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situation at this point remains practically
unchanged. Passenger trains are running
about on time under military protection.
El Paso, Tex., Julv9. — Governor Hogg
has been telegraphed to by the commit*
tee in charge of the A. R. U. strike in this
city, calling his attention to the fact that
the Galveston, Harrisburg and San An
tonio railway is daily violating articles
4235 and 42:>3 of th« Texas Statutes, Id
attaching the United Sates mail in the
rear of passenger trams lor the East. Ii
is expected Governor H"Ug will take actiou
immediately. No traffic is beine done on
the Santa Fe or Atlantic ana Pacific systems
of the Suutheru Pacific. The Atlantic sys
tem has lu-en send me out the phssengnr
trains, made up by the Superintendent and
clerks, with the mall car attached behind
the Pullman, and the strikers have been
afraid to molest the train rnaue up in this
Fort Scott, Kin., July 9.— The Fire
fiien's Brotherhood has voted to strike.
aud no firemen can be induced to take an
encine litp. Firemen on all trains arriv
ing are compelled to continue on to Kansas
City or Springfield, making a 200-mile run.
Hcdsox, Wls., July 9— There la serious
trouble at Soooner. Adjutant-General
Falk has summoned military companies
from here. A mob Ins cut the wires.
Ladd, 111., July 9. — Two stores were
looted at this place this afternoon by a
mob of 400 foreigners. The city is beinc:
guarded to-night by fifty deputy sheriffs.
Tne national banks have removed their
valuables from th? pity and muiv business
hruses have been closed temporarily. Re
ports from the surrounding districts are
to the effect that anarchists of Peru, La
Salle and other towns are moving toward
Spring Valky for a midnieht attack on
that place. The town is now guarded by
two militia companies and twelve of the
deiuti.-. (» •> hundred deputies from
Princeton have been ordered to Spring
Valley, and they will arrive daring the
nieht. Half the population of Bunemi
County is remaining up to-night in the
various towns receiving the latest reports
from the seat of the trouble.
New Albany, Ind.. July 9— The Lou
isville, Evansviile and St. Louis Railway
(Air line) passenger train bound for S:.
L'njis was attacked by the strikers at
Hoffoians Switch, about on« mile * utside
of the city, to-day. The Pullman cars
were uncoupled, and, after hitching the
rnaiicar to fie engine, the train was or
dered to proceed, ieaving the Pullman cars
behind, which was done. The passengers
returned to the depot on foot and de
manded their mnney, which was refunded.
SAULT Ste Mabie, Mich., July 9.— A
carload of Canadian railroad men parsed
through the ci y last night for Ciiicago.
They are being picked up along the Cana
dian Pacific.
Union Pacific Strikers Determine
Not to Quit Work.
Omaha, July 9 .— Georee M. Vrooman,
chairman of the grievance committee of
the Trotherhocd of Locomotive Engineers;
S. D. Clark, president of die Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen; J. N. Cordin, gen
eral secretary of the Union Pacific Em
rloyes' Association s»nd secretary of the
District Assembly No. 82, K. of L. ; C. A.
M. Peters, chairman of the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Firemen; F. E. Gtlliiand,
chairman of the Federated Board of
the Order of Railway Telegraphers,
and J. L. Kis-Ock, chairman of
the Order of Railway Conductors,
came to Omaha to-night as representatives
of the Federated Board to hold by appoint
ment a conference with General Manager
Dickinson to-morrow. They state that the
obj°ct is to discuss means of assisting the
managers and the receivers la restoring
complete harmony and the regular traffi
on the Union Pacific system. They say
that in no event will the organizations
comprising the federated board walk out
now. Having agreed with the court, they
will now if a grievance arises submit it to
the court. They condemn the method pur
sued by Debs in involving parties not
directly imerested in the fight with Pull
man, and declare that if Sovereign should
call out the Knights of Labor, the call
would be of no effect on the Union Pacific
Cheyenne, Wyo., July 9.— The Union
Pacific from Cheyenue to Ogden is prac
tically open for business again and train
service is in operation. Three freight
trait. s went out this afternoon from Chey
enne; four "wont East and West from
Laramie; seven went East and West from
Rawlins, and two from Green River. Pas
seDger train 2, eastbound left Ouden to
day, being the first eastbnund train, that
has started over the division tor a week.
Switch engines in all the yards are run
ning. Troops are at every important sta
tion on the line except Cheyenne, wh»re
none have been needed.
Four companies of United States in
fantry have been sent to Lararuie, Raw
lins, Green River and Evanston. one com
pany, with two deputy marshals, being sta
tioned at each place.
DenvkE, July 9.— Fifty United States
Deputy Marshals were sent to Salida for
(h:ty under Judge HalleU's injunction.
The Union Pacific will be open west of
Uneven De as soon as troops are distributed
along the lines.
President Jeffery tried to open the Rio
Grande road west to-day. A special was
sent south this morning with a committee
of twenty-six employes, representing or
ganizations in this distrct which refused
to strike. They go to plead with the
strikers at Pueblo, Salida, Grand Junction
and other points to return to work. It is
understood they will be taken back with
out prejudice.
