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Sequel to a Quarrel Between
Residents of Santa Crnz.
A Drorken and Aggressi.a Wood-Chopper
Shot and Instantly Killed,
_ Well-Known Citizen Probably Fatally
Wounded— An Extensi.a Irriga
tion Project.
fractal to The Morvixs Cat..
Santa Cruz, Dec. 22.— James Harris, a
wi oil-chopper, was shot aud instantly
killed litis afternoon tn a saloon in this city
by Robert 11. Majors, who also received
three wouuds, one of which is likely to
prove fatal. A petty quarrel had existed be
tween tbe men for seme time nnd Harris
had threatened to short Majors. The parties
met in a saloon to-day. Harris was drunk,
vi ry noisy, quarrelsome and abusive to Ma
jors, lie had a pistol in his coat-pocket snd
fired »t Majors through the Docket of his
coat w ithcut withdraw ing the weapon. Ma
jors is a peaceable man, but bold and in
trepld. He reached for his pistol with one
hand and with the ether parried the arm of
Hnriis, dircctiug his aim downward. Bp
foro Majors could draw his pistol Harris
had futd three shot?, each taking effect
npon Major;, one making a flesh wound in
the log, i lie euteriiig the hip snd one the
groin. Majors is a crack shot, and his wea
pon was scarcely in his hand before he scut
a fatal shot to Harris' heart. Harris was a
single man, about 50 years of age, and had
worked in the redwoods am lit here since
early days. He was considered a bad man
when drunk, and all bystanders agree that
be was the ngressor and very bitter tow aid
Majors. li. H. Majors is a native of Santa
Cruz and tlte sou of one of the earliest pi -
neers, who came here about 1830. For sev
eral years he has been foreman at the
bituminous reek mines. He never provoked
a quarrel n«r turned his b tcli on a foe.
When assisting the Sheriff, several years
since, he killed one ot the notorious Vas
iju> 7. gang, and has a local reputation of be
ing a dead shot.
A Santa Kosa Cocterva'ory Invaded by a
Wild D er.
Santa Rosa, Dec. 22.— An incident oc
curred yesterday afternoon whicli might not
happen once in a century in a c;ty of eight
or ten thousand inhabitants. About 2
o'clock seme members of D. M. Canther's
family heard a crashing of glass in tne con
servatory at the rear of the handsome resi
dence on D street in the heart of the city.
WillCarithers, on investigation, found a wild
spike buck among the flowers. The animal
was trembling iv every muscle and tliere
were bleeding wounds on the neck caused
by the broken glass through which he had
jumped on entering the conservatory. The
whole family came out to see the remark
able sight of a wild deer _i a conservatory
filled with rare exotics.
While seme one was thinking about get
ling a gun, the small boys in the next yam
climbed tne fence and frightened the deer,
wiiicli made its exit from the other side of
the conservatory, smashing another large
glass. The animal dashed past the excited
people fmm the house out into the 6treet,
cie ling the high fence in a graceful leap.
It then dashed down through one of the
main rcsitiei.ee stieets, and who finally killed
by a crowd of boys near the slaughter-hou>e
in the outskirts of the city. The animal is
supiostd to have been chased in from Hood
Mountain, several miles east, by hounds.
It Weighed 120 pounds when dressed. The
damage to the conservatory and flowers is be
tweeu SoO and £100.
Bar-Bo.ni Vessels en the Ncrthe-rn Coast
Again Hiving.
Astoria, Dec. 22.— The coasting fleet that
bas been bar-bound along the coist
for the past ten days were mov
ing ag.iiu yesteiday, aud bulletins from the
cape announcing arrivals and departures
were numerous. The first of the fleet to ar
rive was the Union Pacific steamer Cosnio
polis. She cleared from Port Townsend on
tne 12: li of December aud has been lyiug
weather-bound at Port Angeles and >"eah
Bay since then. Tbe Oregon arrived in
about 11 o'ch ck, forty-niue hours from San
1 raiu'iM'n. She will be hurriedly loaded,
and is expected lo get away from here
VVtdiiesday tin ruing. The Alliance, whicli
has been bar-bound at Petersons Point,
Grays Harbor, for the past ten days, arrived
last even ma with abuit twenty passengers.
Captaiu Peterson reports very heavy
weatiier. The George W. Elder got away
early aud crossed aoout 8 o'elo -k. She is
the only one of ihe Sau Francisco steamers
that has nut lost a day by the storm. The
pilot schooner Sau Jose has not b; en sighted
since the storm, but she Is prob_bly lo the
north .\ ard.

Tlree Hundred Milts of P pc to Be Laid in
th» AlfSiatidro Dutrict.
San Bkiinardino, Dec. 22.— The Ales
tandro Development Company to-day let a
contract for laying forty miles of vitrifird
pipe to distribute irrigation water to each
tt-n-ai re claim iv the Alessandro Tract.
'Ibe contract is made with the Los Angeles,
Sonth Riverside and Elsinore pipe factories,
and will require about 120 car-loads of pine.
This is the first installment of about 300
miles of i ipe lo be laid in the Alessandio
Irrigation district The Alessandro Com
pany will commence diggiug trench-pip*
lines next week witli a machine that will
dig a mile a day. This is said to be tiie
largest pipe contract ever made iv the United
States. The Riverside Trust Company has
just lei a contract to have filty more artesian
wells made in San Bernardino Valley io get
additional water for a gauge canal. The
Alessandro Company has sold 8300 acres of
land since October loth for $556,000, to
nearly 400 purchasers. The orange crop is
beginning to move. The crop in this county
is estimated at 2100 car-loads and worth
Director Bonntig Vi^oronTv Protei'i Against
tte Methods of Warden McComb
Sacua.mento, Dec. 22.— Director Sonntag
made a vigorous objection to Warden Mc-
Comb's methods at a meetiug of the State
Prison Directors in this city this evening,
The tiouble arose over a bill for BGOO for
carpets for the guards' new atiarters at San
Quentin. Sonntag objected to the payment,
saying that McComb never consulted the
board, and he thought it was time
to teach him a lesson. He said the whole
policy of the administration at San Quentin
wm to ignore the board. He was tired of it.
Rules had been laid down by the dozen for
the goverment of the nrison, but no atten
tion had been paid to them.
Director Heddy did not think it fair to
punish the person who sold the goods for
tbe Warden's misdeed. After a long debate
the bill was ordered paid, Sonntag voting
against it
Tbe other matters attended to by the
board were unimportant

Sho: D.'sd.
Red Bluff, Dec. 22.— Eli Montez, a bar
keeper in Gold & Mo ran's saloon, shot Alf
Redman at 1 :30 o'clock in the afternoon on
Oak ttreet Redman staggered into Cas
sia's livery-stable and dropped dead. The
deceased had trouble with Moran prior to
the shooting. Montez started to dinner and
saw Redman near tho stable, when de
ceased struck out at him with his fist; ihen
he ran after Montez with a long sneatli
kntfe, and followed Montez, still running,
wbo wheeled round and Cred lour shots, one
taking effect in the left breast. The killing
ef Redman was Instantaneous. Redman
was a bad character aud a dangerous man
nnder the influence of liquor. Montez was
arrested, and a Coroner's inquest is being
held now. The impression is that Montez
■bot to save bis own life.
