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Of uoureo , bccauBo bo has the etook of Goods. Quality
And price la nlwnya il ht. Try his Tens , Coffees , 1'uro Spleen ,
I'uro Cider Vinrgnr , Suit Fish nil kinds , Sorghum , Gasoline ,
Flour , Salt. Making 11 Mit run on Dried Fruits. Ho la alio
ngcnt for the World Renowned Haiti Cabinets. Everyone
ought to have one ( or health.
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1'abHihod orcry ThnriJ y at the County Scot.
I ) . .11. AMHUI-KItY , iCdltor
WOfflcc in Carter lllock. Fourth ATC.-V
Entered at tbo pottofflco at Broken Dow , Nob. ,
nit second clans raattur , for tranimltlion tliruugh
die U. S. mallf.
Ono Vear , In advance 51.Oo
rilURSDAY , JUNE 1 , 1899
Populists over the state are
greatly disappointed with Gov.
Poynter's appointments.
The hearty welcome extended to
Admiral Sohloy by the citizens of
Omaha during his short visit in our
state metropolis is appreciated by
the whole state.
The remains of Col. Stotsonburg
were retained at Lincoln over Sun
Ir- day for Memorial services , where
they wore forwarded to the national
cemetery at Washington for inter
As yet there has no republican
offered to accept the nomination
for congress in the Sixth district.
At the present time Wilcox of
North Platte , and Kinkaid of
O'Neil , seem to bo the only ones
mentioned who do not decline the
honor. Either of them arc worthy
and could bo elected.
The Beacon is to bo congratulated
od upon the honoHty it expressed
last week in acknowledging the in
dications of prosperity so manifest
in Broken Bow. Wo second the
Beacon's motion to celebrate the
Jbourth of July , which would bo a
tilling acknowledgement of the im
proved condition of the times.
' While the light holds out to burn
the vilest Dinner may return. "
Now thai Norriu Brown has an
nounced his firm determination not
to run for congress again , Senator
Currin ought to bo urged with re.
nowod energy to accept the nomi
nation. Ho is the man who can
carry the district if any rapublioan
can. Ilia splendid record in the
stale senate last winlor has proved
his worlh , and shown lo the people
just what they need. From Kern
and Greene to Currio would bo a
great big step upward , but the
people could easily stand the shook.
Hurrah for Curriel Ord Quiz.
The Callatvay Independent is
calling for the names of the pop
candidates that want office this fall ,
m order that the public may bo
informed as lo iheir qualitioalions.
It is evident that the editor of the
Independent is not well acquainlod
with pop politics in Custer county.
The court house ring will have the
slate prepared on the date of Ihe
convention , and none others need
apply , Another feature of pop
politics in Custer county is that
"they do not seek oflloo , The office
seeks the man so hard that ho finally
consents to run , for the eako of the
parly , "
After reading Dr. Mullin's in
troductory to his speech , it la no
surprise that ho steps out boldly in
favor of the republican administra
tion and its prsuoiplcs , since bio
experience and obsorvalionajn the
Spanish-American war. The only
surprise is that as a son of a Union
soldier , who fled from his southern
homo to join the Union ranks in
defense of the flig , that ho could
have over boon the radical demo *
oral he once WAS. Buc blood will
tell , and there are thousands more
who have been blinded by demo *
pop sophistry , who will not bo slow
to aesert themselves in favor of a
prosperous country and a wiae ad.
The wave of MoKinJoy prosperity
has placed its magic touch upon
nearly everything the farmer pro-
duccs , yet there is occasionally a
political moBsbaok that will not
concede it. The cow that four
years ago could bo bought for ton
dollars , as readily brings forty dol.
larfl today. The borso that you
could not find ealo for at any orioo
throi1 , four and five years ago , is
soiling readily on the market for
from $ -10 to $120. Hogs , corn ant
wheat arc cash at good figures
Land and city properly have a mar
ket value now that did not have
four years ago. Everybody has
employment that wants work , at
remunerative wages , business is
good in all lines of trade , and mono ;
is more plenty than ever beforu.
Gen. Granl was one of the men
of his day who had little patience
with the follow who opposed hia
country in war , whether right o
wrong. In spending of the Blexi
can war , of which ho was oppose (
lo the principles on which it wa
waged , he saya in his memoirs
'Experience proves that the man
who obstructs a war in wbiob hi
nation isonaauod , no matter whotho
right or wrong , occupies no enviable
l > laoo in life or history. Bettor fo
him , individually , to advocate "war
pestilence and famine , " than to ac
as obstructionist to a war nlroad ;
: > ogun. The history of the dofoatec
ribel will bo honorable hereafter
compared with that of the norlhorn
man who aided him by conopirin |
agaiusl his government while protected
toctod by it. The moat favorable
posthumous history the stay.at-home
trailer can hope for is oblivion. "
One of Iho ohiof howls made by
the populists while the state waa
under republican rule , was that the
railroads wore not compelled to pay
their just proportion of taxes.
