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Fourth University Lecture at the
Hopkins Institute.
The lotirth lecture of the university exten
sion course on the Doets of the ulueteeuih cen
tury was given by Professor Armes at Mark
Hopkins Art Institute yesterday afternoon. As
usual me lectuie-ioom was crowded. The
poets discussed were.Keats and Shelley. Keats
was bom of obscure parentage and lad a
meager education, while Slieilev "was born in
toe purple of the squirearchy" and educiied at
Eton, afterward finishing at "Oxford Uulv-istty.
Kea s' first volume of poems was published in
1817. and He died in 1821, He caied little for
current affairs or the deeper problems of life.
Ills muse developed rapidly, but lie lacked the
manly vigor of Wordsworth. Shelley mart led
at 19 a schoolgirl of 16, and three yeais later
ins wife lett him. He was married again to
Mary Goodwin. Slieilev had a noble nature
had great sincerity— and looked with contempt
on conventionality. He had a grand lyrical
genius, but bis narrative poems lack form and
ate vague.
The New French Hospital.
Application has been made to the Superior
Court on behalf of the Societe Francaise de
Bienfatsance Mutuelle for permission to bor
row 50,000 on property belonging to tbe so
ciety on Bryant and Filth streets. Permission
has already been granted Hie society to sell the
property in question, but hitherto no purchaser
has been fouud.
The object for which the loan is required is
the erection ot a new French hospital on
the corner of Point Lobos and Fifth avenues.
Mexican Lottery.
Cut of Mexico, March 15, 1894.—
regular monthly drawing of the Loteria de
la Banefieencia Publica was held to-day.
Following are Che numbers drawing the
capital prizes: No. 40,084 wins $60,000, sold
in San Francisco, Cal.; No. 24,654 wins
£20.000. sold in New Orleans. La.; No.
54,610 wins 310,000, sold in El Paso. Tex. *
Nos. 15,054. 29.310, 42,429, 55,854 and 58,221
--each win $1000, sold in Berniosillo, Mex
ico; Cincinnati, Ohio; San Francisco, Cal. ;
Kansas City, Kans.
The prizes of this company can be
cashed at 35 New Montgomery street, Sun
Francisco, Cal. * *
Denies a Dog Story.
James Casey, who was accused by Jobn Kid
ney of purloining bis dog, declares ihat be did
nothing of tbe sort. He says that lie would not
undertake to train such a cur as the oue owned
by Mr. Kidney.
The Original Little Beneficencia Publica Com
pany cf San Francisco as Decided by the
Loteria de la Beneficencia Publica Com
pany of the City of Mexico.
No. 40,084 wins 53750. sold in San Fran
cisco. Cal. ; No. 24.654 wins $1250, sold in
San Francisco, Cal. ; No. 64.610 wins 625,
sold in Marysville, Cal. ; N05. 15.054. 29.340.
42.424, 55,855 and 58.231 each win 562 50,
sold in San Francisco and Oakland, Cal.
Prices cashed at 35 New Montgomery
street, San Francisco. Chl. *
Helnrich Wabmuth to Lena Wahmnth. lot on E
line of Polk street, 45:6 N or Grove, N 23 by E
82:5: girt.
same to same. lot. on NE corner Grove and Pclk
streets, N 46:6 by Bt82:6; gift.
Maggie P. Cheesman to Edward Wharton, lot on
N line of Fell street, 131:3 E or Lott, E25 by N
13»:6; CIO.
F. H. and Esiella A. Crawford to Arthur Stev
ens, lot on S line or Golden Gate avenue. 62:6 W
of Lyon street. W 25 by S 100. subject to two
mortgages: SIO.
Henry Moon to Maria E O'Connor, lot on N line
of Seventeenth street. 210 W of Guerrero. vr 50
by N 149. NE to point 210 W of Guerrero, S 158:7,
quitclaim deed: $1.
Louis Corriveau to Henry W. Westphal. lot on E
line of Missiou street, 68 S of seventeenth, 842
by 80 : a-JO.
Alexander Vensano to M. L. Milcovlch. lot on N
line of I wenty-eignth street, 228:8 E of Sanchez,
E2o:8 by N 14; »900.
Georgo R. and Marjorle Worn to George A.
Worn, lot on E line or Powell street, 137 X of
i- ' arreil, E 137:6 by S 35; $10.
George A. and Annie S. E. Worn to Eva A.
B axe, same; S>o. ---v.
Mary E. Eagan to Sarah McGlynn. lot on N
llne of Russell street, 160 W of Hyue, W 20 by N
60: 85.
Henry Wahmuth to Lena Wabmuth, lot on SE
line of Park avenue. 100 NE or City Hall, Ni 25
by SE 100: girt.
Darwin C. Allen to Robert Harrison, lot on W
Une of Arkansas street. 350 8 or Colusa, s 83 by
W 100; alsolot on W line or Connecticut street.
433 8 of Colusa, » S3 by W 100; also lot on W
line or Missouri street, 100 N ol Colusa, N 60 by
W 100; also lot on line or Mission street. 60 s
of Yolo. S 100 by E 100; also lot on E lice or
Michigan street, 200 S of Colusa, & 75 by E 100;
Charles S. Young to Charles Ford, lot on N
line of A street. 57 -.6 W of Eighteenth avenue, W
25 by N 100: SSOO.
Annie P. Bradstreet to George W. iraser. lot on
S line or W street. 32:6 Eof Thirty-eighth avenue.
r. 25 by S 100: »10.
Estate or George H. Higgles to Sophie Seell, lot
62, Gift Map No. 3: $ .
C. H. ana Cordelia A. Bradley to William M.
Wade, lot 1, bicck 63, lot 6, block 70, University
Mound Tract; grant. _• - ... ... '*«. .- .- "■
Henry Wahmuth of Alameda to Lena Wah
muth of Alameda, lot oa the NE corner or First
aad Franklin streets. E 75 by N 75, being lots 1,
2 and 3, block 8. Oakland: girt.
George L. and sarah C. Gale of Oakland to A.
Y. Lancaster of Alameda, lot on NE line or Cen
tral avenue (Washington or East Twelfth street).
100 SE of Tenth avenue (Taylor street), BESO by
NE 100, block 42, Clinton, subject to a mortgage
to the Hibernia Saving, and Loan Society for
C'jiuoo, East Oakland: SIO.
E. A. and Lillian L. McCarthy to Christian H.
Neuhaus of Sau Francisco, lot 62, block F, Broad
way terrace, subject to a mortgage, Oakland
TowDShlp; $10.
Andrew C. and Lv ovika Lawscn to Frederick
L. Llpman of Berkeley, lot on NE Corner or
Dwight way and Asylum street. M 60. E 150, 8 to
N Hue or Dwight way, W to beginning, being a
portion of lot 7, biock B, Beraeley property,
Herkeley: SIO.
J. J. and Julia Bauer of San Francisco to Mary
Tobin of san Francisco, lots 85 to 88. ln subdivi
sion 31. map of resubdlvisiou of Peralta Par*,
Oakland Township: Sio.
Charles A. and Alice C Bailey to Walter H.
Hoag ot Berkeley, lot on W line or Ninth street.
152 N of Chsnning way, N 50 by W 130. beiug lot
12, block 123. corrected map of Raymond Tract,
Berkeley; Co.
Andrew and Jane C. Jones to Mary S. Jones or
Brooklyn Township, lot on 8W corner of First
street and Jones avenue, S 150, W 80:4%. N 160.
E 18:11 to beginning, being lot 1 and E half of lot
2. block C, Andrew Jones' subdivision, Brooklyn
Township; $1200.
W. .1. Lay mance of Oakland to Euphemla Henko
(wife or A. V.) oi San Francisco, lot* 12 and 13,
block E, Elmhurst tract, Brooklyn Township;
Harry Wabmutb of Alameda to Lena Wahmuth
or Alameda, lot on E line of Broadway. 140 M of
San Jose avenue, as it now exists, E 212:2. N
160, 22, *-> to 8 line of Mitchell's i.nd., tbesame
being distant -40 N from San Jose avenue, W
190:2, B 100 to beginning, being lots 2 and a. block
11. H.yes A Caperton Tract, and being also a por
tion of the Levelling Tract, Alameda; girt.
William and Josephine Airs of Alameoa to
Henry J and Josephine Weiss, lot on S corner of
Van Buren and Grove streets, SE 149 by SW
45.31, being lot 6. block 93. map 1, of a portion or
the Satber trust property. Alameda: $10.
C. N. Nl.sen of Haywards to Dledrlch Pestdorr
or Haywards, lot 9. block 101, Meek Tract, Hay
wards. Eden Township: SIO.
Dledrlch Pestdorf of Eden Township to Ellas
(arisen of Eden lownshlp, 3 acres, beginning to
middle o- county road known as survey 1009. dis
tant E 285.66 rrom E line or Sonth Pacific Coast
Railroad, thence MI 606.61 by NE 241.66. Eden
Township: SlO. _
George D. and Florence M. Hlldebrand or Oak
land to William C. and Eliza A. Giles, lot on W
line of Brook street, 100 N of Orchard avenue. N
65. W 01:6, 8 66:6. £99:2. being lot S3, Academy
Homestead, Oakland: $3000.
Charles A. and Alice C. Bailey of Oakland to A.
H. Liadqntst of Berkeley, lot on E line of Ninth
street, 181:3 of Allston way, S4O by E 130, be
ing lot 30, block 110. All.ton Tract, Berkeley; $5.
John J. and Elizabeth Ne.gle to William Simon
of San Francisco, lot on W line ot Eighth street,
182 Bof Addison, 8 40 by W 135, being lot 10,
block 104, Allston Tract, subject to a mortgage
for $200, Berkeley; $10.
James E. and Matilda A. Daly to J. R. Vieira of
San Francisco, lot 9, block A. Daly Tract, Brook
lyn Township: SIO. •
Emily E. I tow of San Francisco to Louisa
H.gstrom of Alameda, lot on E line of Capp
street, 300 N or Nlcoi avenue. N 60 by E 150, be
ing lot 10, block C, De Wolf Tract, Brooklyn
Townsblp; CIO. - -
H. L. and Alice B. Wallace to Ida L Decker or
Oakland, lot on W line of Frultvale avenue, 1007
N of Hopkins street, N 50 by W 140. being the N
18 feet of lot 24 and » 32 reet or lot 26. block B,
Dimond Tract, Frultvale, Brooklyn *lownshlp;
fIOO. *
James and Joseph Warner of Oakland to Claus
Meyer, loton NE corner or Mountain View ave
nue aud county road 1525 from Oakland to Sau
Leandro, N 68 by E 150. being lot 6. block 1, War
ner Tract, Brooklyn Township; sio
Franklin and Mary J. Moss to Daniel and Re
becca Kemmerie, lot on S line or Saratoga ave
nue. 200 E of Plymouth street, E 80 by 8 132.50,
being lots 20 and 21, block J, .mended manor
Moo. Tract, Brooklyn Townsblp; sio.
