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>•„* roof and raters Ksa« With
The starry vault 0:1 high;
Now flirts little i:akou
Ou dream-wlBg« through the sky.
There mounts a mighty stairway
From e«rth to ucd's own land;
There Hakoi. with the sncels.
Goes climbing hand la hand.
Cod % s angel l<at>es «ro watching
Tliy cot tlie still nleht Hi rough,
God bless thee. little Haknn,
Thr mother watehetb too.
Kf.nrik Ibsen.
The combination of circumstances that
served to bring Miss Damon to L
moneyless, but determined, was known to
nobody. All that any one knew of her was
imparted by a brief statement made by the
editor of The Dispatch to the effect thai
on a certain blustering afternoon in Janu
ary she had walked into the cfUce and
asked for employment. He had declined
her services with thank?, but she came
•gain aud Rgain, until one day .-he found a
vacant desk, sat down at it, and had been
there ever since.
She wrote two or three caustic articles,
struck fit one i r two local atrocities, and in
n little while made an unenviable reputa
tion for bitterness aud cynicism. Her name
got out, and after that everything malicious
and pungent that appeared in the paper
was unhesitating set down to her credit
She was uot known outside of the office,
but the impressions that prevailed concern
ing her were not flattering. It was gen
erally agreed that stie knew too much to be
young, was too cynical to be agreeable, and
there was a theory current among the
paper's readers that she had been crossed
in love and disappointed in nor literary
aspiration*. She did her work iv the day
time, and was little more than a myth to the
men who spent their nights in journalistic
harness. They weie frequently questioned
about her, ai.d they generally answered all
queries by the broad and meaning state
ment that she did not "run with the gang.
Soon after she began her mark In her new
sphere a book of verses appeared, written
by a gentleman of 1. , Gee r^e Lawrence;
Copies were sent to ail the papers, ami one
of these fell into the bands of Miss Damon.
She prefaced tier criticism with the remain
that the verses were not uniformly bad, but
rancid from bud to very bad, fit id then mer
cilessly implied the author to the extent of
three-qu;irter3 ol a column.
Lawrence had never forgiven her. He
referred to her ever afterward as "the
dragon" aiid "the imperial dragon.*' The
iiau;e seemed appropriate and it was Gener
ally adopted. Tne criticized versifier ex
perienced some satisfaction at having thus
baptized hrr with indignation, but he by no
means considered himself avenged, and
at the mere mention of her name his mus
cles grew rigid aud every artery tin bbt-d
with i wild desire for vengeance, Boine
clever with a pencil re made a sketch of
he r which embodied the popular impression
that she was a shrewish person of uncer
tain age. aud it wa« a source of endless
amusement to himself and friends. It
must be confessed that Miss Damon's was
not the only adverse criticism, and Law
rence was a good deal depressed, but not
wholly subdued: He did not intend to be
snuffed out iv this summary fashion, how
ever, and though for a time he attempted
nothiug in a literary way. he was casting
about for a fresh motive, resolved at no dis
tant date to make another effort. "'The
dragon" had recommended prose; he would
try i>rose.
• •••••••
In the meantime summer had come, and
Lawrence was to ?peisd several months with
some friends in California. When he re
turned he would go to work in earnest.
It was a glorious day, bright and cool,
though it was the middle of July; the sun
was just rising over the eastern rim of the
cup-shaped valley; a luminous mist, shad-
Ing from pink to purple, was rolling away
from Pike's Peak, and the bits of sky show
ing between the serrated ridges opposite
were deeply blue.
Lawrence, on his way to California, had
stopped to spend a day at Manitou. lie had
reachtd the sprincs the evening before, and
was finishing his breakfast this bright morn
ing in thtt great Sahara of a dining-room,
wnen the waiter came in to announce the
carriage lie had ordered for the day. For
the last half hour the gallery in front of the
hotel had been thieved with tourists ready
to begin the day's sight-seeing, and the
double line of vehicles drawn up outside
were leaded with all possible dispatch.
As Lawrence emerged from the dining-room
the last wagon drove up to the doer and a
lady was on tne point of getting in when the
driver said:
"Beg your pardon, ma'am, but this car
riage is for the gentlemen."
"But I ordered a carriage for this morn
"Your order was tco late. They were
all engaged. This was the last one in the
stables. I can give you one to-morrow."
"I shall not be here to-morrow."
"Maybe the gentleman is going to stay
over a day or two and would just as eooo
drive to-morrow," suggested the driver.
By this time Lawrence had come up.
"If you can cive me a horse and saddle
it will answer my purpose just as well," lie
"I havn't got a horse."
"As I leave to-morrow on the early
train," said Lawrence, "I cannot conveni
ently postpone my drive. But we are pron-
Hbly going in the same direction, and 1
should be delighted to accommodate you
With a sett In the vehicle."
There was nothing else to be done. She
accepted with thanks. Lawrence handed
her luto the carriage and thought, as their
eyes met, that she as not an unpromising
companion. He was a gregarious animal.
He hated being alone, especially in « crowd,
and a chance acquaintance was not to be
despised. He handed her his card. She
looked at the name, raised her brows slight
ly, dropped the card into her handbag, and
then, looking squarely at him, said:
"My name is Vincent."
He called her Miss Vincent at a venture.
She did not Correct him, aud they fell to
discussing the points of interest on trie way.
It was a delightful drive, and neither
regretted the circumstance that brought
them together. They dined at the same
table, finished up the eights in the after
noon, and getting In rather late, took sup
per tete-a-tete in a corner of the deserted
dining-room. That evening the rooms were
cleared for a ball. He met her at the door
as she was about to enter the ballroom.
She wore a dress of black lace with a
sleeveless corsage that displayed a pair of
superb arms and a smooth white neck. The
sharp contrast of her hair and dress with
the singularly fair complexion made her
ok like a black and white cameo, and ho
thought as she stood there looking past him
into the ballroom that no carving could be
classic than her profile.
"Shall we co in there?" she asked. "It
seems dreadfully warm and crowded."
"Then suppose we stay here."
"I believe it is much pieasanter here,"
She answered. '
Tee ballroom was full of promenades.
They passed out on tbe veranda and Bat
talking in the moonlight. Occasionally
they would return and beguile the intervals
waltzing when the music permitted, until
the crowd of dancers began to thin and the
parlor clock struck one.
"I really miiht go now," said Miss Vin
cent, rising. "There is l o'clock, and I
leave at 8. Good-night."
"Which way do you go to-morrow?"
a3ke<l Lawrence.
tietf 3 " 1 " I mutt be home by the twen
"And where is home?"
She gave the name of the village about 50
miles distant from tlie town where he lived
... 1 11 see you in the morning," he said*.
"1 believe we leave this place on the game
train, so I won't say good-bv. And now
just one more dance— the last."
Down the long gallery they floated into
the shadow and out into the light, his clasp
gradually tightening as they went, her lac!
against his shoulder and his head bent for
ward until his cheek touched her Hair '1 he
music ceased suddenly, but the arm about
her waist did not relax, She gav a a furtiv"
upward glance, then dropped her eves!
\V Ith a «wift movement of his left hand he
drew her arm up until it encircled hi* neck
leaned forward and kissed her. She darted
away like a swallow, and he caught a last
glimpse of her a she turned a corner Of the
fit 'i i rwfty.
When Lawrence came own to breakfast
next morning it was nearly 9 o'clock. The
earlyjrain had^Koue. So had Miss Vincent!
It was summer again. The work Law
rence had contemplated a year ago was
finis! lie had acted on the suggestion of
his critic; he had turned Pegasus out to
graze and given bis attention to prose The
#L I llfl Reached by a Delightful Stage Ride Over the Mountains, 16 Miles
from St. Helena. Good Accommodations. Ample Bathing Facilities.
HOT A ™ ™" 9 A Large Slimming Tank of Hoi Mineral Water.
The waters of tiie mineral springs have long
_•*.•> been celt brated for their wonderful cures In ca»s» of Acute anil Chronics
H fl Illrn ■ I Dyspepsia, Klieumatlsui, Juflaiumativu of the Uladder au;l Liver :m i iiiuncv
h/S I cU Km M II I toiu).lalnis.
Istf 3lv! I Hi |4 i " le temperature of the water Is OS decrees and Is lilshijr charged with
111 (I «ma 1 1 1 » «■• Carbonic AckJ ;t», making It pleasaat to tti-a taste ana giving to the bath a
most delightful seusatlou.
■ulTnTbß* ' «irTelcj)hone 536. Ol I ICE-108 DXI.MM STiiiiET, S. F.
result was a novel— the story of a day
called "Eu Route," which he assured his
friend was suggested by an incident of his
western trip. The book had been published
and the reviewer*, to use his own phrase,
had "let him down easy." and he was much
surprised tv nnd himself gently and affably
treated by the Dispatch. The writer was
not surprised to find so indifferent a poet
capable of producing a tale so pleasing and
graceful, so full of felicitous description, so
fresh and unhackneyed. It was understood
that the young man was under a solemn
promise never again to attempt verse, and,
in consideration of this assurance and the
promise of success held out by the latter
work, it was but just that the public should
extinguish Its resentment and take the
author to a forgiving and Indulgent bosom.
There followed a criticism in which the
claims of the book were seriously treated,
and by the time Lawrence had finished the
perusal be was thinking that after all he
might have b?en a little too tierce In his re
sentment upon a previous occasion, I hero
arose within hint a desire to - make amends
in some way for his own derision of this
person, 'however hard upon him at
first was clearly without malice in the mat
ter 'and had uo doubt in each instance ex
pressed an honest conviction. He wrote a
note in which he acknowledged the
courtesy and asked leave to call and than*
the writer in person, lie had a few copies
that i.ad been handsomely bound, intended
as souvenirs for his friends. He would be
most happy to present one as a token 01 his
The reply to this friendly overture was
written upon a card, across the left-hand
upper corner of which was the day of the
week in gilt lettering. On the opposite
upper corner was a pen and ink sketch of
St. George In the act of vanquishing the
dragon. Below was written:
"Miss Damon will be nt home to Mr. Law
rence this evening at B o'clock. Number
705 West Broadway."
The sketch, despite the limited space it
occupied, was spirited and indicated a
knowledge of her unflattering sobriquet.
As be locked up at his own sketch upon the
wall be was conscious of a strong impulse to
destroy it.
At B o'clock that evening Lawrence, bear
ing his peace-t tiering -lustily bound in
and morocco, rang Miss Damon s Dell.
He was ushered into the parlor, and in a
few moments l.c heard a rustling of drapery
behind him. As lie rose he encountered a
Blender figure in a toilet of black lace.
"Miss Vincent!" he said exultantly, " 1
have been looking for you everywhere. I
have written you innumerable letters, and
I have been four times to tint horrid hole
of a town where you said yon? lived. Wnv
did you deceive me so cruelly?"
"Why did I deceive you? Wei'. I did not
think it would add anything to your pleas
ure just then to know the truth. "
A horrible presentiment seized him.
"Then — then — your name — is uot Vin
Tea; Alice Vincent— Damon.'
"You knew me, of course?" he faltered.
"Don't you think you have taken rather
a mean advantage of me?"
"No. I think the truth would have
spoiled a very pleasant day."
In the conversation that followed the pur
pose of the visit was well nigh forgotten,
and the souvenir played a very inconspicu
ous part in the diversion of the evening.
A week or two later, as Lawrence was
sittinc in his room, his friend Harrison
came in, took ft seal on the opposite side of
ti;«j table, and after gazing at bis host for
some time with a most lugubrious;jexpres
sion, said:
"Old man, is this all true that 1 hear about
"What do you hear?"
"Thtt you have actually caught the
dragon !"
Laurence laughed.
"What dues it mem?" persisted Harrison.
"It means that at last 1 am about to take
my revenge. I intend to marry her."
Lawrence made this announcement with
dramatic Intensity and Harrison, who had
arisen, dropped limply Into a cimir. After
a pause he pointed to the sketch on the wall
and asked pathetically:
"I say, Lawrence, dees she look like
Lawrence reversed a photograph that
was standing on the mantelpiece with its
face to the wall, and, holding it before Har
rison, said:
"Siie looks likethatand she is the heroine
cf my story."
How to Boast a Turkey and How to Make
a Nice liioe- Almond Cake.
