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Give ns the eartt* whole heart bat once to know,
But ooce to pierce t!>e secret of the spring—
Git* us our fill— and wo »t end will co
Into the suries* night unmurmuring.
«<>ld llßhts that beckon down the dusky way,
\vi,.io lead wheels roll, Impetuous, through tne
lamp-lit ifßTes. the inaddentnft airs of May;
Ite heady wine of llvlog, dan and bright,
Give us of tbe?e, »nd we are blest. In truth;
The wamleniiij root, the keen. unflaßcincr zest,
One with the glorious world's eternal youtti,
Of all tliat is, and is not, first aud best.
Ah. vain desire, our straitened years tomir!
Troubled we turn am! listen, unreleased,
To nmsie of a revel held afar,
Evasive echoes of a distant feast.
tiraham R. Tomson In the Century,
In 1545 my t arents came to the theD small
town of I'ortland, Or., crossing the plains
in ex-wagons, the journey lasting nine
months and filled with hardships and peril.
Our farm was situated In yauihill, near
Dayton. The farmers all about raised
wheat nnd fruit, and many lived on credit
year after year, pledging their crops in ad
vance. The country was wild and abouud
ed in deer, bear?, wolves, panthers and wild
hos. Indians, too, were frequent visitors,
and all were obliged to treat them well, for
they perpetually feared an outbreak.
My sisters and myself were entirely demo
cratic in our principles, &o we played 90
--berly with tho little redskius, on terms of
perfect equality. We soon learned to jab
ber j.trgou with them, and they delighted to
deck our hair with the gayest feathers of
the grouse and pheasant. These head
feathers rmed the greater part of the
clothing worn in summer by the boy9.
I 6hail never forget the first barbecue I
ever witnessed. My father's caitl« had
suddenly disappeared and no traces of (hem
could ue, found. With suspicious prompt
ness an Indian visited us, and learning of
our loss offered to organize a party and
bunt for the missing animal?; but my
father must give tha searchers a fat steer if
they were successful, as they wished to
have a • I bia lat." We knew they had driven
the herd away, but there was no alterna
tive, and my father assented with seeming
At the close of the next day the missing
cattle weie driven up by 14 mounted In
dians, who were then allowed to select a
fat ox, which they killed at once, and build-
Eac » great lire, proceeded to roast it entire.
They camped near bv" and passed the time
io sleep when uot eating. When every
monel of n:rat wa* consumed they left with
jjrunta of arproval aud many protestations
of lriemi«:
A haDdsome and bright young sq'iaw who
nsed to visit us, bringing baskets a;id beaded
mocassins to sell or trade for cast-eff cloth
,tig. was a favorite of my mother. One
morning she came running to our cabin and
be£.,e 1 that we would hide her. Her father
had lold l.er to an old bliud Indian for 30
ponies; tl.e purchaser had eome to claim his
bride and she ran awky, but the savages
w^re on her track.
Dangerous as such a course would prove
if she were discovered, my parents could
not resist her pleadii g. She was secreted
between the mattresses of a bed, with her
face to the wall that sl;e might not smother.
The house doors were left ouen and we all
went unconcernedly about our work.
rr*iently several Indians appeared,
headed by the enraiCfd father of the girl.
They wen tcld that she had probably passed
there ; they must coaie in and eat soiuethuic ;
ana my father loaded his gun and called up
his d ks to set on her track should they strike
it. This course of conduct disarmed them
»l any euspici »u and they went on their
Alter somr day?, when the search hai
been tband >oed as t opeless, mj father save
the girl a letter to au old friend iu < : | .
City, and sent her there in disguise, in his
fannlv she found shelter and v.vik.
This occurred in the eprmg, and we had
almost forgotten the epiiode wheu, late in
the autumn, ayu: g .a-.v, gayly dressed,
and astride a fine horse, rode up to our door,
and, calling my mother out, pointed roudl/
to the young buck who accompanied her.
"He not blind!" she Raid with meaning;
•nd both laughed gayly.
In answer to my mother's questions the
girl explained that she bad f oond a scitor
•filing and able to give the 30 ponies for
her, and they wen on the way to her father
wit:, them.
"Ar» you not afraii of your father's
anger?" my mothtr asked.
Ti:e hap:y squaw ipa^hed and replied
that b« wouid be overjoyed to see her, as tiia
ponies weie all he wanted. No one was
wronged but the old blind Indian, and she
was not s.ri y for him.
Not so fortunate, however, was the next
girl who soughtto uinke our liou«e a refuga.
i>he was overtaken at the very door by
mounted Indians. Her father had sold her
to a stalwart youn? Indian, but as her affec
tions were centered on another, she flatly
refused to accompany li'lu to bfa wigwam.
In vain did my mother counsel gentleness
and persuasiuu, and my father advise giv
ing her time. According to Kichardson,
"R-d human nature is iike white human
natnre," and when wai lover known to tiesl
tate? This one did not. The young woman
was veiy strong, and it required Half a dozen
Indians to throw her across the back of a
restive horse and tie her hands and feet to
gether under his body. Meanwhile, gbe
•creamed and fought, and ruauy were the
kicks and thwacks bestowed upon tha
would-be bridegroom. He took it all in
good Dart, and did not strike her in re'.urn.
Indeed, no more violence was usea by any
of the Indians than was necessary to ac
complish their purpose. When at length
she was overpowered, the triumphant
bridgrooni grinned good-naturedly at hi3
brother bucks' Jeers at his disordered ap
pearance. As tney mounted he led tne pro
cesiion, and we could hear t;ie men's yells
•f delight and the despairing shrieks of the
Incklese bride, until they were more than a
mile away.
At this time Oregon City was a mere ham
let, containing oi<e store where "necessa
ries -such as whisky, tobacco, quinine and
squaw ' ealuo— w?;e dispensed at exorbi
tant prices. In the country bordering on
tbe Wiiiamette the ludians pastured their
yonifs. Is jw the former huining-ijround of
the red men is dotted with towns and vil
lagav and Portland Is a great metropolis, a
goodly sight even to ey««9 accustomed to the
•plendors of Boston or >?ew York.
A Belle of Primitive Loxary Which I*
Now la Oarnnnd.
Cornbiil Magazlae.
Every one who pretends to have a little
taste nowadays iajs out some money ic buy-
Ing a genuine old oak chest— that is to say, an
oak cliest which he believes to be genuine—
and the blacker it Is the more confident does
be feel trint he Is the possessor of a genuine
article. If, moreover, there be a date on the
chest, then bis confidence is complete. Tbe
dealers know exactly what be want?, and
tbey manufacture da'es and blacken the
chest-, ttmy m.tke to meet bis requirements.
It Is a fraud to date the chesti,
but a buyer ha« no r«ason U
complain If he gets a copy of «
good antique. He has but to take bis pen
knife and try tbe wood, and he can eas ■•:>•
convince himself whether tbe article b«
new or old. Two hundred years passiug
over an old chest of old cabinet harden the
wood, till the penknife blade will make no
impression on it; whereas that of the mod
ern antique is fresh aud soft and when a
chip Is remove/I tne dye is shown to bo but
Bk;u deep.
The oak chest is the most primitive of all
articles of furniture, and it seiveU a ereut
many purposes, it was the receptacle for
ctotnes. lor money, for every kind of valu
able; but it was also a seat, a table, a bed
mod even * coffin. And as the oak chest is
tbe most unmitlve and necesaary of nil arti
cles of furunure, so has it been one of the
first to bs.ve attention devoted to it to make
It ornamental. Every maidftu nod tv*ry
niau njuit have bad his chest, to contain
her and bis treasures, and not tru^urus
only, but garment* as well; and in
the long winter evenings what more natural
than that each should endeavor to deco
rate the exterior of his or her chest
according to taste or fancy, and thus im
part to It an Individual character?
It is not likely that a girl would carve
the onk of her chest, but it is extremely
probable that she wou.d exact the orna
mentation of it with graving tools at repay
ment for hor needlework on the garment*
of men. NeverthHeis some of tbe decora
tions may have be*u the work of women
notably that which is produced by hot
Irons. Smaller boxes certaiuly were
made beautiful by the bands of their
mistresses, and many of these remain
incased in white satin, richly embroidered
•r decorated with beadwort The maiden's
fL I lI H Reacted by a Delightful Stage Ride OFer tbe Mountains, 16 Miles
iroai St. Helena. Good Accommodations. Ample Battling facilities.
HOT A ™3ffi ■ "* A Large SffiimiDg"Tank of Hoi Mineral Water.
■ •■■■■»■% ■ ■ wn.l. m . or th . el - won<lerfu l «««■«» >•> c»»e« of Acute ana Chronic
ELS IMCD fi I C^mplalnU. U ' lnUainniallou oJ iIUJUer and Liver anJ Kidney
fifS IR!L R H L r.rhmfto #Ur<! °[ the watCr ls 9 » rt "S'-'""> »n<J is Mchijr charged with
OrniilUUl uETKA mineral water co.,
wrlXuTliba ' jaa-T«lephon« 630. OJbtICIi-108 DKIMM IiTKtIST, 8. F.
chest contained the linen she had spun,
linen that was to serve for the house over
which on marriage she would become mis
tress. In Tyrol to the present day the bride
is brought to the house of her husband
seated on top of her chest in a wagou, and
that chest is filled with sheets and many
ells of linen that she has woven during her
spinster day«.
Estate of Craig lilctli. n (by trustee*) to C. L. C
and H. T. l»l«t!ieo. uudiviaea oiie-»iit!» to each or
lot 011 NE c»rner or HuchanaD aud Calirorula
•treets, 137:6. N 137:6, W 6S:(»' , N 127:8V*. W
79:5» / i. S 2t>s:2Vi: property li>ommOn*>
tv ■ 8— —
J. T Lorenzen and wife to I. D. and Elizabeth R.
C. Feldman, lot ou S line of Lloyd street, 143:9 K
Of Devlsadero. E 25 by S 100; $10.
Estate of John Sulliv*u to Hugh Keenan. uinll-
Tlded oue-b»lf of lot on NE comer or Fulton aad
Broder.ck streets. B 127:8 by N 137:6: $9500.
A. B. Mcfreery to same, uodlrlded one-hair of
■anie; $9500.
J. and B. Levy (by asslpneei to James M. Gray,
lot on N line of i'ost street, 110 \V of Hroderick, VV
"J7:6 by N 137:6: also lot on N line of I*o»t *treet,
8 W of ilrodcrick, \Y 30 by M 66, subject to a u:ort
gacre: SIBOO.
Alar^aret Caraffa to G. B, and Matilda Caraffa,
umiiviaed half cf lot on E line ot b:iuctirz street,
'^H:tJ N of Tweiity-i.lnth, N 25 l\v E 100: $l<>so.
Usury Ford io John A. McConnell. lot on S line
of Twentlvth street, 75 W of DlaiuonU, W 60 by t>
97:6: *iO.
Jacob Herman and wife to A. C. Soute and Mllo
H,.» l . lot on N linn of Kil/.»l«tli street, 100 W
of i>. Oflaa, W 7. r > by n 114, Ilcymau Tract: 10.
A.ii aaca and wire to Lutgi Daneri, lot on w gjae
of Maiden laue, 61 K of Vallejo street, N 33 h\ \V
40; $10.
L. Danerl and wlfeto G. Paravagna, same; ?10.
Catherine M. Martin to Savings an I Lou .Society,
lot S line of Cnestnut street, 200:3 \V ot Mason, W
68:9 by S 137:6: SI.
H. lt.ivis aud wife to Thomas Magee, lot on s cor
ner Dl Townsend and fcixtu streets, N B 276 by K W
137:0: S9U.OOU.
T. W. ani C. C. K!»ers and Samuel Davis to
Henry Johnson, lot on E line <<■ Kliode island
street, 160 S ol Nevada, H 25 by E 100: $10.
Samuel l>»vis to William 11. ttalley. lot on N Ilaa
of Nevada street, lUO E or Kuode Island, 15 25 by N
100: *i;;>0.
K. Monipelller and F. McMlllen (trustees) to J.
H. and Catbertne T. Cain, lot on SW corner Point
Lobos anU \\ iweuty-eiglith avenues. S iltfS, »
53:6. NW "65. E 110:l«~; 10.
,i. H. Cain James McCarty aud wires to Jo».
A. Oliver, uun«; «lu.
ti. 11. I'.ucklusham and wife to Cbsrlrt F. Malleit,
lot on K lit;e or i weuty-sevemh avenue, "00 so: o
itreet, - 25 bv E l-'J: *10.
Count r\ von Kuuoloosbislte to Ann Cu'.lljran, lot
commencing 500 8 of HE corner of X strert nnd
Tweir.y-ihlrd avenue. 8 125, E 650. N 125. W 300,
K 125,1V I'.'s, H 125, W 125. at recorded; $1.
Jos<-i>!i Scbeideler Jr. to Joseph Scheldeler, lot on
N line or Sagamore street. '250 W of Plymouth, W
. r . 1 1 by \ 125. biOCk D, ltaliii'.il llouie*lead A.«.<u
cl-itn>:i ?JOU.
Joseph Cuueo and wl'e to Nicholas M. Caniara,
lot ou > Une of I'aiinetto avenue. -ft W <>; (in^.:ba
street, W2sby N 100. blos« 53, city lana; 10.
Al.Vri Mjr. lo tiiiille Hecuercr, lot on \ line of
lUchUnd avenue. 425 Eof Soi::ii. B 5u 'oy >* 100,
block 7, Ho I'i.rk; aid.
Jefferson G. an<l Jennie L. James to John Gaffn«y
of San fram o, Ijt on li Hue ol Ueatual street,
70 Sof Eighteenth, S 40, K 132. N 10, V* .<_ N 30.
W 100 to beglnuiuji of block si>t>, OaklviU; grant.
John (ia&uey of Ban Frauclsco to ,l;e Q, UaH
Be] of San rranclsco, sa;nt>: if iu.
Cephas .nil Vienna B. Turner of Sao Francisco
to estate of a. P. Wbltuey (by executor), lot
on s line ol Cilutoa BTeune, 147 E of I'aru street, E
4i> by S 150, bioc» Q. Oak Park, Alameda; SlO.
U. 11. and Martha I'erry of Alaiueda to If. S.
Fisher of saa Francisco, !ot on \V line of St. Charles
ltrdet, l-'5 Sof Pacific avenue. 8 2S by w r 101:3,
block J. Taylor fl I'age Tract. Alamcda; $1500.
liavid Lawler of AUmeda to John Mulqueeny of
Alameda, N ball ot NE quarter and > half ol >>v
quarter of section S, tOWlMhip 3 S. ranfe 4 t. 160
acres. Alametlaanu fliin Joiniiln counties; $10.
Fred Hedberi of Shasta to Jane E. Johnson of
Oakland, lut ou N line of Ilopklns street, 626:5 E
of I'rultv.ile avenuf, N 160, K to >V line ol county
roaJ survey. No. 1554. SW to Intersection with N
n^eof Uopklne »treet, W 49 to beginning, quit
claim dre-1. KrooKlyii Township; $10.
