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" Iff- - - - -
A me intuit WITH Tincut
jviAmmorH STOCK ;
Since they have consolidated the Htoros of Harry Day &
( Jo. and Iho T. M. & J. W. Salisbury Slocks , they row have
ono of the Lnrgosl Stocks of Dry Goods in Central Nebraska.
They have not only a mammoth Htock , but a great variety.
These goods were bought at a bargain , and will be sold al
Se Jtfcl m % trl * & | I li 9
To Our Patrons 1
Our cotupolilors oaniiot compole. Their goods cost thorn
more than our selling price. If you are not convinced that wo
moan juHl what , wo say , call and got our prices. Our him is to
V"i save our ouslomors money , and wo are doing it. It' you want
good Goods , in any quantity , quality or style , we can supply
you , If it is bargains you wnnt , como to our store in the
Realty block ,
Southwest Corner Square.
< i
In thcso days wo huvo all kinds of shams the
politician as a sham reformer , Ihe uiorchaul who works
ciT on the unsuspicious customer his StlAM GOODS.
But my friends , there is no mioh thing as sham lumber ,
and if you wish tp purchase
As well as QUANTITY , you will always find llutsamo
at our ' yard , iu Broken Bow , Nohraoka. We keep the
BEST 'FOR THE MONEY. White aud Yellow Pine ,
Dimension and
Poreh Material a Specialty ,
Don't forget lhal our COAL IS TUB BEST , aud
CLKAN TOO ! Wo are iho tiroloHH toilers for your
Poster & Smith , Lumber Co.
Telephone No. 70. WILL L. RULE , M'gr.
V. O. WOHNA1.L. President. J. A. IUKHI8 , Cafhler.
A. J. HOHKUT80N , VlM-Pres. W. D. 11LACKWU1.L. Asi't Caihldr.
Farmers Bank , of Ouster County ,
Transacts a General Banking Business. County Claims and
VVarrauta Bought.
Infrrpsling K ( > | iorl or ( lie First Nebraska
Itojs , mi lliclr
A Vivid Description of tin ; CHIos anil
( llyllio Itri'Diil.iOiN'H Hpeclal Cirrn piinlcnt ,
W i. Hick )
NagaMakio hatioiioof tliu protlioHl
harborH in tlio world. Tlio hills
iHuomhng direct from tlio bay , and
of a lovely emerald jjreon frequently
dolled wilh quaint roofed uolln uH
and t urdoiiH , a totnple upon a diH-
tnnl hill gaudily piunleu "Hampaim"
gliding like snakes utidur lltu mus-
oular offtrt of almoHl naked JapH
MajeHlio warships lyini > quiet and
Hereuu , their neal while painl bright
ening Ihe green on the hill Hideo com-
plotoH an onuhautinont to he appre
ciated Our voyage through the
inland sea IH ploasanl We wiggle
through narrow uhannolH , norapo
lowering mountains , and dip our
Hag to the ships lying iu the harbor
itthe many IOWIIH we past : . FortH
with huge guiiH poopiim over al IIB
UK ) fitdiuig sinnoks , Hhapi'd like a
talf moon and a ribbed sail past ) > ti
mnoranu. At Kobe our pilot bids
IH adieu and the ship heads for
open Hoa and Yokohama. In the
uorning we anchor Home distance
ml in tlio bay al Yokohama , and
ire taken ashors in Hatnpans. Afl r
Kiing in Manila wilh ils dirty
streets , Yokohama IUIH ; \ eloaned up ,
Sunday appoaranoo. "Kickshaw , "
sir ? Certainly. The jinricksha is a
Htuall two wheeled wagon , much in
shape like a Hitlky , exeepl lhal il
ban a lop which can bo rained in
rainy wealher. It has shafts joined
at Ihe end by a eroHH bar. ' 1 ho
"rickshaw" men are clad in neat
navy blue garments , their well de
veloped legH enoased in unwrinkled
tightH , IOOHO jackets with wide
flowing HleoveH , their faeoH peeping
from beneath muBhroom shaped
natH. Slick two slrawn in one end
of a potato , a mushroom in tlio
other , sot it up on the Htrawn and
you have a Jap in out line. The
hotels aud business houses are nicely
located and are built upon European
principle. The EngliHh resident
portion of town is upon a highblufl ,
whore cool breezes , and fragrant
tropical planls makes lifopasHsorono ,
The JapauoHO home forms n great
contrast to the.HO of Ihe Englinh.
