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Rebels Reoccupy Country and
Furnish Hard Fighting.
Insurecutn Yrntnrn Ilnclc In the Train of
I.iuvton's Miiln Column Ono American
Killed , I'oartvcn Wounded Good Ito-
nulls AccompllMliiMl In March of Twenty
Days to Foothills.
MANILA , May 25. Two companies
of the Third infantry and two compan
ies of the Twenty-second Infantry ,
formerly General Lawton's rear guard ,
returning from San Miguel to Bnliuag
yesterday , escorting n signal party ,
which was picking up wire laid with
General Lawtons expedition , found
that the insurgents had reoccupicd the
country , and hard fighting followed
from daylight until the Americans
camped nt night. But the troops com
pleted tholr work , though harassed by
the enemy. Ono American was killed
and fourteen were wounded. The
troops captured twenty prisoners and
thirty wounded.
It developed yesterday that five men
Instead of ono were drowned by the
sinking of a raft loaded with soldiers
of the Fourteenth regiment at the Pa-
Big ferry.
Twenty insurgents were Killed and
forty were wounded in the engagement
with Major Bell , a reconnoiterlng
party , consisting of two companies of
the Fourth cavalry , In the viclnty of
Santa Arlta , yesterday.
General Lawton , with most of his
troops , has arrived at Malolos. His ex
pedition marched 320 miles In twenty
days , had twenty-two fights , captured
twenty-eight towns , destroyed 300,000
bushels of rice and only lost six men
killed and thirty-one wounded. On the
other hand , General Lawton estimates
that his troops killed 400 killed insur
gents and wounded double that num
The Oregon and Minnesota regi
ments are returning to Manila.
The Spanish newspaper , Oceania ,
has been suppressed for publishing se
ditious editorials.
The United States commissioners
and many American ofllcers celebrated
Queen Victoria's birthday yesterday
on board the British first-class cruiser
Generals MacArthnr and Funston ,
with the Kansas and Montana regi
ments and the Utah battery , have dis
persed 800 Insurgents who were in
trenched on the railroad beyond San
Fernando , near Santa Arlta.
The American scouts were fired upon
from the trenches unexpectedly and
withdrew. The firing was heard at
San Fernando , and General MacArthnr
assembled his troops and marched
quickly after the scouts. The Montana
regiment flanked the trenches on the
left and the Kansas regiment attacked
the enemy's right flank , General Funs-
ton leading the charge at tlio double-
quick ,
The insurgent loss was large , many
prisoners were captured and it is re
ported that twenty Americans were
GroetliiKB to the tjuucn.
MINNEAPOLIS , May 25. After the
opening prayer by the moderator in
the Presbyterian assembly this morn
ing Rev. John M. Ingham of Now
York , addressing the moderator , sold :
"Wo are dwelling In a day which
has marked a notable increase in
friendship between this country and
Great Britain , and I would remind
you that this Is the 80th anniversary
of Queen Victoria's birth. I therefore
move that the assembly send to her
a communication congratulating her
on her successful reign. "
This motion was carried unani
mously and the following message
was immediately cabled to Queen Vic
toria :
To Her Majesty , Queen Victoria ,
Windsor , 'England ' : The general as
sembly of the Presbyterian church In
American tenders congratulations on
the eightieth anniversary of your
birthday and rejoices in the divine
guidance which has blessed your Jjng
and prosperous reign.
Stated Clerk.
HnUor Ticks Np Cub Driver.
BERLIN , May 25. An exciting street
Incident was witnessed by Emperor
William in the Thlergartcn today. A
cab horse bolted * > nd its driver was
thrown from the box. His majesty ,
accompanied by an aide-de-camp , was
passing at the tlmo and they immedi
ately dismounted from their horses and
ihls majesty superintended the work
of picking up the cab driver and re
storing him to consciousness. The em
peror also took the name and address
of the man with the view of assisting
Quocn Receive *
THE HAGUE , May 25. Queen Wil
holmlna received M. do Staal , presi
dent of the peace conference , at 4.45
p. m. today , and the latter presented
her with the Russian Order of St.
The reception of the chief delegates
to the conference commenced at 5
o'clock. The queen and the queen'p
mother each held a court of their cwn
.nd the delegates were presented to
each of their majesties alphabetically.
Cochlan Uuta Hhoro Duty.
