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Many womnn f .vie early, simply be
cause they do not take proper caro ol
themselves. Whirloil along in the
excitomnnts of fashionable life, they
overlook those minor ailments that, if
not checked in time, will rob them of
Health and Iloauty. At the first
symptom of vital weakness, use
The roses will return to your checks,
sallow looks d ",art, spirits brighten,
your stop boconi'i firm, ami back and
head ache will be known no more.
Your appetite will p:in, and the food
nourish you. Tlio Compound is sold
by all Druggists ns a standard article,
or sent by mail, in form of Tills or
Lozenges, on receipt of 81. 00.
For the cure of Kidney Complaints,
either sex, the Compound lias no rival.
Sand stamp tor ' Gufda to Health and
BUquatte," a boauttrul Uluatratad book.
Lydia E. Pinkhsm Mtd. Co.. Lynn, Mm,
Miss H. L. Mattoon
Has the only SHORTHAND
sonal attention by the EXPE
LECT in every respect. The
ACCURACY of our graduates
proven by the leading manufac
turing firms of the city, who
employed them. COURSE BY
MAIL $5.00. Rooms 28 & 29
Lilley's block,"Waterbury,Conn.
Miss H. L. Mattoon, Principal.
We Keep up With the March of Piogress.
All that a first-class drug re keeps
we can supply.
Pure and fresh drugs and chemicals.
Full line of paints and painters' supplies.
Prepared paints ready mixed for home use.
Prescriptions carefully compounded.
The Brooklyn Drug Store,
286 Bank St. Cor. Riverside,
It. C. PAKTltEE. Jr., Propr.
N. B. At this season use Partree's
Cough Syrup.
Night Clerk in attemlanee.
-:Floral Designs:-
Made to'order in the most artistio manner
and at the lowest prices.
Cut Flowers always on hand. Fancv
Baskets, Sheaves, Grass Bouquets, Pam
pas urass, numes, czc.
Decorating of all kinds. All orders
left at my store or by mail will receive
prompt attention.
Jm. H. Precht, Florist and Decorator,
78 East Main Street, Cor. Spring,
Have opened one of the finest drag stores
in the state and are now prepared to offer
10 me puoiio a pure, tresn stock of medi
eines, select toilet articles. Derfumerv. etc
Special attention given to compounding
prescriptions. Accuracy and absolute pur
ity guaranteed.. A fine assortment and
reasonable prices worthy of your atten
tion and inspection. Please call.
Waather Indications.
WasniNOTOs, Feb. So. For New England
and East rn New York: Slightly warmer,
higher southerly Iul, cloudiness and rain,
colder 1 hursday evening.
For Eastern Pennsylvania and Now Jersey!
Increasing cl. udinesB and rain, southwesterly
winds, warmer, colder Thursday.
For Western New York anl Western Penn.
sylvanla: Brisk and high southwesterly
winds shifting to northwesterly, cloudiness
and rain, likely turning into snow, colder
weather '1 hu: sday, cold wave,
Nsw York, Feb. 24. Money on call 8 and
H per cent.
Closing Closing
Saturday. To-day.
Vis, lflfU Reg ioi lom
la "UP- ,0: I
4 a, 17 Keg nov 110l
S. 1U07 Coup, ll5 nojj
. Closing Closlnt;
Saturday. To-day.
Canalian P.ioino
Central Pncillo 3
t hicago, Hur. at Quiacy s;i7 8,114
Delaware & IluilBon i:i8 l:iu
llel. Lack. & Western 13NA, 137.il
Erie.....,.: 1D2 iu?
Erie pref -
Lake Shore U114) lllM
Louis. & Nash "Si o
Michigan Central
MiaaourlPacltlo 07 H eilU
New Jersey Central 117
Northwestern 10UM lOOM
Oregon Naylgailon. Z
Pacillo Mail 37 S7W
Reading 3Sf7
Rock Island 07 H erCJ
St. Paul 65 MM
Union Paclllo 44 44v2
Waal era Union 80 siJJ
Feb. Mar. April
TVheat.. lion UH 107
Corn 64 et
Outs. 5UJ b-H 63)4
Butter. Market firm. Creamery East
ern. aicaS'io.i Western. 25o.a'.'8o Elgin.
JiScaVUo.! imitation. 20c.a23o. Dairy-!
Eastern, half-tirkin tube. S2o.a25a: eastern.
II rains. 8e.a22o.t eastern, dairies entire.
JWo.aiiJo. Factory trash, igc.a2?. Jane
packed. luc.alUo.
Cheese. Market strong. Faetorr
Kw York Cheddar. lOcalOo.t western flat.
9o.al0o. Creamery New York, pan .skims
no.aQo.t Pennsylvania skims, Ko.a3Mo.
full skims. ao.a4o. '
Eggs. Market steady. Fresb Eastern
firsts. 17Ho.al8o.t Western, lints. SoHo,
Htmthern lira is, 16o.al7io. Limed Eastera
A.-cta, 2lo.a2v!o.i Canadian, firsts. Jilo.a22o.
Vsatra, flrsts, 2J).aoJKi4o. held, urate I
8e,a4oo. . . 1
- ' I
O. A M. T. Maloney, Proprietors.
Offiob 1533outh Main Street.
