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RIGHT with the public and eradicate a prevailing, but
& erroneous impression, we take pleasure in stating that
on or about the ist of January, 1893, we expect to place on
the market the water of the famous California Geysers
under the name of GEYSER TABLE WATER. We are
well aware that there are some who have been deluding
themselves for a considerable time with the idea that they
have been drinking water from the Geyser Springs hitherto.
We beg now to assure them that this is a grand mistake.
The water of the California Geysers has NEVER YET
been bottled, however much people have been misled by ad-
vertisements of waters, if not affirming, certainly implying
that they come from the Geyser Springs. We desire it to
be generally known that we have secured THE SOLE
RIGHT to prepare this water. We are now busily engaged
putting up extensive bottling machinery at the GEYSERS,
aud we are hopeful that, with the new year, the newest and
best water ever prepared will be available to all. This will
be THE ONLY naturally boiled water on the market.
We offer $5000 reward to any one who will furnish
proof that we are not the FIRST and ONLY bottlers of the
water from the California Geysers.
C. L. D2NCLEY, JR., Manager,
29 Steuart Street, San Francisco.
fi.B. — Tbese are fee-similes oßhe labels which will appear on Each bottle :
X&a&r **€_ y— » v*-\» "Vr^^QVs/
1 .1 -;■«■ , '.".•-•-* _
• ■♦^c-jfeflr* *JtforlSßsß^B«gc \ -* *S*Sls9maLs&iz7i£/ii ■»*•"**•*»
iA±tolJuiyjiMi|l InYTHIS BOTTLE E//J/T3 SlteMflCbOUMCt
rrJ-CISKS?S^^KW S^3^^ cf£{Z 'fi"3>STH£OHLYW/mRBNTAEI*JimETIMis\
l <§ sBSt-sED/HiißruflE-- LnSDRZTCRY
t l! KihlLßPl WATER. CMSP/WD SPfl.fiKllNlr
i -* i ******S*-*-^gy *~ * 77;Bl:£ -Sfl r H/tSffOJEsTO/tL*
2,;««*J-j-si£.t.i\i-- V \^ £tJDOf!s£Oßym££EJiniUGJ } fiy^ta/ffJS,
■ — . ■ 1 ■ ■■-„
-■"■-■ ■"•■■• ■■ del. 6: cod -/":***~~.: : ->
The Trust Has Secured Control of
the riarket.
Chicago, D-c. 13.— William Mida, editor
of the Trade Journal, published in the
whisky interests, says: "The whisky trust
.has secured a corner on whisky, and, as a
result, prices are going up. The trust owns
ail the whisky in the country and has
bought up the output of nearly all the dis
tilleries several months in advance. The
Idea is that Congress is about to increase
the whisky tax. The whisky now being
made will not go on the market for about
three years. The annual consumption is
30,000,030 gallons and the visible supply on
hand Is only 78,000,000 gallons, 60 they are
masters of the situation.
New York, Dec. —At a quarterly
meeting of the directors of the whisky trust,
to-day, a dividend of 1% per cent, payable
Januarys, was declared. No change was
made in the price of whisky.
The announcement was made t.*> the stock
holders of the purchase of the Star and
Crescent distilleries of Pekin, ll]., the Ne
braska City distillery at Nebraska City and
the Central distillery at St. Louis, with an
aggregate capacity of 10,000 barrels daily.
The Grand Trunk to Compete With
the Canadian Pacific.
Chicago, Dec. 13.— A local paper says:
To counteract the monopoly sought to be
established by the Canadian Pacific by
securing possession of the Intercolonial
Railway and the establishment oi a fast
line of ocean steamers between Halifax and
Europe, the Grand Trunk proposes to in
augurate in the near future the fastest
oean steamship service in existence be
tween Portland, Me., and European ports.
Aside from more favorable winter condi
tions, the Grand Trunk route will be shorter
to most of the United States points.
A Rumor That It Is Once More On in
Fargo, N. D., Dec. 13.— Word has reached
ere from Billings County, on the west side
of the Missouri River, to the effect that the
rustler war has been reopeued. A fight Is
said to have occurred Friday. A half-breed
brought the news of the fight. He said the
cowboys had overtaken the rustlers and a
fight had ensued, in which the thieves were
worsted, but they retreated into the sand
hills where the cowboys did not dare to
— *v*
An Idaho Physician Assassinates *n
Boise, Idaho, Dec. 13.— A Pocntello spe
cial says that Dr. H. C. Booker, a prominent
physician, to-night shot and killed Edward
Wright, a colored porter. They had had
trouble over goods, which Booker alleged
Wright had removed from his house. To
night Bunker went to a place where Wright
was stopping and calling him out into the
darkness shot him. He claims that he acted
in self-defense.
It WiH Resume Business.
.:• Baj-id City, S. Dl, Dec. 13.— The Black
Hills National Bank of this city closed. its
(loan to-day," being unable to pay a certifi
cate of deposit for a large amount. The
bank Is now in the hands of the State Bank
Examiners. The directors say that the de
positors will. lose nothing and that the In
stitution will resume business.
Baggageman Injured.
Kansas Cut, Dec. 13.— The a eva -re-car
on the S«nta Fe- passenger train bound for
Chicago left ths track at the end of the
tio-.tie between Camden and Floyd, Mo., to-'
day about" four miles east of here. The
baggage-man was fi«»ri"U-lv injured.
Stole State Script.