C.fgcn Improvement Company.
Portland, Dec. 22.— Joseph Simon, re
ceiver of the Oregon Improvement Com
pany, to-day filed a i etition In the United
Stales Circuit Court, asking Judge Deady to
fix tbe salaries nf Receiver-General, Consul-
General and officers and employes, with a
view of assisting the Judge. A statement
accompanied ihe petition, showing tbat
previous to the appointment of a receiver
the salaries were as follows: President,
Jjlfi.OOO; Vice-President, $<J000; Manager In
California, $10,000; Manager in Washing
ton, $6000.
« ,
B.rn ri io D- ath. >
Sutter Creek, Dec. 22.— J. B. Curtis, an
old and eccentric man, who lived in a cabin
on 160 acres of land, one mile from town,
was burned to death last night The charred
remains of the deceased were discovered by
a passer-by, who brought the news to town.
Coroner Scott was suniuioued to the scene
and conveyed the remains to the under
taker's. As yet the jury has not rendered
a vrrdict. The aulhoiities will investigate,
hs considerable mystery clouds iho affair.
The deceased wm not a man ot dissipation,
aud was 04 years of age.
Fr-ul Play Suspected.
Santa Ckuz, Dec. 22— Gus Bremen has
beeu taken into custody on receipt of a dis
patch from the Sheriff of Cos Angeles.
Bremen is a Russo-Fiun who claims SSOOO
life insurance on a brother who was burned
to death in a cabin here hist Wednesday.
The in-urpnee agents suspect foul play and
aie investigating ihe matter.
High' rf Wav Grarfd.
San Luis Omspo, Oec. 22— The Board
of Trustees to-nigtit passed an ordinance
grantine the right of way fur the Southern
Pacific Railroad through the ciiy limits, and
closing the stieet crossing, the yards and
depot ground. Houses ami other Improve
ment, are heine moved off the laud to within
the right-of-way limits.

Mrdes o Rec s.
MoriESTO, Dec. __— The Stanislaus Stock
breeders' Association has completed its
race-track and tie Erst races will be held
December _sth and 2tith. The races will
consist of trotting, pacing and running. A
larfte number of noted race-horses are domi
ciled on the track. Horsemen pronounce
the course the best winter track in the State.
Eodv round.
Sax Diego, Dec. 22.— The body of a man
was found to-day in the bay off Boseville by
Portuguese fishermen. It was in good stitio
of preservation and had on nothing but a
pair of trousers and is supposed to be the
remains of a man who suicided off the steamer
Pomona several weeks ago.
Petitin fcr a Receiver Tenied.
Foisti.asd, Pec. 22.— 1n the Uuitcd States
Circuit Court to-day, Judire Deady tli-iiit-d
the petition of Cbarlea i;. Barnett of Ken
tucky for tlie •ppoiutmeot of a receiver for
the North west Fire and ilariue lusurauce
Snicid» of a Vetera -.
Napa, Dec. 2i — Conrad Schneider, a na
tive of Switzerland, aged nc years, shot and
killed himself nt the Veterans' Hume yes
terday. He was an Inmate of the home, and
suffered ftoui a spinal uilliculty which made
inui very despondent.
Thi own From a H n'-Car.
Teh AC] i a pi, Dec. 22.— Michael Hugh of
Kecne wns thrown from a hand-car last
evening on his return trom this place and
probably fata'ly injured.
Two Pa;_G_s and a Cdnmntation of Sen
tence Granted by tbe Go»ernor.
Sa.h._3l_mo, Dec. 22.— Governor 'Water
man to-day pardoned from the State Prison
James Harr, .sentenced from Mendicino
County in December, ltSl, to life iin.ri on
ment, convicted of murder. The petition
for his pardon was jigr.ed by Associate Jus
tices of the srui icn.e Court, ull the jurymen,
Archibald Yell, the District Attorney who
1 rosecuied him, aud a laige number of
prominent citizens who, since the trial,
have received such information as to lead
them to believe tl at Darr v as not guilty of
li.c crime. W. F. Coad, the defeated Dem
ocratic candidate for Mayor ol Snn Fran
cisco, was instrumental in securing Dan's
freedom. He took the petition to San Quen
tin this afternoon.
In Seiiiember, 1889, at Modesto, a young
school-teacher, named Howard, brother of
the County Superintendent of Schools of
Stanislaus County, was convicted of assault
on the County Treasurer of that county and
sentenced to pay a hue of fctlOO or serve the
same number of days in Hie County Jail.
Howard appealed to the Supreme Court and
a few wteKs ago the court relused a motion
for a new trial, 'lie Governor to-day
granted Howard a pardon on a petition of
prominent citizens of Stanislaus County.
Hast week the newspapers published a
petition of Waidcn Anil of Folsoin I'rison
and J. li. 11 v ine. Wells, Fargo & Co.'s de
tective, graying that the ten years' sentence
of William Burton, smt from El Dorado
County iv Seiiicniber, 1890, lor highway
robbery, be commuted to one year because
of information lie gave that led lo the cap
ture ai d return to San Quentin of tbe
escaped convicts Shinn and 'i'l.orn. Owing
to ihe fact thai Derton is an old-timer, this
being the eighth time he has been sent to
Slate prison, the Supreme Court had to bo
asked to give its consent in granting the
commutation. Tiie consent was given, and
10-day Governor Waterman granted the
The Tragic Suicide of Michael
Meister iv a Cemetery.
A Dose of Po.s. c Not Having the Desired
Lffect the Te poadert Sends a Bullet
Through Hi Brains.
Upon tJ.c grave of liii child In the Odd Fel
lows' Cemeteryf Michael Meister cut a bullet
tin otigh bis In Din yesterday afiei uouu and d • ath
must have beeu ___NMt IniTantanninja
'J it slioi was beard by the Superintendent of
the cemeleiy, who soon lound lb. body where
lie bad lal en. A latge-slzed tevolver was lying
by tbe suicide'- side, aud aUo a bottle of strych
blue, a butile ol sarsaparilla and au emuty glass.
Tiie Coronet's ollice was notified aud Deputy
Malouey went afier the remains aud removed
tbem io Ibe Morgue.
While at the cemeteiy the Deputy obseived a
man lv ihe vicinity of where ibe d ad man was
found, and ou questioning bim observed tbat be
was Intoxicated, but learned that be bad been
lv the company of He-Mr. Tue fellow was
placed under arrest so as lo give hlin a chance
to sober enough to lell what liv may kuow of the
case. De gave the uame ol Fred Ost.
On tbe body of ihe deceased were found a
watch, a h ii id', 2D ceuts In small change and two
letters wiitleu In Ueiinau. The one that bad
any bearing ou Ihe cause ul the suicide was ad
dressed to Miss (J rim. Seventeen -inn: Douse, 10
ibe caie of Mrs. lierieveniu.
Tbe letter liituinied ihe party lo whom It was
addiessed that Hie wilier supi-osed that sbe In
tended lo have a good Christmas, but that II sbe
did she would have tn spend ll In Odd Fellows'
Ceiueiery. Il fuiiher coulaiued Ihe declaration:
" Ttaeie were ihree ol us who commuted suicide
—one woman lv Kew Tork aim iwo meu here,"
and il is i ie-i.n.eu ibal ihe wilier referred to a
sister and brother.
