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Probable Sale of the California
and Nevada Road.
It Is likely to Become the Terminal link of
the Ean Francisco and Great Salt
Like Project- Notes.
There la a strong probability that the
San Fiancisco and Great Salt Lake line will
enter Oakland over the California and Ne
vada road. Negotiations are now going on
between General Williamson and the pro
jectors of the new scheme, which are in a
fair way to result In a sale. The work of
changing this road to a standard gauze is
going on rapidly and the track force has
been daubed within the past three days.
Extension work, commenced early last
spring. la* been bn a*bt to a sudden bait,
and the object of the management, as Indi
cated by this move seems to be the widen
ing of the gauge as rapidly as possible, and
then the sale of the property.
The lino runs from Emeryville to Bryants
and is valuable only as a terminal link for
seme connecting road. General William
son's price is §330,000. and the directors of
the Salt Lake project have now the
matter under consideration. A. Hay
•»vard, who will be elected president
of the new corporation in a frw days, went
over to inspect the California and Nevada
yesterday, and particularly to Inquire lato
the water-front rights of the oomoanv, over
which there seems to be a Blight difficulty.
This Is not Mr. Hay ward's first inspection
of the Emeryville road by any means, for
before th« incorporation of his company,
with Steel* and Preston, bath directors, tie
spoilt several days in consultation with
Williamson across the bay. It isa conceded
fact that tins company has the most valu
able water-front rights in Oakland outside
of the Southern Pacific Company, and it is
also a well-known fact that that the prop
erty has been for sale curing the past three
A well-known citizen of Oakland said
yesterday that the Southern Pacific tried to
purchase this road some time ago, offering
5J50.000 for the same. If the sale to the San
Francisco and Great Salt Lake Is consum
mated, and the last survey from the termi
nus of the road at Bryants is followed,
the new line, after leaving Stockton, will
follow the south fork- of the Tuolumne
Kiver and enter Nevada via Relief Pass.
Of the half dizan surveys made, this is ad
mitted to be ihti most feasible, cutting the j
rail distance to Salt Lake exactly 2T>O miles,
and passing through a country rich in agri
cultural le.suurces.
Marcus Pollasky of the San Joaquin V al
ley line will leave iv a few days for the
East. The truth of bid connection with
this road as never been published, and he
is still pusina as a heavy owner.
lluntinfiton has always feared competi
tion in the San Joaquin Valley. His road
through this fertile region pays more
money to the mile than auy other portion
of the Southern Pacific system. 11 wanted
10 control Walker's Pass, but to do this at
least a show of building a new ro;id was
necessary. So the San Joaquin Valley Com
pany was organized, with P. iia>ky as
president. It was an "independent scheme,"
Sofcour?e. The Southern Pacific had noth
ing to do with the project, according to
Pullasky ad Hunting
The people of Freiuo believed them and
gave the new line a subsidy of $100,000.
Right of ay was secured by Pollasky for
nothing that would hr.ye cost Uuutingtnn
5200,000. The Pacific Improvement did tho
construction and run the line out to tap a
raisin district. Then it stopped, iiunting
ton never intended that it would be built.
The peopte said. "Go ahead with your
road," and Pollasky replied. "I am out of
money, but I will 'go East and see about
fluids' for* an extension." So the matter
liuntington has the right of way for
line that ho never intends to build, and
Pollasky has a contract with him, by the
terms cf which he la to be president of the
road for two years at a salary of $250 per
Charl-s Ertz of the California Midland la
in New Ynrk, but his surveys in the San
Jofiquin Valley are going on rapidly. There
are two parties engaged on \\\\% lin« at
y resent. The first passed Fresno two days
ngo, walking south, and the other detach
ment, moving northward from BakeisfiVlcl,
will reach Yisalia about the middle of next
week. This will complete the preliminary
survey, and then comes the difficult part of
the sciieme, in securing money for con
w f r i ■ ;-> ♦ inn
Ertz is not regarded as a heavy financier,
but is said to have gocd backing in the East.
AssJ>tant General Passenger Agent Speera
of the Atlantic and Pacific received a tele
gram yesterday from W". A. Bisseil at Chi
raeo. guying that the proposition for a
Sl4 30 rate, via the Santa Fa to Missouri
Kiver points, would probably carry. The
ether transcontinental lines are opposing
this reduction, if male, the rate will take
effect June 15.
From grains received in this city yes
terday it is learned that the Maoiti v and
Pikes Peak Railway will open for business
on June lti.
A. M. Gates, city passenger agent of the
Santa Fe at Kansas City is in town.
D. W. Hitchcock, general agent of the
Union Pacific, will leave lor Chicago on
June 15 in charge of the special train having
the Democratic convention delegates.
Combicat on of Con>:>,^: s to Restrict th?
Glasgow, Jana 2.— The Tbarsis Sulphur
and Copper Company lias decided t> join
tae movement to restrict the output of cop
per within the limit of lime expiring in
July, 18a". This move will diminish the
amount of < opper on the European markets
1:0,000 tons.
New York, June 2.— The Calura;t and
U>c\a, it h rejorted on good authority, has
refused a:; order for 6.000,000 pounds of cop
ier f>r guiutuei delivery at 12J4 cent*.
A War->treet London cablegram sny»:
Agreement between the American and
European copper companies is settled. Ou!y
minor details remain now to be aujjsted.
ng a Despirate Duel With a Noted
French Editor,
Pauls. June 2.— A duel was fought to-day
between M. Carle Ferrereis, editor of Gil
Bia«, and M. Paul Reyraond, the husband
of Ifm*. R»ymo (), who shot and stabbed
Muse. I>.-:aporte-La*sinionn« to the death.
The meeting was the outcome of an article
bearing en the tragedy, and which reflected
m the part taken by Raymond la the terri
ble affair. Both fought determinedly and
the contest only ended after Ferrereis had
received two serious wounds in the chest
and was unable longer to face his an
Tlie Kaiser asd the Czar to M«et at Eel on
London. June 2.— The German imperial
yacht liohenzollern lias been ordered to be
held in readiness to convey the Emperor on
» visit to tbe Czar. The Emperors will
spend the whole of next Tuesday together.
St. Pi n RSBUBO, June 2.— The Czar will
start for Kiel Monday on the Russian im
perial yacht to meet Emperor William.
Prosecnting the Pusrilisti.
LoM><>.\, June 2.^ln the House ot Cooi
monato-day Wiifrtd Lav.-son asked whether
proceedings would be taken against the
abettors of the Jaekscn-iSlavin fight. The
Home Secretary replied that ne had recom
mended to the Public Prosecutor that if he
could find material to justify it, to prosecute
the managers of the fiyht. The contest had
not occurred with the cognizance of the
To Take San Frincisco Tradi*.
Winmiig, June 2.-J'resident Van Home
and party returned yesterday from the
Pacific Coast after an inspection of the
Canadian J'acific line. Mr. Van Home
says that it is tbe intention of his company
to establish a fast line of steamers between
British Columbia and Australia at an early
Laborers Destitute.