LrriLr: Bock, D •' . 13— In the Circuit
Court lb* Grand Jury hi jar found .three
ii 'I'.ctini-nt-i arrfjsjtf ex-Sate Treasurer- Wil
liam Woodruff, in ctiunecliuu with the
alleged larceny of State script from the
treasury assets and the subsequent sale of a
portion of it to private parties— one indict
ment for grand larceny and two for obtain
ing money under false pretenses. He was
arrested and gave bail in 830,000 for his ap
Crushed by Falling Walls in a Burn-
ing Building.
Baltimore, Md„ Dec. 13.— Alexander
Brown's warehouse and 18,000 bales of cot
ton were burned this morning. The fire is
attributed to spontaneous combustion.
During the progress of the fire and while
a number of firemen were on top of the east
wall, it gave way, precipitating five men
icto the flames. Lieutenant James Lind
say was buried beneath the burning mass,
and when his body was recovered, a few
minutes later, life was extinct He had
been crushed to death. The other men suf
fered considerably, but none were seriously
injured. The loss by th? fire is estimated
at $750,000. >v> • "
Train Wreck About Which Railway
Officials Are Reticent.
Moines, lowa, Dec. 13.— 1t is reported
here that there has been a wreck on the
Rock Island road at some eastern point in
lowa, in which five people were killed.
Stretchers end other appliances were sent
Easton the flier at D.L'» to-nigh;, and it is
said tbat a work train also went east.
Railway officials here are reticent and the
rumors cannot be verified.
Chicago. Dec. 13.— Offi ialsof the Rock
Island road here deny that there was any
wreck on the road as reported from Dcs
Moines. Word from the train dispatcher's
office is to the effect that all trams are on
time. •-:
He Talked of It but Did Nothing
New York. Dec 13— Commercial
Advertiser says: It was Jay Gould's inten
tion at one time to found a training school,
which would be the first step in a. univer
sity career. It is declared that he intended
to appropriate 81,000,000 In trust for the
purpose, and the school was to be open for
all. Tbe Advertiser noes not undertake an
explanation as to why there is no mention
of such a gift in the will, but believes a
codicil with such a provision'was attached
to the original will. A number of inter
views with friends of Gould are added to
the story. All were very guarded in their
statements, but give no actual denial.
One Year of* the World's Fair Will Not
Be Enough.
CmcAoo. Dec. 14.— The directors , of the
World's Fair have been discussing for some
time in an entirely Informal way, however,
the advisability of keeping the fairopen two
seasons instead of one. it is thought a pity
to have epent so much money with such
splendid educational results to be open only
six months. .. .
Conceded Their Demands.
-New Your, Dee. 13.— The final session
of- the engineers* grievance committee of
the Vanderbllt lines was held here to-day.
Chairman Chilis and others of the commit
tee said every demand they had made on
the management of the roads had been
Corrigan's Trial Postponed.
JSlw ioi.K, Dec. 13.— - The trial or
Father Corri»nu, wiikdi was begun yester
day, has been unexpectedly postponed on
account of objections raised to the eligibil
ity of -Vicar-General O'Connor to act as
judse.- .....
Two Tramps Killed.
Cin-cijtxatt,' Dae. l3.- A boiler in Swift's
rr.Huu'-tnill at." NV'wportf exploded about
raid night., Two unknown tramps were
Hilled and two workmen fatally wounded, ,
•% > ... -mm^^^M
Don't become constipated. . lake Beecham't tills.
Nevada's Senator Before
the Conference.
The Whole Secret of Financial De
pression Lies in the Demonetiza
tion of the White Metal.
-' Special to The ISHnH Call,
Bt.ussels. Dec. I.".— At tho sitting to-day
of the international monetary conference
Sir Guildford Houlds worth, one of the
delegates, representing the Indian Govern
ment, protested against obstructions offered
by the British delegates nt that nnd previous
conferences, lie charged that but for the
tactics employed by the representatives of
Great Britain the currency question would
have been settled long ago. Sir Guildford
deflated that the siuw.tiou in Great Britain
had greatly changed since November 22. tho
date of the first meeting of the conference,
and he suggested the conference adjourn for
a few weeks to enable the British Govern
ment to reconsider the whole question. He
gave «3 reasons for tlio change in the stout.
lion in Great Britain the statement in
favor of bimetallism made by Archbishop
Walsh. :
Senator Jones made a long address on
bimetallism, reviewing the history of the
question at great length. He argued from
this histoiy that the increase of silver pro
duction had led always to a revival of in
dustry and commerce. The demonetization
of silver had caused a disastrous fall of
prices throughout the civilized world.
Tho prosperity of every country depended
upon tho stability of tin- value of its money.
Uninterrupted employment of the people
could be accomplished only through the in
strumentality of time contract.*], which often
deferred the date of payments many years.
Any increase in the value of the money ou
which the terms of these contracts were
based bore down crushiugly v on employ
ers, ho saw all their foresight thwarted by
a subtle, inexplicable power. Such phe
nomena were followed by the suspension of
work and enterprise, and by enforced idle
ness upon the laboring classes.
Senator Jones then drifted off to the sub
ject of checks, certificates and other substi
tutes for money. "Even when used to the
utmost," said he, "they could bring no
permanent relief to the present situation.
They were mere narcotics. Only the re
monelization of silver would bean adequate
Senator Jones was listened to with the
closest attention by the conference.
There Be Remedies Worse Than the
Sax Luis Pimm, Mexico, Dec. 13.— The
terrible ravages of typhus fever in this city
are becoming more alarming every day.
