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Harry Day & Cos
In order to reduce the Salisbury stock of
Goods we recently purchased so as to en
able us to consolidate our two stores as soon
as possible , we will for the
cnotinue to give our customers better prices
than they can secure at wholesale. We
bought these goods in a lump , and at figures
below eastern prices , hence we have no
competitors in prices or quality of goods in
Broken Bow. If you want real bargains in
Dry Goods , Boots , Shoes , Clothing ,
Call and see us at
in the Realty Block.
DollTotoil Docoratl ju Day , M y 3'jtli. '
Mr. Commander and comrades of
my father , comrades of the Sprnish
American war , ladies of the Wom
en's Relief Corps , ladies and gen.
tloincn : At the request of your
Commander and my comrades in
the Spanish-American war , 1 shall
try in n brief manner to respond
for those who offered their services
in this war. Wo are deeply sousi
bio of the courtesy you have so
kindly extended to us in the mem
orial oxircises this year , and wo
thank you most cordially. We fool
it nn honor to associate ourselves
with you on this solemn occasion ,
and wo hope that our conduct has
boon such as to impress upon you
that wo fool the solemnity of the
occasion and feel the same interest
in the beautiful and appropriate
ceremonies that you fool. Recent
events have given us a deeper in
terest in memorial day services
than it was possible for us to fool
before. I have over felt a deep
and kindly regard for the soldiers
of the oivil war , more especially so ,
perhaps , as my father was a soldier
who served through most of the
oivil war ; born in the south , edu
cated in the south and the son of a
slave holder , ho responded to the
call of his country like you , and
contributed his humble help like a
brave soldier in the ranks that the
Union should not bo severed. I
am proud to bo the son of a veteran
and to associate myself with veter
ans of that great struggle. Happily
the bitterness of that memorable
struggle has passed away , and north
and south can enjoy together the
blessings of the fruits of your for
titude and courage. You wore
merciful to your vanquished enemy
and today ho is grateful for the
flog you gava him. The fruiti of
your achievements will bless gen
erations unborn , and enlighten peoples
ples now groping iu darkness in
uiatani lands. vviulo the sacrifice
was terrible , the results arc worth
the cost , and you must feel a deep
pride and satisfaction in knowing
that you did your duty as soldiers ,
giving to humanity the blessed
heritage of this great republic. Wo
younger soldier * honor you tor it ,
and it may bo 001 soling to you to
fool that in
your declining yoara
you have the sympathy of thobo
who too responded to their coun
try's call , and can appreciate some
thing of the hardships.
It must have boon gratifyinc to
you to BOO America's young sous
respond so promptly t5 the call of
President MoKinloy , as you res
ponded to the call of the greatest
patriot and ono of the noblest men
that over lived , Abrahrm Lincoln.
It nas but a sign of the permanency
of our institutions and of the struc
ture you built.
Wo had , in this war , a different
enemy to fight. You fought Am
ericans and wo fought Spaniards.
I believe no soldier lights as well
as the American. Our soldiers bore
their hardships uncomplainingly
and bravely , and many of them in
u distant land. The politicians
seem to have done the complaining.
Though thousands of miles away ,
whore news was old before getting
to us , there soomvd to bo universal
confidence in the government at
homo. If some other nation should
take a hand , as it looked to us that
they might , wo felt that time was
a firm and steady hand on the
throttle at Washington that would
leave nothing undone which this
mighty nation oould do to protect
her soldiers iu a distant clime. The
war in which you engaged made
the Union ono and inseparable.
