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,^^_^^ DRY GUODS. _^
To keep up the mighty pace to-day and eclipse all past
endeavors is what we're after. All things indicate that
we'll do it. It's bound to be so. Everybody heads for Hale
Bros, to see the bargains. They are becoming noted
throughout the country round ; not by the use of printer's
ink, but by the power of their prices, backed by surprising
Me. r< 1.-CIIILDREN'S SAILOR COLLARS, all linen; actual ralue 25c
3C LiKIl each.
Mi,)l. Fn*}»— LADIES' HANDKERCHIEFS, linen lawn, fancy hemstitched or ar-
i-.r LnUl tistically embroidered edge.
M^\f Fnr.l,— EGYPTIAN COTTON YI>TS, ribbed, shaped, low neck, no sleeves,
mV\j LilUl and well made; actual value 50c each.
dtft pil 11 dl 1111 11 1 good value at 75c per garment.
It »>oi» q BLEACHED DAMASK TABLE LINEN, 56 inches wide, exceed-
ill m. t/C dldl U ing quality ; value 40c a yard.
MOA. k— BLEACHED DAMASK TOWELS, fine quality, extra 5ir?, 24x52 inches,
i dv\) Liu II knotted fringe, extra heavy ; reduced from 50c each.
MCA, „ X'.I— COLORED SURAH, In all ropular colors, good quality, 19 Inches
v\J\j d IdlU wide; actual value 75c a yard.
M'/Kt* o Voi'il— FANCY CHECK SURAH, heavy quality, 24 inches wide, In fancy
IvG d IdlU colors, specially adaDted for childreu's suits; actual value Si 25 yard
/ [incorporated]
937 S 939 and 941 Market Street.
What Is Being Done in Some of the
Gravel Claims of Butte County.
Correapondence of The Murnino Call
Twenty-five years ago the "blue lead"
mines near Bangor attracted much atten
tion. They were supposed to be inex
baustlble beds of rich blue gravel that
would pay enormously. Shafts were sunk,
tunnels run ana mines opened. The gravel
was washed, but watei failed to dissolve
the bad cement. The only plan was to let
it Ho for a long time exposed to the air,
when it would air slack or crumble to
pieces and then could be run through
6lulces like ordiaary gravel. This was a
slow process, and, as about that time
hydraulic mining attracted much attention,
the blue lead mines were gradually aban
doned till not one was in operation.
Wltnin the past year or two a bed of this
hard blue cement has been successfully
walked near Smartsville, and the owners of
the old mines near Bangor made 6ome
investigations. They found to work the
gravel to advantage that it must be first
ground up in an arrastra. They ac.ord-
Tngly fcet to work and two or three arrastras
were constructed, gravel was extracted and
tents made.
These proved a Joyful surprise. The
mines yielded greater returns than t!;e most
sanguine bad anticipated. Miners from dif
ferent sections began to flock in, other
claims were opened, further tests made.
These all resulted in getting rich pay.
Lately laige shafts have been sunk and tun
nels run so as to put a number of men at
work. Steam hoistina works were erected
on the Bishop mine and the arrastras were
run by steam power. On the Catski!) mine,
owned by Marvsviile capitalists, a stamp
inill was erected Jor crushing the gravel.
These improved methods of working the
mines showed that each miner could earn
for tue owner from £4 to §5 a "day, while
v. tfa better facilities for handling the gravel
rapuily better results could be obtained. In
conssquence there is now much excitement
in the Baugor region.
The companies are enlarging their shafts
so ai to woik more men to advantage in
getting out gravel. Tunnels are being run
and the mines put in better shape for wort
ing. Night shifts have been put on, and
toe last two clean-ups have been very grati
It is stated by workmen that when a
bowlder is removed the ground beneath it
fairly sparkles with gold. After a short
run tne Catskill Company cleaned up $4000,
while a four days' run with a limited num
ber of men returned the Bishop Company
{1000, or 8200 a day. These beds are of
great extent, and Hie channel is from .'3OO lo
♦00 feet wide, so that the mines will last
for rears. Mr. Campbell, superintendent
of the Catskiil mine, Informed the writer
thai be was confident these mines would
continue for the next 50 years. The chau
nel has been followed for fully six i
and the gravel is so deep that it will afford
fis enormous quantity of gold. It is be
lieved that at least a thou<and miners will
be at work within six months. A number
of new companies have been organ. zed
lately, and will begin work at once.
The gold does not lie up >n the bedrock,
but is found all through the gravel, so that
ibe whole bed will pay well to crush.
There is much excitement at Bangor.
Three new 6ta^e lines have been put on
within the past week from Oroville and
Moore station, and new stores, hotels,
shops, etc., ure being started in the
town. It is predicted by tiiose who have
examined the mines catefully that they
will prove among the most lasting and i er-
Bianent mines in the State.
Oroville, Au^. 3.
Edward Mlllm'i Brutal Assault Upon
Joaephlne Fisher,
Josephine Fisher, a gaunt-eyed young
woman who has lived for some time with
Edward Miller, a bedmaker employed in
tbe lodEing-house at hU> Sansome street,
was taken to the Receiving Hospital yester
day DQ'trning. She was said to be seriously
111 froi.i pneumonia and from the effects of a
beating inflicted by Miller. Lasr. TuesJay
uiglit i.e went to her room and found her
tuk in bed. lie ordered her to dress and
go out, but she declared that she was ton
weak to move. Tbeu he began a cuwatdiy.
brutal asßault upon her. Il tl alieaed that
be Ktruck her several times, blackened n i
eyes, dragged her out of bed, kicked ber
and threw her downstairs. Several occu
pantt of the house carried the unfortunate
woman back to her bed. She became un
conscious, and Officer T. K. Langford Jr.
being called in yesterday morning caused
ber removal to the t ouuiial.
After the inhuman assault Miller fiVd
lie was found by Oflicer Laugford yester
day afternoon, and arrested on a charge of
ab&aull to murder.
I>arel« hned.
A. C. Cunningham has entered suit la the
Justices' Court against Senator W. K. l)ar
cie and others, constituting the Humane
Society of AlHme.ia County, and asks for
197 00 as a balance loi engraving done and
for badget made.
I'lummer tiiinm »ti-«l.
The Inspector of Steam Vessels yesterday
filed his report in the case of Captain I'lum
uier of the bteumer Ai-Ki. who was charged
with contributory nejzligenco in the dr.'wn
in? of two of his sailors near Newark, CaL,
recently while shifting a buoy. The in
spector entirely exonerates Captain l'lum
uier from blame, and says had the men
obeyed bia orders they would have met
with no trouble.
Many New Banks Startsd anil a Large
Gain in Kftourcri.
The following tigures taken from the
tabulated annual report of the Bank Com
missioners, just completed, shows the con
dition of all the banks iu California ud to
July i, 1892. The areei include bank
premises, real estate taken for debt, in
vested in stocks and bond*, loans on real
estate, loans i n stocks and bouds, loans on
other securities, loans on personal security,
money on hand, money due from banks and
other assets.
In the commercial banks the total assets
arc $125,690,205; savings banks. £141.052.073;
private, 53.371.178; national, $31,&32.5i>5.
showing an increase from July 1. IS9I, of
$18,099,781. The number of banks repre
sented iu the total for July 1, 1692. is 268,
an increase of 22. The number of bants
Incorporated during the year 29, classified
as follows: State commercial 17, btate
savings 9, private 3. Two State commercial
banks retired «iuriug the year. These were
the Granite Bank of Monrovia and the
Bank of Pacific Grove.
Tbe estate of Jean Cbavaune bas been ap
praised at $13,422 50.
Complaints for divorce have been filed by
Lillian ajramst Meyer Laodo acd by Helen vs.
John Ilautzman.
Jessie Wilson, accused of prand larceny, was
tried yesterday in Dcpartmeul C of tne bupeiior
Court and found not gutliy.
Complaints for divorce have been filed by
Sarah acalnst Henry Abram*, Alice 1". aeaiust
John L. Heritage aud Daniel H. against Maggie
E. Koberts.
TLe setting for trial of the case of John White.
indicted for embezzling money from Tlie Morn
ing Call I'ubii^hiug Company, was continued by
Jud;e Wallace lor four week?.
