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.~~~~^^_^__ .^^MISCELLANEOUS.
■We Want to Break Last Week's Wonderful Sales Record ! 9
We Place on Sale To-day Three of the Greatest Bargains 1
Ever Offered to the Ladies of San Francisco. 1
3 4V/ B^s 4to 14, elegantly trimmed kWS^m I
;! jM. and made, worth $3, onr special fffe?|w- I
I j^m^K ■ A - t -^k S5 - 33; I
I J^M^/w^ 2— Represents our Hand- /m^Si\ \
I" m? M&m M SOGIe cheviots and sailor (m\M/ i\ 1
1 >#^fi :^lW^ KILTS ' The y are handsome N^t^V \ I
S fad elegantly tailored, worth Wi '[> \ U |
j Mji ■ A - t _-^__. ' Vkl 7 1
I raW 3— ls an Extraordinary Mpa §
m Hf Bargain ia Imported SCOTCHES fl ii H
I- HHf and Fancy TWEEDS and WORS- vf m 1
$ IVif TEDS, sold all over town for J| I jjj
J $4.53 and $5. Onr special cat, : * B ?*~-|§ |
1 Iges 4to 14. _A_t $2.20. I
i * I
3 ofXkind
I Mtatr |
gEI ■^••iN'i.
i tag Pants Suits!
| 1- HOW ABOUT A LONG PANTS SUIT, ages 12 to |
I 1 18, in neat effects, well cat and elegantly trimmed, for 1
f_ _€*_f___^__j£_Sl _=
I —^^^'^^^ — i
y EOTS, ages 12 to 18, well wortb $7, our cot price I
13 %^S DOUBLE AND TWIST MERES, bandsoms shades, 1
|j % ages 12 to 18, id! worth $10. Onr special, |
| <<|p^ —^$6.45^ — - 3
, ■ 1 tat**** mm __^ I *^^\ ' —
i 3
9, 11, 13 and 15 Kearny Street. I
Petitions and Protests Which Wore
I'a.sed fpoo Yesterd ny.
The Street Committee of the Board of Su
pervisors met yesterday, Chairman Taber
presiding and Messrs. Wilkinson, Burling
and Artignes present.
It was decided to report in favor of the
awarding of contracts for streetwork as
follows: Gialing Solano street, between
Florida and Potrero avenue. John Kelso;
grading Union street, between Gougfa and
Van Ness avenue. W. H. Keck; sewering
the crossing of Francisco and Dupont
streets. Thomas Clarke; sewering Holly
street, at the intersection of Mission,
Thomas Byrne; sewering J ones street, be
tween Lombard and Chestnut, W. G. Ho ' 6
kamer; paving Eighteenth street, between
lores and Guerrero, City Street Improve
ment Company; paving Fifteenth street,
1 etween Howard and Shotwell. U. C. *T ins
low; paving tne crossing of Jones and Jack
son streets, 11. C. Wlnslow; paving the
cr..s«in<Tof Post nod Webster street", W.C.
Ralsch; sidewalks on Clipper street, be
tween Church and Sanchez. G. Burke; pay
log Newell street, from Lombard to its
northerly termination, M. B. Maynnrd;
sidewalks on Sutter street, between Grant
avenue and Stockton, Flinn & Treacy.
A lar. delegation of property-owners
api eared to pretest against the proposed
lowering of the grade at Twenty-first and
guc ;.. streets, and after several argu
ments for and against had been heard it was
decided to refer the matter to the Board of
Engineers, who have in chares the formu
lation of a new sewer system. ■
Tbe protest* of property-owners agaiust
macadamizing Eleventh avenue, between
Point Lobos avenue and I) street, and
against curbs and sidewalks on Alameda
street between San Jose avenue and Guer
rero street, will be reported favorably upon.
Clerk -Bus- ell: was directed to address a
letter to the Pacific Contracting Company,
asking them to execute an agreement con
ceding to the city the right to use all pro
cesses, whether patented or not, in the
preparation for paving purposes, free of all
cost, the agreement to cover all rights now
existing or hereafter to be acquired.
Favorable reports were made on the fol
lowing petitions: Tubbs Cordage Company,
for closing Indiana street, between Sierra
and Nevada; the Perine Contracting and
Paving Company, for the right to pave
Bartlett street from Twenty-fourth to
Twenty-fifth, and also Steiner street from
O'Farreli to Ellis; for a change of grade on
Twentieth street at Hart and >oe and
on Noe and Liberty at Twenty-first; the
Metropolitan Electric Railway Company, to
pave between their tracks.
Superintendent of Streets Gilleran sub
mitted the specifications for sweeping the
streets under the new contract to be adver
tised for. It is bubstantially the same as
last rear, several of the newly accepted
' streets having been added to those which
will bo swept once a month.
N. jotl a for a __•-•- to New Handa
In Tru great.
Mr. S. 11. Seymour of the Ems House has
been negotiating for the past two or three
months for a transfer of the good-will, fur
niture, etc., to M. J. Connolly, who has been
head clerk of the hotel for the past 17 years,
md Colonel Young, recently lessee of the
Sotoyome Hotel, Healdsburg, Sonoma
Couuty. A report having been circulated
that a definite arran. ement had 3 en ar
rived at Mr. Connolly was yesterday asked
by a representative of The Call if the
report was correct, but he declined to ex
press an opinion. Mr. Seymour was seen
fast-vening and while admitting that nc-
Botiations had been in progress he den ed
fliat a settlement had been reached. Ha
would rather be excused from expressing
In opinion as to whether the negations
would end in a transfer or not on July 1.
After Broker Wellie.
Yap Ah Hang has sued August Weihe,
tIl . "„,,,. .-.-broker, in the Justice Court for
•299 damages for imprisoning him for three
5 - _ft. r arret on the lit inst. as a lu
__l_ ;". ibe at large- Hang was
natic red- ■ if, na now says his arrest was
wUhoit probable cau<e. lie was in the em-
Joy of Welbeas a domestic.
A Va. rant Sentinel.
The fi»«t Chinese sentinel of a gambling
W . _rr»-tis by Hie Chinatown squad was
gnme arrcsteu b> tue v ter(laV and
the use ol Correction.
Abbatti and Hia Confederates Go to Dif
ferent Jills.
N. R. Harris and others connected with
the Government's secret service are jubilant
over the success of their efforts in arresting
Giovani Abbatti. the chief of counterfeiters,
and four of his pals. They expected to
make several more arrests, but did not,
owing to the miscarriage of their plans.
When the story of the arrest of Abbatti and
Viscnnti in the Chestnut-Dlace house leaked
out Harris telegraphed to Sherriff C unn In. -
ham of Stockton to arrest M. I). Howell.
Cunningham had been Shadowing him for
some time, and consequently had little
trouble in locating him at his home.
Charles >i. Murt ay, a saloon-keeper at
Fourth sod Stevenson streets, was suspected
of dealing in bogus coin, in fa d making his
saloon a rendezvous ot "ah overs of the
queer." The publication of the arrest of
Abbatti and Visconti in an evening paper
put the "shovels of the queer" on their
guard. Detectives Giennon and Coffey vis
ited the saloon in bones of bagging several
of them at lea. t. 1 Ley departed satisfied
with finding and arresting Murray. Plenty
of evidence was secured against him, and
yesterday he was held to answer the charge
of making ad selling counterfeit money,
with bail set at 810,000 bonds. M. D. How
ell, who arrived from Stockton yesterday
morning, was held in the sum of £20,000.
Neither of the men could give bail, so Mur
ray was transferred to the Alameda County
Jail and Howell to the city's institution on
Howell and Murray were dealing In <purl
onscoin,manufactured by Abbatti. Howell,
« ho is the husband of the adopted daughter
of the late .V. B. Johnson, who left an es
tate two years ago ii Stockton valued at
$-00,C0O, was trapped by receipting for a
package of marked Ins, 54 lied by Harris
from Wells, Fargo & Co. He was known
to be an intimate friend of Murray, and as
he corresponded with him the latter was
The Government agents soon discovered
that Howell and Murray purchased Abbatti' s
spurious product at wholesale rates and
then sold it to men known as hovers."