WASHINGTON , May 3. The naval
rders posted yesterday assign Captain
3. H. Coghlan to duty ns commandant
of the Puget Sound naval station ,
June 30 , by which tlmo the Raleigh
will bo out of commission. The re
maining ofuccrs of the Raleigh are also
detached and placed cm waiting orders
or leave. Captain Coghlan relieves aa
commandant Captain J. G. Green.
Captain C. S. Cotton Is relieved of
duty as captain of. the Mare Island
navy yard by Captain W. W. Meads
and assumes command of the receiving
ship Independence at the same yard.
Worn Out by Onerous Duties and Kcipin *
NEW YORK , May 25. A dispatch
to the Jonrnnl niul Advertiser from
Hone Kong quotes Admiral Dewo ; * ns
saying on bonrd the Olympla : "The
courtesy of these visitors I warmly
appreciate , but I am to much worn
out and sick to receive them. I am
sorry to leave Manila at this ticne.
I could not stand the care and re
sponsibility much longer. It Is vast
ly easier sometimes to bo under or
ders than to issue tHem.
"it IB the responsibility that Kills.
During the year that has elapsed
since wo came to Manila I have not
had one sick day until now. A yonr
Is long enough In this climate for an
old man and I am glad to bo permitted
a rest. On this account I expect to
remain in Hong Kong two we ks.
That ought to recuperate me. My 'n- '
teution is to spend the tlmo at Vic
toria Peak , whore I hope to bo abso
lutely free from worry. Nobody la
more sensible of the kindness of the
people who have extended mo Invita
tions , but I do not wish for entertain
ment. My health would not stand It
at present. Two weeks of perfect
quiet nt the peak ought to make a
new man of me.
"I have the greatest enthusiasm in
the future of the Philippines. I hope
to see America's possessions the itey
to Oriental commerce and civiliza
tion. The brains of our great coun
try will develop the untold agricultu
ral and mineral richness of the is
"Wo must never sell thorn. Such an
act would bring another great war.
Wo will never part with the Philip
pines , I am sure , and in future-years
the idea that anybody should have .se
riously suggested It will be one of
the curiosities of history.
"The insurrection Is broken. Tli ° ro
will bo no more hard battles and the
now era for the islands that was tem
porarily delayed by the rising n'lll
soon begin. Agnlnnldo and his gen
erals must be captured and then the
very semblance of r.n insurrection A'lll
"The Olympla will go homo lelstiro-
ly. I want all my ofllcers and iron
to get the greatest benefit of all the
stops we make. Wo will pick our plac
es with this In mind. They h.ivo
earned a rest by a year of steady
duty without respite.
"While I am glad to bo going home ,
I cannot leave Manila without regrets.
There have been many pleasant oc
currences among the months of har-
rassing responsibility , and we will noi
forget them. "
StirRt'on on Dowoy'a Health.
WASHINGTON , May 25 Surgeon
J. E. Page of Admiral Dewey's flag
ship , the Olympia , has arrived here
on leave. He came ahead of the Olym
pic to avoid the long delays of the
sail via the Suez canal. Surgeon Page
has been on the flagship ever since
Dewey took command , seeing him dai
ly and having general charge of med
ical affairs so that he is In a position
to give an intelligent view of the ad
miral's health and general condition.
He said today :
"Admiral Dewey is in no sense a
sick man , but is as well as any man
could bo after spending a year In the
tropics. I was on the Olympla at the
time he came aboard and from that
time to the present I do not believe
there has been any appreciable clringo
in his appearance , weight or general
condition. Anyone who thinks ho ig
a physical wreck should hear the ad
miral on the quarter deck when he
gets aroused. He Is the gentlest man
living , and yet he expects every man
to do his exact duty , and when there
is any shortcoming the admiral will
be heard from In no feeble or sickly
manner. Of course , everyone in the
fleet has suffered in health more or
less in the last year , owing to the
terrific and long sustained heat and
the enervating climate. It takes all
the life out of a strong man , kills ills
energy and ambition. In that way
Dewey suffered with all the rest of
us. It was particularly arduous do
ing blockade duty , when for long
stretches no man could get ashore. "
Surgeon Page was asked if Admi
ral Dewey's responsibility had not
welshed heavily on him.
