millar.
Mrs. Gamble, Mrs. M. li. Kichardson, Dr. aud
Mrs. I. oven, Mrs. ration, Mrs. Hooter, Mr. and
M.s. Dodge. Mr. Will Ferries, Miss Llllle Fel
lies, Miss Lottie Gamble, Miss May Kichardson,
Miss liia li.iniey, Miss Hatlle Yoakum, Miss
M y Bell, Miss Doela Fleming, Miss Ftliel Moody,
Messrs. .*. erle Fleming, A. Moody, A. K. Moody,
T. Hartieit, Miss Margaret licit, Miss Birdie
A Tea nt Santa Cruz.
Mrs. May Baldwin gave au "at home" at her
residence on Berkshire Heights on Tuesday af
ternoon, to her guest Miss Jennie Baldwin ol San
Kalinin valley. 'There were preseut: Miss Minnie
Benin, Miss Lizzie Benin, Miss Lnelia Lalid,
M lsa Mabel Martin, Miss Mary Jamison, Miss
Alice Fariibain. Miss Mac Wilkin, Miss Grace
Kliodeliani ■ 1. Miss Mollle Morgan, Miss Bessie
Hasten and lier friend Miss tint, and Mrs.W.C.
Parker Jr. Miss Baldwin was assisted In re
ceiving her friends by Mrs. 11. M. Imy. A de
lightful afternoon was spent and delicious re
freshments served.
Farewell Party in San Bernardino.
A farewell party was tendered Miss Ida Ben
nett at the residence of Mrs. Hemy Gooucell Jr.,
in Kan Bernardino, on .Monday ulght. Miss Ben
nett left yesterday morning for this city and
oilier places in the northern part of the State,
where she will visit friends until September lGth,
wheu she leaves for Slain, where she goes on
missionary work. The Young People's Society
of Christian Endeavor, of which she was a mem
ber, presented her with a beautllul lamp, and
llie pupils of Kiley School gave her a handsome
ring, as remembrances of tne esteem lv which
she is held.
l'aclfic Coast (-ridings.
Dr. It. C. Gardner of Fiesno was married
Wednesday to Miss Mary Tenuant ot San Jose.
The marriage occurred at the Garden City. The
happy couple will make a tour of the North
west teiote reluming to F"resuo.
Iv Orson last Wednesday, at the resldencs of
the bride's parents, by the Key. Father Walsh,
Hr. Frank F. Murphy aud Miss Bessie French
were united In marriage. The groom ls a son of
Judge M. A. Murphy of that city.
Ou Wednesday week, in dli-toga, at the
bride's residence, Mr. C. H. Bui gess and Miss
Mary Camp were united in marriage by Key.
Mr. Hemphill of that ulace.
At the Bennett lesidence on the Lakeport
road. Dear Cailstoga, Sunday afternoon lust, the
marriage of Mr. J. I. Kelley and Miss A ice Ben
neit took place, also that of Mi. Harry B. Starr
and Miss Belle Norlhup, Key. Joseph Hemphill
officiating. The two couples stood up together
and were mauled at the same lime. The bride
lirst mentioned is the daughter .-! the late Mr. J.
_*.'. Bennett, and Is aunt to the oilier, 1-3
-S'orthiip, daughter of Mi. Q. W. Nortbop. Mr.
Kelley Is a nephew of Mr. K. Daniels of Calls
logs, and Mr. Starr is nephew of Mr. Sunt, ilia
well-known Hour mauulactuier. Alier the wed
ding breakfast Mr. ano Mrs. Kelley came to
Cailstoga aud look the train for Sonoma County;
the otlier bride aud bridegroom lelt in vale
conveyance tor tli.tr future Home on the stair
1.1: 11., near Bario Station.
Society Personals.
Mrs. James McCone of Virginia City, with her
son, Mr. Jaii.es McCone, has been visiting in
this city.
Mrs. J. O. Culver of Oakland is visiting Dr.
and Mrs. Wyckoff in Calistoga.
Colonel aod Mis. James Forney and Paymas
ter and Mrs. J. C. Sullivan were among the
visitors 10 Ibis city Tuesday.
Major Fiank McLaughlin is down at Santa
Cruz again.
Mis. Captain C. C. Keene Is visiting camp at
Santa Cruz.
Mrs. John B. Mendcs has returned to her
home, .11: Baker stieet, after a pleasaut trip 10
the mountains iv El Dorado County.
Mrs. Charles F. wick has gone to Santa
Cruz on a visit.
Mrs. I. v. bitmore and family, of Woodland,
are visiting in I bts city.
Mr. John li. Patlon, who lias been spending a
few days In Napa, returned to bis home lv East
Oakland Wednesday afternoon.
Colonel Asa Ellis is lying very low at bis ranch,
eight miles easl of Fresno. The Colonel lias
been ailing tor several weeks. Dr. Pedlar aud
Mr. aud Mrs. Fulton G Berry weut out to see
him un Wednesday.
Miss N-liie Baiid has returned to her home In
Selina after an extended visit in Oakland.
.Mi-. J. N. E. Wilson ls among Ihe recent visit
ors to SaniaCiiiz.
Miss Lena Biigtiatn ol Oakland is at Santa
Mi. John T. Dare is visiting Santa Cruz.
Miss Laura and Miss Blyihe Macdonald are
the guests of their cousin, Mrs. Wakefield, at
Santa Cruz.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chase arc visiling Santa
Mr. 11. S. Dixon, who lias been the guest of ihe
Bohemian Cinb, leturuea home to Fresno Moo
Mi. and Mrs. F. F. Spence have gone to Sauta
Cruz fur a short st <y.
Miss Addle M. Gcokln lias returned to Valiejo
firm a tbiee weeks' visit to this cily and Oak
Mr. W. J. Schmidt of Berkeley Is attending the
fair at Napa.
Messrs. Geoige Ogden and Howard Smith have
gone ou a visit to Sacramento.