Entered as eoond ctast niaUei at the Water
bury Postofflce.
Delivered by carrier to any part of the city, or
sent by mail at the following rates
One Year f 5.00. 1 Three Months $1.85
Six Months.
. . S2.50. 1 one Montn. . .
Tbis country is doing its part in the
civilization of Africa. It appears that
about 275,000 gallons of distilled liquors
were withdrawn from bond in the year
ending June 30, 1300, for exportation to
five ports in Africa, and that the whole
of this deadly stream flows through the
port of Boston.
Some Indian women who recently
arrived at Fort Sheridan were in such
desperate need of clothing that the
officer in charge of the fort, not having
a supply of petticoats and kindred gar
ments on hand, was forced to put the
women into trousers. Happily, the
squaws didn't become unmanageable in
tese emblems of sovereignty.
On February 12 the Associated Press
announced through all the papers that
the acting secretary of the treas
ury had the day before issued warrants
for the payment of $1,000,000 on account
of pensions aggregating $30,000,000 due
during the quarter ending March 4. The
latter amount represents the available
cash balance of the treasury, so that the
only treasury surplus that will exist
after these payments shall have been
met will be the excess of receipts over
other expenditures during that period,
now estimated at less than $10,000,000.
The republican financiers have been in
power not quite two years, but they
have solved the surplus problem. There
isn't any surplus. They will
presently have an opportunity to see
what they can do with a deficit.
The anti-lottery law has had some
effect, as the returns of the postal note
and registered letter business at the New
Orleans postoflice show. The statement
for twelve weeks of the fiscal year as
compared with the same period of a
year ago shows a decrease of the postal
notes from 82,593 last year to 8,676 this,
and a falling off of $110,000 in the
amount paid.. In registered letters
there was a loss of 16,643 in number
from last year, and in amount paid $80,-
000. Thus the aggregate loss for the
quarter is $190,000 in these two ways,
or, supposing that to represent the
average for the year, a total loss of
$760,000. But this cannot be set down
as actual, since undoubtedly a great
deal of money finds its way through
other mediums of transmission into the
coffers of the company.
One of the bits of wisdom which Lin
coln crystalized in a humorous form is 1
worthy of attention at this time. In the
early days of the war, before the coun
try was ripe for emancipation as a war
measure, a delegation of Chicago clergy
men waited upon President Lincoln, at
Washington, and urged him to issue a
proclamation abolishing slavery
The 1
tiresiueni nsieneu to tneni attentivelv.
and then asked the apparently irrelevant ,
Question: "Call a aheon'a tail n W j .
how many legs will the sheep have?"
"Five," answered several of the clergy
men in unreflecting chorus. "No," re
plied Lincoln, "not five, but four, for
calling a tail a leg won't make it a leg."
The point which his story illustrated
was that proclaiming slavery abolished
would not abolish it ; that the institu
tion could be ended only by the exercise
of the executive power backed up by
armaments greater than the federal
government then possessed. The pro
foundly philosophic witticism of Lin
coln is strikingly applicable at the
present time as an answer to the vision"
aries that claim that by calling 80 cents,1
worth of silver a dollar the government
can give to the metal 20 cents worth of
value which it did not before possess.
But this is a thing which governmental
proclamation can never do.
A Great Physician's Offer.
If yon are suffering from any form of
lingering or long-standing complaint, why
do you not write to Dr. Greene of 35 W.
14th St., New York, the discoverer of that
great nerve remedy, Dr. Greene's Nervura,
and well known specialist in the cure of
nervous and chronio diseases J He uses
only harmless vegetable medicines, and
has made a specialty of treating cases
through letter correspondence, and his
success in curing even apparently hopeless
cases is marvelous. He can be consulted
free, that is yon can write him a descrip
tion of your case, what the chance of. cure
Is, and give yon his valuable advice in re
gard to treatment without charge. 'Yon
can adopt his treatment or not as you
please, but his astonishing success and
enormous practice render a cure almost as
sured to those who use his medicines.
Write him about your case and send for a
symptom blank to fill out.
There is a prim humor about some
of Judge Lynch's executions. A bnnk
presideut in Southwestern Texas made
away with all the funds under his
charge, and then posted on the door of
his institution: "Bank suspended."
uab aigni ne was interviewed by a
number of depositors, who left him
hanging to a tree with this amended no
tice pinned to his breast: "Bank presi
dent suspended."
Ttronlrfmit. T?nlla fiift
of flour, mash two large boiled potatoes
ana mix lq witn a tabiespoonfnl of lard,
milk, a teaspoonful of salt and a tables
poonf ul of sugar. Knead all together,
et to rise; make - in rolls, put in a
greased pan, set in a warm place until
very light and bake quickly. Ladles'
Dome Companion.
The Rescued Miners Taken
to the- Surface
Tenderly Oared for by Friends in a Pub
lic Hall at Jeanesville-
A Procession or Miners sing the Dozot
ogy Impassible to Get Statement
from Any of tha Men Thay Are 60
Weak that a Simple Movement of tbe
Bead Is Impossible.
Haziltow, Pa., Feb. 25. The four
Hiners who were drawn as from the
grave in the dark recesses of the Jeanes
ville mine, were brought to the surface
at 5 o'clock, and taken to the Sons of
Temperance Hall at Jeanesville.
