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Strange Development in
What Is the Scope of This New
Said to Have Had Power to Turn an
Election in One Michigan
Washington, Oct. 30.— The memorial
which Weadock wanted read in tee House
to-day about the American Protect, As
sociation comes from Youmans, a member
of the last House from the Eighth Mich
igan district, wbo was defeated by William
5. Linton. I: declares that Linton and nis
supporters represented that Toumans was
>E man Catholic and that the Pop* con
trolled his vote while in Consre«3. The
American Protective Association, a copy
of whose oaths accompanies the memorial.
bin its members to do everything in their
Dower to overthrow Roman Catholic
Church followers. Tne exhibits of letters
and circulars sent ont by the officers of the
American Protective Association are at-
Ueb'ed to the memorial, They all breathe
the same hostility to Roman Catholics and
call upon "all true and loyal Protestants"
to vote for Linton.
Tkfl ai: . vhich accompany the
memorial are very binding. Vumberone
is secretive and in it tbe candidate de
clares ttat he is not the spy of any tueo
logca. - n and especially of the
Catholic cr.
Among cii.er oath?, number three, which
is taken on a dagger, binds the candidate
to jecrfcy, eomaita him to support the
Government, make 3it obligatory to keep
church and state separate, and compels the
renunciation of all foreign powers.
In number four the candidates swear
warfare against ignorance and fanaticism
and to use their utmost power to strike the
shackles and chains of blind obedience to
tbe Rorcan Catholic church from the ham- 1
pered and burdened conscience of Driest
ridden and church-oppressed people.
This oatc 2oe? en at great len£tn against
Catholic- ana in closins takes a political
torn, the candidate swearing that be will
not countenance tbe nomination in any
caucus or convention of a Roman Catholic
for any office in tbe gif: of the American
people, and Trill vote only for Protestants.
Sbon!d there be two Catholic candidates
for tMe same office he will erase the names
from his ticket.
Tbe remainder of the oaths are elabora
tions of this, b.ndinz the candidate to do
every in his Dower to keep Catholics
cue of public office and oppose all their
efforts to obtain control of the schools.
O-ith five winds tip: "I denounce the
Pope. his priests and emiSsarie«, and the
diabolical work of the Roman Catholic
church and i - .3 Pope. Amen, Amen,
The .Matter of the American Pro-
tective Association Gone Into.
W a.shinoto>', Oct. 3C'.— At the orxnirg
of t,;»- -es*ion of tbe He- use tc-day Hurit«-r
of Illiaoia cbtained nn;n;mous BOBWDt
for tLe consideration cf a rrso'.utinD de
claring that tbt Bouse heard with aston
-nt and irofcund s rrcw of the vio
lent death of Carter H. Harrison, Mayor
of Chicago and former member .f the
House, and that the resolution be pub
lished in tb» Record and an engirded
copy transmitted to the family of deceased.
Weadock of Michigan then presented
the resolution and memorial to which he
spoke last Friday, relating to the alleged
frauds of tie American Protective Asso
ciation in tbe Eizhtb district of Michigan,
involving the right of Linton to his seat.
Hopkins renewed tbe point of order that
the memorial was not privileged, but tbe
Speaker held that the question involving,
as it did, the right of a number to his seat
was privileged. Lintou gave notice that be
would in the near future ask to be beard
in bis wo defense.
On motion of Springer, by unanimous
congpnt, the li'u-e recommitted to the
Committee on Banking an<i Currency the
resolution asking the Secretary of the
Treasury to furnish information as to the
operation of State Banking system*.
Fitbian reported fay rabiy bis bill ad
mitting fnrHgn-bntit ships owned wholly
by United States citizens to American
Several minor bills were also passed,
and Oates called dp bis naturalization bill;
bat the morning hour expired without
act. CD, and debate on the bankruptcy bill,
as a special order. «a 5 resumed. Brcder
ick of Kansas antagonized the bill, and
Ralph of Massachusetts supported it.
Culberson of Texas, chairman of th<- Ju
diciary Committee, also spoke in opposi
tion, and after a brief speech by Dingley
the House adjourned.
• The Union Pacific Must Pay Its
Debt to Uncle Sam.
Washington, Oct. 30.— Senator Brice
held a three hours' conference, with the
Attorqey-General to-day, discussing the
affair* of the Union Pacific X ilroad and
trying to devise means for protecting the
Government interest in that road. Brie?
said after the conclusion of the conference
that the Government's debt against tbe
Union Pacific would be .collected if the
stockholders and their States should have
to Day it. It is understood the Attorney-
General Is taking steps to have the re
' ceivers recently appointed by the United
States court at Omaha removed, aDd that
proceedings to this end would probably
be initiated within th* week. The re»olu
. tion of Senator Manderson, amended at
the instance of Brice, which the Senate
adopted a few days since, seemed to as
sume the court had no rlgnt to appoint
receivers, and it is probable the Attorney-
General will take this . position. Brice
cays be is engaged in formulating a meas
ure in accordance with the bills and the
Unions referred to this committee for
protection of tne Government interests.
As I'sual, the Detectives Still Grope
in the Dark.
