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Fo-tlvencss is the last sv.eet breath
of I-..'Si rrajirancc and perfume.
That brul-i-.i NiSJOms. ere Itl.lr death.
. iel.lto t lie s. I.]-, 'hat lill.'ht their oloom.
Ji in BL _iei'HAN IV. Youth's •.-uinauioii.
MjP.?. DO-IKE passed down the hos
pitali tal after, her arms fiiled with
flowers which she gave to the-pa
il nts on cither side, and before the bedside
of each young girl she asked the question :
"Isyour name Olive Meade t" and no one
answered yes.
Finally she reached tlie last bed in tlie
room, where a young girl lay. Tlie tender
hearted woman laid a bundle of fragrant
wild flowers in the eager hands.
"Oh, they bring back my dear old home."
cried tho invalid, burying her face in the
*' What is your name?" asked the visitor.
" Olive Meade."
"At last," cried Mrs. Doane, "1 have
found you. Your old mother has written to
you to ccme borne and be forgiveu. lias
your lover proved false?"
" Is that the faceol me who is false?"
asked the girl, holding out a locket eoutaiu
ing a portrait
As Mrs. Doane locked at the picture her
heart gave a great throb. Another mystery
bad been made clear. It was not alone the
old mother's ltst dulling whom she saw in
"Olive," but ono who had a nearer and
dearer claim in her sickness and sorrow, one
whom she herself loved bettor than life.
As soon as she could control herself suffici
ently to speak calmly she went to Olive,
and smoothed the bright hair away trom
her forehead, w illi a soft, magnetic touch.
"How wns it that little 'Ollie' came
so i.ear starving, and In this world of
"\\ c had a suite of rooms at the hotel,
and while I was nt dinner, the very day that
Kenneth pressed his last kiss on thesi. lips,
■ thiol cume into my room and stole my
poiketbook, and all my jewels which my
nnsband lv.d given me—precious for bis dear
sake—and 1 was without the means of even
p.iymg the board bill during the time that
ellipse! heloie I guvenp waiting for Ken
As Olive said this she turned so white that
Mrs. Doane lifted a glass of water to her
lips. But she administered at the same time
an effective cordial, the elixir of hope.
"Oilie," she said softly, "can you bear
good news?"
The gin raised her tear-staiuid face won
deringly. She read a solemn gladness iv
the noble face tending above her.
"Oh, tell me!" weaving her thin hands
together convulsively. "It is about Ken
neth—my husband?"
"Yes."Oiive, Kenneth Doane, yotir hus
band, is my son. But he is no longer the
bright, handsome boy whom you learned to
love. He is crippled iv body and miud. Do
BOt cry, dear, for to those who truly love
affliction is only a nearer nnd dearer tie, and
iv your love my poor Kenneth may And
" Let us go to him at once," said Olive
" Yes, dear, as soon as I can make the
necessary arrangement- for your discharge.
But you must first know how it came that
he never returned to you after that sad
" 1 had been spending the year on the con
tinent with a party of friends and had just
returned home. Kenneth came to see me,
w Ih his old co.'dial greeting, but I saw his
mind was preoccupied. After a time be pro-
I'O.i il a walk, saying he had something to
icli n c which would sound bciler in some
romantic place. So, laughing at his boyish
folly, us I called it. 1 went with hiui "—
" Yes," said Olive. " The one dark spot
that clouded my happiness was to liave him
taken away ou the day he left me! He was
to tell you of our marriage; the very next
di.y we were going together io my father
and mother to beg their forgiveness."
•* Well, little Olive, it was decreed tliat
there should not be such a joyful ending to
XK ll.null's story. My poor boy was ever the
first tv respond to a call for help of any
kiLd, ai il to keep a poor little street waif
from being crushed under the iron hoofs of
some heavy diay horses he sprang lorward.
and, oh. Chive! the next moment my boy—
niy only one—was lying a crushed, b;etding
mass before niy eves.
" 1 had bim carried to my rooms and the
best surgeons in the city have been caring
for him, Lut the injury was to the brain, and
he has not had a sensible moment since the
accident I have wondered much at his con
tinual raving. about 'Ollie.' Now 1 know.
"As soon as you are strong enough to bear
it I will take you to him. He is so changed
that it will be a great shock to you to see
him, and he will not know you."
"My love shall bring him back to health
snd reason," said Olive, lerventlv. "I will
not leave mm nicht or day. 1 will be more
tender to bim than a mother to her weeny
** Mich loving care will do more for him
limn medicine, ami your hopefulness begins
to find an echo in my heart. Now, Olive,
leil me why you should have been so secret
about jour marriage. I have never denied
Kenneth a single thing he asked for since
his babyhood, and had he confided in me all
tbis suffering <-.na Borrow might have beeu
avu lied."
*' My father, though old, is very stern and
set in his way, ana he was very angry at
my faliiug In love, with a ' fine city gentle
man, who'd break my heart after he tired
oi his new toy!* That is what he said of
Kcncelh; and I felt in my heart's core that
it wns a wicked slander. So, when he
coaxed, I was not slow tv come to liis wav
of thinking—ihat the only way for u« to do
war, to take things into our own Imrids and
run away and get married. We were such
children—please forgive us! 1 see vow that
it w us all wrong."
The thought of Kenneth alive and restored
to her, and the knowledge that nl! was for
giveu by her parents, seemed to bave already
restored Olive's strength, and it was not
many hours before she stood at her hus
band's bedside.
The very sound of her voice seemed to
have a soothing influence upon the sufferer,
and after weeks of weary watching, both by
day and nient, the cloud lifted from the
troubled brain and Kenneth knew her.
He is now fully recovered, though be will
always curry the scar of his injury.
They live with Kenneth's mother, but the
old people at the farm are made glad by the
frequent letters and yearly visits from Olive
and her husband.—Selected.
Klch -Mm,. of Silver and Gold In the
Vicinity of Juneau.
L. Radovich, a well-knosvn inventor of
mining machinery, lias just returned from
Alaska from an inspection of liis mines near
Juneau. In an interview yesterday he
*' I am perfectly satisfied that Alaska is
thu coining country for tlio miner—for thor
ough miners I mean. It is exceedingly rich
in minerals, yet difficult to prospect on ac
count of the forests, brush and moss. The
iuoss is the worst thing the luiuer has to
contend with. It seems to be everywhere.
The prospector finds his best opportunities
in the gulches and creeks and on the shores
where the float can be found. The country
is in sore need of capital, and the miners
who are there need encouragement a-id as
" How does it pay ? Well, tako the Silver
Uow liasin as an example, lt is a valley
containing abiut one and a half square
nii!<_, shut in by precipitous mountains.
Most of the lodes are alike and assay about
$40 per tin."
Mr. Kadovich exhibited several specimens
of ore rich in gold and silver, and a com
panion exhibited the head aud antlers of a
reindeer as proof that, io spite of the asser
tion of a naval officer who came recently
from Alaska, large game is still abundant
The Warning Waa Unheeded.
Suit has been commenced by Matteo La
riui against H. Dickinson to recover 81083 25
damages. The defendant owns a lot on
Montgomery street, near Broadway, one side
of which towers CX the plaintiff's house.
Although warned, Dickinson neglected to
secure or remove a large rock, sveighing
aeseral tons, that was ou the edge ol the de
fendant's lot, and it finally fell and crushed
in the rear of Larini's dwelling-nouse, dam
aging it in the sum for which judgment is
asked. #
■♦_ .
Judgment for the Derendants.
The case of Morris Ossosiky against
Doane & Hen ihelwood to recover $.5000
damages was tried and disposed of yesterday
before Judge Garter. Tbe plaintiff, while
driving a butcher cart, was run into and se
verely injured by a delis-cry wagon of the de
fendant?, tbe horses attached to which had
run asvay. After hearing the testimony, a
Judgment for the defendants was rendered.
Thlelman Arraigned.
M. C. Tbielman, the insurance broker,
who was recently indicted by a United
States Grand Jury for carrying on a fraudu
lent "mutual benefit" concern, was ar
raigned yesterday morning in the United
States District Court. He interposed a de
murrer, the hearing of which was set by
agreement for uext Monday.
Asa Flak Suce A _aln.
Asa Fisk, who occasionally loans money
to the impecunious on good security and at
remunerative interest, has commenced suit
against Ellen Million, executrix of Patrick
Million's estate, to recover 82000 and interest
on a promissory note executed in Fisk's
favor by Mailou. Tho note is dated Feuru-
ary 23, ISSO. and is secured by a mortgage
on reil estate on the corner of Post and Lar
kin streets, fin November 8. lsito, the
interest, afiV-i per cent a month on the origi
nal amount loaned, aggregated .1".".7 H4, and
the plaintiff vow asks thatthe mortgage bo
foreel-W- to satisfy liis total claim of
Sales I-cported — Oakland and
Alameda Offering*.
O'Farrell & Lang sold yesterday a new
residence and lot 25x102*834> :wJ'JO Washing
ton street, from Charles Mason to Mrs.
Barr, for $8000.
William J. Dingee, Oakland, has effected
the sale of a number of residences recently,
lie offers several lots in desirable localities
near the local railroad and line of the elec
tric system; also cottages and houses on the
Installment plan.
Tne catalogue of superior liomej nnd cilt
edged building sites wliieh he is preparing
for the suction-room will be intere-tinu
to parties iv search of that class of prop
E. W. Woodward A Co., Oakland, havo
for sale a modern cottage on a northwest
currier, convenient to the cars; a large board
ing-hoiise in West Oakland; 2 new cottages
in a central location, and 7(0 acre.- of grain
and hn\ land situated near the railroad be
tween Oakland and San .lose.
11. P. Miireul, Alameda, has cottages and
booses oa the iiistalluient system.
.Maiiine St Lesser, Alameda, have for
side a line of installment homes.
Joseph A. Leonard, Alameda, offers a
modern cottage one block from the narrow
gauge railroad.
Stocks were dull and lrrcgul:-.r yei-terilay. I'otosi
and Bullion sold higher, while some other stocks
fell off slightly. Closing quotations appear below.
Local securities were dull, with a decline in
Electric Light tosloi B .
The local savings banks have begun to declare
their scmi-auiiiial dividends. The California Sav
ings and Lean Society is the lirst, wilh a dividend
at the late of 5.5S per cent per annum ou term and
4.65 per cent ou ordinary deposits, payable on
January -IStlt.
The following stocks sold ex-dividend yesterday:
Atlantic Dyuam te, 40c per share; California Pow
der Works. $1; Giant Powder, 75c; California
Electric Light, ]oc; Oakland Uas, 20c: San Fran
cisco Oss oOc; Stockton Cas. 20c; Omnibus Cable.
2Sc; California Btreet Cable, 50c; Black D.amonil
Coal, -li.'.
The production or the Comstock Lode last week
wss as follows: Con. Cal. _ Virginia, 1580 toi.s ore.
assay Ing $19 37; Justice, 151 tons, $22 40; Occi
dental. 316 tens. $17 UO: Chollar, 536 tons, $19 19.
Cciiinio-wcaiib aud Ncith Common wealth have
shipped $28,012 on joint account. Commonwealth
ore is assaying $190 83.
Con. imperial is assessed 6c, dellnqsent lv office
Jauuary l&ih.
Assessments I*en»lin_.
The follow Ing Is a list of assessments now pending:
diver 1\M1R
lnrtm White
«'. hu.-orotleld
iate Hayes
'an actor Con
"ou. Siw York
• western
itlantic Con
rown Point
elrakoll Con
ion Imperial
:yenlug Star...?.
'on. St. liutbard
iv ,.e»ci ail..
:5 ,.\ot 171..
10 .Nov 28 L
10 .Nov 28.
11 .Nov 29 .:
O.Dec U.,
O.Dec rfj
R.Dec IS..
'6 1 .Dec lb 1..
5 Dec 161..
•5 .Dec 2d!.,
•ii Jan 3|..
