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23, 1891
To Economical Housekeepers.
We are happy to Inform you tbat we
have beea appointed sole agents, for this
trinity,' of the famous STANDARD
II the latest improvements are n
completed, and this Folding Bed has been.
awarded the prize in Paris, Berlin, London
and all over the United States, as being
the world. It is at once cheap, useful,
ornaiuen'al and economical. You c
have a bed always ready, and if yon like
in the handsomest room in the house, and
no one will know but it is a secretary,
book case, sideboard, elo., etc. One room
is equal to two when yon have a Standard
Folding Be
It s.ive8 the rent of one room. It is
saving of from $3.00 to $5.00 a week, as
rents are going in any city.
We predict an immense sale for this
We invite everyone to come and see this
wonderful display of Amerioan genius,
as represented in thiB economical work of
It will pay for itself in three months.
We eipeot in a short timn it will drive
chamber suits out of the market.
Cash or Credit.
Our Undertaking department is oom-
Elete in Caskets, Coffins, Habits, Robes,
linings, &c, &o.
The excellence of our work speaks for
itself by our largely increased business.
Night answered by John Lynch, 107
South Main street, nearly opposite the
JOHN MORIARTY, Funeral Director.
Telephone at store and house.
We have a few more Stamped Steel
- FRY . PANS -
9 inohes in diameter, which we will sell
for 5 Cents each to close them out.
Frank E. Fenner,
Four Doors South of Grand Street.
Places on Maple street, Maple avenue,
Meadow, Grand, Pemberton, Franklin,
North Main, South Main, Clay, John,
Field streets, Mill Plains; also a piece ef
land 67 x 132 feet on Union street, oppo
site the convent de Notre Dame. I have a
number of ehoioe lots, also large tract of
land for sale cheap.
D. H. Tierney's
Seal Estate Office, 181 Bank Striet.
The Palatka,
La Regenta,
10o Cigars, best in the market.
Asheim'a Darling and German Boys still
leader in So Cigars.
American Tin Drums,
House Numbers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden Seeds.
83 South Main Street,
HaDDlni'M and ml'
ery are measured by
me sromacn.
Did you ever think
of this
The happy person Is
the one who ca's well.
The ml-iTuble per
son is the one who
oannot eat, has no ap
petite or Is unable to
dutest u s io a wen.
No Appetite.
Dl'cust lor Food.
Did you ever know set Matured dys
peptic f
On the contrary, are tb y not always 1 rl able,
nervous, cross, blue, disc turaced, depressed In
mind, always looking on he dark side of every
thing, allowing trifles i irritate and annoy
I hem?
For (rood, wholesome geniality, for ftood-na
tared enjoyment of th v orld, for exalted alms
and high ambitions, for 1 tbat make life worth
living, look to the perso: who eats well and has
a good digestion and as nilatlon.
The human body, no withstanding its Intri-
oacy. Is a machine, and I any of its organs are
out of order, the syst n languishes. Good
Health Means Good l igation.
"Good digestion w: its on appetite.
And health on botl "
Y u, therefore, who su'erfrom spring debility,
loss of appetite, Indigest o and dyspepsia, who
oannot eat because fo d ills- treses you, who
have : ising of gas, faint). ess, sinking and ttnaw
lng at the pit of the stomach, swelling or float
ing, who have malaria and are billions with
dizzy, dull-feeling h- ad. bad taste In the m.-uth
But Fesrs The Food Will
Distress Blin.
mornlrgs, and feel dispirited.Iack your. old -time
energy, are depressed in mind and n teerable in
body, rrmember that It la your stomach
and weakened nerves which cause sill your
If there Is one thing writ ten above another In
the world's happiness, if there is one g ft with,
out which life is a wretchedness of blackest mis
ery, and with which all the blessings of life
teeming with Us million joys and pleasures, are
at command that gift Is good digestion.