Mr. J. W. G. Cof rau is sojourning at Los
Miss Ilatlie Morton, who has been visiting
friends at Sau Fianeisco, Salt Jose aud Monterey
lor the last two mouths, has leturned home to
San Diego, accompanied by Miss Cora Edwards
ol Sau Jose.
Mr. and Mrs. J. IS. Gregory were at the Palace
Hotel from Saiisalilo yesteiday.
Mr. !>.'.; nut Kyi .nd of Baa Jose Is visiting here.
Mi. E. P. Heed came up 110111 Sau Jose yester
Among the society people who leave for Del
Monte to-day are: Mr. and Mrs. Knssell J. Wil
son, Mr. aud Mrs. Joseph B. Crockett and Miss
Crockett, Mr. aud Mrs. W. F. hmiili, Mr. and
Mrs. T. 11. Goodmau. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs.
W. Mayo Newnall and family. Dr. A. H. Voor
bles aud Miss Mane V out hies, Mr. and Mis. P.
Frank and Captalu and Mrs. VI. 11. Taylor, Miss
Taylor aud Miss Clara Taylor left lor the big
hotel. Mr. and Mrs. .M. S. Wilson go down to
morrow. Other lecenl oepartmes thither are
Mis. F. L. Barreda aud Miss Kose Barreda, wiio
left on Monday lv company wilb Mis. George
Hearst and Miss Jennie Sanderson. Mr. and
Mrs. Peter .Mcßcau and Miss Edilh Mcßean go
down next week. Colonel and Mrs. E. F. Eyie
re i in to Menlo I'aik to-inoiiow. altera two
weeks' slay at De! Monte, Mr. and Mrs. Tim
othy Hopkins haveieiurnedtro-ualtiree mouths'
visit to Ibe fashionable result.
Three Army-Street IMvelliitgs Are De-
mrciyert by Fire.
The two-story building at 10-11 Army
street was set on fire at 11:40 o'clock yester
day morning by sparks from a furnace in
the place. An alarm was sounded from
Box 225, to which the department promptly
responded, but before the engines had ar
rived tlie flames were burning 'flown the
adjoining buildings.
lie structure in which the fire started
was destroyed. It was owned by F. Koch
and occupied by Jordan & Crouin as a
laundry and by the proprietor as a resi
dence. The one-story frame building ad
joining was also burned, and the fire spread
to a one-story house owned by Mr. Mclves,
which soon went up In flames and smoke.
Adolph Hook owned and lived in one of
these, and the other was occupied by .John
McCalliek. The loss was estimated at
54300. "
An alarm from Box 182 at 9:15 o'clock in
the morning was for a fire in a saloon ou
the southwest corner of Sixth and Berry
streets. Damage SIOO.
Fred Kattbe's t . loon -„
Charles Warren, a sneak thief, entered
the room of Fred liaabe, in the lodging
house at the corner of Tenth and Mission
streets, early yesterday morning, and ran
away*; with itaabe's pantaloons. He was
surprised by the occupant of the room
jumping lrom bed to catch him, and lie has
tily left the house with Knabe at his heels,
sans day clothing and calling for the burg
lar to leave the trousers. Warren was
shortly overtaken and given in charge of
the police, who locked him up in the -seven
teenth-street Station for burglary.
A frisky colt, owned by Farmer Austin
of Clackamas Couuly, Oregon, got tangled
in a brush pile recently and it took some
time to free it. No sooner was the colt
loose than it planted both hind feet into
Austin's face. His jaw was fractured, Ins
nose was wrecked and all his teeth were
knocked out.
As we gaze upon a new-blown rose, wo Involunta-
rily exclaim, "How lovely 1" Our admiration is ex
cited by the color and delicate tints or the flower.
So it Is with
A Beautiful Maiden.
Her clear, velvet-like skin and peach-bloom
complexion fascinate us. These ex'iuislto
charms always result from the use of
A never-railing remedy for removing all Imperfec-
tions rrom the skin and waking the complexion
For tale bp all drugglstt. BEWARE OF IMITA- :
_ ' Glenn's Sulphur Soap sent by mall for SO .
cents. - C N.CkIITKNTO.N, .115 Fulton
street, New York.— X
jelO tf Mo Fr
The English Syndicate Buys tlie
Oakland Brewery.
Colored Citizens Dimnnd a Eepresentation
on the Bepublican Ticket— A New
Church for Alameda.
The Oakland Brewery has at last been
swallowed up by the English syndicate
after holding out stubbornly, in May, 1887,
Fritz 1-oebnier and Carl C. Peterson, of
Alameda, entered into a contract with Joe
Dieves and Charles Krainm to purchase
the brewery within six months, agreeing to
pay for it Iho sum of 90,000. For some
reason the contract was never carried out.
When the syndicate was formed it tried to
get the Oakland Brewery for the sum for
which it had been agreed to sell to Boeiimer
& Peterson, but the proprietors refused to
sell for less than $150,000, and finally the
syndicate has come to the brewers' terms.
The transfer has been made and the court
will be asked to confirm the sale. The
raise of $60,000 in price inside of one year
is considered a fortunate one for the owners
of the brewery.
The cash in the Alameda County Treas
ury was counted yesterday afternoon by
Dart Morgan, Chairman of the J .l aid of
-supervisors, and Frank J. Krauth, Deputy
Auditor. The total amount was $140,
--893 DC, of which $52,525 was in gold coin
and £86,000 is on special deposit in four of
the Oakland banks.
The First Congregational Church of
Xiles has incorporated, with H. G. Ells
worth, J. C. Shiun, William Snyder, Jane
li. Clough and Emily P. Mayhew as
The Republicans of Golden Gate met at
Klinkner Hall last eveniug nnd organized a
club for the coming campaign.
The Piedmont cable from the power
fa ouse to Eighth street was joined yester
day aud was run during the afternoon. It
is believed the cable will be sufficiently
stretched for use on Sunday. The work on
the western division to the Sixteenth-street
depot will, it Is said, soon be commenced.