Salt Lake. July 9.— There has been a
decided improvement in passenger and
freight traffic to-day. Trains are moving
without interruption. The Chicago
limited fast mail left the Union Pacific
depot this morning manned by Deputy
Marshals and carrying a full equipment,
including Pullman sleepers.
The Order of Debs Has Been
Obeyed on the Erie.
Massillon, Ohio, July 9.— A meeting of
the A. R. U. was held to-day, and in har
mony with orders issued by President
Debs, a strike was ordered on the Wheel
ing and Lp.ke Eric Railroad at noon to-dny.
As the division headquarters are here.it
necessarily affects the entire road. Pas
senger trains are permitted to run. Sev
eral tb'iu-and coal-miners are thrown out
of employment.
Toledo, Ohio, July 9.— While the lead
ers of the A. R. U. claim that they feel
eucouraged with the result of the firs r day
of the strike, the movement has been en
tirely unlike what was expected. The
principal point is the Airline Junction of
the Lake Shore, where nearly 300 men quit
work this morning, and where over 200
cars of freight are standing on the trncks.
Superintendent Johnson and his assistants
did the switching, aud managed to get out
a freight at 4 :ls tins afternoon. Six trains
of stock and perishable freight passed
through later this afternoon, but the com
pany will not attempt to move trains.
Pas-enger trains are not interfered with.
The Brotherhood of Engineers and Fire
men, who have ihuß far refused to go out
in a body, will determine their course at a
meeting to he held to-night.
Toledo, 0., Juiy 9. - This afternoon an
effort was made to send a Lake Shore coal
train west from the yards. A number of
Striken leaped aboard and uncoupled it
in a dozen places. The police were called
and arrested two men.
Cleveland, 0., Joly 9 —The executive
I > nmniittee of the A. It U. announced to
day that should the railroad company at
tempt to put the new mt-n now being
brought her from the E\st in the s rikers'
places all organized labor, not only on the
railroads but covering every branch of in
dustry in this city would strike.
The committee further stated that the
* njzineers, firemen, conductors and every
class of organized railroad labor have de
cided (ha; under no circumstances wiil
they work with non-union men.
Superintendent Donaldson of the Erie
road said to-night all the* night switching
crews had reported for duty and would go
to work as soon as the company desired
them. He also expects that the day crews
will also report for duty to-morrow. Sev
eral freight trains were sent out. It is
expected that there will be a general at
tempt to resume work on all roads to-mor
Nxw Haven. Conn.. July 9 —The rail
way employe^ iv this city will i&v no heed
to the order issued by President Debs call
ing out all members of the A. R U.
BOSTON. July 9.— The freight-handlers
I and Knights of Labor met here to-night
and adopted resolutions of sympathy with
the A. R U.. declar ng for a strike if
necessary U carry the A. R. U. to victory.
Riotous Work on the Line of the
Northern Pacific.
Helena. Mont., July 4.— The Northern
Pacific train, westbound, that left St.
Paul on Saturday, and due here to-day,
is not expected in until to-morrow. It got
across the line this morning at 5:15 o'clock
and has been all day coming up the Yel
lowstone. United States troops are on
guard all along the Hue In the State, but
no attempt to interfere with the train is
looked lor. American Riilway Union
men here say they will not go near the
depot. They say the officials may run
a train or so, but they cannot get enough
men to operate the road. Rumors of
bridges burning west of here are current,
but ctnnot be verified.
Spragtte, Wash., July 9.— Rioting broke
out here at 1 o'clock this morning. The
tram bringing home the militia company
from encampment at Olympia was assailed
by the mob, which ihrew sticks and stones.
The train dashed through the mob and ran
into some ditched care, battering the en
gine and derailing the baggage-car. About
the same time the long trestle one mile
east of town was fired. Fifteen deputies
went out on an engine and extinguished
the flames after considerable damage had
been done. Still another mob pushed a
car loaded with kerosene upon a culvert
a mile west of town and fired it. Thu3 the
train was cut off and could neither ad
vance nor return. The train is still tied up
it Srra<:tie, but the company and deputies
are working hard to repair the damage.
Chief Deputy Viuson has left Spokane for
this point with a special train, having on
board several deputies and a number of
.'Spokane, Wash.. July 9.— Twelve pris
oners, arrested for rioting in the Northern
Pacific yards here and ordered taten to
Seattle by the United States court, were
secretly taken fmm th«» County Jail last
night by deputies and conveyed In car
riages outside the city. They hailed the
westbound Great Northern this morning
and vent west. Tie train which left here
vestt-rday for the East with troops aboard
is tied up at Hope, Idaho, when? several
cars and engines have been derailed.