This war has resulted in the oxtou-
sion of the civilizing influences of
this great Christian nation to some
of the most unfortunate people * on
the face of the earth. The result
will bo for the betterment of man *
kind , and the future generations
will bless the people who fought
thin war ; bless them tor the right
we gave them to enjoy life , liberty
and the right to earn their bread
by honest toil , and enjoy the fruits
of their labor. I sincerely hope
that no political party will attempt
to make politics out of this war
and its inevitable results. It is
encouraging , however , to note the
unanimity with which people of all
political parties have loyally sup *
ported the president and congress
in the prosecution of the war , and
I am proud that Nebraska has been
in the fore front of those support
ers. Abraham Lincoln , supported
by you , struck the shackles from
four raillionu ol slaves. William
Jlolunley , supported by your sous ,
has struck the shackles from more
than twice four millions of human
souls , in the Philippine archipelago
alone , guaranteeing to them lifo ,
liberty , and the pursuit of happi
The difference between the two
conditions acorns to tno to bo that
the men and women that you freed
oould at once realize what had boon
done for them , whilt iu this instance
the freodmou seem for the time tin-
grateful , or do not appreciate what
has actually been done for them.
Many of you old veterans will live
to hoar the heartfelt thanks of FilU
pmpa and Cubans extended to this
nation for freeing them from a
slavery no bettor than that of the
black man in thin country before
the civil war. The soldier who did
his duty in this war , I think , tuny
honenlly feel Umt he has aooom
plinhod much for humanity , results
that will be more far-roaohing than
many of un can now HOC , and I
believe for the good of the world.
The great good sense of the American
can people will carry those results
to n logical issue. I have no fear
that they will allow the results to
bo barren. Tlio stnrs and stripes
look as bright and seemed to mo to
testify to good government and
equal rights for all as much in the
Island of Luzon ai they do hero on
our native soil. They seemed to
bring now hopii to the peoples of
ell nations at Manila , hope of order ,
protection of life and properly ,
religious liberty , commerce and
trade , and a brighter prospect for
all in the different avenues of lifo.
Why should it not bo BO. Has this
not always boon true of the flag ?
Lot it ever bo so , that wherovnr the
stars and stripes float , there wo will
maintain an orderly condition of
affairs , oven though it costh us
precious lives to do so. I fool it
the most honorable event of my life
that I contributed a little to the
results and helped to fight for the
flag that you gave us , the flag whiuh
is emblematic of moro of human
rightc , moro of liberty , more of
progress , moro of civilization and
of more prosperous happy homes
than any other flag in the world. It
is an honor to tight under that flag ,
an honor than which there is none
Central Nebraska
Summer School ,
Broken How , Nebraska , June 12
to July 21 , Is99. Tuition , 85.00.
Announcement mailed you on ap
plication to B. B , Hawthorne ,
Morna , Nob.
The rain storm Saturday night
prevented many from attending the
Alumni meeting that had been in
vited. Notwithstanding the in
clemency of the weather , about
fifty assembled at the Woodmen
hull , whore the program was carried
out. Those present report having
enjoyed a very pleasant timo.
The tenth annual commencement
exercises of the city schools , hold
last Friday night at the north siilo
opera house , drew a large crowd ,
notwithstanding an admission fee
of ton cents was charged. The
program as previously published
was carried out , with but .one ex
ception. The stage was most
beautifully decorated for the occas
ion. The exercises wore opened
with an instrumental duet by Miss
Libbie Brenizer and Mrs. Maud
llnbbard , which was followed with
an invocation by Rev. Megan.
Dean Ilolcomb then rendered a
vocal solo The first speaker was
Miss Lena Caywood ; her subject
was "Will o'-tho Wisp , " which was
followed with a vocal solo by Mrs.
C. Q. Mayor. Madge Kay gave an
oration on the subject , "Night
Brings out the Store ; " next fol
lowed Winnie Joynor'b oration , on
"Trifles. " At this juncture Marie
Barrutt and Mamie Kaupp sang a
vocal duet. "Reunited" was the
aubjeot of Vorda Thorpe's oration
that was next rendered , which was
followed by Irene Reynolds , on
"The Master's Touch. " "Chains"
was Nannie Barrett's subject , which
was followed with a cornet solo , by
Frank Taylor. The presentation
of the diplomas was made by A. R.
Humphrey , who accompanied the
presentation with an able and ap
propriate spoooch. The members
of the class each not only had well
prepared and able orations , but they
delivered them well. The produo-
tions were each worthy of special
mention. The exercises were con
cluded with the benediction by Rev.
