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List of Numbers That Drew the
v - Large Prizes.
Special' to The Call.
Kansas City, June 21.— The regular
monthly drawing of E. Fox & Co.'s Louisi- !
ana" Lottery, took place to-day. The fol- j
lowiDs: nuruners drew the large prizes: j
'.X«. 1140 drew first capital prize, sold in '
Philadelphia and JacKSonyille. 1 Is. No. !
... •Ti7 l lJ\i< :-'\v iecoo*l capital prize, sold in
: \u , „"1^ Tex., "and IndiauanoliJ 1 , lud. No.
. 'SfiiPtf draws ihird capital, sold ill Trini
■.• . -<i\i ■!." Colo. X". 3(i,442 drew four li capital j
:', nriz-'i sold in ton. Tex., and Detroit,
'Slii-li. No. 28,979 drew, fifth capital prize,
Hililin Jackson, Miss. No. 89 758 drew
••s.-xth capital irlze, sold in Little li ck,
\_\rk., St. J'aul, Mum., and Nf»v\ York City.
';' . " Prizes c«slied in full at 916 Market reot,
.. : rot tits 20 and 21, San Francisco, or through
.. '. [ a:,y jjaiik or express eoniDauy*
.'■- THe market continued dull and inactive ye-ter
diy- and > but ie of a little demand for Con. Cai.
• and Tlfjgirila at f- 70 prices remained unchanged.
.. •So news., f any importance was received from
• •■ .- ttLe'-ir'oQt, and the stock Exchanges adjourned at
f ■ -*T» early hour l.i.it evening.
. . NOTE*.
" .'■•--: The annual meeting of the Overman takes place
: ■ t>-iiton i«.
.-■■ ■• ■.■Sliver remained unchansed \ eaterday, se ling a:
;'. ';-• x? in .> - v York and •_•> 11- led in Louiiou.
.■.Thehentuok delinquent sa>e has been post
.; J-uued until . . Sday, July .1.
;• ; ■i-..-.:\ii valued at $47(J0 been received from |
• . liie May Kower gravel mine.
:• • •-1 be iHKiand iias. Light and Heat Company will
■ pay'a moutaly dividend of 20 cents per snare ou
■ Ju;y lb. '
.". The Atlantic Dynamite Company l,»s <ieclarea
■ ■;. d % dei .1 of 40 cents prr biiare, payable July ',b -
--; i'lie Mriropolltao KailWHj Company has <le
.= chirred a monthly dividend ot 10 i euis per share.
■ : javable Jui> 16.
i. lbe.Fa.lfic slid SunsetTeleohone and ielegiap.i
■ ■companies wi.l pa) monthly dividends <<t 4U and
-j cents pc; siiurV respectively on Ju:y I*'.
,■'■ " the l.an. Caliiorhia declared Its regular quart ]
. . . ' teriydjvidend ol *3 70 per snare tod»y. i.«>able |
• ■ The Alaska backer,' As*»ol.itU.n has dtdared its
..■ Mve.nthdiv.UvT.d.atttie.ateof 75 cents per shaie,
I>»vitbJe .'u)T li'
'• ! , ifie sku Fr.noisco Gaslight Company has de
•. ■■ claied a n.oiitti y divideua or J5 i euii per snare,
;• pa able July lti. .
i;<» .i> SALES.
'"" ■ Foilowmu v c ihe sales in the San nclsco ;
- -' titockiiuard yrstcrd. 3 ; :
-'„ - ..•• n.l. i vmsixn n..iov-i:'(l.
• ••'. 1 i01*»-- t-7 100 Mexirn...s" 100 Ovrmn... 12 |
. ' ■ liJU H A-N ....sr.lOJ Opttir ..1.55|2u0 Sb*M...U'J j
KM S KKSSKIM— i !').
■ •X-'UAIta -0 300 CCA V. .2. 70 200 Onnir ...1 ' ■_. ]
: " ...lou-I'.euor oo 100 . . 2 s /t : >0J l'otosi ....41 i
l'ub- 07,'jOU 'I 8U 5'J Savage ...a 1 j
•=•(■ suu't *it... • . -on („v.\ i . .03 50 ;-iJ i
/ lUßuiwer. .- ■ ."ii Mem ....51 SOUS i: AM. ...02 |
I lUU-Contiil 71300 SU:(JU Uniou....3V!
\ -v 7l
■.■...■•tMjrowiiig were the salts in the Pacific Stock
• ■ l'icard yesterd y:
, „. Pr «,r,ic- in'.V'..
•■".I, 'iod Andes... .40 CC* \ 2.72V a 2OO Mono SO
| "44)0 hi i. ...:'. Soi) H* n 6o ii-o 2b
: 2uO U4 ."it Kentucii..lO 300 Overm...lß
• 100 bode 1..-JU, 50 ilex 51',-UtJ UU10Q....34
; 'oill Ll:»i v;..;il| I
• *.11-KMIi)N 6F.SSION — 7:1()
■ '.HlO Aii<««'»....B7 100 CCJt\ ..2.70:300 Harare. .31 '
■ .-^OO li *IS I>4 .< < li A c 44 300 Union 36 i
'"l°ou Bodic.l.'Jb 50 ilex it' ISO X Jckt.. 40 '■
,- . 400 lli . ...a» : jJOO 5i
Tuesday. July 10-4 p. m
£t(LAsked.\ Mid. Asked. '
■ >/rb»Con 07 iv Hale A borers. 66 58 <
A.lta 20 'ii Jackson — ;-tu
ALOes 36 .■>•* .lulia _ — 03
Ire) ie lsle . — Ml Justice 10 IS
If :.er 57 69 hentucs 10 12
1 fSlAbeicner. 94 StiLadyWasa — 03 '
Uenton COl — 50 Mexican do 53 I
tuiwer 22 se4 ; Mono 27
toutiio 1.10 I.'JO Navaio — 10
Bullion - 13 16 ?v (Jueen.... — us
Caledonia...... 07 ot-riuentai .. . — 11
tL-a;le;,»'e Coa. 26 30 Opnir 1.50 1.55 1
lomiiionwlto. — 0; ! overman- 10 la'
CLollar '24 25|lotosl '42 43
It'll Cai 4 Va_'J.7u 2.7:jSß\aue 30 82
Connoenca 70 — 1 A Slides o. — n;-s
ConlmDerial . — O'.liscirpion 03 05
Con New York — 07 bierra >eraa» 53 56
■ ir.m. Foint.. 45 4t Silver Hill 01 03
'hxebequer OS —Syndicate 03 04
las.t.Sierra>aY — (JbtuiouCoa 31 34
. lureka 25 — ; I tat: 05 Oti
1 tranalT'iie... 03 Of. ieilow Jacica.. 06 38
I iiLLjii *. Currr -i.-> 44i
' • STOCK AM) lin.\O EXCHA>OE..J
Tcksuat. July 10-. p. m.
• BONDS. Bui. jitkfcL\ Bid. dated.
Db 4s c0up. .113 — 1 banks. Commercial— I
I S 4sreg. ..113 — 'Amerß&'ic — iia
Uluelakestis — — i An?lo-Cal.... — 72Vi j
' la|.gtCb!ess.lO3Va — Bank of Cai.. 219 — '
CalElecL6». — 108 CalSUdtTCo.. 47»A —
CntiaCWss 92Va »7 rsi.\a;iouLl7S " —
. I>pnt-st 75.. . — 185 .Grangers — ss
Upnt-Stex-cp 9'.'Viiloo l.on.lonPAA.l'Jo 121 ii
tOniiL.v I 1 tis.lyi ; 4 — 'LonuouiSF. — 36
Ui.H RK63. - 107Va Merc. Ex.... l'Ji :> —
-Ueary-stßss.lO4 — Nevada 126 "130
VofAnghe* — — Sither BCo. — 100
Do.^nted.Cs. — — | Banks. Savlnes—
Mkt-s:Cbie6illfcV4 — I'fiMi.co. i)?5o 1900
• .XntgyAvet -i. — 15 ■HtimD.-4L,.1251» —
.nhi>;|;- •. — Mutual — 40
■'-: Sr"Cßß6s.lo3 - t-i-aavtmon. — 625
■-. . > l.i Cai 65.. — :j."'i ; say a Loan. .llo 160
■ NKyt'alis.. — 6H security... .250 —
U»k'£ias 65...101"/ 8 — L ll 011 irust.BUO 700
■ .-'Do, 2>i us is. 9yV*lol I Street railway—
• ':O.mnlbus6s.. — 116 California.... — 300
... 1/acKoliHbs.lOO - bear>-»t...... — 11-7
-• ■ Do.-.v iss 101% — MarKtt-5t.... 37 37V
■ ■'¥ *.p Ryes. U2 - Metropoitan. — 27Vi
..;.:.!■*(. HKv(3s.. — 1114 Fres'.dio 141,4 —
; . .J-wl-stKKBS.. — t>nuer-si 80 —
•. ■ ■ l>i.o.k\ L.vLIOO 105 j Powuer—
- : ■■ " ■ >FhKßs 92 — Atlantic U... — 32
"•• >-fKl<Ar Us. — 91 .calitoruia.. .. 85 105
■. M'HKt a 65..107*4 — Mam — 23
- .SVKlU'alJs.. — 95 Ju ison — 5
..' •• stErECaies. — 92 ;\igorit - 1 1 -. j
. .- >V'vtit«r6s..ll» l^ll9 , Miscellaneous—
: : . .-S^"Water4s.. 84« i 95 \> % Bik I" oalCo. — 17
;•■. .- ■ ■• ... . ; i.yiß _ " — CalCotMliis.. — 45
•. • .-SutlerstkSs. 104 — < ryUocK. — 31
..-.: STOCKS— Water. Calhlei-LCo.. 21 :< i 22
:■ ■ ;Lm'e. Lane?., - 19 ( »li-.iec\\ks. — 2Vi
•■< olifraCosia. — 75 1'• lonLiebt 100 102 Va I
; -Mann C 0 .... 47i 2 — tiasConAsan. 16 —
'•■•.-•. S»\. I 0«.'\.... 91 87',;. Haw< ■< 0.. 6*4 7% I
:; "■ Sirn.gVaiiey y9»/ 2 - a 7 b hutthSPCo. 91/2 9y 8
i G?s— ,luiisonMf?C. — 10
1 .-tHDnaL 35 - Mer Ex A'«n.lo7 —
' ,*v- •■Central .. 90 100 OceanicSSCo — 40
aKULAH. — 4Ji^, racAuxl-A... IV4 2Vi
. PacUMlmp. «2'/i — lac Borax... 94y 2 —
: ■-• iPitlfic 1 nsht — 5a Fa el 4. \ Co.:. — 30
;• -ban a:ic- v 71% 72 PacKoll Mill. — 45
• . .Stockton.... - M larfFaintCo. 65s —
;...-. .insurance- laclransCo. — 35
. - . J-ire^iaruFdlSi 160 I'ac I*T Co. — 65 1
..- ;(-6K Houiß.-:/ — su snnsetT&T.. — 60
. ;•• fcun - 85 tnitedCCu.. — 36
. ' •.'.. _ MOBNIN'f) HEHSrOX
■ .'.• |.-*oard— 50 Hawaiian Commercial, 7; (50 Hutch* '
" .. -rnson SV( o. 9V a ; 50 MarKet st Railway, 37; 0 S :
■ . V wa-ter.'»U<4.|
• .": ".Street -?100.0 8 V 6;i Bonds, 119.
