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Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 27, 1899, Image 5

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U. S. Land Office ,
F. II. YOUNG - -
jjAtid Omco ftt llrokcn llow , Nrb. , 1 I
ilulrSG. l 0.1 I
Notice Is hereby given that thu following-nam
ed settler tins died notice of his Intention to mnko
final proof In support of his Untni , nnd that said
proof will bo madu before HcRlft'r nnd Itecclver
llrokcn How Neb. , on Sept. 2nd , 18W. ! vU :
Utltvnril l . OICHCII ,
of Hound Valley Nebr. for the 11.12. Mo.1'.B tiwlf
of sec. 10 T. 18N.H. 10 W.
Uo immcH the following witnesses to proTOhis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
snld land , via : I'rlur.Ulmsn , Anch Klceh ,
noorgf Ayre , John Ulecb. nil of Hound Valley
Nohrafkn. JAMKS WII1TBIIKA1) , Register
Jy.7t'd. !
Land UlUco nt llroken llow , > 'pb , I
July 851 h If-W. f
Nollcc Is hereby R'VOII that tbo fo lowliiB-nam.
cd sutler Ins flli'd notice of l.lutenllon \ to
mnko nnnl proof In support , of Ida cblm ; , and
that said proof will bo nmdu before Register and
llecclvcr , at Hrolien llow , Ni'b. , on Sept. 5th
IBW.vl/ :
AlOlotl CllUllllUHi.
of Mllbnrn , Nebraska , for the II. U.No. tirjIntnT
nnd H S"C tl IIIM Sec. 10 and lots 5 mid 0 Sue. 15
T. ' . ' ) N. It 41 W.
He names tint follow Ing witnesses to pro o
blscnntiiHieiis rcsldenco Upon and cultivation of
said lmnl , viz ; John 11.lliooks , Calvin A.
Snyd'ir , Leon W. D.Uley , John Kramer nil of
Mllbnrn Nebr. 1 i-7 Ct.
U. S Land Olllco , llrokcn How , Neb , I
July ISth , ISW. I
Notice Is hereby given that
CollHtlit II. Fi.-znclH ,
Of Lillian , Nebr. , has fllcd notice of intention to
in ko final proof before Rcpl t'T nnd Rcreiver , nt
their omco In Itiokun How , Neb , on Thursday ,
tbo 21th day of AiiKtiet , Ibfl ) , on timber culture
application No 12117 , tor nVt awU , si'M swM ,
BwM'feJi. of section No lln township No. 18 N ,
raiigo No. Ul W. She inline , ns witnesses : Tho-
inn H\ers , of Now Helenii , Ni-lir i Gojigo Torn-
plar , Clmrles Krancls , of Lillian , Nebr ; Amos
V011111 ; . of Gates , Nctir.
Land Olllco at Lincoln , Neb. , I
July H , 1H I f
Notice Is hereby given that tliu following-nam
ed settler has Illinl notlee of his liuentlon to mnko
ilnnl proof In hlinpnrt of his claim , and that said
jiroo' will bo iiiadu before I'ounty Jmlfio , nt Hio-
ten HowNeb. , on August I'Oth , l&O'J , viz :
JacliHOii DniiiiulH ,
II. K. No. 18.TO , for lots Baud -1 and sy iiwM ,
Sec. l.Twp. 10 , Kg. 10 W. Un names thu following
witnesses to provo his ronllnunns residence upoii
and cultivation of , said land , viz : Juhn lirerer ,
Ktueno Dpruci'r , Jon-nh bpetcinnd William
Ilnnleck , of llerwyn , Ntbr.
jly2U-Ut J. W. JOHNSON , Register.
Land Olllco at Lincoln , Neb , I
Jul > lf > , IW'D. ' f
Notice Is hereby glvn that the lollovvliig-
nnmed mttler lias lilud notice of bis Intention to
inako flniil proof In support of hU cbltii , and t > nt
said proof will be made before J. A. Armour ,
county judge nt Urokeii Bow , Neb. , ou August
23th , 18W , viz :
aiaricv. . n. nutciiui ,
II. E No. 18332 , for the oH scj ( . Sec. 28 , Tp. 10 ,
He. II ) W. He namc-i the following witnesses to
prove hn continuous residence upon and culti
vation of , Mild land , viz : James JleOien , Hun-
Jnmln Talbot , l.ott C' . Morns nnd Edward Kutns ,
of llcrwyn , Nebr
jyilO-M J. W. JOHNsiON , Itcfilster.