IiEAX.x>BEUiiG, Oct. 30.— 50 far there has
bees hi tssterial development in tbe
iretssry wbbtry case. Tbe detectives are
tv'tfvlly t<Ji'jvil:jz vu all clews that may
fioaxe in ititix >r* and are determined to
£ad ib« zviitj party. The latest comes
trotn Dry '.("■ sfceot .en miles from
w»i!j »Uf« tvHMt van km reported to
bßye ■■'.:' itL« • -.try at c, o'clock a. M..
thxe.9 wvfi j&elexe ft Wat known In this
c ty. But *o far this clew has furnished
nothing that would lead to the arrest cf
the offender?. It haj become the settled
conviction of many that tbe robbery was
the work of an organized esc?, implicat
ing I me prominent citizens of the county,
and that should the perpetrators be appre
hended some startling and sensation*! de
velopments may be looked for. Mulligan
is out and is leading all the aid in his
power to assist the authorities in their en
deavor la find tbe guilty parties.
Arrested for Felony, He Escapes on
Habeas Corpus.
Fbesxo, Oct. 30.— Dr. J. D. Sponogle of
Brownsville, Oregon, was arrested ere on
a telegram from Sheriff Jackson of Al
; ia ny County, Oregon, charging the doctor
with a felonious a«sault. Sponogl* has
been here about a week, and says it was
bis intention to locate here, having sent
j bis effects to Fresno in advance. The
prisoner appeared before Judge Holmes
this afternoon en a writ cf habeas corpus.
It was asked that tbe defendant be dii
cbar2°d en the ground of illegal arrest, :
as no officer bad a right to arrest a man
from another State merely on a telegram
; from an ffficer of thai State. Tbe Judge
j di«rt!« 5 e3 the prisoner, and be walked out
! of curt a free man. The Sheriff of Albany
I County arrived from Oregon this evening,
but to far all search for Sponoele has been
fruitless. He is accused of committing
criminal violence upon Mrs. Wyatt of
Brownsville. She was bis patient and he
committed the crime while visiting her
professionally. Sponogle left town imme
diately thereafter, sponogle's story is that
thr charge is a scheme of Mrs. Wyatt's
husband, to whom he owes 5190, and who
wants to get bim tack to Oregon on that
account. The officers fay this is the same
man who was once on trial in Santa Rosa
on i cbarze of intimacy with his own
daughter, but the charge against him had
to be dismissed because bis daughter com
mitted suicide before the trial was com
Capture of the .Man Who Tried to
Rob Two Constables.
StockT' >". Oct. 30.— Officers were called
to the racetrack this afternoon to arrest a
crazy man. Constable Carroll and Deputy
Constable Hanks, who were stopped by *
man Saturday n ; ght who held a pistol
under their noses, made the arrest and rec
ognized bim a? the highwayman. He had
a cornet mouthpiece with a piece of tubing
ia bis pocket, which they think lie u.ed for
a pistol. He admits having heard loot
shots that were fired the other night. Ills
believed he is the man who has been at
tempting robberies lately. He gives the
name of Henry Berihold and is a young
How It Chanced That VoTambien
Was Beaten by Clifford.
The Great Mare at Her Worst Can
Still Give Lamplighter a
Chicago, Oct. 30.— Clifford won easily at |
i Hawthorne ibis afternoon in t lie swe«>p»take
i mile acd a quarei, 10 wbicn lie, witb Yr. Tarn
|bi en and Lamplighter, {our tit lor an 3000
prize. Fully 10.000 people were pre*eot, and
To lambien was in- rornlsr favorite. Odd« ■
: were 3 to 5 on her, 8 ;o 5 en ClifFoid and 10 to
i 1 on L..-H ;-ii£iitei. It took nearly twenty mm
I ute* to pet ttie l:or*es started, lor To Tambien
: acted badly. After the start she quickly took
the lead, i-ui a* the horses neaied the hall
• Clifford began to rain, and a- ti:ey pa*«*-d that
, mark lie and Yo Tambien were neck and neck.
vmii LaruMigbrer clear out of it. »viii-n the
1 f>tr- ten was reached, Clifford was two length*
' ahead of (be mare, and at the fiuish was titieeu
; lengths ahead, with Lamplighter twenty length*
1 further back. He finished in 2:09%. Yo
Tambien'* fri-nd« «ay her «■.!?<• was taken off
by Saturday's race, and dad the bis race be- 1>
run men the result would have been dlSerent.
Nashville. Oct. 30.— Track wa« fa*t.
Seven lariotizx, sir Fey <>n won. lnteiior
■ second. Little AtiDi • third. Time. 1 :28.
Five aadabail fwtionn, v ibit- lipek woa,
F • Kiinner «*cond. Deceit thhd. Time. 1:08.
One mile, Georgt- Keci> won. Peabody seconc,
Lady Gay thud. Time, 1:41 *i.
Four and a half fur lone*. tshuttle wnn, Kaehel
VcAlli-ter second. The Broker third. Time.
Five furlong". Florence M won, Evear second,
Selma third. Time. 1 :02V4.
SeveD fnrloogs, I'it-iiiwit won. Somerset
second, Arthur G third. Tun-, 1:29.
Four New Bicycle Records.
ISDKPKNi'Evr c, lowa, Oct. 30.— John S.
Johnson made four Dew world-, record* to-day
as follow*: Flyine •'tar l , qtiarrer of a mile.