11 Jan 8!.
5 .Jan 9!.
.' ..Inn 11 .
15 ! Jan 1 SI.
.. Jau IS.
I.Jan 3
.Dec 22
.Dec 22
.Dec 2U
.Dec 29
I Dec 29
.Jan 6
.Jan 12
.Ian 15
.Jan 19
.Jan 28
'. rib' 9

Notk—As»essiiienis of mines act listed ou tiie
_oaiU lall delinquent in omce.
Divl-euda Herlarv-l.
Com pant.
Jrllrwlr? v.ere tl.e a-ies jeiterday In tneSan
1 run _—CO Mock I card:
JJT.I-IAR B_B—RUB*—- —'O _ sf.
50 Alnha 90'-'OO c Imp in :«i00Dh1r....3.10
3UO 85 700 cPoint..l.3t> 2UO Peer 15
200 At* 60 200 1. .1 0.. .1.35.140 P010ai...4.15
100 Anrles 65,12110 li Prize... If. 11l 4.10
150 Belcher.].ss 100 H _ _...1.:<5 100 Savage...l.6s
10084 1--. ..'-.15 100 i.3ii 60 Scorpion. 15
looSodle 70|160.u<t1ee....86 50 8 114 51. uo
30J 8u1110i,..1.60 SO Kentuck..96 SO SSev... 1.05
100 1.65 100 UD 511 .. 100
UUOCalcdou...3o2oo l.ailv W....C 60 Union....l.Jno
SUChali C..1..U, 50 KexlC-n-.-t 100 . .l»i
50 1.65 60NC.1111U....80 15U litah 45
4511 Chullar.,2.lo 200 Ocrld 65 200 Weldon. .10
500 Corntli... 1.05 200 Ovriun. .1.0.*, lr.O W C01u....40
320 CC* V2.hu 60 1.70^00 YJacket.l.Bo
10 Coafid...-!.8«,
100 Alpha 85 1850 C 1iiip....15'-'oiJOvermn..l'4
100 Alta 60,1000 Con Nl. .20 35.. . .1.70
200 66H50C Point.. 1.30 100 Peerless...2o
100 Andes 7l' 150 Kxcheu... .45 150 Potosi. ..4.45
200 8e1chr..1.55i150 ii *0 ...1.36 2'JOSavage... 1.65
100 IL-fIOOO Prize....ls 15 1.00
200 Boilie 701200 LailvW . .21' 100 SB *_!... UO
240 Bunion...l:!,i 30 Mexican.'-', in 2un sum.bo 20
100 1.80 200 2.-0 20Union I";
150 Comtti..J..lo 300 Mono 40 100 Utah. . .45
200 l* C * V2.90'.00Mt I>iab..2>, 300 W C0m....40
160 2.85 200 0phir....3.05 200 YJackel.l.Bo
10 C0und...3.801 I
Following were tba sates in tbe Pad fie Stock Board
Trcr-TATt rfssiox—lo:3o.
100 Alpha 90 100 CC* V .1.8: 250 overm ,1_
451J Alta 66 5U 2%!'2U0 170
60 621.300 Clmu 16 100 1.65
500 An.les 7o 100 17 200 Peerless.. 21
100 Belcher. 1.55 150 C Poiut.. 1« 8 nio Pot 0a1....41 a
50 ■•:,.;.. 45600 . . 420
100 B 4 15...-.20 160 48 100 4 30
100 Koille 72 300. .030 47 200 4.40
IOU 8u11i0n..1.55150 U * C....1"', 50 .4 35
100 1.60:350 H * Ji.. 1.35 100 Savage.. 1.70
200 l.o.'.i.'OOJustice.B7V. moscorDion IS
150 1.70 100 Kentuck...!)'-' IOU B B*M ..95
60 li,. joo Lady W...2- loos Nev...1.«0
200 Caledonia.3- lsoUox!cun.2.3'> 200 1.70
300 Cuullar..'-.'.-. .OOOccMn 7.' 100 Uuion. .1.80
I''o 2V ; (SO 7i 150 Utah 45
50 2.31 .100 72 .100 -Jaoket.l.Bo
SOoColntlj...l.ll J'JOOpnir ...3.11 50 1.86
AH J-.RN'OON- tKSSJON —-i:tl.
100 Alnba...B7i,i 100 CC* V..2.86 100 Mexican
100 85400C11n0 16 .b3O "40
2UO Alta 62V-.: 450 .b 10 17 ',00 Ophir.'.'.'.3Jo
1U0..b10 65!100_xcneq....45 60 Putosl.. 4 30
200 Amies 70 160 48 IOC. 4JA
5U Belcher.. I.s*i 150 <J * C 1"; SUO S li* M'" 9o
150 It* 15....2.2 C 220 ..1.4U1160 Union. ._l<_
60 Bullion...it*-) 160 1.45 50 170
60 |aJ4 300 li Prize...ls BOU-uii'..".' 46
2u'J Ch011ar..2.20 60 H *N\. .1.30 600 "46
10 2.30 200Occldut....7i:i00V Jackt. 1.85
Muxwr, Dec. 16 —4 p. w.
-Bid. AlkerUt md. Atkr.tL
AlpbaCon 85 90 Jnstlce go 95
Alta 60 66 Kentuck 90 95
Anues 65 70 Lady Wasliugu. 15 -> 0
li:.;.r 1.55 1.60 Locomotive _ 05
Belle Isle 40 45'Mexlcau 235 240
Best* Belcher.2.lo 2.15 Hono 40 45
Lodle 70 75 Navajo 16 —
Bulllou- 1.76 1.80 Nov QOMJI 40 45
llulwer 15 20 N Couimoowlth 70 80
Caledonia 30 35 N Belle Isle 65 75
Central 10 16 Occidental 70 75
Challenge Con.. 1.65 I.7ouphir 3.05 310
Chollar 2.20 2.26 Overman 1.70 176
Commnwealtu..l.os l.lol'eer 16 _o
Con Cai* V'1r..2.85 '..HO I'eeness 20 26
Con New York. 15 20 Potosi 4.40 445
Confldenee 3.50 —Savage 1.70 I_7i
Ceil Imperial... 15 20 SB * Miiles C. 80 •96
Crocker 30 20 Scornlon 10 15
Crown Point... 1.30 1.35 Sierra Nevada.. 1.65 170
Bel Monte — 60 silver 1111 l 15 20
Last sierra Nev — 06 Union Con 1.70 3.75
Exchequer 46 60 Utah 45 60
Could * Curry.l.3s 1.40 w Comstock 40 45
lirand Prize.. . 10 -Weldon 10 15
Hale 4 N0rcr5..1.35 1.40T Jacket 1.80 1.85
Julia 15 20:
Mn.viJAV, Dec. 35—2 r. _.
MIA AtkeAt Bid AtkrA
U88d5.4,5...118l/ K IIBJ / aPaclScLlehtg. 75 78
CutaCoWB.H.IOO-;" B lo!'<,if P Gaslight.. 66JA 571/.
llupnt-st 8U5.115 130 BlktonO*H. 30 60
F-Cilseiiyli. — 108 Cal-st R R 108' A -
M4PKK8113... _ 102 Central RK... lovi 15
Mkt-st ItßlSdsl2s — Cily XX. — 100
M'L'oastUK.loo — 1A I lis.- i.v — «o
i\FKKßns..ll4*y.ll6 (ieary-st X p.. 90 102 V,
MtyufCalHu-lIH 114-fo'N B* MX R. 55 _ "
OniulbusCßd.llS'/il^ 'Omnibus RK. _ 78
F4UK88d5...117 - Iprcsldlo R •_. _ 2SV,
r*CHltyßds. 80 lOOVi'Anglo.N'ev Aa »i*/. 98
Fowl-tKyßd.ll2 118 ICalirorna Ins — 118
SH'.KArlilidslOtt 109 (.'oiiimere'llus 821*, —
hPKKCalßils.no 114 Fireman's ta. — 160
SI'I(KCaIBSs. 99V4 — llloine MutuaLlso 158
SPBrKCalßdAlo6i_llo jState Investm 75 7H
BVWater6's.. — 120"A Union Ins.. .. 85 87i/ 2
bVWater4's.. — 84 Atlantic Pow. 4214 44
AngloC&lßus. — 80 Cal Powder...lso —
Bank ol Cal... — 281 Giant Powder 61V4 65
Cal SareDenos - 48 Sa!'tyNltPow. »'/. 10
FtmNat»aukl7o 173 VJgorit Pow.. 4 6
LP4Ainßank.l2o — Vulcan Pow.. — _v
LA Si- Bant 35 — Cal Elec Light 16*, i 16*_.
Paclflc Bank.. - 370 cal Bee Wks. 2*A 7
Uer. 1, 1.1 Bun _ „ Haw'n Com... 12 15Vi
Blue Lanes w. 16 -- nutch'll Suuar — 18'Z
ContraCs W. - 96i/» Juds'nM'fgCo 19 fIUE
MarlnCoW... - 48 oceanic 8 8.. - 82JA
SVWater.... 93Vi 93_, Pa.: B 8 * S._ 69 —
Central lias... 82 100 .paclniNalL — 14
Los Ann Oa* 65 — !p»c l'iioiio.u. — 2
OakiandOas.. 33»/» 34',JpacWo,_luw'e — 35
l_c-a<lin Co 6M 4 69J..1
KN_m s.i.K.
Board-100 Atlantic Dynamite. 43: 20 8 V Water
93Vx; (13,000 SVB-/Bondu, 120. ~
Bosrd-508 V Water. 93^; C3OOO Omnibus Cable
Bonds, 117; 30 Cal Electric Light. 16J/».
Street—»6ooo Omnibus Cable Bonds, 117
j BlcTen Admitted Failures.
The following applications for divorce
have been filed: Catherine D. Snipes vs.
Leander Snipes, May Griffin vs. William
Griffin, George Carson vs. Emma I. Carson,
Nellie Lee v_. Lyman A. Lee, William H.
Sherman vs. Flora I. Sherman, Kate
Weller vs. Leonard li. Weller, Emma
Schuessel vs. Arthur Schue'sel, Alice C.
Peck vs. William Peck. G. F. Mendoza vs.
James A. Mendoza. Annie Cougbwell vs.
Eugene Coughwell, Lizzie Lewis vs. Edward
M. Lewis.
ODtcera Elected. I
Keystone Lodee, No. 2107, Knights of
Honor, has elected the following officers:
John Foley, D.; Daira Slir-kmaQ, V. D.;
Janies E. Kenny, A. D.; Fred Kaisc_L R-:
N. Kose, F. X.; William McCall, T.; E. F.
Joy, C.; F. A. D. Hansen, G.: S. Harowitz,
(.nai'iliaii; O. Kuch, Sentinel; Trustees—
Georse Branch, E. F. Joy, A. Hansen*
Fred Kaisdi, Kep.; F. H. McNally, Alt.
Renovation of the Mail Steamer
City of Panama.
The Stetmer Oregon Delayed at Astoria by a
Bone- Bnr— Eiosscm Beck Fury Es
placcd—A Eelic of the Vandalis.
The rnpific Mail Company's steamer City
of Panama will leave to-day for Acapulco,
via K-B-hno. At the latter port slie will
take on 1700 tons of coal.which she will take
to Acapulco for the use of the company's
steamers calling tliere. The City of Tanaina
has been running between Cen-lral Ameri
can ports for six years, and last September
came up here to receive a thorough over
hauling and repaira.
On her arrival at Acapulco she will at
once be placed on the Central American line
pgain, running in conjunction with the
Siaibuck. Ou her arrival here she was
tinned over to the Union Iron Works to re
ceive new boilers and general repairs. Be
sides receiving the new boilers her engines
have been rehui'.t, and new frames aud
decks have been put in. The main deck is
entirely new, and since she left tlie iron
work- Superintending Engineer J. Mathews
has made a number of alterations.