: Builders' Contracts.
Mr.. Margaret Olem with C C. Dunshee. to build
frame budding on WW line of Steiner street, 00 S
of iiiiii in $i'i!>V iOiilj>aiHiHiiHjiq -.-.'
•-..,.;■ • • — *» — ** _
The market continued steady and fairly active
yesterday wltbout any particular change in prices.
The most noticeable, feature of tbe day's trans
actions - was the steady buying of the leading
north-end .took, by Fitch. Ophlr was particularly
Id demand, and now that the repairs to the cen
tral tunnel ar* about completed active operations
will . be soon commenced aua a decided change is
looked for.
Mr. Rule will leave here for the Conistock this
evening. The repairs to the Con. Virginia shaft
have been completed, aud work will be resumed
in the Rule orlft at once. Mr. Bote ls as confident
as ever tbat he will hud ore. as he still has three
mouths' time yet on his contract. Nothing new
was received during the day from Potosi. but pri
vate advices report a continuation of the favor
able showing on the 450 level.
Silver was a trifle lower yesterday, selling at
69*>/4c in New York and 27Vi'*i la London.
Bullion valued at $5600 has been received by
the Mayflower Gravel Mining Company.
. The London, Paris and American Hank of this
city bas declared a divided of 4 per cent, payable
Immediately. This makes 7 per cent lor the year.
J he Grass Vailey Union says that the ore being
extracted irom the South Idano mine is free mill
ing and shows gold. Before long a crushing will
be made which will definitely determine what the
ore is worth.
The St. John Quartz Mining Company of Grass
Valley has levied an assessment of 6 cents per
share, delinquent April 12.
Bullion valued at $17,120 has been received
from the Con. Cal. A Va. The monthly bullion
statement is as follows: Worked at Morgan mill,
683 tons or or.-. Bullion produced— Gold,
$8.109 88; silver. $5810 12: total, $17.120 01.
\ield in bullion per ion-Gold. $12 15 : sliver.
$12 88; total, $25 04 Assay value of ore per ton
per battery pies— Gold. $14 89: sliver. $18 63;
total. $33 53. Yield per cent-Gold, 81.67: sli
ver, 69 13: aggregate. 74.6«.
The official letter from the Crown Point mine
for the past week says: Tbe past week has bee;*
occupied in completing aud timbering the con
nection between the south drift on the 600 level
and tbe top of. the raise from crosscut 2 on the
700 level. v\ c have now started a west crosscut
from tbe 600 level south drift 60 feet south of the
east crosscut. It is out 6 feet, in quartz, giving
low assays. We have started a crosscut west from
the seventh floor ot the 700 level raise, which is
out 5 feet, lv quartz of no practical value.
The official letter from tbe Belcher mine for the
past week says: On the 860 level we bave cleaned
out and retiinbered 25 feet of tbe north drift,
making its total length 220 feet from the shaft.
Twenty-seven tons of fair-grade ore have been
hoisted during the week.
In tne Sec. 1 elctier in tbe south raise from tbe
1160 level the past week has been occupied In
completing tbe connection with the 1150 level
and In opening out to the north on the quartz at
that point It ls about three feet In width and ls
of fair grade, assays running from $18 to $25 of
face samples.
The east crosscut from the foot or the raise Is
out tweuty-nlue feet. The race is still la hard
In the Justice the norm drift from the winze
sunk Irom the Blame tunnel ls out sixteen feet.
The face shows a width of four feet of quartz of
low grade on the average, but containing spots
and bunches of pay. The soutb drift opposite tbe
drift ls out twelve feet and tbere is a wlotb of
three feet of fair-grade ore exposed ln the face.
I'.O A I. I* .li.*-.?.
-Following weje ibe a-.es In the San Fracclsco
Stock I card yesterday:
Sl'Sl'lAS MORNING 87MTOX- *a :~0.
200 8e1chr.... 651200 Ch0i1ar.. . 45 800 •...«%
400 8*H.... 100 Ezcnq ....05.200 Ovrmn....lS
300 8u11i0n.. .401650 «> * C....50 1600 Potosl ..b6
150 Chan 0.. 451100 BAN ....00 50 Savage... 46
200 CL&V „8.16 100 Mcx ...1.65 400 Uni0n. ...90
200 3.001300 Mono 05 100 V JMK....66
50 Andes... .M6> 60 Confi ...1.60200 Potosl 90
250 b * 8...1%| 60 Crown P..ftt* 700 .'...95
100 Bodte 16 100 Eureka. ..26 500 BB* 11..
600 Bullion ..40 100 G A C 80 100 8 >ev....lV*
200 CC* v ...SV, 200 Mexlcn.l.6U 50 V. Jet;..
165 3.20 50 Ubhir... 2.601
following Tire the sales in the Pacific Stock
Ecard yesterdsy:
rx.i-tAB *r olios-- ]0:'o.
300 Alta 14800 CCAV...3.15* 50 0ph1r.. .2.60
200 350 ~.*Vi. 500 Ovriun. . 10
300 Anaes 31 (00 3.17 V, 200 potost BO
400 S3 660 imii 03500 87
200 He1chr... .721350 04200 86
l'»<> 75 700 C P0int,. .63! 60 ...Si
90*3 8u11i0n. ..36 200 58 460 81
7*jo 35 600 Mcx 1.65 2so 83
400 40,-00 ll* 50 84
400 Ch0i1ar.. .46 -I*o 1.621- 8 Nev.;..lVi
800 41 JOO 1. 571-2 15!» Uni0n. ...91
100 4: 450 0pnir.. .. 2^1100 YJackt....63
50 Couha...li/i,l 50 2.471/iiOO 65
y : ,y-'y ■ nim^oos SESSION— 2:3O
250 8e1chr... .70,600 Cbe11ar...46 P0t051... ..90
200 72 300 C P0int. .5540U V'iV*
200 75 300 G A C....8'1!100 ' <•_'
260 B A 8..1.70J300 HAN 59.100 Savaee .. 43
660 V*4 200 Rente.... 300 SHAM. L.i
700 CCAV... -1.4 400 Mexca _ I.6ft .-iOOs Nev .. .11.4
400 3.22 Vi 150 1.67%250 Union **.->
60 3.20 450 2.57 V).
Thhrsoav. March 15—4 r. m.
£Id.Aahed.\ Bid.AtK-*eL
Alpha C0n..... 1') 15 Hale ANorcra 55 tixx
Alta 10 15 Jackson _ ;<5
Andes 30 35 Jnlia _ _ jy
Keirner. 70 75 Justice m 15
Lei. Isle — 06 Kentuck 00 10
FestAßelcner. 1.70 1.75 Lady Wasn.... - _ 05
Bodie 10 15 Mexican 1.50 1.&5
Benton C0n.... — 60 Mono yj Jo
Buiwer 05 10, Navajo. — 10
Bullion 36 40 Nev Queen _ 05
Caledonia. 10 15 Occidental .. .10 16
Challenge Con. 30 40 Opnir 2.66 a.co
Com wltn. — Ul* Overman. 15 20
Choilar 45 60 l'otosl HO 95
Con Cai A Va_ 3.20 3.25 Savage 40 45
Confidence ...L6O — '.S Ka- MldesU. 10 15
Con Imperial . — 05 Scorpion 04 lo
Con New York — 05 Sierra Nevada 1.20 1.26
Crown Point.. 65 «0 silver HIIL — 06
Exchequer. — 05 South Idaho... 80 —
TastSierraMev — 05 Union Con 80 95
Eureka — 26 11 tab 05 10
Grand Prize... — lift; lellow Jacket. 65 70
Gould A Curry 75 fco. •_*-
Thursday: March 16.— 2 p. m.
BONUS. ; Bid. A.ked-\ Bid. A iked.
C 8 45e0up..112 — Anglo-Ca1.... 56 66
I is in reg ..111 — 'Hank or 1 al.. — 240
Cal..tCble6s.lo2»i — CaISUATCo.. 48 —
Cal Elec LOs. 104 — FlrstNatloal.l7o —
Cutra CW 5s 96% — Grangers — 95
Dput-st 78...150 165 |LondonPAA.l22i/ a —
Dpnt-stex-cp 94 100 London A- SF. — 35
EdsnL*F6*.lo3% — Merc * Ex. ... 13% —
FAIH RR6s.iO4V IO7 Nevada 130 134
Geary-stßss.lo3Valos S**ther B Co. — 97V_-
LosAngLO. — 102 I Banks. Savings—
Do.iinted.6s. — 104 ('erSdtLCo. — I*6o
Mkt-stCbie6.ll9 — HumbSAL.,llOO —
MntgyAveds. — 15 Mutual — 45
NevC>gßßs. — 101 Sl-HavC*lou.4S7 500
NFCRR6S.IO2 — , bay A Loan.. 110 160
NRy Cal 65.. 104 107 Security... .250 —
NRvCa!ss.. — 98 Union Trn.t.535 r— •*
Oak Gas 65.. .100 — , Street Railway-
Do. 2d is. fis. 99%100 % California.... — 100
Omnibuses.. — 118 Geary-st — Ilu *
PacKollMt.s.loo — Market-ac... 38% 39
Do. 20 is. 68.101»/i — Metropolian. — M
Ryes. ll4 — Presidio 11 1/4 —
PACnßy6s.. lOll,4 — Miittrrst 90 —
Pwl-siRR6... — 112 Powder—
BrA.NPKP.6s 92% — Atlantic D... 27*/» 29
SPRRAr ztfs 92% *& California.... 85 "105
SFRR('al6s..lo7Va — Giant.... 23* i 24%
SPKRCaIS... 88 95 Ju-ison. 1 6%
SPi3rßCal6s. 94 96 Vlgorit ...... 1% l.i
8VWater6...116%117% M*-ceiianeous-
SVWater4... 92% — |Blk oal Co. 25 —
Suns--t'l ATS — I'iS l all otMiil... — 60 j
Butter-.tßss. — 104 C.lDryDock. 90 33
stocks— Water. CalKierLCa. 21% 21%
Blue Lake.... — 19 ICalLiecWks. — 4
Contra Costa. 85% 87%;L*dlsonLUht.lOO 102%
Marin Co 47 60 .GasConAs.n. 18 19
SprtngVailey'.OO-ValOO-'iii HawCASCo.. — —
Gas- Hutt-hSPCo. 7% 7%
Capital, — 65 JndsonMrgC. — 17
Central 90 100 Mer Ex Ann. 107 —
Oak G Li 11. 42% 425/ 8 <)• ran.cSSCo 10 35
PaeGaalmp. 81% 82 FacAuxKA... — 4
Pacific I lent 47% — Pac Borax... 96 —
SanFrancsco 71 72 Pad AN C 0... — 30
Stockton.... — 30 Paclioll Mill. — 65
Insurance— FarrPaintCo. 55c 75c
FireinansFd.lso 169 lad rang Co. — 36
Oak Home... — 115 P__c lAT Co. 69 —
Sun ......... — 95 SnnsetTAT.. 40 —
Banks, Commercial— InltedCCo.. — 85
Amerß&TC. 76 —
Board— Giant Powder Con, 25: 75 8 V Water,
Street-S4OOO Park and Cliff R R Bonds, 101%;
6 S F Gaslight. 71%: 10J Yigorit Powder. 1%.
Board— l3o Cal Electric Light, 21*>/»: ISO Giant
Powder Con, 24% : 26 Hutchinson 8 P Co, 78/*; 60
do. 7%: $6000 Nevada Co R R Bonds. 08; 30 Pa
cific G**. Imp, 81%; 40 B V Water, 100%.
