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God would have blest us dirt we taken arUht
Tlie good he gave. Beca—a tbe wine was red.
BoratltS dear love was sweet. we rioted
On love and wine; beo»us our path wis bright
We made a bale-fire of the blessed light
And went astray. And now dear love lias flsd,
ADA now the wine Is spilled, and now we tread
A Joncly path o'ershadowed by dark night
Ours be the blame and shame. Let us not prate
U! Uod's will, saying that lie overthrew
Our hopel and plans. Let us say rather thus:
•Twas not hi- wish or will. We were not croat
Kuouch to take ills Rifti: we were not true
Enough tor the to. trust he placed In us.
Old Mrs. Gal was' sat sorrowfully at her
west window watching the apple-KatUe.itig.
Above the hills bung a soft, yellow
mist; ihe great chestnut tree In the lane
ayastornfns to a bouquet of rustling gold;
th»» asters anil dahlias along the garden
walk ere blossoming in gaudy profusion.
"It's the first year," said Mrs. Gal way,
"that I haven't been able to help 'em barrel
up the red sweets and the yaller pippins.
And I'm helpless with the rheumatics. Oh,
dear, 10 think it should come to this]
What's thai noise? I'll bet a carroway
eeeil it's the oat among the milkpanel And
it'> time the kettle was on for tea. and
Sarah Super's forgot to come over and see
to it!"
She looked pHeously up at the dock, but
lust as she was about to lilt up her roiee in
shrill summons a footstep creaked heavily
on me doorstep.
"It's me," said Sarah Snper. a pray
haired. sharp-featured spinster, who lived
in the boose whose yellow gabl -end was
just visible through the maple trees beyond.
"I'm a little late, on account of stopping to
buy a paper of hairpin* at'd two cards of
buttons of a peddler that came along. f
"1 thi-iuht yiu never was coming, said
Mrs. Galway, petulantly^
Sarah looked sharply at her.
"1 teil you what, Mrs. Galway,' said she,
"you made a treat mistake when you set
your face against Zenas 1 marrying that
pretty factory girl two years ago. If YOU d
a nlc*», stirring daughter-in-law now—
"Instead of dt-peuditig up m other folks to
come and help me— yes," said Mrs.' Galway.
"1 an» beginning to think so myself. But 11
you haven't Dothlog better to do. Sarah
Soper, than to remind people of their short
coming:', you'd better go back home airain.'
"And there wasn't nothing acainst Fanny
Wallers as ever 1 heerd on," reflectively
went on Sara Sop«, as she set a match to
the shavings and kindling wood in the cook
ing stove, "except her good looks. lea,
Almira Gnlway. you made a mistake there.
Z-nas ain't never been the- same man since.
Mr* Galway moved uneasily in her chair.
"Where i.< Zeias. anyhow ?" questioned
the merciless catechist, a* she settled the
shinning tin teakettle in its place, and slid
the dampen to let the smoke go up the
chimney. , , mr
• Gone to town," curtly answered Mrs.
"Eh— what for?"
"To get a hired girl."
Sarah Soper opened her mouth and eyes.
"We'J, 1 never!" said she. "You come
10 that— as always said nothing would
induce you to ke/p a Kirl '■
"That was before 1 bad the inflammatory
rheumatism/ sighed Mrs. Galway. '•There
ain't m laws against folks changing their
minds, as 1 know on. I can't be dependent
on neighbors all the time."
llim >• ; er chuckled softly.
"The idee of Z^nas Galway in one of
them Intelligence offices," said she. "I
would like to be hid away aud hear how he
manages It."'
"I ess Zenas can manage a? well as
anybody," sharply retorted Mis. Galway.
But she was nettled, nevertheless, and
more than once while Sarah Super was cut
ting the bread, bringing the butter from
down cellar and opening a jar of preserved
blackberries for tea, she said to herself :
"I nio«t wish 1 hadn't made suc!i a fuss
• over Zfnas' notion for Finny Walters."
1 While these domestic preparations were
Eoing on in the Galway farmhouse, Zeuas,
the son and heir of tho establishment, was
sitting in a despairing attitude on a har!,
unpainted settee In Mr. Cum vi ings' "Head
quarters for Domestic Aid," interviewing a
long succes&ion of hopeless Incapable*, of
different ages and nationalities.
i'Pretty hard to suit, ain't you?" sa ; d Mr.
Cummings, lifting his spectacled eyes above
the line of his ledger at last.
"It's no use," said Galway, In a delected
way. "i don't think my mctlier would have
one ot t "-<■ women in the house."
"Wtli, look here," eaid Mr. Cuinmln;:?,
"here is a gal Just come in. Mebbe you can
come to term* tlh her."
"But," sp'ke In a soft role, "1 wanted a
place I • companion."
"Well, this is ft place as companion," said
Mr. Cumnung3, doggedly, "to an old \<<\y
ud country— only she'll expect you to hep
about the housework."
A tilence . wed; apparently the. candi
date was considering. j
"You've been coming arter this com
panion place for a week," urged C'.iuiming«,
"and you Hint had a chance yet, nor the
ghost of one. Come! better take what you
can get."
A Blight figure came out from behind the
curtained rail and confronted Galway. She
was a pretty, lair-haired girl, with timid,
hazel eyes, and a cheek flushed with uerv
-ous excitement.
"What wages do you give?" said she.
••Eight dollars," replied Zeuas.
"I'll come," she decided, after a brief hes
itation. "1 must get some sort of a situa
"But 1 must take you home at once," said
the young man. "My wagoa is waiting
down below."
"1 must en home after my clothes," said
the girl. "I will be back here in half an
hour. Wait!"
She vanished.
"Now," said Mr. Cummlng?. turning over
a new leaf in his ledger, "I call that a
stroke of business for both of you. They
all want to be companions, or secretary, or
something of that sort. It founds more
high-toned, you know. But, arter all, good
honest housework's the thing."
Mr. Cummlng3 here paused to talk with a
stout young man, who desired a position as
porter in a store,
Zenas Qalway sat staring at the checkered
reflection of the window panes on the floor,
as they moved slowly along with the west
ering sun.
Little Elfrida Dowltt tied swiftly down
a narrow street, up a winding stair to a
close little apartment, where lay a Dale,
young convalescent, trying to while away
the weary hours with sewing cut-jet beads
on silken gimp for the nearest fancy store.
*>he looked up, her bright eyes all inquiry.
'•Well?" she said, eagerly.
"I've got a place, darling, at last."
The invalid drew a long breath.
"It's only £8 a month," cursued Elfrida,
"but I'll send every cent of it to you, dear,
until you're well enough to go back to the
store. It's quite a small family— only one
lady. And I'll try so hard to suit her."
"But, Frida— oh, dear little Frida!— what
shall i do without you?" cried the pallid
convalescent, clasping her thin hand*.
"We mustn't think of that," &aid Elfrida,
resolutely. "You're going to get well and
theu we shall both do splendidly. Kiss me
dear. I've got to pack my little bag, for
the— (he carriage Is waiting at the 'Head
"The carriage ! They must be very grand
people," said the elderly sister. "But you
Daren't told me the address. Frida."
Elfrida stopped packing and regarded her
sister with eyes of puzzled amusement.
"I foreot to ask it." said she, "but I'll
send5 end it by mail. It will be all right, dear,
N"w one more kins. Good-by."
Elfrida ran away, blinded by the tears
she was too brave to shed in her sister's
"I* it very wicked, I wonder." she asked
herself, "to let her think I'm going to be
companion to a sick lady? But something
Mad to be done or we both should have
It was twilight when Zenas Galway as
sisted his companion toallght at the door of
the farmhouse under the yellowing maple
"4Jy mother is sitting there by the win
dow, ' said he. "Go ana speak to her; she
can't come to you. She has no use of her
Elfrida Howitt advanced boldly to the
kind-faced little old woman in the cush
ioned armchair.
Mrs. Galway held out her hand with a
' smile.
"Who are you?" said she, pleasantly.
"I am the new girl."
"I am glad to see you, my dear. What Is
jour name?"
"Elfrida Ilowltt."
•'What can yon do?"
Elfrida colored to the roots of her glossy
brown hair. «
"I can sing," said she, "and paint a little
PL I ml Reached by a Delightful Stage Bide O?er tee Mountains, 16 Miles
from St. Helena. Good Accommodations. Ample Bathing Facilities.
HOT A ™ *™ ■ * A Large Swimming Tank of Hoi Mineral Water.
Bfi iyc D A I BrSl/iSWi wonderful cure* In ewes of Acute aad Chronic
Bfl IhiLD fl I Complaint's ' Jnliaiu^aUon or itte Bladder andLtreraud Kidney
MilßtnAL c^l. l !SI^«r B sa^rsa»7,^ffi^ ei ? n<l !i * h , le , hiy cbar2ed witb
lllllltolliiH most delightful Ben»aUou. Psan|ltotlioUlt «» l » <1 K«»»uc to me bath a
Bill Tullifc* ' *F-Xclepbone 530. OFI ICK-108 WUMM BTJB£ET ( 8. *. " '
in water colors and play the D ; auo ; 1 can
read aloud and embroider—"
"Land alive, child!" exclaimed Mrs. Gal
way. "What on earth do you suppose is the
use of all that? Can you churn? Do you
know how to cook aud wash and make soft
soap and — "
"No," said Elfrida. her lone lashes droop-
Ing and her liv qulverinir. "But can learn
— I'm sure lean learn, if only you'll show
me Row. Please — do try me!"
Mrs. Gal way found herself crying for
sympathy before she not through.
"Do you thiuk I've done right, Zsnasr
said she the next day. "The child knows
absolutely nothing about housework, but
6he's strong and willing. .She's broken two
of the blue willow-pattern cups already, and
she's let the clam soup burn this morning
while she stopped to pUy with the kitten.
But 6he's Mich a sunshiny hit of a tiling, and
she really does want to learn."
"Right? Of course you are right." said
the cheery Zenas. "Never mind the clam
m.un and the willow-oattern cups, Mn«'il
do first rate when bhe's learned the ABC
of tne thing.**
"A d Zenas—* 1
"Ye«, mother?"
"tsiio told me so much about that invalid
sister of hers in the tenement house down
in the, ci:y — the one that's had typhoid
fever, you Know— that I've most a mind to
send you to bring her here. She'd gel well
a deal faster on new milk sad country
breezes an I think of the company she'd bo
to E fridi."
"It's a capital Idea, mother," baid Zenas.
"I will go."
"Because you know." said Mrs. Galwav,
laving her hand on her son's arm, "it's
somehow borne in on me that I've been sort
of hard and selfish all my lite, and haven't
(bought of other folks as much as I ought.
And mebbe this affliction's been laid 011 mo
on that account."
"Nonsense, mother**
"l.'a true, Zenas. I've been too set in my
way. Things might have been very differ
ent if 1 had not od up loobitinata against
your being eng:iged to Fanny Walters two
years ago. li 1 could only undo the mis
chief now I"
Her lips quivered; she looked up to his
fa »■ through a mist of tears.
"That's all past and gone, mother." said
Z^tias. "We wont fret about it now. Tell
Elfrida to write to her si-. r that I'll driv«j
into town for her next Tuesday with the
easy carryall, and she must be ready to
come bark with me."
When Z'tiiis took the letter 10 carry It to
tin 1 postoffice he gave a little start of sur
"Why, ¥.1 frida," said he, "your sister's
name is not t;i« sam« as yours!"
"No," said Elfrida. innocently. ''We are.
only half sisters; didn't you know that?
But we love each other just the same."
Zen is Galway drove iuto town on the fol
lowing Tuesday, with the easy carryall and
plenty of wraps and cushions. Once more,
in ihe yellow glow of twilight, be brought
back a passenger and l*»d her up to the arm
chair where Mr*. Galway sat knitting with
half-closed eyes.
"Here .-I.** is, mother dear," he said ex
ultantly. "Eifrida's sister— and the >! lUgll
ter-ln-law you are longing for in your secret
"Why, Fanny Walters!" cried Airs. Gal
Fanny burst Into tears on the old lady's
"But not unWs you bid rut* welcome,"
she sobbed. 'Tin too proud for that."
"You are welcome— a hundred times wel
come—my daughter]" solemnly spoke Mr».
Galway. "Bui— I don't understand."
'Nor [, either!" cried Elfrida, who had
danced joyously into the room. "Is it Hue?
Is ZiMias to be my brother, nd are we all to
live here together? Oh, Fanny, I am so
"And so am I," murmured Fanny, hiding
her face on Eifridn's Deck.
Agg;pe«siTf» Work of the Denomination.
'Hi" .Mills j:h;.li«ili M«»-fli, «.
There was a larg« attendance at the
meeting; of the Congresatioiial Club in the
Y. M. C. A. parlor yesterday afternoon, j
President 1). G. Dexter was in the chair.
After prayer, offered by It ( -v. Dr. I' ad, the ]
brethren rep irted on the Sunday services.
By request Mr. Tonipkius gave a very in
teresiius account of the apj;re63ive work of
the Congregatloualists in the State ox
Illinois. 1 heir church bad. increased
stronger than any other denomination, and
th-re were now over 50 of their churches in
Rev. Mr. Knight of Salem, Or., also spoke
of the progressive work of the denomina
tion in tbe State of Oregon. Key. Dr. liar
wool of Oraiue, Cal? audressod the club as
to the succes.Nful work done in the southern
part of the State. X"v. Dr. William* will
add!- the club next Monday afternoon on
the subject "Cbrl6tolofy."
The coining services to be held by Evan
gelists Mills and Greenwood were talked ot
and it was announced that trie following
programme had been arranged: 1. July 28
to August 3, Grace M. E. Church. 2. Au
gust 4to August 7, 12 o'clock Boon, Hirst
Memorial; August 7, 12 o'clock noon, to
August 10, First Presbyterian. 3. August
11 to 17, Wigwam. 4. August 18 to 31,
Pavilion. jy, m . ■ . ■
The Prrsbyterlnus.
The Presbyterian ministers hoard a re
port of Rev. M. C. Hayes on missionary
work in Japan, which declared that such
work has been successful in the ; ast, is pros
perous at present and c raging for the
future. It was decided that the subject
for discussion at the next Monday meeting
shall be 'The Sunday Newspaper," and on
the following Monday the subject «hall be
"What Shall lie Done With Dive Women?"