S. Loweuthal has beeu granted a flna! discharge
In Insolvency by Judee Hunt, whoaWo appointed
F. A. Drinkbouse under bonds of $500 assignee
of Bernbard Falck in bankruptcy.
Judge Hunt giau'rri yes'erday the application
of the <<eoigta Ice Company to dhsolve its cor
poration in accordance with a lesululiou of tue
stockholders adopted on the lOtb ult.
David Madlgan. who pleaded guilty of assault-
Ing Fredei <'. Koihermeil with a cane on the
7th ult., has been sentenced bv Judge Wai
lace to the County Jail Tor one month.
M. Heller & Sons bave been cited before t r.o
Superior Court for contempt In dUobeylng a
judgment enjoining tbem from selling cloin wltb
in* trademark "Koculand Mi, or "Kocklin
Mrs. Margaret Kf>boe and her sons were for
blddm by Judge Finn yesterday to miei leie wita
or harass PetM Kehoe In the tenancy uf the
bouse at 518 Eighth utieet. She lias a divorce
suit on hand and has been annoying blui.
Edward T. Anthony, tne merchandise re
packer, was ordered by Judge Hunt v*"-terday
to pay tils wife before Monday evening $70, due
as a balance for alimony for July, aud $ ISO as
expenses in preparing fur tbe trial of tba Ulvorca
Jobn Biter and uls wife, Catherine M formeily
IJariord, have been sued by tbe German Bank
for K6OOO on notei <.f Juuuary 17, 1638, aud
July 17. 1889, aud to foreclose on property on
the «outuerly line of Waller street, west of Fill
Andrew Fraser, who died on the lltb of June
in M»xicn, left an »-staie heie of about $1800.
Ihe widow. Mrs. Mai caret Fiaser, and a daugh
ter, Mi 8. Charles C. bloane, are the heirs, and the
ti.bt named bas petitioned for letters of <tdmlu
Moses A. Gunst Mas been »ued in the Justices'
Couit by Charles Tedford for £2'.<'.i damages, it
appealing that a hoM'- aud wacoa of the de
fendant vras negligently driven over Tedford last
muuib on a public highway, that he was tiamuled
orer aud grievously tujuied.
Victor L. O'Brien bas petitioned for letters in
tbe estate of H<>beit Orphan;, who died heie ou
Januaiy 7,1887, I- living an eitate of About
$9000. The lietrs arc a daiiKhterand son, whote
guardian (he petitioner is. Hie executor of the
estate, Jamai I'. Kerr, is dead.
The Kmeka Endowment Avoelatlon of Cali
fornia has nuw been made a defendant In H.e
huperlor Court l»y I'eter Dljeau to recover ?GOO
due him on the 7th ult. as oue of 10 payments on
bis membership In the endowment lund to the
extent of |6000, be having become a uj^mbi-r on
tli" 7th of January. 1889.
Ju-tlce of the I>ace Low lias dismissed tbe suit
brought by the assignee of N>-va Luiz against F-.
A. Tilfoid 10 lecover $70. Neva and he went to
the Cliff, and to meet e\pen>es flhe says he bor
rowed (TO, which she sued to recover. The cilv
miskai was by consent, tlniiuh Tilfoid nflii he
has not paid her anything aud he do s Lot know
whether auy oue else bas or not.
Mn. i ■) in •:•. + Estate.
James V. Coleman petitioned yesterday
for and was gianted npecial letters in the
California estate of his mother, Maria Cole
nian, who died at Paris, France, on the 10th
ult. The appointment was made undHr
bonds of $50,000. 1 lie monthly rents from
the estate are some $0500. As the will was
made in I'aris and il.n subscribing witnesses
reside out ot the Statu there will be delay
iu probating it. Hence It was necessary to
appoint a special administrator at this time.
In ttie will the son It named as executor.
1 ■ ml .1 uron.
One hundred and filty taxpayers bave
been drawn to serve as trial jurors In
Judge Murphy's court and will be required
to be in attendance on Monday morning.
Another 150 have been drawn to servo iu
cnil cases before Judge Sanderson.
Deputies Appointed.
Registrar Browu has appointed 30 depu
ties, who will attend to the registration of
voters. ' '
lr you vroi»*£ tie rid or cbUU and forer Uke .
.Simmons Liver Regulator.
A Dny of Talking in the Action
to Onst Assessor Siebc.
Motion to Strik« Oat a Part of the Answer to
Dunn's Complaint— Judge Garber Does
Not Want Politics Dragged la.
One whole day was consumed before '
Judge Garber iu dry arguments on a nifition
to strike out certain parts of the answer to
the complaint tiled by John P. Dunn for the
Citizens' Defense Association against John
Siebe, Assessor, charting tlmt official with
malfeasance in office, and asking the court
to remove him. The specific charges
against Siebe it will be remembered are
that be changed assessments after the roll
had been turned over to the Supervisors
and equalized.
Mr. Siebe, it will also be remembered,
had waived demurrer, filed his answar an I
instructed his lawyers to proceed with the
hearing of the case ou its merits. Xot SO
with the complainant when he came into
.court yesterday. Mr. W. 11. Beatty opened
proceedings by moving to strike out Unit
portion of trie answer which refer3 to
Dunn's conduct while Auditor. The an
swer alleges that while Auditor In ISSO-81
lie permitted similar corrections to be made
in the asse?sment-rnll. This it was claimed
was no defense and irrelevant to the issue.
Mr. l;<-atty also wanted (he It-tier from
Supervisor Ellert to City and County Attor
ney Durst struck out, as it abo had no effect
as a defense.
W. 11. L. Barnes, In behalf of Mr. Siebe,
said that if tho complaint had not charged
Siebe with willful corruption this matter
Bfoing Dunn's official action would not
have been inserted, lie was willing to
strike that out if the complaint should be
Neither Mr. W. Wi Foote nor Mr. Beatty
would do this, and then a lone argumeut
followed, which was continued ail day, and,
iu fact, never was concluded.:
Mr. Beatty contended on the merits of
the case that there is no law that author
izes the Assessor to alter the roll after it
hns passed through the hands of the Hoaid
of Equalization. He maintained that when
the Assessor made alterations ho was guilty
of malf* asanc<\ and should be removed.
Mr. Barnes in turn attacked the animus
of the complaint, explained the corrections
in the assessment-roll by and with the ad
vice and consent of the City and County
Attorney, and declared that there is no justi
fication for charging that Siebe has beeu
guilty of willful and corrupt misconduct in
cfh'ee. The churges of willful corruption
are necessary to give the complaint a staud
ing in court, and from tLis Mr. Barnes en
tered upon a discussion of the intent, but
Mr. Beatty for the othor side rendily ad
mitted that there had been no desire to
char»r* JMebe with criminal intent, though it
might be implied from his conduct.
Mr. Barnes continued t.> reßi«t the motion
to strik" out and contended that if the pros
ecution did not iutend to stand by its charge
of willful and corrupt intent the whole pro
ceeding falls U> tho ground.
Mr. Aekerman lor the defendant?nnd Mr.
Foote for the iilaiutitT followed each other,
tie first-named gentleman intimating that
the Droceediacs HgHiU't Siebe were iuitiat-'d
by the Citizeus' Committee for political
effect. Thb was resented by Foote. who
said thaie was nothinz in the pleadings
about politics or the Citizens' Committee.
Judze Garber al-o remarked that ho did
not prepnse to a!!>iw any political issue to
be made in the case. He was considering
the matter hs a judicial proceeding only.
He wanted no more remarks about politics.
Mr. Kc tfl was talking on the question of
intent when Judge Garber broueht the mat
ter to a close, deciding the motiun to 6tnke
out the object! liable averments and an
nouncing that u, on the trial on Monday on
the merits of the cade and tbe agreed state
ment of the facts tbe question of intent can
readily be passed n. This was apparently
satisfactory to all concerned.
An Attorury-at-I.aw Accused of iJerellc-
tion of Duty.
In an action commenced yesterday by
Mrs. C. }'. Gregory against A. K. Ellis to
recover $1300 damages a tale of misplaced
cenfidence is recited. Ellis is an attorney
at-law, practicing in this Btate and Nevada,
and in the month of Juno called on her at
her residence in this city and left his Nfd,
desiring to see her on professional business.