St. PXTKBBBITMU June 2.— At Sloborka,
a suburb of Kovno, 300 houses have been
destroyed by fire. Most of the inhabitants
were we rkingtuen, and lost everything they
possessed. They are in an absolutely o>>
titute condition consequently, ami the situ
ation is most deplorable.
Bania'a Crop Prospects.
St. Petersburg. June 2.— The report
issued by the Minister of Husbandry states
that seed corn and winter-crops are in a
satisfactory condition, owiua to a plentiful
rainfall during May. The wee
crops everywhere promise well. There ha-*
been no dimunition in the area sown.
Pfiiacio'i Troops Rented.
2SKW Youk, June 2.— The Herald* Va-
leneta (Yenemela) dispatch svs: An im
: t battle has iust b'-en fought on the
prairies near this town, and resulted in the
defeat i f Palacio'a f .ices. There was ter
rific fisb'iog all along the line, and the rout
cf the Government troops w*s complete.
The town <f alaterta is now in the posees
sioii of the rebels. Los Tablos has been re
taken by the Government.
Con Eiordaa Waj So Hatch for Jack
London, June 2.— A flint between Jack
Slavin of Australia, a brother of Frank Sla
vii., who was recently defeated by Jackson,
and Con Kiordan, an American boxer, well
known on the Pacific Coast, took plnce to
uicht. According to tho articles signed th*«
men were to hex 20 round*. Queensberrv
rules with fotir-o'iiie- Elovei at catch
weight for a purse of £2» Siavin defeated
Kiopian In 19 round*. Riordan weighed in
at HI and Siavin at 143. The betting favored
The science of t ! c fighters was conspicu
ous rather by its absence. There was no
real (killing until the eleventh round, when
Riordan dropped to <>scapo punishment In
th« twelfth Riordi.n's apppal for a foul was
overruled, arid be was knocked down sev
eral times between the twelfth ana nine
teenth rounds and filially threw up the
spouge, his left eye being closed and his
face badly marked.
Over 100 Dead Mineis Taken From the Burn
in? Mine.
Pi: ague. June Over 100 bodies have
been taken from the Bkkenberg silver mine
to-day, but none were rescued alive. The
faces of the victims were scorched and
showed traces of a desperate straggle for
life. The scene* at the mouth of the pit
have been heartrending. One woman fell
dead and another we.it mad. The rescuers
were encouraced by hearing v. bell in an
adjoining pit whero a number of the miners
are known to be imprisoned. The rescuers
have worked at a great risk, many ol them
being overpowered by smoke. A panic was
create. 1 to-day when it came known that
120 pounds of dynamite was stored in the
mine, though the manager declares thai the
explosive cannot be reached by the lire.
To Be Sent, to Mexico to Negotiate for
Montekey, June 2.— From private ad
vices received in this city it is reported that
Komualdo Parbeeo, United States Minister
to Guatemala, who ii well known in this
place, is soon to displace Minister Ryan as
the accredited representative of the United
States in Mexico. This contemplated
Change in Pacbeeo's mission is said to be
due to the desire of Secretary of State
Bliiine to successfully establish reciprocity
with Mexico. Tn« negotiations between
our Government and Guatemala, which re
sulted in the adoption of reciprocity by the
latter country, were cleverly managed by
Pael.eco. who i* of Spanish origin and
peculiarly adapted for such delicate diplo
matic work. This success has inspired the
administration witn the belief that Pacheco
can induce the Mexican Government to re
spend to its desire for closer reciprocal
relations. What disposition is to be made
of Ryan cannot be ascertained. Pacheco
will leave San Francisco for Guatemala ou
Saturday, but is expected to return soon to
assume bis duties at his new post.
Minister Paebeco *»s seen at a late hour
last night with regard to the above, and
said: "I, personally, have heard nothing
atter, nnd, therefore, I think
the Ini must be unfounded. 1 sail
for Guatemala on the steamer fcan Jnan en
aiast come very s-ud
denly to prevent my departure. You can
• :e is really untiling in the rumor,
b uld have teen sure to have been the
first to ba officially informed. "
Result 3of Ye3ter,lfty"s Running Racei on
Eastern Tracks.
Moitßis N. V., June 2.— The win
ners in to-day's races were:
Five and a half furlonss Correction won,
Raceland second, l.i.i third. Time, 1:05%.
Oue mile and a furlong, MasterioJe won.
Reckon second. Lepanto third. Time, 1:55.
Five furlong?. Frieze rob, Hesperus sec
ond, Perrior-Jouat third. Time, 1 :01 }i.
Six furlongs, Kin£ Cadmus won, Jullen
second, Shellbark third. Time, 1:12.
One mile Kud a furlong, Yorkviile Belle
won, Madrid second, Ada Blue third.
'J in;.'. :
One mile.'Gertie D. won, Cynosure sec
ond, Tom Tough tliird. Time, 1:4134-
At Cincinnati.
,WATi. June 3 — The track was
slow, and the race? after tha second were
run in the rain.
Six furlongs, John Berkeley won. Vision
second, Greichima third. Time, 1:1!
Oue mile, Yo'iamsieu won, Anna second,
Natalie third. Tune, 1:43%.
Free handicap, seven furlongs, Yale '91
won. Dolly Medina second, Mary iiacowan
third. Time, 1:30%.
Fire furious*. 1 itorr.ar won, Roselvn sec
ond. Semper Lex third. Time, 1:04%:
Five furlongs Linger won, Siluria second,
Dv ception third. Tiiue, 1 :06%.
At St. Louis.
St. Louis, Juno 2.— The track was in fair
condition and the results were:
Six furlongs C i i M won, Relief second,
Brownlow third. Time. 1:18%;
Sev>n and a half furlongs, 800 Pocn won,
Tom Kelly second, Betty Badger third.
Time. I:.°>B.
Six furlong?, Virce dOr wop, Jugureha
second. Walter third. Time, 1.17.
Four furlong?, Haymaker won, Nathan
Fra>k second, Bint Jordaa third. Time,
Oae mile. Pennyroyal won. Airicnne sec
ond, Hoodlum third. Time, 1:44%.
At Chicago.
Chicago, June 2.— The track was slow
to-day and the winners were:
Five furlongs, Freelight win. Miss Rosa
second. {Mike Shelley third. Time, 1:23'/i.
Seven furlongs, Prether won, Mepbisto
second, Woolman third. Time, 1:38%.
One and a sixteenth miles, Blue Banner
won, Profligate second, Ed Bell third.
Time, 2:23.
live furlongs, Quiver won, E litb Belmont
s;t ad, Lallie third. Time, 1:26.
Five furlongs, Timberlaud won, Johnny
Greener second, Sbiloh third. Time, 1:19%.
The Epioni Kacep.
LoHDOH, Juno 2.— The Epson grand prize
wa3 won by 11. J. Bailey's colt. The Lover;
Prince feoitykoff's Curio second, R. I).
Combe's President third.
Oregon Aitiociatlon K^cine.
Salem, June 2 —ln the Oregon Breeding
and speed Association spring races this
afternoon, Cyclone won the three-quarter
mile dash, Altus second, Hello third. Time,
2:25 pace— Blondie won, Captain Mount
second, Zephyr third. Bast time, 2:34 %.