.cvei.l iniji.tlis ago Meister and liis wife sep
arated and w>re aftei waid dlvurced. Ue kept
tbe saloon at 331 liftli slieel. This was dis
posed of ali ul tluee nn nth l ago, alter which lis
drank heavily. Deceased was 61 years ol age
and a native of Germany, aud a saloon-keeper
by occupation. Fovoily and dtluk no doubt
were the sole causes ol his taking bis life.
Fred Ost, wben Interviewed last bight at tho
New City Hall i'olice Station, did nul betray any
signs of inluxlcatiou, although be admitted to a
Call lepreseutauve lhal be and the suicide had
been carousing all the morning.
"The last olace we vlsiled," said be, "was
Clauseu's saloon ou Fifth aud F'ulsoin streeis.
VtK then waudeied out lo the cemetery and made
cur way lo the grave of Mclsiei's child, who bas
been dead eight years. We sat then- awhile and
be told me his troubles, lie said that bis wife
bad secured a divorce from bim about six moutbs
aeo and lhal be i au been despundeuiever since.
" He also hluled lhal he waa going lo do away
with himself, bui 1 did uol pay much allenllon to
htm, beu.-g iniixicai' u and thinking It was only
bis maudlin lalk. I tinned over on the other
side of ihe grave and soon beard bim say:
" Wenu das eiue nlcbl hum das audeie will "—
" If oue thing wout help me auoti er will"— and
I beard a shut. 1 mined over aud aaw ihat be
had done what he Uueatened.
"1 believe that he look poison earlier In tbe
day, and thinking It wouid not have the desired
effect be resorted lo the revolver."
Tbe uame of tne woman, who was the wife of
Meister, Is Fiances hum, she having been per
mitted to resume ber m.iideu name oa being dl
Lock.'* tjtatemrnt.
Following isa copy of a telegram received
from El Paso last evening: lam informed
tbat I am charged with discreditable acts in
cidental to the failure of certain theatrical
enterprises in wbich Davis and others were
also partners, I desire to deny in the
strongest terms possible any act of a dis
honorable nature, and upon receipt _ the
publications referred to 1 will make public
my statement. Char. E. Locke.
The Chess Match.
Nkw York, Dee. 22.— Steinltz won to
day's chess game.
The Christmas-Week Opening at
tlte Different Honses.
" Ihe Private Secret* rr"— Double Bill at the
A 'ttnr — The Howards at the Cali
fornia—' The Vclunleer"-*Ete.
Gillette's well-known farce-comedy ushered
in t'li ri- tin ti- week at tbe Baldwin, and had
sufficient power to draw, nut a crowd, but
enough people to comfortably seat the
auditorium. The piece went well. A por
tion of tbe audience was almost hysterical
in the laughter that some of the situa
tions provoked. It was a question in
the minds of thinking people whether the
business on the stage or funny business out
side the theater before the doors were
opened caused the hilarious demonstration.
Duiistan, the private secretary, is good in
his irksomely acrobatic part. Catleruiole
(Mr. Harry Allen), the liver-blown and
chutnee-fired East Indian uncle, springs
lii in over the furniture in a most surprising
way, aud if Dnnstan do not have a care
he will meet the fate oi Nick Long— a two
years' lay-up with necrosis of the leg-bones,
and a benefit to follow. Ifie young ladies
in ihe cast, Maud Giroux and Mi>s N. Fer
rell, were nice, girlish i:nd appropriate to
the situation.
"Mnnha" at the Oiiih.um.
Whether it was the distribution, or
whether the fact that must of our opera
loving people were out purchasing Christ
mas gilts, we cannot say. Certain it is, that
Yon Flotow's popular opera had but an in
different attendance to enjoy its mellifluent
melodies last evening. Miss Pauline L'Al
lciiiiiiid sang the role of Lady Henrietta and
Mr. Alfred Wilkie that of Lionel. Bulb
were in very goid voice and gave the audi
ence frequent occasions to applaud, which
were accepted. Mr. Wilkie sang the aria
"M'Appari'' iv tbe closing act in better style
than usual— seeming more at ease, ami with
better vecal force at command. This even
ing the same opera wiil be repeated with
the same names in the leading roles.
Two i ■ nii-ilv Faroe*.
The Alcazar management propose to treat
Its patrons during the festival season to a
bumper of fun, to wit: Mark Melford's
"Turned Up" (produced in this city hv Nat
Goodwin) and the good old laugh-provoker,
"The Bongh Diamond," a favorite stock
piece at Burton's (New York) Chambers
street Theatei in limes gone by. Thedouble
bill was pn duced last evening to the de
light ot a large attendance. Mr. L. It.
Stockwell has the leading con ie char
acter iv both comedies — Carroway Bones in
"Turned Up" nnd Cousin Joe iv "Tho
Bough Diamond." Tiie undertaker may he
called eccentric, and the country bumpkin
low comedy, furnishing in these respects a
sufficiently marked contrast In tbe manner
of personation to show Mr. Stockwell's ver
satility. He carried himself remarkably
well in both characters. For the rest of the
cast the same may be wrltteu of tlieir in
dividual assignments, and this being said,
it may be accepted that the revivals, odd as
they are for a holiday seasiin, will carry
successfully through, the Christmas and
Mew Year weeks.
"The Vol ameer."
The production of this war drama, written
by Mr. George T. Timer, at the Grand Op
eia Hi. urn', last evening, was marked by a
large attendance, nnd so miscellaneous in
its i haracter that it was evident the assem
blage had been drawn from all classes of our
citizens. \\ edo uot feel disposed to enter
on it criticism ol "The Volunteer," as it
was the tiist offering of nu uutried
play. As it will run through Christ
mas week, further opportunity will
be afforded for ti is purpose. Suffice it to
say that the military leatures were in
good form and tl.e incidental attractions
well sustaiued. It is not a "Shenandoah,"
by any meaus, ns has beeu claimed fur it;
but a little revision by the author, aided by
those who have some ability in tlio way of
dramatic construction, may approximate it
to Brouson Howard's successful negative
war picture. "The Volunteer" will be
continued all this week, aud, If the attend
ance Ihrongbout be as large as last owning,
Mr. Ulmer will reach the ultimate oi suc
The How. rfl s.
We report the Xew California crowded to
welcome the Boston Howard Atliemeum
Star Specialty Conipauy. There area great
many novelties iv tiie programme since the
Christmas and New Year's dates of 1 st se.tr
were filled at this theater by the same com
pany. What is claimed to be the most sur
pristngly novel act in sleight-of-hand and
legerdemain is that accomplished hy Paul
Cii.quevalli with a knife, fork and potato.
He lakes the three in one hand, throws
them up iv the air, catches the fork
first, the potato on the prongs of the fork,
and then the knife in the potato. The feat
shows what skill can do with the simplest
materials, bo far as his general feats iv
legerdemain are concerned the Baropean
papers c*H CinquevaUi the modern Bobert
iloudin, and he was the French juggler
who, in bis day. discomfited the Orleutal
thaumaturgists ln their choicest feats ol
glamour and conjuration. The Doisset
brothers. Miss Kate Davis, the Howard Sex
tet a d others; lend attractiveness to the
eveniug' s entertainment.
l'achinitiiii'B Fft-rew*.!! Itecltal.