She called on him and he represented him
self as an old friend of her late husband,
she being * widi
lie had learned, said he insinuatingly,
that she was in trouble ab tit the settlement
of the estate of her late husband, in Virginia
City, >"ev., and coucrning several suits to
foreclose mechanics' liens on her property
in this city. Attortiey Ellis professed him
self anxious to assist li*»r out of r.er difficul
tie«, and would do so if sue would employ
him for that purpose.
On the Ist ult. lie further represents that
he was about to take his wife to Carson for
the benefit of her health, and while there
he would llkts to investigate the affairs of
the estate, because he believed she was
being defrauded hv various persons c n
nected with it, and that she was entitled to
a large sum of money then in the hands of
the execuior and he. would secure it for her
if she would enly authorize him as her
attorney to proceed. Ellis wrote what he
informed her was documentary authority
for him to inv"»tigal«* the atfairs of th«
estate and urged her to sien it.
But Mr . Gregory did not have her classes
wilh her and therefore could nut see to
read, but he allayed her misgivings by stat
ing that the paper wrs merely an authoriza
tion for him t<> investigate the matter in th«
clerk's ofii-e at Virginia City nnd she sleued
it. Ellis, she. says, has not reported to her
the investigations made by blm, nor has he
rioue any of the thine* that he proaiised to
do, yet on the Bth of September, 1891, de
niaiKlf'l $196 10 for services rendered and
she paid him. Oil account of bts failure to
attend to her business she layi that she had
to send another attorney and wns tut to
an expense of $1500, whicii she now seeks
to recover.
Fire Cunvicteil <>n'«n<l«r» Uliposed of l>jr
Julie* Wallacn.
Senteneps were pronounced yesterday by
Julge Wallace upon the following-named
for the crimes gpecili"<l:
\V. 11. Flynn, eight ypars in State Prison
for burglary, on t:>e Bth u'.t.. of the prem
ises of Joseph 11. Hopkins in the town nf
Haaford and stealing three watches and
other jewelry of the value of 180. He was
caught in thai city with a portion of the
•tolen property.
Herbert Morgan, for stealing a type
writing machine from Miss Ella McQuiddy,
was sent to tbe bouaa of Correction for one
year and a Imf. Ho employed lmr to do
writing for li:m at his < fliee, bnt during her
abaeuco he took her machine and puwued it.
Uwrii Forsvthe, arrested under tl;e name
Of Joseph Murray, pleaded guilty of the
burglary of the limtse of Theodore Luhbe,
837 Mission street, on tho '28th of June, and
was sent to State Prison for eight years.
Ho had been twice convicted in tl;e Police
Court of petty iarc ny.
George Cothiog for assaulting .lamps O.
Peacock with a pistol m h s.iloon on tho
29th of May was sent to State Prison for
nine years. He is a picture gilder and was
tried about a vear ago for the killing uf.
Dennis Driscoll, but acquitted.
Constant Prefait wa* M-ut to State Prison
for nine years for Blabbing Maiie Monnin
several times with a pair of shears on tho
14th of June.
The Saturday Aftarauon Concert.
This alternooo tho band iu (» <ldon Gate
l'iirk will perform according to the follow
ing irogramme:
1. "Frolea." Kt»»ri in»rch V. I* Hime
'Z. "Unsarlsche Lustsplel," overture. Kc ler liela
3. "QMWito Uarotte" Mmgrave
4. beloction from J*koi>ow*kl'ii comic oper*.
"Krmlnle"..... Arranged by JHeyrelles
6. Tin* celebrated •• I'uitlilitu Waltz," witli
song, whip Mini slrlgb . . . I'aurbacn
6. I'otpoutrl, "Mutlcal I'auorama" .. Conrad!
buloi and varuiuius for Huia, K-Hat clari
onet. I! fl*t clarionet, U^ryiune, trombone
aad curuet.
7. Overture. "Ma»*nlello" „,, Aut*or
B. "The llc.-kveim" lli»ri|ff" l'lnsutl
0. "Xteiniiilscencci of Uunlz^tii"
An ii ■:••'! by (iudfrer
10. "Pru»»tan Tmttoo uf the Year 17U0".... Godfrey
11. Descriptive rauusia. - A Trip to Coney
lfclaml" 'iohant
'•Kusti totne I'.oat." "All i.....r.i Whistle. "
"Life on the Ucean Wave.' •■linlutlou of
an Italian itand on Hoard ttii .Hteamer,"
"Whtstl*, All Aibore," "Street Kand En
tiTliie West ltrlehton Hotel," "Tbe <JreaU
•st Living C'ornnilst Is Hearu," ' 1 liunJer
sinriu." ■Ollmora's Band flaying tne 'An
vil Chorus."' "MRnmis lor I'ayuc's Fire
work*," •••Jood-nlgbt." .
13. "lioune Chance l'olka" Godfrey
On uext Saturday will be pet formed a
burleßque rondo, a comical contest, with
solos for all instrument', for the b-netit of
the Juvenile Ttsitom to the park.
WhI!«c» Revonrd Himself.
The attorney for Allexey W. von Schmidt,
the civil engineer, moved .lud/o Wallace
yesterday to vacate the order of his client's
default after having refused to appear be
fore a notary nnd be questioned iu behalf of
the suit of his brother. Julius, Involving
prulits from tbe use of tbe dredge of which
the last named claims to have been a joint
Inventor. The motion was denied, but there
upon Mrs. Clftra S. F<> tz, attorney for the
pfntntlfF, magnanimously asked that the de
fault be set aside, as the necessity for eu
fircine it hnd be?n dono away with, and
Judge Wall ace graotrd the motion, which a
moment before lie had deui<.'<l IN the. law and
the merits.
S«rl«a of Weeklr Mooting:* Started by
tha California Club.
The California Zoological Club has de
cided to hold meetiogs every Friday after
noon at 3:30 in the Academy of Sciences,
with the object of giving instruction to tho?e
interested iu zoology. The first meetinu
was held yesterday afternoon, and there
was a fair attendance, chielly ladies.
Dr. Behr Illustrated and described his
method of mounting butterflies and other
injects. Ho said there were two objects
for the collector to keep iu view; first, col
lecting: second, preserving, lie could not
give much practical instruction as to the
first, but would refer to one important
thing. After the insect is caught there
were two methods to be observed Cl) it is
piitnrd: y'l) it is wrapped in paper. I'ut the
pip id the thorax aud la the center. H«
Illustrated the exact position of the thorax.
Beetles, which have a convex thorax, are
the onlv exception, being pinned in the
ritiht elytron to keep them from spreading.
The spreading of other insects is done for
their embellishment.
Hooxplaiued the met&ods of killing in
serts by poison boxes their death being
quite painless and without disfigurement
It was sometimes advisable to carry a little
chloroform, and Dour a few drop* iu the net
when the insect is caught, which an>wered
the purp.>-e v.rv well, lioxus for collection
must be rs airtight as possible.
No butterlly or niuth <lid any harm In its
perfect state, only in its larva frtate. It
was well for those engaged lo agricultural
pursuits to know this. He illustrated and
explained what a caterpillar is. None had
more than sixteen feet; some ouly ten. but
none less than ten. The caterpillar whs
transformed iuto a chrysalis when it does
not feed any mure, but lies iu a dormant
state and if touched would die. Then ttie
butterfly developed and the Insect fliei
away. Those desiriug to have a collection
should give the caterpillar new food every
day from the plant off which it was taken
and Should be careful not tn disturb the
ehrysaiis. It was the be-t way to have
about two inches in depth of black earth in
the bottom of the box wherein the cater
pillar would bury Itself. A caterpillar
should never be put iu alcohol.
Dr. liehr concluded by giving a practical
illustration of how to prepare Insectl
which greatly mtt-reated the ladies, some ol
when tried the experiment with pro
nounced m.
Next week Walter E. Bryant Will illus
trate and explain the method of preparing
a bird skin.
He«Vl]P Completed for r. ii.iiimk 11. • New
Ki'icu liij; llodpttal.
Testorday Mayor Sanderson, ncconi
panied by a Cam. reporter, made a tour of
inspection of the newly htted edicts of
Keglstrai Brown in the basement of the
new City Hall, which are nearly completed.