Quito an excitement prevailed
Monday iu the oity , occasioned by
the sudden disappearance of Win.
Anderson , who for the past four
years has boon boarding at Koolin's
restaurant. It was learned that on
Saturday afternoon ho drew his
money from the First National bank ,
amounting to $4,600 , because the
bank declined to allow him the rate
of interest he thought ho should
have. After breakfast Sunday
morning ho left without intimating
to any of the family that ho was
going to leave the oity. Ai he
failed to show up Sunday evening ,
and no clue of him oould be gained
Monday , it was feared that he bad
met with foul play. None of his
personal property was missing , and
it was feared that ho had mot with
foul play. A meTe would have
been inaugurated to look him up ,
but Tuesday morning word from
Ansloy stated that he had bought a
tiokot there for Grand Island. It
was then evident that he was fully
at himself , and that he was doubt-
leas looking for a satisfactory plaoe
to deposit his money , as the inter-
eat upon it is his only resource for
support , ho not being able to work. (
Custer County Annual Ulcjclo Meet
At Broken Bow , Nebraska , on
Saturday , Juno 17th , 1809 , to take
place at the fair grounds , ono rniln
< fi t of the oity , races to begin at
1:30 : p. in. :
rnouiiAHor BAOKI ,
Half Mile Upon.
l t jirlzo , CMI 11,00
" (1 prize , o li .1.00
'M prlio.ciuli ' 2.(10
Ona Mile Handicap.
tit | rlm cull ami collar box , T lm > $4.00
Kil tlcComaa.
VM prlre picture and frame , value 8J.25
It. U. Carter.
.Id prize tin , value $1.00
WHion & Drake.
4th prlr.e 1 box turn bum , value We
R. A , Moore ,
Ono Mile Open.
tit prize 1 pair HarlUu Tires , value $0.50
Kdwlu K. Myers.
Sillirlro 1 box cigars , vnlua $ J.BO
John Stnveneoii ,
ad prlio l > ottlo of perfume , Talne 81.00
I. W. Waynlck
Jth prize bicycle rap , value 7Sc
Snyder IlroB
Hoys' Itflco. U Years and under , Onu-lialt Mile.
l t prize . . pocket knife , value $2.00
G. W. Apple.
Sfd prlzo btcyclo sweater , yalnogl.OO
11.0. lay.
3d prize- tie , value Wc
W. II. r-onn.
Quarter Mile Opon.
let prlr.e Sphavlni ; tickets , value $9.00
C. W. AV&hl and A. a. Hockhnckcr.
VM prlzo I Miavlng ticket , valno $1 DO
J. II. JnhuKon.
3d prise 1 box chawing gum , value $1.00
Ityvraun & Bone.
4th prize 1 Ho , value DOc
O. P. I'erley.
1'nrfiult Itace , Ono Mile.
1 Jt prlM " boxes cigars , value 55.00
J. S. UalBcb and U. J. Stack.
2d prlzo I box cigars , value 82.60
Jaa. Larger
3 < l prize 1 ball bat , vnlno $1 00
J. G. Haoborle.
Half Mile Handicap.
1st prize..Cnstor Co. Chief , 1 year , value (1.50
Ptircoll UroB.
ad prize China cup and eaucer , vnlne $1.CO
J. 0. liowcn.
3d prize I box gum , value $1.00
Fred Itlnno.
4th prlzo clRnrs , value COc
W. 8. Swan.
5lli prize ibavlngbruiih , value 50c
W. J. Woodi.
No entrance fee will bo charged ,
except in cash races. In ease of
rain , meet will be held one week
later , Juno 24th , ' 09. Admission ,
gentlemen , 15o ; ladies free. This
will bo the racing event of the
season. Don't miss it.
An Apology.
We are compelled to carry over
until next week an obituary of
Mrs. J. Spence , also a letter from
Manila , written to C. H. Kennedy
and family , by iirs. Florence K.
Russel , concerning- wound of
his son Horace. She reports that
he is getting- along nicely , and
while seriously , yet not necessa
rily fatally wounded.
BKOKBN Bow Neb. , May 31 , ' 99. .