Edwin W. aud M. A. Woodward ol OaSlaud to W.
B. llarrub of Oakland, lot 14, block M. Clinton
Mound . rac:. iuujt-ct to mortgage for J'JOO. lLast
Oakland: ft>oo.
W.J. L'rton of Tuicarora. Elko. »t.. to Cti&rlet
McMa-I-r of Tuscan ra, Elko, lota 4to 7. blu> SCI;
lots 'lb to ZB, Hock IS, >orth Alameda Tract,
Brooklyn Towntnlp; $2u50.
VNilltam aud Lauett Sachau of Alaiueda to Leon
E. Uracier of Baa Francisco, lot ou E Hue of Fre
mout avenue, 44» N of E»st Fourteenth itreet, N
6'J by E 137, block B. Linda Kosa i raet (corrected),
Fruitvale, brook lyu Towasalp; $'0.
li. B. aud Laura A. Vtniiey of Alaiaeda to John
A. Hoott of I uneda lots 'i an-i 3, block A, l'ros
pect Llll Tract, Brooclya Towusblp: (10.
riniiip aaa atberinc Fuchs of 0..»i Ito Helen
H. Gaunce (wile el E. K.) of Oakland, lot on \V line
of Tevii sliecit. 145 S of Wasulngtuu. S SO by W
100, block TTO, Lane <fc Satber Tract, Brooklyn
Township; $10.
William ■< u I Emma F. Ilawkctt of Oakland to
Austin a. Joyce ol Oakland, lot on S line of Eady
street. bu W of Dwlaeile. W 40 by N l»2:9, block 3,
Case Tract. Berkelej : *10.
Jehß W. Bourdet ol San Francisco to Joseph Goy
«tteo? v - lot on bltaeol Berkeley way, 1M
E of California street, E 50 by S 1-5, rauje 11,
Hardy Tract. Berkeley; ilO.
Frank y. an-1 Rose 11. Wlltoa o* San Franclieo to
Nathaniel Laild of Kerneley, lot 13, block lb. Dale} 'i
Scenic Park, Berkeley; $10.
Alexander and M. E. Johnson of Alameda to Wil-
Ham B. twain of Alamed-. lot ot» SE line of U
street. ISO NEof Mxtb. BE 1200 by XE 100. bloclc
47. l'etersou Tract, wards, Eden Towninii.;
Mount&la View Cemetery Asso.i^t.oa to Cath
erine C. Bornntuser. S nai: of lot 'J65, piat 14, said
cemetery, Oakland Towrishtp: £'JB.
Joshua ana Jenule E. Duub.tr ot Oakland to Jen
nies. o-: r of Oakland, lot ou E corner of Twen
tieth Kveauo and East Seventeenth itreet. N£ 140
by SE 75. block S9, Sau ALtuuso, East Oakland
Cii;ir;es A. and Alice C. Ba'ley cf Oakland to
George Stofan ol San FraiiCisco, lot OB NE corner
of Eighth andOraysou streets, K t'J by H iuO, bloclc
163, Urayson Tract, Berkeley: 55.
Carrie V. Young of Kerke ej to Kobert E. Bmh ol
Berkele lot on & tine of Francisco street, 181 >••
of Mllvia, W 100 by 8 135. bloclc B, Jaues Irar:,
lterkeie T5.
W. £. Brown of San Francisco to Edward A.
Alien of Alameiia. lot oa E line of (e lar street, 6 .'u
i< of nton avenue, F. 130, s 1.45. NW 74.85,
>'W 73.75. N 13:?. to beginning, block B. Belie
rne Tract. AJameda; l ISO
J. W. Hnil Anna M. fnllups of Oakland to J. R. L.
Jones of Oaklaud, lot on SE line or Klue irn.iie
&S».'Jl -\v of Old County road, BW 33 by SE 135,
Ilenry * Pbtllipe Tr»ct. BrooKlyn Township; sii).
Charle* K. Gregory of San FraadSCo to Sarah a.
I;ro of \ lulta, lot on SE Hue of a street. lt>s 61)
SW of Main, SK l'-'9.56, SW 60. N'W 12tf.50, NE
50:9. to beginning. Hayward*; flO.
Ernest V>iulaui Hay ward of wardi (by exec
utor) to Charlrs E. Gregory of San Francisco, lot on
corner of Main ana a streets. SW ai5.70 mc
t»9.ie. SW 43.50, BE 65.80. NE 66. SE 60 90. NE
105.40. N\\ m, NE 101.3-i. NW 105 to be £ i anin ,
block 1, Haywards; alse 1 acre beginning on N i: .e
of It street and being the comer < f East Hay
ward 1tt.14 acre tract. RE 4 chains, thence
on N line of Bulphur hprlng Creek. N\v
8.25 chaini, S\v 0.67 chains, SW 4.33 cha'.ni, E
1.50 chains, part of >an Lorenzo road; also lot oa
>' corner or the county road (Hayward* to San Le
andro) ana A street, Ni: 446, NW 743. 8W225 a
485: tbenee to a point W 50, HE 359 to beginning
Eden Township; $45,1100.
Charles E. Grejory of San Francisco to William
N. Harris or San riancisco. lot be^lunin; at a point
In - v tiue of s!n!n - # .re*t, wiicre it \* Intersected l.y
center llaeor M ktreet. bfl 4JO. SW 390. NW iuA
>E705. to beginning, Haywards: al-o lotoaNE.
line of Castro street, 170 6K of lla« ilitm
lnz lots 1 aud I. block l>. Harwardi Tract-
NE 150. BE »30. NW a'^B to beglLulnz. Haywards
Trjct; also lot on NE corner of A and Main itrae:i
bt£ 105. SW 101. NW 98.4. NE 101.60 to begin
ning, Haywards Tract. tJen Township: $10.
baiue to Tbomas J. llauip:oa of Alameda, iesla-
Olng at a point lu tLe few Hue or Slain strset. »nd
distant SK 41(i Jrom center or M. tkeoc* SW 343,
SE 150. 370 to NTV of A street. NBMO,NWtM,
to begianin;, UijnaiJj Tract, Eden Tow,/stilp
also lot ouSE line ol A street, lu:. so s w or Malu Si:
"i'3 40, SW 105.40. NW 50. SW sti. NW 65 83. Nfi
43.50. Si: 27.50, SE 50, NW 128.56, NE 64 09 to
beglLitilng. Haywardi Tract. Edon Townsnlp; $10.
Bulldsra' Coutr/icis.
W.J.Robinson witn George Healing, lot on W
line of A»lil»ury utreet. 2tjtf Sof Frederick ■ 527 -«x
by W 1«6:3: 53 190.
Mrs. M. J. Katz with Marcuse * RemmeL lot on
K line of Colllngwood street, 3uo S of Nineteenth
Jobanna Mahoney with E. W. Lewis, lot on E
line of Sterner street, BO ol l'lns, n 30x31-0;
Llcenaed i <» Marry.
Licenses to marrj were issued yesterday
to the following-named:
Henry Johnson and Mary Hendrlckson,
Johu E. Feeuey and Anule Mitchell, 26—23.
Johnnie li. Daromus aud Anults IS. bullivaa.
26 -24.
Hfunan Eemplnsky and Pulilptne Ornsieln,
Carl E. Thompson and Mary E. Tlerney,
Slcniond E. BChlaaktt and Pauline Baer.
Harry L. Rulle and Katls Gorman, 21—19.
George \V. Lettle aud Mamie B. Casey, 30 —18.
He Was Penniless.
The late Addison C. Nile*, who was an
ex-Associate Justice of th« Supreme Court
of thin State, died aim penniless. His death
occurred on the 17tn of January, 1890, but
hi» will was not riled for probate until yes
terday. Hlh BStata eeaalsti of some books
and per*on«l articles valued at no more
than §50. The will, executed In 1676, when
he possessed Boox'thiusz, gave nil to his
wife Elizabeth, who has now been dead
some yearsj
Tlurld'a Kiilr Kxlitbits.
At the headquarters of the California
World's Fair Commission word has be-»n
received that tl.e Supervisors f»f Huruboldt
County have appropriated $1000 toward
securing a proper exhibit of county woods
at Chicago next y*ar. Among o'.her things
a column of Sun Bernardino iiihi ble 10 feet
Ligh, with carved capital and base, will be
an exhibit of the Southern California
Ladies World Fair Association.,
Carpenter Powers Ailaslnr.
W. W. Powers, a carpenter aced 41 years,
Is missing and hin wife has reported h<Ji»
appearanco to the police. Two weeks ago
he took his tools ami left his residence at 18
Sixth street and has not returned. His wife
and two young children are very anXtoM
about htm, but it looks like a case of deser
tion. Powers Is described as being short
and stout. When last seen be bad a sandy
One Way to Cook Sulf-How n Sucklncr
J'iC Shoaltl Be KoAtted.
"To eat," gays Grindon, "in the true idea
of the act, requires a far more scientific use
of the mouth than is the case with mere
feeding. Epicurism is no mere invention of
low sensuality; they who practice it do not
carry to an unworthy extreme one of the
niost excellent and characteristic powers of
the human natnre. No man bi wise wlm is
not an epicure within the legitimate limits:
none are more foolish aud unkind to them
selves than those who regard quantity aud
speed only." There ar« many who believe
as did Grindon, and these are the ones who
visit the markets at early morn to discover
the best that there is, with a view to secur
ing it for the dinner table. Aud in the San
Francisco markets these have no trouble
to tind at th« present time almost anything
that thi-y might desire, fur there is to be had
everything in season and of the best.
The Call's market reporter on yesterday
stopped at one of the flshstalls and, after
examining the display, asked the dealer if
he could tell him; how to cook sole to make
it a very acceptable dish, something
out of the ordinary. For a mo
ment he studied and he said, "At
one time, as you know, I used to be assist
ant to a French cUef, and lean tell you how
he prepared sole with riue herbs. lie would
trim the solos close up to the fillets and put
them in a bakiug-pan. previously well but
tered. Then he would sprinkle over them
some chopped pHisley, one shalot chopped
very line mihl some mushrooms also chopped,
then season with pepper and salt aud a little
grated nutmez. Alter having done this he
would pool two wine glasses of white wine
over the fish, cover them with a oheet of
buttered paper and set them in tho oven to
bake. After they were done I.e would
diain the sauce from the fish, put it into a
small slewpan with aoine good strong beef
broth, colored with a little caramel, and add
a spoonful ol chopped blanched parsley, a
little butter and muih lime juice, and wnrk
the whole together over a moderate fire. lie
would then remove the Gsh from the pan,
plnct* it on a hot dish, pour tho sauce over
it aud garuish the edge of the dish with a
border of triangular pieces of bread fried
The reporter wandered from the fish
niftn's to the butcher's stall, &nd while lie
was gazing at some sucking pigs, with
■noat otnamented with a strip of red, he
wes accosted by his epicurean friend, who
said: "1 suppo-e that you want to know
how to i' oak that?" An affirmative answer
was giveu. ai;d the old gentleman then
added: '"If you'll come to the house this
afternoon I will bav« it all written out for
i< r you."
The afternoon visit was paid, and the fol
lowing is what was handed to the reporter:
"A sucking pig to be in perfection for the
tablo should not be more than three ireeka
old. After the pis is dressed tho body
should be filled with §ti:fliiia made of finely
grated bread crumbs, minced sage, salt i»iid
pepper aud a piece of butter the siza of an
ecg. This stullinjj should be well nixed
before It is put into the pig.. Sobm
add a little chopped green onion to
the stuffing, but that is a matter
( f taste, pure and simple. When nicely
stuffed the slit should be sewed up and Che
lees trussed well bacK. The pu should
then be put near a clear, bright Ore, but not
tuo near, until It is thoroughly dry. Tocook
the pig to perfection it should be placed on
a spit and cooked before au open fire, but
this Is not a convenient way iu baa Fran
cisco; so it may be put in the oven. It
should be placed in the baking-pan belly
down and then rubbed with a lump of but
ter in a thin piece of cloth and placed iu the
oven. Then comes the troublesome part of
cooking in an oven. Kvery few minutes
the pan must be drawn out and the pig
rubbed all over with butter, and care must
betaken that the skin of the pig does not
crackle, become blistered or burnt. When
tiie pia is nearly don* it should be taken
from the pan and the bead severed from
the body. The head should be slit from the
snout down and the brain carefully re
moved. Then the pig should be slit
down the middln of the body. This
is done by laying the pig" on its
back on a thin board and with a
sliarp knife catting down to the spine with
out disturbing the stuffing. The pig is then
spread out and a dtih large enough to hold
it without crowding Is placed on it. Theu
the ends or the sides of the board aro tak'-n
up by two person*, one at each end or side,
and the disli Is pressed against the board so
as to hold the pig iu place. A quick move
ment follows, the dish is turned and tlie pig
is discovered dished up in two halves back
to back. Thi head is then Dlaced on the
dish aud the whole placed in the hot oven
to keep warm. The brain is put into a
small stew pan and to it is added a spoonful
of blanched chopped parsley, pepper and
salt, some well-made butter-sauce and the
juice of a lemon. This is stirred over the
fire, and when very hot it is placud In a
eauce boat and sent to the table to be
handed around with the pig instead of
applesauce. When the pig is sent to the
table there should be around it a border of
watercress and a border of small potatoes
roasted in gravy."
Tbe MurlfT Ordered to I'iace tbe City In
Tbe much litigated case of the City and
County vs. Kiernan and others, tt.e pendency
of which has f ( r three years delayed the
widening of Misbion street, for which the
property-holders have been assessed aud
have paid $158,000. bobbed up aereuely
again yesterday afternoon before Judge
Sanderson, this time on a motion for an
ord«r to place In possession the city ana
county as represented by the Superin
tendent of Streets. Such an order was
Uiade some weeks ago by Judge Sanderson,
but Mr. Gilleran did not fiud himself In pos
session, braause of the opposition of some
of the property-holders, suspected to be
t:.e Market-street Railroad with its bobtail
branch. The assistance of the court was
tberefor* invoked to place the city in pos
session under the origiuai order. The after
noon was dt>voted 10 arguments, the main
point of the opi'osiliou being that in special
prcceediugs of this character the jurisdic
tion ol tLe court is limited, and In making
the first order It exhausted its autiionty.
Judge Bandersuu held to tiie contrary, de
claring that It was siugu.ar If a court ex
hausted its power after making an order,
ltavine it without authority to enforce its
Judgment. He tnen uiude an order direct
ing the Sheriff to place the city in posses
sion of the etrip of land, \u\:, feet wide,
necessary for the widening aud affecting
one sidewalk.
