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They Will Make the Fight Hot
for the Enemy.
Chairman Meyers Issues His First Address.
Feltoa Comic? Rome — Fifth Dis
trict Democrats Had.
The executive committee of the Republi
can State Central Committee met ye»terday
afternoon in their rooms in the Thurlow
block, for the purpose of o nferenee with
the nominees for Presidential electors and
rruan Meyers announced the names
t>l the Hcl(iiiir»i):ii committeenien, ns already
printed in The C-^i.i.. and then re;id the
following circular, which wa« approved:
SAN FHAJrCISCO, Aup. 2. 1892.
To the r.ei»it>Ucan lounty Committee* of
Cnl i fornia— (iENTLEMKX : Tne fi>Jin»; opeuing
of l he i •t-sni«iiii:il campaign of 1892 will taka
place mi Satinuay rvemine. September 3. County
committee* are requested to make all Deeessary
ui., . launiiv for rowing* In as many (owes as
i.ovsiliie. Everj effort f»Uould bo made to ma«e
tt Is opening ol he campaign memorable in tlie
political Utstory of tbe Slate. KniiM tiie sf-rvic s
of all your organizations to participate and start
lire ujovt* im-iii by earneat, active ariU eiierpettc
uoik. We urge trpon you to natieiatne labor
r»l iiioioupn ana effective organization. Clubs
should be formed tit rviytown, anil if possible
in eveiy precinct. Tliis Is to be a campaign of
education. See to it that proper eaetoatjta liter
atut 1* placed in tiie lianas ol every voier. l«et
tlu< couuutttee know your wjuis In tins dlicc
tioo atiu we will piomptly comply wltU your re
quest. Be active and vigilant. Every member
of the paity MioaM be made to leel that lie lias
a duty to perform and that he should contilbute
liis share lo aid lu carrying the Btat*. tteaoeet
luliv, F, U. Mkyf.ks,
Chairman : i .lire Coiamltiee.
C. F. Bassett. Secretary.
This ircalar v\ ill be sp.nt to all the County
Committees in the Stale, and will serve as ■
guide for the campaign.
Arsons other things it was decided by the
committee without a dlssentina voice to ]
send Max Popper, chairman of tlie Demo
rratic Suite Central Committee, a letter to
invil M. M. Esteoon bejialf of the Repub
licans, and Stephen M. White I r the Demo- i
i»rat?. U» s|»eak at six cities early in Septem
ber to discuss the tariff questiou. If the
oiler is accepted it is pi posed to have the
speakers named alternate in opening and
clc^in^ the meetings, and to request leading
won of each party lo preside at each meet
This inaiter having beeen disposed of a
general discussion followed as to the out
look for ihe li^ht, and all agreed in the be
lief that it was necessary to make the catn
i aign a;i active and t:'.r;ie<t one. With that
object in view it is proposed to open the
ball on ihe evening of September 3 iu 40 of
the principal towns and cities of the biate,
'able speakers being secured for all.
Stroii;; Kesolutious Adnpird by AutJ.
* Hi. -- Kfjiui'l iIJUj.
On Thursday night the Third Precinct
Anti-boss Republican Club of the Tnirty
fuurtn Assembly District held niesuug in
Harmony Hall ou .Mission street.
The president in a brief and pointed
speech called attention to the necessity ol
action on the part of everv good citizen to
free the municipality from the rule of the
bosses mid the i-riminal element generally.
The re; try read the names oflOSmem
be;?, residents of the Third Precinct, who
had signed a pledge to make every effort to
dethrone tt.e men who rule this couimatiity
throngh the criminal element, nnd the
apathy of the respectable citizens. The fol
low in-r officers were elected: Vice-presi
f\> nt, F. A. Holbro"k; secretarv. Arthur
IVtser: tr<*a?trrer, John Schroedar; ser
geant-nt-nrni«, DaviJ Belden; finance com
ijiittee—William Dayman, Dr. J. Henry
]<arbat and Edward J. Boge!. After read
in g th- resolutions i assed by t!ie executive
committee of the Central Club of the dis
trict advocating a proposition to allow the
taxpayer to ffakt the Republican nomina
tion?, the following preamble and resolu
tions were unanimously adopted:
Whehelb; The people seem to have come to
the conclusion that tliey hnve no rtptits to l»e re
s; e«.:ert. • l;her in life or property kluce the leds
iativr, judicial and execu:ive offloersof iiie cur
government arc ohiicU by tiie men who U'lluf
:...■■.-.: •.;..,;. iti.d Ujai ;:.c adlie;ent* of tlir«e
n-.fn-'.Ue repeaters and ual'ot box fiuflt-r-— will
hardly ever be pso<-ecuted or couvicted of any
cr.uie they may commit, and ceiietatty are pro
moted to and are iioldius out* or ruer« ofik-as
uaiJer the ciiy government; and wtiereas. by
actual conut It can be shown ihat clue-teutlis of
itie Republicans In this city are acata«t "iioss"
iu!e. auU ibereXote it i» possible, by an oi^auized
ettort o:i Uie part of the people, the ies;ecub!o
taxpayers might be trade the equals— at least be
fore the law— or (he '1.-I-flai ln>odltini? 4 Itarbarv
eoast thieve* aud ?x-ih isou convict*, who, under
Uie leadership o( onserupoloas mm, rule this
esmmanity uudei ibe eui»e of Republican*; and
whereas, we heartily Indorse the WIUtIOBI
ii.i«.-eU by the executive cnmmlttee of the
Tinny-fourth Assembly District BepoUleaa
Club ,ft;ly 27. as the oniy way to wrest tn«
party machinery cut of tie bauds of the
••iMwves'' ar.d jut It In the nands vl ihe
pe«u>it\ aud otherwise save the Kepubllean
ticket 'MH »ure defeat In this citT; ani
wberras, while wa ao uo: believe ibat the
maj.ulty of tbe mrmbers or the executive com
rmi:< eof ttie Bepnli r.,i! State Central Comml:
lee are merely the pliant tool* of utisctupuions
men, anil tuat ibey aie sail»fi-d that the m-m
--beis of itie 1: , u! lira!' County CoounUtee, owned
by the "bosses," aie simply ihe rrpininmtu—
> : iliiteru'e lioociiaius uncoavicted f«l«a\a and
the cilmiual eieineni ceDcrally wiilj a . . LB&lltlg
of uti'cnipulous, so-called *!e«|*<.-iatiie men,
wealthy, unprincipled citizen* ana ilcb, ambt
itou^ U>oi«. and that do ticket ernsnating from
a;, i made oader the auspices of thN committee
can be «ucceshful at the comlns election; there
fore be tt
Besotted! That we uree the executive commit
tee of liie Republican Kate Central Coruruitt-e
10 request u,e *.o-calleJ county eomauteea of
both lactloni to deleuate tn-in . ■ «er to carry
out ihe rtjn outlined iu the r-solutions adopted
by Uie t-xecuuve committee of ti»« Thiriy-fourth
Assembly District lles>ubilcau Club on Wednes
dayev:i!n- juiy 27, and DuWlshedln TnE Calx.
li, d save the JJepubiiean rty from defeat
fii tl:is city aiid fiooi eDdaneerins ttie success of
tLe natioaai ticket In this itate; and be it fur
lUioivtd, Tliat the secretary l» hereby In
ttructed to forward this i«rean>ble and resolution
:■• the executive committee of the i:> pnbilcan
State Ceiitral Comoiiitee for consideiaiun.
Cougri!«man I.noJ to Ee Tendered a
A well-attended meeting of the Mission
Republican Clot) was held in the clubrooms
at Blair's Hall, on Mission street, near
Eichteenth, Thursday night.
President C. C. Butt was in the chair.
