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1 lie Fair Being Rapidly
I tZft ; >-v ■":.-- Broken Up.
■ '. '. ~ ■■'■ '" ' '■ .'■ . . -
Concessionaires Abandon Their
X.: :. Buildings.
Complete List of Those Whose Ex
-. hibits Were Deemed Worthy of
■":. , . . p. : . Recommendation.
7 :.-■-.' through Xxirnatiles Yesterday 4313
' -.." Thi6.- : \vr>rk of removing the exhibits
fro'tij '■-tile fair f. es oa rapidly. The bulk
of Urn-displays have already been carted
Jrcin .;ttie Horticultural. Agricultural and i
' ■ "•■■il»"'jG.riih'U«_al Arts buildines. The Fine .
Aris/bufaliiiir, waver, remains intact.
aji-jCi '.■''-fecfiives a good quota of visitors
cv.ery-.day^ The low prices of goods being
(lift Manufactures building attracts
ft Kte.H't-aiany ladies, and serves to in a; n
ftiiil'scme appearance of life on the scene
;of ■th?-. late ' festivities. The university ;
■% bky3-rißV;e. got all their material out with i
remaffcaDle prompt tude, leaving the
j-n.rt-' .gallery only a b«re walking-place.
. ; :AU'o{li«r educatioual exhibits are being
• } • I- *rS-.probable that there will be a num
,-. tier of • small buildings for sale cheap on
■ the midway in the near future.
-.A -number of trie concessions on the
Midway. !-.;ive vacated their buildings and
fiii ado- -no. arraupHments for the removal of
: tb.f'strnciurea iti which they made or lost
. •.liietr" mjbney. The Alameda County com
itijj'S.idnVrs o'Yer ineir building for sale,
anjT they are .1150 trying to dispose of their
;"■ exliibU in bulk to some cur who (iesire* to
"adyet'ti-e California real estate. The
('work- of packing in ail the other county
■ biiijd-mgs is still in progress and do one is
/admitted to the buildings.
; . .- _" In-;,ins«er to questions that have, been
,;..'. c announcement is made that the
. iMstoiSic* and the telegraph offices will
reiuaiii .at the sition for several
': weeks : yet. Tli« Emergency llosDital will
also, b:> retained until ail the buildings '.
-'■ . have been taken down. Kit a building of
. ; any ml, large or small, has yet been de- ;
• ... 11.'.1 V. liar it, the ccnimissioner-eeneral
for t. : ;.««iada, Honduras and Peru, was yes- i
terdav af'if moon presented by tho foreign
■ :;^'r^. exhibitor 1 ! and friends
. V»Uli.'.-.a beautiful diamond ring and a i
• parchment address manifesting the ar- j
..lireciatii-'n on the tart of the donors of the
. ■■ -services"^ rendered by Mr. Ilardt in ;i-
Hofficitii capacity at the exposition and
■. l heir. appreciation of him as a friend. The
presentation took place in the Canadian
.. cotfagßon the south drive,' the president
• of the occ.a?ii.n br-iniz Dr. Lewinberg, and
:;■ « presentation address being made by J.
: 11:: Wiles, eoiiim:^:ener-.:eneral from
': :■-.: ■■ Qkreat Britain. Mr. HHar t responded in a
■ • •bri^lSDJ'ech of acceptance.
:.->.<-. Man Kegen«burcer, Medicul Dt
•': Tec.?or.."f the exposition, has submitted to
•.. .tb£. Executive Committee his report con
■eefhioz the wort of the Emergency llos- |
•.'.. pita! from January 27 to July 4, in- I
.:,-.ciusive. •■ From this report it appears that
v ;'; tf-.e.T6. t<:ere treated at the Emergency llos
t- pital during the time referred to 1935 cases.
▼ '■ O:jf.y' two deaths occurred. One of these
I •.was that of an Esquimaux child, from
• '. HjeTfditary syphilis, and the other was a
case of pneumonia in a South Sea Islander i
•"': who was brought to the hospital in a dying
'. cortdvtion.
■ ..For' the sake of comparison it may be
' '"•■ stated;' .in this connection that at the Gbi
■:' ago Exposition 18.000 cases were treated
■;Vjn thVEniergency ll capital there and there
•■■ ■weretwenty-three deaths.
■■■ ..'ln '..co-hnection with various publications
■concerning the dancing by a nude woman
: •on/the Midway last Sunday night, the fol
lowing itement has been officially made
.v-'-by t tie. Chief of the Department of Conces-
• 'person connected with the exposi
■ .tion had anything whatever to do.with the
. alleged improper performance in the
' Aquarium buiiaing. The concessionaries
who have had that building under lease
. for the past week permanently closed its
• tfßsiness at 8:30 on Sunday evening and an
. employe of this department locked and
■ .nailerj up the door.
: : - -".."Some time after this the parties broke
open the rear doors and entered the build
ing where they were arrested.
•"2so person connected with th« exposi
tion in any manner had anything to do
. '.vjtfl the performance, and if it had been
known that such a performance was to ;
•'■'.; have been given, it certainly would have j
■' ■" l)^h : prevented by the exposition manage
.'..-,. i ■lit-.., ' . : PAUL Blackmar,
}''.:' ■ '" "Chief Department Concessions."
:'■„" . Tha Committees on awards yesterday
:..: 'r.omplet'ed their labors and submitted their
4 : final reports. In the American and for
■■:': sections the award* were as follows:
'..■ .'-'. .."; - AMERICAS: SECTION.
■ .George ( . Roeding, first award, ornamental
.■ 'and decorative plants.
■-•■ " i.. in Copper, -i eclal, New Zealaud wheat.
." .'" KiC.Latlirop, hist, oats and hay and wheat j
''■ lray> .:■
: : .. H. P. Glltnan, second, patent tule tree protec
. .tor to protect young trees and vines from frost,
. rabbits, etc.
■■". kte of Nevada, first, wheat, barley, corn, j
:'vaxi. IT*, aJ/aJfii hay, crass hay, etc.
rSaoVifracciSCO Produce Exchange, one spe- '
rfal, ceieals from all Darts of the world; also
t "t collection of California cereals.
Bpeirj 1-loui'CoHiiiaiiy, first, flour.
Stockton Millioa Company, first, flour.
r. M'uaio, second, flour.
■ Cnleago- Sugar I'eliniug Company, special,
•urclu Bextrine, gluteu, syrups, sugar, corn
nil. ere, ::.
i American Biscuit Company, special. biscuits,
ci:icker», ca- es and ship bread.
Be.atr|{ie -■ wen i ompauy, first, starch.
J. Hverdtuu & Co.. second, laundry starch j
ni;<de fiom wheat -aten starch).
bo-.ib-r, • oodale & Co., special, Mellin's food
lor t ri f a n t *$ and mvalids.
«.:.>. melster, second, all kinds of meal,
viz.: •■junieal; cornmeal, rolled oats, l'ettl
]o!.u'- I'.ieaKfasl (»• in.
C. S. Liuiijelster, first, Tettljohn's Breakfast
■ L'titn -Sugar- Factory Company, first, beet
■ fcUVaiy. ■' : ■
■ Iwje "Syrup Company, second, Log Cabin
: rn.itiles-ynip. •
Tie :\i. Lyons Company, first, syrups, as
■ eqrtea'.t'yoos l Kiiadlne.
• ' Artjutf* & Sons Company, first, chewlng-cum.
► - .samat:.:uiCoiiJiiatiy, special, beet sugar (five
r- , gtaiJes).' : ■: ■
.."■.. Louts Saronl &;Co.i special, candies.
=..-„ • WRktii . Bios. Maple'Conipaiiy, special, maple
•...-f>ap. syiiiri, maple sugar, maple cream candy,
: " •■uuplen'tignr UiseaJeu cans.
• ;,."••... VjjtJariy ■ Packing Company, special, extract i
-■-.: ox be.l (.Rex brand).
• • .--.CucTahjt Pharmaceutical Company, first, pep
'.l° ■;?'i 1 -i^.cr^iu,i)ietaiarious.