The Pachuiaun fourth Chopin recital was
even a greater gucc „<.s (_| lan t ) ie three pre
viously given. A large, iashionabie and in
telligent audience was kept breathless for al
most two hours listening lo the incompar
able music and adi.iiriiig the marvelous inter
pretation given to each selection. At tho end
of each the listeners rose to the highest
pitch of enthu-iiiism. In fact, Pach
mann played last night better, if
possible, than before, and in his mas
terly manipulation of the Ivories,
the spark of sacred fire was revealeJ in
all Its Drilliancy. He was really heroic in
the " Polonaise iv A"; impassioned in the
" Ballade in F" ; tender in the " Nocturne
in F minor"; bewitching in tho '• Valse in
A flat"; perfect In ihe "Eludes" aud
" Preludes/
It Is announced that the managers have
succeeded in prevailing upon Mr. Pnch
inann to give two more concerts, in which he
will play music of all the other great com
? oners. These concerts will take place at
rving Hall on next Saturday afternoon ut
3 o'clock aud on Monday evening, Decem
ber 29th.
diaries E. -nck-'s l'..»illiin.
While Director Locke is commonly sup
posed to be tbe proprietor of the Juch
Opera Company, yet such Is not the case.
He receives a very large salaiy for his man
agement and his power is supreme. But it
is known that any claim against Locke per
sonally caunot be paid by the Treasurer
of the organization unless duo Locke on
account of services. It is a supposable
conjecture tbat a few wealthy individuals
are supporters of the present admirable
productions, and Locke is best fitted by ex
perience, popularity with artists aud reputa
tion with tliegrent public for giving grand
performances to bring the Juch Opera to a
nigh aud successful position. This year bus
seen its greatest triumph, and the fact th tt
the company has added nt least three Wag
ner aud two Meyertoeroperas to its extensive
repertoire speaks well for its prosperity and
progress. It has made much tnon-y and the
charming Juch never looked aud sang better.
Gonnral Mention,
The Bijou Theater, on Market street,
closed Inst eveniug till further notice.
"U and I," with which the Bush-street
reopened on Saturday evening last, is still
crowding that theater. Gus Williams and
John T. Kelly are tiie two leading stars,
and seem to have, in Ihe eyes of our public,
a renewed freshness.
The Tivoli had a large house last evening
to et'joy the superb Christmas spectacle of
"The Wonderful Lamp." It Is on the
cards that tbe Messrs. Kreling propose to
erect, on the present site of tbe Tivoli, a
splendid theater that will more than rival
auy temple of Thespis in this city.
Fbankfort, Dec. 22.— 1 tig announced
that negotiations for the new Portuguese
loan is concluded, subject to the assent of
the C'ortcz.
New Orleans, Dec. 22.— The nineteen
ltnlians accused of tho murder of Chief of
Police JJenuessy pleaded not guilty in the
Criminal Court to-day.
New Youk, Dec. 22.— St. Bernard's Cath
olic Chuich on Fourteenth itreet, between
Eighth aud Ninth avenues, was gutted by
fire this uiorniug. The loss will reach
Pakis, Dec. 22— La Lanterne to-day pub
lishes a statement that one of the Jurymen
who tried Eyraud aud Bompard, was a bank
rupt, which, says tne newspaper, annuls the
[ Arrested fnr Forger-.
George F. Reagau, alias George F. Reid,
was arrested last night at the Metropolitan
Hotel oa Fourth .treet. A few days ago he
forged nn order on tbe Weils- Fargo Bank
for 890 and realized $10 on It from the clerk
of the Kew Occidental Hotel. He was try
ing the same trick at the Metropolitan when
anestcd. His name was placed on "the
small book.''
More Invitations Issned to Meet an Unex
pected Demand.
Sacramento, Dec 22.— The Inaugural
Ball Executive Committee met last evening.
President Steffens oresidlng. The report
of tbe Finance Committee indicated that a
larger number of tickets had been sold than
was anticipated and the leading cities were
asking for more. Fifty tickets had been
disposed of In Los Angeles, 120 in San
Francisco and an unusually large number in
Sacramento. Five hundred additional invi
tations were ordered printed, making the
total number 3500. Three orchestras have
been engaged, one each for the Senate and
Assembly chamber, and the third to play in
the rotunda while the guests are entering
the building. Chairman Steffens stated that
the San Fraucisco people who were going to
attend the ball were making arrangements
to charter a train of Tollman cars, and
would bring a band of musicians witli them.
King Kaliikiiun, Admiral Brown nnd Gen
eral (ill. lion wire expected to accompany
the delegation from the bay.
H'W England Src et" Anniv riary Dinner.
New Yohk, Dec. 22.— The eighty-fifth
anniversary dinner of the New England So
ciety to-uiglit was attended by 000 promi
nent pet pie. J. I'ierpoint Morgan, Joseph
Choate, (.'hmincey Depew, l>r. Button, Will
iam B. Wilson of West Virginia and Hon.
A. B. Cumniings of lown were aniens tiie
Cuum-il by - liefn ny- Flue.
Fifty dollars' worth of damape was caused
by fire to tlie residence of Mrs. Ellen Russell,
which is In the rear of 1505 Lnrkin stivet.
Tlic alarm »a» turnod in from Box IG4, at
9 o'clock. A defective flue was the cause.
After a lingering illness John Bush died
•t his re^ldeiire, 1718 Hyde sireet, at 1:30
o'clock yesterday morning. Mr. Push came
to California in 1850, as many others did, in
Si arch ol a fortune. He finally became in
terested in the iron foundries, wbere he was
more than successful. The deceased leaves
n widow and six children, Frank, Theodore,
William X., Lizzie li. und Joseph Bush and
Mrs. _\'ew bell.
Wliliehn Niels tiaflc, (lie Danish composer,
died yesterday at Copi nliagen. (iade was horn
at Copenhagen In 1817. lie liecalno lirst violin
ist iv t lie C'lia[iel Koyal In ilnit ciiy. lo 1841 He
won Ihe prize ottered by ibe Copenhagen IMusi
cal Association by bis great eomposUtoa, M -laeh*
slangs yon Oulan." Supported by the King, he
I i in- (Oi d in lS4t) to LCI pate, Ilieie to complete
I. !- ii.ii-ii'.ii ril:. i ;,,.,.... Having ln 1844 niade a
tour into Italy, lie leluuicd to Leipsic in order
lo uiiiiei lake, iv the absence and in lie place of
.Mendelssohn, ihe direction ot Ihe tienaiidlhaus
conceits, in 1848 lie settled down In Coi eu
liageu, wlieie lie became oigaulxt, director ol
music aud master of the Chapel Koyal. Ue was
elected one ot the foreign members ol the Hei lin
AcaUimy ot Aits in 18T4. In 1870 the Uaiiiili
Folkething voted life pensions of .000 crowns
lo mo munlcal composers, ono of whom was
N lcli Cade. He waa elected a corresponding
member ot Hie Kirnrli lusiilute Novembei IC,
1878. lv- 1 i's his i ■!..'!• compositions he bas
also wi •; itii live symphonies, a quintet and ociet,
several pieces for the voice, with orchestra, as
the "KilKlng's Daughter" aud " ->piiugude
Fuutasl " aud many ima Iter cuiuposhious.