It was indeed a strange but glad
hearted procession. Many of the miners
had not had their clothes off for days and
weeks, so vigorously was the search
prosecuted. The hall is about one mile
from the slope, and the road passes the
residence of J. C. Haydon, the proprie
tor of the mine. v hen the procession
of men with lamps burning on their
mining hats arrived in front of their
employer's home some began to sing the
JJoxoIogy, and the company of miners
and people joined in the refrain, "Praise
God from whom all blessings flow."
Used Her Camel's Hair Shawl.
Mrs. Haydon and family came outside
and accompanied tbe party to the ball,
where, upon the beds, blankets and com
fortables were placed over and around
the men, and in the excitement of the
moment Mrs. Haydon took from her own
body a heavy camel's hair shawl and
wrapped it around one of the men. A
rag moistened with lime juice was
placed to their lips . and they eagerly
grasped it. Then small doses of brandy
and milk were given them, but only
spoonful at a time. In a short time the
four men were quietly sleeping.
Too Weak to Talk.
Of course, it is simply impossible to
get a statement from any of the men,
Their weakened condition prevents it,
ana tne physician in charge has posi
tively forbidden any conversation with
tbem. All the men are so weak that t
simple movement of the head is imoossi
ble. How they lived through the 19 long
weary days is the question. The dinner
in their pails would have been sufficient
to sustain life for eight days, perhaps, if
aeais out sparingly. What they lived
on the remainder of the time is various
ly conjectured. The oil in some of their
lamps was not entirely consumed, but
in the terrible torture of hunger they
overlooked that fact.
The Miners' Future Movements.
The terrible tale of their suffering will
hardly be made public for several days,
as witn tne most tavorable improvement
hoped for none of the men will be strong
enough to talk. Much comment is heard
as 10 tne iuture movements 01 the res
cued men should they be returned to
health and strength. Already parties
are eager to eecure them and exhibit
them from place to place and have them
relate the sufferings of that awful time.
All reports of interviews wKk he res
cued miners are pure "fakes.1 They are
resting quietly, but cannot talk. The
pulses of all but "Big Joe" have improv
ed in the past few hours. He appears to
De growing weaker. Two professional
nurses have arrived and will look after
the men.
Two Bundled Men Digging Graves
the bead Miners.
Spring Hill Mines, N. S., Feb. 25.
The work of recovering bodies from the
wrecked mines proceeded all night, and a
numoer were orougniup alter midui&ht.
tno cemetery during the morning 200
"JO" cre u'Komg graves, several or tne
graves were being made large enough to
hold two or three bodies, and are in
tended for those of the dead who were
relatives or who belonged to the same
family. A large grave 16 feet square has
oeen dug lor the strangers.
The mayor received a telegram from
Queen Viotoria, which reads as follows:
"Her Majesty has heard with much
regret of the Spring Hill colony disaster,
and desires to convey an expression of
sympathy with the injured and with the
relatives of those who have lost their
Action Against the B. & O.
JPrrrsBUKO, Fa., Feb. 23. A big legal
ngnc nas oeen commenced. The Attor
ney-General of the United States has
brought suit against the Baltimore &
Uhlo Kailroad for encroaching on the
Monongahela Biver. He asks for an or
der to compel the railway to restore the
river channel to its former condition,
which means the razing of its handsome
new depot.
The Tnnnel Aceldeut.
Nkw Tork, Feb. 25. Carl Schurs,
William Steinway, Jordan L. Mott and
uisuj ubuer prominent; men were sum's
monea by Coroner Levy to serve as
jurors in the tunnel accident inquest,
but some of them were excused. The in
quest began with the testimony of Engi
neer fowler, who swore that none of
the signals in the tunnel indicated that
thero was a train ahead of him.
Prls-Flghtr McGlono Dead.
Natick, Mass., Feb. 25, Henry, or
"Fox" McGlone, prize-fighter, died here
early in the morning, and there is an
idea that his death is due to his recent
battle with John Burns of Marlboro,
who, though winning the fight, was so
terribly punished as to be unable to
leave his bed for a week. An autopsy
will beheld. v '
The La Blanche-Mitchell Fight.
Saw Francisco, Feb. 25. The directors
of the California Athletic Club have de
ferred final action in the La Blanche
Mitchell affair until next Tuesday even
ing when, it is stated, further evidence
will be forthcoming. Outstanding beta
will be decided by the action of the di
rectors. shay Is a Mnrdarer.
Bed Bank, N. X, Feb. 25. Mrs. Nora
Shay, who was brutally beaten by her
husband, John Shay, in their home at
Oceanic a week ago, died last night of
ller tBlwrte-
ahar Is under arrest.
Advice What People Should Take During
The Spring Months A Remedy
Certain to Produce Bene
ficial Results.
In the Spring everybody begins to think of
taking a prin wediuine. Not only is this a
very common practice, but a very necessary
aud healthiul ouo. It is a fact which phy
sicians uckimw Jekce and the people recognize
generally, that a spring tonic taken during the
ninths f March, April and May is more condu
cive to the rest ration of health in cases of those
who are sii-k than any other course of treatment
that could p ssibly bo adopted.