In behalf of the Women's re
lief Corps we desire to thank the
ladies of the W. O.T. U. for the
lovely buttonairs , with scripture
selections given the old soldiers
on Memorial Sunday. We furth
er desire to extend many thanks
to the citizens of Broken Bow for
the splendid { dinner served the
soldiers and their families on Me
morial day , and to all those who
took part in the exercises and
helped to make the day sacred
to the memory of the soldiers of
the civil and also the recent war.
Press Cor.
Preaching Sunday ut 11 a.m. and 8
p. m. by tbe pastor ; Sunday school at
10 a. m. Quarterly meeting services on
Wedneadny nt 8 p. m. , Juno 8til , by
Presiding Klder Boyd.
Quarterly meeting next Sunday , nt
M. E- church ; Sunday scbool at 10 a.
m. ; Love Feast at 11 a , m. , anil preacu-
Ing In Mio evening by Rev. Smith , P.E.
ot Kearney , who will remain over Mon
day and hold the Quarterly Conference.
There will be covenant meeting In tbe ,
Baptist ohurcb Saturday evening nt 8
o'clock. All members are requested to
be present. Preaching Sunday at U
a. ui. ; Sunday scbool at 12 in. ; B.Y.P.
U.at 7 p. m.lod by B. W. Silllvnn.
Preaching at 8 p. m. ; communion eor-
vlcu at close of Rormon.
\Vunther warm , ground moist , small
grain tine , corn coming up fairly well ;
grass la tine , alfalfa ready to cut ; cattle
in line condition ; very few died during
winter. Farmers are Jubilant ; every
Indication of a fair ciop , and that moans
OwiN-ltuiT.KLD-Mijr Slth , IBM , at Ryno , Ne.
braaki , Mr. Ona A. Owen and Ml Grade D.
KmpJleld , HOT. T. M. Boll , of Broken Uow ,
These young people uro two of Ouster's
teachers , having taught n number of
terms wl'.li pleasure to themselves , and
giving good satisfaction to parents and
pupils. They went to house-keetilng
the day they were married , at the J. U.
Smith ranch , whore the groom had innde
ample preparations for a pleaoant and
happy home. The following guests
donated the several presents as a testimonial
menial of respect :
Mf"i'lA1 ' wTV.lor'llolUr aua Jro"
, . ' >
J. U. Smith and
family , silver tcaspoona : Wm.
TUomiifon anil family , table cloth : Mr. Owen
anil wife , table cloth ; J. U. Einplluid ml wlfa ,
knives and forki ; J M. McCluto and wife , tea
and coffee pot ; Ernest and ICotelU BeJdll , water
let ; MlM Jeailo Wolmor , elate pitcher Ml
Carrie Waddlngi in , cf se tnnd and fruit illnh ;
Mill Ten * Ilelmuth , pair toweli ; Mary and
lleneie Uuriii , pair loweli : MUa Mand I'lttuian.
Ottawa , Kanja. . book ; & { le Nellie Kiupflol
castor : MUa llattlo lucres , pair towels , au.ont
John Baldwin sliver salt aud popper lioldem ;
Andrew and Conrad Snyder , silver castor , abacnt ;
Mr. Uaryey Owen , table cloth , YaBO , set of dUhoa
and p lr of towels ; Toor Owen , fruit Ul h and
sauce dishes ; Ulysses Owen , tot dishes ; Jamus
Owen , lamp : B-rea Owen , Irons ; O Q. UmpOcld.
sllferplckol holder ; 11. F. Kmntlcld , lamp and
pair dtowels ; U. 0. Kmpfleld , lamp.
Others present were :
Mines Nellie MeDermott , Clara Uunt , Mlnulo
Carroll } Messrs , Jamas Isaac. John MeDermott ,
Michael MeDermott , W. F. Uweu.
With many thanks , Mr. nnd Mrs.
Owen remain aa ever , the frionda of
those donors.
Bed room suits lower than ever ;
line couches ; to appreciate quality
and prioe oomo and sea them.
C. U Kennedy is iu receipt of a
letter from Assistant Secretary G.