"I think not , " he answered , "and I
believe it will be found that ho has
lust as much nerve as the morning he
fought the battle of Manila bay. Ho
is a man who carries responsibllty
lightly and does not let it break him
down. On the morning of the battle
he was perfectly cool and only once
throughout the action did he show
signs of excitement. That was when
the head gunner reported that our
ammunition was running short. This
was about the time we pulled off for
breakfast and it had a rather depress
ing effect. But it was quickly offset
when the ofllcer of the deck reported
that the Ueina Christina and Castalia
were afire. That was the turning point
and the admiral had no anxiety after
that. "
Asked if ho had prescribed for Dewey
of late. Surgeon Page said :
"No , he has no need for prescrip
tions. During the last year he has not
once asked for a prescription or taken
medical advice , except In a casual way
If he wants anything he sends down
to the ships apothecary and gets It. His
habits are so regular that ho needs
little or no medicine. His smoking am
drinking are in perfect moderation
He eats well and sleeps well , and it is
one of the recognized offences on boarc
ship to tramp heavily over the ad
miral's cabin aftobe has retired. "
"It has needed a pretty calm man
at the head of affairs , " said Surgeon
Page when asked as to the reports of
friction with the Gorman naval ofllcers
"I know nothing of any differences
but we all felt that much reliance waite
to bo placed on the admiral's tact and
conservatism as a means of avoiding
any possible difference. Throughou
the fleet ho was universally admired
not only as a naval commander , but for
bis statesmanship and discretion. "
Cullers on tlm rri-xlilent.
WASHINGTON. May 25. Represen
tatlvo Sherman of New York called on
the president today and had a brie
consultation with him ,
R. T. Woodward , a Boston man who
lalms to be exceedingly weathor-wlso ,
cmembers that the summer of 1S39 ,
ust sixty years ago , was a scorcher ,
le predicts tnat the summer of 1899
vill bo like unto It , only more so
'the hottest ana driest ev r known to
ho oldest person living. " '
On the windiest ndys no dust whirls
hroiigh the air In Jersey City now.
The local solans have succeeded in
mvlng Inserted In the street railway
franchises a street sprinkling clause ,
ind now nil the trolley lines are oper-
itlng sprinkling cars on the streets
vhero they have tracks laid.
Uitmlin I'lirnlluro In T xn .
Many are astonished to learn that
Haydcn Uros. , "Tho 131g Store" In Om
aha , ship goods to such distant points
ns Texas. It only Illustrates what
cash and western grit will do. Free
catalogues of all classes of goods , sent
by them in answer to requests , are
found in nearly every state. Orders In
variably result as the prices , strange to
say , are lower than those quoted even
u the manufacturing section. Hayden
Bros , are daily filling over one hun
dred big furniture mall orders.
The faults of a good man are more
dangerous than the vices of a thor
oughly bad one.
Do Tour Foot Aclia imrt Hurnf
Shake Into your shoes , Allen's Foot-
Ease , a powder for the feet. It makes
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures
Corns , Bunions , Swollen , Hot and
Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and
Shoe Stores , 25c. Sample sent FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted , LeRoy , N. Y.
Prldo and Fashion are the task
masters who make bread-winning
\Vo will forfeit $1,000 if any of our pub
lished testimouinls lira proven to bo not
geuuluo. TUB Piso Co.Vtirrcu , 1'n.
It is better to bo right than bo pres
ident , but it doesn't always pay as
I'ntont Kxlilblt.
The Greater America Exposition
Company have created a Department
of Patents and Inventions , within
which models of patented Inventions
may bo exhibited. Space is free. Ail
Inventors desiring to exhibit their In
ventions should communicate with
G. W. Sues & Co. , Patent Lawyers ,
Bee Building , Omaha , Nob.
General Lew Wallace , who Is now
eonferrlng with William Young , the
gentleman selected to dramatize "Ben
Hur , " says the first production will
take place next November , and if
present plans are carried out 500 people
ple will bo required for Its presenta
tion. It will be given in New York ,
Philadelphia , Boston and Chicago
only , the general says , not admitting
of successful production In other
American cities.
Try drnln-ot Try dratn-ol
Ask your grocer today to show you a
package of GRAIN-0 , the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee.
The children may drink it without In
jury ds well as the adult. All who try
Jt , like it. GRAIN-0 has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java , but it is made
from pure grains , and the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress.