Gen J O Msrtine. bacto iV L Keihey. Boston
L A Hill. Um-piih.l K W .| ,ii ii» .ii A w NJ
J T r.arrett. I'urtiaud Mrs V Jayne* Cal
J Barrett, I'ortland H A Eddy 4 w, Mont
M.f* B Ureyman. or Dr M^rti'ler. I s N
K 1) Foster, N y i.ieut Laird. L" R N
J» A Murphy. Hondara* K\V Bwanton & w Cal
O ii 'irimn. Ind Mrs W W Wluchester.Cal
GO KHuball, ( a\ UUs Merrlman. tal
Ulss (Jellner. .NY .-> h Aunln. < a!
C Wliifclemeyfr, Loul« H C Spring. 81 Louis
J Winklemeyer. St Louis l)r Halt, huglaud
C h %?. ehT tiennany I>r Sankey. Knglarid
J H I-llcklueer. Cal J W Armstrong Cal
Miss A M Kerr. NT L, Falkner 4 w I;,cl
J K Kershner. Cal H w Wheeler & w. N T
B T Herold. C»l (} H Sperry. Stockton
H Moyninan. Culcago a J Sampson .v w. Mexico
f ?, c *. leSl (hi, ago a A Eckstroa, Loi Auz
L B Cochran, N Y *
J II Williams. Cal j;c <; r «eo * wf, Fresno
■ Grussl. I'etaiuma MU» r Anderson. 1-resno
J t o . h on ' I'etaluma W J Mnltt). Ttun
* i urn 1 ""* *?• Ulna w K »to"«>. wr * chn
A L Hill, NJ WlJlowa
P S Duobain a- wf. Minn Capt Sinltlj, Cal
A m , Have <'»'>»da . ° n-r- lagtoa. Ct.lcsiro
L « u° X *wr Canada Mr m>r,n ft wf. I»e U ver
KMBeawu.NtT F C .N«li<in, Arizona
J A Crosby, wf A dtr, J K Oray. Arizona
Lo«(jatoi s Ferine. Petalama
G h Court. Alcatrai |T H Cl»rK. Santa Clara
A ointiiugtiam a wf. Cal S A Hazy, Santa Uota
U Babub. i'resno E j hterle. Cal '
G Kmltb. Cal a Mlkellst, Oenrer
W omm, Boston K Ilambly. Denver
Dr 1 C».jk 4. wr, rr«sno W Hlliel.raul. Kresao
A Jac*son. Frenuo J r«:rln. Valleto
I'ts i-ydla Cook. rreiuo CIS MUes. Valiejo
1' K.iig. Ireland ->
H Orannlnß. Mocktoa |J Jobnson, U8 N
J Voubr, .Nevada o McLau?blln. Eureka
M Uroner. Nevada 8 u»l«l«eli. Kureka
V if, ' r J '*» w ra , i *" J'helps, Eureka
J v\|lcoi. 11 *> w rd ,j t»»vi», s», raninnto
W Wliiiains. Stockton II Blcketion. Horn*
F McCarthy. Rm Diego \. Rlckeuoo, Florida
J S»rp. Spokane Fall. W Johuson, Florida
H .I<!fferi. LUb a Mlrkln, Montana
K Lord, Mare UUna It Jobn»on. Latbrop
llyoDi. Huinboldt J Lelßbow, Lo« Uatos
K Mclnnl . HUinboldt N Duppey. Colorado
J Jones, fresiio J Burui, MUsourl
N riioiiii-sou. Kresno C Reontiigioii, Modesto
M Mullen, Sacramento U wiikins, Boston
J Herman, >i;»< rameuto O C Jones, Vallelo
H JrederlcLs, Oakland W Her.ianiln, Boston
J Benjamin, uakiand f Jefferson. Boston
* »chrlver, Stocnton .
v n'liarS" *•!?»' k jQi * Mr AWiiklnson,Taeom»
U Vfu'',,"^ RR Wilkinson. Taconia
i«^" J °- I m r b l u l ,V.^n C n °e.p,.
MriWi,« rt il n .t S issTrum.mil MlSneap I.
i r»» iffl 1 H ,°« ton Miss M A Trumbuil.Mmn
L taii.pben. Boston h w Lake.SaaLul.Obiipo
Cfr.Fn,lV»" 1 bt LoUli 15 J «"«.^ UObu?
r5 r . • tn K | » na J M Fulton, Beuo
I H t unnlnghatn.England J M Hubert. Fresno
J Kelley. San Jose M L Cooper. Fresno
Morg.u Ulll. Ban Jose Ihc Klrkpatrlck.Kyans*!*
ltallway Mali Service.
James E. While, general superintendent
of tnfi Railway Mall Service, was In coniul
lation ou Thursday with tli« railway offl
cial! for the puruose of devising ways to In
crease the railway mail tiervlrein this State
1 he matter was disciused at length, but no
conclusion was reached.
W uiii.i r Alu«L 1.. >.
John Waouer was ordered by Judga
Slack yesterday to pay Mouua Wanner S3S
monthly alimouy, 823 lor counsel feet ana
$10 for costs. She l>as mied for dlroree
and he ' a- come in with an unmanly »n
--swer, denying that sh'» can be hLs wife, b-
cau?t v helms one in Europe, at the same
Unle acknowledging that lie U the father of
the child bearine his name nnd whose
mother the plaintiff in thi a . case is. This
money was ordered to be paid by Tuesday.
There was quite % turn fo.- the better yesterday,
and considerable of the nor tieiii stocks changed
bands at an advance In prices. Favor.il> e news
from tbe joint drift of the Culon and sierriNi-
vada on the 900 level of the Union shaft eaaaas]
these two stocks to be In l>lg demand, and they car
ried the balance of the market along with thorn.
On the early call quite an amount of stock
changed hands, and of the sales recorded Ophlr sold
at $2 20, Mexican $1 35, Curry 85c, Rest A Uelcher
91 35, Con. Cat. A Va. $3 30, Sierra Nevada 91 05
and Cnlou Coa. [email protected], to the B<kle of 1500
In the middle stocks Chollar sold at 55c, Norcrog*
$1 and I'ototl 60c. The l.old Hlllerg were steady
but Inactive, and Belcher sold at 90c, Crown Point
66c. Overman 25c and Jacket 60c. No change was
to be seen In the balance of tho list, and they re
mained steady but Inactive.
After the call business was quite lively, price* ad
vanced am! the market looked better than for quite
a time. ophlr sold uit to *'2 40 u<>der the sale or
1500 shares, bierra Ncvaca $1 [email protected] 25 to the
■ale o! 1-00 shares. Union [email protected] 15 to the sale of
2350 slktcs. and Con. Cal. * V». $3 40 to the sale
of 450 sbAres. Fileaa, however, weakened otf a
littl • Just ti-fore the close.
On tun 2:30 r m. call prices were kept heavy by
tlie sales of Wa who was quite au ttvo sell rof
•verrtblnjr oa the list. After ilia call no'changn
was to bo seen, and the market closed steady but
Silver was weslt > e<t.>rd»v. selling at 85c In New
York and 38 15-lrtd I'i Loud 11.
The cr.issbow Mining Company hM levied an as
aessmeut at 10c pec ire.
Th.' assessment on Peerless Is delltiquent la the
bosrd to-day.
'I he Company of Amoc|ate<l Stockbrokers has
cailci a special meeting for August 22.
The I'onteution Mluing Company of Arizona has
teelared a dlvldead of 20c pat mure, payable
Aiiicust 8. l i,m is the ui:ietoe:ith dividend, but the
tsrst o:ie paid in years.
The De i.am;ir Mmlui; Company af Idaho paid
•In y 26 .iiv.dnd 6. of 25c a share, aggregallu^
$100,000. BMkinc i.OiiO paid this year.
The monthly dividend of 6 cestl per share on
Dea4woo I- »-i r.i tteeii Is uow beiag paid by \\ eii»,
Vanro fl Co.'s Dank in this city
The Victorian gold output for I><9l aggregated
676.399 anncea, or a decrease or 12,181 ounces
compared with the vlela or 1890. The Kallarat dts>
trict sup,., led 202.740 ounces and lsendlgo 145.656
, ounces. The total v.ilue or the output of gold (rom
the colony sin. ■•• discovery to ihe end of 181*1 1* ea>
tuiMt d at 87.440.078 ounces, valued at $1,119.
--067.000. DlTldeada were p«i.l on gold mining
compHiilCN' Kbares In the colony during ls'j to the
amount of 82,512,709. »~ ■• ■
The Lexington Mill and Mining Company paid a
dividend of I cent a share o;i Au^us; 1.
The Idaho CSold Mlatag Company or cirrus Vaiiey
has declared il rldead No. 26j of (2 50 per ihare.
aggrcjatiag $7750.
Following were the sales In tbe San Francisco
Stock Board fee ardajr:
>n i 1 >k utaaioH— l994, it.
MOAIta 300 CPomt , .55 200 0ph1r... .2.20
600 Botrax 5J0J200 i. ,\ C 8516U .'. .. 2.16
6«* I'odl* 30) 10 SIMI Overm ...25
BUO It 4 8.. .1.351100 11 A N ..1.00 MH> Potosl 60
800 < lu'liMr... 55 .lOU 11cs.nl. M> 300 s Nev 105
100 C CtVa.3.3i> lint Nev O, 2o 550 Culou . 90
aOOUeaM Y..35,300 0cc1«1n....40i9"J0 85
ioo K tt i.40 30U4C 100 Potosl .85
160 Belcher.. .'.<() ; 60 90900 t>avae«? .95
50 Bullion. 35; 1b0 Meilcanl.4Oi3OO SNev . 1 20
100CCAV...3.H5 100 N Com 300 .... _1 16
60 3.3<l 400 Oceld. .. 4U400 Uu10u.... 1.00
100 Ch011ar... .66 100 Ophlr. . 2.50200 .. . . 105
240 C P0int.. .601 20 2.35i 60¥Jac«et.. ,ij
60 H N..1.U0.2000verra....8u|
Fellow log were the saiea lu tiie iuci.l2 Stock Boar]
I ester day 1
l-rncLAR session— lo:lo.
100 Alcba .... IP 100 C lrua 03 10l)Otsoi4 . S3
200 Alta 27{V00 U *C..87»,- 2UO Potosl ' 60
300 26150 H* N ...1.00 300 SCorntoa 05
100 Andes 3.'>,150 1.0i.10u.s Nev 11')
2(10 Ueictir 90,'J00 I.lo^oo . "120
100 B * 8... 1.35 500 Justice... .o7lso "*.."*' l'li
800 1.40 260 Moilcan. 1.40 U'O Cuiou. 8a
200 Bodle 30.5U0 1.45J300 . 100
200 Cii01,ar....60 15UOuhtr... 2.20|760 ...... . l.io
100 tJ^ij^OO J'«-'O . 105
i'Bo CC* V...3.4U3J0 2.35 100 DUD -'4
100 3.4S Overm... 25 760.. . . "~25
300C Puiut.. »7iSOO 26'100 Y Jacket 65
200 6(j! j
100 Audes S5 100 C 1'01ut....58 100 BNeT . 120
100 33 100 HJt N... 1.091100 *".l'ls
200 Belcher. . .SKVIUU Meilcn..l.4u'lOO L n;on 110
lOOCaiedou A* JSO 0phtr....«.30 150 .. ' . 105
100 V.3.40 150 -.2»«i M 1.00
60 „3* B '3Oi) .verm.. 3oj>)UU Utah."". 2b
ioo 3.35U00 Potosl . .85.100 Y Jackt. .
tX-Obl>O oTATioan.
FkiOay, Aug. 6-4 r. m.
... _ Bid. Jtt'- , Bid. Atktd.
AttluCcn 19 2OjJackson 10 _
Alia _ -.:& Juiia _ 05 10
AB'le* 30 35 Justice 05 10
beiener no VI K«ntucx „ _ 05
I flic lMe _ 10 It l-ady Vtas&nzo. 05 10
teiitou C0n.... 76 — Menc»i. 1,35 1,40
Leal* lioicuor. 1.35 1.40 Mono _ a u
1 "<l)e m v5 30 Mount Dlabla.. 1.05 120
liillou 25 3U!.NavaJo . — 05
Uiwer 40 4f.JMielie Isie.... US lo
laJeaoniS)...., . 16 20;\ oinintinwita 05 10
euirai — 06|Nev Vu«eo. .. — 15 gsj
CLaUeu£o Con.. SO 35 ! Oeclaeaiai 35 «u
I ilar .-. 66 1.0-M'hir 2.25 V.30
lca,mnwealf.ri.. I" 16U>verm»u^.... „ 25 30
ten Cai* Vir..3.MO 3.35 I «er — 05
loaOdetio* — ileeriess ....... — 05
ConNewYurL. 3a 40iovosl 60 66
ion imperui... — o: Ravage UO 1»&
(toner — o.' t-fiTDion 05 10
trown 1-oiat... 66 tllMil Hi.mc. 15 20
lei Won is — oS;Merr» Nevada,. 1.10 1.16
Last Mem >•* — 06 feliver U11L..... — U6
Lx*uequer..._ 05 lOibUverKins....^ — 20
Lureka. 1.60 2 tulo:. Cou...™ 85 1.00
bouia * Curry. »0 »6 I tan ........ 20 25
braiiU Prize. ... 05 10'Weidon » — 05
Uaiea. >orcra. 95 v Jteui to 66
1-KiOAT, Aug. 5—2 r. «r.
JPI4. Atktd. Bid. jitkei.
B Fd«.4'S... — I'ac Waaioa Ua -.m «j
cal-stCCo 103 — iPactacLUnt*. 77 » —
CBttCoWBM. HS'«!OJ b r <.»«iunt.. 71 73
lmput-St Bds.ibO — Mi tou u 4 it, — so
Do, <oii|. 91 |<d ( al-ai KK. _. 110 113
F*Clis*Kytt. lU2 105 c Use i.y 33 40
MifHKliai... _ 100 .earv-*ttt h 05 110
MkUtKKB.U;';! U'li.i'MU Mil K. _ «BV4
> KowtKK.ioi', — Omnibus RR. 6ti 98
M'KK Bds.. - _ Presidio SK. 80 —
MiyulUiß-Ulio — California las 76 85
l n;nittuiCßtt.ll4' — (ommerorllaa _ «y,
r4nKKltili.li:i - Fireman's ta. - 176
I ACMltrit'U. H5 — Uoro* Mutual. 187 >A _
icwi-sIK/Bd. — Mat* lare.tm -' 80
fcPKKArlißdaio2Ulo3»i Atiaatie ro*. 46 40
tPllKCalHas.llJ 114 lai I owder 1J» IM6
blKl'.(alH»s -. 1U1>« i.iani Powaar S6»^ 40
n-brKcaßdaiodj^ loMvbe! tyNuran. 10 Vi 11>,*
fcVWater S's-120\^, — iVicont Pow.. 2%S 314
tVW.t.rfi.. t»r- 4 ilHiVaican Pow.. -. 11
AuloCalßac. *t»V» — I'.ik DlaC — J«
fcaxikof CaJ...200 281 CalCottonMU 45V 46»A
CalbaxeDoDo* 4teV4 -, t,«l Elee LUas lo*i 17
*ii»i?iati'.a.ii . l i.M3 Cai M*c nu - ' iK.