The electric-lighting plant is now in work
ing order and the fittings nil perfect. The
arrangements arc admirable, and it can
safely he said that no other city la the
United Stales has ruore couveuiences for the
iegi>tKUlon of voters.
The registration-room has an elliptical
counter in the center, surrounded by ban
arranged so that only one person can breast
the counter at one time between the parti
tions. This will prevent a lot of crowding
and contusion. The assembly h ill hit beeu
fitted with solid oaken benches, withn i .v
--form toi the Comniissionen at one end,
railed uff. Conveuient accommodations for
the press have been fixed. Ail the ofnee*
and lavatories are fitted up with the latest
appliances, and everything will be ready by
August 10 for the registration of voters.
A move was then made for the uew Re
ceiving Hospital. The- arrangements here,
too, are as D«arly perfection a> could be well
imagined. Notnlng remains Iti be done now
but to move in th«j furnlturf. dnutl etc.
One of the latest kind of operating tables
is already in position. The Mayor seemed
n t only pleased, but \>rv proud of the com
pleteness of all the arrangements.
Another noticeable feature is that the van
conveying the insane before the Commis-
Bionen can now be driven light up to the
entrance, and barked up so that the unfor
tunate inmates can be uk<Mi right into the
buildinc without being exposed to public
gaze. Formerly It was at times a lauieut
able spectacle when the imbeciles wen
taken out el the van on the street -a sM
ereeenee of a big crowd and carried kicking
and struggling up the steps and across the
pathway into the hall.
Mr*. l'luxMul Citod to Show What She
Mitt Don* With It.
Jean Pierre Cauliape has come In with a
petition that the letters testamentary issued
lo Mary £. Pleasant hi the estateof bla wife,
Mary Rider Cauhape, be revoked, that she
be removed as administratrix, and lie be ap
pointed administrator. Mr-. Cauhnpa left
a will tiamiug Mrs. I'leasaut executrix
and the petitioner s .le devisee, and wtiile
tuore than three uiuntl)* have elapsed since
her qualification, yet uo inveutory has beeu
Moreover, he charges that she is indebted
to the estate for SI7OO for wages earned by
Mr-. Cauhape as a servaut of TkOBIM Hell
from October _', 1885, until February 1, 1691,
tai i wxpes having been uald from time to
time to Mrs. Pleasant as the bausekaapat to
give to her. They were not paid, bui Mrs.
Cauhape was promised that she would be at
some future time with interest. The sum
of 52682 70 in the hands of (». Her*ou was
also paid by ■jr—Bißnt to Mrs. Pleasttnt as
Mrs. Cauhape's share of tint estate of her
former hu-baud, Thomas Kider. 1 his money
was to have been invested ami the ineottkO
accounted for, but bo part of priucipal or
interest lias ever come to the estate.
Then it is charged that Mrs. PUattßt in
ISS9 cnllect<«d £70 as iiit.-r.st from the
Security Savings Hank and in September,
1888, borrowed S2OQ, neither of which sums
i ave been repaid. Stio denies now the
validity of all these claims and will not tile
an inventory, intending to shield herself
from suit on said claims. While the re
mains executrix she cannot sue herself for
the collection of thaaa claims, and unl«s»
she is removed Cauhape says that these
claims constituting the estate will be lost
to it.
Mrs. Pleasant has been cited therefore to
appear before Judge Hunt on tiie lGth and
shim cause.
("ii-riou* ImmliMl l'raf«rretl by a Hat-
band Ar»it>«t it Klcu Wife.
l'e'lro P. Esrejo and his rich wife, Dora
J., who Hre not unknown in Oakland, are at
outs, and he Is striving earnestly to be di
vorced Irotn her and to obtain a division of
what he claims is community property.
The case has l>«eo pending here fur some
months, but Mrs. Espejo has thn« far had
the best of the technical tight, wherefore lie
was compelled yesterday to present an
amended complaint. They were niirried in
this city on December 2, 1836, and have one
child. Pedro's complaint la couched in no
uncertain latiguHt:*'. He accusej her of iu
lidelity, and specifies time, place and co
respondent on Qve occasions, when he says
she forgot her marital vows, lie also
Charge! that she is now Lhrtag openly with
the co-respondent last named in tho series.
Mr*. Btpeja owns the .1 ties block at tho
northwest corner of Seventh and Wood
6treets in Oakland Talurd at $V..000 and
yielding monthly rental of $370, besides an
interest of tlie value of $1000 in another
piece of Oakiand property.
Dftnrar* of l>og-< al< hi t>* .
William Npaight was arrested yesterday
on a charge of an assault witli a deadly
weapon. Tho complaint asalnst him was
sworn to by I>. N Ohilds, a deputy pound
keeper, who alleges that while chasing a
dog at Hertial Heights he was chased him
self by William bpaight and his brother
Michael, who flourished knlre*. A warrant
has aiMo bceu issued for the arrost of
Whltnvy AllouKd a:t.">O.
Frederick E. Whitney of o.ikl.iii'l and at
torney for the EDgllih nieces and nephew
who are tieirs in the estate of William
tt'alkcrloy was only allowed $:vV» yesterday
byJudca Hunt for survices for tliein ren
dered since ibe payment to him of S6OOO.
This Allowance was reported to Judge
Greene of Alaiucda I'ountv, before whom
the estate it penainz, but for whom aud iu
which .luilgf" Hunt is sitting.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
* — <
Mien Babjr waj «ick, we gare her Castoria.
When she ni a Child, abo cried for Castoria,
When she became 2iias, she clung to Castori*.
K^enthehad Children, •be gavethem Castoria.
au9 2y B*l uTa
Alfred ebauni Hns Settled
With His California Creditors.

The Insolvency frrcceedings Have Been
Stricken From the Docket of the Supe
rior Cvartj Department 10.
The Insolvency case of Alfred Greene.
bauin, tho liquor man, whose recent bank
ruptcy so much agitated the mercantile
community on account of the suspicious
circumstances surrounding it, has been
ordered by Judge Levy stricken from the
calendar of his department. It had been
set after several continuances, aud Greene
bauin was to appear and show cause why
he should not be declared an insolvent.
W. li. Cliickerinir, in whoso charge as
attorney the California creditors had
placed their claims, admits that he had
been authorized by thorn to settle, but he
would not enter into particulars. There is,
however, a hitch. It is true tbat all the
California creditors except two or three
have agreed to come to terms, being moved
thereto principally by the offer of S. W.
Levy, the fatlier-in-lavyof Mr. Greenebaum,
to cancel his large claim against the assets
of the embarrassed merchant. But for this
agreement precious little would have been
figured out f r creditors.
Auo'lier statement made 19 the one that
the expertiui: of Greenebaum's bookl ou
behalt of t!:e creditors ihowed that Levy
was an actual and not a pretended sutfercr
by the collapse, as some had suspected, the
fact being that Greeuebaum bud really iiad
from hiui all the money claimed to h;ive been
advanced. As tilings are now, tho propo
sition is to pay the California claimants
cents on the dollar, they thereupon to sigu
releases that Greeuebaum may be abie le
resume business. A few, however, are stiil
holding out. Mr. Greenebaum has yet to
satisfy the Eastern creditors, and to do this
will bo a moro dirlicult matter, for the
scheme of settlement which hm been
studied out dei-emls in a measure upon
their agreeing to take a somewhat smaller
percentage than the bO offered to the local
On Vj\) of all this, t\ jury In Judge Slack's
department returned a verdict iu Greene
baum's favor for 17.". and at:aili^t Joseph
W. Taylor for the value of eertaln fixtures
in a liquor-store ou Montgomery street, iu
which Taylor's steuaou-in-law, D. M.
Cashio, was interested for a while, Taylor
buying out the interest of Caahin's part
ner, though th« business and fixtures really
belouned to Greenenaunv Cashin, it will
be remember»-i!, lied thr country because of
lrauQs in the Custom-house. At the trial
of the case Greenebitum stated on the stand
that he had mado a letilement with his
creditors, but he would not tell the basis of
compromise, aud the question was ruled out
as irrelovant.