Tiic saloon has been enlarged, and will
now seat seventy-Cve people. A new sky
light has been built tlie whole length of the
saloon, allowing plenty of light und air to
enfer every staie-iccui. A new captain's
room and pilot-l.ouse have been built ou
the upper deck, the vessel has been re
uphtlstered and painted throughout, and it
is sate to say that no stenmcr litted up in
the style she is has ever been seen ou the
Central Allien-, an const before.
A dispatch received at tho Merchants'
Exchange yesterday irom Astoria, dated the
14th, says that tlie bar was very rouith tliere
uud Unit it was blowing hard. Tlio steamer
Oregon, bound for this port, was anchored at
Point >tevens. with little chnnce of sailing
on the l_.Hi. Tlie Oregou left Portland on
Thursday nnd should have arrived here on
Sunday. The date of her arrival is now
The weather was cloudy in the forenoon
and clear iv tlie afternoon at Point Lobes
yesterday, and the wind all day from the
northeast, blowia|E from twelve to sixteen
miles au hour. Tl.o barometer read: o
o'clock in the morning, 30.8.; noon, 30.-6;
so'clock in the evening, 00.18. Old ship
masters on 'Change said last evening that
from the looks of the sky it is either going
to blow nard or rain.
The steamer San Pedro arrived yesterday
wiih 4000 tous of coal from Tacoma, aud tlie
steamer Montserrat with 1000 tons Irom
During the lute severe storm tlie can
buoy that locates tlie position of Blossom
Kock in the bay drifted about three-quarters
of a mile. Yesterday lhe lighthouse tender
Madrono went out und replaced the buoy
in its correct position again.
The ship Elginshire, f r this poit, was
spoken on October 23d in latitude 10° S.,
longitude -J4 0 \V., the ship Indiana on De
cember slh in latitude 4!i v N. longitude 14°
\V., and the ship Samaria on December Sill
iv latitude .'s° N., longitude 73° ST.
Captain McCrae lias nut resigirwd from the
Pacilic Mail Company's service, as before
reported, lie has been away on a vacation,
and will go in coiunirind of the steamer San
• 'ii -ii, which will leuve on the -Jod inst for
On the 6th inst. tliere were thirty-nine
vessels loading at Puget Sound and Biitisli
Columbian ports of which thirty-one were
American. The total tonnage ol tho fleet
•a as 42, *.'.-.
Among the caigo of lhe steamer City of
Sydney, which sailed on Satuiday lor Puna
ma and way juris, were 07,082 gallons of
wine, value (-4,9-8, and 1600 gallons of
brandy, value $2925, destined for-<ew York.
She also carried .I*o,ooo treasure for Ceu
tral American pons.
The steamer Alameda carries to Sydney
cargo valued at S'SO.-S'i], to Melbourne at
-10,94-, to Brisbane at $-946, to lloindiilii at
.14,1-87, and to Auckland fieight valued^!
15836. Among the freight lor Honn_r_
was SoO.ujtj treasure, shipped by ihe Bunk of
Captain Whitelnw has received a piece of
the hull of ihe United States steamer Yan
dalin, which was wrecked during tlie great
storm at Samoa. Although in the water
only a comparatively short time, it is eaten
away by the leredo worse than piles that
have been in the hay here for years.
The British bark "Inchkeith has on board
for Galwi,y, Ireland, 17,-00 barrels of flour
and GO>7 centals oi wheat, the total value
being 574,78 i
The S. P. Hitchcock has arrived from
Liverpool, 127 days hence. The vessel
sailed on the day following the Ventura,
which was caught in a cyclone and obliged
to return. The Anna, which sailed on the
same day as the Hitchcock and the Malaysia,
which sailed on the same day us ihe Ven
tura, and the Indiana, which sailed lour
days ahead, are yet to be heard frum.
The British steamer Houuslow sailed
from Nunainio on the 14th with 4000
tons coal for San Diego. The Spreckeis
Bros. Commercial Company of San Diego
has chartered this steamer for eight trips
from Nanaimo to San Diego with ci....
which she is expected to uiauo within six
The steamer Willamette Valley went on
the Mere-hauls' Dry-Uock yesterday. She
will come off to-duy and will be succeeded
by the steam whaler Belvedere. The
steamer City of Seattle will eomo off the
Uuuters Point Dry-dock to-day.
Referring to the American Brotherhood
of Steninsbip Pilots, a hrauch of which was
recently instituted in this port by Captain
W. T. Forsiuan, a New York paper just to
hand says:
On Friday of last week one of the most dense
fogs Unit has ever liuug over New _ork harbor
luevulled. NhVigaliuii was almost entirely mi.
i-eni'.eii during btuiie of the morning Injurs, ex
eepilug io (lie ease ot fi nyooais, which, Willi
veiy lew exceiiiiuun, kepi matting Uieir trips ou
lime, aim itial without seilnus damage to any nf
: i.no. . hese boats are almost all, II not wliuily.
iiiloted by members of tlie American mother
hood of -leaiiibnat Plloih. whose lirst duly Is lo
see that mi.uicotnueieut men are allowed lot nter
the ab->oi-i.iii..ii. Hence it Is rate to mert ihut
lhe public owes to some considerable extent lis
safe transportation Io and limn tho three cities
so closely connected lv tils harbor lo each
other, lo the inllueuces of ihe Aineilciiii lSioliie.-
l.i on of Sieainboal i'llots, which I* unaer oalh to
tepoit any act oi Incompetency brought about by
a Ijiu'.l.e: pilot, l-.liii-iein-y lv steainbo.il pllollug
lv this cient aud cionded haihor has become a
ataudaid, as a rule.
The brigs J. D. Spreckeis and VV. G. Ir
win went up to the relinery yesterday.
The Dora Bluhin came over from Oak
land aud docked at Folsom street.
'lhe British ship Shandon came down
from Port Costa and anchored in the stream.
The ship Columbia towed to sea, and the
bark George F. Manson shifted from the
gas works to Long Bridge.
The steamer Signal went around to Lom
bard street.
The Percy Edward docked at Mission No.
1 to discbarge her cargo from the Mar
The ship Prince Edward will come down
from Mc-iear's, Pert Costa, to-day.
Tbey Ara Interrupted in Their Work at
the vr.ra.nfl Hotel.
John Welsh. Ed Phillips nnd Thomas
Maloney, boys ranging from 14 to 17 years
of age, svere arrested yesterday at tliaGnuid
Hotel on a charge of petty larceny. The
watchman caught theui in the act of stealing
lead pipe, gas fixtures and other portable
articles from the hotel basement.
Over $100 worth of such material has been
stolen within the last week from the same
place, although a close watch was kept on
the cellar. It seems tliat the gang of thieves
who were taking the property gained access
to the hotel storr-rooms from the burned
portion of tbe block, through which they
entered and later escaped unnoticed with
their booty, which waa considered only old
junk taken from the debris.
Early yesterday morning one of the three
prisoners was seen acting suspiciously, and
hia comrades were caught in the cellar.
Maloney is said to be a well-known burglar,
and bas served a term of imprisonment.
Brought Back to Life.
_M. Cox, wbo lives on Tehama street, near
Ninth, was very despondent early yester
day morning ever troubles with his wife.
He walked down to the bay and jumped
Into the gloomy water off La Hue's Wharf.
His leap was observed by watchmen, who
quickly rescued him, more dead than alive,
, i ren'!i. vcd him t0 'ho Receiving Hos
pital. The police surgeons resuscitated
lilm, and lie left the hospital quite recovered
at 2 o cloctr. iv the alternoon. He went
11. m.n.-,i Hia Fine.
Captain Dryersdorff of tlie schooner
Apache, who was fined S2OO by Collector of
tlie Port Phelps for running into the
schooner Alameda on Auril 17th last, has
had the same remitted by order of the
Treasury Department at Washington, D. C.
lhe captain of the Alameda claimed that
the Apache carried no lights when the ves
sels collided, but Captain Dryersdorff was
not disposed to let the matter drop, and on
appeal the Treasury Department investi
gated the matter with the above result.
Nearly Four Hnndred Sewers
Gain a Quick Victory.
Tlie sewing girls employed in the overalls
department of Levi Strauss & Co.'s factory,
32% Fremont Btreet, just 300 in all, went out
on a strike yesterday morning because of a
reduction in wages. The strike only lasted
a few hours, however, and the difficulty was
quickly straightened out. To-day the girls
will appear at their usual places and receive
the regular compensation for piece work.
After a two weeks' vacation, made neces
sary by taking an account ot stock, the
young women appeared at lhe factory yes
terday morning ready for work. They did
not resume their labor, nowever, because of
a notice posted throughout the department
that hereafter the price paid for sewing
overalls would be reduced from Sl o.j to H5
cents a dozen. When the girls refused io
work at the new schedule of prices J. W.
Davis, the foreman, offered to compromise
and pay $1 a dozen. This the sewers re
fused, and adjourned to the side.valk, where
they wero discussing tlie situation iv a
quiet, lady-like manner wheu a member of
the Council of Federated Trades appeared
and advised tliem to adjourn to some hail.
They did so and marched in a body to
Music. Hull, where a quiet meeting was held.
Mrs. Lulu Lindsay acted as President aud
Miss Kate Harmon as Secretary. Some of
the young women were inclined to say sharp
things about Mrs. Spooney, tlieir overseer.