Henry Gotte, the young man who pleaded
guilty in the Oakland Police Court of steal
ing twu bottles of beer from the locker of a
Pullman car at the Oakland pier, was sen
tenced to pay a fine of SbO. It is said that
he had never been in trouble before. He
was tin employe of the railmad company.
The suit of Joseph B. Fields against the
city of Oakland was hied yesterday. Bo
alleges that on the 21st of April, I«S9, the
Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
attempted to remove liim from the police
force without cause. He claims $15i>0 as
back salary due him.
The graduating exercises of the class of
1890 of the Haywards Grammar School will
be held at Native Sous' Ball this evening.
Following is the list of the graduates with
the titles of their essays: .Miss Laura
Baxter, " From School Life Into Life's
School"; Miss Johanna Johnson, "A Sketch
of the Piauo"; Miss Mamie Keating, "John
Boyle O'Keilly, Hero and Poet"; Master
Charles Piiuenlel, "Some Kccent Applica
tions of Electricity, With a Glance at the
Future," while Master Charles Dollner will
deliver an oration on the subject "How .May
a Hoy Become Patriotic?" The diplomas
will be delivered by County Superintendent
At a meeting of the Alameda County
American Citizens Equal Bights Associa
tion, an organization of colored citizens, a
resolution was adopted, demanding that
colored citizens be given representation
upon the Bepublican ticket, and indorsing
J. B. Wilson, editor of the Elevator, for
the position ol Assemblyman in the Fifty
fifth Assembly District. A committee was
appointed to see that the resolutions were
properly presented to the Bepublican party.
The association now has a membership of
325. They claim between 800 and -K.O votes
in the county.
The Society of Physicians and Surgeons
of Alameda County will meet at the Hotel
Crelliu this evening. The President, Or.
J. H. Wythe, will give a microscopical
demonstration of bis observations on the
structure of the blood corpuscles.
The Ithaca Consolidated Gold and Sliver
Mill and Alining Company yesterday sued
G. M. Thomas, asking for an order of court
restraining him from disposing of certain
stock of the company, held by him.
A 1 a m .- d . •
Charles Schue, a High-street saloon
keeper, was acquitted yesterday by Justice
Byler of the charge of assault to murder,
preferred against him by a young man
named Tuliey, who got into a row with
Schue over a dogfight Schue pulled a pis
tol on him, but the evidence showed that
he was acting iv self-defen se.
B, B. Tappati and H. T. Norris start to
day un their trip to the Lick Observatory,
-Mount I! itmii ton.
The contract price for the erection of the
new Christ Episcopal Church is $11,050.
The building will have a seating capacity
of 400, and the plans show that it will un
doubtedly be the handsomest church edi
fice in Alameda.
Policeman Coobiijr Accused of "Fixing"
ft Witness.
A colored man named Edward Turner,
accused of n criminal assault on Mary Mas
sou, an old Kussian woman, was before
Judge Murphy on trial yesterday.
The main circumstance of interest in the
hearing was the testimony of Charles Kelly.
Un the preliminary examination he testified
that lie was present and saw Turner Willi
disarranged apparel, and heard the as
saulted woman cry out. Yesterday, how
ever, lie contradicted everything previously
said, and declared with a grea t deal of em
phasis that Turner did nothing out of the
way at all. Ilis former testimony, lie said,
was all a lie.
"Then why did you swear it?" asked the
Judge, sternly.
Kelly explained that be did so at the in
stigation of Policeman Conboy. The officer
came to him, he said, and represented that
the old woman was about lo die, and that if
she did, the fact that he was with Turner
would implicate htm in a case of murder.
Conboy showed him a paper written on
both sides, one of which contained what be
was to swear to.
Officer Conboy was immediately sent for,
but testified that he did not show Kelly any
paper, or tell him anything at all. In fact
gave the direct lie to everything Kelly had
Mrs. Mas son, the assaulted woman, testi
fied through an interpreter and said that
Turner did assault her. Sue lives at 44
Jessie street.
When the Judge had finished charging
the jury he made special reference to Kelly's
strange testimony, and said it was a case
deserving investigation. Either Kelly was
guilty of perjury or Conboy was guilty of
subornation of perjury, and if possible the
guilty man sliould be discovered and pun
The case went to the jury about half-past
3 o'clock, and at 0:30 in the evening a ver
dict of "guilty as charged" was returned.
New Incorporations.
■ The following articles of incorporations
have been filed in the offlce of the County
EI Alumina Company: Directors— W. K. Mould
Of (i.ikbuid, I). _<'. Miller of Golden (line and 0.
1.l bote, a. A. iioyt, ('. 1.. llonestell, U.S.
ill idee, W. F. Uibsou of San Francisco. Capital
stock 8100,000, ol wliieli $3500 lias been sub
set ib.'d
American Indicator and' Improvement Com
pany; Diiectots— T. li. (-tuenlini-eii ol Alameda
County, and Adolpb li. Spteckels, T. S. Samuels,
IS. J. Iliitl.-ie_.ei, Ai. 11. Weed of San Francisco.
Capital slock (2,500,000, divided into 100,000
_l.it. i*.; $1,270,000 -iii.-c'iil..i*d. The company
will manufacture indicators, signs, devices and
tilings used to designate stieets, etc., and also
all kinds of car 'urniiiire, tlxitig-, and trimmings
San Diego Mining Company— Directors: Mar
tin Jones, F. C. Mosebacb, John Henderson, Syl
vester (l.tidner and U-cut Wondlianis of Sau
Fraueisco. Capital slock $400,000, all sub
set t bed. IMIIHMt ""In. '. ni*. ■liim "
Warlock Mining Company— Directors: Martin
Jones, F. C. Mosebacb, Jobu Henderson, Syl
vester Carduet and Oscar Woodliiints of Situ
Francisco. Capital stock $400,000, all sub
_ Coiiibtuation llatand Pillow Company—Dliect
ors: F. S. Albei stone of Alameda ; lid C. K. I'.on
esiell, Jobu C. Mill li, I.i ou Nindin.tn and Cut lis
11. Kimball ol San Fiauclsco. Capital stock
$100,000, of which $50 lias been subscribed.