Still another pioneei has passed away. William
W. 11 alley, a native of Halllmoie, .Md., aged 71
years, died Buaday. The dtcea»ed came to Sau
Francisco on the ship Susan .. Onen. uud soou
after conducted tie Washington Uoiel. Aa a
riieiuau he soon htcame distinguished for his
biave aud generous deed«. He was oue of tbe
tiist meu lo opeiaie a bie-euglue in this city. aud
was the OfganlS er of these compuulen: Monu
mental. No. it. in 1851, and leuiisylvaula, No.
12, in 1862. He a'so oigauized Coinpauy C,
lust li.i.ihiiy ltrgtmuni. N. G. C, and was a
meuibei ol the 'live friends, Old b't lends aud
Ihu Society id Ciililoiiiia I'loueers. Sir. liauey
was also asWicialeu with the Und fellows aud
Masonic fraternities. The funeral services will
beheld 10-monow morning, uuder tho auspices
oy* Canloiiila Pioneer*.
, u. m.i. i i nm rs.
Charles Hopps, who diedol paralysis last Sal
urday at liis Lome, in Alameua, was a well-known
pioneer. He Vas 82 years of age, and a u.ilive
ol l. n^. inui. When 17 yean old he went loSouib
Ameiiea, and seived In Die !'■:., „m army.
Aiteiwaid lie commanded a detachment ol cav
aliy under Jiicaior Kosas ol Paraguay. Sluce
18G1 lie had been lv business In lm- "ciiy, and
Hie ii . in ol Hopps & Sous is sllll a well-kuown
paiuiiiiK establishment. Deceased was a lli
ii" vi of the .Mechanics' Institute and of the
-iilisti benevolent Society, 110 leaves a family
ol several .iowu dauiiliieia. Tv cay Hie luneral
•riviies will lake place al Tilniiy Cliurcli aud
the i I'ln.iias uileiieu lo Odd Fellow** Cemetery.
Hon. J. M. Adams died yesteiday at North
Yakima, Oieguu. oi bioiiehi Us, alter a liugeriug
liluesa. .Mr. Adams was beitei known iv j.,ur
nallsilc cnclcs, lv winch piulesslon he occupied
a piumuiem position, and colli October 15,
188'J, was Hie ediloi of the Spokane talis Uaily
Keview. In addition lo his duties connected
wilb juuinalism he was au active politician, and
was lor a While Beglstar ol Ibe Culled stales
I.. iiu Ofllce, He bad beeu lo falilii^iicallb lor a
luug lime.
Mrs. llarlani Klce died yesteiday of pneu
mouia. ibe death Is a sad one. IK r home was
lv Auburn, Placer Counly, and a lew weeks ago
siie came to Alameda io assist in Hie uurstng ul
ln'i daughter, Mrs. A. 11. Seliuabel, ami ber Iwo
childieii, who weie 111 Willi diphtheria. Two
weeks ago Nus. Kice, who was not accustomed lo
Ihe bay cliuia c, conliacied a cold, which te
tulled in 1 iieiuuoiiia that proved fatal. Hei te
marns will be shipped to-uioiiuw, lo her home lv
An t uiu lot Intel luent.
Bastava Kevilliod, ihe SSlebrateo Swiss aicbsß
ologist, who, dm nm lus exploialious succeeded
lv collecilnu a vast liuiiibi r of pieiilstorle speci
mens, died yesteiday at Cairo, _ uypt. lv bis
will he bei|iieatlied lus private museum ami bis
im iiiiie. uinoiiiiling to over $.00,000, to tbe clly
at (ieucva, S»itzeilaud, ot wblcn place be was a
ritoritssoit it v w
A dlipatch fn in London uuder date of yester
day reports the d ath of Professor ltains, iho
Barman naturalist, who, It Is said, has been mur
deied lv Ciele. A ilgld e_.iiiiinailou lv older lo
asceilaln the I.icts lv coiiiicciion wilb his death
bas been Intituled. Fitter u Cliiistlauj aio re
ported as haviug been ancsled.
DB. JOeZPB liL'llLElGlr, I.r_D.
Dr. Joseph Burleigh, 1.1.D., who In days goue
by was the Presideut of one of Hie in iiicu.al col
leges In the ciiy ot liaitlinore, tiled yesterday
near Philadelphia at tbe auvauced age of 80
Chattel Blake, who for many years has been
Itieniilleil Willi ibe New Yon, Tiibune as lis
hiiauuai editor, died yesteiday iv New Voile
Monday, Dec 22.
Retir Emma I'tter, Allen. 1 1 .ays rrnm Coos Bay:
3.0 M ft lumber, to Pacllic Piue Lumber Co; 'il
bbu empty boitiis, 3 ions old Iron, I b.ilei ra.s to
i 'lias Harley _ Co.
Uoini'stic Tort*.
GREENWOOD-Sailed Dec 22-Stmr Sunol for
San Fraucisco. '
Movelm-iiU of Tr ins ill uitl - Ststmer*.
NEW YOKK-Arrlvcil Dec 22-Stmr Servia, rrom
[i'lrth, marriage and death notices sent by mall
Kill not lie Inserted. They must be handed In at
either ot tbe publication oißcos and be Indoned
withine name and nsideii. ol person auiuori-al
to havens same puUlisbod.l
LAST-In this city. December 14, 1890. to trie wife
of OL F. JU Last, a son.
KINU-In this city, December 17, 1890, to the wire
of Gustav King, a daughter.
B 9_Sbi U S l *£ K, "_S B __» tuls rl "*'. neoember 19,
daughter *"<"<>' v - **• Schluiuielfennlg, a
BRIG_B-In Oakland. December 20, 1890, to tbe
wife of Frank F. Brigzs, a son.
"•'"•'ey. December 21. 1890, to
the vile of Geur^e 11. .laklnsoii. a daughter.
Mr Ut, 1880, by tbe Rev. J. JI. BueWer? John U
WHshuaeu aud Catherine Keluecke
THOMSEN-JESSEN-In this city, December IH
1890. by the Rev. .1. M. Bue_lcr. Jacoo U T_o_?
aen and Christine M. Jensen.
•_-___£_- ,"? 22 ""' J " M. BueL'er y ii.rm.S_
Fuelacher and Gertrmie Ktockmaun
AND_HSSON-NOELljj_ln thla nr- r>.„.-,H_.
20. by the Rev. o. M. Eabjorn TheoJir? AndeA'
WAMJ-BEALE-Iu t_l« city, December 17,1890,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
IX^I taking
at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Pren
derßast. William Preston Wand and Annie Beale.
both of Oakland. ■
McCREA— PIEUCE-Ia this rlty. December 20
IH9O, by the Rev. Dr. Stebblus, Johu McCrea and
Emma Florence Pierce.
DAVIS— DKUCKER— In East Oakland, December
ao. ISPO, by tbe Rev. Dr. Chapman, William F.