They openly accused her of having shown
favoritism in giving out the work, bnt they
afterward took it all back when tiie discov
ery was made that she did not have the
allotment of the work. While the sewers
were discussing the advisability of forming
a union to carry out a long striKe, Foreman
Davis appeared with a ilag of truce. "Come
br.ck to work, girls," be sold, "and your
waives will not be reduced." They accepted
the offer and the meeiing dispersed, the girls
promising to be on baud bright and eariy
Foreman Davis had nothing bnt kind
words for the suikers while speaking of the
affair to a Cai.i. reporter. He said they
were nearly all skilled seamstresses and the
niajoiity could easily make $2 a day. The
rednction was made on overalls hecause the
.firm had tn sell them at a much lower price
than was formerly obtained from the store
W D Owen. Chicago F 1' Bolt, Tulare
Lli H.ndersuii, ( hlr.ago T 8 Sklllmgs. Tulare
It Hniwn * nl, Merced X Gruss, 'i mare
Miss I. Ilcany, Slerced W IS Phillips. Iresno
Miss Iv Beany, Merged Sol Wolluer, Fresno
(ico lleany, Sterecd .1 11 t-itlnau, v S X SI
Grove L Johiison-wr.Sao C W Arnold. New York
Miss M A Johnson, Sac GIJ Wilson, New York
II E Yarding, Saciamento A M A spring, San Jose
II 1! calisher, Sacramento-J Hancock, San Jose
S Witkowaky, lulare ie I. Wilson .Iri: wf.Chlco
Mrs Comstock. I'.eno C E Blatichett _ wf. N V
E ]>..wning, Colnsa T X Wilson A wM.os Ang
L E Woodward. Frosno iC B Uopknis, Spokane F
T J Logan. New York Geo liean. Syracuse
11 .1;: mien, Boiililer lsl A E Hoiuics. Spokane
P T Evans 4 wr, S Cruz 51 I. Black. Washington
X Caaey, Boston .1 J Kohler, Wasnlncton
M J Phelan, Huston H Sinclair. Colorado
SI HcCafferty, Boston F A Hanson, Sacramento
W A Siitigniasler, Cal J M Harrison, Sucramuto
>1 J Merrlek, New York E X Leak. Tacoma
John llartle. Cal Howard Smith, Wash
Dr J 1-Gates, Haywards lE Selllnger, California
J P Furlong.Battle.Mouiit J .1 Dumpby. Canada
C Julin.son, Battle Slountj.l B Taylor, New York
aii ! a:-. ■■:,.. .-.:-..-. .. If. Bolder. Sarramento
J Yam.iila. Toronto IKK Freer. Saeraiuento
c Zimmerman, ('al !SI C Dnnxo 4 wr,Truckee
C A Chapman _ wf. Or I J SSalker, Sau Jose
G C Slelnbergb. Syrai usei
J J Davis. Cloverdale EC Harlan. San Ramon
1> B:ij lea, Los Angeles A Fiance, Healilslnirg
C A fuller, San Jute A Duvall. Oregon
C Stirling *w, Mexico J Henry, Oregon
S Matthews. Salinas C F Burns, I azadcro
E I llreeii, Tnpo I) W Gllmore, llolister
J Williams, i .-,.:- i :,ia J 0 Marler, Santa itosa
G L Allen, California W E Pick, Santa Cruz
81l Bnmn. Sacrameuto Hr D Smith. Napa
J X Hcßrlde, Si-son A B Alsip, Napa
CH Oulnelle, I-niton SV i.i.s-.- a w, Santa ROBa
G C Garrett. Red Bluff A E Osborne 4 w, S Clara
P Wm deocfc, Nevaila CMcCreary. Sacramento
T S Matliewson, Fall P.lvr A I. Halt, Sacramento
I' D Brady. San Muteo f A Helltirmi. Sacramento
Mrs I'lielj.s. Sail!:! Kosa IL I! Molir. __U_„to
Mi-s I'beii-s. Santa Kosa J E Camp, Sacrameuto
G „ liursh, Walsonville j
J II Bealy, San .lose J D Baker. Sacramento
8 Drew, sauta Cruz C X Hughes. Sacrainente
A Pollard*. Santa Barbara W 8 Booth, Chicago
Mrs Pollard, Sta llarbara I. Wood. USA
SI S Latham. Slonterey Sirs Wood. Washington
M Jones, Monrercy F Campbell, Grass Valley
A G Pierre, Sunol J Slcl-arhlau.GrassYalley
II II lllgelnw. New York .1 B lewis, Seattle
W P Smith, Eureka Sirs Lewis. Seattle
I'.r Slt-leatr, Sacramento GII SS heeler, Tacoma
J B Fowler. England I. II Kenuett, Helena
P Wallace, England Sirs Keuuelt, Helena
J SI l»av!e.«. Los Angeles LII Kenuett Jr. Helena
Mrs Davies. Lol Angeles SI Iss Kennett. Helena
AM ■ ariand. New I ork Sirs J B Atihlson. Helena
Gsv Hooper, Rio Ylita |siiss N Atchison, lieleua
CC Loomis, Sau Diego Sliss V Alchlsnn. Helena
Mra l.oouiis. sau Diego B C SS'llson, Sebastopol
_ 8 Joouson, lot: Bragg |l G Holit, Sacramento
C G Stelner, Humboldt |L P Faiicher. Slerced
W B Abe-rnitliy, I.os Ang,SV F .Smith. Geruiuutown
FSV Johnson, Marysville!J Rhodes, Berkeley
A H Emanuel, Seattle ISS A Ca|.p. Sealtie
S G Kins, Slarysv lie J A Bell. Sr.nta Barbara
J F Kinney. San Diego Sirs J E Gross, Stockton
G II stagrui'.er, Yuba City i SI Iss Gross. Stockton
1> F Mltehell. Arizona |.i P Dart. Sonoma
T CLaw, Slerced iSlrs J J O'Connell, vi.cc' I
J G Crutcuer 4w, Cal I.Sliss O'Conneil, Angel I
G Ohlcyer. Yuba City H 51 lames. Napa
LP Fanner, Yuba City |J W Dliler. Chicago
S Baxter. Seattle 111 IS Fairbanks. Petaluma
J SI Crowley. LosAngclesic Ansorg, Monterey
Mrs Sloore, Vreki F SI Seaton. Sau Diego
Ell Cahotin, Sequel IJ Scliriiin, St Helena
W I! Church, Fresno IH Q Kliodes. ( alir.irnia
.1 Swamp. Slontana N L Drew, Sacramento
L 11!.,:;..-:.: 4 w, Sacto |
J Cray. Vallejo |R D.lenny, Merced
E It Jones, New York Silis B Srott, Keilillng
C A Mansion, New York |saillc Scolt, Iteildlng
c „ Gardner. California [Mri sullivau A- eh, Sacto
N Shriver, Holllster ll Digniiii. Salt Lane
C B Shriver, Holllster |i,en H Parker. Salt Lake
A Anderson. Holllster Mas Jordan, New York
J Slnlguarity. Llveruiore'C J Ciark, Petaluma
F Zehmurmau.Livermore'K Ranter. Jamestown
John Hutchinson, Cal |X G slocan, Jamestown
J Richards, Califoruia iN J Dapin. New York
John Dunn. Butte 1M Iss I avlor. Philadelphia
Charles Waty, Stockton j Mtss C f avlor, Phlladel
Geo SV SVest, Stockton .Geo X Bloom. Boston
Jliss Ida West, Stockton St W SVlliiams, Nev City
Sliss Ella SS'est, Stockton Sirs Hank A- 2 d, Reno
Capt Geo A Faber,Boston Frank Josiyn, Chicago
11 F: Deal. Calllornla IK Kelly. Topeka
Walter J Beal. New York j YV Baltziy. Oregon
A li Jaeobson, Sacramnio SI p Smlili, Pennsylvania
S Ryan, Kneed Mrs X J Pine A4c,isyro!lS
L H Fairbanks, ByronSprl
it Hlber. Santa Cruz ij McLSlatlierson 4 f Cal
Miss A Ililittr, Santa CruzlC A Mackenzie, Sta Clara
Miss illher, Santa Cruz k: E Burg, Pennsylvania
Miss Goodwin, SantaCruzjY SYooyeru. New York
J E (rooks, Brulria FKorup* w. New York
W a llutTinaii, Ukiah |.M E Dayton, Chicago
II H Pitcher, Livermore jM Gluiek, New York
.1 O Hayes, Eden Vale iF F Barbour. Boston
F c Harriott * w, N V F SV SpeneerAw.s Karael
JE Wheeler. San Kafacll.slrs Waluwrlght. S Cruz
G Dltzler. Point Bonlta [_ B Armstrong, N V
sv II Sgourney, Oaklandl.l. Armstrong. N V
E D Bayle, Virginia Cily|B Strauss, Chicago
I. Kohnes 4 w. New YorklJ R Roberts. San Jose
J E Fisher, San Jose C II Bnyon., Taylorvllle
A Wood, Cincinnati W Feuueli » w, Napa
Coi L Anderson. Ohio |SlrsJ ll How-land. Nana
B F Fhruian. Cincinnati J W Itagsdale 4w 8 Rosa
w DMcCharthy, N V |Mr and Sirs Fiujerald
Sirs J H SSheatlleld, NTi Lonilon "* '"■
J R King, New York 1> Fagau, London
E W lerguson *w, Cal |
0 F Kinder * fy, Chicago J l: Smith* w, Boston
T A Mclioveru, I'.olliins ;.l FLovett. Vaeaville
F 11 Townsend. ('[endive J SV llaniilton, Detroit
FC Williams, Glend.vc W Scott, Detroit
W II Plnkniaii, Humboldt G 11 Dana. Mansiield
J SI Hellett, Falrlield C Tlionipsun, Fresno
CSV Gillette, Calltornla Csl Haloes, Portland
J 8 Green, California C 11 Baltics. Portland
J C ACkland, St Paul J Lopesrh, Portland
Mrs Acklaud, St Paul G C Sha.ler, Calirornla
G Bullion, Helena SV Malloy, San Bruno
J Gilbert, Clara ll White, Cleveland
J B McLaughlin, Orovllle J A Hill. San Bruno
J Hill, orovllle A F Stevens, Slarvin
E Erlcksson. Orovllle W H Werner, Calirornla
Dr Werner, New York J Iteltte. oa»laud
J Whittle. Elmira W Probst, Oakland
CF Masterson, Byron S 11 Slon Hon, Oakland
II Monroe, San Kafael J SI Illnkle. Falrlield
c p Rogers, Vaeaville G Pierce. London
sv It Allyn, London .1 o Grady, Seattle
E Johnson. [Jelaware Mrs Doley & ry Cal
MJ Mutz, Fans J B Dawson, Charleston
F E Morenas, Walnut Ck O E Culbreth. En«enada
C Bradley, Santa Maria F F I.avellln. California
J A Perry & wr, Slerced .1 N Doe-ham Sin Joso
G O MelJalvy 4 wi. Mo FII Mills! LlVikvlMe
Capt Lainucrtaor,, Mount .1 p Monroe, Los Angeles
llaniilton Sirs M Kemper Oakville
GSV Kawson, Mlddleton C Day. Oakvi'i. °akv"le
J. I,i! 0. ,lgt'*.* wr* ''"' Ang ■ Klrkwood, Oakville
T W Brooks, Cauvllle B I. Slmnioii.s, Oakville
J Lawler 4 wf. Orland _ w Smith Lodi
U Clark, Williams T P Dunn, i'lttsbur"
« H Callen, WMlains T Sparks iflaho"
S 11 Davis Colusa J J Lecker, Honolulu
CIF Kagsdale * wr, Cal H (irimii, SVashlngton
MHensley, Willows D H W McUongalu In-
Mrs L McDonald, French kerman *-*""*""'"• lv
liulch C A Fuller San Jose
J E Moore, Stockton o Vogel Lo? Angeles
D GUI, Westport F E Sutton Portland
B Redpath. Lakeport 8 1* Golden, Mld.ll-ton
H T Carllle. Saiiol |X s Klnsey Co orad.
G w Boggs, Tracey It Douglas: Colorado
L _ w__-T S° ,le,t<>,,. Col '"itchlnson. England
HH Wilcox, Mound City AN Hcnlff, Geyserville
J L Jones * wr, PltUburglll 0 Copsey, Geyserville
1 1 M° re- "ri,:„, K"J|'c ,J "■*"'»• santa Kosa
A B Manor, Williams W Freybal, Tipton
Mrs li M Goodfellow, H C s,,W Camornla
Williams C Wlllnril * w Alleuhanv
B H Stott, Saratoga B Burllußton. Carson
JJ Jan.ersoii Oakland X Taylor, California
D L Arthur, Colusa A Peterson, Peseadcro
B Thornton, Los llanos P Peterson, Pe.ca.lero
} r,. u"*"J n?.' h'«"'»» »> H Fisher * wr.sta Crua
v _f__S* *-"**;" J v Abematliy, stocktou
E W Land, San Joso SV G Davis Vaeaville
A M Hamin *wf.SJo B e JMHa mm * wf, s Jose
Damaged by Drlppinga. '
The suit of Martin P.yan against F. S.
Wensinger and Daniel McCarthy to recover
83000 damages, caused by drippings from a
stable on Market street, near Seventh, dam
aging the stock of goods in his store below,
svas called for trial yesterday by Judge Wal
lace. A nonsuit wi.s granted as to Wen
singer, who showed that he Is ouly an agent
____D3_S_- f ""*' I)r°l,er'y- The case
aganst McCarthy svas partially heard and
will be takeu up again to-day.
Nathaniel Greene Absconds Willi
a Large Snm.
The Cashier of Farnsworth ft Bn*rgl«s Bads
on the Parjamn Steamer to Evade .at
tics-Over $10,000 Gone.
Nathaniel Greene, cashier for Farnsworth
& Kuggles, draymen, absconded last Satur
day with about $10,000 of his employers'
money, probably more. He escaped at the
last moment on the City of Sydney, which
sailed for Fanama.
Greene had been a trusted employe of the
firm he is alleged to have cheated for five
years. But only last Saturday did Mr.
Farnsworth suspect that bis cashier was
systematically robbing him. Money was
needed Saturday, and Mr. Farnsworth went
to the London and San Francisco Bank to
draw some. He was surprised to learn that
his account was overdrawn to the extent of
$17,000, and could hardly beliove the bank
cashier's statement. Firmly believing that
there wns a mistake in tlie bnnk account, he
returned to his oflice to inform his book
keeper. Ho told Greene what the cashier
had said.