Murray admits that his saloon was the re
sort of counterfeiters, and says that on
several occasions he tried to force them out
of his place. He denies handling any
spurious coin, so does Howell. Murray was
formerly a cleik iv the Russ House of
Modesto, and for some time acted as a
deputy constable in that town. He always
enjoyed a good reputation.
Abbatti was transferred to the Santa
Clara County Jail yesterday, and Visconti
sent to Alameda. It will be seen that
Harris has separated the whole gang, so as
they cannot talk with each other. James
Smith, the counterfeiter who was arrested
at San Pablo on April 15th, was yesterday
sent from, the County Jail in this city to
that in Alameda County. He was never
formally charged until yesterday, and it is
said that it was through a confession made
by him at the time of his arrest that Ab
batti and Visconti were located.
T. 11. Keartlen'a Will.
In a few days the will of the late Judge
T. EL Beat---, will be filed for probate. It
was written by his dictation a few moments
before he died, ai.d was witnessed by brs.
Perry and Curtis. The only property left
by the late Judge was bis library and
household goods. The will is as follows:
My Will— I am so financially Involved it may
teem idle to make a will, but I bequeath and
glv» all mv estate to ray wife, Anita, knowing
l.at .he wili lock after our daughter, .una.
ami 1 appoint Anita, my wife, and Dr. David
\\ cosier my executors without bonds, and with
power to cell, KB- I recommend Mr. Lyons as
legal adviser, and trust that be will accept tiie
burden so placed upon him.
Half mt lb* I'r .fits Claimed.
Irving Wilkinson has been sued by 11. C.
I'orsland for £<■(..; W. For. land says lie
had a contract of June, 1890, with him to
receive one-half of all net profits from sales
made by him for .lass in Oregon and Wash
ington, and secured business amounting to
{80.000 more or less, on which he claims
clt/-*; 78, In November, 1891 he came to
San Francisco from 1 aroma, and entered
into a further agreement of a similar char
acter regarding business wheresoever se
cured. Sales amounting to £50,000 were
secured, upon which the net profit* were
810.000. aud ou the halt of which £1400 is
A Circus Camel Dead.
The large camel belonging to Sells' circus,
valued at $7-0, died al Central Park on
Wednesday night. '
_. — ■
ladlg'-tlon. Dizziness. Take Ucecban's I'llli,
The Blow Struck by the Traffic
* _
The lei Cape Horn Lines to Be Patronized
to the Exclusion of
A hard blow at the subsidized steamer
nnd clipper lines was struck by the Traffic
Association yesterday.
The executive committee issued a circu
lar recommending the Atlantic and Pacific
steamship line and the Merchants' and Pal
four lines of clipper ships to the patronage
of the local shippers.
This will create a great decline In rates by
the Pacific Mail aud Sutton Hues, which are
controlled by the railroad, but the executive
committee asks that do attention be i aid to
anything that may be done by them as a
temporary expedient.
Following is the wording of tlie circular:
San Francisco. June 22. 1892.
To the members of the Traffic Association of
California: Wo taKe _!e;istii* in calling your
attention 10 Uie establishment of the Merchants'
Hue of clipper ships by Messrs. J. \V. Grace &
Co., and also io a Hue established by Messrs,
Baifour, Guthrie & Co., both from New York to
Sau Fraucisco; also tin* Atlantic and Paclflc
Steamship lino between New Jf«»r k and San Fran
cisco by way of the straits of Magellan.
by 1 fen Ins to the constitution and by-laws
of ibis association; it will be noted- that one of
Hi* prime objects of Ihe association is the secur
ing ot equitable bases for freights botb by land
and sea, and securing the carriage at as low a
cost as possible. it it therefore Incumbent upon
the members that these new enterprises shall
receive our earnest support and operation, to
the exclusion or the old established lines winch
have not given thai decree of competition which
our necessitle* have In the past demanded.
It has already breu _ive. out by tlie old lines
that these new competitors In the Held will be
snort .it-it, ai il thai shippers who desert the old
lines at this time will be ieme nilertii when these
competitors ate out of tlie way.
For your Information we ue-ire to state that
the new lines have been thoroughly Investigated
t> v tii* committee, and are are satisfied as to itie
lelialiillty am t stability of the enterprises, and
that witli our support tliev are here to stay and
are deserving of our patronage regardlasa of
what may be dona by the older lines as a tern
i>oiary t-xiieuienl.
We regard this as the opportunity for the es
tablishment of pei manent competition; wnieb
should under no conditions be tbtown away by
leasou of any prwuiMs of temporary advantage.
By order of tne executive committee.
Fm ii Castle, President.
J. S. Leeds, Traffic Itanager.
President Mauve! of the Atchison, Topeka
and Santn Fe has come and gone and no
benefit whatever has accrued to San Fran
cisco from l.i» visit. From what he said
while here to press representatives and
others the people must look elsewhere lor
relief in the way of much-needed railroad
competition, for Mr. Manvel's corporation
has neither the money nor the desire to ex
tend their road to this city. During his
stay Mr. Manvel visited the Fourth and
Townsend headquarters of the Southern
Pacific Compauy, where he had some busi
ness conferences with several high officials.
He also had a conference with Manager
Leeds of the Traffic, Association an ! sev
eral others interested in railroad mutters.
Mr. Manvel an party left yesterday even
ing for Los An eeles.
A special excursion train from Castle
Crag to -.(ii. in Shasta County, .nd re
turn, will le run hereafter every Saturday,
commencing to-morrow. This train i* for
the accommodation of tourists and excur
The committee appointed to devise a
working plan for the League of Progress
will meet to-night, but It is not considered
probable tliat a complete report will be ren
dered at that time. The tffleers of the
le. cue are hard nt work, mid applications
for membership are coming in daily. The
roll in Secretary Gray's hands now bears
the signatures cf 1100 of the best known
and most energetic young business men in
this city.
S tpps to organize the interior cities and
towns will be taken at once, it being desira
ble tliat every place of any sue should have
a branch of the California League. It is
expected that the Native Sons' parlors In
the interior will take much interest in the
movement and lend it their aid.
J. A. Fillmore, the general superintend
ent of the x -Utfcern Paclflc Railroad Is
expected to return from his Ea. tern trip to
Colonel W. D. Sanborn, general Fas.en-
Coast a _«»nt of the Chicago, Burling! and
Quincy Railway, returned yesterday from
tne East.
A. N. Towue, the general manager of the
Southern Pacific, was up at Castle Crag last
week. Returning on Monday Mr. Towne
took advantage of a short stay the train
made a; Willows Station to investigate how
much the employes along tho line knew of
thn new code of signals recently put into
Approaching the section bos*. Patrick
Finnegan by name, the general manager
suddenly asked of him: "Supposing a
piece of track was torn up, ju*t shout when
a train was due, what signal would you
The section br.ss was taken by surprise,
but recognizing Mr. Towne, he palled him
self together, and luckily he was able to an
swer the question correctly, but not satisfied
witli this. Pal insisted in showing off his
learning more, and started in to repeat word
fur word, the whole code of signals as he
had impressed it upon his mind during the
many weary nights he had beeu poring over
tiie book the past few months.
The train was leaving Willows, and Mr.
Towns had returned to his car, but as he
looked cut of the window, there was Finite
gan still standing near the track recapitu
lating to a gang of men all he knew of signal
flags and lights.
Shortage In Ihe Columbia ISlver Pack.
Will Triers Advance?