Davis and Emma C. Drucker, both or East Oak
Bodien, John Jones. Jane E.
Booth. Thomas W. Kittle. William
Benntng, wnueiui F. Kelly, Thomas
Bush. John Lund, Carsten
Clark. Terence Livingston. Sarah
De St. Germain, F. Man be m, Edward
Farr, Oeorge Monagnan.Catberiue B.
Gamble, George K. Monaban, CLarles
Haney, William H. McEiearney, Rosle P.
Ilealey, Hannah Mcfbee, John
Helster. Michel O'Gara. Bernard P.
Heuntngs. Martin A. Pottboff. William 8.
Holland. Sadie Romer.Marla Elisabeth
Hopps, Charjes Wilson, Annie Johnston
O'GARA— In this rity, December 21, 1890, Bernard
F. O'Gara, a native of Charleston, B. C, aged .2
years and 5 months. [Charleston (S, Ci papers
please ropy.}
JSTFuueral will take place THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 10:30 o'clock a. if., from the undertaking
parlors of J. C. O'Connor A Co., 767 Mlssiou
street, between Third aud Fourth. Interment
Holy Cross Cemetery. **
FARR— In this city, December 21, IH9O. George,
beloved husband of Elizabeth tsrr, ana rather of
William. Kavmoud, Eddie and Millie 1-arr. a na
tive or New York-, aged GO years. 11 months and
27 days. [Jackson County (Mich.) papers please
copy. ]
AiTFrlendsand acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the runerai THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 11 o'cioca a. m.. irom his late residence,
91h Bryant street, between S'xth aud Seventh.
Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery. ••
MO.NAIIAN— Iu this city. December 21, 1890,
Charles, beloved buhbaud or Mary Monabau, a ua
tlve of tiilford. County Dowu, Ireland, a^ed 57
Hf_TFriends and acquaintances are respectruly
Invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 12:;,0 o'clocic _\ w., from his late resi
dence. liAtfife Stevenson street, lnterineut Holy
Cross Cemetery, ••
POTTHOFF— lv this city, December 20, 1890, Will
lam s. I'otthi.'ff. a native or Placerville, El Dorado
County. Cal., aged 3-1 year*.
f_T Friends »"d acquaintances aro respcrtrully
Invited to attend tbe funeral THIS DAY (Tues
da.), at 9 o'clock a. v.. from his lata residence.
1040 Mission street: thence to St. BonUaee's
Church, Golden Gain avenue, where a requiem
mass will be celebrated for the repose ot his
soul, rommencincrat 0:80 o'clock a. m. interment
Mount Calvary Cemetery. Fle.tse omit flowers. 2
LOYOLA ASSEMBLY, >o. 1, Y. M. C. U.: You
are hereby notified to assemble at Loyola Hall,
corner Tenth nnd Market streets, THIS DAY
(Tuesday) at 8:30 o'clock a. m., in order to
attend the funeral of our late brother, V*. S. POT
HOFF, trom his late resldenre, 1010 Mission
Street. By order P. BOLGKB- President.
Jam is F. Kearney, Recording Secretary. 1
BEN'MNG-in this city, December 20. 1890, W I
hclm Fricdrlrh. beloved husband or Christine
Bennlng, and father of Mrs. Annie Detjen. a na
tive of Ludwigbburg, Wurtemoerg, Germany,
aged 66 years, 8 months and 27 days. [Portland
(Oregon) paper* please copy. 1 A member ot Min
erva Lodge, No. 19, L o. v. F., Portland, Oregon.
/s_>" Friends aud acquaintances are resnectrully in
vited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 2 o'clock **. m„ from the »'dd Fellows'
Hall, corner Market and Seventh streets. Inter
ment I. O. O. F. Cemetery. ••
M(ELEARNEY— Iu thtscliy, December 21, 1890,
Rosle Pauline, beloved daughter uf James and
Rose McEiearney, a native o* San Fraucisco, aired
0 viars. 10 m"hths aud 91 days. [.New Vurk
papers please copy. J
49~ Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the fuueral THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 10 o'clock a. m.. from the residence of
tbe parents. 1881 liarrisuu street. Interment
Holy Cross Cemetery. •*
BUSH— IU tblscity. December 22, 1890. John Rush,
a natlvu'of Lancjster, England, aged 66 years, 5
months aud 9 days.
*g>- Funeral will take ptace THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 2 o'clock r\ v.. from his i;ite residence.
1716 Hyde street; thence to St. Luke's Eptxeopal
Church, corner Clay street aud Van Hen avenue.
Please omit flowers. *
Cboseu Friends— Oflicers and members are le
quested to assemble at 1716 Hyde btreet, J HIS
DAY (Tuesday). at 1 o'clock p. __„ lor thepurDuse
of attending the funeral of our late brother, John
Busb. Hy order, J. PRENTISS, Secretary. *
DEST. GERMAIN— In tbls city, December2l, 1890,
Ferdinand de St. Germ:iiu. a native of France,
aged 48 yeais, 9 mouths sad 29 days.
£3" Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral services THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 1:30
o'clock v. if., at his late rrsldence, 17u9 Stockton
street; tbence to Church or Notre Daiuo dcs Yic
tolres, Bush street, near Stockton. •
HcPHKK— in this city. December 21. 1890, John
Mcl'hee, a native 01 Prince Edwards Island, aged
03 >e.irs.
89* Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the runeral THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 2 o'clock I*. m , from St. Mary'a Hospital
Chapel, corner First and Bryaut streets. Inter
ment Mouut Calvary Cemetery. *
Church: You are respectrully requested to as
semble, as per notice above, lo attend the funeral
of our lately deceased rellow Sodalist, John Mc
l'hee, Chapel ofllce will ho recited luesday even
ing, December 30, at 8 o'clock. Tbe relatives and
friends or deceased, together with those of tbe
members of the Sodahtv, are invited tv attreud.
JAMES R. KELLY, Prefect.
John J. Gali.aohkh. Secretary. 1
HENMN'.S- la Oakland, December 21. 1890, Mar
tin A., beloved husband of Annie Heunluvri, a na
tive or Denmark, aged o9 Soars, 9 months aud 17
j»jr~ Friends and acquaintances, and officers and
memhers or Occidental Lodge, no. 6, A. O. V. VV.,
are respect* uily invited to attend tbe luneral THIS
DAY (Tuesday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. from his
late residence. 1632 Fourteenth street; thence to
St. Patrick's Church, where a solemn r»qutem
mass will be celebrated Tor the repose or h s soul,
commencing at 10:80 o'clock a. __. lutenucut
St. Mary's Cemetery, Oakland. 2
JONES -In tbls city. December 21, 1890. Jane
Esther, widow or the late Jonah O. Jones, a na
tive of Swansea. South Wales, aged 50 years.
Jts'F'rieuds ot the family and those or W. A.
Joi:es are respectfully invited to attend tbe fun
eral THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 2 o'clock p. j... rrom
St. I'eter's I.plscoual Church, corner Fllhert and
Stockton streeis. Interment Masonic Cemetery. •
HOLLAS D— ln Oakland. December _:l, 1880, Sadie.
beloved h ife of Dennis Holland, and mother of
Timothy, Annie, YVillium and Ktta Holland, a na
tive of Neva Scotia, aged 37 years.