There was a lar-re increase in the death
rate during the past week over that of tbe
preceding one. ': "■';■*
A cure for the fever was prescribed by
Father Jose ort«-z of the City of Mexico,
and is being used with remarkable success
on those who can be induced to take it.
His remedy is a drink made out of pound
ing spiders of a certain species to a pulp,
a little pure water being added to the paste.
Convalescence sets in within six hours and
the patient's recovery is very rapid. Father
Ortez obtained this remedy from the In
dians of Oaxaca. The spiders used are of
the variety known here as the aranas caou

He Has Decided to Abdicate in Favor
of Prince Ferdinand. ;;;•*,
Vienna, Dec. l:;.— report that King
Charles of BoSHMasla will abdicate shortly
in favor of Crown Prince Ferdinand is re
iterated here with great p. aiiiven.es*. The
Kin? is said to have decided to renounce
the throne immediately lifter the roarrucc
of the Crown Friuce with tho Friuccss
Marie of Edinburgh. lie has been moved
to this decision by the unpleasantness caused
between him and his Ministers by bis un
stable attitude at the time when Queen Isa
bella was trying to marry Prince Ferdinand
to Mile. Variesco. The definite reason is
found in Iks incurable illness of the Queen.
It Resolves to Indorse the Candidates
of the Labor Party.
London. Dec. 13— The Union-Conserva
tive Associations held their annual meeting
in Sheffield to-day. The conference
adopted a resolution declaring in favor of
the return to Parliament of the candidates
of the Labor party. Considerable interest
is manifested as to the course the conference
will pursue In regard to the question of
protection. The motion that the conference
confirm the resolutions adopted at the last
conference, which declared in favor of the
restriction of the arrival of pauper aliens
and preferential fiscal arrangements be
tween England and the colonies, were
The Steamship Companies Clearly
/lean Business.
London, Dec. 13.— Peters, secretary of
the North Atlantic Steamship Association,
has cabled American agents iv the United
States of companies represented in the
association to cease selling prepaid tickets.*
This is in accordance with the line of action
adopted at the meeting of the association
yesterday, at which it: was decided to stop
trans-Atlantic steerage traffic, in conse
quence of American regulations regarding
Jim Corbett has salted down his prize
fight money in New York: real estate.
non. James Faran. formerly one of the
proprietors of the Cincinnati Enquirer, died
on Monday irnii.t, aged A
Mrs. Below 11. Jackson, the wife of Gen
eral W. 11. Jackson, proprietor of the cele
brated Bellemead farm, died yesterday at
Nashville, Term.
News comes from Coushatla of the death
of General Henry Gray, late of the Confed
erate army, and an intimate friend and ad
viser of Jefferson Davis.
The resolutions adopted by the Agricul
tural Confeieuce, held a few days ago in
London, and petitions were forwarded to
the Government by the various Chambers
of Commerce.
Arthur Wiullmeau. who . undertook the
task of fasting fifty days at Cleveland, has
given tip the task in disgust. He declares
the people of the town did not appreciate
the scientific importance of the feat ,
A bill has been introduced in the Mexican
Chamber of Deputies authorizing the Presi
dent during the next five years to make
contracts and grant privilege** and conces
sions to parties introducing new industries
into the country.
Tho trial of the ex-snpremo officers of the
Order ol Solon for embezzlement and con
spiracy: was begun at Pi its re yesterday.
The defendants are ex-Supreme President
Ball, ex-Supreme Secretary Mundorf and
ex-Supreme Treasurer Godfrey. The prosc
ratine witness, W. C. McKelvey, testified
that Godfrey was suspended because he was
$14,000 short, but later he had accounted
for 512,600 ot it.
Looking for the Lost.
Dr. Zelle of 523 Pacific street reported to
the police yesterday that Hugo Schwabe, a
bookkeeper, had been missing since
Wednesday, the 30th uIL Schwabe is a
German, 52 years old, of slim build, nnd
has a reddish gray, beard and mustache.
When laet. seen he wore a brown cutaway
coat and vest, light pantaloons and soft
blnck hat. .
The police have also been asked to look
for Walter Wcudle, aged 14 years, who ran
away from his home at Traver, Tulare
County, on the ..6th Inst The lad was seen
In this city last Thursday morning. His
father, K. S. Weddle, has come here in
search of him.
Kat Slow
And clean your mouth nf forward with SOZODONT
and your teeth will be in condition to do their work
Tor years. Thousand's of dyspeptics bolted their
food because they had go good teeth to masticate
properly. Chew flae, eat slow, and use SOZODOXT.
Result of the Robinson Suit.
, Aaron Bretz yesterday filed tea suits in
the ; Justice's i Court against . the Southern
Pacific Company for ?|MO .' damages In each
case, because no . atop-over privilege* ' were
-„. ... ... * * -".**" *»*».*"*»- •»
granted the plaintiff after he had paid for
unlimited first-class passage between San
Francisco nnd Alameda. The. suits have
been brought In consequence of the recent
decision of Judge Hunt awarding Dr. Rob-
UMon judgment for 8"00, because he had
been refused stop-over privileges by the
railroad. It is sad a* number of similar
suits will be filed against the Southern Pa
cific by other people who have the same
firlevances ! _ ; ::" : :v. ; :
Why John O'Neill Was a Patient at the
John O'Neill, a horse-trainer, who live** in
the rear of Ml Brannan street, attempted
to end the earthly career of Policeman A.
