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Tbo uses cf sorrow I comprehend
petter aad better at each year's end.
I)..» P fr and deeper i seem to see
Why antl wherefore it has to oe.
Only after tbe dark wet days
Do we rully rejoice 1;: the sun's bright rays.
f-weeter the crust tastes after the fust
Than the sated gourmand's finest repast.
The faintest cheer sounds r.ever amiss
10 the actor who o.ice has heard a hiss.
And one who has dwelt with his grief alone
Hears ail the music to -ship's tone.
So. better and better I comprehend
Bow sorrow ever would he our friend.
Ella ill KJ7.I h Wilcox.
Farmer Kendrie* had brought in a pile of
-now-coy- ions, and as lie banged them
down on the hearth Carrie started up.
"Five o'clock! Oh. 1 had no idea it was so
late. I must be going."
"Allow me to accompany you, Misa
Brown." .
"Let mo see you home, Carrie?
Captain Logan and Fred Jones both spoke
at once.
"I prefer to walk alone," she said, smiling
on both cavaliers.
"About the sleighing party to-morrow
night," said Fred, anxious
"I— l have ball premised Captain Logan,"
.--aid the village beauty, a rosy tint suffusing
her check.
•'But Carrie, I thought it was settled be
tween you and me weeks ago!" exclaimed
Fred with a lrown.
"Was it?"
"You know it was
"I'm biire I had forgotten."
Fred was silent. Captain Logan's soft
voice broke the silence.
"I exact uo promises," he said gallantly,
"but if 1 am not punctual to the hour and
tbe spot Miss l3rowu may draw herowncon
*C-!HJ was silent.
rrie was silent.
Fred Jones hud loved this pretty, bright
eyed _ i ti:- e! ever since they were children
together, and Captain Logan, who had
tome down to spend the holidays with his
cousins, the Keiidrick?, had become so fond
of thos. bright blue eves ami that golden
hair that he Lad prolonged his visit into
"Ton my word, she's a regular beauty,
said the captain, staring through the tiny
window panes at the retreating figure of
Miss Brown.
Fred Joues glanced quickly up at him, as
if he would have liked to knock him ever
into the lirepiace; but he refrained fiom
any such demonstration.
"A beauty," went on the captaiu, "and
it's a thousand pities she should be wasted
on any of the bumpkins that vegetate in
this wilderness. Sam; you ycung villain,
are mv boots blacked yet?"
The fanner's hired boy, who had just
come ia to warm bis rurple hands at the
merry red blnze, looked clum.
"No, they aitit," said tin.
"V. h v n .it *-***
"'Cause I nad no time."
"Sco you tind time then, and that quick,"
said the captain.
Sam glowered after him as he went gayly
up the stairs.
The next night was perfect for sleighing
and love-making. The roads were glisten
ing ami a silver crescent shone Drightly.
"Couldn't bo better weather," said the
eapta'ii. "Sam, where are the sleigh
"Dun no. There's them old jingles in the
gar r.t that used to belong to Deacon Joe
Kendricks of 1770, and there's the two cow
bells that Mary Jane might scour with
"Pshaw! What do you take me for?
There is a pretty little string somewhere,
Tor 1 saw them when my cousin went out
yes t c lav."
"I aint seed nothln' on 'em," said tbe
boy itolidiy.
"Come, come, -am, don't make yourself
out any stupider than you are by nature,"
said the farmer, laughing nevertheless, for
the captain's airs weie wearing out 1.. wel
"I guess they're out in the barn chamber.
You better to with Dim, captain, if you ex
peel to find 'em— our Sam's dreadful thick
beaded when he chooses to be."
"Come along, my fine fellow." said the
captain, collaring -Snm ana marching him off
in the direction of the old red barn. "We
don't need any lantern in the moonlight.
th„*. is one comfort. Where are the stairs?"
demanded the captain, a? they entered tbe
"Aint none," said Sam ; "it's a ladder."
"Up witn you, then," said Logan. But
■Sam shrank back*.
"I would-. 't- not fcr £50," said Sam.
"Old John Kendrick hung himself from
the middle beam 14 years ago, and folks say
he stands up there with a rope around his
neck'every moonlight night."
"Stuff and nonsense," cried the captain,
in accents of contempt. "You cowardly
kut, stay where yon are, then, and I'd go
He srrang lightly up the rounds of the
ladder and disappeared through the trap
"Where is it?" he called.
"The ghost? Eight under the middle
beam by thf windy was the place where— "
"Blockhead .' I mean the string of bells."
"Look for 'era yourself," said -am. sulk
ily. "I don't know where they be, and,
what's mure, I don't care."
"I'll settle with you, my fine fellow, when
I come down," said the captain, threaten
ingly, as he groped about in the dim light
which came through a cobweb-draped win
dow at either end of the barn chamber.
"D n't hurry yourself, cap'n," rejoined
Sam, in a jeering tone.
Ast captain plunged into a dark corner
there was a jingle, and the string of bells,
suspended from a nail, hit him directly on
tbe neck, so like the grasp of death-cold
fingers that he could not but start.
"Oh !" said the plain, nervously. "Here
they are. Catch 'em. Sam! Hal — 10,
Where's the trap-door?"
And it took the worthy captain fully 60
seconds or more to realize that the trap
door was closed .._•_ fastened on the lower
side. He ran to tie window acd threw it
up, only to see .am speeding up the hill.
-io-o-a ! " relied Captain Logan.
"Come back, you scoundrel! you ill-condi
tioned lout! you imp of evil!" '
Sum turned around ami executed that
peculiar gyration of the fingers in connec
tion with tlit nasal organ which is sup
posed to express the extremity of scorn.
"You will find the ladder on tho barn
floor, cap'n," shouted this youne rebel, "an'
don't be afraid o' the ghost it's very harm
less if you let it alone."
"But, Sam— comeback! I'm to be
at Mr. Brown's at half-past 7."
"Don't worry!" bawled Sam. . »___■
Carrie wont have to wait long before Air.
Fred'll be on hand
The captain danced up and down on the
floor man ecstasy of rage as Sam disap
peared over the crest of the hill. He knew
very well if he possessed the lungs of
Boreas he could make no one hear.
Ue sat shivering down on the hay, starting
nervously at the sound of horses' feet
below aid thinking how disagreeably a bar
of moonlight, which streamed down from a
crack in the roof, resembled a tall, white
figure standing under the center beam. He
could almost fancy the rope around his
neck. Pshaw! And the captain jumped
up again, with, startling dew on his brow,
even in the freezing atmosphere of the barn
What was to be done? he asked himself.
And echo, if echo had any common-sen6e,
would have answered, "Just nothing at
all 1 '
Sam had outwitted him. And pretty
Carrie and Fred Jones, with his red enter
and great chestnut-colored hors- 1 The cap
tain was wild at the thought; surely he was
a a
» . . a
"I wont wait another minute for him."
sail Carrie Brown, coloring up, with the
That we are the only authorized agents in San Francisco for
the sale of the
Messrs. James Means & Co. having recently made great im-
provements in these goods have closed out some job lots of
inferior and old style goods to other dealers, but our store, at
11 Third street, is the only store in San Francisco where Means
& Co.'s latest styles and latest improved goods can be found,
and we are recognized by Means & Co. as their sole agents for
this city.
11 Tlxirci Street,
_u)_>3 SuWe tf
tears in her blue eyes. Go on, girls, I
shall spend the evening at home.
"There's plenty of room for you in our
sleigh. Carrie," coaxed her brother. "Bes
sie Brown would be glad to have you
along." -
"No she wont either," routed Carrie.
"As if I would spoil ail -her fun! No; if 1
can't have an escort of my own I'll __**y at
home and mend stocking-. and 1 never,
never -ill speak to Captain Logan again."
Charlie Brown was on the point of arguing
the matter with his BSter when the door
opened and in walked Fred Jones.
'■ Not gone ye;, Carrie? Where is the cap
tain?" - --: , „ _
"1 don't know." said Carrie, tartly, "and
I do cot care. Am I Captain Logan's
"Will you go with me?" „ ._
"Yes, I will." said Carrie, her eyes light
ing and shy smiles dimpling her lips.
"Of course," said Fred, "1 can't expect
to make myself as agreeable as the city cap
tain, but—"
"The captain, the captain," cried Carrie,
a little irritably, "I am sick of the sound of
his name. 1 never want to see him again.
\\ hat a nice new cutter this is, and how
easy the wolf robes are."
■•Carrie," whispered Fred, as ho touched
up the horse and felt her nestling close to
him, "is it for always?"
"Yes; always," she answered.
"Jerusalem!" said Farmer Kendiick. It
was past 10 o'clock at night, and th- old
gentleman had come out, as usual, before
retiring to rest to see that the dumb mem
bers of his family were all safe. "1 do be
lieve that's old John Keudrick's ghost
come to life again, poundin' like uil pos
sessed on the bam chamber floor!"
"It's me-e! it's nie-e!" yelled the cap
tain. "Unfasten the trapdor and let me
Slowly the farmer lifted the ladder to its
place. With rheumatic awkwardness ho
climbed the creaking rounds and undid the
hook from the hasp.
"How in all creation came you here?"
he demanded. "Why, I thought you was
out a sleigh-ridin' with the gals!"
"It was all the doing of that villain,
Sam!" gasped the infuriated captain, his
teeth chattering with rag and cold. "I
wont stand this sort of thing. I'll leave
the place to-morrow
"As you please," sail the farmer, to
whom the prospect of losing his cuest was
not unpleasant. "I'll talk seriously to Sam."
"So wiili," gnashed the captain. "I'll
break every hone in his body."
But Sam, was nowhere to be found, and
the first ones of the returning party brought
the newt* that the engagement of Fred Jones
and Carrie Brown had been announced.
The captain left for home next day, and
pretty Mrs. Fred Jones has never seen him
since. When the wedding came off Sam re
ceived a piece of wedding cake big enough
to give him tie dyspepsia for a week.
BailDfi! at tin- Monthly Meeting of the
Direct a lieltl Wstenl.iv.
The monthly meeting of the State Board
of Trade was held yesterday, Eugene Greg
ory of Sacramento presiding and Mayor
Cole of Fresno, J. A lforrisay of Stockton,
J. .*. Emery of Oakland, Tyler Beach of
San Jose, S. J. Stabler of Yuba City, L. C.
McAfee of 8.-kersiield. A. A. Ilibberd of
Chico, W. 11. Mills of Saa Francisco, ..'ohn
P. Irish and E. W. Muslin were present.
The finance committee's report showed
that the disbursements during April and
May .were, $1189 and tbe receipts £1540. A
letter received from Parker, Wejlesley &
Co. cf London stated that the profits of all
fruits sent from California lo England
which had not to pay duty was 9 cents and
2 mills per pound . and in apricots, plums
and prunes.upon which duty was chargeable,
the profit was 7 cents md 2 mills per pound.
An agent of the Johnson-Locke Company
has recently scoured the State for bun diled
fruits for the London market, but could
not find any, snowing that all had been
sold, such was the demand for California
dried fruits.
J. Berton. the local correspondent for the
Journal dcs Debats cf Paris, .Mute the
board suggesting that an invitation should
be sent to the editors of tbe various French
newspapers during their visit to the World's
Fair next year, Such an invitation if ac
cepted wonld be a grand advertisement for
the Mate and many French wine-growers
would thereby be induced to Sfttle here.
There was quite a debite on the subject
and the letter was finally referred to the
committee on correspondence. W. 11. Mills
spoke very forcibly and humorously on this
subject and on the recent visit of the
National Editorial Association to California.
Deports ol various committees were then re
ceived aud the. meeting adjourned.
He Flails a Lost Watch and Return! It
to ihe Owner.
Detectives Cox and GieDnon, the veteran
officers cl lie Chinatown detail, were
-.mazed yesterday by a peculiar discovery,
They unearthed a Chinaman wild has be
come honest tbroogb Christian iofluei
A. E. Davis and wife, of Indiana, went
througn .:,e Mongol quarter Saturday night.
