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( I' I > or rend by Air * . SI. 15. lmvH | , tit tliti Ulil
Settler * I'tcnlc , livid In Jut. Ilmll y'ngrovu ,
July IStU law )
This thought nugguHtu to tin youth
wlnuh a fuw years liitur ! H called
age. Both uoinpuritivuly brio !
pcriodr ) and both impatient for ro-
BtiltB ; therefore it ! H tilting that thin
paper Bhould at leant bo accorded
ono merit , that of brevity.
It is Haid one of the indication * )
of the weight of yoart iw when we
uru wont to boast of our ability to
uompoto with thoBo WIOHO ! wint' ru
and HUtnmorH have not had the H.IIIIU
roukoning HO pluatic CXCUHC , we are
not in our dotage.
Growing old together HiiggetttH
cxptirirnucH and if we may indulge
in comparison the old Heltler of
OiiBter ooiuity can justly elaim to
outrival any modern MetluiHnlah of
the nineteenth century production.
If piiHh , | luuk , porfliBlcnt effort
IB aeuorded only to youth then
indeed have we found Ponce Da
LOOM'H fountain of youth located in
the heart of ( Junior eounty Nobriis-
ki. We have not met today in
this annual gathering to bewail paBt
IOHBOB like the daughterB of iHrael ;
the rcHultsof Borne modern JojHha's
raah vow , nor are wo doubting
Elijahs , under "jumper trocH , "
True the sods of the valley have
been piled over UH and wo have
Hlopt and perolmnuo have oven
dreamed but our a has boon no llip-
Vwn-Winklo nap while the wheolH
of progrcuB have boon leaving UH a
dcoado behind thotimcH. AH wetako
this annual outing one thing in Holf-
evident wo have developed thostay-
ing qualities and may justly elaim
to bo the "survival of the fittest , "
Hiil and drouth have tuooeodod
oaoh oil or and reduuod our financial
prospeots but for lioroio endurance ,
indomitable energy , Napoleon with
hid hosts of diplomats never oem
batted the olcnients wi'.h suuh sig
nal SUOOCBS , nor suorod the vietorics
with as good oonseienco as the
average Nolmiskau. Is our miseion
done ? Nay verily. Wo are not
waiting for our friends to die before
wo strew lloworB over thorn. Wo
behove in breaking our alabaster
boxes on our living friends , oaumng
them to rojoioo hero and now with
us as a foretaste of bettor things to
Wo like good tilings most cer
tainly ! Our standard motto shouH
read good , better best. Today wo
are voicing that sentiment not only
in our foaming capacities but social
relations as well.
What if our heads show silver
haira ? Each silver hair a token
given ; loss of earth , and moro of
| heaven. Some of us wore while
jj hatred when babies so mother's say.
* ' Our eyes getting dim ! Then wn
may not see the faults of others so
readily , and have moro time to
eon not our own. Our ears slow to
catch the sound ! Wo may not hoar
as much discord but moro of bar-
mony. Our steps feeble , let them
be moro cautious and go only where
duty leads. Wo are also reminded
that growing old does not excuse
us from responsibility. Wo are
hero as so many linger boards point ,
ing out the way to others , who are
to try this rugged highway. Some
times wo stop hero and there to
mark plaoes in bridges whore it is
unsafe to paHsBomotimcB strengthen
whore weakness lies concealed. As
the yoara go by aud the gr&at hu
man train IB on the move iho head
light on the engine enables the
engineer to diboovor any obstruc
tion on the track , aud by calling a
halt and removing it , to avoid
wrecking the train , so we need iho
headlight of sterling integrity to
avoid being ditched by monopoly
or wrecked by greed , thereby losing
tbo well earned heritage of this
land wo call home.
Growing old ? Perish the thought.
Wo must keep youthful hearts , if
wo would bo in touoh with this pro
gressive generation. Wo need their
enthusiasm in return for our ex
perience. While they give us from
without , wo may from within , un
lock the store house of wisdom
gotten by experience and help to
tide them ever the hard places ,
guide tlioir energies , and encourage
their laudable enterprise. Then
when at last ihe MiiiRct of our day
is oomo may il leave on our horizon
radianl landscape while wo "wrap
Iho drapery of our couch about us
and lie down lo sleep and pleasant
dreams. "
1'lflli .Sunday Meeting of the Ouster
o bo held with the First Baptist
church of Mason City.