K. Perrin when the latter tried to arrest
him last night, but failed, and as a result
had his many wounds dressed at the Re
ceiving Hospital.
O'Neill, who is well known to the police,
works occasionally at training horses, but
spends most of his time about saloons.
Last night ho entered the saloon at 924
Bran nan street., kept by John Hart, and
managed to got into an altercation with
some of the inmates. A general row fol
lowed, which was finally quelled by Police
man rerun, who had been attracted by the
. O'Neill hid in a dark room on the officer's
arrival, and when the latter attempted to
ureal him struck the officer a severe blow
on the head with aslungsbot.
In the fight which followed Porrln was
obliged to use his club freely before he
could subdue his vicious assailant.
Tho patrol wagon was summoned and
O'Neill taken to the Receiving Hospital,
where three ugly scalp wounds and innu
merable contusions whioh distorted his face
were dressed, after which he was locked up
ou a charge of assault to murder.
Policeman l'crrm had a severe cot in the
forehead dressed where he had been struck
by O'Neill with the slungshot.
O'Neill denies having been concerned In
the right, but claims that the officer struck
him without provocation and that he struck
him in defending himself.
The Questions Discussed at Their An
nual fleeting.
The nineteenth annual meeting of the
Eclectic Medical Society of the Stats of
California took place yesterday afternoon
at 1 o'clock in the hall of the California
Medical College, with J. VV. Hamilton,
M.D., in the chair. About sixty members
of the society from all over the State were
present. . - - :
B. Stetson, M.D., opened- tbe meeting
with a reading on the subject of "Ovarian
The rest of the afternoon was taken op
with sarae-lengthr discussions on surgery.
In the evening the report of the board
was read. It reported having licensed forty
physicians during the year and three more
now pending. They also reported the
finances in gocd condition.
John Pearn, M.D , read a paper on the
subj-cr, "How to Make Our Cause Prosper
ous," which was well received.
A discussion was bad as to whether the
term eclectic, should appear on the title
page of the California Medical Journal, but
after some remarks by Dr. Maclean. Dr.
Hamilton and others, it was decided not to
tnagt* the change.
Last night six new members were elected.
The meeting then adjourned till 10 A. m.
An Officer Finds His Footgear on a
Burglar. *•<
Special Officer Lyons had high jinks in
his humble home last night, because a man
had been arrested who stole a pair of new
shoes from him two weeks ago.
The thief was a young man named John
Barr, who was arrested lust night on Stock
ion street by Policemen Gibson aud Coogan
for an attempt to commit burglary.
Special Officer Lyons charged barr with
petty larceny. Barr entered Lyons' room,
in the Baldwin House, two weeks ago, took
oil hi*, shoes and with a pair of nippers un
locked several rooms, Lyons was told that
a burglar was in the bouse, and upon mak
ing a sear' found the robber's shoes in his
room. Barf hid until the policeman h-.d
disappeared and then left the house, taking
with him a pair of Lyon*' shoes because Le
could uot Cud his own.
Cut With a Penknife While Trying
to Preserve Peace.
Charles Dallngo, a messenger-boy em
ployed by the Western Union, and living
at 711 J4 Greenwich street, was seriously cut
last night by another messenger. Ralph
Beverly, in the office of the company, under
the Grand Hotel.
Beverly was quarreling with some corn
alio. when Dalings interfered in tne
interests of peace. Beverly turned upon
htm and. drawing a packet-knife, stabbed
him in the abdomen. The wounded lad was
taken to the Receiving Hospital, where his
wound was dressed and then sent home.
It is not believed that the cut is dangerous.
California Retarded.
Eugene Gregory, Mayor of Sacra
mento, presided at the meeting of the Slate
Board ol Trade yesterday afternoon.
One of the principal features of the meet
ing was the paper presented by General
N. '.'. Chipman of Red Bluff Showing the
increase of population in California and
its distribution. '
It was shown that the rural population
in the last ten years had only gained 78.113,
while towns and cities have gained 265,323,
or over 77 per cent. More than one-third
of the entire increase has gone into San
Francisco, Los Angeles and Oakland. The
essayist showed tha precise distribution of
the population.
As to the causes of the lack of growth in
so attractive a fruit State, the essay argued
that the first was the absence of transporta
tion competition; the second the failure of
the residents to make their resources known.
The Importance of tho deduction from
these facts was urged, viz., the necessity for
encouraging Immigration, both by advertis
ing the State and agitating the transporta
tion question in California.
Struck by a Cable-Car.
Barney Hoffman, the 13-year old son of
Solomon Hoffman, a tailor living at 960
Folsom street, was seriously injured by
be In ji run down by a cable-car at Market
and Third streets last night.
Young Hoffman had attended the night
session at the Lincoln school on Fifth street
and was on his v. ay home when the accident
occurred. He had a disouto with a class
mate, who chased him, and as the boy at
tempted to .run across Market street a Mc-
Allister-street cable -car, bound for the
ferry, tame. rapidly along, and before be
could get out of the way knocked him down
and dragged him several feet.
■■ The injured lad was taken to the Receiv
ing Hospital In the patrol-wagon, when
Dr. Berry found that his left leg had been
broken and that he was suffering from a
deep gash in the thigh.
After his wounds had been dressed young
Hoffman was taken to his home. *
Reckless Window-Washing. t
A servant-girl, while washing a window
in the second story of a house on the north
east corner of Jackson and Devlsadero
streets Saturday, fell out of the window
into the yard and* broke one of her arms
She was taken to the French Hospital
After Their Husband's Death They
Are Subjected to riuch Worriment.