_______n_B_-__s ■ ■ ' • *.-_?3S^_S
A Swarm of Crickets.
An army of crickets made a descent last
night on the. downtown sections of the city,'
especially Kearny and Montgomery streets.'
They swarmed about the sidewalks in large
numbers ami attracted much attention. As
crickets are supposed to In ing good luck
with them, an avalanche of happy, fortune
may he expected by -those who came across
the little crawlers. ' : ''■-."., _
An Early Evening Fire.
_' The old cliopliouse and oyster saloon at
520 JSncramento ; street, . comer _ of ; Leides-*
ili;ill, took lire last iiiylit shortly Delore 11
o'clock. ; The ! flames ; were i quickly extin
; guished : after . having I done .. damage f esti
mated at SSOO. ? The lire took place in the
kitchen, from what cause could not be ascer
tained. The second floor of the building is
occupied by 31. Weiss, a job printer, and
the third floor by the Journal of Commerce.
No damage was done to the floors above.
Caspar Paritza and Antonio Ga3ovitsch are
the proprietors of the chophouse, and had
no insurance on it,T__e____atl »,_._-'-_-_
Tarty Politics to Play a Very
Prominent Part.
2-2' ■
Delegates Bush Dell and Fulirman. who
waited on the San Jose Convention for the
Federated Trades iv the interest of the Au
stralian ballot system, returned hero yester
day biglily gratified with the Democratic
platform. Tney say it has recognized the
efforts of the laboring classes to secure
ball at reform, and the laboring classes in
return express themselves as duty bound
out of gratitude to recognize aud aid the
party. The delegates said they had little or
no trouble to get a hearing, in fact the
plank was practically in place in the plat
form before the hearing was asked. The
general opinion among the labor leaders
now is that the Federated Trades can pur
sue but one course, approve of tlio conven
tion's action and adopt its platform. This
will come haril on those who are hide
bound, they admit, but they feel obliged to
recognize the only great issue they have in
the coining campaign. s V- :-.■;- -':--•
. ONLY ONE l.i: IT.
Nun-Union -Holders Gradually -Leaving
th* Occidental.
It was reported at the headquarters of
the union molders last night that two more
of the non-union men had left the Occi
dental Foundry. This leaves but one niolder
at work there. Originally there were nine
teen molders employed in that foundry, and
that was the average force tho year round.
After the strike it ran along with about six
men and they kept leaving, while now but
one remains.
The Committee of Arbitration has not
yet succeeded in getting a conference with
the foundry men, but it is early yet aud
they are not anxious to precipitate matters.
All of that association with whom they
have conversed express a perfect willing
ness to meet and talk matters over quietly
and temperately. There seems to be but
little doubt that the conference sought will
be granted. *
-Discouraged Willow-Workers.
The willow- workers have decided to
change their name to the Rattan-workers'
Protective Union. This move comes about
from their failure to secure tho co-opera
tion of all the willow-workers in their
efforts to combine and strengthen the in
dustry. In spite of all they could do or
say they found it impossible to shut out
the deluge of willow-ware from Kurope,
and there was no use trying to compete
against it. Committees were appointed to
reconstruct the constitution and by-laws
and procure a new seal ; also a circular was
issued to wine and liquor merchants asking
them not to buy German willow-covered
glassware any more. The legitimate busi
ness of this union hereafter will be rattan
work only.
Painters in Willi the Barbers.
The Painters and Decorators had tho
largest meeting of the season last night and
transacted a deal of business, but about
all of outside interest that took place was
the reception tendered a delegation of the
Barbers League aud the adoption of the
following resolution:
Whereas, 'I lie members of this organization
are In sympathy Willi the just movtnieul of the
-larders' Kiglii-o'clock Closiug League; theie
loie, be It
Resolved, That we Hereafter have our barber
lug done before 8 o'clock, and use our Influence
to in (_.« barber-shop keepers that have uot com
plied will) the league's request to out up the B
o'clock closing sign.
There were eight initiations and eight
applications for membership.
llu. i Butchers.
The journeymen butchers, though almost
too busy to be interviewed by reporters last
night, accomplished very little that the pub
lic feels an interest in after all. They were
visited by delegations from Oakiaud and
South San Fraueisco, and spent all the
evening discussing arrangements for their
annual picnic and keeping a delegation
from the Barbers' League waiting in the
anteroom an hour or so.
Iltlplug the liii 'm . -
At a meeting of the Brick-layers' Asso
ciation held on Wednesday evening last the
following resolution was adopted:
Itesolved, Tbat this association do hereby ln
dor>e the eight-o'clock closing uio.emeut of the
Baibcis' League.
Brief Note* From Pacific States and Ter
Pueblo County, Colo., now has a popula
tion of 31,329, a gain of 50 per cent in two
The Yalkyrien, a Swedish paper at Salt
Lake City, has suspended for lack of pat
The new Methodist Church at Ogden,
Utah, has a fine bell that weighs 50U0
The miners at the Sand Coulee coal mines
at Great Falls, Montana, have gone out on
a strike.
The new Methodist Church at Ogden will
have a steeple 181 feet high, the tallest in
the Territory.
Thomas Kockford, an old and respected
citizen of Petaluma, died on Monday. He
had been ill for many months.
At the great fire at Spokane Palls the
sufferers were loaned army tents. The
papers now say hardly one tent has been
The people of Spokane Falls are excited
by rumors of building two large flouring
mills by Eastern ■capitalists. The combined
output will he 8500 barrels in twenty-four
The Oregon papers say that the Canadian
Pacific railroad will be paid 520,000 a month
bonus by the Pacific Mail Company for
keeping their steamers away from San
The great suit of Clarke vs. Ileilbron.
that involved title to 64,000 acres in Fresno
and Tulare counties, lias been compromised,
and thu whole tract is to be cut up into
small farms.