One-fourth the prlco of coffee. 15c.
and 25c. per package. Bold by all
A word to the wise may bo sufficient ,
but the policemen often has to use a
club on the otherwise.
U. S. Patent Office HusliM'SS.
In 1895 a patent was granted for an
invention pointed out in the claim as
follows :
As a protection for vessels or other
structures , a filler composed essential
ly of compressed comminuted corn
stalk-pith , substant'ally an described.
A second application for a patent
for the same material described in a
claim as follows :
The within-described new material
adapted for use for packings and other
purposes , the same consisting of the
comminuted cellular portion of corn-
pith freed from sappy deleterious and
adherent matters and having the char
acteristics substantially as set forth ,
has been considered upon appeal by
Judge Morris in the Court of Appeals
of the District of Columbia , and the
distinction between the two inventions
stated by the court as follows :
A material consisting of the commi
nuted cellular portion of corn-pitli
freed from sappy , deleterious and ad
herent matters by subjecting the pith
to the action of a blast of air , prefer
ably heated , Hole to be not anticipated
by applicant's prior patent disclosing
corn-pith obtained by passing corn
stalks through breakers and then sep
arating the pith from the fiber and
outside shell , as there is no description
in the patent that the pith is subjected
to air nt a high temperature.
Solicitors of Patents.
DCS Moines , Iowa , May 20 , ' 99.
All the world's a stage and the
ocean is used in the tank dramas
What would the world do without Ink ?
Just think of it I
Forty y r eip rl o In the intuit , C t
yon no mar * than poor Ink , Wl.y not lutv * III
Kav 's Renovators
n a iioiiuiuiui
j i
to cure ilynp p-
sta , constipation , Uvor and kidney dJwascs.ml-
llousnesa , headache , eto. At druggists 'Ac & tl.
Ilxcurtiloii to Detroit \lu tliu Wulmiiti
For the Y. P. S. C. 13. Convention
July Mb to 10th all lines will sell
tickets on July 3rd , 4th and 5th via the
Wabash , the short line from Chicago
cage or St. Louis to Detroit. Side
trips to Niagara Knits , Toronto , Mon
treal , Macklnnc and many other pjtnts
at a very low rate via Lake or 'tail
have been arranged. Parties-roiitun-
platlng n trip east should call on or
write for rates and folders giving list
of side trips , etc. , also beautiful souve
nir entitled "Lake and Soa. "
Room 302 Karlmeh Hlk. ,
Omaha , Nob.
nctiool T.niuH at Yiiur Oxrn Trim.
As soon after the flr.sl of July n-
practicable 1 will hold public auctions
for tensing about OTft.OOOacivsof suhool
land , under provisions of the now law ,
In the following1 counties : Antelope ,
Manner , Illnino , Hex Hut to , llrnwu ,
Chase , Cherry , Chuvonno , Ouster ,
Duwes , Dcucl. Dundy , ( Jarlleld , Grunt ,
Hayes , HUehcoolc , Holt , Hooker , Keith ,
Kcyji Palm , Kiniball , Kno.x , Lincoln ,
Logan. Lonp , iMol'lierson , Pierce , Per
kins , Hock , Scolts lUnlV , Sheridan ,
Stoux , Thomas und \Vhoolor. Under
the new liuv. if these hinds will not
lease tit public limit ion at 0 per cent
upon the appraised value , they may be
leased to the pcr&on offering 0 per cent
upon the highest valuation. These
lands nro in the best s tok growing
portions of the statu where cuttle ,
sheep and horses can bo produced at
less p.xpiMise and , therefore , at greater
proui , uiun nnywncre I know oi ; mm
yet , surrounded with us good and in
telligent a clnss of citizens as any whuro
to be found. The harvest truly is great
and lusts , almost the your round and
no more inviting field for the Intelli
gent stockman und fanner cun bo
found ; und now , that there i.s an op
portunity to secure twcnty-livo your
louse "ontrncts thereon tit whtit the
lands are worth , the lohsoo himself being -
ing the judge , it is confidently expect
ed that till or nearly till of those lands
will be loused during the present year
at the public unctions , us above men
tioned. Any one desiring to attend
uny of these leasing auctions will bo
notified of the time und place of hold
ing the same , as soon as it has been ar
ranged , if they will write mo tit once
giving the names of the counties in
which they tire interested ; und will
also be furnished a list of lands to bo
leased so that they may visit the coun
ties in advance of the lousing auction
and examine the lands which will bo
offered. Notice of the unction will bo
duly given in the locnl papers. Send
stamp for copy of the new school land
law under which the lands will bo of
fered. Any further information will
be cheerfully furnished..T. .