D. Meiklojolin , written to Barry
O'uoill slateing that nothing later
then April 2ttn has beim received
from Gen. Otis concerning Ser
geant Horace Kennedy , hut tlmt lie
is undoubtcly alive , and just as soon
as ho ia well enough to travel ho
will ho returned to the United
States , if ho is not already onrouto.
The entire regiment is coining
hotno at an early date , having been
relieved from fnrthtis duty , at the
front. "
Parenta desiring to Bond 'heir ' children
to BOliool in an adjoining district under
the "Noiror Attoudnni'.o Law , " should
eond for blanks nt onoo , as all transfers
must bo made at or before the annual
meeting. Transfers under this law hold
good for one year only. The annual
supply of blanks has been sent out to nil
districts , if for any ronson any district
should fail to iccolvo theirs by May IOM )
they ehould notify mo and another sup
ply will be sent. J. f. TOOI.KY ,
Co. Supt .
A Filipino Tillage.
A complete Filipino Village ,
people , houses and surroundings , as
they appear at their homo , will he
at the Greater America Exposition ,
Omaha. Pain's fireworks , and ( ho
"Fall of Manila. " on the water , at
the Exposition. Magnificent dis
play. Indian Congress of wild
Indians , from all parts of the count
ry. War rolion from Cuba , Porto
Rico and the Philippines. Rar-
ourios , birds , animals and tropical
plants. 1&,000 new oleotrio lights
besides all used last year ; a mignil-
icont spectacle. The lineal collect
ion of exhibits in all department
ever shown. Musio by the finest
bands , orchestra tnusio , vooal music ,
an Exposition worthy the close of
the 10th century , from July 1st un
til November 1st. 1800. As an ed
ucational exhibit the Greater
America will surpass any aud all
of its predecessors. It will present
now and unique features , never be
fore presented in any exposition , no
matter what exposition you may
have visited , the greater America
at Omaha will be now to you.
Following is the list of dead let
ters for the week ending May 30th :
Miss Allico Brooke , Mr. H. Moore ,
Mr. George Wai took ( card. ) Par
ties calling for any of the above will
please say advertised.
Wo have placed on sale the rarest
bargains wo over offered. 900 yds
20 inoh best quality , full standard
Percales at only G cents a yard ,
notwithstanding the big advance in
ootton. You Dover saw them lcts
than 10 to 12 o , ami they would be
aheap at lOc in any market. Thosa
goods were bought by n manufac
turer to make up into shirt waists ,
wrappers and men's dress shirts ,
but he couldn't stand the wave of
prosperity and had to oloso the
factory ; you can now buy the goods
for fir less than he paid in the
mills. We also off or ohoico Madras
Cloths , woven oolors , patterns suil-
able for shirt waists , children's
dresses , aprons , otc ; these uoods ;
sell the world over at 20o. ; our price
at ihis sale 12 c a yard Sale con
tinues 'intil tie lot is gone. Don't
miss these bargains.
The board of directors of the
Lillian Irrigation District will moot
on the Oth day ot Juno as a board
of equalization. G.W. DKWKV ,
TLe time t go to California.
Is in summer. Thin Riimmer-lato
in June or early in July-then sea
and sky and vine-clad slope are at
their best when the rate is littl
more than half as much as usual.
If you take the Burlington Route
you will have ooolor weather and
finer scenery then via any other line
to California.
Information and California liter
ature on request. J. Francis , Passenger -
enger Agent , Omaha , Nob.
Two Houses for Sale.
The J. G. Maulick property , notttli of
the pouth Hide school botiso , and the J.
S. Klrkpatnok property , three block
from public pqnnro- also n good bicycle
for ealo. Enquire of J C. MAULICC.
Oity UsUnmte ofKxpeiiscs.