_!■'-. v.t-iia Me; ' 1 ( oudensing Company, special,
; • - ; lil«t)>aud. evaporated cream.
:•• .. -.vVe.stei'iy Meat <<.u,i«ii.y, special, meats (lin
... ■pr.o.y.e.d-niethuj).
' ."/. '-•■■■ Western Meat Company, first, oleomargarine
•.-•and lard.- ■• • "
•'= ■ ;;i>jce.;Hak!nK Powder Company, special. Dr.
'■ ••r.nee*? pr. Mm bam; powder.
-. J'./U. I>oJ»ee & Sons, tint, clam juice for
Quahaiigcistn. '
. : . =: Luke.Q. Me-ovfch & Co., special, shiedded,
. <ie>-i.e'ca!ed ;ujU strip cocoanut.
.= ni'-iir .& Co.. first, extract of beef (solid),
• fluid beef extract, vigoral.
■■.-.• Camii'ciila; Desiccated Food Company, first
•■'. Diamond Saratoga chips, desiccated
:•• or cousyrtlil-aied souifs.
.'.^lxv'Tl'eoaore Winters, first, ureserved fruits
-' and pjektes. ' ' "
•'.•. Uefieru Meat Company, special, hams, bacon
.= '.'. ■ .f..iokfii meats, canned meats.
.. ■ tiAciim'&u: & Brunt, first, chicory.
-. ; . iS.tate'oJ Nevada, second, Potatoes.
' A;rf?oda,- first, agricultural aud horticultural
:•-"- j>«iiluct.s\ , ■
■iiwtoH Hop Company, first, Dale of bops,
■ iii«dt«l : .4!o|iy;ir'd.
> ate of Nevada, first, honey In combs and
\ : extracieg.
% A. hat'sold & Co., first, Bapsolu cognac.
William Lewis & Co., special, on clears. "Por
to de Oro" ana "El Tamslco" brands.
•I. 1). Culu, first, leaf tobacco.
S. Hernsbeio Bros. & Co., first, Perlque
tobacco and Peiique mixtures, El Belinout
clear Havana cigars.
Seideubere fit Co., special, cigar?.
Tillmnu & Beadel, second, special exhibit of
fine Havana cigars, made by Sanchez & Haya,
Tampa. Fla.
Kerbs. Worthelm & Schiffers, first, cigars.
M. Stackt*lberg& Co., special, Havana clears.
Illard Bios., second, cigars, especially
William H. Murray, first, ramie.
O'Neill Bros, & Callagiian, first, straw paper.
Lytton Springs, second, l.ytton California
Seltzer, Lynon Geyser soaa. _ „
The San Francisco and North Pacific Rail
way el al., special, Bartlett Spring mineral
water and exhibit.
li. 11. Curry, special/Geyser mineral water.
Humboidt Mineral Water Company, first,
Uumbuldl mineral water.
Louis Cahen & Son. first, Berbesda Mineral
Spring. Water from Wau-esha, Wls.
Mrs. Joey Anderson, nut, natural mineral
water and catarrh snuff.
Fiederlcksbnrs Bottling Company, first,
Adams Spring mineral water.
I California Bottling Company, second. Mam
ton table water, ginger champagne, sarsapa-
Wllmerdloe & (Jo., second. Peruvian bitters.
\V & A. Gllboy. first, Castle Grand Scotch
wlit>.k\. '.leu Scotch whisky. Castle Grand
Irish whisky. Castle Old Tom gin, etc.
Stephen Martinelli. special, s. Martinelli's
celebrated a; pie cider.
S. li. Kotheub rg, first, Berliner Magen bit
Coburu. Tevis & Co., first, apple elder bottled
and apple cider vinegar bottled and In bulk.
E. U. Lyons Company, first, general line
* liquors, fruit braudies, cordials, bitters.
i Crown Distillery Company, first, rye; special,
California Malt Whisky Distilling Company,
first. Seal brand California malt wblsKy.
Sherwood & Sherwood, first, Keystone Mouo
gram whisky.
Patist Biewlng Company, special, beer.
California Bottling Company, first, lager beer
(extra pale), Gold Seal, Imperial, Extra Pale,
R. Porter & Co.. special. Bass & Co.'s pale
ale, Liverpool and Guinness 1 extra stout.
Freaerlcksburg Bottling Company, nrst, Ex
port Extra Pale and Private Stout lager beer.
Abramsou-Hennisch Company, first, corks,
bonier, bottling m chinery, clarifying materi
als for w lues and other beverages.
A. llasck, second, capsules for bottles.
David Woerner, special, win casks and kegs.
H. Sanders & Co., first, copper continuous
brandy still.
Merchants' Ice Cold Storage Company,
special, ice
Ludwig Wagner, second, soda water appara
Californlan Fertilizer Works, first, fertilizer
aii't fertilizing materials.
Petaluuia Incubator, third. Creosozone.
lvtaluma Incubator Company, special, Peta
luma incubator for artificial hatching of all
Kinds of e^'g*.
Peiaiiuna Incubator Com piny, second, Peta
lu.-na brooder for the rearing of all kinds of
Petaluma Incubator Company, third, Mann
'J lie Best Manufacturing Company, special,
traction eueiue.
Deeie Implement Company, special, 2-3-4
gang plows, 4-gan^ orchard plows, hand-plows,
railroad grading plow.
W. E. Hampton, second, water tanks.
Tlie Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Com-
my, first, mower and reaper cutting appatra
; tvs, consisting of all kinds of knives, sickles,
i guards, etc.
j EjWoodeti & Little. ?econd, wine-pump.
Western Wheeled Scraper Company, special,
! Western reversible road machine.
Wekteru Wheeled Scraper Company, first,
Western grading and roaa plows.
Western Wheeled Scraper Company, first,
Western elt-vatloj: grader and wagon loader.
Western Wht-eied Scraper Company, first,
Western drag-scraper.
Western w tieeied Scraper Company, second, i
wheeled scraper.
Aermotor Company, second, barley roller, {
feed grinder, wood saw.
Aermotor Company, third, pumping and
geaied all steel galvanized windmills.
Holt Bios., second, combined harvester.
F. W. Krogb & Co.. second, triple-acting !
power force pump, combined baud and power >
pump, etc.
Cianc Company, first, single-action and i
geared windmills and steel towers.
Commercial Machinery oiks, second, com- I
blued grape crusher and steamer.
Kioj-'ti Manufacturing Company, third, star
steel windmill.
Commercial Machine Works, second, chtm
piou hydraulic press, Spanish olive pltter.
William A. .Marshall, third, Spartan wagon
Commercial Machine Works, second, the
Lynn's Improved wine and cider press.
The Best Manufacturing Company, special,
new model combined harvester with improve
Thomas Batch, special, cabinet woods of >
Miss Joey Anderson, first, autumn leaves and
■wood curiosities.
Mi 8. S. M. Sweet, first, general display Cali- .
fornia orange wood novelties, decorated and uu
Elizabeth Vestey. first, leaves.
Goodell & Co., second, fruit paring machine,
seed sowing machine, pencil sharpeners.
C. A. Maul, first, large orange and Georges
late cling peaches.
George C. Boeding, second, varieties of olives. j
J. H. Monteitli, second, steam fruit evapor- j
ator and evaporated fiult from same.
State of vada. second, peas, beans, buck- j
wheat, 3. .x, hemp, etc.
Sunset Seed and Plant Company, first, sweet
pea seed«, forty-eight distinct varieties.
Mrs. M. B. Steward, second. "Old Oaken !
Bucket," covered with California products.
D. O. Loy, first, Illinois farm picture.
Santa Cruz county, first, sea moss and shells.
Shu Francisco and North Pacific Railroad
Company, first, working trout and salmon fish
George Malouf, second award, candles.
Vve <.arres Jeune & Fils, special, preserved
fish, mustard and vegetables.
LouitFierrs & Co., first, vegetables, vinegar
and mustard.
; G. Bouton Flls, first, preserved meats and
Compagnie Fermiere de Vichy, first, Vichy
wateis (natural mineral water).
(i. Picon & Co., first, bitters (Amer Picon).