Youth's Companion.
Among the many sad things connected
with the lives of women in India, nothing
is more pitiable than the state of the poor
little widows. A child wife, only 6or 7
years old, is regarded by her husband's
family as the cause, more or less direct, of
his death. She is treated at host with dls
liko, and often with groat harshness" and
severity. Therefore the death of a young
wife before her husband is th-* cause of
great rejoicing among her friends thai she
has thus escaped widowhood.
.They are convinced that tho gods have
favored her, and that she has been advanced
l degree in the great series of births and
deaths through which every Hindoo passes
on hi.-, way to final perfection. -The prayer
of every little girl before marriage and of
every little girl and woman-alter marriage
is that she may never become a widow
The preservation of a husband's health is
a matter of the greatest importance, and on
a certain day of the year a special religious
ceremony Is observed with this end in
view. It is emphatically the "Women's
Day, and occurs about the middle of Jan
uary, when the sun is believed to turn
northward. ,
Offerings are made at the temples, money
Is given to the f priests, pilgrimages are
undertaken, fastings undergone, and vows
performed for the preservation of a hus
band's health and, life. When he is ill the
wife removes s her jewels, puts on coarse
clothing, aud devotes herself to prayer and
austerities. If bo dies her woe begins.- r
■VsttTBOKT Invited' to Inspect our holiday
goods. ': TUiee floors, 60x170. Banborn, Vail *
CO. „-■•. - .;•_-;-': : ;"-,-j •-..■■•)•:
The Christmas
Time Call.-. OaaumiM Itox Rurrau, f
Si- Clay street. f
Depot— 64l Mission «... Lear New Montgomery.)
The good work still goes on.
And the people continue to contribute to
Tne Call's Christmas Box Bureau.
Yesterday was collection day in commer
cial circles but that did not prevent the
merchants from taking an interest in tbe
work that Tub Call is doiog for the poor.
It is a work that meets the indorsement
of all except certain parties who. having
amassed riches tit on riches from the poor,
say now, "Let the poor remain with the
poor, or let them go to the Almshouse, that
is 01 en to them."
Fortunately there Is a class of people who
have plenty of means, but who are not over
rich, whose feelings are always with those
in distress or in want, and they never fail
to respond. when an appeal in a proper
cause is made to them.
Yesterday morning one of the first letters
[From a photograph by K. It. Towers.]
received si headquarters was one from
Charles A. Briderman of 519 Montgomery
it is brief and is In the following words:
To "The Call's" Christmas Box Bureau, K.
C. stock. Manager— ll you will send your wagon
to my place will give you a bundle or clothes and
a lot ot toys. Lit the Rood work go on. j"
It is going on and will continue until the
Many have asked, How will tbe distribu
tion be made? ,-5,
The manager will determine that as soon
as he can ascertain the amount of contribu
tions he will receive. If all who have
promised to sena us something do as they
promised then there will be a great deal to
parcel out to the needy poor.
Each individual case will he studied and
the wants ascertained. A family of six or
eight will certainly receive more than a
family of three. The distribution. will bo
nude with M much fairness to all parties
as it i* possible to exhibit
Yesterday the manager investigated sev
eral more cases nod found some deserving
and soma undeserving ones. At one house
where he called he met a very surly looking
fudividual who asked what was wanted.
The reply to the question which the
manager asked was given in a tone and
in a manner that are assumed by Third and
Howard street hoodlums.
The surly individual then called out to
some one that"., man wants to see yer."
The manager, who followed him upstairs,
was by this individual invited into a front
parlor, furnished in as good style as any
one in middle life could desire. It showed
that the occupants of the house had all the
comforts of a home and are not in want
The woman asked for appeared in the
ball as the manager was about to enter the
parlor. He noticed a look of annoyance on
the woman's face and observed that she
glared at the individual who had called to
her. Then suddenly her face lit up with a
smile, and she asked, "Why did you show
the gentleman into that lady's room?"
The question seemed to lake the party
addressed all aback and he did not reply.
Then the woman In an apologetic way
said tbat she occupied rooms in the house
for which shu paid a small rent, and that
the room the manager bad been shown into
was that of a lady.
Then she told a story of want and pov
erty, which, upon further investigation, was
found to be without foundation. It turned
out to be a case where a woman in comfort
able circumstances thought she could obtain
as a gift something which is intended for a
really deserving person. She thought that
a little deceit would enable her to obtain
what she coveted. She may get a Christmas
box this year, but it will not be from The
Call's Christmas Box Bureau.
At another place the manager knocked at
the door of a house to which he had been
directed by a woman, who a few days be
fore had called upon him with a story of
destitution. When the manager was knock
ing at the door he noticed that a snow white
lace curtain that hung at a window was
drawn aside aud a woman's face appeared.
As the face wis withdrawn and before the
curtain fell to its proper place the manager
canght a glimpse of several men in the room.
The woman who had called at the bureau
opened the door and instead of inviting the
manager into the house quickly closed the
door after Iter and carried on a conversa
tion on the porch.
She repeated her story, which she seemed
to know by heart, and closed by saying
that anything in the way of provisions
would ba very acceptable.
"Your husband, what does he do?"
She answered that he had employment.
- "And he is earning $20 a week," added
tbe manager.
The woman blushed and stammered
"Yea. sir."
