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The Eye of a. Needle
That's n-licro falling eyesight flret dcm-
onetratcs the need of glares nncl btlngo
the fact homo to iho bnsy , Imrrioil housewife -
wife , with greater force than nil Iho talk
of till the Opticians in all Chrletinndom.
Let mo relloro those tlrccl , strnlncd , overworked -
worked , nervous eyes ; pave your norvoim A
energy , and take you back to tlm ilnys
when you never knew you hud eyes. B
QrniluiUc of Chicago Ophthalmic College
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Onice over Hycrson'sigrocery. Rcely
denco 6th house wetof Baptist church
Lunch Counter ,
Ed. Nlalloy , Prop'r.
All kinds of soft drinks. Best
brand of cigarp. let building east
of. Farmers' bauK.
C.V. . IIUAL. A. P. SMITH. .
Beal & Smith ,
Prompt nltcntlon clvon to collrctlona anil real
estate. Ollico over Kiret Nnllonnl Dank ,
lirola'ii How , - - Nebraska.
T. W. Bass ,
AH work first class. Rooms on 2d
floor , northwest corner Realty
block , Broken Bow , Nebr.
I'lom New Zealand.
Kerf ton , Now Z'nlnml , Nov. 23 ,
1 am very pleased to stac that sicco 1
took the agency of Chambrrlian'e
medicines the fulu has been \ery large ,
more cepea'ally ' of the Cough Hoaiecly.
In two years 1 have eold more of this
particular remedy than of all other
mak B ( or the previous live years. As
to its eflicacy , I have been informed by
scores of persona ot the good results
they have received from it , aud know Its
value from the HBO of it In my own
household. Jt id so pleneont to take
that wo have to place the bottle beyond
the reach of tbo children- for sale by
all Druggists.
In Iho District ( onrt of Cms cr County , No-
TuoHe'llanco Trust On , L'lalntltf.
The Nebraska Mercantile Co and K li Jones
Tbe dclcndnnt , E B Jonec , will tttKC notice that
on the 20th day of November , 1890 , Iho plaintiff ,
TlioH HnncoTrnstCo , llloil its petition In the
District courtof cueter county , Nebraska , against
Tbo Nebraska Mercantile QO nnd E U Jonca , de
fendants , the object nnd pr.ner of which nro to
foreclose a certain lax certlllcutu ieuuud by the
treaenrerof said ouster county , on thu i3lli ! day
of November , IMW , of which ti ! plaintiff I * now
tbo ownt-r and holder thereof , fur the biim of
$11. ( Sand caverliiK the following described prem
i L 8 ! IoK 14 , 55,10 in block -41 In Railroad Ad <
dltlon to village of Calluwny , Bald county , and
upon which baf been paid "EUbBCiiuont" tax as
follow : On the i.Tith day of October , 1893 , f jr the
year IKfi , the sum of | ; rr.74 ; on the 1st clay of
Anuutt , J89I. for the year ISftt , tbo ciifli ef $35.5' ) ,
each ofvblch amounts draw SO pur cent Merest
from Ihelrrcspectlvedites all of which U due
and unpaid.
I'liilmllTpraisiulecrco of foreclosure of enhl
ccrttllc t-i nnd receipts anJ enlf of enld promises.
You ate required to answer cald petition on or bO'
fore the Ut day of .Tanuury , 1UOU , -311
Dated ntlirokcn llo\v , Ncbrabka , this ' M day
of Novt'iuber , 1899.
TIIK KKLIANoR THU8T C < > . Plaintiff ,
lly Willis cadwcll , Us Attorney.
AttcBt : James Ktocklmin , Qlcrk.
In the District Court of ouster County , No
hrnfka ,
8 I. ( Irl rtl' , Plaintiff.
David II CliUcotc , ot al. Defumhn. . S
The defendants , David It CI'Heoto , Mrn Dnvld
11 CliUcolo ( his wlfu ) , the DaUotn MortgiK"
IJ'.JL CoriorntloD , Globu hncetmont C" . Henry
A. Wynuin ( ItK receiver ) nnd the Phoenix In-
Hiirunro Co , will takn notion that on the "Otli dny
ol November 18 > 9. Iho plaintiff , 8 l < Orimili ,
tiled his iictltion in the District court .of Cus'cr
county , Nebraska , nrrntust you and each of you ,
as defendants , tl o object and prayer of which
nro'o forcclofoa certain tax ccilillcato l siicd by
llic ticavure ; of BaidC'ueier county , on thu 2Mli
diy of Novo-nber , l 9i , of which tlio plulntltf In
now the owner and holder thereof , for tlio Hum
of Jlfi.POand covering lha fnllnwlng dppcrMinl
iircnil es : The uwy of section yj , T. 18. U. SI ,
WUlh 1'M , t < ald county , aud upon \vhcli ! has
Uen paid ' sutuf'Huuul tax M follows : On the
4lh d y of M > y , 161U , for the year 189- ' , the tu-n of
810 M : on thoSth dnyof May , 1891 for the year
Wl't , tlmeumof $14 09 , oniliutilet diy of i-opt. ,
1895 , forlhuyear IfcQI , Ihuriimof 810 ill , each of
wblch amounts draw -JO per cent liileicst from
their I'uspECtlvoclntcB , nil of which U duo und
IMalnllllpiaytn drcrcolof foreclosure of said
ccrtlf.cat ) nnd receipts and calo of said preiuleeu.