"This moruinc." said one of the poultry
dealers to The Call's market reportei yes
terday rs be was strolling through oce of
the principal n.arkets in search for
thiug that would make a good dinner fur
Sunday, we have a line assortment of nice
spring chickens, which make the finest
broilers for breakfast; then roasting chick
ens are nice at this season and these little
cottontails make a go d and palatable stew
or they can be broiled to a turn. But be
sides these we can fix you up a very nice
turkey, wlikh makes an excellent roast f i
a dinner, and, as the housekeeDfr says It Is
seasonable at al! times, but to be good it
ghoulJ bs cooked properly.
"Much depend*," said the dealer, "in the
preparation of the bird aud the stuffing that
is used. To my thinking there is no way to
cook a turkey that will equal one stuffed
with chestnuts and reacted. You dr iw and
prepare the turkey fur stuffing nnd fill it
with pork snus;»ge meat and chestnuts.
The neck should be cut off close to the back,
the skin drawn back close and sewed with
a trussing needle and thick twine. Then,
after the interior of the turkey has been
well washed and dried with a cloth, it
should be filled with the- stuffing asd the
opening closely sewed. The chestnuts arc
prepared as follows: Take as many
chestnuts as you think you will need.
split the outer shells and then
throw them into boiling water for a few
minute;), remove them and then the shelU
and inner skin will come off very easily.
Take ha:f the quantity am put in the
chopplng-bowl, chut) them, but not fine,
after which mix with the sausage meat.
When the turkey has been stuffed and sewed
up, truss it witn either twine or skewers
and cover the breast with thin layer* of fat
bacon, and it is ready to put in the oven.
The balance of the chestnuts should then
be put into a ttewpan with a little good beef
broth and allowed to boil until well dove.
Squeeze the juice of a small lemon over
them and then press them through a hair
sieve with the back of a wooden spoon. To
this i.dd seasoning to taste and some cream,
let it simmer, but not bail, and stir contin
ually. Send to the table in a very hot gravy
bowl. This sauce may be colored of h rich
brown by the addition of a little caramel
while it is cooking. The turkey, If-. to
Bay, should be roasted until it is of a light
brown, and when served there may be
placed around the edge of the die; some
small sausages that have been cooked in the
baking-pan with the bird."
" With that turkey," said a friend of the
reporter, "you should have a good dessert,
and if you will permit 1 will suggest one
that is delicious and uot difficult to make.
Then, as you are agreeable, I will tell you
what to do. 'li. is called rice cake and
alpionds. You wash 12 ounces of rice, put
it into a stewpin with four ounces of but
ter, eight ounces of sugar, half an ounce
of bitter and four ounces of *weet almonds
previously scalded and pounded, one quart
of milk aud a very little salt; set the whole
to boil very gently by the Ride of a
slow fire, and by the time the milk has be
come absorbed by the rice the latter will be
done. If not quite done a little more milk
should be added previously to setting it to
boil, slowly, a Ijttle longer. Whin the rice
is done mix in the yelks of six eggs and the
whites of three whipped. Next shred four
ounces of sweet almonds and strew them
equally over the inside of a plain mold
previously rather thickly spread with but
ter; then pour in the prepared riceand bake
the cak« for about an hour and a half, and
when dona turn it on « dish, pour some di
luted apricot jam around the base and scud
it to the table."
"Ili»> Ni. w I'ollc<> Courts.
At the meeting of the Board of New City
Ball ComniiS'.i'jners yesterday, Muyor san
dersiiß presiding, it was decided to approve
the specifications of Architect Havens for
the fitting up and furnishing of the new
Police courts in the northwest Me AI lister
street wing of the hall, nn-i !->ecretnry Wolfe
was instructed to advertise for bid* for the
The Long Suicide.
An inquest was held yesterday on the re
maius of William C. Long, the teamster,
who toot a fatal dose of carbolic acid in his
cabin on J street, near the park, Thursday
night. The Coraner'g jury found that he
committed suicide, but no cause fur the act
wa* revealed.
The Special Steamer Coliuia Ar
rives From Honolulu.
News of the Thetis and the Montserrat—Suc
cess of the New Atlantic-Pacific Steam
■hip Line.
After the heavy rush of arrivals and de
partures on Thursday, it is Dot surprising
that yesterday was a slack day along the
city front.
The most notable event was the arrival of
the Pacific Mail steamer Colima from a
special trip to Honolulu. The Colima left
this port three weeks ago with 629 Chinese
discharged from quarantine, and declared
to be in transit to the Hawaiian Islands.
On the arrival at Honolulu on Saturday,
June 4, the authorities detained the ship for
special examination. On the following day
all but 42 of the Mongolians were landed.
The rejected ones came back with the
Colima, along with 11 European steerage
passengers and Captain W. T. Sampson of
the United States cruiser San Francisco.
This officer comes home to take the place of
Captain Watson as assistant commandant
at the Mare Island Navy-yard, Captain
Watson being transferred to the cruiser.
Captain Sampson reports Hawaiian com- j
merce as very dull, and many of tlio sugar
plantations closing operations for the pres
ent. This fact, coupled with the announce
ment that 3000 Chiuese and Japanese are
now en the way to tlie islands, suggests
very strongly that their eventual destination
is San Francisco, or that they are to replace
the Portuguese who are getting out of the
croup as last as sail and steam can carry
Admiral Brown is reported to bo still
confined to his bed. Tho United States
ship Thetis left Honolulu two days before
the Colima and will go direct to Mare
Island. The Thetis surveyed a new lino
for the cable, namely from Point Concep
tion to llilo, that surveyed by the Albatross
being from Monterey to Honolulu. Over
300 soundings were taken by the Thetis
with an extreme depth of 3200 fathom*.
Her officers are: Commander, G. C. Ket
t»r; lieutenant, John 11. Moore; executive
oflieer. J. W. Stewart; navigators. D. S.
Nelson, W. L>. Brooaugh, J. H. L. 11-)1
--cumbe; ensigns S. Morgan and 11. EL Pal
nienter; passed assistant engineer, William
liowbotnam; paymaster, W. W. Gait; sur
ge i). William Martin. Engineer Row
botham was one of the officers who pre
pared and submitted the testimony of the
sailors of the Baltimore in the Valparaiso
all air.
The steamer Montserrat, which sailed
from here last April for Nanaimo and the
Gilbert Islands, left Honolulu just before
the arrival of the Cotiuu. Captain Black
burn admitted while on shore that he us
going to the Gilbert group on a "blackbird
ing" trip and that the islanders would be
deported under contract to the coffee plan
tations at Sin Ben i to, Mexico. King Tuuro
mora was entertained by Queen Lilionoka
lani before the Montserrai left Honolulu.
There were no new developments in the
Stockton steamer competition yesterday.
Tho bark Co usa, which has been engaged
in the Hawaiian line from tills port, went
to Oakland Creek yesterday to await a
favorable change in the island trade.
The cofferdam was successfully lowered
at the Market-street ferry slip for the con
struction of the third concrete pyramid
pier. There will be eicht of these in all,
and four are expected to be ready by the
end of u^xt week. Colton Bros. & Co., the
contractors, have asked for an extension of
GO days, which the Harbor Commissioners
have refused to grant, but an Intimation
has been conveyed that if due diligence is
used no harsh measures will be taken.
Since the discovery of the smuggled
coolies on the Sonoma, orders have been
giveu for the incoming sailing vessels on
the Hawaiian line to be closely searched,
not only for contraband Chinese, but for
violations of the immigration laws in the
matter cf overcrowding passengers. The
opinion gains ground that there lias bsen a
regular system of smuggling Chinese on
the Sonoma plan, and this game will be
blocked as effectually as the opium smug
gling by way of the sound and the north
coast steamers.
There is some prospect of the approach to
the Mail dock being made practicable for
vehicles at any early date. The Harbor
Commissioners have, called the attention of
the Superintendent of Streets to the matter,
and the needed repairs cauuot much longer
be delayed. At present access to the dock on
the east side is absolutely closed, and the
wharf is in a very dangerous condition.
The assigning of the Clay-street berth to
the new opposition Stockton steamers has
necessitated a number of changes. The
lluiubuldt hag been moved to the berth for
merly occupied by the Mmo!. which now
takes that used by tie McDowell. The
Government steamer will mov« to the north
side of Washington street. Yesterday she
was very busy conveying two batteries of
the Fifth Artillery from Alcatraz and the
Presidio to the Oregon dock, whence they
will start for the north to-day on the
steamer Columbia.
It is freely stated that the Dilot-boat Caleb
Curtis, which started two days ago on a
"bunting and fishing trip," has really gone
on an exploring expedition iv search of
guano eft the coasts of Mexico and Central
The British ship Ulrica, whose cargo was
broached on the voyage by the crew, will
discharge at Fremont street on Monday.
The branch track from Third and Brcn
nau to the Mail dock has been extended by
a curve to First and Frederick, and thence
ud the hill by a steep grado to connect with
the new electric road, the tracks of which
are now being laid along Second street.
The buys in the vicinity of Piist and Fred
erick have constructed a sort of impromptu
toboggan, which, being laid on the track at
the highest point of the grade, affords a
perilously delightful run, with an upset
twice out of every three trips.
The tug Ivy, which came down from Mare
Island yesterday, took back Commander
Glass' household furniture, the commander
intending to reside on the island, where he
li now stationed.
A large party of ladies were out yesterday
making marine sketches from tbe head of
Mission wharf.
The bark Discovery will leave for Hawaii
on Monday witn a noo-nuicn crew. Tlie
usual police precautions will be taken.
The anniversary of Bunker Hill was
duly celebrated on the water front yester
day" by a profuse display of bunting on
board the American vessels, and by a
national salute from Fort Alcatrnz.
The Atlantic-l'acific steamer Mlneoln,
which was to leave for New York by way
of the Horn to-day, will not start till Tues
day. Captain Jenkins states that not only
has the vessel a full cargo, but at the last
moment a large shipment of brandy was
offered at very favorable rates, and a por
tion of the cargo will have to be leftover
for the next steamer, the Progress, which is
now on the way out and due in six weeks'
The 6hip Two Brothers sailed for San
Pedro yesterday with a cargo of coal. She
put in here by mistake
Wright, Bowne A Co. have made all ar
rangements for building a new tug on the
model of tbe Ida W, but of much greater
power, 60 as to compare favorably with any
tug on the bay. .
A pickpocket relieved a lady of her purse
just us him was about to start for Sausalito
yesterday afternoon. Sergeant Mahoney
was promptly on the ferry-slip, but 110 ar
rest was made.
The story in a morning paper that the
barkentine Tropic Bird was badly damaged
by striking on a reef at Tahiti turns out tv
be without foundation.
The tugs hud a very dull time yesterday.
The only removes of note were the ship
Alaska from Front to sea and the Two
brothers from stream to sea. To-day the
Ship Maybell will tow from the Long bridge
to Oakl-nd and t lie nark Kniglit Commander
from stream to Harrison.
Ttie steamer Keweeuaw is unloading 3000
tons of coal at He.Uc street.
The American ship John McDonald is
now out 147 days from New York for this
port; the Holt Hill 123 days from Liver
pool, and the C. 11. Watjen 138 days from
Among the arrivals and Railings at Hono
lulu reported by the Colirna are the follow
ing: Arrivals— Norwegian bark Harlin
den, from Newcastle. N. ti. W. ; American
schooner Alice Cooke, from Port Town
scud ; steamship Mariposa, from San Fran
cisco; American bark Sumatra, from
Newcastle, N. B. W. ; American barkeutine
Planter, from . an Francisco. The Planter
made the run in 11% days. The Elsinore
sailed from Honolulu for Port Townsend
on .Inner..
The schooner Mabel Gray, which recently
wont aMiuie at Ferndale, near Hie mouth of
Eel River, will begotten off this week.
Work on the new l'owell-streat whaif
bad to be suspended yesterday, after four
rows of piles had been driveu, in conse
quence of the wind and tide rocking the
piled river.
Three anglers fishing for surf perch with
book and line yesterday returned with two
sacurulsof fish, weighing from halt a pound
to two pounds each.
The last upeli of night work on the new
Sauialito ferry-slip was finished at mid
nißlit. Two piledrivt'rs weront work last
ntsht up to that Ik ur under electric liglit.