How to get it Is tlie great question so many
things have been tried without avail. But
there Is oue remedy which never falls,
and that is tha greatest of all stomach medi
cines. Dr. Greene s Net vura. If you have not
tried this woaderful rem
edy which so quickly and
completely tones up the
condition and regulates
the action of the stomach
and bowels, atslsts di
gestion and aids assimi
lation, do so at once
and good appetite,
perfect digestion and
sound health will be
yours. It is purely
vegetable and harmless,
and is for sale by all
druggists at $1 per tat
tle. Perfect Digestion by
Dr Greene's Nervura
Close attention to business and excessive use
of tobacco made my nerves very weak and
badly deranged my stomach. I had an ex
treme tired feeling and could not eat or sleep
naturally, I take pleasure In stating that Dr.
Greene's Nervura has coc.pletely cured me.
IS Dorra ci St., Providence, R. I.
Dr. Greene of 35 West 14th St., New fork.
Its discoverer. Is the fai.ious. specialist in the
cure of nervous and ehro lie diseases. The doc
tor has devoted special i ttentlon to the treat
ment of all forms of chi onio diseases through
letter correspondence, arid will give by mall his
opinion and advice in ai y case free of charge,
The perfection Of this syst sin renders a complete
sure almos' assured, as li s success 'n treatment
by correspondence is won lerf ul and unequalled.
N. B. tT Send for syn ptom blank to fill out,
er write to Dr Greene al out your case, and a
carefully considered lette , fully explaining your
disease and giving you a perfect understanding
of all its symptoms will be returned, free of
Roger Connor leaves this evening for
New York where he will report for
Old Joe Battin will be an Internation
al league umpire the coming season.
Home has not yet signed with the
New Havens owing to disagreement
aoout pay.
It is now stated that John Carney.
New Havens new first baseman, will
ump his agreement and sign with the
Cincinnati American association team.
Wholesale and retail denier in Foreign and Do
mestic Ales, Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
34 and 36 East Main Street,
nr Goods delivered on telephone call to any
part of the olty. Telephone 49-8.
Frank Brothers & Co.,
Direct, receivers from Importers and distillers.
Pure Wines and Liquors. AU kinds of bottled
goods for family use. Ladle room in rear, en
tranoe from Union street.
N. E. Liquor Warehouse,
No. 203 Bank- Street. -
Choioe liquors, wines, ales and cigars
Cor Bank and Meadow streets,
py Sweet Cldor a specialty,
Would Kat
Two Italian Prisoners to Make
a Confession.
A Secret Meeting Held in an Old Build
ing in New Orleans.
The Subject of the Recent Lynching De
batedPolice Unable to Learn Whether
Any Threats Were Made O'Malley Says
He W1U Return to New Orleans and Give
Important Evidence.
JNEW Orleans, March S3. The prom.'
ised expose of the Mafia plot, which ended
in the assassination of Chief of Police Hen-
nessy by Snnzeri and Natali, two of the
Italian prisoners now in jail, has caused
a great deal of excitement in the Italian
Last evening a secret meeting was held
in an old building near Congo square,
which was attended by 100 Italians, who
discussed the report for nearly an hour,
The police have information that the sub
ject of the recent lynching was taken no
and certain phases of it debated, but they
nave not ueen able to learn whether or
not any threats were made.
It is claimed that both Sunzeri and Na
tal! have already told the most of their
story to Attorney-General Rogers and to
members of the committee of safety, and
that they have consented to repeat it to
the grand Jury whenever that body gets
ready to hear them.
Nlcholls Letter on the Way.
Gov. Nicholls' long-expected reply to
secretary oi state mame's telegram do
manding a report of the Saturday up
rising has been written at last and left
for Washington on last night's late
mail. From all that can be learned about
the letter, it will not give Mr. Blaine
either a great deal of satisfaction or
great deal of news.
He Bays He Will Return to New Orleans
and Tell Everything.
Memphis. Tenn., March 23. Detective
O'Malley of New Orleans, whose presence
In this city was only learned by chance,
aoes not appear to De at all worried over
the state of affairs in the Crescent city
nor lor nis own personal saiety.
lie Is accompanied by his wife and
child. He is registered under an assumed
name. To a reporter he said at miniarht
I" was present at the Clav Statue
meeting and hid in New Orleans for two
days after the lynching. I went first to
Houston, Tex., and then to Corsicana.
Then turning about I came northward to
Brinltly, Ark., and from that place to
Memphis. It is mv intention to return to
New Orleans next Wednesday or Thurs-
I will certainly expose the workings
or tne Aiana. i have been in the emDlov
of the Matrange faction of the Mafia for
six years, and in my capacity as detective
nave plenty oi lntormation which I am
sure no other man has."