Btsquit, Dubouche & Co.. first, brandies (cog
Matte Bifzard & Roger, Cist, liquors.
.Man-- Brlzard & Roger. »i eclal, cognac.
Louis Maumont. first, bonlficator for cognac.
R. SctH>u;ectou, first, curacoa, kummel.
G. li. Durand & Co., third, shaded rum.
J. B. Lorquln, second. Lorquln bitters.
.1. Desromaux, third, Malaga au quinquina.
G. Preiler & Co., third, clarets.
llerre i onueile, first, Burgundy wines.
Barton & Questier, first, red and white French I
Bouchard pere & fils, first, red and while Bur
L. i'olsot, first, Burgundy wines.
S. Dupont & Co., first, red and white wines.
H. Cuvillier & fine, flist, red and white
French wines, old cognacs.
Di cecco, Philip & Sons, first award, Italian
Venchi & Co., first, fine confectionery.
E. Pretto &.Co, second, preserved meats and
food preparations.
Ana no Lazzaroni. first, silk thread*.
Freund, Bailor & Co., first. Vermouth.
Eugeuio Meschine, second, wine and oil
i:. & C. Pietto, third, preserved fruits, oils, ]
vegetables, e:c.
E. & li Pieito, Hist, products of the fisheries
and fish preserved in oil.
Antonio ac Care, first, coral, cameos, shells.
Roses & Co., first award, coffee.
.1. Marco Soriano, third, soaproot fibers.
Juan Goday, second, sardines.
Francisco Leon, *econd, coffee.
A. de Borja, third, liquor.
Ant. Rinz. second, liquor.
A. Tolos, third, Qulnu Morno.
T. (Jimenez, third, wines and liquors.
Fausto Macua, third. Ant".
Ricardo Bareo, third, olives.
Ilelnricb Schmidt, cial award, Frankfurter
Oho Cyiron, third, from 2D to 1000 cigars in
a nutshell; cigar pipes made entirely from
Albeit M 1 ver, first, for new patents; one an
autom i tical work perfectly ail tight and siphon
fitting In every bottle.
M B. Biidenh-lm, first, brewing-vat, large
barrel set of shipping beer barrels.
Oscar Kuopff & Co., second, collection of
J. Andprson, third award, flour, "patent
J D Anderson, first, oatmeal, rolled oats.
Curtis & Son, first, Yankee brand of spruce
% jSdo r L.teU D ir.t. rxtra s.ock ale In bottles,
two kinds Indian pale ale in bottles, brown
9! James Anderson, first, forage plant seed.
II B BaTdl, second, portable conservatory,
W at Wih l s OO & n t S e econd, paten, fishing
"itt'll. Noble, special, canned lobsters, "Rlchl
bU J C . l Anderson, first, linseed meal, oil, cake,
ground oil cake, crush' d oil cake.
Morltz Reich N«chfolger, first award, collec
lion of inline Galizian liquors.
E. Mono it*, second, liquors.
La Ferine Company, second, liquors.
G. Lnxaido, second, liquors (Maraschino).
Ludwlg Vautocb, second, liquors; recom
mended by medical authorities— „ v \
Romano Vi;univ, thira, Maraschino liquors.
Brattn tut her*, second, Hungarian champ
agne atut «paikliuu wines.
Franz Pittn r, first, keg corks, pateuted,
B. Forsly, second award, candies.
B vi II Limited, first; Bovi ll in bottles or jars,
cocoa essence, wild chcriy malice, celery salt.
Copies & Co.. thud, original i'lymouih gin.
H. Walker & Sons, first, "Canadian Club"
Bltnngara & Co.. second. Chutney.
AidcMiir & Byrany, second, condiments
Edouard Pernod, Brat award, absinthe green
and white klrschwasser, gentlance.
August JLysell, special award, herring and
Anvers Dirkzwager, thlid award, Schiedam.
Frederic Rateau, second awaid, Eau de vie
fine champagne.
E. Masqueller, first award, Boonekamp bit
Fr. Carlson, special award, anchovies.
Tong Gut San, third award, Chinese candies
and fancy caudles.
Choy chuck Tin, second award, Chinese
canned fruits.
Kong Cling, first award, native plants and
flowers of China.
Honduras Government exhibit, second award,
tobacco, manufactured and unmanufactured.
Peruvian Government, special award, wines,
alcohol, bitters, liquors, whisky, etc.
la the Fine Arts Department, the awards
were as follows ;
Paintings in oil— X. Alchlmowicz, second
award, "Glinskl In Prison"; J. Ciongllnski,
second, "Portrait"; J. Chelmoinki. first,
"Hares"; VV. Gerson, second, "Baptism of
Lithuania;" Z. Jajlnskl, special, "Palm sun
day Moss"; J. Mateyiio. first, "Wernyhora":
A. Mroczkownk, third, "TaiUry Mountains";
W. PlechowHkl, second, "Yin et Vita Nostra";
H. Piouiowskl, third. "Murder"; 8. T. Poplel.
first. "After the Storm"; J. ityszkiewlcz,
second, "Summer Night"; W. Tetmayer. sec
ond. -'Wedding"; W. Trembazc, first. "The
Good Samaritan": W. Wodzluowski, second,
"Poisonous Mushrooms"; F. ZmurKo, first,
"Evening Song."
stained glass— Bruce Porter, third, decorated
Terrier, third award, .stained glass.
Hans Drulmeberg, Carlsruhe, second award,
stained glass.
Buuerworth exhibit, third.
Count Plero Moceulgo. third award, paintings
in oil.
TeccarCo Vittorio, third, paintings in oil.
Ing Vitturio Saccaro, third, paintings in oil.
Unlorie Tipogranco, Editrlce Forulese, sec
ond, eugr&vlugs and etchings.
Moruo EnseMo, third, pen portraits.
1.. Lechuer, third award, picture of Francis
Joseph 1.
Paintings In oil— W. J. levlll. third award,
"November Evening"; Gas'ou la Touehe,
special, "La Greve"; Gabriel Tliurner, special,
••Hunting Sports"; John Lewis Brown, first,
"Officers At acked by Pandours"; L. E. Heuas
sit, third, "Trumpeter ol Fieucli Dragoons";
Vie or Gilbert, second, "The Vegetable Mar
ket"': V. P. Huget, first. "A. Kavius"; George
Laiißee, third. "The Harvest"; Mine. J. P.
Bonheur, second, "Landscape With Cattle";
Felix Zion, third, "Old Harbor at Marseilles."
Paintings In oil— F. Carcino, third award.
"Studies la Oil"; K. H. Aviil, third, "Ceilrug i
Decoration"; Jauno Koueier, first, "Church- I
Ins"; Dominique Rozi' r, second, "Dessert."
Statuary— S. Johnson, special award, artistic '
medals, medallions and bronze, sliver ana cop- |
per bat-reliefs; Harriot Ho«mer, special,
"Queen Isabella"; Thomas Shields Clarke, first,
"Cider- pi ess Drinking - fountain"; Rupert
Scumld, first, bronze and planer busts and
casts; raolo Troubetskoy (Italy), first, bronze
groups; Whyte & De Koine (San Francisco), j
li i st. bronze castings of Licit groups; i
planter figure, Frances G. Vaux, secona, |
"Hie Coming Woman"; F. lliippersbercer, I
special, bionze croup of miners; A. Nelli (Italy), j
second, bronze bust of King Humbert; Salva- i
tore Etlcco, second, artistic bronze group and '
bust; Charles Grsfley, third, plaster figure,
••The Music of the seas"; F. L. M. Pape, third,
bronze bus-relief.
Bruce Joy (England), third award, bronze and
marble busts.
Lun, Toy Co. (China), first, bronze dragon.
Water colors— L. P. Latinier. first award,
landscape; Peter bokololl (Russia), first,
landscape; Edward It. A. Hargltt. second, land
scape; Leo Bruenu, second, geme; H. F.
Farny, second. '-A Mountain Trail"; Susan
Srotife, second, landscape; F. McG. Knowles,
third, "Pirle Fishermen. St. Lawrence River";
Mine. Grandjean-ltof r, third. "Lmnaique
Koses"; Lon Wall, third, "Study of Head."