[ofermatloß h«s been received from Com
lßaudi-r C. K. Wood of her Biitisti Majesty's
sbip Dapbna t lint the beacon on Castle lsitt.
western channel, Barclay Sound, Vancouver
Island, has tte^n destroyed, and tnat the ro
niiiin- of it are lyiug on tlie north sldo ol the
Trices opened strong yesterday aud there was a
fair am urit ol trading 1 - Favorable news was re
ceived from the Con. Cal. A Vligluia and consid
erable slock changed bands duriiiß the day.
A protracted meeting of the directors of the Male
I Wore TOM Mining Company was held late on
Thursday and the legal points or the suit ami de
cision of Judge Hebbard v.ere carefully cone over
and a plan for future action was settled uoou.
Speaking of the condition of the mine Wednesday's
Virginia Chronicle contains ihe following: "Forty
eight men working la the ore stupes were drafted
last evening and the extraction of ore suspended.
There are still In the neighborhood of 40 men em
ployed at the mine above and under ground, those
below the surface working in the lodine and doing
necessary repairs.
••The very Important prospecting iror< Inaugu
rated on the 21st ofjast month is being vigorously
prosecuted. In the early days or the mine the main
Incline was .stink from the 1300 to the IHOO level.
but no prospecting was done below the 1700 level.
The company has now three eight-hour shifts em
ployed In the incline, which has been cleaned out
to 20 feet below the 17UU level. The work will be
rapidly pushed 80 feet further, when an 1800 level
will if. opened out. None or the ground between
the 1700 and 1900 levels has ever been worked,
and the prospects for finding new bodies or ore in
this large block of unexplored ground are regarded
as good.
"The suspsnsion of the extraction and shipment
of ore to tbo llrunswlck mill was according to Mr.
flood's, orders, as the ore in the upper levels has
Become of too low a grado to work without entail
ing loss upon the company. Hence he directed ex
penses to be 1 educed and operations to be confined
to the .nulu Incline, with view of reaching the 1800
On the 9.30 a. m. call prices were strong and
Ophir sold at •-' '-'•>. Mexican $1 50, Curry 85c,
IJest & lSelcher *! 80, Sierra Nevada 80c, Union
850 snd Con. Cat, a v a. t;< U to sales or :»•.(» shares.
In the middle stocks Savage broke from the clos
ing prices of ttie evening before, and 400 shares
were place d on record at $1 65 with Ueorge COM
belling. Bullion suld at 40c, Hate Jt Norcrosi f 1 15
ami I'otosl 4t>. . The south. did stocks showed little
change, ISclcher selling at Sic with an assessment
added. Challenge 45e, Overman Sic, Beg. llelcher
26c and Jacket 75c.
After the call considerable trading was done.
Bale a Norcrosa was in demand and advanced to
.»1 '.'5 under sales of 1000 shares. Con. Cal. 4 \ :i.
sold up to ,-.< 00 TOO shares, and the market closed
quite stron? and healthy at the noon recess.
On the 3:30 i*. m. call prices were a trill. heavy
with light sales, and alter the call they shaded oh*
still more, tbe market leaking heavy at the Clot*.
EMlver was a (bade lower yesterday, with certifi
tatt-a sclllit* at iiO'iC anil l»ar» ai 8i):' s c Iv New
korkand I'l-^d m London.
The Contra Costa Water Company will pay a divi
dend of &Oo per .share next Monday.
The Security Savins* Hank, bat declared a divi
dend at tbe rate of 6.20 per cent per annum on
term deposits and ■!.:<.<' :; per cent per a:inum on
ordinary deposits payable July 1.
Tlie Colorado Central Mining Company of Colo
rado has declared a dividend of 5 cents a sb ire. ag
gregating 913.7 payable July 11, making ;-'.!,
--'JSO paid tbis year and 1461,250 paid to cl..te.
The Aspsn Mining and Smelting Company of As
pen, Colu.. has declared ■ dividend of 10 cci per
share, aggregating 120,000, making 860,000 Dald
this year and 5?0(i. o-;»o paid to date.
The New York and Honduras Bosarlo Mining
Com i has declared a dividend vi 28 cents »
Share, payable to-day.
The Aurora Iron Mining Company of Michigan
has derUriid a dividend of $1 per share, a^gregat
in* $100,000. payable June 15.
Tue Dead wood Tern Mining Company of Soatn
Dakota has declared a dividend of 6 cents a share.
aggregating $10,000, payable June 20, making
?60,000 paid this year and 110,000 paid to
The Najia (JnlekallTer Mining Company of Califor
nia bas declared a dlvlilcrd of 10 cents a shaie,
acpregatlng $10,000. ]i:iyal/)o July l.
At the a *• iv i 'annual meeting of '.lie (Sold Hill
Miners' L'nfou tiie Follow log o&cero weie elected:
I'resldcnt. ..-i".-r K. Btnltb; r tee- president, J. .'.
Faclß; rt-cordin? secretary. Timothy Fields; finan
cial se-cretiry, Thomas Hlley: coiuluctor, Edward
Jraes; treasurer, li. J. Marsh: warden. Tnoroai
Daly; financial committee I). Mcl'ner^on, .1 (irl
hit. John Crowley: trustees— m Harris, P. 11. I ol
land. J. Sullivan, T. Pbelan and Lute Fttsgerald
1 lie l'l;<i;i:i Herald Mrs: Several m ire 10-ton
tank.i are belli? Bade which will be taken to the
various iiilurs. taak-balldlßg for the cyanide pro
rass,ts becomlni; quite a business, stad It promUci
to grow as niiniu? ii. en Cud out the value and elti.
clency of the work.
llMllSlintl Pending
"Iti* foiiowinc la a list or assess men now p^n^lnis
Company. No, Amt. in the SileDay
\ 1 hoard. |
Justice I 60$ If. .June 21, Juue 27
Ulll-.... ' * June S.Jane 30
bellow Jacket 61 25. June 9 July lis
Challenge li 261. Jaue 16;. July 12
Mexican 46 VSi.Juue 1 . July 12
Kelcher 44 25 June 17 .July 12
overman 64 30! June 181. July 11
.•sillllllllt 12 05 Juue 20 July 19
bullion 38 25. June 24 July li'
ii|litr 68 Juiy July 27
Chollar 3." 60:.Juiy 71. July 27
Gould _. Curry 69 251.Ju1y S.Aug 4
Utah Con 15 '_*> ! .July 8 .ii 29
Merra Nevada 102 99 July 11 .Aug 2
Commonwealth 8 10 .July 16. Aug 18
Belie Isle 1- 10 .July 17 ; . Aug l-
N( it Assessments of mines act listed ou IU»
l!&aiit inn (lvlJin|Ut-iit in .>m<-«.
l»l> l«l«n<IS l>ci!«ri>l.
n-.rA.N_. Amount. | Payable.
iT I 9 10 |~June 20
lOAi:i» <>ALBS.
Id'iwinE «en the (iiiei Iv the San Francisco
I Utl 1 i ill! i Mi id: >
EIGrIAB ntasiox — p:SOa V.
650 Alt* 30 ViO CO* V..3 MO 100 NotQ 60
2bO Andes moo 00h1r. ...:.. 'i
10 Heicner. . t*s iim) <• * C. .....-& 175 Uverin .US
2UUI.A H....1.UU.1U0 ll* > ..1.111 100 J'i>to?t 40
100 bOtlie .. .^u .{UO 1.1.') 401) RkT»B«. . 1.-j'j
lO'i 16700 Justice.... IB SOS It .v M...Vtt
60 Cullion.. .4" MO MfXlClf 100S Niv *'j
:?fJO CLaliC ...455U0 Nafajo.. . .05350 Unlou b5
ay 1 1 us i. is- KKHIION— :11>.
200 Alpha 29 100 Bxchq . . 15500 Saras* _l.t>o
100 Ai,(>f«.... 40 mm «# 4 o 85 .;uu SB *M....2S
60 :sa 300 II .V n...i.»o'iou snot «5
100 «elClier...«Oi 60 |i 4 16 ...HO
50 bullion....:^ 2UO Mexican 1.56 <'iv nit in . 05
10U 40 1100 Net W. ...6i> 60 Cclon . Oil
200 to A D...1.95 lOOOj.hir '.Miaou 85
100 Ch011nr....35 I'aOUrrrau 3o; m> 1.00
V-'OO Oinl i.. .40 170P0t05t..^..40 IUO YJaj*.; 75
I'OO CCA V..3.bu| i
Following were the sales la trio Pacific s:o:'i Board
l MOl » SESSION — 10:30.
300 A)Dba...,.18 150 CC* V...3.8U 200 Ney Q.... 50
SOU Alta M .wn: lino o;«:<3()Oumr ...IMS
1»01cn«;r....'.»0 1 ou Cl'olnt....7K'jao a.'^l)
100 041.104) 7*hi&UPot<Ml... 4'J
350 .90] 700 l.* C ts'lsu BaTage..l.BO
100 1» ft ».. .1.90,200 H <t R..1..U1M1 1.65
400 Cbttll C..45 :i)U 1.20.160 SN<T ....„»«
100 47 .'UO l«/*'.iU01f JltCKt.. 73
400 CL01Ur....3S 100 Lady V/...VJ VIO 75
•ii .10. >>oo Uoxtcau .IV3
A>TXJUfOOSI session— 2:3o.
600 A1ta...~..¥.V400 C imp 0? 60 Mexican 1 ,'.."■ .
-200 Heleiir . .100 O.'ilUOuutilr .B.SWJ
200 H* 8... 1.861100 V Point. .M» Savage 160
CliOllaJ-,.35 100 «i A V. HJ< 700 ... 1 53
6 CC* V....33.i!2U0 11* >' ....1V« ; 100 bUAId 26
VOO 3.70 i 50. i.'.o,
iidat, June 17-4 p. *.
lid. Atleil. hid. Atked.
AlDbaCou 16 1:0 Julia „ _ ft
All* _ 25 SO Justice 15 iv
aluii 36 40 KrntiicK „ 05 10
t.elcuer 85 80 Lady W»Hnuta. 10 la
L elle Idle — Ob 1-ocomoliva .... 05 —
Lemon Con.. . — I.'JS Mcxlenu 1.50 156
1 »st « lieicner. 1.85 1.90 Mouo 35 41J
Lodle 15 ao Mount K1ab10..1.16 —
I'.UJllon 34 40Narn)o 05 10
Mliwer 40 45'M'.eli« 1n5.... 10 15
talt-Uouu 20 25 N C'ommonwlin — 16
Central 06 — Nev Queen..... 46 60
Challenge Con.. -Jo 4.". Occidental . ;i» 40
< hollar 30 36 ■ >i»ii»r .2.10 2.20
Ccunmnvrealtn.. — 06 overuiau. 30 '35
i«h<»i* V1r..3.75 3HO leer m — 05
1 onndenee. .... — 1.50 I'ecrirsi ........ — 05
(en New lore 30 lO'i'olon 40 45
on imperial... — 05,baxago 1.50 1.66
Hotter 05 — Scorpion .. 05 10
Crown 101 at... 75 81) BU * Ml.lol U. 20 25
in .Monte .. — 16 sierra Nevada,. 85 no
tast Sierra .Net — 06 silver 11 111 — 05
Lureia. 2.00 2.l6,«iiYerKinß — 50
l.xcuoquer. 10 16 Union C0u...... 00 t>s
Uouia *. curry. 80 86 u tan 10 16
i.rand I'rizr . 10 — Weldon « — 06
Hale a >orcrs.. l.'Jo -,y Jacket ........ 76 80
Kkii>ay. June 17-2 r. it.
T.iil Atkra. BltL A>kf.L
i!f* Bd*.4'i... lin lin Oaklandaat.. 38V* 3<j»i
i (1011. 18104 — I'M taunuu 7,; ho
tiliCoWMi. iiioi._. — PaclflcLtztitt. 7(jJ,i 77
L>uDut-st mis. i:«) 100 8 V uasiixnt.. 70 7O3' a
1i... ex-coup VI t<B HktOII O* H. _ 0 '
t&Cll*«Krli. Kill: .1 JO t till It II ... HO 115
HiPKKIitH... 76 105 X* 0 Use ky ;S0 40 •*
tUMKKSßoiiasi*4 - 'Jeary«tlt K. 95 _'*
M' Const Kit. 10(1 — !MI«HKK. 6U 75
M" lilt Mils.. llOlilll'i.i dniiilliui It It, 55 m
MtiolCalH.Ul IV! — I'reßldla UKm 2 # 2iA a4V»
iiuiintiinc.ua. : 141 4 i Chiiromu la* Bti no'"
l'AUKUDdi...lltVi» - (.uimero-llas — »vsi;.