U*Amßaalt.ll3 - HawuCoiu.^ IV, Wa
L#BFBao«. 36Vi 40 nutcti-n Sunr 2*i 8
Dc Bank.. — 160 juds'nM r*Oe 18 20
McrcA Ki Hoc 15 81 i oceanic S 3.. 4H 56Vi
ContraCos Yf. - 101', |.»c b* 4 a^. VH —
aianiii V».. „ ib pac In* NkU. — MV4
\ Water..™ PPVaIOO pacWooduw'e - 85
•toei.aiM W. VO - pac Trans Ca - 35
tantraiuas... vv 100 United l Co.. 30 36
Oakland OM.. 3S> 4 39i/a
■WBarma fll.tl
Iloar.l-5 it V Water. iOil: 9-'»'i > S V fiV Bonds
12'»«»: 80 Cal Llectrlc Light. 17: 16 do io"k-
do. 16»i: 45 do, 16V«. "
BUeet-97000 Omnibus Cable Donds, 116.
•jrrmaaNMM MALKI.
Board— so IJank of Callfornu, 881: 100 Cal Elec
tric Llgh', lb_^g.
Embeziled Har Kparklvr.
Andrew Stockey was arrested yesterday
morning on charges of embezzlement and
vacraucy. Tlie charce of 08Biiriiii8BJ9ill
was preferred by Sadie McAllister, a
woman with wtmni lie lias been liviim. Sho
claims that he appropriated to his own use
adiaraoud ring which she intrusted to him
to have repaired.
Caught lu an Klavator.
A boy named Ed'lle Karron went to 9l«ep
on the shnft of a sidewalk Blovafc r iu fr%nt
of the l'iimeer building on Fourth street
yesterday morning. Thu elevator was raised
and his rijtbt leg was caught between the
shaft and platform and croshnd. After
treaimwnt at the I>e*lvlri2 Hospital, i Idle
was bent to his hoaieatloo4 Jackson stieet
iTSDf.llnik' Mff.|| nE for Yonns; Men.
C. S. Mason, evangelist, will, by special
request, deliver an address before theyoung
men's maM-meetlng at ths Christian Asso
cjatlon Hall to-morrow altrrnoon. at 3
o clock. The servlcn will be directly in tli«
ne Y,,\^ <i fl ** t e ft " gßlutio movement oF
Mf. Mills.
Friday Etx.viho, August 6.
■Will OF Tine MAKKKT&
Bilver lower,
Grain Bags very weak. v
Wheat and Barley futures ftr.'nsr.
Oata strong.
Corn deelined.
Kye ill
H «y plentiful and weak.
r.eans unsettled.
Sweet Potatoes lower.
Onions weak.
Butter steady but <lu!l.
Cneese market lu talr shape.
Kgfs steady.
Oraniesand Limes dull.
Fruit In ample aupply but firm.
Tomatoes selling algU.
Cfkffee quiet.
Mexican DolUrs lower.
EnciiNh ffbmt Market.
LiVEnr.,(,i. Aug. a.-The spot market li dull
•' 7fc ». Caraoes aro flrm at 34» ed for off
eoa.t, 34i lor jiut .Jiippea *ua 3«s earor nearly
f Tli. TroOnce F.ithanre eabl « *!r M th« followlns
Mvrrpool <juot»tlon« tor Na a Bed W(nt«p- Au
«u.i. « V .a | .Septem.^r Os 7,1 . October flj 7 »l<\-
Ui 8d: December. Os B »id. ' B * 7 ** d '
N«w York M«rk*ti.
«,.,^ W i T^ m *." , AU *- B—Tne8 — Tne *^» «n»rkot ■111l
julet. IndMtrim, wltb tb « except on of Gei>er»l
Klectrlc. nero almost entlrfty neglected, «M ex.
cept 1., th. nril b..ur r.llr,>»d ,b,r« w.re not
traded In to Ufiiuiii The close w.t dull but
llrm. UoveramenU dull ana 'teady. I'etroleira-
PentnyWanla Hepiember closed at 51 Tic
N«w lonic. Au«. 5.-UnlUKl hum. Bond.. 4't.
"•u Va«itr a «HLL >O V*' orlllt ™ ritlne - «Vii»«.
eine. ia. Aicbitou ua tun *•. Union !•»
--«»C. SB; AtCillSOa »ou B.aia re. 40; W«ll»-
Farpo. H2: Western I'nion. OTVi: Kliver. 85c
rltiiR. M S7lj-^4 HV. ' '
*neat-An ust. Ki. . M c. I lour, steady. Coffee.
*12 55. Miear. 2 H-ll^»3i/«c. itous — Factr!"
<mst. 19®25c IHUe«. 13c Cooper— Lako. SU 88
Tim— Spot. *20 75. Lea<t — Domestic. t4 10. iron—
»ltt. I't-troleua— Pennsylvania .September. 61 B c.
Hops are quiet and unchanged.
Buirar— Quiet, firm and urieha-ieeil.
riiffee— Fl nn au<l [email protected] potts advance. Sales.
12.000 Ua« August, $12 50; September and
October, $12 60.
C'liic.«:ro Markets.
CaiCMOi Ansr. 5. — Wheat nai quiet and opened
unchanged, gradually declined y a r. and closed
weak at bottom prices. The weakness was Itr^.l,
In sympathy wltti Curt: snd Oats. Itecelj.lt 216.000
bu»heis; shipmouts, 80,000 Dushels. Itye, 66c. bar
ley. 62c.
Chicago. Aug. s.— Wheat-Cash. 77%c Corn—
60*,ic. Fork - «12 63. Laru -87 75. lilus
*7bi>. . Whisky-Si 16.
Callforniß Fruit.
Cuicaoo. Aui{. 6.— The Karl Fruit Company sold
Galttorali Fruit at auction to-day as lullows:
Il»ir crates Fontalnebleau drapes, $1 [email protected] lit);
Orange GUaf Peiches, $1 25©1 45; Stephen Clings.
$1 40; Strawberry Peaches, $i 10; Foster Peaches'
91 [email protected] 15: Early Craw ords. 91 lt.'&185: &ui
<jii>-li«iin.i«, 81 -0: H»rtiftt rears, t.' 35fg>; 45;
(ierman I'm <s. *1 [email protected] 15; Bradshaw I'lums.
tl 75«zJ2: Peach Plums, 91 76; Yellow Egg Plums,
$1 35(*1 50. **
rortl:<n<l'it iiu.iM. .
Tobtiam.. Or., Aug. 6— Clearances, 9453,000
--balances, f 7 1.000.
aTuliß— ami Bullion.
Fterllrir I'xcuanpe. COdays - m _ 487V*
Merllnc l-xclmiiße, »lght _ 41-9
,* 1 « Vcrk Exchange, ngiit — 10
New Vcrk 1- iclj;in«c, telegraphic... — \'i '
l-inr MiYcr "v" uuute,, „ £5
Mnifn iroiiars _ B7'/« tw'.i
-!i'i pi;..: ->otev
Steamers to sail to-day are the Hnmboldt and
Noitli ror. fur Humboldt Hay aud the Point Are:i:»
for Mendociiio. The Sau lieulto falls due Irom ■la
The Itlo rte Janeiro fail* due from China and
Japau Thursday.
The British Iron bark Mlefield, 1310 tons, loids
merchandise for London: Hrltish Iron ship City of
y:i -i.ee, 7<»B to;:s. Lumber at Hasiltigs Mills for
Adelaide. 4(>s.
The Vauduara takes for Cork 63,818 eent.ils
Wheat, valued at 9*8.545
Latest Wheat charters are: r.ntlsd Iron ship
lioit Hill. 2274 ton*. I'u tea Kingdom. Havre. Ant
werp or Deafttrfc, 255; German iron «hlp 0. 11. Wat-
Jen, 1762 1 jus, same options. 25i 81L
Wool Market.
Nr«li'Rx.Aii(f. 5.— W00l firm aud Jn fair do
mand. Koiuestic fieece. *[email protected] 'ft Hi.
We« .lr Clearing*.
Nkw Vnr.K. Au<. 5. — Uradstreet'a gives clear"
ißfi for tlif |.n»t week for the principal cltUs of the
I nlted States as follows: New York, $00.1,511.000.
Increase 8.0: Chicago. *97, 17 1,000, Increase 15.9;
ltostoo. 70^,93^.000, no eoinparls hi: Philadelphia.
*69, 806.000, lucrease 10.7: St. Loui*. »29,100,000,
IBCTMMM 13.1: Sa:i Francisco, $15,871,000. de
crease 8.3; Baltimore. *13.16.'.000. d^reaa* 13.7;
1 in. -inriMi. *i:'..V(i.(,000. Increase 14.1: I'lti-i.ur^.
*15.1 16.000, linrn.so 26.5: Minneapolis, *7.t>.i5,
--000, increase 20.5: ■ »mab», $5,774,000, Increase
6.2: Hci,N.-r. M.98J3.1HM1, Incraaaa 1.8: St. Paul.
45.488,000. Increase ■■ 2; PortUDd. Or., tl,g9fi.o(Nl,
teen 'J.O; .s»lt Lake. *1.719,0U0, i.n reue
55: Seattle, if 875, 275. decrease 2.1; Imoim,
1965.125, no comparison: Los Ang«ies, $165.1,453,
decrease l».8; (ialvcston. t3.012.547. decrease
7.8: Beleaa, $861,125. 110 comparison: Spokane,
$895,57i), no comparison ; Great 1-alis. f-100,0U0, no
The total for the week end."l August 4 for the
leading citie* or the I' tilted Matt-s u.m $1,076,742.
--680, an Increase <>1 so p« ceut as compared with
the same w eek last year.
rroilitro Market.
FLOCR— Net cash prices are: Family extras.
$4 [email protected] "0 Bakers' extras, 91 1534 25; suicrliue,
9'j so#a f i/bl.
W ll EAT— Drags along wlthont appreciable change
Futures were firmer yesterday. No. 1 quotable
at $1 35<£1 36'i *» ctl: choice. $1 37 V- > ct.
lower grades, 91 30<£l 33*,i; eitra cholcei'for mili
liig, 40&1 l-'Vn * ctl for N«W.
- iNromMAL StakioN— lo o'clock— Seller '92—200
tons. 91 3tf',i. Buyer December— loo, $1 42. r :8.
Kkui.i.ak Mornino Skssion— ituyer December
200 tons. $1 4V5»; 200. 91 423*. ltuy»r Septem
oer-lOO.*l SB*4: New, spot-luO. 91 33 l ,«.
At if hs.«'n MiissioN- — Buyer I' cemtier — 200
tons. $1 42& M : 300.5i 42» ; 100, 423«. Seller
■;•- 100.01 3614:
BARLEY— hmures had an upward tendency yes
tcrdaj inortuac ami the spot market wa« steady and
unciiautred. No. 1 Feed. 9'ii/?c: choice brignl do,
93'[email protected]; dark Coast. 87VkW'0es Brewing, btKie
(»*: .ui v No. 1. Chevalier, 91 25^1 HO; lower
grades, 'jikm,? 1 10 ~? ctl.
■am BOARD S4LE<f
isroBMAL Session— lo o'clock— No sales.
Um.i-i.aii MoKM.va Smusjon— '97, new —
100 ions, lu'ic: 300. 94i,jc: 100. 94VaC; 100
94 :t ,:c: December~loo.fi: 100. 99-»,c.
Amssoos Sksmon— Seller '5*2, new — 100 tons,
9J : ikc: 200. •4>i.-. Huyer December— 3oo. 91;
OATS— Kinn at the advance, but Inactlvo. New
data are quoted »s foliows: Fair to troud. $1 25&
l 59 common, 1 12>/[email protected] -0; BlacK. 91 I\>\:-Q I si)
■eU nid Oats, cboice to fancy, $1 42ViQi £.0;
Ot»j, H 92> |#l 40 r ctl.
CoKN — Lower aad dull. Large Tcllow quotable at
$1 30 ctl: Baiall Kound Yellow, $1 35&1 3tJV*:
White. $1 37>ri<§l 42V- t* ctl.
K\fc. 1 BChaß<« •at Jl m^i^@l 37Vi t» etl.
Man ■„ ■-.., at 917 60^18 for tho Dcst aud $17
for outside brauds.
MlUl»LlNtiS-yti ted at 9-0 60®2l f^ ton.
< I I'IKU H.ED— Quoted at $-.o©2l "fl t*a.
HAY— The market 1- largely supplied and fak
Clover. ■-"..*>; Barley. 97»9: River Hartrv. [email protected]
Aifalla, 970)9: Wneat, S^^ia 50; Oat, 9*3p'< 60;
Wheat and Oat. 9*<9l 1 V ton.
BTKAW- c,'u.'tc! at [email protected] > bale.
M11.1.M OroutiUand Rolled Darley. $20 60
(121 .0 r ton. The mills sell Oilcake Meal at $30
V toa net: Kye Flour, ;i s ( c '»• fi): Kye Meai. 31.4C:
Oratiam Flour. 3>.«c; Oatmeal. '•■.■-; Oat Uroats.
6c: Clacked Wheat, 3- «c: liuckwhea: Flour, 6:i
5' •_.<- r-e«ri Barley. 3Vi»3C %t IT..
MCEDS— >e« Yellow Hustvd Is quoted at 319
BV4OI Hrwwa Mustard. $2 75*:<: Flax. a^V. (■{•-" icVj
ctl; Imported C»L»ry. 9 ; «'i 25: Aifait.», 10c:
Hap*. |"*o)3c; litiu'i. 3^[email protected]: Timothy. 5V a c > -
1>KIV1» PEAH— Nile*, 9i XO&l 40 r ctl; Greeo.
% 91 50^,2: t*H*rn i.reen. $2 75: Blacaeye. 91 61)^
1 tt, %■ rtl: f>>Diit Peas. 4 1 &t '„c V !?•
'KWIIEAI-N»inli at »2 V6 V Ctl.
COKN3JEAL. ETC.-Table Meal. S'/.-C^C «j IJ\ ;
hee.i Curu. 9-<o9 'l: Cracse<l Corn. $30 50^31 60
V tou Uoiuiny. 4'. s «sc V K».
riiiA.Ns-'ic* u ark 1 coutinnes unsettled nnd a
■iiiniu' r o* ruciu «tlnut appear Uaros. *2 bO&2 96 •
Pea. 9-' .-»'.s•_■ 80: Larce White. f-' 10®2 4U; Small
White. $2 'iii.y- »i»: l'in». $2 S»aa 46; Reds. $2 75:
Lliuas. $'i VC'tJ.! 15: liuttvrs, 9- 60(23 > ctl.
rvTATOEe -B«i ■ it »<• a »lde range. accord
lo« te uu»iit>. sweeW. 2 Vi#Sc j> R.; lSurbanks, 55c
flfl lift r ct: ; Uarnet Cnl.i-s. tf(*(37sc; Pcerle&s, 60id
9c ; Early Rose. 60^t>0c r ■ ti.