: : :':, .•- " AFTKBNOOX SKSSION*.
: .. • ■" f:oarrt —50 Hawaiian Commercial, 7: 15 Pacific
..• -Gas.luiD. 8-' ■■ : *4 00 S V 4 ■ Bonds. 95.
■':' -street-. 5 l;a;iK of California. 220; 100 S V
■ ■ .'Water. 9tty 2 .
••':■ ' J.. <>. and lirlpbtie 1.. Low to William Stone, lot
'. on s>: corti^r if ],agun» street and Pacific avenue,
... £ 27:6. SI 17, 27:0, M] 15 :10y a ; «10.
• Jar c W right to Mary T. Morgan, lot on S llnr of
•1 urii street, 90 i. of UevisaUero, X 30 by 6 76:
• .' -BiO.
■ •;• Robert and E. 11. B. Yarney to Mary C. B. Var
' n- J. lot on X line of Julian avenue, 245 hof hit
' . itt: street, & 30 by X 104: gift.
... •"■:, Altxat.der Btfger to Ann E. Hl^ger, lot on w
.- ' ,'line of Strvrmoii street, fes S of Nineteenth, S 25 '■
- . by YV 80; $10.
•. "•■ ..Hint Kirtlfy to Kdvrard I'lng.lot on E line of
. ■; Castro street. •<!{> .> of >iueti N26 by t9o;
■" *io." j
. . ■ ■•■ ctiarlei and I.ouiea Clint to Louis Boutet, lot on !
• •••'•. 'NJjne of r*Mlflc street. 105 X or Taylor, li 20 by '■
-.• > t>a:6: 810. i
.-.."- l..ur»A. l'liflps to Loii([l Uandolfo, lot on \V
r -.' line of Ili rd meet. 56:8 Bof Uranuan. Ji 18:4 by
• .-• .>V7S: $10.
: <;• "-Walter .J. f'.irtnett to William 51. Ross, lot on X
•'•.V .-Hue of lei. th avenue, 150 S of Lake street, S 25
•T>y E 120: 510.
.-""- ■ -Safbie to M. Kvin. lot on line of Tenth »ye
.'• 'i\ue; 175 > of California street. S 50 by X 120
--. ■ :>»6.; . ' j
:.. ■; :' Same to Anna Mulrey, lot on 8 line of Lake i
■ .. \Btreet, 95 E ol Tenth avenue, X 25 by s 100; also ■
• . *' : -|ot'«u'K line of Tenth avenue. 175 S tt Lake
: \ . "atreet, S 25 by E 120; ?lt).
. :- . . ;-a:'ie to John W. x.heele, lot on E line of
. ' ' Tetitii avenue, '200 8 of Lake street, S 25 by X
. . 120 i »10. '
. ... Same «» Catnertne lurcell. lot on X line of
. •:. Tentti avenue, «0 S of Lake street, s2sby E
liO: f 10. '
:."; ■ Sopula Johnston* to John Gaxlola, lot on N line
• of Clement, B'<s:6 E of blitb av«uu«, E 25 by N
■100; $10.
• " •• Suniiyside Land Company and California 'lltlej
In accepting the PreiideDcy or the Honduras National Lottery Company (Louisiana
6tate Lottery Company) 1 shall not surrender the Presidency of the Gulf Coast Ice and
Manufacturin* Company, of Bay St. Louis. Miss.
Therefore addr««i all proposals for nupolies. machinery, etc., as well as all busioflM
WlBlUlDlcatloni tO PAUL CONRAD, Puerto Conn, Honanrti.
Care Central America Express,
■r2»U«O4 FLORIDA, V. B. A.
Insurance aud l rust Company to Daniel McGralh,
lot '•.'O. block 28, Minnyslde; $10.
neWitt C. Bice to Lydu c. Kice, estate or D.
W. O. Rice. 39*7 prob.tte, and a:. v and all prop
erty, $10. .
X I>. and Melissa urmsby to Ellen Fitzgerald
(wile of m. ,1.) or Oakland, lot on X line or Ches
ter street, 600 N of West Elihtn, N 50 by X X's
being lot 19, subdivision of J. Ziegeubeln prop
erty. "akUnd; $io.
W. II and h.r in >1. Hardy of Oakland to John
and Mary Kelly of Oakland Township, iota on N
line of i ardy street, 100 « or 1-nst avenue, »
100 by N 100 being lots 9, 0. 11 'lid l-\ «-'»re
wont Park, Oakland Township: *10. n . .
ilium 11. and Mellssi f»ii«W.Of Oakland to
Forrest -. Rowley of Oakland, lot on NYV Hue oi
S-cond avenue, .00 M. of Summer street. N h
85 by NW 100. being lot 48and s\v ;<d feet or lot
47. Lork«)ey Square, subject to a mortgage, oak
land Township; $10. __. „ „.,
Samue and brace A. Half of Oakland to Wil
liam O. W bidden or oakla beginning at ■polut
lOOreet .\K of point of intersection of M line
or Lockney ay. ..m- .n.l Sh line of >»>>>>»
street, NIV HID by >£ GO. being lot 24. Lotkslej-
S r r e ick r afj "xJr^ to Knnrad Meusd
fer of Van Fr.nclico. 1 t onNfc corner ol B
S 186* DeW lot 6, block 8, State University
Homestead Association no. 3, quitclaim deed,
"Vr'e'der ck^F schwagermaun to Onus Melnert
: or/AI°m»d«!lo« on St. l De of l.ynd.- street and
boundary line of land-, of Loo sa Schwagermann,
i X 50 by S 135, Uetng portion or Buna tract.
I Broofciyu Township: *io
; "caroilue Uwinelleto Wlllarrt J. Fisher. lot on
Si > uue of Central avenue. 54. '.'a MS of Grove
street MV 111.60. BE 60, Mi 115.14. Wto be- I
tiiiiiiiie, in« lot 5. block 102, Satber Trust
nroperrv Map I, Quitclaim deed, A ameiU: SI.
BertrauU L., Cur*. Wlllard .1. Alice It. Hsncr
to Heurlita C Culver, wife or M. L, lot on >•>
line o Central avenue, 101. 36 SE of Grove sirt et.
sv» 115.14, SB 60, NX ill. Bo, SK to beeinnina.
being lot 6, bloc* 10". Sather Trust property. Map
I. Alameda; $;o.
lilJeon Aujjliinbau-ih or Aiamud*. to Wiilara J.
usiier >>t Aiiimeda, lot 6. block lO'2, Saner Trust
I property; Map 1. quitclaim deed. Alameda: $1.
Margaret Larking ot turn Francisco to Edward
H. Perry of San Kraucitco, lot on S II ne or Wai
i ice or i n-i nty-elirntn street, 110 Wor Urove. >v
■^.•> by > 14i», beii'R lot 4, olooK D, 11-irv sub
division ot WintciitT, Brocknnrst and ltolaud
tracts, I akliiol: $10.
H. C. Campbell .md T. Is. Kent trustees for De
Witt C. Davis, to San Francisco Bavinga Union,
:ot on s\\ line of East Twenty-second street,
-0.':6 SK of Seventeenth arenue, bK 175 by SW
140, being lota 9. 10, 11. 12, IS, 14 ana 15, block
'if , northern addition to brooklyn, East Oakland;
Hugh M. and Abbie L. Cameron to Philip Mitch
••iier of • '»Kland, lot on SK line ol Eighth avenu ,
Bo >W or East Fourteenth street (since widened),
thence >W 50 by >'. 1. 6 Mibjeet to a mortgage
fur .fUSOO. East Oakland. $10.
Arthur H. and Caroline H. breed to Emma
Molie (Wife of Loins S. ). lot on SW line of East
Twenty »ixtn street. 402.54 SK of Thirteenth
avenue, tlience alons b»st 1 wenty-stith street
45. 57. SW 148.33, N\V 46.-J6, 138.2.< 10 be-
Rinnlng. being lot 16 and NW 10 feet lot 16.
Frost's Thirteenth-avenue Tract. East Oakland;
I $.0.
Horace F. and Mary White to Surah •' Williams
of San KrnDclsco, lot on N line or I on s: avenue.
; 430:6 X or Center street. E 128 ny N 10-J.5, being
! lots 10 and 11, block C lii-rtveley Homestead As
i sociation; Berkeley; $43-.
Morris J. aua Ellen rltsierald'tO Ernst A. Heron
of Oakland, lot on NX corner of Ashtiy avenue and '<
' i l «wortb street, K44 by N no, lot 1, block O,
| Suburban Tract, Berkeley: $10.
Builders' Contracts.
F. W. Hopkins with C. Chlsholm, alterations
and additions on tot on SE Hue of California and
Las;uu i streets; $-595.
W. K. v> hlttler ( by attorney) with R. Klnprose,
I to build a one-«tory brick DnlldtnK on SE corner
1 ol lieale and Howard streets; »796"4.
• — « — •
palace hut el.
; II GStavenson.Menlol'k N O Smith, San Carlos
i K Stephens, San Jose '• w Kline, berke ey
! A Lasker, ¥ MrsJ r.GrassVal
! Mrs a Holmaa, Chicago F > Harral. N V
; X H-iguer, CU ca.'o L N Nolette. Mich
J Morse, > V M Freiberg. 1 incinnatl
J it Hoefllcb. Cincinnati L Gnu. Milwaukee
O Zabel, Milwaukee I T. Kredendail, Wyo
Dr C W Niies, Mich r McKae, X no
AC Kennedy. London Cvv Higslus, Chicago
II C Smith .V w, Fresno It J Krans N V
A X Alhsworth A- w. Cat Mrs A Jenkß, l.os Angel '
Mrs (j Bolternoff, Cal Mrs E 1 Earl, Los Angel
G H Appel. Sacramento X T Flint, Los Angeles
h li Denning, Chicago
W J Taylor Phlladel R Connagber. Micb
.T Taylor, Stockton L Sprague. Sacramento j
X Montgomery. Woodld .1 Johnson. Sacramento
.1 C Oarrigrr.-Anourn C Lander, 1 ortlaud
X Mack, Portland ' *. Mercer, Oakland
D Chellis.Claromont.NH H 1; Huatlugton, Seattle
• • ]{ Hardy ,lr, hverett M MerKley, Stockton
.1 P Ca*h. Seattle <> B Lewis. Seattle
■ 1; A Lewis. Seattle C Wliey a. w, Seittle
i .1 Mlcbritzer. Seattle Mrs Rlvenljuri; * b. Mich
i (i Baker A- w.K.islo, bC II Suurr. Seattle
! J Jllnchel. Seattle Mrs Duhtg «V l>oy
F M Mander, Ventura A Morris, Victoria, B 0
J Smith, Victoria, b 0
.1 W Ellsworth. Oakland D iiu*b»ey. Volo county
Mrs Morton, Woodland C Ea.vards. Alamoda
J A HetZer, Sacramento A C Kuiney. Astoria, Or
Mrs Holluger, o ikland John Hill. Lodi
li Adams San Jose .1 WUltainS* W, N V
B II White. boston .) •! TUriifr, >p..k&ne
Cll >''■'• in. m. sacramto a b L^wereace.salt Lake
\v .! .1 . nuaun, sta Clara A a uib-sou, Eureka, Cal
G Walker, Oakland '
So Says One Who Is Engaged in
the Manufacture of It.