1*( MKyH.xs. «4 — ! Fireman's *a. — 176
1 onl-stKybd. 1 10 — Home Mutual. 187> ■, —
irl'KKArlzUOaiOt!*; - Mate lDTesiia — 80
a;Bds.l 14 1161 A Atlantic row. 463,1 46
bl'KltCalß&t. »8 101 |( al lowder.. I*s
M*HrKCalliaaio«i/ a — oiant Powder 60 60
bVWiur •■•« li»% — haMy.Nltl'ow. 10V% 11
bVVTater4's.. UO% — iVigont r"ow.. 33/. 4Vi
AnaluCallin*. 6«a/ 4 70 Vulcan row — vi
Dankof Cai...25U — nikUIaCMU — 10
CaiaareUonoi 4H% — C'alC'ottonMU — 47
*)mKatlSanCl7D>^ — CalEleo Llttat 15V a ll)i B
Lima in Bane — 12V! '/ cat £lee TTU, 3Vi —
1. *MKlianK. — 37 jHiw'a Com.. l>»i —
Faeine Rank.. 155 — ilntch'n Bazar 3 4
Merc&KxiSnK 16 '21 Ijuds'nMTßO* 184 20
ContraOo* W. — 1 03 i/ Oceanic S 8.. 6b 61
klarlnCo V». . 48 50 i rac B •»**.« V 5% —
h V Water.... i<7 > 4 98 ;i'«c In* NaU. — K3V&
HineLAkM vt. -.'» — i'»cwo«>aavr« •■ 84
t«UUMtfM... \fV luo I
Board-BO Hawaiian Commercial, 2; 10 8 V
Water, 87 7 /8 .
Btreet-10 3 V Water, 97% : 25 Oakland Gas, 3b V a .
General Merchandise.
HAUS-Qnlet and easy at [email protected] Vie. Wool Uses, 30
KlCK— Cnlness mixed, f 4 VSftJJ 30: No. 1, $4 75
Ml HO: extra, f.V<»5 10; Hawaiian. 94 BiV»; Jap
anese. $4 76 V ctl.
TIN— rig Tin is firm at 24c, owing to an advance
East ana abroad Tin Mate Is dull at if 5 83r<$ti %i
SUGAK— Western Stirnr Running Company
quotes, terms net cash; Cube, Crushed, Fowterei
anu Klue Crushed, all SS %c 1* It> : Dry (iranuiate<|.
t',ic 9 It/; Confectioner*' A, 6VgC; Standard A,
ti£«l Magnolia. 4"-(, c; Kstra C, 4>/a^: Uolden C.
4a>/sc: D, 4 Vic V "<; hair- bbls. Vie more than bbla.
and boxes VaC more.
San Frnnclsco Meat Market.
Veal Is lower. Beet shows no change. The scarcity
or fat Mutton is getting more pronounced. Whole
■ale rate* from slaughterers to dealers are as fol
HKKF— First quality, BV&e; second quality, 60s
third .In. 4ia»*i 5 c
VKAI,— [email protected];imall C»lre\ 6«7c.
MUTTON -Wethers. 7<#Bc; Ewes, 707',,c.
LA Rill— Spring. Hi'dj'Jc > ID.
i'OKK-Mvtt -Moss. 4 7/ fojsc 'ft tb for heavy hard
rralii-fed: .".'*& 1 4 (: for Tight average do; stock
"°<». « Vat* l ; ;i«; dressed do, 7 Vit"SSo It 10.
<; Korman, Kentucky A Currie Jr. Melbourne
1. C Hem aw, Chicago Mr Ludwlgsteia, N V
M Jaeobson .v w. Utah 11 Crawford, Louisville
T II Myers, Oakland W Tupper, Los Angeles
A V Klckcincyer. lowa \v Btobe, i bled
A I > a v l lion, La l'orto \V l* 'Wheeler, Chicago
c M liitaliil &w, Va W H Wilson, Chicago
Miss Mabel liny us, Hug w a NulM, Lonamo
c II Beiknap, Carson City Baron Herman, Germany
X A Blake, Santa Barbara lion c li Tracy, England
•i .) Klncaid, Australia Holier: Pierce, England
T.I Sullivan, .San Jose I. ratcheMcr, Tacoma
w McDowell, Australia k a Felter. Coos liav
Vi Farmer, Sac II Cheshire, Australia
.1 Evan. Wales C M i>ou;herty A w, Cal
Miss A Hebe; Santa Cruz Mrs G W Ilolzb?rger, I ii
I" Ha::imond. San Pablo Miss C smith, Salinas
M Syke-s, Montana C i" Bragg, O:ilo
F w Atberton, Portland J A llrosnan, Los Oatos
V W Keuy. England O Cammann, Dayton
.i Daly, Ireland i. X Qoodlander, Teun
I) It Hated. Los Angeles 1: M Beads *w, N V
it L Fowler. New York 11 \V Stevens, Baser City
II Waasoa, Columbus ■
W Sta'-ev, Vallejo June 8 A Hagy, Alameda
ii \v Clark, Vallejo June J W Ellsworth. Stockton
A X Jordan. Ban Jose Jean Collins. Keuo, Nev
X c w right, Los Angeles O Miller. Cai
Mm I X Thomson, Sac .1 A Campbell, Cal
H I) Sill * wf, Sacramnto •' .1 Mien, Fresno
Miss I'elle Chase. Auburn s Wheeler, Frcsuo
.1 II Chase, Auburn. N V \J McNulty, Orovlllo
Miss X McApee, N V (i 11 Wellington. Eureka
Miss M Lovely, NY M McDonald. Portland
j <■ \vaite. Detroit X Taylor, Ogdec
J U Tuttle A wf, Minn 1* P Carr, ltutte, Mont
w r Laud, Minn s Smith A wf, Tacoma
J Vouug, m Walla Walla
E B Carrolh Sacramento i W >< Itrln, N V
AAKulmore.NwAimaden C B Klusey, Clntt
.i i! Keeley, Nevada J M Armsti 4 w. Cat
ii « Morse. Oakland <; X Kalrcblld, Oakland
Mrs J l> Lawman, Seattle B W Mather. Naps
II it Gale, Palo Alto i>RMcLaughlin,Alameda
A B Itlcknoli, London II W Brown, Redwood.
Mrs Bostock, London W li Wells, N v
(. Vi Kctcham, N ¥ G II Hue*. Kedwood
J c Brainier. Palo Alto w II Post a w, Stockton
C 1' Bacon * w, N v I Lewry, Cal
Mrs >V \V Patrick, Pa W Worriraerey, Fresno
Miss M L Patrick, Pa H T Shorter, Concord
M C Casey San Joss |J J Jaanan, Concord
J (is 1" Berryman, NY L C Hudson. Blue Canyon
li B hcbnlte, ban Jose B \v Uann, Stockton
Jas Mclntosb, San Jose Lottie Uanu, Stockton
Chas Mclntosb, San Jose E E Wood. Chicago
c Meyers, Sacramento Henry c Pneirer.st Louis
l. 1) Dunn, Brooklyn Danl Cresap. st Louis
Arthur Wail. Santa Rosa Phil Inter. Visaila
Sam Chllds, Santa Rosa Win Lodd, Baaersffleld
Tom Lewis, Boston Fred Berg, New Jersey
1.. A Tobblu, Detour Tom Wright, m Jose
A X Masuco, Japan (J Murcbison, Menlo Park
Friday Evkninq, June 17.
Wheat dull.
Harley firmer.
Oats steady.
Corn very quiet
Kye declined.
Choice Bay firm.
l'otatoes nTm. Onions weak. .
llutter arriving heavily.
Cheese plentiful.
Choice Kzgs linn.
poultry declining.
Figs and (irapes coming in.
Oranges ami Lemons lower.
Vegetables declining.
Silver lower.
New York ExebanfS higher.
Pig Tin stronger. Tin Plate dulL
Veal lower.
English IVhuat Market.
1 iv) 'i, June 17.— The spot market 13 steady
at 7i 3d. Cargoes are quiet at 34s !M for oil
coast, SSs lor just shipped and Ml for nearly due.
1 1 e Produce Exchange cable Elves the following
Liverpool «n;otntioiiß for So. V lied Winter: June.
( - 7% f1; July, tis 8 3 ;<l: August, 6b9Vid; Septem
ber, tis !)> 4 d; October. 659»/ 2 d.
KKcißin i -..
London. June 17.— Consols, 9*34; Silver, 40 7 b i:
New York Market*.
New York. June 17.— The stock market was
affected to-day somewhat by heavy shipments of
Gold, and lie bears were active, with the result
that dullness and stagnation prevailed throughout.
Itenewed buying late tv the afternoon caused a
Kronen feeling, and the close was firm and gener
ally at fractional g»ln». Governments dull and
linn. Petroleum closed at 55e.
New Viiik, June 17. — United States Bonds. 4's,
117 Vis: do. V*. 100: Northern Pacific, 20' .*-. caua
•llnu l'arir-.r. B8V%; Central Pacific. 30Uj: Union Pa
clt.c. 40: Atchlson ana Santa Ke, 3ti-.: Wells-
Farjo. 145; Western Union. 95; Sliver, b9' ; 8 c;
Sterling. M 88464 btt^fc.
\\ heat — July. SC^mC. Flour, steady. Coffee,
fll DO. Mieiir. •Z* t .(sV H <l. iloos — I'acinc Coast.
VOgß'Jtic. Hides, 13c. Copper-Lake. Sll 80. Tin—
>ri>i. :._ 10. Lean — Domestic, 94 la Iron— sl6.
Petroleum — July, Me.
Hops [•Derail; quiet and brewers' business more
liberal. The market shows a Dett<-r tone, On Ex
cir'.iutf 25e was Villa for 50 bales of prime Cali
Sugar— Haw firm and unchanged; refined quiet
and uacnaoced.
Coflee— Dull, with slight change*. Sales, 8250
bags. June, $11 88; July and August, $11 58.
C " 1» i.-(> Market*.
Chicago, June 17.— Wheat was dull and opened
Is'* 1 *c higher on firmer cables; declined ."yc on re
ports that the harvest had commenced with a good
outlook, rallied \±c on the belief that the arm
oDtioD law would not be acted ou for some time,
declined %c on buyers holding otf. and the clos
ing whs essy at '4/<i*ic lower than yesterday.
Kecelpts, 5-'.oOO bushels; shipments, 158,000 bush
els. Kye. 75c; Barley. IBe
Chicago. June 17. — Wheat— Cash. 7b ) ?'sC. Corn—
61c. lur»-*lO 67',i. Lard— l 6 35. KIDS— $6 65.
\YhUky-$l IS.
California Fruit.
CincAoo, June 17.— Porter Bros. Company sold
to-day three carloads California fruit, flyman
Mums brought *'-• Nf'J 60, Cherry Plums !f 1 40<d»
180. Royal Apricots $1 [email protected] 50, Peach Apricots
$:t 5' 1 . Peach*! [email protected] 35, Koyal An merries *1 40
'■•■1 55, J'.lack Urrgous #1 26% 1 30. Raspberries
«1 00.
The Earl Fruit Company realized the following
prices for California trull sold at auction to-day:
Koyal Anne cherries. 91 [email protected] 53; mark Kepubii
<• n. 91 45: Tartarian. 91 lit; Boral Apricots. 91 'Jo
(oil 40; Alexander Peaches, $I£[email protected]; Cherry
1 luiilS. 91 44'.j,i 56. tjk
New Vobk, June 17. — Porter l?ro». Company
to-day sold one carload or California fruit, inciuJ-
Ing ■■ Royal Apricots, 91 70©5 OS : Alexander
jv.iche-i. 91 sOdJ'.'OJ; Brill Plums, |2 80; Ciyman
I'lums, S3 88.'
Wool Market.