When the republican rascals wore
turned out and honral popa put m
their places , it waa to be expected
that thia atato of things would bo
changed , and that the corporations
would bo required to bear a little
more of the poor man's burden.
Railroads ara assessed by a board
composed of the governor and the
principal stale officers , and it was a
matter of great surprise to many
that the first reform bjard of equal ,
iration , with Governor Holoomb at
its head , adopted without a change ,
the assessment made by tbo pro *
vious republioan board. The aub *
sequent wholesale dialribution of
free railroad passes among all the
state oIlioorH from governor down
to janiUT , explained thu matter in
the mintlH of many , however. But
when Poynter took the reins of
government , it wax predicted that
reforms would begin to operate
about the Plate house. Another
Hoard of equalization oomplelud its
labors the ollnrday.
During Ihe IftMl year ruilrond
property in Nebraska has greatly
increased in value. The Burlington
iat ) built a million dollar depot at
Omaha , the Missouri Pacific a fine
sUlion al Lincoln , and every road
) | ioraling in Iho slalo baa added to
Is rolling Block and equipment.
low much did the late board ot
equalization increase tbo assessment
of these roads ? Not one cent !
rVlien a poor farmer cornea into
lOHHctiHion of an old spavined mule ,
> r buys a department store buggy ,
or a little piece of poor land , the
assessor always gets them down on
iis list the very next Irip ho makes ;
ml these grinding and soulless cor-
> orations are allowed to go scot
ree , with thuir millions of dollars
of added property , and at the hauda
of a sot of men who wore elected
o office by poor farmers , and who
)080 as the champions of the down *
redden and oppreasaed , against the
yranny of corporate capital. And
he distribution of passes in blocks
of five still goes on at the state
louao , and a few months honoo thia
same unsavory gang of bogua ro-
formora will go out over Iho state
crying : "Behold how faithfully
we have lorvod the poor dear com
mon people ; gvo us a ohanco to do
it some more. " O , reform , what a
immbug thou aril Callaway Cour
Campaign Yfhlskej and Cigar * Prohib
ited . Must File a Ileport of all Ex-
peuseiofthe Campaign. Purity of
the Ballot lo be Upheld and Political
Strikers Out of a Job.
The new law to prevent corrup
tion in electiouB will bo in effect
this fall. A synopsis of the law is
as lollowH ;
No candidate indirectly or diroot-
lv * uuder penalty of fine of $50 oraix
months imprisonment , shall pay
for any outorlainmont to any moot
ing of olocters previous lo election ;
give away or treat to any drinks ,
cigars or other refreshment ! ; pay
anything to promote the nomin
ation or election of any candidate
except for boua fide personal ex
penses and then not in excess o :
sumfl as follows :
For 5,00 votes or IOSH , $100 ; for
tiO.ob 100 voters over 6,000 anc
under 25,000 $5,50 , for each 100
voter- ever 25,000 and under 50,000
$1 ; and nothing additional for voters
ors ever 50,000.
Any payment , contribution or ox
poudilura , or agreement or offer to
pay , contribute or expend an ;
money or thing of value , in axcess
of Iho limit proscribed by thia act ,
frr any or all such objects or pur-
pOHOi , is hereby declared to bo uu
lawful and to make void Ihe elec
lion of the person making it. Bu
this Boctio'u shall not apply in oases
where such nomination of such
candidates , or any rival candidate
for the same office , shall have been
made prior to the taking effect o
) < \w. Nothing in this auction shal
refer to traveling expenses.
The bill provides that nil the can
dates for preferment at a caucus o
convention or primary election fo
office of United States repioaonl
ativcs. shall file oxponoo slatomonts
with the clerk of hu county , the
form of affidavit being given. Can
didatea for the offices themselves
shall perform similar acts after
election. The penally fixed ia a fine
not over $1,000. No certificate o
election ahall bo given till the ox
penao accounts are filed. Proof Urn
a Bum in excess of the amount , al
lowed baa boon expended , shall because
cause for removal from office 01
action brought by the public
prosecutor on demand by the at
torney-general , and such oases shal
have the preference over civil cases
on court dookela. Legislalivo seat
may be oontoolod in this manner.