But Greene passed the matter off lightly
with a laueli. "There is certainly a mis
take," said he. "I will make out a balance
sheet at once, showing exactly how we
stand with the bank."
Shortly before noon Greene placed a bal
ance-sheet, as he called an array of figures
of banking transactions, in his employer's
hands. Ie showed an overdraft of $OXIOO.
Farnsworth hurried back to tho bank, where
he was informed that after a careful ex
amination of the books his accounts was
found to be overdrawn $17,000. It was
clearly bhown that Greene's balance-sheet
was absolutely wrong in details and totals.
Then Farnsworth suspected his cashier.
He returned in haste to his office.
But Greene was gone.
The police wero notified at once, but be
fore anything couid be done iie was safe on
the steamer, which was then steering out
through the heads beyond reach of the
officials. It was learned that a man
answering Greene's description exactly had
gone aboard the steamer in a great hurry
just as she was leaving tho wharf.
The defalcations may amount to more
than $10,000, hut there is no doubt about
this amount having hecn taken.
Bin conversation with a reporter yesterday
Mr. Farnsworth said he believed Greene
had been taking the money for nearly two
years. "Wedo a very large business," said
he, "and have heavy collections coming in
every mouth. Some of our customers pay
in cash and others by means of checks.
Whenever checks were handed in Greene
would turn them over to the bank.
"If mouey was paid, Greene put it into
his pocket and our hank account was so
much short. This was carried on until I
iiuidentally learued how much it was over
Greene is a married man and apparently
had no expensive habits. He married about
eighteen months ngo, and always appeared
devoted to his young wife and home. He
rarely ever went out alone at night. What
he did with the money puzzles liis intimate
acquaintances. He lived at y~4 Bush stieet,
where his wife is prostrated with grief over
the disgrace he has brought upon her by his
crime and desertion of herself and his baby.
The detectives have been instiucted to do
nil in their power to bring Greeno back to
justice. A reward will be offered for his
capture. Teh grains will bo sent from police
headquarters to Mexican ports, aud the de
faulting cashier may be apprehended.
Greene was well connected in lhis city.
He had a good reputation, being always
looked upon as an hincst, industrious busi
ness man. He secured the position of trust
which he lias violated through the standing
of his family connections.
E. W. Burr lo George Stcrlen, lots 11 and 12.
Block 18. Noe Garden Homestead Associa
tion fl
David Blxlerto Thomas 11. Williams (by ex
ecutors), undivided one-third or 10l ou SE.
cor. or Sansome and Sacramento sts., I-.
3 85X124 141.666
Grace Kelley to Ihomas J. Kelly et al.. lot
on S. line or Greenwich St., 183 E. of Tay
lor, E. 20. S. 60, W. 6. S. 60, SV. 26, N. 120.. Gift
Frank P. Slelnnls to J. loas, 10l 60 N. of
Chestnut, W.59:3.N.60.E.:9:3,»„. 78: also
lot on S. line uf Chestnut, 51:3 V. W. of
Taylor, W. 69: Si-_., N. 60. E. 9:6. BJ-78-1.. E
Josiah Cocks to Siary A. Qnli.n. lot ou NW.
cor. ot Columbia place and Mary St., N. 30x
80:4 400
It. E. Larthe anil wire to Jnsciih Bouquet, lot
on W. line or Laguua St., 13, :tf N. of Union,
N. 27:6x87:6 io
George L. Praey to C. L. Martiu. lot on W.
line or Ylcksbiirg st„ 145 8. of iwenty
thlnl.S. 60x117:6 10
C. L. Martin to Bessie H. Noit. lot on SV. line
or Vleksburg St., 145 S. or Twenty-third, 8.
26x117:6 i 0
P. J. Martin to WUl—im C. Helke. lot on E.
line oi Seventeenth aye, 150 S. of J, S.
25x120 io
Robert SI. Lindsay to B. Dinneen. lot ou _.
line or Dolores st., 183 N. of Twenty-sec
ond, jr. 26x117:6 io
Mary G. Cuggeshall to Anthony Dwver. lot
on W. line of Guerrero at., 160 S. of Eigh
teenth, S. 35x100 10
Belioc * Co. (by assignee! to George Stierlen,
lots 11 ami 18, Block 18, Noe Oar.leu Home
stead i
Frederlcka Koch to K. _". Stanton, lot on E.
line of Douglass st., 248 8. or Seventeenth,
S. 24:6x125 lo
Charles W. Jones to Susan K. Jones, lot on W.
line or Chattanooga 8L.25 N. or Twenty
rourtli, N. 25x100 6
Charles E. Bam rort aud wife to Solomon j.
Levy, lot on SE. cor. or I st. aud Thirty
sixth aye., E. 240x300 lo
Calirornla safe Deposit and 1 rust Company to
S. P. Mlddleton, lot on SSV. cor. of Twenty
second and Church sis.. 8. 65x100, and lots
2374. 2385, 231-5,2377,2381.2380 to 2304,
GlftSlap 4 4,000
S. P. Mlddleton to Charles Forsythe. lot on
SSV. cor. ot Twenty-second and Church sis..
S. 56x100 10
John W. Greils to siargaret Gr. lis. lot on S.
Hup ot Hayes St. 82:6 E. of Webster, E.
•-•TToxi'.'o Girt
John A. Fenton to James 11. Smith, lot 805,
Gilt Map 3 io
George A. Wooilhead to William Daegener.
lot nn SK. line or Howard St.. 142:6 NE of
Third, NE 37:6x80 10
Charles Elm to J. «'. Tlmoney, lot on SF.. cor.
of O st. and Forty-second aye.. E. 57:6x110 10
J. O. Huntington to Emil Sleycr, lot on N.
line ot B sl., 32:6 E. of Nlneteeuth aye., E.
50x100 io
J. L. Shrader to Aunle I*. Laird, lot on SSS*.
cor. of Forty-lUth aye. and P. St., W. 240 x
100. and lot on Nw. cot. or Pom-fifth aye.
and Qst., W. 240x100 10
H. E. Hart to Catherine Hart, lot on E. line of
Twenty-first aye., 250 N. of Sacrameuto, E.
120. N. 120. NSV. 120, 8. 124 Gift
Elizabeth J. Tregarkls to L. Landler, lot on
sv. line of Hartrord st., 223 s. or Eight
eenth, 8. 148x125 2
Prudence M. Luckey to William Osliurn, lot
on N. line or Page at., 137:6 SV. or Shrader,
W. 26x137:6 10
United Land Association to Anspirher Bros.,
lot on SSV. line or Seventh sL. 15.-. si:, or
Brannan, SE. 40x80; also lot on NE line ot
Norton st., 150 SK. or Brannan, SE. 125 x
75 10
Edmund Tanszky to V. Williams, lot on NW.
cor. or Clemen! St. and Eighteenth aye., W.
240, ST. 75. E. 120. N. 25, r*. 120. S. 100 10
W. F'aston to Ileymaii Grecnbiirg. lot 57:6 E.
or Fortieth aye.. B, 25x100 io
William Malcolm to Wll.laui Colby, lot 16,
Block 14, Mlssiou aud Thirtieth Homestead
Unlou jo
Peter Thomson to L. 8. Burcharil, lot 40x100,
on N. line of Duratit sl., 110 E. st Webster,
Oakland jo
A. E, Fake to William Stone, lot 10x160, on
S. line of Nineteenth St., 250 N. or I wenty
thlrd aye io
August Johnholtz to Gustave Johiihoitz, lot
50x130. on E. line or Ninth St., 160 N. of
Addison. Berkeley 5
J. P. Garllck to F.'s. 1 wing, lots 6. 7,' subd
ivision 12, VNatson Tract, Oakland 10
W. O. Ileiish.'iw to E. M. Payet, lot on w. cor.
of Eastlweniy-clghth sL and Twelfth aye.,
SW. 71.58, NSV. 113.70. NX. 71.30, SK. 110. 10
G. W. Webb to A. G. Burnett, lot 2, Block A,
FTlureka Homestead, Berkeley 100
H. B. l'liiney to A. 8. Woodbridge, lots 30,' si',
Broadway Villa Tract, Oakland 10
W. M. Stewart to ML H. Clawlter, lot 7, Block
2, resubdlvislon of Blocks 1 to 3, lauds ad
•aceut to Enclnal 3(1
Bar-Bound at Coqnllle. I
The schooner Free Trade left hero on
September 39th, the Parker-burg September
16th; Lizzie Frien October 3d, Coquille Octo
ber 18th and the Halph J. Long November
ISth. nil bound for Coquille. All the vessels
arrived there safely and loaded for this port.
The Lizzie Frien and the Free Trade suc
ceeded in getting out, but the other three
are yet bar-bound there, and as one ship
owner expressed it, "are eating off tlieir
heads. I'hey couid have got out the day
the Frien did, but the tug broko down and
before sue was repaired the bar again be
came rough.
Reception by Teachers.
A reception will be given to Mr. and Mrs.
John Swott and Mr. aud Mrs. J. W. Ander
con in Memorial nail, Odd Fellows' Build
ing, next Friday afternoon from 3 to 6*
o'clock in the evening. Invitations have
been Issued to principals and teachers of the
schools in this city and the surrounding
Ron Oyer a FlahlUK-Boat.
It was learnod yesterday that on Thurs
day night last one of tho Southern Pacific
Company's boats, either the Apache or the
Modoc, ran into a fishing-boat in Suisiin
Bay, during a thick fog and capsized it.
The occupant of tlie boat, an Italian, was
Il« Sluat Anawer.
Police Judge Rix refused to dismiss the
charge of perjury against D. F. Dolan, who
betrayed a young Sacramento girl and swore
falsely about her age wiien obtaining a mar-
riage license. After the marriage Dolan
forced the girl upon a life of shame. Mrs.
Sheridan, the girl's mother, related how
Dolan ruined her daughter in Sacramento
and afterward induced her to leave home
and friends to come with him to this city.
The unfortunate girl was committed to the
Magdalen Asylum yesterday, and her be
trayer was detained on charges of vagrancy
and perjury, for which he must stand trial.
Profits of the Masonic Fair Held
at Baltimore, Md.
Fidelity Lodge, No. 120, F. and A. M.,
held a special meeting last Saturday after
noon at 4 o'clock, when the Degree of En
tered Apprentice was worued.
California Kebekah Degree .Lodge, Xo. 1,
I. O. O. F., had a well attended meeting last
Saturday evening, when officers .were elected
for tbe eusuing term.
King Solomon's Lodee, -Jo. 2GO, F. and A.
M.. at its called meeting last evening had a
Good Will Encampment, No. 82, I. O. O.
F-, at its regular session last evening con
feired the Golden Rule and Koyal Purple
At the called meeting of nermann Lodge,
No. 127, F. aud Aflil., last evening the offi
cers elected to serve for the ensuing year
were duly installed.
California Lodge, No. 1,1. O. O. F., at its
regular meeting last evening conferred the
San Francisco Chapter, No. 1, Royal Arch
Masons, held its annual meeting lastevening,
when officers were elected to serve for the
ensuing year.
Burnaby Lodge, No. 194, Sons of St.
George, will give a | arty on Saturday even
ing, 271h inst. Tlie following is the Com
mittee on Arrangements: W. K. Jacks,
William Clack, R. W. Barlow, F. A. Lyre,
E. Jones, W. F. Chamberlain, J. M. Evuus,
Thomas Trehell. C. H. Vodden.
Templar Rebekah Degree Lodge, No. 10,
I. O. U. F., will have a line entertainment at
its regular meeting next Saturday evening.
A new lodge of the Knights of Fythias
will shortly be instituted in Oakland.
The graud officers of the Order of Chosen
Frienils will visit Snnta Rosa Council on
Wednesday evening, January 2d.