Methodist JHlulsturs.
At the weeklf meeting of Methodist min
isters the closing of houses of ill-repute was
one of the subjects under discussion, and
the opinion was expressed that before the
Chief of Police could close such places he
would have to have the moral support and
indorsement of the voters.
The natural gas wells at Salt Lake are an
unqualified success.
The delinquent tax-list of Santa Barbara
County carries property worth only
11314 75.
The double train service is again to be
put on between Los Angeles and Santa
The cyanide process of extracting ore in
meeting with great favor in Arizona and
Nevada just now.
There is an ice war at Trnckee, and
people up that way find the resulting cool
ness decidedly refreshing.
Articles cf incorporation of the San Fran
cisco and Great Salt Lake Railroad Com
pany will be filed in Nevada this week.
Everybody in liv l.boidt County is now
looking for Murderer Probasc", and about
half the searchers are praying that they
wont find him.
Here, is a chance for a raini-aign of edu
cation. The town of lied Bluff wants to bar
out street fakirs to prevent their carrying
eff all the money in the place.
There is some complaint in Sonoma
County because the Ineal orchard ists send
the best of their apples to the San 1i..-
--cisco market, keeping only the poorest for
sale at home.
It is believed In Santa Monica that the
Southern Pacific Is getting ready to build
its beach line to Ilueneme and Ventura, the
coming of the Santa Fc into the lield hav
ing had a tendency to precipitate matters.
Wilson, th« murderer of Mamie Kelly at
Milwaukee, Oregon, is trying to save hi?
neck by confessing to every murder ever
committed in the State. However, perhaps
It wouid be as well to li4h^ him for the one
and Investigate the rest afterward.
Now United State* (irand Jury.
United States grand jurors to serve for
the July term were impaneled y^Rterday
bs follows: Abner Doble. foreman; Judah
Baker, E. T. Crane, P. J. Cunningham,
J. 11. Cory, J. A. C. Diilan.l, I'er.y L,
Davis, M. H. Caffue.y, (icorte U. H(pL>3,
Jot.v IlarrittoM, A. 11. UnckiiiHiin, William
B. Isaacs, Robert I* Lov«, < . F. tfontsal
eer.-, .lohu B. NVrT, Thomas J. I'ar.ons
John B. Ui;»-eii, Daniel Richards V M
Kollins, Levl Bteauss, Edgat It. Stevens,
Ltoufs oloss Jr., William A.
The followlog petsous faiie I to pat In an
appearance and citations w*-re issued for
them and they are commanded to opuenr on
Thursday next at 11 o'clock a.m.: Wil
liam N. Block, Ahiam M. Cotton, Charlee
11. Mann, John F. Meyers, John I>. Keillv
Colin M. Smith. *'
1' nneral Trains.
The electric railway company lias secured
a nmnher of funeral-cars which will be pul
on tbeir line tornrry bodies and mourners to
the cetnetarif 8 in hnn Mateo County.
Tlie week opened dull and unattractive yesterday;
prices Tell off still further and the market had a very
topneavy appearance. The only n«ws of any Im
{ urt .mi placed on file during the day *»« the usual
weekly letters, aud excepting the Con. CM. 1 V.i.
letter, they did not show an) thing particularly en
Ob the early < all of the Taclftc Hoard there km a
disposition to advance price*, but it disappeared on
tbe 9:30 a. m. call of the Hie Hoard, where Wall*
was an active seller. C'pinr sold at 9't 70. Mexican
$1 05. Curry SI 05. lie:: A Belcher SI 75. Sierra
Nevada • ] M and Con. Cal. &. Va. ?3 76. Of the
middle stocks, Ravage was the only one placed on
record, with sales or 100 ihares at f 1 'JO. In the.
Gold Hill group, Belcher still retained the lead, with
the sale of 850 shares at $1 20. Alta sold at tie,
Caledonia MM, Crown Point 80c, Overman 40c,
Seg. Helcher 25e and Jacket 7Bp.
After tbe call Walls continued to offer stock* and
prices declined. Ophir selling down l<\si 55. and the
market closed dull and heavy at the noon rrceis.
On Hit- 2:30 >'. m. call there was DO < -lungo for the
better. Stock was freely otTered at the morning's
bids aud the market looked &* II It were going still
After the call there was little demand for stock.
I'm m were heavy aud buyers sc.iiee. and the mar
ket closed wen.
The assessment on Alii Is delinquent In the
board to-d if.
A dividend of 20 cents, ■•">•(• on the V3tli. has
been declared on th« Net .. J i Queen.
An assessment of 25 cents per share has been
levied on the Union.
Hum ii valued at about $35,000 has been shipped
from too I'liion mill at l.i -<-»'
Silver r.'.n iiiifi stt-jiiy yesterday at 80"« cla
New i or* ami 3» :t i<l In Lon lon.
Tii» overman letter for the past week say* that
there were extracted troni the llOOand 1200 level*
311 tout an l 1100 pounds of ore. Car samples
sveraeed 524 '11 per ton. Shipped to the Vivian
mill 239 tons and 1-150 pounds of ore. ttattet as
nays averaged $15 7<J per ton. North cross drift
iroiii i ■n-iiiii" iijii »iv irvm jim level has been ex
tend-d IS feet through bright, lively quartz, assay
ltir from *9 to .?Ki |.er tun."
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of tbe
Union Consolidated Mining Company yesterday
J55.159 ■■-,«. i c represented and the folio* tag
orti'-ern elected for tin) ensuing yfar: Hobert >imt
wooti. president! Charles 11. Hsb.' vice-president,
aii-l W. S. '■„-. Charles rllrsehfeld and A. G. Our
net. director*. D. H. l.ytnau was re-elected super
intendent and A. >v. Barrows re-elected secretary,
and li lt financial statement showed a credit of
$3GS 61.
Carson Tribune: Our poop'"! «ra excited over
lone specimens brought In 'nun the Mayday mine,
a recent find locate'! about five uilt-s southwest of
Carson and a mi in and a halt west of the Voltaire.
The mine Is owned by Henry Host- nbrock, Jobule
Merrirk, Chaancey Deke. Hill Pick let and s.un
Calvin, From appearance! they have a well-de
fined ledge. It lie-in,; 18 Indies la r.-Mth at tbe sur
face. The are is the same In character as that
found In the Kuieka mlnluf ii >••■ : Several
assay* have bee* made, and the lowest shows jsd
to tlie ton, while that breach! in yesterday went
It is Intended to work 10 tun* »l t!i« ore Immedi
ately ,i the Mexican mill, ami if the returns are
satisfactory extensive prospecting will be com
If the lodge continues to crow In width upon
sinking, it is the opinion of mini < men thui a bo
n.iri' iof !:U iliuif i>!mi< will be shown up.
Iha Summit and bullion delinquent talcs take
plsoo t.>-itay.
The following official letters were placed on tile
Cos. Nkw Tohk— The wlnia In west crosscut 4
650 level Is i iwa on the slone 3tf set ; the bottom
shows from 18 inche* to 3 feet of fair-grade ore.
The west crosscut SSO leet is in 36 feet; face In
porphyry and quartz yielding low assays.
Silver Him.— T!io raise In the sonth drift. 801)
feet from the Justice shaft 490 i.vt-I. is op ft! feet;
top in cvpsum and porphyry.
YVakk CoMBIXATIOM > ha ft— The joint Alpha
and Exchequer s.>utu drift from the north lino of
Eichequ-r. l->onle».'i of Ward shaft, »< a total
length •<' '-'57 feet: fate in clay aid porphyry. 1 fie
Joint Bu llou an.l l'oto<l northwest drift from the
ISOO kvel has a total leuslith of t>os; face in por
(Iccibvxtai.- From the slopes on 350. 403 and
450 lerelJ have extracted aud milled 18u toas of tire
of tl'.e avrrate ass.iy va v • of $'J1 40 i>er ton a* per
battery samples. m est cros«cut 4 oa 750 level has
been extended P feet: face in hard porphyry. Tim
cross Orl't front the Zaalc drift, i-utra tunnel level,
has lecn advanced ik feet: formation cwrpbyry.
I <>a 1. U BALES.
i*'ie roc tie f...e* In the Saa Francisco
1 1 C L ] «i!tl j « <t(id;iy .
]ln UK ■ 1 • >-if.v - •* :JM » v.
230 Alpha... .30:100 C C .1 V..3 i' 60 Orerm 4!»
Joi> Ai-a. . '2b :500 Comth ...16 100 Hi
100 Andes. . 40J100G Point. - 1O'» B«Tue.Tl.2O
SSO It«:cher.l.2O 100 Del M UM«JI»SH4 M....V5
'.'OO Hulwer...4O 15U Uexieanl.63 1«) OS Nev. I. (I
IV j „2U; Onntr... .'•!.:<' l-M VJ»o» m . 7#
Allllt\ HA SEjwION- 2: !!»
SO Andes 40300 C»iol ar....65 400 Net Q 40
450 Ne>lchr..l.ls SOO Con N V...V5 "JUO Opbir. . .2.C0
to l £ 8....1 4: 60 Kureka.,2. lo 10(1 Urern ...40
60 >!!■-■ ... 10 60 ii AC ...1.05 :uiiß4fM«..i..u
ai'OC»le<lua...V'oSO;> II * N. .l'.i 150 5..» ...1 15
60CCX t.7oMM)Justiee.. - 3JO Dnlon . ...'"8
SCO C 1'v10t... 60.100 Kentuck..ot>.lol) V Jackt...7O
1 1 1 wlug were the sales la the Tacias Siooic B j*ri
yesterday •
rrr.rt.An aaaatoir— lfl
VOO Al'.ha SO 300 CC4 v...:«.9ii ISO Term 40
600 t«elchr..l.vo 100 H" t .sou Ouhlr. „2.»5U
VOO 15 Isle 133 0 Cfoliit .. .bY StOO 1'0t05i......4«
ZOO r; a 8.T.1.85J3U0 ...... Xi : 01 uiou. .1 OJ
130 l .*Mi 50 •♦ * 0...1.10MJ0 UUh •»•»
250 1' 4 UKIH4.N ...I 1 * 500 V Jacket. 70
10'JBodle 15,5U0 I.ady \V ...di<3ou . 77
100 Comb i 4; .Oi) Mexican l.t>o, 20 70
100 a ■.. 2n 100 CCA Va.3.70 200 Nev Q . 40
350 Alta 23.100 UonN Y..JH 200 Potojl. 40
200 Bel her! 11100 i:xrhea....ll 100 Savage _1. 16
100 v « 8. .-!«/« 2yj 1: v > ...ii 4 2'M Dnton us
400 Ciiollar....i)^;jlU Julia 07, .00 V Jacket... 7o
Monday, July 18— 4 r. v.
£>& A*kr*L\ J, t AMkeA,
AlDbtCon 15 iMi.iackson 20 —
AJta _ Li SUjJuiifc _ 05 10
Atue» 35 «o!Justico 10 jj
teJcaer 10 l.lJJKentucK - m 05 10
l-«lie l.Hie „ i/6 1:, i.»,iv V* nsaiijrfc- 05 10
l^flitou Con.. — I.ot'!MexlCma 1.55 1,60
Leai « ht.cacr. 1.85 1.70 M OllO — 45
1-oaie „ 10 iftlMouut l>iat>lo.. — 1.V5
buiUun 35 4i' n*\»:i — iv
turner 40 4, ; . ■ 1 cur. i.mo US 10
I sieui'uu 20 25 \ Coiiimonwlta — M
< rttr*i — Oft Nev Wue«u...^. — 45
I tislieinn Coo.. 40 46|Ueciaeuuu ..... yj 411
ltou»r.. .. oi 7" Mur 2.55 V.»o
C cn.inawealth.. 10 15!«>Tcriu»u..... „ aft 40
lbn<n*. Vir..3.70 3.7s'lter — 05
Contiaence .. ._ — 1.7<H t'earieae ....... — 05
un "<ew \nr«_ 25 rtojl'otosl _. 40 45
Lesiisaaerui... — Oit^aTaco i.i& 1.-jo
I inter — Of. Scorpion 05 10
Lrewa i-otat... 75 So t- n .v altdes *^o -jo
I '1 Bleato 05 10>lerr*Nev»ax. 1.05 1.10
tail hlerra — 06 M.ver Mils — 05
I"'". — 2.2S,fsiiverKlnu . — 60
Lzcaenaer 10 15;t'i.lou Con - J)5 1.05
1-0 L..1 * Curry.] 1 03 1 tab 25 30
brand I'rue. ... 05 lv VYeldon ....* — 05
Haas * >urtr«.. I.M l.v:> \ ja«nei 65 70
MiiNi)*r, July IM-'J p. w.
Ltd. Aikr.i. 1.1.1. A%K'.X
I'H 8d5.4'5...l 1 — I'ac buio Uj -111 buVa
Cfc!-»tCC»lid*io3 — iPaetncLUht*. 76 -
CciaUoWiJas. '.- 10] H r <iamiift;t,.. 70 71
l»upnt-sc JB«ls. . . . v, i f..» htftiea *a. — no
Do. ez-coap 0] v* iii»ikk._ _ us
l*i:il«eKyU. 105 I A Use Ky M 3S>
kl4l-KKBaa._ _ 100 .ear\-«tii K. 'M -
»ikt-«KKBd«!-.iO - .V ft U X It. 45 eft
*•»' Coa'tilll. iui - . — Omnium ii it 6«ji' 4 |t>V4
hr-KKrili.. _ _ I Presidio 1D.24 V, 2tt
KhjoiCiiM.il _ _ Caltterata las bO ' cii
( i!.i .iiiuiiCiia.l 14' 4 ( < • •iiuiisrellas — MA
KchKlt-ifc.in'4 — J-ireiiifia'a Fa. - 175
l&CliKrhdi. »5 - Home Mulial. —
lcwl-stKyßa.il/Vill7 Mjito Investai — 80
anutArUßdsiOJ giOHi/4 ! Atisatlc Van. 45»/« 4«
ti-KKCaJBas. - ll« jtai rowder...l2o I^s
M'KKCaIBJs. 98 lUI ma. 1 j>,.wasr 27V, 40
H'l*rKCailJajioGV 2 — lt«fty-NUPon. » , —
hVWatar i*mi _ > i nt yaw.. — ' :-i' 4
Y.ai«r4i.. V2Va »'- >; !i!Vuira3 Pew. — ia
An*i<»Calßn«. ".». — link l>taC MO — in
taafcet Ca*...2«fl 282J/z CaHottonMO — 47
t*l Ba/e!>«ijo» 45 47 idallaaa UaM 15Vi It}
kMUlatßaax 178 15*(l Cat KIM iiu 3 —
Ll'£AmCtuK. 113 — Hiw'n Com... I>.» —
J- *B 1 Bant — 40 llutch'n IVg —
fac ific Bans.. — 157 Jada*aM'fc(M 17 s i —
kaicr. ri«j| 15 21 Oceanic S -».. Hi ' B."
tontrai; )« W. — 102 Vi' ]•». B i ts« W —
JimuCuW.. _ .',» ii-aclni Mill. — ?3V a
bY Waver... HB*i 93 IracWooduw'e — 35
i!iuei^»»* vr. 20 — ra« Trans Co. — 35
tei.:raiU»i... v\> 100 OaltedCC*.. 30 26
OakUudUM.. 38 — ; •
Hoard— lso 8 V Water, 88 s i : 6 do, 9 8 7 4j : 20 I'a
ciflc (las Imp. 80%: S3 Hank or California. 2«1 :
*'"'"' - V 4^ Bonds, 0-'; a:»juo do, Dili; $10,000
do, fl2i,if.