It is further understood by everybody lhal
even for thoso who call ihemst lves well it is
very important at this season of the year, if
they would main'.ain gund health and vigor,
to take a sprlnjt remedy to strengthen and in
vigorate the nerves, blood, Krai icb, liver, kid
neys, and bowels, assist Nature in the efforts
she a' ways makes in the sp i- K to cleanse, puri
fy and iuvigora' e the system.
In the Spring there are cre-tt and important
changes going on in the body. IVrfevt Health
cannot be maintained when tha system is
dogged and the organs sluggish, and the person
has a languid and weakened feel in?, with more
or less nervousness and debility If the pcrsjn
has previously been sick these symptoms w Ul be
much aggravated : there will be a weak, tired
and nervous condition, with sleepless and rest
less niuhts, a tired waking in the mornirg, no
appetite for breakfast, a bad taste in the mouth
dull head and general dispirited feelings. In se
vere cases their wll be a feeling of great ex
haustion and prostration and the norv ness
will be very marked, with no inclination for ex
ertion, the work of tbe day being done with an
For such eases 89 the$e he sure aud use that
remarkable lnvigorator and tonic. Dr. Greene's
Nervura, the great nerve, bruin and Wool in
v'goratit. It is pronounced by everybody, doc
tors as well s s people, to be the best Spring
mediclrt' inl-atist 1:1 e, and has taken rank as
the great st and most iaii or unt meJical di-'cov
ery of mod r.i tin.es. Vi.der the use of this
woudeful remedy that weak, ti ed and i.ei vous
feeling diSiip, o-.iis; the nerres Income sirong-
and steady, th nights are restful, and the s'eep
natural and refreshing; the apoetito returns
good digtstiou aud regular" action of iho bowels
areestabl shed, the ki Ineys and liver are lestor
ed to healthy action, and the vital energies.
strength an 1 vig.r of t!ie system perfectly built
This truly remarkable spring rmedy. w hich
Is purely vegetable ai d harmless, is for sal by
all druggists at 1 00 pe bottlo, and if any one
desires to be i'-rfictly ai:d peiuvn.entK cured
of those dUngrceaMe feeiings. Teekiiess, and
exhaustion incid-xt to Soring take our urgent
reeomin .Edatlon and get a bott'.e of this
medi inc. It -wi l w. 1 repay y. u, a-- we can
testify fro:a our ovru experience of its
marvellous curative powers, and you ha- e our
assurance that you will not be di-np;:oiii'ed. Be
sure and ask forDr Grttn's Nervura as
druggists sometimes recommend their own
preparation or something on which they make a
greaterpreflt. Do not be persuaded to take any
other remedy in place of this, as we regally be
lieve that this ts the greatest and best of all
spring medicines.
Dr. Greene of 3S West 14th St. .New York,
its discov rer, is the famous, special st in the
cure of nervous and chronic diseases. lh-doc
tor has devoted special attention to the treat
ment of all forms of chronic diseases through
letter correspondence, and will give by mail his
opinion aud advice in any case free of charge.
The perfectio-.i of this system renders a complete
cure almos assured, as his success 'n treatment
by correspondence is wonderful and unequalled
N B. Send for symptom blank to fill out.
or write to Dr Greene about your case, and a
carefully considered letter, fully explaining your
disease and giving you a perfect understanding
of all its symptoms will be returned, free of
Perley A Stone & Co., shoe manufact
urers of Haverhill, Mass., have assigned.
The Assembly at Rio de Janeiro, amid
great enthusiasm, adopted the new con
stitution. A tobacco chewer is annoying women
at Bed Bank, N. J., by spitting uporftheir
dresses at night. The police hare been
Fifty convicts were transferred from
Sing Sing to the prison at Auburn, N. Y.,
to relieve the crowded condition of the
The coroner's jury in the case of Mrs.
Sarah Charles, t Burlington, N. J., ren
dered a verdict that she came to her death
at the hands of John Boyce.
Gen. Robert McAllister, known as the
commander of the "Bloody Eleventh" of
New Jersey, died at midnight of Bright's
diseuse at fielvidere, N. J., aged 78 years.
The schooner Eastwind, from Eastport
Me., with lime for Providence, li. I., has
put in at Gloucester, Mass., with her
cargo on fire. The vessel has been sealed
The fifteenth annual New York Bench
Show opened yesterday at Madison
Square Garden, New York. Tbe number
of dogs on exhibition are 1,375 and of
great variety.
The Supreme Court of New Jersey,
after hearing argument, has reserved its
decision until June, in the case of Mrs.
Carrie E. Vandergrift, convicted of poi
soning her son, for a new trial.
The county almshouse at Houlton, Me.,
was burned at 8 a. m. with contents.
There were ten paupers in two locked
rooms, who were rescued with difficulty.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
James M. Dougherty, Mary Anderson's
mad lover, was seutenced by JusticsBart
lett of Brooklyn, N. Y., to life imprison
ment in State Prison at Sing Sing, for
the murder of Dr. Lloyd in the Flatbush
Insane Asylum last October.
The Stevedores' Union of Londou, num
bering over 0,000 men, have been
ordered by their Council to strike to
morrow. The step is supposed to be
taken as a meaus of compelling other
unions to declare themselves.