The dispatch from Portland regarding
the non-improvement in the salmon fishery
Is confirmed by the heal agents of the can
neries. Up to the present the pack is 25
per cent short of last year, and had it not
been for increased facilities in boats and
gear this year the shortage would have been
much greater. Still tne re is every prospect
of the pack showing a marked improvement
during the July run, which is the big month
of the season. There was even a siighl im
provement reported yesterday. Unles..
such marked Improvement takes place the
belief is that there will be a sharp advance
all along the line on all kinds of salmon,
particularly Alaskan. Alaska will n.ck
probably from 360,000 to 400,000 cases less
than last year, lh;s short is assured,
owing to the combination 01 the packers,
which has resulted In only 11 or 13 canneries
operating out of tiie 27 in the bands of the
combination. The object of cutting down
the pack is to make the market better and
It is likely soon to be obtained. Reports
from British Columbia, which are consid
ered authentic, are to the effect that largo
sales have been made at full prices for
English account, about Sl 20 per dozen f. 0. b.
The British Columbia River is not nearly
fo good for salmon as formerly. Like the
Sacrameuto it is being steadily fished out.
Over 200,000 cases were taken from the Sac
ramento in 1881; last year there were only
4000, and l-iis year there Have been none
as yet.
It la Conaldered -lure Favorable by the
W. E. Halloway, the resident partner of
the firm of J. W. Grace & Co., who met with
a serious accident on Monday in (ailing
from his horse, was reported yesterday
afternoon to be rapidly sinking. The left
leg, which had been frightfully shattered,
was amputated yesterday morning at 8
o'clock by D rs. Plummer and Lane. Two
hours after he seemed to be doing well, but
at 11 o'clock ho began to f.i! and the bulle
tins ot his condition sent to the city during
the day were to the effect that he w,i< sink
ing fast. A dispatch received by Thk Call
last evening stated, however, that he was
much improved and the physicians gave
hope of his ultimate recovery.
Sir .Imn. . I. yell.
Among the passengers of tho China which
arrived yesterday morning from Hong-Kong
and Yokohama were Sir James Lyell ami
wife. Sir James has been cut in India for
'.A years and has filled a number of promi
neut positions in the British civil service.
For the last five years be lias been Lieuten
ant-Governor of the province of Punjab.
liv has retired from tie service and is now
on his way home. While In California ho
will tak. in the Yosenyte Valley and other
points ot interest and will go East from
here by way of Vancouver. This is his first
visit to the United States, and while he is in
the couutry he proposes to see It thoroughly
For Xl Cainpo.
As on a number of Sundays past the
steamer Ukiab of the San Francisco and
North Pacific' Railway Company will on
Sunday next unite four trips from the
Tiburon ferry to El Campo, and sho wlll no
doubt carry to these delightful pleasure
grounds a large number of people. The
beauties of these grounds have been often
described, end there Is yet to be found one
who will truthfully say that the spot where
so many have gone, not only once, but sev
eral times, is not all that is claimed for it.
As picnic grounds within an hour's ride
from San Francisco El Campo has no equal.
The Fifth Grand Council to Meet Here
ou Monday Next.'
The fifth annual convention of the Young
Ladies' lnstitute will assemble in this city
next Monday morning. The delegates will
meet first at St. Mary's Cathedral, where
they will attend solemn high mass, at the
conclusion of which they will proceed to
Odd Fellows' Hall and begin their delibera
The organization, which works on lines
similar to those of the Young Men's Insti
tute, was founded on September 5, 1887, by
Mrs. J. P. Sweeney, Mrs. George Richard
son and Mrs. Thomas Coogan. Since then
36 branches have been chartered and the
membership has grown to 2000. This is an
increase of eight branches and 400 members
for the year just ended. -
The businesp which will occupy most of,
the time of the Graud Council will be the re
duction of the representation in the inter
ests of economy, the reduction of the num
ber of grand officers and proposed reduc
tions in the amount of si<k and death bene
fits, i: Is also probable that the convention
will discuss the propriety of establishing
headquarters In this city.
The present grand officers are: Miss Car
rie Gallagher, past grand president; Mrs.
Dr. I). P. K. gan, grand president; Miss Ella
Comyiis, giand first vice-president; Mis. T.
R. Duffy, grand second vice-president; Miss
Josie T. Molloy, grand secretary; Mrs.
Nellie Fleming, grard treasurer; Miss Liz
zm.lJuuu, grand marshal; Miss Josie Walsh,
grand inside sentinel; Miss Mary Hurley,
grand outside sentinel: grand board of di
rectors—Misses Mary Noonan, Annie Daly,
Kate Conklin, Oeraldine Mulcahy, Ids Me-
Adams, Susie Ely, Mary Wynne, Josie
li*. rdon, Mrs. Mary Taylor aud Mrs. J. J.
A Pleasant T) ny, a Splendid Journey and
l'l.li«.<"<l Xl( 111 .Kjiilhis.
Testsrday morning a large number of
gentlemen and ladles, taking advantage of
the announcement of -a cheap round trip to
and from Mendocino County and the pros
pect of a lovely day, left tho city by the
Tiburon ferry-boat for Point Tlburon, where
they took a train made up of seven cars,
each carrying about 5 0 passengers, and
started on a pleasant trip to Ukiah. As on
previous occasions the merry excursionists
during a four hours' ride had an oppor
tunity to see three of the counties of
the State when at their best and
to enjoy the beauty of picturesque and
romantic scenery, including vale, river and
mountain. At Ukiah, the thriving center
of Mendocino County, the excursionists
found the atmosphere quite warm, but all
enjoyed It, ami those who did not go to
Vichy or the Indian Encampment, "took In
the town" and its suburbs. The party of
sightseers were a jolly crowd and were de
lighted with their Journey northward. The
excursion was under the personal supervis
ion of Colonel Men ton, whu, as he always
does, did his best to make all who accom
panied him "feel comfortable and at home."
The second excursion of the season was
pronounced by all a success.
The Officials Quit. liu__y — Application!
for _p. cc Niiiiiproun.
The officials of the World's Fair Commis
sion arc veiy busy and no less than IK) ap
plications for space in which to make ex
hibits have been received within the past
three days.
Each of the States will build an exhibi
tion hall, to be also used as a rendezvous
and clubhouse for visitors from each State.
That of California will be devoted ex
clusively to the State exhibit.
K. 11. Young, secretary of the San Diego
County World's Fair Association, has for
warded to the State commission for indorse
ment applications from 37 different rest
dents of San Diego County for a total of
4820 square feet of exhibiting space iv the
different department buildin. s.
The commission states that the amount of
space applied for in toe horticultural and
viticulturM departments l.a- been unex
pectedly great and a splendid exhibit from
this State will be the result.
All applications mast be rresented in
Chicago on or before .Inly 1, and in order to
avoid confusion, those desiring to apply for
spare are requested to iufoiui the commis
sion ut once.
One Step Toward Cloting tlie . I_ny Dent
on lMi|.(int Street.
Members of St. Mary's Church, at Cali
fornia and Dupont streets, in ado many com
plaints to Chief Crowley in reference to
the houses of bad repute on Dupont street,
between Bush and California. Among those
who complained whs Archbishop Randan,
he declaring that It was a shame to permit
the dens to exist on a thoroughfare through
which people had to pass to reach the place
of worship. In pursuance to these com
plaints tho Chief decided yesterday to com
pel the women to remove their names from
the doors. The Inmates of these places
were also given notice that they would not
be allowed to occupy the ground fioor of
premises wi bin the two blocks mentioned.
Several women who disregarded the notice
were arrested for misdemeanor.