The Salt Lake Times of Thursday says:
Seven companies of forty-five men each
started from the fort on a march to Parson
at 9 o'clock this morning. Colonel' Blunt
led the way.
The Salem (Oregon) Statesman says:
Those men you see ou the streets with 9x15
smiles on their faces, extending from ear to
ear, are the hop-growers of Marion and
Polk counties.
The new fire-boat for the Seattle depart
ment was launched last Saturday. She will
be provided with powerful steam pumps
that will throw four six-inch streams to a
distance of (iOO feet. ,
Henry Burris, aged 17, of Traver, Tulare
County, was dangerously injured by his
own revolver, last Monday. The bullet
shattered one of his arms aud went through
the jaw into his mouth.
K. Robinson is demonstrating that the
Monterey cypress will flourish In/Inde
pendence, Inyo County, as well as in more
tropical climes. He lias a number making
thrifty growth on his home place.
As a reporter of the Salt Lake Times was
leaving the theater last Thursday evening
ho was hit in the eye by a paper dart made
out of a programme, llu full as if shot,
and the doctor is in hopes to save the eye.
The Inyo Index tax It is estimated
that the rainfall of the past week here
abouts was about us great as that of
last winter, barring the twenty-four hours'
downpour in the latter part of January.
A railroad convention will be held lv San
.lose on September 16lh, when nine dele
gates each will bo sent lrom the following
counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa
Clara, San Benito, Fresno, Tulare and
Merced. gßjfagMgaflMf^Wq__fip__j|w
. The . Seattle Daily Telegraph has ap
peared. It is controlled by a syndicate and
will support the principles of the Democratic
party. In fullness of telegraphic service
and in typographical appearance, the Tele
graph makes a capital showing.
A colony of -yellow-jackets, says the
Shasta Cornier, have constructed a nest in
the side uf the bank on the railroad track
below Dunsmuir, and make things interest
ing for the occupants of passing trains.' All'
trains pass the spot at a high rate of speed
f.r fear the insects might sting the iron
liorse on , the : cowcather, thereby causing
him to run away.^g^aSßS^dfefifp^g
The Concord Sun says: Charley Pacheco
is the happy possessor of a chicken .with
four legs. .s It was hatched a ' fow ; days ago ■
and creates intense excitement I among I the
other chickens, as it makes the most extra
ordinary somersaults, lt has a very intelli
gent eye, and seems rather perplexed about
its extra pair ol pegs that, in time, will be
able to scratch >up ; a double allowance -of
worms." ._ .■,■.-.■■';■"_.'!'/•"■:-'-• .
; .Tlie Phoenix Herald says: Punctuation
has been curried to that degree of refine
ment back East that I East Hartford, Coon.,
can have no horse railroad this year be
cause the | Legislative Engrossing Clerk in
serted .in the Enabling' Act -a. semicolon,'
"here it comma should have beeu. We be
lieve our: usually docile Washington street
railway mules would kick an exclamation
point. or. two into the volunteer author of
such excessive punctiliousness. ■_' . i
'■■'_■ :■'-.■■ • . ' '■ *. ■''■,'''■--'.-
"W!h.o .Desire to -Biay
Good Goods
Excellent Values !
HOmrimmn'mwMini'.'aim mm BILBRIGGAH DIDEIVUII.It
$4.00, worth $5.00, $6.00, $7.00 "- " $1.25j« ' w*s»
om'va^kema.n. summer keckwear_at factory cost
BOYS' KHEE-PANTS_SUITS from $2.25 SUMMER VESTS, from - - 65c Upward
MEN'S AND YOUTHS' SUITS, Ail-Wool is Better Than Any Other SHIRT Sold
Scotch Tweed - - - $10.00 Elsewhere at $1.25.

Ra a n J) ™a rt fading Clothiers and Furnishers,
OOSmOS., 27,29,31,33,35,37
t3f Country orders solicited. Packages delivered free to Oakland, Alameda
and Berkeley.
Oir Clii i Fnrilii Goods
Will Be Sacrificed at Any Price
712 and 714 Market Street.
»u32tfirrTn :''.---■
The Charleston Takes Supplies
and Sails Nortb.
Her Departure Viewed as a Determination
on the Part of the Government to
Protect the Seals.
Late yesterday afternoon a dispatch was
received at the Merchants' Exchange from
Newport, Yaquina Bay, Oregon, as follows:
Culled Males steamer Charleston arrived from
Honolulu. look supplies aud sailed north.
Win ant.
There were few subscribers in the ex
change at the time, but the news spread
and the room soon filled up with seafaring
men who discussed the significance of the
dispatch. At first it was disbelieved, for
the reason that no commander would take
a deep-water steamer like the Charleston
into such a place as Yaquina Bay. "It
would be too risky," was the general com
ment. Then again, it was argued, why
should the Charleston go to such a place ns
Newport for supplies? Her principal need
-would be coal, they said, and there were
more convenient places than Newport to
get it- When, however, the sender's name
was considered doubt vanished and the ut
most credence was placed in it. Captain
Winant commands the steamer Mischief,
and reports from him have never yet been
discredited on 'Change.
The significance of the departure of the
United States revenue cutter Corwin sev
eral days ago from Port Townsend lor
Behring Sea, and the sailing of the Charles
ton yesterday tor northern waters, was too
marked not to excite serious comment. The
general impression is that the administra
tion means business this time, and that the
poaching sealers will have to beware.