NiwTork, June 17.— W00l steady and in f.. I
demand. Domestic fleece. l'[email protected] '?, ft,
I'ortlautl'* Baalaeaa-
J'oiiti avi> Or., June 17.— Clearances, 9306,000;
balances, $75,000. »
Weekly Clearinsrs.
Nkw York. June 17.— Itradstreet's gives clear
ings for the past week for the principal cities of the
United States as follows: New York, 1643,210,000,
Increase 8.6: Bottoo, $'J5.7<5,000, Increase 'J0.2;
Chicago. 9111.435,000, increase 27.6; Philadelphia,
(67.894,000. Increase 11.8; St. Louis, 9J:5,8«o,000.
Increase 14.8: - an Francisco, 915,646.000, de
crease 5.6: Baltimore, *13,546,000, Increase 1.1:
Cincinnati, 114,808.000, increase 54.0: Plttsbarf
.flo,6to.oin». Id create 21.8: Minneapolis. f9,U6S -
000, increase 71. Omaha. 570,000, increase
37.5: Denver. 55.163.000, iurrea*.» 8.0; st Paul,
85.389,000, incrt-aso 18.5; Poi land Or., | 2,560
--000, InirOHMe 47.a: .salt Lake, 81.984,000 »ncrea«e
35.8; Seattle, $I,VIB.S'iO. Increase lv. 1 : Tacoma,
9951. decrease V.5: Los Angeles. «729,374. In
creaies.3; Ualveston, 89,813,000, decrease 9.1.
The total for the leading cities of the United
States lor the week ended June 16 Is $1,138.
--301.289. an Increase of 18.1 per cent as compared
with the sainu week last year.
Kxcliaiige and Itulllon*
fterllne Exchange. 60 days — 4 87%
feterling 1-xrhange, sight _ 480Vi>
Merlin* Exchange, cable _ — 490
New York Exchaoxo, tight — jft
New York Kxeiiange, telegraphic... — no
Flue Sliver t« ounce, — 89%
ileiicau Dollars m 705.4 71V«
Overland Shipment*.
Overland shipments of produce and merchandise
from the northern part of California, via Southern
Pacific Kallroad lines. In May were as follows;
From Ran Francisco, 14,919 tons; Oakland, 690;
San Jose, 2368; Mockton. 1>S1: Sacramento and
east. 4203; Marysville, 384; Portland, 446; total,
23,991 tois. against 0:11 tons in May, 1891. The
leadtiic articles were as follows: 141 tons Beans,
145 tons Borax, 28,500 gals Urandy, 480.000 gals
Wine, 1016 tons Canned Uoods, 244 tons Fresh
Fruit, 441 tons Dried nit. 309 tons !U:slns. 12
tons Nuts, 113 tons llides, 300 tons Leather, 'i tons
Honey. 300 Horses. 18 tons Hops. 1820 ions Pota
toes, 1180 tons Vegetables. 73 tons Quicksilver,
478 tons Powder, llbl tens Wool. 173 tons Canned
•Salmon. 55 tons Pick Salmon. 8086 tons .Sugar,
202 tons CoHee, 288 tons Tea, 103 tuns Rice and
«250 gals Syrup.
The Week's l*all«i —
The Bradstrcet Mercantile Agency reports 23
failures In the Pacific Coast States and Territories
for the week ending yesterday, as comoared with
10 for the previous week and 15 for the corre
sponalug week or 1891.
The failures for the past week are divided among
the trades as follows: 3 hott-ls, 2 restaurants, 'i
grocers, 1 Jeweler, 1 fancy goods. 1 butcher. 1 com
mission merchant, I bakery, 1 furniture, 1 varieties,
1 tailor, 1 winegrower, 1 wholesale liquors, 1 dry
goods, 1 manufacturer trnssc*. 1 sawmill, 1 saloon,
1 millinery and 1 hardware.
Shipping ><>tea.
Steamers to sail to-day arc the City or Panama for
Panama, Walla Walla for Victoria and l'uirct
Sound, Columbia for Portland, Humboldt for Hum
boldt Kay, Point Arena for Mendorlno and Crescent
City for Crescent City. The State of California
falls due from Portland, Sirius from Central Amer
ica and Corona from San Diego.
The Norwegian brig Dat 0,474 tons, loads Lumber
on the sound for Syduey. 40j; Melbourne, Ade
laide or Port Pine. 60s— prior to arrival.
The British Iron hark Ariadne, 1213 tons, loads
Wheat at Tacoina for United Kingdom, Havre or
Antwerp, 3Js Bd.
Vrodace Market.
FLOUR— Net cash prices are: Family extras. 94 65
@l 75; Bakers' extras, 94 65$ 1 65; superfine, 92 76
03 9 bbl.
WHEAT— Shippers are doing their usual purchas
ing or new Wheat In the country, but the local mar
ket Is stagnant. No. 1, 91 XT- a ; choice, $1 40. lower
grades, 91 32>^@i 36; extra choice, lor 'milling,
*1 42 I/a® ?»otl.
Informal Sksskin — 10 o'clock— No sales.
Kkiuiak Moummi Baaatoir— Seller '92—200
tons, 91 3tf'i. Buyer December— loo, 91 44' ; 301),
91 «4' 1
Aktkhnoon Session — Seller '93 — 100 tons.
81 39i^.
BAKI.EY — continue to advance slowly
and dealers are asking higher prices for spot grain
In conseouenca. No. 1 Beed Is quotable at 92Vs®
933,1 c; choice bright do. 95c; dark Coast. 90u;
Brewing, U7V2iC('s*l 02Vi: Chevalier, nominal.
Informal Session— lo o'clock Seller '02—100
ton*. SUe; 100, 94 Vic; 100, 94>/ a c; September— loo.
947.1,0: October— loo, 96c.
ItKQULAU MdUM.su SESSION— SeIIer '92, new—
100 tons, 92>/-c; October— loo, $>«; December—
100. 98e
amsknoox Besmi n— Seller '92, new— loo tous,
SU? 4 c.
OATS— Fair demand at steay prices. White are
quotable at si :»3<ai 45 %i ctt for go oil to choice.
$1 50© 1 55 w ctl for fancy and $1 [email protected] 32 V,, for
common to fair: Surprise, $1 [email protected] 00 V- Ctl; Gray,
$1 37V"@1 4Jfi § cM.
CORN— lnactive «L(l offering liberally. Large
Yellow, $1 [email protected] 32V a V otl: Small Round Yellow,
$1 [email protected] 37 l / 3 ; White. $1 [email protected] 37v*i»cti.
UYK-ott again at $1 1691 20 *> ctl. For Dew
ltye, $1 15 Is bit.
HKAV— Quoteti at [email protected] 50 for the best ana
$17 Ml for . nteide I. rands.
MIDDLINGS— Quoted at $'.'0 [email protected] '& ton.
CHOPPED FEED— Quoted at 920021 %4 ton.
HAY— Receipts at the moment are moderate and
all choice Hay. whether old or new. is firm A car
of extra fine new Wheat brought ¥12 50 yesterday.
Trade, however, ii slow. New Alfalfa Is quot
able at [email protected]'4 %> ton; New Wheat, 99012 V 'on;
New oat, [email protected]'.*so: New Wheat and Oat, »[email protected]
Old Hay is quoted at .-flir.j.lt M lor "Wheat. $!<(<sil
for Compressed. $10® 12 for Oat, [email protected] for Wheat
and Oat. 910&.12 for Wild Oat,slo®lU lor Barley, $«
(0,10 for Alfalfa, tß@lo for stock. v v it.
STRAW— Quoted at [email protected] V bale.
MILLSTUFFS— Uround aud Rolled Barley auoted
at $'."J 50r<023 50. The mills sell Oilcake Meal at $23
* ton net: Rye Flour, :>«.io r> Q>: Rye Meal, 3V<c;
Graham Flour. SVic: Oatmeal, 4y a c; Oat Groats.
6c; (racked Wheat, 3 :( 4 c: Buckwheat Flour, 6®
..c: heart Barley, 3',<,<s6c V It"..
SEEHS— Yellow Mustard la quotable at $3 25©
375 t* ctl: Brown Mustard. tf.W.i 25 ft ctl: Flax.
$2 25 * ctl; Imported Canary, «.: fO.y;! 12y 2 : Al
falfa, [email protected]: Rape, [email protected]; Hemp, 3»4c; Tlin
othy. 5' .c in Id.
DRIED TEAS— Mies, $1 30®l 40 i* ctl: Green,
$1 [email protected]: Kastern Green. $'-' 75: Blackeye, *[email protected] 25
V ctl; Split I'eas. [email protected] V n>.
BUCKWHEAT— Quoted at %i 25 bid.
CORN MEAL, ETC.— Table Meal quoted at V;,c
%» IT.; Fceu Corn, 988 60029: Cracked Cora, $29 50
feUUptoii: Houiiuy. -HiC'S^'/ic V '.
BEAN'S— $2®2 10 *> ctl: Pea, 92 [email protected] 65;
Large White, 92 [email protected]'J 40: Small White, £2 25te2 50:
I'iiiK. ?-j(ji2 10: Reds, *i.'(n}2l's: Llmas. $■-©-' 30:
Butters. $J sU.v;:s #t ctl.
POTATOES— Yesterday's sales were as follows:
Burbauks, In sacks, «[email protected]: in boxes, [email protected]* 1 50;
New Garnet Chiles. [email protected] i» ctl: New Peerless, 55
®Hsc; New Early Rose, in sacks, 50c®?l; in boxes,
[email protected] 25 ft ctl.
IONS— Unchanged at [email protected] ~& rtl.
BUTTER— The market is not very firm, ax receipt*
have been large for some days. Creamery, 'J2c; Dairy
— squares, 21(a;21Vic: fancy roll, [email protected]'2lc; good to
choice. l. w @l9~c; common to fair, 15(a>17! -2 c> It).
CHEESE— The market continues well supplied.
Fair to choice mild new Is quotable at [email protected]
V- tb: old, nominal ; Young American, [email protected]; cased
Cheese. Vac additional: Eastern. I '_' '. j'<«, 1 -ie 1* If*.
POULTRY— Arrivals are not very heavy, but the
demand is poor. as many people are oat of town.
Hence stocks do not sell and price.* are declining.
iiv.. Turkeys. 189 We v tt> for Gobblers and 1U
®17c V It for Hens; Geese, r pair. $1 [email protected] 76;
Ducks. $3 [email protected] 60: Hens. [email protected] 50: Roosters,
young. So BOOS p doz; do old, $6447; Fryers, *1 - .l)
@5 60; Broilers, $j(<!c; for large aud 9202 50 1»
duz for small.
GA.VE—lmre, *1 60: Rabbits, $1 50 for Cotton
tails and SI 2fi r aozen tor small.
EGGS— Choice ranch are firm. Pried conltnue to
show a Wide muse, entail l-.k'^'-* arc almost unsal
able. Eastern, '.'ll,'Au- %} dozen. California are
quoted at 10© -Uc for store and 21©24 c«* dozen for
HONEY— Fair New Comb quotable at 11 V»c ? ft;
light new amber extracted 6VnC %^ It. We quote
old Honey as follows: Extracted. 6®tse ■<* If' for
amber and 6Vj>ftc6«ic for bright. Comb is quoted at 10
@l3c tor whim In 1-16 frames and bC&lOo la 2-U»
iiEESWAX-Quoted at 25©28 c ? H).
WAX-Quoted at [email protected] fb.
JrRESU I'KUlT— Cherries ana Apricots continue
In large supply and the latter are weak, Swi-etwater
Grapes are dull at $1(<$1 25 'p. box. belnz green.
Figs. $:@1 3* for single-tier and 9} [email protected] for
douule-tier I oxes. Blackberries. $12 '$> chest; Ap
ples, '.'[email protected] tor small and 91 ■'•*•- 1 50 fur large boxes
and 25&50 Cr 1 basket: Pears, 4U&SOC V box ami 35 >
40c ft basket; Peaches, 25(g*75c V> "«x and 3C(&9Oc
V basket; (harry Plums. [email protected] \ drawer; Apn
cots, 2&<^soc x 1 box and 1' -c %■ It) to the canners:
Currant*, *4 s(>@ti inclieNt: Goose berries. 3V->@sVic
f* ITi fiT sinali and ec^Tc for tngltab; Raspberries, *6
(idlO * chest; Cherries. 4t'@Coc f» box for White. 35
(&50C for Black and 00(<>SOc lor Royal Anne: her
ries in bulk, [email protected] for White and \'(a \c >. Tb for
Blark and :..■:•',,' for U-iyal Anne: Strawberries,
[email protected] V chest for Long worths and [email protected] Sharp
CITRUS FRUITS— Lemons and Oranges are lower
and ni-if lei-r-. !. >»!i Beruaralno Seodlin^s are quot
able at .?'»'© 2 50 V box: San Beruardiao Navels, $4
@>1 50 V bux; Riverside Seedlings. 73<<3$1 SO: Riv
erside Navels, [email protected] sii; Los Anceles Seedlings.