Sped .I Xx . uralon to Rodeo,
The Union Stockyard Company will run a
special excursion to-morrow to Rodeo, the
new and growing industrial city on San
I'ablo Bay. The train will leavo this city at
10 a.m.. and returning leave Rodeo at 4
p.m. Ihe fare for the round tup has been
fixed at 50 cents, In order that everybody
may have a pleasant day's outing, aud at
the same time see something of tha great
improvements going on in the msnnfactar
iii. suburb of San Francisco. A large crowd
will no doubt take advantage of the cheap
For an Only Daughter.
A copy of the will of Israel Isaacs, who
died in Yokohama in November, 1891, has
been filed for probate in the Superior
Court here. The California estate consists
of 12 lots in (ho 'Neil and Haley Tract
and a half interest In • lot on McAliiotoi
street, west of Van Ness aveuue. The
principal bolt is an only child, Mabel, i _*'d
13 ye. is, residing with her uncle in New
Sells' Circus.
The attractions nt Sells Bros.' circus, and
they are many, still draw as large a crowd
as on the first nights of the show, anil they
will no doubt continue to do so until the
last performance of the Season, which is to
be given on to-morrow _icl;t. But two
mora afternoons ami eights remain during
which adults and children will have an op
portunity to witness the greatest show of
the world.
Catialng;'ltnoat era to Fight.
Of the 12 warrant, issued for thus* who
participated in the brutal cock-fights upon
the steamer Carolina last Sunday only two
have been veil. Officer McGreavy ar
rested Frank Hastings and Hit sh Lynch
yesterday afternoon, and charged them
with "causing cocks to _£_t fur amusement
and gain." Tho accused secured their re
lease by furnishing bonds la the sum of
An Action for Libel.
William Linden of 4.. '5 Jersey street lias
sued M. H. tie Young of the Chronicle fur
$W)00 for an allegrd libelous publication on
the 3d ult. 110 says that the only truth In
connection with the publication was the cir
cumstance of his arrest.
The Flora of Honey Lake.
T. G. Brande_ee, the well-known botan
ist, has gone to Honey Lake. I,. 'S^n
County, for the purpose of studying the
flora of that locality.
For biliousness,
nausea, and
dizziness, take
Ayer's Piils
the best
family medicine,
purely vegetable,
Every Dose Effective
re 23 ly MoWeFr .....
Testimony Taken Against tlio
Alleged Jury-Fixer.
Attorneys Chickering and Smith Tell in
Court How Squires Offered to Com
mit Embracery for Coin.
In Judge Murphy's court yesterday the
trial of John H. Squires, charged with em
bracery, was taken up. Squires was a trial
juror in Judge Sanderson's court, and it is
alleged made an effort to "fix" the jury in
the case of Ah Fook vs. Wo Yin Wan et
als., by approaching the attorneys for the
defendants and telling them that he could
secure a verdict in their favor if they would
give him $500.
Instead of paying him the money the at
torneys led him on to commit himself and
then they informed Judge Sanderson. The
latter took such steps that Squires was in
dicted by the Grand Jury.
When the case was called yesterday the
courtroom was crowded with spectators.
Squires was accompanied by his wife and
little adopted daughter, who was formerly
Alice Decio, the grandchild of Mrs. D. A.
Phillips, Since Squires has tot iuto this
trouble Mrs. Phillips has taken steps to
have the adoption papers revoked.
Throughout yesterday's proceedings
Squires was calm and coo), and did not seem
iv the least worried about his predicament.
His wife, on the contrary, looked weary
and careworn.
The morning session was taken up In en
deavoring to get a jury. Contrary to ox
pectatiou this was nat a difficult matter.
There was no particular outline of defense
developed in the questions asked the tales
men, the principal point that was made
being that of prejudice against tho prisoner.
Early In the afternoon the complete jury
was seen red, as follows: Michael Luwler,
Joseph Sophey, S. 11. Nelson, D. Bernurdi,
Charts S. Bartlett, E. M. Block, John H.
Burnham, It Darbieri, Charles Nuhren berg,
August liuislay, E. J. Van Slyke and S. F.
The first witness called was D. J. Crow
ley, clerk of Judgo Sanderson's court, who
identified Squires as oue ol the jurors who he
had sworn in to try the case oi Ah Fook vs.
Wo Tin Wan. Ho also identified tho rec
ords of the court concerning the case.
William R. Chickering, who was ono of
the attorneys in tho Fuok case who was ap
proached- by Squires, was then, called and
stalled in to relate all the circumstances
connected with his meeting with Squires.
His testimony was that on the Sth of this
month he was approached by Squires on
McAllister street, near Market, and the lat
ter at once began talking about the case.
He f aid he controlled five or six of the jury
men and thought he could fix them for .73
or $100 apiece. The witness told Squiros
that J. F. Smith was the senior counsel in
the case and that Squires hid better see
him. Squires said that he had heard that
the other side was trying to work the jury
and. that the defense ought to do some
thing. He "could arrange it.
"What did you do?" was asked the wit
ness. ': .:--\:
"1 laid a trap for him and he fell i nto it.
I had advised Judge Sanderson that uight
what 1 had d.ue and he was cognizant of
it." Afterward witness visited Squires at
ills store, 114% Turk street, and got III) to
commit himself still further regarding the
fixing of the jury. Witness did not report
the matter to the Chief of Police, as he
thought he had dune his duty in Informing
Judge Sanderson of the matter.
"I lid you offer .Squires £500?
"1 asked hiffr if £300 would fix the case,
ami he finally agreed that it would. He
wanted the money to take into the jury-room
where he said he could use it."
Air. Chickering was cross-examined by
Attorney Whaley, who isdefeuding Squires,
but his testimony was not shaken under the
fire of questions.
Attorney James F. Smith, who was also
approached by squires, was the next wit
ness, and he repeated In substance what has
already been punlisned as his statement in
the case. Squires was very careful in his
interviews. Smith Mid,|tbat there should
not be a third party present. Ile offered to
arrange matters so that th • jury would re
turn a verdict for the defendants for $500.
Ho was sure ha could control four or five
-tfSj^^^ a/* j*+* ' Offics WORLD'S FAIR
(ft^s3s -7 jtf^s^r Sept ' 15, 1893
Mtrx^tW l/sfx^^&v Blackwell's Durham
ToBA^ co v_ r
*&tMz&\ 1^ DURHftm^ Durham, N. C
_-_-*--> -») \li TOBRCCO il Gentlemen :
y-^tWy'k fAI ;V*ym We have Smoked up
Jd^rV^m^ kt4 \%a% C all the Tobacco at the World's
_(ftP^_/_, 7_r Mi 1 \ v;^?i_-.^./ _? • 1 v 1
***)r &ft ( R aW, I \^iv.».l/ Fair, and have unanimously
'|!)SJiV' tfll _/ v awarded the Gold Medal
k ''-.J .A or Smoking Tobacco to
* v Ail 'M 1 BLACKWELL'S
1 F^"^ Bull Durham
jAf*^*****. v_Av :^ ,, *v_. Congratulating you on your success,
_)^_-__!-fP- \\ \ "^"^^___. we reina ' n Yours truly, •
Blackwell's Bull Durham lli^tSni |
Has been the recognized standard of Smoking Tobacco Ig 5 (li
for over 25 years. Uniformly good and uniformly ]| j?"--W/^a£^
first. Bright, sweet and fragant— we invite the | i?^ffi^^|
most fastidious to test its peculiar excellence. J^^^^^S
Blackwell's Durham Tobacco Co., Durham, N. C. m^m\Wrt*Jt J&
mr J. TuKr lv
i'J) Jji.___ _ 'tat, "if a* to until* «hi i«»» at nil xx. «' c.4'» 8» ..»"*» 1 ->«.■ Bi
] eJetinJU ************* — /* (.'