They are very small , even daintily
uo , like play IIOUHOH , built of a thin
shingle like board and line in texture.
Kiro places are unknown and potluck -
luck is taken over a few charcoal
upon a cold day. Light frames cov
ered with tmo rice paper are used
aa partitions doors and windows in
one. They uan bo removed at any
time throwing the floor into one
room. Japan in tlio land of love
beauty , poelry and impatiently wn
are longing to see the "geisha" girls
and drink their lea. At last our
tea arrives and the pretty maidens
clad in exquisite , angel sleeved gar-
monls bow gracefully , bending
down until their heads touch their
knees , then kneeling before \\a mur
mur gently agreeling. The "geisha"
girls stand posed wilh open fan in
hand above their heads , loady to
bi gin thi1 dani'o. They are very
short wilh Ihe tenderest of slender
aislH. Tl.oir soft tender eyes are
made blacker by painted lashes aiui
brows , their midnight hair , stiffened
with a gummy wash , is most won
derfully dressed in largo coils and
ornamented with gold and silver
( lowers. Their kimonos dresses of
Ihe most exquisite material trail all
around them , and are loosely held
together at the waist with a sash ;
their long flowing sleeves fall back ,
showing their dimpled arms and
bahy hands. Upon their tiny foot
they wear cunning vihilo Blockings
with a place .for tlio great lee
When Ihoy go out they wear wooden
sandals. They powder their faoos
and have a way of reddening their
under lip just at iho tip that gives
Ihum a modi tempting look. The
lips look like two luxurious cherries.
The musicians begin a long chanting
strain and these bits of beauty lie-
gin lo danoo. Wilh a graoo
simply enchanting they twirl their
fans , sway their dainty bodies in a
hundred different popes , each one
more intoxicating than the preced
ing one.
Alas this land of pleasure.
Tokyo is visited and wo see the
Mikado's palaces , which are en
closed by a fifty foot stone wall nnd
three wide moats and many beauti
ful parks. Wo also visited a lom-
p'o ' and lots of little gods. Took in
a most delightful loa-houxo and
wore served by two little "japs"
girls with tea and cake. Wo saw
a god with his nose rubbed off. .
The japs believe that if they have a
pain or aoho and rub their hands
over the face of that god , and Ihen
when the pain is located they will
be cured. English is taught in the
schools. Tlio girls are taught
graceful movements hew to onter-
IPih , to serve tea and the proper and
graceful way to uuo chop sticks.
It is a pretty sight to sen a lovely
woman use chop sticks. The belle
here use a highly polished steel 1
dink to view her numerous c.haruiH.
Rico paper is uncd as handkeroicfs
and tin1 large flowing sleeves as
I'ouknls. Here is kept an assortment
of everything. Hath cost two cents
and theJapanese Intho at least twice
a day. Not a few but all It is a
bright sunny morning when we
leave Yokohama the "land of
Mikado" and dreamy eyed damsols.