ON lO.NH— Continue -;i* at 2»*©2sc ft ctl for Red
ana 85q>50c V ctl tor Mlvcrsktns.
UUITKtt- Dealers report the market slower. but
uuehangi'J. Mocks »m:iie. Creamery quotable at
25»-'6c ~t V>: D-»lry-s<juares. 2ic 0 It.; fancy roll.
iMS24< fl m. good to choice. Vlo2Ji.,c: eoßlßlOa
to lair. 16©*0c: pickled roll. 2 a,j.- ; nrtln, iix*
-Vic: Eaaum. laule-racked, ia«,!7' 3 0. .-
CBKBSK — The markei Is well supplied and
ste«<l>. Fair to cholre mild new Is quotable at
8«$10c f B>: old, nominal: Young aaMrleaßi 8
<a 10c; cased Cheese, ' /S c addltloual: Eastern, 12V.
fei:ic V tt>.
rOI)LTRY— The market contlunes quiet and un-
Dncbangcd. Live Tttrkejri quotable »t li'^Jicfur
Uobblers and [email protected] for Hens; deese. y pair. $1 25
Ol 75: l'u-ii« $3 sO.s.ti: Hem. 9 l> i t >7 10; ITointOia.
y.iuug. 9i 5t <^7 BO; Qo old, $7&57 50: Fryers. 9-.(*&
V uuion; Kroilers, $3 6U(<J I for large and 72 50(33 t
ieaea for mbbU.
UaMK-Dovcs, 75c; Hare. 81 50. Rabbits 91 25
for Muall.
LOUS — No new reatures. lantern are, qnotable
at ittieV-Oc for fair to good, aad 226522V^c for
extra choice selected. CalUumla are quoted at [email protected]
22 >."C for store »ud 25(jg»3oc • teaea for rancti.
HONEY— New Ceaia. H^iSlVc ~? ft., new water
white extracted. 6V«#7e; new amber extracted, 5Va
@Ue v rr .
BKESWAX-Uuoted at [email protected] t» rr..
MCK.sli rKlli- Av< tion SALE»-By P. Stoln
hagen a Co.— 1600 aaaketa Orawfortt Peaches, good
quality. [email protected] inferior. .K'.-.i-x. lio V oaskrt: 400
Oaitet-> Ciiugs. <*l>«s77ijc: 90 boxes Nutmeg Mel
ons. 75rf4iH 35; 25 crates C:wit*luupe4. $2 ,'.i»-.l
» 50s 2m> ba<k«ts I'm, 3'Ji..fAsOc: 75 baskets
Prunes. 57i,£c($$l 05; 00 baskets Nectarines, [email protected]
4Uc V boafeei
orr.N Makkkt— Apricots are weaker. Peaches
keep up well under liberal reeetpta, Cantaloupes
are uow In larger «upply. Nectarines are getllug
scarce. Urapes ar« coming forward more freely.
Crabanpies. 6'->(£7(>c ¥ box; White Nectarines, 60
isti<>< t» box: R<-i Reeurtaea. 76c«09i >> box: raatar
loupei, $1 [email protected] ft crate: Nutmeg Melons. 75c<S)
$1 26: itermel'M". f H* 1 2 f» 1O0; Hucklebenlejt,
ti^Mii I 'C (ti. Plums. 1 V»(£3c «' If', accordtug to kind
and quality; Sweetwater Urapes, s'iM,7sc V box;
Black. i.iap<-v 7:.<"a.»l 25 r box: Muscat*. OOc^fl
fi box: Hlack ru-t, 79<®9l V box for xliiule
tier boxes and 81 60SC2 «t 1., x for double-tier
boxes; lilte Figs. 35(&75c t* bx for single-tiers .mil
— f box for <loui>le-tlers; Biaekßerrtea, jj.^i
chest: Apples, 235350c ioi »mall and 75r(^$l for
larg« boxes; Pears. 4Uig>76c f* box; Bart t Pear*.
su>-a jl ror large boxes: Peaches, SB#(MN > box
aad > tK(£>((ic * basket; ivactirs, to eaaaeta, H,^
te2',i(i: > tr. lor rreeateaa aud — J rr. for clings;
Aprlcota. 60^75c r 1 box: Aprlcota t<> the raaaera.
2Cn3i- fi D : Raspberries. BMM 9 chest: Straw berries,
» || I chest lor Longworths ana $4 6i>(*7 tor
CITRUS FRUITS— I lines and Oranges continue
du.i. i: iv. i»ue nnedllnii are nnntahle at sUc(stl ;
l; ver*i ie Navel*. »iy,l 60: ios Angetvt Seed
llnis. r>O'it.:»r *> in; Los Angeles Naveii, 50i'ai9i p
loi.Siiiiy Lemons, "\\ box: California Lemons,
TI ■ Ml 60 for common ami $'.'(s3 50 for food
to choice: Mexican Limes, S2®3 60: I'.aiiHtiat, 9160
tp, m buoch. Pineapples, $'2 f.o-i.s '^ dozen.
DKIfcP KKL'IT -.New I'runra. * . |Mo< lorthefour
•lzes: New Or»prs, BVt#BVfcC y. lt> . New Bleached
Peaches. 11® rj^,c; Nuw Aurlcots. for Uoy
al* and 12 '/•,•<«. 13' iC for Moorfiarks.
RAISINS— l..>e», lancy. .$1 2d(fll V5 ft bo»;
good to choice. [email protected] 15, with th« usual mlnurf for
fractional boxes: loos* Muscileni, H.>cic6fl ft box
spot, and 4(<s4 V«c V It> tu sacks for fu:n*re .lelirrry.
M" i > Walnuts are eaetafeta at 4£&60 ♦« it,-.
papershell do. 7®Bc V IT.: sortshell Almonds. Kiil
tdllMtC > tf>: uardsboll do, ; paperiuell. 12
Jl3i-.ri.ile Waluuls. M^Wc; Peanuts, 2^(^3cior
domestic: Hickory uls. 7®Bc. ans, 11 '.3^133
for siiibll and 15tlb« (or l.ir^n Filberts, 1 lij*
13c: Hrazll Nuts. (rfBC: Cocoanuta. 94 9 10"
VBOBTABLES— Auction sale ui 85 box«s Klver
Teasalail at 9l|i^l 80 and 16 cratea Marrowfat
Hquish nt 76c. '1 omatoen are liikli. but the other
Aegotables glut tb« market. I. ma Keans. 6£}gc
* ir. ; Ureen Okra. 75c y box: Ureen Corn. 60
(j;;c «rk and io.*i-j'.,c 'r dozen ror Alamnda
and 40f»60c ft box for Berkeley: (ireen Chile Pep
pers. 254650c -p box and 40® 50c %• tack: Hell
Pepper*. si'(^7sc >> box: Kug Plant, 7a<&!»'Jc ift
box: Cucumbers, lU($10c V) box for Kay: Pickles
li^<aiv v c> tt. for No 1 and »i&olCf* tf. ror No. 2;
Bummer .squ.mli, 26M>t0c V box for lUy; Tomatoes,
$1«>1 25 for lia vauUll 7b r,.r Rlver« : Marrowrat
Squash. $10 V ton; Cabbage. 7.^'ioc V ett;
Feed Carrots, «n<tlsc. Turnips, 750: lleets, 75 ■;
rarsulp*. $1 26; Uarllc, 2ti,lc 'f B-.
PBOVIBIONB — Hams and Bacon rule tnn.
Eaiiteru Bacon la quotable at 13#ltio V tt>: Cali
fornia Hiuokexl Bacon, ll^m/e V tA fur heavy
aii'l aitdiuiii. 12^13e r It. (or light, and 18V«®14c
fl m for extra Iglit: Bacon Sides, ll&gli^c:
Eastern buirar-cureu Hams for city trade. l.*>i<Ai6c;
California Hama. Ui .i,j,l4i- : Lard, tierces. Eastern,
kll llßlde. B*4 d$V '-?c ; <ih--i. [email protected]: California,
llercen. *(&<&•'* n.-. half-bbls, injufin^j tins 10c;
palls. ld-ir., lOVac: do. -li>. 10«c. kegi, 9>Vdlloc
ft tr. : Menu Beer. 97 CO^K: extra, inesi do, $9 fcd^v*;
lainliy do. 911 60(^12: clear Pork. $in 60<a20;
extra prime, 9i.Visl». extra clear, $30&20 5:1; mess,
917® lrt 1* bl»: Smoked Beef. 1 I Va'jrJo V to.
Hop**— We qnotA n«w at 16c n> bitl. v'Oc a.<ke<l
HIUKM AND PELTS-HeaTT salted steers, 7.i»7 i. 4 c
VI tt.: medium. 6c light, 4(s4V«c: Cowhides. 4V C;
salted Kip. 4c: salted Cair. 7c: dry tlldes.usual selec
tion. 8c; dry Kips, i«c: dry Calf. Oc; prime t.o*;.
■kins. Ho(<t.M)i- each; Kids. [email protected]; Deerskins, g.ort
summe-r. Ti7>.4jC: rueiiiinn. 3U93'j>^c: winter. 20 q>
26c: Sbeepskios, »be«rilnzs, 10-jot2sc; short wooi.
40^70c: medium. 70^90c; lone wool. UOC^ll t)
earb. CnlU ot all kinds about ij lem.
TALLOW— No. 1 reuderea. 4(*4»ic! N'o.2,3>ii
BVvC * Id.
WOOL— Spring Wool Is qnoted as follows: Koutn
*rn and Sau Joaquin. >e«r's clips, llfi&l2VxC *i
tt.: do seven mouths', l'^l 6c r 4 Ib; Foothill, , 1 .'.(■>
17»/i,c: choice Northern. [email protected]!«c: Humboldt ami
Mendoclno. 20<a22e; Nevada. 15(j817c; Ktatrru Ore
gou, 13917c; aliey Oregou, lStf-'Oo t 1 Ib.
General Merchnudiss.
I»AoS— Calcutta* aro very v/ealt and lowor at s?a
@6Vic: S.iii Quenlin. OVic: Wo Hags. 36®3Sc
klCE— Cnlaeae iuixo<i, f 4 lo®l 15; N-.. 1, 94 75
@4 80: eztra N». 1, *s<£s 10; Uawallau. $4 60: Jap
anese. .?4 I2U t« f .>,
COrPEK— -Toa* private circular of c. K. B»jkfor ; <
Klvesthercceipt»of Coffee at tnis port durlnc the
hrst «evrn mouth* of the y*ar at 136.154 baes,
a/ainst 140.5bb durlnif the correspondln? period lu
IS9I and 123 jin 1890. The sites from first
b.\ads were lo 1.351 baca. acalaat 53.228 last year,
aqd ttie ItOCK on hand Aii'iiir 1 was 32.99J bazs,
against 46,185. The world's vislb!* supply Juiyl
was 'i 955.000 Lags, ag.:lust 2.098.400. The circu
laraajra: -Contrary to all precedent the month of
July baa anowa creat activity In ttt^ arUele, Ti>«
sales from first hands during that period aecrejMto
some r.t.000 bags— nearly double the usual nootaly
averaiie -besides whtcb, second hands have taken
advantage of the ouportuultv to turn profits a-. d
considerable auautitl«-s orCotfee have been sold and
resold that do not enter Into our s-ututlcs. While
all grattea have been dealt in more or less freely,
the movement has been confined principally to
Costa Klca and good unwashed balvaoor. Toe bet
ter qualities or washed Uuatemala. or which there
was but a limited supply, were rapidly absorbed and
the market Is now practically bara or tuese Low
grades have not Bartlelpated In the upward move
ment, owlns to the comparatively large supply and
to lack »r interest displayed by dealers In such de
scrlptioi:9. Since the Ist lnst. the market has taken
a quieter tone an! as dealers are now supDiied
ahead to some extent a period of dullness may be
natuarally expscted to *nsuf«. The New York mar
ke: closes quiat and steady." Quotatt..us are:
21ti>21*4< 'f. tr, for good to prime Costa Elca,
free rro.n black beans; [email protected] 9 It for crood
Co,ta Klca. mixed with black be a"ns: IH> -.(jplttv^c
V tr. f«r good washed Salvador: 18c ft B) for
K»o<l unwasiK'fi Salvador. Nicaragua and Hnatnmala:
21^#22c "t K>for prime wailied Guatemala; 20V 2
21c tor food to stnrtiy good unatemala: 17y a -5
2OV4e for ralr washed and unwashed item.tT.i;
20»,i,©22Vi'C >> It, ror good to prl ne pea-berry: 15(^
17e lor medium qnaUties: 12i/-.®14 V»c for ordinary
qualities: K.<i. l-jc for very i'lfefior to rommon.
(i A K— The Western Sn.-;»r Reflnln? Corapaay
quotes, terms net cash; Cube, Crushed. I'owlere I
and Fine Cru*h«d, all SSjtC fi K>: Dry diaaolated.
6' 4 c V tb; Coufectioner*' a. sy c; Standard A,
4-/ c; MaKiiolla. 4- a i:; Extra C, 4 i /2 < Uoltieu C,
4< 8 c: D. 41 4 c * n>; lialf-bbU. V*c more tnaa bbis.
aud boxei >. A c mure.
Pan Francisco >leat Slari^t.
Beat continues wear. Mutton and Lamb are In
ample rapply, Wholeaale rates from slaughterers
to dealers are as follows:
UEKF— First quality. [email protected]: second quality,
4».-e: third do, 3V @4c.
VI-:ai — Large. ev-giatJc: small Calvei. 6v 2 ''t7c.
MUTTON -Wethers. 7«7 ■■ C; Kwes. 7c.
LAMH-.sprlne. B^'Jc i Ib.
POKK— Live Hogj, 4 a6%c fi IB ror heavy and
medium prala-fed; »tock liogs, 4 < 4 ia,s>;i Ureasad do,
7V^j®Bo V U).
Family Itctail Market.
Butter Is slowly getting dearer. Eggs, too, are
gradually creeplns up.
Meats, Fish aad Poultry show no change.
Fruits and Vegetables are in g od supply and not
particularly chanced.
Following u lus Call's regular weekly retail
COAT.— rr.n TOV.