'.-••You have a husband who earns that
much a week, there is no sickness in your
family and you have the impudence to ask
for: assistance that you kuow you do
not need. You ought to be ashamed of
Tho woman turned to re-enter the house,
aaylng: "Well, 1 was told that Tin: Call
was going to give Christmas boxes, and 1
thought 1 might as well have one as any one
else." -
- Yes; The Call will distribute Christmas
boxes, but no woman. like this one shall
he the recipient of one if it can be pre
vented, and to that end every effort will be
made. " '
In ono of the houses visited the manager
found a mother with three children. When
he entered she was doing the family wash
ing in a coal-oil can, and on the stove was a
saucepan, in which was boiling a piece of
beef, the only meat meal for the day. She
staled that her husband, after having been
idle for some time, had been given a few
days' employment so as to give htm an op
portunity to earn enough to pay the rent,
which is overdue . '
The cigar-maker's wife whose caso was
mentioned in yesterday's Call was also
visited, and it was found that what she had
stated as to an empty larder was true and
that she bad to stint herself and her chil
dren. Her husband had also obtained a'
few days' work, and what. he will earn will
keep the family for several days.* She re
ceived a supply of food that will tide her
over until salary day. ..."
•' During the afternoon Mrs. Robert Haight
called at Headquarters and said that she
took a lively interest in tho work of The
Call on behalf of the poor, and she be
lieved the method adopted is the proper one
to reach those who are really deserving.'
"My husband," said * this lady, "has prom
ised to send you -something from his store.'
Now, independent .of what .he ■ will do, I
wish to register a contribution. I will
donate some clothing and 1 will make cake
and pies for some of the poor people,- but
you must not send for my contribution until
the day ' beforu yon ;-. commence ;to '■ dis
tribute." - -*"- . t ..~.'.:^::- -
"Mrs. Haight looked around headquarters
and remarked, "Why, that is nothing to
what our merchants ought to contribute to
this ; good i cause. : They ought to be more
liberal than they have been."
Mrs. Annie F. Black :of Seven Pine
Circle, woman's branch of the G. A. R..
called upon the manager to obtain tbe name
and residence of the soldier who had been
in the prison nt Anderson vi lie. She was,
politely informed that without the consent
of the party his name could not be given.
"But,*! said the lady," "we want to give
him a little assistance, ana it is a rule of our
organization that our . contributions shall
be given by one of our committees.". .
The manager promised to visit the soldier
and in* did so.
"You may tell the lady." said he, "that
do not care about parading my poverty. but
it she desires to call 1 will be pleased to re
ceive her."
* When tin* manager visited him he handed
him a bundle of underwear which had been
apeclnlly contributed for him by "a friend
of the soldier who could not purchase
much." lis* was extremely grateful. -
The Call's Christmas box wagon will
travel through tint principal streets to-day,
and those who have not contributed but in
tend to do so can bail the driver and give
what they desire or tell him to go for their
Following is a list of contributions re
ceived at the bureau yesterday:
The sparry Hour Company (second contribution),
twenty sacks gcrmea.
.in. C. v.. clothing.
Vhii* ir.u-.li. clutiiiu;.
Mrs Clark.-. «'•>* and, clothing.
Stockton Milling Company, two sacks ot flour,
M. r. C main Company, box candle*.
Tillman A Mendel, one case syrup In cans, one
case tomatoes.
519 Montgomery avenue, C. A. Illdernari. clothing
anil toys.
Mrs. W.. clothing.
«... ease si
City trout barkeeper, cajh 23 rants.
•'. V>'.. Vassar place, suck potatoes and box clothes.
Miss Frances i ltscuuer. two new skirls ana pair
or shoes. 33-*fc*»*,
H. cash $1. „-v
W. W.. cash #1.
Mrs. Went worth, clothes.
Mrs. 8., box or elothlnr.
Mrs. M. D. It., box clothes.
!*». Johnson Tat lor Jr.. rocking-horse.
Mrs. K. two rolls butter.
"A Compositor." box of apples.
Mrs. F. A. li.. clothes.
Mrs. Oeorge A. Davis, assorted groceries.
"Some one at Uartiett Primary." root! and
cloth ea.
Mrs. B. Wiener, men's wearing apparel.
Market St.. bundle clothes.
Mrs. Christens**)*, clothing.
Koss A Hewlett, keg pickles and one cheese.
lorter Bros, (second contribution), Hi boxes of
Dalton Bros., sacs potatoes and sack beans.
Louis Zeiss, sack potatoes. .
1'". M. Walton, use of horse and buggy.
Lot V. bloc uiu, use of horse and harness.
Hfetta Hrov. one box. forty-elgat pounds coffee.
I. N. Mn, - pieces bacon.
Merten Manilla, Co.. tea pounds World's
Fair entree. „ ---.--. „..;.
901 II st.. contribution not named.
• Mrs. ft. tot of clothing.
Mrs. Robert Uaiglit, preserves, fruit, cake, plea
and clothing.
Mrs. .1. It. Myselt. contribution not named.
Mrs. i. Vosher. clothing and sack of potatoes.
Four persons who particularly request that they
shall not be known, eacn a package, contents to be
ascertained when delivered.
J. ft (Vile, macaroni and nudtes.
Mrs. ('. J. Coll***/, clothing*.
Mrs. I'cters. ban Kruno road, bundle clothing.
Mrs. I . package underwear, two blankets and $1
Mrs. A. ft. Qntnn, two packages clothes. 1 «— -
"A friend." 92 50.
Mrs. Wilson. Kd.lT street, bvndle of clothing.