.T. V. Wor.FR ,
Commissioner Public
Lnnds & liuildiugg.
Lincoln , Neb. , May 18 , 1801) .
President Angell , of the University
of Michigan , bus offered to furnish to
the government a number of young
men , liberally educated and of good
natural parts , who will pay their own
expenses abroad for several years if
they can bo assured of places In the
consular service.
Arc Von Unlit ? Allrn'n Foot-KnaoT
It Is the only euro for Swollen ,
Smarting , Burning , Sweating Feet ,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease , a powder to bo shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists mid Shoo
Stores , 25c. . Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress , Allen S. Olmsted , LeRoy , N. Y.
The higher a man rises the more ho
has to depend on others to hold him
FITSrprmnncntlyriiri'ft. NofltHor-nprvouenrmnrtrr
llrHt day'tt UH > of l > r. Kljnr'b ( liufit Nrno HoKtoror.
Rend for I'ltr.i ; 8.OO : Mini hottli ! nml trri tl ! .
Dn. It. II. Kim , Ltd.IMl Arch St. , 1 ljlluclili > lilaI'o.
It's surprising how easy It Is to got
something you don't want.
Wol'nySlfiii Wcclc mid nxjicnflcn
tomcnwltli rlg to Intruiliuo our Poultry Compound.
AddrcLSWItliKtiuiip , .Iiucllo Mfu. Col'arfctm , Kan.
Next to making mistakes the easiest
thing in the world Is to criticise the
mistakes of others.
See tlint your lineu IH washed clean. Use
"Fnultless Bturch " cleun irons
, , follow di
rections given on pnckngu nncl perfect re
sults will follow. All grot-orb boll "Fnultless
Stnrch , " lurgo package , 10u.
Get your heart right and it will bo
easy to manage your tongue.
IB the oldest nml licet. Itwllllircnk up ncold quicker
lhau unytliliiK ul e. It U nlwuya reliable. Try It.
Nine-tenths of the born leaders of
men are women.
A I'nriVi'tji'liililo < 'oiiii > oiml.
No mercurial or other mineral poisons In Cnnea
rct C.mtly Cathnrtlr , only \i-ii > ui > l < t mbMmu-i'B ,
latomedical < ll9covi'rld ! . All ( IniKK'UU , lc,23cf.Uc. ( )
The philosopher's scales are useless
out of his own hands.
Till-Ill' Oil.
A licallnR nntlnoptle for cuts , burns and wounds
The Individual who thinks ho knows
It all has the most to learn.
Mrs. M'ltiHlow'H Hnotlilni ; Syrup.
Forchlldrcn tecthliiK , notions the KUUIB , reduces to *
Humiliation , alluyuiuln , cured win J colic. XJ
It is one thing to talk and another
to sny something.
Klennora Dune la nt Naples , where
she lias produced D'Annunzlo's ono-
act play "La Gloria , " In which she Is
said to have surpassed hornetf. The
piece Is highly poetical and original ,
and Is based up on the text preached
by Solomon , that all is vanity , even
glory. Slgnorn DUHO was called no
fewer than thirteen times at the CiJd
of the performance , and there was a
loud call for the author , who , however -
over , was not present.
Secretary Algor's tlmborlaml , from
which ho made his fortune , lies along
Lnko Huron and Is 100 miunro miles
in extent.