[email protected])$l 26 '■*. box; Los Angeles Navels, 91 26(^2 %»
box; Sicily Lemons, $5 6l)a'i; California Lemons,
si 5092 5 0 r 1 - box for common and f.'(a,i for good
to choice: Mexican Limes, $.i 50(54 60: Bananas,
$1 6()U3 V bunch: Pineapples, $2 [email protected] V dozen.
DRIED i- uriT -sun-dried Peaches. [email protected] %i It;
Bleached leaches, (J^Tc V ID; Hun-dried Apricots.
[email protected] V ft: Bleached Apricots, 7Vj's'«c *i Ib:
Apples, s®sVic V Ib for evaporated in boxes, 3;«
S 1 /»c lor sliced aud 2i/2©3c for quartered: Pitted
Plums. [email protected] r >c f> tt>; unpltted Plums, [email protected]: Grapes,
[email protected]<:^ I&: Prunes. [email protected]»7i/jC for bo's to 12O'»:
German Prunes. [email protected]: Bed Nectarines. Hig<ie;
White Nectarines. [email protected]>sc: Figs, unpressed. [email protected];
Fig», pressed, [email protected]; Evaporated Pears, (i3>7c;
Sliced IVar*. :^sc: Quartered Pears. [email protected] $ lb.
RAlSlN'S— Layers, fancy, are quotable at $1 15
&i 16 r box; good to choice, 76c(35l V box,
with the usual advance for fractional boxes: loose
koscatels, titifci'Oe V box and [email protected] «4 IMn sacks.
NUTS— Walnuts are quotable at [email protected] r It;
paperihell do, [email protected] V Ib: softshell Almonds. 10 ' a
i^llitc '?■ It; liard»hell do, ; pa; ersliell, 12
®13cT Chile Walnuts. [email protected]: Peanuts. •_'' j'u.3'- tor
domestic; Hickory Nuts,7^Be, fecans, 1i > ..<3» 130
for email and lC^lbc iur large; Filberts, ll#
12c: Brazil Nuts. ttVo<fSSc: Cocoanuts. $4 i* IOC 1 .
VEGETABLES— String Beans are tnf.iirsnpi.lv.
Vaeavlile Squash is very abundant. Cucumbers
continue to aecline. Green Corn. 7 , : >@UJ>c * doz for
field and 15(520c for sweet; Green Peppers, 20c n>;
Eg? Plant. 2uc: Cucumbers, 7Sr(^sl 50 V. In for com
mon and $2 25 #2 20 for Bay; String Beans, [email protected]
IS; Uofuge« Beans. [email protected]>c; Wax Beam. :!(<isc: Summer
Squash, 25® tOe box for Winters and [email protected]*l for
Bay; Asparagus. [email protected] 50: Rhubarb. [email protected] box;
Los Angeles Tomatoes, $!f«l 25: Vacaville Toma
ties. SlftSl 50; Green Peas, [email protected]*l 25 sk: Dry Pep
pers, 199110; Cabbage, [email protected] 'r 1 - ctl: Feed Carrots,
Sue: Turnips, stxd>7sc; Beets, 91; Parsnips. $125;
Garlic. -"'0 »c ~<r !t .
PROVISIONS— Hams awl Bacon continue firm.
Eastern Covered Breakfast Bacon is quotable at
12 V.-, JC: California Smoked Bacon. 10V 2 @lo*iC
for heavy and medium. 12^013c for light, and J3V4
4bl3>-..c for extra light: iiacon Sides. 10V4®10>.-->c:
Kastern .''Ufrar-curfHi Hams for city trade, i:<:.><»
13*iC; California Bams, salt [email protected] It: refrlg
era tor-cured, 12i/<[email protected] ! s4c: Lard, tierces. Eastern,
all kinds, b*[email protected]\>6; cases. 10'^H>' 4 c: Calirornta,
tierces, [email protected]'4C; half-bbls, [email protected]>c;B l [email protected]>c; tins loo;
palls. 10-It, 10' ■ l C: do. 5-18. l(H. 4 c; kegs, »■ (US i).',
V It>: Mess Beef. $7 6n<g»S; extra mess do. * i .niiv'i;
family do, (11 505d12: cie»r For*. $19 sO.*v!'i;
extra prime. *ir>(clls 60: extra clear, $20©20 53;
meis. 917 [email protected] IS :i : Pig Pork, » keg. 9309 2a:
Pies 1 Feet. 91i(ai^ 26 '?. bbl: Smoked Beef, hi a 3
12c V Ib
Htm- Quoted at [email protected] ? IT. bid for new crop.
HIDES AND PELTS— Heavy salted steers. [email protected]:
mcdlv.'ii, tic * !t»: light. [email protected]: Cowhides. 4Vac;
salted Rip, 4c; salted Calf, 7c; dry Hides, usual selec
tion, 9c: dry Kips, 9c: dry Calf. 9c; prime Uoat-
Ulna, [email protected]>50c each; Kids, 6© 10c: Deerskins, good
summer, 37 VaC; medium. :so .jit.' ' ; .c; winter, 20'^
25c: Sheepskins, shearlings. 10V£°J5c: short woo..
4l'<3r7oc: medium, 70A90c; lone wool, toc^^l i)
eacii. (nils of all kinds about Vi less.
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered. 4(p}4»tc; N'a 3, 3»/i®
31,0 c: reboed, &r, ■'■ ' <c V l fl
WOOL— Spring Wool is quoted as follows: South
ern and San Joaquin, year's clips. lltol^'^c
V If.: do seven months'. 12(g>16c > It: Foothill.
l.'.r.iiiT' ••.choice Northern. [email protected]: Nevada. lf>Vj
17c"^ It: Eastern Oregon, [email protected]; Valley Oregon,
18®20c V 16.
Family Retail .Market.
The best Eggs are dearer. Butter and Cheese are
Veal and Pork are cheaper. Hams and Bacou are
Poultry Is In better supply and some kinds are
Grapes and Pears are coming In. but are ere n yet.
Receipts or Figs are rapidly Increasing. Apricots,
Peaches, Raspberries and Blackberries are lower,
being In mnen larger supply.
summer Vegetables are going down, as arrivals
are much more liberal.
Fish shows no change.
Following is Thk Call's regular weekly retail
price list;
coat— pfr Tny.
Cedar River. 8 00.a 6 50 1 Scotch 9 00® 950
Caanei 1100-rd — Greta. ?» ton. 9OM —
Diamona .. 11 oa.u> —j Seattle fe 00,2) 860
New Welling- i.New Seattle. S uo.cft 860
ton. ft ton. 9 50®1<7 00! Coos Bay... 7 60.4 —
Wellington.. 9 50..j,i0 00 Cok«, '4 bul.. 75^ 100
DAIKV rßnlliit. KTO.
Butter.choice^roll [email protected] Cheese. Swiss ?o'dHs
do. good 46i<«5U f !•". . .20ia30
Ordinary, no 10 a; 12 1 Eitgs, Eastern 20<g>22
Eastern, V ID — @ — , Honey, comb >t 1t. .20025
Chee&e.cai lO'#l2| do.extracted 10^15
Cheese, Eastern 20<c$25 [
Bacon 15. '17 Pork, fresh [email protected]
Beef, choice ■„, 1;. Poric, salt. . . 10<$l'i
do.good 10 Cork Chops 15i* —
Corned 8eef........ B<i*lo i ßib Chops ... — <«ais
Ilain.Cal 16w>17| Round Steak 10.iilJ
do. E;»storu 16a)17i»SlrIoln Steak iav»f«fils
Lard — (g) 16 [Porterhouse, [email protected]
Mutton 1 0 412 1 Smoked 8eef. ...... —6*30
Lamb 12 olio, Veal 104J12
rotri 1 iiv *vr> Baku
Broilers, each. 35® 60lDuck9.eacn... [email protected] 75
Hens. each.... (JvKfi) Aiic»e.eacli 1 25(d>l 50
Youug Roost- Goslings, eacn. 3 OOfl —
ers. each.... [email protected] 00 1 Pigeons,?* pair — <.<i 50
Old Roosters. Rabbits, V pair 3.V.3 50
each Csi^ 76 Squirrels, fl p*r — ca> 25
Turkeys, r* •. !i-(a> 26 Hare. each — <£ 25
Apricots. V m.. 49 6'Grapes. * m... [email protected] 20
New Apples. 6<<^ 10 UooMberrie*.
Almonds. «o>. 20r<* 261 f* tt> 6<i» 12
Bananas,^ d.'i 10<a 20 ,' Lemons. %< doz. 25.'<i> 35
Blackberries, I Limes, fl doz.. 10C<a 15
V drawer . ... 760 85 j Oranges.?* dox. 154 60
Chestnuts. l'o(g> 25U'oaches, V tti.. 6(a) 10
Currants, Pears, f» in ... 6(^ 8
drawer [email protected] 60 Pineapples, ea. 15it> 25
Cherries, -^ 1T,.. [email protected] lvii Raisins, 1T)... lOifl) 15
Cherry Plums, 1 Raspberries,
«* IN 59 8! drawer. ... 60® 76
Cocoanuts. e». . 10 19 12, Strawberries,
Flg« •# It 30© 40 1 « drawer.... SB® HO
Figs. 3mjT'a.n> IS a» Vo| Walnuts, * id. 15» 20
Artichokes. 9 1 Mushrooms,
doz 20ia 25| Hit 60® 76
.ir;«i:us,f»rt>. s;<iJ 10 1 Peppers, green.
Beets, ft d0z.... 16^) Ml VID 36($ 40
Beans, White. Peppers, dry
Vlb • 4(3> — ♦»-, Hi 40
Do,colored,34ll> 4'.j) — Parsnips, doz lb(a 20
Do, Lima, dry, Potatoes, r 1 ID . 2(g) a
>!b ... 6® —1 Radishes, i* da
Cabbages, ea... 61^ »; bens iss 20
Caulltlowers.ea 669 81 Rhubarb, ft m. I'S> It
Celery, V bch. f>(d) ' Sage. V , 80>a» 36
Cress,^ ax bchs 15;q> 20|Snrouts. "$ Ib. . — @ —
Cucumbers, '$ I String Beans. lD 69 10
doz 25® &o;s'mer Squash,
Fge Plant. V lb 30(<* 351 V IT. [email protected] 4
Garlic. Wo 10 Mar 1 ft Squash,
Gr'nC(iru,"<ftd"« .16® 30j ylt —^ *
Gr'n Peas, |H ID 4(u> 5 Thyme, V 1t... 25® 40
Lentils, ft 1t... 12(<» 15 Turnips, doz. 15^ 20
Lettuce,^ dos_ 15® 20 1 Tomatoes, *lo ti® 8
Ouious, ft 1b... Z<& 4 1
Barracuda..... 10<a> 19 Soles .. Hit 10
Carp B<a 10 Skates, each... H# 35
Codfish w«s 10 Sturgeon *<<i> 10
Flounders..... .-'.''« lOiTomcod 10(id 15
Halibut 26® 35|Turbot 20-<* '_'a
Herring........ — «d — 'Clams, ft frail.. — <& 75
Klngttsh S<a> IOIDO, hardshell.
Mackerel. i ib. 10® 16 f» 100 40* 50
Do, Horse, VID h® 10 Crabs.each.... 6® li
Percu 8«« 10 1 Do, soft hliell,
Pompano 75,<*i 001 v do* 37® 60
R0ckn50. ...... 8(4 lOtOrawSab K® 10
Salmon, smica. — ftt lSlMussels, "$ art. 10<9 16
Salmon, fresh.. —«o lftioysters, Cat ft
Shrimps B®, — 100 40® 60
Shad Bms 10! Do. Eastern. it
Sealtass. ...... 10f« 12, doz 26® 60
Smelts ilKii — ,
■OM AM) TIDE lAi;i.K.