Glass is a substance which, as the glass
blower says, has a will of its own. It Is very
often difficult to tell how a paiticular piece is
going to act und--r certain conditions, even
after having tested other pieces of the same
"batch." ben subjected to the beat, one end
of a tube will sometimes respond differently i
from the other end. This is In a measure due !
to unequal chilling, occasioned possibly by a :
sudden draft of air while it Is la process of
manufacture. No piece of glass la absolutely '
reliable. Its working Is therefoie ai certaiu I
stages most uncertain, and one persou may
have entirely different exieiiences from an
other. It is cbatneleonllke, and every process
succeeds l)ette r with tln>«e who seem to nave a
knack, which Is generally obtained by lung
The cuttlne of glass heads the list of the un
certain processes, for It has no definite cleavage
and its separation is modified by me surround
ing temperature. The simplest separation is
on flat glass in a straight line. Hie all that i*
necessary is a deep and regular scratch with a
glazier* diamond, a firm and steady bend away
lion; the main piece, and the parts crack along
the ueMied line. Thes ■ glazier's diamonds may
b- purchased and generally prove satisfactory,
hut it is more economical to purchase from some |
diamond cutter a small splinter and insert this
a piece of biass rod having a small hole drilled
into one end. The splinter should now be
cemented with in. nine Blue, and the brass rod
filed a little upon th- side neatest i lie ruler, 10 j
obtain, atier a trial, the best cutting angle for
the diamond. Another Instrument for cutting
glass, less expensive than the diamond. Is :he
glass-blower 1 * knife, which Is a piece of thin
steel tempered glasshaid by heating it cherry
led, and then plunging It into ice-cold water or
n:eicuiy. The edge should b- sharpened by
rubbing It upon an old, rough emery grind
stone until line saw-like notches appear. I is
then ready for DM and should. If much used,
be sharpened repeatedly.
To cut tubes, can-fully scratch at right
angles to the axis a deep notch, either with the
diamond, a triangular tile, 01 a Kl,i«s-blowei's
knife. Heat a piece of glass rou until a small
globule api ear" on the end. aud press this upon
the scratch. The glass will thus be heated
more at this point than at any other; an 1111
--equal expansion takes place, the scratch eiv
mg duection to the line of fracture, and the
tube cracks evenly. If Its thickness Is uniform,
In the case of variable thickness uneven edges
result, and ttioe mint be tiled down to avoid
Hie sharp cutting splinter^. Many recipes and
directions bave been given for cutting bot
Wetting ;<d asbestos suing with turpentine
and selling It on tire produces considerable
beat In the glass immediately underneath it.
By quickly removing the string and plunging
] the bottle into cool waier the unequal strain
ta-es plae<- and th- i arts separate, li is this
locating of the heat th.it causes the glass to
: crack as we wish it. The easiest method, if the
means oe at band. Is to employ a platinum
' wire, which sliould b- heated white hot by the
passage of a heavy elec rle current. By wrap
ping this wire lounil a heavy bottle -Jar and
allowing the current to pass for ten 01 fifteen
seconds the -tontest walled vessel may be
: easily separated if touched on the heated line
i wltb a cloth dipped in water.— Optician.
The Secret of Long Life.
The necessity or relative harmony iniouchout
the eutii c physical system cannot be too sit ong
ly inifed. Herein lie- lie chief secret of health
and long life. Manifest weakness, or even pre
dominant stienglli. In any part oi>en* an ave
nue for the Invasion of disease and the. approach
of death. What can be done for the realization
and maintenance of structural And vital Har
mony? Space would fall us 10 give the details
adapted in varying condition!), l-iii the under-
Ivliie fundamental principle for its aecoin
lili-iiineiit. may be imparted in a few words.
Strive to stieuathen and develop tho«e
part;* of the body which have been
slighted by natuie or weakened by disease
or abu«e; lmkuti zealously such structures and
see thai tney. are never subjected to undue
chain or too active exertion;" neglect not the
imi'ioyement of eveiy part of the ecouomy. but
seek flrsi in Improve the weakest structure;
look well 10 organ* of vital importance— the
heart, luucs, kidneys, etc.— and seek especially
to advance their good. A fine physique Is not
to be ignored, but of far neater Importance Is j
a strong pair of hums, a normal, well-guarded
heart, a good digestive Apparatus and function
ally - oil ii il kidneys. The strengthening and de
veloping vital structures require inoie skill
and uei -evei than the training of ihe mus
cular )>ys!ein and should be conducted with
much care and diligence.— Dletetle and Hy
gienic Gazelle.
— — • — ♦ ■«
A Relic of the War.
Mr. Walter Aldnch. the bibliographer and
antiquarian of I'rovidence. K. 1., exhibit* a
unique Confederate bandana handkerchief, on
yard square, made of silk, of red body, with
portraits of I);ivi«. Beau regard. Semmes, Lee,
Slidell. Morgan, Jackson and Johnston, printed
in black, eueiieled with wieaths of cliatacter-
Istte Southern leaves, with fern* .aid ilie cot
tun plant, on white round. This handkerchief
I* absolutely perfect, ami is claimed to be
unlaue. It is said <o be the only one ex an; of
twelve oideied by tie Confederate Government
in England by Jndaii P. Benjamin, and was
rescued, when on its way 10 tint country, from
Hie Alabama when «ho was sunk. It subse
quently became the property of General E.
Kliby Smith, and. after passing iuto several
hands, one Of whom carried it on Ins person fur
some twenty y'-ars. It Is now owned by Mr.
Alducli. It Is funned ana «l .zed, and Is held
at the price of $1000. As a memento of the I
Southern Confederacy it Is of the foremost in
teieit.—New York Collector.
• — • —
Steel needles «era made by a very primi
tive machine in 1546. They were larger
than our darnnc-ii'-edlps.
TfKsiiAY Kvi-nixo, July 10.
Sugar ma iked v .
Coffee very (tali.
('milieu run at a standstill.
Ural »nd Fruit Bags neglected.
Moderate demand (or Wool.
Silver fraction firmer.
Flour quiet.
Grain market dull all around.
Kiver Hay weak. Choice Hay firm.
I'eedstuffs unchanged.
Beans quiet.
Potatoes sell very well. Onions weaker.
I n ■ reaped receipts of Kegs.
.Butter and Cheese weak.
Heavy arrivals ul poultry.
Fruit and Vegetables plentiful.
Nothing doing in Dried Fruit.
>oniL- des' riptioas of Hides lower.
Tallow easy.
Hams. Bacon and Lard firm.
Hops nrgleet^d.
Nutsani Kattlna nominal.
New \<>r 31 ark Ms.
New York. July 10.— The speculation to-day
was under the Influence or the labor troubles in
the West, and wuile centrally heavy Id tone, wai
occasionally given a temporary strength by the
report of encouraging advices from Chicago.
Among the mere conservative operators there
was a disposition to do little If anything pending
the result of the effort to Inaugurate a general
strike of all the trades unions In Chicago to-mor
row, Press aud private dispatches were eagerly
watched for on the i-xchange and the good or bad
tidings were Instantly reflected in the course of
prices. sugar opened '. 4 hither, and then, under
free selling broke «barp y V } %. rallied Vsund re
acted f-'g al the cio«e. ('ulr»«o Gas was subjected
lo a bear raid, based on the belief that the general
strike which U threatened must result in serous
injury to i he companies Interested, of the granger
group Burlington and Qulncy wag weakest, being I
sold largely on Boston orders based on anticipated
•■•-crease in earnings The shares receded 14j,@
7»g. - sing only i H above, the bottom figure. '.->t.
Paul was vry well supported and lost only %,
with i- 8 recovery. Roc» Island sold down iy B aiid
rallied 1,2. while Northwestern lost «, 4 without a
lhe market was sluggish during the afternoon,
becoming heavier a* the day advanced and clot
ing weak.
The Bond market was in the main weak and
closed irregular. Government bonds steady;
State Bonds liactlve. Petroleum— Steady. i'e n
sylvanla Oil. sales none. August option, sales
none; closed HI Lima oil, sales none.
Wheat— July. 60e
Flour— Steady.
Hops— Mow; State r common to choice, 7®llc;
Pacific Coast, [email protected]
-Pi* Iron — Dull.
Copper— Quiet.
l cad— yutet and firm,
Tin — Firm <>n spot; futures easy, straits
$19 20 bid. Plate* quiet.
Spelter— Steady
Coffee — Options opened steady with prices
uni-haneed to 6 points higher, rallied 1 on cover-
Ing and closed steady at net unchanged to 10
points adv.-in"? Sales 1900 bans. lnclualuc:
July, *1S If @I 5 "JO; Aujust, $14 [email protected] 70; Sep
tember. $is t»&<au.
Spot Collet'— kio steady. No. 7. 161/jC; mild,
qntet and steady; Cordova. IH®l9'4C; sales,
iiiiOJ tne* Rio No 7 ami 8 afloat a. 10 cent bails.
Santos— Steady: good average Santos 17foOO;
receipts two days, 6000 bags; stock. 43.000 bags.
Hamburg market dull, prices unchanged to
\il>'g lower; sales. 10.000 bugs.
Havre opened steady. 'if lower to 14 f higher;
closed without chance: sales, 12.000 bags.
Bio— Quiet) new Kio .No. 13. *;{ 50: exchange
9 5-16; recelp:s two days, 8000 bags: cleared lor
the United states, 30J0 bags; stocc, 117,000
warehouse deliveries from New York yesterday,
58-5 bags; New York stork to-nay, 113,175 bags;
1. 8. stock-, 600. 0U0 bags: alt oat for the Is. 8..
:04, 500 bigs: t"UI visible for the U. S., 354,216
bag* again-t 419,652 bass last year.
Sugar— Kaw, steady ; sales, none; refined, quiet;
No. 13. a 11-16.
Ch'cajra Markets.
Chicago. July 10.— It Is not often that such a
general difference is displayed between the specu
lative crowd as was shown to-day. The strikers
held them off on one side and on the other they
were paralyzed by the. uncertainty concerning the
Government report. Trices underwent very little
Change, except In provisions, which made a mod
erate advance.
Wheat opened at '^©'/jo decline, gradually ad
vanced Vie, fell otf '/ c, became verr quiet,chang
ing but little, and the close snowed i. 8 c loss.
Private cables were rather conflicting, Koine
quoting wheat firm but inactive aud oats
quiet and lower. They were evidently looking
lor a bullish Government report. Corn was steady
within V4C range under moderate buying.
Oats— Steady but dull. 'be change was i/Jo.
High Liverpool cables, the raising or the blockade
at the yards and a scarcity of offerings firmed
provisions up to-day. September pork is 5c
higher, September lard 7c higher and ribs 5c
1 be leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2— i Lard per 100 lbs.—
Highest. lowest, .luly .. Stj 8-.1/2 *6 77U»
July 56V»e 66c Sept.. 95 "*0 85
Sept 68% c 5SVic
Dec 61*ic «13/ c 1 Mess Pork per bbl —
•Sept.. sl*7s $12 70
- Corn No. 'i—
July 4l'-8C 41 %C Short Hl'u per 100 lbs
Sent ...4^ ! 8 c 40* July SB 65 lf>6au.