O'Malley declined to say anything in
connection with the bribing of the jurv.
except that he thinks they were bribed.
He said, in conclusion, that six of the
Italians killed were guilty of complicity
la me uennessy case.
Tlpperary Trials Begin To-morrow.
London, March 23. The trials of the
men accused of riot at Tipperary, at the
time of the O'Crien-Dillon trial, will be
gin to-morrow, and Mr. Morley, Lady
Robinson and six others from England
will be there to tell what they know as to
tne conauct or the police and the aneged
rioters, air. narrison, Al. if., who re
ceived a scalp injury on the occasion, and
whom Mr. Morley described as a stripling,
is in America.
McCarthy's Health Broken Down.
London, March 23. Mr. Justin McCar
thy has already found the task of leading
tne insn party too mucn lor him. His
health has broken down. He leaves Eng
land shortly for the Continent, this time
to recruit, not to negotiate. Nominally
he remains leader. It does not really
much signify whose name is used. There
is no real leadership among the anti-Far-
The Challenge to Prince Reuse.
Berlin, March 23. Much disgust is felt
in German military circles with the re
fusal of the Prince of Keuss to accept the
challenge of M. Vacaresco. One leading
general declares the prince unfit to hold
any longer his place of general of Prus
sian cavalry. The Kaiser has expressed
no views on the subject, but is said to
have the matter under consideration.
The Ex-Chancellor' Candidacy.
Berlin, March 23. The committee of
the National Liberal party has decided to
support Prince Bismarck in his candidacy
for the Reichstag in Geestemunde. The
Socialists there have selected Herr Schmal
feld and the Progressists Herr Walte
math as their candidates to oppose the
Prince. The election is to take place
April 15.
Steamers for the Chilian Government.
London, March 23. The .Chilian gov
ernment has bought through its agents
in Hamburg, several steamers, which are
able to travel at a high rate of speed. It
is announced that these vessels will be
fully equipped as cruisers, and will be
employed by the government to operate
against the insurgents.
Empress Frederick's Stay In England.
London, March 23. The Empress
Frederick will prolong her stay in Eng
land until the eve of the arrival of Em
peror William In London. The ex-Empress
writes that she is gratified with the
response of the English artists to her In
vitation to send works to the Berlin ex
hibition. : Verdict la the Utopia Case. '
London, March 23. The juty in the case
ef the victims of the Utopia disaster ren
dered a verdict ef "accidental death."
The jury deliberated for three hours be
fore reaching a decision.
Missing Mr. Sana's Hat Found.
Trenton, N. J., March E3. The
searchers for the body of Alexander Dunn,
the Trenton merchant whe has been miss
ing since Friday night, found a hat on
the raceway bank last evening, which is
recognised by the family as Jut. Dual's,
Gapi Torn in the Bluff by Angry Seas' and
Property Destroyed.
Long Branch, N. J., March 23. The
destructive storm along the Jersey coast,
which set in with a howling gale from
the northeast Friday, steadily increased
in velocity last night, and the indications
are that it will eclipse the damaging storm
of September three years ago. Last night
tne wma was mowing a gale from the
northeast and the rain fell in torrents all
Saturday and Sunday the sea ran high
ana was ruiiy as rough as
was on Friday. Its damaging attack
upon the much torn Long Branch bluff
at high tide last night renders it only
question of hours when Ocean avenue will
have been engulfed to such an extent
that it will be impassable at points and
entirely beyond repair at the Howland
House property, where Friday's high seas
wasnea tons oi blua away. The gap ex
tended within a few feet of the sidewalk
on the west side of the drive last night.
The rainfall widened the cut opposite the
Ocean Hotel several feet, and any number
of minor washouts have been made be
tween North Long Branch and Elberon.
The fences around the gaps on the East
n.no property, between Long .Branch and
North Long Branch, were nearly all car
ried out to sea yesterday, together with
great diocks oi the Bluff.
The washout near the United States
Hotel has been enlarged some ten feet
since Friday's storm Bet in, while public
travel over the famous drive is extremely
dangerous near the Ve reyster cottages,
opposite North Bath avenue and to the
north of the Scarboro Hotel. Thousands
of dollars' worth of damage has been
done to the Monmouth Beach and Sea-
bright bulkheads.