Tacoma, Wash., July 9.— This iLorning
more troops arrived in the city, and to
morrow Troop E, Fourth Cavalry, fully
equipped, with Captain Fred Wheeler in
command, will leave Vancouver Barracks
for Tacnma. The two companies of in
fantry arriving to-day are Company F,
Fourteenth Regiment, stationed at Port
Townsend, and a battery of light artillery
from Fort Canby, Lieutenant McClelland
in command. The battery went right on
to Seattle to quell the impending riot there
among strikers. The regulars and Deputy
Marshals are guarding all the bridges on
this divisiou. No trouble has occurred
thus far and none is feared.
With the troops which arrived yesterday
there are 300 regulars on duty on this
division of the Northern Pacific, as well
as 150 deputy marshals and a dozen deputy
sheriffs. Thirty extra policemen are still
on duty. The strikers remain very quiet.
The strike here is broken. All passenger
trains are running regularly and move
ment of freight trains began to-day.
Mandax, N. D., July 9.— Six deputy
marshals were subjected to indignities by
a mob in which an Alderman wa9 con
spicuous. It was supposed they had with
them the non-union engineer who took
out the first Northern Pacific Coast train
since the blockade. Marshal Daggett has
arrived with a posse to arrest the of
Tacoma, Wash., July 9.— Striken as
saulted a Northern Pacific employe for the
sixth time within a week to-night. The
victim was Henry Kirchner, Janitor of
the superintendent's office, at the
Seventeenth-street depot. He was fol
lowed by several strikers when be
went home to supper and waited until he
supposed they had disappeared. Ju»t
af er he left the house eight or nine men
fell upon him, apparently with knives.
Eight bad gashes were made on his head,
aud when he reached the depot he was
weak from the loss of blood. Outside of
this attack everytbiug is quiet here to
Portlaxd, Or., July 9.— The Union
Pacific will establish through passenger
service between the East and this city to
morrow. The road has been repaired as
far west as Arlington, Or., and between
that point and Bonneville the passage will
be made by boat, except around the port
ages at The Dalles and Cascades.
Troops Making a Break Through the
Dallas, Tex., July 9.— The yardmen at
the Santa Fe system at this point struck at
II o'clock to-day. They went out on the
strength of a telegram from Debs promis
ing all possible assistance. Passenger
trains are running on time and pulling
Pullman sleepers. When the 1 :45 north
bound passenger was about ready to pull
cut some ol the Birikers uncoupled the
sleeper and said they would not permit it
to go out. After a- qnbhle with some-ncn
union men the sleeper was again coupled,
and after a delay of half an hour the train
left. A mass-is eeting of .-si organized la
bor was held t>-night under the auspces
of the A. R. U. Employes of the railroads
nt Fort Worth held several meetings yes
terday and finally decided not to go out on
Dels' order. As this is the strongest rail
road center In the Southwestihe result is
Santa Fe, N. M., July 9.— R.bert Black
anu twelve ethers, arrested for interfering
with Santa Fe trains at Raton and brought
here last Friday, were arraigned on
charges ot contempt and obstructing the
mails. Judge Seeds held them in £1000
bail each on each charge. The trials will
not come off for several days on account
of lack of witnesses. Passenger and
freight trains are moving both £;tst and
West in New Mexico to-day. All is quiet
and the situation improved. Troops are
still at Raton and Las Vegas, and detnc!i
mentsare guarding trains going through
he Territory.
Demino, N. M., July 9.— About 500
United States troops from Fort Bayard
left here to-night on a special train for
Raton to assist in moving United States
mail trains on the Santa Fe.
La Junta, Colo., July 9.— Santa Fe offi
cials say trains, both passenger and
freight, are running on time. The shops
here have a full force, twenty skilled men
having been sent from Chicago, and no
strikers will be taken back.
Pkescott, Ariz., July 9.— Trains with
mails and passengers from both East and
West for this place, the first in eleven
days, passed over the Atlantic and Pacific
Railroad last night. -^ . ._.
--' Sax Bernardino, Cal., July 9.—Thir
ty-live Santa Fe shopmen returned to work
this morning. Toe company daily receives
I applications from men who are willing to
go to work, but places are held open for
old employes.
PITTSBUBO, Kans., July 9.— Agent Con
ley of the 'Frisco-Santa Fe system of this
city received instructions to-day to receive
all kinds of freight for all points on their
lines. All kinds of business, which had
taken on a dead appearance, have been re
vived through the reports that came in to
day. The first carload of merchandise for
this city to arrive this month from St.
Louis came in over the 'Frisco last
Both Claim That They Have Scored
a Victory.
Chicago, July 9.— Chairman John M.
Eguu oi the General Managers' Associ
ation when asked to-night by the Associ
ated Pi ess for an official statement of the
condition of the roads represented in the
association, Raid:
"With the exception of two or three
minor instances, there has been no dis
turbance reported to-day. All the lines
have run their regular passenger and mall
trains, and a number oi Hues resumed
their suburban trains. All of the lines
commenced work in their freightyards,
ami many freight trains were run in and
out of the city.