Street— 4s Pacific Gas imp. 81%; 15 b V Water,
100%: 36 do, 100%.
Thursday Evening, Marcb 15.
Silver lower.
Wheat freight, considerably lower.
Milling Wheat ln demand.
Barley, Oats, Corn and Rye dull.
' Hay firm. - beans inactive.*
Potatoes weak. Onions steady. '
Butter,' Cheese and Egg. ail easy.
More Eastern Poultry In.
s.ame very dull.
Asparagus and Rhubarb lower. ■'■'■■
Provisions unchanged.
Orange, very dull.
Eastern Wool markets quiet.
• New York Market*.
New Tobk, Msrch There were sign, of
liquidation of small bull pools in tb* stock market
to-day, and lt was evident that the •■abort" inter
ests were imbued with the idea that the condi
tion, were favorable for a downward movement.
The .peculation was less active than ror some
days past. The prospective passage of the
seigniorage bill _ (tbe vote was not announced un
til about tbe close ot the market) had a rather de
pressing effect on tbe | speculation by reason of
tbe fact tbat tbe bears expected dire results If lt
sbonld oecome a law, suggesting that heavy gold
shipment, would follow and that American secur
ities would depreciate ;in value .on the London
Exchange. The Union Pacific: statement for Jan
uary, which- .bowed a _ heavy decrease In net
earnings, also tended to help the "short" side of
the market. Rut with I all there were period, of
strength, and in the late dealing, there were evi
dences of a desire to buy back many of the stock,
i sold early in the day. Within tho last quarter of
an hour tbe temper or speculation underwent a
radical change, and on very strong buying an ad
vance of 1 s to 1 percent was made in the general
Ist and per cut in Cordage. hut while the
market closed strong, a majority of the list was
below the closing figures of yesterday by 1-% per
cent. The railway and miscellaneous boud list
was rather heavy tor the active securities, but it
was unusually inactive and bonds made no ad
vance. Government bonds firm. State bonds in
active. Petroleum- Weak. Pennsylvania Oil —
bales none; April options, sales none, closed of
tered at 82c, Lima oil— Sales none.
KXCHAS-or. 11 outer and RONDO.
Money en csll easy at I'/.: last loan I*/; closed
at 1%. Prime mercantile paper,'[email protected];- •* Sterling
exchange steady, with actual business in bankers'
_*£* « $4 88%C84 88«4 Tor demand and »4 »7«o
4 87 V* lor sixty-day. v. is. 4's. registered. $11-' 1
do coupon. $11 /4: O. s. 6's. registered. $117*G;
«w. < 0 , , ; po ? , .* 117, »' : '« registered. $86: Pacific 6's.
$1021/,: sliver, 69-Vic-
I.A 1 1 r.OAn SHARKS.
American Express. 113 Northwestern.. 1061,8
Atchison... .... 15 Co Preferred!..' 140
Chicago 8.*Q.... 803,4 Oregon Hnprovrat ll
Canada Southern.. 511* Oregon Navieaton. 20
Canada Pacinc.... «7i£ Oregon Short Line 8
Central latiflc... 14% Pacific Mali 16%
Del. Lack a *ft estn. 165»i Pullman Palace 169 £_,
Denvr *R.(> pre!. 30 Reading... . , -23
Great Northern pr. 102 Kio Grander West 14V,
Illinois Central »a Preferred 42
Kansas A Texas pt. "4% Firsts... '„',"' 69
Lake Shore 127 Rock Island."."""" 70
Louisville * Nash. 48 St Paul " " 371/.
Michigan Central.. S-* (st Paul* Oman**! 38V*
Missouri Pacific... ae^ij Preferred lis
Mexican Central.. 7% Texas Pacific. "" 83/ a
North American... Union Pacific...!" 186 a.
Northern Pacific. 8 y V. 8. Express 63
Preferred 19 Wells-Far.ro. . 120
N. X. Central &B*"4 Western Union. ... 66V1
Amer. Cet ton OIL. 28 1 General Klectric 41Li
An rriran Snear... 91% National Lead. s»2T, M
Pell Telephone.... B_y_ National Cordage. 19i H
Chicago Uas. 127% Do Preferred.... 85
Distillers 27**,, | National EmeeeiL. la
Wheat— March, BOSJjO. v., *
Flour— Steady.
Hons— Slow.
Copper— Quiet : Lake. 99 62%.
Lead— Firm; Domestic, S3 3...
Tin— Easier: Straits, $0 10 asked; plates quiet.
Spelter— Steady: domestic, S3 20 asked.
Coffee— Options opened barely steaav with De
cember contracts unchanged and others [email protected]
points lower and closed dull and steady at un
changed to 6 points net decline. Sale**, 8500
bags, inciudttg May. $16 70: Jane. $15 40; July.
$15 20; August, $14 45: September. $14 t>o.<3
14 75; December, $14 10. Spot Coffee. Rio, dull;
No. 7. 17i*@17'*'8C . .
sugar— Raw. steady; sales late yesterday 5100
bigs; centrifugal, 96 test. 3 3-16 c; refined, dull.
Chicago rtt^ta.
Chicago, March 15. --The market for wheat was
under the bearish Influence of tee fine seasonable
weather all day. Notwithstanding much encour
agement from other sources, the close was lower
than on the day before.
Receipts— l3.ooo, of which 800 were Texas;
shipments unchanged; no improvement, weak and
unchanged;. prime to extra na.lv>- steers, 1 4 50©
4 70; go d to choice, $4®4 25; others, [email protected] 75;
Texan**. *'-' [email protected]
Hogs — Re* elpts. 26,000: shipments, 12.000:
active and [email protected] higher; beavy rough, [email protected] 25;
heavy packers', $4 41191 60: prime heavy and
butchers' weights, $4 [email protected] 05; assorted lights
$4 ooi* 1 70.
Sbee'p and Lambs— Receipt*. 12,000: shipments.
500: slow ston sheep. *a _is®l 90; extras. $4: top
lambs, [email protected] 25.
CHAIN and pnovisn>V4.
Wheat, steady: cash, G6VIC: May, 68ise. Corn,
easier; casn, 35% c: May, 37^0. Oats, lower;
cash, 30V c; May, 31c. Pork, firm; May.
Cl l 10; .Hi y, ail 15. Lard, higher: May, J 6 6i!*.,:
July. »8 35. Ribs, firm: May and July, $5 72i ,
K\t, 46Vic Barley, nominal. Flax, $1 [email protected] 37.
Timothy, 54 27.
Foreign Markets.
»"M«t IST tivssrooi.
Liverpool, March —The spot market is slow
at 6s Id. Cargoes are weak at 25s 6*l tor off
coast, 25s 6d for prompt shipment and 25s 3d tor
nearly due.
The Produce Exchange cable gives the rollowlng
liverpool Quotations tor .No. 2 Winter Ked:
Marcb. 4. 9d; April. 4s 91 -d; May. 4s 9%d;
June, 4. 9%d; July. 4s 10d; August, 4. lOd.
London. March 15. — Consols. 99 11-16;
Silver. 27*40: i-u-ncii Rentes. 991 46c. Bullion
into Bank or England, £48.000.
• v.; I'lutlrii 'a Itu.iae.s.
Joktland. it.. March 15.— Clearances. $106,
--000; balances, 131.0 a
I \* li ii.-_.--r .;id Bullion.
Sterling Exchange. 60 day. — 4 KBVi
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 89%
New York Excb. age. slibt — 16
New York Exrhang-e, telegraphic — 20
Fine Sliver, spot. V ounce — 69%
Fine Silver, 30 days — 68.4
Mexican Dollar. — 48
Produce -Market.
FLOCK— Net cash price, are as tollows: Family
extras, S3 [email protected](i; Bakers' extra*. S3 1503 20:
superfine, 92 41 @2 60 fi bbl.
WHEAT— Wednesday', rise or 2 Vic was lost
again yesterday murnlng, as will be seen by tne
call tales below. Snipping Wheat continue, quiet.
but milling is wanted badly. In tact, tbe demand
tor It is ■> brisk tbat $1 07% has been paid for
extra cnoiceln several instances. It appears tnat
tbe millers have been holding oil for mime time,
expecting a collapse in the Call Board deal, and
having run out or supplies In consequence are
now forced to buy. Wheat freights are weak at a
decline, and in tact it Is reported tnat .mail vessels
cannot obtain more tban 23s »d. This Is a sharp
rail. No. 1. 92*[email protected]<4c: choice. [email protected]: lower
grades, [email protected]; extra choice tor milling. 98 3 '(&
Cl 06% * ctl.
Informal Session— lo o'clock— May— loo tons,
$1 10".4; 100, Sl l»rtfc May-June— loo. $1 03;
100. si 03%: 100. 8103%. December— 3oo.
•1 09%.
Bierus Morning Session— May— loo tons.
Sl 10*4 ; 900, $1 10%: 501). Cl 10%. May-June—
200. .1 03%. December— 9oo, Sl 08« 8 ; 300,
Sl 09%.
AFTERVOON- Session— May— loo ton., Sl 10:
100. 81 <'t'** May-June -100, Sl 03%; 100.
Sl 033/ 3 . seller '94. new— 2oo, Sl 02s 8 : 100,
Sl 02%.
BARLEY— Quotation, show no particular varia
tion. Tbe market I. quiet. No. 1 Feed, 72%0:
cheice bright do. 73%-iOCVSc; dark Coast, 70©
71% c: Brewing, 82i,.,©f0c *£ ctl.
Informal Session— lo o'clock— May— loo tons,
76*5' 8 December— 4oo. 84% c.
Rkoclak Mobxi.no Session— May— 3oo tons.
76%< : 200. 76n / sc: 200. 760.
ai-tkjknoo**.- -kssiox — December — 300 tons,
84% c: 100, 84% c; 100. 84% c.
• 'ATS— Dull and unchanged, with large offerings.
Milling. $1 06© 1 15: fancy Feed. $11001 16: good
to choice, Sltffl 10: common to lair. B«'©9sc; Red.