Ci yon— W. Pruszkowskl, second, "Love's
Pastel— Julius Ludovlci, second, portrait.
Etchings— Wilfred Kail, second, "Venice";
Blanche Dillaye, second, exhibit; Joseph Lau
ber, third, exhibit.
Wood engravings- Elbiidge Klngsley, first,
Carvings— G. Marchetti (Italy), second. Imita
tion Byzantine carving* ami fuml vie.
Miniatures— Mme. Graudjean-Hoter, second;
Paul Gerllsch, third, Austria, Imitations of well
known paintings in oil. Liberal Arts building.
William Keith, special award, landscape.
Amedee Joullln. first, genre.
L. P. LuUruer, first, landscape.
J. H. E. I'aitingtou, first, portrait.
Orrln Peck, fiist, portrait.
Jobn A. Stanton, first, genre.
Lon E. Wall, second, figure.
Alice B. Crlttenden, second, flower*.
Maren M. Froellch. second, flow is.
Wlillsm Hubacck, second, still life.
M. Evelyn McCornilck, second, landscape.
Arthur P. Matthews, second, exhibit.
P. L. M. Pape. second, figure.
Geoige I). M. Pextotio, third, portrait.
P. Schoeiuaker, third, still life.
Eva Wltherow, third, flowers.
K. I). Yelland. third, landscape.
L. B. Cad well, third, exhibit.
Hergston, Horse and Sheepherder (landscape)
C. yon Gerlcbtan, first, portrait Donald.de V
Walter McEwen, special award, genre.
William H. Howe, first, landscape.
Charles S. Pearse, first, portrait.
Thomas Hoi an, second, laudncape.
Ernest L. Majoi, second, landscape.
H. F. Butler, first, landscape.
Edward Gray, lirM. landscape.
Edward Gay, second, landscape.
Charlotte B. Coman, third.
General display— California Keramic Club,
first, award; Max Kauffman. second; F. Biarle,
second; William Klein, second; Marguerite i
C. Nellson. second; I. Suzuki (Vnknbama), sec- I
ond; A. H. S»Jijlkslska (Ailta Hlzen), second
Miscellaneous— Miss Campbell White, ihird,
keramic; Sate ol Nevada, thud, keramic;
James Anderson, second, Canadian agricul
tural exhibit; Alumni Association of the Cogs
well Polytechnic College, second, designs and
drawings; John Bauer, thlid, designs and
drawings; G. E. Lelbert, third, designs and
drawings; Adolf Henze Neiistant (Leipzig),
thud, typographical and lithographic work on
England— A. Il'-phens, first.
Canada— O. A. Reid, third.
For fruit and oilier displays thn awards
were as follows:
Major W. B. Cooper, Butte County, first
award on Washington navels.
J. B. Wood. Riverside, first on Washington
navels and Malta bloods.
John w. Cook, Los Angeles, first on Wash
ington navel-.
William F. strawbridge, Los Angeles, first on
Washingion navels.
A. Frazier, Los Arjgeles, first on Washington
Gordon Maddlck. Los Angeles, first on
Washington navels and Mediterranean sweets.
A. L. Bioi, Los Angeles, first on Washington
W. It. Powell. Los Angeles, first on Washing
ton navels.
William Cllpperdale, Los Angeles, first on
Washington navels. Medlterrant an sweets, St.
Michaels; second on seedlings and. Malta
W. J. Murphy, Phoenix, Ariz., first on Wash
ington navels.
Esslngton Gibson, Ventura, first on Wash
ington navels; second on Ruby bloods.
W. I. Rice. Ventura, first on Washington
navels and St. Michaels; second on Mediter
ranean sweets, M;ilta bloods and Jaffa navels.
C. H. Sheldon, Ventura, first on Washington
navels and S 1 . Michaels; second on seedlings.
Mrs. J. E. Scliiam, Veutura, Butte, second oa
Washington navels.
L. Glass, Butte, first on Washington navels;
second on Si. Michaels.
A. Hartley, Butte, first on St. Michaels;
second on Washington navels.
William Behr, Butte, first on Washington
navels, St. Michaels; second on Mediterra
nean sweets.
A. Andiew, Sacramento, second on Wash
ington on vels.
W. H. Backus, Riverside, second on Wash
ington navels, Malta bloods, seedlings.
urs. M. Emery, Riverside, second on Wash
ington navels, Malta bloods.
E. W. T Holmes, Riverside, first on Washing
ton navels; secona on Ruby bloods.
S. T. Hall. Riverside, second on Washington
navels, Mediterranean sweets. Malta blood*.
L. L. Dyer, Riverside, second on Washing
ton navels nod Malta bloods.
M. K. Van Fie- t. Riverside, first on Malta
bloods; second on Washington navels, Medi
terranean sweets, P. It.', St. Michaels.
C. J. Gill, Riverside, first on Washington
navels; second on Malta bloods.
E. C. Dyer, Rivrrtldo, second ou Washing
ton naveN* Malta bloods.
H. W. Hufon. Riverside, first on P. R. St.
Michaels, seedlings; Second on Malta bloods,
Ruby bloods Handy bloods, Washington navels,
Australian navels. Mediterranean sweets.
Orrin Backus, Riverside, first on Washing
ton nav«ls, Malta bloods, I. R. St. Michaels;
second on seedlings, Mediterranean sweets.
11. Nelson. Colusa, first on Washington
navel«, Homosassa.
J. Shellhammer, Colusa, second on Washing
ton navels, Honiosiis'a.
Charles Franklsh, San Bernardino, first on
Washington navels.
C. C. Felts, Colusa, second on Washington
navels. '
J. A. Filclier, Placer, first on P. R. sr,
Michaels; second on Washingion navels. Par
son Brown. Hoinnsassa.
C. C. Harvvood. San Bernardino, special
award on tardift; second on Washington
uavels and Parson Brown.
Fred Stamm, San Bernardino, first on Wash
ington navels.
H. L. Storey. San Diego, first on St. Michaels,
second on Washington navels, first on Mediter
ranean sweets.
J. S. Harvey. San Diego, first on Washington
navels. Kouali; second on Malta bloods, seed
S. H. Holmes, Los Augeles, second on Wash
ington navels.
S. L. Clark, Los Augeles, second on Washing
ton navel".
Viola Church, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navels, Malta bloods, Mediterranean
L. Rhoier. Los Angeles, first on Mediter
ranean sweets; second on Washington navels,
St. Michael*.
T. G. Hunt, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navels aurt Mediterranean sweets.
Lillian Maddock, Los Anceles, first on Wash
ington navels and Mediterranean wee's.
,1. A. Maddock. Los Angeles, first on Wash.
Ington navels and Mediterranean sweets.
K. J. Smith. Los Anceies, liist on Washington
Sterling. Los Angeles, first on Washington
A. T. Griffith, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navels.
A. J. Petit, Los Angeles, first on St. Michaels,
second on Washington uavels.
T. F. IVncier, Los Angeles, first on Washing
ton navels.
S. E. Newland, Los Angeles, second on
Wellington navel".
David Andrews, Los Angeles, first ou Wash
ington navels.
John Scott. Los Angeles, hrst on Washington
navels, seedlings, St. Michaels; second on
Malta sweets, Mediterranean sweets, Valencia
W. 11. Hosnier, Los Angeles, first on Wash
ington navels.
William Stevensou, Los Angeles, second on
Washington navels.
Mrs. Maddock, Los Angeles, first on Wash
ington nave!'. Meditenanean sweets.
James Craig, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navels.
Sarerholgen. Los Angeles, first on Washing
ton navels,
J. 11. F. Jorchorr, Los Angeles, first on
Mediterranean sweets; second on Washington
W. 11. Blsber, Los Angeles, first on Washing
ton navels.
A. S. Church, Los Angeles, first on Malta
blood*; second on Washington navels, seed
lings. Mediterranean swees.
L. £. Sieinberger, Los Angeles, first on Wash
ington navels.
W. W. Burr, Los Angeles, first on Washing
ton navel-.