Its I'll MUII KIT Kitrnlnit't Iiu'luilliiK Con
trolled t.ltu't , i\cel : tlui
A NttltU'iiiluoil
The passenger department of the
Now York Central system , Including
lines leased , operated and controlled ,
cast from St. Louis und Chicago , Is the
largest paying Institution of its kind In
the world. It beata the Pennsylvania
system with Its leased nml operated
lines in the territory named by $1,535-
7G8 , and Is so far ahead of any other
system that comparison , to sny the
least , Is odious. Poor's Manuel , which
is an authority on railway statistics , In
its last yearly edition showed the pas
senger earnings of thirty-six of the
leading railways , ns follows : '
IVMinxylvnnln Jlil.WUW
New York , Now I In von & Mn.lt-
fonl ( Inclmllnu Now
Hnllwuy ) 18IOO ! , < M )
New Vorlc Central it lluilsou
Stiver ( IciiHcU and oporutud
lines ) 10,211,000
Southern 1'ucltlo SyHtcin 11,800,000
l'onn ylvunlti Uneivo.tt of I'ltls-
lllt-K ) S.SOO.OOO
Huston * 4 Miilno System s.ouo.ooo
ClitciiKO & Northwestern ( lti"0OW
ChlcuKO , Uutllneton , t Qtttncy. . . , r > w,0'J )
Canadian 1'nclllo ti.MW.OW
Chicago , Milwaukee & Bt. i'uul. . R,7twWU
Ki-Io 6,700,000
AtehlHon , TopcUa & Sunttv Ko. . . . fi.CW.Oou
( iraml Trunk 6KWwu (
Haltlinoro & Ohio 6.0MI.OOU
Southern U'y System 4SOU,000
Chlcuirn. Hock Isliuul & 1'nelllc. . . 4,800,000
loiilnvlllo Nii'thvlllo l. .K..aiiO
l.nko Shoru & JllchlKim BouUiorn 4.1MO.OOO
MlPintrl I'aollle System 4.00U.OIM
lloBtou & Albany 4.000.UOO
Delaware , Lnckawntmii & West
ern : ir'Hooo ' )
MIohlRun Cuntral 3.8WI.OOO
Northern 1'itulllo L'.MUWK )
Ys'iibuHh iSWlOOJ !
LnhlKh Valley 2,7UOlUO )
Central Ilullroail oC Now Jurm-y. 2,700,000
I'nlon 1'aelllo Z.IMi.ooo
Great Northern 2,071,000
ChlcuKO A Alton l.'JBl.Sa ?
Chopapoako & Ohio lNr,7W , <
1'liint System 1,275,174
Denver & Hlo Grande 1,2H,000
Now i'ork , Chicago & St. T.otilH. J > 7 , ! U7
Now Yoilt , Ontario & Woatorn. . KiS.OlW
PlttsburK & I-nlco Erin 011,781
Two of tha grout systems show curnlnKs
from piisHoiiKor truffle. UH follows :
Now York Central Lint-Hi
Now York Central J1G.211,000
Michigan Central 3,300,000
Luke Shore & Michigan Southern 4,200,000
HlK Four 8.UOO.OOI
Iloston & Albany 8Mv,000 )
1'lttsbunr & Lnko ISrlo 611.781
Now York , Chicago & St. Lonia. k7Ci77 !
J31r < 35,7GS
Pennsylvania lines :
Pennsylvania llallroail $21.200,000
1'onn. lines west of I'lttsburg. . . . S.isOQ.OQO
Total for those two great syu-
tcms J lr > : R.7H
Buffalo Commercial , April 4 , 1899.
The society of ladles is a school of
politeness for men.
[ LETTKIl TO JIllS. PINKHAM NO. 40,070 ]
"I had female com
plaints so bad that it
caused me to have
hysterical fits ; have had
as many as nine in one
"Five bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
cured me and it has
been a year since I had
an attack.
firs. Edna Jackson ,
Pearl , La.
If Mrs. Pinkham's Compound will euro
such Mjvero cases as thin mirely it
must be a great medicine is there
any sufferer foolish enough not to
give it a trial ?
Secretary Qage linn Introduced Into
his department a ctiRtom which he first
Inaugurated In n ClilonRo bank. This
Is to have luncheon nerved In the
bulldlDB , * o that all the clerKs can
meet each day at table and dlsotiEH
the nffalra of the oflloc. The ! " ? sflthor-
IURB nro called "Mr. Gage's cabinet
meutliiKs. "
D. 0. Mills , tlio banker and jihilan-
tluoplst , who now ban a fortune of
$2r,000,000 , says that while all his Ufa
has boon happy , HO mo of HH happiest
were when ho was n small country
Minn Iiuoy Tuokor , the daughter ol
n prominent fur-mar of Voranlll ,
I mi. , TV no tlio victim of norvoua proa *
tuition , Moot of the tlmo nhuvus
confined to bed , and wnaou the verne
of HI. VHits' ilnnoo. Itrn n plUful
cnttovliloH ni dleul Holoncn fnflou to
couiiuur. Finally u ilootor l > ru orll > -
cd 1'r. Williams' I'lulc I'llls for l > le
l'colo. | llor father mild :
" Vv'o began ntvlng the pills nt onoo ,
and the noxl Uiiyvo could see n
ctmtiRO for tha hotter In har. Wo
Rnvo her ono pill uftor cnoh monl
until ihownn omlruly wall , tiho hna
not been Hlok n , tiny ulncn. Wo till nil
tlio euro utmost imrnuiiloua.