A Northern I'aciflc Section- 11»d<1 Given
• 18.000 fur liJurlK* Sustained.
Some days auo United btate9 Judges
Morrow, Bawley and Ueady, sitting a-> a
Federal Court of Appeal, heard the writ of
error in the case of Bugh Ciiarltss against
tue Northern I'a* Ific Railway Company.
Chariea* was aseciiou-hand and mi August
28, ÜBBj was Injured by Jumping Irom a
handcar near Cheney, Wash., in order to
avoid being struck by an approaching train.
He sued for ?_:.,()00 damages, being crippled
for life, botii :ejis being paialyz-d as a re
sult of his Injuries and iailure to have
proper medical attention.
The Jury that \>"*T<i the case gave Charless
a verdict for fclS.joo. and the raiiro;id com
pany carried the case to the Federal Court
of Appeals on a writ of error, alleging the
facts recited in the complaint were
c:ent to constitute a cause of action.
Thusrday Judge Morrow delivered n
lengthy opinion, urrirmnK the decision of
the lower court.
AVlliUiu Aak« for Ili< Share.
William P. Hewey has petitioned in the
estate of Eugene E. Dewajr, his brother,
who died at Orange, N. «1., on June i
that the one-tjunrttT iatfrest in tho block
bounded by Third, Ponrtb, Berry and
Chaunel streets, and &3319 2& accumulated
rent, bf» distributed t> him. K. E. Dewey'a
only heirs in an estate in California valued
at H71*38590 were bis wil.i* and tins
brother. The reiaduc of t:e L'alifotuia es
tate is appraised at 921,385
The Kescue Home.
The SaWation Army last evening installed
the officers of the new Rescue Home. Ttiey
are: Lieutenants Will atid Wagner, man
agers of home ; Mrs. CarrioJuld Moutgom
Con. "Mother, do yon never wenrr with all yonr correspondence?**
Ltmi Pinkham. •• No, my son, these letters of confidence bring to
the joy that a mother feels, whose daughter throws her arm-* around .
her neck and cries, 'Oh, mother, help me!' Tho womca of the world
ore my daughters, dear."
Son. '• Ye?, mother, and they love you."
Ljdja Pinkham'g prsr»te letten from ladiea In all parts of the world
average ono hundred per day, and truly has she been ■ mother
to the race. Suffering women ever seek her la their extremity, and
llnd both a belper and a friend. Correspondents will receive prompt aud
conscientious auswers, and the s v mpathy of a mother.
LYDSA E. PiNKHAM'S vecetable
li the only |P»«ttlv«> f«rr and I.« c itiiin»t«< Ht'mi<<t.i COMPOUND
for the |i«cu!i u WtIMIKI and ailitimtit of women. ~ .
It curis tlio \»om forms of rental* Conpltlnt*. that Deartnfr down Feeling, Weak
Psck. FMliuj an I lMjp'.a< em«nt of tb« Womb. Inflaminatioi!, Orarian Troubles, anci all
Organic Disrates of the UUrus or Womb, aud ia lavalmMa to the Chang* cf Life. DU- >
•ol»f» and expels Tumors from the Uterus at an earlv stage, and cheeks aav tendrncy to
Cancerous Humor. B«b4«C« K«intnr»B, E«ci:al)llity. Nerrotis Prostration, Kkhaustfoa,
and nrenßthrns and tones th* Moinach". Cures Headache, General Debility, lndlrestlon,
etc., and i«oratc« the whole syitem. For th« cure o( Kitiuey Comi)lain^i of eliu«r sex,
tit* Compound hat no rival.
All Uruggiits sell it as a sCanUard article, or e«nt by mall, til form of Pi!!* or
Lozcnge», on receipt Of fI.OO. LVDIA E. PINKHAM MED. CO.. LYNN. MASS.
P^s^*An Illustrated booV,er.t!t!ed " G jide to Health and Etiqu att s," by Lydla E. Pinkham, lj cf great
•v-iJ va!to tj la4i«s. W»»ill prw«nt a to any Qno addressing us with 2-c«nt ttimM>
'^^iSißy^- ri : .> •-■■"' wind blows your
When me wind blows your
*^ ; Sfefl fire.ihs useless to Hre yourself
|l£|Jlbout half of your toil can be
*«^;^&voided by ttie use of Sapoiia
It doesn't make us tired to tell about the merits of SAPOLIO. Thousands
of women in the United States thank us every hour of their lives for having
told them of SAPOLIO.
It9 use saves many weary hours of toil in house-cleaning.
Grocers often substitute cheaper goods ArOI-IO to make a better profit.
Send back snch articles, and insist upou having just what you ordered.
While it is true I have been chosen the President of the Louis .
ena State Lottery Company, vice M. A. DAUPHIN, deceased, I stiil
retain the Presidency of the Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing
Company, bo all proposals for supplies, machinery, etc., as well as
all other business communications should be addressed to mo here
as heretofore.
X*ek Box 1351. * New Orleans, I*>
M»tt -"I
• . ■ . . ■ * ■'.
ery, secretary, and Mrs. Captain MePi.ep,
tieasuier. The home will bo opened next
wees. There have already been a number
of applications, and one young woman from
the southern Dart of the State, who was
taken sck during the camp meetinß, after
prol< a ssiog conversion, is at present an iu
The Fourth of Juljr Committee Find
ThemielTes 8308 In Debt. ' *
A meeting of the executive committee of
the Fourth of July Committee was held
Thursday night in Justice Gray's court
room at the New City Hall. Meyer Jacobs
presided and W. Wilkinson, E. J. Behre,
J. J. Conlan, D. D. Hunt and C. McCarthy
were also present.
It was announced that 10 per cent had
been deducted from all bills owing by the
committee, aud all the musicians had con
tributed 50 cents each as a donation to the
fund so as not tc interfero with the rules of
ttieir union. Notwithstanding this there
was a deficit of 5202.
The chairman explained that the commit
tee was di-appointed in the receipt of dona
tions amounting to about $300 which did
not materialize, part of it being a promised
5100 by the Pacific Bank.
The treasurer reported that he had al
ready paid out S2BS6 out of the S47GQ in
hand, aud had received bills amounting to
S44S 60, which were ready to be paid as
audited. He will leave lor a short absence
in the country to-morrow, and would like to
get in all the claims to-day before his de
A lively discussion then arose about a St>
overcharge In the eas bill at the rooms
rented as onVes. Finally it wa3 resolved
not to allow the item. The members then
offered to subscribe vnrious amounts toward
liquidating the |202 deficiency, and the
chairman stated that there would be no dif
ficulty in rsibiuß the required amount. The
meeting then adjuurneJ to the call of the
The Telion GlrU May Aft*r All Not Go
tu the World's Fair.
A partial hearing was had yesterday be
fore Judge Coffey ou the application of Sec
retary llolbrook of the Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Children for letters
of guardianship over two little girls, Inez
and Katie Teison, whum ilanj Tahar of the
Bedouin troupe with Sells' Circus brought
from Australia. For Tahar it was main
tained that he had adopted them and a
document was produced In proof. It
showfd, however, what Mr. llolbrook con
tended, namely, that he had hired them to
sing and dance, he to board, clothe and
educate them until 21. It came out inci
dentally that Tahar would have charge of
the Arabian exhibit at the World's Fair
ar.d intended these children as exhibits
of Arabia's natural resources. A suspi
cious circumstance was that although the
children wore in the city ud to the 13th ult.,
they were then removed to Oakland, appar
ently to be beyond the jurisdiction of the
court. Ttiey hal been in charge here of
Mrs. Tahar, who was divorced in March.
The hearing will be resumed to-day and tho
children produced in court.
Tranaportlug Fruit and Flowers.
The Alleeretti California Flower and
Transportation Company has incorporated
to operate and utilize as far as they are
adaptable certain patents for the preserva
tion, and transhipment of flowers,
flowering plants and vegetables. Tne di
rectors are: I. Allegretti, Frank Allegretti,
G. Ajlegretti, Charles F. Kunvon and James
A. Watt of this city, with a capital stock of
§300,000, and SSOOO subscribed.
Adopted h« Her Child.