George Borer, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navt-1-.
O. Doineiel, Los Angeles, second on Wash
ington navels.
Kiltie A. Thompson, Los Angeles, secoud ou
Washington navels, Malta bloods.
Bruce A. Thompson, Los Angeles, second on
Washington naveN
Helen Maddock. Los Aueele<>, first on Wash
ington navels, Mediterranean sweets.
Eureka 1). Thompson, Los Angeles, second
on Washington navels.
George Frost Jr., Tulare, first on Mediter
ranean sweets; first and second on Malta
bloods; first on ruby bloods, Valencia late,
Jodoi; second on Washington navels. St.
Michaels. Jaffa.
G. T. Frost, Tulare, first on Washington na
vels, seedlings. Jafla. Joopa; second seedlings,
Mediterranean sw- ets. Washington navels.
A. M. Quinn, Tulare. first on Washlngtou
navels. seedlings. Mediterranean sweets, St.
Michaels, ruby bloods; second on Washington
naval-, seedlings, Malta bloods, Jafla.
E. Newman. Tulare, first on Washington
navcU, seedlings. St. Michaels, Malta bloods,
Joppa; cecond on ruby blood* and Jaffa.
Frank Houghton, lebama, first on Washing
ton nay Is.
J. L. Kennedy, Ventura, first ou Washington
navels Malta bloods, Julia: second on Mett
tt»rianean sweet".
L. S. Thatcher. Ventura, first on Washington
navels. Malta blood*. Tardifl; second on Jaffa
navels, ruby bloods, Tangerine.
W. P. Stevenson, Ventura, first on Washing
ton Davis,
.1. B. Wickoff, Ventura, first on Washington
navel". Mediterranean sweet", pineapple; sec
ond on Valencia late, Parson Brown.
Tv l.cuter, Yen ura, secoud ou Washington
Hall, Anderson & Burns, Ventura, first on
WaMilneton navels, Mediterranean sweets;
second on seedlings, ruby bloods.
Louis Spader, Ventuia, first on Washington
Major Joiiah. Butie, second on Washington
navels, seedlings, Mediterranean sweets, Malta
R. (. Chambers, Butte, flr*t on Durol, com
in-rcial box"s of oiauces; second on Washing
ton navels Mediterranean sweets, Iloinosassa.
J. Morgan, Butte. first on St. Mich .els; sec
ond on Washington navels.
P. It. Persons. Butte, first on St. Michaels;
second on Washington navels, Mediterranean
D. H. Murray, Butte, first, on St. Michaels;
second, on Malta blood and Washington navels.
E. W. Fosg, Hutte, first, on St. Michaels,
second, on Malta bloods; third, on Washington
C. F. Lott, Butle, first, on St. Michaels, Malta
bloods; third, on Washington navels.
11. 11. Hamilton, Sacramento, second, on
Washington navels.
Janus Hewltson, Riverside, first, on P. R. St.
Michaels; second, on Mediterranean sweets,
Malta bloods; third, on Washington navels.
L. F. Darling, Riverside, that, on Mediter
ranean sweets, P. R. St. Michael', Malta bloods;
sacond, on Washington navels, Australian j
navel", seedlings.
Hanlord B. Dole. Riverside, second, on Malta
blood-.; third, on Washington navels.
O. F. Dyer, Riverside, hist, on Malta bloods;
second, ouJVVashington navels, Mediterranean
J. Parker Whitney, Placer, second, on Wash
ington navels and Mediterranean sweet*.
W. H. Homers, San Diego, second, on Wash
ington navels.
S. M. Marshall. San Diego, second, on
Mediterranean sweets, St. Michaels, Malta
bloods, ruby bloods. Villa Care seedless; third,
on Washington navels.
A .L. Reed, Los Angeles, first, on Mediter
ranean sweets; second, on . Mediterranean
Dr. S. Coffin, Los Angeles, first, on geedllngs;
second, on Washington uavels.
Margery Maddoc.>, Los Angeles, first, on
Mediterranean sweets; third, on Washington
Whittlci- Reform School, Los Angeles, sec
ond, on Washington navels, Mediterranean
W. s. Dageett, Los Angeles, secoud on Wash*
lngton navels.
W. Odell, Los Angeles, third on Washington
W. J. Cox, Los Angeles, third on Washington
A. C. Thorrsen, Los Angeles, second on
Washington navels.
Genefer Maddock, Los Angeles, first on
Mediterranean sweets; second on Washington
Maigaret 11. Thompson, Los Angeles, second
on VY aldington navels.
Wallace J. Thompson, Los Angeles^ second
on Washington navels.
Mrs. J. C. Wtlkins, Tehama, second on Wash
ington uavels.
G. K. vviilard, Tehama, second on Washing
ton navels.
J. It. D. Fay, Ventura, second on Washington
navels and Mediterranean sweets.
Paul Stoll,' Tehama, third on Washington
F. M. Buck, Solano. second on Australian
A. C. Thompson, Los Angeles, first on Im
proved navels and Malta bloods; secoud on
Mediterranean sweets.
Stockton & Biitlum, Mariposa, second on
Owen It. Owens Placer, first on seedlings.
Thomas Gleniiy, Los Augeles. second on
G. Fitzgerald, Los Angeles, second on seed
W. W. Bacon, Los Angeles, second on seed
O. E. Groves, Tulare, first on seedlings.
E. E. W. Muller, Tulare, second on seedlings.
P. D. Logan, Tulare, second on seedlings.
William Robinson, Sacramento, thud on
R. Currier. Sacramento, third on seedlings.
G orge T. Kiel), S.icrauieuto, second on seed
Miss Jennie Govan, Sacramento, second on
Mrs. M. Ward. Tehama, second on seedlings-
George. Reed, Tehama, second on seedlings.
U. K. Willaid, Teiiama. i second on seedlings.
William Martin, Tehama, first ou Mediior
rane.iii sweets.
Mis. W. G. Green. Butte, first on Mediter
ranean sweeis.
J. C. Stump. Butte, second on Mediterranean
sweeis, Malta bloods, Parson Hi own.
C. Kaluisch, Butte, second on Mediterranean
Edward Harkness. Butte, first on St.Mlchaeis,
second on Mediterranean sweets, Malta blood*.
M. Kevman, Butte, first on St. Michaels, sec
ond on Mediterranean sweets.
H. S. Kirk, Placer. fir«t on Mediterranean
sweets, third on ruby bloods.
J. A. Kilcher, Placer, first oa Mediterranean
J. B. Frisbee. San Diego, second on Mediter
ranean sweets.
J. M. Baker. Los Angeles, second on Medit
erranean «tweets.
C. K. Bemis. Los Angeles, second on Mediter
ranean sweets.
Jennie Church. Los Angeles, first on Mediter
ranean sweets, St. Michaels, second on Malta
VV. H. Wood, Los Angeles, second on Mediter
ranean swe> and SI. Michaels.
John Simpson, Tehama, lii st on Medlterrean
Charles K. Mayhew. Tehama, second on Me
diterranean sweets, first on St. Michaels.
C. C. Elk ins, Ventura, second on Mediter
ranean sweets.
0. D. Greene, Butte, second on Mediterranean
wee is.
W. J. cieen, Butte, first on Durol; second on
Beech, Xos. 1 aud 5.
Mrs. P. A. Hearst, Butte, second on Mediter
ranean sweets. Malta blood, Parson brown,
Ainpuriel, Peerless and Stark.
W. Backus, Los Angeles, second on Mediter
ranean .sweety.
W. Duncan, Tehama, second on Mediterran
ean SWfPtS.
D. N. ETisieben, Butte, first on St. Michaels.
A. c. i low, San Bernardino, first ou P. It.
St. Michaels.
Dr. C. W. Craner, Riverside, second on Malta
Miss E. Freeman, first on P. R. St. Michaels.
M. D. Johnson, Los Augele?, first on Malta
Elsie K. Thompson, Los Angeles, second on
Malta bloods.
Jennie M. Thompson, Los Abgeles, first on
Malta blood*.
Fr< d Davis, I'.utte, third on Malta bloods.