H p. m. I'raCioMoHlliiKi conducted hjr W. C.
8:16 : Herman l > y Ior. ! J. W. Mi'Kati.
10 n. in. 1'ralBu MuollnK , led by Itor. J H.
I0.10-I'uicr : | by Mrs. .1 11. Korr.
, led by J ) . M Amnbcrry.
| l'm. Dinner HniidHUaklii ) , ' .
.1 1 > . m. 1'npcr on Church Discipline , by wlllls
Ciul well , of Broken lluw , IHCHCHOII. | |
I :00I'upor : What nn < ProrciiiitellcH to tbo Uml'H
8iiil | T-ll. 1 , Nicholas of yd Kudull.
DlHcumlou , led by O. W. ItunyAn.
8 IL m. Prnl'o Mooting , led \ > y 0. II. Mooinnr.
Hl.r > -I'aier | , What urn tint mitten of Olliircb
MuniriorK to Iho I'rayer McatlngT DCKCOII
Miuon , of Ut Kudull , l > lecus- > lon ,
10:30 : 1'rnlBu Meeting , loil Itv W. 0. Itlllott.
II :00-Hcriuun : , Hcv. J. W. MCRSU.
11. Y. I1 U. Mltiri'INO.
AFTIfllNOON , 3 V. M ,
lender , llvrtbn Drowning ,
ilnnlcIiiBtriimcutal nud Hncred.
JIIIIR UoBlo mid Yurnlu lllnlr.
i miy- How Knr Is Our drouth n Mnttur within
) ur Control Ilnrtbu IlrovvnliiL1
) l8enB loti Roger Hiimniorvlllo and John U. W.
) ( 'cl nmllon Antm Mi-gun.
Juany How C.nn wo Induce Sinners to Attend
and tnko I'nrt In Our Young People's Jluut-
lugR ? Mlimln Orobiinl.
) l8Cu Klon llottlo iin : anil Herbert Hull.
Holo-Mrn.,1. H. Iliiildeii.
Mfcum-lon - Kv Wuliuer.
lenernl DleetiBslon.
) | i. m. 1'mlsu Meeting.
U:1R Summit liy Kuv. J. 8. Hadden.
Young L'ariiioi' Kills lliuiseir.
CAM.AWAV , Neb , July 22 ( Special
r logratn. ) Carl Hprousi1 , ; i young
'nrmur of thifl vicinity , shol and
tnstantlj killed himself "with a revolver -
volvor while standing in a neigh.
Ivor's doorway , where ho had gone
to secure a hand to do some farm
work. The dead man was in fairly
good circumstances , and had no
domestic troubles , Ho was of a
despondent disposition , and his
father and a brother committed
suicide years ago. Ho loaves a
wife and two children. Beo.
dhoriff Letimro went ever to Calla-
wny and hold an inquest , where the
above stalomont wntj established.
The Sprotmo family were among
the early Bottlers of the South Loup.
rrogram of the Mtisiculo.
To bo given in iho M. IT. ohuroh
Tuesday evening Augusl 1st ,
Inrtrutncntnl Duel . Minn , llolcomb. and Mr .
Uoulkkttoii CliiiKlla Carton
hulo. . . . Mdrrlo Uarrctt
I'liinoSolo Ornce Doutlas
l ( rllHtlnn Mrs. Uobt Illlblmrd
Quartet Lunls Itros
bolO ; Mrs. lllackwoll
I'lnuoSolo Loim'Mooru
HoclU'Jon i-'uiy Uvmnoru
hoi" Dean Holcomli
Uecllnttnu CiirlloCrowu
Mmulolln Club
" ' < > H. W. llliilr
( joniot ilnot Taylor nnd union
I'lami.bolo Mr. . Hlllon
Dumb bull drill . . . .IVnrl JoHctUml Oortto Hall
S > o C Mr. rtltnwny nnd HcHelo
Ueberx , Mt ec Tliorpo , Ford nd I.einlnir.