Cedar Klver. 8 00'$ 8 50! Scotch 9 Orva 950
Cannel 11 00,<& — «ireta,"^ too. I*o')^ —
Diamond ll 00,> — ISeattle Soo<s 850
NewWellm?- | New Seattle. bOOoS B 50
ton, V ton. $» 50^10 00 Coos 15ay 7 61) —
TVellliife'lou.. b 60^10 00|Coke.%4 bill.. 75^ 100
Butter.choSceVroll— @6o, Cheese, Swiss SOS3S
do. good 50i435!Ercs, «doi 26(335
Ordinary, d0.. ...... — (iK46|Ks;gs, Eastern 22<525
i'..iser.., v Hi 20 — Honey, eomD >» tt..2o^>'Js
heese, Cal 1 0 v *l2 . do.eitracteU 10i<J15
Cheese. Eastern 21K4'»5 1
Tacon 184117 Pork, fresh 12^15
Uecr, choice —{ix, 15! Pork. salt. ioa»l2
do.srood b(g*l2iPork Chops '....15.'<* —
Coruedlleer........ H*lo RlbCnopa — <<Sls
Ham. Cal 15<#17 Hound Steali 10(a»12
<io. i^isteru 18s20|81rtoln Steak. laVij'*lf»
Lard —($16 1 Porterhouse. do lf»20
Muinni 10a)12 1 Smoked Beef. — (o,'iO
Lamb 12(gl 151 Vea1..... 10®12
Broiler*, each. • 870) 50 i Ducks, earn.... 65T«& 75
ileus. each 00a> BOiOtese.eaca 2 OU®2 60
Young itoost- , Pigeons,* pair — «0 60
ers. each ... CO® 60i Kai.bits. r pair 35{<ft 50
Old Uuosters. [Squirrels. «* p'r —>u 88
each 65^ 90 Hare, — <& 2o
Turkeys, f> n>. 220J 251Doves. f> pair.. 25© —
*KIIT9 AND SilH. —^1
Apricots, V tt,.. 63 8 l.iine-i. > Uo.r .. lOCJi 15
Apples.?* rr. ... 4'<» 81 Neetarlnea.fi [email protected] 10
Almonds. VB. 20«4 25lOratices.t» do*. 10-4 25
liau.iiiii.i.V >Ij2 lo:* 20! Peaches. i* to,. 6«3> b
kuaektoerriee, Pears. fi 10. ... 6© 8
V drawer .. [email protected] 35 Plums. V tt> ... f>«9 8
Oaatal dm<. e.i l ■■<» 26 j Pineapples, ea, 15* 25
Cocoauuts. c». 10* 12 Kaialns, «4 1&... 10® 15
Flk«. y ■ l-.q, I; berries,
Figs. buiyr'B.a 15«a 20i + drawer .. 35© 60
Orapes. V B>., «@ 10, Strawberries,
llueklebcrries. ; V drawer*... 30® 60
r rr. 10(# 15 Waiuu:s, r 18. 15(g» 20
Lemous, "**duj. 25,-jj, 3j j Watermlons.ea 15® 35
Artichokes. H 1 Mu«hrootns
•ea 20® 25' V Ifc- _® —
As:-arazui,%>R>. 1014 20 onious.pt n>... 3ft* 4
Beota.fi d0z.... 16-^j 20,0»ra. gr'n. f> B) [email protected] 15
Pesas, Whlta, I Peppers, graoa.
f)B) 4'* 6| %< it, 6(3 6
et'ired.filo 6^ U Peppers, dry
Do, Lima, dry, | It, 25<£ 35
*0> €@ B|Parsnips,ji* doz 15fa» 20
linen 1.1111*1,. I Potatoes, Vi S> 2<c3 3
* »■.. 1013 12 UoSweet.Vlß c-a 8
Cabbages, ea... b<s b | Radishes. «t Os
Caullflowers.ea 6<^> 8! bchs 15'$ 20
Celery, l.ch. Cxai 8 Sage.fi 16 .. 31>S3 35
Cress."}* di bchs 15{^ SU!Surwii:s. ft s>. —^ _
Cue ain Den r lßtrlajrßeaas.iD 6^ 8
doz... [email protected] 12jt>'mer hquata,
E(w Plant. >» m Hc<J 8j VBl 20 3
Garlic. yrr, ... 6'<s> M.ir'ft Squash.
Or'iiCorn.»dci b(rj 20 rt. , —^5 0
Or'n Peas, «t in *(<a 6 Thyme. i*tt>". 26^ 40
Lenttu. V 1T.... Via 15 ; Turßlpa,ls doa, 15(g> 20
Lettuce."*! 15JJ *" 1 TrmaffftW. fJ B 6© 6
naif— I-l K |MI .\ D.
Barracuda 10.a> lUiSoles 8® 10
C*rp &<& id Bkatea, each... IgfJ 15
Codnsu l("d> 12 Stonreon. .. . bftft 10
Flounders..... *•(<» lOiTomcoO. 10f4 12
Halibut 16(£ — iTurbot 20^.4 "5
Herrinit — «a —(Clams, ft gall . — (a 7S
Klus&sh K* IOIDO. hard suell.
MacKerel.r^lK lo«* 15 V 10<) 40^ 50
lio. Horse, ft a> h«s 10 Crabs.each .... b<& 16
Percn , 8i» lo|Do, sort sUeIL
Pompauo ... : ; f..t 60! doz 37.4. 60
Itocknsn io,<» 15lCrawBah «yg> 10
Salmon, "in«a. —«0 15 IMnstols. f) qrt. 10-^ 16
balmon. rresa_ IV 15 {Oysters, cal tl
hhrlmps t*<S — , 100 BflfJ &0
Sbad h«» 10ll>o, Eastern. f\
beaßass lo«a 15 doz... il&j> CO
fcmclts lOi^ 12,
FRir>*r. Aug. 5.
Floor, or *»« 10.30a: Kran. sis J.450
do. Oregon, d0... 3,640 Middlings, 555..... 740
<10. Eastern, do. . miu Hav. tons. 6SO
Wheat, ctls 160,H25 | Straw, 40
Karier. ctts 17,<{2bi Wool, 01s. ..^ 467
Oau. 1.548 do. Oregoe). d0.... 67
Beana.scs 40 (JulcKsllvor, fl*ci... 60
I'oiaioes. ski 6.004 Hide*. u» ;.« 653
Onions, 'its .... Wine. iai* 25.030
I>«t*>« i.f r»pt>apttire Froiu San FraiKinco.
StEaWKR*. Destixatiom I Sails, j Wiirf
Humooldt . . , Bnmboldt Bav.. i Aug ti. oam Wash
Utnatilla , Vic « F«t Sonnet ' Aur 7. 9am HdWjr 1
Lo* AiißPles Newport |Ao| H. B.\M|lsa»fy -
9tateor i'ai. : I'ort'an I ...... i Aajt 9,IOAM!SD«»r
s.inUßosa.. Baa Diesro [AofflO.llAM BdWf 3
1cm0na..... 'Humboldt Uar.. lAuj 10. 9am i:,iw"/ 1
WiiamstiVe, Yaqum.\ tiar ... ' Auc 10.10 am iSeaw'l4
Knr«a i.Newport Ann 12. Sam lM*T*r 2
CttTl MM Vic* rgtSoutulJAUß 9am IVIWy I
orecon 'Portlani j aiu!3.loam |>pe*r
Corona | San Dlezo 1 Aiul 1.11 am , liiisr's' 'i
Vc i uruif or AU«trallau tieaiuor ilepeuds on the
Viigit-n malls.
Computed by THnxtn Tkxn Chronomstsr aad
Instrument Mikur. 4 California strasW
fc«l«n or iu« Wooden Bailee
I B.W.
, 6in»tL
1L W.
i» vr.
6-.. 11.43 ami 9.:<9 pm, 8.48 pjii 4.1*-' am 5.1717.12
7.... u.lsm Io.'JCrM 4.:<: PMI 4.63 AMJft.lBJ7.il
8.... 0.15 rM 11,15 f«! 5.19 PM] 6.30 am 5.19 7.10
9.. 1.14 J-ll U.OUam 07 pm 1 tit'H aml.V'.'O 7 (I'l
10.... 1.43 pm 00; am B.iT ru 6.4« AMis.ail~.oS
11.... '.'IHm 1 0 s:lin 7.6.! Fm 7.30 am 5.^J7.07
Large. | Musll. g |
12.... '»'.63 pm 1.51 am 8.62 pm 5.21 v; B - 3 706
siiii'riNu isteli.k;k.\(i:.
KstllAY, August 5.
Btmr l.os Anpeloi. Leland. »>o hours fran New
port, etc: pass and sadae, to <;oo<isii. Perklus A- Co.
Mini- Emily. Hobert*, 60 hours BrOBJ Coos Bay,
etc: pass and sadae. to Meyer <t Ackman.
atasi Baa Bl<«a, McLeaa, it> days from Pirnrrti
etc. pass aud n.d.ie. to P M 8 8 Co.
Btau Jewel, Madsen, 14 hours rrom N'avarro: 320
M rt lumbe r. to Navarro Mill Co.
snnr Sunol, Waivlß, 11 hours from Point Arena:
r r tlei«. to I. KWhlto.
Stmr YVhlteiboro, Jobnson, 14 hours from Green
wood: luu.l.er and r r tie% to L K White.
Btau South Coast, Hlßijins, 60 hours from Ven
tura; 10.r.'.'7 sks Lima beans, to J K Armsby * Co.
Stmr Cieoue. Ml!l-r, hours from Westport: 200
M rt lumber, 65 c.ls wood, to C L Dlacley A Co.
Itr ship Wasilale. Fisher, 08 daysfroßi Bydaey:
2707 tons coal, to Ualfour, Guthrie * Co.
BrU Win U Irwlo. McCßllOOgh, Si3days rrom Hon
oiuiii; pus aud 18,090 bags sugar, to J D Bpreekela
a Brea,
>ciir Maxim. Peterson, 24 hour* from Caspar;
170 M It liiinUir. to II HIM d ColHih.
Pcnr utis<te Kioaa. Oma. 40 hours from Kurcka
-130 M tt lumber, to Hlgctns A Colllus.
Behi Novelty, Lewi. 7 daystreca Grays Harbor;
lumber, to Bisßpeea LamberCo.
t>chr Auiethym. Johnson, 3 days from Eureka;
115 >i ft lamher, to Harris «V Jones.
Sehr Annie Gee. Munson, 7 davs rrom Astoria;
"tt«j M tt lumber, t.. utatasa KIU Co.
S< hr Archie and Koiitte. Hunting, 16 hour* rrom
Stewarts Point: 90 M It lumber, to iMicrineiiit
Bay Lumber Co.
Sehr 0 T Hill, Grethe, 40 hours rrom Kurekat
20» M rt luuiber, to Pollard A 1».. U'<*.
Schr Ivy. Engiebretsen, 3V? days rrom Coos Bay;
204 al tt lumber, lu Btaspeasi Lumber Co.
Friday, August 5.
Schr S Danlelson, Gruggle. heuce aiu A for Suia
law Klver, returned ou account of carrying «i\jy
ceuterboard Aug 4 ott Floks mill.
Fkiday. August 6.
Stmr City of New York, Johnson, Panama, etc,
via .s.iu Diego: P m H 8 Oe.
stinr Curona, Hail, san Diego, etc; Goodall, Per
kins JL Co.
btmr Uumboldt, Edwards, Eureta; M Kallisb 4
Brshlp Benmore, Jenkins, Quccnstown; Balfour.
Gutbrlo * Co.
Haw bark Andrew Welch, J>rew, Valparaiso, via
Purl Townseud; Parrott Jt Co.
Schr Caleb Curtis, Perwleu, buutlng and fishing;
J A Mageo Jr.
Friday, August 6.
Rtmr Olpsy, Jepsen. "<anta Crux.
Mmr Crescent City, Allen, Cre&ceut City.
Stmr Coteaa, Hall, Nan Diego.
Btmr Columbia, Bolles, Astoria.
Btmr City of New Vork. Johnson, Panama, etc,
ili San Diego.
Stmr Tlllamook, Hamm. Point Arena.
Br ship Vanduara. Klnner, Queen.itown.
hr »hip Ulenealrd, Itagilmh Queeustowu.
Hark Canollton. Lewi.s. miuiuio.
Haw li.ui Andrew Welch, Drew, Valparaiso, Tla
Port I owntend.
Schr Caleb Curtis. Permien, bunting and Qshlng.
Bcur Free Trado, CraiiKie. SiusUw Klver.
Schr Chas Hanson, Lii)u.u.kl. Grays Harbor.
bcur Therese. bchinallug.
T»-l« kii»|l''< • V :.
POINT I.OHOS — August 6—lo r u— Weather
hazy; witiii.NW : velocity 12 miles.
July 25, 30 N, 1!> W, Brshlp City or Delhi, from
Cartlitr for Han Dingo.
July 30. 60 10 N. t;er bark Vlsurgls, rroui Liver
pool for Sau Francisco.
P. r lirslnp Wasdaie— luty 28.40 40 N. 143 35 W.
spo.e a bn.-, suuposed to be the lialilee, from Tahiti
for hau Frauctscu.
O<iii»e*ti« I'orts.
rm K wfke"Tr ArflVed July 31 - Schr Alcalde, trm
g U»AL- Arrived Aujr4-Stinr Westport, hnce Aug
l™^^™^™"**' 5-ScUr Bill
<louUo ORIA ~ Ba " ea Ul/6 - SChr rioneer.ror Re-
EMI'IRLdTY-SalladJuly 5 - stmr Cosmopolis
ftr San tranclsoo.
FOINT ARKNA-Sailed July 5-Stnir Greenwood
for ban Francisco.
WESIr-ORT-Arrived Aug 5-Stmr ITotectioa.
hence An; .',.
COQUlLLE— Arrived Aug 3-Schr Antelope, hce
I'UINT AhENA-Arrivea Aug 5-Stmr Green
wood, from I'olnt Arena.
YAQUINa KAY- Sailed Au? 4-Stmr Willaraetto
\all*>v. fur San Francisco.
PISH K-Airlved Aug 5-Schr Joseph and
Ilenrv. hence Aug 3.
ALBION— Arrived Aug s— Schr Portia, lince Am
REDONDO- Arrived Augs-Schr Bertha Dolbeer.
from Eureka.
TACOMA-Salled An? 5-Bark Hesper, for Mel
NAVAKRO-Arrlved Ang 5-Schr A*Ba Klmball.
hence Aug 3.
Kastern Port*.
BALTIMORE-Cleared Aug 4-Shlp C C Chap
man for Sau Diego. • .-.- :
Forolen I'ort*.
NANAIMO— Sailed Aii(?s-Uarlc SeaKlnsr, for san
San Francisco. 4-Ship Kcllpite. for Kan Francisco.
AM WEItP- Arrived Aug 3— Br ship Aticaios, fia
Otmob, via Falmouth
SYDNEY— Sailed July 30— ship Province, for
San rranclsro.
l'at| ( A1 >UL<JO ArrlVe<l Au 8 3-Sttnr San JuaD, for
i-i'.a\Vle FOIN'T-Passed Aug 3— Ger shipStand
ard. from Bellingham Bay lor Dordt. SQlyotaau
EMPIRE CITT-l'erKmily-75 eds matchwood.
1 c» indse. i. cs eitsts. 1 sit corn. 2 bbl* butter
Port urrord-50 Mft lumber, V buls butter 1 sk
coin. 2 iiivjK express.
Chetco— lßs bin wool, 45 bbls 1 bx butter, 50 toes
borax, l bdl hose. 1 cs imtsa.
Shelter Cove— 344 sueep, 42 cd3 tan bark 1 bx
geed, 1 bx groceries.