Michael Miclair, a young man, mot
with a terrible death at Conyngham,
Pa., whiln Iroinir hniRti.il f,nm tha I.... .
, " O - - UUUIU
of a shaft 1,000 feet deep with a rope.
119 uecame coniusea wnen near the top
and fell to the bottom and vnu hnrrihitr
The American Hotel, the only hotel in
Marblohead. Mass.. was ilnahpnpn.1 K
at an earlv hour Thn Kmioa wao
filled with boarders, who made their es
cape inrouga tne windows by life lines.
Two were injured and lost their clothes
ana goous.
Thomas. Hale, inventor nf ...
- ...w vut urea
wheel and a resident of Huh way, N. J.,
wsla killed durinir tha tiw,rr,l,.r l..
train on the Erie railroad. Ho stepped
irom ouo iraca 10 nuoiner to avoid S
freight train and was ruu down by the
fast expi ess. Mr. Hale was 70 years old.
Mr. Chas. T. Ellis
The celebrated German dialect come
dian, in the late Win. Carleton'a musical
comedy drama, entitled,
Casper The Yodler.
With all the special scenery, painted ex
piessly for the production. Presents for
the children and bntton-hole bouquets for
the ladies at every performance. Hear
Ellis's new songs, dances, guitar solos, etc.
Prices as Usual.
A sensational event. Friday and Saturday,
Feb. 20, SI, Sat unlay matinee, Gillette's Collos
sal Gaiety Burlesdue A Vaudeville Co. A staunch
sound combination. Introducing sparkling mu
sic, new and popular catchy songs, sump uous
costumes, breezy cemedy. 80 handsome young
ladies. 80. The celebrated Gillette family and a
strong specialty company.
Commencing Mondav afternoon, Feb. 23,
special matinee at .80. Washington's birthdav.
evening at 8:30, Vedues? ay and Saturday mati
nee ai -t-.m). urana Holiday attraction, Webber s
New Spectacular Uncle Tom's Cabin. See the
seven monster Siberian bloodhounds. The twelve
savage alligators. See the comical trick donkey
"Zip." See the spirited Arabian poney "Abdal
lah." S e the genuine Georgia Jubilee Singers.
See them all in the parade in the morning, start
ing from the Casino theatre 1 1 :30 a. m. each day.
Thursday, Friday and Sarurday evenings the
powerful dramatic comedy "Success."
Have You SlOO ?
If you have $100, $200, $250, $500, $1,000
or any larger enin to invest, buy one or
more of the debenture bonds of the Mid
dlesex Banking Company, of Middletown,
Conn. We are the Waterbury agents of
this strong and successful investment cor
poration. Its capital is $600,000 and is
being increased to $1 ,000,000. Like Conn
savings banks this company is under the
supervision of the bank commissioners.
The state legislature has recognized these
debentures as legal for the investment of
trust funds. They are secured ty choice
first mortgages. The interest is 6 per cent,
payable semiannually by coupons collect
able at this office or any bank.
A.F. Abbott & Son, Real Es. Agts.
Masonic Temple 103 Bank St.
Open Tuesday and Saturday ev'gs. 7 to 8 o'clock.
Office and residence 155 South Main street
For 85 years has made a specialty of CHRONIC
Consultation hours 9 a m. to 9 p. m.
t3V Terms moderate.
Prepare For Cold Weather,
Old Company
This is the purest and best, comes all
rail from the mines and when screened
from our new elevator it is the kind of
coal yon want to put into the cellar for
the winter. The BEST is the cheapest.
We are the only parties selling this Coal
here, so leave your order with ms and
make snre of a prime article.
Near New England depot.
t3T Antral Office : 85 Bank street.
tT Handkerchief Perfumes,
a larg assortment. Toilet Ar
ticlev Patent Medicines, Cigars,
Smokfng and
Chewing Tobac
co, ar
JAMKS E. ROE'S Pharmacy,
J2f Ready Mixed Paints,
Glass and Putty, Lime for
whitewashing, Kalaomine and
Brushes,&c. Prescriptions care
fully prepared at
The People's Drug Store,
Registered Pharmacist
Now is the Time
To Have Tour
and all kinds of Interior Work done, and
avoid the spring rush. Our Hne of .
Is now complete for the spring trade.
Full line of Monroe, Ingrain, Cartridge
and Pressed Papers, with Friezes to match.
Window Shades, Artists' Materiels.
A Full Line Of
Fall and Winter
P. F, & R, G, Snagg,
Tailors and Men's Furnishers.
eo b-ajshk: st.
Fine Groceries,
Fruits, Vegetables, Canned
Goods of all kinds. Pure Can
ada Maple Syrup, choice brands
of Flour at lowest prices.
John B.Vallee,
11 Grand Street.
- Dye Works, -
28 Jefferson St, In Steam Carpet Building.
Ladi-s' and gentlemen's garments of
every description, dyed or nicely cleaned
without ripping. Fine laces, lace curtains,
silk dresses, shawls feathers, etc., cleaned
or dyed and finished in good style. Gen
tlemen's clothing repaired in the best man
ner. t-if' Packages sent by express will meet
prompt attention according to direction.