*:©! 10: Black, nominal; Gray, Sl©l 10; Sur
prise. Cl 17%©125.
CORN— lnactive and heavily offered. Large
Ye iow. [email protected]%c tt ctl; Small Round Yellow,
90©92% c: White. Slid, l 07% ?i ctL
RYE— Quot (1 at »3%#9fte tt ctl.
BRAN— Quoted at $le®l7 tt ton for the best and
15 50 fir outside brand..
MIDDLINGS— Quoted at $lf?®2o fl ton.
•CHOPPI- D FEED— 60©18 60 tt ton.
HAY— Firm and in very fair demand. Wire
bo* i..l H.v .ells Sl tt ton below the following
wholesale quotations for rope-bound Wheat. $' &
13 50; Wheat and oat. $9©12 60; Bariey, $9 50©
11 60: Oat. C«©l2: Alfalfa, $9&1U; Compressed,
C-fcli 60: Stock. $7©;' 9 ton.
STRAW— Quoted at 66©67%ctt bale.
MILLSTCFFS— Ground and Rolled Barley ts
quotable at $16 50©17 50: Oilcake Meal. $37 60
wholesale and C4O jobbing; Rye Flour, 3%c tt lb:
Rye Meal, 3c %■ lb; Graham Flour, 3e; Oatmeal,
4%c fl lb: Oat Groats. 6c: Cracked Wheat. B%c-
Buckwheat Flour, HM%S; Pearl Barley, 4<g.4%c
tt tt>.
SEEDS— Yellow Mustard I. quotable at 2%®3e:
Trieste, 2 [email protected]%c tt lb: native Brown. S2®2 25 »
etl: Flax. $3©3 26 flctl: Canary, 4%c fl lb: Al
falfa, 7®B%cttlt>; Rape, 1%©2% c; nen-p,3*y 4 c
DRIED PEAS —Blackeye. Sl6o®@l 65 flctl;
Niles. Sl 60tol 75; Green. Sl 30©1 40; Split Pea*.
6>[email protected]*ictt lb.
BUCKWHEAT— NominaI at [email protected] 20 « ctL
CORNMEAL. ETC —Table Meal. 2%®3c tt 16:
Feed Corn, 821 [email protected]: Cracked Corn, $22©22 60
ttton: Humlnv, 4%ctt lb.
BEAN.*.— Dull, easy and unchanged. B.yo. are
quot.blo at Cl oO®3 tt ctl; Pea. $2 16®2 25:
Large White. $2©2 10; Small White, $2©2 15-
Pink. SI .'i ©1 on; Beds. $1 75*3*1 So: Lima.'
Sl »o®2 10: Butter*. Sl 6c®l 80 fl ctl tor small
andS* 80 for large.
POTATOES— have a wide range, accord
ing to quality. The other sort, are plentiful and
wean .(irezun Burbanks. 6i>_aßse; Oregon Garnet
Chiles, 60(J67i*c: Sweets. 6<ic*tf*»l 60: Early Rose. 40
(«50c: Bailr.asßurbanks. 7 @90c; River Burbanks.
i>i®4 0c: River Red.. Sue *# Ctl.
OMOMS- Quoted at $2 *xQa 60 for Oregon and
91 ', ©i 36 *« ctl for California.
BUTTER— Dealer, are .hading e.eb other.
quotation, to secure the northern • niers. The
market Is weak .nd well supplied. K.lr to choice
creamery. 19®ilc: Dairy squares, lP<a2oc; f.ncy
Dairy rolls. lr<av_oc; good to choice. 17611 8 c: com
mon to fair. lSfallHfce: Pickled Roll. l*@ltfc 9 lb;
111 kin. nominal.
CHEESE— C uti*-*ne. easy. Go»d to choice mild
new [email protected] c: ordinary, f©ioc: Young Ameri
cas. [email protected]; Eastern. [email protected]: Western, [email protected]
f* lb. ■ ' *- -
POULTRY— Another car Is In from the East. The
market Is wear, especially Turkey., which are still
lower. Dressed Turkeys are anotab eat 10018 c
9 tH Live Turkeys, «•©! lc » J*& tor Gobblers and
1 fc»l2c %> It* for Hens: Geese, ft pair, 91 60®J;
Ducks. * i 60«0 fi U..zt-i. : Hens. $3 6005 « dozen:
Roosters, young. 96 50*~$b tti); do old. 93 fto*s
4: Fryers. 9 [email protected]: Broiler*. i:<&& 60 for large
•nd 9-' f*[email protected] so. for small; Pigeons. 9- 76aa a
doz for young and old.
GAME— I- j-.-t much out of favor. Gray
Geese, 91 60: White Geese. o'c: Brant, 91 26 for
large and [email protected]* for small: Honkers, [email protected] 50;
Hare. uc#*l; Rabbits. 9,91 60 fi dot.
EGGS— were qu.elr.r ami rather weak again yes
terday Calirornia .tore Egg*. [email protected]: ranch
Eges. 155d17cf» *.7-- .
HONEI— I'oini* 10®lio for bright and B®9o for
dark to light amber;, water-white extracted, 6(9
6"/ 2 c f* lb; light amber extracted, 4 ,i©sc: dark
amner extracted. 4 i /[email protected]^c * lb
BEESWAX— Fr axi.(a.-i-c.
ORCHARD FRCITS-Apiies, 91 76 for Tancv;
91 ib®_bo 9 box tor good to choice aad 60* @
9. for co m m to fair.
* CIRUs : HUI is— Oranges are bow in slender
.apply, but they are dull and cheap jost the same. .
Oranges in the open market are quoted aa follows ;
Good to choice Navels. $1 S('©2; No. 2 Navels.
Si 2C©l 60; ialr to choice Seedlings. 75e©Sl
Mandarin Oranges. — — ; Sicily Lemons. [email protected]: Cali
f ornla Lemons, *|[email protected] 1 25 tor common and Sl s*3©
2 50 for good to choice: Mexican Limes,: S3 50:
Calirornia Limes. 5 He for small boxes: Bananas,
$1 50*4, 2 SO **» buneb: Pineapples, $2 5* ©3 60 9 doz.
DRIED FRUlT— Pears qooiahleat 4fc»Bc ft Ib tor
bleached halves and ;-©sc f 1 It* for quartered; Ap
ples, [email protected]_"c ft lb for quartered, sVs©t>c for sliced
and [email protected] for evaporated; Bleached Peaches,
7©9 c; sun-dried Peaches. [email protected]; Apricots.
Moorparks. [email protected] 1 -'i'i*: Royals. 10©l2c * lb for
bleached and t©7c for sun-dried: Prunes. 414 c
for tbe four sizes, 4 l ji©4 for the five sizes and
'iridic tor ungraded: Plums, 4©4V*c ror pitted
andl«[email protected] for nnpltted: -Figs, Black, 3©4 c for
press- and l^@2c for uupressed: White Necta
rine!*. ""©He * lb: Red Nectarines. *-*@7c ***» lb.
quotations are: Loudon Layers, [email protected]$l 16: loose
Muscatels, in boxes, [email protected]; clusters, Sl 50©
1 75: loose Muscatels, in sacks, 2i/ 4 (a2VsC V lb
for three-crown and 2c for two-crown; dried
Grapes. lVitSl^c* ft.
CIS -« hestnuts are quotable at 6©Be; Wal
nuts. 6tT.7V2<; ft lb for hardshell. B©9c ft lb ror
softsbeii, and S©9c %■* It. tor paper-shell : soft
shell Almonds. 10©llc: hardshell do. 6r_£7c: paper
sbeii. 1 1 1^.(31 2 <* 1* lb; Peanuts, Stoic ft lb ror
domestic: Hickory Nuts. [email protected]: Pecans. s©Bc ror
rough and S©loc V lb for polished: Filberts, 10©
IO' »c: Brazil Nuts. 10©llc; Cecoanuu. $5©5 60
V 100.
VEGETABLES— Asparagus and Rhubarb con
tinue to decline. Receipts yesterday were 80 boxes
Asparagus, 160 D x a Rhubarb and 31 sacks Peas.
Cucumbers are quotable at ***[email protected] 50 ft dozen for
hothouse; Rhubarb. 6<3.8c 9 lb- Green Peppers, —
?* lb; iSSparactis. >-(<zl'ii*..c lb for tbe ordinary
un and 15c f lb for fancy: Mushrooms, [email protected]
for good to choice and ©i.'c tor common; Dried
our*. 15©20 c: Dried Peppers. I2i..©i*sc # tb: Los
Angeles Tomatoes, tl 60©- 50 ft box: Ureen Peas
4©t>c ft lb: String Beans, t* tt>: Marrowfat
Squash. 515©17 60 *# ton: Hunbard Squash.
*17 St I ©'.'!!: Cabbage, Bo fl ctl; Feed Carrots. 35©
40c <*» ctl: Garlic. lV»@2-Vic ft lb.
PROVISIONS— *I.r New lor. circular or Ciapi*
A co. says: •• xports November Ito March 1 were
336,324,7 lbs. against 313,440.337 last season.
Chicago stocks of Provisions are the smallest in
1 the last decade. Hogs now arriving at packing
centers are large. Pica of ligbt weights are de
sired. Increased weight at Chicago this winter has
been equal to about 180.000 Increase in h*..s. as
compared with the wwi t r season of 1892-93. the
average weight being 25.37 lbs heavier February
average weights were 17 lbs less than those of Jan
uary, yet 20 lbs more than for February, 1893.
Total packing to March 1 was about 4.850,000,
az.lnst 4. 000 the previous year, 'l he Lard
yield will likely show quite an increase yet
stocks are sn all: extreme *"* ester n packing points
contend they bave been packing to the benefit
ot grower and 011 a falling market, aDd that the
present movement of hogs is small and indicates
the summer supply will be Ilgbt. Tne foreign d*-
mand is goo '." T c local market continues dull
an** soft Bacon. 9V ftsioc 9tb for heavy and
medium, 12c for light and I'AV.« %* It, for extra
light: Eastern Sugar-cured Bams, 12c; Calitornia
Hams. 10©i i...c; Flastern Lard, tierces, [email protected]*V^c
tor compound and 9c tor pure; pails. 10c: Califor
nia tierces, o-Vi"* for compound and Si :><a**c for
pure; balf-bbls, 9c: 10-ft tins, 9*/ 3 c: do 5-ft. lt'c;
Mess Beef, 57 60©*: extra mess do, »8 50 ft bbl;
family do. $10 50©ll: extra prime pork, $13©
13 CO; extra clear, ?22 ft ooi; mess, [email protected] ft
bbl: smoked Beer, 10c V tb.
HOI'S <-*>e*l at l .©l,c ft B.