During the trip Alt-. Davis lost a valuable
gold watch and chain with a beautiful
medal attached. Upon the advice of the
detectives Mrs. Davis advertised for the
lost timepiece. Wong All Don, a poor
shoemaker employed at 840 Clay street, re
sponded by informing* Rev. W. C. Young of
the Episcopal Mission at 915 Clay street
that be had found the watch, from the
honest shoe, Mr-. Davis received her
watch yesterday afternoon. She was very
happy as she exhibited ber treasure in the
office of the Chief of Police yesterday aft
"I am glad." said she, "that I lest the
watch for one thing. That is because I
have convinced the ofticers that there is one
honest Chinaman in the world."
What Mi , D.ivis slued more highly than
the watch was the medal, which she re
ceived for merit while graduating from the
academy conducted by the Sisters of Provi
dence at Terre Haute, Did.
He Do*. Not Learn to Dance ami Ig
-Tblpped by Ills Instructor.
Becoming anxious to be graceful as well
as good-looking, Thomas Garrett of 183
Third street decided to take dancing les
sons from Archie Mcßride, He took twelve
lessons in Irish-American Hal! and exer
cised his lower limbs until they ached as
they never ached before. For each lesson
Garrett laid the modest price of fl. At the
conclusion of the twelfth lesson, however,
he found tbat he was still unable to Illus
trate the poetry <f motion. He could
neither waltz, quadrille nor take part in a
plain, every-day Virginia reel.
Meeting his instructor Monday night he
complained of his failure to become pro
ficient in the Terns leborean art. When
Mcßride complained that his pupil had been
rather ungraceful Garrett resented thealle
gation. Words of warmth were followed
by Plows. Garrett came out second best in
the encounter. That is why he went to the
old City Hall yesterday and swere out a
warrant for Mcßride's arrest on a charge of
The estate of Clarissa C. Armstrong has been
appraised at $23,705 70.
Amelia A. McGbam wants a divorce from
Charles Metibam, and Caiollno from Henry L.
Delia Wall has been met) by Kate W. Buckley
for $1214 75 for nursing iter and members of
ber family, she being a professional nurse.
W. C. Cornell has sued Fisher Ames on a note
Of June 4, 1888, promlsiac la 80 days to pay
$1000 to Ilia older of Mrs. Mabel Treadwell.
Frank K. Pong, assignee of Tuck Ming &
Bong, has sued A. Veil/, for 138 86 for meat fur
ntshed in Api li and May, 1891, to the leMauiaut
at 30. ._ Mt'iiit.iiieiy avenue, owned by A. Gar
cia, who sold the place in June to the defendants.
N-Tnrit-'s Admission -Dar*
Nevada will celebrate the twenty-eighth
anniversary of its admission to statehood by
suitable observances wtich will take place
at Carson City on July 4, 5 and 6.
More Trouble Anticipated Wilh
Non-Union trews.
A Scow checker Tua Tcwd by the Whitelaw.
The Bio Janeiro Sails for China and Japan.
A Pilot-_oat on a Fishing Cruise.
The Pacific Mail Company's steamer Rio
de Janeiro. Captain Cavarly, sailed for
China and Japan yesterday with a full cabin
passenger list and 100 Chinese in the steer
age, Among the cabin passengers were:
Commander C. V. Gridley, Commander
Dickens, Lieutenant J. C. Mcintosh and
Paymaster M. Peterson. These officers will
join the United States squadron at Yoko
hama. In the Bio's cargo were $903,000 in
treasure mid 12.000 barrels of flour.
The harbor police are quietly preparing for
trouble in connection with tie barkentine
Discovery and the schooner Transit, both of
which are loading at Mission No. I lor Hon
olulu and will sail with non-union crews.
The Planter, which was cut adrift about a
month ago off Mission wharf, belongs to the
same owners as the Transit aid Discovery
and trouble is confidently anticipated.
While the steamer Whitelaw was proceed
ing to Mission No. 1 yesterday with a diver
en board to examine the bottom of the leaky
steamer Farallou, she was caught by the
tide ant diivcn into the scow-schooner
Esther, The latter lost her bowsprit and
rudder and was crushed below the water
line so that she had to be towed to Mission
flats. The Whitelaw escaped injury.
1.. J. L. Aden of the firm of Piper, Aden
& Co. is confined to his house in Vallejo by
an attack of the grip.
The pilot-boat Caleb Curtis, now fitted
(at as a trading schooner, cleared yesterday
for a hunting and fishing '.rip.
Double gangs are employed on theSaotal
ito ferry silo, between Clay and Market, as
the result of th.' SI.CO bonus offered by the
North Pacitic Coast road. The second cais
son for the new Market-street slip baa been
sunk and the concrete pyramid within has
been nearly filled in. . ; 7.
The Frances Fisher, tho first British
wheat ship to get away for several months,
cleared for Cork yesterday. The Conqueror
also cared for New York with a cargo of
canned beans, salmon and fruit
The steamer Santa Push, which arrived
from j*an Dietto and way ports yesterday
morning, brought up Truman Streeter of
l>aiita Barbara, committed to tbe Napa
Asylum on account of religious monomania.
Among the i> moves yesterday were the
burL Professor Johnson from stream to sea,
the ship C. F. Sargent from stream to
Benicia, the schooner Transit from strpatn
to Mission No. '-, the bark Discovery from
the sugar refinery to Mission No. 1. the
school ' Jennie Stella from Bay wharf to
sea, the ship Monlton from stream to Port
Costa, the ship Alaska from Oakland to
Fremont, the steamer Anne Larson from
channel to sea, the schooner Gardiner City
from Lombard to stream, the steamer Coos
Bay from the Merchants' drydock to Broad
A dozen men were at work yesterday
straightening out the jibboom of the four
master Eulomene, recently damaged by col
The shin Wanderer, lying up at Sau
salito. drifted yesterday. The tugs Wizard
and -Etna towed bertoanchorage.be
recovering 35 fathoms of anchor and chain.
The steamer _Soyo towed in the remaining
SS piles oi the wrecked Fort Bragg lumber
raft yesterday.
Tbe steamer Mackinaw, which went
aground off Goat Island on Monday, has
beed found to be leaking badly aud will
have to be docked for repairs. The Mack
inaw has been nearly as unlucky as her
sister ship, the Keweenaw.
The Paul Isenberg went to the refinery
The Mcdrooo, lighthouse tender, will
take on a supply of coal at Goat Island
hefore starting on a tour of Inspection of
the lighthouses in the rweifth district.
The schooner William Bowden was
launched at Port Blakeley on June 10. Sho
i- owned by W. G. liali of this city and
Captain Fjerera. The Bowdeo is 172 feet
long aud will carry fKIO.OOO feet of lumber.
T Webster. 1.- -. Angeles <• '•'■ (lag. Aw, Portland
J Mccracken, Portland Mrsl_Yl!o.;p!ii. Woodland
Mrs 0 Nichols, Newark F l'T ibt.it . Milwaunee
C It Emrlcb, l'S.\ C II Eliot, Milwaukee
ilrnJ li I'oufTiasii.Sati.ToseiMritJH Simpson, Stuckton
CB Down. Matter Creek A lt Glaaeock, Voce mite
Geo West A- w, Stockton R n Cati-ield.*.anta itarba
C J Mus'in. San • It'se IS Parkins A -S.._i Rafael
tS. 11 i napnian. Portland -.1 A Mid lelton Aw, Ky
R H McKec. I'ortia.id j.Mlas V H Mbldeltoii. Kr
A Saner 4 w, ii at.t-w Mr- C 11 Molten, Mass
John b' McUraw, N V I.Mrs .1 A Perly, Mass
II \> Walker. Willows Mrs ii w Monroe. Mass
E C _Jl.tiO-k.-j-. S l-ahrlellMlss L A l'erlcy. Mans
J Clertannt, Belgium [Miss Anna Motion, Mass
Capt J U Clarkson, feuryn •> I - Bale, Santa Clara
.1 I* IKtrrson. N V T XV Le-»i.baue, Lower
L 1* Hr.-nt, U S N* Lake
Miss una Swan, XT Salvador Sol, Mexico
Ralph Lane, N I
II M Grabam 9w, Nev ill 8 Ale t N V
Mrs T E llr-jjan. Nev Miss Alcott, N V
A Itoth A- w, Nev J M Well*. St Louts
Mrs C M Greene. N V w X mi Idutb. Minn
X Weill. Portland .1 Laurence. Portland
Mrs McLaughlin, Cal Jlt Peterson, Denver
D 8 Koseuti-um. cal C .' Woodward. Cal
C P Hopkins. Wash. D C J A Stroud. Cal
J s Armstrong, Ariz C M Harding. Franklin
Miss M Morgan, ill N Myi lek Aw, St Paul
W II Krench, Chicago L Steam. \ V
,' A Russell. Vancouver ES Barney, Orytown
J J Blows, I laliti s E French, Boston
1. S Dyes Jr, Idaho G Lion, Cal
C L Cuatf.. A- f, Omaty. X Lion. Cal
J 0 Leonard. Chicago C 1) land * w, Cal
George l.tiras, V Mr.') X s Wood, Portland
SW Keren... n *w, Cal Miss Wood, r.itiaud
P E Ferguson, Cal ■'__.
M McDonald, Fresno it T Williams, Benicla
M -pence, i.os AUieies cII D-utrick. Alameda .
Miss C Gordon, Denver A l Graves, Martinez
CXV Lknce, Bakersfield J a Edwards. Chicago
T M itei '. ./ San Joso C O Fosgate. Boston
G A Cooler, Vallejo A c White,' Louisville
A Spautfiliig. 0 S A Mrs J Unmet, (.'emeus
F A Saylor, Sacramento [T Manning, Sacramento
J A Gallagher, Bio Vista II if Ditaen, Merced
DGarzoll, Retinas T Potter, Merced
W F Whitney, Sausalito B X Lewis A wf, Chicago
51 Martin. San Jo.c D J nary, Napa
FXV King, Los relet C M banter Jr. If V
M It hue-ley. Brooklyn | M '.uiiter. N ¥
Mrs P bnndertand. WashiM Rottiblum. Alameda
Miss Sunderland. Wash IN Rothblum, Alameda
Mrs Cll Prague. Wash J Jacoby, Chicago
li W Brown. Redwood Cj F Slnure A m, Chicago
A lUllmaii. India A Webb. Oakland
XX A Mage. Gra.t-s ' alley EThornlug, Ariz
B Harlan, San Jo^e IB Adams, Brooklyn
J Miller, Sacramento |.I Haiumtriid. Gilroy
C Guuter Aw, S V It Karrar, Ky
Miss R Guntcr. NY |F Brown, N 0
W J Taylor, Philadelphia C L Pittenger. L Angeles
E Hazeiugg, Indianapolis [o Curttu, San Jose
Jas Alexander, Bottom Ton Hall, Portland
Thos Buchanan, N iie'i.d F" A Edward*, Chicago
A J Peck, Angel Island ti XV Oban Aw. Grand Isl
1. Jt • an, Angel Island J Williams. Stockervtlia
J M Kunna, New Vort D C_ar.esl.arg, Tomales
.111 Waieav.in. San Jose "I MeCommacti Salem
Miis M Stephens, Portlnd A Johnson, Bcston
H Henshaw. Los An tal M M E Spear, Santa Rosa
F 11 lord, Santa Rosa !
There was a decline yesterday, and a more sloppy
market his not been seen for a Ions; time. Judge
Hunt's decision, falling so quickly upon the other
suits, is lv a measure -he cause. The brokers had
what they considered an airtight cinch la their
favor, but Judge Hani baa upset all their calcula
tions. At present they are at sea. The case will he
Immediately appealed to a higher court, ami if neces
sary to the Supreme Court of the Unite I States.
At a meeting ot the boar. l of directors of the
Halo A Norcro3S Sllnlnj Company XV. 11. 11.
Hart was elected attorney for the company, and will
represent the stockholders ln all further legal trans
actions. A resolution suspending tbe crushing of
ore from the mine and lie operations on the upper
levels was also passed, and the following liisiruc
tions were sunt to Superintendent Ityan at Virginia
City :
Ban *vt isi <>. June 13. 892.