Altec the rcadinß and adoption r<f the nnn
utes a resolution placed tM-f'>re the members
to extend Congressman Eugene F. Loud a
suitable reception on bifl return from Wash
ington next week was unanimously adopted.
A committee on arrangements, composed of
ilessr«. Edward Shcehfiu, Thomas Conley
and W. liacsy, was appointed by the chair
to perfect the details. 'ln<- meeting then
adjourned, after which the drill corps was
I ut through its tegular dri.l.
SKyland on the Coals.
There is a decided feeling of unrest
the Democrats of the Fifth Congres
sional District, and they are threatening
loudly to knile their nominee, John Kyland,
at the polls. Nearly three months have now
elapsed sicce the latter was nominated by
his party to contest t!;e district with E. F.
Loud, aod in all that time he has made no
effort to organize his Cetlewen.
"Y<n <ee," said a prominent Democrat of
the Filth District yesteiday, "this failew
Kyland don't teem to want U) come up with
the stuff. We have been waitin' around
bow for ahoutthree montat aud there aiut
(>ne of as that's seen the color of his money.
>ot a dollar ha* i.e kjv%ii to any ol us for
campaisn purposes, aud if hedoo't como to
the front pretty quick be will find himself
left oul, that's ali. We ca?.'t run a cam
paign en wind, and we don't propose to. Do
you i iosp them feiiows out la the south
end is gom' to s^.tid In with any fellow
just because his father is n banker and he
cas pretty whisker*, unless he puts up the
dough? Not much, they aint, and the
sooner these fellows find it cut the better
for them."
Jlarri-on V»dett«a.
Tbe Harrison Ywiettes met at their new
l.eadQU«rt*r«. 13 J.:.y street, Thursday
evening, H. W. Quitzow in the chair.
A letter from IJ.-EJai.irn lla-r,- Presi
dent of tho United States, was received
acknowledging notice of his election as an
honorary member. The letter will be
Iramrd and hune la the meeiins hall of the
Vedettes entivined ia tbe lolds of the
American ilajr.
T. B. <)'l;rien and G. W. Lewis addressed
the eetinE on the subj-ct of corrupUon ia
politics and drew .some very forcible
UlUitratious in talking about tue municipal
government ol this ci-.y. Mr. O'Brien re
cetTed a rote of thanks and was elected an
liouorary member.
i:«-|pablican Lp.ieut I')«o«.
A circular has b^n fasaad by the execu
t.ve tiniiittee of the Repwbtaeaa League of
California, in which I) .- following outline of
the general plan i» preseuted:
The leayne lias been fi.impd for the better
crcaislzarlon of »he party upon line- entirely new
Joihls S'at?, but wiiicU nave pioven wotKier
fuliy fuc-ceifful In other aVatea. li» pieentluent
itiiu I- t <:u -iou.il Hv laa coil-taut aud liar
mouious ft) n of the iuauy local ciubs ihtougli
cut lu<- Stai? tt pioii>st*>:6 teach she principles
ol ihe Kt-pubi'.can tarty and to uige upon eveiy
citizen WbO bel-«»es in Uio<c- princi;)t«a U»c duty
of brcomlup. In their bHialf.au ettvc | liiciiin.
li niuis at club C'^auiz^ttou uud woik that shall
eoverever] city, ward, tswasbip, sleetloa pre
cinct and wliool district. it Lelleve-i itiaj Re
l«ubllcnn pntici}>l»s and |>«> tcie- may ba evolved
from tlie views o( the iienpie, ;ma thu* it calls
upon Itepublicane eveiywiiere. old and young
alike, to take up (be wor* at once »nd co-operate
wit li tie executive, commutes and ihe regular
county conimi:tee* la the otcaiilza'ion o! clubs
and lite perl ormases of tue »-.'eeiai work resnll
liiK tliet'efioni, io i tie end that phcli tad every
per«on Iu tlie State FavoraDle in ItentWilican prin
ciples may feel tHai be kas not bmm «t*r>ooa«d
to tliedbsemlnaliou of InTormaltoo vital to ti is
poiUleal and bu-lness tutere*ts. Theie lsiooui
lor all aud wotk lor evetyuody.
i lie Nat son it (liib.
CM. Troll presided Thursday evenlugnt the
meeting of th« National Club, which in
dorsed tho renomination of Congressman
Loud and approved of his «cts in the Flfty
first Congress. The club also indorsed the
nomination sf C. t>. Alexander. Speeches
were mauc by President C. M. Troll, I>.
Little, G.S. Clark, Harry 11. FalK, L. H.
Anderson. Resolutions were nnssed de
nouncing the action of the Democratic
party In trying to make political capital out
of t)!« labor troubles .-.t Homestead, Pa. By
resolution the club denounced the Demo
cratic House of Representatives for rofubim;
to make an appropriation for the World's
District Kreistratiun liarrin.
Tlie general committee of the Fortieth
Assembly District held a meeting at
tie club headquarters, Cleveland Hall,
2436 California street. After the trans
action of tne regular business the or
ganization of a district registration bureau
was completed. T. B. McGinnis was elected
chief of the bureau, and 1. Choyuski secre
tary. Tho bureau will be in session every
eveamc for the purpose ol Impartinj in
formation to tho Democrats of the district
on matters of registration nnd the Austra
lian ballot system.
«mn Not h Candidate.
It is now reported that Kelly nnd Critn
■tm will not nominate Wendell Enston for
Mayer, as was reported some time a|o, but
will select for the place at the heal of the
ticket either J. 15. Stetson or John INiiriit
ingale, 01 BOBM in. of that kind. Tiie
rea-on for this is said to be that Mr.
Eastou, who could h,.ve had the honor,
desires to go away at the close «>f the cam
psign for -i\ or eight months* travel abroad.
.Mr. Stet<on i« said to bo the favorite for
the place, tod if Ue can l>e induced to accept
will be given the nomination.
A li'X .i.l t i I; .lugrr*.
Voters of the Thirty-third Assembly Dis
trict met last night and organized a uni
formed campaign club to be known as the
Alexander Rangers. Ihe following named
were elected permanent officers of the club:
James Dola president; Leopold Biumen
thal, vicp-president; David J. Kelton, sec
retary; Luuis ll olden, treasurer; John J.
Sullivan, uiarsnal. Tne fotlo« execu
ttvecommittee was appointed: K. J. Mills,
William Hoiu'en, John Brinketl, George
Shackeltou and Thomas Sullivan.
Fulton KrpabliCJtni.
The Fultoi: Republican Club of the Fifth
Congressional District held a meeting in
the Wigwam, corner of Fell and (rough
streets. Thursday night. Aeasapsieaeisato
be known as the Loud Invincible* was organ
ized and the J iring named were chosen
as the officers: W. Wintley, captain; W.
E. Biaocl first lieutenant, and Frei
erick Leydsn, second lieutenant. Speeches
indorsing the renomination of ConjEressasaa
Loud were made by Messrs. Vau Schaick,
Savage, Williams and Field.
The Alrxauder Guard.
The Alexander Guard held its regular
weekly meeting Thursday uight at 969 Mis
sion street.
The i.a I committee reported that Federa
tion Hall had bern secured for a regular
meeting-place, ad it was decided to open a
headquarters there with appropriate cere
monies a forrnigbt hence. .\s in it pf the
members be'.o-ig to the National Guard.
which will go into camp t -morrow for
eightdays.no ujeoting will be held next
The I'tinrt < lub.
A meeting of the Pond Democratic Club
was held last nicht in Kaufman's Ball.
corner of Fifth and Mission streets. Colo
nei John O'Byrue and Dr. W. D. McCarthy
explained the Australian ballot system.
The campaign Batforn adopted at a previ
ous meeting was exhibited. It rou?i*ts of
a Cleveland hat, silk sash with sold fringe,
and a handsome bad;e with the initials of
the club, an umbrella with red, white and
blue fringe, with a lorchl attached on
Feltnu's Ketura.