Street -96000 8 v «% Honds, ISOVj: 100 8 >
Water. fcß'/j. *
Kstate of John Sulitvan to George ft Dow. un
divided half or lot on i: line or Broderlek street
Hi •( N or McAllister, \ •_•& by r. Ll**; ?t7l'2.
Audrew 11. JlcCreery to tame, undivided naif of
•ante; *1712.
Qlovaanl Cuneo to Painnallno lMco. undivided
half of lot on W Hue of Lapidge Street 300 Mof
.Nineteenth. N 26 by W 80; slo.
T. T. Atkinson tad wife to Irwln C. Stump, lot on
X Hue of Hyde street. 116:9 H of lio.il-n (.ale
avenue, N 21:8 by X 82:0; $10.
Joseph C. Jtates and U. ConmocV and wives to
Charles B. Klllott. lot on > lino of line street.
1103 « of Sloektoa. \v 33:4. n 69:6. w 40 N So!
EM, N 10. Kits 39. E 4 4. 8 &*»:«. subject to »
deed .>' ijiHt; flu.
Mary Kelly to Peter KMIy. lot on SE line of
nryant street. 275 b\V of Third, SW 40 by 8K 07 .ii
-45. ' '
C Stevens and wife to Bernard Caranrane lot
on BE Hue of Terry street, 176 Mi or Fifth, Mi 25
by til* 80; »]».
'"H'l'H Page to Thomas Moran, lot on E line
of Wisconsin stoat, 350 8 of Coiuta, s 60 by k
.' ..I. lirynian and wire to Angle I'orter. lot on
« i'J'ty y 'ioo?iio: :6 W or TwmU> ■" Blnl " * Te " U0 '
Gailu* Huegg'to iiaulel Meyer, all or outside land
block MS,
Joseph Illbo to (iussle Blbo. lots 1512 and 1631
g.ft map 3: *'\:iO
Caroline Oottuoc to (Horn C. Oottunir, lot 1671.
Out Map 3; also properly in Los Aneelei; cr»nt.
CallfornU I>Hvlnt; company to F. M. Kreun.l. lot
commencing 70 feet X of kK cor oar or Sixteenth
Md o.trin.e itrects. B :ib. « 114, W 40, N 90. block
14, Pilot Tract; $10.
L I.aKevir* and Kiiiinyslde Improvement Company
t0 ,P , 1 . E -. KIWI " r > lot 24, bloc " 16. view; «io
I». \ . U. Ilenarle toU.Maihleu Jr.. lot on Ni
BE* 00^$50(1 ry • treet> 28 Mv J Ml «uel, SW 25 by
.iL h ";". ; r Mor *" t0 Margaret Burke, lot on NW
SoVtovSlfff 1 133:4 NE of avenue.
of 1 i; i :rK^n I l .eo.^ f ol > on l^ < \bß^ b » t^''ard
135 N or lw e „ty.ej N ao b y r •, b R ert ilr '' et -
Golden oata "^^W^o^^ft
M A ifu^d ne o e r n^^nd! d io! r o^^ in c B o r r ° 1 ,
O. M. McDonald of Oakland to Hush M. Cameroi.
of Oakland, same: #10 Cameron
i ttet« of Jonu Bermr (by exeeutrli) to a. o. «N.i
l.yd K. I>aska .lot 9, block K. KuJwlm ami Potter
subdivision of Keuneuy Tract, Ka»l Oakland- 14&0
Charles A. and Alice C. jJalley of Oakland to
BernarU AndraUeor Santa Clara County, lot oaK
line of T ? nth 8tr * et> ICO sor «.mrrofi way. s4O i>V
X 135 of Meek Til. tract B. Berkeley Land and
Town Improvement Association, Berkeley $475
Honora Tow&iend of San 1 ratirlnco to Urldeet
Franklin, wife CUarlos, if JU«ikvli-> , lot on « lino
of University avenue. 73 XV at Sixth str«ot. W
28 by H 100. Oli>cK bO, MMerna Tract, Berkeley;
I'aul F. Gilbert of Sun Francisco tn BmllM Gilbert
or san 1 r.inrlsi-i', lots 13 and 14 ot slock F,'ear
reeled ssay ot .Mcul Tract, ltruuklyu Towaship:
A. W. McKlnl-y to Franciit K. noids, lot on W
line uf iii-iir,'!' street. 230 8 Of Cooatf iua-1 (<>, A
land to Ban l.tMinlr.'). M 50 by W luu, bluck 5,
Utriiimr^ Homestead lots, Brooklyn Towusblp;
iSnrati 11. it. Hume of Berkeley to Jojepb Hum*
or l:«rk«iey, all community property now owned is
■••[iar;ite property of J. llama.
ratrtek li. Keating of aards to Mary K. Keat-
Inn. 1.. la euta?, Caspar Moaaod, I . c. AraMtroag
ami lieui<o (iriuiloli, of Bajr «itji, i ,i un -. vv cor
ner or Ii and Main sirens, w 100 .> B 108, Castro
block, ii.iv wards, as aacarlty for boud, i.<teu Tuwn
tlilp: iiusL
ii. U. mi. t Louisa It. Basset! of Bajrwards to Man
uel T. Mm-hailo of Ba] iranlS, half acre l><*ciiiDlne
at the bW corner of laud of Chariot l'ru»»e. M.
corner of latnl of Basaotl and N\\ corner of lan I*
of Badnra, wbioii sst<l point an SW 4.9 cbalns
from >\V corner of lands of rrancts, tbeuce ulna, 1
lbs W line of land of l>ruw«e, .N W 232.V, >\V ttJ.3
tv a point, tin 1 asiUiiiiin tiii i. hi.!;. Baasel HB
'2'S'L'i at "08 feel, passing tbe NX corner of > CO
-fout private road, tueuce > k ims to tMftaatof:
also perpetual rij;ht uf tv»y over tbe 50 foot private
road, etc.. Kilen rowusbl*: $10.
Kinil;. 1 Siri./cl to Kan Lorenzo Cemetery Associa
tion, lot 201; block us, said ceinrterr: fib.
A. C. and Ke eeca J. l-ord of Irvlagtoa to J. A.
and Sar.ili .'. Cro»by ol Los iintor, 5.'J5 acren be
giiiiilni; at a point win-re the X line ol right or way
of the »>. I*. It. K. Interspcti the BE external line of
the railway embankment lead to tae wlneceil.ir
ol Juan <i.illfi;<i.s; tiieaee BIS 1.31 ch.ilns. .Si; .;->,">
chains, mi; .1.5 chains. NB .02 chains. NX 1i.35
chains. 4 '.20 chains, 8 to beginning. Irvlngtou,
\Var.lniu-to:i i uWBSblp; $33U0.
11-, I*, t'layterto < nar* tic K. Wblte lot on v
it .• uf Nlntb st., 66 \V of Chester, VY 30, H 105,
K4ti. .N 105; lMkl.ii>!: *ll».
Kilward 1«. and I. He E. Norton to Uary J.
Cottrell. lot on » line of Elgl street, 40 vV of
Brash, W 31 by a 100, block SO, Keilerubersers
amp, uaklansi ; »-.">.
li. C. anu F. '. Jacka of I'olic County, Or., to T. J.
Carroll of Oakland, lots 9, 6 and 7. Mitchell Tract
Ho. 2, Oakland; *IHOO.
Charles A. and Alice C. H^lley of Oakland to
Ernst and Mary i; Vorwerck of laud, lot on W
line of Deakiu street, "JSS.&S 3 of As.'i'.iy avcuiio. S
50 l«y >v 125, block 1!, Woolsey tract Oaklaad
Township; $.~>5U.
.M.ui..t.tiii View Cemetery Association to John J.
North ;ind > A. I*. (sebeaeK, lei 273, plat 14.
section If , said cemetery. Oakland rownshlp J57.
John J. scotchleror usklaud to Kiizall. Hootch
ler, wl<» .>: John J.. of Oakland; lots 3;s, M, 4. 1 , 87,
VI an i y&, Regent- treet Homestead AMOCIatIOD,
Oakland Township: g>tt.
Same to lasae lots S9, 40 and 42. Comccsball
Tract, X of Baa I'sblo avenue, Oakland Towus.np;
.1. N. Knowles of Oakland to Esther A. Uatcs of
UsklsM, lot 8. block B, Knowles A I'otser euo
dlvlslon, Ken lied] Iract. Ka»t Oakland; $:i76.
CUrist Gno ot itassedato rherejsta Uraitof Ala
innia. lot on X line uf St ml hi street, ::■'> 8 of Kali
road avenue. S 14 by i: r.ts. Hicii Tract, JUamoda;
Paciae Land Investment Company of San Fran
cl« ■ to John Daieaa or Newark, lot on \V Hue of
1-nl.rrl StrSJOt, 276 N of Wttils avenue, > 50 by W
150. block in?, Newark, Wasnlugton I'owusbJD
♦ 10.
Martin 1'.u1.-f r or San Francisco t.i John Dursii of
A1..1H1.U, lots 1 to 4. blocs; Ib 7, Newark, Wasulug
ton Township; ».v •
r.li.ih.i Kirk man Of Saa Leandro to Thomas O.
Rosa of Baa Leaadro lot Ir.-iiuu: c :«• Intersection
of N line of Sybil street with NX line of U*y«
avenue. NW 322.94 to lands hereby convey by
Klrkmau to %* IllUnn. Nli ■.«.«»». 7:1 to lands beroby
convoyed, thence N>% SO, thence NE aioa« lands of
11:1.) A Cuidiuii V 68 .10 tv eoraei of lands of
Mensen, thence SB 375.U6 to Sybil avenue, «M
SH&StI to beginning, San Leaadro, l..u:i Towusiilp;
Builder*' Cotitrnct*.
Mr». Berenice Norm tint with .hm .•< Campbell, to
build l>U lot 100:0 \v of Qaieoberg stroet by I7d,
Is 100 6 of Ha, ov. 1 ■ $MOS.
Carrie Andrews has sued Frank P. Andrews
Tor divorce.
BolMii Bennett, accused of felony committed
on Ibe 24 of > ay, was promptly found |ullty
liy 1 lie Jury, after a Mioit I*l, before Judge
Wallace, yesterday.
Thomas Fuxgerald and Henry Stcru quallfiel
yesterday, « cli iv ib« »udi of (4200, as Miieues
on tie unarrtaklUK m tlieUivoice ca-e of Ltiile
U'oiit vs. Henry Wolft, wLlch ti;e latter fiat ai
Edwajd w llllans, wbo pleaded guilty to burg.
lai > . in enierniK the premises at 820 LaiUlo
■>• on Hie 2:<d n't., was sentenced to Use peol
letniaiy yesterday by Judge Wallace tor a temi
of t«o uud i ball years.
As appraiser*: of tlie million and a half estate
of Waller S. Hobart, Judsc Levy yes c.a.iv ap
pointed John Mauldliiß of Zcli;ler ~-iM ing*. Lake
t'ouuty, B. B, Clement »nd ii. J. M. 1 ...lit. i tie
father of riesidlug Juugc Tiouit of the hupeiior
S. L. Jones & Co. bare sued S. P. ilo'den to
foreclose on l mo»baresof tlie Maltblne M.inu
faetui lun Conn any and iuu<it tlieUtlzzly Mhilag
Compauy. liyputnrcaied on the 28ib of January,
18l>2, to secure Me payiu nt >f (875 oa tlio de
livery in November previous of 2500 empty
quick«llver ft.t<«ki.
.1 McC Holmes, N V A > chauffer, M I
-Mrs Holmes >< V I: X .rth. tal
Mia* M 8 Holmes. N 1 C il .Schultz, \ V
Alls* Mary Irvlu, N V .1 1» Y<>un<, w A in. Cat
I. L i ■■. ji-ti i. \\. Ohio II ii Mintii. < m
a X Welter m I'ortlil Mrs mi> Uowell, Cat
Klt M Vlcker, MUwaukc T Coffin. Carson
X I. Barr. Canaili ,T II 1..-._-. •;• Cal
HT Ibowpson, l'urtlanl Mr* X L McClure, Cal
M L Hill. Sealt a .1 Hoi h. l jl
ML 11 Stliiwoli *w. R.i AI. 1 ;i •■■.- aw. > ...
lojlur. I'ortland <i It Child. c.ii
w II Sllrrrliorti, Chicago Mrs J Mater. Cal
M I) ri.ley. Nevada i> A Lovtlal, Cal
M J Cants. Nevada Mix Engel, N V
i> s Koseutiaum Jt w. Cal U X ."swart. Chicago
11 Taylor* w. Ft Wayne C W Mmth. Cliic»?O
!■• Vcl.ni.:iii!ii. nits I. v- H Hen.tcrton.Cal
A i" Mci.iaii!., Lou Aii; •> Scott, i »1
l> l ..»: Ai IONAL BO ru.