Quarter-mile -!)— Red Dick won, Mamie
S second. Little Dexter third, Time, 0.23%.
2:50 trot— Belle b won, Ilanilin second.
Best time, 2 :3 G.
Compdian Nat C. Goodwin was unable to
sail for hurope on the steamship City of
Paris owing to a. sudden illness.
Coin moi] ore C. F. Weeks df the Brooklyn
Canoe Club was drowned Wednesday while
attempting to shoot a dam across the Dela
ware Kivcr at Lackawaxen. Pa.
The dedjeatinn of a tablet at the Copse
Trees, near Gettysburg, Pa., indicating the
high-water mark of the rebellion, took
place yesterday.
A dispatch received in Toronto from the
brother of Colonel Volney Ashford, under
arrest at Honolulu on the charge of treason,
states there is no foundation for the charge
and no cause for alarm.
A Sen of I cMahon Married.
J'akis, June 2.— Eruanuel McMahon, the
second son of Marshal McManon, ex-Presi
dent of France, was married to-day to
Mile, de Fromisent, the. daughter of
Vicoiutesse de Fromisent.
Touched at San Diego.
Diego, June 2.— The Pacific Mail
steamer. City of New York, arrived to-day
froiji I'auama and departed en route for
ban Francisco.
Wsjt Off Color.
The hue of health : Who can mistake it ? The
white brow, toe deepened tint of the cheek, these
associated with brightness and animation of the
eye, a cheery expression or the countenance, are In-
fallible Indicia that the liver Is performing Its
functions actively, and that consequently digestion
and the bowels are undisturbed. If, however, the
complexion and eyeballs have a saffron tint, or the
face Is drawn and void of sprlEbtliness and anima-
tion, the biliary gUud is almost certain to be out of
order. Rectify ttie difficulty speedily, thoroughly.
with tiie paramount anti-bilious specific, llostot-
ter's btomach Bitters, which promptly remedies
not only lbs above outward and visible signs of
biliousness, but also the tick headaches, constipa-
tion, vertigo, fur upon, the tongue, nausea, sour
breath and pains through the right side which
characterize It. The liver is always seriously in-
volved in malaria, for which the Bitters Is a sover-
eign specflc. This medicine remedies with equal
promptitude and completeness kidney complaint,
dyspepsia, rheumatUin and nervousness. ■ 23
Narrow Escape of .1 Trnmj)
Steamer off Point Itiyes.
A Tremendous Eea Which Crmpelled Two
Vessels tc Put Back-Three Tuss
Sent to the Rescue.
The heavy weather which has prevailed
outside the heads since Suduay has proved
!!y tryinc to north and southbound
craft passing Point Iteyes.
The Uentaan tramp steamer Romulus, 1729
toi>s, Captain \V. Berndt, wits on her way to
Nanainio in ballast yesterday when the got
caught in a heavy squall in the bight two
miles north of Point Keyes light and was
in imminent danger of being cast ashore.
thing went wrong with her machinery,
and the lookout at tiio point promptly tele
graphed to San Francisco for aid. It wr.s
nearly 4 o'clock before the situation wat
known in this city. Then the tugs Wizard,
Relief and Active were dispatched to the
Fro m the heads to Point Reyes is
21 miles, and a very heavy sea was tunning
alt* r Print Bontta was rounded. Mean
while the Romulus had let go both anchors.
which held fairly well, and in the nick
of time the steam schooner Point
Lomn, with a cargo of lumber from
Grays Harbor to southern ports, had
drawn close enough to tba Romulus
to recognize the distress flags and to make
communication possible by boats. The
wind at G o'clock was blowing 54 miles an
hour, and it was : o'clock before the Point
Loma succeeded in getting a line to the dis
tressed stpamer and taking her in tow. Toe
tugs stood by to render assistance if neces
sary, but the Point Loma, being a powerful
craft, with triple-expansion engines and
well loaded, appeared fully equal to the
task. q ; ** : t .. i
The trip along the coast from Point
Reyes to Point Bonlta was necessarily a
slow one. So heavy was the sea that the
steamer Greenwood, which had left on the
previous day, hid to return to San Fran
cisco last night, being unable to make any
headway, and the schooner James Green
wood alse put back with foresail and fore
stnysail cone.
Si ho Romulus was built at West Hartle
pool, England, in 1889. She came to this
port on April 27, from Hong-Kong, with a
miscellaneous cargo. After discharging
this she went up to Nanaimo and brought
down a large cargo of coal for John sen
fed's Sons, arriving on May 25. She was
going up to Nannimo in ballast for more
hen caught in the gale.
The fact that a strong northwest wind
was blowing at Point Reyes inclined many
to the opinion that once having clawed off
share by the aid of the Point Lotsa, the
Romulus could come down "kiting" into
this port under her topsails, for the- wind
would be dead aft and the Romulus is
square-rigged forward. The sail, however,
ia merely auxiliary, and not sufficient to
enable a heavy vessel to be handled on an
ironbound coast.
A l!}]:iiol »t Flniln n 'B»».utlful Sui.Jecl"
In I'rison.
Charles Arnold, a youth who recently
arrived in this city from b;>n Jose, vat ex
: before .Judge Ril yesterday and
eemtnltted for trial on a charge oi be
rid J . lie pleaded that lie had
entered room ." at 641 BContgomery
betaiise a stranger had invited him there.
This stranger was Known as at orehy. and
while the two were in the room Arnold was
arrested. The other uiau escaped through
Arnold pleaded that the stranger must
have hypnotized him, but the plea was of
no avail. Before Arnold was removed to
tlio County Jail ho was visited in tlin City
Prl? id by Dr. J. G. Gregorowitch, a mind
reader, and Professor Haddock, a phrenolo
gist. Dr. Gregorowitch declared Arnold a
"beautiful subject" and had little difficulty
in hypnotizing him. While under the "in
fluence" Arnold repeated his assertions of
innocence. More than this he said that his
right name was AllUthul, and mat he had a
wife in San Jose. Alter going through
various experiments Dr. Gregnrowitch said
there was no doubt of Arnold's innocence.
The prisoner has a very small brain, and
that is why hypnotists declare he i* a beau-
Mful Mibject. lie, will be tried on the charge
of burglary just the same.
Thirty Wallers Thrown Out of Ku»|»loy
m«nt by Its Temporary Cloning.
The restaurant of the Palace Hotel, off
the main office, was closed yesterday, and
hereafter for some time meals will be served
on the Euro) plan. In the language of
the hotel the table u'hnte is done away with
to make placa for the a la carte system. The
reason assigned for the closing of the main
dining-room is that travel is very light at
this season of the year, the Raymond ex
cursions being over and many people being
at country resorts. The other restaurant of
the hotel will be amply sufficient to accom
modate all guests. It is slated, however,
that the closing of the main restaurant is
only temporary, and that it will be fitted up
during the vacation months and reopened
when travel becomes brisker. By the clos
ing of the restaurant the chief waiter and
30 assistants were thrown out of employ
ment, borne of these will be employed In
the cafe, but the majority will be compelled
to seek employment elsewhere.
To El (miipn Next Sunday.