Jotrph R. Ryan Esq., tuperintendent of Hale A
lVorcrott Mining Ootnpmt*/— In mii : Upon receipt
of tnli letter discontinue the shipping of ore to th .
mill, and nlso discontinue extracting ore from the
mine. You will therefore limit your operations In
the mine to the reopening of the main incline to
t lie 1 SOU-foot level and the exploration of that level
when the proper depth la reached In tin. Incline.
Tnls order requires ttie Stoppage 'if work in all
parts of the mine except the main incline and
necessary repairs. You are Instructed to make
every effort to diminish the expenses of tne mine tri
tbe various departments. Very respectfully yours,
Nat T. il ess Kit. President.
This will greatly lessen the expense* In the mine
ami an assessment wilt not he needed for some
time. This ought to be highly appreciated in tbe
present condition of tbe market
A resolution was also passed authorizing the at
torney of tne company to take the necessary roans
ures to recover for the II aie A Monro-,* Mining
Company the sum of $..818 15 cash taken from it-.
treasury by the old board of directors to pay the
expenses of defendants In the Fox litigation. It
was announced hy an oncer of th>- company that a
demand had wen formally made for the return of
the money arid that no definite reply bad been
made, and as tbe money had br en used In lighting
the company the new directors therefore paused a
resolution Instructing its attorney to bring Suit In
lie nr.ine ( if the Ha I.V Norcrois company for tho
recovery of ::. JMBIB 15 with Interest. The fol
low lng san itemized account of the $2818 15 as
shown on tr.e books of the company. Cash paid
Attorney XV. S. Wood for li. <). Menem $__.•
cash paid Attorney \v. {.. Wood Individually, $_i»0;
cash paid It. S. llesick, attorney fees. $300; cash
paid K. 8. Meslck. attorney fees, $351 . cash paid
for witness foes of defendants Hayward, Nevada
Mill ami Mining Company, Evan Williams. HoUart,
Levy ami othtrs, $.6. 35; expenses or trip to Vir
ginia City to procure testimony for defendants Hay
ward, Ilobrirt, .lone-t. Levy ntid Evan Williams—
cash paid expenses of W. S. Wood. 100; cash paid
expenses of R. {.. Me .ck. 500; cash paid reporters'
fee for testimony. .CO 80; cash paid typewriter-'
bill for testimony, *f45 BO; expeutes of defendants
go'.nc to '. aw City 1.-I. $7 20. Total, $2818 15.
nn the 9-.30 a. m call on.y 2.50 Ct unlock shares
chanced hauds, and prices were generally lower,
Ophlr selling at 42 40, Mexican .: Aft, Curry 41 05,
Klerra Nevada $1, Union $1 ar.d Con. Cal A Va.
i:t 85. In tho mlddlt. group I'.nlllon sum l for 60c,
NoreroM »1 40, fotosi hoc and lavage $2 10. Ihe
•.old Hill stocks were a littlo livelier, ami Belcher
•uid at 75c. Crown _*ol__i 00c, Overman -lie and
Jacket 80c. The only transactions recorded In the
ntalde stocks were in Nevada Queen, of which
1500 shares chanced bands at [email protected]
Alter the call trading TTSSilmtSt exclusively con
fined to S«va:e. or which stock 3575 shares changed
hands at $2 10_)9 is, with Maurice H-hmitt sell
ing, and the market closed he.vy at the noou re
<'ii the 2:30 p. m. call there was consider:.
tr ding under a decline in prices. Walls was an
active seller and seemed to bave plenty of every
thing on tin- list, and disposed of thum in lots to
suit. AfUTtbe call prices continued to drop and
Clued weak.
Silver was a trifle stronger yesterday, Mrs selling
at 89 ,_o in New York and 40. _ dln London.
A telegram announcing a shipment of bullion val
ued at ,S7OOO has been received from the C'optis
The State Invesvn nt Insurance Company has
declared a dividend of 50 cents per share, payable
Following is the official report of the pumping
operations in the Crown l'oiut incline for tbe week
ended June 11. 1832: The 1700 station pumps
have been working continuously during the week.
The flow of water is the same as at last report and
keeps the pumps moving steadily. Repairs to the
iolnt shaft incline are making good progress, and
we are cutting out for a water tank at the 1700
Station or that Shalt.
Bulllo . rained at $16.2.8 39 bas been sent to the
Carson mint from the Con. Cat a Va., being the
first ablpmenl ou June account.
The weekly reports of the Tuscaroras are as fol
( ii Us— There is hut little change since last re
port; the stopes produce some tirst-class ore which
is not regular out makes through the lower grades.
_ hi- mill is crushing steadily.
Navajo— stupes above the 350 level are look
ing about the same.
Helle Isle— West crosscut '-'SO level was extended
11 feet, .south drift from north line same level tins
been started up and extended 8 feet. The lace Is
look! very favorable for ore.
Noith Bella Isle-No. 1 north drift 400 level was
extended 6 feet. Winze 2 drift '3 same level was ex
tended 13 feet; vein small but good ore. West
crosscut from the top ul raise 3 sun. level ua, ex
tended 23 feet aud is nearing a vein. North inter
mediate above the 400 level was extended 8 feet
still in (rood ore.
Nevada Queen.— Second level— South drift from
No. 3 east crosscut has been run 12 feet; Improved
since last report; 1 foot ot ore. North drift from
same crosscut advanced 13 feet exposing 1 root of
good ore. From face of north drift to tlio race of
south is 130 feet West drift from No. l chute
extended 19 feet, pa-slog through 6 feet second
class ore. Booth drift from No. 3 shaft extended 30
fee:, showing seams of ore in fa - c of drift. Stopes
from No. 1 chute looking well; the first-class ore ls
extending farther to south increasing the length.
Have holstvd and sent to the mill 15 cars ilrst -class,
battery assay 8199 23 per ton; also hoisted ana
bamed .ii concentrator 880 carloads of second-class,
average assay $30 12 per ton.
J Hew ing rrte the sales In the San Francisco
Hid 1 1 am yesterday:
rurijiH M ►.-!(■>. - P :3n a. v.
ISO 8e1cher... 751200 ll* N..1.40..00 PotOffl 60
100 8u11i0n.... 50.60 Mexic0. .1.45 100 Bava«e..2.ld
150 CC* V..3 -„ :.<,o Ncr ....46100 Scomlon.. lo
460 .oiin...._tO 200 40 300 Nev.... 1.00
300 Kxebq ....15 90 0nhir. ...2.40 100 Union. ..1.00
100 _ * C...1.05 lOOOveriu 200 V Jacket.. Bo
300 Alta 35 1111 l 0 Point. ..Bß 0ph1r.. ..2.35
250 Andes 45 100 c * c... 1.00 400 0 Term... 45
000 Belcher.. .76l2oo OPrlzo.-T.IOiIOOO 40
20 HOIOOHAN. .1.41 Potosi.. 60
100 Benton.. .!'. .so l.: *.". 100 Sav»j__ _'-*.05
50 r. & b... 2.00300 KenttlC»"..os 100 SB _._... .28
5" Ho. lie 26 150 Mexican 1.45 60 S N.t. ... 1.00
960 8u11i0n... .60J120 1.4U100 Union. ..l.Uo
200 Caiedna.. .2613760 Nev Q. ..,46350 Utah 75
100 (.'hall' 700 60.450 K._.__i . SO
800 .li-1ia.... 401200 Of.-i to.. .16 15 85
Following -ere the sales in the Pacific Bt-OkBOMO
■_K.IT] \i> .sin .— 10:30.
100 Belcher... .Bl 100 C Point.. ..iUTOOOvrmn 47
300 400 POiOOl'otnst .. Mi
150 I. * M......00 87 ..,320 Savage. .2.l6
60 8ui110u....5&ii00 Ot 100 NNcv... 1.00
100 V. ..3.8.1100 -_. C ...1.00 1.05
100 3<'„' 50 U A M..1.46 KM Union.... 1.05
60 1.85300 1.40 800 X --_.«.... bo
i 1NK.... 40 100 Mexican 1.40 50 S3
100 C I'olnt... .941100 Mold .43,100 81
60 OH iOOOpbir ... 2.401300 82
_ii ik- .ms session --'ltd.
600 Alnha 20 200 C P0int.. .86 100 Overmn...4t
250 Alta 35 100 -' 200 0Dh1r.... 2.40
100 300 80 300 2.35
100 Andes 40300 It 150 i.30
200 Belchr . 76 100 a A C. . 1.05 400 P0t05i.....
,i(|. 14 B. ..1.95 1.00 300 66
100 Buiwer.. 60 300 B« N ...1.35 300 Savage.. 2.oo
160 Clio. lar. .40 200 Julia €6 100 till _ li. .'.'(>
100 CC* V.. .3.80 60 Mexican 1.46 2003 Here. 1.00
i.OO ;i , 350 1.4 0 160 07
200 ....3.70 ICO 1... 511 Uni0n.. .1.05
ISOU linn .... o*. 100 Occld 41 .uo HJaoaei...7B
300ConN'Y.37._,i I
ToK.iiiv, June 14— p. v.
-tut Atked.\ __._. Atked.
AiDhaCon 15 20 Julia „ 06 io
Alta _ 35 40 Justice 15 20
Andes 40 4:. Keiititk _, 05 10
1 richer 70 75,1-ndy Vlaslinga. 10 15
Belle Isle _. 15 —'Locomotive.... 05 —
Benton Con 1.00 1.25 Mexican 1,30 1.35
tot * Beicner. 1.90 2.00 Mono 40 45
Looie 25 30 Mount Diablo.. l.la _
Bullion 46 60 Navajo 05 15
I litter 45 60 "*■ Belle Isl. 15 —
Caledonia 20 261 M Com wltn — 'jo
Central — 05 Nev Queen. ..^ 40 60
Challenge Coo.. «5 30 occlueuiai . .... 40 4.>
1 lit. .Jar . .. 40 45 n>t_ir 8,28 2.311
(.tuiiiiuweal*.-.. — 2bjOverina.k.... ... 35 40
untai* V1r.3.70 3.7s:reer « 05 10
Confidence .... — 1.50 Ir eeriest ....... — 05
-onNewYor-V. 35 40'Potosl _. 65 00
(en Imperial... — 05 Savage 1.95 2.00
Ciocker — 05 > corn! on 05 10
(1. -11 1,i:k... 75 80 _. B * Hides 1., 25 30
lei Monte — 15 > terra Nevada.. 95 1.00
i_a*t oierra Nev — Ob stiver inn 05 10
Eurcsa 2.00 2.26 MivcrKma — 60
Exchequer. .._ 10 16 I nioti (J0u. . .... 95 1.00
Bourn * Curry. 95 LOO I tan 10 15
CrsnU Prize . . 10 — Weldon _. — 05
Bale * Nor.r-.. 1.26 1. 30; Jacket 75 80
TuKsinr, June 14—2 r. v.