A new lodge of the A. O. U. W. is being
formed at Elk Creek, Colusa County.
l'edwood City Lodge, Knights of Pythias,
will publicly install its officers on Saturday
evening, January 10th, when the trophy won
by it at ihe last Grand Lodge session will be
The corner-stone of the new State Reform
School at lone, Alameda County, will be
masonlcally laid next Tuesday.
There are in Illinois 1270 Past Chief Pat
liiirchs of the I. O. O. F.
The Maryland Masonic Fair, the Balti
more News states, prodaced a net profit of
about So-.000 toward paying olf the debt of
the Grand Lodge of Maryland. Grand
Master Shryock is to be congratulated upon
this successful outcome of his and the craft's
devoted labors.
Ivy Lodge, No. 1710, Knights of Honor,
held one of its social entertainments on Fri
pay evening last, which was lart'ely at
tended by meiiihers of the order audtlieir
lady friends. An address was made by F.
E. Sutheilaiid, G. D., followed by a literary
and uui-iea! programme, after which a ban
quet was partaken of, piovided in fine style
by the Entertainment Committee, which
was heartily enjoyed by all.
Duiie Lodge, No. 215, F. and A. M., will
give a banqoet to ils newly elected officers
alter installing them next Thursday even
ing in B'nai B'rith Hall.
A Contest to Uetrrral-e the Character of
a son I'..mio Grant.
A contest to establish the character of a
disputed parcel of land in San Benito
Couuty is in progress before John F. Shee
han, Kegistcr, and T. li. Shannon, Keceiver,
of the United States Land Office. The title
of the case is George Schriyer vs. The
Southern l'acitic Company,
Sihriver held p. ssession of the 240 acres
In question several jears ago, although it
was iv the Southern Pacific Company's
giant. He claimed the land as mineral, and
as suiii that he had a light to locate on it,
while the railroad company contended that
it was agricultural or grazing land. In 1885,
the Southern l'acitic Company threw the
matter into the I'nited States Circuit Court,
where the laud was decided to be grazing
pastures, and the ownership of it by the
railroad company was affirmed.
Four years later the company brought
suit for ejectment in lhe saniu court and re
covered judgment, and in March last
Schriver was ejected from the land by the
United Stales Marshal. He then instituted
a second contest, which was begun yester
day morning. Only four witnesses have
been examined so fur, and the case will not
be finished until late t. -day, if even so soon.
Rudolph Stockman Almost Killed by a
l:..tirii Chimney.
Ktidolph Stockman, an asphalt-roofer,
met with a serious accident yesterday after
noon while at work tarring a sheet-iron
6moke-stack on n building on Geary street,
near Stocktun. lie was busy near the top
of the. funnel when it leaned over and fell
before his weight to the roof, throwing him
a distance of thiity feet upon his left shoul
der, llis left arm was broken, and besides
he sustained painful bruises and internal
injuries, the exact nature of which are not
yet known. He was treated at the Keceiv
ing Hospital by Surgeon Williams.
Bri-f Notes From l'l.cific Stolen and
A. A. Taylor has retired from the manage
ment of the Santa .ruz Surf. His successor
is Key. Or. Walk.
The shipments of turkeys from Porter
villn to San Fraucisco for the Thanksgiving
season weighed seven tons.
After twenty years' litigation the Supreme
Court has sustained the settlers' title to the
San (Jri gorio ranch in San Mateo County.
The l'ort Townsend Call says: Out of
twelve candidates In lhe miniicioal election
at Castle Kock. eight, including "ihe Mayor,
It will require 3780 cars to move the orange
croD of Southern California this season.
The value of the crop Is estimated at
Whitelaw, the weeker, has gone to Santa
Kosalia, Lower California, to try to Rave
the English ship Selene and tho French
bark Atheers.
The United States Grand Jury at Fort
land, Oregon, has round five indictments
against F. M. O. Uolston foe forging pen
sion warrants.
Jacob McKissick left Reno on horseback
last Friday for a trip to Spanish Springs
Valley. He got lost in the hills and was
twenty-five hours in going the twelve miles.
The weather svas very cold, aud he cauie
near freezing to duath.
The bondsmen of P. li. Peveler, the
present County Clerk of Del Norte County,
paid 81178 50 into the treasury on Thurs
day, says the Record, on account of the
shortage iliscns'ered in his accounts by the
experts. The money svas paid without a
Last Monday the bodies of four victims of
the great disaster at the Utica Mine at An
gels Camp, Tuolumne Count}', svere takeu
from the shaft It svas impossible to iden
tify the men, but the Echo says they svere
B. Segole, N. Cusick, John Barry and YV.
Vincent. This makes twelve bodies recov
ered and four still remain in the mine.
There is now lying in the De Lamar office,
says the Silver City (Idaho) Avalauche, a
silver nugget whicli svill be seeu by a good
many million people two years from now,
for It is proposed to place it in lhe Idaho
exhibit at the World's Fair. It Is a chunk
of silver gl.mi-e with masses of ruby silver
running through lt, and sveigliing 3GO
The Pioche Record says: For the first time
in ten years or more there stands in the Gen
eral Fund nf the county some funds appli
cable to the payment of county and jury
scrip. The County Recorder has posted ou
the tloor of his office a notice that he holds
-lU4O for tliis purpose. The scrip to which
this is applicable is that which bas been is
sued since April, 1875, and which Is payable
in the order of its issuance.
The Humboldt Times of Saturday says:
The schooner Oceania Vance, Captain L.
Anderson, arrived yesterday io ballast,
sixty-five days from Sydney, H. S. VV. Tho
Oceania has been aOseut from this port just
175 days. She left here for Sydney on June
20th, with a cargo of 387,481 feet of lumber.
Arrived at her destiuatioa August 23d,
sixty-four days out, and discharged cargo,
intending to bring back a cargo of coal.
Owing to tlie prevalence of a strike among
tlie coal-miners and stevedores, hosvever,
she was uuable to obtain any coal, and after
svaitiug forty-seven days was forced to re
turn in ballast, sailing from there on Octo
ber 9th.
Another Water Tinwr I'rumlaed.
The Fire Department Committee of the
Board of Supervisors decided yesterday to
report in favor of the purchase of the water
tower so much desired by the department
The contract will be given to J. W. Girvin
<_ Co., and the committee's action was based
upon the willingness of that' firm to take
chances.ln receiving payment six months
heuce, tbe time it will probably take to pro
cure the tower.
"What was your objection to my predeces
sor. King Totem?" asked the missionary,
"lie was a person of very bad taste," re
turned the cannibal, making a wry face.— X
Y. Herald.
. "This is regular fall weather," remarked
the wit; "the leaves are fallintt, the nuts are
fullinj- and the raiu is falling." "Huuiph!"
growled paterfamilias, "but coal isn't."—
Harper's liazar.
» • •
Bessie—Jessie told me last night that she
thought your face a poem. George^-l'ossioly
tliat was the reason she rejected me.—JN*. _.
• a •
Hoffman Howes—The world owes every
one a living, doesn't it? Temple Court—Of
course it does. Hoffman Howes—Well, col
lect mine from It for me, and I'll give you
halt—Harper's Bazar.
» » »
Dlmmack—Don't those good, old college
songs electrify you ? Miss Arlinglon—Well,
I m lree to say that that one, at least, shocks
me.—Christmas Judge.
- » »
"So Fordham Hights has married Mrs.
lironsou, eh? '-I'es. I'm surprised too.
She is a woman of no family." "• You must
be mistakeu. Fordy told me she had Uvo
children."—Harpec's Bazar.
« * •
" Where are you going, my pretty maid ?"
"I'm going to Sunday-school, sir." she said.
•'Can 1 go wltb you, my pretty maid?"
She laughed and roguishly shook her head.
"You've a week or two to spare." said sh^,
" And then ca.-i be lv on the (.hristmas tree."
—N. Y. Herald.
• m *
A young woman sent to a newspaper a
poem entitled "1 Cannot Make liiin "smile,"
and was much displeased when the editor
sent it bacK with a line saying that she
would probably succeed if she allowed him
the poem.—Youth's Companion.
• » *
Chclly—Do you know i met Jack on the
street, and he was wrapped in thought?
Ftiiel—Oil, dear! How unfortunate! lam
sure he caught cold.—N. Y. Herald,
tv » — •
She—There's ihat horrid Mr. Gargoyle.
Have you ever seen his wife? He—Xo; but
she's a blonde. "How do you know?"
"1 was with Gargoyle half an hour yester
day, and he spoke admiringly of every
brunette who passed."—Life.
la Case of Fire.
Alfred Clarke has notified the Board of
Fire Commissioners that "Alfred's cistern,"
ou his premise*, at -JO Douglass street, hav
iu_ a capacity of about 20,000 gallons, has
b.-eu completid, aun that it may be used by
the Fire Department in case of lire, with
the understanding that "the iiremeu shall
be carelul of the trees when approaching
tno cistern." This generous oiler will, no
doubt, be accepted by the Commissioners.
Monday Kve.vi.so, Dec. IS.
■TI--AI.Y OV TH_ ii •- F.Ki.i.j.
Wboat dull.
Corn firmer.
Other cereals unchanged.
Larger refielpts of Hay.
Potatoes arrive heavily.
Onlous easy.
Butter aud Eggs unchanged.
orange season commencing.
No demand for Grapes.
WSd Ducks arrive heavily.
Turxeys iower.
Sharp rise iv Silver.

Kne-Hsli Wheat Market-
LiVEurrnL. Dec. 16.—The spot market Is firm
at Ts 40*8,73 Cil. Cargoes are quiet at 37s 9d for off
coast, .76 3d lor just shipped aud 37s 3d lor nearly
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
Liverpool iiuotatloosi December, 7s 6*46; Janu
ary, 7s «*._ di Februarj-. Ts Td; March, Ts 7d;
April, Ts tj-Jidi May, 7s 6 V-ti.
London, Dec. 15—Consols, 96Vi: United States
Bonds — 4's, Ilß>*4| 4V.'s, 106 V.; Silver, 49d;
Beutcs, l'6l 121/jc.
Xew York Markets.
New- York, Dec. 15.—The stock market to-day
was dull and sluggish, the general disposition being
to await the outcome ut the Presidents' meeting be
fore doing anything In the market, lhe great
feature of the day was a sharp advance iv sliver
certllicates from 105 to 110 ou the prospect of
there being $13,000,000 of silver purchased,
together with possibly tho utilization of Pactional
sliver. The market dwindled away In thealter
noon, and closed steady to tirm at about the open
ing prices. Silver certllicates are up 2i_, Pacific
Mail l*J4, .Northern Pacific preferred iy 2 . Govern
ments steady. February petroleum closed at 641,2.
Xesv York, Dec. 15.—Cnlted States Uondsi 4's.
120..; 41 y.'a, IOU; Northern Paclllc, _*».: Cana
dian Pacific, 71V»: Central Pacific, 29: Union Pa
cific, 461',; Atchison. 3114; SVells-Fargo, 135; SS'est
ern Ciiiuu, T6-1j; Silver, 1U8; Sterling, *• tv .j
$1 at.
Xew York. Dec. 16.—SS beat, cash, fl 06i_:
December, $1 04.
Cotfee—sl7 25.
Sugar—sV,®6i' 8 _
Hops—Pacific Coast, 30®40_
H.ues— 13c.
Copper—Lake. $15 25.
Tin-Spot, $21 15.
Lead—Domestic. (4 15.
Petroleum—January, C4"-v
' lui-ii.i) Markets.
CnicAno, Dec. 13.—Wheat, cash, ose.
Fork-$8 25.
Lard—ss 7a
. Blbs-«4 95.
SShisky-fl 14.
Flue Silver.
Advanced sharply to $1 08 "p t--i.ee.
Mexican Oollars-
Cjuoted at B'Ji _(§B3c.
Xew York i-xchanire.
Xew York Exchange, 6c for sight drafts and
10c for telegraphic.
Sterling: r*xohaii„e.
Bankers' sl^ht drafts, $4 85Va; bankers' sixty-day
bills, $4 Sii...