Miss Ilamsplre. Texai J C Chapman. Ky
n W fciUce, AiiitienUm L Kay, Mitsun
k ii Pialstri ;io into EUiabam, \ V
mi.. UaU.it i n C r.»:ters, Kureicn
11 Felton, Angel Island J M Lais, 1..-1 leies
A (ializnii, .-tuckiun C Yuung, Kans
M ItritQley. (uktana » 1". fattoison. Dak
X X l»e lve, lowa T tierrity. lows
C MarcMson, San loss It Welsh, Kans
I Mctiinto. Canada .1 <; Edwarda. Baerato
V Itmtrsfalrtx, <■> i isan] A I>anifls,
W Nicl >.n r.> r. it'ii 10 V Niohnlii. Kur- -i
N .' Mielan, < :,t iilo W T UouiLis. Santa Cms
I! C Ca»py, Boston I* X lieckiev. SacrHtuonto
a Mi i; i iti, « l :tiinil 1 C F Rackilff. stocnton
J X Me In tosh. i an .■!» T Claik, Ventura
.' I' McAlear. Ycma C Hoi ebai. Port Costa
J C White. Hantord J Harle. Tort Costa
i. Iloilje. lowa M Unrmaa, ld«Lv>
WBWrtfjhl ssu .loso |\v H Brown. N V
0 Holway, « blcsfo C U Ctmniners. N V
C honi<Tville. L. Anscles O C Uawiey. Uocbe.«t«r
Wa MorrU, Ikm Angeles - lluHwau. Lo* Augties
*■!<,• Cbicnco H Netsou, Colorado
II <i h.>lw.irilt. .N-ii'i J \V l'«rry. Chicago
.' A Bftttaew* Sarto v\ C Hill, \acavllle
(i II I'.rißgi. S(>okane Vr II Ban n on, Vac:«vl!le
'J m He i uni ii. Petal am ii I' I'otrieA >% Kan M»leu
l. l.%agilon. KugUnd D X AOel, Sauta Cru*
.} I'crrin. Kagiaad X M Klkh. Pa
11 Brcarttef, Scotland , Miss Kish and tnai i j'a
11 Crit«for<!, llwuu .' Edmunds, ruuaielnhla
M ( llarard. > V
A DcClalrincnt, -...'• J 151char:tson, oal
J DeOialrraoot, han J<>*r\Q li M-mtron*, . !.»iia
H rufferie, *os;el Island m Utah. Port » I
Caas Uill, AUmeda j.l Mil lay, i ■(] itos
Hurt CHI. Alameda ;.Mi-, 1: Wilson. N V
J Hart, Baa Jom H Hll>i>ard, Chii .
All I nllar.l. St Helena IP A Ha-llpy. New York
Mrs X imil.i, New York <J Wiudenlcb, l'renldlo
J KCurley. New Tor* \v Allen. BMtal
■IssCorlar, New York G\V Nlc!io!s, San Cruz
T Landers. Una
I. li fii-.il ti> M air jr.
Licenses to marry were issued yesterday
to the following iiamH: T
James Kennedy n.i i tzzle I: >■ mf, 24—22.
l-'ip<i lepers and MetiiH Han ten, -»■» — 40.
John H. Korstoei sad Arum lluata. 31-23.
Adam H. Mueller bM cbatarlna Mayer, 34—
Charles Schneider and Carrie Lay. 28—23.
Andrew l'eterseu ami Karln Lladstrotu. 36—
Louis F. l>en>:anl#re and Lizzie Flood, 23—21.
KecioaM N. Hajolln ana Alberta Bparrowe,
1 S — 21.
John de Witt Farmer «ad Maggie l olmaa,
FiaiiK O. Erlcison and N»n!e Finch, 34— .12.
William ISeamisli ana Ma} A. Nash, 31—23.
I>n>c«ntn»i' Homo.
This evening the annual meeting of the
Deaconesses' BeaM Association will bo held
in the Central Mettiodlst Episcopal Church.
Mrs. Captain Charles (loodall will preside
and the association will be» addressed by
Bishop Fowler and others.
Monday Evening, July 18.
boa» Crackers lower.
■Wheat dull, limiey futures blgticr.
Oats advancing.
Large Yellow Corn higher.
Ityo steady.
Hay very weak.
Ileans generally firm.
Potatoes In good demand.
Oniorm Klu<aJy,
Uutlrr i.i ii
rinn Eastern Eggs advanced. •
Turkeys lower.
Fresh and Dried Km firm.
Vegetables uncbarigeil.
Telegraphic Kirbange weaver.
Grain ilags uasettled.
I i-lIi.I. VCliAftt Market.
tivKurf.c.i.. July IH. The spot market l* weak
at Bs lid. Cargoes are steady at 33s 3d for oil
coast, 34» 3d lor Just chipped itnd J3s «d fur nearly
■ ; o
l»«rroOuce Eacbsnce cable tires the following
I-Urrinol <:ii.lMtl«.ii(i for No. a JUmI Winter: July.
«• «'/,'): , A i ISUil ' "* 71 '« d: kept em i«r 6s 7V,a :
« C e f- ta7%L«; >ovember,6s 7*id; Ueceniber
03 t>v4d.
S^^Tonta^^T^; ° 8 1516: BUW '
The r. 'iii.it (Jralit Market.
London, July 18.-The Mark Lane KiDrew In Its
weekly review of the lljiUsa grain trade .ays'.
Kofi!'? w'i""* . 8 * 6 BMrttl «< at Rencrally V. lower.
irr«.. n? Vi A . rrlr » lß ° f American and Indian are In
It'U?«<! t i l »H 1 ".'? 111.I 11 . a * Al '" >r »c»" «ed Winter nelU
firmer*? "ii«i lU i.° rl sto5 to NitlTtt at bis - -"« >«
""■^ OaUuu"?i - M,"'?." W - ak - «»• l« Bmi «t
div'imirk.T; * l : Mixed Amerieaa. itf> lid. Aito
aay • market foreign grains were slightly dearer.
New York Market*.
New Youk. July 18. -There .was no apparent
improvement In the stock market to-day, and me
close was .lull and barely steady, with insignificant
h uu?"o (iovorun.euts dull uwl stt-a.iy ivtro
lo uin clofn-d ;it 6. •«*■*. leuw
lftvT. do R^ J % y o? 9 1 7 v , n f ! tMf<utM n»»d«. vt.
iin : .or?i:
»5f^ 3 ,% : AtcLlson and Santa fe. 3«tv. well*
».7","o- t "f,'"';' r "'--?"i" Hour, steady. Coffee.
[ CoL^ a2^^ la^^/^ cr Moo^ rr^
Tin— Snot. f2X. l.wd- Domestic. 1 1 15. iron—
$16. I'etroleuri. l>m\ jc. * .
Hops are quiet. New crop Pacifies are offered.
Browei* are <juoted at lie, future delivery. Cab is
report that tim Uaraiaa cro»i promises to be one
third larger than last year.
LIMA ni\t.
California Lima He.m* continue to boom. Bids of
?! 80 per basaal for stock In trans were refused,
MO Alt AN I> liiKKKR.
Sm»»r — Raw. dull and unchanged; refined, quiet,
firm »nd uncli-inge-i.
Coffee— and firm [email protected] 1-5 points advance.
Sales 4(i.V">U bags. July, $l'.!iO: Angus>t and Sep
tember, *iv; 05.
Oiiciro Blark«t«.
Cnirxoo, July 18. — Wheat was »iulet an<t opened
unchanged to ■ shade lower, but steadily advanced
1 1 , ie on better cables, good general buying, bad crop
reports from the wiuter Wheat bolt and California,
and a decrease in Indian shipments, eased on* i,4c
near the close and closed steady at 1c higher than
on Satin <iay. Receipts, iu>.'»oo bushels: stiip-
Bsents, 393.000 bushels. Kye. Me. Barley, t>s<-.
< up ai.o. July IS. — Wheat— Cash. 79 1 /ic Cora—
60' *<•. Pork — fli!. Lara-*7 m KIDS- 17 65.
WUsky— fl IS.
California Fruit.
Ciiicaoo. July 18.— Porter Bros. Co. sold to-day
four carloads of California Fruit. Bartlett Tears.
?.; .ii»v-t 35; Clapp's Favorite l'«-ars. $2 80: Earfy
Crawford Peaches, BlSa^S; st John Paaeaeei
$1 it*.': Bale's Early Peaches, ti 10«il 50; Traa*
edy Prunes. *- >io» '• 35 ; half crates Fontainebleau
Qrapee, 93 35: i urp •■ Iliune Plums. $' iti^J 9o;
Wa.ili iu'!oa Plant*, f3 90: Balgartan Ptunis, (3 70;
J;i|>un I'luins, $3 15: German Prunes, S3 90; Blood
m, in-, f29U: Peach Plums, 93 20; Royal Hative
Plums, -V- lt>!!'»-40; Apricots, over-ripe, $1 - _'5(5
1 40.
The Earl Fruit Company realized th* following
prlc-s lor California Fruit sold at auction co-day :
Bartlett Pears. ?3 AQ>ju.t !5; Royal Apricots. *1 40
0160: Hull's Barlv Peaches, $1 50; Crawford's
Earlj Peaches, $2 15; Feach l'lums, (2 --:-.).
Simon Pint ««, »».
Nkw Vciiiit, July I*.— Porter Brothers Company
sold tu-itay thrro carload! of <:.llforni;t Fruit.
B.irtlett Pears, * J 50J(i.<: Tragedy Prunes, »_• [email protected]>
4 IJ'-: Uermau Pruits. t2 U2V^^3 17; Pea CO
Plums, S3 ,7s; Purple Duanes, f 2 &:•■; (75. Waih
lugtou l'lums, $3 GJ; Bulgarian .his, 1 1 50; Apri
cots, ? 1 70; Peaches, *:1 - ■■■■„ i 70.
Kxrliance »nd Ituilion.
fteillneFxrbanirc. 00 dan — 4S7ij
MerliM 1-xchaiue. bight — 4 80
New York Exchange, ■ Jii — l'^V^
>ewYr>ik tSCbacge, telegraphic... — 15
Hue Silver V ounce e«7/ 8 X 7
liexiiau Dollars bb'Ji 6'JVi:
tMiipiiin^ Nejtao,
steamers to sail to-day ara the HattleGage for
Eel River and Gipsy for the Salinas Elver. The
Empire rails due truin Nanalino, lioiner from Port
land ,'. i Bouita from the soother* const.
The schr un! inn Shure,bti4 tons, loads Lumber on
the Sound for Valparaiso, Piaa^nai UN.
The Br Iron ship Gli-uealrd, '2418 tons, loads
Wheat for L. X., Havre or Antwerp on owner's ac
I'roilur« Mar lied i
FLOUR — Net cash prices are: Farallv extras,
*4 eO#4 .'0; Bakers' extras, ii 40<$t 50; superliue,
*2 75©:< r ' at
Will AT— Dullness continues to characterize the
market. No. 1, SI :ssa>l 88V4: choice, $1 HVfe! lower
grades, $1 ,[email protected] 32 Vi: extra choice, for milliu:,
si 38^4^1 41 Vi * en for New.
InkikXai. SKftblON — 10 O'clock — N"O Sal' 8.
itKciri.AH >:■ UN ik« SKJisio.N— Seller '92—1200
tons. *1 38Vii. Buyer December— 4OO, SI 41*4; 100.
3-1 IS.
Aktkrncm'N SK.SSION — Seller '92 — 100 tons,
$\ •>■. 000, $1 37: 100. si 37V* Bayer Bep
teml.er—loo, $ I 39»4.
BAKLKY— irrlvaii are running; heavy and the
mark-' . :-..;iiie; mid easy. No. ! i-'eed, 00c ; choice
bright do, 91>,ie: <i..r^ Coast. - ,-?i..c: Brewing,
«6c(a*l 02.,: So. 1 Chevalier, $1 'Js©l 30; lower
grades, t>Oc«.sl j4 cti.
ISFonuAL SssaioK— lo o'clock— No sales.
KKuri.Ait Mokmno Sts-jiox— Sei:er '9V, new —
10J Uii.h. l»or 8 c: 600. 90i,2c: I'OO. ftO'ic.
Aj-ternokn Bk-.mo.n- — September — 100 tons,
t«2»j|C: December— 2oo. i'Cc: 20J. 9BVie: li 0,
{Jb'-'^c. SeMer 'P_', ii«h»— 4o;», UV»c; ltM>, '-1'
■ ■■: — Arrivals from Oregon are almost nothtns;
at present, and as stocks here are small the market
Is firm at a small advance. New California White
Oats (;uot:itile at *1 [email protected] Is| „-.-. rdlin; to
<ju.iltty. Old W.'iite, fl 35(^1 42Vit rorKOvdtoctio.ee,
$i 45^41 47i' 3 lor rancj aud si vi©l a'JVj for com
mon to fair: surprise, $1 65' i 1 bO; •.r.iy.<l S2M|O
. 37-.
Coß.V— Lanta Yellow Is closely held at a further
advance. Large Yellow; 91 SOftcU: Small P.ouad
Yellow, SI . Oa.l 32' i.: White, f 1 0 .■ ctl.
BYE— QnotsU at SI 11 :■ aft fur new. Old Is
held at (1 *Q(i\ 35 f». cU.
BKAN-Quoted at »[email protected]ß 50 for tno best and
(17 .' 11 [or < utside 1 mi. .*.
MIDDLINGS— Quoted at f2O ft«f)3l V ton.
L'UOPPEU H-.tU- Quoted at *^CKfl»Jl > ton.
HAY Hecrlpts co&tiuue too la. go lor the market,
ov^r 800 t.n 8 <oinl i{ in ye.*terU^y. and the feeling
Is very »ck. Clover qunt . at $9f<sil f« ton;
Barter^ S6^J: Ufa :. »7©^6O: VYneat. »[email protected] 50;
Oat. S<fj *0: Wheat aud t»at, $9^ll 60 V ton.
SlltAW-O.iK.u-ii at t.'tlti'cp baie.