"The Union Stockyards Company are
clearing their tracks of the wreckage and
repairing damage done during the past
week. They expect to commence oper
ations to-morrow morning. The total
number of trains that moved tc-day was
equal to the total moved In the past four
days. It is true that trains nave been guaid
ed to prevent their being molested, but the
action of the military toward the mobs and
rioters during the past two days has had
a most salutary effect. The President's
proclamation, together with General Miles'
orders, have produced excelleut results.
All the lines of railway expect to show far
better results. The men who have re
placed the strikers are good men and satis
factory to the Hues that have employed
President Debs of the- American Rail
way Union, who was seen by a reijpjuer,
said: "We are stroner tnan e\&i. •*f(fP«g
can break our forces but usurpation and
tyranny. I am threatened with arrest
What for? For organizing labor. We say
to capitalists, 'Here is our labor and these
are our terms I' This is legal— this is the
spirit of the age. Mr. Havemeyer organ
izes a sugar trust and says to the public:
'Here is my sugar and these are my terms.'
lie has polluted the national Legislature.
I have acted honorably and committed no
crime. The United States authorities are
bringing themselves into contempt
by their wanton violation of
law and the constitution. The
common people are beginning
to understand this. Capital insists upon
looking upon labor as it did upon slavery ;
that ii has no right, like capita!, to ask or
exact terms. This is the principle of
slavery. I want 10 call the attention of
the people of this country to this. The
Pullman strike, while acute, is not
the underlying cause of this en
tire trouble. The people of this coun
try are paying over $5,000,000 a
day in interest. This is draining produc
tive industry of its profit and piling up
money in the money centers. What old
England failed to do with soldiers in the
eighteenth century she is doing now with
the gold standard. Over $200,000,000 each
year goes there to pay interest. We
are not responsible for the law
less element and loss of property.
Not even disciplined armies have
ever been able to prevent this element from
rising. We ask the people to be patiwnt
while labor stands with its back at the
door that leads to serfdom and says to its
oppressors: 'Thus far and no farther.' It
is better to lose a little now than more in
the end, and with it constitutional liberty."
Illinois Is Where Most of the Trouble
Springfield, 111., July 9.— lllinois
seems now to be the storm center of labor
distui bances. In addition to all the trouble
at Chicago and vicinity, striking miners
and railroads are causing disturbances in
other localities throughout the State.
President Cable of the Rock Island wired
about the dangerous situation at Spring
Valley and B6ked that troops be retained
there, in answer to which the Governor
has sent them.
Chief Levy of Macon wired for guns and
ammunition, and the Mayor of Toluca has
made requisition for guns. Chief Coe of
Pontiac and Mayor Sampson of Minonk
also wired urgent requests for guns and
ammunition, and in response to these re
quests the Governor has Bent fifty rifles
and ammunition to each of these points.
An uprising is imminent in Grundy
County, and a force of deputy Sheriffs
have gone to Coal City to quell it. A mob
of foreigners stoned a Santa Fe train there
to-day, and hundreds of Italians from
other i oints are congregating near there,
buying arms and making threatening dem
. At Moiriß the G. A. R. and Sons of
Veterans have been asked to assist the
Sheriff. The English-speaking miners
voted to go to work, but the Italians drove
them out of town and threatened to kill
them if they go to work. ';■ '•
Spring Valley, 111., July 9.— Sheriff
Cox this afternoon received the following
telegram from President Cable of the Chi
cago & Rock Island railroad: "Our in
formation indicates increased troubles on
our lines at or near Spring Valley. I
earnestly request you to do all you can to
protect our property." It is rumored that
the rioters are plotting to wreck passenger
trains to-night.
Employes of Mnry' Unions Are Going
Chicago, July 9.— Four assemblies of
the Ironuiolders' Union struck t< -day, 500
men going out. The Lake Seamen's Benev
olent Association, with 3000 members, and
the Cigar-makers' Union, ; 4000 strong,
voted to-night to strike. None of these
boiies have bdv grievance, but have.de
cided to strike solely because of sympathy
with the Pullman b ycott.
The Chicago Seamen's Union decided
to-<iay that should the railroad troubles
not be settled before Wednesday the
sailors would go out ou a sympathetic
strike. This will tie up all the craft in
the harbor.
Pukckll, I. T.. July 9.— ln response to
an order from Chief Debs, forty switch
men, yardmen and roundhouse men, in
cluding the entire railway force at this
point, went out ihis inorniua. This is the
terminus of the Santa Fe and the G. C.
and S. F. system.
Pana, 111,, July 9.— A local labor leader
confirms the report that the United Mine
workers have set the 14th of September as
the date for the renewal of the miners'
Detroit. Mich., July 9— Following an
immense parade of workingmen to-night a
mass-meeting was held in the Auditorium
to discuss the present stnke situation and
the relations of labor and capital generally.
Addresses were made by various labor
trades, iv which Pullman was roundly
denounced and the cause of the
strikers commended. The feature of the
meeting was an address by Mayor
ringree. lie recommended a system of
compulsory arbitration as a way out of
j strike difficulties to be enacted by an
amendment to the FecJer.il constitution.