"FnAUK TUCKER , Mra. K.TucKim. "
Mr. nml Mm. Frnnk Tucltor , liclne
duly eworn , Kioto tlmt the foregoing.
In true In ovury particular.
Iluaii JOHNSON , Jutttce of th Ittoe.
From tha Jltjntbllcan , Vtnailltt , Inii ,
Or. Wlllloms' Pink Pills lor Pule People
3 are never sold by the doion or lumdrtd ,
S but slwa > In pacVanes. At all druaflklt.
1 or direct from the Or. WlllUmt Modltlne
Co. , Jcheneclftdy , tl. Y. , BO conti per box ,
VV.N.U. OMAHA. No. 22-lbO
$ Easiest running , cleanest , Bufcht ,
g most durable. Complotp protection
fi of running gear from ruin , mud ami
\ KicklngaHimself
HOT Illic a for uuimtural
lncturKc" , Inrlitmniutloni , *
IrriUtlun * or ulrvrulloui r
of in u com mombriinti.
I'HlultM , ml not aitrlu *
Hold by UtmauMn ,
or tnt In plulri wrnppfr ,
I'T mprrii , nrfpulil. for
jl.m , nrillKiitlmi , f .TS.
Circular xut uu roiuent
Wo Imve ome extra-
ii.Unary harcalni In or-
Vft ftu f" " * " 'rltfl u nml * <
fS ] \ B * iow l ° w w t'1"1 ilBiiro
Vv B B * * ? iluwii on the Uncut uiiu
hl'H iirK n mmle.
miua UIIUA > 10. , uiu.vn , ri.
WAXTFI ) Conn of lian lirnim Hint 1M P-A-K-3
Mil mil Lxui-ni. Funu r , uiiu to IJIpan. CliomliAl
I'o..New Vork.for 10nunit ] mid l.OUO Icitlnioululn.
Dr , Kay's ' Lung Balm
REV. L. L. CARPENTER , Wabash , Ind. , is President of the
Bethany Assembly at Brooklyn , ind. Ho Is pt-rliHjis the most promltiunt
clergyman in the Christian Church to-day. IIj has dulinitod iilwut fiOO
cliurchos and baptibcd " 000 converts. Ho writes. "It affords mo jjreat
pleasure to nivo mv testimony as to the ellloli-ru-yof Dr. Kay's romedies.
DKay's : Lung Balm is the very best cough , cola und throat remedy
that I cvor used.
I have nlRo received great benefit from the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator.
My Eon had for years been greatly alllictod with the piles ; ho commenced
the use of Dr. 'Kay's remedies uud experienced relief almost from the
first.We have no words to express our thankfulness for the benefit wo have
received as the result of useing thcso remedies. I take great pleasure in
commending them to the suffering. " L. L. CAIIPKNTEU ,
Mis&ionary and S. S. Evangelist , Christian Church.
Dr. Kay's Renovator.
It is a perfect renovator of the whole system. It Is the very best remedy
known for Btomiich troubles , indigestion , dyHnepsin , catarrh of the
stomach , constipation , aholiver and kidney troubles , and to overcome otfecte of La > QriiM ] | ) and Sl'lUNQ laas -
tude. It is an excellent Nerve Tonic. Send for frco smnplfr and a free illustrated 110 page book of receipt
etc , , fvnd send your symptoms and we will give you frco advice. If druggists don't have Dr. Kay's Renovator
don't ' take any substitute they muy sav is " 'Juntas good"for It has no equal ; but send direct to us and wo
will send It by return mall prepaid. Price L'/icts. , and 81.00 or six for 85.00. Also Dr. Kay's Lung Balm
lOota. , and 2f > cta. , postage prepaid. DH. B. J. KAY MKDICAL Co. , Saratoga Springs , N. Y.

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