25 2-5 seconds; flying Hart, half a mile, '■'■■
seconds ; fiyine •■tart, a third of * mile. 35 1-5
•ec»nd«; <-taudii>£ stait, quarter of a mile, 20
Was Not Worth LiYing-In Fact
Seemed Near — Blood Poisoning
Mr. Wm. E. Greenholtz
"Baltimore. Md.. Sept. 20. 1893.
"For four years I was In intense suffering
with an abscess on my thigh. It discharged
freely and several times
Pieces of Bone Came Out.
Last February I bad to take to my bed for four
weeks, and then it was I be -an to take flood's
Sars.ipariila. 1 soon got on my feet, but was
wry weak and went to tie Maryland Univer-
si:y Hospital, where they said my trouble was
ciii nine blood poisoning ana saw me little hope.
I letumeil bone and continued taking Hood's.
1 bave u-ed six botile« and the abscess has en-
tirely disappeared, and 1 have been la
Fine Health Ever Since.
I know if it had not been for Hood's Sarsapa-
uiia I should be in my grave. I have gained In
weight from 147 a year age to 170 pounds to-
Rood's 1 Cures
day. I prat«e Hood* Uarsacarllla for It all." !
Wm. E. Gkeesholtz, 1812 Hanover Street.
Hood's Pills are carefully prepared aod
, are made of tLe best tncredleats. Try a box.
For the Creditors of the
Pacific Bank.
:He Withdraws All Opposition to
immediate Liquidation by the
Bank Commissioners.
The following manly letter hat bean ad
dressed by Richard H. McDonald Jr. to !
: Frank If. Stone as representative of the
Attorney-General in the suit brought by
the Bank Commissioners against the Pa- .
cific Bank.
By it he consents to the bank going at '
once into liquidation ana waives all rights j
to naming the personnel of the officers
who will bare to undertake that task. j
Should Judge Eebbard enter judgment, as :
would appear to be tb« natural course to |
take, all further litigation will be stopped.
Much time will be gained by the creditors
and much legal expense will be avoided.
It now looks as if the affairs of the pacific
Bank would soon be on the way to a set- ,
Following is the text of the letter:
Frank M. Stone. E'q.—DBAB ME: In view
of tbe eontrovery a* to ju«t what the rosltion !
{ of the Pacific Back is in th<« {.-ending litigation ;
j again*t It, you have »«ked thai I. In concls"
--i m«, state what the director* of IIM Dank are
willing to do to advance the Interest* of Its
creditor*. You Hate that you ti.«ve glvru j
wbal you understand 10 be our position to toe '
press of ibis city, but id order to obviate a..y
question as to what we are willing to do, you '■
as* the director* of tbe bank to squarely state
tiieir Mod. We are willing to do tbl*; In
brief Den, we wl«n trie Ban- Commissioners of
tbe State to forthwith take charee of the bank
in liquidation, to »uiervi«e every act of ■
ttiose who by law »ball be placed In ebarge
of lis affairs. An action has been com
menced oy ibe Attorney - General of the :
j State to enjoin tbe bunk from :be fuitt.er
transaction vi business and to declare that me
bank is Insolvent and directing tbe Bank Com
rnis«ione.» to take such proceeding* against tbe :
( bank a« mar be decided uiton by its creditor*.
I Bom lug to tbe force ol circumstances and with
! a Keen appreciation of present public ODiDloo, ;
and with a ci>n>ciuusnes<« that error of judg- i
MM may bate created an unfortunate coudl- '<
ii>>n in tlie affair* of tbe bank, we Mand upon
tbe broad proposition that Done are mure deep- '
I ly Interested than ourselves In the re«ult of the
i liquidation of tte bank. To that end :ben we
not oelv cheerfully bow to the deci-ion of the
i court of last re»ort of our State, bin welcome
' *ue& decision. We Join tbe people of the State
i in their confidence In Its board of Bank :
"loners. 1 voice the wi«be? of tbe board
|of directors of tee bank when I say '
■ that in view of tbe present condition of finan- !
i cial affairs it is unsafe for tbe creditors of r.e
bank • .at we continue to transact buslne**.
>o believing, we are prepared to join with tbe
1 B uk Owl ninnnri id acinus v.at tb relief
nought la ice tending action ag«in«t me oaDk
be granted by the court. We believe in tbe
words of the «ta «i *» tiiat "the affairs of tbe
bank should be ci'««ed." We a<k tne Bank
Commi"loners to "rake supervisory control of \
'be bank in liquidation and do all In ih-ir
power to make «och llnnldatton a* economical :
and exiediuou* as tbe interests of tire dn-o«- I
ilorsaotl .«iockho!dt!is will admit" (whicb we !
believe follows tne word* of tee *tntute); and '
wD'lewr are dvt«ed that under UN; same
<■ »tut- (the bank act) the Bank Commissioners
have only the i oner to "designate the number
of officers and employe* n*-ces«ary to cto«e up
tbe bu«n;e»«" of ti.e bank, "aDd to fix the
salaries of tl:e same," w<- are prepared' o po
timber than the «tatute requires, and are ready
i: t the Bank Commissioner* «iiail name proper
offlcem and - mi l(>je« who shall clo*o th- a2>ir
of lie bank. In snort we are predated to waive
the«e ilfhts to which we believe we aie en
titled under the statute, in order to end tedious
ami yexatioun Ittieatioo, wblcb can bat result
in lnjuiy toevert>ody connected with the banK,
« betner depositor* or stock holders. In fact we
are ready v, concede more than could be
gained by*ihu»e opposing us In this rait snould
every point be decided acaln»t us for wtncU
oar bitiere»t euriDt** contend. We shall a-k
Hie Bank Commissioners '0 ta c *npervl*ory
control of ii. bank and name the niru to close
Its aflalr*. Can we do mine? We "ball embody
the loiecomz. ontv more in detail. In a com
munication to the Rank Cornml^iouer*. in the
Hope that they will inert v-> in «ucii a «pint that
thr re-ui 1 will be to i lie unquestioned inter;
of everybody in any way c»nn?rted with the
bank. Your* truly, " R. H. McDoxald Jr.