Hit Atked.* Hid. AtkeX
US I*_-4'i...i!. — (Oakland Gas.. — 3-V_
Cat • iO'l_lo4 — t'ac _k»i-0 _j 19* *"0
CntsC.Wßai.iuii., — -I'acif.cLlshtr. — 77
Bupnt-st Bds. 135 ICO 8 F (jaallatit.. 70 4 71
I>_. tx-couo 91 I*B M.lori OiciX. — 30
Hi.-'lt/H. 100'illO «al-stRK.._ — 116
K-rßilßßila... 75 105 lili 11 - Ky — 40
klkt-*l KKll.ls, 22 4 - .earv-cttt li. '.15 —
M- Coast It. 100 — >B*»It K. 60 75
61* it X ISiU. 110.4112 »,i Omnibus Kit. 57 59
BKyoJO-JBOall- - j Presidio It K_ 33 26*,.
nniuibiiKClU.il 1 — CalUorula Ins .0 93
tVAOKKBtia.. ilt'i — Commercrliiu — 92 '„
lat 111. vi01. . .4 — Fireman's Fa. - 176
low! -stKyBd.110 — Lome Mutual. 187 3 —
bFKKArlzBds — 105 V» Mate Investm - SO
_-'KIU-lK_a. 114 11-' 4 Atlantic Bow. 40 -' — ';■'
SPKKCaIBJf. 98 101 (ai Powder... 125 )*is
M-BrKCalßdaiod — (Unit I'ownir 62 60
BY Water «'«..; . - (■»! I. Nil Bow. 11* 8 11%
alert... '.'0- 4 — Vlgont Bow.. 3.* 4' 4
AnsloCalßna. 68*{4 70 V mean Bow.. — 1-
Bans or cat,.. 26 9 — bi_i>i_cm_ — 10
CalSareDeuoi 18*4 — CalCottonMO — 47
llrstNatKaiK 179 190 CalKlec lb'*'*, lU* _
LP-tAmOanK. — 122' _, cal Kiee wu. 3V_ —
1. AX I Bant. — 37 flaw'n Com.. 1' 2
Pacific Bank.. 147 — nutfh'ti Surar 3 4.4
Kerch Kxttnc 15 21 Jurts'nM'fr __ 18.4 *°
Contra Cos W. — 104 Oceanic S -.. 65 06
Marla.o VT... 48 50 pac US * S._ -4_4 —
iV Water... 97._ M In* MalL — 33%
bluel_akea TV. 20 — pacWoo_n.*4 — 34
tentraitiaa... 90 luo i
WI'HMN'U .»i.yr
-50 O-sllaht. 91: 100 Vijorlt Powder. 3"„; 60
do. 3.4 ; *2000 S V 1.. Bo:i.l*, 90 7
Al 1 I- l_N.ll . SAI.
SO . v Water. 97', : 50 Safety N'ltro Powder. 11 V_.
Tuesday Evening, June 14.
Flour dull.
Wheat ami Barley weak.
Oats firm.
Large Yellow Corn lower.
Bye neglected.
Hay dull.
Beans firmly held.
Uood rotators firm.
Onions In heavy supply.
Fine Butter and Kggsflrm. Cheese weak.
Large crop or Honey expected.
Some kinds o' I'ouitry easier.
Game nominal
Apricots and at lies abundant.
Dried Fruit and Balsltis unchanged.
Hums and Bacou higher.
Hops quiet.
Hides dull and weak.
Kennel Tallow higher.
Choice Wool sells oil.
Meat market unchanged.
drain Bags weak.
Coffee unchanged.
Coal in large supply.
Tine Wood lower.
Silver advanced.
1 it i -It licit Market.
I.ivi nrt.t.i., June 14.— The spot market Is quiet
at 7a 2"._ d. Caigoes are weak at 35s 3d for off
coast, IM 3d Itr just shipped and 35s 3d lor nearly
.Produce Exchange cable gives tbe following
Liverpool quotations for No. 2 Bed Winter: June.
Be 9d: July. Os lti,_d: August, 6s 8*A0; Septem
ber, 6s lOd ; October. Os 10 y a d.
London. June 14. — Consols. 87 1-16: Silver
40} B .i; Rentes, lOOf 6c
><•« York Markets.
New Tork. June 14.— Unusul animation In the
stock market yesterday was entirely lacking, and
the bulk of trail. was again concentrated upon
lew stocks. St. l'atil, l.utllugton. New England and
Heading alone being conspicuous. The close was
aetlve and strong, with leading shares the highest
of the day, Governments dull and firm. Petroleum
—July closed at 64 %c.
Mew York. June 14.— United States Bonds. 4's,
117: do. rs, 100: Northern l'acitlc. 20»' : Cana
dian Pacific. *>8 ._: Central l at- 1 tic. 30*/ 2 ; tnlon Fa
citic. 40%: Atchison ana bantu he. .;»i - Wells
l-.-irgn. 145: Western Union. 86.*; .sliver. !.9>*_,c-
Sterling. 44 88<ii_4 bl»V». "* '
WJMM — June. Ht,'.-e. Hour, steady. Coffee.
$12 05. Sugar. 2»4_*3._e. lions - I'acibc Coast.
VO'j_26c Hides. 13c. Copper— Lake. $11 85. Tin—
Spot. $22 60. Lead— Domestic, 94 15. iron— slo.
I'etroleuin-July, 64% c
Chic-Co Market*.
CniCA-o, June 14.— Wheat opened V4#*_t* lower,
declined 1»/4C more for lack or support, ab.ience Of
demand, reports of harvesting auspiciously begun
In Kansas and Illinois, ami bearish foreign crop
news. It then firmed up Vi.® V_c and closed easy
at 1 V.c lower. Receipts. _7.0i'0 bushels; shipments.
30.000 bushel.. Kye, 7-1 1 . (u_7se. Uarley, 00c.
liiKAfin. June 14. Wheat— Cash. 7h'' 4 c. Corn—
47c. _*ork-$lO 62V_. Lard — $6. 321 _. Klbs
|S62y,. Wbisky-$l 16. '**
Hops .ire quiet, though showing superficial signs
at Improvement. Value! are unchanged. Twenty
fivo bales of choice Caiitorulas. oi'n. June de
livery, sold on exchange at _ic. buyer's option.
The California Kalstn market docs not "enthuse"
as much as some holders would like to see it, yet
about one ticzen carloads that arrived here' the
past two weeks have been nearly ail disposed of at
good prices.
eroxn A Nil DMWH
Coffee— Quiet at 10 points advance. Kale-, 0000
bass. June, $13] July ami August. $11 90.
Sugar— Haw, strong but quiet and banged; re
fined, firm; ii, i. , .l.es' A, .19-1I>,;1 11-1 6c; confec
tioners' A, 4 3-l._>_ 6-16 c; others, unchanged.
California Fruit.
it At.d. June 14.— 1'orter Hroa. Company sold
to-day three carloads or California fruit, flyman
l'luins sold at $1; Cherry I'luws, $_ 26©_ 30;
! small boxes, *1 [email protected] 10; Btlil Plums, $2 30;
I Koyal Apricots, Jl [email protected] 35; Golden Apricots,
£175: Beaches. *i(.1t.0: Koyal Anne Cherries,
$1 26_>1 50; Black Republican, * 1 05_il 30.
Wool Mark*t.
New York. June 14. Wool, steady. Domestic
Cr-ece. 20V v (_7H7c ?. lb.
l'ortiaiiii'-. Business.
PoßTi.*xn. Or., Juno 14.-('learauces, .Idt.OOO;
balances, ?til,ooo.
I'liliini;!' and lliilllon.
Sterling Exchange. 60 diys ... — *?!',*
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 89.,
Sterling txcliaiige. cable - — 49"
New York Exchange, sight — i'-i",
Kewl'ork 1 xcian_;e, telegraphic... — J<Ml
Fine Silver '**. ounce — 80._
Mexican Dollars -. 70._ 71V«
Treanuro Shinmcnt.
The City of Kio de Janeiro took out a treasure
list of ?964.751, as follows: Mexican Dollars. f»30,
--674; Gold Coin, ,15710, and Silver, $128,500.
Shiiiplnsr .Notes.
Steamers to sail to-day are the City of New York
for Panama, Mlneola Tor New York, Irutkee for
Portland, Pomona and North Fork for Humboldt
Bay Los Angeles for Newport, and Del Norte ror
Coo. Bar. tie Walls Walla falls duo from \ Ic
torla ami Puget Sound, San Mateo from CoaoJ.
and Sinus from Central America. ' - _; '
The Chilean bark Leon or, 800 tons, loads lumber
at Moodi vllle for Valparaiso, owner's account
Protluco Market-
FLOUR— DuII and unchanged. Net cash prices
are: Family extras. $4 B__M 75: Bakers' extras,
84 .'."■ ii 65; superfine, *_; 75_»3 V emX.
WHEAT— Spot freights are Inactive at about
'..ri. 3d for iron vessels, usual options. The char
tered Wheat fleet in port has a teglstered tonnage
of 40,000, against 41.700 tons on the same date last
year: disengaged, 118.-00 tuns, again*! 10.177: on
the way to this port, 860,000 tons, against 344.000.
Wheal lacks lift, and prices show a downward ten
dency in sympathy with tin- Eastern and foreign
markets. No. 1. *1 37' ■. _. ctl; choice. 41 40: lower
grades, »10-"-(_ i 06; extra choice, for milling,
»1 __-_'_,l 47i_ I* Ctl.
i\i„i!Mii Session*— lo o'cloc'-— No sales.
K i-t. I i.ar 'liuimmi Session - Seller '92-.00
tons, ■1 »9.i; Septeniber-100, $1 ll 1 *: 100.
AHiuM.'iN' Bnatot* -Seller •__ — 200 to: =.
$1 38*54; 200, -? 1 38%, Euyer _.epteinber-200,
81 41"«: i 00. * 1 4144.
BMU.i.v— Weak ami slowly tending downward.
Not much inquiry, I mures are still lower. No.l
Feed. 82.401 choice bright do. 9 .* '_ _.i'sc: dark
Coast. 90c; Brewing. 97V2C<«$1 02i /a ; Cuevaller.
Ikformai. BXMfoK— IO o'clock— No sales.
\<y. 11 ah Mi. uMNo BcaaioM— Seller '92, new—
800 tons, '.<-'' _!■. ' „-;, .
AI-cknoiin Session— Seller '92, new— 6oo tons,
92 1 „. 100, 921/sc; 100, 02V_e; 100, 92-" ; aC; Decem
ber- 100, 9d Vie
OATS— Over 1 2.000 ctls came in from Oregon yes
terday, it! they were needed and sales were brink,
Gray advanced. White are q notable at *i 35
(d.l 45 .A ctl for good to Choice, ?1 -0<b)l 65
Set! ior fancy and $1 86®1 ::-'v for common to
lair: Surprise. 91 65fel HO %. ctl; Gray, *1 37 ._
toi r.i „ V ctl. ' '-■:■'■■ ":'''■■ -
CO Large Yellow has acaln declined The
other descriptions show uo chanae. Large Yellow,
41 30_H 82* AiS ctl: Mnail Kuund Yellow, $1 87 Vi;
White, *I'36©lß7V_ 1 ctl. . ,
UYK-N'eglected aud cheap at ?1 207.51 25 *? Ctl.
in:.-, .noted at _ - ,18 50 lor the best and
IT 'iii for outside brands.
MIDDLINGS— ted at $20 50021 X - ton.
1 in. ITI. D FEED— Quoted at *.o<_)2l 'fS tin.
BAY— Dealers report a dull and weak market.
New cat. from the Klver, 1-. poor sells as low as
$mi. New Airaira, *[email protected]: New Wheat, _9(_112;
New Oat, }■_>.' SO: New Wheat ami Oat. [email protected]
Old Hay 11 quote. l at $ll(ti-14 ior Wheat, *9(<41l ror
Compressed, 810912 forOat,[email protected]ß for Wheat and
Oat. [email protected] Tor Wild O«t.$10_)l^ for Barley, «.S_}lo
ror Alfalla, *lO for stock.
STRAW— Quoted at [email protected] ?. bale.
MILLSTI7FFS— Ground and Dolled Barley emoted
It $22 a-j;t 50 The mills sell Oilcake Meal at $25
'_. ton net: Kye Flour. :.-°4c V lb; Km! M.'a 3V-ic;
Oraham Flour. 3 Vic; Oatmeal. 4y 2 c; Oat Groats
6c- Cracked Wheat, B%C: Buckwheat Flour. 6_*
51 -c: Pearl Barley, 3*/_ _)5c =- lb. _ „_ a
SEEDS— Yellow Mustard ta quotable at 83 25©
375 R ctl: Brown Mustard. ..''■..'. 25 1. ctl; Flax.
.2 25 %- Ctls Imported Canary. $2 Ss_>3 r.' l .: Al
falfa, U_) 12 V.c: K..ir, 2#3i_c; Hemp, ;■>'**-•: Tim
othy, ..'-.t fA tb.
DRIED PEAS— Nlies. $1 3()(_.l 40 t* ctl: Green,
41 60(3,2: Eastern Green. $2 75: Blackeye, *3_13 25
V, ctl; Split l'eas.4*/2_>s._C "**• lb.
BUCKWHEAT— Quoted at *-' 25 bid,
COKNMEAL. ETC.— Tabic Meal quoted at 3® 3
-. IT,; leeuCorn, $28 ' "■;-••.' Cracked Cur:;, $29 00
ft.3o %» ton: Hominy. 4 .'_•_) 1.4 c > lb.