"This way for El Campo" is a sign that
attracts tlie attention of all who find their
way to the water front in the immediate
vicinity of the Til uron ferry, aud all who
follow the direction of the sign get on
board the rooiuy and commodious steamer
Ukiat! and ride up the bay to the country
report, which during the past few weeks
nfcs been visited by tens of thousands, who
exclaim, "This is indeed a beautiful spot."
Tin- members of the editorial party who re
cently visited tbis locality were loud in
their praises of the she and surrounaings.
The number of visitors to this place on Sun
days has increased to such an extent that
it is probable that still one more trip will
have to be added in order to carry the many
who wish to go there. On Sunday next
Colonel W. 11. Menton, the genial piissen
eer agent of the <•■ inpany, will be on baud
to see that excursionists are properly cared
for on the four trips that thtt Ukiat) will
make to the grounds.
Emma Jnch and ' 'I'innffii p."
There was a large assemblage of yachts
men at the Grand Opera House, and the
receipts were considerably swelled by the
attendance last night. Many ladies also
availed themselves of the late boat to the
Yachtman'.-) Hume, and graced the per
formance with their attendance.
Miss Juch and her "Pinafore" company
will probably start East in a week or two,
and play the popular satirical opera all the
way along to New York. Arrangements
are beinp made and negotiations penning
with Mr. Lederer. It ought to be a money
makittf scheme, to fay the least Sausalito
may have an open-air "Pinafore" fete be
fore the company leaves the city.
lliiui* of Corrcctlnn.
Superintendent Fraglwy of the House of
Correction filed his report for May yester
day. The total expenditures amounted to
$;;7'.»8!>0. leaving a balance on liand on
tiie Ist uist. of $288 31. Tue number of pris
oners now in the institution is 331.
An ti-Jn panes*.
A liieeliiiK is to be held in lower Metro
politan Hull to-night to organize a central
anti-Japanese club.
.Inkfi on it Newly Married Couple.
Playing jokes on newly married couples
is a favorite pastime with bucolic 'Bridgc
tte-lders says the Now York Bud. When a
young pair from that town left the train at
South S'orwalk. Conn., last week they were
horrified to find several white ribbon
bows attached to the top of their trunk, an
old shoe on each handle and across one cud
n placard on which was painted two hearts
transfixed with a skewer, and the legond,
"We are one." The bride cried and tne
groom swore.
'1 lie Narrow Kscnpa of Vaaterdaj'a South
ern l'aclflo Overland.
baeramento ISee, Jane 2.
A collision happened this morning that
came near resulting in a fearful loss of life.
The morning overland was speeding
along near Selbys, the other side of Port
Costa, when suddenly the engineer saw
right ahead a caboose at the rear of a freight
train on the same track and going in tho
same direction. It was too late to avert a
collision, find, in a moment more, the engine
went crashing into the caboose, smashing
it into splinters. Tlie engine itself was
badly wrecked and was turned over on its
side. •
As far as is known here no one is severely
injured. The passenger was iv charge ol
of Conductor Dick Moore.
llwy Will Leave in a fly 111 al of Nine
(' .r* for tlie Chicago Convention.
The Democratic delegates to the Chicago
convention will leave on June 15, at !»:.{>)
a. il, instead of on the 14th, as originally
decided on. Tiie change was made on orders
received from President Yin ing of tho
Transcontinental Association, who stated
that the special rates could not go jntu ope
ration until June 15. The railroads have
agreed to make all the desired connections
with other delegations. General Agent
Hitchcock of the Union Pacific will nave
ebarce ot the special, and he says he will
take, pride in making it one of the best
pqnipped specials that ever left tt^>s;;tie.
There wHI be nine cars altogether, six Pull
man sloepers, one baggage, one dining and
one commissary car. At] of them will be
handsomely decorated. Many applications
have heea made to go, and abi at ISO passen-
Ken are assored. Full Pullman sections
were secured yesterday by ex- Judge .1. F.
SalliVas, J. V. Butler, Stephen M. Wh.te,
Coloue! '1". F. Harry and W. W. Foote.
HliockJnjj KflVct of »w .Iledford Hiim on
Yuuiig ( I uluiien.
I heard some time ago, says the Boston
correspondent of tbe Chicago Tribune, of a
l-et made in one ol the leading clubs of the
town by two young men who were wild
with liquor. One bet tho other that he
could drown biateaif mire quickly iv the
pond in the Public Garden than the other
could take his life in the frog pond. The
bet was taken, and the by-standers, fully
alive to the fun of the thinp, agreed to act
as referees. The stakes were put up. the
bettors taken to a point halfway between
lb« two sheets of water, and at a given sig
nal they dashed away, followed by the men
who were to time them.
The idiot who went toward the pond In
the Public Garden plunged headlong into
the water, whence tie was, of course,
dragged at once by his hilarious compan
ions. The shook and the chill of the water
(for the time was a night in October) re
stored him to something like sobers --,
and amid tiie shouts and jeers of his com
rades he started to see what had befallen
the other victim of the bet. They found this
one sitting on the edao of '.he- frog-pond, sur
rounded by the witnesses, who were vainly
urging upon him the necessity of making
baste if he hoped to win the wager. He
was insisting that he would not spoil bit
clothes by water until some one would as
sure him that there was some way in which
M could get the benefit of th« wager if he
won It, and no advice could move him.
Vexed at the light of his rival clad
in dry clothing while tie had not a thread
about him that was not soaked, the first
bettor suddenly fell upon the other
and flung him into tho frogpond
just as a policeman, who by some absurd
chance happened to bo attracted by the
noise after it had been going on long enough
for a dozen men to be assassinated, ap
peared upon the scene. Everybody Inconti
nently fled, except the man in the frog
pond. Him the policeman fished nut, and,
with noble presence of mind, started to take
him to the station.
Fortunately, at the first gaslight, the po
liceman recognized the interesting youth as
the son of a wealthy and influential politi
cian, and considered that it would be more
politic to take him home. The yoong man,
however, insisted upon going back to the
club, where he found those who bad I
deserted him wondering what had besonte
of him.
He Struck it Snnj Before a Conerr^atlon
In the Itftrk-nrooda.
"Joe" Jones, one of Sam's numerous
brothers. natealWed la the ministry. His
Irsl seraaon was preached in a country
church at Piue Log before a large congrega
tion of farmer*, backwoodsmen and crack
ers, says tho New Yoik Tribune. Sam's
method! were followed with considerable
success, but When Joe branched off <n his
own hook lie struck a snau. He earned his
hearers to wince when, llappifig tho Bible
nearly oiT the pulpit, be exe!aim«d :
"A man what will CHB9 er oatti'il <-teol !"
There was a lively shifting among Hip
pews and ataet cautious locking around
and headshaking. Joe saw and deteininn d
to push ho point.
"iJrethreu and sister?," he repeated, "I
want to say to you that a man what'U cuss
er oath'll steal! What have you got to say
to tlmt?"
An aged cracker arose at tbe back of the
church, and fastening his glittering gray eye
on Joe, drawled through his nose:
"All I got t*r say is it's er gol dern He."