Politioal committees shall dis
burse all funda through a treasurer
All accounts of funda diaburand b ;
olhora lhan the treasurer ahall bo
kept and rcporttiJ. to him nnd ho in
turn Khali file a report with the
counly clerk allowing how alt the
money was expended. Reports
must be file/1 with in twenty days
after the election and all claims
owing by the committee must be
paid in eight days after the elect
ion. Penalties are provided for
treasurers of committees refusing to
comply with Iho law , the same be
ing impriHonmont from three to six
It ahall be unlawful for any can
didate for any office which ia to bo
filled by popular election under the
conatilulion or lawn of the atalo , or
for any member of a political com
mittee to pay , contribute , promise
or offer , or to procure or connive at
the paying , contribute , promising or
olforiug any money or thing of
value for the purpose of procuring ,
facilitating or defraying any food or
expenses in connection with tne
naturalisation of any alien'and any
violation of this section shall be
punishable by a fine of not loaa than
$100 nor more than $500 , or im-
msonmont for not lens than ten
nor moro than thirty daya.
By order of the board of directors
and stockholders of the Broken
Sow Building & Loan Association ,
[ will sell at public auction , at the
: rent door of Holcomb Bros , office
on Saturday , June 24th , ] 899 , at 2
o'clock p. m. all of the properties
credits , tent accounts , delinquent
dues and interest , mortgages ant
securities of every nature and dis.
onption belonging to and due to
said association. Properties con
sist of :
Lots 5 and G , in block 12 , in J
P. Gandy's addition.
Loti 1 and 2. in block 3 , A.W
Gandv'a addition Southeast quarto
of block 1 , in Jowett's addition.
130x144 $ feet in N E quarter N W
quarter , 32-17-20 , known aa the
Raymond property.
Lot C , in block 7 , original town.
Lot 3 , in block 14 , J. P. Gandy'
All of block 10 , in oaul Broken
120x150 feet in N E quarter , 32-J7
-20 , known as tbo Dodd property.
123 x114 loot in N W quarter lot 4
F. Roynor's addition to Broken
Decree of 543,00 , rendered 8t !
day of March , 1899 eeourod b ;
mortgauo on lots 3 and 4 , block 22
J. P. Gandy's addition to Broken
Bow , Nebr.
Decree of (224,30 , rendered 8th
day of March , 1890 secured b ;
mortgage on west half east bal :
block 11 , Pleasant View addition lo
Broken Bow , Nebr.
Decree for $448.07 , tendered 22
th day of January , 1892 , secured b
mortgage on lots 1 and 2 , in blooi
18 , original town of Broken Bow
Decree for (124.80 , rendered 24
th day January , 1893 , scoured b ;
mortgage on lots 3 , 4 and 5 , m Sao
31 , Tp. 20 , Rg. 20 , Custor county
Notes and accounts arc againa
various parties formerly stookhold
ers and tenants of aaid association
Terms of sale , all note acoountsdo
oroes and credits cash in hand on
day of sale. All real estate on
half purouaoi price cash in hand
caodit of four months will bo. given
on other half.
Wmjfaii TIME TABLE ,
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , Helena ,
Chicago. liutte ,
St. Joeopli , Portland ,
Kansas City , Salt Lake Clt
Sf Loals , ami all San Franclec
point * eaet and south. and all jtolnta wes
No. 42. Local oxprflis dally , Lincoln , Omaha
and all poluti east . . .0-iiO a.m
No. 46. Through ( rolgbt east tally..6i : a. m
No. 48. Local freight cast arr. dally U.UO p.m
Departs at 1.05 p.m
Except Sunday.
No. 41. Local express dally , Helena , Butt
i'ortlaad. all point * went lltlTp. m
No. 45. " " went " 10-M a. m
No. 47. ' " 2:16 : p.m
Depart ) at 8.45 p , in
Kzcopt Hunday.
Sleeping , dining and reclining chair cart ( seat
Ireo ) on through trains. Tlckus sold and big
gage checked to any point In tbt United State
and Canada.
No. 48 has merchandise cars Tuoadayi , Tuur *
day * and Saturdays.
No. 46 will carry pasiengers for Ansolmo , Ila
tt > y , Seneca , Whitman and Alliance.
No. 4(1 ( wlllj carry pasiorgera ( or lUvttnn
Grand 1 eland , Sewud and Lincoln.
information , maps , time tables and ticke
call on or write to H. L , Ormsby , agent , ur
Frauch , Q. I' . A. , Oman * . Nebraska.
II' ' . L. OuMinr , Ait nt ,
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins
Office oyor post office. Reaideooe
north aide.