I -«,_j//f/_2 tJ/rts/iMt^A&ceiX'Cjd-iJV /?U>??i(Af>s/tr/iav f
-■'"■'-'/) ''-'■'•'£'■'- r v
Af^ffifc? X&J*£<Z,l&l/7Tj> Tuesday JULY (2.189 . Xn&^uvra <& \
v^'a 3^ "*7 — _? _» 0 W
_^_ -/-_»%-( _-k«<m/Jo&^__3*_£. _*>-*-# *n/&4e<j\? XAa/ieoTi. |
fgjjjjjy*-?/ at/sU Aa/& op*ua>JlAW£e^/&4/<ia™na#nrO
'' ■■'■■--•■■'■ --■_■ i'l rod
__J ___r-l__ PI RUSK!* Theareafwst n»rve mvi .rain restorer la
W BC oKf VrHnIWH -Skl|VHffVll_ sold with a written guarantee to cure all
■Tj |Z_> J. nerrou. .l^iiii"!-., xtibli as Weak Memory. Lorn of Umi a Power, Fit* and Neo-
\\f \Xa A ralgia. Hysteria, l>t_a__aaa, Convulsions, Wak. f. !_■*_, l.o*t Manhood, N .r-
-*m V**" 1 A. v •>- a.-- . Lassitude tin. all drains or lose of power of the generative organ* ln
** __ts>»_-i'_!-_ ' '" r "' , Involuntary I____*, or nightly emistiionß, uu-.. .i by Self Aim* or
, _ tfjl^^Aw^tAtr '"* r I'"t''lg-'"'-* or the eicoasl te use of -i'o, opium or stimulant* which
■_ <aSB-B-t__SK___l ultimately lend to consumption nnd insanity. \\ iili ... i (5. order we give _
Before and after nee. written guarantee to cure or refund the money, tl* a package, or 6 for $&
Spanish Mcd, C... IT. H. ..units. Detroit, Mich.
For sale la San Fraaclsco by EDWIN W. JOY. Driu.lst, cor. Post and M .sou streets, ap'.O ly WeKrMo
■gw^ — ■ . i ■ - ,__—^— .—---— __——_— __— _ ____■■■_— i SS_____-_— _S !_-S_-_— sssssssssss
■— ■— ■ _■__■_________- ■ ■ — - tmtm — — i
While it is true I have bean chosen the President of the Louis-
ana State Lottery Company, vice M. A. DAUPHIN, deceased, I still
retain the Presidency of the Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing
Company, so all proposals for supplies, machinery, etc., as well as
all other business communications should be addressed to me here
as heretofore. . *
Lock Box 1358. New Orleans, Lfj
t*OU .
jurors. Squires also threatened that if he
was betrayed in the matter he would kill
his netrayer. -*". ,v_' ; ';” v '
The case was continued until this morn
ing, when Attorney Smith will be cross-ex
amined- . ■->" "■■- >Vl. '..:-- c>?y *:''"''
Election of Officers — Presentation of a
It in X to Noble Arch Buck.
The Grand Grove of the United Ancient
Order of Druids closed its annual session for
the year 1899 at the hall of the order yester
day afternoon.
Following the pro forma report of the
various committees, the election of grand
officers was held with the following result :
P. N. G. A.. George 11. Buck of Redwood
City; N. G. A., M. 1. Sorenson of Modesto;
D. G. A., F. Cavagnaro of San Francisco;
grand secretary. John li. Knarston (re
elected); grand treasurer, John Bay I a of
San Fraucisco (re-elected); grand marshal,
John A. Watson of Portland. Or.; grand
guard, A. M. Gubiotti of San Jose; grand
sentinel, C. A. Peterson of San Francisco;
rand trustees, E. M.ginni., Jacob Nickels,
J. F. Fugazi; supreme representatives.
George 11. Buck, E. L. Wagner; alternates,
George A. Abel. J. C. Bernstein. Supreme
Arch Louis G. Schord installed the officers.
The' committee on credentials reported
that 160 delegates and 28 grand officers were
in attendance upon the Grand Grove.
Past Noble Grand Arch T. G. Cockrlll pre
sented the retiring noble grand arch.
Buck, with a costly diamond ring a-* a token
of the appreciation of the Grand Grove for
hi* services during the past year.
The Grand Grove then adjourned slue die.
A Lady Invents a Useful Article for
Itallway Trains.
For several weeks there has been In
operation on car No. 150 of the local Oak
land trains an ingenious device, patented
by Mrs. Harriet M. Plumb of New York,
intended to keep cars supplied with fresh
air without the atteudantntinoyanco of dust
and cinders. It consists of a cylinder
fastened between the windows of the car,
admitting the air while the dust is kept oat
by fine screens at the ends of the cylinder.
A sliding piece of metal is arranged so that
the quantity of air can be regulated or en
tirely shut off. The cylinder can be re
moved for cleaning whenever desired. So
far the device has given great satisfaction,
and if the Southern Pacific Company elect
to adopt it on their local trains it will, no
doubt, lessen the evident desire at times on
the part of the traveling public to smash
the windows and let in a little fresh air.
Council No. 7, Y. M. I.
At a recent meeting of San Francisco
Council No. 7, Y. M. 1., the following named
were elected officers for the ensuing term:
President, J. W. Shanahan; first vice-presi
dent, Mai F. Silk; 6econd vice-president,
W. J. Miller; treasurer, J. E. Owens;
recording secretary.George M. Kelly; finan
cial secretary, Thomas Dowel; correspond
ing secretary, James Coakley; marshal, 13.
J. Mullin; r.urgeon, Dr. Thomas E. Con
nolly; inside sentinel, J. G. Martin; out
side .entlnel, William Hughes: organist,
W. I. Htrrold; executive committee— James
J. Brady, Frank Grimes, K. J. Gallagher,
James mcConabey, Humphrey W. Lynch;
representatives to the board of manage
ment—John T. Carberry, J. G. Maitlo.
Switzerland's National Vote Day.
The Swiss residents of San Francisco are
making preparations for the appropriate
celebration of tne five hundred and eighty
fourth anniversary of the foundation of
the Swiss Confederation. A picnic with
literary exercises at Woodward's Gardens,
on Sunday, September 18th, will constitute
th. public feature of the forthcoming
celebration. A general committee of ar
rangements, composed of representatives
from the various local Swiss societies, will
prepare the programme and appoint the
orator of the day. The gate money will
be handed over to the Swiss relief fund.
A Leg Amputated*
Captain Brandt, formerly master of tho
Humboldt, who several months a_o, while
on a trip from Kureka to this city, fell and
fractured the bones of one of bis legs, had
tbe injured member amputated at the Ger
man Hospital on last Wednesday afternoon,
as the fracture did not heal.
For the . .i vaiiuiusts.
The premises at 210 Grant avenue, for a
long time used us a saloon of the dive order,
has been secured ns a meeting place by the
Salvation Army. At this place the mem
bers of tho army serve n coffee supper to
those who are not "flush with cash" for
15 cents.
By Keei>in;r Simmons Liver Regulator Id
tli«s House.
"I liavfi found Simmons Liver Regulator
the best family medicine. Have used it in
Indigestion, Colic. Ltlarrbeea. Biliousness,
ami found it to relieve Immediately. After
eating a hearty supper, if. on going to bed, I
take a teaspoonrul, I never reel the effects of
the supper eaten.— O. G. Sparks, ex-Mayor
Macon, Ga.
Has our Z-Btamp in red on front of Wrapper.
oc 14 WeKrMo ly
_£. -_■_..£ 5a a .US \fi* 8
Outfit that very properly contains a supply of
Hires 9 S oot
1 111 g eer
which arils to the enjoyment of all the other
dainties, and makes a picnic a picnic indeed.
A 25 cent package nukes 5 gallons of this
very popular beverage.
Don't be deceived if a dealer, for the sake
of larger profit, tells you some other kind
is "just as good"— 'tis false. No imitation
is as good as the genuine Kings'.
apis S2t PrMoWo
J. them, go to tlie Optical Institute for your Specta-
cles and Eye-glasses, it's theoniy establishment on
the Coast wbere they are measured on thorough
- scltiitific principles. Lenses ground if necessary to
correct esch particular case. No visual defect
where glasses are required too complicated for us.