MILLSTL'FFs— Ground and KolleJ Barley. f2O 50
((21 £.0 f* ton. .be mills sell Oilcake Meal at 30
V ton net: Rye Hour, Sic V* It; Rye Meal. 3»,ic;
urabaui Flour. 3V|CI O»lmeal. *■.-• -. ual GroMS.
£c; Cracked Wheat. 3^«c: k wheat Flour, 6'^
6 1 /"*: Pearl Barl< ■ :;',,'u,ic - K>.
S*KKI»S— bellow Mustard, nominal; Brown Mus
tard, BOsntnah Flax. ». - ■<:;- .;?',, *• ctl; Imported
Canary, * CQA 25; Alfalfa. 10c: Rape, 2'.,©3C;
Hemp. 3 H . .-.': TliuoU.y, si,vc «* m.
niilKH PJ£AB— Miee, »l 30a>l 40 V ctl; Green,
91 &[email protected]: Eastern Green, S2?»; Biackeye. $1 6o®
1 »;& ctl: Split Peas, 4VvS5', v e t* l».
BUCKWHEAT— • ,1.1 .al aj f2 "J3 1». ctl.
COKNHKAL. £ C— Table Heal quote.t .0 „<•
ft rr. ; ri-m torn,? 26 fiti(it'J7: Cracked Cora, S"J7 60
&2S V ton: H'jniluy. 4' y - i itf4'»ic ~f> 16.
Bi-ANS- Ltmaa, Bayoc «nd I'lnisrule Bayoa,
$2 .'.". .iJ 40: Pea 92 2&&1 45 : Lar<e White. [email protected] tO;
Small" White, «2>iJJ 45: I'lnlt, $4 1 1 (a, -I . :• : Redi
9. Is#*i 35: Limas. 9230^3 60: Batters, $.' [email protected]
w* ell.
piil'ATOEH— Are steady with a very good ship
pine 'le . •« d. Burtuuks, in narks. TOciJl ■-."> > ctl;
in b«ix» l s, T!""aH lft: Garnet Clillcs. TTtiijeOc: 1. • '
lesa. 7Oil80c; Karly Rose, In sacks, oUi97sc; la boxes,
Sacsj ill.
ONlONS— Quoted at'[email protected] ctl for Red and 45
@55c V Ctl for Sliversklns.
BUT TICK -Steady and uiicli!<nse<l. Creamery, 3]
#--■•; I>»lry-B<i<mrrs. -.0(1,.;, ; fancy roll, :iOc;
good to ehotce, [email protected]()c: common to fair, l-;^>K.c;
K.istcrn. l.t.ile-i>ackeJ, [email protected]'^c t» ID.
CHI K>; Fair t<» ■ :....• n1 .1 new. 7449 c a It,;
old, nominal: \<>ong Americas, f«>. v f<iUio: ca»«d
Chains a. »2 c addlUonal; Eastern J2V./rr 14c V tt>.
I'OULTKY— '] ;-<•.- « !•■ lower and ue^lrcted
ye«t-rday. Ljve Turkeys, I7(f)lhc for Gobblers and
10<£17c for Hens; G<-es#. ■# pair, 91 25©l 75:
Dm •*- C4Q&: leas. 9' ■*" Roosters, young.' <G
©{♦: oo oIJ, $7*88: Fryers, ft sU§'i 50 "p, dozen;
Broilers. 9; -.4 60 for large and * j 10&4 60 V dox
fur -n. ail.
gam : Doves, H»re and Rxbhits are nominal.
LUGS— Steady. Sel.cted istern are higher Bast
•rn Quotable at lO.slßp dozen for fair to so<ml,
and lie tot extra cboica selected. California
are quoted at ie#3oe for store and 21ig21c "** dozen
for rasx (■
UONI-.Y — New Comb Is quotable at ll'^®l2c
ft lt>; new water-white extracted, tfVi<<j"C; new
amber ntract<»<i. s «.«{*•*<*.
BEESWAX-Quoted at 2;>©2sc V to.
FKEsll hßUlT— RecellU o an kind* were light
yesterday an 1 prices were firm. Craaapp ■•< 75c r
b'ix: White Nectanaes. So#?e>e V box; lied Necta
rines, 75cJS>l : Cantaloupes, f2(sl - crate: Water
melons. *1 ut'©J 60 V 001 a: .1 915,0, 7 60 Vi 100:
berries, 15c r It* ; Plums. v» v !•*'<• V tb. ac
toriiiiu to klud and l.'i; (tweetwatei Grapes.
f l(ii.i 25 bui: Black Urapea, i 1 .41 '-■">: Black FU*,
T&ci&tl for single-tier and fl^s<#2 9 b. x tor
doui>ie-tler Loxes; White Figs, 60r lor single-tiers
and $1 fordouble-tlets; Blackberries, S3 60(3ti ¥
chest: Apples. r.'.^iOiii- lor small an 1 75 ;l$: 2> for
urge boxes and 50(<v65c ,- bnsk<*(,; Pears, sUc#*l
VI box and 60(£0"5c > basket; llarllett IVars 50e t*
box for itnali mil 1 1 50 ft box for large boxes:
Peaches, [email protected] V box and ti.'.c-'.ijl 10 ft basl
Ciawtords, ci. (iflti t' box an<t 75' *»! 10 9 basket;
Cherry I 1 it, ..i>-,>tiir >■ drawer: Apricots,
60(575c V box 1 .1 t>[email protected] > basket for Boyals and
H6(a^6e "^ box and r da<ket for Moo marks ;
Apricots, to trie cancers, l"«'<'s2V i e >« It.; Kasp
berr ■ $4 siv.i7: «'hrin» ». 76 £'nir ror Royal Anno
and 6Ui.3"5c tor Black: Strawiiern. Jdvj.s > chest
for worths ana 9 Ho-" tor bharpleos.
CITRUS FRUITS-Rlverside Beedllngl .Miriajl:
Riverside Navels, 91 st'\i-J 6": l.os Atu-cir« Seed
lings 50.«f I ■ box; Los Anjeln NaveM, 9 1(0*2 '*
lioi; Sicily Lemons, jii f.OMO; California Lemons.
51(i>l 60 p b'.k Common and t.ir~\ 50 for $;ood
to choice: Mexican Limes, S^#3 60: Bananas,
i. :,om.\ V bunch: Pineapples, i.! MKib V dozen.
DRIED FRUIT— New bleached IV.tcbes, 10c >»
n> b 1. . New Apricots. lU.:.|ai:i: ft it. for Royals
and 12 Vic V Ib bid for Mo rparks. We quote
crop of 1831 as follows: Snn-drlrd Peaches, 4
•Vbo: Bleached Peaches. [email protected]; Suu-drled Apn-
COU. :'(*:-><• "f tr. ; Beached Apricots. H*ior> rr-
Apples, fl^vi'Va 1 * V it- (or evaporated In buxes, 34$
|3 < lei sliced and yi/vU3c tor quartered: Pitted
Plums. a#Se; an pit tea Plum*, i > jfu,'-' ■ c; Grapes,
li,[email protected]»vc f it : Prune*. 6(a,«V^c tor 00's to 120'«;
German Pruars !.'frf.»ic; Kvaporat-d Poara, u:-t"c:
Hired Pears. ;V£sc: Quartered Pears, -*<•?»».
KAl3lMH— Layers, fancy, are quotable at SI 15
rtl If ? box] good to choir*. 76cj.il V box,
with the Banal advance for fractional boxes; loose
Muscatels, tiUUVOc >» box and 2VaC3c SI ft. m sacks.
NUTS— Walnuts are auoculiir at ' • N c ■ ■>.
papersbell do. 7i*hi- V IN: sofUhetl Almonds. li)'. a
r It. : aardabell do, ~; paporahell, la
©13c; Chile Walnuts, 8(^;»c: Peanuts. 2V3453C tor
domestic: Hickory Nuts. 7<£)Se. re ana, il > 4 g,\ n*.
for snail and lf.jili.< lor largo; Filberts. 1 Lie)
lie; Brxxll Nut«. »i a --*Hc Conoauut*. 94 V 100.
VEGETABLE* — Wry little chance pat day.
Lima Beans are quotable at 12V?c > IT,: Green
Okra. 10c: Green Corn, 7&c£4H 26 V sack ior Winter*
and 1 T'yu.'Jiic V dozen for Bay; Green Chile
Peppers, 5O.«*»: f« box aud 75rt$*l V tack; Bel]
Peppers. *ital »6 fl box; R«s Plant, SI 76 V oox;
Cucumbers. 75#8*c V box for hay: Pickles,
91 60I&1 ti'i V !>■ X for No. 1 and [email protected] c 1 box
for No. 2; Summer Su.ua, li. 251$ tOc V box for Bay:
Tom it "c*. 4u^)tioc V box; Cabbage, 7.'>®?oc >*
ctl; Feed Oarrota, 4(i(0,4 sc: Turulps, 75c; Beets,
7&r: Parsnips, 91 -5. Garlic. ?&4c * It.
PROVISIONS — taster. 1 Cover* Breakfast Ba
con. i;s<&l3><c: California Smoked Bacon, 10 : >[email protected]
for heavy and medium. 12c<ol3c for light, and i'M.\
f,i:n..<- for extra llpht; l aeon Sides, ios 4( aiic :
astern Su^ai < i.r ■•! Hams ror city trade. I 4' v &3
15".ir: California flams salt l'_''.^4vlHi- t* ft: refrig
erator cur« ISVk#l3*4e; Lard, ttercea. Eastern,
all kinds. 8»' t ®Wc; him 1O'««*H)» 4 ,>; California,
tierces, h5,,,!.!,.; half-Mils, l <«<»!•« tins 10c
palls. Id IT. 10>^c: do. 5 If.. H»V*c: *et». V ' 4 <)*100
V If-: Men Href. 97 [email protected]: extra mess do, f8 (>Osti;
family do. fll M>'g)l2: clear Pork. 91 ' 60920;
extra prime, 91.%^: 60 : extra clear. #.'tl ( <«-. > ) 50
--ni»si, 17 sWc6l>* V U>: I'lg Pork, fi He; $;-t«3 .'•>
i-!ks' ten. lu^U 26 V bbl: Smoked Beef. ll» 3 »
HOPH-Bnyrrs bid 15c fl a for the new crop and
17' M asked,
HIDES AND PEI.TS-Heavvsalte.i steers. 71' >« c
at rr.-. medium. Sc light, 4««4i.c: Cowhides. 4V>c;
salted Kip. Ie; salted Calf, 7c; dry Hides, usual selec
tion, Oc: dry Kips. Be; dry Calf. »c: prime Goat«
pkliifi. ;ui;a,%oc each; Kids, 0A 10c: Deerskins, good
Mimmer, !..<•; medium. 30ijjJ3::VjC: wiuter, 20^
26e: Sheepskins, shearling*. 10U25c; short wool.
4<Ks7Oc: medium. 7l»>*»Oi-: lone wool, UOc®«l 43
eara. Culls of all kinds about ' -;• less.
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered. 4(*4' Ka 2, Si,. 4 fl
3V»«: retinwd, t>g,6' 4 c *a.
WOOL— Spring Wool ■ quoted as follows: South
ern and San Joaquin, year's clips, llf.oivi^c: do
seven months', 1V(O,1B<- v a: Foothill, 15^17
choice Northern. [email protected]: Humt,o:,lt and Meudo
clno, [email protected]; Nevada, 15d»170y it.; Eastern Ore
gon, 13017 c; Valley Oregon. [email protected] t ; - :=
General Mrrvhuinliis.
BACS-Calcuttai are unsettled at 74J7«,ic; Wool
nags, 3iJ:43Bc.
SODA • lIACKKKB to the reduced cost of
Flour all Soda Crackers have been marked down Y>o
\i Vi and &c V 001 In one-eighth boxes.
SUGAR— Western Sugar Refining Company
quotes, terms net cash; Cube, Crushed. PowdereJ
and Flue Crashed, all 6f- c ~ ■>; Dry Granulate I.
6Vic V K»; Confectioners' a, si»e; Standard a,
*: c; Magnolia. 4. 8 c; Extra Q, 4»jC; Golden C.
4»»c: D, 4«..ic. ♦* a; half. bbls. V^e more than bbls.
aud boxes ',-c more.
£aii FranclACo Moat Mar'iit.
Wholesale rates from slaughterers to dealers are
as follows:
BEKF— First finality &',?<•. with a few line bul
locks at tie; second quality, 6c; third do, :ivy&4>/.jC
VEAL— l.aigp. [email protected]|C; small Calve). o",-ji7o.
MUTTON— Wethers, BVi«i Ewes, dc.
LAMIt- Spiliik'. td/^lOc * 16.
PORK— Live Hogs. [email protected]»,4C '$ a for heavy hard
grain S^4#fdj%B for light avuraga do; stock
bogs, Ilihajllt.il . dressed do. 7 > ■_• »S' ,0 *- ».
ItKCKII'TS OK ri:<>l>UUt£.
_, Mondat. July 18.
rionr. or«»« Mlddliuir*. 5k5..... ;-t-20
do. Orevnn. d 0... :i,u7v! Hay. tons 821
Wkoat.ctis „ Straw, tons . .. L--10
lariev.etu V! 4,.4.'> Wool. ON :i-V 98
l! re - r " i 2U2 do. Oranaa, d 0... S'J2
r.oan«.sci Bi>3Qntcxsiivor,tlss*.« 116
»oiat«»s. ski s.l3liinaes.uo - 74«
Onion., ski „ 1.34.1 Wine, gals 64.860
t>r » n -"' Brandy! gals 320
oikan BTSAMaUBS.
nM " "' I>-i".rtnrp • ... m H^r, Frsnnl««».
' recori t Portland July-'O.IOAM SDa»r
onion*. HimnDol.lt. Bar., luiy-'o. 9am H.lWf 1
•os. Ai.kolcs Newport lulyai. Ham lid Wv a
VMlainettoV |V»auin»B»r....|.iuiyai. 5»->«isaawM 4
ViaiM.-.it.... Syoner IJnlriW, 2pm oceanic
Um»t111»....!V1c4 Pet Sound i.luly'23. 9am BdWy 1
lluniiiotdc. .lluintiol.u Bay.. |JulrV». 9am Wash
■>atiUKosa..iSan Oie^o |JulyU».ll am Hd\ry3
.ommtiU...| l'ortlani! l.lmy.M.KUv >pa»r
» r e* , I Newport Uuiy'2s. Bam miivr i
•an.lv.vi jfanaina ;.lulv_T). I_• M M .** 8
''■'X'"' [ < hill* & Japan.. Jaly2B. 3pm M S
."orona „ ban Ulezo iJu:ya7.llAMludw'y 1
Dpi arture or Au»;riiU» s>loa:uor depeads oil th«
K ii .- 1 1 1 1 I. i i. •
»ti-> VI) I'lDi; TABLE.