The "llanoooK" heaves anchor , dips
colors lo the warships , shaking the
spray of Japan's coast from our bows
and are out at sea. Eight hundred
miles from Frisco. Old you ever
h.'tvo that funny fooling ? Wo had
it a few dajy past. Two days in a
Mjunl. Lost a chicken coop over-
bonrd ; was bathed inside and out
with ovur forty barrels of salt water
entering the ports , while peacefully
dreaming ; six of UH wore lOiookt'd
as tuking a bath according vo ro-
gulationfc. This theory of gravita
tion is completely upsuH 0:1. : ' n. in.
started for breakfast , Aid ! en my
M- , and -vs : need as a mode of
conveyance by Bob Froy. Got
mixed up with some gnpf , tinpltilus ,
uolii'e cups and guns ; crawled lo the
slairs ami gel on dock ; had bacon
for breakfast and immediately had
in engagement "attending lo my
own business" came in conlacl with
i cook chasing a ronst lhat had
jumped out of the pan. lie gave
me some advice and we learned
many useful things. He said one
should tie a string to his bacon on
a morning like that , then ho
wouldn't loose il. A ship cook IH
i great fellow. IIo had every thing
tin I down except the colToo pol.
You ought to see thai coffee pot
slide. It glided up to the bacon
and then Hlid against Ihe starboard
side ol the oatmeal .The cook's ladle
started to run away also but ho had a
siring on that ; soldiers learn quickly
and wo soon had everything strung.
Wo were not far from land though ,
in case of accident ; about five
miles , straight down. Now that
we are far from th deadly Mauser
and its mate and lhat famed portal
the beautiful "Golden Goto" looms
and bids we reluming ones welcome.
This will most emphatically bo my
"last appearance" in print. During
the past year it has been our effort
to put the "whole cheese" before
the readers of dialer county's load
ing paper. To smooth the rough
edges and make you behove wo
were living on pic instead of por-
hapHnolhing ; lo ease the hoarU of
those lhal were anxiouH about , well
at leant that we might bo a little
mite in good doing. Thanking the
KKPUHMCAN for the courtesy shown
and the excellent way they photo
graphed mo the past year wo hope
soon to bo initiated by Broken Bow's
billy goat and brass band as a long
lost citizen. WALTKR S. FUCK.
It's "Broken HUM" Again.
There is often much in a name
The geography of America is rich
in njmonolaturo which abounds
with poetry , romance and historj
asHocialion. This IH especially Iruc
of Indian names , which in a very few
j oars will bo all lhat us loft lo us
of a picluroHquo race. Long afler
the lasl red man has vanished and
his di/scendonU have become amal
gamated wilh IhoHC of his deslroyers
such names as Rod Cloud , Black
HawkLodge PoloBattle Crook , Fox
Lake , Big Horn , Buffalo Lake am.
Bro.kon Bow will remind our child
ren's children that over this land once
roamed a peculiar people. But the
United States pOHtotlicc department
with an abnormal appetite for van
dalism for which there is no valid
excuse , persists in bulohering these
suggoHlivo names until Ihoy are
nardly rooogniiblu , and in place
of them have inflicted upon us such
monstrosities as Kedolond , Black
hawk , Lodgepolo , Batlleorook , Fox-
lake , Bighorn , Buffalolaku and Bro-
konbow. Petitions and protesls
have generally boon unavailing to
stop this mangling of b.'autifu
and suggestive names by postmas
lors gener.illy who have no poetry
in their sordid souls , but we are
gratified to learn thai ihrough the
solicitation of many citizens , led by
Senator Currie the department hat *
consumed lo restore "Brokonbow'
to its original and proper form
"Broken Bow.1 Now lot tbo saint
thing bo done with the hundreds o
olhers lhal hare been jusl a- sense
lessly mutilated and robbed of thoi
originul beauty.
S. D. Butcher , of Giles , ha
routed John Johnson's residence
property in Ihe southoasl part o
lown whore ho expects lo rnovo hi
family soon , in onior lo give hi
children hotter school advantages
Mr. Bu'.oher contomplales engaging
in ilia photograph business b ;
traveling over the county. Ho wil
also make an olTort lo complete hi
Cusler county history , for which h
has contributed a number of article
by pioneer settlers and a larg
variety of views of ranches am
homesteads of early days.
Farms for sale and lands for rent
Now is the limo lo got a farm choa |
as the cheap farms are all going am
prices are commencing to advanc
rapidly , J.G.Bronizor.