Land Olllco nt Lincoln , Nebr. I
Jul > Gtb , 189'J. |
Notice Is hereby given that the following nam
I'd settler has lllcd nollco ol bib Intention to makt
Until proof In mtpport of Ids c aim , uud that t > al (
proof will be made before the l uunljr Judge
at llrokcn How , Neb. , on Ant. 1 . Ifc03i Viz :
AlUurt IlavlH ,
II. K. No. 183fi7 , for the H SwH , of Sec. 18 , am
Ju-M wJ4 , of Sec. 10 , T. II. H. 1 .
lie iminuK the following witnesses to provo bis
continuous roddcnco upon and cultivation of
eaid land , vU : Goo C. Mareb , of Georgetown
Nebr. ; Heujamln F. Mono * , of Upton , Nebr.
Alvlua J. tnvene , of Urokeii liowNebr.and Wai
ter A. Klndrec , of Cumro , Nebr.
jyl3-agl7 J.V. . JOHNSON , Kouister.
Land Office at llroken How , Neb , I
Jntio 19 , 1899. f
Notice Is hereby given tl-at ttio following named
od cuttler has llled notice of her . .intention to
iniike Una ! proof In support ot her claim , and tha
eald proof will bo made bcforo Regie'.or and Ki :
colvor , at Hroketi How , Neb , ou July 27tb,1899 ,
viz :
Jennie It. IMicUer ,
of Ansclmo Nebr. for the II. E. No. f > .ri7 , s1/
so } ii Sec. 0 , no , ' ' neUi SOP , 7 , nwM nwM , sec. 8
bhc nanica the following witnesses to prov
her continuous reelduuco upon and cultivation o
said land , MX : James S. McGinn. George
William * , of Ain-elmo. I > eb.aeka. Itnsh Miner , o
Dunning Nebraska , Thomas 1'lnlcn , of Droken
How. Nebraska.
JAMES \\HlTEHCAl > , Hcglstcr.
U. S. Land Oll'co , North 1'la-lo. Neb. , I
June 17 , 18'J ' ) . I
.Notice IB hereby ( 'lven that
Jaiiie ) . I , Itiii ) ;
hax filed notice of Intention to inako final proo
befoio Comity Judge ut hit ? olllco In
Urokeii Itow , > eb , on Friday , the 2tith day o
July , IMif , un timber culture application No
138i6 , Tor the'i ncJi cy nwH or tcctlon . o. 3
In Townebip No 10 nuige No HI. Ho namen n
wltnefeef : Jclmlllls , tlbarlea Chaplri , Junc ;
S\Mipo , Clinrles ( Juuii'i , nil of Itiokrn llow
hi'b. JiiSMCt GM ) , K. FltKNCH.
Land Ofllce at Broken llow , Neb. , I
Juno ' 'let , WM )
Notice 19 hereby given that
CornulliiH J. Mutiney ,
of Cleveland , Ohio lmi > tiled notice of hi
Intention to make llnnl proof before th
lU'gUter nnd Itecclver , nt their otllco In brokci
Jlow , NtbraBka , on Thurcduy , tboTib Uuy o
July , IhfiO , un timber culture application No.
1315 : . ' , for th Boh now , nek seU , f',5 su.U ,
of BLCtlon No 'l.ln tounehlp Ko nn , N , range No.
! i3V , tcitlmoriy of claimant lo ho taktn before
clerk of the District court , at C'le\elnd , Ohio.
lie uainei * \vltiien.-ee : WillctO. Hanney , of
Anselino , NebrnpUa ; John J. Mandevllle of
Dunning , Nobrnelia ; Albert Wlllelt of Merna ,
Kebrucku ; John H. J.liiKoU , ot Milljurn ,
N cbruska.
TJ , S. Land Office , Hroki-n llow , Neb. ,
Notice le hereby given that in pursuance of
liiKtmctlous troni the Coinndadloncr of tbo Men-
cral Land Olllco , under authority ves od In him
by bcction 155 , U. S. lUvlsul Stntnti-s , us
lunended by the act of UongrceB , aiprov | < 'd Fcb
L'tlth , IMI5 , HO willjprocecr. toolfcrat I'nbllc Sale
on tlielUltb duy of Aiu. , Ifcy'J , nuxt , ut this oilier ,
the following tract of land , to wit : \V'J nw > j nw
U B\\U BCC , 35 , lonnhhi ) ) 1'J N , H , atV
Any and nil poreonH claiming ad\vri > ely thu
ol'ove described lands are ndvtxed to lilo their
claims in this , illce on obvfor the da > nbo\o
det < Iniitod for the cnnimeiiccnicnt of .ild sale ,
otherwise their rluhtslll be forfeited.