You are required lo answer kald petition on or
lx Jo i e Monday , thu 1st dnv cf Jnnuury , 19 U
'Datedat Ilroken Dow. Nclira ka , tills L'Oth'day
of NoTCmbar , 1899. L'3tl
S IlOUIrFITH , Ptalntlff.
Uy Alplift Morgan , Ilia Attorney.
Local Mention.
Job printing at this oflioe.
Edwin F. Myers does gun re
Cannon City coal al Dierku
Lumber ( Jo.
Silver novelties of all descriptions
at Ed AlcComas' .
Sco our line of aa'.t and dried
tish. Douglas & Birnoy.
Call on O. P. Perloy , agent ftr
Pasteur 15lack Leg Vaccine.
HO'UJZ'H first grade mince tuo bir
bulk at Douglas & Birnoy'a ,
Try n package of Magic Carpet
at W. J. Woods' store.
A barrel of Duffy's pure apple
juice on tap at Douglas & Birnoy'a.
For nice obinawore go lo Ed
nioUomas' . ilo has just what you
"Golden Brand" is the loading in
vegetables rnd preserves at Douglas
& Birney's.
Judg Grimes of North Platte 'IB
holding court hero this week for
Judgb Sullivan.
A complete line of Heinlz's pre-
nurvcs iu bulk , new goodp , at
Douglas & Birney's ,
G. W. itunyan aud Cou Fisher ,
icar Mason , bavo been in tbo oily
the past two weeks solving as
Gus Klump , the youngest son
of J. B. Klump , of West table had
the misfortune to break his arm
list Sunday while at play.jj
Top cash price paid for all kinds
of poultry at my elevator at all
times. tf. H. II. WIIIT.
All kinds of hair work done by
Mrs. R J. Bullock at John Cross' ,
blocks south of the public
square. Lessons given also. 22t3
S. D. Butcher has selected men
from every post office in tbo county
to write , but this excludes no one
from competing for the premium
A B. Fleming , ono of the oirly
settlers of this vicinity , who now
resides near Ansley has been in the
city the past tc i days doing duty
as juror.
Mrs G. W Ruoyan , of Mason
came up Saturday and spent several
days visiting with the family of
) c scribe. She returned home
yesterday noon.
Farms for sale and lands for rent.
Now is the time to get a farm cheap ,
as the cheap farms are all going and
prices are commencing to advance
rapidly. J.G.Brenizer.
C. C. Washburn Relief Corps
will hold a fair commencing
Thanksgiving day. Place of hold
ing the fair will be given later.
Every body will be invited to help
make it a success.
The Ion year old boy of W. E.
Harris was thrown from a horse
Sunday , while herding cattle and
sustained u broken arm and other
bimses about the face , His father
brought him to the city and bad
Dr. Talbot reduce Ihe fracture.
Dr , R. B. Mullins has decided to
locate in Gering Scotl'sBluff county
in the practice of medicine. The Dr
is a fine man , a good physician anc
we are sorry to loose him from our
midstbut wo congratulate tbe people
ple ofSootl'd Bluff county on scour
ing him.
A. W. Drake Iho second hand
man is now located o i the west
fide of public Fquarc , and having
bought out another stock of goods ,
consisting of qu jensware , glassware ,
cutlerv and furniture , ho will sell al
unheard of prices for Unity days.
( Jail and see him and got prices
before you buy.
The jury in the case cf Ben
Hardin , of Arnold , against VVvn.
DePue which was tried last Satur
day in the district court found a
verdict in favor of DoPue , the de
fendant for $100. This was a case
in which Hardin sued for $00 00
ballanco of a store account , which
ho alledged DoPuo had not paid.
Tbo jury thought different.
Arthur Barks , who for the past
three yeats has been manager of
Tiorney & Wirt's elevator in this
place , has resigned that position
and go no to Ansley. Wo under-
ntand ho lias purchased half inter *
cst in the Aualoy Chronicle and will
devote bis time in Ihe future to
journalistic pursuits. Arthur is a
good , honest industrious young man
of good business ability , and all his
f i tends in this village will wish him
success , Mason City Transcript. '
Bring your guns and revolvers , to
Jos. Nance for ropaiis.