I'alph (Granger, San Diego, third ou Malta
Marcus Daly. Butte, first on Magnum Bonum;
second on Homosassa. Ampariel, I'eerless,
Beech No*. 1 aud 5, Duroi.
F. A. Sargent, Butte. first on Peerless, Durol;
second on Magnum Bonum, Uomosassa, Am
panel, Stark, Bred) Nos. 1 and 6.
N. W. Wiuton, Butte, first on Homosassa.
It. Jones, Colusa, second on Homosassa.
Col. Pitcher, San Bernardino, first on Tan
Mrs. W. F. Slmms, Kiverside, secoud on
Commercial boxes of oranges.
Charles 11. Wilson, Los Angeles, third on
Commercial boxes of orauees.
R. Linder, Tulare County, first award on Eu
reka lemons, Lisbon and Villa Franca.
E. W. Holmes, Riverside County, first on Eu
reka; second on Lisbon.
Geueral Charles Cadwallader. Tehama
County, second on Eureka.
a. M. Qiilnu, Tulare County, first on Eureka
and Villa Franca.
Mrs. N. P. Baker. Tehama County, third on
F. O. Wadsworth, San Diego County, second
on Eureka.
J. W. Freeman, San Bernardino County, first
on Lisbon, Genoa, Villa Franca; second ou
L. K. Richardson, Los Angeles, second on
C. E. Uarwood, San Bernardino County, spe
cial on Lisbon; first on Genoa. Villa Franca ;
second on EutehH.
N. \V. Blancnard, Ventura Couuty, first on
Emeka, Lisbon, Genoa.
Louis Spader, Ventura County, second on
W. H. Backus, Riverside County, first on Lis
bon and limes.
W. 8 Andrews, Los Angeles, first on Genoa.
.1. 11. Hamilton, Sacramento County, second
ou Sicily.
Glusgeppa Chappe & Co., Messina, Italy, sec
ond on Sicily.
A. C. Thompson, Los Angeles County, first on
Sicily and Mexican limes.
M. I). Atwater. Merced Couutv, second on
Sicily lemons; llr«t on limes.
E. S. Thaclier, Ventura County, first on limes
and Blcilv lemons.
1. S. Harvry, San Diego County, first on
•' Bounie Brae."
11. M. Miuislus, San Diego County, special
" Bonnie Brae."
w. J. Grler, Butte County, first on Villa
E. Newman, Tulare County, first on Villa
George Frost Jr., Tulare County, first on
Villa Franca:
Mrs. P. A. Hearst, Butte County, second on
Villa I'ranca.
John Scott, Los Angeles County, first award
on Eureka, Sicily and Mexican limes. "
John Flnuell, Tehama County, second on
J. W. Cooters, Los Angeles County, second
on Euivka.
Ralph Granger, San Diego County, first on
Villa Franca, second on Eureka.
VV. B. Crisp, LOS Angeles County, third on
B. S. Woodford, San Bernardino County, first
on Eureka. Genoa.
Paul Moll, Tehama County, third on Eureka.
j)i. Wood, Sacramento County, first on Lis
1) 11. Buruham, Kivergide County, first on
Lisbon lemons.
Major .li'iies. Bulte County, second on Lisbon.
T. B. Hall, Sacramento County, second on
J. VV. C. Pogue, Tulare County, first on Lis
B. E. Maude, Riverside County, first on Lis
J. B. Wood, Riverside County, first on Lis
J. B. Wickoff. Ventura County, first on Villa
T. J. Shellhammer, Colusa County, third on
Villa Franca.
K. C. Chambers, liutte County, second on
Villa Franci.
J. M. Giaudarrama, Acapulco, Mexico, first
on limes.
H. L. Story, San Diego Conuty, first on Mexi
can limes.
D. 11. Arnold, Colusa County, first on grape
8. M. Marshall, San Diego County, second on
grape fruit.
L. Jloovey, Los Angeles County, third on
grape fruit.
c. H. AlcKevett, Ventura County, first on
C. T. Wason, Ventura County, first on citron
of commerce.
A. P. Evans, Napa County, first award on Al
exander, white winter i'eaimnin, yellow bell
flower. Smith's elder, Bbeepnose, Westfleld
Seek no Further; special awaid on Esopei's
C. Foot, Sacramento, first award on white
winter Poarmaln, fall pit pin, Esoper's Spltzen
E. A. Atwood. San Luis Oblspo, first award
on white winter Pen num.
O. Bulllue, Monterey, first award on white
winter Fearuialu.
J. T. Comsioek, Ventura, second award on
white winter Pearmain.
J. W. Anderson. Ventura, second awards on
white Winter Pearmain and Ben Davis.
George S. Barnes, Ventura, second award on
white winter main.
W. Ober, San Dingo, second award on white
winter Pearmaln and first award on Nlckaiack.
E. Greer, Sacramento, tiist award on Bald
win, Wlnesap; second award on white wluter
,1. R. Gladstone. San Luis Oblspo, second
award on white winter Petrmalu and Mcka.
Shepherd, Monterey, first award on Vander
vere or Grindstone; second award ou white
winter Pearmain.
George H. Flournoy, Tehama, special award
on Esoper's Spllzenberg; first award on Ben
Davis; second award on white winter Pear
main, Fall Water; special on Wlnesap.
W. E. Courad, Tehama, secoud award on
white winter Pearmain.
J. S. P. Bass, Shasta, first award ou fall pip
pin, Rhode Island greenings; Ben Davis, sec
ond award on fall water.
Collins, Monterey, special award on yellow
Newtown pippins; second award on fall pip
R. N. Windsor, Monterey, first award on yel
low bellflnwer. Poor Mail's Friend; second
award on. Smith's cider.
Daniel Price, San Diego, first award on yel
low bellflower.
"Awarded Highest Honors —
World's Fair."
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. ' Free
60m Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, j
McCoy, Mouterey, first awitrd on white bell
D. A. Jackson, Yolo County, first award on
white beilflower.
Walker & Gurrell, Ventura, first award on
Nlekajadk; second award on white beilflower.
J. 0. Baker, San Luis ObNpo, suecial award
on yellow Newtown ptpulo; first award on
Smith's cider; secoud award on white bell
Carl Purdy, Mendoclno, first award on Rhod' 1
Islaud greeuingN, Knme beauty, Flushing Spltz
enbeig; second award on Hheepnose.
B. U Waite, Humboldt, first award on Rhode
Island gib>'niugs.
John Kyau, San Diego, first award on Rhode
Islaud gie nlngs, Smltli's cider.
John Miller, si skiyou, first award on Bald
Antone Gigland, Monterey, special award on
noover; first awaid on Noitheru spy, Baldwin;
second award on Smith's elder,
G. E. Stewan & S.m*. Humboldt, first award
on Domiue; third on UaMwiu.
T. K. Barn. Veiitma. special on Jonathan;
flist on J.angiiford seedling.
N. H. Woods, s mta Barbara, special on Jona
than; lirst ou Limbertwlg; second on BenDavl-.
N. J. Beud, Veutura, ?euouu award on Smub's
Mrs. F. Schmidt, Monterey, third on Smith's
Herbert Bass, Shasta, special on Esoper's
Spnzenberc, first ou Ben Davis, second ou
Frank Houghton, Tehama, first on Ben Davis,
E«opei's Si ilzenberg.
Alien Towle, Placer, first on Ben Davis.
J. E. Bones, Vavapai, Ariz., second on Ben
A. Price, Ventura, second on Ben Davis.
Chester Gunn, San Diego, special on Rome
Beauty, hist ou Vandervere pippin, second Es
oper's Spiizenb-rg.
John Lebr, San Diego, first on Wallbrldge.
T. Harwooft. Ventura, first on Nlckajack.
Judge T. Williams, Veutura, firs, on Nicka
jack and Wlnesap.
Mat liardie, Sau Luis Obispo, second on
A. M. liardie, San Luis Obispo, secoud ou
Kentucky red streak.
J. J. (Gregory, San Luis Obispo, special on
yellow Newtown plupin.
E, P. Foster, Ventura, first on yellow New
town pippin.