JA.MEt , WIIITKI1IU1) , Iteelster.
FltANK II. TOUSU , Receiver.
Date July Mth Ib'J'J.
U. S. Laud Olhce , Hroken How , Noli' . , ( .
July IS , 1S 9. 1
Notlco ii < hereby Klvon that In purHiiaiico of
InHtructloim from the CotumUaloncr of the tlcu.
ernl Land Ofllce , under initbo'lty votttd In him
by poctton ! ! I5S , U. S Key. Btat. . as nu ended by
act ol Congress , apiroteil | Fi bruary " ( Ilh , 1805 ,
we will proceed to offer at public Mile , on tt.o
" Ith day of AtidlHt , next , at thin olllco. the
lollowliijr tract f land , lo-wtt : bu4 ! noM > " ,
in , Twp. 17 , N. KB. 2UV. .
Any and all persons c'lilndng ( ulvererly the
aboru described lands are advleed to 11 Hi their
clalina In this office on or before tne day above
designated lor the commencement of bdd rale ,
others let ) their right * will he furfuitod.
JAMKS WIIITI'.IIKAl ) , Hcgistur.
FltANK H. YOUNCJ , Ilecelver. 7 M OU.
In the matter of the estate of Adulino I ) .
Johnson , deceased.
Notice U hereby { 'hcn that in pursuance ot > < n
order of thu Honorable 11. M. Sullivan , , Ind ; e
of the District Court of C'U'lerConntv , Nobrucka ,
made on tbe 'iid , ila > of Juno ICWl. for the calo
of tbo real ontato herulnaftcr dei-crlbi.rt. there
will be cold at tnu raU front doi > r nt thu court
liniiHO , In the city of llrokcn How , I'uotcr county ,
Nobraaka , on Saturday the 19th day of Atiu' . IhJw
ta o'clock p. in. nt public vendnu to the Idube-t
bidder upon tbo following terme. Unt-lialf ca > h
In hand and one half In fix moiitbedi ; > fcrred puv
ment lo draw IntouK at 8 per cent. The followIng -
Ing deecrlbed'u-al estate to-ult : Lot No. S In
block No. 30 In J. 1 > . ( HindyV addiilon to Urokeii
llow , Nebraska , bald Eiilo will remain open
onehonr. J. M. KlMHKItLINO
AdmlnUtrator of tlio e tatu ot Adallno I ) .
Johuson doceaeod.
! NotlrnlslirrohyclTcnthlttT.il. HiiSfell , O.
It. Conrad , II. W niton and J , I ) . llntL-o have fllcd
articled of lnrorHirallon with clerk of Cnftcr
count. . inlil * corporation lmll bo known Thn
Antiin < atlc Clrnln and Seed Separator Company
of HrolM'ii llow Nebinska.
Tbe principal place of bnMnosB than bn nnd Is
at llroktn llow ( 'titter county Nebraska and Ibo
trrrttorr cororvd by raid buMnOKft IK tha etnto of
Nohra < ka
The nature of the buMtio l to manufacture )
nd cell In Ncbrncka a certain machine known n *
ho Automatic Oraln and Heed Bcpcrator. Tha
apltitl rtock authorised and pat t in carh Ic 11200 00
vlth an additional amount to be settled upon by
paid corporation na the btulnesf ot the corpora-
tlon Demand * It.
The tlmo of the bcRlnnlni ; of tlio corporation
wis June SSI IH'JO and It will end upon the ill-
solution of cinno to bo dcformlncd by thu action
of said corporation.
'I he hlKhcrt amount of IndchtrdnrM or liability
if eald corporation Mmll bo not to exceed SIHU 00.
The olllcers of said corporation Mmll bo pro-
fdcnt , peerel-ry nnd trcanurtr.
Dntcd this SOth day ot July 1B90.TH
TH Itl'Ssmt.
Oil OONtlAl ) .
Jy27-lt. J 1) HumiK.
In the District Court of Ouster County , Nebr.
Krunols W Wood , 1'laliUllf , '
June Drown , ut til. Defendants. .
To Jane Hrown , Charles L. llronn , , T. L.