BEANS— Receipts are liberal, but the demand Is
rather better ami the market is firmly held.
Davos are quotable at [email protected] 10: Pea.s2 25t32 05;
Large White, s2 25 ©2 40; Small bite, *2 26©2 50:
Bins. $2&' i 10; Reds. $202 25; Limits, [email protected] 30:
Butters. *2 60©3 ?i ctl.
POTATOES — The best kinds sill very well.
Burbau..s, In sacks, 63&!85c: 10 boxes, Psc_.sl 25:
New Garnet Chiles, [email protected] %. eti; Sew Peerless, 00
@f<oc; New Early we, 111 sacks, 60©.5 c; In boxes,
_0r(3,5l 25 f* ctl.
ii.MoN.s- In large supply and easy at 25©33 c ";•
BUTTER— Receipts have been l-rt-er daring the
past week, but fine Butter continues firm. Cream
ery. [email protected]; Dairy— . ires, 21j__l22c: fancy roll
20921 c; flood to choice. li©l9c; common to fair,
[email protected]_c --* ib.
CHEESE— Continues weak and plentiful. Young
Americas are lowfr. Fair to choice solid new. 7©
8 l /_c: old. uomlnsl; Yonng Americas, i*©9c: cased
C'bee*e. \-,c atidltlcr.al; Eastern. 12.__.14c ?. ID.
POCLTKY — Hens are weaker ami turkeys firmer.
No other chai.Kes. Receipts are nut heavy. Live
Turkeys are quol ble at 18020 _• ■• for Cobblers
ar.'i 160181 for Hens; Oee.e. 'fs pair, (1 25©1 60;
Goslings. 4.1 to ..' Ducks l lor old and $.©7 lor
young; Hens. *-.;©7 60: Koosters, young. $'.i©l 2rl
doz; no old. $7©7 60; Fryers, $1 -. Broilers, 9600
for large and $2 &[email protected] V dozen for small.
GAME- Receipts sre slender ami prices are nomi
nal. Hare, — : Rabbits, fl 50 lot Cottontails and
tl 25 R dozen for small.
EGGS— Good Eggs continue firm. Business ls not
.-: lively. Eastern, [email protected] R dozen. California
are ".noted at lO&'.JOc for store ami 21t&24c '* dozen
for ranch.
HONEY— Dealers say tbat the crop will be larger
this year and the quality will be superior to that of
last year. Fair New Comb has sold at 1 1 v.c and
very light new amber extracted at SVfce 11 It. We
quoti? old Honey as follows: Extracted f'-v-ie for
amber and C : i-n 6 ; ' 4 c for bright. Comb is quoted at 10
i_Jl3c for white in l-IT frames and h_HOo In 2-lh
BEESWAX— Quoted at [email protected] * 16.
FRESH HtL'l'l— Apiicots are in heavy supply.
Apples and Pears go slowly, Peaebes are not brisk.
Receipts of Cherries are slowly decreasing and
prices are firm. Raspberries are In larger supply.
Stocks of Currants are moderate Blackberries. ftOfl
75c R drawer: Apples, ! i 975 c V box and 40_aeoc
basket* Pears, 4 1K5. 50c «■ box and 40(f060c ',- basket]
Peaches. 40(t_76c; Cherry Plums, sU_|7sc R drawer;
Apricots. 4i_"(rfl76c tor Royals; Currants, -„q 5 60
"#» chest: Gooseberries. 3V.(t-s'._c R Ib for small
ami t<_i7c > lb for English; Raspberries. $06%12 'ri
chest : Cherries, 88ft_.65c R box for lute. 4-<a»6o_
fur Black ami 7orrisl for Royal Anne; Cherries
in bulk, fca-i 1 .c for White and [email protected]»_c «. m for
Black: berries, $iOa 1.1 _» chest lor Long
worths anil JOtJ, for Sharpless.
CITRUS FRUlTS— Oranges .ire not firm. Limes
are cheaper and quiet. San Bernardino Seedlings are
quotable at 42 0 1 ' 4 ' V ox: San Bernardino Navels,
$1 sl'<_Bs R box; Riverside Seedlings, f. 1 v(o'2; Riv
erside Navels, 42 6('@3: los Anseles Seedlings.
[email protected] ■1 y box; Los Augeies Navels, $1 [email protected] R
box: Sicily Lemons, $o<j66 50; California Lemons,
? 1 50ai,3 *> box for common and 33 su*g 5 for good
to choice: Mexican Limes, $l<_>4 60 V bx; Bananas,
$1 outasil bunch: Pineapples. 92 50( .5 R dozen.
DRIED FRUlT— Beyond tbe decline In Peaches
there is nothing new. Prunes, Figs sad Apricots
continue scarce and firm and other descriptions
aulet. Sun-dried Peaches quotable at [email protected] _i It.:
Bleached Peaches. 6©7cVro: Sun-dried Apricots.
2y a @sc "f lb: Bieacned Apricots. 7 »_<a''c 9 lb;
Apples. SiaiSVjc %* lb for evaporated lo boxes, :i-j
3V-.C lor sliced snd 2i,i.fi£!.c for quartered; Pitted
Plums. 4 @sc '_■ ID: nnpltted Plums, 2_|3e: Grapes,
I*/[email protected]_. %» lb: Prunes, 4---i,7i...c for 60's to 120's;
German Prunes. l(_»5c: 'Let Nectarines, 3<34c;
White Nectarines. 4% "rf: Figs, unpressed, _4ft7c;
ii,-'. pressed. 798o; Evaporated Pears, o_>7c;
Sliced Pears, 3.95 c ; Quartered Pears, '.'d^c R n>.
RAISINS — Dealers report stagnation at weak
prices. Layers, fancy, »r- quotable at $1 15
(.ol 25 'f box; good to choice, 76e05l _. box,
with the usual advance for fractional boxes; loos.)
Muscatels. t.-ict'eOe "f box and 2*.__)3c .'. lbln sacks.
Nt i" Inactivity still characterizes this market,
„iii is well stocked for all current needs. Walnuts,
4 oilic ; spersbeli do, [email protected]: sofisheii Almond . 101,%
©liy.c .i tt»: hardshell do, — -, papersheil, 12
(al-lc" Chile Walnuts. [email protected]«lc; Peanuts. 2* / i..c tor
Uoinestlc: Hickory Nuts. 7<3Bc. Pecans, H',-_(gH..c
tor small and 15_ll-<- tor large; Filberts, ll,j)
12c: Brazil Nuts. tit _<-HC: Cocoauuts. $4 ..100.
VEGETABLES— The market la very well supplied
with almost all kinds. Green Corn, lf'tcd-JOc 9 doz;
Green Peppers, 20c R ID; Bag Plant, 20c: Cucumbers,
'_!6i_l«oc V doz: String Bean . 4,,i,5r '1* lb; Rerugeo
Beans. : _)7c; Wax Beans, 5&1 c; Summer Squash. 40
6hOOC _. bx for Winters antl 41 25 for Bay; asparagus,
$1 _AA2 60: Rhubarb, 5-c-..#i 50? hox; Los An
geles Tomatoes, (I^l 7, . . Vaeaville Tomatoes, 41 38
&01 50; Green Peas, 75i i JI iflsack: Dry Peppers, 10
@llc; Cabbage. [email protected] ?* rcl ; Feed Carrots, 50c;
Turnips, 50 ©75 c: Beets, $1; Parsnips. $125. Garlic,
2&fllc - It.
PROVISIONS- Very firm, Good demand. Bacon
and Hams continue to andvance. Eastern Covered
Breakfast Bacon Is quotable nt 12' ! .it,(,1;.c V 11, :
California Smoked Bacon, [email protected] : for heavy
ami medium, 12(j513c c Ib for light, and l'-U...
(u.l,ii_rr for extra light; Bacon Mies, li]i ,|_}lo' ■■*:;
Eastern sugar-cured Hams for city trade," i:ti..,a
13 1 !' 1 : California Bams, salt lli' 2 @l2c R lb; refrlg
erator-cured. 1J ' ..in, 12 ' Lard, tierces. Eastern,
all kinds, S^i-H*.: cases, 10«, c.l a--. California,
tierces. !'(r,;i' ,c: half-bbls, 9* .<_>_• ..c: tins 105;
palls. 10-16. 10'/ 2 c: do, 616. ni'.,. •-. legs, IM.iC-100
w tb; .Mess Beef. $7 [email protected]; extra mess do. $8 Ml. {'.l;
family do, $11 60-512: clear Fork. $1» 60_i20;
extra prime, flSttl s 50; extra clear, 120320 50;
mess. *17 50ttlB V it.; Pig Pork, R keg. $;if_43 25;
pigs' Feet. $12(^1- -'6 V bbl: Smoked Beef, lli -'_)
12c Rttt-
HOPS— Buyers are willing to pay 15018. for the
new crop, but growers generally decline to sell
under SO., consequently business Is at a standstill.
In New York the en Is backward. In England
conditions arc favorable M they are tairlv coin
Germany. The New York market on 'sand 90's
, is easier and lower and ll Is quit, evident that tome
stocks will be carried Into next season.
HIVES AND PELTS— DuII. Prices wayk. Heavy
salted steers are quotable at 7(t_. '_c >' tb; mi ,1 11,
Be R lb: lift" . li.4i ,c rl It,; Cowhides. 4V.4 9 It.;
unite. Kip, 4c: salted Calf, 7c; dry Hides, usual selec
tion, 9c: dry Kips, Pc; dry Calf, 9c; inline, Go-it
■kins, Mo<_.soe each; Kids, M-To.'-. Deerskins, good
summer, _7f_c; medium, .itii^.u 1 ..c. winter, 204
■j.'ic. Sheepskins, shearlings, 10,cd25c: short woo. ,
40_-70c: iiiedliim, TOAOOe; long Wool, 90c_>$l 40
each. Culls of all kinds about _.-■_ less.
■i allow— Beflned is higher. No. 1 rendered. 4
rati' 1 1 " ■ No 2. ■'■'• : 'i..<'.-'C: rotmod, Olgid'/.c _. lb
Wool/— Choice Wool is la very good demand, but
the lower grades art dull. Spring Wool is quoted as
follows: Southern and San Joaquin, year's clips, 11
i_l:i'jf .4 Ib: do seven months'. [email protected]: Foothill,
16(i. 1 7 >_c: choice Northern. IS'-'-lli : Nevada. 15(c>
1,. _• 15: Eastern Oregon, [email protected]: Valley Oregon,
[email protected] R IU
General Jllercliandise.
BAOS— Weak and Inactive. Outside dealers are
selling at 7<-,7 ! 4 c. Wool Bags, :iii:*33c.
CANNED FRUITS— for the new pack are
! quoted as to lows: Apricots, $1 25; Peaches ami
Pears. $1 50_)1 60: White Cherries, 92R2 25;
Black cnerriep. $1 60©1 75: Plums, $1 10_)l 25.
Old goods are nominal, at follows: 91 05(31 30 for
Apricots, $li_)l 16 R tlnz for Plums. 41 30©l 60 for
Peaches. *] 30*31 50 tor pears. $1 90i_»2 15 for
White Cherries and $1 BOA] no for Black.
CANNED ETA BLEB New pack Tomatoes
76c; Peas. 75c(oj$l; string Beans. 90rft8$l _* dozen.
COFFEE— No change to report. Quotations are:
19 V__.20*-_c 9 15 for good to prime Costa Rica,
Ireo from black beans: isftjl? ,_c R lb for good
Costa Rica, mixed with black beans; 18 ,__>l9._c
fee good washed Salvador; 17V_»C nominal for
good unwashed Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala:
[email protected]_c '_' ib for prime washed Guatemala: 2(Wn)
20*4 c for good to strictly good Guatemala: 17©
l'.r' 4 c for fair washed and unwashed Guitemala;
-.d l -.!.!.'-'-"' %. lb for good to prime pea-berry: 1 A
1 ,'1 tor medium qualities; 12V_t(fiH*lV*_i c ' o r ordinary
qualities: S'r_l2c for very Inferior to common.