Upholstering and Repairing
Furniture, Sofas, Chairs, Lounges. Hair
Mattresses made and repaired. Chairs
caned aud best work guaranteed. I also
make loose covers and do pinking. Or
derspromptly attended to.
Louis Schuelke,
Timely Advice.
You will soon have to change your fall
overcoat for a winter one. Come at once
and inspect onr styles and prices and you
will be sure. to leave yonr order Our line
of imported and domestic overcoats is
complete. From our usual array of Chin
chilla, Beavers, Meltons and Kerseys we
can suit all tastes. We can save yon 25
per cent. Leave your order early.
JOHN McEVQY, Merchant Tailor,
A New Thing.
Comes but once in Spring. And in
order to see it, it will pay yon to call at
where yon will find the finest assortment
ef Spring Goods in the city.
Yours Respectfully,
K. B. Cleaning and Repairing neatly done.
Did you get the Beantiful Floral Piece t
He alwayslves you the best and his
prices are always the lowest. , He grows
large quantity of flowers and can always
give you the best in the market.
t2FMaifi store and greenhouse, 16 Union
street. Branch store 50 Bank.
Telephone call 146-3 promptly answered.
Pine Goods!
Extra Marrow Beans,
California Dried Linias,
Dried Peas, Evaporated Peaches
Evaporated Apples,
French Prunes,
Larrabeea' Graham Wafers,
Murray' Hill Java Coffee
urji in
FlBohe's Golden Wedding. James S. Pepper's
Honnt Vernon Rye, ia Barrels and Bottles. ,
lala Ala en Uraaght Cants. J
135 South Main St, pp Grand.
Clothing, Furnishings, Etc.
Waterbury One Price Co, 106 Bant street
P. F. Jt R. G. Snamt. 60 Bank streot.
JT. Goldberg, 35 Grand street.
D. Hawley, Exchange Place.
Co-opemtlveCo., 109 South M.iinJStr
John McEvoy. ITS Bank street. T
J. B. MuilliiRS, SI to 65 Bank str -et.
Dry Goods, Millinery, Etc.
B. T. Turner A Co, Exchange place.
Miller & Peck, 33 South Main street.
I. Chase. Arcade building.
Keid & Hughe.
Boots, Shoes, Rubber Goods.
E. J. Finn, 13 East Main street .
Damon & Shippy, 103 Bank street.
W. L. Douglas' (3 shoe.
G. K. Dodge, 69 South Main street
Furniture, Etc.
Waterbury Furniture Co, k0 Grand street.
J. M. Burrall & Co, SO Bank street.
Elkins & Wake, 133 10 17 South Main street.
Groceries, Feed, Teas.
John B. Vallee, 11 Grand street.
William H. Collins. 135 South ilalu street.
W. N. Ladd, fi South Main street.
M. J. Fogg, 187 South Main, 15 North Main.
Frank M, Bronson, 71 Soulh Main street.
Teas, Coffees, Etc.
Great A. . P. Tea Co, East Main street.
Union Tea Co., 72 South Maiu street.
J. F. h. Ian, East Main street.
Butter, Eggs, Cheese.
Boston Butter House, 99 South Main.
Drugs and Medicine.
Brooklyn Drug store, 880 Bank street
James E. Roe, 12 Baldwin street.
Nugent, cor liouth Main aud Soovill.
West End Drug store. Ill "Vest Main street.
People's Drug store, 64 Baldwin street.
C. K. Kilbride & Co, 78 Eat Main.
Tobacco and Cigars.
M. H. Waas. 78 South Main strett.
Paul Ashelm, 105 Bank aiui 10 Grand street.
Boston Branch Cigar st' te, 91 Bank street.
Dr. Ryder, Bauk s reel.
Watches ana Jeweiry.
Lake, Strobel & Co. Exchange place
U. G. Chatfield, 107 Bank street.
Hardware, Etc.
D. B.Wilson, 11 East Main street.
F. B Field, 61 South Maiu street.
P. J. Bolan,"74 and 70 Bank street.
Kelly, North Main, South M ilu aud Bank
Trott. Lawton & Co., East Main street.
Brennan the Baker, 104 South Maiu.
P. S. Holly, 131 Bank street.
E. R. Davis & Co, 5 Canal street
American Hand Laundry.
Wall Paper. Painting..
L. F. Haase, 117 Bank streot.
Livery Stable.
Stiles A. Wheeier. rear 56 and 58 Bauk strei ' .
Pianos, Musical Merchandise.
B. Shonlnger & Co, 1M Bank street.
K. C. Forbes. 225 South Main street.
Driggs & Smith Co., 139 Bauk streer.;
Dye House.
Metropolitan Dye Works, 23 Jefferson streot.
F A. Granniss, 52 Bank street,
y.aurlce F. Carmody, 13 East Main street.
New and Second Hand Houses
M. Ehrlich, 53 East Eaiu Street.
J. M. ilosey, 150 Bank street.
N. Y., N. H. Si II.
N. Y A N. E.
M. W A C. R.
Jeai Jacques.
Casino T eat re.
8. Bohl, 94 South Main street.'
Park Market. lOJ.Vorth Main streot.
Undertakers .
John Moriarty, 20 Grand streot.
J. M. Burrall A Co, 50 Bank street.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Dr C. W. S. Frost, 137 Bank street.