Moore , rrutttoo , ttlohe Investment Company ,
Henry A. Wyiuan. Receiver , Alexitudor I'o.l lie
John Slownrt and Compntiy Limited , Josuph ( '
Zimmerman and llbodn /.Ininier . nnnnnr'-u
i'iit defendants : You and cuch of yon \\lll i-iki
notleo that on thu 20th day of July , IMifl , 1'n , ic
W. Wood , plalntllf. tiled hi * pttltion in th >
Dli-trlol Court of Ouster County. Ncbruri.a ,
ng.tlmt joiiittid each of jounml others defend'
iints , tbe object and | irn > ur of which snld petition
are to foreclose a certain mortgage vsrcutod by
the snld Jnnu Hrown and diaries L. Urown to
the Glebe Investment Onnipany' upon thn SUM
of See. il ) T. 15 R 19 W of the fitli p. in. In Ulster
County , Nebraska , to sccuiu the piijmctit ot n
certain first mortwigo note dated tlini'Mh d y of
February , 1S > U. ) nnil ilue Murcli 1st , ItJUS. raid note
bulngfortbusumof Four Hundred Dollars ( JIOo. )
and itrawlng Interest from thu date of raid note
to thu date of Itu maturity nt thu rate ot seven
per font per aniititn , payable suml-nntiually
acrordlng In the tenor of ten Interest coupon
notisa utlnchud ID sttlil print lp.l : note and snld
note dniwing Interest nt ton tier Ctint after
maturli ) . Thattheto Is now duo upon said
inor'gagu liidobtoilnoas tbu lullowlni ; sum :
Upon principal nolo four hundred dollars
( 100 ) with ten per cent Interest from .Murcli 1st ,
Coupon No n fourteen dollars ( SI I. ) with ton
IHT cent Interest from September 1st , 18 ! > 5.
Coupon No t ) , fourteen dollars ( tfU. ) with tun
per rent interest Iroin Muirh 1st , IKKi.
Coupon No. 7 , fotirioun dollar-til. ) wltb t n
per cunt Interest from hcptumbcr 1st , 1M" )
I'onpon No 8 , foitrlom dollnrs (811 ( ) with tun
per cent Interest from March 1st , 1MI7.
C'ollpon No. li , fomtcen dollars , ( SH ) with
ton per cent Interest from September 1st. 1897
Coupon No. Id fourteen dollnrs ( ? ) 1) ) with ten
percent li'teiest from March 1st , l.v.iS
I'.ir which sums with Interest thu'eon , plnintlll
pruys for adccreo ; thiitdcfentlants bo required to
pay the same within twenty dayu from thu date of
thu entr > of the decree In this ctiso or that said
premiers may bo sold as upon execution tn
siitiafy the amount due upon tnld mortgage In-
deb ted ties' * . You an I each of you are required to
niHwer a > d petition on or before Monday the 4th
diy of Septnmber , 1HH ) .
Dated this Mill day of July , 1809.
Ki'ANCls W. Wool ) .
jy 37 4t Hy 0. L. Gtttturson his Atty.
( JubterLonnty , f
At a session of the county court , for the county
of ( Jiistor , hold < n Ht the county court room , In
llrokcn llow , on the 17th day of Julylt > 99 I'ri-sont
J A. Armour , county Jiidgo. In tlio matter of
the estate of Jolin F. Cof ner , ileceu'oJ. Un n ] >
plication by petition of JamcH II. Cosnor , of
Merna , Nebraska , reprwentlnK among other
things that John P. ( Jofncr , un Inhnbltant of
Mtrnu. Nvbnmkn , said county , on the Hth day f
July , A. I ) . IWi'.i , died Intcstnte , leavlutt eotnto to
be inlminietcrt'd. Thnt the petitioner is hrothcr
ot fluid deceased , and praya that iidnilniHtratlon
of t-ald deccnwd be granted Albert Co.incr. It Is
ordered th > it Bald application ho beard at tlto
county court room , at the court house , In the city
ot Itroken How , on thofitb city of Anmift , IBO'J ' ,
at - o'clock p ri. It Is further ordered , that
noilco thereof be given to all iwrnons by publica
tion of euch notice at least tnreo weckn auccea-
filvelv , previous to the time appointed. In the
UHi'unucAN , a weekly newspaper , puhltt-hcd in
paid county True Copy. J. A. AltHOUK ,
LOBAL. ] jy20 > 3t County Judge.
Notice to Non.Resident Dcfendentg.