The storm at Seabright created no end
of havoc, and the big bulkhead east of
the Octagon House there was torn in two
by the big seas.
A Man's Residence Burned and His Body
round In the Ruins.
Franklin, Pa., March 23. About 5 a.
m, tne residence oi jn. r. robin was
burned and shortly after the body of To-
bin was found in the ruins. There is
suspicion that Tobin was murdered by
burglars and the house burned to conceal
the crime.
Twenty years ago Tobin was brought
irom uanada to whip Ben Hogan, then
an oil region terror, but one evening he
wandered into a Methodist prayer meet
ing, and before he left he was converted
and has since lived an earnest Christian
life and had successfully conducted
leading tailoring establishment.
He leaves a family, who were visiting
in jmbw i;astie, jtra. several arrests have
been made.
SEE LEFT $15,000,000.
Death of Mrs. Mary Brayton Tounr
Fall River.
Fall. River, Mass.. March 23. Mrs.
Mary Brayton Young died at her home in
this city last evening, aged 70.
she gave to this city a public hisrh
school costing 4750.000. Mrs. Younar
leaves a iortune estimated at sio,uuu,UUO.
The wealth of Mrs. Young and her im.
mediate family has been for some year
the controlling factor in Fall River'
growth, it being represented in man
mills, banks, railroads,Isteamboatlcom-
panies, etc.
Muldoon's Challenge.
Baltimore, Md.. 'March 23. Professor
William Muldoon, who has arrived hero
from ban Francisco with Jake Kilrain,
challenges Robert Fitzsimmons, the pres
ent miuuieweignt champion ot the world,
to meeWim Hall, the Australian middle
weight. Mr. Muldoon says he is author
ized by Joe Thompson and Joe Harris, the
Australian bookmakers, to back Hall for
from ,5,000 to $25,000. Fitzsimmons is
now in this city and says he will probably
accept. A purse of $13,000 for the fitrht
has been offered by the San Antonio
(Texas) Club.
Sensational Burglary Case.
Beater Falls. Pa.. March 23. The
Uork-Urartley burglary case is assuming
a ratner sensational aspect by the fact
that the girl took poison yesterdav with
suicidal intent. The general belief here
now is that the girl did the whole busi
ness herself or with the aid of an accom
plice, who did it in- a bungling manner.
J. H. Witherspoon, whom Miss Bork im
plicated in the burglary, is thought to be
innocent oi tne crime.
A Strike Averted.
Chicago, March 23. Committees from
the Carpenters and Builders' Association
and the United Carpenters' Council have
reached an agreement, thus averting the
threatened strike of next Saturday. The
agreement, which will come into effect
April 1, 1891, and last until April 1, 1893
provides that journeymen carpenters wil
receive 85 cents an hour as the minimum
rate of wages and that eight hours will
constitute a day's work.
A Mother's Claim.
Kingston, N. Y., March 23. Mrs. Cal
vin Vangorder, the mother of Jason Van
gorder. 20 years of age, who recently lost
his life near Wood bourne, Sullivan
County, through drinking, has entered
two actions in court in the sum of $3,000
each, one against John Beilly, a hotel
keeper, and the other against Daniel
Freer, a saloonkeeper, at Ellenville,
where, it is alleged, her son procured the
Conducted the Examination Herself.
Trot, N. Y.. March 23. The commia-
ion to inquire into the mental condition
of Miss Alice Lambert of Lansingburg af
ter 13 minutes' deliberation rendered a
decision that Miss Lambert was compe
tent to manage her business affairs. She
appeared as her own attorney and con
ducted the examination of witnesses.
Three of the Viotlms Dead.
New York, March 28. Of the four men
who were injured by the explosion of gas
in an oil still in Pratt's Oil Works In
Brooklyn, three died of their injuries dur
ing the day. They are: James McCabe,
James Cramer and Patrick McGuire. The
remaining victim, Thomas Hayden, is ex
pected to die before morning.
. Two Tenths Instantly Killed. .
Plain FTKLD, N. J.. March 23. Daniel
Liebe and William Gannon, both youths,
were instantly killed last night by being
truck by a train while driving across the
Central Railroad crossing in this city
Te Settle the Clothing Trouble. -Boston.