HIDES AND BKlN*s— Heavy salted steers. 4V4
@6c * lb. medium. 4c: light, Hi 4 ©-*u>e: Cow
bides. 31,-4© ■■■ c; salted Kip, 4c: salted Cair. 6c;
salted Veal. 6c; dry Hides, usual selection, 7c
ft lb: dry Kips and Cair. 7c 'ix lb; prime Goat
skins. 25©40 c each: Kids, 6©loc: Deerskins,
good summer, 25c '•£ lb: medium. 15©20 c: win
ter, sc: Sheepskins, shearlings. 10©__oc each:
short wool. 26©35 c: medium. [email protected] each; long
wool. [email protected] each: Culls ot all kiuus about 1,3
TALLOW No. 1 rendered. 4V4©4S / ic: country
Tallow. 4©4V4C; Refined. 4 ©£>i /i ,c:"# ft: Grease,
3* /s ©4c ft ft.
WOOL— 'ibe followng mall reports have been
received from the Eastern markets:
Boston— Tbe market has continued fairly active
in sympathy with the slight Improvement la tie
goods situation, the total sales for the week or *!■>
mestic Wool aggregating 2,685,600 lbs against 3,
--060,000 lbs last week. Tbe movement ln Calf r
nia Wools has consisted principally of a sale of
US, rot) It*» or rail at a clean cost of 29c, and I 70,
--00 lbs or middle county spring which cost the
manufacturer close 10 84*-. The grease price for a
northern spring In Boston to-day Is 14c, and or a
middle c uuty spring rree 12©13r.
St. Lou *«->;» of Texas aad Kansas have been
large The burers ar- Massachusetts. Vermont
and Slew *Tort**Rtat*a mills and stocks of this 0 ass
of Wool of fine medium ami fine are getting low
here. leaving the situation such that In a month or
six weeks new Wools can be bandied to good ad
Philadelphia reports an Increased demand from
manulacturers, but New York is duller than for
some weeks
Fall Wool is Quoted as follows: Free Moun
tain, 638 c*s IT: Northern defective. 6(s6o: South
ern and Sau Joaquin. [email protected]: Spring clip. Calav
eras, and Foothill. [email protected]*2c tt lb: san Joaquin and
Southern, year's staple, 7<sßc:do. short Wool*. 7(§>
9c : Eastern Oregon. 10©llc «<J lb for choice aad
[email protected] tor Inferior; Valley Oregon. [email protected] %» tt*.
General Merchandise.
GRAIN BAGS — Calcutta., June-July. 6*V.C as
a nominal quotation; State Prison Bags, 86.27;
Wool Bags. ;*4*&36c.
OIL— California Castor Oil, cases, No. 1, Sl 20:
bbls, Cl 16 (manufacturers' rates); Linseed Oil. In
bbls. boiled, 62*-: do raw, nOc: cases. 5c more.
Lard oil. bbls. 90c: cases. 95c: Cocoa, 55c; China
Nut, 47C-**.s2c '*» gal.
PETROLEUM— Starlight. 18M.C <» gal: Eocene.
21c r* gat: Astral. 1 tt gal; 150° F.lalne. 23* -
gal; Pearl. 18*": Water- wblte, refined, bulk,- 12c":
Headlight. 17.'.'. cases, 21c: Mineral Illuminat
ing. 300°. 20c ln cases: Standard, 110° fire teat,
17c V gall**n in cases (caps), 17% c faucets and
12c it* bulk.
GASOLINE. ETC.— 63° Benzine, bulk, IV * y
pal; cases. 18c: 74° Gasoline, bulk, 13c: cases.
19c: 86° asollne. bulk, 200; cases. 25- gal.
WHITE LEAD-Quoted at 6®7c fl lb.
RED LEAD— Quoted at 7c * lb-
TURPENTINE— Quoted at 46c V gal.
SUGAR— Tbe Western Sugar Reltnlng Company
quotes, terms net cash : Cube. Crushed. Powdered
and Hue Crushed, all 57'»e V It.; Dry Granulated.
6%c: Confectioners' A, 6%c; Magnolia A, 4*K«;
Extra C. *Mfce: l.olden C. 4%e;D. 4%c: Standard
A. 6c; hair-barrels %c more tban barrels, and
boxes %c more.
San Francisco Meat Market.
All kino, are weak at tbe lower prices. Whole
sale rate. tor dressed stock from slaughterers are
as follows:
BEEF— First quality. 51/ ©Hell 16; second qual
ity. 60: third do. »i f%tu,r » lb
VEAL— Large. 6® V tt; small Calves, 6V>®
7c: Dairy Calves. 7© 8c « tt.
MUTTON— Wethers. i ©7c; Ewes, 6®b%c
"-ft IT*.
SFRINGLAMB-I2%@isc fltt. Yearlings, 7%c
V lb.
PORK— Live Hogs, 4».kc **? Ib for heavy and
medium grain-red and 5%e ft lb ror small; stock
Hogs, 4%c * tt; dressed do. 7®7%c fl lb.
Tnunsnav, March 15.
Flour, qr *k* 15. , 4 onions, sk* 175
do, Oregon 612 Bran. Or. sks 60U
Wheat, ctl. 1,28*. 0r. Screen's, sk... 25
do, Oregon, do.. 1.380 Hay, tons 493
Bariev, ctls 3.ol4;>traw. bis 10
Oau, or. ska, 2.142 I'.uckwheat, sks... S3
Corn. * tis.. 1,376 •*• ooi. bis * ' 62
Beans, sks. 673 Hides, no. «... 496
Potatoes, 5k5..... 2.002 wi**e. gals 23,160
do. Oregon. da.. «,Btf?lßr.ndv, gals 300
Dates of Departure From San Francisco.
Knreica Newport ■
Queen Vie* Snd. i
llomor Taqulna Hay.. :
Australia... Honolulu.... |
hurouoiut. BnmboldC...
Santa Rom. San Ditto....
Arago Coos 8ay.....
Colon {Panama.,,., .
Common... Portland
rroL'reso ... I Panama
Gaelic | China & Japan
Lot AnceiM; Newport
Trurkro Portland
Walla Walla ! Vle*PetHnd.
Pomona iHnmbiat Bay.'
C0r0na...... San Diego. ;
htateofCal. Portl»nrt <
Steam ek. iDkstjsatiom
| USA | l'ui.
Mar IS. Bam, liaw'y •_•
Mar 18. Bdw'y 1
Mar 16. bru Mlss'n 1
I Mar 17. Vr>M Oceanic
Mar 17. 9iH Waiht'n
Mar 18.1 Un Bdw'y 2
Mar 18.)0am| Valieio
Mar 19. Viu P M IS S
Mar 20.10 am Spear
Mar 'JO. 4rw I.oinbM
Mar 30. SpmIPM 8 S
Mar ■>{). Sam Bdw'y •£
Mar 21, 'Jph MUM'S 1
Mar 21. 9am BdWy 1
'Mar 21. Bdw'y 1
!Mar Uam Bdw'y 2
'Mar ?■*>.! ii am spear -
Klaesj sats
6. 1K, 6.19
6.1? 6.19
i lo.osH
U. 27.
4.18 a
Thursday. March 16.
Haw stmr Montserrat. "Blackburn. 4 days 12
hours from Nanaimo; 1364 tons coal, to John
Rosenfeld's Sons.
Stmr Mariposa. Hayward. 23 days 15 hours from
Sydney, via Honolulu 6 day. 17 hours; pass and
mdse. to J D Spreckels * Bros Co.
Stmr Homer. Denny. 66 hours from Ysqulna
Bay; pass and rouse, to C J Hendry. Sons A Co. .
Stmr Santa Rosa, Alexander, 61"4 honrs from
San Diego and way ports: pass and mdse, to Good
all. Perkins * Co.
Stmr Gipsy, Jepsen, 11 '/_i hours from Santa
Crux; produce, to Goodali, Perkins * Co.
Stmr Humboldt. Edwards, vo hours from Eu
reka: pass and mdse, to M Kallsh A Co.
Stmr Farallon. Roberts, 72 hours from Port An
geles and way ports; pass and mdse, to Meyer A
Ackmann. - ■ tf*4M Jbrf*^**Nnl9aOTNlM|M*M*MM
Stmr Weeott. Dodge, 24 hours from Eel River,
etc; pass and mdse, to Russ. Sanders A Co.
Schr Occidental, Hrsndt. 4 days Irom Eureka
-340 M ft lumber, to McKay A Co.
Schr Norm.. Larsen, 20 days from San Marcos
Island; 468 tons gypsum, to Lucas A Co.
Schr Ocean Spray, Mi-sen, 18 hours from Fort
Ross: 90 cds wood, to N Iversen.
Thursday, March 16.
Stmr Eureka, Leiand, San Pedro; Goodali, Per
kins * Co. "
Stmr Queen. Carroll. Port Townsend and Vic
toria: Goodali, Perkins A Co. -->V**te*s*iww*i3E-§
Snip Yosemite, Fullertoo, Nanaimo: R Duns
mulr A Bona
Sailed. "
Thursday, March 15.
Br stmr Bawnmore, Keane. Payta.
- Wb stmr Orca, McGregor, whaling.
« Stmr Stat* or Calirot nis, Ackley, Portland and
Astoria. .-...
- Stmr Lakme, ConlSeld. Columbia River.
Stmr Tillamook,* Hansen.
Br ship Dominion, Meredith, Tacoma.
Nic bark Dominion. Mathleson, Tacoma.
Bktn Monitor. Turloff, Eureka. ,
. Brig Lurllne, Matsoa, Hilo.
• Schr Alice Cocke, F.uh.iiow, Honolulu.
Schr Mary C. Campbell. Bodega.
Schr Reliance. iiasmusseu.
Schr Sailor Boy. Peterson. Portland.
POINT lopos— March 15-H) **• Weather
j cloudy: iMf; velocity 12 miles.
Miippin-- Note*. .
Steamers to sail to-day are th* Queen for Vic
j toria and Puget Sound, Homer for Vaqulna Bay,
I Pnreka ror Newport and Ulosy for the Salinas
j River.
* Steamers to arrive to-day are tbe Arago from
Coos Bay anil Bonita from the southern coast.
The Keweenaw rails due irom Panama on the
lhe barks ("nlm.-i, Murom aud Nic Thayer load
; cannery supplies for Alaska.
Si>*> *.**_•*_,.
Keb22— l N, 27 \v, Br ship wood, hence Nov
I 8 'or Qneenstowu.
Mar 6—33 N. 18 W, Br ship Bothwell, from
j Loudon for San Francisco.
Per Humboldt— Mar 15, saw tug Vigilant with
disabled schr W F Jewett in tow close in shore off
Fort Ross, hence Mar 14 for Eureka.
Per Farallon— Passed tug Fearless, bound N, 40
miles NW of Cape Mendocino, Mar 14.
Domestic Ports-
FORT ROSS— Sailed Mar 15-Schr Ocean Spray,
for San Francisco. .
El REKA— Arrived Mar 15-Stmr Pomona, hnce
Mar 14.