Charles Kinleu and William T. Klnlen partner-
nn Flnlen Hrothorf , and Michael Flnley , dcfondt
nntti you and each of yon take notice that on the
lOtli ilny of Juno 1809 ( Imrlcs 1 > . Turner plilnlilT ,
lllcd his petition In the District Court of Cuetnr
county Nebraska against tne defendants impload-
ed with others the object and prayer of which
nil ! to foreclose a certain mortgage deed oxcctltcd
by James Jndo ) and Minnie U. Judge , Ida wife ,
in favoi of liV Tulloye Trustee party of the
hec'ind part and Clurcnco K. Ucsse , imrty of the
thrld part conveying the ertU of the nwJS of Soc.
S'J ' and thu p * , ' , of the m i and the o of the nw
U of section SO all In township 11 north of range
ajcft of tbo Htli p. in. In Mabraaka to eccuro tbo
pa > mcnt cf one certain first mortgage bon 1 dated
on tbc' 11 ret day of November IbSii for tbo finn of
00 00 and duo and pa.ible ll < o yearn utter ; the
date thereof. The llmo of payicont of which
( aid bond was on the 1st day of November 1U02
extended under a uritton agrcomont for thu
period of live yrnrs from tlio maturity thorcof
There If now nuo and unpaid on the said bond
and tnnrtoiSH ar.d extentkm agreement ami for
taxes i > ald the following sumtowit : f 100 00
llrnt mortgngo bund , with Intcroet thereon at the
ratr of 10 vent per annum from the llrst day of
May Is'.W , esleutlou agrecmont note ot f 11.0. ) with
Intercut , thereon at Uio rate of 10 cent per annum
fio.n tl e lltst day of .May , 189G , oxtcutlon agrco-
ment note of 311 00 with Interest thereon at thu
rate of in centn per annum from the llrst day ol
November 18'Jti. cxtentlon ngrcomunt note ol
$11.00 with liileresi thereon at thu rate of 10 cent
per annum from the HrHt day of May , 1897
extentlon agreement note of J511 00 with interest
thereon at tne rate of 10 cent par annum from
thotlrstday of November 18U7 and S-78for :
taxvf paid on suM property with Intcto-t thereon
at the r.uo of 10 ccntB per annum from tbo ' ! rd
day of May , Ib'JD. for which Bums the plalntllf
praj f for a decree that tha defendants be required
to pay HIM amo or that eald premlxcD muy io
sold to satisfy the amount found duo. Yon aio
required to answer said petition on or before tlio
11th day of Angu t , lb9'J. Dated July Dili 1899.
0 Uv Jamoa Ledwlck his Att'y.
Jonn C'cderburi ; and Nclllo Ccderburg will take
notlc.u tliat on tliu 13th day of Junu , lbU9 , A
Mooto , a justice of the ponee of Ctieler county
Nebraska , Ifrued nn order of attachment for the
nininfJ77 ( in an action p > 'iidli g hefor him
whi'roln th < > Btntn Itiink of Arnold IH plilntllT. tut
taid John Codorburg nnil Ni-lllo C'cdurburg are
delenili.nlh.niid that fald justice nt Kald Mn.vUpo
istincil g.irnl lieu nroci tc , and undnr an 1 by
vlrtii'i of t.'iid uiaer of nttarbment , and eah
garniBhee prox-ese , that thu i ropcrly of the.
defendants , condoling of one.fourth of eighty
fl\e ncroh ofbcal , fiid tlfty acres of corn , now
growing upon the H'1 ; of section I , township 15
range 'A , In Cnsier County , N > briiska , known a
the Crderburg place , Inn hoaii at itched and gnr
nl hted under said order of aUuihinont and nr
nielioo procehH. Said ranso wan contlnu'-d b
( Old justice nf tin p aeoto the Mill ( lay of August
IS'.i'.i , tit icn o'clock a , m urd > ou are luruby no
till d thHt unlosH you aopi ar at tinolllco of eali
Justice of the peace , In llroken How , Nebr. , a
fnld time , j ulcment \ \ | | | bo taken agalni > t you fo
fttlil aiirn oi i"7.U , wJth interest and e.onlH , am
eald property , HO attached and garnii-hoed , wll
bo ordered to lie nold t' > satisfy H dd Ju lumont
Dated thU lluh < l-iv of Jmio. iwi'j.
Tun STATE HAVIC or ViiHni.n ,
Jy23-Jy27-lt Hy U. I , . Gntter--on , Itu Att'y-
Notice to Mon-Kealdent Defendants.