March 28. The master carnan--
ten have refused te confer with the 6a
Matem' Union with a view te fixina tie
f - H t pay for the eesato season because
K4tl fcttefa Mtfea tm-4Bf Ui
The President's Annual Procla
mation About Ready.
War Vessels Going to Alaskan
Waters to Watch Marauders.
Gen. Johnston's Funeral; to Take Place
To-morrow Secretary Proctor Will Not
Resign Klncald's Trial Begun The
President's Trip West Treasurer Hus
ton's Resignation Not Yet Accepted. --
Washington, March 23. The pro
posed proclamation for the protection of
seals in Behring Sea is expected to be
promulgated within a few days.
The President, in issuing it, simply
complies with the statute enacted by the
COth Congress, which requires him to de
this once a year, just before the approach
of the fishing season. It is hinted that
the coming pronunciamento will be even
more vigorous than that of 1890.
The proposal to dispatch at least two
war vessels to Alaskan waters means that
the President intends that the pirates
shall be punished if they resume the
depredations of former years.
The Sayward libel case comes before
the United States Supreme Court early
next month. The President will find no
necessity, tnereiore, ior aenmng the geo
graphical limits within which marauders
may be seized. That question remains
for the court to determine. . Whether its
decision will be accepted by the Salisbury
government as final remains for the fu
ture to develop..
The Body to bo Interred in Baltimore
Without Military Display.
Washington, March 23. The arrange
ments for Gen.. Joseph E. Johnston's
funeral are about completed. The funeral
will take place from St. John's Episcopal
Church to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock,
after which his remains will be taken to
Baltimore and be interred alongside his
wife's in the cemetery there. There will
be no display, military or otherwise,
either here or in Baltimore.
The honorary pall-bearers selected are:
Senators Daniel and Mahone, Hon. J. L.
Curry, formerly Minister to Spain; Gen.
J. G. Parke, U. S. .; Gen. Charles W.
Field, Henry Bath, Bear Admirals Bodgers
and Temple, Gen. B. G. Wright. Benia-
min W. Brice, Col. Archer Anderson, Col.
E. G. Harvie, J. G. Bancroft Davis and
Gen. James Walmough.
The active pall-bearers are all residents
of Washington who served under Gen.
Johnston during the war.
r umerous telegrams were received at
Gen. Johnston's house from friends and
army associates who wore the blue and
the gray, expressing the deepest sympa
thy and the most profound sorrow at the
General's death.
Bishop Simpson, P. T. Sherman and
Col. Archer Anderson were among those
who sent telegrams of i sorrow and condo
Secretary Proctor's Friends Say He Has
No Intention of Resigning.
Washington, March 23. No confirma
tion of the report that Secretary Proctor
contemplates resigning his office can be
obtained in Washington.
Those who would be apt to know if the
Secretary had any such intention are of
the opinion that there is no foundation
for the report. A gentleman who trav
eled South with the Secretary last week
says that Mr. Proctor then spoke enthusi
astically of War Department work that
he had laid out to do during the next two
years, and that, judging from that con
versation, he thinks the Secretary could
not possibly be contemplating a resigna
tion. Mr. Proctor's present tour is far from
being a "junket." This tour-will extend
over a month, and is planned to produce
results bearing on the course of affairs in
military circles for the coming two years.
Then, too, he has just brought from the
West an officer whom he intends to make
1 1 7. ; , TT. . - ....
m miiiutry aiue. ns wouia naraiy no
this, it is argued, were he soon to resign.
Assistant Secretary Grant said that tne
rumor is without foundation.
Klncald's Trial Begun.
Washington. March 23. The trial of
Charles E. Kincaid, for the killing of ex-'
uongressmaa 'xauioee of Kentucky
opened here this morning. The trial will
attract widespread attention, as the wit
nesses come irom such distant and wide
ly separated parts of the country as
Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky,
Ohio, Indiana, Alabama and Louisiana.
The President's Proposed Trip West.
Washington, March 23. Private Sec
retary Halford says that the President
was going West if he- could, but would
abandon the trip if the state of the pub
lio business made it necessary. He had
not made up his mind yet one way or the
other, although the chances were in favor
of his going.