COAL No further ihange. The feeling is still
weak. Wellington is quotable at 48 R ton; New
Wellington, *8 R ton: Boutnltcld Wellington. $8;
Cedar River. *6 50; Seattle, $9 60; New
Seattle. 16 50; Coos Ray. $5 50: Sydney. $6 15:
Scotch. $7 \s ton; Brymbo. $6 76; Greta, 40 75;
Cumberland. $13 lv bulk and $14 In sacks: Penn
sylvania Anthracite Egg, $11 50; Welsh Anthra
cite Beg. $9; Cam. il. $8 IOR ton.
FISH — No. 1 Mackerel *|[email protected]:t In half-blil,
and $1 It ■'.- Hi kits: No. 2, $10 lv bols ami
$1 50_1 75 In klta; Mess Mackerel, $3 "A kit;
Pac Cod. e^c In bundle*. 6®o',_c _. Ib in cases. 7
@7'/»c for boneless and SO- 1 .c for bricks: Eastern
Smoked Herring. 35c; Dutch do. 81 50©1 75 ft keg;
Wnlteri.sh. $10 In half-bids aud $'[email protected] 25 in kits;
Tongues and sounds. $1 75_>2.
QUICKSILVER— Quoted at $13 50©ll V flask.
SYRUP— Western Sugar Keflnery quotes Gold
en. in bols, l7',vc _. gallon.
NAILS— Card rates of Hardware Dealers' Associa
tion are as follows: Iron, 42 00: Steel. $2 70:
Standard Wire, 43 15 1. keg, on the basis or 200
SUGAR— The Western Surar Rennln." Company
quotes, terms net cash; Cube. Crushed. Powdered
ami Fine Crushed, all 5 ._c _* tb: Dry Granulated.
B*_c _* lb; Confectioner..' A, BVfcc; Standard A,
4%c; Jlaenolia. 4-._jC; Extra C, 4 1 / _<": Golden C.
4%c: D. 4>/_c %» lb; half- bbls. .4c more than bbls.
and boxes ._c more.
Fan Francisco Meat Market.
Prices show no change. Beer is plentiful. Fat
Mutton and Lamb ate scarce. Wholesale rates from
slaughterers to dealers are as follows: *
BEEF— First quality, 6V_c; secoud quality. 6c;
third do. 4©4V_c.
VEAL— Large, [email protected]: smalt Calves. 7' _. ■-.*"
MUTTON — Wethers. 7©Be; Ewes. 7_)7V-«.
LAMB-Sprliiß, S_>9o fi lb.
PORK— Live Hogs, 4" (_»sc _" ffi for heavy hard
traln-fed; s'jgi6 > for light average do; atocic
Hogs, 4Va_.l-.-C ; dressed do. 7V 2 _»Bc '** lb.
Wood Market. „
Posts, OVic each; Redwood, $5 50 per cord; Oak.
rough. [email protected] 25: do, peeled, $8 50; Bine, $6 50 _.
cord; Railroad Ties, 37V_c apiece for oxß and 46
@50c for Ix 9. _ ,
TANBARK-Ground bark, 824 _. ton, whole
$15 50 * cord.
Lumber .Market.
Retail rates continue nominal.
Tuesday. June 14.
Flour, or sks 13.082] Bran, sits »30
do. Oregon, do. . ;_ 57'»:Mi(t>nin.s, 5k5..... 38
Wheat, ctls 47,57. Or Screenings, s_s . 25
do, or .un, d0....10,i<0T Hay. tons. .:.- „ 240
Barley, ctis 564 Straw. tons 20
Oats, Oregon.ctls.. .ll,2*3o Wool, bis 302
Corn, ctls 1,199 do. Oregon, d 0... 042
Bn.iis.s_s 3,364 (.ulcksllver, 1m... 70
Potatoes, bm 2,209 met, n0. ...... ..- 194
do. 0rca.0n.d0. ... 101 Wine, gals 62,000
Onions, sks 1.217 -■-.■■■■■
Date* of Departure I mm San FVanel-c 1.
b \ I m.
J Ytfisr
Los AiißelesjNewport ilno 15, Bam ilidw'y'J
City M York . Panama .1,10 1&.1-' iii Pass
loin on a. ' Ilnniboklt Bay.. .hie 15. |li(tw'r 1
Trucke©.... Portland Joe 15, MhVh 1
Santa Ron.. 18*11 DießO Uiie 17.11 AMjlwWjr a
WllametteV ! Van uina »ay ...... I IT-IUAMiSeaw 1
Com in bin... Portland .Mie IS. IOAM,."jDa»r
Walla Walla Vie* Pet Sound ,J:.e 18, 9AM|l!dWyl
City Panama Panama Jne 18,12 m.PMS 8
}iiiini>o!<U. IllumboldC Bar- i-lue 18. 9AMJWasti
fcirek* Newport |Jiie 19, BAMiHrt\T'r2
Corona Han Dlezo |Jue 21.11am;»<Iw"t '£
tuteor t'al. | Portland |Jne 10am |spe»r
Departure of Atturaiian steamer ue,>e . > i tie
Kupllsh II alls.
sl > AM) 11!);; TARDA.
Computed by Thomas Tk.vska't, Chronom .tsr and
Instrument Maker, 1 California street
Sign of the Wo nlfln > „| ,-
g H. W. | H.W. L. W. -L. W. j?§ ?|
a SuiaiL Large. SmalL ] Largo. £ I f
5.... 4.45 fM l r > am BSO Si <J.OB am i 47 7. a
Lar^e. : Small. ' '
,8.... 8.25PM 57 am 10.50 fm 10.03 am 4.47)7.3
7.... 6.04 vu 4.30 »■• 00.00 am 11.02 am 1.477.3.-
-.8... 0.41 m l (3.06 am 0.08 Alt 11.65 am 1.4717.3!
■ Larire. | braalt. ! I
».... 7.21 FM 7.19 AD O.SMam ; 0.50 am 4.4*7.31
!1>.... SOI l".: 8.41 am 2.02 am 1.4*2 m i 4-7 - .
M.... 8.48 I'M 9.53 am 3.01 am i! 34 I'M 1 4-7. a!
.slill'l'lMi INI". 1.1.Hi -'.NCR.
TrusDiY, June 14.
Stmr Columbia, Belles. 5 1 » 4. hours from Portland
via Astoria, 42 hours; pass and indse, to Union
Pacific Railroad Company.
Stmr Santa Rosa, Alexander, (51 i hours frm San
Diego; pass lei mdse, to Goo tall, Perkins A Co.
Slinr Nt'jo, Drisko. 40 hours from Noyo: 0000
railroad ties and raft of 98 piles lv tow, to Fort
Bra,*; Redwood C'>.
stmr Cieone. Miller, 22 hours from Needle Rock;
2 611 cords bark, to c 1. Dingle-/ A Co.
Stmr Tillamook, Hamm, 30 hours frm Rear Har
bor: 7000 railroad ties, to L E White.
iiktu Port ana, iur :, 10 days frcm Shoalwater
Hay . 6.0 31 ft lumber, to Simpson Lumber Co.
Schr Corinthian. Zaddarc. 12 hours from Hum
boldt: 180 M ft lumber, to C a Hooper A Co.
Si iir Gusts'. c Klose. Olsen, 43 hours from Eureka;
115 M ft lumber, to lllgglns A Collins.
Si iir Tber.se, Scliiiiallng. 48 hours from Usal;
110 fits bark, to Pollard _ Dodge.
Scbr Ban Buenaventura, Dabieff, 10 days from
Grays Harbor; '210 Mit lumber, to Wiisoa Bros A
Tuesday. .Tune 14.
Stmr os Angeles, Leland, Wilmington; Uoodall,
Terktus A Co.
Stmr Pomona, Hannah, Eureka; Uoodall, Perkins
A Co.
Stmr City of Rio tie Janeiro, Cavariy, Yokohama
and Hong-Kong; p M S s Co.
Ship Conqueror, Latbrop Jr, New York; J N
Kiioi\ tea,
Br bark Francis Fisher, Fraser, Queenstown; Ep
plngt-r A Co.
Scbr Gardiner City, Masters, Ocos; Swayue A
Schr Caleb Curtis, Latliti, hunting and fishing; J
A Magce Jr.
Trr.sn.iT, June 14.
Stmr Ilattle Cage. Yarneherg, Eel River.
Buns Oregon. Poleman, Astoria.
Stmr Gipsy, .it-; 11. Santa Cruz, etc. »
Stmr Farallon, Hi/i^ins, Humboldt.
stmr City ot Rio tie Janeiro. Cavarly, Yokohama
and Hong-Kong.
Stuir Laguna, Hansen.
Nor lark l'rof Johnson, Lorontzen, Port Town-
Bktn S (1 Wilder. Griffiths, Honolulu.
Bktn Arose Perry, Shoalwater hay.
hctir Rachael. Snndborg, Point Arena.
Schr Helen Mi lam, Lindhridge. Sitka
Schr Annie Larfen, White. Tacoma.
Br hi Chetco, Jacobsou, Rogue Riser.
Bebi iv:i Bnglebrettsen, Umpqua.
Schr Jennie Stella. Blrklns.
Schr Olendale, Johnson. Tacoma.
Schr Nettle Sundborg, Johuson.
point LOBOS — June 14-10 i* if — Weather
thick; Wlml VV ; velocity 12 miles.
June 6— lat 41 N, lon 11 W. Br ship LlndUfarne,
from Swansea for Ban Francisco.
Dome .tic Ports.
STEWARTS -Arrived June 13 — Schr
Archie A Pontic, hence Juno 11.
PORT TOWNSEND — Arrived June 14 — Schr
Zampa, hnce June 3; schr George XV Watson, from
San Pedro. •
I At DMA— Sailed Juno 14— Skip Dashing Wave
for San Francisco, '
USAL— Sailed June 14— Stmr Westport, for San
TATOOSH— Passed in June 14— Bark Palmyra,
hence June 3 for Port Gamble.
1 .MAX- Arrived June 14-Stmr Jewel, from
Sau Pedro.
CL EOME— Jure 14— Stmr Whitesboro,
hence June 13.
luivs i.\> LANDING— SaiIed Juue 14-Schr M _•
terey, for San Francisco.
GREENWOOD— Arrived June 14-Stmr Alca
traz. from Potnt Arena.
GRAYS HARBOR— Arrived June 14-Schr J c
Ford, hence June 4.
SAN FKlJßO— Arrived June 14-Stmr Formosa.
ForiMiru l'ort..
IQI'IQI'E- Arrived April 'J-Br ship Montgomery.
shire, hence Feb 14.
sailed April 11— Br ship Montgomeryshire, for
DUNKIRK— Arrived June I— Br bark Lord Lynd
hurst, from Santa Rosalia, via month,
HAMBURG— Arrived June 13 — Br ship Cleo
mene, from Tacoma, via Queenstown.
I' AN AM A— Arrived June 11— Stuir San Jose, hee
May 25.
QUEKNSTOWN-Salled June 4-Br bark Itata,
for Fleetwood; Br ship British General, tor Ant
BW AN SEA— Sailed June 13— Br ship Anglesay,
for San Francisco.
LIZARD— Passed June 12— Br ship Port Craw
ford, hence Feb 8, via Queenstown,
MoTSmSS ,tS «>r Trniiß-Atl-iiirlc Stoamnr-
PHILADELPHIA— Arrived Jane 11— Stmr Lord
Cough, from Liverpool.
1 -Arrived June 14— Stmr Samaria, from
Mo Vl LLE— Arrived June 14— Ship Ethiopia, frm
New York.
NEW FOBS— Arrived June 14-Stmrs City of
Chester, from Liverpool; America, from Bremen-
Egyptian Monarch, from Hull, and Adler, from
bxs fish. 8147 sks wheat, .8. sks oats,s pk| sheep
pelts, 641 sks wool. 223 dry bides, 234 green bides,
5 pkgs tallow, 1 pkg furs, 1634 bf sks flour. 101 sks
potatoes, 1205 pkgs barrel stock. 800 pkgs pulp. 16
pkgs leather, 100 sks oysters, 781 P«gS Shooks, 27
rolls newspaper. 606 pkgs pepper, 6 cs salmon, ISO
pkgs. 30 cs lului-ral water, lit ska dry fruit. 3 pkgs
woolens, 6 bxs butter, 50 pkgs Junk, 24 pkgs paint.