Joe was so discouraged that he rested on
his oars two weeks before making any more
bold assertions.
la Memory of Caribald'.
JJome, June 2.— To-day was the tenth an
niversary of the death of Giuseppe Gari
baldi and it was appropriately ohseivpd.
The crowd in the villa formerly occupied by
Garilialtli was so great that the lloor cul
lapsed, injuring several persons.
Cinve All to Her Stepson.
The wilt of Maria L. Cass, who died in
April, lias beeu presented for probate. She
left property at Sacramento worth about
S:«M). Tho will gave all to her btepsoi),
binieon Cass of this city.
Raking Pnwripr
Used in Millions of Homes — 40 Years the Standard.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Biscuit,
Griddle Cakes, Palatable and Wholesome.
No other baking powder does such work.
Ml 9 tfFr: !
The County Committee Effects
a Partial Organization.
A Permanent Chairman, Vice-Chairman and
Treasurer Elected — The Various
Committees Appointed.
The Democratic County Committee mot
at the rooms of the iruquois Club last night
and partially effected a permanent organi
zation by tho election of a permanent chair
man, vice-chairman and treasurer.
A. A. Watkin?, tho temporary chairman,
called the meeting to order, aud 7") of the 94
members of the committee answered to their
names at rollcall. There was an unusually
large number of spectators present, presum
ably, judging from their actions, to boom
their favorite candidates for prominent posi
It was fifter 9 o'clock before the commit
tee got to work, but they made up for lost
time by rushing things through.
Following the rollcall Robert Haight
moved that the committee proceed with the
election of permanent officers. The motion
was OHrriei), and Gavin McNab at once took
the floor and nominated A. A. Watkins,
who was elected by acclamation.
Mr. Watkins returned thanks for the
honor conferred on him. Iv a brief speech
lie reviewed the work of tho reorgunizers,
paying to the members of the executive
committee, which reorganized the Democ
racy in this city and county, a glowing trib
ute for "tb.9 splendid Work they have
J. J. Dwyer nominated Barry Baldwin a3
vice-chairman, and he too was elected by
acclamation. Baldwin responded biietlv.
Henry Eickhoff noinimiied Jasper Mc-
Donald for treasurer, and the electiou wa9
by acclamation.
The tight of the night wa? known to ba
the selection of permanent recording and
corresponding secretaries.
Gavin McNab took the floor and moved
that tho flection of these officers be post
poned until the next meeting;. The motion
was carried by a small majority.
it was moved and carried that a commit
tee of five be appointed to co-operate witn
the State Central Committee to arrange for
a ratification m-eting.
A. J. Clunie presented resolutions pledg
ing the Democratic party to favor tne
adoption of a charter for the city of ban
Kiancuco and a constitutional amendment
protectiuc such charter. The resolutions
were rpferred to the commilte.e on resolu
A commlttcp of five was appointed on by
A committee of five wr.s appointed to pre
pare a constitution f ( r district committees.
A committee of five was also appointed to
secure permanent hp;iil<jiiarters for the com
a and also a hall for mass-meetings.
The committee adjourned to meet on next
Thursday evening.
Purity Itriuoirmlt' Cloti.
Last Tveeday evening the Purity Demo
cratic Club met at its rooms iv tne Turn
Verein Hall, at M BSiOB and Seventeenth
Mreet*. and elected the following officers:
President, Roy Gallagher: vice-president,
J. J. Bums; secretary, 0. ft I- airfield ;
treasurer, Mr. McCarty; sorgeaut-at-arui3,
P. Goetx.
Hie California Club'a Door* Closed to
Members— Th» at her- Weights.
Some of the employes and members of the
California Club were astonished yesterday
when they found that a lock was on the
California Club, and no admission could be
inquiry discovered the fact that the club
doors were closed, because the club had no
further desire to pay tho exorbitant rent
that was charged for the occupancy of
th« premises.
The new directors are determined to cut
down tho exnenses la every way imagin
able, as their object is to please the stock
holders who do not desire a clabrooin only
on occasions when fistic contests are given.
There is considerable talk still prevailing
concerning the result of the Murphy fight.
The general opinion is that a new referee
should be choson who understands some
thing about Queensbe] ry rue-. Ii is certain
that the present referee, Sullivan, needs to
read up the rules of Queeasberry. Manager
Harrison is undecided what to do as regards
the proposition of declaring th« match off
or insisting on the fe ithet-weUbts fighting
the match ever again on tho Bth. The
question will be decided to-day. Tile fight
ers are satisfied to abide by Harrison's
decision in the matter.
Wells Drury of the Sacramento News is
in the city.
Rev. J. W. Meachan of Yokohama is at
the Occidental.
M. J. Bayer, District Attorney of Lake
port, Is at the Lick.
The Hon. C. "Hamburg Tracey of London,
England, is nt the Palace.
U. 11. Allen, a Presbyterian divioe of
Plttsburg, is at the Grand.
Charles N. Crlttenden, the New York
evangelist, is at the Uraud,
L. L. Baker has gone East as a delegate
to the Nicaragua Convention.
Alexander J. McCoue, a mining man of
Virginia City, is at ttie Occidental.
Surgeon IJailhache of the United States
Marine Ilu*. it.il has gone to Urn ceysers.
G. L. Boreas. assistant secretary of the
\V. C. Granite Works, New York City, is at
the Grand.
Baron Herman, a nobleman of Germany,
Is at the Palncc Ho is making atrip fur
pleasure around the world.
Miner W. P>rnc«\ who was appointed by
the Interior Department to assist in obtain
ing •Siberian reindeer for introduction Into
Alaska, left for the north yesterday.
C. Robitscht-ck of the Brewers' Academy
and First Scientific Station of the Art of
Brewing, New York, and expert to examine
the nous breweries owned by the English
syndicate in America, is at the Palace.
Dr. li. 11. McCreary, editor of the Chris
tian Advocate, has returned from the Meth
odist Conference at Omaha. Jlh believes
either Bishop Fitzgerald of Minneapolis or
BishoD Vlncont of New York will soon suc
ceed Bishop Fowler in this diocese.
John F. Pluramer of New York, one of
the Government commissioners of the
Union Pacific and largely Interested in the
Northwest, is in the city. He has just
joined with several Eastern capitalists in
locating nail works and a paper-mill at Ev
erett, Wash., at the mouth of the Snoiiomisli
River.- •
In lli« CaiiM of < Intrlly.
Articles of incorporation have been filed
of tlie St. Vincent de Paul Society, the pur
poses of whose members are to visit and re
lieve the poor and infirm and to do works ol
chanty generally. The seven directors are :
John M. Hurnolt, John Mulhorn, C. J. I.
Devlin, Kichard Curtis, James MeElearny,
diaries Kane and F. \V. Warren.
The Steamer San .limit.
When the regular sailing (lute fails on a
Sunday the steamers of the Pacific Mail
Company will be dispatched on the follow
ing Monday, and iv iv obedience to thii
rule the sailing of the steamer San .hum has
been postponed until next Monday.
Wnntitl to Be r < inn. <*.• Hason.