Three packages left at Market-street Uraa.cn
••Friend of the poor," lady. 51) cents.
Mrs. M.. cash, 9--
In yesterday's acknowledgments the name
of a lady who contributed a fine assortment
of clothes was printed as Mrs. J. C. Filclier;
it should have been Fltsehner.
The dealer who contributed a box of
boneless fish was F-usicr, not Fenner.
Manager of The Call's Christmas Box
Hobart's Horses Ordered East.
Judge Levy made an order yesterday au
thorizing Charles P. Bridges and James
Cross, executors of the will of the late W.
S. Hi. barf, to transport to New York all of
the livestock belong to the estate and
sell the same at either public or private
sale. The string of livestock is a very hand
some one and will brim: big prices. The
sale will be made in New York*, because it
is thought tbe stock can command better
prices there. All of tho slock is of high
breed and blood, and includes twenty-five
brood marcs, six stallions, five two-year-old
fillies, five one-year-old colts, all by Statu
botil, and one by Palo Altn. Among the
stallions aro iStamboul. George Norval, Do
Oro, and among the brood mares Bon Bon
and Empress U. Gene.
Society Notes.
Mr. Donald de V. Graham's second annual
concert in aid of the Children's Hospital
will take place this evening. «■
The Polyplßnlc Club will give a tea and
muslcale to-day for the benefit of the San
Francisco Girls' Union, at 909 Taylor street,
from 2 to 10:30 P. m.
The ladles of the Church ot the Advent
will hold a bazaar and lunch at their new
church on Eleventh street, near Market,
from December 14 to 17, inclusive. The
proceeds will be used for furniture for the
new church.
A grand masquerade ball will be given in
aid of ihe Italian fchool, founded by the
Soeieta Operaia I'aliann, next Saturday
evening, tbo 17th inst,, at Bersaglieri Hall,
1525 Stockton street.
*' *W»*S»B>»»**a*»*»*3W*"r* i . -'-....',-. "vi
The Hildebrandt Inquest.
The Coroner held an inquest yesterday
on the body of Henry nildebrandt, who
was murdered in his grocery, 1712 Eddy
street, on the evening of October 28. Two
men drove up to the store and asked for 5
cents' worth of crackers. While Ililde
brandt was weighing the crackers one of
the men pointed a pistol at his head and
requested him to show where he kept his
nildebrandt refused to answer the polite
inquiry ami tho man fired two shots into his
body. : He died three days later.
The two men fled and have never been
found. The Coroner's jury found a verdict
in accordance with the facts. Ilildebrandt
was a native of Germany, AS years old.
Exonerating Dr. Easton.
At the meeting of the San Francisco
Presbytery yesterday an executive. session
was held to consider the report presented
ty the commit appointed to examine into
trie charges brought against Dr. Eastou by
Bey. Dr. Ellis. Late in the afternoon the
report was adopted completely vindicating
Dr. Easton, and absolving him from all the
charges made against him.
Asthmatic Tri.cbii-.s arid Soreness of the Langs
or Throat are usually overcome by Dr. D. Jayne's
Expectorant— a sure curative for Colds.
In Jay Gould's Shoes.
New York, Dec. 13— At a meeting of the*
directors of the Manhattan Elevated Rail
way Company to-day George J. Gould waa
elected president.
Brazil nuts are seeds that lie in large
spherical pods, each of which contains from
sixteen to twenty-four nuts. Once they
have been taken out of the pod it is an utter
impossibility to fit them in again, nature
has paekedlthem so tightly.
ii£i the best remedy is
Cherry Pectoral
In colds,
bronchitis, la grippe,
and croup, it is
Prompt to Act
sure to cure.
- MM lr MoWeFr r»* "■'"
eled and renovated. KING, WARD A OCX*'
Knropean plan. Rooms 50c tofl 59 per day, S3 to
f * per week, ad to fau per month; tree bat!*.»; hot
ana cold water every room: - nre crates la every '
io«ai; eioratur runs all nl^uu .fel7 WeSudu 1/
___ DR* GOODS.
■'sw\^J^Ms\\\Ssl^ll^s^y i :
gloves AND
-O SUEDE GLOVES, in LaVender, Lilac,
«-* Shrimp, Pearl, Lizard Green, Aloes,
Navy and Old Rose.
dj w m^s*^ 'ENGLISH WALKING GLOVES, 4 and
saDlaaf if) 5 buttons, in LIGHT AND DARK
*%*K**>^w TANS
$_ t. __ _ GLACE KID GLOVES, in the AND
| 0 CO GLACE KID GLOVES, in all the iead-
\J ing shades.
in all the choicest shades.
*£^ __ - UNION SILK
~ 9xJ With Oxidized Silver Handles.
.Jp X # C() Natural Wood Handles, with
' ■ *-*•*» %} Silver Ornamentation.
. with Sterling Silver Handles.
ss*T~ Orders from the interior will receive promot and
careful attention.
* Goods delivered free in San Rafael. Sausalito, Blithedale,
Mill Valley, Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley,
j*^/ a Q~sjp
1111, 113, 115, 117, 119, 121 POST STREET. ,
tle'JS an Up iloWa '-*•> tt
♦ ♦♦♦ GOODS
215, 217, 219 Bush St.,
deli lg lt» *il 22 b.