Shipiiin. Note*.
Steamers to sail to-day are the Oregon for Portland,
the City of Piiebla for Victoria and Puget Sound,
the Bonlta for San Diego, the Santa Cruz for San
Peilro, the Newport for Eel Biver and fbe Gipsy for
the Salinas Kiver. The Point Loma falls due from
Grays Harbor and the Pomona from San Diego.
On Saturday the Collina falls due from Panama
and the Slarlposa from Australia.
The bark Levi O. Burgess, 1530 tons, loads Coal
at Seattle ror this port: ship T. E. Starbuck, 1931
tons, SVheat at Portland ror U. E., Havre or Ant
werp, 47s 6d.
Tho British Iron ship Clackmannanshire, 1482
tons, was chartered prior to arrival for Wheat to
U. X., Havre or Antwerp, 40s.
The Inch Keith takes for Galway 17,600 bbls
Flour and 0667 ctls sshctit. valued at $74,783.
Prodnce Market.
FLOUR—Net cash prices are as follows: Family
extras, $4 15® 1 25; lakers' extras. $4 [email protected] 16;
city superfine, [email protected] 25: Interior brands, $4®4 25
for extras and $*!®3 25 *f bbl for snperfmo.
SVHEAT—Opened tbe week dull and unchanged.
Xo. 1, Sl [email protected] 31',i Tjt ctl; Xo. 2, *1 27V 2 ®l 2«:i 4 :
choice, $l_2i / '.; extra choice, lor milling, *1 35®
1 40; Sonora, fl 27 7 ;_.l '.S-'Ji « ctl.
Buyer '00-200, $1 301, i: goo, $1 30*< a . Buyer
seasou-lOJ.ai _Vfc| TOO, fl 41V*.
Buyer '00-'-'OO, fl 30i/ g . Buyer season-100'
81 411;,: SOO. fl 41.
BAKI.KY-inactlve, but firmly lield.«'*No. 1 Feed,
tl 50 iB ctl; lower grades, fl 45® 1 -H*}*.-. 1 ,'-.■-,■'
aiii-r. }1 oi. .1 1 UU tor slauuard, fl 40®l'42Vs ror
lower trades; Brewing, fl 66®l 65 V ctl 101 rair
lo choice.
Buyer'9o-100, f 1 40; 100, f 1 45y.. Buyersea
son-100, fl 51.
I'nyer '90-lOU. f 1 45. Buyer season—4oo, f 1 60:
100, fl 49(18; 20U, $149;.; lUU, $1.0.,. Seller
•91-100. fl U6.
OATS—Yesterday's receipts aggregated 11.000
centals from dlnerent sources. Xo demand of
any consequence. Black, for seed, *1 [email protected] 10; No.
1 SVhlte. fl 85; Xo. 2. Sl 72 li® 1 SU: Choice,
fl 87Vz®! 90; Gray, fl T2' 2 @l SO: Surprise, tl 90
®2; Milling, fi 90 _ ctl.
C'OltN— Speculative purchases have again been
made and the market Is again lairly held at fl 30®
1 :<-'.. "j* ti ror all kinds.
HYfc— Quotable at fl U-i:@l 35 f ctl.
BBAN—Quotable at $2. 6u®23 ror the best and
$21 bo®'_2 _ ton tor lower grade* and outside
MIDDLINGS-Cjuotableat [email protected] **ri ton tor the
best and t-4 ror other -radee.
CHOPPED FEED-«uotabieat [email protected] ■ ton
HAY—R.-ceipts were larger yesteiday than for
sometime, being 660 tons. Wheat. $12® it, fi ton tor
fair to good and fl7®lß for choice: oat. $10®15-
Wild oat, •M-'io'l - 50; Barley, [email protected] 511; Barley
aud Oat. $10(0114; SVheat aud Oat, $12<al0; Altaira
$12®13**jl ton. "" ' *•*""■•
hi it A vv -Quoted at [email protected] ft bale.
MILLSTU FFS—Ground Barley quotable at $32® 33
» ton. The mills sell Oilcake Meal at f'JS « ton net,
the 'obbirs charge $30* ton: Rye Flour. 2*lic V H>;
Rye Meal, '_Vjc; Graham Flour, -Met oaiine.il, 4' -1';
Oat Groats, 4-% c; Cracked Wheat, 3c; Buckwheat
Floor. 4c: Pearl Barley. 4 l,[email protected]^e ft lb.
SEEUS-Yellow Mustard, $2 25®2 40 * ctl: Brown
Mustard, S2 50®3 ?■ ctl; Flax. 42 50®2 -5; Canary,
B®3iic "P lb; Alraira. B®»Uc; Baiie, li-UVjiCi
Hemp, 3Vic: Timothy, 6V„c.
DRIEOPEAS-Xllcs, fl 75®'-; Green, $2 76®3;
Blaekeye, f2 el ctl: Split PeBS. 5c if! 18.
BUCKWHEAT—QuotabIe at $1 50®1 65 *** ctl.
COBXMEAL. ETC.—Table Meal. 2- 'i <■■- 3' „c '_ m
Feed Com. $29: Cracked Corn, $29 50®30 > ton;
Hominy. 3«ic W _>.
beans- Nothii.g new to report Trade very
quiet. Hayos. fi -|> rtl; Pea, $3; Small White. $2 00
02 80; Pink. $2 3 J®2 45: Reds, $2 65®3; Llinaa,
$3 611®3 65; Butters, $3 * ctl.
POTATOES-over 11, unit sacki came in yester
day, but prices held up. Sweets. $1 50®2 >i ctl ln
sacks and $2®3 ln boxes: Burbank Seedlings, %1®
1 iO *#s ctl tor Rivers, $I®l 15 ror Petalumas and
tl 3u® 1 40 ror Salinas; River Beds, $I®l SO] Early
Rose, n6c®sl; Tomales Re.l^*l 2U®l 25 V cv.
ONIONS—Quiet and not fiaVat $2 75®3 10 for
good to choice and $2 50 *Jji cit for common.
BUTTER—Xo further change. Fancy, 37>/..®40c
V lb; good to choice, 32. ..®3tie IH lb; common to
lair, '.5®27V,C *** lb; store Butter, 15i0.17i.i-;
pickled roll. 2? 1 ..®32i ..i-; firkin. 2 ,-..1.27 '■•■.-: Eastern
Butter. 1 j'.h 20c tor l:nlle-p:i. ked, 20®37Vicfor dairy
and 31K0.32 1 j.- Vt lb ror creamery.
CHEESE—Good to choice mild uew is quotable at
12'[email protected]/jC 9 tt; fair. [email protected] *? tt; fancy. 14c:
Vouuu Americas, i:-ii<_l3c: cased Cheese, J,.c ad
ditional j Eastern. 1 :<<g,l.c 9 tt.
POULTRY—The marnet 1* very dull, with lower
prices for Tnrk.ys. Dressed Turkeys, 14_ll»c "P
tt: live Turkeys, 1 •_',:,(§> 15c ror Gobblers and
l-V_-HBc rorlleos: Oeese, ¥ pair,**.! 50(3)2; Ducks,
M Mi(M>s 60 for old ami ft'^o 50 for youug: Urns,
»[email protected]: Koosters, youn.. *5($0: do, old. f_t}s 60:
Jfryers, Cl 50; Broilers, ti for large and »a 50 * dox
for small.
GAME—Ducks are coming In heaylly anil are nat
urally weak. Receipts or Honkers are too small to
iustiry quotations. Quail, SirsU -»*prtnzi-n: EngllsH
Snipe, Sl f.032 ■» doz; Jack Snipe. 50075 c « doz-
Mallards, »3_.3 60 ¥ dozen: Canvasbacks, $1 .0(38-
Sprig, $-_-$- 25: Teal, 7.-3-1; widgeon, el _s<a,
1 50: small Ducks. *[email protected] 25 "ja dozen: (iruy Oeese
$3: White Geese, »1 [email protected] 50; lirant. *1 50««I 76-
Hare. Sl [email protected]_>: Rabbits, Sl 50 tor Cottontails, and
•1 25(<j)l 37 Vi for small.
EGGS—Nothing new to report. Fancy Eastern 3C
_j:''-',_c 11 dozen; good to choice Eastern, 2D(ajzß' / ',o
■ doz: cold storage Eastern. -U(g"i'_'sc: -alltorula ao
©321.110 for store and [email protected]:*,_c tl dozen ror lino
HONEY—Cliolce White Comb. l-_r.>i-,c v n
-00, ln 1-tt rrames, [email protected], 2 c: ordinary Combi
Di-l Ie: Winta extracted, 6i,[email protected]: amber. 6"fltfc-f( IB
BKESWAX-QuotaDleat 2'-t'.'_'- >5c fl tt.
FltESil FRUIT—No demand for Grapes. Persim
mons are quotable at iv.'...•'.s; •{-. box: Wisconsin
Cranberries. SH_>ll 50 *|lbbl: Cape Cod Cranber
ries, $I__il2 60 *pl bbl: New Jersey Cranber
ries. »l!(_ll 60 "(*. bbl: Grapes, lSJjrtiOe *»t box ror
Muscats, Js_l3sc for Verdeils. 5<J(0960c for Tokay,
and 7-c'gltl *rl box ror Cornicbon; Apples, -io.'&T —■■ ft
box rurc'oinnion to good, tl(_l 50 for cboice. witbaa
advance for flue Red; Lady Apples, Sl 60_.l 75:
I'ears, &Oc_lSl for common ami sl 2',-ft. 76 ft box
for Winter Nellis: Strawberries, SO *fi chest for
lar^e varieties aiid lor Longwortbs.
CITRUS FRUIT. ETC.—Riverside Navels are on
tbe market nt S- lyni I 60 & box. Small lots of Los
Angelt-s Seedling Oranges are appearing, but the
market for tbem bas not yet been established.
Fresh Mexican Limes bave arrived. Winters Or
anges are quotable at Sl 25 V small box: Vacavlllo
Oranges, $1 25 "H small box. Sicily Lemons, »[email protected] 50;
California Lemons. [email protected] *3 box lor coium.iii and
; : ..i'.i.:. f»r choice; Mexican Limes. *:..„". 50: Ba
nanas, Sl 6U(3,2 50 fi bunch: Flueabples. S3i_s *H
DRIED FROITS-Quotatlons are ror rmlt In sack*
un less otherwlsesjiecl fieil. Evaporated Apples (lues)
livs,ile: sliced. T/ 2 c; 'iiiartereu. Hi :,«i,7c: l'ltted
l-i .v.-. i 1 . i-ji ....-: peeled evaporated reaches '20
lij'-oc *t* lb: bleached Peaches, low. i-j i -c -f it,- com
mon suudrled do. J-QDci bleached Apricot" sacks
14(ai8c; boxes, ie_,lttc f< tt: White Nectarine*
17(_lSc fl tt; Callrorala Prunes. 7<sloc; Grapi-s, 3i7
(g_:'ic *j* tt: Pears. 6c « 16 for common j_ii 7a
Be for quartered unpeeled llartletts. Mgs, '_iA(&
3VSiC: do. pressed, ln boxes. 4-^sc*rl lb.
ItAlSfvS—Layers, fincy. $2 15; choice, [email protected] 10
--fair to good, fl 75(_ 1 90 t» box, with the usual ad
vance for fractional boxes; loose Raisins, J*."(al '.a
*i! box. •
NCTS-Cbestnuts. 12i.iiai5c: softshel! Almondu,
[email protected]/i,c S tt: papersliell do. [email protected]: Walnuts. !Va
10c; do liai.eisnell. ll'. L .(SI2J..c: Chile Walnuts.
9{&10c: peanuts, s(is'ic *p It. for domestic; Hickory
Nuts. [email protected],:-. Pecans. [email protected] tor small and is®
18c for large; Filberts. l'-LjC; Brazil Nuts, ll'_l2oe
¥ lb: ('ucnanutß. S5 s■»._'' SU-filOO.