Dr Wm Coe Holmes Krown's Block.
Dr. Gill, 155 South M .In Street.
Real Estate Agents.
D. H. TIernev, 131 Bank street.
A. F. Abbott A Son, 102 Bank street.
H. 8. Scovllle, IS Bank si rect
Sample Rooms.
James E. Watts, 106 South Main street.
T. H. Hayes, 34 East Main street.;
James W, Hodson, 18 Exchange place.
Frank Brothers, Co. So. Main and Union.
M. J. Colloty, 203 Bank Streot.
Harvey BrotherSjJl-Wost Main St,
John Nolan, 80 Bast Main street.
Coal and Wood,
Miller A Strickland A Co. 07 Bank streot.
Citv Lumber and Coal Co.
M. Kennedy, office, 92 South Main st.
A Dallas, 56 Bank street.
W J. Snow, ts Exchange Place. 3)
W. H. Preoht, 52 South Main street.
Breutrs and Bottlers,
Hellmann A Kipp.
R. E. Hitchcock Co, 37 and 29 C.inal sttx t.
Carpets and Upholstering.
Elkins A Wake, 123 to 127 South MalB strei
Proprietary Medicines.
Dr. Greene's Nervura,
Lydta Pinkham Vegetable Compound.
Novelty Store.
Prank E. Fenner. 151 Bank street
Shorthand and Typewriting.
Miss H. L. Mattoon, Lilley block.
FOR 8ALE Placards of "To R i.f
"Furnished Room To Rent ' "
Sa'e," and many other designs, 10c ei 1
At the Democrat office.
FOR SALE Old newspapers, 25c ( ,
100. Large quantities at redi.o
prices. Just the thing to put under mi
peta. At the Dkmoobat offloe.
JigijjtfSS Hartford.
Llri I-VPrT !l III T-.,l "
BOSN-7:30. ana.5 1.00. 45 p.m. Seturn-
PROV1DENJE-7:30 'i in.; 10. 45 p. m. Re
turn -:io a. m.; 15, p. m. '
SEW YORK viaBrowsters-eo a. m.: 8:10 Dm."
Return &14 a. in.; 4:00 p. m. P m
NEW LONDON-7:30 a. m.; 10, 45 p. m. Re-
turn-7:45, 9:45 a. m ; :S0 p. m.
PUTNCM-7:80 a. m ; 10, 4:05 p m He-
turu -8:15, 10:45 a.m.; 1:37, 4:ie p. m.
WILLI m ANTIC-7S0 a. m.; 10, 4:05 p. m -
Return 9:10, 11:35 a m.; i::7, 5:25 p. m
SPRINGFIELD-95 a. m.; 46 p. m Ha '
turn 7:40a. m.; 8:20. p m.
-H?0aSm'!!1'1 l'lttiUVi"er:80 m- Keturn
UARTFORD-7:S0. 9:05 a.m.; 10. 45, 8:85 p m
Keturn-6:35, 10:35a. m.; 12:50, 4ol 6:45 n 2
NEW BRITAIN- 7:80. 9:05 a. m.; 10. 45. 85 p.
jn mKeturn-6:53, 110 a. m.; ls. 4S0, 7&
PLAIN VILLE 7:30, 9:05 a. m.; 1.00,45. 8:25 n m
Returu-77,ll:i5a. m.; lVs. iTio? ?Pii l.m.
BRISTOL-7:80. 9:05 a. m.; 10, 4:05. 825- n in
lietum-7:19. 11:25a. m.; 1:80, 4u0, 7W7 p. S.
TE R RY VILLE 7 :30, 9:03 am.; 1:00, 45, 825- r.
"mKeurn-7:31, 11:36 a. m.; 1:40 Sot 7$3
WA-7-57 ni?aT:2? ? I?;4 8:35 P- m
t.oa, ii,j5 a m.; 56, 7:5sp. m.
UNION CITY-f85 a.m.; f5:15 p m Re.
turn-fs:48 a. m ; fS:io p. m.
TOWANTIC-f8 a. m.; fs.15 p m Re.
tura-f8:39a. m.; f8:02 p. m.
POMPERAUG VALLEY- 8:05 a. m.; 210
. P m- Rturn-8:25. a. m,. 12:1775 p. ml
DAW:.i7P!lm0' 6:16'
BREWSTERS;it85 a. m.; 8:10, 6:15 p m
Return 7:25, 11:12a. m.; 6:43 p m
FISHKILL-ON-HUDSON-8:05 a. m.; 2:10 615- n
ni. Return 6:00, 9:50 a. m.. 5:io p. ml P"
V' Hi holU' CHICAGO '."a V4tern
points, 8:05 a. m.; 2:10, 5:15 p. m" wesn
R. B. Williams, Sup't, East Hartford,
A. C. Kendall. G. P. A. Boston .
Deo. 11, l90.
N. H. & H. Railroad Time Table.
Trams leave Waterbury for
NEW YORK -6:05, 8:20, 10.45a.m. 1:30. S5 67
S55p turu-B:01.:,10:Oua. 42.'