Door kcoimrs . II. KHAtham ami 1) . W. Limlcr-
Itesolutidiis of Hi'spect.
Sumo an allwiso Providence has
soon lit to remove from our mutst
our friend and brother , John F.
Uosnor ,
Resolved , That the Hympathy of
the Morna M B. A. Lodge number
322 , bo extended to the bereaved
wife and family , and thai our ohar-
UT bo draped in mourning for tbirly
days Also that a copy of these reso
lultons bo published in the sevora
papers of our county. By order ol
committee ,
Mus J. H. BAIII.
A good ludy nook and house
keeper wants a plaou to work in :
private family or hotel. Addros
box 108 , City.
Bed room suits lower than over
iino couches ; to appreciate qualit )
and price couio and sou them.
There is a very favorable foel-
itig with iho 1) , A M. railroad
oHithIn ; towards maki'ig Broken
Btiw the pansi'iippr nnd freight
ilivininn. Il JH nnar the half way
point between Lincoln and AHi.'tnco
and in just about the right distance
for a pasHongor run and would lie
jiint the right distance for a freight
division from Aurora to Broken
Bow. The btiHincBH of Iho road has
grown to hti-'h proportions that it is
becoming a nocecHity to have tliu
(11visions so located so as to bettor
facilitate iho work of the road. If
the present intontionp arc nol
changed , Broken Bow will bo rondo
n passenger and possibly a freight
division this fall The Itici'triiMOAN
can aHsuro Iho management of the
road that the change will bo groally
appreciated by iho cili/.PtiH o'f
Broken Bow and that our good will
, \H well us our influence will be
used to help inoreaho their business
UK ! rooiprocatolho beHt wo can for
the advanlago it will give to our
A Correction.
Our friend Jas. Liing , of Round
-irovo , lakes UH lo tank for pttblish-
ng bin iinmo as ono of the candidates
'or oounty olork. Mr. Lang does
tot want bin name so used and we
lo not blame him , especially in
ionncction with the "combine"
hat run the pop convention. Tin-
iso of his name was a typhograph
oal error , which wo tried to have
corrected in the proof , but failed
HID name should have road Geo.
[ jang. Our liiond Jan. Lang is not
i pop for otlice , nor is ho ono to bo
carried by the leaders into the
temocralio party. Like many other
lonost farmers ho thought ho was
Hsooiating himself with a reform
> ait } , but since they have so utterly
ailed to praclioo what they preach
10 doubtloHH can neo that ho has
boon tricked.
Stub ) of Nubrnskn ,
Adjutnnl Uunurnl's Ollh-o ,
Lineoln , Nebr. . July 25 , 18 ! ) ! ) .
To the Mayor of IJrokcn Bow , Isob. ,
Dour Sir ;
I linvu ttio honor to liorc-
vlth enclosu you copies of ti Ic raina
ust received from Brigadier Uonornl
. ' . II. Uurry , A'ljutaiit. General of
'Jobniuliii , who Is DOW In SnnFrHiicleco ,
Ciilifornln , tnnkiiiK' iitopariitions for the
uo anil comfort ot our boys on ttuir
irrlvul at that plnco.
You will notice by the dispatch of the
1th lint. , ttml the ro itnuiit has been
li'laycil on account of u brok'ii vnlvn
L'hu dnnttion of tin1 disluy , of course , inlet
lot known , but UH the rogimout was
chcduk'd to itrrivo tit SunFraneleco on
ii 23tb lust. , it IH riot likely that it will
10 ( Inlayed moio tliati a couple of ( laye > . ,
o It will probably nrrlvo about tlio ilrst
of August.
I would respeutfully request lliat you
iHve the dispnteli of tlic 2otli nimounecd
, o the relatives and frioniln of nil tbo
) oyslio went , from your town ; ns well
KH to tliOHC of tlio Company from otliur
, owns.