Nathan Solomon and his wife have con
sented before Judge Levy that their child
Craseensla Solomon, aged 9 years, be
al'pted by Evodiu P. Ed son of San Jose,
and the sister of Mrs. Ida Solomon. The
uuut is unmarried, but according to the de
cree the child will be regarded and treated
hereafter in all respects as her child.
The ( ImrifH Aeaiii«l Caplam Winter.
The charge of. cruelty to seamen on the
high seas, preferred by members cf the
crew azainst Captain do Winter of the ship
M. P. Grace, was dismissed after a hearing
before Commissioner Sawyer yesteri ly.
Gained 14 lbs. in Two Weeks.
Mr. Peter Owens, of Greenbusb. N. Y., one of
the beat known engineers on the H. li. K. R.,
*r.t. A few years aco I vras taken sick.
My trou*lo was Keneral debility, pain in the back,
blinding sick hea<lachfc. and dyspepsia. I lost
fl»*»b daily and had no appetite ; consulted my
physician, took hla medicine but grtw worae.
At ihi* critical time I tried ■
From the very flrst bottle I bo^an to grow bet-
ter, my appetite returned and for the flrst two
woeJu 1 ftuxied over a pound a day,
jr i it >a
Sunburn, 1 wh.l cure^- p;i es
Chafings, ; &^s| Cuts, f
'Eruptions, ] Boils, '-j
Sore Eyes, wM&M urns '. -
Sore Feet, »9ni Wounds,
Mosquito Bites, f^^M Bruises/ :
Stingsoflnsects, Catarrh,
Inflammations, t^Skt^' Soreness,
Hemorrhages,' b b u o f t f t wra^ t er. Lameness.
PONDS EXTRACT CO., 76 Fifth Avenue, New York.
It Will Slip Through Your Fingers.
Don't let our $2 50 ties escape you. It is tua
thing to wear an. I the rfian to wear It. We call It
tlie idaal sunimer shoe, ai:d so will you If you try it.
You will get more comrort out of it to the square
Inch than out of any other shoe to the square foot,
and talking of the square foot, It does the square
thing by the foot. It Isn't any exaggeration to say
that its cheapness Is phenomenal. Every consider-
ation or economy justines its purchase and every
consideration of comfort justifies Its use. We
never recommended a shoe that will do more to
recommend Itself. it wout try you much to try it.
We have them In all styles and widths.
Pioneer BuildiM?, 2O Fourth Street,
je3o tf WeSa
Read M. J. Laymanee & Co.'s advertisement un-
der head of Oakland Real Estate in this paper.
Important to every hvly. jy3l 7t
J except Sunday, at 5 p m.
Steamer J. D. Peters— Monilay, Wednesday and
Friday. Steamer Mary Garratt— Tuesday, Thurs-
day and Saturday.
Meamers will gall at koox on the sth. /--a
ICthaU'l 25th cf each month calling at *£WK^f
Tarloos ports of Mexico and Central America,
1 trough line sailings— Angus: 5, sS. City of New
York ; Au,u»l 15, bS. Sau Ul&s; August i£s, S3. City
150NTU, calling at Mautlan. San Bias. Manzanlllo.
Aeapulco, Port Ansel. Saiiua Crui, l'.,m, mi
l'tutto, Ocos, Cbampertco, Sai Joso de (iuatamalA.
Acajutla. La Llbertad, La Union, AmapaU. Lurij'.A
tan Juan del Sur and Punta Arenas.
V ay line sailing— August 16, at 1- o'cloclc noon.
SS. Aeapulco
When the reirular saillnsr date falls 00 SuaUy,
•teaiiit-rs wiji be dispatched the foilowin; Muu Uy.
Connecting at Yokohama with steamers for
bLangtai. and at lio'i;-Kong lor £ast luiii*,
Straits, etc.;
Peru (new) Thursday. August 4. at 3 ■». c.
City of Rio de Janeiro. .Saturday, Au?. '27, at 3 r. *.
Caiaa (via Honolulu).. Tuesday. ."Sect. '27, at '& e. si.
P.ound-trlp tickets to \okouaiaa aul retura as:i-
Ccced rates.
For Ftelßiit or Passage apply at ths ol&c«. corau
first ana Urannan streets.
kraiicu Oflace— I'ront street,
X> Vraaeisc* for ports la Alasia i a. — »*gCg^|
July Mi. < u£uit 2. 7. 17, '.1., Sept. and Oct. B, i\.
h>r Hrltisii Columbia and Puget Sound ports.
July 23, i!8, Augu>t ■.', 7, 13, 17. in, 'H, Sept. aul
Oct. 1. t>. il. 1tf.91. '-'8.
Jcr Eureka, Hnmboldt Ray, Wednesdays. 9 /Lit
>cr£auta Ana, Los Angeles and all way portsarery
Icnrthand fifth day. 8 a.m.
or Ban l>i*go. stopping only at Los Aojrele*. Santa
Esrbara aud San Lnu OUUpo. every fourth andaf;a
day at 11 a. m.
>or ports In Mexico, flr»: of fsch month.
Ticket Office— r»'ace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery li.
ktUUALU fLKlk.lNfi A CO., Geueral Agents,
l ti 10 Market St.. Saa Fraoclsoa.
1 Ocean DlvlMon— and PACIFIC COAST <^fi»
ETEAMSHIP COMPANY will dispatch from SpSr-
street Tfharr, at 10 4. u., for the ab^r* p«rU uu« j."
tDeir Al Iron steamships. tli:
STATE OK Ai.lMji.NlA — July 29, August 9, U,
Bcpten I 1 r '£, 11. M
COLUMBIA— JuIy 24, August 5, 17, 29. Septem-
ber 1">. **'£.
PKKGON— AiUM^t 1. 13. 25 Scpl 6, IS, 30.
Connecting tU Portland wltn ths Northern PaolTj
Faliroad. oretoa Short Ltna and otuar dlvorjti^
litM for all points In Oregon. TV'ashlu(tcin. llrl:Ui
Columbia. Aia-«*. Idaho. Muntaua. Ua<ota, U:*Ju .
V\youiinj. Yellowstone Paris and all i'yiati iiiii \xi .
Fcoth aud to Europe.
>are to Portland-Cabla. mi »te«rag«, *U; roaal
ti:;. enliln. $30.
Ticket ofhi-es— l Montioraery St.. aal palacs U»»
I*l. 4 New MoDteomery st.
KOUIJALL, PERKINS * CO., Bupt. Ocean Llat.
ltX 10 Markec_bt.. San IfrancUc*
of this Hue. carrying L'ulteU Mates. wSSfnit i
Hawaiian and Colonial uialia. sail from Ifo.soui-su •
TV barf as uuder;
S.S.MARIPOSA.... FHIPAY, August 19. at 2 p. u.
For freipht and passage app'y at oracs. 337 Mar-
ket street. J. U. Si'Kfcv.Kb:i.> A BROS. CO..
2t> tr liearr.il A;enU.
• ... S I I- t.i * •■•.
(TMVANVS PIER (NEW), 42 NOR 111 j**m
VJ Hirer, foot of Morton st Traveler* by JgrTJgC
tits line avoid both transit by Kiu-iisn railway aa I
He aucoinlort of cruiuiii{ the chauuel ui a small
XA UOCRUOUNK, Capt. Leboear ....,„ «
Saturdar. au:. i3ta, u:jJ vvt
HiiturilAy. Aug 20th. 3:UJa-<
LA fcRtTAUNE, (a,t. Collier „ ,
Saturday, mi.uh iitn, ¥?00 am
lATOI RAIN Capu Kranseul
Saturday, - i.r. :t«t. 4:O<J a.
JB«* tor further particulars applr t»
A. PORUKT, A gen!;
No. 3 Rowitn; Ureen. New Yore.
J. F. FCOAZi d CO.. Agent*, 5 Mou«otnery »ve,
Eaii iii.. -
i.i..L<.. i.l.ir-, 19 Montgomery street. inrCUtt
1 11 i t - ii Stntea Hall Ste»m«blpa
Paii from '.!•« Y«irli «ivery ">nur 1 >y
For Clasgow via Londonderry
i.tiif* tur b^looti Piusajre
Ty S. S. CITY" i>y \! »'.».-.O and npwarJ.
accurdlug to ii< iMntiiixlatiiMi mul location of ruoiu.