Don't give you so much WIND , but here
are a tew FACTS. They sell BETTER
can get elsewhere. They
Guarantee Everything as Represented ,
iilt Edge Shoe Blacking 20o LL MiiHlin So
Boston Shoo Blacking 20u
The Host Stock of Embroidery and Luces nl prices away BELOW
ALL COMPETITION ; 2o to 30o per yurd.
landled Tea Cups and Sa'ieore , per
sot 40o
Dinner IMatoH , per Hot 3Po
tjie Plates , per sot 30o
Liawhido Buggy Whips 45o
adipa' Fine Dongola Shoes ,
75o to $2.25
Wo have just received the Lirgont and Finest Stock of Plai-Js ,
Stripes , and all colors , in nil Silk Ribbon in the city , at a price lower
than can bo bought elsewhere.
Ladies' all Silk Mitts. . . .I5c to 55c
Men's SumtnerUndorwoar Suit. .60o
Letter Files 2Co
Note Paper 30 sheets for 5o
Envelopes 50 for fto
Tablets , all kinds , Ic , 3c , 4o , Co , lOo
Beats All Lead Pencils , each. . . . lo
Faber'a Bank Pencils , each Co
Men's Unlined Work Gloves ,
20c to OOo
A nice lot of Fancy Lamps ,
85o to $1.70
Overalls , heavy 49c
A Cue lot of Men's and Boys' Shirts ,
25c to 8o
Puff Bosom Shirts 50o
Mirrors 15u to 45u
Lamps , complete 20c , 25o , 35o
All Copper Tea Kettles 79o
All Copper , Nickel Plated Tea
Kettles 89o
Granite Coffee Pots 25o to 45o
Tin Cups 3 for 5o
Best 0 cord Spool Cottonper doz,35u
MOII'H SliocH 98o to $2 CO
Children's Slioos 18o to $1 50
Men's and Boy's Hats , in all styles ,
at prices lower than ever.
Men's Suites , at $2 85 and up.
Calico , per yard 3o to Oo
7 inch Rubber Combs , 5o ; 0 for 25o
Ladioh' Gauze Vests 5o to U2o
Hunter Flour Sifter 10o
Engraved Watoi Glasses per set , 20o
Heavy Black Sateen Uuderskirts,90o
Fancy Stand Covers 5o
Ladies' Gauntlet Gloves 47o
Ladies' Cottou Gauntlet Gloves , 20o
Knives and Forks , per sot 34o
Straw Hats ,5o to 20o
A fine line of Ladies' and Children's }
Oxfords and Toe Slippers , at Rock Bottom j
prices. |
Celluloid Collars 4o
Linen Collars 80
Ladies' Hose , per pair 5o
Rockford Socks , per pair 5o
Coffee Mills 15o
Wash Boards 15o to 23c
Glass Wash Boards 38o
Bridle.Bits 5o to 17o
Hamo Staples , per pair 5c
Tug Clips , per pair 5o
Wash Boilers 7'2o and up
Pocket Knives , all kinds , at 25 per
cent lower than elsewhere.
If you do not call and roe the Goods nt the RACKET STORE
before buying , you will miss some GREAT BARGAINS.
Has No Equal.
The manufacturers have in the past winter greatly unproved their
former machine , and it is now without an equal in Nebraska. It is anew
now machine , new patents , and aa an introduction to Canter county
farmeis for the season of 1899 , the manufacturers will make it an object
for those who want to purchase a machine to see their agent before'buy
ing. For particulars see or write
Broken Bow , Nebraska.
o o
I make the correct fitting of Glasses
a Specialty.
Jeweler and Optician.
o o
I have uow over 200 sots of Hirness in the house , and will bo able
lo give you anything wanted , from $13.00 to $35.00 per set , complete.
Wo have find-class Harness from $22.00 to $25.00. Wo have Home forty
odd different styles of Harness , AND AS MANY DIPPUUKNT ruicuu HAU-
KKSB , and in the event wo don't happen to have just what you want , we
will bo able to change them to suit your taste. If you want a factory
made Harness wo have them , and will bo able to give at least ton per
cent better value than anyone else in the county , because wo have all
our factory harness made to our order , and for this reason wo are able to
got better value for the tiamo money. Wo will also duplicate any and
all eastern catalogues on prices. If you happen to have a price on llar-
noHH , bring it with you and wo will duplicate the samu and save you the
freight on anything between hero and Chicago , and add freight beyond.
We mean just what we say above.
All the following Hues arc complete , and prices guaranteed : Shelf
Hardware , Pocket Knives , Table Knives and Forks , Spoons. Tlnwaro of
all kinds , Nails , Bolts , Barb Wire , Hog Fencing , Bicycles , Sewing Ma-
ohitos , Guns , Cartridges , Shells , Powder and Shot.
On Saddles We are Right.
Thanking you r'for \ past patronage with which we are well pleased ,
our trade baa more than doubled in the past year , and wo will therefore
ontiuuo our old motto , "UNDKKRULL. "

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