J. V. N. Young, San Luis Obispo, special on
Noover. Yellow Newtowu plppiu has first
Joseph Fuller, Sauta Cruz, first ou yellow
Newtown pippin.
W. .-. Riley, Ventura, first on yellow New
town plppiu.
A. G. Rose, Santa Cruz, second on yellow
Newtown pippin.
Hiker & sons sauta Cruz, second on yellow
Newiown pippin.
laft & Son. Monterey, second ou yellow New
town pii pIU.
John Edwards, Tehama, first on Esoper's
(i. Loefler, Shasta, first on Esoper's Spitzen
Mrs. Berth. i Reid, Tehama, second ou Eso
pei's Si'itzenDeig.
Chiules Hevendeu. Slsklyou, second ou Eso
pei's Spitzenbeig.
Janie' lluuge, Humboldt, first on Domine.
IS. C. liartei, Veutura, first ou Pennsylvania
red streak.
M. D. Put man, San Diego, special on Euieka.
A-. Goodale, Humboldt, first on Whartou.
J. P. Swinding, Alouterey, first on Mission
Jackson Eby, Tehama, special on Winesnp.
J. 11. Runnel, Placer, first ou Winesap.
W. I. Piout, Sau I>lego, first ou Winesap.
Frank W. Oliver, Humboldr, third on Wine
J. Smith Brlggs, Ventura, third on Lady
E. Gieer, Sacramento, third ou Poor Man's
George W. Pox, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz
County, second award ou French prunes.
8. 11. Herring, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz County,
thud on Engltsb walnuts, suflshell almonds,
Fiench prune-.
j. E. Henderson, Palermo, Butte County,
secoud on dned peaches.
Escondido Land and Town Company, Escon
dido, San Diego County, second on raisins.
W. J. Grier, Palermo, Buiie County, second
on dried peaches.
M. L. Crafts. Paleimo, Butte County, second
on di led pi ache*.
I. G. Best, Paleimo, Butte County, second
on dried i eaclies.
.1. A. Sebolefield, San Beulto Valley, second
ou silver prunes and pt-eied Bartlett pears.
J. A. sieluback, S;m Benito, second ou
Fr nth prunes.
Thomas Flint, San Benito, second oa dried
Bonuie Brae, San Joaiguin Valley. San Beuito
County, third uu Baitletl^ears aud MooinarK
11.I I . Houghton, Coming, Tehama County, seo
ond ou Salway peaches.
>an Jose tiuli Packing Company, San Jose,
KaulaCiaia Couniy. special award on Califor
nia canned fi ult, extra quality in heavy syrup;
tir»t award on California jams, jellies and pie
seiyes iv glass.
N. H. \. ji.ion. Merced, Meiced Couuty, third
ou peanuts.
Fred M. Buck, Vacavill", Solano County,
third on Mail peaches, p>-eleu.
W. 11. Buck, Vacafllle, first ou white cllug
EL A. Loud, Vacaville, second on Susque
liauha neaciies.
W. J. Plea->ants, Nortlieru Solano, first on
royal apricots.
R. A. Campbell, Vacaville, boiano Couuty,
second ou iiuiilett pears.
\V. Aiden, Vacaville, third ou Fiench
(iiai.es studrens, Sacramento, first on Suow
llake wheat.
Dauiel Flint, Sacramento, first on hops in
William Cunis, Sacramento, first on IXL
almonds; third on dried tics.
J. r. Odbert, Brlguton, Sacramento County,
l'nst on Fieuch piunes, bailey, secoud ou
white Chile wheat.
Mrs. H. P. Greei, Fruit Ridge, S;tcramento
County, special award ou dried apricois.
Oliver Piumer, Suciaineuio, first ou field
William Dixon. Sacramento, first on yellow
J. Arnold, Sacrameuto County, first on mill
yellow com.
T. McConnell, Sacramento Couuty, first on
Mrs. J. Shields, Winters. Saciameuto County,
secoud ou dried fmit.
Mrs. (Jeorge C. McMulleu, Sacramento
County , fust on jellies in ula^s.
Capitol Canning Compauy, Sacramento, first
ou cauued goods, jams aud jellies.
H. H. W. Williamson, Koutlers, Sacramento I
Couuiy, first on paper-shell almonds.
I- rank Kusialer, Sacramento Couuty, first on
bops in bale.
Johu Reith, Sacrameuto County, special
aw. tut on proper wheat.
D. Taylor, Sacramento County, first on wheat.
Eugene G. Gregory, Saciamento Couuty, sec
ond on white Atistrahau wheat.
W. W. Gieei, Sacrameuto, special award on
White Tuscany wheat.
A. Meukie, Sacramento Conuty, second on
field and sprout corn.
J. M. Robinson, Sacramento County, first on
white Chile wheat.
E. Gieei, Fruit Ridge, Sacrameuto Couuty,
first on display of dried fruits and uuts;
second, on beans and cereals.
S. L. Svdenstricker, Corning, Tebarna County,
secoud on dried Su<>quehauna peaches.
G. H. Hournoy, Coming, Tehama County,
first on display 01 dried liuits.
Frank ii. Ball, Fresno, first on display of
rAlsius; secoud on white Adriatic figs.
Rio Bravo Vineyard Company, Rio Bravo,
Keru Couuiy, second ou Loudon layer raisins.
A. R. Gurr, Mercea, Merced County, thud
on tin ee aud four crown raisins.
Rosedale Ualstu Viueyaid Compauy, Bakers
field. Kern Couuty, second ou Loudou l&yer
P. P. and C. L. Most, Horsesnoe Bend, Marl
posa Couniy, secoud ou s ediess and muscatel
D. a. Jackson, Woodland. Yolo County
second on raisins and diied pears.
Rodders & Frank, Saa Jose, first on display
of dileu fruits.
Wlble Oiehaid Vineyard Company, Bakers
field, Keui Couuty, thiid on Bartlett pears and
George's lute ciiug peaches.
C. A. Maul, Bukerstield, secoud on dried
Crawiord peaches.
w. s. Tevis, B.ikersfield, secoud on royal ap
Mrs. E. Willow, Bakerslield, first on jellies
In glass.
ilobbs & Parsons, Fresno, first on dried nec
tarines, Banlett pears, peaches, apricois.
D. W. Lewis, Fresno, iiist on dried Bartlett
C. M. Ariz, Cential Colony, Fresno County,
second on seedless sultana.
C. K. Klrby, Fowler, Fiesno County, first on
muscatel symp.
L. b. Moulton, Colusa, second on salway
pi aches, royal apricots. London layer raisins,
three crown ralslus.
ciiaries F. uyer, Northern Solano, second on
royal apricots aud Barllait pears.
J. and I. Blum, Vacaville, Solano County, first
on dned fruits.
J. E. Cornell, Routlers, Sacramento County,
Urst ou dried peaches; secoud ou French
Frank H. Buck, Vacaville, special award on
dried fruits.
a. T. Hatch. Sulsun. Solano Couniy, special
award ou almonds ; secoud ou Hatch's golden
pears aud prunes.
J. 8. Baldwin, Sulsun, second on French
pruues pitted.
George v. Hume, Saratoga. Santa Clara
Couuiy. second ou Freucb prunes.
U.H. Aikeu, Wrights, Sauta Ciuz County,
secoud on French prunes.
W. P. Lyon, Fresno, secend on loose musca
t-l raisins.
D. M. Wilson, Fr sno, first on royal apricots,
dried; second ou unpeeled dried peaches; third
ou loose mnacatel rattta*.
W. A. Cowau, Fiesno, secoud on unpeeled
A. Gartenlaub, Fowler, Fresno County, sec
oud on dried peaches, peeled and unreeled.
M. Metrnvlch. Fresno, Fresno County, second
OD white Adriatic ties.
Bishop & Co., Los Angeles, first on bottled
fruits, confections and fruit pulps; second on
California fruit tablets.
Southern California Packing Company, Los
Angeles, third on orange marmalade.
William Thomas, Portervllle, first, Ferris
Howland Bros., Pomona, Los Angeles County,
third on olive oil.