Second ' <i>iii, 930. Mt?r.i,v, $11).
On tn 111. Stkamers, OaMa, $45 an<l n-.nv.irL
.-♦■...mi Oaata, 930. BwiKaga. «i9.
l»r ft- nt 1 w«-st nir. -lit 1; kaa<
Far liuok al toars and other Information apply to
IIKNDKRSON BKOTHKR.**. T Howl In? Green. New
York: or to UKURUB W; Kl.HillKtt, tflS Mar*.«c
street: at to 1. D. HcKAV. il Montgomrry street,
van Kranclico. my 10 3iu
Kew Vorlt to Liverpool, »i. Qnsdmtowa.
fruni I'irr 4U. North JMv.t.
>At>» Lj>« lii-.ii MA MiliVlca
Bervla, Au;. 6. 3:00 rit SerYU, ia« 3, 2:00
I. nibrli. Alii;. li, tt:ou am Umurla. Sept. 10,8:00 am
Aoranla.Attg. jo, 3:>IO »-m , AuranlH.t»ept.i7 •J:uo ru
KUarta.Aug.l7. am
CaUnpaasaga, »tu> aatl upward; second e^bln,
$:> ... tttaaraga ticket! to aad iroai all parts of
k urope at very low rates. Kor (rei^lit and passage
ai i>iy at couip^ny'somce.A lio\s Uu Oreen.NewYorlc
VKRNON 11. BROWN 1 Co., Ueneral Afaata
Good arcommodatiou eaa always \#» leourud on
api'licatlon to WILLIAMS DIMOND x CO.,
_Jy-." TuThaa Agenu, Baa Krauclsco.
»T IcrtuigUiiy for ttis »eit ladles and -^fPfnt
utuauii-i calllna en routs at Cher- '»»>ilist^
tturg, >ra.cee. aud l'lyiuouta to laud pusonters.
ILremfb UlUs ot L»aiujr, in conneotlua wita* i«
taeifie Mail *. S. Ca, Uaued tor 1.-el.-it ire*» irs
tt c'.rect ports lu rJi|;Und and ti«rm.iay.
Through iles.sts truiu £*u If'rauuisa* to Piysajutx
(brrtiourg, B'un.aaiui>.oii. t'lrit cl*n. #I*A; tiiri
Ci&st, f8 . (j. ior turtuar partlcuuri apply w
i*Hllt fAKltun ua. AtlJ.v iJi u^uCir.iUiii
J. clsco (Market-street Kerry):
LaATK \ JULY I,'lBo'X /ABRiva
pAit.Y.J \ Daily.
6730 P. .Fast Kxpresg via MuJ.ive 8:«5a
1:00 A..AtUnt:c Fxpr.'ssvia l.os Angeles. . 8:45 p
Tlrlcf>t omc«— <JBo Market *treetrchrbnlcle"UuiT3 :
Ing. 3. i, W. a. UISSELL.
_IBtf_ Ueiicr^l l'.»jse.is<sr
.^i1 ll ('iV f1ll|! Thursday, M»y 20, 1 *9«, an«
"(Jllowe" notice, bo^ta and trains will run s2
CBys)-7:30, 0:00, 11:00 a. m. : 3:'J5, 3:00. 5 -4J.
e-.iO r. m.
(Buri(1aj!«)-8:00. 8:00, 10:00. 11:30 a.m.; 1:30,
2:30, 4:20, 6:aO p.m. txtra tilp on Saturdays al
1 :4& p. m.
From SAN FRANCISCO for FAIRFAX (week days!
— »:00 A. M., 5.00 r. xi.
(Sundays)-8:00, 9:00.10:00.11:30 a. ic; 12:301
1:50 p. M. :^__
days-6:10. 6:15, 7:15, 9:15, 11:05 a. u. ; 1:45.
3:30. 5:00 r. M.
(Sundays;— B:oo, 8:50, 11:00a. m. 12:00 m.: 1:10.
0.3:55, 5:16,6:05, 7:00 p. M. Kztra trip oa
Saturdays at B:'.'s p. u. Fare 60 cents, rounl
days)— 7:3« a. m. : 5:14 p. m.
(Saudays)-2:15, 3:50, 5:05, 6:45 P. if. Fare 5«
cents, round trip.
(lays)-6:26. 0:55. 8:00, 9:10, 11:10 a. *.; 3:35,
6:10 p. m.
(Sun(iays) -8:05, 10:10, 11:15. a.m.: 1:20. 2:411,
4:10,5:30. 6:30 y. M. f are. 40 cents, round trip.
aay«)-6:45, 7:15. 8:15. 9:45, 11:40 a. m.; "2:29.
4:05, 5:45 P. W.
(Sunday!) — 8:45, 10:25.11:40 a.m.; 12:30, 1:40,
3:15.4:35.0:00. 6:50.7:45 P. u. Kxtratrlpoa
ttaturdays at 7:00 p. u. Kare 25 cents, round
From San To Man
Francisco. Ttrongh Traina. Francisco.
Bead down Week Day*. Kead np.
T. M A. li. A. M. P. IC
6.00 9.U0 San Francisco.. B.4S| li.'.J
ft.35 9.38 gauwallto. 8.16 5.46
6.00 10.04 1 Fairfax 7.36 5.14
6.34 10.:i0l San lierouiino 7.10 4.60
0.4tt'10.4'2i C»inp Taylor 58 4.3i
8.68 105i! locaiotna 6.45 4.'.')
7.1*1 11.05 1 I'olnt Keyes 6.:.<0 4.08
8.00 1i. 50 Tomales 6.40 3.2S
p. u.
8.41 18.33 m. Howards 4.88 2.4«
8.10 1.06 Duncan Mills 4.25 'J.uß
_ 9.34 1 l.SOjUazadoro and Way Statlous 4.00 1.4»
From Kan < To Han
Francisco. Throunb Trains. Francisco.
Read down Sundays. Read up.
A. M.JA. M.I P. Xf.jP. tf.
00 8.00 San Francisco ! 7. -261 8.13
9.40 8.35i Samallto 6.80 .7.43
10.14 8.10 Fairfax 7.03
10.40 9.40 Sau Ueronlmo 6.35 33
10. 6*2 a.&7 Camp Taylor ft.l6 6.1»
11.03 10.09 Tocaloma 6.02 6.01
11.16 10.31 Point KejM 4.45 6.43
11. Toiuales 4.41
'.'.'.'.'.'. 12.17 HowarMs '.'.'.'.'.'. 64
...... 12.55 Duncsn Mills 3.13
1.25 Casadero and Way {stations ......| 3.4J
Thirty-day Excursion— Round Trip. 23 percent
Friday to Monday Excursion— Round-trip Tlekatit
Toca and Point Reyes, $1 25; Tomales, 42 00:
Howard*. *.' 50. Cazadero. $3 00.
Sunday Excursion— Round-trip Tickets: Poln»
Reye*. $100: Tonialei. 9150: Howirds. 93 00t
Puncan Mills and Catadero, $2 50.
Casadero wltb morning train from San Fraaelse*
to and from Stewarts Polut, tiualala. Point Arena,
Cn9»ys Core, Nararro, Mendocino City, Fort Bragf
and all points on tne North Coast. _
General Mana;er, Gen. Paas. Jk Tit. Aft,
_ General 14 SaiiHouie Streat.
"1U« Uonihuo Broad-(iaugt UouU."
pOMME>XI\O SDSDAY * P::iL 24, I89«,
V and until further uottce, boats and trains will
leare from and arrive at me Sau Francisco Passes*
ger I»er>ut, Market-street wnarf, as follows:
From San Francisco for Point Ti'juron,
Belvedere and SanKaf<el.
WEEK DATS-7:40. 9:20, 11:20 A. it; 1:30, 3lJou
6:05, 6:20 r. w.
SUNDAYB-8:00, 9:30, 11:00 a. u.; 1:30. 3:80L
6:00. 6:15 p.m.
From Siiu Rafael for San FranribOJ.
WEEK DATS-8:26. 7:55, 9:30. 11:30 a. u.: 1:40,
3:40.5:03 Wk m. BATLRL>AV ONLY— Au extri
trip at 6:30 p. u.