No Reply from Gov. Klcholls.
Washinoon. March 23. Secretary Blaine
has not yet received any reply from Gov.
jNicnoiis oi .Louisiana in response to his
official communication in regard to the
killing of Italians in New Orleans.
Mr. Huston's Resignation.
Washington. March 23. United States
Treasurer Huston has returned to Wash
ington from Fortress Monroe. He stated
that the President had not yet accepted
his resignation.
Tenements Burned by Incendiaries.
Newark. N. J., March 23. Three tene
ments ea Boyd street were burned last
night. They were occupied by about a
dozen Polish families. There were many
narrow escapes and two persons who are
missing ure supposed to have perished in
the flames. The fire was of Incendiary
Parnell's Enroy Recovering.
New York, March 23. Henry Harri
son, SI. P., who came here in the inter
ests of Mr. Parnell and was taken sick
with pneumonia, was" reported aa doing
well to-day, though he is not vet out ol
danger. -
Ev-Gov. Robinson Has a Relapse,
Eliqra, N.Y.. March 23. Ex-Gov. BaV
lnson has again suffered a relapse, ana
his death is momentarily expected. He
began failing early this morning.
Caroline Schmidt and Her Husband Call4
For Trial To-day
Philadelphia, March 23. A half-crazed
woman walks her narrow cell In the
Media jail day and night. The theory of
the prosecuting officers of the county la
th 1 la remorse for the slaying of a sister
""ve sieep and peace Irom her
uxBiu. ins woman's friends declare that
ouoaio no nervous shock at an an
just accusation of a brutal crime which
uas nearly mads a mad creature of hsr.
i, . ay In the county courthouse the
juuiciai strung of the evidence for and
against these widely different theories
has begun. The woman is Mrs. Caroline
ocnmidt, who- jointly with her husband
w charged with the murder of Emma
x-ntzenmeyer . at Chester on the early
morning of December 4. The trial, if
the prosecuting officers press the evidence
they claim, promises to disclose the de
tails or one of the most remarkable trag
edies in the annals of crime.
Fred Fitzsimmons, Who Killed Detectlvo
Gilkinson, Has Been Arrested.
PrrrsBURO, Pa., March 23. Fred C.
Fitzsimmons, alias A. G. Budd, the burg
lar who shot and killed David Gilkinson,
head of the American Detective Agency
of Pittsburg, and seriously wounded De
tective Murphy near McKeesport, Pa.,
while they were attempting to arrest him,
and who later escaped with the aid of his
wife, was arrested near Homestead, Pa.,
last night.
A satchel found near the scene of the
murder contained a lot of valuable jew
elry stolen at Homestead. A copy of the
will of Robert Fitzsimmons, dated at
Brockville, Ont., Dec. 10, 1890, was also
found in the valise. This will shows that
the murderer '8 father was a wealthy man,
having about $40,000 in money to divide
among his heirs besides a large amount
of real estate. The murderer is named
in the will as Frederick Carrollton Fitz
simmons and is bequeathed $8,000 in
money and a good share of real estate.
Orogheda Gives the Home Ruler Mixed
. Drogheda, March 23. Mr. Parnell was
warmly greeted at Skerries while on his
way to this place. He was met by the
parish priest and his parishioners, who
presented him with an address, while the
ladies threw bouquets te him.
At the meeting Parnell spoke on the
lines of his recent speeches regarding the
Gladstonian dictation.
A vote of confidence in Parnell was en
thusiastically taken.
There were a number of demonstrations
at North Sligo and some indications of
rioting, but a large force of police was on
hand, and they finally succeeded in pre
serving the peace.
The Street Car Syndicate.
Chicago, March 23. When shown the
telegram from New York representing
that ex-President Grover Cleveland, W.
C. Whitney, Daniel S. Lamont and a
street railroad magnate of Chicago were
members of a syndicate which proposes
to buy up the controlling Interests in the
street car lines of New York. Philadel
phia, Boston, Washington. Pittsburg. St.
Louis, Chicago and San Francisco Presi
dent (Jhas.I. Yerkes of the West Chicago &
iNorcn umcago street jKauroad compan
ies, said the scheme was impractica-
Die ana mat ne aid not think there was
any possibility of its being carried Into
The End of the Coke Strike Coming.