The Anclo-Amcrlcin Cattle Company and I ) , j-
Ijahr , dofenilantelll take nolle" ' ihat in th
Hi'Oond day of Juno , A. I ) 1MW. 1' . N. I'Hiniibel
pluintltr , UK d hie petition in the district court o
t'uftfrcouMy , Nebraska , against said defendants
iini'leaded with othirs , the object and Prsver o
wbitharcto foreco ! < e a certain mortgiige , exo-
ciilwl bv David O. lame , to the Mehracka Mor :
gage ni d Trust Company , onv.-ylng the bo' * oii
bee. 2 , oVi ne > i , Sec. 11 , wU nwK , Hoc I a , eV
cey , Hoc. 1 , a part of nol4 nwU See. la contain
Ing 28 acre's and HI rods , a described In devt
ncord 1 , atpago 37(1 , of the ruroid * of C'tiste
county Ali-o nwM nw 4 Si-e. 12 all In town lil [
111 r < of rangu22 west of tliu Oili I' . M.in Nebraska
to i-eenre tlm paynirnt of ouo first mortgage bum
In the cum of f luuo dated January 25th mil ) ntn
duo unit payah.o on the Uriit day of February IM'J , '
There IH i.w due and oivlnt ; on said bond urn
mortgage the t-iun of J17K' , with Interest thrum
from thu llrrtt day ofKunruary ] tj95 at the rate of 1
per cent per anniiin , for which sum plalntlll jiray
ior u decree that the defendants bo required t
pay the same or that caul pruml es may bo hole
to satisfy thu amount found due You arc rcnulre <
to UHxwer eald petition on or before the 1 Uti da
of Anyui-t Ib'J'J. Iui d July ith , Ib99
( P. N UAIIPUILL. Plaluiiff.
JyO-Jj37 lly Jainoi Lodwlcb , HU Att'y.
Doctor Pennlngton ,
Member N.A.It.9. Ki-AfoUtant Burpeoti St. Joe
and O. I. H. U i also K. .t O. U , It. Lat cr dente >
onto of the University o ( 1'ennprlTanla. Ofllce
three doors fonth of Kd McComai drup More.
All cnll tlllod , day or night.
Thos. A. Turubull ,
Faithful work done , prices reason-
nblo and nil wor * guarnntood ,
Broken Bow , Nebraska ,
All Kinds o ( work In our line done
promptly mid In tlrst-olnss order. lied
Shjp ou the corner , west of the UOBO
IIOUBO. Qlvo us a trinl ,
Km rns 8-9 Iloalty block , llrokcn llow , Neb
na and cstlmntea on abort no
tlco. Hrokoti Dow , Nob.
I h.ivo a largo lint of farms foi
ale in all parts of the county. Low
iriccs and easy torme of payment
Write for prices.
School and Church
For School Kurnlturo , School Supplies
or Chntoh F.unilturo , I offer the .beet
erins the market affords. *
Broken Bow , Neb.
Llichard son's Livery
nt the old stunt ! , but ween the Hurling'
on nnd Globe Hotels Telephone con-
icctlon. Headquarters of Cnllaway
stngo line. SitiKle and double rigs.
{ ntes reasonable.
T W.
All work first olaafi. Rooms on 2d
floor , northwcBt corner Realty
block , Broken Bow , Nobr.
Clinton Day.
Broken Bow , Nob.
Olllcc ever llyerson's grocery. Resly
tlenco ( ith house west of Baptist church.
Shoe Shop.
Ilcpalrlnc promptly and neatly done on ehort
order. Prices reasonable. Hecond door Bouth
of the poet ollico.
j. ni.
Peed Mill ,
E. B . McCi-UKK , Prop.
Rye Flour and Graham , ground on
atone burr. All kinds of grinding
done for toll or exchange , to suit
otiHtoincr. Agent for condensed
Oibus Stock Food.
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
I'lans nnd Spnrlflcatlons on hhort notice Jin-
tnrlal fuinlBhcd and biilldlnga complotcd cheater
than any man In tbu etiitu. Satisfaction guaran
teed an to plnin and Pioclflcatlon | ? .
C. P. Kussell & Co. ,
leal ( fblulc Jicalcco.
llavo ranches nnd l.indH for Bale in
CiiHtcr and adjoining counticH.
Alno ranolicH and lands for
rent term of years.
Dealer in Chattels and Auotioncer.
Biokun Bow , Nob.
help- ? the team. Saves wear nnd
expense. Sold everywhere.
CnttliiR well ndranccd.
Corn tiUfelltiK ! nordo raltl.
Small grain a light crop : berry good.