BDNDAYS-S:10. 9:40. 11:10 A. M. ; 1:40.8:40,
6:00. 6:26 p. M.
Fr«m loiiu Tibnrnn to San Fmneiaoo.
WEEK DAYS— -.50. 8:20.9:55. 11:55 A. m.: 05.
4:05, 5:35 p. u. SATURDATS ONLY— An ex-
tra trip at 6:56 P. m.
BUNL>AY3-8:35, 10:05, 11:33 a. U.; 2:05, 4:05,
6:30. 0:50 p. u. *
LaaTa ArrTre^ *
Ban Francisco. San Francisco.
— — — Destination.
Wekkl Sis- Sun- | Wrkjc
Days. I pays. days. | DAYa.
7;4oam 8:00 am PetaiuTna 10:40 8:50
3:30 pm 9:3oam and 0:05 pm 10:30 am
6:ospm ; s:oopm Santi Rosa. 7:25pm 6:10 I'ic
I" Fulton, ""
7:4oam HealJsuurjr. 10:30 1«
S:3OpmjB:oOam Litton »i>r:ii(js 7:26pm 6:lOrM
j ClOTerdal«
I (JVay.Stailons. |
140 am 8:00 amI Hopian«l andl 7:25 ru\ 6ilop«
i L__ 1 CkUh. I j
| 7:40 AMj8:00 ami GuerneTlJle. I 7:V3pm|lO:3O
1:30 pm| 1 j | Q:io m
7:40 am 8:00 fiouoma 10:40 ami HTsoTit
i:O6 pm 6:00 pm and 0:06 pm 6:10 ttt
I Glen Ellen. |
7:4Oam|S:OOami B«bastopol. 110:40 am|lo:So Alt
B:3opm|6:OOpm| I 6:U5 pm| (1.10
btazes connect at Santa Kosa for Marc W<n a f
Springs: at O»y«*rTl le for Skaggs' Sprligs. St«vr-
arta Poln:. Uualala and Point Arena; at CloTsrdal*
' for the Geysers; at Pleta for Highland Sprlnirs,
Kelseyvllle. Soda Hsy, Lakeport and Hart -it
Bprlncs; at Hopinnd 1 r Lakeport and Bartletl
j Bprlnzs: at Utt»& for Vichy Sprlnjs. B»ratoj»
Springs. Hlue Lakes. v»!ttrr Springs. Cpper Lak«
Lakeport. Wlllitt*, C*hto. Mendo'clno City. Fort
bi*si(. Westport. I'sal, Hydesville and Kiirena.
EXCDRMON TICKETS from Haiurdiys to Men.
days— To Petaluma, f 1 60; to fanta Koii. >J 35: t«
Healdsbur«. $( 40; to Ci»T«ftU e, 94 60: to Hoy.
land. 95 70: to I'klan. t<s 79: to S«ba*topol, f2 7t>;
to Uucrneville, 93 75: t» B«Doma, (1 50; to Glea
Ellen. 91 80.
KXCUKSION TICKETS, pood for Suniiys onf,
to Po:a!uma. 91: to Santa Rosa. 91 6 ■>. t> Healcls-
burg, 92 .6; to CloTer>ls> 9. $3; to Cklab, 94 Su. te
Hopland, ti 80; to S«»t>astt«pi»i. 91 80; to Onerns*
Title, $°i 60; to Sonoma. *1 ; to Ultn Kllen. 91 'JO.
Geo. Mana«*r. Gen. Pass. A 1 kt Agt.
Tteket omces at ferry, 36 Montgomery st. and 1
Kew Montjrotn#ry st.
Train* lent B— nre Due t) ArrlT» xt
7:00a HealcU.Rnm.iey. S*craaiento.... 7:15r
7 Oa Haywards. Mies aad San Jo*e.... *l'J:l3r
7 :;<oa Martinet. Baa H&inoo, OBtti
amt Banta U.isi .. 6:15*
8:00a Sacramento <k Ueddtnit. t!.« Darts ftlM
8:U0a First aud S«cou4 ciaM for Ovtden
aud Kast. aad flr't-ciass locally 9:45»
liSOa Nlles. Baa Jo»e, Stockton, lone,
yacramento, Marysvllie, Oro-
Tiil- and Ked niuft* 4:43*
• :00a bun->«l Route, At:.inttc Kxpreu.
.Sitnta Itarb^ra, Los aafi
Demtnz. Kl I'.iso. New Oi-
aud B_M , 9:43*>
•0:00a .Stockton ami .Vlltoti *B:4£#
l'2:i><Ki Hayward*. NUe»*n<l Ll»ermor».. 7:15r
•l-.OOP Sacramento Hirer M«aine™ *9:00p
J:3op Vsii-K' aad Marunai . 12:46p
8:00p Haywards. Nile* anil Sa J0«e.... 9:45\
4:00p Martintx .^u:l Rairtou, Stockton, |):nt
Lndl, y erred aa« irfS'io 9:45a
4:00p Vallejo. ' -IHtuga, El Verano and
S:«nt» RO»» 9:45*
4:30p Bentcl». rs-.arto A SacramrntJ I<> 45*
Ataar Woodlaad aua «<reTltl« 10:45a
•4:30p Ntirs and Llvermoro . *4:13*
6:30p Los Aueeieii Kxprass, Fre<no, iii-
kersiDrld, banta Uarbara aud i.oa
Aujeles S:4sa
S:3op Santa Ke Route, Atlantic Express
■/ ror »iu]iii aad Kaat ... 8:454
• Ol)r Ha>war!v Mies and San Jose.... 7:15a
Nlles an San Jose ... JO'liP
•6:00r Minoi »n«l l.tTermore . ....
0:UOp Ogden Route, Atlantic Express,
Ozdtu aud East 9:154
t7;oop Vallejo tB:4sr
7:00p KbaJtta Route l ; .\preis, Sacra-
mento. Mary^rtlle. K«d<Ui.g.
PortUnd. »'u.'^t Moun.l an.t Kast 8:15a
?_Li!i!£. A SL V -V 7. 11l \ IMON. _
J7 :45a Sundav Kicursion Train for New-
ark. Mil JOS?. LoaHataa, Felton.
Htg Trren an.l S3:(ta«'r;ii fiiOSr
8:15a Newark. Ccntrrvil e. Sin Joje.
Feitoo, HoulderCraekand Siriti
CM 6i2o#
•2:15p Centrrrllle. S.»n Joie, Almaden.
Felton, UoulderCreok aud ■•.tut
Cruz »10:504
4:45p Ce-.terTli e. Ban Jose. Los U.tt.>».
s.i;ur.ta)S and Miud»yi to saulA
Cni2 LLLy^j.l-I^--' ">o\
CO \ ST i> v tS'N— Third uml Towas»a« #b>
•7:00a Baa Jose, Alaiadrn and Way its- **
\loa4 *2:i8»
17:30a Mouterey and- Santa Cru*
Minday Kirursloii }S;2S*
8:15a San Jose, tlliroy, Tres Plnos. l*i-
jaro. Baata Cruz, Mouterey. P»-
clflc Hrove. Hallnas, S.in Mlfcu*;,
>*aso Rublrsaud Santa 3lart:arlta
(San Luis Oblspo) »u.i Principal
TVar Stations 9:19*
18:30a Sunday Kicuralon Train to Menla
Parn and W»t Station* 12:43#>
10iS7a Ssii Jo»t ami Way stations 5:9J»
13:16r Cemetery, Menlo Park and Way
Statlous 3i«*»
•a:SOP San Jose, Tres Plnos. Santa Cru*.
Sailua*, Monterey, Paclflc Uroro
and Principal Waj Stations..... •10:S7*
•3:30r Menlo Park, San Jose aud Princi-
pal Way Stations «9:4T*
•4:SOp Menlo Pane and W»y Stations.... •8:0a*
S:lsp San Jose and Wav Stations....... 8:43*
6:30p M?ii!o Park »nd Way Stations. .. 8: a
♦11-45r Menlo P.irk aud Principal Way
Statlona t7tSo^
a for Mumi .i-£. p for Afternoou.
•Suuuuys txcepted. t&iturdayt oalf.
: : xsund»ys oalr. __^

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