We guarantee our fitting to be absolutely perfect.
No oilier establishment an get the same superior
facilities as arc found here, or the Instruments an .
methods used are my own discoveries and inven-
tions, and are far lv the lead of any now la use
Satisfaction guaranteed.
6 cod tr
__>_»-_"?-__ Tho r * sn!t °f JO years' experience tn
pS-fKca-^V treatl.irsVlndl.'.kspu. Forsalebv drnr.
/ ______ _* v'u ' or seutbyru.il for SOc. iS-mple
/ - Skjgßrikeof_»»pandHSpag9bo6 It on . er-
M*- j-tj. JCs^feS matolo<ry and Beauty sen t S4al»<s fo r 1 0«
ar*. tfc«gii_,B< ii-Pinrtro -Pisixio.t.
The resell of so year, exrerlenne !n
treatlngsklndlseasjas. K orsaiei>y<iriii.
«l»t«, or seu tby n.alifnr :>Or. s . ,'mple
(utrnfHoi. ar,d its pa. c book OB l)«r-
1/ '. Bloo<| I)lse»_>i Also V lsfigu^inients
I v\£*h- '"' \JjfJ llko BVtl.mark «. M»':e», Warts, India
-J-SS-S. .jSjjr Ink and .sardcr Marks ; Scars. Plt-
litjr t.nes, I.on .i rd No.--'. Sup. rfluons
\ -_rSe^ Hair,Plinple»,-acUlDevolopni«at,ete.
>— *^» ('Kit. , Han f..- m -_._■ or by l_Ur.
JOHN H. WOODBURY. r ' '?** *** 'Jew York City.
Jail 6m SnWeFr "
l^4V____-l fv^3 E&Em Trlal ot Dr. Judd'a
y l W?x>% h3j Electric Belts and Bat-
eTßMaa EBB Trial Combined. Sent
3| EIS L^^ l - ' " r - ''■• VatmAXta*.
9 pjp fIP tents Coml .iird. >ent
'.r. lii ti Efl-i BBSS to anyone on trial free.
□B Costs nothing to try them. Will cure you. Give
fijsize. Age- u wanted, DR.JUDD,Detioit,_lic_.
'•-' ; 'el. cod ly
tteamers wlil sail at room on the 'th. jc*ss
ICtbaud -.Din if each mouth calling at -*?rjf>
ssrious ports of M;xtco and Centr.tt America.
'through line sailings— June -Jo, b .. Sau Bias; July
S.SS. City of Sydney: July 15, S3. San Jose.
way LINE to MEXICAN and central
AMERICAN ports AND panama.
steamer sails At noon lSl'UOi. each
MONTH, cailln . at Mazatisn. Baa Bias, Manzanillo,
Acapulco, Port Angel, ..alma Crus, Tonaia, Saa
Benito, ocos, Champerieo, San Jose de Guatemala,
/'.jiitia, l.a Libertad. La Union. Amapala, Cori.t*
ban Juau del Sur and Punta Arenas.
v.j- line sailing— July IS, at l'J o'clock noon, Si
wara the regular' satin . date falls on suit v.
(Irani, will be dispatched the following Monday.
Connecting at Yokohama with steamers for
. liungha I, and at Hong-Kong fur Bast lv dis t.
Strait*. etc.:
China Saturday, July I), at I P. 4.
Pern (new) Thursday. August L. at A %c
City or Rio de Janeiro. .Saturday, .11/. -T, at 3 . . n.
Bouud-trlp tickets to Yokohama aad retura aSCJ-
Client rates.
For Freight or Passage apply at the offlc* ooras;
Hift ami Brannan streets.
Pranc.'i Office— 'lo* Front street,
Fraacisce for porta la Alaska J a. -A. --Tg3t
May •_*. .tune and Jnly 3, 8, 1. . 2:1.
For BrltlsU Columbia aud Pugei Souol pir:«.
May .4 --9: June an.t Jul] A, >-. 13, 18, 23. 28.
Frr Eureka. Hum' It Bar. Wednesdays, 9a. v.
For Santa Ana, Lea Angeles and all way ports e vary
Jctirtb and fifth day, 8 a. m.
For San Diego, stopping only at Los Angeles. Santa
Faibara and San Luis Obispo, every fourth and flit _
day at 11 a. v.
For ports In Mexico, first of *sch mouth.
1 _krt ufflce — Palace Hotel. 4 New Montgomery!!
IiOOOALL, PERKINS * CO.. General Agents,
1 tr 10 Market St.. San Francisco.
tieesn Division— and I'ACIFIC COAST SASaE
STEAMSHIP COMPANY will dispatch from spsir-
meet Whsrf, at 1 J a. ML, for tbe above ports ous >.'
tbelr Al iron steamships, viz:
si.Mi o. CALIFORNIA— May 29, Jnne 10, 22,
July 5, 16. 28, August 9, 21.
COLUMBIA— May 25, Juno 6, 13, 30, July 12, 24,
Aucust 5, 17.29. *
CBEGON-June 2, 11.- 23. July 8. 20. August 1,
IS. .5.
Connecting via Portland with fh. Northern \-jMs
Railroad, Oregon Short Line and other dlrorglig
lines for all points in Oregon, Washington, Brltli.
Columbia. Alaska, Idaho. Montana, Dakota, Otak
W>oniiug. Yellowstone Park and all Points Bait aui
- outii and to Europe.
Pare to Portland -Cabin. ?18: steerage, 53: roaai
trip, cabin. $30.
Ticket Offices— l Montgomery St., ani Palace A*
iti, 4 New Montgomery st.
£ UODALL. PERKINS * CO., Supt Ocean 1,1 1%
lit 10 Mar St.. San Franciscan
Unit .it State* .1 iii St**am*iil|is
Sail from New York every B.tar.l y
For Glasgow via Londonderry
Kates tor Saloon Passuge
By _ S. CITY dl ROM I . %i><> and upwarl.
according to accommodation and location of room.
Second Cabin, $30 and 835. tt6srage, $19.
OTiim Stealers, Cabin, 19T,(1 and upward.
Second Cabin. $30. Steerage. $IU.
l>r.ifi . nt 1 .west Current Kates. _• .. ,
For Peek bt toars and ether Information apply to
HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Bowling Green, New
York; or to GEORGE w. FLETCHER, 818 Market
street : or to T. I). McKAY, 3- Montgomrry street,
San Francl<co. my 10
or this line, carrying Cnfted States. ££35_-
Hawaiian and Colonial malls, sail from Votaam-ata
Wharr as under:
S.S.MONOWAI FRIDAY, June .'4, at 2 r. it.
For freight and passage apple at office. 327 Mar.
ket street. J. D. BPKECEELB A BROS. CO..
•/tt tf General Agents.
1 V. x ■ S X T L A N T I ;| IS 3
Prra Ii Line to '* ' re.
River. foot or Morton st. Traveler* hv <^*SR»J
Ills line avoid both transit by English railway an I
tie (iistonilort of a__atafl the cbaunel a small
IA GASCOGNE, Capt. Santelll
Saturday, July id, 9:00 am
IA BO CRUOONK. Capt. Let araf , ,
Saturday, July Utu, _:oo xt
LA BK_.TAU.N_, Capt. C»ll<er
Saturday. July loth. 8:10 ass
1/ CHAMPAGNE, Capt Boyer t
Saturday. July 2._ i. _:0-J .'_
At* tor further particulars anply to
_,' A. FORGET, Agent,
No. i Bowling lir.-ea. New Yort.