11. F. KmpQ Id It building a ted hnuta for H.
K. Hrega , In Maron C nyon.
Mls Ildnn Mclntn h U inifTctlnp with chills ;
UK A rcllo din hrnnght from Kan as.
Jodoph Kudolka , malt Carrier , Im * ROIIO to
Wyomingnnd II , 0. llrant ( ticcccils him.
Harry plckiri report mora cbtgKcri than berries
wlthlry pol onlng thrown In , to break the
monotony , or In other words , to scratch.
Mrs. David Steadmnn of Ohcrry county Is visit-
ngher mother Mrs. J. O. llojnolds.
urTc tlngbiKi coininencodhero , Bomnc < tlnmto
.bo wheat crop nt about ten buphul ; to the aero.
Kit Armstrong's map stint on tlie day ol tbo
top primary hero ha * left some i > ere spots that Is
tot hoallngTory fa t.
Thu 1'rco MothodUlM , who are miming a camp
meeting cant of town , are good on the bang on ;
this U thu fifth week.
Miss Trudy Allen who taught onr icbool h year
nio , find IP now running a More at Wclspcrt , watt
vlxltlng some of Her old friends hero Saturday
and Sunday ,
Miss Grace Htirlbirt who hua beou toacldng
at Whitman tlm post four months nrrltcd here
Uft week. Shelini been engaged to teach a nine
mouths term at .Mullen ; as a teacher stui Is In good
Letter l.lst.
Following is the dead letter list
for week ending July 25th , 1801) .
O W White. Miss Mnudn Taylor.
Mr llnlph Wallace. Jio Wnlkameyer.
J 1' Ha tchley. Mr C'lms 1'ottnr.
Mr Wllllu lleiulcHliot. Jno ( llllings.
Ml" Mary K Kdwards. Mr Ooo Davis.
C K I'llhro ( csrd. ) Kdnlii Oronlon.
Parties oalhng for any of the
above will plo.tnu say ' 'ftdvertiHod. "
Our tmby lins boon coiitinuiUly
troulilpd with colic Aiidelinlcrn Infnntum
Blnco his birth , nni ! all that we could defer
for him did not setm to tvu nioro
limn tompornry rolluf , until wo tried
ChuHiherliiin's Colic , Cholorn nnd Dinr-
rhoon llcmcily. Since giving that
remedy ho him not boon troubled. Wo
want to give you tills testimonial as an
evidence of our gr.itltludo , not that you
nued It to advertise your murltoiious
remedy. G. M. Law , Kookulc , Iowa.
For aalo by nil druggists.
Italcs for U rent or America Imposition ,
lieduocd rales ic Omaha will apply
from points on the Butlington
Lioutn withiu 250 miles of that
city during the onliro period of the
Grater America Exposition , which
opens July 1 , and closes October
ill. There will he three different
kinda of tickets : Ton-day ticketH ,
whiuh will he sold at 80 per cent of
double the one way rate. Seven-
day Tickets , the r.tte for which
will ho one faro for the round trip
plus 5 per cent on sale Tuesdays.
"Week-end" Tickets , which will
bo on sale Saturdays and for Sun
day trains duo in Omaha before
1 p. m. One fare for the round
trip. J. FKANOIH ,
Gonor.ll P.iBBongor Agent ,
jn 22-71. Omaha , Noh.
"I have used Ctinmborlnin's Cough
Hoincdy In my family for years nnd nl-
wnys with good reeults , " eayB Mr. W.
U. Conner of Ellllo , Gal. "For small
children wo llnd it especially effective. "
For sale by all druggists.
House lor Salo.
ThoJ. S. Kirkpatuck property , three
DlockH from public Bimro- ( | also n good
bicycle for Bale. Enquire of
troubled with diarrhoea
will bo InlnrflRlPil in the experience of
Mr. W M. Dual ) , clerk of Hotel Dorr-
nnce , Provldonci ) , 11. J. He saye : "For
several yenre I have been almost n
constant euiTercr from diarrhoea , the
frrqui'nt altncks completely prostrntlug
me and rendering mo unlit for my
dtitlCB ut tlilH hotel. About two yearn
a traveling ealGMunn kindly gave
me a small bottle ol' Chamberlain's Colio ,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Hemi-dy. Much
to my Biirprlso and delight its effects
wire immediate. Whenever I felt
symptoms of the disease I would fortify
myself against the attack with a few
doen of thla v/iluablo remedy. The
rrsult haa been very satisfactory nnd
almost complete rellrf from the afflic
tlon. " For sain by all druggists.