Bu_T Friends aud acquaintances are respectrully
Invited to attend the luneral THIS DAY (Tues
day), from ber late residence, corner Ninth aud
Franklin streets. Oakland; thjonce to Kmaiiu-KI
Conception, wbere a requiem high my will be
celebrated for the rcpo.e of ber som, commenc
ing at 9 o'clock a. m. •*
HoPPS— In Alameda. December 20, IS9O. at 12.
o'clock m., at his resldeuce. coiner of Central and
Versailles avecucs, Charles Hopp.s. a native or
Leeds, England, a< d 82 years and 6 in »nths.
Ko The luneral will take place THIS DAY
(Tuesday 1, at 2 o'clock p. v., at Trinity Chapel,
corner lost and Powell street, lurerinciil private.
Please omit flowers. 2
BDMER--In Alameda, December 21, 1890. Maria
Eilzaoctb Romer, heloved mother or Man a H.
Drelst, Casper Komer and Katnarlna l'.urgess,
a native or Ite.«scu-Darinstadt, l>eriuany, aged 96
years, 3 months and 8 days.
88" Friends aun acquaintances are respectrully
Invited to attend the runeral THIS DAY (Tues
day), at 10 o'clock a. m., from tbe reside- cc of
her son-in-law, 8888 Pacific avenue, A!ameda,
where the funeral services will be held: thence to
foot of Markot street, San Francisco, at 11 o'clock
a. v., where city rrleunsare respectfully lnvite-i.
Interment I. O. O. F. Cemetery. 2
GAMBLE— At the residence of his grandfather,
Horace Clark, F__q. Trenton. Sonoma County, of
cerebral beiuorrhagr, <>eore-e KretSinger Gamble,
•ou of Mr. and Mrs Gamble or Laurel Hall, Sau
Mateo, aged . 1 years and 6 months.
V-Tluneral services will be hell THIS DAY
(Tuesday), at I o'clock p. if., at the Presnytorlau
Church, San Mateo. 1
HANKY— In tblscity, December 20, 1890, William
W. Haney. a uatlve of Baltimore, aged TO years, 3
months aud 17 days.
&$T Friends and acquaintances are rcsnectrullv In
vited to attend the luneral TO-MORROW ( NYcdncs
dayj, at 10:30Vclock a. m„ from I'loueer Hall. 2
WILSON— In this city, De ember 22, 1890, Annia
Johnston Wilson, sistor or Mary 11. stern, a native
of San FraneKro, ajrod 22 yearn aud 3 months.
87" Frlendsand acq ual nia uceti are resnectrully In
vited to attend the runeral TO-MORROW (Wednes
day ), at 8:30 o'clock \. v., from her late residence,
1310 Jackson street; thence to St. RrHget's
Church, where a solemn requiem mass will be
celebrated for lie repose of her soul, commencing
at 9 o'clock a. v. Interment Holy Cross Cemc
terv. ••
B( DIEN-ln Oils city, December 21. 1890, John,
beloved husband of Rosa Bodien. and father of
Ida, Laura aud Arthur Bodien, a native of Ger
many, atced 34 years, 1 month aud 24 day*.
88r Friends and acquaintances are respectrully In
vited toatteud theluneral TO-MOKKoSv (Wednes
day), at 1 o'clock p. m.. from his late residence.
1127 Mission street: thenc ■ to Alcazar Building,
O'l'arreli street, where services will i.c he'd at I
o'clock P. m- Interment I. O. O. F. Cemetery. ♦*
CLAP X - in this city, December 22, 1890. Terence,
beloved husband or Elizabeth Clark, aud father of
Mrs. Dennis Herllhy and Mrs. William Kehoe,
a native of County Cavan, Ireland, ag-*d 58 years.
Bh_T Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend tho fuueral TO-MORROW (Wednes
day), at 9:30 o'clock; a.m.. from his late residence,
17 Tehama street; thence to St. Brendan's Church,
where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for
the repose of his soul, commencing at 10 o'clock
a. 11. lutermcut Mount Calvary Cemetery. **
MONAGHAN— In this city. December 22, 1890,
Catherine !•:.. beloved daughter of Joseph and Re
becca Monagban, a uatlve or Sau Fraucisco, aged
4 years, 6 months and 25 days.
*_T Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend tbe funeral TO-MORROW 1 Wednes
day;, at 10 o'clock a. v.. rrom tho residence of
her parents, 129 Folsom street. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery. *•
HEALEY-in this city, December 23,1890. Hannah,
beloved wire of the latn Patrick Healey, and
mother of Mrs. James McKenna. Mrs. Albert
Waas, Mrs. Juhu Hansell, Mis. Frank Coudrlu
and John Healey, a uatlve of Couuty Kerry, Ire
land, a-_ed 69 years.
B£_T Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral TO-MOH u< > W (Wednes
day>, at 1:30 o'clock p.m., rrom her late residence.
77 West Mlssiuusirect. Interment Mouut Calvary
Cemetery. ■•
HEiSTER— In tbis city, December 22, 1830, Michel
Helster, a native of Baden, Germany, aged 46
B__rNotlce of runeral hereafter. Remains at
the parlors or Tbcodor Dlerks, 967 Mission street,
between Fifth and Sixth. •
KITTLE— In tblscity, December 22. 1890. William
Kittle, a native of Ireland, aged 53 years.
Brjr Notice or funeral hereafter. *
BOOTH— In this 'Uy, December 22, 1890. Major
Thomas W. Booth, a native of Torouto, Ontario.
B__TNotlce uf funeral hercatter.
LUND— In Salinas City, December 22, 1890, Carsten
Lund, a native uf Denmark, aged 55 years.
MANHEiM-lu New York, December 21, Edward,
brother ot Isaac Manheiin, aged 65 years.
LIVINGSTON— In the City and County Hospital,
December 21, Sarah Livingston, a native ot Can
ada, aged 81 years.
KELLY— in tbo City and County Hospital, Decem
ber 21, Thomas Kelly, a native of New York, aged
49 years.
ii f. ras & a
How they go! Our delivery unable to keep np
with orders. Customers are carrying tbem away.
The PRICE dees it. Come early, or thla opportun
ity will begone.
Piano Lamp, complete $5 90
Tabic Lamp, with Decorated Shade 2 00
Central Draft Lamp 1 26
Hanging Lamp, with Decorated Shade and
Prisms 2 75
The Popular New Hcuseh.id Range!
(Awarde.l Silver Kedsl at the late
Mechauics' __lr.)
Finest Line of Coal and Wood Ranees in City.
Agency Ba fc'H Wood Stoves.
863 Market Street.
df-iO SaMoTu 3:
Manufacturer of and Wholesale au_ Retail Dealer In
Jewelry, Sil ver - **>'.** w-.i Ware, French
Clovks, O-pnra (ilusaes. Novelties aud
Fine Tnble Cutlery.
414 Market Street.
Fine Watch Repa_rln_ a Specialty.
dell 7t cod 8p
Ex-Senator Jere Lynch's
....IN TUE....