FORT BRAGG— Arrived Mar 15— Stmr Point
Arena, hence Mar 14: stmr Daisy Kimball, hence
Mar 14.
TATOOSH— Passed in Mar 15-Stmr Willamette,
hence Mar 12 for Nanaimo.
VENTURA— SaiIed Mar 14— Stmrs Noyo and
Santa Cruz. *
MEN DOClNO— Arrived Mar 15-Stmr Point
Arena, heuce Mar 14.
Astoria Sailed Mar 15— Stmr Columbia, for
San Francisco. *.*■ ■■■■
Eastern Ports.
NEW YORK-Cleared Mar 14-Shlp Edward
O'Brien, for san Praccisco.
Foreign Ports.
FALMOUTH-Arrlved Mar 14 — Ship Wm U
Davis, rrom San Diego.
NEWCASTLE, NSW— Sailed Jan 13— Brig Gene
va. tor Honolulu. 20— Schr King Cyrus, lor Hon
olulu. 25 — schr Oceania Vance, for Honolulu.
31— Br bktn L'Avenulre, tor San Francisco, Feb 1
Br bark Pet us. for Honolulu. 2— Si-hrWm F
Wuzemann, for Honolulu. 9— Schrs R W Bartlett
and Golden Shore, for Honolulu. 10— schr L D
Foster, tor Honolulu. 14— Bark Uesper. for Hon
olulu. 15— Br ship Rabane, tor Sau Francisco;
Br ship Scottish Moors, for San Diego.
In port Feb 19— Br ship Craigeme. for San Fran
cisco; Br ship Talus, ror San Francisco: Br ships
Ardencaple and Invermark. for San niego: Nor
ship Drammen, for Honolulu: bktn Jane L Stan
ford, bark Newsboy and schr v m Bowden, for
Honolulu: Br ship Warrior, tor Panama.
Charters— Br ship iry van, Newcastle to San
Diego: Br ships Hubert Duncan. St Enoch and
Cuinliebank, lor San Francisco: schr John D Tai
lJint. tor Honolulu; Br ship Laurelbank. for San
Francisco; Br snip Olmara, for Honolulu; Br ship
Marlon Rallantyno, for A apulco.
HONOLULU— Arrived Mar 3— Wh barks Mars
and Horatio, from whaling cruise. 4 — Br stmr
Warrimoo, from nev; bktn B N Castle, hence
Feb 14. 12— Bktn S G Wilder, hence Feb 18; Br
bktn Xantlppe. from Newcastle. NSW. 6— Brstinr
Oceanic, hence Feb 27: brig WG Irwin, hence
Feb 18: schr Geneva, trom Newcastle, NSW. 7—
Bktn Planter, hence Feb 24; bark C I) Bryaut, bee
Feb 18: wh bark Navalch, from whaling cru.s-;
schr Allen, from Eureka. B— Bktn W H Dimond,
hence Fe** 24; schr Anna, from Kahuiui, put in
with bowsprit carried away.
Sailed Mar 4— Br stmr Warrimoo, tor Victoria.
li C. 6— Wh bark Mars, tor cruise, 6— Bi stmr
Oceanic, for Yokohama and H* ng-Koug; scb An
na, when 12 hours out from Kabtilui tor San Frau
cisco, carried away bowsprit and put in here for
VANCOUVER— Arrived Mar 14-Chll bark In
dia, from Valparaiso.
Movement, of Trans-Atlantic Steamer..
NEW YORK— Arrived Mar* 15-Stmr Lahn, inn
Bremen. . . *
YAQUINA BAY— Per Homer— lo3s sis wheat.
2382 sks oats, 4367 sks potatoes. 224 bf su-s 164 qr
sks flour 6359 ll map c. 9 coops chickens. 10 >»s
bark. 2 coops. 2 bills bides. 17 cs eggs. 1 sk wax, 1
bdi 30 rolls leather, 2 buggies. 14 bdls 3 cs wool
ens, 1 tank ammonia. 66 bills chair stuff. 1 chair.
I tank, 1 c. cheese. 14 sks (rape root, 4 ss. prunes,
8 bdi. dry bides. 10 cases. 2% bbls liquor, 17 gr
hides, 2 blocks. 4 bdls pelts, 10 tins tallow. 1 pkg
tools. -—/. *, ,--•-•?: gMeitv.
SAN DIEGO— Per Santa Roaa-*-9 crates, 14 bar
rel.. 37 B boxes. 357 bxs oranges, 42 hi bbls 4 k*_s
pickled fish. 11 bxs type. 8 cs fly-paper. Si kegs, 7
-»•) beeswax, 4 kgs syrup, 2cs mdse, 2 bxs shells,
175 bdls green hides. 42 bx_> lemons. 20 bdls cair
bides. 90 in. oranges. 35 c. eggs, 1 buggy.
Los Angeles, via Redondo— 1 bx stationery. 1
cylinder. 4 plus household gooa., 1 pkg onions, ,-
Iron cylinders, .6 sks green peas. 4 bxs tomatoes,
4 wheels, I wagon. l horse, 1 pr .harts. 25 cs min
eral water, 6 tanks, 11 bx. lemon., 6 cs mdse, 1 cs
drugs. 8 pkgs junk, 3 bxs orange*.
Redondo— l bbl 167 bxs oranges, 5 bxs type. 93
bxs lemons, 2 obis whisky, 60 bbls 1 kg wine. 2 cs
•ndse, 2 meat-baskets, 13 bxs limes, 11 sks green
Port Los Angeles— 2 cs clothing, 2 bdls galvan
ized rods 3 cs books, 3cs machinery, i bdi sheet
log, 2 Iron frames, l piano, 1 cs P boxes, Ics ci
gars, 48 bx. oranges. 2 cs mdse. 3 boxes, 1 cs L
tobacco. 1 bbl .ugir, 1000 .ks corn, 2 pkg. boms,
II sks bones, 19 pkgs vegetables, 74 sis green
peas, 8 bx. lemon..
N i pom 394 ak. potatoes.
Santa Maria— 2ol sks barley, 71 sk. W corn.
y_ Los Alamos — 72 sheep.
' Port Harford— 69 barrels. 12 sks chrome ore. 17
sks concentrates, 5 olltanks. 1 bbl mineral water,
5 bdls dry hide. 1 c. shoes. 82 cs eggs. 1 bx paint.
S3 kegs, Ics corset., 28 Ins cheese, 52 sks dried
fruit. 182% bxs butter, 6 coop* chickens. 3 bdls
cow hides, 2 bdi. calf hides. 6 bxs lemons, I s<
liver, 6 bxs fish, 4 coops poultry, 3 bxs rock, 48
dressed calves, 2 pkgs express. .-. _. -
Santa Harbara— l pkg machinery, 13 butter
boxes. 3 bids shark oil. 14 ins lemons. 1 bx bulbs,
37 psgs household goods, 3 bdls chairs, 120 bills
W hides. 16 bxs pen., 4 obis tallow, 3 hr bis 3
bx. "-.utter. 1 c. cheese, 4 pkgs bottles, 6 pkgs min
eral water, 1 bx millinery. 6 kegs.
TACOMA— Per Faralion-16 empty cylinders,
2d.-* sks wheat, 200 sks bran, 2490 sks concen
Seattle-3172 sks wheat, 258 boiler tubes, 348
empty barrels.
Everett— 26 pkgs household goods.
SALINAS-Per Gipsy— 1 bx buttor.
Moro Cojo-163 .k. potatoes. •_.' ■< V^-.w i
w atsonville-202 us potatoes, 1 pkg castings.
Moss Lauding— 3 cs eggs, 1 coop chickens, 3 bx.
butter. 2 dressed calves. -
Mo terey— s wive barrels. 13 sk* junk, 1 pkg
bottles, 1 pkg household good*. 16 sks potatoes. 1
bx butter. 2 cs eggs. 86 sk* bones, 20 pkgs Hot
whalebone. 4 oiltanks. 1 bdi pelts, 1 bdi hides. 7
pkg* fish-boxes.
Santa Cruz— 2B pkgs junk. 134 sks rags. 29 cs
cheese. 8 uxs butter. 1 cs eggs, 3 bx. 3 hi bxs rresh
flsh. 600 bbls lime. .
EUREKA— Per Humboldt— soo redwood doors,
7698 cleats and laths, 67 ship knees. 82 bbls tal
low, 356 bxs apples, 150 sheep pelts. 3 pkg. exhib
it.. 8 sks potatoes. 3 bbls mineral water, 10 bbls
bottles, 2 es harness. 1 Dbl glassware. 1 M fur**. 4
ca boots and .hoes, 1 c. ware, 4 cs honey. 5
M tt lumber, 1 bdi baskets. 6 M shingles, SOOO lbs
Junk. 24 es furniture, 1 organ. 7 pkgs beef hides, 2
pkgs hardware and Iron, 1 |kg printed matter, 1
bdi saws, 45 bxs butter, 19 bxs fish.
' Consignee*.
Per Santa Host— Dalton Bros; C CarpyACo-
OB Smith * Co: Hills Bros; Dairymen's Union;
C E Whitney A Co; Heglar A John.on: 0 W Thay
er m Co; M *•> Slmas A to: W P Fuller A Co; Klau
ner A- Levi; Reed A Miller: Gilbert Clements: X
W IN ii. on; G F Gl sser; W B Sumner A Co; W R
Brady A Co: Wetmore Bros; L. Sc.itena A Co: Edi
son, Pierce A Co: -an Francisco Fruit Auction Co;
A Levy A Co; S X Knapp; J a Uankey A Co; E M
Coier A Co; De Bernard! A Westphal ; Hermann
ft Co; J H Cain A Co; Get. Bros A Co; G A Strom
grea: Levaggl A B.rbleri; Redington A Co: Har
ris Bro. A Co: American Curb Acid Co: O S Pot
ter: Amer Pres. Assn: I* stelnli.gen A Co: H P
Gregory: Allison, Gray A Co: Wood. A Gray: HR
Hertci; Esberg. Bachuian A Co; Newbauer A Hoff
man; O Schilling A Co; Wilmerding A Co: Pacific
Transfer C*>: Kowalskv A Co; Gould A Jaudin ; J
0 Brown: Belt A Co: B H Falrcbltd: D E Allison
ACo; CC Pennell: Davis. Haber ACo; D Riagl
A Co; Dunham, Carrlgan A Co: tireenbamn A Co;
Palmer * Rey; Hulse, Bradford A Co: Sherman.
Clay A Co: Goodali. Perkins A Co; M Kohiberg a
Co; E G Pierce: Cal and NevOreamerv Co: New
mark A Edwards: N Oblandt A Co; McDonougb A
Johnson: HHeckman A Co: KucHer: C F Marwe
del A Co: Dodge, Sweeney A Co: John Borello: E
T Rodgers A Co; W R Knight. A Co; C X Lee.c;
Root A Sanderson: Seiby Smelting and Lead Co:
Boston Oyster Cocktail Co: Standard Oil Co: Gru
ber A Co; Blockmau A Cert: s Strauss A Co: 1.