Fort Hrajg— s4 k«s butter, 1 pkg stove furniture
1 pkg oil, 1 cs mdse, 1 bx seed, a bags sugar, 1 bx
Little River— l bugaty, 1 bx dry fish, 2cs mdse.
SAN PEDBO— Per Los Angeles-5 cs whisky, 1 sic
eorka, 127 buissait hide*, 4S pkgs household gooas.
416 8k» corn, 2 cs u<iuoh, 2 gteel rollers. 1 bx bets
Redondo— 2l sks wool. 5 sfcs rags, Ssfcsserapiron.
14 bxs lemons. 4 pkgs machinery, 1 b'»l whisky, 1 bx
25 pkgs huusenold goods, U bdls Iron molds.
Ventura-47 aka r r spikes, 135 i»n lemous, 74 bbls
aaphaltnm, ltj bxs oranges, 901 sks beans, 1 coop
pljreons. : coop fowls. 37 ska dried Iruit, 8 mules. 4
I>kt;i farm Implements.
banta Barbi.ra-2 sks«eed3. 224 sks abalone shells,
6 Ikl horns. 3 cs brandy, 5 sks scrap leather, 1 cs
strained honey, -'4 SKs crawllsb, 103 bxs oranges, 37
bxs lemons.
Banta Craa liland-8 bdls pelts, 1 bdl dry hides, 1
trlintuiugs. 15 bbls oil. 441 bd;» sealskins.
Port Har:ord-1 sk 1 34 bdla zreen hide*. 3 bxs ap
ricots, 1 cs boots and shoes, 6 bdls dry hides 6 pkgs
household goods. 1 bdj beauing, 2 cs hardware 1 eg
dry goods, I gk coffeo. 1 bx guns. 3 bdls steel. 1 bx
scale*, 41 bn butter, 10 bx* fresh fish, l coll rope,
*£ coops chickens, 1 sk coin, « bxs cheese, 1 bbl tai
low, la cs eg^g. 13 bdls salt bides. 3 bdls pelts.
Cayucos-66* sks barley. 128 tits chevalier barley,
313 sks weat. 4 bbls '.:!• bxs butter. 8 cs efr»s.
han Sliueuu— l tub 55 bxs butter. 5y 3 cs eires Ibx
Gaviota— 3 cs eg;s, 6 gks crawfish, 5 bxs fresh fish.
Los Alamos— sks barley.
i-an Luis Oblspo— '.'oo sks oarley.
Monterey— 23 cs honey. I cs starch, 1 bx cheese.
I hf bx butter.
PerEmlly-SnmVs Cash store: A Crawford 4 Co:
Wells, Fargo 4 Co; Baker j Hamilton; Metropoli
tan Match Co: CE Whitney A Co; Christy 4 Wise;
Dodge. Sweeney A- Co; Norton, Teller A Co; K l.a
very; W W Montague A Co; Cetz Bros 4Co , Pa
clt.c Coast Borax Co; Wltzel & Baker; H C Ford;
Hlgglns Collins; Holbrook, Merrill ic Stetson: K
.i Bowan: Whlttier, Fuller <fe Co: Amer Press Assn;
M Bbrmaji A Co; M fr" Hetherington; Northern
Seed Co; Will 4: Mnck; l.rauusehweig«r Co; t>
Per I.f«s Aneeles— C E Whltn«y £- Co: Jones * Co:
Eveleth & Nash; K J liowen Jl Co; H Levy d- Co;
0 B Smith i- Co; Marshall, TeKs'»rt <t Brorsen; C A
Tetzen; Sherry, L-iwrence A- Co; i> Tiedemau 4 Co;
Brlgham, Hoppr & Co; i< M Atctilnson & Co; Gold
tree * Larzelere: Chas Montgomery * Co; C Mer
ingues: Dairymen's Union; Dod*e, "Sweeney 4 Co:
Getz Bros A- Co; H:ll*Bros: H N Tllden * Co; L
Mitchell: Whealon * Luhrs: Sinshelmer Bros: U
Camalonl: Tillmann A Bendel; S McHenry 4 Co;
M T Preitaa ft Co: Vervalln * Rowe: E Antonl;
O B Smith <t Co; Robs A Hewlett ; UDutard; Jud
son Uttt <o: De Bemardl A Westphal; S|>«'gel *
Co; Wltzel A Baker: Wolf <fc Son: W H Wooii: J K
Armsby <t Co; TV B Sumner jt Co; Blssinger & Co;
Schacht, Leuicke <t Steiner; A Paladlnl; i'araftine
Paint Co; bherwood ic Sherwood; J B Inguglla: l>
O'Neill; Main * lncutsier; PardlnliCo; Uer
nianla Fruit Co; Bolbrook, Merrill A Stetson; W H
Tepgsrt; liiustl * Antoni ; J Ivancovich A Co; M
O'Brien; Kowalsky <t Co: Porter Bros * Co: Stern
<* Uoodman : Morcau A Chick : Erlanger A Gallnger:
Christy <t Wise; Chas tlarley & Co: Dal ton Bros; L
Hapglu: Goodalt, Perkins & Co; Abratngon. Bacon
* Co: Duffy Bros; YVeill Hros A Co: H Waideck: A
Clayburg; Aiuerlcau Fishing Co; Phillips Bros; \V
II Wooo.
for Late Shtpjti>i-j H»UtlltMmtm See Eighth rage.
3Vl©x""olaL£i:n.-ts' T_iino.
IHI MAG\IFICE.>T llitt>N SkilV
JT. IT. O.V KK?»,
1897 Tons Re?. REED, Master.
Is now on the berth at Sew York, aud having large
engagements will receive quick dispatch.
To _be followed by the Al Clipper Ship EMILY
For freipSit apply to
J. W. CRACE <t CO.,
■JBO California s;.. Ban Francisco.
W. R. GRACE 4 CO.. Hanover square, New tort
lela tfgp
Read M. J. Laymance & Co.'s advertisement un-
der head of Oakland Real Estate in this paper.
Important to every lady. J731 7t
XJ Mining Company. Locatiou of prlucipal place
of business, San Francisco, Cal.: i./.catlou of works
Gold llili, oold Hlii Mining District, Storay County,
Notice— There are delinquent upon the following
described stock, o'i accouut «f assessmeat No. 42,
levied on the eichtennth day of June. 1892, tne sev-
eral amounts set opposite tne Dames of the respec-
tive sliareMol.lers, as follows:
No. No.
Nam us. Cert. Shr*. Amt
Atkinson. Thomas T. A Co..
Trustees (baLJ , 26965 4 $ 60
Barrett, Johu S. A- Co.. Trs. . J2'.0l 100 15 00
Clute * rsen. Trustees 30t>n 20 3 00
■Fox. 11. L., Trustee 85*519 to 3 00
fox, 11. L.. Trustee 32410 10 150
Foster. A. w. A- Co.. Trs uou 100 i& 00
Oauthler. E. 4 Co. Trustees. .3l2s2 luO 15 00
Goldman * Co.. Trustees 32451 200 30 oo
Gurnett W. J., Tmstee 32357 200 30 00
Greenebamn.J., Trustee. 31t>t*8 50 7 50
Hadley 4 Doiid. Trustaos 91475 3CO 30 00
Harris. C. f. 4 Co., Trustees.. 32249 600 75 00
Klaf, W. H., Trustee SIBM 60 7 50
Alurpby. t. I*. A Co.. Tm 32468 60 7 60
11m rye. Geo. T. Jfc Sou, Trs.,
(bal) 21800 6 75
Mar] ■ 8«o. T. A Son, Trg....25<73 6 75
Marye, Geo. T. a Son, Trs 25375 io l 60
Maryr, Geo. T. -.son, Tr5....8<!039 75 11 25
osborn, L.. Trustee (bal.) 80301 4 60
Osborn, L.. Trustee (baL) 30321 21 3 15
Osborn. L., Trustee (bal.) 30397 4=V 60
Osboro. L.. Trustee 29331 100 15 00
Osborn, L., 1 rmtee 50244 100 15 00
Osboru. L.. Trustee 30955 43 6 45
Osborn, L., Trustee 31404 100 16 OU
Onborn. L., Trustee 31894 10 150
Osborn, L., Trustee 32503 35 6 25
Root. Geo. 11., Trustee 25474 60 7 50
Hoot. Geo. 8., Trustee 30470 60 7 60
Root, Geo. M.. Trustee 3JSI3 100 15 00
Root. Geo. 8., Trustee 31782 100 15 00
Boot. Geo. H,, Trustee 52075 200 30 00
Beat, Geo. b.. Trustee 3_'oSO 100 15 00
Root. Geo. 8., Trustee 32099 200 SO 00
Beet, Geo. H., Trustee 32101 200 30 00
Boot. Geo. K., Trustee 32191 50 7 60
Kolph. James. Trustee (ba1.i. 31131 21 8 16
Rolpb. James, Trustee (baL).3H3S 21 3 16
Ki.b, H.. Trustee. 27198 20 3 00
Rehfiscb * Co., Trustees 2t>415 60 7 50
Beauscb A Co., Truatese. 32219 100 16 00
Shotwfll. E. E.. Trustee 25t»78 20 h 00
Slauf. Cooper' Red liok. Tr5.299^2 100 15 00
Staur. Cooper A- Keilllck, ! r«.309»a 50 7 50
Stauf. Cooper A Redllck, Tn.31369 100 15 00
Nitu\ Cooper * Redllck. Tr5.31303 50 7 60
Mauf. Cuopsr .t Redlick. Tr5.32224 200 30 00
Vaa Wyck, H. L., Tru5tee.... 32494 200 30 00
Van DeTeater.T.. Tru5tee... .32383 100 15 00
wuueiy, T. * Co., Trustees. 50477 300 45 00
Watsoti, Win. 11., Trustee 23993 50 7 50
Wats.. n. Wm. H.. Tru5tee.. ..27217 50 750
Watson. *■. H., Trostee.... 27552 10 150
Zadle. Wol!b«rp A Co.. Tr5.. .31863 100 15 00
And la accordance with law a.id an order fro.u
the board of directors, maae on ttie 18th dav of
June, 1892, so many shares of each parcel ot such
stock as may be npcassary will bt sold »t public
a-i. tio:i at '.ln> auctton-houss ot S. I". Mildleton
a Co.. 3631 Uromorj street. s.»a Francisco. Cali-
fornia, on il KSDAT, the ltitb day of August,
189-', at tho hour or 1 o'clock p. u. of said day. to
p»y -\:i delinquent asseosmont t!ier*.in. together
with costs of adverttslnir and expanxos or sale.
L. OS It URN, Secretary.
Office— Room S3, Nevada block, 309 Montgomery
street. Sa:i Franc sco. California. ]v3O td
J. ' d.U -'I New York Mining Company. Location
ot principal place ol business. Sin Fraaelaeo, Cal.
Location of works. Gold 111:1. Storey County. Nev.
Notice— Th-M Is aellaqueat upon the followlnt;
described stork, on acsount of assessment No. 8,
levied OB iho 2Stb d.iy of Juue, lSt»2. the several
aui'iunts set opposite tbe uatnes of the respective
shareholders, as follows :
No. No.
Names. Certificate. Shares. Anat.
Elilot Charlas E., Trustee 416 600 50 OU
ro\. Henry 1... Trustee 1236 10 100
Uatttbler, K. & 0., Trs.. bal... 756 20 200
Qaataler, B. A Co.. Trustees.. 98S 60 6 00
Greeuebanm. J., Trustee 1232 10 100
Gre«nbauin. L. A' Co. Tr... 1403 100 10 00
Iladley <t Uoud, Trustees 1049 60 6 00
King. W H, Trustee i:<s4 JOO 1000
McUonell A Ryan. Trustees., 1171 luo 1000
Marye, O. W. A Co.. Trustee.. 1965 100 10 00
Kebti-cti A ( 0.. Trustees 83 100 10 00
Bebuseu A Co.. Trustees 9S 50 6 00
Bebilscb A Co., Trustees 106 100 1000
Rfhtisch A Co.. Trustees 114 100 1000
Behftecb A Co., Trustees, bal. 172 20 2 0<»
Kobaseb A Ca.Trustoes, bal.. 307 20 200
ttenascb aCo Trustees 350 500 6000
Rohflsch A- Co., Truiteas 632 100 1000
Rehflsch A Co., 1 ...... 10!iB 100 1000
Bebflscb A Co., Tvusteee, .1097 iio 2 00
Hfh sea A Co.. Trustees. 1294 60 600
Kelitisci A Co.. Trustees. 1370 100 1000
Bebuscb A Co., Trustees 1460 100 lo on
Kelifisch A Co., Trustees. 1461 100 1000
Bebflecb a Co., Trustees, ba1..1450 20 2 00
Root. Geo. U., Trustee. 1397 luo 10 00
Mauf. Cooper & Redlick, °irus>
tees, bal 1749 20 00
Zadift. Wollberg A. Co., Trus-
tees 1916 20 2 00
And in accordance with law. aud an order ot the
"Board ot Ulrectors, inado on the 28th day of June,
IS">2, so ttiv shares ot aaeh parcel of such stock as
111.iv be necessary will i.e sold .it public auction at
the • Dee of (he company, room 7t», Nevada bloctc,
309 Montjii.iinry street, San i;»nclso<>. Cal.. ou
TUESDAY, the 23d day ot Anjttut, 1592. at tne
hour of two (2) o'cloek p. m of said day. to pay
said delinquent assessment thereon, together with
costs of advertlslnj and expenses ot the sale.
CIIAS. v. ELLIOT, Secretary.
ofllce— Room 79, Nevada bloc., 309 Moutgomeiy
Street, San Francisco, C;H. au4 td
Relieved me of a severe Blood trouble.
It has also caused my hair to grow out
again, as it had been falling out by the
handful. After trying many physicians
m ain ' I am so happy to find a cure ia
b. b. S. O. H. Elbert, Galveston, Tex.
S CLJ S r> y forcing out perms of dls-
v^ w i\UO ease ajld the I)oisou a3 weU>
O^lt is entirely^vegetablo and harmless.
S Treatise on Blood Skin mailer! free.
0 towns Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Mj Cl»M»««t*T'« Englfih Diamond Brand.
,HJ»Vk. Orl s ln«I »nd Onlj tiennhieT 1 A
/"V j^oN •* rl . »l»»T« relUble. ladies. «k
P*N*'>eS*se. moud Brand ia Kcd »nd Gold meiallic'vVW
J^ — -,\J»^ boxes. tn\e4 wim blus ribbon. Take VSy
T*?j >vj*>o other. Xifute iang4rou* tubstilu- \r
1 / ~ fif tient and imitation: At I>ru«;<i.ttt«. or s»n:l-|p.
I*^ Jt I" »t»(opi for partioular>, t»<timonia^ au3
\«* fp "If^lfj-f for Ladles,** in Utter, by rrturn
— \_^X' Mall. KMHtO T-Kimoulali. Xante Paw
_,7 rcki.lir.trr 4-hrnili>»! ( 0., <;i. un SqucreJ
Bold by all Local 1>- • I'hll«<U., JFVu
del2 ly SaWeAWy
Assessment No. 4.