Uniontowx, Pa., March 23. The end of
the coke strike is now thought to be near.
further breaks have occurred in the
ranks of the strikers. The Ferguson
works at Dunbar have started, and the
Mahoning and Beed plants are reported
reaay to ioiiow. totert llagsett's Mt.
Braddock works are running full. The
miners of J. D. Boyd & Co., at Smock
Station, who were out for an advance of
so cents, have returned to work at the
old rates.
For a Road Six Miles Long.
Harrisburo, Pa., March 23. A charter
has been granted at the State Department
to the Mount uarmel and Natalie Rail.
road Company, with a capital of 1175.000.
The line will be six miles long, from the
Philadelphia & Beading Railroad" at
Mount uarmel to the village of Natalie.
The president of the company is John
McUinnis, Jr., of New York.
Additional Coal Tonnage Secured.
Pittsburg, March 23. An arrangement
nas Deeu completed dj tne Heading Com
pany which secures for it 600,000 tons
yearly aaaiuonai eoai tonnage. The only
tract oi anthracite coal lands which its
competitors can reach in the Schuylkill i
gion has just been secured to the Beading
roaa ay a contract running ior tweuty
years. "
A Boston lawyer Disbarred.
Boston, March 23. Judge Baker, of
the Superior Court, has entered an order
disbarring from practice John B. Hebron,
a criminal lawyer, who has been a prac
titioner iu the criminal courts for years.
"Gross misconduct" in dealings with cli
ents is the cause assigned.
Keftues te Ge to Philadelphia.
Brooklyn, N. T;. March 23. Superin
tendent of Public Instruction William H.
Maxwell has declined the offer of $5,000
per year to take charge of the public
schools of Philadelphia, giving as a rea
son that he prefers to remain in Brooklyn
at the same figure.
Perished la the Flames.
PrjONKiKLD, N. J., March 23. A barn
belonging to Hugo Weignaan was burned
Saturday night. Weigman ran into the
place to save his horses when the fire was
discovered and perished in the flames. He
leaves a family.
Thinks Wright Is Alive.
Nkw York, March 23. Chief Inspector
Byrnes -does not believe that the Astor
House suiolde was Wright and is said to
have some information from which he
thinks that Wright is still alive and in
this country.
Will Not Confer About Wages.
Rochester, N. Y., March 28 Definite
action is to be taken by the clothiers to
day with a view ' to re-employing the
Iooked-out men. Chairman Hughes has
teen remanded to custody In Philadelphia.
A New Hampshire Farmers' Alliance.
Co It CORD, N. H., March 23. Prominent
Republicans and Democrats of Boscawen
wiU immediately organize in tbat town m
fsrnaers' Alliance, which will be the am
M thf kind U tU State,
Would you be the hanniest man on
earth ? Then buy vour sDrins outfit
of us. You have no idea how far a
little money will go towards clothing
yuu ui uic latest style until you have
seen our stock. Our complete stock
ior warm weather is now ready. Suits,
overcoats, rants, ior young and
in ext ounaay is roaster, vou will want
something new and if the weather is
warm you can wear light clothing. Se-
leci u eany ana nave it ready. We
preferto Dress our ?3rmont IW
XlTnt SU2
necessary to a perfect fit. We not
only sell the latest style and best qual-
ities, but have everything shipshape
before it leaves our store. Trv our
rightly made clothing this spring.
J. B. Mullings,
61 to 65 Bank Street.
Sole Agents. 139 Bank Street.
We have a few second hnnH Smmra Pianna f
oid o,b uMi-Kauis. u uHireuuivea a new Hue or 50c
uiiuo ui me lateett music
Prescriptions written by any physician
compounded by experienced clerks at the
lowest prices in the city. . Nugent 's Congh
Cure never fails. Nugent's liquid den-
tsifioe whitens and preserves the teeth.
Nugent's hot soda cannot be excelled.
T j J m T . . i
IMTlOAm Infl lirilnnlOl
llUKGlil 111C Ul UhKIuL.
U hsv "00 M
Cor. South Main and Scovill St.
92 South Main Street
The old stand, Possner Brothers confec
tionery store. Orders placed there will
receive prompt attention.