Hell rememlioroil , ttmt at ft regular meeting of
the cl'y council of the city of Ilrokon How , the
following ii.ocuoillii ) , ' ' relating to tha matter of
municipal expenses for the current year , 1899.
nero Iiiul nmldnno , tovlt -
HB It rueolved , by the mix or and city council
of the city ol Urokon How. tlmt wo catlmato the
prohnhlo Amount nl money ncceffliry to ho raised
by taxntlou for all purposes to defray the ex-
nein'imof naldolty of Ilroken How lor 'ho onan-
InglUcnl year , hcKlnnlnu on the Umt Tuesday In
Muy , I8IW. ( in follows
Strco antl lirhlyu fund . $2,000
Wrier words . . . 3,70(1 (
Ofllcor fund . . . . . . . i.fioo
General fund . i 750
Jdd tnunt fund . 760
Kleuttlc light fund . COO
_ City Olerk Mayor.
J.nml Offlco nt llrokcu How , Noli. , I
. . . , MaySUt , 18U9. f
Notice Is hereby given tlmt the followliiir-imm-
ed telllur ha * dim ! notionnf hl InUiUlnn to nmko
fliiitl proof Iu Htippnrt of liUclaim , and that paid
pioot will bo nwdo bcforo ilcRlnler nud Receiver ,
at Urokcn How. Neb. , on July 8lh , 1699 , rli :
Hpeticur J. i.cup ,
of Mlllmrn , Neb. , for II. K. Vo. 460 , nwk , sec ,
14 , T. 20 N. , 11. SI W. Heimmc. tlio following
wltiiCSBUB to prove his roiitlnuous residence upflu
and cultivation of , said land , viz : Altna I'elllit.
Goorco Dabray , Josa Loup and Houert Pnrle ' , nil
of Hllbnrn , Nobr.
Shoe Shop.
Impairing promptly nml neatly done on short
ordi-r. Trices reasonable. Second door sjutli
of the poet olllco.
Fruit and
Ornamental Trees.
Geneva Nursery ,
John McCutchoon , Agont.
Make both fall and spring delivery. This la
the lending nursery In the st to , nud their stock
u all flret class , of the hundred wo have sold
to ! this count ; the past four years , wo Uoalre to
refer you to n few whom we Imvo furnished
stock , Tiz : Jus. Whltelioad , John Henry , QJO.
W. Dcwov , II O. KoKorsand Judge II. M. Sol-
Hvuu.John McCutcheon.
Chas. W. Hakes , M.D. ,
Successor to Dr. M. C. Blyetone.
Office over ChrysUl Drue Sitorc. Calls prompt
ly answered from ollice , day or night.
- Notary Public , -
and Justice of the I'eaco. Special nltentlon giv
en to collections. Depositions taken , pension
voucher * neatly executed , nnil all kinds of legal
papers written. Olllcu weft sldo eiiuiiro. Urokon
Bow , Mob.
Richardson's Livery
nt the ok ! stand , between tlio Burling
ton and Globe Hotels Telephone con
nection. UciulqunriPrH o ( Oallnway
Bingo lint' , Hilton reasonable.
T. W. Bass ,
All work first class. Rooms on 2cl
lloor , northwest corner Realty
block , Broken Bow , Nobr.
BnoitKNjJKow , - -
I have a largo list of farms foi
sale in all parts of the county. Low
prices and easy terms of payment.
Write for prices.
K. B. Mullins ,
Physician - ami - Surgeon ,
Sargent , Nobr.
Clinton Day ,
liroken Uo\v , Neb.
Olllco over Uyoraon'B grocery. Resly
Joucu ( i'.li IIOUPO west of Baptist churob.
Doctor Pennington ,
Member N.A.It.8. Ex-As8t > tant Surgeon St. Joe
and O. I. It. It ; nlao K. A t ) . K. It. Late grad
uate of the University of Pennsylvania . Ollice
thrco doors contli of lid McConms drug ctore.
All calls Oiled , day or
I Once Was Lost , "but How I Have
Pound it.
Whore ? At my door. At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , ray dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mammoth -
moth stock of Groceries , and at the lowest prices you over
heard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep
ing posted on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Torbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of candy for sale cheap ,
vistmas committees are invited to call and got my prices.
. . /member the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
National Bank.
W. S. SWAN , Proprietor.

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