Oct 41*40 41 ;iC|hept ...$067V 2 66 60 "
Cash quotations were a* follows: Hour-
Steady; No. 'JSprluir Wheat. 56VaC: No. 3 Spring
Wheat, No. 2 Ked.sbi/oC; No. 2 Corn 41i-.f<A
4 1"» M c- I'rline Timothy seed. $6 [email protected] 85: Mesa
Fork ■» obi, »12 H-i/.JiiVl 70: Lard. » 100 ins. '
$6 SJi/.j®t> 70: Short Kins «ides nooie). $H vßfta :
0 771/,. Dry .Salted shoulders (ooxed). $6 ooa
6 1' ■'■■,: Short Clear Sides /boxed). $0 87; >Vuisky
distillers' finished goods. K» gai. tl 20: Sugars-
Cut Lo:» . : (iranula'ed, ; Standard a, ..
on the Produce Kxchanee to-aay the Butter
market was steady; creamery, l'[email protected]; dairy
[email protected]; hggs steady, [email protected]
A few cattle and sheep were driven In and were
taken for local consumption at good round prices
The ranee of quotations for cattle Is * ■v. 50;
Sheep, $<:@5; Spring Lambs, [email protected] 50.
Stock - In Load on.
New York. July 10.— The Evening Post's Lon
don cable Bays: Contanagocs on American are
per cent Money Is plentiful. No serious diffi
culties were disclosed at to-day's settlement,
although 1 few small failures are likely on '1 burs
Americans, after firmness, cloned flat on re
ceipt of New York t rices. The price of silver is
unchanged, became available supplies are cur
tailed owing to the Chicago troubles' stopping
transit from the mining districts, The tone or
the future delivery is very weak.
Omaha I.ivt> Stock Market.
Omaha; July 10. -Cattle receipts 700. There
were plenty or good cattle on the market, but the
receipts were so large It had a tendency to wake
the market a little- slow and a shade lower.
Foreign Markets.
Liverpool July 10.— i he spot market Is dun
at 4s lid. Cargoes are firmer at .Ms for off coast,
34a Ud for prompt shipment and 23* 9d for nearly
due. . ,: j : --.::;
Th« Produce Exchange cable elves the follow
ing Liverpool quotations lor No. 'I Red Winter •
July, 457V 3 d: August, 457%u; September, 4s
8d: October. 4s B%d; November, 459"/ id; De
cember, 4a iOd.
London, July 10— Consols, 101%: Silver 28
11-16 d: French Kentes. lOOf 70e. Bullion into
liank of England, £9UOO.
>chansr ' 1 ml Bullion.
Sterling Exchange. SO days — C 4 88
Sterling Kxchange. sight — 4h:ii~
New York Kxchange, sight — 071/2
New York Exchange, telegraphic. — 16
Hue Silver, spot %* ounce.... — 82*4
Flue Sliver. 30 days — (j'jy 4
Mexican D011ar5...,,,. — b\y*
Itonds, Exchange, Money and Railroad
'"./'" '■:;•- S Shires,
Money on call easy at 1%: lan loan \%; closed'
at 1%. Prime mercantile paper. 334y?%. Htertißg
exchange firm, with actual business in bankers'
bills at $4 tiSh'i for demand and $48714 for sixty
days. I'osted rats. $4 >>[email protected] H8 Commercial
bills, $4 S6V*. Mirer certincates, [email protected]>5c.
Atchtson 5*4 Northern Pacific... 3*4
Adams Express ...118 j Preferred 13» 4
Alton, lerre Haute a'i IV. P. Den. A Gulf.. 22
Preferred l«& | Northwestern 10:<y 2
American *;xi>ri-s*. 170 Preferred 137%
Bell Telephone V Y. Central 96
Baltimore A Ohio 7" N. V. & .New Ens. a
Canada Pacific .. 63% Ontario A Western 14y 3
Canada Southern.. 48 dreg n Improvmt. 11
Central Pacific 1 1 1 /4 <ire«on Navigation 12
dies, * Ohio 16 Oregon Short Line. 4Va
Chicago Alton... 138 I aclfic Mall 14»
Chicago, B. & Q.... I'eorlaD. & Eyus.. 244
Chicago Gas 7 •-'•!♦ PittsburK 150
Consolidated Ghs..l'<!6 Pullman Palace. 163
C. C. C. i SI. Louis 135 Ke.diusc Ib I *
Colo. Coal A: Iron.. 6Ms Klebmoud Termini HVa
Cotton Oil Cert 2b ! s* Preferred 10
Del. Hudson i2t» RioGramle&Westa 14Va
Del.Lack<VWesternl6f» Preterrert 415
Denver K. G. plo 28% Rock island 65%
Distiller ß 26 7 /s St. L. *S. f. Ist
Kast Tennessee ... 6 ->t. Fau 50%
Erie 1 13'Vai Preferred 1 17
Preferred 127% St. Paul i Omaha.. 3oVi
Fort Wayne 150 j Preferred 114
Great Northern pfdlO.i¥.i Southern raclne... 17%
Chicago * B 111 pfd «0V 3| Sugar Refinery 90
Kicking Valley ... 16 | 1 ecu. Cal A- Iron. 18-"-8
Illinois Central.... 89 V 2 Texas Pacific. 8 3
St Paul* Duluth. 2«%T0l A () Cen pfd. 70
Kansas A: Texas pr. 19 I**1 ** Union Pacific loVi
Lake Krie. Jt Westu H>'/ S U. S. Express 60
Preferred 65Vs Wab. si. l 4 Pac. 6%
lake Shore 12784 Preferred l3Vs
Lead Trust -JTVa « ells F..rt;o 107
Louisville * Nasli. 4 ! , 4 : Western Union ... t>'lV
I.i iiisville&NVw Al 0 Wheeling &L. E.. 9Vs
Manhattan Consol. 114 , Preferred 40%
MeuiDhls * Churls. 5 Minn. a St. Louis. 7
Mexican Central. B*4 Denver * Rio*... 8
MieblcanCturr.il.. 94 Vr.jGt?neral Electric .. M6y*
Missouri Pacific... 25% National Linseed.. 19
Mobile A- Ohio 17 Colo. Fuel .V Iron.. 24
Nashville Cbatt... 7" 1 Preferred 68
I. x Cordage 20% it a lex. cent.. 6
Preterre.i an% 1 oI.A AAN Mien., ay*
N.J. Central 107 Toi.St.LouisAK.c.. 1
Norfolk A West pf. is* i Preferred 7%
North American... a7W
L' Sfi§. ieKistere>!.. 1171/2 Den &RG 75.. I\i /i
Do. coupon li 7< 4 Do, 48 tjaVa
Do, 49 registered. 1 1.->i.- 4 Erie ids 71
Do. coupon 113 i» H 4 >acs 100
Do, '28 reg *"* : bo - 7s .. . {)•>
Pacific Us of ...101 H A Tex Cent 100
Ala Claw A 100 ! Do. 6s 105
Ala Class B 101 MX 4 T first 45... 7a
Ala Class V 91 I'o, sei-uucUs.... ;<»Vi
A a Currencies tfl Mutual Union 0g...i07
Louisiana stmpd 4s 84 ' AN J Cent (>e:i 55. ..113
Mls^ou^l 6s 100 Northern Pac lsts.lO7yi
> Carolina tJs l-'i ! bo. ads 72
Do. 4s 88 Northwest Consolsl4oVo
SC. Non-fund lVij Do. de benturess.lll
Term new set bs... 78 jK Grande West lsu B5Va
• Do, 6-, 10"i 'M. Paul Consols.. 125
Do 3s — |BtPaul.C4Pao6s..lOßV4
Tennold6s 60 .stL&lronMtUenos 7rt
VaCenturlrs sK^.sLShKtt»nJl... 93
Do. deferred Tex Pacific firsts... 80
Atehison 48 75 Tex Pae seconds... '21
Do. ad A. ....... 25V 2 Union Pacific 1»t5..103
Canada South 'JuS.lOM* West Shore 4s 102 , i
ten Pacific lsu 10<i
Produce Market.
FLOUR— This line of trade, Ilka all others, Is
stagnated by the strike. Net cash prices are as
follows: Family extras. $3 [email protected] 50; Inkers' ex
tras. Si [email protected] 1 40; superflue, *i ;-of<i-.' 75 It bbi.
WHEAT KKKIGIiIS— Are nominally 25*, but
charterers bold aloof owing to the strike, nence
there Is no im«iness. Ihe chartered wneat fleet In
port has a registered tonnage of 21,000, against
4", DUO tons on the same date last year; lisen
gaftetl. 64,200 tons, against ,67,8U0: on the way to
this port, 274,000 tons. against 228.000.
WHEAT— descriptions continue nomi
nal. There is a gi.od demand for milling, but it Is
scarce owing to the railway tie-up. Futures are
slow and altogether tlie market Is dull No. 1 quo
table at 87, .*."■ V ctl; choice. 9 -'i -....• %< ci.lj
lower K™'le«. 75<JS85c; extra choice for milling,
Intormai. skssioa'— lo o'clock— December—
SOI) tons. Jl OO'/h-
Keoulab Horning Session'— December— soo
tons,sl üb7/ 8 ; 300. «1 07. May 100, $1 I*.
Aftkrnoon Session— May— loo tons, $1 12%.
i>eeeinuer— 2oo, $10714: 100. $1073 8 ; soo,
9107%; 100, $107";,: 900, 9107%; 1300,
$1 07 l/o
HAhLEY— Is firm at the Improved prices, but
buslne.«« Is dull, Offerings are moderate. Old
Feed. [email protected]: new I md, [email protected]^c, according
to color: lirewing, l>[email protected] ; new do, for shipment,
Informal Session— 10 o'clock- No sales.
Bi .1 1 ah Morning S^sslO^-— 2OO
tons. il4' 4 c; 200. 94y c: 300, 93TsC; 400, 94c.
Seller ' 94, new— loo, BtiV»e: 10J, feoVi«'.
aftkknoon SESSION — December— tons,
94c; 000, 91VsC.
OAT.>— Dealers report trade at a standstill and
quotations . tio'Ulnal. Milling are qu'tabie a'
»1 My-.(di\ 30 V ctt: fancy F»ed. *1 [email protected] 32% V
ctl : good to choice, $ 1 [email protected] 25 'ft ctl: common
to fair, »1 U-'i /2 Id; Hed, nominal: Hlsi-k, nom
inal; Uray, $1 [email protected] 25; Surprise, ?1 [email protected] 42y 2
<& ctl.
COKN— Hardly any demand, even In a jobbing
way. Large Yellow, $1 SO® I 22% ¥ ctl ; Small
Houud Yellow, SI 32y a ; White, $1 4' ©1 45 '£
KYE— Offerings are now small, the demand l«
slow and quotations are nominal at ! 1 5a;«7i,2 1 ' 7},
ctl for old and [email protected]'Va for new.
KHAN— Quoted at Sib 50(a*lS IS ton.