NEK&3o!nf " '
ANSON IA-6:05, 8:20, 10:45,a.m.. 1:30,3:25,67,6:66
WATEUTO N-6:44, 8:35, 11:22 a. m., 4 05.6:15,
I M' 9 ?5 ,P last fain, Saturday only Re?
turn- 0:25, 7:50, io:lo, a. m., 2:50. 5:So; 6:33,
i,hl''..'!V.:st train- Saturday only. '
THOMA&io.N 8-20, n:17, a.m. 4.110 6-56 r. m
Return 7:50, 10:19, a m
TORKINGTON- Vi At-.' m4-6o bP56 a'
nUD-t:j0, n.-lT a. m., 4.110. 6:56. p. m
Rfcturn-7:05, 9:35, a. in., ;5, 4:52 pVm.
Going north, 9:25 a. m.
Going south, 4:15 p. in.
ii! r,J:e.WIlaven .and, lolnts on the Shore Line
Division via Naugatuck Junction at.4:15 p m
LUCIUS TUTTLK, General Manager ' "
o T. HjtMPSTKAD. General Pass, ixgent.
In Ekkect Jan. 5, 1891.
"m 5-w p'bm7' DUbli" 8treet' 5:00andl'o:0o
Leave Meriden, 6:00. 10:40 a.m., 5:45 p m
Leave Cromwell, 6:80 a. m., 12:13 p m
12-51 S(i-85pem WeSt Ma'U 8treet' 7:45 a m"
Arrive 'at Dublin' street, 8:23 a. m., 1:35, 7:35 p.m.
Meriden, Conn
., , Malls Close.
New York City-7.a0, 10.20 a m; 2.10. 5.30, 7.38P B
Bt.ston-7.u0, 7.50 a ui; 12.80, 2.10, 7.80 p m
somhern-7.50, 10.20 a m: 2.10, 5.30, 7.30 p ro.
W esteru 7.50, 10.20 a in; 2.10, 5.30. 7 SO 1) m
Canada West 7., 10.20 a in; 2.10, 5.30, 7.30 n m.
Eastern -7.00, 7.50 a m; 12.30, 2.10, 7.30 p m
Canada Last 7.00, 7.50 a m; 12.30, 2. 10, 7.30 n m.
Albaiiy-7.50, 10.20 am; 2.10, 5.30, 7.30 pm.
Nort hernN. Y. 7.50. 10.20a m; 2.10. 5.30. 7.30pm.
Pro idence 7.00, 7.50 a m; 12.30, 2.10, 7.80 p m.
M.nngaeld-7.00, 7.50 am; 12.30, 2.10. 5.30, 7 30 pm.
oreester-7.00, 7.50 am; 12.30. 2.10, 5.80 7.30 pm
Pitlsneld,Mass-7.5u a m; 2.10. 5.30, 7.30 p m.
Uarttord-7.00, 7.50 a m; 12.30, 2.10, 7.30 p m
briUgeport- 7.50, 10.20 a m; 10. 5 30, 7.30 p m.
New llaveu 7.50, 10.20am; .2.30,2.10. 5.30, 7.80 Dm
Birmingnam 7...0, 10.20am: 12.30,2.10,5.30.7 SOnm
Naugat uck 7.50 am ;' 2. lO.'.ViW pm,'
Seymour 7.5o a m; -.10, 5.30 p m.
A msl(.l in v. ... u jn M
Stationson NaugattiJk K.R.' north Waterbury
Meriden-7.50 10.20 a.n; 12.30, 2.10, 5.30, 7.S0D m
Danbury-7.56aiu; 1.2;., 2; 12,5.30, 7.30 p m.
WJ; j-?.-10.5.P307.80 p
. . ... 1 " . U.dVU Ul.
Oak ville 10.4 j a 111; 6.30 p m
(Voodbury 7.80. 10.45 a m; 1.25 t m.
2IU Si ury 7-8l"i Q,; 1,3S P m
oleott iTu. Th, Sat.) 12.30 a
Fire Alarm,
List of Fire Alarm Boxes.
4 Corner Willow and Test Main.
6 Exchange Place.
14 East Main and H ole Jtt Road.
15 Corner Cherry and East Main"
21 Horse Railroad Stable (private).
23 Iron Bridge. West Main.
24 Waterbury Brass Co. (private.) . f
25 Corner J ohnson and Waterville
26 Corner Prospect and Grove.
27 Junction North Main. Grove and North Elm
28 Waterbury Mfg. Co.
32 Comer Washington and South Main.
84 Waterbury Buckle Co."
..35 Benedict A Bll 'V M(f q0
36 Waterbury Wa i'-Co.(prt ,ftte.)
38 Corner Grand unci Scuta Jain
42 Corner Union and Franklin
43 Soovill Mfg. Co. (private.)
45 Corner Clay and Mill.
46 No. 5 Hose House, Baldwin.
47 Corner Dublin Street and DoolitUe Alien
112 Corner Meadow and Bank,
314 Corner Meadow and Cedar'street.
.. ..'v. aiiir. JO. iniiVAta 1
Corner Simons and Burnham streets.
Alwavs civ. rh i. .V.r ""en t
tro. mo oox nearest tre
New -:- Shop.
Plumbing, Steam and Gas' Fitting Sew- "
er Connections and all H;u . 1
jobbing and plumbing. . .
No. 10 Scoviu, Sxy Holohan's Bwcr.

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