The Mayor read telegrams received in re
ply to ii;s inquiry telegraphed to the may
ors of fifty cities comprising nearly all
sections of the United States, 90 per cent
of whom recommended arbitration as the
true solution of In her questions.
Reports from various poiuts in Michigan
arc all to the effect that the strikers are
quietiug down, with trains operating with
increased regularity.
Cincinnati, July 9 —The meeting of
the trades unions to-night in sympathy
with the strike crosvded 7000 people into
Music ll nil. and left an oveiflow meeting
of over 3000 on the nut°iie. Not an In
temperate word was spoken, nor were there
any transparencies in the big procession
with a bitter inscription. Resolutions
were adopted indorsing the strike and
censuring President Cleveland.
St. Louis, July 9.— The conductors and
brakemeu of trie Toledo, St. Louis and
Kansas City Railroad to-night notified the
general otlices in this city that they had
decided to strike in sympathy with the
Pullman boycott, and consequently no
trains have been sent East from here on
that road.
Fokt Wayne, Ind., July 9. — The
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engiueers de
cided not to go into the boycott. The
Pennsylvania road is running all its
passenger trains through the city without
interruption, and also succeeded in send
ing out a heavy freight train this after
noon. At a mass-meeting this afternoon
the Wabash engineers, firemen and brake
men all went out, and the locomotives are
being manned by new engineers brought
Memphis, July 9.— Ninety men, em
ployes in the Gulf, Colorado and Santa
Fe shops at Galveston, went out to-day.
The shopmen at Temple. Texas, are also
out. The strikers went out under orders
from President Debs. The A. R. U.
trainmen employed on the Vicksburg
division of the Queen and Crescent quit
work to-day.
Senator Peffer Wishes to Settle
Every Sort of Trouble.
Washington, July a— ln the Senate
to-day Peffer introduced an omnibus reso
lution providing:
First— That all public functions ought to be
exercised through public agents.
Secoud— That all interstate roads ought to be
bi ought under one control and tbe supervision
of public oflieers, and charges for tiain trans
position ol persons and property throughout
tlie United States ought to be uniform, and
that wages of employes oueht to be regulated
by law and paid promptly iv money.
Third— That all coalbeds ought to be owned
and worked by the Goverument, and thai the
wages of the employes should be paid in money
when due.
Fourth— That all money used by the people
to be supplied only by the Government of
the United States, and that the tate of Interest
ought to he uniform In all States.
Fifth— Tiiat all revenues of the Government
ought to be raised by taxes on real estate.
The lesolution went over until to-mor
row without action or comment.
They Held Too High for Men That
Were Causing the Trouble.
Danville, 111.. July 9.— Mrs. Michael
Glennan and Mies Clara James were killed
and an unknown man mortally wounded at
Westville this afternoon by a volley fired
over the heads of a crowd of rioting miners
by a company of militia.
The miners had been rioting in this vi
cinity since yesterday afternoon. During
last night a number of freight cars were
destroyed in ihe Eastern Illinois yards by
incendiary fires. This forenoon a number
of cars were derailed at Grape Creek, ou
tbe Shelbyville branch. When the wreck
age had been cleared the inbound passen
ger train proceeded without rnolestatiin
until Westville was reached. When it
stopped there it was surrounded by a
crowd of miners and beM. Word was
telegraphed to Danville, and a special
train with a company of the State troops
started at once for the scene of tbe trouble.
About one mile from Westville. a large
crowd of miuers had collected, and upon
the approach of the train bearing the mi
litia began warlike demonstrations. Pis
tols were fired at the troops, who returned
the fire, shooting over tne heads of the
mob from tbe train, intending to scare
Miss Clara James, tbe 17-year-old daugh
ter of Jonas James, was standing in tbe
doorway of her home. A bullet struck her
just below the breast and sbe died almost
Mrs. Michael Glennan, a widow, stand
ing in her own yard, was struck aud died
in five minutes.
An unknown man received a mortal
wound and will die before morning.
The militia then left tbe train and
charged the crowd, securing throe prison
ers. After this the crowd dispersed. No
further resistance was offered the troops
and they returned to their traiu, which had
beeu coupled in front of the passenger.
The trip to Danville was made without
further incident.
There Is Trouble Now in the City of
Stockton, July 9.— Owing to tbe great
demonstration made at tlie railway station
la^t evening, when a mob of trainmen and
citizens attempted to take a scab fire
man off the engine of tbe 3:45 south
bound train, the City Council held
a called meeting this morning and author
ized the employment of twenty-five addi
tional policemen to serve until tbe trouble
between the- railroad company and the
strikers is at an end.
This city would be in a rather helpless
condition if trouble should occur of any
great magnitude, as the local militia com
panies, A and 13, are in Sacramento and
will be there for probably a mouth to
Sacramento to Have
the Regulars.
But Serious Trouble Is
Not in Favor of Ordering a
General Strike.