Also plouee hnvo tht'in published in
,110 most conspicuous plucco'i the frontage
ago of your daily and weekly papers ,
n order that ttioy mny bo announced
na publicly as poaalble ,
Too mucti cannot bo done ( or the care
nul comfort ol the boys wbo have
oiiHhteo Kalliintly and bravely , anil
vho bavo not only won tot * lUoinsnlvoB
bo distinction of "heroes " but bavo
buelowod botior upon tlio great state f f
Nebraska , and thU ropubllu , and found
a warm place In the beart ol every law
inkling and liberty loving American
V ry Respectfully ,
I.J. Avr.us
Cblof Olork A. 0. C.
In the absuucu of tbe Adjutont Uun <
SAN FHANOISOO , Ual.Jtily 24 , ' ! ) ! ) .
I. J. Ayres , Chief Clerk Adjutant
General's OQico , Lincoln , Nob.
Temperature hero cold as compared
to Nebraska , owing to proximity to
ocean. Have arranged ( or issue of
woolen under clothing on arrival of
the regiment , which will obviate
liability of pneumonia , as experi
enced by Oregon regiment. Have
received valuable asbielamto from
Colonel Stark , ultimo acquaintance
will ) Congressman Kahn enabled
lo meet army otlicors who arc af
fording us every faoilily in performance -
formanco of duty , which will mean
a gruat donl lo health and comfort
of our bo > B. On constillallon with
Uonoral Shaftor and chief muster
ing otlicer , arc informed that it will
take about thr < > o weeks to muBter
out the regiment. 1 Uncock reported
delayed by reason of broken valve
P. H. BAHHY , Adj't. Gon.
SAN FuANOtsco , CV. . , July 2G , ' 00
I. J. Ayers , Chief Cleik Adjutant
Uonerul's Ofliue , Lincoln , Nebraska
1 recommend and urge aa an ad-
dilional preoaulion againsl pnoumo
niti , tli'U friends and rolalivi's o
each soldier in Iho Firsl Nebraska
volunteers 'o send at oiico by mat
extra thick chest protectors , cut fo
front and back , See phyuioians fo
details of making them , The gov
ernment does not furnUh these
The best medical authorities her *
endorse. Request press to givi
publicity in best position in papers ,
and to call ttmitioii , that town
people should notify tliowo in the
connlry. UtiHli forward extract ol
ordprs rohlinu lo promotions in the
1 < iirit regiment. O.llioial.
1' . H. BAKUV , Adj't. Gon.
Institute Xotcs.
Tl H enrollment on Wednesdaj
HTchi'd 100 , two greater than the
total enrollment of last year.
Mitel. inlcrcHl is hi-int ; displayed
in all the classes , a condition which
is both pleasing and inspiring to the
iMiss Burger's primary work is
ono of the leading features of the
inslilulo. Among tin * interested
primary teachers of the county in
atlrndanco are Mies Nan Alexander ,
of our citj Hchoola ; Mis * Nettie
Hannawald , of Merna ; Mii-H Mabol
Hall , of Sargent and Miss Jessie
Grcor , of CilUway.
Prof , Atkinson's method of pre
senting the subject of monsuralion
! H espouially strong and is being
highly commanded on all sides.
The entire uiHlilitlo IB thrown to-
gather for lliis period.
Mossrs. Lewis and Hutton are tak-
ijig hold of iho work like volerans ,
Only a ( ew minules in their nlass
rooms are required to cauyc ono to
forgot their youthful appearance
ind become interested in Iho skill
ful manner in which they treat tlio
subject in hand.
Never before has a moro attentive
'oroo of teachers assembled in the
Jounty institute. Very few indeed
eave thn building before the session
closes. Il in only during the inter-
ntssion thai any unusual nlir islet
lot iced in town. Uhis facl sppaks
veil for tlio teachers and is observed
with pleasure by all interested in
ho school affairs of the county.
There are more young men in
itlendanco than usual , Still the
old ratio of 10 to 1 has not boon
orioucly shattered and iho young
adies have most everything their
own way.