Senator Feltcn. who, it wa9 anno.ineed,
was to remain in t li • ■ East for some time
after the adjournment of Coagress, will be
hero about tiie 15th inst. and will at once
look after his fence*. Iu the meantime
his frieuds are n»t idle aad are doing all
in their power to head off Hie efforts of l>a
Young. The Ronoußi • that Perk as i
in the fieht has stirred them Co redoubled
activity, and thev tn likely to make Iho
caiiiDaiKn an active one from this time for
Cl^Yelnncl < HmmnrlHl League.
Tbe regular meeting of the Cleveland
Commercial L»»aaue was held at their iiead
quarters, 112 Post street, 'f. J. Walsh pre
siding. Reports from the executive com
mittee were received and cmisirierable. dis
cussion was had in regard to the uniform
to be worn in the patadei of toe coming
campaien. Prominent speakers will aJ
dress the next BMetfaz; of tr.e league.
Tbe Loud (.tab.
The Loud Club of the Fifth Consres
lional District held a meeting Thursday night
at Medical Hall, U0 Haight street, t 1 com
p'ete arraocemetita toward the recepiiaa of
Hon. K. F. LdOd BDOfl hi* teturn from
a<h;nc:'<'r: Colonel J. 11. Roberts. Judge
J. C- Palmer, Mr. Meyer and Jodi M.
Cooney addressed the meeting. Dae notice
of the reception will b« published.
Dcmorri'li' NUnilnallnm.
The Democrat* are already discussing the
question of municipal nominations and they
have practically decided to reverse the gen
eral order in making nominations. Instead
of beginning at the head of ta« tlrk»-» they
will 8t it out by naming the School Direct
ors first. The «fejeet ef this If to prevent
trades as much a« possible. 2S*li one can see
just how it will succeed.
Krrolliiic Urmnrrtll.
The enroiinient of voters by the various
district Deniccratic clubs was resumed last
night. The o> je tis to secme Hie names of
all the Dcfltoetala in each Pnncr<il»inl
and Assembly district prior to the pri
r.iaric^ electing delncates So the municipal
convention. The enrollment was not heavy
last nigit and was conducted very quietly.
D'tnncraU 3l»et.
The Puritr I>en;ccratic < ub met at Mis
sion Turn Hall, rn Jlis-ion street, n^ar
Seventeenth, 1 b'ir>d:tv night, with President
Gailajfber in the chair. The members
listened to a number or si>ef»ehes on the
is^ue of the dny, after which they ad
lr <|ii.i<» < lob.
The regular BV>rtißg af the Iroquoi3 <"'ub
was held at 207 Sutler street last evening,
and only business of a routine naturn was
transacted. It wma deeiOid, liowev.r, to
begin at o«ec to tiidke preparations f.r the
oi ening of tbe campaizn.
Oufnn QaardJ
A meeting »f the Qainn Guard was held
at their beadqaatten at Gerraania Hall, 620
Bu*h street, aad a drill corps of .V> members
wa« organized under tho command of Cap-
Uta ( uniiiugbaui, a«*istei by Wnjor F. D.
A Mtfimt r»>lpnn»i].
The meeting of the W. S. Barnes Club,
whicn m to have been he!d in Irving liall
last night, was pastponed to a data to be
herealter named, on r.cr-ount of a meeting
of the Republican Alliar.pe. *
lU,i-Sli,. «n Gr.at Avenaa C/ipt«r«d
by th» l'olice.
The polir* made a descent early this
morniac oa two of the most n< toriou^ di»ea
on Grant aveau<?. Tht-sp were tbe Palace
and the Olympic "theaters." The polico
raided them under the jaw prohibit
ing tho sale of liquor in places
where thoatrk-al entertainments are
civ. n. The law has l>et-u on th«« atatute
books several year', and cnuid hare been
enforced If ihe police had been anxious to
entore it. Tbe t!»r*-*- men arrested save
bail in the sum of £150 for selling liquor in
the auditoriUMi of a Uwatar.
Fat*l Ftxnily Quarrel
DsTBOn; Aug. s.— Cnarles Daly, a baker,
this morning abut at bia wife and.gteo
dauehter, probably fatally wounding the
latter, and »a» arrested only aft«T a most
desperate struzcle. la whicli be wounded
Puiieeuinn Snooks in the Irg. Tlte tragedy
is the ri'-uit of one of a series of fatui.y
quarrels. _'
Th»- iily lg as while *<■ snow,
'1 l;p rosr Is as the crlu>&oii red;
ISut niiiiitr i M surpass l;i gUiw,
The color or ibe brtgbtucss shed,';
I<> tbe biti-rt Upt and teetfe allied
Tb»t HMMn bat purlfiel.
England Establishing' a Chain
Across the Pacific.
A Line Drawn From Auckland to Vancouver
Passes lirectly Through the Islands
Recently Annexed.
The mere fact that Lieutenant J. 11. C.
Coffin, U. S. N., started out on the Alameda
only a few days ago with oflirial instruc
tions to take efawga of the Pago Papo sta
tion is point blank evidence that the United
States Government lias never dreained of
relinquishing pas>e>sion of a coaiinc station
which was expressly ceded to it by the
Samoan Government with the sanction of
the British and German commissioners.
The knowledge of this caused a number of
thoughtful and responsible men, familiar
with the Gorernment service, to express
Cravo doubts yesterdny when they were
asked for an opinion on tije subject.
While refusing to commit themselves by
name to any such declaration of opinion,
the sentiment of »U was that tbe United
States Government would never consent to
JoUnston Island.
such an act of aggression and that the Brlt>
ish Government would not take such a risk.
At the same tinio thev pointed out that the
annexation of the Gardiner, Dancer, Nas
sau and Johnston islands is evidently part of
a carefuily considered sad well-arranged
plan to connect British Columbls with the
DStralasiaa colonies either by cable or by
a series ol c< ng stations directly in the
path of Pacific navigation. The surveys
made by the Uaited Slates Government for
a cable to Uonolulu, and the rapid increase
of the United M»i*i' r.aval power in the
Pacific have called for in the vigilance of
the British Government, which has been
heartily subsidizing the Canadian Pacific
anany and the <-team.>r line3 frem
Vancouver to the Orient. Islands
which are worthless for commercial pur-
X>oses may suddenly assume vast inport
ance when thev f; riu a chain of posts be
tween great seaports, and not only furnish
coal sti ra^e furcnilsera but ontp tut reat
m;r.i; I' lynesjas grosips whicii are them
selves centers of eommeree. It was the
opinion of those interviewed yesterday ttiat
this country should awake to the aeeeesit]
of having coaling stations of its •■wn, so
connected as te render it ea*y to atta or
defend any Pacific point, whetber on the
coa^torin uiid-icean. To effect sach an
end is easy now, sinre Polynesia abounds
with unoccupied Islauds which Baropi
powers are rapidly se zing uud annexiug
with the above end in view.
One circumstance which renders it im
probable that Eaejand has attempted to
annex Pago Pago is that she has already a
coaling station on the south side of the
island Ol Upolu, in the Samoan group.
Lieutenant r lea, in charge of lbs Ily
droaraphlc C»rli e st the afejreaaiits* Kx
eaejßge, was interviewed ye>terday on Use
qnestion of Pago Pago, wtth which he is
perfectly familiar, from haviag betn there
in 1889, when the station wai lired by
the United States. In that year Secretary
Whitney sent out a bi? load sf c tl, which
has since been used u;>. At Pago Pago
■ ■ 1 laUa 1.
there was a boathouse with two 50-ton'
iisnteri*. batll by too. Monongahela's im-n.
The niouii • rise abruptly from the
beach and the ground is broken and irregu
lar all over the island. On Pago Pago Bay
thero an three nativo villages, Pango
Pang . Fanga Tonga anil \n.t. about a
mile and a half apart. Tlie nativns are
christianized aa about equally divided bc
tween Proteti •- and Catholics.