Computed by Thomas ii;v -p, Chronomstar aal
Instrument Maker. 4 t'aiiroriii 1 ■itreat.
Sign of the Wo >d»n Bdl'>r.
11. wr. I
Largo. ;
L. W.
U W*.
18.... 6.41 PM 6.06 ami 0.05 am. 11.65 am 1.47|7.35
Lanre. i>ni«l-. I |
19... 7.21 7.19 am 0.58 am 0.60 am 1.48 7.35
20.... 8.03 pm 8.41 am| 2.02 am 1.42 pm -.4817.35
21... . 8.48 pm 9.63 am 3.01 am 2.34 PM 1.4M7.35
22.... 'Jit.'. PM 10.68 am 3.54 AM, 3.26 PM t.4S]7..K>
23.... 10.19 I'M 11. 68 AM 4.16 am 4.18 pm 4.4817.36
24....i11.01 I'm 0.53 pm' 5.33 am 1 5.07 pm i. 497.36
Feidat. Juno 17.
Flour, or m .. 3.760 Middlings, sss 297
Wheat. 8.848 Hops, bis 12
Kaney, ctis 4,027: Wool. bis. 489
Corn. ctl3.. 714 Hay. toss „ 280
Beans.su 485 Straw, toaj TO
Potatoes. ss» 2,U08 Hides, no «27
Onions, sin 1.088 Wine, sail' 25,170
Bran, sus „ ),JU5i
Pate* of T>ei>-rturo > 1 «>iq Sun Franclaa;*.
Colombia. ..-Portland 'Jne 18. lfiAMi_>oe»r
'Vail.. Walla! Vie* _*<t Sound Jne 18. SAM.Bdvfyl
"_Ur Panama {Panama Jne is. 12 _ .Ms s
Humboldt. | Humboldt Bay. j Jne 18. 9_.MiWash
Eureka Newport In. 19, Sam i n.iw'y '._:
"oroua San Dieio Jne 2 i.i: am i ildsv'y 2
Mate of Cal. ' Portland i Jne 22,10 am ! .■spur
Pomona. Humboldt Bay.. 12. SAM'Bdw'y 1
I'niatllla Vic* Put sound Joe 23, IMWy I
Los Angeles Newport Jne 24, SAMJBdw'y'J
Monowal... | Australia fJue 24, 2pm oceanic
liaytiau Kepi Vie* Pgt SoundlJne 25. 3pM|Folsm 2
jae11c....... China * Japan.. Jne 25, 3pm 'P M 8 S
San _Jlas....i Panama ."...|Jue 25,12 a*. Jlss
Departure ot Australia! steamer u_pe.i v Ug
EuelKh mails
Sliiri'lNO IST 1. 1 A. Hi
Arrive I.
Friday, June 17.
Stmr Emily. Roberts. 50 hours from Coos Bay;
pass and rndse. to Meyer .V Akermaa.
Stmr Colima. Austin, 9 days 11' i hours from
Honolulu; 128 cs bananas, to P M S >.
Stmr Wnttesboro, Johnson, 13 hours frm Cleone;
piles and ties, to L X White.
Stmr Arcata, Lanzborne. 46 hours frm Coos Bay:
pass and md-ie. to O C * N Co.
Schr Alice Klmbail, Asplnnd, 17 hours from N'a
varro; lumber, to Navarro Mill Co. For up river di
Schr Jos Ru«, Aspe, 7 days from Taeoma; lum
ber, to Dempster * Son. For up rlvttr direct.
Bear Liia ami Mattie, Peterson, 36 hours from
Humboldt; lua m ft lumber, to Chas Nelson.
Schr Jas Townsend, Wils n, 24 days from Fort
Bracg; 200 M ft lumber.to Fort Utah Uedwood Co.
Bchr Electra, Knudsey. 21 hours from Mendo
clno; lumber, to .Mendoclno Lumber Co. For up
river direct.
Friday. June 17.
Stmr Columbia, Holies. Astoria; U 1' X R Co.
Btmr Humboidr? Eawardn. Eureka; M Kallsh &
Walla Walla, Wallace, Victoria; Uoodall,
Perkins & Co.
Brshlp Bay of Naples, Bache, Queeustown; Gir-
Tin, Baldwin it Eyre.
Fbi day, June 17.
Stmr Santa P.osa, Alexander, San hie!»o, etc.
Strur Willamette Valiey. Paton, Yaqulna Bay.
Stmr (Jlpsy. Jepsen. Santa Cruz. etc.
Stmr v.asuie Ross. Marshall. Coos Bay.
Stmr Noyo, Drisko. Noyo.
Ship Alaska. Brannan, Nanalmo.
Ship Two Bruthers, Windrow, San Pedro.
Bark Columbia. Dins 111 or* 1 . Port Biaki
Schr Bill the Butener, Peterson, Boweus Landlaz.
Schr Howard, Dodd, Navarro.
Schr w F Jewett. Spratjue, 'i'acoma.
Schr Ralph J Long, jorgeusen, Coquille.
Schr Parkersburs, Hausen, Coquille River.
Schr Gem. Olson.
schr American Girl, Sanders. Clallam Bay.
Bebr Newark. Beck, Bowens Landing.
Bchr Rio Key, Isis»elt. Bourns Landlus.
" POINT LOBOS-June 17-10 r --Weather
hazy; window; velocity 20 miles.
Per Colima— Bad fine weather entire voyage.
Per Emily— Schr Orion arrived at Port Orford
June 14: towed schr Jas Towusijnd to sea Juue 16.
from Fort HragK, bound for San Francisco. Had
lino weather and calm sea to San Francisco.
Domestic l'ort«.
FORT BRAGG— Sailed June lti-Schr Jas Town
send, for San Francisco.
Arrived June 17— Stmr Rival, hence June 16;
stmr Noyo, hence June 16.
CASPAR— SaiIed Jane 17— Stuir Jewel, for San
OKAYS HARBOR— Arrived June 17— Schr Jas A
Garfield, from Redondo.
PORT ORFORD-ArriTed June 14-Schr Orion,
hence June 2. June 17— Schr Enterprise, from
COOS BAT— Bailed June lti-Schrs Emma Ltter,
Annie Gee and Seven Sisters, for San Francisco.
IVKBSONTS LANDlNG— Arrived Juue 17-Schr
Ocean Spray, hence Juue 13.
ASTORlA— Arrived June 17— Br ship Gantock
Rock, from San Diego.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived June 36— Bktn Marlon, fin
Kedoudo; stmr Sunol, from Wi,i:e,i)oro.
Sailed June 17— Bktn North Bend.
GREENWOOD— June 17-Stmr Green
wood, for San Francisco.
EUREKA— SaiIed June 17— Stmr North* Fork,
hence June 15
TATOOSH— Passed out June 17— stmr Umatilla,
from Victoria for San Kraucisco.
Foreiirn Torts.
ACAPULCO— SaiIed June 14— Stmr San Juan, for
NEWCASTLE, NSW— Sailed June 9-N'or ship
Moriiliie Light, lor Honolulu.
QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed June 16-Br ship Engle
horn, for Liverpool.
HONOLULU— Arrived June 3— Nor bark Hay
fruen, from Newcastle, NSW; schr Alice Cooke.
from Port Townsend. June 14— Stmr Mariposa,
hence May 2«. June (J— Bark Sumatra, from New
castle, NSW; bktn Planter, hence May 25.
Balled June Bark Elsltiore. for Port lownsend;
U S stmr Thetis, for San FrancUco.
VLADIVOSTOCK-Arrived June 16-Schr Beu
iah, hence Apr 10.
MARSHFIELD-Per Emily- 350 Mis hoops and
staves, 12 ci butter. 3 bales wool, 13 cs eggs, 3 cs
cheese. 2 cs grocenps.
Empire City— l pkg express, 1 pkg coin, 2cs gro
Chctco— 2B bbls salmon, 27 bdls hides, 3100 ska
Port Orrord-75 M cedar. 1 cs china goods, 1 sk
Shelter Cove— 2oo bales wool,
Fort Br.ijrjj— 2 bales wool, Ics cigars.
Little River— B bales wool, 1 bdl hides.
COOS BAY— Per Arcata-500 tons coal, 6 pieces
shafting, 12 rolls leather, 23 bdls green hides, 1 bbl
butter, 2 bdls d;y hides, lb sblp-knees, 46 pkgj
liquors, 4 bib cheese, 1 pkg express ($302 10).
Per Emily— Oakland Box and Barrel Co; Venti
lated Barrel Co; Kowalsky _ Co; Geti Bros _ Co;
DTledeman & Co; Whlttier, Fuller _ Co: I B Cook ;
Root _ Sanderson : Wells, Fanro _ Co: Metropoli
tan Match Co; Martin, Feusier * Co; Pacific Coast
P.orax Co; W B Sumner _ Co; Holme 4 J E
Markeley: Thos Deanlcan * Son: Christy _ Wise;
Smith's cash Store : A Crawford _■ Co; Paul Fried
man; Shoobert, Ueale A- Co; GKPlununer.
Per Arcata— O C a N Co; Campo & Co; Gardiner
Mill Co; Getz liros A Co; Norton, Teller « Co; J
Neylan _ Co; Wells, Fargo _ Co; Dean 4 Co; Joan
son _ Co. |
For Lai* S'ttppi? • lnlrlUievi) S«e Eighth P,ti%
Morch.onts' Lino.
LEONARD, Master,
Is now on the berth, as above, and having large
engagements will receive quick dispatch.
For freight *nd la for mat ion apply to
J. W. CRACE & CO.,
430 California st., San Francisco.
W. R. GRACE A- CO., Hanoveß^uare, New York.
I*ls tf6p*^
-iV Sliver Mining Company. Location of principal
place of business, San Francisco, California. Loca-
tion of works, Vlrgiina, Storey County, Nevada.
Notice li hereby given that at a meeting or the
Board of Trustees, neld on the 7tb day of June,
1892, an assessment (No. tJ'.t) of iwenty-flrt (25)
cent* per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corporation, payable Immediately la I'uitea
States gold coin to the Secretary at the office of the
company, room No. 69, Nevada Block. No. 303
Montgomery street, San Francisco. California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the I'-'th day of July, 1592, will be
delinquent and advertised for sale ht public auc-
tion, and. unless payment is made before, will be
sold on THURSDAY, the 4th day of Augoat, IS!)'-'.
to pay the delinquent assessment together with
costs or advertising and expenses of sale. By order
of the Board of Trustees.
ALFRED K. DrRIiKOW, Secretary.
Office, loom No. 69 Nevada block, No. 309 Mont-
gomery street. San Francisco, California. ]ea td
Silver Mining Company. Location of principal
place of business. San Francisco, California, loca-
tion of works. Virginia Mining district. Storey
County. State of Nevada.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting or the
Board of Trustee*, held on the 10th day of June,
I%9'J, an assessment (No. 102) of 25 cents per share
was levied upon the capital stork of the corpora-
tion, payable Immediately In United States gold
coin, to the secretary, at the office of the company,
room 15, Nevada bloc», 309 Montgomery St., San
Francisco, California.
Any stock noon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of
July, 1 892, will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction: arid unless payment is made
before, win be sold on Tuesday, the 2d day of
August. 1892. to pay the delinquent assessment, to-
gether with costs of advertising and expenses of
tale, By order or the Board of Trustees.
E. L. I'AKKKK. Secretary.
Office, room 15. Nevada block, 309 Montgomery
St., San Frapclsco.' California. jell td
Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness, ■hi Francisco, Cal. Location of works,
Storey County, »v. Notice Is hereby given
tkai at a meeting of the board of directors, held
on the 7th day of June, 1892, an assessment (No.
15) or twenty-five (25) cents per share w.» levied
upon the capital stock of the corporation, .title
Immediately In United States gold coin to the sec-
ii' ii v. at the office of the company, room 68,
Nevada Block, 309 Montgomery st., San Francisco,
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the ELEVENTH DAY OF JULY,
1892. will be delinquent and advertised for sale at
public auction; and unless payment is made before
will be told on FRIDAY, tbe 29th day of July,
is.' I .', to pay the delinquent assessment, together
with costs or advertising and expenses of sale. By
order of the board of directors.