Levle< July 11, 189!1
Amonnt 6 cents
Delinquent Au 2 ujt 19. 183a
Sale Day September 12. 1893
GEO.R. SPINNKY, Secretary.
Office Xo. 310 Piue street. Room No. 28, San
francisco. C.il. lyi'ita
XJ solldated Coinoany-Locatlou of princip i place
•f business, San Francisco, Cal. Location of worlci.
Virginia City, btor--y County, Nev. "«««,
>otice— There are deUaqnent upon the roliowlnt
described stocW, on aceoont of asnessmeut >'o 16
levied on the seventh day of June, 1392, the serer*!
amounts set opposite the uamei of the resnectlTs
shareholders, as follows:
No. No.
Cert. Sbrs. Amt
Anderson. Ch«s. K.. Trustee 841 60 312 69
liarrett & Co.. J. s.. Trustees 7134 100 25 0(1
Bannan, W., Trustee 6130 10 269
Cottlayau, S. S., lrustee UlO5 200 to 00
Cahlll 4 Co., E., Truttees 4114 100 -£5 00
Clute 4 Coursttu, Trustees ,6181 100 26 0(1
Clute Jt Cour»en, Trustees 712t 20 600
Cope & Kiigll.h. Trustees 6983 100 25 00
Dlxou Milrs, : ru»;ees 6283 100 25 00
Dixon & Jllles, Trustees 6H05 'J5O 6'-' 5O
Dixon 4 M'les, Trustees . ts7Bt> 100 25 00
Dixon 4 Miles, Trustees 6791 100 25 00
Dixon Mllos, Trustees 6SIB 100 25 0(J
Dixon 4 Mil*», 'irustees... titiJb 100 25 00
Dnon * Miles. I'rustaes 61)29 100 25 oa
Itlxon 4 Mtl«8, Trustees t>9sl 100 25 00
Dixon & Mile^. Trustee* .6984 50 12 s<|
Dlxon 4 Miles. Trusteos 707i?' 103 V5 00
Dixon <fc Miles. Trustoes 7128 ll>o 25 00
Flah. A. H.. Trustee 53 50 12 50
Fisd.A. H..Tru«teo 79 100 25 CO
t isu. A. H.. Trustee 80 100 U5 U<|
M»h, A. H., Trustee 81 100 2500
Fisn, A. H.. Trustee 82 100 25 O'J
FUh. A. H., Trustee 83 100 25 03
Fish, A. H., Trustea 182 50 1250
Fish. A. H., Truitee 550 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Truiteo 557 50 1-59
Fish, A. H., Trustee 928 1000 250 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 3107 60 12 60
Fish, A. H., lrustee 4599 60 12 50
i-lsh. A. 11., Trustee 4705 100 •£', 00
Flsn, A. H., Trustee 4706 100 25 00
Flsb, A. A., Trusteo 4707 100 35 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 4708 100 25 00
Fish, A. H.. Trusteo 4709 lUO 25 00
FUh, A. H., Trustee 47U 2UO 60 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 4714 20 500
Fish. A. H.. Trustee 4812 60 12 60
Fish. A. M., Trustee 4825 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 4831 100 25 OO
Fish, A. H.. Trustee. 4557 50 18 50
Fish, A. H., Tru'tee 4858 60 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5a02 100 25 Ou
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5 <05 50 12 50
Fish. A. 11., Trustee 6316 100 25 00
Fisn. A. H.. Trustee. 5317 50 12 60
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5319 60 12 60
Fish. A. H., Trustee 5334 100 25 00
Fish. A. H Trustee... 5337 luO 25 00
Fish, A. U.. Trustee 5359 lUO 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee &100 200 50 09
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5425 50 12 5U
Fish, A. H.. Tru-tee 542t$ 60 12 50
Fish, A. A., Trustee. 5431 li 0 25 do
Fish, A. U., Truilrc- 6469 100 25 00
FUh, A. H., Trustee 5492 600 l'J6 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 5493 200 60 OU
Fish, A. H.. Trustre 5539 50 I^so
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 5541 100 25 OU
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5544 -.'5O Oli 50
Fish. A. H.. Trustee. 5648 50 12 50
Fis». A. H., Trustee 6659 100 26 00
Fish, A. H., Trustea 5689 10 250
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5734 50 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee 5783 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 5804 100 25 00
Flah, A. H., Trustee 5805 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee sSO*> 100 25 00
Fbh, A. H., Trustee 5807 50 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee 68^5 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustre 68*7 5'J 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6834 303 75 UO
Fish. A. H., Trustee 5836 50 12 50
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6038 200 50 O
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 6100 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6J48 100 25 00
riih, A. H., Trustee 6317 200 50 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 6322 600 12& OO
Fish, A. H., Trii»tee 6326 100 25 OO
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 6.<53 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6415 50 12 50
Fish. A. H., Trustee 6154 100 25 t)O
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 6456 100 26 00
Fish, A. H., Trujtea 6503 200 6000
Fish. A. H.. Trusteo 6521 100 25 O'J
Fish, A. H.. Trustee 6571 100 2» OU
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6816 100 25 OO
V'ish. A. H., 'lrusiee 6645 10U 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 8668 100 26 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee 669U 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee .6765 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Tru»tee 6846 100 25 00
Hsh. A. H., Trustee 6850 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trusteo 6553 25 6 25
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6875 100 25 00
FUh. A. A., Trustee 6576 100 25 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 0910 60 12 50
Flih. A. H.. Trustee 6967 100 25 OO
Fish, A. H., Trustee 6980 100 25 00
Fish, A. H., Trustee «J"9l 100 35 OU
Fi?h, A. H.. Trustee. 7010 60 1269
Fish, A. H., Trustee. 7042 200 60 00
Fish. A. H., Trustee 704S 200 60 00
Flsb. A. H.. Trustee 7049 100 35 00
Foster * Co., A. W., Trustees 38 <7 100 25 00
Foster <fc Co., A. W., Trustees ...5482 60 Vt 60
Foster * Co., A. TV'., Trustees. . . 6098 100 26 00
Foster * Co.. A. >V., Trustees.... 7059 100 25 00
Goldman 4 Co., Trustees 6721 300 75 00
Uoidman 4Co Truataes 70tS7 500 125 00
Goldman 4 Co., Trustees 7u75 VOO 60 0(1
Uoldman 4 Co.. Trustees 70-t> 200 60 UO
Uoidmau <t Co., Trustees 7090 300 75 00
Uoldinan 4 Co., Trustees 7091 200 50 00
Goldman * Co., Trustees 7131 500 125 00
Guraett, v>. j.. Trustee 7103 800 125 OO
Guruett. W.J., iru«::e , 7103 »00 76 0»
Uurnett. "VV. J., iiu-i«e 7111 SO 12 80
Gauthler 4 Co., E., Trustees 6413 100 26 00
Uauthier * Co., E., Trustees. «577 100 25 00
Gauthier 4 Co.. E.. Trustees 6578 5J 12 50
Gauthier * Co., E.. Trustees 6594 50 12 60
Gauthler* Co.. K.. Trustees. 6995 100 25 00
Gauthler * Co., E., Tru»te«s 7039 600 125 00
Gauthler <fc Co., K.. Trustees 70S0 100 25 00
Gauthier & Co., K, Trustees 7O. V 100 25 00
Havens, H. B, Trustee 552.1 20 6 Ot*
Hadley 4 I/oud, Trustees SSB9 IUU 25 00
Hadley * Doud, Trustees 6201 100 25 00
Hadley Jt Doud. Triutees 6226 50 IS6O
Hooker * Fritsch. Trustees 5616 30 750
Jones, O. R., Trustee 6644 100 25 00
Jones. O. K., Trustee 7006 200 60 00
Jones, O. Jl., Trustee 7007 10J 25 00
Joues. O. R., Trustee 7003 10U 26 OO
Jones, O. R.. Trustre 7v'6t* 101) 26 00
Keliey. George « , Trustee 4611 100 25 00
King. W. H., Trustee 3326 100 23 00
King. W. H.. Trustee 58H7 low 26 00
Masrlunls. T., Trustee ......4390 400 10000
Marye 4 Sou, (Joorge T., Trs 433 60 12 50
Marye 4 Soa, George T., Trs 2'^4t> 500 125 OU
Marye 4 Son, Georse T., Trs 3147 100 25 00
Maishall, Louts, Tru«t«e 70i4 SOU 2OU 00
Marsball, Louis. Trustee. 7028 100 26 09
Otis * Co.. Trustees. 694ti 200 60 i>o
Koot, George 1»., Tiu<t;e J773 60 12 50
Koot. George B..Tiustee 4793 60 12*0
Root, Oeorce 8.. Trustee 5U84 100 25 00
Root, George 8., Trustee «572e 100 26 00
Root, ueorje 8.. Tr:is;ee 6583 100 25 OO
Root, Unorge 8.. Trustee 6883 100 15 00
Koot, George 8., Trustee 7001 100 *5 00
Root, George 8.. Trustee 7002 100 26 00
Root, Oeorje 8., T:!i«;e« 7013 100 25 00
Koot, Ueorgo B. Tr.isire 703S 2uO 60 00
Rehnsch 4 Co., Trustees 15*4 50 12 50
Reliti.ch 4 Co., Trustees. 1697 60 1-60
R«hnsch * Co., Trustees. 4509 100 »5 OO
Rehflsch 4 Co., Trr.stecs 6153 l'O 15 00
Rehttech 4 Co., Trustees. 6510 109 26 00
Kehnsch <t Co.. Trustee* 6567 100 35 OO
Rehflsch 4 C»».. Trust 6019 50 12 60
Rehfiseh 4 Co., Trustees 6D66 100 35 00
Rehtlsch Jt Co., Trustee*. 6339 100 35 00-*^
Rebfisch 4 Co.. Trustees. 6384 100 26 00
Rehflsch A Co.. Trustees. 6458 100 26 00
Reutlsch 4 Co., IriMtees .6*Bo 100 15 00
Rehflach* Co., Trustees «57i 100 SB 00
Kehiisch 4a Co., Trustees 6602 100 2500
Rehflsch * Co., Trustees. 6660 6O IV 50
Rehri?ch 4 Co., Trustees 67<>8 50 13 60
Rebilsch * Co., Trustee* 6782 100 26 09
Rebflsch 4 Co., Trustees 6854 100 85 09
Kehntch 4 Co.. Trustees bSb6 103 86 00
Kehnsch 4 Co.. Trustees 6925 100 85 09
Kentiscb A Co .Tr i»t.vs 7040 608 125 UO
Sbinn, H. H., Trustee t;9."7 100 S5 09
Mitnn. H. H.. Trusteo 6»75 100 26 00
fehlen. H. H., Tru^tte 6.»76 100 tb 09
B!iinu. H. R.. Trustee 6077 100 26 0«
Shlan. U. H, Trusteo 6373 100 26 00
ishotwell. E. K.. Trustee 34*1 100 25 09
SUUf. Cooper* Redliclc, Trs t}l63 100 25 00
suuf, Cooper 4 KedlioK, Trs 6164 100 25 09
Stauf. Cooper 4 Kcdil Trs 6*36 100 35 00
Stauf. Couper .v Redttck, Th 6.:57 20 600
SUur, Cooper 4 RodiieU, Tr5.... 8394 109 35 09
Stauf. Cooper A Kedllck, Frs... 6737 109 26 09
»t:iiif, Cooper Jc Redllck, Tr5... .6758 100 25 09
Stauf. Couper * Kedil-'k. Trs... 69-6 iUO 1-5 00
btaur. Cooper 4 Redii.-lt, Trs ....7037 10UO 260 UO
Turnbull, Johu, Trustee 4431 100 25 QO
Turnuull. John, Trmtee 4438 100 23 00
Turnbull, John, Trustee 6399 109 115 09
Turnbull. John, Trustee H6(17 I'iO 35 00
Turnbull, John. Trustee 859S 100 35 09
Turnuui! 4 Sams .u. Trustees... .'4069 100 25 Ou
Turnbull 4 Samson. Trustees 4106 100 23 00
TumbuM 4 Samson. Trustees 4761 100 25 09
Van Wyck. H. L. Trustee 5259 50 I*4 si> •
■Wakefleld 4 Co., S. 8., Trustees. l"; 97 600 126 00
Zadlg, >\olibrr;iJr Co., Trustees. 2ooo 60 li 6U
Zadig. Wonbom 4 Co., Trustees. 3. 05 '-'O ft
Zadiz, Wollberg * Co., Trnste«s.3OB2 100 35 00
Zadtg, Wollberz A Co., Trustees 4059 100 23 Ou
Zadij, Wollberg 4 Co., Trustees. 4880 500 125 00
Zidlj-, Woilberc 4- Co., Trustees 5631 100 2& UO
Zadljf. Woilberi •* Co., Trustees 5533 100 35 OU
/<dig, Wollberg- 4 Ca. Trustees. s9o6 100 S3 00
Znaln. Wollberg 4 Co., Trustees. s9l6 50 12 5O
ZadiK, Wollberg 4 Co., Trustees. 6«99 IOJ 35 00
Zadl<, Wollberg 4 Co., Trust.es. 6l27 100 25 00
Zadig, Wolil>er« 4 Co., Trustees. 64 l9 100 25 09
Zadlg, Wollberg * Co.. Trustees 6411 100 36 00
ZAillg, Wollberg * Co., Trustees. 6537 109 25 00
Zndlg, WollOerit * Co., Trustees. 6B9B 300 75 OO
Zadlj, Wol!l>9r){ 4 Co., Trustees. 6B99 50 12 50
Z.dtu, Wollberg 4 Co. Trustees. 100 25 00
Zadig, Wollberg: 4 Co.. Trustees. 7 113 200 60 00
Ao<l la accurdancs with law and au order from
the board of directors, roaae on tha 7th day ot
Jnne, 1892. so innny shares o' each parcel of encb
stock as maybe n'cesnarr will be sold at publio
auction at the ofiico of the company, room 53,
vada block. SO9 Montgomery street. San Franr
cisco, California. 011 FKIDAY, the 29th day or July,
1892, At the hour or I o'cloek, p. it.; of said dar. to
pay said dellnqii*ut assessment thereon, togethet
with costs of advertl-lug %ud expenses of sale.
■ A. ii. H-H. Secretary.
Office— Room 68. Nevada block, 3U9 Montgomery
ftixect. S%O traucijco, Ci*l}toryU»
Jl Utah Consolidated Miiliif? Com »ny is here'.)]
lios'poiieu until TH f ks.iaY, August 1&, 1892. a]
12 o'clock noon, at the ußiceot the Company, Koota
68, Nevada Block. 309 Montgomery atraet. Sag
Frxnclsco, Cal, By oruer of the Hoard 01 Director*
Jy3U td A. H. Fisa. Secretary.
Cali. in wrapper, raady for saalitug.

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