Lieutenant Coffin went down to locate
tlie position for the new coal-wharf, tho
officers in ISSD having -urveyed three differ
ent if*e«.
The a^comparty-.r;; cut* of Johnston
Island and Gardner Island are from official
<urvev«. The map show* the relation 1 f
the isl«nd3 seized by Great Britalu—Xa«
san, Danger and Gardner— to t'.e Saruoan
group. Johnston Inland i-« well away to
tha northH:ist, and it is a significant fart
tnata lined from Vancouver to Auck
land passes almost df reetly through all the
islands which have been setz?d.
Be«nlt» of Ye«terd»y"g Contests 03 the Lead
iae Tracki.
Biughto* I'kach. Au«. -r. —Tne winners
in to-day's races were as follows:
Five furlong. I'rinc-* P«;3'ton won, Glorl
ana second, Etetka third. Time, 1:03.
Six and a half furlong*. Adelgisa colt
won, Treadaway tecond. Mayor third.
Time, 1:24 ft.
Five furlong*, Wilson Taylor won. Lvri«t
second, Dorothy Vernon lilly third. Time.
1 m
One mi>. Lizzie won. Willie L second,
Daniel third. Time, I:42ft.
Five farlongfl. Rear Guard won. Mullet
second, Podiga uurd. Time. i :Q3&
Six and a half fnrlongs, Mackintosh won,
Fidelio .-ecoud, lloey third. liai>.\l :22J4.
At S.iratoga.
Sahatoga, Aug. 5. — The track was
lumpy to-tlay and the results of the races
were a* follows:
Five lurlongs. Ruth won, Polydora i»ecoud.
Worth third 'Inn-, 1:04.
One mile, Laurel won, K!mi»erly second.
Great Guns third. Time, 1 :U\
Boreo fur!nnc«, StraUmieath won. Don
ca-t.- second, O«car third. Time. 1:29%
Five at.d a hall furiongs, Rey del Mar
wnn. 'Madras seconJ, Wheeler third. Time,
1:11 1 j.
<>ue and a quarter mile*. Gambler won
Versatile second, Taeso tiiird. Tine, 2:15.
At St. I'»a!.
St. PAW, Aug. s— Tho track waa In
better condition to-day and the winners
wer«» :
Five furlong?, Hamline won. Colonel
Wheatley second, Lockport third. Time
1 :G5%.
1-our furlongs, Nnrva« won. Sarah C
second, lUpulfil third. Time. iD2.
One mile, Lillian won, Yale 'yi second
Tenor UllnL Time, 1:48.
One mile. Santine wo*>. J.,|] White sec
ond. Little Buck third. Time, 1:31.
Six furlong*. Woodbrrry won. Tillie S
second, Maud B third. Time, 1 :18.
Five. furloncß, Dyer d. Lucy Clark
second, Ddllj H third. Time, I.GG.
At liuffalo.
Buffalo, Aug. s.— Robert J, by Ilart
ford, t< -iUv broke t! e track record lor a
uillf iu a race, eorerins the distance In
2:U9*i. Ttus is also the world's mark for
fo» r-y ear-old pacers. The track was very
2:21 trot. Excellence won, Burt Sheldon
>**«o!.l, Kentucky Star third, Howard II
fourth. li*Kt time, 2:18%.
2:27 trot. Nidlitinaal^ won, A<ldle Lm»
ond. H C T third, Nellie Mason fourth.
Best time, 2:l7ft.
* 2:2^ lIC J- 11,-li^ Vara won. Virginia Evans
BeT«te?2:ft" S tWnL lUmooa xourtJi.
2 J 2l^ ce ' Y, l7iog Mb won, K er t j , cc .
oi-i, others di>ianced. Best tiin.- *>09^i
2:18 pace, Vitello won. VicnetU" "second.
Paul thtrd, Gray Harry fourth. Uegt time
McNultj- Ilopoa for I'ardou or Commu
tation of liMtMt,
On Friday nest John 11. McXulty will be
hanaed in tbe County Jail unless Governor
Markham or death s*ve» Ml neck. Mc-
Nulty has been in jail four years and six
mouths. He is very pal« and weak, but
Hopes that be will be pardoned or that
his sentence will be commuted. If
McNnlty is not hanged in the Coun
ty Jail, the old scaffold which now
lies cov. red with dust in the attic of the
pruon will be *old for kindling wood, as the
law passed bv the last Legislature . provides
that all murderers shall be hanged iu one of
the State prisons.
Eight*** men have been hanged on the
old aesdfoM. It is a time-worn structure,
painted black, and hewn from white-pine
loss. .
The Mystfiry of Jaiura Clanry'a Wound
Clrareil I' p.
The mystery surrounding tho wounding
of James Clancy on Wednesday night has
bean cleared up, and Henry Foy, a saloon
keeper, is behind the bars at the Seven
teenth-street station charged with assault
to murder.
Poy keeps l saloon on the corner of Day
nnd Church streets, and it was in bis door
pray that Clancy wns found lying badly
woaaled la the groin by Policeman Shan
nahan. who had been attracted by the re
port of twrj pi«tol shots. It was at first
thought that CUncy was drunk, and he
was booked at tho Seventeenth-street sta
tion on that charge, but when taken to
Um City Prison iu the morning with the
other urisoners it was found that he had
been badly woand»*d in tho Kroin. Tho
physician at tho Receiving Hospital de
clared that it was only a slight knife wound,
but when tho patient grew worse he had
him removed to the City and County Hos
pital, where It was found that he had been
shot, and that the bullet was still in his body.
Policeman Shannahan learned from an
ej-e-wliuess that Foy had fir.-d the shots
which inflicted the wound, aud last night
placed the saloon-keeDer under arrest. Foy
admits that" he may have wounded Clancy,
but claims that fie and another hoodlum
attempted to enter his place with the iutont
to commit burglary, and that he fired two
shots at the suoposed thieves, in defense of
his property.
Property ■ Owners' Association
Again at Work.
Every Protestant Entitled to a Hearing Be
fore the Board— Asscsimect to Ba Cut
Down to $40,000.
The Mission Property-owners' Protesting
Association : .il h largely attended meeting
last night 1:1 Eureka Hall, corner of Castro
and Eighteenth streets, J. D. Ayer, presi
dent, in the chair.
A. P. Yan Dnzer said ne had prepared a
list of thn most glaring discrepancies in tho
asse-isim-nts for the sixteenth-street exten
sion, which he proceeded to read. He then
referred to Major McKinne's statement be
fore the Street Committee of the Supervis
ors as reported .in The Call of yesterday,
an 1 would ask toa major not to make him
self too numerous. Besagfosted that the
chairman appoint three mem ol the
club to be added to the ccmniiitee of ten
appointed at the mass-meeting last Satur
day aigbt. The members of tho Board ol
Supervisors had asked him during their va
cation to prepare a statement giving .fair
plaf to everybody and th*y would see it
carried through. lie would do it in this
way: In roond numbers the whole assess
ment was 1340,000. Major McKinae had
stated tliat Mr. Sutro was prepared to do
nate bis laad. but even if h8 did they were
not to let iiisn cfT without paying his fair
share of the assessment owing to the benefit
to b-t? derived by hhl 900 blocks of land.
SlTTBO'fl j...\ a I IOJT.
Well, if Sir. sa tre donated his land that
would take £90,000 oil the assessment, re
ductug it to £250,000. If the Tope estate
donated their iau<l, which they no doubt
would do, liukt would bo a further reduction
of 540.000, which, with $25,000 held back
for contiucenrips ir< uld reduce the assess
uieiit to Slßj,Ouo. Then by reducing the
eeeimisftloaera' ialariee, clerks' -.ilarie
aUeraeye' foes, Mirvei r-.' and appraisers'
f.-e-, the assessment would be reduced to
about SISS.GOU. Ho thouuht $100,000 could
be struck oS ibe aaooota allowed for dam
ages and believed that ultimately the as.
sessment would be reduced to §50.000.