Computed by Tito m k% 1 in v am, Chrominatsr la 1
li.-truiii«rit Milter, 4 CalltornU streii
Slen or trio Wo'hlom (tailor.
E h.w. | aw. uvr. uvr. 52 ?*
7 Largai | fcina'.L Lar<{«. fcmi.t 3= # a
: I * I :
0... I 7.29 mi 8.45 am 1.41 ami 1.12 vv';>.o37/Ir
20.... ■-1 ph D.Mau I'.SUam 2.13 rM5.03j7.V3
21.... 91» km 10.54 am 3.14 am 8.13 km 5.1U7.J7
SRL... 10.04 m 11.40 am 4.3 SAM 4.0n pm .-..«» ."• 7 -Jti
M-..J1U.53 km O.SB km bin ay r.nj i-m 5.0b|7.28
24.... 11 .12 pm 1.18 pm U.OOAM b.53 pu ».0t>i7.25
j Small. l.arco. I | I
«5....' O.t)O am 2.00 ynl 0.3S am' 6.43 vm's t>7'7.2*
»itlPt*l ... iMf.LLK.r.Mh.
Am re t.
Mov.iav, .Inly 18.
Stmr Crescent City. Allen. 33 hours from crescent
City ; pass and iiidse. to Bobba. Wall 4 (■».,
Stmr Lacuna, Hansen, 14 hours from Greenwood;
tics and lumber, to I. B hue.
Stmr 1...-) Angeles. I. eland. 02 hours from New
port and way ports; pa.-<s ami mdse, to Uoodail, Per
kins 4 Co.
Mnir Alcazar. ÜBadereoa, 49 hours from San
I'cdro: bailist, to I. B White.
stmr Willamette Valley. Paton. 46 hours from
Taqolna Bay; pass and m.i-.e. to w h Webster.
"i«" Till..moo«, Hamm, 50 hours inn baa Pedro
ballast, to Pollard .V Dodge.
Hark s C Allen. Thompson. 1 7 1 . days from Hoao
luiu; pit,* and :;.(i c, to Welch .'. Co.
Brig Larllae, Matson, 18 days iron Hiir>: 4011
bags suif.r. to .< i< Spreckels d Bros: 8900 bag*
sugar, to Williams, Diuiond A Co: 43 bdls hides, to
C ii Haley.
Bktn v» ii i>ii)ini,i], Nllson. 17% days from Hono
lulu; sugar, to .1 ii Spreckels .v Bros.
Hcnr Jennie Griffin. Campbell. ; o hours from Bo
dega; 80 bis butter, to Ross 4 Hewlett
Clenru I.
Monday. July IS.
Br star Graadholm, ataesoa, Vancouver; Gilbert
Bl stmr Wellington, Salmon.!. Nanalmo; X Dunj
nuitr A BOM
Sunr Corona. Ball, Sau Diego; Goodall. Perkins
* Co.
Stmr Collma, Taylor, Panama and way ports:
GoodaJl, Perkins dc Co. -«r»
Monday, July 18.
ftmr CoMma, Taylor, Panama and way ports.
Btmr Ban Heulto. CelvlUe. Taeoma.
si.ur Walla Waiia. Wallace, Victoria and Port
Stmr Arazo, Lanshorne. Coos Bay.
Stmr Corona, Hall, Sail Dlezo.
Stmr Rival, Johcsou. Fort Bragg.
s:mr blteebore, JoUnsun.
Btnr Kinlly. Roberts. Coos Hay. etc.
I'.rstmr Wellington, Salmoad. Nanalmo.
bthr Rio Key, laigkett. Slualaw River.
I «-lrirrai>liin.
POINT LOBOS-July 18-10 r u— Weathei
takk; wind SW; velocity 18 miles.
June 2J. 5 S. 31 W. bark St Katnerlne, from New
York for Or' Ron.
June 14, 10 B. 32 XT, Hr ship Langdaie, from Liv
erpool for San Francisco.
iiwiruii'l i.
Per I.urllne-July 9. 39 60 N. 160 W, bark Ceylon,
from lioiiolulu for »an Francisco.
Domestic forte.
TACOMA— Arrived July 13-Ship Geo F Jlanson.
hence June '.'9.
GREEN WOOD-Salled July 17-StmrLaguna, for
San Frandsru.
A\ AllKO— Arrived July 17-Stmr Navarro. hue
July 16. Jnly 18-Stmr Newsboy, from .San Pedro.
CASPAR-Arrsvod July 18— Scnr Electra. hence
.In 10 via M -i.doctno.
POUT HAKLOCK— Arrived July 18--Bark Semi-
Hole, lieuce luly 3.
TACOMA— Arrived July 18— Bark Canada hence
June 25. *
sailed July 18— Schr Glendale, for Santa Bar
NEW HAV tV— Arrived July 18— Schr N.t'.le
Bnndborg, from Kockpurt.
rOKI BRAUIi— Arrived July 18— Schr Chas Han
• un. hence July 9.
ASTORIA-.\rrlv«-dJuly 18— StauSUte of Call-
Torn! « nence.luly Hi
Silled july is— Stmr Columbia, fr san Krancisca
POINT AHKN A-Salltd July 18-Stinr Suno!. tor
San Francisco.
TATOOSB— Pasaedont July 18-Hark Hleulaaa
LlKiit from Departure Bay for San Francisco.
Pished iii July 18-Bark Kictiard 111. hence July
3 lor Mnalmo; aalU Spokane, tX9B] Taku tor l'u ret
PORT GAMBLE-Arrlvel July 18-Schi ATm
Bowden. from Port Blakeley; bktn Skaztt, hence
July a.
EUREKA— SaiIed July !6-stinr Pasadena. July
17-schr Occidental, for San Francisco; schr Gus
■«e Kl.je, for Sun Francisco; u«t:.s Eureka aud
Arrived July 17-Schr Elnor.th. from Santa Bar
bara; schr Helen \ Klmb.ill. hence July lii. July
18-Mii!r North Fork, hence July 17.
I <►.!♦•: ii Ports.
NEW YORK — Arrived Juiv L7-Shlp a G Hopes,
henco Ape 15 via Pernam: uco (93 days); sUlp i,<tu-
Jainiu F Packard, beaee Apt 15 (M days).
Korolaru :"ort*.
AVCKLAND-Salled July ltf-Stmr Marlposa. for
San Francisco.
NANAI.MO-Arrlved July 18-Bark Kufus E
Wood, hence July '2.
I in imrl it ton*.
HONOLULU— per 8 C Alien -18,511 bags sugar, 1
cs personal • fleets.
CRESCENT CITY-Per Crescent Clty-1 <•* l bx
sundries, I bi seed. l rol' It noli urn. 1 redwood case
3 cs V bis mdse, 19 k*t 78 bis lemons, 16 sks baric.
2 luiis prits. 11 sks 60 bdls hides, — M It lumber. 18
bl>ls bottles.
Honolulu- Per fl II nimond-15 bUs brandy,
100 bbli whisky, 35 empty carboys, 1 car wheel.
60C7 ban rice.
! m IN ■ BAY— Per Willamette Valley-937 sks
oats, 1565 sVh Hour, 141 , kaeea, 156 b.Us lo.boo
It nib. 1 lot juiiß. ft i.k^s tntlio, 1 cse.-gs, 86 pkes
chair* 19 I'd- hides. 1 bx hardware. 29t>Xflseed 1
p.;e eaatlait, 6 bis wooleus, 5 Ci cannea goods, V 4 cs
bacon. 1 bbl whisky.
NfcW POUT— Per Newport— l 9 bis letuous, 20 sks
San Pedro Terminal— l cs coffee.
San Pedro— 'J a books, 24 bdls gait flsh. 30 hf 15
qr 14 lib s fish.
Huenetue-1 c* books, l pc furniture. 4 bis teod
75 sks scrap iron. '£ Udis iron. 8 bl»i» old butt cs ■
*ks wool. 2 bd:s dry pelts, 5 bbls starch, 1 bone
H .1 ■ do— sß la* lemons, .< cheats te.», 1 bdl hose,
1 cs cigars. 2 bis plow-points, 4 c* dry mackerel 1
tub cheese. l bx 1 cs s?ed, '2 ike roiled, coffee
Santa Barbara 1 hi dry good*. 11 bx* seed i b X
a>>d. 1 ek walnuts, a hf-bbls olives. . - sks crawflsu,
37 bis lemons, VI \- orange*, 3 bxs fresh fish.
Gavlota— •„' bit butter. 4c» on*. % bit fresh fish.
6 sks crawfish. 32Va «ks wool, 3 bills dry pelts 3
bdi< dry hides. '
Ventura- 1 rs clears. 13 bxs seed, 1 lull old sacks.
1 bi plates i sk beeswax, 58 <•■> honey, 4 cs cpus, 3
c ids chickens, 47 pkgs household (roods. 10i« bis
Carnenterla— ss bxs apples. 3 Ins peiru.
Cayucos— l kg 80"..^ bis butter. 1 In vegetables, 6
dressed calves, 13 cs e«ga, '£ coons chickens.
Port Hai . : 08Vi bxs butter, 5 cs «<rs, 1 cast-
Ing, 1 cs cheese. I bx shoes. 3 cs honey. l Kg salad
oil. 3 cs olive oil, l cs wine, 8 Udls dry bides 0 cans
•- ke:s tallow. 32 bdls ereen hides. 4 bdis salt hides
7 b.l.s dry hides 4 !>.::s dry calfskins, 'i bdls old
sacks, « .ironed culvrv 1 sk coin.
San Simeon— 3 firkins H\i\* bxs butter, 7' a bxs
San Luis Oblspo— lol3 sks barley.
Santa Maria— sl-' sks beans.
Lakevlew-056 sks barley.
l.os Alamos— 7Bs sks barley.
It— lei MB ska barley.
< a i«t(rn«««.
Per 8 C Allen— Wclcb * Co; M s Crinbauin * Co-
J I) Spreckels i BrOS; William.*, Dhnoud A Co
Per Crescent City— J Bowea * Co; Hackineler's
■■••!: Oeti Uros A Co: s Mi Bear; a Co; A Hicks-
Dairymen's Union: Wbeatoa 4 l.iiiri; r M Bab^
cock: C E Whitney i Co: Thos Denulgan A- Son*
l>odse Sweeney a Co; OB Smith & Co; Hcgier.V
Johnson; Wit /.el a Baker: Robert HaiguiJtCo-
Smtt:i's Cash Store ; HoliU*. Wall .V Co. " '
Per ■ II Dtaioad- H 8 Orlaoaata A- Co; LUlea
tlial «V Co: Chinese inert bants; Cal Chemical Works-
Jones A Co.
Per Willamette Valley— Moore. Ferguson I Co* J
Bauer 4 Co; llulnie * Hart: Price-Berlin Co: Wnlte
i r»s: II Dvtard; CJLelstACo; Pope * i.iiuot-
X J Bowen * Co; Smith's Cash Store: Amer M. r
I' iii. in: W B Siimuer * Co; lllsstiuer A Co; l**c Fer
tilizer to; New Horn* Sew iue-macliiue Co; Chicago
Brewery; J wtelaud Brewing Co; M Heller * Sou;
Urennbaum, Well a Mlchaein; O X Whitney i Co;
Ounhaiii. Carrlzan A Co; Osborn & Alexander; Dal
lein.iiiil A Co; Whittler. Fullers Co.
Per Lee Angel— EJ Bowen * Co; J C Wilson
A Co ; Amer Press Assn; Erlanger ■ (>aiiui;er: Amer
Mer Lnioii; Hul A Hart ; Wllion A Irvine; C
Carpy * Co; M Kallab * Co; Murphy. (irant .v Co*
Sveleta A naaa; Morgan A Colon ; Both. itium *
Co: Dairymen's Union ;J B Incuplla; Pardlal A Co;
« Camllloui * Co; Qloatl A Antont; Hills Bros- X
Aateate; Kowalsky * Co; Thus Dcnnlgan * Son; O
Sangulnttttl; J Ivancovlch d Co; Thomas & Kohn;
Wheaton A I.uhrs: Christy A Wise; 1, Felling A Co-
Norton. Teller 4 Co: lirti Bros A Co; Sheridan*
HardluK A Co; Howard, Harris A- Co: Heubold, Tel
ler 4 Co; 0 X Whitney A Co; Baker A Hamilton; S
N Levy A Co: Dodxe, Sweeney A Co : Consumsrs*
lee Co; ii n Tllden £ Co: Vervalln A Rowe; Sons
Bros A- Co: Ross A Hewlett: Smith's Cash Store;
BtaaaelaMr Bros; lilsslnßcr * Co-, National Ice Do;
Sawyer Tanning Co; Grangers' Business Ass'u; R L
Kylkogle; Standard Oil Co; Whittler, Fuller A Co-
Well*. Far«o A Co; II Dutard: E R Stevens A Co; J
Hoffman A Co; O II Smith A Co: 8 M. Henry A Co;
Brljiham, lloape d Co; M r Freltas 4 Co; Cal Itot
tlluirCo: De Beraardi A Weatpaal; k P Mitchell;
Howard, Harrladi Co; 11 M atcblnaoa 4: Co; John
Deere imp Co: Chas Montgomery A Co; L Saronl
4 Co: l>i civilian X Co; CMS Harley A Co; D Ap
ple-tun A Co; Sawyer Tanning Co; 8 SaagHlaetU I.
Mateaa 4 Co: Allison. Gray 4 Co; J DewinfCo;W
5 Newbaii; Martin, Foaaior d Co; Yon Voss 4 Co;
Heeler A Johnson; Golden Gate Chemical Works;
Man. Sadler 4 Co; A schilling; * Co; j II Bernal
4 Co; Sherwood, Hall A Co.
for Late S'llnni i • intrUliewi Or* ;\f>\ Vtj*.