It is thought by many that while the
cruiser was lying in Honolulu her com
mander received orders from Washington
on the termination of the Behring Sea cor
respondence, to coal and proceed to Alaska
to aid in suppressing toe illegal destruction
of the seals. Others take a calmer view of
the situation and do not place any signifi
cance In the coincidence. They: think it
means no more than a trip south. The
general impression, however, was that the
cruiser was not sent north ou a pleasure
Information lias been received in this
city that the poachers have -been making
large hauls during the absence of the
United States war vessels, and the number
of their catch for the season has been
placed at 20,000 seals, and that the greater
part of the skins have been landed in Vic
toria and purchased by the Liebes Com
pany. » ■ . .
Ills considered probable that the Gov
ernment has learned these facts, and has
determined to protect- those to whom It
gave the exclusive rights of sealing in the
Behring Sea.
Whatever the mission of the Charleston,
her -ailing north at this critical . period of
controversy causes her departure to be
looked upon as significant of the deter
mination of the Government to stop the
poaching at all hazards.
The Struggle of a Wife to Prevent Her
...no, I Taking Paris Green.
A few nights since, according to the Bal
timore Herald of recent date, George Ecke,
31 years of age, living at 110 North Greene
street, attempted suicide by means of Paris
green. Ecke has been intoxicated for a day
or two, and yesterday was; very despond
ent. He is a brick-layer by trade, \ and . his
■wife keeps a confectionery shop at the
above address. : *fj?BS ? C!jf'W-gffWßffl * Tl. WH
_; Ecke entered the saloon of Mrs. Miller,
on Lexington street, near Greene, • last
night, and ordered a glass of beer. - lie told
Mrs." Miller as he went out that that was
the last glass of ; beer he expected to drink,
and' displaying a package, > said -he - had
bought 10 cents' worth of paris green and
wns going home to give his wife and five
year-old - little girl a dose and , take a doso
himself. He said he; bad a good wife and
child, ' but jhe was ' In * trouble and desired
that all should die. ; - - '- "-'• '•
■a lie went home and passed his wife In the
store, going to the I rear room, as she sup
posed, to i eat his - supper. She went back
soon i after - and ' found - him - mixing " tho
poison with water in a glass, lie told her
of his purpose nnd she tried to grab tlie
glass.-,. They struggled for several minutes,
she pleading wit him not to drink it ou
her account. * In the . tussle I both were cov
ered by - the : mixture, " which was spilled
from the glass. 'rUMMXaAr* i-iy|"l_BU_ ll i ■ 'JMW,
* Sho could not prevent liim from taking a
draught : from the glass, but did the ; next
best thing and ran for a physician. She
went to the Maryland University Hospital
and with two students rushed back to the
house. They found Ecke sitting on a chair
In the store coveted with splotches of green
mixture and seemingly overcome by the
poison. Emetics were applied and the man
was later removed to the hospital. It is
thought he will recover.
Ecke is from Berlin, Germany, having
been in this city eight years. He declared
hia intention last night of again taking
poison as soon as possible. "I'll get a
quarter's worth if I can and take it. I'm
tired of living."
Ecke's father is quite wealthy and from
time to time sends him remittances. The
last one amounted to SIOGO and with part of
tills money Mrs. Ecke purchased the store
on Greene street Ecke's sprees have been
the source of much anxiety to his wife. • :-'-
The Kemarkable Criminal Career of J.
B. Stock.
A leading firm of solicitors received a let
ter from their correspondent at Watertown,
X. V., which contains the latest chapter in
the history of a refugee from American
justice named J. B. Stock, who was wanted
in Philadelphia and New York for forgery
when he arrived here eight years ago, says
a special to the St. Louis Republic from
Montreal, dated August 12th. Here ho beat
a widow who had taken him into partner
ship out of 818,000 and with it started a
stock, oil and grease company. Stock lived
1 in Cote St. Louis, a suburb of Montreal,
where he became a pillar of the Methodist
Church and President of the Royal Temp
lars of Temperance.
At this time he had living here three
wives, one at Cote St. Louis, with two
children one at St. Albert and one at Sut
re in out, with one child. All these places
are suburbs of Montreal, and how he kept
the three women apart is hard to explain.
The grease company did not pay, and he
fled after committing the forgery, taking
with him the money lie bad collected to
purchase an organ for his church. Detec
tives looked in vain for him, but the letter
in question states that he went to Ogdens
burg, where he failed to form a partnership
with Mr. Sbelton, and thence to Watertown.
There lie went into business with Mr.
Wood, but in the absence of his partner,
he Induced his wife to turn all her property
into cash, and the two eloped together, leav
ing their families. They went to Chicago,
where they bought tickets for San Fran
cisco, but further " than that their move
ments have not been traced.
;. Death by -Dynamite. '
Dallas (Tex.), August Hi.— The particu
lars of a horrible dynamite accident wero
received in this city to-day. Rev. Stein
mons and a party of young men friends
went down to McCormick's Bluff on the
Trinity Kiver, yesterday, on a fishing ex
pedition. Steumions has frequently "dyna
mited" the river for fish, although often
times warned against the practice. Yester
day he held two large dynamite cartridges
in his hands and announced that lie was
going to ttso the same. His companions
shrunk back. Steimnons hurled one of the
cartridges into the stream and a slight ex
plosion followed. An instant later a second
report fairly shook the surroundings and
prostrated the entire party. -Young Stem- '
moiis' eyes were blown from their sockets,
his left hand was torn : away above the
wrist, and his right leg below the knee
was blown to atoms., lie lived for fivo
hours.— Special to the . St. Louis Globe
■ ** — .
Habeas Corpus Case.
. In . the habeas : corpus case of Charles
Hughes, who was recently held by Judge
Shatter for perjury, until lie could be rein
dicted for misdemeanor, -Judge: Hoge dis
missed the writ yesterday and remanded
the prisoner .to ;' custody. ..The Judge held
the opinion that Hughes should be rein
dicted. '- • •*. •;-_:■■ ■ •■ - -.
— —
"The Call's" Premium Dictionaries.