Cliow Gee Kio, a Chinese, was committed
to Agnews yesterday nioruiojc by Judge
.Sanderson. The cnuse of the unhappy
Mongol's state of mind is said to be .i re
fusal of admission to the ordwr of Chinese
Masons. He is married and is the father of
a child 10 years of age.
An Appropriation to Be Afcked for Estab
lishing Grades.
The Southed* Improvement Club met last
evening at 20 Eddy street, C. W. Pope pre
siding, "rj!*-
A communication was read from the Met
ropolitan Electric Railway Company stating
that he road would be in operation to Sev
enth avenue by July 1. At that time the
company will inform the club of tho terms
on which the line will be extended to the
ocean. : &»ir '4-^
Alessr3. Harris, Wright and Crawford
were aDpoined a committee to see the Su
pervisors and ask that an appropriation in
the next tax levy be made for the purpose
of establishing grades in the Southside dis
Frederick McXulty was appointed by the
chair a member of the executive committee
to succeed George McPherson, resigned. and
C P. Troy Jr. was elected secretary, vice
11. F. McGarvie, resigned.
_^__ . .
St. I'ntrhk* Mutual Alii nice.
The St. Patrick's Mutual Alliance Asso
ciation of California will hold its nineteenth
annual reunion Wednesday, June 8, at El
Caiuoo. Judging by the lively attendance
at the meeting if the committee last even
ing, and the number of prizes received, it
will be the event ol the picnic season.
Dlil Not Accept It.
W. McMann, coal-dealer, corner of Wash
ington and Polk streets, is one of those to
whom a smooth individual (tiered a bogus
< beck in payment for a ton of coal, and
asked for 810 iv change; but Mr! McMaun,
not accepting checks Ironi strangers, de
clined to trade.
1 iiupral of OtUcer Mc.Namara.
The funeral ol the late police officer,
James MeNamara, was field yesterday af
ternoon from his late residence, 1711 How
ard street. Alter service* at St. Joseph's
Church the remains were interred in Cal
vary Cemetery.
Some of the Fcauirm of the Newest of
th« Great < Hies of Europe.
Dr. Albert Shaw, an authority on munici
pal affairs, writes in the June Century of
Budapest: "To the world at large, Buda
pest, the capital and metropolis of Hun
gary, is the least known of all the important
cities of Europe. No other falls so short of
receiving the appreciation it merits. Sev
eral reasons may be assigned for this com
parative obscurity; among which are re
moteness from the chief thoroughfares of
travel and commerce, the isolation of the
Magyar language and literature, and the
subordination of all things Hungarian to
the Austrian nanje and fame. But thfi most
important reason is the simplest of all: the
Budapest of to-day is so new that the world
has not had time to make its acquaintance,
its people justly claim for it the most rapid
growth in recent years of all tiie European
capitals, and are fond of likening its won
derful expansion to that of ban Francisco,
Chicago and other American cities.
"When Kossuth found refuge in America
40 years ago, after Hungary's tragical strug
gle for independence, the sister towns of
Buda and Peat, lying on opposite sides of
the Danube, together had hardly over
100,000 people. The consolidated mu
nicipality has now a population of fully half
a million. But remarkable as 13 the in
crease of population, it seems to me far less
remarkable than the physical and architec
tural transformations that have accompanied
the town's growth i;: numbers. Budapest is
cot merely three or more times as populous
as it was in the middle of the current cen
tury, but it has blossomed out of primitive
and forlorn conditions into the full mag
nificence of a splendidly appointed modern
metropolis. Ilapidly developing cities
usually have tho misfortune to grow wrone
ly, through lack of foresight and wise regu
lations on the part of the governing au
thorities. Budapest has .not wholly 68
--caped; but it would he hard to find another
large town whose development has been
kept su well in hand by the authorities,
and has been so symmetrical and scientific
from the Doiut of view of approved city
making. In many particulars of appoint
ment, as well as in general plan and tout
ensemble, American cities might learn not
a little from Budapest."
Time Etinueli.
I luttiitT and Furulstipr.
Mrs. Bingo— Are you goins to the theater
in your dress suit?
Bingo— Of course I am.
-Mis, Bhigo (wildly)— Then why don't you
put it on? Dear, dear. I am almost ready
and you haven't done ■ thin:;.
Bingo — Don't worry, dear, I have ample
time to put it on while you are seeing if
your hat is on straight.
Markmi for Irtentlticatlon.
Boston Hudget.
Mistress— What have you marked that
"T. M." on all you pies for, Norah?
Norah — Surf, nia'nm, that's to tell la*
mince pies from th' apple pie*. "T. M."
mi th' mince \\c% i«"'tis mince," and "T.
M." on th' apple pies is " 'taint mince"— so
I kin t*ll >in. ma'am, wfdout cuttin' 'as.
ing external spociiic for diseases of the skin,
and at the same time one of the most de-
lightful and efficient beau ti lie. rs of the
complexion which has ever beeu introduced
to the public. It speedily removes Freckles,
Tan, Pimples, and that common and dis-
figuring complaint Acne, and renders the
skin beautifully Cl«»ur and Smooth. Ask for
imitations. c. N. CKITTENTON, Sole
Proprietor, 115 Fulton street, New York.
Hill's Hair Dye, Black or Brown, 50 cents.
. oc 24 tf KrTu
n l
201-203 Market St., S. F.
}e3 1m FrTu
/\X c'-'w^X CUKES
fls<£9fi&\ RHEUMATISM,
V-#^«?>y LIVER and KIDNEY
\ Jlwr/^/ TROUBLES.
y mr^7 tf
J i the above-named Robert Straogc, late or OS
l'orl..:in(l place, W., and formerly of the City of
Naples. Doctor of Medicine, who died on the 4th
day or June. 1872, by his will nave one-fourth part
or his residuary estate upon trust for trio issue liv-
ing at bis decease of lilt late sister, Mary Alexanaer.
And as to one other fourth part thereof upon trust
for the Issue living at his decease of bis brother.
John Mrauuc. and as to one other fourth part there-
of upon trust for the issue living at his decease or
his brother. Maxwell >tiang» (including lit each
case children, grandchildren, and more remote
descendants): AND WHKKKAS, by an or-
der of the Chancery Division of the High Court of
Justice In Knu'.-nni made In au action entitled In
the matter of the estate of Robert Strung, de-
cnaied, Itetweon Archibald Hyndman Stern, plaint-
-111, ami filter Agustu* Wlgraiu and John Wl;ram,
defendants, 1891 8., No. 2882, an inquiry was di-
reote d who are now entitled ana la what snares And
proportions respectively to the residuary estate of
the said testator, Robert Strange, under the
trusts of bis said will: notice Is hereby
given that all persons claiming so be entitled
to any khare or snarrs of the residuary
estate of tbe said testator, Robert Strange,
are by their (solicitor* on or before the Ist day of
August, IHH'.'. to come in and prove tueir claims at
tho Chambers or Mr. Justice Kekewlcbat the Roynl
Courts, Mrand. London, England, or In default
thereof th-ywiu ba peremptorily excluded from
tli« benefit of the said order. Thursday, tbe 1 lth
day or August. 1H955. at li o'clock noon, at the said
Chambers. Is appointed for bearing and adjudicat-
ing upon tlie claims.— Dated th« inu uay or May,
Chief Clerk.