Lime Co; Porter. Slesslnger A Co: F B Halght A
Co: Smith. Caah Store : Sherry. Lawrence A Co:
L Felling A Co; Brlgbam. Hoppe A Co : R Freud
ACo; Koon A McCarthy; Norton, Teller A Co:
Wltzel A Baker; J M Moore A Co: Herman Wai
deck A Co; Sln.helmer Bros; D Tledeman A Co;
South San Francisco Land an.l Improvement Co:
Cal Fish Co: s H Hammer: S Levy A Co; A Fay
A Co: American Union Fish Co: Hills Bros; C L
Ll* yd: Wells. Fargo A Co: heat on, Breon A Co:
Martin. Fensler A Co: H\N Tiiden A Co; Lemclne
A Co; Erlanger A (-.linger: U Dutard; L Cart ler.
Per Homer— Moore. Ferguson A Co; H Dutird: D
E Allison A Co: Hulme A Hart: Allen A Lewis: I
W Cain A Co; P Stelnbagen A Co; C J Lelst A Co;
Smith's Cash Store; WC Price A Co: white A Co;
Wbeaton. Breon A Co: 8 H Frank A Co; Hooker
A Co: Levi Strauss A Co: Heyneman A Co; HAS
Block; Hoffman A Alexander: M Hague; H M M.-
Cabe: H Johnson: Heard Euro Co; Minneapolis
Furn Co: Murphy, Grant A Co: A C Nichols A Co:
WB Sumner A Co; Cal Chemical Works: T A
Henderson; C.I Bottling Co; Allison. Gray A Co;
1 Chevalier A Co; E Berwick; I Porter A Co; D L
Dean A Co.
Per Farailon— Morrow A Co; American Car
bonic Acid Co; Belby Smelting and Lead Works;
11 Dntard: Hulme A Hart: Crane A Co; Washing
ton MnfgCo: Lewis Packing Co; H Dreyrus; Wm
Mammy; Kohier A Frobllng; Pacific Fertilizing
Co; S McMillan; A Jackson.
Per Gipsy— Whe.ton, Breon A Co: H Dutard: W
S Busweii; Thos Loughran: Russ, Sanders A Co:
Herman Jooit; Risdon A Gregson; C Carpv A Co:
Chas Harlev A Co; Erlanger * Galinger: Chicago
Brewery; M T Freltas A Co; N Oblandt A Co; G A
Anderson; Standard Oil Co: W P Fuller A Co; A
w Kink: Hulme A Hart: wetmore Bros: Cartao,
McCarthy. A Co;- Ills Bros; Dairymen's Union:*
Norton, roller A Co: American Union -r Ish Co: A
Paladini: li Cowell A Co: Knox A Co; Roth A Co.
Per Humboldt— C A Hooper a Co: Ja. Ney lan;
Hus..' Sanders A Co: Madera Flume and Trading
Co Wood, Gray A Co: Morgan A Chick: D E Alli
son A Co; Eveieth A Nash; Humboldt County Ex
hibit, Midwinter Fair: N C McClure; Humboldt
Mineral Water Co: L D Stone A Co: Miller A Son:
Buckingham, Hecht A Co: H Liebe. A Co; Llevre,
FrlckeACo; W Davl.ASon: H P Gregory & Co
Preston A SlcKtnuon: Cha. Harley A Co; w duff
A Co;- Dodge, Sweeney A Co; W Houghton; 11 >
Crocker A Co: Brigb.m. Hoppe A Co; Cal Saw
Work.; B M Atchinson A Co: Dairymen's Union;
Getz Bro. A Co; Norton, Teller A Co: Broker «
Co: OB Smith A Co; Ross A Hewlett: Wbeaton.
Breon A Co; KB ■ Halght A Co: American Union
Fish Co: A Paladini; M Kallsh A Co: G C.milloni
a Co. - '4gg^^pe^^>BHH9Hß__EßK9_iß_____B_SHl
for Lots Slipping InuUigenea See Eighth fage.
salesroom— ll3s Market bet. 7thandBth.
Regular Salesdays— Tuesday and Friday.
Friday March 16. 1894,
At 10 o'clock a. m , at salesroom.
1135 Market St., between Seventh aDd Eighth,
....WK WILT. a-&tsis....]%s£s£3iig&&
Cpright Piano: Parlor Furniture; Mantel Mirrors:
Pedroom Sets, with Clipper and Curled Hair-top
Mattresses: Bedding: Carpets; Folding Bods,
with Desk and Bookcase combined; Chiffoniers;
Ktagere; Paintings; Lace curtains: Portieres:
Desks; Bed Lounges: Crockery; Glassware;
Stoves, Ranges, etc; Clocks; Billiard Table.
1 CHAS. levy A CO.. Auctioneer*.
I-tancnco for ports ln Alaska » a. M.-^jSp
Feb. 9, 24. March 11. 2tf, April aud" a "" *»
i Mar 10. 25. ■- v --> "r. . ' •:-■* ••;
For British Columbia and Puget Sound porta,
Jan. 2*5, and every fifth day thereafter.
lor Eureka. Humboldt Bay, Wednesdays, 9 a. it
lor Newport, .Los Angeles and all way porta
every fourth and fifth day, 8 a. m.
For San Diego, stopping only at Port Harford,
Fanta Parbara, Port Los Angelas fLos Angeles),
Bedondo (Los Angeles) and Newport, every tourth
and fifth day, at 11 a. m.
For ports in Mexico, 26th or each month.
Ticket Office— halace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery
street- . .
goodall. PERKINS * CO.. General Agents.
1 tt 10 Market St.. Ban Francisco.
Ocean Division— and PACIFIC COAST __tS_m
S. 8. CO.. will dispatch from Spear-street wharf,
st 10 a. m.. for the above port* one or their Al
lion steamships, viz. : **
STATE OF CALIFORNIA— Jan. 14. 24, Feh. 3.
13. 23. March 6. 16, 25, April 4. 14, 24, •
COLUMBIA — Jan, 9, 19. 29, Feb. 8, 18, 28,
March 10. 20, 30, April 9. 19. 29.
Connecting via Portland with the U. P. Ry. and
other diverging lines for all points in Oregon,
Washington, British Columbia. Alaska. Idaho,
Montana, Dakota, Utah*. Wyoming, Yellowstone
Park and all points east and south and to Europe.
fare to Portland— Cabin, #16: steerage. .$3:
round trip, cabin, $30.
Ticket offices— 1 Montgomery sL. and Palace
Hotel, 4 New Montgomery st.
>reljrbt office— 2oo California st. ■
GOODALL. PERKINS A CO., Sunt. Ocean Dlv.
1 tf 10 Market St.. San Frf nclsco.
_\ 13. by ft Lowest rates to
*_^^=*as:' * CAPE TOWN.South
.©»*s^ aT^x.' <► Africa. Round the
r&/7 -»-C y^r» World, steamer and
$// IS>» \<> rail- First class. $610;
fl LhP^if' A Second class. 8360.
// KSfraim \\ * °' &SL Co.'a steam-
II • \s^|iS^^^j' lor Honolulu only, S3.
\\ fiSfiSflly A Australia, Saturday.
V ./fEjJ^?^ H Mar 17. *94. 2p. M.
rmrjkJOt ?_!!&■,»- / or Honolulu. Apia,
vi^^SXrv^^^y^m Auckland and Syd-
XS^BBl^v'v' ney. S. Mariposa,
•'"^oTr^j'D*' Thursday, Aprll * th - ;
*>£YE» v at 2 p.m.
For pa^saee apply to 138 Montcomery St.
lor freight apply to 327 Market st.
P oeneral Agents.
1 1. ANBATL,A.%Ti4iJ |
!>♦*[ Llm*» t*» Tt vr«.
\J River, foot or Morton st Travelers _&l___m
by this line avoid both transit by English railway
and the discomfort of crossing the channel iv a
small boat. New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via
Paris, first-class. $160 Second-class, (110.
Saturday. D-cember 23, 6:00 a m .
LABKEIAUNF cant. Collier
, . Saturday, December 30, 10:00 A.M.
XA BOCRGOGNJi Capt. Leboeuf.
. Saturday, January"*!," 1.894
XA GASCOGNE. CanL Santelll ...
Saturday..! Una vl3 -
40- For farther particulars apply to
_ A. FORGET, Agent,
-. ■ .TT«.,r^. l owUn « Ur »«n. New York.
J. r. FCGAZI * CO.. Agenta. 6 Montgomery
»vt.,San Irtucuco.
Branch office. lv Montgomery st. anSltt
United Stales anil Royal Mail Steamers
New York, Queenstown & Liverpool,
XA.1.l i, . Vl . V \Vi...,v.
** Ing to steamer and accommodations mS__\__\
selected; second cabin, »35: Majestic and Teuton-
ic. *40 and *45. Steerage ticket* from England,
Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark,
through to san Francisco at lowest rates. Tick-
ets, sailing dates and cabin plan, may be procured
from w. H. AVERY, Pacifle Mail Dock, or at the
Genera Offlce or the Company, 613 Market st.
under Grand Hotel. G. W. FLETCHER.
apvo Xaweirsu tt. Gen. Agt. for Pacific Coast.
STEAMERS or 13.000 and 16,000 horsepower-
VICTORIA, COLUMBIA. Regular Service-New
York to Hamburg direct. New York, Gothenburg
Naples. Genoa. February 24, March 22, Marcn 29
Second grand excursion March 1. rrom Nice'
Pamphlets, ticket, and rates. Hamburg American
Packet Company's ticket offlce. A. W. MYEK.
Agent for Pacific Coast, 401 California street, cor-
ner Sansome, Sau Francisco. ■ • ja!4 tl
iortnightly for the We.t Indie, ami ____VB__\
Sonthainpton. calling en route at Cbeiuuu, *
France, and Plymouth, to land passengers.
Tbrougb bills or ladlar, in connection with the
Pacific Mall S. S. Co., issued for freight .nd treas-
ure to direct ports to England and Germany.
Through ticket, from San Franclseo to Ply.
mouth, Cherbourg, Southampton. First-e1...
$195 : thlrd.el.ee, £97 60. For further particu-
lar, apply to FARROTT * Cu., Agents,
• *« . 306 California at
Intended SR, Sailings am Vancouver
April 2- April 23-May 14.
March 16— April 16— May 16. '
Apply M. M. STER> , Chronicle Bid'?.
648 MARKET ST.. San Franclaoo.
THE WEEKLY CALL contains moro
reading matter for the price
than any publication in Amer-
ica; $1 per year, post paid.