Lincoln. Denver ,
Omaha , Helena ,
Chicago , Htltte ,
Ht. Joeeph , 1'ortland ,
KatiFan City , Salt Lake City
HtI.onlB , and all Hnn FranclHco
points enfland south. and all points wett
No. 42. Local o.Tprrss dally , Lincoln , Onmlin ,
and all polnta eant . . .tVlM a.m. .
No.II. . Local patscnKor , departx. 11 : ' " > a , in.
No. ! . Throuuh froluht cast lally..li't : ; a. m.
No. ' 18. Local freight east arr. dally 1'J.oo p.m.
Departs at 1,05 p in.
Kxcept Sunday.
No. 11 , Local expires * dally , Helena , lltitto
I'ortland.nli polnti ) wed 10:55p. : m
No. 43. Local paeoiincr1arrlvo8at..4.1i : p. m.
No. 45. " " wect " 10-IK a. m
Ko 47. ' " ii'16 p. in
Departs at .fi l > , m
Kxcept Hunday.
Sleeping , dlnliiK and reclining chair earn ( puatH
free ) on turntith tralnn. Tlckisu Bold and bag
gage checked to any i > olnt In thi United Stales
and Canada ,
No.18 has merctundleo earn TneaiUya , Thurs
days and Saturdays.
No.to will carry paHsenyers for Aneelmo , Hal
ley , Seneca , Whitman and Alliance.
No , 46 will Larry putKOi guru for Uavenna
Oratul Ifluud , bcward and Lincoln.
Information , majiSi tlmo tiiblcs and ticket
full un or write to H. L. Ormsby , agent , or J
FraucH , Q. 1' . A. , Oniuhu. NoUratka.
II. L OitMeiir , Agunt.
P. 0. WOHNALL , I'ro'iltlmit. j A tiAnrirn
A. J. UOIIKIITBOM , Vleo-l-ros. W. I ) . IIUcfewBl ! A.it'
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
TrnntmutH n Gonornl Bnnking BiiHinoHS. County OlainiH nnd
WnrrnntH Bought ,
I Once Was Lost , but ITow I Have
Pound It.
Where ? At my door. A t the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dour ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mammoth -
moth stock of Groceries , , and at the lowest prices you over
heard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep
ing posted on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Torbackor and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of candy for sale cheap.
' "dahlias committees ore invited to call and got my prices.
.jiiieinbor the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
National Bank.
W. S. SWAN , - - Proprietor.
- o
I make the correct fitting of Glasses
a Specialty.
Jeweler and Optician.
Look Out. Look Out
Before you buy' see 11. B. Darter's flno line of. Household Goods.
Everything , from a tin oup to
Fine Polished Finished Suites
Side Boards and Book Gases ,
At pricoH never before quolon in Broken Bow.
Suites $12.00 to $25.00
Book Case's $0.00 to $20.00
Side Boards $14.00to $2500
lion Beds $3.00 to $ ir..OO
Springs $1.00 to $0.00
Mattresses , Tnhlos , Sofas , Ohnirs , Hookers , Window Shades ,
Pioturo Frames nnd Pictures.
Do not forgot to see mo at my now location , woat side square.
YOUTH for business ,
8. H. IIUUNIIAM , 1'reddcnt , Lincoln , Neb , H. n , HOflKllS. OwliJor , llrokon Itow.
0. i' . I'KIU-UY , V-1'ren. , llroken How. J. M. KIMHEHLING , Ass't Caablor ]
First National Bank ,
General Banking Business Transacted.
DiUKOroiiw :
8. II. Ilurnlmm j ! < H. .lowott. U. C. Talbot. o. I1. I'orloy. II. O. lingers.
Unlteil Stated Nntlnnil Dank , Omalm. Chmo National Hank , Now York. American
KxohanL'i ) Hank , Mncoln. Klrst National Hank. Grand Inland , First National Hank ,
North 1'lalte , Neb.
We own and occupy the tallest mercantile bulldlnc In the world. We
over 3,000,000 customers. Sixteen hundred clerks are constantly
encaged tilling out-of-town orders.
OUR GENERAL CATALOGUE Is the book of the people It quotes
Wholesale Prices to Everybody , lias over 1,000 pages , 16,000 illustrations , nnd
6oo < w descriptions of articles with prices. It costs 71 cents to print und mall
each copy. Wo want you to have one. SEND KII'TEEN CENTS to show
your iood ; faith , nnd we'll send you n copy I'REE , with all charges prepaid.

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