Tiie Call has received another consign
ment of the "Allen", edition of Webster's
-Unabridged Dictionary, which is being for-,
warded its rapidly as possible to subscrib
ers whose I orders are on tile. <_ These books
are substantially bound in leather, beauti
fully embossed, and in _ quality of paper
and excellence of workmanship are a per- 1
feet marvel. ' -■'■"• - •:.•'-'
_i New Suit kilsd.— ln i the : suit of Mary F.
Corcoran, administratrix of the estate of William
- Corcoran, against i .Icl.t. Illnkel . aud ' twenty
others, an action to quiet title, a new complaint
has been filed. The defendants were granted a
nonsuit by Judge Hunt on Wednesday last.
Considerable propeity is Involved in the liti
gallon. ■ '--.::.. 7't<-'J- . ''"".": ~'..2'-^'- . *-*-. v _;;-;>
--: Bf.fuskd to Emigrate.— Judge Garber has
granted a divorce to llelurach ; 1". Conrad] from
Anna 'Elizabeth _ Conrady r for desertion. r The
parlies were married in Germany, and Mrs. Con
rady reins, d to leave tbe Fatherland to Join tier
husband here; :- •■■■■- _ "
.'-.* Bkktei.ing has the ,' only reliable methods to
j fit dtfleclivesigbi. 427 Kearny street. •
'- A trl-weekly stage line; has been started
between Mojave and | Keeler, Inyo County,
ibv way of Lone | Pine .-; and | Independence.
-The time of each trip is twenty-six hours.
'llyl, :;-■■-- ■ ' ;r - SALES.
-A.t -A.TAotio.ri I
WSonday ■ - - September I, 1890.
Fronting Valencia, Sixteenth, Fifteenth Sts. and Julian Am
.■j»* , i . — —
100 ~~ _ I 25 125 V! 5 19 55 25 25 25
- - . »c
■ w
' ..— .. . "— _a 3* , » n aoaor-t
__ »C toc-iCTciwi- -Minna
P, s 8
-■,": : g
- « IB
IG .; o- a
w _ .
« " £s 2 ■■ ; ~~ .'-!_! «
„ >• -g r? * ■ > _•_> o
|«_! «is s s I _ §
W ,=« SMALL STEEET. - «<-*-}-_. 8 " °HI E
J, O l-ZZZi i ' 37 ***
A g * s a s I
$ 5 " 06 5 65:7 7 §
5 /'
100 .". 88TI6 " ./
M _C /
ct m ' /
rt « o /
***■ /
o 10 -> U -/
° o ___-_-_-_______ 35:5 X j __________
J-'iftkkxtA street. iciiun sthi.it.
Title Guaranteed Perfect and Sale to be Strictly Genuine. Positively Without Reserve.
This property has been ordered to be sold in subdivisions, as described In diagram
above, which will not only enable the small investment-seeker to purchase, but offers a
very factory opportunity for large speculators. Sixteenth-street cable will shortly
be constructed to run from the New Ferry Landing direct to the Park and Ocean.
THE VAKNEY ESTATE is an exceptional offering. It is the best business prop-
erty in the market to-day. It is on tbe main business street of the Metropolis of this
Coast, as Valencia street is the natural continuation of Market street.
FIKST— Big businesses never move up hill; like water they seek a level. Our business
sections all lie on low ground; our residence sections are on tbe kills; 'therefore busi-
ness will naturally select VALENCIA instead of the Market-street Extension.
SECOND— The city cannot move west beyond the coast live. It must extend southward.
All the recent small business growth of the city has sprung up east and west of
Valencia street. -.-•.;
THIKb- All the manufacturing interests of the city are being located in the southern
part, and this means constantly increasing business importance of Valencia street.
Twenty (20) days allowed for settlement and to complete purchase. Principal and interest
payable in United States gold c.in. Instruments of sale at purchaser's expense. A depositor
10 per cent of the pure. hue money, payable on the fall of the hammer or announcement of sale;
balance of cash payment on tend.r of deed and approval of sale by the Superior Court of Alameda
Connty, and if not so paid (nnlesi for defect of title) than laid 10 per cent to be forfeited and tale
to be void at seller's option.
AIjSO yy2
With improvements. Size of lot, 25x100. Sale subject to approval of Probate
Court. - This is (lie only investment on Market street tiiat can be purchased at
its relative value.
O'FARRELL & LANG, II Montgomery Street.
******»^--**********^^g7^****;^"»"****^"" l **^7******* M "^ w " IM *-**" llwll '. "_",.TT^T_**""^^
~I- _ _
\ — OF
Friday, August 22d. at 1 1 o'clock A. M. , at
tlie Private Kesldence, 2319 Jackson
Street, near Fillmore, all of the Elegant
Parlor, Bed and Din ins-room Furniture,
Grand Kogewood Upright Fiano, Large
- French-plate Mantel Mirror, Mantel
Clocks and Ornaments, Line Engrav-
ing** and Paintings. Odd Parlor Uphol-
stery, English Body Brussels Carpets,
Hugs, Etc., consisting iv part of
One Grand Rosewood Upright Piano, Harden,
New York, matter, cost $550; parlor Set In Satin
Brocatell with Maroon Plusb Borders; l'arlor So-
fas, Divans. Patent Rockers and Easy Chairs;
French-plate Man and <"hrv.il Pressing Mirrors;
Steel Engravings and oil Paintings: Mantel Clocks
and Ornaments; Hand-carved Antique Oak and
Walnut Bed-room Sets; Spring and Hair Mattre«ses;
Mission Blankets, Down t-eather Pillows and other
Bedding; .English Body lirussels Carpets: Eastern
walnut Sideboard; Pedestal Extension-table; Fa-t-
-ern Walnut Hall-stand; new M^del Range, with Por-
celain Fxtures complete: Linoleum: Patent Kitchen
Table, Crockery, Ulass and Plated Ware, etc.
au'Jl *_t M. J. SIMMONS. Auctioneer.