- m mii Bm * * * * * * * * ' ' * * ' ' * ' ' * * * * 1' " * * * ' * ' ' ' ' * * * * * * ' 111 * * * " * ' 11' * *
mmsmmi isimimmmmii -A
ii 1 IPairite 1
i i
i i
fee m
i'J. . G.
i'/ / *
Wrt' * : IY' " * . ; wyKV t.V ' * : JV' ' ? : : ( , ft > 2
WZteW2&Z&faz ! ! ! ixXZixZ Si !
With Lowest Prices on Everything ,
They have a full line of Shoos at prices lownr than over. Gloves ,
lOo up Just received a tine lot ot Fall and Winter Dress Goods , at
prices lower than ever. The best grades of Overalls and Cottonade
I'auts. A tine list of Shirtings always on hand. Best grades of
L. L , Muslin , 3c per Yard.
Highest Price Paid for Eggs.
Peale it John
Staple and Fancy Groceries ,
Queens ware , Glassware ,
Highest Price paid for Poultry , old & young.
Rag Carpet j
Sold clioap , In any length pieces desired. Carpet -
pot weaving vollcUcil. 1'rlcos reason ilile.
Mrs. Louise Raymond.
Wcct of Itowun's Store.
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plans niul Spflclficatlnnx on xliort notice. Mil-
torlnl fiunlKlioil and building complotud clionjiui
tlinn any mnn In tlm fitntu. HatlHfuctlon gimran
teed aa to jilaiis and HpcclflciilioiiH.
Letter List.
Following is the dead letter list
for week ending Aug. Hth , 1890.
Annn IClllion , Mr. Joctum Moor" .
Mr. UlKloy. Mr. Alut I'olUngliorn
Parties calling for any ol iho
above will please say ' 'advertised. "
L. II. JKWKTT , 1 * . M.
the uame Uw the kllllug of KTOUHU or
prnirle oliickena is prohibited before
KeptiuubiT 1st , 1800 and la punlBhnblo of
35.00 pur bird. AH KOCH ! oltl/.eim , we
stioulcl rospout aud obey the law and
sliuuld InaiBt that others do the stum ; .
Ky September 1st. the birdR u ill bo old
onoiigti to Btivml Homo olntnco ( or their
lives , nnd thus provmit wl'olosulo
slmif-litcr , nnd then those who wlnli to
hunt can do ao legally. UnUer the law
It IH mndo mv duty to enforce the KHIUO
Inw and I intenil aa fur UH piiFBlblu to do
BO , mill nek and shall hope ( or the cooperation -
operation of nil ulllx.iuiR In enforcing tlio
BftUlO. L. U. KlKKl'ATUlOK ,
County Attorney.
House for Sale.
The J. S. Klrkpntnok property , Ihroo
blockd ( ruin public Bqunre * also n gooa
bleyoli > ( or sale. Enquire or
onoiny of Manngument , and
i'i.f Security for the Payment.
* '
j | ! Hankers Life Association , f ? { :
K' ' ? - < - al
i.-ji ; yj >
M ! * > Ooa Molues , town. ' &
" ? . . . RSr'i
A. TKMPLE , Prestdoiit.
July let , 167'J.
Oiurmity Fund for eafoty.
Hurplils Kund fur protection.
iMiwrvlamltiyir,6 | : , < > ieo | ltorybank .
For rates aud fall Information , call . , .
iSp on or aildrusH _ y
H J , A , HARRIS , 1
A ent for Ouster County , Neb. : ' :
; VW O'1" ' "t Knrmcrs Itnnk of Cuntur
ifocuty | , Ilioken llow , Nob. ? sj
MJ ! $4
. ' .Tl * * ? * ' ! . ' * 1 IS * * ' 'i. * . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ . ! * i'
Clinton Day ,
Urokon Bow , Neb.
Olllco over Hyorson'a Krooery. Kesly
Uonco otU Uouao west of Baptigt nhurob , .

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