•-■ '" ' " ' " ' ' ' *^T
I Cisco (Market-atreet Ferry) :
D%ly.}- : Fgßa7 ' «- {£*%;*
6:00 r..Fast Express via Mojave "~7a7] . --
9:00 A..Atlantic Express via Los Angeie. 6:45 p
• Ticket Office— 66o Market st., Chronicle feniM."
1"F- 8- *"• ' * - W. A. MSSELL. I
letf Gener.i Passenger Agent.
Present or send this coupon with name and address to THE CALL, 7/0 Market
street, city, or WW Broadway. Oakland, with one dime [no stamps, and receive
one number of
NAME mfmm
ADDRESS.*....... .........; ..... .......;..........
■« i ■!■■■■ wmmimmßnMmwmKmtammKmaaamnmmßmammsßSßmtmaamKmßaKaa^m
Present or send this coupon with name and address to THE CALL, 710 Market
street, city, or WW Broadway, Oakland, with one dime [no stamps], and receive
one number of
name :: .... „
ADDRESS. * 1..... W. ...<». .«••*•
V '..-.. - - "i : -^VvM*S*esj*MB__fJ_»<!* ■-,'-■ ■. ...*.-. ....,._,■_.._.■-_._.- ■■„-: v.._ ■■.■■■ «-. ■.«,_*
Trains Leave and are Dos to Arrive at ; '
i , SIN FRAVCTSCO. - .■:
"CAVII--FR,,ia tfEBRUABY .1. 4 — AKKt -ri
7 .*oa ,*tiantic Express for and -■-■ . '*-
7»oa Benicia, VacaVVuKYßnmaerVsaS ■'■:•■■••■•:"-■• '
r«n „ „rea ™ cu to A Reddlnir via Davis 7:15p
7-30AMartinea. Ban Ramoa. Nana.
m-xos. km, * ll * t 2**» nd *Santa Kosa 6:liP
S^OANlie*. Saa Jose, 1...« k V m*s, .-
Stockton. lone, Sacramento.
MaryavUle, Red Bluff and*Oro-
T111*..."......... 4:Hp
8-OOa New Orleans Express, Santa Bir-"
hars. Los Angeles, Demlng. El
-a ■ «*, a."* 0, Now Orleans and East .. 5:45p
9:00 a Martin*-* and Stocktou ....... )0-4oa
•9:00 a Peters and Milton **7-15p
IX*5 r Niles Sin Jose and Livermore" 8:45 a
•1:00p Sacramento River Steamers.. . «9:00p
4 .*oop Martinez. San Ramon. Vallelo.
Napa, Calistoga, El Veraao and
Santa Rosa 9:15 a
4 -OOp Benicia, Vacaville, •• Kspirto.
Sfttuinaey, Woodland, Knights
Landlar. Maryavlll*. Oroville
and Sacramento 10-45*
4:3opNlies s*u Jose and Livermore,
Stockton, Modesto, Merceu ana
■ ;*-*'■ Fresno ....*..*................ 7:16f
d _oOp Los Angeles Express. Fresno,
Bakersfleid,' Santa Barbara and
Lot Angeles.. 10:45 a
B:C0p Santa Fa Route. Atlantic Express
_ „ for Mojave and East 10;45a
6 :00p European Mall. Ogden and East. " :45a
S-OOp Hayward*. Nile* and San Jose... 7:45 a
J7:oop Vallejo
7 -OOP Oregon Express, Sacramento,
Marysville, Redding, Portland.
Paget sound an East 10:48*
8:15 a Newark. Centervllle. San Josa,
Feiton, Boulder Creek, Santa
Cms and War St >na a*3OP
•t:lCp Newark, Centervllle. San Josa
*>••«*• Almaden. Felton. Boulder
Creek Santa Cruzand principal
way stations... , ***11:50 a
»if.5 p Newark, ban Jose, Los Gatos 9:50*
TH.-45P Hunters' i rain for Newark, Al-
viso, San Jose, Lot Oatos and
Way SUtions 17:20p
t? A gTJ>IV S'N— ■ and Townsend *_U«
6 :45a San Jose, New Almaden and War
..,, '" Stations -..- 2:45P
San Jose. Tres Plnos, Santa Cruz
Pacific Grove. Paso Robles (Saa
Lnis Obispo) and • Principal
.__..« „ "ay Stations B:2Bp
10:40* 2* n 0M and W »T Stations * 0:06p
«., : .,, X,* 10 \ lto and War Station* 4:15p
•2-20P Ean Jose, GUroy. Tres Finos,
Santa Cruz, Salinas, Monterey : x
-» _ c and PaclficGrove '•10-40*
•S:SOp San Jose aud Principal Way Sta- "•*"*
_ tlons 0-47*
*i^n r c" 0 , 1 " 0 ""! ™*T Stations'::."; es.os*
' B.«_?r l a . J .°_" 9 » l " lw »T Station •8-48*
»i-f : _??* S a ° A,to na w »y Stations. V. 6:35*
Hl:4spPaio Alto and Principal Way
Stations /. t7:2SP
, n 9.1 EE, 1 ' R°UTE FERRY.
rrom SaO FraneUeo. root or Market st. (Silo 8)-
-•7:00, •S'-JO. 9:00, '10:00. 11:00 a M «12-30
*fl :00, *»2:«». 8:00. *4:ou. 5:00 and •0 00 p.'m '
from Oakland, Toot or Broadway— -00 **7-oil
8:00, *9:00, 10,*00 •1 1 -.00 a. m., 112-00 •12 : SO
2:00 »3 ;00. 4:00 and «5 :00 p. m! OU
a Tor Morning. " -. p for Afternoon.
•Sunday, "cepte^^ qq tS.turd.y.oalf.
{Monday. Wednesday and Friday only
s (Going Saturday and Sanday only. "
, 8 » I Returning Sunday and Monday only.
rill call mr and check baggage from botals and
•estdences. Inquire of Ticket Agents for Time
Sards and other formation. \ .
Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Market St.
In Effect Ootober 29, 1893.
Front San Francisoo to 8-<n Rafael.
WEEK DATS— 7:4O. 9:20, 11:40 a. m.: 3:30,
0:05,6:20 p.m. Extra trips Saturdays at 1:50
and 11:15 P M.
BDNDAtB-S:00. 9:30. 11:00 a. m,j 1:30. 3:30,
5:00, 6:20 p. M.
Prom »an Kafael to San Francisoo.
WEEK DATS— 6:2S. 7:55, 9:30 A. M.: 12:45,
3:40. 5:06 p. M.
SATURDAYS ONLY— An extra trip at 6:30 p. K.
SONDATS-8:10. 9:40. 11:10 A. M.: 1:40, 3:40.
5:00. 6:25 p.m. * •
Between Son Francisco and Schuetzen Park tame -
eched ie as above.
~ Leave j Arrive r ~~"
San Francisco. I San Francisoo.
1 Destination. — ■■- .
Week 1 Sew- I I Sua- 1 Wist
Hays. I days, j | Day*. I Days.
7:40 am! 8:00 am Novato, 10:40 am 8:50 am
8:30 9.30 am Petaluma, 6:05 pm 10:30 ax
6:06 pm 1 5:00 pm Santa Rosa. 7:30 pm 6:10 pm
II Fulton, j " i "
7:4oam I Windsor, 10:30 am
18:00 am I Healdsburg, | 7:30 PMI
3:30 ra ueyserviile. . 1 6:10 pm
I I Cloverdale. | |^
_ -_ Pleta. i — — .
7:40 am 8:00 am Hoplandand 7:30 pm 6:10 pm
. Ukian, I
7:4oam|B:OOam| Guernevllle. I 7:3opm|lo:3oam
3:30 pm I ! j 6:10 pm
7:40 am 1 8:00 am Sonoma 10:40 am "SHoOTm
6 6:00 pm and 6:05 pm 6:10 pm
I Glen Ellen. |
7:4oam|B:OOami Sebastopol. 110:40 am: 10:30 am
3:HOpm|s:Oopm! | 6iospml 6: 10 pm
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark. West
Stages connect at GeyserviUe for Skaggs Spring*
Stewarts Point, Gualala and Point Arena.
Stage, connect at Cloverdale tor The Geyser*.
Stage, connect at Pleta for Highland Spring*
Kelseyville. Soda Bay, Lakeport and Bartlett
Stage, connect at Uklah tor Vichy Springs. Sara-
toga Springs, Blue Lakes. Upper Lake, Lakeport,
Boonevilie, Greenwood, Orr's Hot Springs, Men-
doatne City, Fort Bragg, Ueal, Westport. Cahto,
Willetts, I-oni", Potter ' Valley. John Day..
Liveiv'a. Calpella, Harris, Biocksburg, Brldeevllie.
Hydesville and Eureka. -. . 7*
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at re-
duced rate*
On Sunday*— Round trip tickets to all point*
beyond San Rafael it bait rates.
Ticket offices, corner New Mentgomery and
Market streets, under Palace Hotel.
Man seer. Sep. Pass, Agoafc
<*m>^ .'via FERRyT^V^
Leave and Arrive at S. F.
tr««kd%. ; From Ocroßaa 1, 1893. wiS'dji.
7.30 a Kill VaL, Ross Val.. Saa RfL, San Qnentia
Hill Valley, Ross Valley, San Ra&el . . . "7."55 a
• B.ooa Kill Val., Ross VaL, Sag RfL, Sin Qieatin 8"*45 A
9.00 a " ".-'- " «• • aJiHA
*j?s a :: :: *: " •••• -«***
11.00 a " «• " « .... •ij.Q ft4
•11.30 a " "."■ «• " ...,'iaia.
• I.SOp " « •' •«•••:.: .Yft'
1.48 Ron Taller, San Rafael, San Caeaiia. . . __$_r
. 1.46p KiUVailey.. ,
• 8.00 r Kill Val., Ross Val., San RfL .SutyAatta •'aui
3.26P " '« «» "....• 41( . p
..MOp - « *. .. .... J#J
mop " " " " .... • a.^j
• •••"- " ' " " .... 6.ißp
• 6.00 p Ross Valley aid San Ra&e1 .......... .
6.25 p Mil! Valley, Ross Valley, Ska Rafael """.""
....... Kill Val., Ross VaL, lie Rfl.. Saa Qmiia ■ hikr
• V^OpSaas.kt.only.. .
'•'• Valley, Ra&el, SiiQimrtiß..." Y%ii' r
7.30 a Paict Reyes and ffa/StflioS. ,~. 3 2?a
i-^i - I ■■ ■■■-"*!s
Xibr " " ■■■•• " .-....._• *.h r
7.30 a lonilasMdWay Stations ftlQiW A
••;•;•• " ' !!'. >T13.18p
l-*s' " " .•••»__*.' 6.16P
7.80 a Caxader. «id lay Stations. . . . .v. '. '. '. '. '. |T0 fa a
• L *° " " ..;......... 6.16P
A for Morning. P for Afternoon.
• Sunday, Only. t Saturdays Only.
% Monday. Only, x Except Sundays and Monday..

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