Rav.exscroft BILU Woodward, 15 John street,
Hedford Ruw, London. If, a. solicitors lor the
above-named I'lat.it.rf and deleiulaiittt. Ju 3-IU-2t
How the Worst Inrnnloii of Modern Times
Is Absolutely Oreroome — Hint! of
Oreat Value. 1
■When men or women feel depressed or debilitated
at the present day, it is common to say. "I thiuk I
nave malaria." What is malaria It Is only germs
that get into the body; germs that thrive and in-
crease unless they are killed; germs that worm
themselves all through the system; germs that
ruin the health and* undermino the life. They
are aggressive, they feed upon the body, they must
be killed. Many things which are advocated for
killing these germs will not do so. It has been
thought that quinine would accomplish this, but
many people cannot tike quinine; it disagrees with
them, it ten nauseates. It has been known, how-
ever, that pure spirits taken in moderation will
kill and entirely exterminate the worst army or
germs which ever iavailed the system. They can-
not withstand it. Under the influenco of pure
stimulants the germs are killed, and tne body Is
strengthened to expel them from the system, and
tons restore the health.
It should not be understood, however, that all
spirits wilt do this, few will. It requires something
specially pure, and specially designed for this pur-
pose, and that is precisely what Duffy's Pure Malt .
Whisky is. It Is a scientific, medicinal preparation.
It does not rant with the ordinary whiskies, but is
specially designed for fortifying the body and re-
pelling disease. It has the highest indorsements of
doctors and scleuttsts; It Is wonderfully popular be-
cause It is so efficient and powerful. Do not be de-
ceived Intataa use of any other, for there is no .
other preparation upon the market that can accom-
plish what Is accomplished by Duffy's lure Malt.
You will find that It is kept by reliable druggists
a d grocers. iny27 tt IT
Grateful Words From a
Suffering Man.
Experience of Two San Franciscans
Who Were Cured at Last— A
Lesson for Others.
Did you ever notice the red flag In front of a
train? You know what it means The engineer
puts on the brakes and brings the train to a stand.
It is a danger slznsl. He does not know what the
danger I*, but there are precious lives depending
upon him, and ha would as soon cast his own child
li.to the seething rurnace of the engine as to
disobey the rtan;*r signal, How unlike the cautious
engineer we are. There are just as precious lives
depending upon us as upon the engineer. We see
the little red flag indicating danger before us, but
we heed It not, and then^the crash comes. The
danger signal in an ordinary man's life may be
small, a pain here or there, a languid feeling, or
ether indications or the presence of disease. Why
not heed the signal aud uverijthe disaster that will
-It seems but a few months ago that I thought
death would be a relief. I suffered from a compii-
cation of troubles: gen-
s&T^. \\ erai and nervous:-
SjP * -Jk blood and skin Impurl-
/ tj ties, and In addition to
I /"*\ <-~\ & these my Mvpi and stom-
JO t* fei a. h w ere affected. 1 tried
■'M many physicians, but
{ *?lL j they dt.l me no good. I
I**S*V / «as about to give up in
9 ///'y\. A -'■ despair when I read of
.<£^UV*_~s» L >"■>=-.■» the wonderful cores ef-
/*Bn?W\ ■ /PS\^ fected at the Cosmopoll-
ffla%m\*^>^BsNJ? tan Dispensary, ana I
: '--/mt,%. /r\ H$ ' went there. I tb*nK (iod
VS.'^aW'Jfy/?! "i I did so, for 1 am virtu-
\yjfft . --» 'I * ; / ally a new man now.
JL3 / i _,} '~ '■* , „* ,„ They saved my lire after
• H-JorpeiiSin other physicians bad
abandoned my case as incurable.
(Slgued; J. H. Jokobvsi.v,
436 Brannan street, S&n FraacUco.
Mr. Llnlo (Jiorjrt, residing at 1426 Dupont streat.
San Francisco, writes under >d55£W
a recent date: rf*"BrV
•■ (.^jmnopolilan Di-tpfn- £8 \
Miry— (iKN : I WiS3 '-^t I
to state that for seven years 0 ■%&>, BSr !
I have been very much Jl *^~_r*|
troubled with rheumatism in UI £Ji 1
ail my joints. lam • painter * aflff^fi i
and decorator at 1318 Stock- >«, Sir V/ •§.
ton street. Though for years ,^Pati4
I hare tried various reme- w^QtSfe^^^t"^*.*.'
dies, none seemed to bene- idSaS^ttteJßSrßs&S
lit me. My wife a short time Pgfct igS? £$&s=%
ajo sold several tinudrtxl S^Ja IE jwJVS*^
empty liottlos, the contents >..-;A» BU'%JSfi *» ' I
of which I hive taken with- l^fKwOil^Vd •
out good results. About V -WrJggSSn- \
three ago I begun treatment^ .* <- : i l^ ef-^ll v*r"-*
at the Cosmspolitan Dispeu- "r . M m tir\T>rU
ssr.T. and lam hippy to in- J__l_iiHU'ljlUivyl
form you now that 1 am com-
pletr ly cured and feel better In every way than I
have for years. May God bless you."
(Signed) I.into Giorot. -
Hundreds of others have been cured. Write to
or rail on M. Woods, Twenty-first and Broadway,
Oakland: Fred Tourtelotte, 033 Jessie street:
Charles Hempler, 502 Davis street; Mrs. Downey,
'211 Lily avenue.
start of eminent specialists, was founded a;id char-
tered to bring help to the afflicted. If you prefer
help and health to sickness and sympathy, call and
consult them.
Consultation, advice and thorough examination
free to patients. A frleudly talk may save you
thousands or dollars or year; of suffering, and per-
l.ii's your life. Younz. middle-aged or old mea
suffering from the effects of follies and excesses re-
stored to perfect health, manhood and visor. Each
visitor seen privately, and all communications re-
ceived la sacred confidence.
.Sufferers from Rheumatism, Asthma, Consnmr)-
-tl«.i!!. Catarrh. Dyspepsia, Indigestion. Scro'nla. Fe-
male Weakness, Deafness, any Sexual Diseases,
Lost Manhood, Malaria. L'rluary Troubles, Piles,
lion ci Troubles, or any other disease, should call at
once. Low charges within the reach of all, com-
bined with the best medical and surgical skill.
WAUMNii- We have no travelincr phy-
* sicians or agents. Any nun claiming to
ropretintus is an importer and should be
arrested. *
Look out for frauds who assume a name similar
to ours, and imitate our styla of advertising for the
purpose of deceiving ttis public.
Corner Market. Stockton and Ellis Sts.,
San Francisco. Cstl.
. Entrance 5 Stockton Street.