San Francisco, October 30, 1893.
Davenport Dazzles With
"The Three Guardsmen" Fills the
Stockwcll— Of rman Theater.
The Eden Musee.
Dnvenpor''s onenine nizht at the BaMwin
wl li her favorite "Cleopatra"— tlir palm for
wliich she claim* to have wrested from ihe
h.iuii'tnf Barafe B-rnhaidt— wa« M brilllaat as
an a-'-eiubl.ite up to Ilif capacity uf the audi
torium of la-lii"ii.by dieted I Ul^-s and ueo
ttemca could make M, and wliicti, it may be
dded, was *o enthusiastic in the tone and
spirit « lib which i; welcomed tbe American
acres* and encouraged tier all tbrougn as to
lend the color of ieco«ni;ion to her claim to
take deuce In thi« par t of the elftd ex
socleiatre of the Comedle Franchise. Tne ver
sion of "Antony and Cleopatra" which .Miss
Davenpon presents may iv- said to be Shake
«peare*s poem t-mhelltsht'd by the «tapecraft of
Saidou. Some of tin* «etMng< are bewildering
In their magnificence, even more ponteous
th m iho«e which our theatergoers to
much admired when their eye* were fir*t
dazzled by tie mimic siloi le* of Eiiypt'* Queen.
The first «cene is a pic are of rare loveliness,
and may be h-re described as a s imple of toe
exquisite attention to scenic and pictorial art
that. In a greater or le«s degree, pervades tbe
other tableaux. Th re are six In all. It show*
the marble quay* of Taisu«, with the silver
stream of tbeCyndus River In the distance, its
flowery D-nk« overhung with a luxurunt
L'lowth of cypress, laurels and pomegranates.
In front rises a stately portico approached by
flights of marble step*, and opening at the
back, with • glimpse of winding rlv r, of the
lowa and of the cedar-wooded heights beyond.
This Is Mark Auii<uy's Justice house. The
i-omtti* of Cleopatra In lbs bark of Venus
creates a genuine sensation. The bark It a
gore ou< attalr. manned with sturdy rower*,
and contains beautiful female slave* in all
•mis of seductive josiure«. The beautiful
Egyptian Queen reclines under a canopy gai-
Isnd*-<1 wi:h rose*.
The tempe«t scene In the fifth net whe/e Cleo
patra, tian«f<irriie<l into a geuulne sorcerem,
Coijures up a ttrrific norm to de*woy the force
of Octaviu«. Is a and effect. But the story of
the piece is>o well known that It Is unnecessary
to dwell on ii« details.
The company is ••elected with a view, no
doubt, to realize the received idea of the stal
wart mmi physique. Beginning with Mel
bourne McDowell lilru-elf the Romans are all
men of height, of thews and sinews, who tred
the - artb as If It belonged to them by rlgbt of
conquest. McDnwell makes an imposing Ogure
■a Mark Antony— suet) • one as Is calculated to
induce a youngster hesitating about joining the
Olympic flub to make tin his mind In favor of
«uch a step nt once. McDowell's acting, too,
Is well up to the mam— the result of long expe
Mt^s Davenport Is porgeously fappareled as
the Queen of Egypt. especially in tbe flrntcene.
The stuffs wnh which she invests her ample
yet shapely limbs are cosily and at tbe same
<•<> clinglnu and dailnely diaphanous as to af
fmd a vary liberal vltw cf their opulent pro
portion*. Such dres»e» mu«t. some of them,
imre taxed a modl«te'« «klll to the utmost, and
i;or of propriety a' tbe same time. Ml«s
Duveni ort has lost nooe of ber actluc power id
ILe persoDitiup «if tliis capricious chaiactei.
It is without doubt tbe best in her leuerione.
Tbe old and well-known drama Id six tab
leaux, adopted from the Frencn of Duma' by
James Wallack, "Toe Tbiee Guaid«rnen,"
served to draw a {nil bouse to tbe StockwelL
Oa account of tbe excellence of the cast tne
performance pave great satisfaction to tbe
audience. Mr. Clarence E. Holt as D'Artag
nan. trip adventurer, with his good sword
"Babby," made angular swashbuckler of a
guardsman, ready to Debt on the litest
provocation. He infused an agreeable ligut
ne«« all through his action, so much so that be
succeed d admirably hi accomplishing wliai
tbe part is Intended to do — to relieve a certain
Leavloess and monotony id tbe general bast
nes* of tbe drama. A.nne of Au*trla, Queen of
Fiance, was played by >" -Miss Heairlce Lieb,
instead of Miss LtheJ Brandon, wbo
was expected to undertake ibe part. It
was id eood bands, however. T»ie scene* be
tween the Qneeo and tue Date of Buckingham
•Mr. Jefferson Thompson) bad tbe merit ot
beins made loteremue by me fre*hening In
fluence of some nr-at acting outride Hie old
traditional ruts. Wallaek's woric at tbis late
day Is a little mu*iy, to #ay the lea«t, in «ucn
phrase*, tin the actor* let « light aad air that
cleared the close aimoipbere. and routed a
fewv;teraa tiieater-goers to increased enjoy
ment. Same bill to-night. „S
There was no chance In the programme at
tbe California, where "Friend-" will occuoy the
week; nor at tbe Alcazar. where for tbe same
length of tlm* 'Long Branch" will do servlee.