VEGETABLES—Dried Okra. 12* :[email protected] :.,c tp IB;
Green Peas. [email protected]*jc V It.; String lie-ns, —"— V- Iti-
Marrowtat Squash, »[email protected] i 3 ton: Dry Ivpners, J5
tgftltc ft It.; Tumatces. '.'sr. 50c; Cabbage, 50f^B0c %i
ctl: Feed Carrots. [email protected]: Turnips, 75c; Beets, fl:
Parsnips. Sl 25 _ ctl: Garlic. B<*loc * 16.
PROVISIONS—Easietu coTered Break'aat Bacon
Is auolablo at 13iJ»13VvC I*l tt: Calirorni- smoked
Bacon, PtolOc "t> Ir. ror heavy and medium, and 13
(-.1-.-.-c "f 1 16 for light; m^ailc for extra light:
Bacon Sides, 9 JiiaiOc *i» It,; Eastern Sugar-cured
liauis for city Irade. i;",i [email protected];s:'.c: California Hams,
salt. 12i.4'idl2VaC I*! tt; refrigerator-cured, l.la
IV ftQ; l.anl. tierces. Eastern, all kinds. Oiagi/.c;
cases, 11'm.kji .<■; California tierces, oi4'aJ9iy I c
hail-bi.ls, Bi/ii^S-s.c: tins. IOc: palls. 10-lb. 10i' 2 c;
do, 5-lt.. 10'y 4 c; kegs. -S 4 (§ioc it* tt: Mess Beer.
f7 LOitjH; extra mess do, f« [email protected]: family do,
Sll 5111*12; clear Pork, fl9 !,o®-0: extra prime,
SI6 50(iJ17: extra clear. S2o<a,^u 60: mess do.
tlStols 50 f( bbl; Pig Pork, »" keg. %Ma,:l2i:
Pigs' Feet, f 13(^13 50 p obi; Smoked Beet, 11-Jiia
l'zc *|l tt.
Hoi s_Quotable at 30_i3'-i .c for common to fair
and :is's:i7' 2 t ror good to choice, with 40c gener
ally r.sk.-il r..r the lie st.
I HIDES AND PELTS-Heavy salted steers. B'A
-3.81/20: medium. 6Cg,'JJ/.c: light. 6_sV>c: Cow
bides, tkaoVsCisaltod Kip.s_.ec; saltedCair. [email protected]:
dry Hl.les, usual selection. He ffi 16; dry Kips, uc;
dry Calf, 9c «( tt: prime Goatskins. 40Y<S'>Uc each;
medium do, itfUM; small skins, 10,320 c: Deer
skins, good summer. [email protected] 1/ 2 c: medium. 38#80.
thin, 'Joe: Sheepskins, shearlings, llX^'JOc; shorn
wool. 30.'_50c: me'lluiii, 6S_i'joe: long wool. 90af)
f 1 25 V tt. Culls or all kinds J. s less. Butchertowu ~""
green Skins sell relatively higher.
TALLOW—Fair to good rendered. StASlc *» _•
refined. 4" B ®6c: Giesse. M_BSe V tt.
Wotil, -Fall clips: Huniboidr. and Mendocino
rree. li'.'»l;-ic: do derective. 14(31150; Sacramento
Valley lree, l:'®isc: do derective. liaise: Moun
tain rree, 12(i#15c: Sau Joaquin and Southern, M
lie Spring clips: Valley Oregon, [email protected]«c; JCastr
eru Oregon, [email protected]; do fair. 16!coi7c ft 16.
General Mcrcliandlss.
BAGS—Calcutta spot, nominal; May and Juns,
e'/4C: Wool Bags. 38®38c: Potato Gunnies, nominal.
SUGAR—Tha CalUornia Migar Rennery quotes,
terms net cash: i;ubo. Crushed. Extra Powdered
and Fine Crusheu, all 7c; Dry Granulated. SUe:
Conrectioners' A. 6- r:' J c; Extra 0. 53 /# c; ..-... : ■:.'■;
SVaCfl lb: Bags, t^c mora than bbls.
lue American Sugar Hennery quotes as fol
lows, terms net cash: Extra line Cube. Crushed.
Flna Crushed aud Powdered, 6.c 9 tt: Extra
Fine I'owocred. 6'ic: Dry Granulated. Otic; XX
do.rjiic: Confectioners' A. 6isC: White 1.. ra (J,
:.-:-<:; Extra C, 5Uc: Golden c, 5c « ID,
San Francisco -Meat .llarke-
Whoiesale rates from slaughterers to dealers aro
as follows:
BEEF—First quality, 6c; second quality, SA
s*/.c; third do. 3i/-'<-4i/oC
VEAl—Large, 6(3)7c: small Calves. 7ast/i_
MUTTON—Wethers. 7c: Ewes. 6'__
LAMB—Spring Lamb. Bi:[email protected] fl 16.
PORK—Live Hogs. 4fg,4i 4 c ror hard grain-red;
stock Hogs, 3_i3Vac -fi B>; dressed d0,8i._.7c Ji 16.
Monday, Dec. 16.
Flour, orsks 14.342 Beams.aa 1.'.'«3
do. Oregon, d 0... 3,048 fotatoes.sks lv 903
Wheat, ctis 9.640 do. Oregon, d 0.... 787
do. Oregon, do. ..29,350 Onions, sxs 69
Jo, Wash, do 1.260 bran, sks 2.327
Danev.ctis 5,496 Middlings, sks '.82
do. Wash. do. 1,980 Hay. tons 660
Oats.ctls 1,2 13 Straw, tons 22
do, Wash, do 6.530 Hops, bales 65
do, Oregon, d 0... 3,'J45 Wool, bis 11l
Corn, sks 2,365 Hides, no 237
Kye.sks 4'.ti Uaisins. bxs 1.360
Uni.-. of u«.p iri nri. From -an F .arisen.
in [Portland I Dec
.'iiehlx. I Vic * Pax Sound i Dec
ia Humboldt Bay.. Dec
ma San Diego Dec
i China * Japan.. Dec
nbia... Portland Dec
ca San Pedro Dec
■ ■■■■•it .. Humboldt Bay.. Dec
ill i Puget Sound j Dec
i Walla I Vic & Put Sound I Dec
iRosa..i San Diego ...... I Dec
of Cal. I Portland Dec
nan— (Panama. Dec
U-tllMWy 1
Iam] Spear
Iam I'.-I-v' / _
Iam Clay
Iam MiW'i 1
1am Kdwyl
[am 1 Bdw'y a
Jam ,Spear
: «!l- M S S
Departure or Australian rjteamer u.peuili ou tba
Engtl.-li main. .
In Paclflc Standard Time. Oniimiileil by Tjtomas
1 knn ent. Chrono-iieter and Instrument
Maker. IS Siarset street. a>
H.W. H.W. L.W. L.W. IS?
Small. Large. Smalt Large. A =
t a
! 9.16 ai
11.09 Al
0.29 P!
1 31 PI
| Large.
! 2.30 PI
3.27 Pi
tor lAjit flfcqgmwr niiivflliifSiin tee _Vi-i /swa,
Arrive-. —
Monday. Dec 15.
Stmr Westport. Jacobs, 20 hours from Humboldt:
lumber, to Pollard .v Dodge.
Stinr San Pedro, Hewitt. 9H Hours Troin Tacoma
-4000 tons coal, to Southern P.ie Co.
Nic stmr Montserrat. Hi.,.- I'.uni. 5 ilavs trom Na
nalmo; 1300 tons coal, to John_losenfeld'i Sons.
Schr Slary E Anderson. Knudsen. 5 days from
Fisks Mill: b'> cords wood, to Ross « Hewlett.
Schr Mary Gilbert. Ai-kenuan. 20 hours trom Al
bion: 150 Si ft lumber, tv II Wetherbee.
Monday, Dec 15.
Stmr Santa Cruz, Gray, Wilmington: Goodall,
Perkins A- Co.
Stmr City of Ptiebla. Debney, Victoria anil Port
Townsend: Goodall. Perkins _ Co.
Jlonday. Dec IS.
Stmr Coos llay, Nicholson. Fort i'-i .i..-.-».
Stinr Greenwood. Fageriutid.
Stinr Emllv, Koberts. Coos Bay.
Stmr Jcwi-i. Madsen. Caspar.
Stmr Farallon. l>onlftel<l.
Schr Jennie Thelin, Olsen.
Tel (v.-ran his.
POINT lobos — Dec 15- 10 •». it.—Weather
clear; wind N_, velocity 6 miles.
M.-moran la.
Per Brshlp Ciackmannaiisblre—Oct 15. lat 56 S
lon 04 SV. saw a bark with foretopgallant mast gono
and appeared to be In a disabled condition, but soo
showed no signals ot distress.
ASTORIA—Dec 14—The bar Is very r-ngh and
the wind Is blowing hard. The stmr Oregon is an
chored at Point Stevens, with but llttlo chance of
sailing ou the 15tb.
Dec 8-Lat 35 N, lon 73 *#, ship Samaria, henca
July 27 lor New York.
Dec 5 — Lat 49 N, ion 14 W, ship Indiana, henca
Aug :i tor Fleetwood.
Oct 5-Lat 10 S, ion 34 W. Br ship Elginshire, fr;n
Liverpool for Saa Fraucisco.
11..i.i.' .! i.- Port —
COOS BAY—Sailed Dae 14-Stmr Arago, lor __ •«
Arrived Dec 14—Stmr siaggle Ross, rrom Saa
Francisco; schr C II Merchant, hence Dec 7.
ALBlON—Sailed Dec 15-Schr Llla a.id Mattle,
for San Francisco.
EC KKKA-Arrlved Dec 15—Stmr "North Fork, fm
San Francisco.
SVESTPORT-Arrlve#Dec 15-Stmr Record, hea
Dec 9.
San PEDRO—Sailed Dee 15—Schr Courser, for
Puget Sound.
Arrived Dec 15—Stmr Rival, from Fort Bragg
schr J B Leeds, from liitipqua.
SAN DiiXJO-Arrived Dec 15—Schr Ruby c Cous
ins, rrom Eureka.
BOWENS LANDING-Sallsrt Dec 15-Schr BUI
tbe Butcher, ror San Fraucisco.
Ea atom Porta.
NEW YORK—Arrived Dec 14-Shlp Job s Spin
ney, hence Aug 30.
PHII.ADELPIHA-Cleared Dec I_-Shlp S D Carl
ton, for Sau Francisco.
Fnrnl.n Pi.rta.
NEWCASTLE. NSW-Arrived Dee 13-Bkfi Rob
ert Sudden, rrom Slelbournn, to load ror Kahulul.
_lv_.ii.roo_—Arrived Dec 13—Oer bark Oregon,
from Oregon.
Sailed Dec 13—Ger bark H Hackflold, for Hono
«UEENSTOWN-Arrlved Dec 12-Br ship Hart
field, hence Aug 27: Br ship Bldston Hill, henca
July 25: Br ship Eurarla, hence Aug 15; Br shin
Calllrrhoo, hence July 27. p
FALMOUTH-Arrlved Dec 13*-Br shin Druinel
tan, hence Aug 18. • -■-«_
rANASIA-Salied Dec 12-StmrCity of New York
for San Franiisro. »—»««■,
aggZSgSSz™"*" 12-B"»» ■«*"■
*""•,„ 11AMA-Sailed D« 13-Brsbtp Mllverton,
ior i acuina.
atMFn iwtac-„l,ed Dec 13-Br ""P DrumCT»'"r. to*
LIZARD-Passed Dec 13-Ger bark India, from
Oregon lor yueanatown.
Movements or Ti mi. ii untie Steamers."
HASIBURG-Arrlved Dec la—Stmr Scandla.from
New S nrk.
LONDON-Arrlved Dec 15-Stiur Suevla, from
Mew York for Hamburg.

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