Js<»w. if that could be dune he could assure
tliein that the Board of -ivisvirt wa
with tlieii!. [Applause.] There was uo
us9 talkinz about tl.e law beitiK unconstitu
tloaaJ. The So re«M Court had declared
the law constitutional, and theru it stood,
lie would reaiiad them that they had to get
lias thine through before th- elections.
■■-ii rrf.i: .vi'ioi.\ i 1 1».
K. Iloeber moved that a committee of
four from the club b<* amalgamated witu
the nailttee af 10 as MCBaatßd by Mr.
Van Duzer, which wa< Bail led.
The chninnan named C. B. Williams,
John Drew, I> 11. Wlizen and E. Iloeber as
the <• Hi'mtt"-.
Mr. V<n I latrr said the committee would
meet at bis residence tii-xt Tuesday night.
Mr. Bradj said Le v.a- present nt the
auctioneer's sale in April, 1374, of the Flint
Tract cUtioa lots, which inciuJnd a
portion of Sixteenth street, and it was dis
tinctly stated a< one of the conditions that
the street was tu b« 80 fpet wide, although
on ti.o nir.p a portion of the street wa3
shown as 80 feet wide. Now the commis
sioner* allowed damages for the 20 feet
taken from certain | roi-er*y-owner? to make
uu the nece- width of tka street. He
contended the. property beionfed to t!:e
city nnd tties« property-owners were not
entitled to cne dime for it. It was an out
rageous piece of rascality.
Mr. Van Duzer— There is a clean grab of
$10,000, which will bring the total assess
meat down to 540.C00, and that would be
the outside Ocnre he would recjinmend
them to piy.
C. B. Williams condemned the whole pro
ceedim;? of the Commissioners. If they
wanted to redress r wrong it meant fight,
and they KBt just as well fight now as at
any other time. [Applause.]
Secretary Drew said their attorney. Camp
be!!, had guaranteed to get the whole thing
thrown aside by the Supreme Court for
Mr. Van Duzer said that would ba a very
fair barguin if tlie attorney did not expect
his fee until iio cot the whole thingdeclnred
Illegal, but it mutt be done within a reason
able tiiii*' and not kept before the court for
years, like the Van Real avenue assess
f>\ K!
Bat there was the difficulty to be sur
mounted, that the majority of the Supremo
Court Judge* were already no record chat
the act was constitutional. Be thoughtthe
be st 'i. ing to do was to hammer down the
assessment, and then when the collector
ram«j round for the amount they could re
f'is<» to uay it and fizht it out in'the courts
Mr. Dilzen— Y<vs; bat the one who re-
F aaed Se pay would bavo to tight it at bis
own exppn«".
John l»r*w Jr. moved ihat a committee
of five b« avpeiated to represent the club
bef< re the committee of the Board of bu
This motion gave ri9O to a lons diseus
slon, a*»veriil obj*<Mi«g to It on the ground
that all were entitled to be heard, and they
would stick to that though it took the board
years to give them alia hearing.
The motion was lost by 11 noes to 8 aye«.
A tnolfnn was then carried that th«* namrs
of those who would volunteer to go and ad
dress the committee of the .ird be h anded
ia to the secretary, and tne meeting ad
The Well.Kriown " Pete" Wall Again In
the Toll*.
"iVte" Wall, a well-known individual. is
ngain b-hiud the bars at the BMMIMra sta
tion with a double charce of di^clnr^itii:
a firearm witliin the city limits and carrying
a concealed weapon against his name.
Wall had an altercation with another
man on Clara street, near Fourth, last
nishr, when he pulled the pinol and fired
two sh ts »t hi« antagonist, who narrowly
earaiK d being wounded by running away.
Policeman Ma^uire heard the reports and
after a chase tinally ran Wall down and
placed him under arrest. Wall lias been
arrested a number of times on charges rang
ing from ragruncv to robbery, but the cases
against him have always been -fixed," and
he escaiwd conviction. IJe claims tliat his
"poll" w;ll ptevent the present case from
being pr<i»ec;ited.
Wall closely . mbles the descripiion of
OM of the men who stood tip two butcherc,
named Frazer and Scutnld, on Market
street, Bear Twelfth, about two weeks ago
and reliered them of their cash. The police
think he is one of a gang of footpads who
have been operating in the Mission of lato
and will attempt to have him Identified.
The Social World.
The Mikalos will give a private picnic at
Oriuda I'ark to-morrow.
The Concordia Club will take a "oight
ff*' at its clnbbrtti^e on the corner of Van
2*ms avenuo and Post street.
Xir. and Mrs. R. Samish will receive their
friends to-morrow afternoon at their resi
d«nce, 1511 Post street
«m'^v * n Francisco Turn-Zoegllnz Verein
will give an entertainment and bail at Sun
Francisco Turn-Verein llall, at 323 Turk
street, to-morrow evening.
■ ' *
Gold coin amounting to 8500,000 maybe
shipped to-d«y from New York to Europe.
Strango Facts Aboat Missing
Martin Mertens.
A Falsa Theory Prompt!/ StarUd About His
Disappearance— Ha Had Enemies
and Feared for His Life.
On July .\ exactly a month ago yest«»rdsy,
Martin Mertens, n young grocer and saloon
keeper doing business in partnership with
hi9 brother at the northeast comer of Beale
and Harrison streets, left tho store at 1
o'clock in the atternoon to attend the
funeral of Supervisor Jackson, and ha has
not since been seen.
Within a few days after his disappear
ance a story was started by some uuknown
persons that he had gone to take a bath at
Harbor View aud had probably been
Tl>ere are three facts directly conflicting
with this story. One is that Mertens had a
considerable sum of money in bis possession.
The second is that lie did not go to Harbor
View. Tbe third is that he had been twice
assaulted with deadly intent shortly before,
and had expressed fears to his room-mate
that his life was in danger.
So far the matter has not engaged the at
tention of the Police Department, but a
recapitulation of certain facts in the recent
history of Mertens may serve to pu: the
detective department on the trail of a very
dark deed.
On the night of April 4 of the present
year Martin Mertens was taken in the pa
trol-wagon to the Receiving Hospital in
this city suffering from an Incised wonnd
under tho left ear, which was serious
enough to necessitate his confinement to
bed and subsequent rumoval to the German
After his wound had been dressed at the
Be • ring Hospital he stated that a little
before 9 o'clock on tho evening of Sunday,
April 4, he was tending bar in another gro
cery saloon, which he owns jointly with
his Drother. at Puint Looos and First ave
nues. There is a ladies' sitting-room con
nected with the grocery. A member of the
Fire Department named Redman entered
this salooq in company with Mrs. Adams,
the wife of another* fireman. After he ha4
been there a short time Redman's mother
and a Mrs. McDonald entered nnd thethreo
women went into tiie sitting-room.
They all lived near the saloon. Mrs.
Adams commenced elnglng a vulgar
version of tho "Tra-!a-la-booin-de-ra" ditty,
and as there were several children and
miuors within earshot Mertens requested
her to desist. She refused and Mertens
ordered her out. R-jdman interfered and
took the woman's part, whereupon, after
the pair had called him foul names, Mer
tens undertook to put them out by force.