Floor, Grain, Feed,
Baled Hay, Straw, Salt Sc.
At the lowest market rates.
Poultry I
supplies, Condition Powders, &e.
Frank M. BronsonJ
Save Money.
Go to the Boston Butter House for
As we buy direct from the producers,
in large quantities, we esin save you money.
Boston Batter Honse,
99 South Main Street.
Just Received
A Fine Selection of French And
English Briar Pipes at
Boston Branch Cigar Store,
III Bank Street.
I3T" Sole proprietor of Social Whiffs
all Havana Tobaocq Cigarettes,
This week we offer
a big drive in
i i
i I
1 T
The goods are. first
quality, but. the. pat-
tfvrria firo nrta vooi.
" "" J V,
and Wfi OTTfVr thPTTI t
"U VVe? WltJIU dft
the astonishing low
DriCe OI 75 C T)ftr Vflrd
F , JrU U
Cash. First COHie, first
) "
I Served.
Efflns & Wake,
201, 203, 205, 207 & 209
South Main Street
Undertaking Department.
Residence, SO Abbott are.
Night Calls Also Answered By
W. W. Wallace 24 Walnut street.
Geo. Charles Bruehl, 11 North St.
Ernest J. Senior. 444 South Main St..
Mra. Keid's bell.
One million ahnrea nf -win .h gha
forfeitable and unH.ssHsnhl a
eluding women and children, can purchase 'and
fee is $J.oo per share. The monthly dues on in
stallment shares is $1.00 per share; Maturity
turity 100 months, making total oost of shares
$103, with a clear profit of J'.M. Paid-up Shares,
par value Slooeauh, estimated to mature in ten
..uv v. guucB ?vuv, aim eaLiuitiiBu time ui ma
years, sold for $52; bearing 5 per cent interest
and paid semi-annually in cash.
iar" Five Dollars paid monthly will realize
One Thousand Dollars within one hundred
The bank has now been In nnnraMnn for a.
year, and the experience gained demonstrates
the correctnss of the actuary's calculations
that its shares will mature within eight years.
Of course, the larger the business done the
sooner will these share mature. The system is
admirable, and works like a charm. The book-
I sooner will these share mature. The system is
I admirable, and works like a charm. The book-
keP,inK,J?8iuPl?.andihebook8Show not only
I the healthy coudition of the bank, but also that
there is a verv icratifvlnir nrosrrusH in its mnntlil
accumulations, a he Mercantile Co-operative
Bank is reliable, firmly established, and justly
entitled to public oouUdeuue. New York World.
Deo tfl, 1890.
Boom 19, Piatt's Block, Waterbury, Conn.
Life, Fire, Accident and Live Stock Insurance.
CT Hours 7 to 9 P. M.
ana otner advertisements of a similar
character inserted under this head for
1 cent a word.
LOST Between South Main and Bishop
streets, a black fur shoulder cloak
The finder will receive a suitable reward
by leaving it at this office.
TWO Tenements to rent ef 8 rooms
each. Inquire at 19 Spring street.
ADY or gentlemen boarders wanted at
Jl No 3 Cole street.
T T ANTED Everybody to
VV the New Half Dime Lun
know that
Lunch Rnom la
now open for business. Come once and
you will come again. Kinosly &. Bcbkb,
proprietors, 211 & 213 South Main stieet.
WANTXD Ladies to know that there
is no better place in the eitv te get
carpets, both old and new, laid, sewed or
fitted, than at L. W. Umholtb, 188 Bank
WANTED Everyone having a house
for rent, anything to sell or m wuat
of anything to know that they eau adver
tise it in this column at one cent word.
FOUND A cheap way of advertising by
paying but one cent a word for each
insertion in this column.
JOB PRINTING Good work. Low'
prices. All kinds. At the Democrat
FOB SALE Placards of "To
"Furnished Room To Sent."
Sale," and many other designs. 10o each.
prices. Just tne tnins; to put under c.
pets. At the Cimooiat etloe.
WANTED 50,000' ladies and gentle
men te have their garments dyed
at the Waterbury Steam Dye Worts, office
14 Grand st. Hush 11. Kiixt, Prop'r.
' M Grand St.
N. B. First-class work suarsnteed.

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