Tne Tlvoli had a crowd for me. owning of its
second week of "a Trip to tbe Moon."
Those who bave merry ihougnts and funny
bones would certainly ti^ve appreciated the
pantomime at tbi- Grove la*' night. Thei* was
do bitch and HasKeU's novelty— for pure panto
mime to-day «-em« to be decidedly novel
went like the standard ebronometerat the Lick
Observatory. It l« full of fu!», and every one
.wen . borne in a coo l humor.
•Lost In London," whicb preceded the panto
mime, was prettily set, and the old «tory of the
wronifd miner !o«e« nothing of its na'honin
McGregor'* band-. He maintain-* me Lanca
shire dialect very well, and Mlsa Belmour again
«hows her ver«atilnv and ability. There is a
very commendable rnu«ical iuterlude where
cowbells aie for ouce beard wltcout annoy
ance. :;:.'".-:
Tbere«e Krone*," offered by Bttzlgra:n's
company at tbe Baldwin Sunday last— an old,
popular G rmao pUy— represents in title tM
name of tbe most famous soubretle of tiie old
Vienna of tlie early part or tin-" century. Marie
Gelstinger, who considered "Tberese krone*.'
on- of ber best opportunities made a gr^at suc
cess with ttils personation In San Francisco
about six years ac»; still *ne -'■' doubts in the
minds ol ber admirers wbether or not she ex
celled ber rival* to a greater extent In some
otter of ber favoilie role". In "' face " Mrs.
Darotiofer-Tiioma*' represeniatlon of till* part
trie fact I* evident tint m re is hardly any
thlojr wiltien more suitable to her talents than
Tueie«e Krone*. Spl-uald in appearauce, full
ol charming verve, with me pow-r of expression
for tendrr leelng is well a* dramatic strength,
gitied with me voice of a sinning bird,
*be i* Hie Tiierese Kronrs or tlie present. Mr.
Thomas acted tlie i*ar( of Kiimund to tne
great <a!l«f»ction of tne audience. AD actor of
Un ability ne-ci not t>- funuy always to matte a
yacees*. Owiae to the laci turn tbe audience is
composed mostly of-Xorth Germans lie indi
e4i«-d only occasionally the dialect of > lenn* to
make bim«elf better understood.
The staging of the i say wa« carefully and
ably don*-. Tbe erratic movement* of tbe cur
tain are a great annoyance to ibe audience as
well a*, tlie actors. Who Is responsible for this
Tl.e openine of ihe MtS). Mu«ee, advertised
f r \Seducsday. has b-en po«tL'oaed to Satur
day afteruooo. Owing to tbe vast amouot of
uctui-bed work ilie nuoagemeot bave cou-
eluded to allow themselves ample time for all
tbe little detail work. Invitation* trial were
sent out for a private exbtbiilou on Tuesday
evening will bold good on Friday evening, at
wtiieti time tiieie will be a reception to tbe
member* ot tbe pre»« and their friend*.
TLie next attraction ai m Baldwin will be
Mr. Josepb Murphy, tbe favorite Iri«b come
dian. In a series of bis successful Irlsd com
Olympic Football Kickers— Sale of a
Valuable Pointer.
The Olympic football team had a very
lively practice game last evening at the
Haigbt-slreet ball grounds, and II the boys
will do as well on Saturday as they did
last evening the Stanford College t»am can
expect a pretty lively time when they line
up against the O ympian«.
The Pacific Kennel Ciub will meet to
morrow evening at its headquarters on
Kearnj street.
Sp-rtsmfn will be somewhat astonished
to learn that Howard Vernon has pur
chased Henry Huber's imiorted inter
dfg Gleubeg for -ometniug less than $100.
Huber paid 5750 for this aoitual about one
jn.ir ago.
Orittenden Robinson returned from So.
! noma County Sunday evening with a good
, bag of quail.
Jack Kerrigan, who shot over the bills
' of Fairfax, had a f«ir days' sport. He re-
I ports the bird as beinz very wild, owing
!to tl:e great mount of sbo< ting iba*. lias
' b^n done in that vicinity. ; • : •
El Ladd shot over an imported G»rdon
settei last Sunday near Xi.vato. and
, bagged aD even dozen quail, some <>f
; which bore strong marks of the dog's*
! ueth. Ladd intend-* feedifc the dog more
: frequently than u*ual in future.
The at en 'On of the F>h Commission
ers is called to the f»c: that fishermen have
been netting the small striped bass which
lecentlv made their apnearance in a s.iongh
] not far distant from Tort-ales. An arrest
i would «ooti ttt p i- ao*i i.g in that district.