That Is the Position Now Taken by
the Strike Leader at the
Sacramento, July 9.— Almost if not
all doubts have been dispelled to-night
regarding the arrival of regular troops
without any considerable delay. There
are reports flying about to-night that
these army soldiers will ai rive at Sacra
mento, take possession of the Southern
Famine depot and open railway communi
cation between San Francisco and Omaha
as directors from army headquarters.
There was a private dispatch received
to-night by one of the officers out at Cap
itol grounds camp that regular troops are
to arrive here before most persons im
agine. Operations from the East will
probably not be interfered with by the
movement of troops from San Francisco or
vicinity. From the best information
available it is pretty much assured that
there will be an intelligent co-operation
between the Federal troops from the East
and those from the south.
There was a meeting this evening of the
Citizens' Protective Association, about the
proceedings of which ex-Mayor Eugene
Gregory spoke to The Call reporter at a
late hour. Mr. Gregory explained that the
association, of which he and other well
known Sacramento resident are prominent
members, has for its purpose the pre
vention of bloodshed in the settlement of
the industrial disturbance in this city, and
generally to exert every endeavor to brine
about some arrangement of the difficulty
at once, peaceable and satisfactory. C!iaii
ruan Km ox of the A. 11. U. mediation com
mittee was present at the session of the
association. The situation was talked
over and an endeavor made to brin^ about
some amicable settlement of affairs. Since
the beginning of the trouble hero Knox
has persistently explained that the
striking trainmen and others of the
A. R. U. have been perfectly willing
to take all freight, passenger and
other trains with the single proviso that
there should be no Pullman car attached
to the trains. To-night the important
discussion at the meeting of the associa
tion centered upon this topic. Members
of the association made an endeavor to re
ceive some positive statement from Knox in
regard to the generally accepted fact that
trains would be taken out without Pull
mans. The association men were not
startled but rather surprised to hear from
Knox that trains will not be taken
out, even without Pullmans. Knox's
explanation of bis stand, which has not
been understood in this way until now,
was that if the A. R U. should merely
consider the attachment of Pullman cars
and permit the railroad company to run
others, the concession would seriously
militate against the successful Issue of the
strikers' tight. He stated that if trains
were allowed to be run without Pullmans
the blockade would immediately be raised
and before many days the Southern Pa
cific Company would contrive to work the
Pullmans into the affair at a time when
strikers' opportunity for resistance would
have been lost.
News of this proposition has been dis
cussed with marked interestall over town.
Every one seems surprised at Knox's new
position. Until to-night it had been
everywhere understood that the Pullman
cars were the only objectionable element
of the great strike; but this throws a new
and startling light on the affair. Knox
has evidently changed places with him
The general understanding of this new
staud 'is that the strikers here have
arrived at a point in the great disturbance
when desperation Is to be their impelling
agent in a possible conflict of forces. The
situation changes from one of a conserva
tive stand against what has been consid
ered pure injustice to a defiant stand in a
national disturbance, which has evidently
outlived the period of its early stages and
become something little less than revolu
tion with master and man in mental and
physical combat.
A meeting wa3 held to-night at Federa
tion Hall on J street, which was largely
attended by an extremely enthusiastic
gathering of the Federated Trades' repre
sentatives. There haver been rumors thick
in town to-night about certainty of a gen
eral strike of all the trades union men in
compliance with an order from Gompers
through President Debs. As far as Sac
ramento is concerned there will be no go
ing out of the trades unions. This was
decided at the meeting to-night.
Chairman Knox is against such a promo
tion anyway. He received over fifty tele
grams to-day from trades unions in the
country all round here expressing onegreat
and unanimous objection to any such
move as has been reported here to have
been ordered by Debs. Moreover Chair
man Knox to-day sent two telegrams to
President Debs at Chicago earnestly ad
vising him not to persist in any purpose to
call out the trades unions. Knox has
openly expressed his disapproval of such
"Such action," he said to-day, "would
result disastrously to many thousands of
workingmen who are depending on their
daily wages to support themselves and
families. I cannot see the wisdom or re
sorting to such extreme measures, and
trust thai the men will not be ordered out
The strikers have the upper hand and can
not possibly lose. To call out all the
trades unions would, in .my judgment,
throw the whole country into an uproar,'
nnd bloodshed and disorder would surely
Knox is of the opinion that the strike
will be settled within the next few days,
lie refused, however, to make known his
reasons for thinking that the settlement of
the trouble is near at hand.
General Superintendent Fillmore this
morning received a dispatch from Oga>D
informing him of the arrest of a number
of th« strikers there for interfering with
the company's trains. Later a dispatch
gays tbat the Union Pacific and Denver
and Eia Graude trains are run i ing to-day.
No attempt will be made to run trains
from Ogiien to California until the block
ade has been raised.
Last Wednesday a number of strikers
forced an entrance into the headquarters
of the Bersaglieri Guards and stole about
forty rifle?. The arms were tafeen to the
strikers' headquarters and temporarily
stored away, to be used in case an attempt
was made by the regulars to drive them
from the railroad depot. This nfteim ona
committee from the guards waitea
upon the strikers and demanded
the return of the rifles. The strikers
strenuously denied that they were in pos
session of the weapons, and positively re
fused to allow tbe committee to search
headquarters. Subsequently the commit,
tee visited tbe District Attorney of ibis
county, and bought his advice as to how
they should proceed to regain possession
of the rifles. Acting upon his advice the
captain oi the guards will to-morrow pro
ceed against the strikers to recover posses
sion of the weapon-.