3 pkgs express, 47 pkgs sundries.
San Dl£GO-Per Santa Rosa— lo bale* meal, 15
rs mineral water, 20 cs salmon, 1 keg red pepper
100 salt hides. 12 pkgs c skins. 58 pkgs junk, 122
pkgsdry ilsh, 1 bx ham, 2 bxs abalone shells, 1 sk
abalono meat, 17 cs honey, 105 bxs lemons. 51 bxs
oranges, 9 bbls grease,] bx hardware. ttankam
monia. 1 pka dry goods. 6 sks wool, 1 cs shoes, 1 cs
cigar.. 178 pigs tin.
San Pedro— l4 cs salmon. 15 bills dry fish, 724
sks corn. 1 keg wine. 1 box lemons, 21 bxs oranges
i.cdoniio - 4 bbls wine. Bcs paint, 1 bx tin, 2 cap
cure, 236 sks corn, so bxs lemons, 170 bxs oranges
7 bxs vegetables, 13 bxs tomatoes. *
Santa Barbara- 49 salt hides. 5 bdls pelts 2 bbls
tallow. 10 bxs oranges, __ bxs lemons, 1 bx plumes
,'i cs pictures, 2 sks green peppers, 60 sks lags, 3.
pkgs old Iron, 129 sks bones, 20 sks crawfish, 1
Port Harford— 3 kegs 6SMi bxs butter, 12 cs eggs
11 cs cheese, 1 cs beeswax, 1 shoes, 11 cs bone] 3
coops elm sens, 30 dress, c, lives, 2 meat 53
sks wool, 1 pkg express, 2 pkgs coiu. *
Allies— 49l sks beans. -
Arroyo Grande— l32 sks beans.
Harris— 39 calves.
Consignee _•
Ter Columbia— Allen * Lewis; Kissinger A Co- L
Gauz Jr; XV It Sumner .* Co; 11 Llebes J Co: order*
Christy A Wise. Hulme A Mart; C J Leist A Co- Pa
cific Coast Elevator Co: Frank Lee; John Ziegea
beiii: F Illllms A Co; Pacific Coast Steamship Co-
Moore. Ferguson A Co; Oeo Morrow 9 Co; George
Hereon; California Barret Co: ll W Pierce- S P Tay
lor Paper Co-. 11 Dutard; Wolf.. Son; A Paladlnl*
Morgan Oyster Co; Clatsop Mill Co; Union Pacific'
System: Willamette Pulp A Paper Co; down Ta
per Co: (Jiusti 9 An too i; v Camillom « Co; Ameri
can Fish Co; Duff .1 Co: Scotchler A Uibbs- W X
Bees 4 Co; B II Frank A Co; Porter Bros A Co: Win
Wolff 4 Co; J Evertiing 9 Co; Brown Bros A Co- M
Soloiuaii A Co; ('has Harley A Co; Washburn Mower
Co; els, Fargo A Co: Carr A Co: James Scott:
latum 4 Nolan.
Per Santa Ro.a— Dairymen's Union; Hills Bros: J
A Cruza; Gets Bros A Co: Wheaton A Luhrs: JE
Johnson: Dodge, Sweeney * Co: Vervalin I Rowe-
Norton, Teller A Co; C X Whitney A Co: Academy
of science; Kowalsky 4 Co: 11 N Tilden a co- J 0
Kinder: O B Smith 9 Co; s Milicnrv ,v Co; Howard
Harris a Co: Marshall, Teggari A Brorsen; J Holt.
man A ("or DTledeman A Co; Wolf A Sun; II Heck
man 4 Co; Ross J Hewlett; Schweitzer 4 Co; iro
buck 4 Bt-rgin: Calm. Nlckclsl.urg 4 Co; Thomas 4
King: Buckingham. Hecht A Co; Sinshelmer Bros;
Balfour, Guthrie A Co; M T Freltas a- Co; Sheridan
A Harding: Dal ton Bros; Allison. Gray A Co; -lad
see Fruit Co; 11 Dutard; Grangers* Business Ass'n;
Wells. Fargo A Co; Haas Bros; J Ivancovich 4 Co:
Deere Imp Co: Willanl Bros; J J Melius; P Davis;
J ilall: Demlng * Calmer Mill Co; Washington MM
Co; American Biscuit Co: W B Sumner A Oo; G 11
Jackson; ES Jeffreys; Richards ACo;MS Blmas: A
i.aiil; Hull, Luhrs A Co; 1 has rietjen; lnimei i Co;
Geo II 'lay A C i; Russ, Banders A Co: W J Murray;
Murphy, Grant A Co, Cbas Uarley A Co: Garcia A
N ; L O Srcsovlcb 4 Co; J Rosenberg; Dellepiane A
Co; Wlt (land _ Frcdcricksou; Herman .110: F;J
Thomas; Levaggl A Bar hart; J M Nixson; J C I)o
--lan; W it Knights A Co; A Paladlnl; J B Dicuglla: J
R I'iice: Louis Mitchell; McDonough * Johnson;
Amer Press Assu; l'urtllnl A Co; U Camllioul .v Co;
Ulustl A An ton) 1 VVh.ltitr, Fuller 4 Co: II L Boyd;
American Merchants' Union: Washington Mfg Co;
Daltou Bros; Whitman * li Mfg Co.
I'or Late v.i.i.ri i_i luteUUtiiea See Kijhllt Ava
...or. ...„'_-
Weiliit stl -v .rune l.", 189.,
At 11 o'clock a. Mm at me residence, :'/..
1315 Webster Street, Near Ellis,
....ALL OR THE....
Tarlor. Red and Dining Room Furniture : Body
niseis Carpets and Rugs; French-plate
Nickel-frame Mantel Mirror of the newest de-
sign; Rich Satin Brocatelle Parlor Set, in
hand-polished Cherry Frame; Elegant Divans;
Odd Parlor bain ami Softie, in Plush and
other fine covers ; Library and Center Tables ;
Extra Fine French-plate Front Walnut Fold-
inir-ix'il, cost $175; Handsome Clocks. Bisque
and other Fin** Ornaments ; Engravings and
other Superior Pictures ;
Walnut Sideboard l'etlestnl Extension Table and
Chairs to. match; Wsinat ht..l Oak Bedroom Sets ;
While Hair Mattresses: Blankets and other Bed-
ding; Bookcase?; Reciialag Lounges antl Chairs;
Oak Hsllstand; Hall and -.sir Carpets: Medallion
KanK'", with Dorcelaln-lined fixtures complete: Pat-
ent Kitchen Table; English Linoleum; Crockery,
Slsm and China Ware, and other goods too numer-
ous to mention.
ear The above goods bare only been In use about
7 months -nd will positively be sol I without reserve.
_1 .-.. J. SIMMONS, Auctioneer.
Real Estate Aeent and General Auctioneer,
(Mas no connection with any other persons lv the
business- at bis old ic«-J
Office and Salesroom— li! Bluest., .Nevada l.lo;.-.
Wednesday ...June 15, 1893,
At 11 o'clock, a. M., on the premises.
....COMPRISING . . .
lt WM. BUTTEKKIELI), Auctioneer, 412 Pine.
425 Kearny st., bet. California aud l.v a
Weduosclay June 15, 1833,
At 11 o'clock, on the premises,
The Very Elegant Furniture of Residence,
... coMraisiHa. ...
Elegant Parlor Upholstery— Divan, Easy Chairs,
Keception Chairs and Kockers;
Costly Oil Paintings, In rich frame.:
Elegant Moqnet and Brussels Carpets: Fine Rugs:
Elegant Center Tahlei ; Elegant Kosewcocl Hat.
Stand: Very Elegant Eastlxke Walnut Chamber
Suit, with plate mirrorsaiulTenuessee maruies;
Two Rosewood and Walnut Chamber Suits;
finest Spring and Hall Mattresses; Best Pillows;
White Blankets and Spreads;
Eastlako Walnut Extension Table;
Walnut Dialog Chain; Silver-plated and China
Two Extra Choice New Improved Ranges, with
hot-air elevated ovens and latest improvements,
imported direct from manufacturers;
Fine Agate Ware: Kitcbeu Utensils, etc.
9t%T Terms Cash.
]el 4 '_'t UEO. F. LAMSON. Auctioneer.
425 Kearny St., between California and Pia_
Thursday June 16, 1898
At 11 o'clock a. m., on the premises,
322 Mason Street,
I WILL 5KL1.....
Contained in Above Residence,
2 Elegant Parlor Sets, Inlaid ebon'zed frames, up-
bolstered in brocaded ailk velvet; 1 Mantel
Mirror, in i'rima Vera wood frame: Elegant
Picture, Easel; Parlor standards and Orna-
ments; Handsome Portieres; Lace Curtains;
Center Tables; Best Body Brussels and Tapestry
Carpets: '-'<) Costly Oil Paintings, in gill frames:
2 Oat and Walnut Foldi.'g-beds; 5 Oak, Ash
and Walnut Chamber Baits; Extra Fine Hair,
Spring and Wire Mattresses; Best Mission
Blankets, Feather Plßowa and Spreads; 1 Wal-
an) Cylinder Writing-desk; Ward. - Fine
Walnut Crib: Extra Lounges and Easy Chairs;
1 Elegant Walnut Sideboard; 1 Pedestal Ex-
tension Table; line Din ing Chairs; 1 Silver-
plated Tea Set; Best Crystal Glassware; White
Cbluaware: 1 First-class No. 8 Eureka Range,
with .'in; air, elevated oven and gas attnchnient,
cost $75: Fine Agateware: Handsome Hat-
stand, with a large assortment of other desir-
able articles.
tar Tkkms Cash.
leifi 2t r.EO. F. LAMSON*. Auctioneer.
3VCox*c__L_v__-.t_3i' _C_ii___c.
Is now on the berth, as above, and having large
engagements will receive quick dispatch.
For freight and Information apply to
J. W. CRACE & CO.,
430 Call for- a >.:.. San Iranclsco.
W. R. ORACE .v CO.. Hanover square, New York.
_e!6 tf6p
....OP THE ...
*" - - '
Subscriptions and advertisB_i2-.ti
received for the San Francisco Dxilj
and Weekly CALL
E. A. COLEMAN, Manager.
802 Broad ay.
M|^ HvSI ' „c ••'• ( ''* ,n ""^ V
HhBM Ba M -Hi.Hiaitrii Siiritn*
HI.IJIII l-.-l-r|-HJ_.lll-.l M— | 1.1.ft-.
400 Geary Str., San Francisco
The Oldest anil Most Reliable Specialists.
cured of Special, Private, Cbronic Diseases,
Weakness, Lose or Manhood, Gleet, Varicocele and
results of abuse or excesses which unfit men for
iuarrlago or '.■". duties, Is owing to complications.
Most successful treatment for diseases of men.
Qualification and responsibility unequaled. Being
known, testimonials or photographs never put in
newspapers. Everything sacredly confidential.
l»r. i.lehic't* Wonfterfnl German iiivijr-
orator, the greatest remedy for above complaints.
To prove its power trial bottles given free.
le~ WeSiiWe cow
Sliver Mining Company. Location of principal
place of business, San Frauctsco. California. Loca.
tton of works, Virjllna, Storey County, Nevada.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Trustees, held on the 7th day of June,
189.., an assessment (No. 09) Of twenty-five (-.5)
cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corporation, payable Immediately in United
States gold coin to the Secretary at the office of the
company, room No. til', Nevada Block, No, '309
Montgomery street, San Francisco. California.
Any stock upon which (Ins assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the 12th diy of July, 1892, will tie
delinquent and advertised for sale nt public auc-
tion, and, unlesi payment is made before, will he
sold on THURSDAY, tbe 4th day of August, 1892,
to pay the dc'.lnqneut assessment together with
costs of adv.rtl.siiit; and expenses of sale. By order
of the Board of Trustees.
ALHiKi. K. DURBKOW, Secretary.