The A'-me Club wi.eelnien will hold a
(entury run on Sunday next. The riders
will journey tit this city on the first boat
i from Oakland, arid will start for San Jor«,
i returninz • n the e*-i aid« of the bay.
The Alan)ea» Bicycle Club wlil b'ld a
"«mokpr" in its rlubroom at the Cycle
P.irk tt;is evenmz.
Looters of the Seattle Treasury in a
Bad Box.
Seattle, Oct. — Thirty-three indict
ments against ex-Treasurer Krug and his
associates were returned by the Grand
Jury as true bilU thU afternoon. Krug It
charged in thirteen indictments with using
pub ie money in a manner no" authorized
by law, and in nine with larceny. by • m
bezz ement. In five .Indictment* Henry
Fuhrman.a rich broker, is made accessory,
which under the law of the State is the
same as principal. Fred W. bander and
L. M. Griffith are jointly indicted with him
on one cunt each, and D. T. D^nny, a
well-known pioneer, on two counts, and L.
D. Rot-, ■ a real estate agent, on three
count?. Fuhrmun rrpaid the money In
borrowed from Kruc and as a bondsman
put un $25,000 to make v:> the deficit, and
Griffith and bander also raised considera
ble suras to rein) urse the city, hoping
thereby to escape punishment. Krujj'«
shortage was 8125,000. but was all made
good to the city by bis bondsmen and
The Anheuser-Busch Company Gets
the Premium for Beer.
Chicago. Oct.. 30— The champienshiD
cup of the world for beer, for which not
only all the great American brewers but
those of the famous Europ»an brewing
cities of Munich and Nuremier* were in
be? competition, ha" b^en carried off by
the Anheuser-Bu»ch Brewing Company of
St Louis, ihey having received the highest
number < f awards and scored the highest
ins. Thpy were especially command d
i for the absolute purity of their beer as a
pure malt and hop product •■» ithout corn or
corn products. '1 Ins makes the Anheuser-
Busch Company the champion brewers of
the world.
Perished on the Road.
Sax Bernardino, Oct. 30.— News is re
ceived from Needles stating that th« re
mains of Henri C Leonard have been
found about four miles from tnat place.
Leo n.i rtl »as<» man SO years old, en route
from the East to Oakland, aDd who was
last heard from at Needles about two
months ago. He was feeble mentally and
physically and was traveling alone. His
son cams down and made a lone and fruit
le*s search for him along the railroad and
in the Indian villages, thinking he bad
been inveigled off and neld for ransom.
She Loved Kirn Still.
Sa^ Jose, Oct. 30.— Mrs May Gould,
aged about 30 years this nmrui g corn
mtted suicide by 6boottng herself through
tbe Leart at the residence of Mrs. Schmer
ber on South Market itreet The dp
ceased secured a divorce from her bus
band in San Francisco a few month* ago
aod had been livlDg with her two little
children in this city since. Although
divorced from her husband she still loved
ibe man, and her loneliness so preyrd
upon ber mind that she committed tbe ra«b
act in a fit of despondency.
More Unemployed Leave
the City.
A Large Crowd Transported to Oak
land by the Southern Pacific.
Merchants Supplied Food.
An army of wrrk-seekers waited upon
Agent White of the Southern Pacific Com
pany at tLe foot of Slarket street yester
day afternoon land requested transporta
borne one telegraphed up to the North
Harbor Police sutkn that a small-sized
ri"t was about to break ont at the ferries,
but this was a false alarm.
Agent White ?»v§ that the men were
very peaceab'y inclined and simply ?ent a
delegation in to b m to make the request
for free ferriage.
There were 319 men and boys in the
party. They started from the postoffice
lot at 4 o'clock and came along Market to
Front street, where delegates were sent
into whoiesale stores to bee provisions.
Their appeals met with great success, and
the Front-street merchants loaded them
down with provisions »1 »11 kinds.
ThP er"wcl ti.en marched two abreast
3nd drew tip in front of Mr. White's office
in i?o f d or'ler.
Agent White telephoned to Fourth and
Townsend for instructions while Captain
Dunle^vy of the Barb r Police racg up
Chief Crcwley. The Chief told the Cap
tain to send the men over at his expens« if
necessary, out in the meanwhile Agent
White was infracted to pass the unetn
p oved over on tbe creek route ferry El
"There were some very r*spectab!r--look
ing men among them." said Mr. White
"and I actually thing that they intend to
go to work if they possibly can find em
ployment. •
"I don't know what they intend to do.
but they told me that they would take
work wherever they could find it.
"They claimed to have canvassed the
city thoroughly and found that it was im
possible to get anything to do. They will
scatter around tbe country till times get
"They were mrstly Eastern men I should
judge, and ameng them were a number of
boys who, I gaett, are anxious to get back
liOMie as best t i ■ e y can."
When t!;e Ei Capitan wpnt out at 5
o'clock «he tnok the whole band of pil
grims along with h^r.
Daley Tried for Murder.
Daniel Daley, recently convicted and
sentenced to five years in the State's Prison
for the billing of John J. Lawton in a row
at the Potrero on May 7 lust, came up be
fore Judge Se<well yesrerday to an«wer
to a more serious charge. For killing
Lawton Daley was held I«l manslaughter,
but in tne case of John J. Carroll, whom
Daley killed on the same cccsfnn, he now
take?* nis trial on a charge of murder.