MIDDLINUS-Quoted at*l9 50© ;1 fl ton.
llAY— Coolce Wheat ii firm. Good Oat Hay is
steady. Hurley and Alfalfa from the river are
coming In weedy and both are lower and weak In
consequence. Wheat, Sl2 s (s!.'> '£ ton: Wheat
and oat, jr.'QHSi)' Barley, j'/ffl'i: "at, [email protected]
12 50: Alfalfa. $7 [email protected] 50: Clover, [email protected]; Com
pressed, — : Stock. $u<§H Ib ton.
AW — Quoted at 70(g>80c ?*i bale.
MILLS lUrhS— Grouml and Rolled Barley.
$21 [email protected] 1* ton, Oilcake Mt»l, $35 V ton;
wholesale ana Jobbing. $37 60: Cottonseed Oil
cake. .*.(O "$ ton: Kye Hour, 3y 2 c f! ID; Rye Meal,
3c '('■ If. Graham l-iour. He: Oatmeal. 4'4C ?ntb;
oat Groats. sc: Cracked Wneat, 3V4c; t'.uckwlieat
Flour, 6c: Pearl Barley. «[email protected]»if T& lb.
151 CK WHEAT -Quoted at $1 iO(*l 20 ?> ctl.
COKNMEAI. I. ( — I able Meal. .nu,;O ..<• ; Feed
Corn, $.■« 50© 7 BO: Cracked Com, »[email protected] %*
ton . Hominy, 4'/[email protected] ; !i * It*.
SEEDS— Yellow .Mustard, ■ @3yic: Trieste. 2V
®i'3ic: natlT« Brown. *J vbi&l 60: Flax $32 '4
ill; Canary, [email protected]»c It.; Air»lia. loy 3 ®i2c; Rape,
[email protected]?c: Hemp, 3»'[email protected] * H>.
DRIED PLAN— i.iackeye, *1 [email protected] 65 ctl;
>'lles, »1 fi(if<4l 75: Green, SI 4i»(3>l 50; Split
Peas, &yaC •§ tt>
JSKAN. — irado Is quiet In all kinds except
Whites, which ar." In fair request. Bavos, $2 '26©
2 35; Small Whites. f2 4< © rt.V. Pink, $1 60
1 75: Pea, $2 6 ® -' 75: Large Whites. J>2 4U(g>
a (35: Reds. $2 25 V* ctl; Lima. 93 [email protected] 75; But
ters. $1 «..#- for small, and #[email protected] 3b for large.
POTA'I tie.B— The market Is steady under a
good demand. New uarnet Chiles gui table at
&.'<£7('c V Ctl: New Early k se. [email protected]>c id ctl in
»r>l and [email protected] t\ ctl in boxes: new Peerless.
Borbankl ann Early Goodrich, [email protected] "^ ctl In
tacks ana [email protected]$l 10 m boxes.
1 :.MnNS- er easier yesterday: Red, 30©40 c
■? ell; Whin, [email protected] "# ctl.
liUTTEK— Ihe market continues depressed
with freest"rlc». Creamery descriptions are f]iiot
itliin at l£@l7c * 16; Dairy squares, [email protected];
fancy Hairy roils, 15c: food to choice, [email protected] 9
]!,; common to fair, [email protected]%c: stors butter, 11®
12V«e Vi ID.
Clir.L.-K— Weak. Good to choice mild new is
quotable at [email protected]%c ~& B)! ordinary, 7©7..c;
\ onag Americas. HrcplOc; Eastern, [email protected]; West
ern. 1 l(g»ll»^c f 1 n>.
POLLiRY— lieceipts were heavy yesterday,
being drawn In by the sharp advance in prices.
Ttie market weakened considerably In conse
quence and . was very dull In the afternoon.
Uurkeys are quotable at 12y 2 @lsc Ib for
Gobblers, 12i/ @lsc for Hens; Geese. $ pair, $1
Toil 60; liucks. [email protected] *# doz: Hens. $I®-}; Koost
er» young »[email protected]: do old, $1 [email protected] &0. Fryers,
$U(i47: Broilers, $ @t{ for large and S3® l for
small; Pigeons, $1 iiO(<j»l 75 ii uoz for young and
old. .•.-•-;
GAME— Nominal.
EGGS— Receipts were much larger yesterday, I
and while prices kept up as a rule, there was a
general desire to realize among sellers. A break
ib Imminent any day now. Eastern from cold
storage, [email protected]ßc H doz; California store Eggs, 16
@22V c $ Uoz: ranch Eggs, [email protected] V doz; Duck
tgsts, [email protected]ßc if* doz.
HONEY— 10' ©HVaCfor brUht and 9©
10c ?i ttt for dark to llgnt amber: water-white ex
tracted oy @7c It> llsht amber extracted, s '/a
@be; dark a.nber extracted. 4^[email protected] %4 It).
AX-Quoted at [email protected] $ ; 0 . . *
UORCHARD FRUITS— Good Peaches and AorlcotS
are rather steadier. M*s are cheap ami generally
overripe, (supplies of Cherries are considerably
reduced and the season will soon be over. Arri
vals of Uartlett Pears, Nectarines nd Melons are
small so far. Crawford Peaches have appeared,
bringing 60c per box: Red Nectarines. 76c i* box;
White Nectarines, [email protected] ~& box; Cauta oupes,
$J 60* box: Watermelons, t'2 our* i 511 per dozen;
Peaches, a,'(i»soc V box, and 30i<a»0ci> basket;
tears. [email protected] %» box and 25c per basket;
Bartletts, [email protected] # r.ox: Plums, li^®J%c ■
f* Ib: Cherry Plums. [email protected] * drawer: Royal
Apricots. [email protected] %* b..x and it'@26c V* basket
anil » (ftsls 1011 In bulk: Mocrpark Apricots,
36«)50c ci I;..! and [email protected] * basket; Cherries, In
drawers, [email protected] for lair to fancy Buck and 2i'@
:toc ~A box for Royal Acne: Cherries In bulk, -.(SJ c
lti for Black and IVsiC V lf> for Royal Aune;
Apples. 25©10 c%i small box. 40®75c in l;uge
boxes and [email protected]:«)c "& basket; Cralmpples, [email protected]
box- Black FUs,2S?»4OC tor single-layer boxes
and 35fiab5o for double-layers; White Figs. 26®
35c* box for single-layers and for double-
a GRAPES— Sweetwater», [email protected] box.
BERKIES ETC— I he market continues heavllv
stocked with all kinds. Biackberrle., *1 50® I «i
eh st: Currants, «l [email protected]: Raspberries. *v:@t:
wherries, *[email protected] * chest for large berries and
$7<»H » chest for Longworths.
CiUUSFRUITS-Slclly Lemons,-: California
Lemons, 60c©$l 26 lor common and SI 60®2 50
for Rood to choice: Mexican I. lines, * (g>.( 5u $
box: Ban-»nas,[email protected] 60 "$ bunch: Pineapples,
iVui, D FRUITS— There will be no business
uutll trains are running again. Quotations are
wholly nominal. Pears. [email protected] f It for bleached
halves and [email protected] for quart, red; Apples, [email protected]
lor quart-re... « ',@7c for sliced :.nd [email protected] for
evaporated; ilea< lied Peaches, august uelirerv.
nominal: Sundried Aprlc t8 [email protected] g IT, lor July-
Aucuxt del very; Pru.ies, [email protected])' /V c Ib for the
four sizes and 3i/ 2 @4c for small : Plums, <@sefor
pitted and iy 2 c lor unpllted: Figs, black, [email protected]
for pressed and l>[email protected] for impressed. ■ .
KAI&1N8 AND DttlED GKAFE3 - Calirornla
Lave:» quotable at [email protected]$l ip box; loose Musca
tels in boxes, @75cj California clusters; $1 25©
150; v o. 1 lo.se. in sacks, 2 (g.:-ii' ■& lb; No. •£
loose, *2i/[email protected]; Dried i. rapes, l J = /ic.
NUTS— Walnuts, [email protected] f»r hinl-heil, [email protected]'c
m tor softshell and [email protected] it tfc lor papei-heii:
•oftshell Almonds. Ki<§> le: hardshell Co. [email protected]:
! Daper-shell, lly ©l^V2i! V IB: i'eanuw. 3&40 %i
16 lor douiF&tlt: iilckury wits, s(3>tic: Pecans, Ho
lor rousii »nd [email protected] 14 m for poiishel: Filbert*,
[email protected]; ISrazu >ut», [email protected] %i It>; Cocoauuts ?5
(a*, i 50 f, 100. ':-.'■;. '■■■•
VEUKi AIiLES— The market Is heavily over
atoc<<-d. '-reen Okra. [email protected] to: Ken riant
$lJO(aj 13 t>ox: Ure« < Cora, 50 (Ssl 26? sacs
and h<&lbr 'f, doz for common anil [email protected]^sc ¥ doz
for Hay: Cuiiimbers '[email protected] %* box for Vacavllle
and 75<(a,*i for bay; oreeu l'eiipern, 'J(^4i- lor
Chile and [email protected] for Bell; Summer Squash, [email protected]°25c
Tor Bay: . oinatoes, l£©3sc; Strlnp-Beans, [email protected]
50c 9 Hie: Marrowfat bijuasli, $20 V- tun: Cab
tage, £>[email protected]()c ft eti; Feed Carrots, 38©ioc $ ctl;
Garlic. [email protected]'JViC f* tt>.
riloVi.'io;.S- are scarce and firm at the
advance. Kacon Is steady. Supplier of Lard are
sufficient for the moment. Bumuesi In all descrip
tions in repo t»-<l very dull, Bacon. [email protected] for
heavy and 1 l(iji'.jy?c for light medium: [email protected]
for llßht and [email protected] %* lb for extra light: Eastern
sugar-cured Hums. [email protected]:3c %i lb: Calltoruin
Hams, 15c tt>; Kastern Lard, tierces, 7c for
compound a.. d 9c for pure: pails, a ••..'': Califor
nia, tierces, b :i 4(iJ7c fnr cniiipouiid and SV*@V c
lor pure: hall-";, ols. yi..c: 10-fb tins, 10c: d ■ 0 lb,
lOVa'^; MesK Beef, ** iS obi: extra messdo, *9 60:
laimlydo. $10 [email protected]; extra prime i'ork, [email protected]
13 50; extra clear, $ - ..I.i!t ft bill: mess, $16 50©
17: MiioKed Beef. 10c IK ID.
llOl^— Dead and nominal at [email protected] 1> a.
HIDES AM) SKINS— Cows anu steers are lower.
No other chances, business Is poor. Heavy salted
Steers. 4"4 c $ lb: med.um. 3 : ! 4 c; light, 'Ac; Cow
hides, : @.iy r^ it.; salted Kip. 4c: salted Calf.
be: sxllt-d Veal, sc; dry Hides, usual selection,
o>£c^lb; dry Kip and Calf, 6i, v o f, ID: prime
<<!)«! sum*, '.'ilfitioc each: Kids, [email protected]; fJei-r
--skius, «ood suiijiner, I'Dc %i tt> : medium, [email protected];
winter, sc; Sheepskins, sliearilngs [email protected]'Oc each;
short wool. 26®aoc; medium, 40©50 c t-ach: long
wool, [email protected] each; Culls of all Kinds about Va
TALL. >W— No. 1 rendered, 4 V v c; country Tal
low, 4r 9 16; refiued, 55, a (aso <B<-' %i tt); Grease, a®
BJ^c V a.