All Sacramento Now Looks for Blood
and Dynamite.
Sacramexto, July 9.— Sacramento will
be under martial law to-morrow afternoon
before 3 o'clock. Excitement is intense
here in anticipation of the arrival of tbe
Federal troops to-morrow morning.
Rumors and reports of a startling char
acter iire flying about town, and every on*
within earshot of the exciting talk of the
groups on street corners and in saloons is
quickly infused with the same half
tt-rnfyiDg information that the climax of
this extraordinary industrial revolution
has arrived. There are throngs on the
streets and in hotel corridors, ail earntst
and excited in the discussion of tbe
absorbing theme which has aroused all
Sacramento from the apathy of the past
few d;iys. Messengers of Government
officials and military authorities hurry by
on the most important errands of their
Things are lively here now, if they never
were belore. Tbose dreaded regulars, of
whom so much has been heard, and as
mucti been feared, are to move on the
State capital. That is tbe report which has
sti i red Sacramento from end to end, but
there is another report which has dune, even
more stirring than the news that the na
tion's military authorities are coming this
way. Tbe strikers are to have something
to say in tbe matter of that arrival. .Every
one of those striking trainmen is up and
doing to-night. Every one of them is
serious in bis determination to oppose the
advance of these Federal troops. Detacl
meuts have been ordered out with instruc
tlons so secret tbat not even tbe most in
quisitive of newspaper correspondents ca
secure a hint of the proposed operations.
Whether the regulars arrive or not Sac
ramento is aroused over this aiarmin
information. Ii is very reliably reporte
that by 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon th
Federal military authorities will have pos
session of the town. It is also asserted o
the authority of such a man as Henr
Bauman, secretary of the Federate
Trades, that the A. R U, men will perm
one train to be taken out to-morrow froi
the Southern Pacific depot and that th
trouble will begin if an attempt is made
to take out more. The puipose seems to
be to allow one train out so that the road
may be cleared and provocation given the
strikers to begin operations. If reports
say true, and they are considered pretty
reliable, there will be dynamite used,
and blood will be shed before
these Sacramento strikers give up posses
sion of the railroad property. They are J
considered to bave established an arsenal
for a purpose, and they will not permit ali
of their elaborate preparations for trouble
to be upset without a struggle. This in
teresting but ra'her uncumforting in
formation has placed an entirety new as
pect on the situation here, and develop
ments are now sure to come quickly.
>ht» strike business bad been getting
positively wearisome up this way. Since
that deplorable fizzle on Wednesday last
there has been no kind of movement ace
all kinds of rumors until every one »ha
been thoroughly dissatisfied with tbe con
tinued uncertainty of the whole situation
Every day the interest in the probabl
operations of ths Federal troops has in
creased, but this interest has reached it
altitude and it is time something haupenei
or pretty soon the interested people ii
Sacramento will decide not to play.
It is now positively understood that tbe
Federal troops will operate around this
center at once, and Sacratnentans are in
terested in reports of the departure of the
Federal soldiery from Omaha and m this
direction. From military authorities here
it appears that those United States troops
have orders to advance direc ly upon Sac
ramento and it is hlso supp sed from in- I
formation that seems reliable that Geneaal I
liuger, California Department com- |
mander, will arrange operations until the I
troops from the X st are near enough to
co-operate with bis own.
It hardly seems to the people here likely
that the troops will act very much or pre
cipitate matters here when the facts are to
the effect that the troops have also started
from places east and farther distant with
the purpose of doing some portion of tbat
precipitation also. During all this specu
lation on the probabilities and possibilities
there is this other and important certainly
that the strike leaders in Chicago may
quit the game and that the whole extraor
dinary disturbance may have the bottom
knocked out of it.
No one is positively or even in any de
gree certain that the strike may not end
without any further blood letting. No on
is certain that blood is not going to b
spilled along tbose sooty plank* down a
the depot. No one Is quite confident tha
the militia may not go in again aud settl
the affair here, nor is any one entirely cer
tain that the regulars and militia ann
strikers will not mix ud to-morrow in on
almighty row. The fact is that no one i
certain of anything around here.
The militia and strikers and everybody
else are away out at sea orAhe all-ab.-orb
ing proposition, with considerable pros
ptet of their being ou thereuntil to-mor
row noon. Under ordinary circumstance
there are prophets even in Sacramento
but these, are not of ordinary times am
the best kind of prophets were played out
a long time ago. No one dares to predict
anything. Soldier aud striker and citizen |
keep upcontinual worryingand wondering.