BARK FOR sale.
In a good Bftrk of 187 tons will be sold or ex-
changed for untncumltered city or across the
lt;ij realty. Price, $3500.
Address Bark. Box 15, dill Office. jvio lOt »p
IMCoroliaiits' Til tip.
T. »•. OAKES; ',
1897 Tons Keg. REED, .Master.
Is now on the berth at New York, and having largo
engagements will receive quick dispatch.
'!«• be followed by the Al Clipper Ship EMILY
For freight apply to
J. W. GRACE & CO..
430 California St., Han Francisco.
W. B. GRACK * CO., Hanover square, Now York.
].'l5 trail ' ■■'■■-.■■■
1/ At Auction!
TUESDAY.. JULY 10. 1393,
At 12 o'clock noon, 1:
Our Salesroom,
638 Market st., Opposite Pa!ac3 Hotel
8. lino (No. 6t3) of OaK st., 140 feet E. or Fill-
more; elegant residence; a rooms, bath, laundrr,
etc.: built by day's work; handsomely decorated;
beautiful gardens Iron! and r-:ir; sun in every
room: m stoves, prates, etc: parties looking for
a moilel home should examine this resilience; Una
lot, 40xl'.'0 to rear street.
W. iine(\o 17) or Scott at., 25 rout S. or Lloyd,
bet Waller and Ridley— New residence: 9 rooms
and oath; 111 a tine location; Haljbt-afc cable: ex-
aiulue this fora home; lot -oil 19.
N. line (No. ieO6) of Turk st. 87:6 feet W. of
Pierce— 2-story bay-window residence: 7 roo:ns,
b:itb, etc. ; brick foundation: unfinished basement:
r»nt fib: KHia and McAllister st. cables; large lot,
S. line (No. 1113) or ( ,ay st,. 115:(5 feet W. or
Mason— Comfortable 2-utory residence of 8 rooma,
bath, etc.: baa nt used ior busiuos: brlctc foun-
dation , street la b.italt blocks; examine this for an
Investment; rexts 460 per month; cable-cars pass
the property; lot 22x58 to roar street.
N. line of < lav St., 81:3 Tret K. of I.yon- Elegant
view; choice surroundings; near Presidio Part;
street Kra'icd and sewered; all ready lor building;
examine it; lot 25x105.
K. line or Btanyan St., 50 feet N. of Grove— Lot
faces (iolden Gate i'ark ; 1* all ready for building;
street irraded. sewered and macadam : elegant
lot for home; Hayes and McAllister at. cables: lot
N. line (No. 132] or Liberty st.. 225 feet TV. or
Guerrero; 2-!>tory, 8 rooms, etc. ; bri'-u foundation;
garden front and rear: fine view: choice surround-
lnss: street iv fine condition; near electric road:
lot 25x114.
XT. llt.o (No. 110) of Vlekaburg st., 114 feet S. of
22d; bouse containing 0 rooms and bath: gas-pip-
ing; marble mantels; tine view; pleasant surround-
ings; street in One condition; Castro-st. aud to bo
Caurcb-st. cable: lot33:8zlOO
N. line of Green St.. 62:6 feet K. of Poise; elesant
largo lot: suuny side of the street: good view;
choice s'.irroundlUs'S : Pacitie-ave. and Kyde-st. ca-
bles: examine tins large lot; lot 50xloO, as per dia-
K. line (Nps. 309 and 309 14) of Chattanooga St.,
100 '.• ■■ H. of 23d— Lower flat, C rooms and bath;
upper, 4 rooms aud bath ; laundry to each; Iron
fence to front .-i. concrete sidewalk; brick foun-
dation; electric ro.d 0:1 Guerrero St.; street la fine
Shape; lot 26x117:6.
S. side or l*recit:i aye., about 295 feet E. of Coso
street, oil M:s.siuii at.; use 7 rooms and bath, lot
Also. S. side l'recita aye.. 210 feet E. of Coso St.;
cottaeu 4 rooms ; lot -5x140.
Also, residence lot adjoining:. 30x140.
Also, a lots on California are., in rear of above
property : lots HOxIOO and 3SxlOO
Kaon distance from Mlssiou-st. cars, and to be
extension of Howard st. cable: Rood view; Precita
avenue sewered and fine condition.
For catalogues, terms, etc., ln<i'ireof
EASTON, iM)i>.ii>f;i: & CO.,
jyl4 li; 19 19 Auctioneers, C- 3 i Market -.-.
...Of TtlK ...
Subscriptions and advertisamaa 1 :!
received for the Saa Franois33 Jiil/
and Weekly CALL.
K. A. COLEMAN, Mana^ar.
902 Broadway.
block in the center of San Francisco. It Is the
model hotel of the world. I- Ire ail earthquake
proof. Has nine elevator*. Every room it '.:ir<e,
light and airy. The veutltttion Is perfect. A b.ith
and 1 loset adjola every room, All rooms are easy
of access from broad. ll?ht corridors. The central
court. Illuminate:! by e l»otrlo Ugh:, Its lrauiwnse
(lab* roor, broad Dk!conl«t, carriage-way and tropi-
cal plants, are features hitherto unknown In Ameri-
can hotels. Oaoafiaatertalnedoaettbortho Ameri-
can or European 1; na. liae rost.turant is the finest
la the city, becur'e room* la HdvariQs by t«l»;rcpi».
Ist U »au Frand— o Cal.
£38 Washington St., S. P. ; fSf
. ..in ... j \jr
Guns, Rifles, Pistols, AtnmutAttoi. Etc
__**" Send threft-cent stamp for Catalogna. [dlliC
Assessment No. 4.
Levied July 11, 1893
Amount 5 cents
Delinquent August 19, 1899
Sale Day September 12, 1892
QEO.R. SPINNEY, Secretary.
Office No. 310 Pine street, Room No. 28. San
Francisco. Cal. iy;-j ttl
principal placo of bwlnesa, San Francisco, CaL;
location of works. Morej County, Nev.
Notice— There ar« delinquent up the follo-wlna
described stock, on account of assessment (No. 38)
levied on tbo 24th day of May. IMJ'J, the several
■mounts set opposUe the names of tbe respective
sinreholderj, as follow*;
No. No.
Names. Cert. 8h«. Amt.
Thomas Auderson .23754 lift $« 25
J. M. ltraiell, Irustee 001UO 60 .1250
Win. Howjh. Xruatee 2t»;>77 U\) 5 00
Cope * Knjilsh. Trustees. 31005 1000 26000
W. a. Dou.i. Trustee a-*:;; so 1250
W, A. Doud, Trust <>« 31135 100 25 00
>v. a. Douct, Truitee .. 31408 100 25 00
>V A. Doud. Trust?*....*. 31443 100 25 00
IHiv.!. 4MI es. Truitaes 31672 100 25 00
K. R. Ur»nt. Trustee 22116 100 26 00
George Grant. Tru5tee...... ..31230 100 25 00
Uei>r*e Uraut. Trustee 81227 100 "5 00
Soono &rant, Trustee 31349 100 25 00
Ueorg«lirant. Trustee HUB 3 100 25 00
George Grant, Trustee 31434 100 2S 00
Beotgo Grant, Trustee 31455 100 26 00
Ueorce Urant, ' rustee MI4SS 100 26 00
George Grant, Trustee 31678 100 25 00
«eor«e Grant, Trustee 31979 100 26 00
K. «»uthler* Co., Trustees ..So4S9 SO 12 50
E. Gauthler 4 Co., Trustee!. .3lsl7 100 25 00
E. Gautbl»r * Co.. Trustees.. 3l6l9 60 12 50
K. K. son. Trustee 28248 30 7 50
It. K. Graysou. Trustee 29357 100 25 00
K. U. i.r»)so!i. Trustee 30134 100 25 00
R. R. Graj son, Truitee 30889 100 26 00
R. K. Grarsuo, Trustee, 31650 85 H 75
R. R. Urnyson, Trustee 3165 i 20 6 OH
R. R. Urayson, Trustee 316SS 15 3 75
R. R. Grayiton, Trustee., 31054 16 876
R. R. Ur.«y»on, Trustee U«SSS 14 3 60
R. R. Uriysen, Trustee 31656 20 6 00
O. R. .lones, Inutee —31571 100 25 00
IV. M. King. Truntee SIVO* 20 5 00
Yt. H. Kins. Trustee 31253 100 »» 00
TV. M. King. Trustee 313'ifl 60 12 50
VV H. Kirn, Tru«tee 31369 «0 12 50
W. 11. King. Trustee 31532 60 U 60
W. H. Kins. TnstOO 31642 100 2500
John Mackenzie, Trustee 'Jolis 60 12 50
V!. F. .Norwood. Trusteo ...35061 »0 1.150
James Rolph, Trcste* 3162J 100 25 00
George 11. Root, Truces 31223 100 25 00
Uecifre B. Root. Trustee 313** 100 25 00
Geoi H. Root. Trustee 31413 100 26 nU
Gaorce H. hoot, Trusts* 31414 100 26 00
George B. Root. Trustee 31411 100 25 00
Uoonre B. Root. Trustee 314i3 100 25 00
Ueorc* B. Root, trustee.. 51663 100 26 00
George B. Koot. Truttse 31564 100 25 00
Oeur>:o B. Rot, Trustee 31567 100 25 00
Rehrtsch * Co.. Trustees 20973 100 25 00
Rehflsch A Co., Trustees 28373 100 25 00
Rehfiicn .1 Co., Trustees 31474 100 25 00
lUhnsch * Co., Trustees 31578 100 25 00
K*hn*ch A Co., Trustees 31604 100 25 00
Kohflsch X Co., Trustee* 31606 100 25 00
Rebcscb .1- Co., Truitaes 31681 60 12 50
J. N. Souther 28753 1!3 6 25
K. E. Shotwell. Trustee 30761 100 25 00
Mt Stein. Trustee 23311 200 60 00
11. H. Milnn, 'lru<uo 22887- 100 25 Oil
Stauf, Cooper * Iti-rtllcJc. lr.i i7o^O 200 60 00
Mauf. CooptrX- KeailcW, Tra.30038 200 60 oil
Btaaf. Cooper &Retllfck,Trs.3l43l 200 60 00
H. L. Van WycK, Trustee 2H39'J 150 37 50
T. Wultely 4 Co.. Trustees. ..So4H9 100 25 00
T. VThltely A Co., Trustees. ..3oB93 60 19 50
Zadtg. ■Wulliiarg * Co., Tn... 26334 100 26 00
Zaclljf, troilb.'rg A Co., Tr5.. .25750 60 1250
Zadt*. * ollberg * Co., Trs. ..27643 2000 600 00
/. dlf, Wolibent * C0., Tra... 88980 100 25 00
7.Adl«, VTollbcr^ A Co., Tr»...2U65l 60 12 50
Zaillg. Woiiberg 4 Co.. Tr5. ..80549 100 it 00
Zadiit, VTollberg * Co., Xrs.. .30343 100 25 Ou
Zadl*, Woiiuei^j A Co., Tr5. ..3 '947 103 25 00
Zadlg, Wollberg* Co., Trs. . .31343 100 25 00
Z*dlg. Wollber* * Co., Tr»... 31557 3000 750 00
Zaill«, Wollber^ A Co., Tr*...3155S 6000 IV6OOO
Wollberg * Co., Tr5... 31559 400'J 1000 00
Zsdl<. Wolllieru A Co.. Trs. ..31560 3000 750 00
And la acroroatica with law and an order or th«
Board of Director* made on .the 24th day of May,
1892, so many shares of each p .reel or satd stock as
may be nteaaaarjr will be sold at public auction at
the ottlce of the company, room >0. 331 Pine street.
■an Kranclsco, Cal. 00 TUESDAY, the 19th clay or
July, 1891!, at th,- hour of 2 o'clock v. m. or said
day, to par said delinquent assessment tbereou,
together with co»ts or advertising and expenses of
thensie. 1: U. UKATSON, . ecrct.ny.
omce—izooui So, 33; flue street, .-au Fraaels o,
Cau i.v 1 W
Salesroom— ll3s Market st.. bet. 7th and Sen.
Regular Salesdays— Tuesday and Friday.
Tuesday Julr 19, 18918,
At 10 o'clock a. jr., at salesrooms, "' w : :-
.„„ '" . W« wni. BKtl .
£X£ LEGant consignment of parlor fur-
NITURIi, Kedroom sets with Clipper ana Curled
ilalr top Mattiessea, l)esi«s. Sideboard*, Redding',
i inttoniers. Carpets, Olu Mantel -Mirror*. Crocit-
ery, .Stoves. Ranges, etc., of Five Furnished Houses,
removed to our spacious salesroom for convenience
_i CHAS. LEVY & CO.. Anctloneeri.
Furniture, Book and General Auctionasri,
31 and 33 Butter streal
Wednesday Ju , y 2Q 189 , #
At 11 o'clock a. vi.. In our salesroom!.
....WE WILL SELL.,.,
The Magnificent and Gorgeous Parlor, Bed-
room, Library and Dining-room
Ki< I ph. .lst ry. Marble Statuary. Old
English Line l.nariavincH, two I'lano-
Fortes, <;il,-r.- : :m •Ft ench-plate Man-
tel .Mirrors. Bronzes and Works of Art,
RemoTed to our Pa esrooou from the residence
of th« late MRS. NETIiK CLARK or 13 Eddr
and 10 18 Market street* for convenience of sale
Jv?9^'t AnD b " SI>EAU & CO., Auctioneer*,
_J vl!> - r :'l :<■: mh fr Htr.-ft
-» 1 sol'.datcd Company-Location of principal plac*
Of business. San Francisco. Cal. Location or worm.
Vir 3 lnla City, Storey County, Nev. """a,
Notice-There are delinquent upon the follow!.™
described stock, 1., account of asses.tine-it No 13
levied on tlie seventh day of Jun<j, 189'j, the teverai
■mounts set opposite the iiaiuej or the ret>oectlva
sliareuolders.as '
No. No.
Ctrt. sari. Amt.