.'-:.'.:.'-::.' ....or
Saturday, August J.M. Nt 11 o'clock A. M.,
On account ->f immediate departure, all of
th*- l'arlor. JSed and Dining Koum Fur-
niture. -. Koiewoed I mi-lit l'iano,
French-plate Mantel Mirror and Orna-
ments. Upright .'l'late-tluor I'olding-
Bed. Oil Paintings and Engravings,
Brussels Carpets, Kugs, etc..
One 7 - Octave Rosewood Upright Piano, Stool and
Cover; Parlor Set ln silk cut plush, odd upholstery:
oil Paintings and Engravings; French-plate Mantel
Mirror; Mantel Clock and Ornaments; Eastern Wal-
nut and Antique Oak Bed-room Sets; Spring and
Hair Mattresses; Blankets. Pillows. Sheets. rereads
and other Bedding; Walnut Sideboard Extension
Table; floe Range; Glass aud Plated Ware; Brussels
Carpets, Hugs, etc.
au2_i 'it M. J. SIMMONS, Auctioneer.
- - ■ -.--■■■ I
•Kw^^jSM^SSSftia §1 w YTEIXS, FAKGO li CO.'S BANK,
'8^ KT^^.*"^^S_^l»slk PACIFIC PIIONOOK MO CO
t^^^^^^^jlP^M^^u^ Write for Deicrip'.ive Caialogne tid f
218 Sansome Street, C. F.
';..'.' . . - Jyl 8 FrSuTu tf . '
"Of all sad words of tongue or pen the
saddest are these, 'It might have been.' "
Instead of that cheaply made machine for which
good money was foolishly squandered. -.-■■-•
Kny » "DOMESTIC" and enjoy your In-
vestment. ■ '
J. W. EVANS, Cen'l Agent,
20 Fost Streot.
.. ,- . * sua 7p tf ■-.--■ -■- -•
dSB\ Bitters
yiX*- 'rr***-\'l The great Mexican Remedy ■■'
* S-^Trf-r/ - for disorders of the Kidneys
- -AxS-^TVT^ s and Bladder, Gives health aud I
TFMggJVI^KN. strength to the Sexual Organs. ■--_
383 and 315 .U.YI-lvi.f ST., S. P., AGENTS
Salesroom— California sc., below Kearny.
Regular Salesdays Tuesdays and Fridays, at 10 a. *.
Friday August 22, 1890,
At 10 o'clock a. St., at Salesroom, ■-
53C-538 California Street, below Kearny,
....i WIT.L SELL
On account of departure for Europe,
An Elegant Line of Body Brussels Carpets,
one Massive Walnut Bed-room Set (MM
5350), Sideboard, Parlor Upholstery,
Walnut Bookcases, Kanges, etc.
It CIIAS. LEVT, Auctioneer.
4_.'5 Kearny st.. bet. Caiirornla aud Plaa
Friday August 23. 1890,
At 11 o'clock a. k., on the premises,
2228 Sutter Street,
I WILL 5KL1.....
. ... COMPRISING....
1 Cabinet Grand Upright Hazelton Piano of magnifi-
cent tone, In use less than rour months, cost Jtiuo. a
rare chance to secure a first-class guaranteed Instru-
ment; Rich Parlor Upholstery m costly material-);
Elegant Oil Paintings. Etchings. Line Kugrarhigi
and Water Colors in rich gilt frames; Rare Orna-
ments ln Bisque, Limoge Parian Ware and Krot.zr;
Body Brussels Carpets; 1 Magnificent Solid San
Domingo Chamber Suit, with variegated marbles
and plate mirrors, cost #230: 1 Antique oak Cham-
ber suit: Extra Spring and White Hair Matlrasses:
Pillows; White Blankets; Marsallles Spreads;
sheets and Slips; 1 Handsome Shaving-stand; 1'
Magnificent "Writing-desk; Parlor Cabinet: Mantel
Lambrequin: Handsome Tidies: Willow Divan:
Rocker-chairs; l Fine Extension Table; Japanese
Screens; 1 Klcgant Foldlug Toilet Mirror; Brass
Sconces; Extra Fine Decorated Ch na; Majolica and
Crystal Glassware: Brass Lamp; Cherry Table; 1
Walnut Dining Suit in Russian Leather; Leather
Upholstered Lolling Chair; 1 Hanging Hall Hat-
stand; I Nearly New Improved Domestic Sewing
Machine; Kitchen and Laundry Outfit, with a large
assortment of other hue articles.
-Terms— Cash.
au2l g ■ OEO. F. LAMSON. Auctioneer.
ThesMbrmon Elders' Book
■ on _..ic_J strength, mailed tn. to married
men, ai)dri__« F.R. Crouch, Xl Grand St. V.w York
my 7 WeKrMoiWy 6m
n. ii, xxASEtTJaznATr; ry
_: *:.' Telephone No. 039.
plcked Tli.), which yon may draw and taste for
yourself berore purchasing. - .
My cofk X ks are the choicest that can he obtained
in the market, _ 'the only inducement I offer is the
(No Presents) KEST V I.IK. (No Presents.)
Also, Spices, Flavoring Extracts, Halting Pjwder,
guaranteed strictly pure and mil weight.
Don't Forget the Place,
433 and 425 Kearny Street. .-
-. . ■ • su'l cod* Sn lm ■-.--.-■-•
Buffering from the effects of youthful errors, early
- decay, wasting weakness, lost manhood, etc., I will
send a valuable treatise (sealed) containing full
particulars for home cure. FREE of charge. A
. splendid medical work : should be read by every
man who ls nervous an.l debilitate.]. Address, .
: .Prof. F. C. FOWLER, lllooda*,Coi-_a*
.' apB dairy
V» ■' I ___ Hl* It Isa fact universally conceded
if 11 ll U |_ thattheKNAßKsurpassesailothor
K MfcrpiANOS
_ -.-,■-.. Irt Wrt»»U.

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