A numt>er of persons rushed into the sit
tlnc-room, and in the scr.ftU Mertens wa3
stabbed by some unknown person. A
yonng man named Louis Elser, al«o a local
resident, came to the aid of Mcrtens and
was also stabbed, twice m the back and
twlre in the arm. The Adams woman
threw bricks at Elser as he went out, and
then MerteMj who had procured a revolver,
turned the crowd out. 1 •■'. \
Mortens said at trie close of his state
ment that lie knew it was no use to prefer a
charge against Redman as he was a mem
ber of tha Fire Department and had a ruili,
so that he would sorely be acquitted. Elser
either did not know or would not say who
stabb-3d him, nnd the whole Usfasg a/as
"squashed ut>."
Two or three days before tnU another
attempt nad l»reu made on the life ol Mer
tens in the same saloon.
On this occasion aa American, whose
name could not be learned, was singing a
song in tbe baloon bar aud uiaue such a
BOiae that 51eru*ns requested tiim to stop.
The man persisted, and a number 61 Ger
mans who were present joined in tho
protest of Mortens. Btfil the singer
went on RU'l tin all j deu>d tlie crowd
to stop him. The Germans made a
nub for him, when the American turned on
MeiteoJ and made a slash at his neck with
a ciaspknife. The stroke would have proved
fatal, for it *.i> delivered with deadly aim
and ••it farce, bat » younz man named
Wise, .viug on Henderson avenue, caught
tha blade in Irs hand, which was severely
cur. The matter was hushed up, and when
an attempt was made to investigate tho
Batter a number of hoodlums promutly im
posed silence on all tho per^ooi to whom
inquiries were addressed. The}* did not dis
culsa their anxicly to have liie entire affair
kept as secret as possible It ueM hardly
h« addpd that in tt;e tner cutting affair
Redman's pull worked like a charm end ho
was exonerat^-i.
nunncajn facts.
EUef Uken, a seaman on the Al-Ki ani
a BMBlbei cl the Uaast Neamen's Union,
was sitting in tbe lieaie-stre^t grocery
owned by the Mertens, John and Martin.
arfaaa i Call reporter entered yesterday.
Ha ts an intelligent, quiet-mannered Scan
dinavian, about SO years of nge. He said
in the course of his conversation that bb to
the time of the disappearance o/ Martin
Idertens he had been tin* Liter's roommate.
atattta was about H fean old. a sober man,
unmarried, not addicted to gambling and
wot invoived In any trouble likely to cause
him to leave the city or .State. After Ihe
cu'.iing scrap** already referred to Martin
had frequently appeared anx.oin and wor
ried, aiid had hinted about euemies who bad
denlgiii on bla life.
Olaea added that he is among those who
are ou the n 11 lei liomediaie service at the
BeaaMß'l UnlOß and that lie expects to 140
t.i sea at any bmbmb4 lie positively
affirmed bit cxiv.; lion tnat Martin Mer
ten-i has met with foul play, us none of bis
friends or relatives have heard of him since
he disappear* I
Report* Front a Nninber of (he Union*
At the meeting of the Council of Federa
ted Trades held at the hall at 1159 Mission
street last night, little business was trans
acted, most of the evening being occupied
by the reading of report* from d fferent
committees and unions.
The arbitration committee reported that
they had decided the dispute between the
musicians and sailor?, and declared that
musicians who paraded were entitled to
their claim, while those in the orchestra
were not. and advised that both unions ba
officially notified of the decision.
Coopers' Union reported that the bosses
had refused to -übmit their differences to
arbitration, and Hiinounoel that a co-opera
tive -t:oi> would be immediately started,
and that the chances for victory in the
struggle were good.
The Cigar-makers' Union reported tbat
trade was very dull and many men were
idlo in consequence. All union rneu were
requested to buy only white-labor cicars
mil leave cards requesting the cigar-dealers
to sell only that class of goods at ea^h store.
The committee on legislation reauested
that all bills for consideration should be
handed in immediately for action as elec
tion time was last appmachtnjr.
Kach ooiofl was requested to send a little
girl to represent the union, appropriately
dressed to occupy nesxts in the wagons to
represent alie^<>rically their trail*-.
Hie .*). plication of W. A. Bushnell for
reinstatement as a delegate to the council
was read and the application denied when
put to a vote.
A False Alarm.
A fal>e alarm of fire was rung la at 10:15
o'clock la«t Bight from box 96.
With tbe hot weather there comes a reeling to as
ol lassitude that prompts as to say. ■' I'm ail wora
oot " — "' I'm ail run flown "— I get op tired," etc.
Tbese hot weather His are uu« larjelr to re-
strained i.utrttion.
> oiv then there is a definite reason wby Joy's
Vegetable Bartaparllla U better tstao all others toe
these tammer ills, anU tut u that it i* thi osvr
novk ru KJMIUIIMI Sakhapakilla. It MTlMO-
utc* TIIK dioestive rBOCtstsES WHICH IS HUE-
AS there's more profit In rotash Sanapirtllas.
yo«'il be told they ara "jqst as c«..»l '• *r "Jan tbe
same" as Joy 1 Hut to tue bowel stlmolatln;
action i>3i»T on Joy's.
]e22 WeS*Mo
I in the
Drawing to a Close!
Saturday Night
Winds up the most success-
ful sale of Men's Pants ever
heard of.
We are disposing of all our
$5.50, $6.00, $6.50, $7.00 and
$7.50 All-Wool Cassimere
and Worsted Tailor-made
Pants for the unapproachable
low price of
If you would wear good,
reliable Pants, for a mere
song, call before it is too
■ .
Immense Reductions
Cliilflretf s Department
For Friday and Saturday.
Recognized Leaders of Fashion,
924 to 930 Market St.
Cw.t-il Uag r'onr »w and •>inj> «*t.- >t«irlp.«,
besides tbe whole of t'.o •>««.-\*i<Jn l)out>le um-
ber, ami another installment of too new a:id orl£l>
ual serial story, <"it!t!e 1
Toeether with uincu uartul and entfrtalnlnfi mls-
cellaaeont matter of coast&nt v^iu^ tn C:T(?rv hoiue-
t-i.ild. tbe wnole form in oce of the Sln<t \i tr <•-
tiro .-»• <l 1...-vv-I'rir«-il family tnatrazinea erer
pubUaned. I'ri.-.-. 15 »-«.«t* in nthir; 111.78
y «-arl For sale by ail cook anil new» dealers and
83, 80 Dnane st.U door past of Broadway), N. Y.
1 — _____
Winchester's Hypophosphite
of XiT_x_i _viVrx> soda.
will preTcntthc deTek>pm»i.t l'ulmonnry
Mmm in thoee predisposed to them and
prodnoe a epet-dy cure in the incipient stages;
while in eTery stage relief is cert&iD.
Prio« 1.00 i»r bottle. Scud for Circakr.
It iita I'urf Solution and trill not <lis-
n rf«iij« the mtoßt tttltmte stnmarh.
SOIjD __.•»■ _>K.UGGiaTSL
108 V - r V. Y.
[fe2 ly TuTL^i
1? bmi Diseases
Tt« »t»pl. t??Ue»ttoa »(;'!*iTirt Oiithut ' niiljj
•jit Int»mv »<«<_»•. »1H r-.-r any ca^., ef Tet*r. 8-U
Bhnm »i.rw«-.. M!-««.lieh Sem Pkipl^, K^.w^/^i*
B. Oll«l how ob« no > t. «r itu «t»adl»*. Hold It diT«iS
r» »eot br bkU fw » rn. i B« T r.. |1.7S AMmTS
■»a»*:»..r*ia*.*UM-a. Ail, 9u tkoS£iisb
jy7 SaVe
•Tuffs Tiny Pilis°
A A •'inKt*- <!<»-,«. HMMI !wn«-rl«-iHl r»>- rt
suit*, t;i\im;.liiiTriiliif»>»oJ luwtd aud V^
©liiiovanivuflMxlytiiMliicli you \»«re
t>efore » stnuiß<>r. They ♦•nj<»> a pop- O
uliirity wn;>:u I<1«<1. Price, SSoti.