Mrs , Forgurson was a most wel
come visitor Wednesday and favor
ed Ihe toachera with a veiy pleasant
alk , with regard to tor plans for
organizing a party of young ladies
fora European visit , during the
line mouths beginning in Septcm-
> er.
Visitors are always accorded a
uordial welcome , and it IB to bo re
gretted lliat so few take oavautagc
jf ibis opporlunity to see what
heir leathers are doing in the way
> f preparing for work , in which all
hotild feel a deep interest. Lot us
lave mnro visitors during the ses-
On Wednesday of next week Ihe
uouvenlion of school boards and pa-
rons will convene in the M. E
church. Everybody within ruach
of Broken Bow should turn out in
'nil force and astiiht in making this
in epoch making day. The county
superintendent and teachers are very
sanguine as to the ultimate resulu
of the mooting.
The reception at the Park Tues
day evening was in most respects
i very pleasant affair. The strong
wind prevented carrying out tbe
> rogiam in full. The Mandolin club
'urnixhod the instrumental music ,
fjowisBros 'quartetRosieaudVornio
Blair and the Glee club assisted very
maternity in Iho way of local music.
iMi.se Funk , Miss Megan and Miss
Zodti Granl rendered appropriate
recitations. The management ol
tlio band regretted very much ihoir
inablity to assist in the program
owing to the fact that four promin *
out members were out of town ,
, Mr. Taylor hopOH lo got the "boys
together for our Wednesday moot ,
Notice to Hunters.
Parties are hori'by notified not to
hunt on my farm , or pasture
grounds , under penalty of the law.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public -
And Justice < > r tliu 1'cuco Special attention jlv-
un to collections. UopnfiltfoiiH tukun , pension
voucher * neatly executed , anil Hit kinds of lend
impcrBrltton. . Olllco weft slilo niuaro. llrokon
Uowi Nob.
Eag Carpet
Sold choiip , In any length iilecen ilcslrcil. Cur-
| > ct weaving rollctted. I'rlcua rt'iieonablo.
Mrn. Louiho Haymond.
Woet o ( llowcn'a Store.
Fruit and
Ornamental Trees.
Geneva Nursery ,
John Mi'Cutohoon , Agent.
Mukti both fall and epriiiK ilullvorjr. Tills U
tliu leading nursery in tliu ntnto , aud their utock
is nil diet clnst. Of tlio luiiulrcJivo have poTtl
to In tills county the i > uut four yctrvo ilcflrc to
refer ) oii to it fuwvhoui wo lui\o furnli < hiMl
xtock , viz : Jus. Wldtuhcnil , John Henry , Uro.
\V. Ucttoy , 11. U. Uogtfra and Judge II. M. Hal-
llviin.John McCutcheon.
Dr. Piorco'e Golden Modir.al Discovery - CaBtoria . 20o
covory . OOc PISO'B Consumption Cure . 20o
Dr. Pioroo's Favorite Prescription , ir. vvjliam , > fi Pink Pills for Palo
OOo People . 45o
" ' " nBom'HHivoSyrap,36o m.o for
. 29 °
Hood's Sarsajianlb . ! )0c )
Hood's Vegetable Pills . 2L'c A-vor'8 Pllls . 20 °
Pnno's ( Jdery Compound . OOc Kiulcapoo Indian Worm Killer. .20o
Syrup of Figs . 40o Dr. Ward's L5niamontaaine size , 20o
Just received our fall line of
Better than ever , cheaper than ever , for
men , women and children. If you want the
best goods for the least money , buy at the
Just received a fine lot of HARVEST
GLOVES , the best that money can buy , and
will sell away below nil competition.
ry s
In order to reduce the Salisbury stock of
Goods we recently purchased , so as to en
able us to consolidate our two stores as soon
as possible , we will for the
continue to give our customers better prices
than they can secure at wholesale.
bought these goods in a lump , and at figures
below eastern prices , hence we have no
competitors in prices or quality of goods in
Broken Bow. If you want real bargains in
Dry Goods , Boots , Shoes , Clothing ,
Call and see uat ;
" * *
* i
in the Realty Blook.
ARRY DAY & CO , * '

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