A. 11. FISH, secretary.
Office— Room 28, >'f vat! a Block. 309 Montgomery
tt,, San Francisco. Cal. ■ ]t 8 td
« SSESSMENT M'liCr-CliU.l.c.Vifc (ON-
A solldated Mining Company. Location or prin-
cipal place of business, San Francisco, Calltorultr;
location of works. Gold Hill. Nevada.
Notice is hereby given, that a: a meeting of the
Hoard of Directors, held on tbe 16th day of May,
1892. an assessment (No. il) of twenty-five cents
per (h.-ire was levied upon the capital stock of the
corporation, payable Immediately In United State*
gold coin, to the secretary, at tue office of the com-
pany, 331 Flue st., room 3, San Frauclsco, Cali-
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on tbe 20tb day of June, 1832, will
Do delinquent, and advertised for sale at public
auction: and unless payment Is made before, will
be sold on Tuesday, the 12th day of July. 1992, to
pay fie delinquent assessment together with costs
of advertising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
C. L. McCOY, Secretary.
Office— 33l Pine st-, room 3, San Francisco, Call-
fotnla. my 17 td
iv Sliver Mining Company. Location or principal
place or business, San Francltco, California; loca-
tion of works. Virginia, Storey County. Nevada
Notice Is hereby K':veo. mat at a meeting or the
Board or Directors, held on the 16th day of May
1892. an assessment (No. 45) of twenty-five (25)
cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corpopatlon, payable Immediately la United
States gold coin, to the secretary, at the office of
the compauy. room 79. Nevada" block, 309 Mont-
gomery bi.. San Francisco, California.
Any stocic upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 21st day of June, lt<92. will
be delinquent, and advertised for sale at public
auction; and unless payment Is nude before, will be
•old on Tuesday, tag lain day or July, 1892, to pa»
tho delinquent assessment together with costs of
advertising and expenses or sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
'■' ' • „ < Has. E. ELLIOT, Secretary.
Office— Room 79, Nevada block, 309 Montgomery
•t.. Sau Francisco. California. my 17 id *
'At Auction!
TUESDAY JUNK 21, 1893,
At 12 o'clock 110011, as
Our Salosroom,
638 Market st, Opposite Pa!ac3 HotsL
M: gnificeat t<:rn«r— l.aijf,- Lot.
NX cor. Market and Castro sts. This Is a ra.iijnia-
cent business lot In one of tho best locatlous in tho
Mission. This Is a rare chance to obtain a laree lot
An Investor or speculator should examine this offer-
Ing; one chance in a thousand. This lot is a
fortune In itself within three years: Castro-st.
cable, with others under consideration; lot »3-li/ a
on Market St.; 118:5 on Castro St.; SO feet deen
(see diapram on catalogue).
NEcor. Washington and Laurel sts.— ThU 50-Vara
18 the best in this grand location; the view is per-
fectly immense: the location stauilswithout a rival;
any gentleman looking for a handsome 50-vara on
which to build a mansion for his family should
examine this one: the surroundings are all that can
be asked for. streets sewered and everything ready
for building; J.icksoii. >»■ rsineuto aud Callfornia-
st. cables; lot lS7:bxl_7:BV*.
S. line Pacific aye., IBS feet W. of Broderick St.—
This residence lot is situated i;i the best location of
this renowned district, and should demand the at-
tention of any gentleman desiring to construct a
home for his family. The mansions in this loca-
tion are tie very best in the city: elegant view;
short walk to Presidio Reservation Park: Jarlcsou-
street and Pacific-avenue cables; lot 25x127 :8'.-4.
N. line of Green St., 155:1 4 feet W. of Lacuna—
Each contains 9 large rooms, bath, laundry, etc.:
main rooms connect with folding doors; ball larste
and finished beautifully; splendid mantels and gas
fixtures; magnificent marine view; they are perfect
ho. lien; parties looking fur a coins will find it la
their interest to examine these model homes:
street sewered and macadamized: Pacific aye.
(Hy.le-st. transfer) to Unlon-»t. cable: houses open
every day for Inspection: tots 25 and 26x100.
Terms exceedingly easy. luquire at office.
TT. line of Pierce St.. 45 feet S. of Vallejo— Two
beautiful residence locs, all ready for building;
grand marine view; street graded, sewered and
macadamize ;1; Paclfic-ave and Unlon-st. cables; a
maguificent location for a home; lot:) 27:6x112:6.
BW. cor. of Claj and Lyon sts.— These are elegant
residence lots, commanding grand marine view;
surroundings tne best; lots ready for building;
street sewered, graded and macadamized; Jackson
and Sacraineutu-st. cables; elegant lots for a home;
examine them ; lots 35iaT:6.
W. line of Brodenclc St.. 100 feet S. of Pacific
aye.— This is an elegant residence lot for a home
and should be examined; all ready for building;
elegant view; choice surroundings; street in Qua
Condition; lot 27 :bx105.
S. line Waller St.. !55 feet K. of Masonic aye.—
This is an elegant lot for a home: commands a fine
view; street sewered and in fine shape: about two
minutes' walk to Golden Gate Park; three cable
roads and two electric roads now complete «nd
underway; examine it: 10t 25x148.
W. line of Georgia St.. 220 feet N. of Sierra;
property contains store and S rooms, bath, etc.. be-
low; tenement of 4 rooms above: near Pacific Roll-
lag-milts, Union Iron Works, Spreckels 1 Sugar Re-
finery; always rented; ients3o; lot 30x100.
NE. line Algeria [18tt> aye). 350 fee: SE. of Sus-
quehanna (N) st.; new cottage of 4 rooms and largo
basement; sunny: garden front and rear: good sur-
roundings and neighborhood ; examine for a home;
lot 50x100.
1367. S. sice 23d St., 331/3 feet W. of Vicksburg
St.: cottage contains 4 large rooms with base-
ment: pleasant surrour.dlnz*; street ia Cue condi-
tion; Castro-st. cable; 10t28x65.
"W. line (No. 12) Dehone St.. 174 feet 8. 16ta
St.; neat cottage of 4 rooms and pantry; brick
foundation: sunny; garden front and rear; every-
thing like a true home: street sewered, graded and
inaradamiz-d: lot 28x70. Also, lot adjoining;
south: lot 28x70; short distance from Mar.etand
Castro-st. cable.
For catalogue, terms, etc.. Inquire of
18 20 21 AmiiiinnTii, ti3i Markets?.
$10,000 worth of Hardware, Oils, Etc.
Commencing Monday, June 20, at 10 A. M.
je!B 31* T. H. H. ROSENBERG. Auctioneer.
tion of principal place of business. San Fraa-
cisco, California; locaton of works, Virginia Mia-
lng District. Storey County, State of Nevada.
Notice is hereby given that at a meetln? of the
Board of Directors held on the third (3a) day of
June, 189". an assessment (No. 58) of fifty cents
(50C) per share was levied upon the capital stock,
of the corporation, payable Immediately in United
States gold coin to the Secretary, at the office of t!i»
company, room 4, Nevada block. No. 309 Mont-
gomery street, San Francisco. California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the seventh (7th) day of July.
1892. will be delinquent and advertised for sale at
public auction, and unless payment is made before,
will be sold on WEDNESDAY, the twenty-sever.ta
(27th) day or July. 1892, to pay the delinquent
assessment, together with the costs of advertising
and expenses cf sale. F.. B. HOLMES. Secretary.
Office— Room 4, Nevada block, No 309 Montgome-
ry street, San yranctsro. California. je4 td
Sliver Mining Company, location of priucln.l
place of business. San Francisco, CaL ; lo.atloa ol
works, Tuscarora. Eiko County. Nev.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors, held on the 3d day of May,
1892, an assessment, No. 8. of five cent* (sc) per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the cor-
pora tion, payable immediately in United States
gold coin, to the secretary, at tue offlee of the com-
pany, room 20, 331 Pine st., San Francisco. Cal.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the tenth (10) diy of June. 1592,
will be delinquent, and advertised for sale ac
public auction; and unless payment Is m»de before,
will be sold on THURSDAY, the thirtieth (30) dar
of June, 1592, to pay the delinquent asspssraant,
together with costs of advertising and expanses of
sale. By order of the board of Directors.
R. GKAYSON. Secretsry.
Office— Roqaj 20. 331 Pine St.. San Francisco. Cal.4 td
Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness. San Francisco, Ca!. Location of wor»»,
Virginia, Storey Com Nev. Notice Is hereby
given that at a ireetlns of the board of directors.
Held on the _sth day of May. 1832, a i assessment
(No. 33) of fltty (SO] cents per share was levied
upon the capital stock of the corporation, payai'.a
Immediately la I r.tt--d States gold coin to tne sec-
retary, at the ofnee of the company, room 79,
Nevada Bloc., 309 Montgomery st., ban Francisco,
Any stock upon which tWs assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the SEVENTH DAY OF .11 IV.
1892, will be delinquent and advertised for «.iH »t
public auction; and unless payment is made befors
will be sold on WEDNESDAY, tba 37thd»y or July.
189'J, to pay the delinquent assessment, together
with costs of advertlilaz and expenses of saie. l'-y
order of toe board of directors.
CHAS. E. ELLIOT, secretary.
Otnee-Room 79. Nevada Block. 309 MouU"m"y
St., San Francisco, Cal. my Bl td _
A Company. Location of principal place of busi-
ness. San Francisco, Cat. Location of works, Storey
County. Nov.
Notice Is hereby given that at » Dseotias. of he
board of directors, held on the 2ittt day or May,
1892. an a»«<-«smeui (No. S3', of 25 cents per shira
w»s levied upon the c.-.pital stock of the corpor-
ation, payable iniaediatvly in United Mites sol. l
coin, to the secretary at tne office uf the comp»oy.
roam 20. 331 Pine street, San FrancUco. c»i.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall re
mam unpaid ou the .v^th day of June, 1882, will ; c
delinquent and advertised for sals at public auc-
tion, and. unless p.ivmeiit is made before, will bo
sold on Tuesday, th« IBtti day of July, 1892. to pay
th« delinquent assessment to,jeth;r with costs of
advertising and expmses of ialn. By crder of the
board of directors. K. K. ORAYSON. Secretary.
omce. room 20, 331 Pine street, San Francuco,
Cal. iny26 ta -
cation of principal place of business. San Fran-
cisco, Cal.: location of worts, Uold lii.i, Storey
Comity. N«v.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting or the
Board of Directors, beM on the 19th day of May,
1892. an assessment (No. t>4) of thirty cenis [38ej
per share was levied upo;i the capital stoo» of th«
corporation, payable immediately in Catted Btites
gold coin to the Secretary at the office of the com-
pany, 414 California street, San Francisco, Cal.
Any stock upon which tills assessment shall re-
main unpaid on th» StSd day of Jane, 1892, will be
delinquent sad advertised tor sale at public auc-
tion, and, unices payment Is made before, will bo
sold on MONDAY, the eleventh (11th) day of July.
18P2, to pay the delinquent assessment, together
with costs of advertising ami expenses of sale By
order of the Board or Directors.
GKORUE 1). EDWARDS. Secretary.
Office— 414 California street, San Francises.
C>L ray2o to.
i' Mining Company. Location of principal place oC
business, San Francisco, Cat.; location of works.
Gold Hill. Storey County, Nev.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting or the
board Of directors, held on the 17l!i day of May,
1892, an assessment. No. 44, of .5 cents per share
was levied upon the capital stock or the corpora-
tion, payable immediately In United States gold
coin to the secretary, at the ofnee of the company,
room 8, 331 Pine st., San Francisco. Cal.
Any stock upon «iv this assessment shall re-
main unpaid on the 21st day or June, 1892. will be
delinquent, and adTertlsed for sale at public auc-
tion; and unless payment It made before will be
Sold on Tuesday, ins 12th day of July. 18*2, to pay
the delinquent assessment, together with the costs
of Advertising and expenses ot sal- By order ot
the board of directors.
C. 1.. PERKINS. Secretary.
Office— Room 8. 831 I'luo st., Stock Exchange
building, San Francisco. < at, tnylg til
THE WEEKLY CALL contains rnora
reading matter for the price
than any publication in Amor-
ica; $1 par year, postpaid.

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