Woui.— Dealers are selling moderate-sized lots
to Eastern buyers, but trade In general is flat and
unpromising. Spring clip. San Joaquin anil >outh
ern, 6©tiy 2 c r* 16 for year's clip and 6©He for
seven mouths': foothill, 8(g»9C; choice Northern,
9©llc; 7fa,..»c: liumboidt and Mendo
cino, 10(^l'2c; Kxsteru Oregon, 7©9 c; Valley
Oregon, [email protected]'Jc "jj ttj.
Genenl Mercliandlse.
BAGS— Nothing going on. Cotton Fruit Baes,
sVi>C|oc and /+ c for the three grades respec
tively: Calcutta uraln Bags, 5&4 C; State Prison
Bags, 5i/ 8 c; Wool Bags, 3-1 *3b'c.
CANNED KRUI I S-AII business during the past
ten da\s hag been stopped by the strike. Anrlcot^,
«1 [email protected] U5 ■$, dozen; Pea. nes. $1 [email protected] 40;
I ears, 81 [email protected] 40: White Cherries. SI 60«Bl 65:
Black Cherries, *1 [email protected] 50; Plums. $1 [email protected] 25.
CANNKD VEQETABLKS-Toraatoea, SOu asked
for futures; Po is, fl [email protected] 25 i Joz-n.
COFFKK— Very dull, owing largely to the strike.
We quote as follows: 19 v^2oVi c ¥* for good to
prime Costa Kica, free from black iie»ns: 18Vi.<2>
19c V Id tor ko. d Costa hlca mixed with blacK
beans; [email protected] * Ib for f;.ir Costa Kica; 14®
IP I . «i; for common 10 ordinary Costa Klca; 19©
'-'0v 3 c for good to prime washed Salvador: ISVi
1 @18Vic tor ko.id green unwashed Salvador ana
1 Nicaragua: 2\i/-iCcd22c for prime washed Guate
mala: Voi4©^lc^lt) for good to strictly good
washed Guatemala; 18 l / 4 @ » ,4c for fair washed
I'Uatemala: : b'(o-l?i.»r $« Ed tor medium Guate
mala: [email protected] tic t*. ID tor ordinary Guatemala;
12>/u^l4e V in for very Inferior to common Gunte
mala; VO> -Jqi'i\ '/4|C for good to prime washed
l>;iti -1 ; 1:1. .__^_in- for good to prime uu washed
Pen berry.
Coal— Wellington Is quotable at $8; New Wel
lington, 9.8; Seattle, $6 50; Coos Bay, »6; Wall
send, 90 50 tor aveiage, and *7 50 for cleau;
Scotch, 98: Brymho. «7 7S®B; Greta, nominal;
Cumberland, flu "-0 i . i do 111 bulk and *1 ©13
in sacks; West Hartley, ?S 50: Wel'h Hartley,
«H: I'ennsylvanla Anthracite tgs,[email protected]: Welsh
Anthracite Kitf, $9: Cannel, 99; hock Springs,
$7 60; Castle G.te, $7 60: Pleasant Valley. »7 60.
FISH — I'aclQo Cod Is quoted as follows: Bun
dles. 6e: cases, selected, 6VIC V It: boneless
Strips, 6"/»c; Middls, 7<:: Standard Blocks. 7c;
eat)r!«ht Blocks, 7 V»c; Squares, 7 V»c ~f tb- silver
Kn g strips, 7 1 ■■' ■ ■ Norway .- trips, ti=/ic ID; Nar
row Gauge. 7r - V>: Mackerel, hair bbla, * I for
No. 2 and *.-©•> 60 for No. 3: K»-terii Smoked
Herring, 30c -••«; Dutch do, 95i(a$l 25 "^ ke«r;
Whltetish, $11 60 in hair bDls $1 75 Iv Kits;
Tongues and Sounds, $16
nails— base prices are $1 75 for iron or steel
and 9'J 15 for wire.
l,'i;iCß>lLVhK-.»36 flask.
si'iJAK— The Western Union Refining Company !
hai advanced its prlc s and cow quotes, terms net
Cash; Cube, Crushed, I'uwdi-red and Hue
Crushed, ail tic ? lb; Dry Granulated, 53/ c; Con
fectioners' A, 6'/4<-'; Magnolia A, sc: Extra C,
4 7 «c; Goldeu 0, 4' ; « c: D. 43/ 8 c; half barrels, %c
more than barrels, and boxes Vac more.
Wood .Market.
Fosts. [email protected]«n each: Redwood, $5 "$ cord ; Oak,
rough. $t> ""t» cord; peeled. ""s7 75: line. $6;
Kairoa I Ties, lisc apiece for 6xß. 41c for 7xß and
45©50e fo>- 7xH.
1 a » BAKK— Ground 1 Bark, $20 "$ ton; whole,
I $14 "£ cord.
Lt M I'.EK— The Redwood Manufacturers' As?"- '
elation quotes: No. 1 Koueh [email protected]; No 2, [email protected]
11*1?. M; Tickets, rough, pointed and fancy. $I<,, •
S i "J(«r> 1 ** "rt M ; half-inch surfaced aid clear. No 1, I
ai);-tt) KM; s o. 2,*[email protected] f* M; Hustle No. 1.
aisSi!}; No. 2. $'.'[email protected]'<! 1 : »m faced and rough
cleai, No. I, $18023: No. 2, »r.'@l6; T. and (i..
No. 1,912; No. 1, *[email protected]
San Francisco Moat .Market.
Excepting Veal there is plenty of all descrip
tions on the market, and there are no fears of
scarcity. I'rlces are steady, but show little
change. Hogs are a fraction bigner. Wholesale
rates for dressed stock from slaughterers are as
BEEF— First quality. [email protected]^c: second quality,
[email protected] 2 c; third do, [email protected] % tl>.
Vr aL— Nominal.
MUTTON— Wether*. »©lJ'/-.c: Ewei, Be ?l lb.
SPRING I.AMIi- [email protected] '■_•'■ V Ib.
PORK— Live Ili'gs. -t ( [email protected]' jr iS Id for heavy and
medium grain-fed, and 4;":[email protected] for «mall fat:
stock Hogs, 3Vjc; dressed do. 6'i.i©7y a c ?• lb.
Tuesdat. July 10.
Floor, qr sts 3,498 Onions, sks 784
do. Oreeon.da.. e,t>Oo|Bran nits 100
do. Wash. d 0.... 810 do, Oregon, do.. 1.000
Wheat, Ctla.. 2,20b do, Washington. 3,395
do. Wash. d 0. ...19,550 Middlings. or. sks. 730
Barley, or. etis... 37 »r. Screea's, sks.. 460
do, Washington. 1,071 Bar, bis 276
Oats. Wash, ctls.. 189 Wool, bis.. Wash.. 199
Potatoes sks 12.526 wine, gals 18.800
I > ri 1 » « of Departure lrnm , s an Francisco.
Eureka INrwport i July 11. i*iii;B<lwj 2
I'omoiia I Dumbldt B»y.|Juiyl 1, 'Jam | Bdw'y 1
Sinta Com. : fcan l)l«(o ... July l:». l law BOw'y -
Mate or lai. | f 0rt1ana...... .luly] A, iOam . spear
Imniiiolilt. Humboldc Julyll. 'JAMKrtw'yl
City l'uebla. Snd.|.lul>l4. 9am Bdw'f 1
Corona Newport Julyls. «am IWw'y 'I
Oceanic China AJapan iJniylV. HrMil'M SS
Mexico . an IHego Julyl7.llAM; Baw'y 2
Homer 1 Yaquina Kay.. JulylB. Mlss'n 1
Columbia... l-ortianu .lulylB,loAM Fpear
Sru Bias. .. I'auama |JulylB.l2 m FM 8 8
BUS AM) 111)1. TAB Mi.
I bats
o.l 'Ja
Tuesday. July 10.
Bi stmr Bawnmore. Keane, 2-' days from 'lalara
Bay. via Mazatinn 12 days, via Fort Los Angeles '2
days; U6BO tons crude petroleum, to J W Grace
& Co.
Stmr City or Fuebla. Debney. 67 hours from
Victoria ami I'uget Sound: pass ana muse, to
(Joodall, I'erkins * Co.
Stmr l'oiuoua, Hannah. 14 hours from Monterey,
etc- pass and indie, to (iooilall, Perkins .v Co.
Stmr Santa Cruz, Nicbolson. -'A hours from
Porfrllarford; 163 cattle, to Uoodall, Perkins &
Stmr National City, Manson, 2*2 hours from
Eureka: 846 M ft lumber, to 0 A Hooper.
Ship Henry li Hyde. Pendieton, 130 days from
New York: mdse, to Sutton A Heebe.
Hark 0 1) Brvant, Jacohson. '2" days from Hono
lulu: pats and sugar, to Williams Dlmoncl a Co.
Hutu S ii Winter, McNeil, ill days tin Honolulu;
pans and sugar, t" Williams. Dlmoiitl & Co.
Belli James Townsend, Jensco, 45 hours from
Fort Kragg, 19& Mft lumber, to Union Lumber
Sfhr John A, Hellqulst, 2% days from Eureka;
4UO M ft lumber, to iieo L Sweet.
SchrElvenla, Anderson, » days from Eureka;
lumber, to San Francisco Lumber Co.
Tuesday. July 10.
Stinr Pomona, Hannah. Eureka: Uoodall.Per
kins <fe Co. _.
Stmr huretta, Leland, San Pedro; Goodall.Per
kins « Co. . .
Ship 1 V Chapman, Thomson, New York; John
Boteiifeld's Sons. •
Haw bark X P Kltbet, Morrison. Honolulu;
Welch i, Co.
Stmr rroßrtso, Anderson, Panama, etc; Panama
- Sailed.
% Monday, July 9.
Simr Homer, Denny, "Vaqulna Bay
Tiksday, July 10.
V 8 stmr Richard Rush, Cooper, cruise.
Stmr Bonlia, Cousins.
Stmr Point oma. Conway. Grays Harbor.
Mmr Proareso, Anderson, Pananiß. etc.
' Ktmr Coos hay. Anderson, Santa Cruz, etc.
Stmr i . 1 j>sy, .lepson, Santa Cruz.
Htmr Jewel, Madseu.
liktn John Kalzioy, Mieppard, Puget Sound.
Schr (iaraiuer City, Masters. Coot Bay.
M-tir Kellance. Jensen.
Schr N«ttl» Low. Low. Point Keye»
. Scnr Berwick. » agner, Co^ulilo River.
INT jobos — July 10-13 f v— Weather
cloudy: wind hW; velocity miles.
Miin>M..- ■».•!<•«
Steamers to sail to-day are the Pomona for
Hnnii>omt Bay. l'olnt Arena and Da sy Klmbail
for Fort Bragg. Wc'ott for Eel River, Eureka tor
Newport aud Vaquina for Monterey.