Daley, as in the Lawton trial, was repre
sented by Attorneys John H. Dickinson
and James H. Lone, while A««istant Dis
trict Attorney H'nkl-* prosecuted. Beside
the Judge on the bench sat the newly
elected Judge, Kdw«rd A. Belcher, who
will take Judge Seawell's place on* the
criminal bench of Department 11 at the
conclusion of ttif* Daler trial.
S>i jurors hud be»-t» accepted when court
adjonrned until te-dnv.
Back From Yosemite.
Troop I, Fourth United State* Cavalry,
returned yesterday from the ' Tosemite
Vallry, where it has been on duty since
Auril last.
Convicted of Manslaughter.
Stockton, Oct. 30.— Sing Lung, a Chi
nese, who shot and killed a countryman on
Roberts I-hnd a few weeks ago, was to
day found entity of manslaughter.
to health — every tired, ailing, ner-
vous woman. , The medicine to
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It's an invigorating, restorative
i tonic, a soothing and strengthening ;
! nervine, and the only guaranteed
: remedy for the ills and ailments that
beset a woman. It regulates and
j promotes all the proper functions,
• improves digestion, enriches the
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\ refreshing sleep, and restores health
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manently cured with the " Favorite
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World's Fair, Chicago, 1893.
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i - . 0c27 lm eoJ
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I n 111 nil Terr acree-bie to take, fgr
) I II ■* | •■ _| taemorrbulds. bile,
'i| la ! I p M lose of appotlte.Eastncand
' I II _l I ■ 11 lnteitlnal troubles and
- - teaitac.e arislDj
I ■ from them.
I Anil I All •• E GBILLOX,
RKII I 111 rrbiT»»,Parli
. 13 111 !■ latlH Sola by mi DrujfUts.
Jy-sa TuKr in.
<& GO.
New Fall and Winter
Natural Wool,
Australian Wool,
Scotch Wool,
; Medicated Wool,
| Silk and Wool,
English Cashmere,
Heavy Merino, Etc.
748-7501arketStreet, I
Bet. Kearny and Grant Ayenne.
0c29 SnTuTn
S«n<l for Catalogue. '
. mrl9 ly T^^h^a
n bill beads. 5 i-iae $i.9» per M □
Q >ote Heids ..V.".""." '^-00 " B
T Letter Heads 3.00 - I
Q (ioo<lXX>o. 6 tuT#|opes 2.50 - D
I >.?i: orders promptly attended to. X
, j rmn pros, k PITTS <>. TeL 135 *- jj
acti 8u l r 6m
1 me of the Fire Department, on Douglass St.— :
Office of the Cleric of the Board or Supervisors of j
the city and county of San Francisco, October SI,
In accordance with resolution No. 9470 !
(Third Series) of the 80. of Supervisors, |
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received in open |
board on Monday afternoon. N'TemberS, 1893, ,
from ■-• to '.':3o o'clocK. for snpplylnc all material .
and erettlnj mi. engine - hon»e for use ot the \
I- ire Department, on the east tine of I.'ontlass it..
163 feet northerly from tbe ocean road, la »c- ,
conlancK with plans and specifications prepared
by tbe Board of r Ire Comii<i3iioaers, to be te-i. at ■■
office of the Cljlet Kngmeer of t&e Hre De- ■
p.rtuient. old City Hall*
The Wort to be dove under the snperrlslon and :
to the satisfaction of tbe Chief Engineer or the i
Fire . rpartnmnt and I ire Department Committee
of the Boaro of Supervisors, and to De completed !
within 60 ■:»> from date of award of cootract.
Notice— Bidders win estimate and state a price -,
for whirl! the entire wurK wi I be done, with the :
distinct understanding that eight hours shall con- j
siltnte a day's work for persons employed on said j
'1 he party to whom tbe contract is awarded will
be required, prior to or at tbe time of the execu-
tion of the contracr. to pay the cost of advertising
tsi* notice in three dally newspapers.
Id order to preservu uniformity and to facilitate ■
the award the board has resolved to receive no i
bids unless made upon blank forms prepared by
the committee, and a certified caect f»r the sum
of •500, deposited by t tie bidder with and made
payable to ice clerk or the board, conditioned it
the proposal is accepted and the contract award it,
and if the bidder shall fat: or neglect to execute
a written agreement and give the required bond
witiiiti six d»ys alter, the sum shall paid into
tbe city and county Treasury 'by said clerk as
liquidated damages for failure and neglect.
!'ian-.s furnished by the clerk. .
The board reserves the right to reject all bids
If tbe pubile rood so require.
oc3l 5t JNO. A. RUSSELL, Clerk.
25TUSU tf
II J^ CJ lEv .-."' t*"2er cures ail nervousaess or diseases of thegeneiat;ve organs,
■8(7. "<^Y\ «>• **? SX ««chM: Lost Manhood, Slfeple>.>.ne«i. Tired Keel-
H^> ~' .■-.} \V :. \V ■*■€'■ **am« ia the Bark, Ifebilfty, Pimple*. JJead-
fflS V. df&m »<•»*. Seminal »>aW«eM. Xi«;ht 1} F.*ii«sion« l«po-
M Vjr^-.. V *•■«, l>e*poi»dencj. Varfr*«-ple, rrf«tarrneM
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■ nceApc awn .rrpo baa dlscoTered the active principle on which the vitality of the
before and AFTER sexcal apparatus is dependent.