120 Sutter Street, Room 23.
Athletic and Tennis Suit,
Sweaters, Jerseys, Etc.
do.** 11 14 18 215t
IQ im rTr^ili^s C^Ltssr^^S^Llm £
C 6 P^^A^s-^iis^^iisssstfsT^T^Sst^sm -^
- g^vj^^.*-r ?^a r"
ifi ■■""**. ,-. 'V ;^^-"7^-»-r**rv^'j j m
•-*■ 7^(*fil J^*--**"^ r;
a; r^-— -- — "o
**** -** --- • _.*-*^*^ i
save their cost in one night for dance music.
Any- one can play them. Also fine l'ianos, Strings
and Sheet Music. Circulars free.
"'-_-__ ■ San franclsco. no9Wett2p
K. The Graduation Exercises of tha
Will tako place at ODD FELLOWS' HALL,
-At 8 o'clock. The public Is cordially invited. \
- R. A. McLEAN. m. d..
: dell 14 16 3t Dean of the Faculty.
Honey can now be Secured
promptly, with liberal advances on approved
1 Real Estate, for repayment in exactly 71 or
S4 monthly installments, to suit borrower;
expenses of loan reduced; apply to
California Guarantee Invest. Co.
319 Pine Street, S. F.
- at.i) jiiii'U'iß -.i ■**■
■a. ta*. a |M|S £% FOR « A i:lli:i:***. ISAKEK**.
DD 1 1 U ***. hoot -black s. Oath - houses.
DnUv billiard -tables, brewers.
book*blnderi, c.m.iy -makers, canners, dyers. flour- ;
mills, foundries, laundries, paper- Bane***, printers,
painters, shoe factories, stablemen, tar rooters, tan*
ners, tailors, etc.
Brash Manufacture's, O'.iO -vicramento St.
ocl7 WefrSu 'Jp tf .
For the Benefit of the : '
•Will be held at : ; ;i *
Wednesday EyeniDg, Dec. 14, at "8 P. M.
; He will -bo kindly -assisted by '^Mßft. MARY,
: KEEL. MR. LOUIS HEINE .vr*.; . ; .-"•"-';"-
Tickets. $1. to be obtained, at the music store of
, Sherman A Clay, or from any of the Board of Lady
Managers of tho Children* Hospital, dell SuTnwe
L. R. Stockwkli, Lessee and Proprietor
Ai-jr Ellikghoc.sk Business Manager -
•«--=^>THIS EVENINC AT B**^Mf-
In the Powerful Melodrama. ~.?
Next Attraction— December 25,
iE* J A.i*a"3xnr mois
Matinee on Saturday Only.
titf -L9l~\iL>r\
SO GET 0r ' Morgiana and the Forty
SEATS '-> „ _ Thieves.
EARLY Mr, David Hexdkbsox,
ANn Proprietor and Manager.
a voir* The Nautch Dance'
; r V" lv '-*'i*e Demon Dance:
An* ici-i V:. ' i .. The Jewel Dance!
"rffSHm... „ „ The Coin Car *m!
AT NIGHT! I The Enchanted Forest, Etc . Etc
Seats for Next Week on sa:e To-morrow
M or ing. * ".-;".
KUELI.*.v- iiiio-1... Proprietors ...i.. afaaMSSJI
:" week of : : kepkktoire :
Wednesday, Dee. 14 ) Burlesque on
Benefit of Franz Fisher / TltOV .TORE
Thtir.s:lar. Dec. 15 1 rnjtOVATOKE
Sunday, Dec. 18 / IIIOVATOUB
I rldar. Dec, tG. „...,<IARTH 1
Saturday, Dec 17........80HE311AN GIKL
>10M>AT, DKCKMBEB > 9.
Popular Prices— 2sc and 5Qc.
Grcre street, aboTe Polfc.
The Great Realistic Drama,
2<rsE-<DT-Z} .
aeau tt ■.---.■ * *
E?ery Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Satarcta/ •
OCTOBER 39th to DECIMIt" 31st.
Races Start at 1:39 P. M. Sharp.
The entire gat* receipts will heeifen to the follow-
Ing Charities: California wm:i" 'a Hospital: 11 tl •
stent' Infsnt Shelter: \nr«crr for Homeless <*h !-
dren: Associated Charities. 6 C9 Kearn. St.: vra i
and Flower Mission; Sin Ir. ncisio Deuevo • i
Society. .*•.-■; '
»9- .McAllister and Gear/ street cars pass **■>•' '
Gate. " ■ : ..■■■- 0c27 to
ofen r>AY and isrica-i^ I
DECEMBER 10, 11, 12. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,1 ft.
1030 PRESENtTgIYEN m i
\WMsUmaL wm mmi :
Admission (with 3 C0up0n5). ;...V125 Cents
:-'^-^.Claiidreaw.....;.'."JO Cents. * *
' . de 7 to 18
He will glye Three of his Inimitable Entertal t *
December i 4. 15 anil.l 6.
*JKi--BeserTed Seats at Shermav. Clay & Co.'a. .
Prices— soc. 75c ami Si OQ. 1 2 ',>(
M-±A-.tiisVßLi-'.~nn-.vr^ BsN'l'IMU ■..•■,*)• a«
amy, 121 Nav.Monttroiaarr stL—New »r* .-$ -•
, rangeinoats; tuitlou reduced; daacla?iearusl »^*H
*»; little cost: Uents exeinsiTsty i»*-*iiaueri» t^MS)
Meu«*3J|S, Wednasilays; Ladiss (txiinaerj).' rT»
I rtajs. Tnlirsaajs: i soirees Saturday evenlai*.

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