<JCIS UoTiSiru*Wv
«O< lff r.UatXtt, 6iJ ßn,,S.J. WrtU £*i Lwi. Jl jr^lf RE£
ap6 ly WeSaAWy
Redemption of Duponl-Street Bonds.
1 of Han Kran'!*co. July '.'<>, IS9IT.
Hosiers of nupout-i:r«>et txiridi l»a«d mrter an
act of tba LepJsUtnre entitled "Ad act to anthorus
tne wldenlne or l»ut».,nt »treet. in ttm city of
hran.-:<«r, aprroTC<l Marctl 23. 1676. ar* hereby
UdtlfteUtilattl.ll uudeni^ned will receive sealed
l>ropo*aU for tti* surre'..ler or««alJ bo»ds. as pro-
Tided by section 13 of viMart. at his offlre In tne
n«w city Ha;l han Kranclsco. until V£ o'clock nooo
Of SATURDAY, vu.-us: 6. Um.
The amouit ,to 'jo appltrd to the re lemptloa or
said bon.i< U »i,,,ir tweuty-Hve tbou<aud aollara
(»25.O«O). UlaJrr* wltt state at what me tlier will
surrender their b<>n.:s for payir.rnt. less coupon*
one. >o |>ro;i<iatls above par will be MM dered.
Bid* to be lador*«d "I'ropojai r.ir «qrre:t lrr of
Uupont-strett boarti.*' .1. H. wrikkk,
ly-'o 12 1 Clty_an<t(:ountT Treaaarer.
Read M. J. Lajmance i Co-'s ad rertisement nn-
der head of Oakland Ke*l K^ute in this paper.
Important to *xe.rj lady. Jj3l 7t
Bush Street, Near Kearny.
Central la ail points of lnt*>r»«:, prtaclpai -it j-»i
atid plaeea of amusement. Bei«cs miulo iar«t;»>
luinw/ trealn: bciwees tiaiii i. /
A.F. KINZLER Manager.
CQfft« 11 Will
cost yon notbln;. May •>« tne means or your euro.
i»r.. C. O. STKO>O,
my 17 3m eod San Fraiicltcn, O«l.
Weak Men and Women
SHOULD O3E i>.vni\NA Birrrits. T««
Uraat Jieilci:i BeiaeJy : giro* HeaiUi ao4
»--ti,.:; J tii» 3*xa*l urg-iai. &o7ea4U
AL nATMAN Jt- CO Proprleton
Ai*ri4El> DUUVIEB. Maaajor
Farewell Performance To-ni|_lit at 8,
la tne Best of American |_OSX
IH. PALMER'S wssnsssw'
L. K. Stockweii I.esseo and Proprietor
Ail- £i.i.in(.!ihsk Business Mauagor
To-nl_ht To-morrow (Sunday) Night,
company uLUIILU£t
OF . /
PL.AYERS yer-'-^irffHTWtar^
I>RICKS — r vowing- 23c. 50c, 75r, SI.
X KICKS-Matin«-e--,'3c, 50c ami 75c.
Next fllonday. Au . X-'AVOMAN'S EYES,"
By Uetievlere Bancroft.
AI.nAY.MAN <fc cu Proprletorj
J. J. UOTTLOB ...il*a»j9r
To-nlsrht and To-morrow (Sunday) Nl^ht,
GEO. WALtKNKOD Lessee and Proprietor
In a Komantlc Drama In I our Acts, by H. Harnllloa
Esq., r'ouudeU on Ouida's Norel, Entitled
Presented Entire New Company of Plavers
pOPUI*AK/3latlnee 25c an 1 5Ju
X PKICES ; lltf—lag...-. IBe 500,753
—-— "V <4 _r* -----------
K!>l.Li-> j bSUS., ....Proprietors aua ilaaajan
TO"N I CHT lEntlmslastic Rr!_!_tifli
Lll.iiUOiCO.:j IlutCiyiiuil
Of RtrousWiuinri
GIGANTIC Speciacclab 15UIH.B2K4PJK,
NOT ING j " " ~'~""" 1r * 1 lfl
like BEAST.
fc*2 *lv: f .yJ^
Popular Prices— 2sc and sOc.
RACES I fS^rdZS* llJLClZ&l
Suinni*! M( r-ti; <r of the
Kaees Commence at 4 o'clock Sharp.
The followlriK-nameJ horse3 will start :
N->. 1—2:17 Class. Trotting Parse $1200.
La Siesta IJanch mm?? b. ra. »a\DA
TUos. .-DiitLi liames tk s. (IKO. WASHINGTON
L. .1. llL«e Jr. i.auies b. g. RICHMOND JR.
l>an McCarty n sines D. in. FLORA M.
X0.2— 2:30 Class. Trotting Pur-e $GOO.
R. Mnrphy names b.g. CAPTOR
Dan McCarty name* br. ui JtSSIE
J. \v. Uorrtan iuium U. h. c. W -,
J. S. i'UNhum names bile m. LICiI.LE
W.l' VaUerJr. names cti.g. i ITZhIMMUMS
SanMateo S. P. uaiu^s b. g. CIIAS. JAMES
Halter ,S. Maben names sr. in. tDE.NIA
Xo. 3-2:25 Class. Pacing Purse $600.
La Sie«ta KancU BMBM ... ..,sr. g. CHRIS SMITH
J. YV. Docotnau naaaa ..in in. HAZEL n.
L. J. Jackson ■■•<•- ch. h. CUEROKKS
I. V. Btolppee imw< br. n. MaJok LAMBERT
Noutber Karin names b. g. KOBIV B
wood Tart S. K. names b. g. W. WOOD
Tills race moetlns opens tfie Faciflc Coast Grxnd
dri-u't for I«VJ A tu •' iuni of money has been
expended in piiiiln-^ t!i« Hay DUtrlct Track and the
buildings connected with It i.i excellent repair for
this u'.eetluc. Tne best and largest truttinz farms
on the Pacinc Coast vri i t>«t represaated, and the
larije nu:i>bt-r of rr.trtcs received an.J the class ot
hors** entered lusnre that ev^rjr ra. wilt be an
Interesting event. Racei wdl bo sandwiched so
rbat tne ro will be no delay between heats.
_, „ „ Jos. CAIU.N bMXPSOM, i'resiaent.
F. w. KmKY, Secretary. aui td
"Will Be Thrown Open to the Public
ON SINI>AV VUGU3T 7. 1592,
Under the Auspices of the
tg- Ti.-krts ina> be procured at the doc* Mlj-
sion-street Pier n<>. l.
BtWHMI will leave dock every hair hoar from 10
Tickets, 50 Cent* for Round Trip.
au4 4t
(Kua of uoiaea Uato Par* Ca'jie-earj).
CHAMriO.VSHIP \mi:s:
Saturday at 3 I\ M. and Sunday at 2 I'. 31.
Admission. Csc and 10a. La»!ies tro*.
Rejerved ssats. l!sc extra on Sundays on sal* at
Wlil a I i:u_>. fhelan Kuildlng. au4 4t
i.'l ear, l-l Now Moattromsry st— Son »r- %1
imimbsll: taitioa reduced; a*acln;i«ir:iil '^9
»t little com; Gents excicstvalr <l>e,riaaorj), L^Ca
Mondays, Wednesdays; Ladlsi (itoilwrs), i"_n-
Cnyi. ihursOays; soirees SaCurdajr ev,<r.j{i.
I'ltl VA I.K>S».NS l>\ll\. 7tt
xj k: i-A.li!
Tickets for the K<»nn 1 Trip, Onlj $2.00.
Boat leares Tlbnron Kerry, foot of Market street,
at 8:00 a. ml Retornln?, train leaves Itiaa at
4 :UU r. lc.
Ticket Offlcfd-No. 2 >>w Mont«omerf it
and Tlliuron Ferry.