Anderson. Chan. E.. Trustee 841 60 Sl/sij
Harrett 4 C 0... S.. Trustees 7154 100 36 OJ
Barman, W , Trustee 5130 10 'i hi
Costlityan, .S. S., Trustee ei()s 200 SO 00
Cahlll & Co.. K. Trustees 4114 100 555
Clute & Coursen, Trustees 6181 100 25 00
Clute 4 Coursen, Trustees 7121 20 500
Cope 4 English. Trustees 6932 100 25 OJ
Dixon * Mips, 'irus'.ee3 5283 100 515 00
Dixon 4 Miles. Trustees 0t?05 250 6'J 50
Dixoa A Miles, Trustees 6736 100 as 00
Ijiiuu & Miles. Trustees 6791 IUO 25 00
Dlxon * Miles, Trustee* 6818 100 25 00
Dixon <£ Mtlei, 'lrusteet O9')'J 100 2500
Dixon « Miles. Trustees 6U23 100 25 00
Dlxcu & Miles. Trustee* 0951 100 WOO
Dixon A; Miles, Tru^toe* 6984 50 12 53
Dixon & Mile*. Trustees ...7>jT J 100 25 00
Dixon & Miles. Trustees 71* iS 100 85 00
flab. A. H., Trustee 63 60 12 60
Fish, A. H., Trustee 7;i 100 25 00
Fisb, A. H., Trustee 80 100 Utt 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 81 100 2500
Ush, A. U., Trustee Si 100 »5 00
Fish. A. 11., Trustee . 83 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 18' i 60 IS 50
Fish, A. H., Trmtee 550 100 26 00
Fish. a. M., Trustee 557 60 12 60
Klsh, A. H., Trustee 9 - .'H 1000 850 00
Flab, A. H., Trustee 3107 60 12 60
Fish, A. H,, 'trustee 4699 60 12 50
Flab, A. H., Trustee 4705 100 2500
Fish, A. U., rrustoe 47U8 100 2500
Flsb, A. A., Trustee 4707 100 25 03
Fish, A. H., Trustee.... 4708 100 25 00
Fun, A. H. t Trustee 4709 100 2500
Fish. A. 11., Trustee his 200 60 00
Fish, A. H M Trustee 4714 20 600
Fish, A. H., Trustee *Sl2 60 12 60
Fish, A. H., Trustee 4525 100 25 00
Fish. a. H., Trustee i«.;i 100 25 00
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 4857 60 la 50
Flab, A. H., Tru>te<* 4838 60 l-j 50
Flab, A. H., Trustee 5302 100 25 0(/
H.*ti, A. H., Trustee 5:;0S 50 1250
Fish, A. H., Trustee 631tt 100 26 OU
Flsn. A. H., Trustee. 5317 60 12 50
Fish. A. H. t Trustee 5319 50 12 53
Flab, A. H., Trustee.^ 5334 100 25 00
Flab. A. ML, Trustee.. 5337 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5359 100 25 00
Flsb, A. H., Trustee 5400 200 60 00 -
Flab. A. H., Trustee 54.'5 60 12 50
Flab, A. H.. Trustee 54'JS 60 12 60
Fish, A. A., Trustee 5431 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5469 100 2503
Flab, a. H., Trustee 549 i 500 125 00
FUh. A. U., Trustee 5493 200 60 00
Flab, A. H., Trustee 0339 50 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee &541 100 26 09
Fisb, A. H., Trustee 5544 -co 6 .10
Flab. A. H., Trustee 56*8 50 1259
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5(559 100 25 00
Fish. A. M., Trustee 5689 10 250
Fish, A. 11.. Trustee 6734 60 1250
Flsb, A. 11., Trustee 6783 100 1500
Fish. A. 11., Trustee 6804 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Tru. tee SSUS 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 5-iotf 100 25 00
Fish, A. 11., Trustee 5507 50 12 50
Fish, A. U., Trustos 5^.5 100 25 00
Flab, A. 11., Trustee 5-<.7 60 12 50
Msa, A. H., Trustee bUM 300 75 (JO
Fish. A. H., Truiteo 58*6 60 19 641
Flab, A. H., Trustee 6U3S 200 60 ' 0
Flab, A. H.. Trustee 8l(W 100 2a Oil
Flsli, A. H., Trustee 8248 100 25 •>»»
Ush. a. M., Trustee 6317 200 6000
Fish. A. 8., Trustee 6333 500 126 00
Fish. A. H M Trustee...; 63-.it» 100 25 00
With, A. 11.. Trusted UJS3 100 3600
Flsb. a.H., Trustee 6415 60 12 50
Fish. A. H., Trustee 6*51 100 25 00
A. H., Trustee 6453 100 26 00
Fish, A. 11.. Trustee 65US 200 60 oti
Fish. A. 11.. Trustee 6j'Jl 100 25 Oil
Fish. A. H.. Trustee 6571 100 So 00
Flab, A. 11., Trustee 6616 100 25 on
Fish, A. H., Trustee «645 lOJ 25 00
Flsb. A. 8., Trustee 8668 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 869J 100 36(10
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6735 100 25 O'J
FUb.A. H., Truuee 6H4« 100 3600
nab, A. H., Trustee 6850 100 25 !1O
Ush, A. 11., Trustee B'SS 25 6;i
Fish, A. H., Trustee 8878 100 25 00
Mib. A. A.. Trustee 6d7S 100 25 00
Ilsh. A. 8., Trustee *J9iO 60 1350
I •:.. A. n.. Trustee f.:.ti7 100 25 00
Fish, A. n.. Trustee 6980 100 25 00
Fish, A. 11., Trustee 6a»l 100 25 "J
Ftfh, A. 11.. Trustee 7010 50 12 50
Flab, A. 8., Trustee. 704.5 200 60 00
Fish, A. H.. Trusteo 704J 200 60 01*
Fish. A. ri.. Trustee 7049 100 26 00
Foster 4 Co., A. W., Trusses ...38J7 100 25 00
F'-ster A- Co., A. w., Trustess ...54 82 60 1: jj
Foster Jc Co., A. W. Trustees ...-■(InS 100 25 00
Foster & Co., A. »'., Trustee* 7059 100 •-.' > 00
Uoidmau & Co.. Trustees 67J1 300 75 00
Ooldmai A Co.. Trustoes 70 7 600 125 00
eoldman * Co., Trustees .7 75 VOO 60 00
Ooldman & Co., Trustees 70-6 200 60 00
Goldman A Co., Trustees 7090 300 75 00
Goldman & Co.. Trustees 7U91 200 5000
Goldman 4 Co.. Trustees 7131 600 125 00
Guruett, W.J., Trustee, 7103 500 \'i*> 00
Guraett. W. , Truatie 7105 300 75 00
ijiiraett. W. J..'iru-.ue 7111 do r^ji)
Qauthter Jfc Co., X.. Trustees 6413 100 25 00
Gauthler & Co., X., Trustees 6577 100 25 00
.Gauthler A Co., E.. Trustees 6578 si> 12 50
Gauthier * Co., E., Trustees 6t>94 50 13 60
Gautbler 4 Co., E., Trustees 8995 100 25 00
Uautaler A Co., E., Trustees 7039 600 136 00
Gauthler 4 Co., i:.. Trustees 7080 100 26 00
Gauthler * Co.. E.. Trustees 703:4 100 25 00
Havens, H. B. Trustee SS'iJ 20 600
Hadloy & Dou.i, Trustees SSS9 100 25 00
Hadley 4 Doud. Trustees. 6201 100 25 00
Hartley * Doud. Trustees 6226 60 12 50
Hooker A Frltsch, Trustees 5616 30 750
Jones, O. X., Trustee 6644 100 25 00
Jones. U. X., Trustee 7006 200 60 00
Jones. O. It., Trustee 7007 100 25 00
Jones, <>. X., Truitte 7008 100 26 00
Jones, O. R.. Trustee TO6B lOJ 25 00
Kelley. Gaorgs w\. Trustee 4611 H»0 25 00
King. W. H M Trustee 3325 100 25 00
King, W. 11.. Trustee 6897 100 25 ■);>
Madnula, T., Tnutee 4300 400 100 DO
Mane & 800, George T., Trs 459 50 1860
Marye & Son, George T., Trs 2-46 500 136 00
Jiaryo i 800, Geor?o T.. Tn 3147 100 25 00
Marshall. Louis, Trustee 70-"4 800 30000
Marshall, Louis. Trustee. 7>>.B 100 26 00
(Kit « Co.. Trustees 6948 VOO 60 «>0
Boot. George V., Trustee 3773 60 12 50
Root, George . I BatOO 4793 50 13 50
Root. >iecr«e H., Trustee 6054 100 -'5 03
Root. George H.. Trustee 67V& lOJ 26 00
Rout, oeorifo i: . Trustee uSSJ 100 25 00
Root. George H.. Trustee 6383 10J 25 00
Koot. Georse 8 ., : r:i<:i?e 70 1 100 33 00
Root. eoorto 8.. Trustee 70«3 100 25 00
Root, Heor<» ».. Trustee 7013 lOJ 25 00
Root. Oeorgo B. Trustee 7033 200 10 no
Reir A- Co., TriHtces 1544 60 12 50
Reatisch * Co.. Trustees. 1697 50 1-60
Rehfisch A Co., Trustees 4>uJ 100 25 00
RObssch * Co., Trustees 6103 111) 35 00
Rehasch 4 Co.. Trustees. 5510 H»0 -5 00
Rebfisch* Co.. Trustees 6567 10J 25 00
Rehflsch * Co., Trust »es. <J '!» 60 1360 . _
Rehflsch A Co.. Trustoea 8B«a 100 25 off
Kchnich * Co.. Trustees. 6339 100 25 00
Renflsch 4 Co., Trustees. 6364 100 25 00
Rebnsob * Co.. Trustees. 645S 100 25 00
RebJisch A Co., Trustees .64t>0 100 25 00
Reufis.-a d- Co., Trustees 657' i 100 'ii 00
Rehusch * Co., Trustees 6603 100 26 00
Rehftsoh & Co.. Trustees. 6660 50 12 5-1
Uehfisch « Co., Trustees 676S 50 1350
Rehtlsch * Co., Trustees 6782 100 25 00
Rehllscb A Co., Trustees 68^4 100 2500
Rfhflich 4 Co., Trustees 6388 100 26 00
Kebflsch 4 Co., Trustees 6925 ' 100 35 00
Kehfijch 4 Co., Trustees 7040 500 125 00
Shim H. 11., Trustee 6937 100 25 OO
»hlnn, 11. 11., lrustee 697& 100 26 00
>hinn. H. H., Tru«t-o 657« 100 25 00
Bnlun. H. H. t Trusteo 6977 100 25 00
Mil >n. H. H. Trustee 0978 100 25 00
Snotwell, E. E.. Trustee 3491 100 25 CO
IStaur. Cooper 4 Redllck, Trs .. 6163 100 25 00
Msiif. Cooper 4 Red lie*. Irs. 6164 100 25 00
Staur. Cooper* Kedllek, Trs... .tf-'35 100 25 00
staur, Cooper a Kedltek, Trs .. .6:-57 VO 600
SUur, Cooper 4 Radllck, Tr*....«393 100 85 00
Mauf. Cooper * UediicK, 1r5. ...6737 100 25 00
Staur, Cooper A Redltclc, Trs «733 100 25 00
Stauf, Cooper * Redd k. Trs 6926 600 1"5 o»
Maur, Cooper * Kedtlck, Trs ...7037 10i<0 260 00
Turnbull, John. Trustee 4431 100 25 00
Turntjuli. John, Truitce 4433 100 25 00
Turnbull, John. Trustee 6399 100 25 00
Turnbuli, John, Trustee 6597 100 25 00
Tuinbul). John. Trusteo «.V.IS 100 35 OJ
Turnbull ABama«n, Trustees ...4089 100 25 00
Turubul Ut Samson, Trustees ..-il'iti ioj 3500
Turnbull A Banaen, Trustees 4761 100 2500
Van Wyck. H. L. Trust** 5259 6U I l .' 50
WakeleM A Co.. & 8., Trustees. i;»7 600 126 00
Zadtg. oiib^rg A Co., Trustees. 20i«0 60 13 50
ZadU, Wollb«r* 4 Co.. Trustees 303 -0 6
Zadi^, Woliberg * Co., Trustees 3l»8i 100 25 00
Zadtf. Wollberg A Co., Trustees. 4os9 100 35 oi»
Zadig, Weaker* A Co., Trustees. 4BSo 600 125 00
Zadljr, tVollberg A Co., Trustees. ss3l 100 26 00
Zadlff, Woiiber* * Co., Trustees. ss33 100 25 OO
/ ii; s '. \Vollb»r» A- Co., Tru»tees.39U« lOJ 25 00
Za.it;. Wollberg A Co., Trustees. 69l6 60 IS s<l
Zad<K, Wollborg A Co., Trustees. s999 IOJ 25 00
Zaalß. Wollberg A Co., Trusteaa.6l37 100 25 0(1
Zsrliij, Woltberit 4 Co.. Trustees. 64lo 100 26 0»
'/■id >Vollberg * Co.. Tru«tees.«4U 100 35 00
Zaclli:, Wollberc i Co., Trustees. 6s27 100 25 00
Zadle. WolltierK * Co., Trustees. 6B9B 3OU 76 OU
Zadlf, YVolifceru A Co., Trustees. 6B99 60 12 59
Zulu. Wollberg * Co.. Trustees.7o9'2 100 2500
Zadls. Wollberg Jt Co., trustees. 7 '13 200 50 00
And In accordance with law and an order fro:i>
the boird or directors, maae on the 7th day ot
June, 1693, 10 many shares or each parcel of such
stock as may bo necessary will be sold at puniia
auction at the office of the company, room 58«
Nevada block, 309 Montgomery street. San Fran-
Cisco, California, on FRI DAT, the 29th day of Juiy^
1892, at tbe hour or I o'clock, r. u.,of said day. to
pay said delluqunut assessment thereon, together
with costs of advertlslus and expense* of s.ilis.
A. h. FISH, secretary.
Offlce— Room 53. Nevada bloc*. 303 Montgomery
street. San Francisco. UalUornla. lyl'J td _
Weak Men and Women
qiwuLD usa ii.unw.v itirr-.KS. ttta
O Great Mqxlcuu KameJy; civs* lleaUb *ai
btreii 'tu to me soitii.ii ur^.iai. u«7 ev>iU

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