Steamers to arrive to-day are ttie Mloeola from
Coiuox, Costa JUea from Departure r.ay. North
Fork from Hnmooldt Bay, Santa Koia from San
Diego and Yaqulna from Monterey. /. -.-g,. , :
j May 13—8 N. 24 Vf, Brsblp Ulrica, frm Swansea
for San I^anclsco.
* Domestic Ports.
• "ASTORlA— Arrived July 10— Sinir Columbia,
hence July 8. "- -i*:; • :
PORT ToWNSEN'D-Arrived July 10-StmrCity
ol Toneka. from Alaska.
TATOOSH— Pasted July 9-ScUr Peerless, hence
June 2*2 for Tacoma. 10— Stinr- Karallou, hence
July 6 tor Port Angeles.
I SAL— Arrived July 10— htmr Newsboy, hence
ALlUON— Arrived July 10-Strar Cella, hence
July 9.
SAM DIEUO— Arrived July Yacht LurliDe,
from Santa Cruz.
1 KiKEKA-s, Hed July 10-Srnr Mary Buhne,
for San rrantisco; nchr W Jewett.
GREEN WOOD— Sailed July 10— Stmr Sunol.
Foreign Forts.
LIVERPOOL- Arrived July B— Br bark Dovenby
hall, from Pueet Hound.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived July 9— Br stmr Empress
of Japan, from Vancouver.
COLON— Arrlveu July 7— Stmr Colombia, from
New York.
PANAMA— Arrived July 9— Stinr Colon, hence
June 8
I'ALMoUTH— Sailed July B— Br ship Traven
core, for Liverpool.
NEWCASTLE, NSW— Sailed July 7— lir ship
Helensburg, for San 1-rancisco.
Qi EEN.sTOWN— Sailed July 7— Nor ship Fjeld,
forUrlmsby; Hr ships Glaucus and Wallacetown,
for Hull.
MoTrmenU of Atlantic Steamer*.
NEW YORK— Arrived July 10— Stmr Runic, frm
•sol THAMPTON-Arrived July 10-Stmr Kaiser
>Yllnelm, from New York.
SALINAS— Per Pomona-15 cs ecus, 16 tubs 2
tubs 67 bis butter, SO dressed calves, 18 boxes
cheese, '_• coops thickens, I coop pigeons, ii empty
Watsonvllle— 3lß en berries, 1 Iron too), 4 coops
poultry, 1 1 cs eggs, —CSIX 8 oil, 6 lixs butter, 1 bin I
hams. "li!l bis peaches. 135 pkn» 'ii bxs cherries,
1 coop pigeons.
lllanco-o dressed calves, 3 bxs butter.
Moss Landing— Vi bxs l>uttei. 7 boxes cheese. 1
cs etrgl) 3 dressed calves. 15 pkgs express, 14 plies
Santa Cruz— 42 box.es 10 pUpa cherries, 1 pkg 13
tnus personal effects 1 bal beddiui;. '1 trunks, Id
bxs plugs, 'I valises, 18 bxs fish, 1 ms, bass, 13 en
berries, 7 bxs apples, 8 cs raspberries, $ 642 treas
ure, 'I'd pkes express 4 pkgs mall
Monterey— 3 l •_. bxs butter, 38 bxs fish, 1 horse. 1
buggy, 'in dre^sed calves, 5 pkgs express, $717 75
4 Dkgs treasure.
VICTORIA— Per City of Puebla— 1 bg coin, lbs
household goods. 1 machine, 1 crt express,
1 trunk personal effects. 240 bdlsgreeubldos.il
bdU sheep pelts.
Port 'lownseud— 2 pkgs ropnerwire, 1 B bottom,
1 bbl brass, 1 jikc must;. 1 sk tea lead, 1 sk zinc, 1
bag coin, 1 crate express, 3 sits old rubber, 4 crts
v* est of Farpo, via Tacoma— l cs olive oil, 1687
ingots pig copper, 1 sack samples, 4 B^Bks wheat,
491) sks millfeed, 2!0 sks oats.
Seattle— l lot mrniture, '£ cs liquor, Ics shoes, 4
pKcs rubber, 70 bxs tisn, - pkgs dry goods, 2 cases
utensils, 1 pke personal effects. 2 bass coin, 4 pkirs
household Roods, l: ; 0 sks 405 tif-s-s flour, 199
Bks wool. 36 bbls 15 ktrs glucose, 1 bib oks, 1 lull
skins. 215 tons coal. !»jo sks barley, 450 sks wheat,
7 pkgs express, 1 sk mall.
lacoma— 1 a bo. ts and shoes, 1 lot furniture, 4
pkgs household goods, 13,731 a»s wheat, 2i>os sks
New What co in— 7 bdls green hides.
Everett— 3lß bdls paner.
hast, via Tacoma— 32 cs cigarettes, 9 cs shoes, 4
cs household goods, 20 cs boots and shoes. 2 liijis X
extracts, 0 crts furniture. 7 bxs chairs. 1 cs books,
1 ix piano, 3 bis cotton (torn, 1 sewing-machine, 1
bbl indso, 3 cs phosphorus, 1 bx earthenware, 49 cs
hats. 102 bxs cheese, 2 bxs pump parts, 20 palls b6
cs tobacco.
Per City of Piiebia— Sawyer Tanning Co: J Me-
Coruiick ACo ; Wells. Kargc. A Co: i tv llussey:
Overland Freight Transfer Co; American Union
Fish Co: Chas Harley * Co: <* Camiilonl * Co: W
5 Moses: Murphy, brant A- Co; Chicago Brewery ;
OrrgoulmpCo: Christy A Wise: Oeo W Alexan
der; C J Lelst A Co; 11 J>utard; C Eldrldge A Co;
Moore. Ferguson & Co; Rucklnghain. Hectit A Co: I
Balfour, Gutbrle * Co: Goo Morrow * Co: Heyne- j
mann A- Co; W 0 Price Co: Jos Holland Co; !
J Keefe A- Co: Porter, Slesslngsr A Co: H Young: [
Wleland Brewing Co; Welch Jt Co; W Westerfeld:
Palace Hardware Co: Page A Kalk; W .1 Veach: A j
C Young; « M Brison; W (■ Hlnton: AHerinada: j
C > Lau;nelster A Co: (ieorze JenoinKs: J J Cam
errn: Thos Watson A Co: Lievre, Frl k ACi; 11
UnnaCu; Wash Feed Co: B .Saugulaettt; W (i
lUchardson; Ani'er Tobacco Co; Bruce I'orter; A
M Bowker: () 0 Wlckson A Co; .1 J Newbergen; J
Fredericks: LH Campbell; Met Match Co; i neit
6 Co; Werthelmer A C>>.
Per Pomona— Dodge. Sweeney A Co: Brigham,
HoppeACo: C E Whitney A Co; Marshall, Teg
gart A Brorsen: Dairymen's Union: S Brunswick
A Co; Norton. Teller A Co: Wheaton, Breon A Co;
Russ. Sanders A Co: O B bruith A Co: J H Hoff
man * Co: Wells, Fargo * Co; V B Haljrht * Co:
Herman Jo stj i. Scatena * Co: New City Hall
M*r*et: Ross A Hewlett; Root A Sanderson: S
Levy* Co; •' v\ Gale A- Co: Kel ling, Crrssy A Co;
Leviigel A Barblen: McDonough * Kunyon: US
Mail: Kowalskv A Co: Wlttland A Fredenckson;
Eveleth X Nash: L G Sresovlch & Co: 8 Solomon
A Cos A l'aladlni: Amprlcan Onion Fish Co: Brand
Central Market; G Camiilonl A Co; Deere Imple
ment Co; W R Knights A Co: M T Freltas A Co;
i' liiiMjiani; Klngbam A Co; Campodonico A Co:
Hansen A Co; Stewart A Co: (tiitula A FlacK; He
Quadros A Co; Mlnak^r A Welbanks: I X Bar
n-tt: N .lacobs A; Co: Theo Can; Kotnchlld A Co;
X L Strauss: McKrusty * Co: X A Campbell 8 A
Hanei; X OS A Co; J W Cain A Co; (> Gallo: J D
Cane; H Moffat & Co; J 11 Kissing A Co; V D Ver
golio; >V C Kuox.
lor J.nie ffhitminn InteUinmcil S*c Trnth Put.
i M Dv n Lowest rates to
<^J--k" «> CAI'KToWX.SontS
cS'si^~~ ft Africa. Bonn I tbe
iF/T **-£' NS.. World, steamer and
£// y^¥o> \prall. First class, *6 10;
'*•// i y--"rSl* > ©Second c.ass. $350.
// »* i JfeA i >t\ \\ * O. S. S5. Co.'s steam-
II \i> W$&&Z"ll tor Honoluln. Apia.
W *■'#&&''' I r ° r Honolulu. Apia.
\\ A;.Agf>!7 I Aurkiand and Syd
V SEtt* /' cry. SSI Mouowai,
\_ MJ£E?&9-3Z*'7 Tdursday July K6th,
&s^i&r?%~£'JP'-iy or Honolulu only, 3*.
<^*^t*£Ss^.^> Australia. Saturday,
S EVE* V August 4, '94. i, P. it
For jn«sB£ce apn'v to ICT '''>n'romer.r So.
2citre]|litapplT to 827 Market st.
4. f>. BPKECKiCLS Jfc BROS. CO.,
U ueneral Agonta.
Frenrh line to Havre.
\; River, foot ot Morton st. Travelers &ES3K
by this line avoid botb transit by Engllsn railway
aud tbe discomfort of crossing tbe cnanuel in a
small boat. >ew fork to Alexandria, Ejypt. via
Paris first da«. $ BO: second class. $110.
LA IOTJKAINE. C»pt Santelli
....Juiy^l. 4-.3OAH
Jnlv 28, 10:30 a. m.
LA KOUttuOUNE, Capt. Leboeur
August 4, 4:30 A. St.
LA NORMAN DIE. Capt. Poirot
au DM 11. 10:30 a. K.
Mir tor runner particulars apply to
A KORtiET. Agent.
No. 3. Bowling Green. New York.
,T. F. FUGAZI Jt CO., Agents. 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francisco.
Branch Office. 19 Montgomery st. au3l tt
United States and Kuvul Mail Steamers
New York, Queenstown & Liverpool,
V ing to steamer and accommodations ££&&
selected; second cabin. $40; stir and cttC u-
li- * 40 and $46. -.ti-craire Ticlsjts from Knglana,
lie and, Scotland. Sweden, Norway and Denmark
tlirougb to r-;iu Franciscoat lowest rates. Tickets,
sailing dates and cabin plans miy be procured
from \V. II AVEKY. Pacific Mall Dork, or at the
General Offlce of the Company, 61 Market st.,
under Grand Hotel. (i. W. FLK:cIIKK,
ap2B I uWetr.-u tr Gen. Agt. for Pacific Coast.
O route to London. Close connection at xLtJSEL
Southampton for London and l'arl.«; very iow
steerage rates now to points in England, Scotland,
Wales and to ,;Mfast.
LIVERPOOL WEEKLY: very low steerage rates
now to Queenstown and Liverpool.
route for Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland
and Italy.
For information regarding freight and passage
apply to International Navigation Company, G. I).
FaUNESTOUK, Oeneral A^ent Pacinc Coast, 609
Market street. Grand Hotel building. - jeltf
fortnightly for me Weit Indies »nn MmißaL
Southampton, calling en route at Cheruuu.^,
Franc*, and Plymouth, to laod passengers.