Office, room No. ti. Nevada block. No. 309 Mont-
gomery .-treet. San Francisco. California. JeS td
Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness. Ban Francisco, Cal. Location of works.
Storey County, Nev. Notice is hereby given
that at a meet of the board of directors, held
on the 7th day or J ana, 189' i, an assessment (No.
15) of twentv-rivo ('.'s) cents per share w^s levied
upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable
immediately in United States gold coin to the sec-
retary, at the office of the company, room 68,
Nevada Block, 309 Montgomery St.. San Francisco,
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
mam unpaid on the ELEVENTH DAY OF JULY.
1892. -ill be delinquent and advertised for sale at
public auction: ami unless payment is made before
will be fold on FRIDAY, the 29th day of July.
1892, to pay the deHnqnent assessment, together
with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By
order of the board ot directors.^ _.._._ $ecret _ ry!
A. 11. FISH, secretary.
Offlce-Roo'ii 28. Nevada Block. 899 Montgomery
St.. San train is.-... . al. J**" ttl
Silver Mining Company. location of principal
place of business. San Francisco, Cal ; lo.ation or
works, Tuscarora, Elko County. Nev,
Notice Is hereby Riven that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors, held on the 3d day of May,
1892, an assessment; **°- 8, of five cents (sc) per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the cor-
poration, payable immediately in United States
gold coin, to the secretary, at tbe office of tbe com*
pany, room 20, 3.51 Finest, San Francisco, Cai.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the tenth (10) day of June. 1892,
will be delinquent, and advertise.! for sale at
public auction ; and unless payment Is made before,
will bo sold on THURSDAY, the thirtieth (30) nay
of Jane, 1899, to pay the delinquent assessment,
together with costs of advertising and expenses of
sale. By order of the Board or Directors.
K. QKAYSON, secretary.
Offlee— Room ?U. 331 I'I"W ». S.r Knni-l-fti, I'll* '. td
.... BY ....
yon mm & GO.,
Thursday, June 16,
At It O'Clock -Noon, Sharp.
East St., Near Jackson-Rents $90.
36:9 by an Irregular depth; East St., near Jaclr.
son, adjoining Chaudier's coalyard; facing tbe fer-
ries: rents 490.
■ tt **
►-l'J 1
j ~ to I _7 fe* U
b0 . 37.C
<• • usl**
Oregon j 20 -. -' S
street L. • B \?
* 6*:6 __________!
CHVNII ,I B»8 C 0.... YAIID.
Clay-st. Store?; Rents $200.
2 lots, each 23x119:6; S. line of Clay St.. \v. of
Drumm, through to Commercial; brlcs improve
meats; 113 and 117 Clay St.; rents $200.
Fnlton St. -Bents $135.
27:6x120: 39 and 41 Fulton st. and 34 and 38
Birch aye., bet. Larkin and Polk; stores ana flats;
rents $ 116; near new City Hall and Market.
Sacramentc-st. Investment.
34 :4*V__ 137:6; 1421 Sacramento st., bet. Hyde
and Leavenworth 6 rooms and bath; rear bouse;
rent. 435; cheap.
Richmond Property— 2l Lots.
240x250: SW cor. A st. and 34tb aye.; 19 25-
-foot lota and 2 corners: as a whole or lv lots; level
and well located; easy terms.
Rineold or Shirley-Rent. $42.
25x75; _ 7-42 7*£ Ring i or Shipley st. off 9tb,
bet. Fouom and Harrison; 2 houses, . rooms each.
Corner Lot-Washine-ton and Baker Sts.
25:"» on Baker st. by 106:6 on YV'ashlnstoa; SW.
corner; fine and attractive lot
Clay Aye., off Clay St., Near Powell.
40x58:9; 2 Clay are., off Clayst.. bit Stockton,
and Powell; --room dwelling; must L
27th St.— Family Dwelling.
21:9x105: 425 27th st. bet. Sanchez and
Church; 5 rooms and b.th; In good order.
Park Building Lot.
25x137:6. N line Grove. 156:. XV ot Lyon; la
good order; lot ready lor building.
ls'-_ve. Cottage.
25x120, W line Ist ara, 275 .4 of Point Lobos:
attractive, cosy heme; cable on Point i-übos.
Ocean View New Eome.
Lots 15 and lb. block 36, City L. Ass'n; 50x109;
E line of State, 250 feu N of Central; new bouse, 5
rooms; B. V. water; near Ocean View Station.
Chenery-st. Building Lot.
Lot 1. Mock 4, Fairmount Tract, fronting 40 feet
on Chenery st. aud 40 feet on Palmer, ruuulug from,
street to street.
Fairiaount Tract Fine Lot.
39x100, XV line Arlington St., 313 ft. N of Miguel,
being 100 ft. E of Cbeuery; electric road passes.
Treat-avc. Home.
25x112:6. No. Hid Treat aye., bet. 24th and
25th; to rear street; desirable home for man of
moderate means
le5S 1? 14 15 16 Bt
'— '■ -■ ■ a
SSli_S>n__vr~l^T__r_r^ NIiiVADA
Sliver Mining Company. Location of principal
place of business. San Frauclsco. California; loca-
tion of works, Virginia Mlniug district Storey
County, State of Nevatia.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Beard of Tru-tees, heid ou the iota day of Ja-e,
1592, an ass...n_cnt (No. 102) of 25 cents per share
was levied upon tti« capital stock of the corpor_v-
tir-n. payable immediately la United States gold
coin, to the secretary, st the office of the company,
room 15. Nevada bloci, 309 Montgomery st, Saa
Francisco, California
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on EON DAY, the Kith day of
July. 1892. will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction; and unless payment Is made
berore, will ba sold on Tuesday, the 2d day of
August. 1892. to pay the delinquent as-essrnent, to-
gether with costs of advertising and expenses of
sale. By order of the Hoard of Trusties.
E. L. PARKER, Secretary.
Office, room 15. Nevada block, 30& Montgomery
St., San Francisco. California. jell ttl
tion of principal place of business. San Fran-
cisco, California: lucat'on cf works, Virginia Mia-
lag District. Storey County, State of Nevada.
Notice i- hereby given that at a meeting of the
Beard of Directors held on the third (3d) day of
June, 1.<92, an assessment (No. 58) of firty cents
(50c) per share was levied upon the capital stock
of tho corporation, payable immediately In United
States gold coin to the secretary, at the office of the
company, room ■;, Nevada block. No. 309 Mont-
gomery street San Francisco. California.
Any stock upon which this as-essmeot shall re-
main unpaid on the seventh (7th) day of July,
1592. will be delinquent and advertised for sale at
public auction, and unless payment ls made before,
will be sold on WEDNESDAY, the twenty-seventh
(27th) lay of July, 1892, to , ay the delinquent
assessment, together with the costs ot advertising
and expenses of sale. E. B. HOLMEB Secretary.
Office— Room 4, Nevada block, No 309 Montgom-
ery street, San Franc Ist i California. je4 td
Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness. San Francisco, Cal, Location of wuttt,
Virginia, Storey CU-iity, Nev. Notice is hereby
given that at a meeting of the board of directors,
held on the 2Stbdsyof May. 1892, aa assessment
(No. 93) of firty (50) cents per shsre was Uvled
upon the capital stock of the corporation, pays
immediately ln i sited States gold coin to the sec-
retary, at the office of the company, room 79,
Nevada Block, 309 Montgomery St., San Franclsca,
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the SEVENTH DAI OF JCLY.
1862, will be delinquent and advertised for sale *t
public auction; and unless payment is mads before
will be sold on WEDNESDAT, tbe _17th day of Ji_:y.
1892, to pay tbe delinquent assessment, together
with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By
order of the board of directors.
CHAS. E. ELLIOT, secretary.
Office— Room 79, Nevada Block. 309 Montgomery
St. San Francisco. Oal. my 3l td
A\- Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness, San Francisco, Cal. Location of works, Storey
County, Nev.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of he
board of directors, held on the 24th day of May.
1892. an assessment (No. 33; of 25 cents per share
was levied upon the capital stock of the corpor-
ation, payable immediately in United States geld
coin, to the secretary at the office of the company,
room 20. 331 Pine street. San Francisco, Cal.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re
main unpaid on tho ..Sth day of June. 1892, will tre
delinquent and advertised for sale at public auc-
tion. Mill, unless payment is made before, will be
sold on Tuesday, the 19th day of July. 1892. to pay
tb* delinquent assessment together with costs of
advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the
board of directors. K. K. GRAYSON. Secretary.
Office, room 20, 331 Pin* itreet, Sao Francisco,
Cal. my2s td v
cation of principal place of business. San Fran-
Cisco, Cal.: location of worss, Uold Hill, Storey
County, Nev.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Poard of Director*, hell on the 19th day of May,
1892. an assessment (No. 61) of thirty cents (:>oc)
per share was levied upon the capital stock or the
corporation, payable immediately in Unite St-tes
gold coin to the Secretary at the office of the coin,
pany, 414 California sireet, San Francisco. Cal,
Any Stock upon wh.'eli this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the '_l'2d day of June, 1892, will be
delinquent ami advertised for sale at public auc
tton and, unless payment ta made before, will rs
sold on MONDAY, tne eleventh (lit!.) day of July,
1892, to pay the delinquent assessment, together
with costs of advertising and expense* of sale, iy
order of the Board or Directors.
Office— No. -14 California street. San Kranclsco,
Cal. !__.____ t(i _
IN Mining Company. Location of principal place of
business, Saa Iranclsco, Cat) location of works.
Gold Hill, btorey County, Nev.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meetlug ot the
board of directors, h-Id en the l?th dayoi Kay,
1892, an assessment. No. 44, of -5 cent* per share
was levied upon the capital stock of the corpora-
tion, payable immediately In United statei gold
coin to the secretary, at the office or the company,
room 8, 331 Blue St.. San KanCtSC Cal.
Any stock upon Whit I this assessment shsll re.
mam unpaid on the 2 let ,:n of June, 1592. will be
deiluquent, and advertised tor sale at nubile auc-
tion: and unless payment is made b...ore will ne
sold on Tuesday, the l.thaay of July. 18*2. to pay
the delinquent assessment, together with the costs
of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of
the board of directors.
C. L. PERKINS. Secretary.
Office-Room 8. 331 Tine St.. Stock Excbamt*
building, san Francisco. Cat. my •-' __
soildated Mining Company. Loc_.tl.n o. prin-
cipal place of business. San ..raneisco, California;
location of works- Uold Hill. Nevada.
Notice is hereby given, that a: a meeting or tea
Board of Directors, held ou the 16th .lay of May.
1892, an assessment (No. i 1) of twenty-five cents
per share was levied upon the capital stock of tbe
corporation, payable mediately In United States
gold coin, to the secretary, at tse office ol the com-
pany, 331 Pino St., room 3. San Francisco. Call-
forula. . . „
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 20th day of June. 1892, will
be delinquent, and adv.rtlsed for sale ail public
auction: and unless payment is made before, will
be sold on Tuesday, the 12th day of July. 1892. to
■ay the delinquent asscssticnt together with costs
of advertising and expenses of sale.
Br order of tbe Board of Directors.
O. L. Mi CUV. Secretary.
Office— 33l Pine st, room S.San Francisco. Cali-
forma. my 17 td
Sliver Mining Company. Location ot principal
place of business, ban Iranclsco. California; loca-
tion of works. Virginia, Storey County, Nevada.
Notice ls hereby given, that at a meeting of the
Board of Director*, held on the 16th day of May.
1892. an assessment (No. .3) of tw.nty-flve (25»
cen ts per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corpopatton, payable immediately In r nlted
States go coin, to the secretary, at tbe office ot
the company, room 79, Nevada block, 303 Mont
gomery st., San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 21st day of June. 1892. will
be delinquent, and advertised for sale at public
auction; and unless payment is nude before, will be
•bid on Tuesday, tba 12th day of July, 1892, to pay
the delinquent assessment together with costs ol
advertising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Hoard of Directors.
chas. E. ELLI"T, Secretary. ■
Office-Room 79. Nevada block. 309 Montgomery
St.. San Francisco. Calif, tr-i'i in* 17 td
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