Ueneral Maaa;er. «en. Pasa. * Tkt. Ajt
au3 5t -
The Steamei TTl"l>n will iiirtalil|M _ -if "■_.
to EL CAMPO every Sunday from __iS_i_SSa_Cs
Tlb&roa Kerry, as follows:
I^ave Kroaclico at 10:30 a. m.. 12:10. 'J:UJ,
Leave El Campo at 11:15 a. u., 1:00, 3-.U3 aal
5 K>o r. m.
Jt'AliK FOB KOUXD THIP, Inclu.linr
AUaiissiun tu the Oroaiida....'^s <JKNT3
aps tf
-V 532 CLAY ST.
Foster I'riuiios of K»*ry DescrlpUoo*
. ie3 Wesatr
new wiih >• iiotii,
eled and r«nov»ted. KING. WARD « CO.
Kurup«aa plaa. Roo.m 50 e to* l 50 per day. *J to
$C per wmi, Sd tu $3O i«r muncti : tree baths: hot
auu cold water every room: fir» arrates In every
ruvui; elevator rutu allal^h^ Isi7 WaSa^a ljr
JTone Genuine withouteai
J? Tradeinarh.
To be Sold at 10 Per
Gent Discount,
Having kept our factory running with
full force while the other factories
were closed, and made up a lar je sur-
plus of Boots and Shoe3, as we em-
ployed the unemployed shoemakers at
a low rate of wages while the other
factories were closed, we can afford to
give the public the benefit thereof, and
will do so.
For at least one month by selling the en-
tire stock for less than other shoe houses
have to pay for them, as the following
price list will show : Bear in mind you
have nothing to lose and all to gain if
goods are not as represented. Return
them at our expense and get your
money refunded. It will pay any one
to buy all the Shoes taey want for the
next six months during this sale. Call
as early as possible to avoid the rush.
One-cent postal card with your address
will bring you a catalogue with sup-
Ladies' Fine Lilly Kid Button, foxed kid or
cloth top, square toe and patent-leather
tip $■> 50
Ladles' tine Urison. French Kid. Xoxed kid or
cloth top. rounil or sqnare toe, patent-
leather tip MOO
Ladles' Extra Vuaiity (JrUou. seamless, roxed
kid nr cloth top, square orronnd toe, patent-
leather tip *5 00
Ladies' Superior OaalKy Krer.ch Kid, te.inless
fox, cloth or k;d toj\ sqnare or round tut*,
patent-leather tip, bauu-mrued total 4«i 00
Ladles* Fl!,e Lilly Kid Button, diamond, patent-
leather tip. pointed toe t'2 50
Ladies* Fine wris French Ki>l I'.utton. dla-
nioad, patent-leather tip, poiuted to-.- $3 50
Ladies' Spring-Heel Button Shoas.
Ladies' Fine LiUy KM. foxed, aquare toe. pat-
ent-leather Ups. spring heels. $2 50
Ladles' Fine 1.i.1v Kid liutton, com in on-ieusa
toe. j.ialn spring heel 52 50
Ladles' I*arU Kia. roxed, cloth or kid top.
square toe and patent-leather Upa. spring
neels *3 CO
Ladies' Fine rls.in. French Kid. : x«r<l, cloth or
kid top. square to«. patent-leather tip.
sprlne he«l -«t 00
Ladles' iii« F*ebt>ie oo_t Button, heel or spruiij
heel :...$-' 5'J
Ladles' Kxrra Fine Imperial Febu;,- <ioa; But-
ton, French Kid Button, fly atltek«d edjes.
heel or »Dri:ip: neel ...?.{ 00
Ladles' Fln«sFreucb Kiu Button, pl.ir.. rtmiioi
sense toe $3 00. .* M»ad *4 oj
Ladles' Canras r.ntton Boots, square toe aad
tip, $1 Tj. our own custom-made f•» 50
Misses' Eitra Fine Lilly Kid. foxed, eloth or k!d-
top.buiton, patent leather tips, spring hesi -j 50
Misses' Hoe trenca Kid, buttou, heel and
spring heel f2 50
Children's Genuine Urlson Freacb Kid, button
sprl!!? heel, plain toe $1 75
Children's Flue i':.r.« Kid, foxed, s<iu_Ve toe
bntton. patent-leather tips, spring heel $2 CO
Chlldren'sFlne l'ebL.ie-ci...:.i»uttou. sprlug heel. si 60
Children's Kxtra Quality Pebble-goat, button
French-kid By, spring heel $175
PeDble-graln Bntton Misses' and Children's, heel
or sprliiß heel, plain toe or sole-leather tips,
sizes 4 to 7 Vs. $1; sizes Sto It"- ... *1 'Hi,
and sizes 11 to '£... ' $1 50
American Kid Kurtou Misse*' a.d Ciiidre'i's
spiiu eel, square toe, p_teut-iea::i»r tips,
4 to 7 "-;_.. fl "5: sizes 3 to 10V=», mi 50, sizes
11 to 2 : $ 175
Men's Cair Bals and Congress $2 00
Men s Fine (.air Hals and Congress, London toe
and tip, square toe and tip or piaia toe ...ii 53 "
W« rail particnlsr attention to our M«ar*a
Famuus S3 Shoe. Th«r art? fine hearr calf,
double _<•;«-. .criHfil aloft, warrante.l n t
tr> rii>, will outwear any £fi Sho<- nafi .
I.nmlontuea'nl <ip.>r 1 lain French toe,' in
lace. con:rr<-sa <>r bottoa.
Men'* Fine Lltjht Calt Dress Shoes, sqnare toe
and tip, London toe ai:ti tip or Spauisn toe
•nd tip, in lace,; congress or button. f3 03
Men's Fine Cair «ewe<i Welt, square,
round and med.irti toe .. $3 5'J
Jleii'n French Calf 1 ln« Uress .Sfcoefj«?Loudon
toe aad tip. square toe aad __f-::tcn-tl
edges iy . Ji 00
MenVFrench Cair. Utrst <tvles. cr»a^_ rariips.
Graham and rtCftdillr toe*. h»it<J> .re<l..S!s 00
Men's Fine French <'*lr. jand sew 1, squ.ire
toe »ud tip. round toe nad tip. tn 1 «ce. Con-
ftme aad button. *6 03
liens' Kitra Fine QaaltCy French Calf, hsn.l
sewed, rust made, in all stylos f 7 M
Me»'* Patent Leather, in lico a*jii Consr u,
all styles, price*. *5. *o. $7 aud $ 3
Bors' I'.nuon and Lace .Sho«s. if-a 11 to 2 II 50
Boys' Button and Laca fh-es. s!ie«2>^ to 5^.51 75
Onr own m;i»r Boys' Fine tle-ry C«ir. doubie
«t>Sr«. soreweJ a^-ft, the best wrario? »ui>«
■Will. lliW 11 tos'. 3 »* *•
Bear in mind yon ffll 10 per cent discount on
every iirtirli- yon jiurcliivse diinui: this s_l«.
Saleto commence Monday, Au.-u-i i..inJcoa-
tinue for 30 days only.
Nolan & Sons,
812 and 814 Market St.
Factory 63 to 73 Steieon S:. San FranciscD.
CO3 J Street. Sacramento, Cal.
_".»; 3laln Street, Stockton. <\,i.
MBl Hro;ulwrtv. Oakland, Cal.
17 jukl 19 Santa Clara Street, San Jose, Cal.
53 Morrison Street. Portland, Or.
IUI2 Hariposa Street, Fresno, Cal.
aua tf
v ...OK TUB...
Subscriptions an! advertisamsa^i
received for tlie San Francisco Jiil/
and Weekiv CALL
E. A. COLEMAU, Manager.
903 Broadway.
'K3T- SUeB \vill'.Me<>t nil '1 rain*.
Hi) ltf aai

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