Christmas Wave
rte.3 lt
*a- TEI.EPHOKE Sol2.__*r
OC-9 8p tf
"1» A U a\ fl Alaxattrn rerrMtiini
|H 1 I II X trult lozenita,
I n In n■■ Terr »?ree.w« to taka, t>r
IMa m% m■■ .I _c_torr_oida, 011%
II II I E M ><•* cl apoetlte, gaicrla ul
illll C W ILU-simal trouoiai.al
™ mm lieadac-e arUuij
from them.
IiRI ! fIRI »7i Bue Rambuteaa, ParU.
Unil_l_Ut- buld liy all _r.u._t_
__■ ».:<a 4m I'uft
rlL___a SWAYNE ' s
I ■■■ fc»^^ niNTMrNT
ABtBOLTJTSLT CUBES. Ul ™ ■ "» fc ™ ■
HVMi'TOVIS AloUttii-o- IntCB«« llftinat and
PiUaclr.c; muit ut iiltfhi; Vf or*obj*r**«tohi«e. IT
alloWCil to enntlnuc lumor* form »ml protmde,
wfalob often bleed and ulcerate, hMHRf very
•ore. BWAYSK'!* OINTMENT .top. the Itehlng
and bleed tmm *■«•«■ ulcenttlon, and ln m«t fBMBM
rtnuu. lh« tumor.. Atk your DrurgUt for iv
oc'J TuThSaSin
Folding Beds 3ll£
•• ow ITAVinQ'fi 1133 and 1135
ritiCKS. I IHILUno, miiiki:i>ti;ki:t.
no*2ft 15t cod Sp
Booms 17-18. Mnrpliy Hmlilir,.. 1236 Market St.
no 14 KrTu tr.p
—Teijtuiui Uequialteror Fir<it.M._i t'auaraii I
at Reaiuuable Ralea. E
Telepßona HHi7. i 7 aud 29 Witn itreet. |
Opposite Lincoln Srhool.
Telephone 3u.l>. ocl7lBm
(Sons of tbe late JAMES HcUINN.)
Funeral l>lrect_rs and Kuibalinera,
Sl Kiltlr St., opp. i'lvoll Opera H.iue
_TlH»>lioul Na. 3'JSX aui SuTuTh tt
f^ mmm^ KS= hToa\"4""_o jia s.~""" n ™ r T"
los. nagan.lato of Hagan IJros., Valencia streetj
17 I'iiT Hill Aye., Nr. Market and Bth.l
Telephone 3432. del I Th.uTu Bm I
_.^W_— ■•■■—■______■_■■_■__■■ aaann— —MB
/-— >w I>n. OlliiUlN'S I>IS_?KNSAIIY,
/ _m 643 Kearuy street. Eatablish«»(l in 1854
Mot^^*W\\ f<-»r tiie treatment of special diseases. Dtv
Ci^B biiiiy or diseases wearing on ihe body and
"VEHHj mind permanently cured. Tbe doctor has
R v '--i* 1 *** 1 tbe boHpltals of Curope and ob*
talued much valuabielnrorinatlon, which
he cau Impart to thoso in need of his services. The
Doctor curei when others fali. Try him. No charge
unless he effects a cure. Persons cured at home. C.il
or write. Address DX. J. F. GIBBON. Box 1957.
ban Francisco, Cal. Meutiou this papor.Luyl2t_ ex Sa
Permit Us to Make a Few Suggestions and Aid I
Yob in This Most Perplexing Question. I
I IN EITHER SILK OR LINEN, are a most acceptable gift, and if this be |
your cho.ce we can supply you with tbe f nest of textures, richest of de- i
signs and mcst delicate tints and colors, with a range cf prices from 5c [
to 82 S
in our fogsiy atmosrhcre. In wool you ma 7 select from a large variety j
for from 25c to $2 50. In Silk, of beautiful designs and colors, from 75c
to $7 50. i
fj oring and handsome in design. We have, without doubt, the largest stock 5
fl of fine Neckwear in the city, and fresh goods arriving every day by ex-
I press from such makers as Fisk, Clark & Flagg. Rufus Waterhouse, etc.
I Our line of 5Cc Tecks and Four-in- Hands can't be approached this side of J5
| New York. A large and beautiful line of Four-in-Kanils at 25c. Puffs
I from 50c to $1 50.
| v_«sr _LjU V J___L_s_D I
9 ARE A VERY HANDY ARTICLE and much sought after as gifts. We
I will give you a genuine Dogskin Glove for $1 that we will warrant as- h
I equal to any glove sold elsewhere for $1 50. In Kid, Suede and Castor I
1 Gloves we have elegant lines. Of latest shades of Coaching and Driving I
I Gloves we have the sock of the city. $
ceivable variety, embroidered and hand painted
FOOT. Nevertheless oneot the most acceptable gifts and one that offers
a wonderful range for selection.
In Co'ton (fancy or plain), $1 00 fo $5 00 per box of 6 pairs.
In Merino (fanov or plain). $1 50 to $7 50 per box of 6 pairs. <3
In Wool (natural or colored), Sl 50 to $8 00 per box of 6 pairs, ft
In Silk (new shades', 5Cc to $2 50 per pair. 7?
In Lisle (colors that reiemble silk), 50c to $1 00 per pair. U
WHAT CAN BE MORE DESIRABLE than a good warm suit of Wool I
I or Merino Underwear for young or old ? In this you have an almost nn- §
|| limited variety to select from at prices that will suit ail, ranging from §
I 50c to $5 per garment. ft.
1 SILK ALPACA. GLORIA. GINGHAM, and of every material of which I
j Umbrellas are made. An Umbrella is an unusually good gift; it signifies fl
9 that the giver's desire is that the receiver be sheltered from the world's ja
1 storms. We are showing Silks from $2 to $25, with handles of natural 1
B wood, silver, gold, elk horn, ivory and pearl |j
B We are Agents for LYONS Umbrellas and Canes. j|
i sticks mounted with silver, gold and ivory handles. A handsomer line of i
I walking sticks is shown nowhere. re
I Toilet Articles
OF ALL DFSCRIPTIONS are to be found in our well-assorted stock, from I
the most humble toilet scaps and tooth powder to the most elaborate shay ji
ing se'.s. J
MUST NOT BE OVERLOOKED, as they play a very important pnrt as j |
Christina? gif's. We offer an immense assortment in a variety of qual- j
ities ranging from 75c to $5. I
WE ARE MAKING A SPECIALTY of a beautiful Smoking Jacket I
of Stockinette in black, blue, gray, bottle green, wine and tan color, |
at $7 50. g
__C ZL_____i_k_ JL Cl,? k
of the year ani more so at Christmastide. Our stock is a wholesale stock,
in which is to be found every acceptable style and shape of the day. Re
membsr, Wednesday is the great EICHEL-NORIEG A DAY.
UNDER THIS HEAD IS TO BE FOUND a large variety of Silver
ware such as Shaving Mugs, Shaving Brushes, Razor Straps, Shoe Horns,
Flasks, Oflie Bells, Ink Wells, Paper-weights and other effiee parapher
nalia. Piated and Gold Sleeve Buttons, Scarf Pins, Watch Chains, etc.
ARE THE BEST GIFTS YOU CAN MAKE, and in these we have a spe
cial stock, obtained for the season.
Titiro-u-gli to Ellis.

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