Tbrougb bills of ladlnr, in connection with the
Paclfl* Mall S. S. Co., issued for freight and treas-
ore to direct ports In EBglaad and Germany.
Through tick eta from San Franciieo to Ply.
■•nth, Cherbourg, Southampton. First-clan,
■196- third-class. (97 to. For farther partloa-
Urs aPDIr to ' P ABBOTT A Co., Agmti,
V wv * *0* California it
ii.le- led SS. Baiangs from Vancouver
July 16— Angnst 6— Angust 27.
July Hi— Au?. Hi— Sept. 10.
Idd]tM.1 dd ]tM. .STKK> , Chronicle Bid's:,
64» MAKlvli' ST.. San franciaoo.
Are good at home.
Aftord all facilities of your own bank account
anywhere In tne world.
Principal Office of Co., 65 Broadway. N. Y.
mys 3m SaWe
Great Auction Sale at the Midwinter Fair,
' ? V;'; Golden ite Park.
Offleially .Appointed Auctioneers lor the in Ito
Sale of Goods at Midwinter, Fair, will huld their
first grand public-sale in the Italian Sectiuu la
Liberal Arts Building
Wednesday .July 11, 1594,
Commencing at 11 o'clock A. m..
By' order of Mesirs. A. Meroni, K. Fassatl and
Rossi & Sons,
The Royal and Magnlhcent Goods contained In
this exhibit in the Liberal Arts Building.
Goods must I"* seen, cannot be described in a
public notice. Everybody with the taste and abil-
ity to secure some of these royal articles should
be at this sale.
It HtR^^KVE^ } Auctioneer,
!*t& *7$ &* 2trs
At Grand Arcade Horse Market, 327 sixth St.,
Wednesday July 11, 1894,
At 11 o'clock a. m., we will sell
30 Head (iood Gentle liroke Horses: Open and
lop Buzgles; Delivery and 2-Seated Wagons;
Carts: Single and Double Harness.
JtS" So reserve or limit whatever.
SULLIVAN A DOYLE. Livestock Auctioneers.
jylO 21 Office ami stables 327 Sixth St.. S. F.
Thursday July V-i. 1894,
' At 11 o'clock a. m.. on the premises,
511-513 lirannan s teet, Bet. 4th and sth.
6 Horses: 2 Larje wagons, almost new. 3 Single
Wagons; Single and Doable Harness; Buggyi
Scales; Screens: office Furniture, etc.
SULLIVAN A DOYLI . Auctioneers.
N. IS.— This is a grand rhance for man with small
capital to continue th" business, i.mv rent. 10 3
\J Francisco for ports in Alaska 9 a. m. •*£s(£•££*
Ma» 26. June 4. 9. 19 24, July 5, 9. li>, "■*****=»"
24. August 3, 8, IS, 23.
For British Columbia and Tugec Sound ports,
May i 6, and every fifth day tbereaf;er.
1 tor Eureka. Humholdt Bay. Wednesdays, 9a. st
For >ewport, Los Angeles and ail way poru.
every lourth and filth day, 8 a. m.
for fan Diego, (topping only at fort Ilarford,
facia Barbara, Fort Los Angeles. RedonUo (Los
Angeles) and Newport, every fourth and nrtn day,
at 11 a. m.
for ports in Mexico, 26th of each month.
ticket Office— Palace Hotel. 4 New Montgomery
UOODALL. PERKINS * CO., General Agentl.
1 tr 10 Market st. San Francisco.
ocean Dlvislon-and PACIFIC OOA*T «Sia2sw
B. 6. CO.. will dispatch from Spear-street wharf.
1.; 10 a. 11.. for the above ports one ot their At
lion steamships, viz. :
feTATE OF CALIFORNIA— May 24. Juno 3, li
23. Jmv -. in, -■•■. Au list 2, 12. -2.
COLOMBIA — May 'J9. June 8. IS, 28. July 8,
18. 'J- An*n»t 7. 7. 27.
Connecting via Portland with the U. P. By. ana
Other diverging lines tor all points In Oregon,
TYaibingtnn, British C'oiumbta, Alaska, Idaho,
Montana, Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Yeilows.ona
1-ark and all points east and south and to Europe.
fare to Portland— Cabin. 11 ti: steerage. *!»:
icund trip, cabin, $30, . ,
Ticket offices— l Montenmery St.. anaPalaos
Eotel, 4 New Montgomery st.
freight office— 2oo California st.
bOODALL. PERKINS* CO.. Bapt. Ocean Dir.
1 tf 1U Market >t.. San Franclsca
Sii\ FRAi\€iS€O & SORTII PA-
Tlburon Ferry— Foot of Market Stt
Ban Francisco to San Kafhel.
WEEK DATS— 7:4O. .20, 11:00 a. K.I 12:39.
5:10. 6:30 p. M. Thursdays— Extra trip
at 11:30 p. m. Saturdays — Extra trips a*
1 :50 »nd 11:30 P IT
lUM)AYS-8:00. 9:30, 11:00 a. M.I 1:30, 3:3%
6:00, 6:20 p. m.
Sau Rafael to San Francisco.
WEEK DAYB-8.-26. 7:55. 9:30 11:10 A. it
12:45. 3:40. 6:10 p. v. Saturdays— Extra
trio!) at I :*.*> P. v <ml 6:35 P. M.
SUNDAYS— B:IO, 9:40, 11:10 a. it.; 1:40, 3:40.
5:00. 6:25 P. M.
Between s>u Iraucisco and Kchnetzen Park same
schedule as above.
Special >atarday to Monday Train Service.
SATURDAYS— Leave San Francisco at 5:10 p. m.;
arrive Cloverdaie HAb r. m.
SUNDAYS— Leave Bau Francisco at 6:00 P. m 1
arrive Oloverdale 8:38 P. v.
• ; ' AY?- Leave Clover<lale at 6:49 a.m.; ai>
rive San Fraoclico 10:40 a. M.
MONDAYS— Leave Clnrer.iale at 6:00 a.m.; a>
rive »d Fr»nclseo 8:60 a. m.
""Leave j .- .<f a( . t 1 Arrive
Ban Francisco. Apr ', 10. Ban Francisco.
Wikx I Su-v. I Destination ! Sun- I WKB: *
Day I r>A y s. | """nation. I pa ys._|_U a re.
TT4oam S:ooam| .NovHto, lii:4()am 8:60 aX
1:80 pm 9:30 ami Petal ma, I 6:05 pm lU:.lUak
6:10 pm 1 5:00 I'M 1 Santa Rosa. I 7:30 til 6:16 pm
I I Fulton, i ' i
7140AMl I Windsor. ,10;3«AJi
jHealdsburg, | I
|i>ey(«rvi.le. I I
8:00 am! Cioverdale. ! 7:30 pm|
I Pleta. i
8:30 pm Hoplandand 6:15 PH
{ Dklah. ! ;
7:40 am r 10:30
8:00 am Gnerneville. 7:3opm
8:30 pm| 6:15 PiC
7:40 am 8:00 am Sonoma 10 am K:soaic
•HO pjiJs:oo pm and U:ospm 0:15
I Glen Ellen.
7:40 aM|B:ooaMi Q . . ,,„_„■ , 1(1:40 am; 10:30 a«
3:i!upMis:ooPMl » ?D P OI - [ ti :i)5 rvi | 8 -.15 PIC
Stages connect at Santa Ro*» for Mark West
Stages connect at Hey »»r vllle for Sica?m Sprm?s,
Stewarts Point, Gualaia and Point Arena.
Stages connect tit Cloverdale tor The Utvser*.
Stages connect at Pleta for Highland spr;:;.-a,
Kelseyville. Soda Bay, Lakeport and Kartlect
Vtsifes connect at Uklan for Vichy Springs. Sara-
toga Springs, Blue Lakes. I'pper Lake, Lakeport,
Vaonevllle, Greenwood, Orr's Hot Springs. Men-
toctno City. Fort Bragg, L'sal, Westport, Canto,
WUli'tU, Calpella, I'omo, gutter Valley. Jnha
Day's iively's. << v ■>.■■ • Harris, Block*-
keirf. Brld«evlHe. Hydesvtlle and Eureka.
Saturday to Monday rouua-lr ticket* at 19.
Avced rates
On Sunday— Hourul trip tiricetd to all points
tayond Saa Rafael it half rates.
Ticket offices, corner New Montgomery aaf
Market streets, under Palace Hotel.
Sen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Aieat,
From July 9, 1894.
Leave S. F. WEEK DAYS. Arrive S. F.
7.00 a.m. Mill V»l , Roes 7a!.,S»n Rfl 6.45 a.m.
8.00 a.m. " •' " SanQtn. 7.45 a.m.
9.16 a.m. " " " 8.45 a.m.
" " " 0.35 a.m.
10.30 A.M. " " " S«a Ctn. 10.45 a.m.
11.30 a.m. " " " 11.45 a.m.
1.45 p.m. " " " SanQtn. 1.30 p.m.
3.25 p.m. " . " " 3.10 p.m.
•' " " SinQtn. 4.45 p.m.
4.30 p.m. " " ** .' 6 45p.m!
5.15 p.m. " " " 6.45 P.M.
6.0»p.m. " " " SanQtn
7.00 p.m. " " " 7.35 p.m.
11.30i'.M. Ross Valley and San Rafael
8.00 a.m. Point Reyes, Caudfro and Way St'ns. f>. 4sp.m.
t1.45P.M. " " " X 8.45 A.M.
*5.15 p.m. " and Waj Stations 8.45 a.m.
f Saturday only, x Monday only. 'Except Saturday.
Ross Valley and Sw» Rafael 8.15 a.m.
8.00 a.m. Hill Val., Ross Val., San Rfl., San Qtn. 9.15 a.m.
9.00 a.m. " " " "
10.00 a.m. " " " "
11.00 a.m. Sausalito only lo 60a.m.
11.30 a.m. Mill Val., Ross Val., San Rfl
" '' " SanQtn. 11.10 a.m.
12.30 p.m. Ross Valley and San Rahul
Mill Val., Ross Val., San Rfl., San Qtn. 12.10 p.m.
1.30 P.M. " " " "
Ross Valley, San Rafael, SanQtn 1.05 p.m.
........ Mill Val., Ross VaL, San Rfl -2.05 p.m.
../i"?-' " " SOP M
2.15p.m. -j >;•••.:;: " " San Qtn. 6.00 p.m.
4.00 p.m. -;-'";.'. « " " 6.30 P.M.
6.30p M. " " "
" " " SanQtn. 7.20 p.m.
6.45 p.m. " " "
Ross Valley and San Rafael 8.15 p.m.
8.00 a.m. Point Reyes, Cazadero and Way St'ns. 8.16 p.m.
9.00 a.m. " and Way Stations 7.20 p.m.
i. Cisco (Market-street Ferry): ■_
Lkav«| FEBRUARY 27. 1894. {^"l""
I :SS r itf.n'tiV'^-^ i\a J L^ Angeie,:^;lf
*- T e ?cte/o«c e -WuVarket .fc. .gjgjjlju Bail*
1 lB * s - F General r»«««naar Aeftafc.

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