9, F. FUG A .1 a- CO., Agents, 0 Montgomery 17.
fan tram .jl
branch office. 19 Montgomery street. mrgUtt
liiiloi! Sintc-t ami Royal Mail OOMPH
New York, Queenstown A Liverpool,
sailing hi i;y YYEF.K,
j ing to strainer arid accommodations -51*55
j«cie«i; secoud cabin, *)i-. Majestic and Teutonic,
1 -i. and $45. steerage tickets iron Hag land. Ire-
laud, Scotland, Swe leu, Norway aui Den mar.,
through to .-_n Fraaclsco at lowest ratal. Tickets,
sailing dates and cabin p,_ - > may bs iirooured troui
v. li. AVERY, Paeltta Mail Doc *, or at the Geaeral
Omce of lbs Company, Sl'A Market St., uu lor Graad
Hotel. U. W. FLETCHER,
ap_o TaWePrSa tt Gen. Agt. lor Pacific Coaic
STEAMERS LEAVE ah pin wall -
► * loitul .hCi/ fcr the West Indies and s*T f_£P»
§«at_amptoa, calling en. routs at Chor- «i '"■»_■
leur. , France, and . iy mouth 10 laud passangara
'Ibrougb Bills of Lading, in conneotloa wlthns
J sci. c Mail S.S. Co., Issued for freightaud treat i.*s
to direct poru In Eu^Uud and Ger ma a/.
Through tieiata irom Saa Prancissa to Plymout 4.
I. erbourg, -outuaiupiox fttet Bias* $ltti: . »..'!
C mas, $37 60. For lurtuer particular! apply is
-tlbli raltLUfratf., _geu.i, Hi UaiUoifaUi),
"'The Donahue Kroad-G Koute." .
and on-.1l further notice, boats and trains will
i»*V9 from and arrive at the San Francisco rasi-S.
(er Deoot, Market-street wharf, as follows:
From San Franclsoo for Point Tiiioroa,
Belvedere and San Itaf-el.
WEEK DAYS-7:40, 9:20, 11:20 a. _.: 1:30. OtOOj
6:05, 6:20 r. »t.
C UNDAYS-«:00, 9:30, 11:00 a. M-, I|3o. 3:B*
0:00,6:15 r. _.
from San Itafael for San Franclsoo.
WEEK DAYS-B:_3. 7:53, 9:?. D, 11:30 a. a.: 1:99,
3:40,9.05 r. _. SAT CROAK ONLY-AB extra
trip at 6:30 _. it.
•DNDAYS-S:10, 9:40. 11:10 A. is. : 1:40, 3:4*
6:00. 6:25 p. «.
From I'olnt Tlhuron to Snn Franpiaen.
•WEEK DAYS— 6:SO, 8:20.9:55. 11:35 a. m.: 'A'.QS,
4:05. 5:35 P. ML SATURDAYS ONLY— An «X»
tra trip at 6:65 p. a. -.
BCNDAYS-B:_3, 10:03, 11:36 a. M. 2:05. 4:00.
6:30. 6:50 p. _■
Leave l Arrive
Ban Francisco. .-■■■ [ San Franciset.
■ Destination. 1 ■'
Week i Srx- j Rt:_- 1 Wkbk
Days. i days. | | days. Para.
."I-CTam -00 a m j Petal nrai 111.40 am . :M> ass
8:80 pm 9:3oam and 6:05 pic 10:30_ai
0:03 i-M|s:Qopm Santa Rosa. 7:26 ml 1 OP*
IFuiton, j
Windsor. I
7:4. __ Healdsburg, | !l0:30a«
8:30 r_ 8:00 AlciLlttoa Spriugsi 7:25 rai S:lOvM
I 1 Cloverdale I
I and
I I Way Btatioaa | I
7:4oAU!S:ooAM|Hopland andl 71*9**1 6tloni
I i Cklah. I I
7:40 AM...:00 ami Gnar-eTille. 1 7t'J5PM|lO:3O A_f
3^o pm I _| I I 6: 10 Pit
7:40 am _»Oak! Sonoma 10:40 ami .:30am
0:05 5 iuOpm and 6:05 Pit 8: 10 PM
I - j Glen Ellen. ■ |
7:40 am"; am- Sebsstopol. 110.40 AMI 10:80 AM
8:So pm, 5:00 pm, [8:06 pm| 6:10
Stages connect at sauta Rosa Tor STarK Wes£
Springs: at OsyservlUa for Skag?s' Springs. Stew-
arts Point. (ioalala and Point Arena, at Cloverdale I
for the Geysers; at l'leta for Highland Springs,
Kelseyvllle. Soda Bay, LaKepert and Bartlett
. priti. st Hopland for Lalteport and Kartlett
Springs: at li»:an for Vichy (Springs, Saratoga
Springs. Blue lakes, fitter springs, Upper La We,
Lakeport, Wlilltte. Canto, Meuaoclno City. Fort
braii- Westport. isai, Hydesville and Eureka.
EXCDRSION TICKET, from Saiurdirs to Moo.
dsys— T'» Petaiutna. 91 50: to Santa Rosa, 92 26: to
Hraldsl.ur .. S3 40; 10 Clorerrta'O, 84 50-. to flop,
land. $. 70; to L ai th. $6 75: to _oi__uopol, 92 70:
go Ouer:ieville, 03 75; to Sonoma, $1 50: to Glea
Ellen. #1 SO.
EXCURSION TICKETS, good for Sundays only,
to Petal onus, 81; to Santa Rosa. 81 SO; to iieal_e«
burg, 03 it; to Clerorda c. $3; to klaa, 9* 60; to
Hopland, px SO; to Senastopol, 81 SO; to Gneraa>
▼ilie, 92 50: to Sonoma, 91; to Glen Ellen, 81 20.
Qeu. Manager. Gen. Pats. A ist Agt.
Ticket ofTlcss at ferry. 3 S Montgomery st. and 8
fi#w Montgomery St.
Cninmonrleg Thursday, -fay 26. 1 «9 „ and
Until further notice, iio.»'.s and trams will rau aa
VALLEY and SAN RAFAEL (week days)— 7:3 ».
9:00.11:00 a. _.; 1:45. 3:-'^, 5.0", 5:45.6:20**.
(Sandsys)— >»:oo, 9:00. 10:00, 11:30 _. m.; 1 _ :_0!.
1:30. 2:30. 4:20. 5:30, 6:43 P. M. _^_
days)— 7:3o. 9;UO, 11:00 a. m.; 3:25. 5:00, i.'.j.
6:-» P. vi.
(Eundays)-8:00. 9:00,1000, 11:30 _a; 1:30.
2:30, 4:20, 6:30 p.m. Extra trip ou Saturdays as
1 :4o p. M.
From SAN FRANCISCO for FAIRFAX (wets daysl
9:00 a. M., 6:00 P. M.
(Sundays)-8:00, 9:00. 10:00. 11:30 _. M ; 12:30,
1 :30 p. m. ___^
From SAN RAFAEL for SAN FKA-C;e>o( > (week
d,-.ys-6:10. 6:45. 7:15. 9:15, 11:05 a. *.; 1:45.
3:30. 6:00 P. M.
(S-ndavs)-8:00, 9:50. 11:00 a. m. : 12:00 m.: 1:1*
8 -0 3:53, 5:16.6:05, 7:00 P. M. Extra trip on
Saturdays at 6:25 P. m. Fare 50 ceuts. round
trip. .
davs)— 7:33 a. m. : 6:14 p. M.
(Sundays)— l:l6, 3:50, i:O5, 6:45 p. m. Fare 69
cents, round trip.
days)— 6:2s. 6:55. 8:00. 9:10, 11 :10 a. m. ; 3:35.
6:10 p. m.
(Sundavs)-8:05. 10:10, 11:15. a.m.; 1:20. 3:40!,
4:10,5:30, 0:00 p. at. Fare, 40 cents, round trip.