OUT-OF-TOWN PATIENTS treated with U\«
FAILING success through correspondence: one
visit desirable, oat not necessary. Medicines sent
safely ami free from observation to any part of t;:e
country. Write for sympton blank to till out. and
a letter fully exp'ainiFigyourdlsease. giving advico,
etc., will be returned free. ]e3-5 it
Containing Four New nnd Complet"
Stories, and the beginning of a new and original
serial story of jjrett interest, entitled
Together with much useful and entertaining nils-
cellaueous matter of constant value la every house-
hold, the whole forming one of the ]>li>sT AT-
magazine ever published. Price. 15c. monthly;
& : 7"» yearly, Fur sale by all book and news-
" 1 nectJ daily at Gllroy with the 8:30 a. m . and
2:30 p. m. trains from Third andJTownsend street;,
san Francisco.
Kouud trip tickets, 97 15. Terms reasonable.
ltf We l'r Su ICOOP A SON, Proprietor*.
,-„„,,,„ XI T\l. 1 SUPERIOR COCRT.
LEOPOLD KUTM-.R Department 5->o.
ts. V 30,318.
... , „v „,-, ...,.. „-r Order of Sale and De-
HEN UY BUTCHER ET AL. j ttM of Foreclosure ,
Under and by virtue cf an order of sale and de.
cree of foreclosure l->->u"U oat of the Superior
Court, Department No. 5. of the City and County of
San Francisco. Male of California, on the 26th day
or .May, A. D. 1892, la the above entitled action
wherein LEOPOLD KLM'.NKK, the above named
plaintiff, obtained a Judgment and decree of foreclo-
J. li V i CHICK, defendants, on the '.'sta day or May,
A. D. 1892. which sild Judgment aud decree was,
on tho L't'-Ui day of May. A. D. IHS'2. recorded in
Judgment Hook 11 of Mid Court at page \'£l, I am
commanded to sell all that certain lot, piece or par-
cel of laud situate, lying and beln< in the City and
County of sin Francisco, State of California, and
bounded and described as follows: Commencing at
the northerly corner of Lobosand Plymouth streets,
and running thence northerly alon? the westerly
line of Plymouth street twenty-five (28) feet;
tuence at right angles westerly one hundred (100)
reet; thence at right angles southerly twenty-five
(25) feet to the northerly I.ouos street; thence at
runt angles easterly along sat. l line or Lob s street
to the point of commencement, i>;ing a portion of
lot P. Railroad Homestead Association.
Public notice Is hareby given that on SATUR-
DAY, the 25th day or Jnie. A. D. 1892, at 12
o'clock noon or that day. Ui front or the New City
Hall, Larklu-sfeet wing. in the city and county or
»an Francisco. 1 will. i*> obedience to said oraer of
I sale and decree or foreclosure, sell the above de-
scribed property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to raise sufficient to satisfy said judg-
ment, with interest an 1 costs etc to the highest
and best bidder for gold coin or the United States.
c. S. I.AUMEISTJtJt, Sheriff.
San Francisco. June D, 1892.
Messrs. kooers * CMII.STKOM, Attorneys for
Pialutlff, 1170 Market St., rooms 66 aud 87.
J»3 10 17 24 4t
EBDSROBJEO fohhaubers. baker*,
KK||7kiipV boot bracks, bath - house).
UII W II !■ billiard • table*, bre wen.
book-binders, candy-makers, cannery, dyers, Qaar-
' mills, foundries, laundries, p^par-h^a^ars, printers,
painters, shoe factorial, sUOleuieu, t.u--r jot it j, Lii-
I Lers, tailors, etc
Brash SlanufacturorM, OO'J Sscraiueuta at.
ocl7 WotrSu
The Largest Retail Dry-Sootls Store & City,
For the Week Ending tha Month of May
Have Been Mn-le With the Intention of
Closing Out All Summer Fabrics
Great Clearance of Figured India Silks.
100 Pcs in Varied Styles at 50c Pr Yd.
.Vail orders solicited. Samples sent onappllcitlix
Goods seat free to all suburban toirus.
■64 FrSa « '
AL HATMAN & CO Proprietor!
Every Ev'g except Sunday— Saturday.
And Company in the Delightful Operetta.
Presented on the same elaborate scale as daring in
long run at the Broadway Tbcater, N. Y.
Trices. Watluee and KVg. 25c, 60c, 75c. *1. *1 50.
Will be Played During
And yon can now secure your seats at bos-oflice
MR. M.«. LEAVITT _ froorletar
Keserved *cut« in the Balcony, SO Cents
Evening. BBa Matinee.
Seats On Sale Sow.
ALHAYMAN A CO Proprietor!
J. J. OOXXLOB ....vtaa»j*r
Last 3 Nights ! Last Matinee Saturday!
Joseph Arthur's Successful Comedy,
Keplete with novelties, lucludiag
*iTS ilo of Seats Now Goinc On.
Every ETenlne Matinee Saturday.
In His Historical Drama,
Realistic Battle Scene! Magnificent Scenery I
13OPULAR/ Matinee 25c aad 51j
■»- PKICKS: lETenlnsr Me. 50s. 7>i
Monday Evening , June 6,
KRELI>U 15RU3 Proprietors ana Manajeri
TO;NICH.T "%»£***;»
m<>x " a =ei:mi.\"ie
Reappearance of BELLE THORNE.
Popular Prices— 2sc and 50c.
Under the Auspices of
MISS JUCH PosltlTely Sin*« at the
Seats now on sale at Sherman. (.■ lay * Co. •■ 31 tr
.... OF THB
a-Jllle House, on Joost Electric hoad,
C3rl=l.-A-3>Jl> CONCERT
Of the Celebrated VonderM«liilen'B B:iu«l
of 20 Piece*. C. 11. Yonder Mehilen,
Musical Director.
Baud leaves corner Steuart and Market st«.. with
escort of 10 electric cars, direct to tbe park at 9 ;30
a m. Trams leave Third and Townsend and Valen-
cia-it. sUtluns at 10:30 a. m. and 12:15 m. :rji»
(End of Uolden Uate Park Ca'jie-o »m).
To-day (Friday) and Saturday at 3 i\ M.,
And Sunday at £ P. M.
Admission. 25c »n<S 10c. Ladles rre a.
Reserved seats. 25c extra on Sunday* ; on sale at
Will 4 Muck's. Fhelan Building. Je2 it ■■
enr 121 New Montgomery St. — New »r- gpO
ranzements; tuition reduced: dancing le*rn»l /?•
at little cost; UenM exciosiralr (bezlnaeri), L-Qi
.Mondavi, Wedueadays; Ladles (neglaneri), Tuir
days. Thursday.-*; soirees Saturday erentnjj.
3E3H. C?.A.2M[I^O!
Tnesteamet URIAH will make trips _ _a!T~"s
to k.l, CAM I'D every Sunday irom^^UitfStfSS.
'XI bur on Kerry, as folio .rs:
Leave San Francisco at 10:30 a.m.. 13:10. -':OJ.
4:00 p.m.
Leave Xl Campo at 11:15 A. M.. 1:00, 3.00 and
S :00 p. m.
lAKK FOR IiOUND TKIP. Including:
Admission to the Grounds. ...Bs CtuSTS
»pstf ■
Wellington - - - - $9.50
Seattle - -.*- - - $8.00
SQ4-aaO Eddy St.,
*»- Telephone 3534.
. N. 8.-No Braucn Oftica. delO WeKrSu .

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