Rumor is swift of wing here, and scores
of reports are hurried along with ha9te
that allows no attempt at sober ronsideia
tion until their failure to materialize makes I
their absurdity plain. Militiamen are not
in the most desirable kind of position, as
far as news goes, to make their positions
desirnble. They are always in their camp
and have few opportunities to learn about
any small developments here and much
less of larger ones elsewhere. The news
papers are engerly read, and friends and j
newspaper correspondents are more fre- i
quently halted for information than for
Late to-night rhere was a conference
held at United States Marshal Baldwin's
headquarters in the Gulden Eagle hotel, at
which Attorney Knight, GeieraU Sceehan
and Dickinson and General Superintend
ent Fillmore were present. Fillmore is
the man who furnished all this starling
| information Jo-nijitit. At bis coherence
there, was nothing done— merely a discus
sion 0^ tbe situation.
He Will Reach San Francisco by
Steamer on Wednesday.
Sacramento, July 9.— Hotel men in
town are becoming anxious over what
they consider the uncertain prospect of
collecting bills for feeding the militiamen.
Tne vaiious companies made arrangements
several days ..go with the hotel proprietors
whereby all the members of the military
force can be furnished meala twice a day at
the expense of the State of California.
The men marcti downtown by company in
the morning and evening, and remain at
camp during the noon hour, where cold
luncheon is served. Some one started a
report that the military organizations here
had not been ordered into the field by
Governor Markham and that the Slate
authorities would not be responsible ior
any debts contracted during the say of
the militia regiments here. This report
was made more startling when another
continued It and brought the information
thai Markham had acknowledged that he
bad not ordered the militia out. This affair
is laughed at by militia officers, and the
report is generally supposed to have been
a scheme of the strikers or their sympa
thizors to place the militia, in an awkward
Governor Markham did certainly order
out the militia, in cireful observance of
the law, say ihe militia officers, and the
idea is preposterous that the regiments
should be hera on tu.-ir own account.
However, the murmurs oi the hotel men
have had some effect in the direction of re
minding militia officers that the cood.tion
of affairs demands that they set about and
arrange for their own commissary depart
ment A board of officers, consisting of
Major DodrJ, Lieutenant Cluff and Lieu
tenant Hayes, was to-day appointed, with
instructions to bogin preparation? for
cooking everything in the field and gener
ally arranging for the feeding of the men.
The Question of transportation has also
been discussed at the Second Brigade
headquarters, but another board of officers
is to be appointed to arrange all the neces
sary details for a ba*ty movement of
troops from this city to any other locality
in the event of a change of station being
ordered before the strike is ended. Al
though there is no serious probability just
now that the troops will be removed, it is
desired that they be put into shape for
real and thorough field service.
Major Pott of the Second Brigade staff
has already been appointed on the trans
portation board, and two other officora
have yet to be selected.
At the encampment tc-day nothing much,
occurred to relieve the monotony of the
rigid routine. The programme was the
same as it has been since tents were
pitched, and the militiamen are wondering
themselves. Early this morning a ciupla
of sentries ran across two men lying in a
ditch near the lines, one carrying a re
volver and the other a bottle of whisky.
Tne guard ushered the mon beyond mili
tary prtcmcts without ceremony. They
are supposed to have been strikers dele
gated by tiie union to watch operations aj
the Capitol grounds enmp.
Private Secretary Eby received a tele
gram this morning from Governor Mark
ham from Pasadena authorizing him to
state that the Governor left Pasadena to
day and had secured transportation to
San Francisco on one of the coast steam
ers. Further information conveyed by
the dispatch was to the effec that
Governor Markham will reach Santa Bar
bara at 9 o'clock to-night. By 8 o'clock
to-morrow iie will arrive at Port Harford,
and from there the triu wilt be continuous
to San Francisco. Markham will arrive
there at about 9 o'clocK on Wednesday
morning, and will then secure transporta
tion to this city.
Another incident occurred at the Capitol
Park camp wnich pretty well illustrates
the more soldierly attitude of the militia
men during the rast few days. A party
of strangers, supposed to be strikers, ad
vanced tnword the sentry line and were
halted by the guard when about ten feec
fiom the line. One of the strangers ad
vanced and requested that he be allowed
to speak to the sentry quietly. The sentry
told him to do his talking where he stood
The mysterious visitor still endeavored to
persuade the guard to allow him secret
conversation, but the sentry would nut
permit it. Finally the stranger started to
adviince. The sen try ordered him to halt
or he would fire, and at the same time the
hammer of his Springfield clicked as he
raised It. That was enough for the too
venturesome visi or and the whole party
hurried tff in the darkness.
Bitter Dose for the Militiamen Who
Did Not Obey Orders.
Sackamknto, July 9 —The court-mar
tial of the members of Company G, Third
Infantry, of San Francisco, has been con
cluded. The verdict has uot yet been an
nounced, but from the most reliable kind
of s< urce the result of proceedings may be
safely announced at this time in some
such form as this: Nearly all the mem
bers of Captain Drfocoll'a company will
be dishonorably discharged. This is tba
decision at this lour. They will forfeit all
pay aid allowances for field service dur-
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