F. F. Stetson. Pasadena, Los Angeles County,
third on glac ■• fruits.
Barnard & Densmore, Los Angeles, first on
cry«uiized oranges, second on orange marma
George C. Roedlng, Fresno, second on white
Adriatic tips.
Henry mvenhlll, Easton, Fresno County,
third on white Adriatic lie*.
S. kobayashi, Japan, first on okiuame, a
vegetal)! paste used as a confection.
J. F. Mclntyre. Fillmore, Ventura County,
first on extracted honey.
A. (i. Edmundsou, Ventura, second on ex
tracted honey.
M. H. Mendleson, Ventura, special award on
extracted and comb honey.
inyo Couuty, Bishop, Inyo County, first on
comb honey.
Schacht, l.emcke & Steloer, San Francisco,
ban Diego County, first on comb and extracted
J. Archer. New Jerusalem, Ventura County,
first on fancy comb honey aud beehive (superior
work man ship).
Miller & Lux, second award on creamery but
F. Reinhola, Point Iteyes Creamery, Marin
County, third on creamery butter.
Dairyman's tlnlou, San Francisco, three
specials on creamery butter, three firsts on
creamery butler, one second on creamery but
ter, special award on cheese "flat*," first award
on cheese "flats" sample 285, cheese "cned
dars," best brand of salt (or batter and cheese,
second award on cheese ••flat-" sample 272,
cheese "twins," special ou best display of dairy
Silliruan Brothers, Pajaro Valley. Monterey
County, special on cheese "Cheddars." first on
cheese "pineapple," second on cheese "Youug
America," cheese "flats."
A. Aujjustino, Wergeles, Monterey Couniy,
second on cheese "flats."
A. 1). & Co., Eloesia, Monterey County, first
on cheese "fla's."
L. Cant 1, Petaluma, Sonoma County, first
on best display of French cheese, California
Sunset Seed and Plant Company, Menlo Park,
first award on sweet peas and blossoms; sec
ond on gloxinias and cann.is; first ou ornamen
tal and decorative plant*.
California Nursery Company, Kites, first, cut
roses; first, pelargoniums; first, clematis; sec
ond, flowering shrubs.
John H. Si vers, 8;m Francisco, first, potted
ferns, palm*, decorative and flowering plants;
hist, cut carnations; first, pelargoniums.
Mrs. O. E. Babcock, Alameda, second, cut
roses and pelargoniums.
Charles Ahlboro, Alameda, first, cut roses
and pelargonium*.
Mi«. Swett & .McCartney, Buy Farm Inland,
Alaraeda, s cond, cut roses and pelargoniums.
Mrs. E. Hathaway, San Lorenzo, third, rose*.
Mrs. E. T. Crane, San Lorenzo, third, cut
roses, i conies and clematis.
Mrs. E. Levelling, San Lorenzo, first, cut
rose«, peonies and c'ematls.
Mrs. J. 11. Bowdeu, Hav wards, first, peonies,
and clemati*.
Fruitvale Hose Company, Frultvale, first, cut
ronea, peonies and clematis.
Professor E. J. Wickson, Berkeley, third, cut
fiowors ;>nd peonies.
Mrs. M. K. Biehm, Berkeley, second, cut
Mrs. Rudolph Volkman, Lorln, second, cut
Mrs. J. P. Crane. San Francisco, second, cut
roses, 50 varieties.
Mrs. James Miller, East Oakland, first. 100
vai leties of roses.
Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, first,
potted ferns, pains, azaleas, calceolaila.
Oakkiud Art Pottery, East Oakland, first,
flower pots and lawn vases.
Joseph Sexton, Santa Barbara, first, pampas
Mountain View Cemetery. Oakland, Mal
colm Larnond. gardener, second, 42 varieties of
Chinese Village, third, trained roses and
E. Gill, Oakland, first, cur roses.
F. Ludemann. Pacific Nursery, San Fran
cisco, second, cut roses; first, rhododendrons,
Mrs. Stanley Stephen^ou, Alameda, second.
100 varieties cut roses.
Mis>es Anderson, Anderson Springs. Lake
County, first, California wild flowers and ferns.
Stockton Terra Cotta Company, Stockton,
first, gi untie bodies, colored glazed vases and
flower pots.
group 27.
Morgan Oyster Company, first award, trans
planted Mien oysters; first, frozen canned oys
tes«. Eagle brand.
American Union Fish Company, first, thirty
nine varieties of fresh fish.
A. Paladini, third, eleven varieties of fresh
G. Camillonl, second, nineteen varieties of
fresh nsb.
Goldberg, Bowen & Leibenbaum, first, fish
(ieiz Bros. & Co., first, fish products In com
mercial packages.
Alaska Packers' Association, first, canned
Alaska salmon.
J. B. MacCauley, first, codfish balls, boneless
herring md clam chowder.
Gi-tz Bros. & to., first. "Louis Marcliand"
diii"* (domestic).
Morris, Newton & Co., first. "Penauros Bone
less" sardines (foreign).
Goldberg. Boweii & Co., first, oysters, canned,
"Excelsior Brand."
Haas Bros., second, oysters, canned, "Blue
Point Brand."
Geiz Bros. & Co., third, oysters, canned,
' 'Crystal Wave Brand."
Thomas .1. Kuowle*. second, fibered codfish,
"Gold Wenge Brand."
George W. Shreve, first, fishing-tackle.
Neville & Co., first, nets and twines.
The Work of Empaneling a Jury
Proceedings in the contest over the two
wills of the late capitalist, Henry Martiu,
were resumed yesterday before Judge
The work of empaneling a jury was
commenced at once. Grove L. Johnson,
the leading counsel for the proponent of
the second will, Airs. Isabella Martin, was
very deliberate and careful in his ques
tioning, and considering the stakes at
issue, it was no surprise to any oue that
the whole day passed without a jury being
completed to try the case.
In all rrobability a jury will be found
this morning and the trial of the case en
tered unon. It promises to be interesting,
and as them is a formidable array of legal
talent engaged on either side, the case will
surely be stubbornly loueht out.
— — ♦ — ♦ — •
One Hundred Liens.
In a humdrum, indifferent sort of
manner the clerks In the Recorder's office
yesterday received the last ones of a full
100 Mans upon the property of the lately
absconding Louis Landler, contractor.
Just a twinkle of amusement was ex
pressed on the side, one of the <"lprks re
marking as he ncirded No. 97, "Thus do
sheep come home to pasture." In May
last Louis Landler jumped the country
with money received from several score
building contracts in his pockei. The
buildings had been almost completed, but
the workmen had not been paid. On Fri
day last the tables commenced to turn,
and up to the closing of the Recorder's
office yesterday 100 liens had been taken
out by-unpaid laborers upon the houses
which Landler constructed. The claims
were for sums varying from £20 to J9J.
The property involved consisted of frame
houses on Fulton and Broderick streets,
ou Vallejo and Octavia and on Green and
Scott streets.
. — * — .
Tureiy a Family Affair.
Great American Importing Tea Company are
selling Mason's fruit jars cheap— as they do all
other eo..us. It will pay you to visit any of their
•tores if you want lowest prices.
1 dozen pint Jars in box 50c per doz
1 dozen quart jars in box. 60c per doz
1 dozen half-gallon jar» iv b0x..... ...,80c per doz
Azalea Keyes' Estate.
Pending an inquiry into the accounts of
W. S. Keyes, as guardian of th« Derson
and estate of bis daughter, Azalea Keyes,
heiress of her late moth-r. Flora K>yes,
nnAof. the daughters of the late Judge Hast
ings, a second inventory and appraisement
of the ward's estate has been tiled. The
estate is appraised at 8121,725 99.
Special Baggage Notice.
Round-trip transfer tickets now on sale at
any of our offices (only) at reduced rates. One
trunk, round trip, 50 cents; single trip, 35
cent*. Keep your bucgagi' checks until you
reach tuts city. Morton Special Delivery, the
laieent transfer company; offices, 31 Geary,
408 Taylor and Oakland ferry depoi. •
Glass at F. N*. Woods & Co.' a. 51 frintt street.*

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