From ■ SA if SALITO Tor san"f"banCisco ( .«•
aay*)-6:45, 7:13, 8:13. 9:45. 11:40 a. a.; 2:23.
' 4:05, 5:15 P. M.
(Sundays) -8:45. 10:23, 11:40 A v.; 12:30.1:4*
3:15,4:35.6:00. 6:50,7:45 P.M. Extratrlpoa
Saturdays at 7:00 p. m. Fare 23 ceuts, round
"~~~ " . I .- .--.»-?-,«<_ oj
_ I ' .»e»- , 9'«'««'«-e*
s' j .xtJrJ 3> •o-o<o'+x.ta?i -
5 \h — i
JS I -xGA .ao. A • • • •
• i]:io :«-.->■* : : : :*
/oSaa Francisco..... J. | t^* ;■»*■"■* 111 :si
_ . „ . ■"- -<e , o
(Read Up.) 4 j '-*-nris;s«s<|J
.. . -iio .-r ■»■*■*' virtTi ri .
_ i^ *i_
■3 •-■.:.© us**.-
-g J»-r.- .*.-.*o:iJ* '
_ .o6xt-t--i » d-iMi** «
< d
1 ' — ■ ?~. ; ; ........
<o I '• '- '■ ::::::: :
z, :::;......-
-< i ii : -' j:3 :*
is wh< - , * - *_:s_'o*«*i-_»
i^-_s2s .v_ = -5*
« S»-s*Ssl.sla
o g": ''.IA + 3 o :■%
ss :::::::::: :m
a :::::::::::--
r* :;::::::::::
• 1 -9X.-* ->T1 ->>. _>««_> 4
J. _3«o^. -e'-O'.MCisoa
* .os » =■ => ai -»-J«ei— .4 .
x; I < ~ T_-Z-_-_— __.
"J. I sCi-.JftMS-ISJ
.... I c OK os««»o*«!i'
From San Franclscc^v.. . | >.<>*<- sir- .«
(Read Down) _ I s§£ = 3SsSS!.2S*
l! - £ * *~3'sHfcr<
s\l — '- t
= I ' C i» -=> tt -> •-- .£
3j«:s-r<:ci" : : : z*
* .*«s ->-_--—• : : : : «
m I 5 -.-->-..! ... . .
Thirty-Day Excursion— Round-trip Tickets, to and
from all stations, at 25 per cent reduction from
single tariff r. tte.
Fridny to Monday Excursion— Round-trip Tie. eta
so, I on Fridays, Saturdays and Suiidays. .cod to
return following Monday: reeaioiaa and Point
Reyes, 8125; Tomaies, 32 00; Howards, $2 50:
Cszadero. 83 00.
Sunday Excursion— Round-trip Tickets. good on day
sod only: Camp Taylor, Tocaloma and Point
Reyes, $1 00. Tomaies. 50: Howards, *. 00;
Duncan's Mill snd Qaaadero, Si 50.
Stages leave Cazadero dally on arrival. or 9:00 a. ml
from San Francisco on week days, and 8 :00 a. ml
train on Sundays, for Stewarts Point, Gnafala,
Point Areua. Cuffeys Core, Navarro, Mendocino
City. Fnrt Bragg and ail i>olnts "11 the North C task,
General Manager, Gen. Pass. * Tkt. Ar*.
General Oar a. '4 ._<. >m_ hi ro-». i.-^^-: .:
cIS'-o (Market-street Ferry):
tiAVK 1 NOV. 1, 1891. /Assiri
Daily./ . Dailt.
0:O0 ..Fast Express via Mojave .T2:10»
9:00 a. .Atlantic Express via Los Angeles.. 8:46 t
Ticket Gfi3«-650 Mamet street, Chronicle Sal)-?
ltt, * V. W. A. KISSKLL,
■ - a*** Osasr -1 Fasseuaer Aa«s_a_
Trains Leave and no I>'.i»> to Arrive at
7.00 a Benicla. Kumsey, Sacrameuto. ... 7TTs_
7::-0.\ Haywards, Niles and San Jose ... •12:13r
7:30 a Martinez. Ban Ramon, Calistoga
and Santa 6:15.
8:00 a Sacramento A Bedding, vli Davis 7:15r
6:00 a First and Second ciasi Tor den
and East, and first-class locally 9:45 a
8:30 a Niles. San Jose, Stockton, lone.
Sacramento, Marys I Oro-
rlllt and Red Bluff 4:4J»
8:00 a Sun Rom . At antic Express,
Santa Kari.Mr3, Los Angeles,
Deming, El Paso. New Orleans
and East 8:439
It _M)_: Haywards, Ni'.es snd vermore.. 7:15r
•1:00p Sacramento Klver Steamers »9.-T>p
1 : .<0 \ :tii. '... Banicla and Martinez,... !_:«6o
S:iu>. Haywards, N lea and San Jose 9:45 a
4:00. Martinez. San Samoa _ Stockton 9:45 a
4:00p Vallejo, Caliatoga, El Veranoand
Santa Rosa 9:45 a
4:30p Beulcia, Vscsviiia A . acra me nto 10:. 3 a
4::u'p Woodland ana oroville 10:43 a
04 :..o» Nilcs and Livermore "S-.tSa
6:00r Los Angeles Express, Kr. -no, Ba.
. - V- ker>_.-i.i, Santa Barbara and Los
Angeles ... 12: Up
6:00p Santa Fe Route, Atlantic Express
for Mojare and East 12:15p
6:00p Havwards. Mies and Baa Joss.... 7:43%
Niles and Sau Jos* 16:13-
-6:00p Ogden Route, Atlantic Express,
Ogden aud East... -. 9:134
»7-. oop Vallejo t3:43->
7:0 Op Shasta R<mto Express, Sscra-
mento, Marysvllla, Redding.
Portland, Pnget Sound and East 8:15*
J7:4ja Sunday Excursion Train for New-
ark, San disc. LetUatoa, Pel tea,
Big Trees anti Santa Crux {8:0S#
8:15 a Newark, Oenterrll c. Sin Jose,
Feiton, BouiderCreekand Santa
Crux J:2or
•2:15p Centervllle, San Jose, Almsman,
Feiton. Boulder Creek and Santa
Cruz »l0:50a
4:45p Centervllle. -a 11 .'..so Los ltos 9:SQs
COAST _>lVtS*y— Thirst staitt fowaaoadStoa
~*7:00a San dose, Almaden a"nd Way Sta-
tions »-:-S-
-17:30a Monterey and Santa CTus
Sunday FTxcnrslon 18:28-
-8:16 a San Jose. Uln.y, Tres Finos. Pa-
jare. Santa Crus, Monterey. I' «-
clflc I. rove. Salinas. San Miguel,
Paso Roldcgand Santa Margarita
(San Luis Obispo) and Principal
Way Stations 8:10*
19:30 a Suudav Excursion train to Menlo
Park and Way Stations t2:4S.
10:37 a SanJoseand Way stations 6:0
12-.13P Cemetery-, Menlo Park and War
Stations .". 3:38.
•2:30r San Joss, Tres Finos, Santa Crua,
> Salinas, Monterey, Pacific Grove
a d Principal Way Stations..... »10:37 a
•3;30p Menlo Park. San Jose and Princi-
pal Way Stations »9:47*
•4:.'i> Meulo Pari ai_i Wax Stations •H-.Ott,
6:15p Baa Jose and Way Stations 8:43*
6:30p Monio Park aud Way Stations .. «:t. a
*11:46r Menlo Park and Prlnclpil Way
- Stations t7:3OP
a for Morning. p for A'ternooii.
•Sundays excepted. tSaturdays only.
ISundsvs <x-i''-
year affords an opportunity for
every person who desires to be
informed on the events of the
day, or to read choice literature
to keep constantly a supply ol
fresh and interesting reading
matter on hand.

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