The reason why sufferers are not cured by physicians and medicines is because orer 90 per cent
are troubled with »*ro»t»UtU, for which CTJPIDENE is the only known rt-medy to cure the com-
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Dot effected by the uieof six boxes. fI.OO a box, nix for |5.05 l Send for circular and te«tiJß»aiaU.-
Address DAT»L MJtMICIMM CO., P. O. Box a*!*, Sao , Francisco, Cai. tor *y
J. H. WIDBER corner Third and 'Market streets,
aai tt cod UAKEITT ft TA.GOAKT, 1201 Broadway, cor. 14th. OatlanO,
: - ' . ' :■ -' ■ . -'..'■■ .
■ x nuu
' AT |-4 THE
Price Yon Will Pay at Drciista
Fine Toilet Bjwr*w, 2 lor ...... ..~..»..15c
Velvet Face spores...,., .....10c
Velvet Bath Sponges 15c
Jfc.x-.ra Size Toilet or Nursery Sponge*..... 150
Kitchen Sponges umi ....10c
Toilet bpoagetfor Sfcavinr ........ ......... .10s
Imported Toothbrushes M „..*... luc
scrubbing Brushes. „«........*....1 0c
Good Quality sharing Brashes 10c
Good Hair Brushes 2 6c
8- Inch Unbreakable Extra Heavvßubb«r Com 0.2 5c
Bulb Syringe*, 2 hard rubber tub**. „.,„,.,.. ,33c
Bulb Syringe*. 3 bard robber tabej 800
Two-Qaari Fountain Syringes....*, „ 85c
One-Quirt Rubber Hot Water Bags ...... .....90c
Two-Quart Bobber Hot * ater Pars SI 00
Three-Quart Rubber Hot Water 8ag5... ...... SI 15
Laities' Knbber Gloves, all size*, per pair.. ..21 10
>' OTE— Special attention paid to winding rax.
ors, shear* and edged-toola by sillied mechanics.
Prices moderate.
818 and 820 Market Street
' ap23 feuTuTa t:
To Clean Brick Sewers.
\J Supervisors of the ci: and county of San
Francisco, uetober 31. 1393.
In accordance with Resolution >"o. 9236 {Third
Series) or the Board of Su->«rvisors olds will be
received in open session or the board on MON-
DAY AFT '-OON, NoVember 6. 1593, from 2 to
, 2:30 o'clock, to ciesn tbe brick sewers within t:e
district bonmied by Fourteenth, Elchteentb. M --
sion and S-w Channel streets. lneladtn«c the irw-
en tn said streets
The silt taken from the sewers to be reiaoTed
from the streets, the estimated quantity of said
lilt beins; about 200U coble yards.
i Notice. — Bidders will state a price per cubic
| yard for which the above work will be done in
[ conformity witb Section >*0.3-'-;5 »t to-? Political
Code, the silt remove J to be meuared lathe
vrhicle of transportation aad to be the property
of tbe c> ntractor.
The party to whom the contract is awarded will
be reaoired. prUr to or at to time of tbe in the
hide of transportation aad to be the property
the c otractor.
Cne party to wtom the contract is awarded will
rean red. prl r to or at tn» time of the execu-
tton of tbe contract, to par the cost of adv»- =
this and a former notice of October 10, 1893, In
three dally newspapers.
In order to preserve uniformity and to facilitate
tbe award tbe board has reso.Trd to receive no
I bids unless made upon blank forms prepared by
i the committee, ahd » certified cheek for the sum
i of %3<H). deposited by the bidder wltn and made
payable to tee clerk of the board, conditioned if
tne proposal be accepted and the contract award-
ed, and U tbe bidder snail fall or neglect to exe-
cn:e a written agreement and «ive the reqolred
and if the bidder sna I fall or nagiec: to cxc-
• a wrttMa screeaent and five the required
Oond wltbin six days after, the sum s 1 . ail be paid
into tbe city »nd county treasury by sa d clerk as
1 ].qui<i*:ed damage* f r failure and neglect.
HI :ikg rnrnlstied by ttie clerk.
I h» board reserves the right to reject all bids if
the public good so reqi: re.
oc3l St JXO. A. RUSSELL, Clert.
10.4 Randolph S t.Chicago, 111.
l>i;.l. i i-B l> A. c .. the olae«t a.. .: mo>: reli-
t able Special Doctors on the l'acitic Coast. 400
Geary street, San i raucssco. continue* to speedily
: and permanentlt cure all chronic, special, private
and w&stlnz dlsrase*. no ma' :er bow complicated
;or who have failed. Rio- and Sklu diseases. Loss
of Vi?or and Ma * hood, Proi«tatorrhea. ."»:r cture.
etc. Send for Con&deutlal Booic explntnis? war
thousands cannot set <-nr»U of above diseases and
j complications. Dr. I. iritis;' * W*ndc fu Ger-
man Invifrnratnr. a «ur-- spec fie for *r>OT*»
c<impl»lnt<. To prove its power one Dollar Trl . l
' Bottle given or sent free on application.
Call or Address 4Oi» tiearr -t-. S. J „ Cal.
i oca TiJSuTu tf

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