Bring your poultry to Tiernoy
3ros. fi r the holiday trade. , ;
Quality and pnnty is our watch
word , Douglas & Birnoy's ,
All work guarutced and prices
reasonable done by James Nance.
Our teas highosf in quality ,
owest in price. Douglas & B's. ,4
Our KalitI Mooha and Jnvaooh'oo
s the best at Douglas & Biruoy's.
All kinds of byciulo roparing ,
'ramo work especially , by Jas.
Mauue north of the postofticc.
Sewing machines cleaned au'di
repaired , second door north of
) ostoflioo. tf. JAS. NANOH.
Tioruoy Bros , want a thousand
turkeys for the holidays. The )
will pay the highest market price.
The ordinano of Baptism will bo
administered at the Baptist church
Sunday evening at th s oloso of the
evening service. All desiring to bo
baptized will pleao bo ready. i
The Magic Carpet Cleaner will
clean that Boiled * carpet without any
tard work , and w hi 13 on the floor ,
and restore the color. For sale at
W. J. Woods' furniture store. 31
Tbo fine assessed iu tbo Mo.Ar-
thur oaao was $500. but $200. was
requriod and ballanoo remitted or
ftld in oboyanoe , subject to the
order of the oourt.
The ease of the state against A.
B. ftlcClintook of Ansloy , who was
charged' by one Wiokham with
holding him up , the jury held the
defendant not guilty.
In the case of the state against
Chaa. Thompson , for attempted
robbery of Jas. Highley , the
jury found a verdict of guilty
md the prisoner was sentenced to
the penitentiary for two years.
In tbe ease of the State against
John Mo , Mahon , tried last week ,
tbo oourt assessed a fine of $850 00
agairst the defendant to provide -for
tbe support of the child until twelve
years old. The amount to e paid iu
monthly installments to the mother
The district oourt yesterday tried
a ease in which the Bank of Calla-
way brcught suit aganist LM
Pierce forlOO,00. The defendant
alledged that the note had been
paid to Wm. Halloway in a horse
deal , with the consent of the Bank of
Callaway. The Bank oontesta that
Halloway did not turn over the
price of the horses and the debt has
not boon paid. Verdict for the
The meetings at the 'Baptist
church , which are being conducted
by Evanglist M. L. Eovorett con
tinue with increasing interests and
growing audiences. The mooting
Monday night was attended by the
largest number of men we have
ever seen in a religious service in
Broken Bow , decoration , or funeral
services exoeptod. Bro. Everett is
an able and forcible speaker and
never fails to interest and hola the
attention of his audience. Several
conversions are reported.
The ease of tbe state against
Prof O. G. Sotield , the magnetic
healer , was tried last week by a
jury. The complaint against the
professor was for violating the law
regulating the practice of medicine.
Tbe attorneys iu the case were L
E. Kirkpatriok and Judge Wall for
the state and Simon Cameron , C
L. Gutlorson and J. R. Dean for
the defendant. The caio was
vigorously fought by both sides ,
but it only took the jury a short
time after it was submitted to them
to determine it , They brought in
a verdict of guilty. Wfi under
stand that the caEo has been ap
pealed to the supreme court. The
judge assessed tbe fine at $50.
The memorial services hold Sunday -
day afternoon by the G. A. R.
post of this place in honor of their
leoeased members , II. C. and
Marcus Royner , A. B. Maxwell and
G. W. Frey , was an ocoassion that
will ever live in the memories of
those present. The exercises con
sisted of the regular ritual .services
eulogies and music. The speakers
wore W. W. Cowlos H. W. Georgn
and las. Whitehead. Their address
were each good and Lighly ap
propriate for the occasion. The
musio was furnished by Mesdames
I.B Uoleomb , L MoCandlees , W.
B. Eartman , Mesers L. McCandlees
and Cbao C. Luce , with Mrs. L. E
Kirkpatriok presiding at the organ.
The services werelield in the M.
E , Chuioh.
Resolutions of Respect.
After the memorial services Sun-
doy , when the G.A U. and W.R C.
had returned to their ball , Mrs.
Wheeler , Pros , of the Uoliof Corps
called the two societies to order ,
tolling them of her personal acqu.iin
tance with thu parents of the deceased
sed , Orson Iluiuphery , ono of Co.M
also told them that his father , ULins
Humphrey , was an old soldier and
member of G A. R. Judt e Reese ,
commander of the Post took the
chair and said he thought it would
bo iu order to pass resolutions show
ing their sympathy wilh comra'c
Humphrey midwife. Hon. James !
NVhitehead thsn made the motion , |
which was unanimously carriedthat'
Mrs. Wheeler bo a committee of cue
to Jorward the following resolutions
to the bereaved parcntk :
Whereas : Iji the allwiso judpe
merit of our Lord and Creator , lie
has seen fit to call unto Himself ,
Oreou Humphrey aud iu so doing
has taken from fond parents a loved
and loving sou and from Co. M a
deal comrade and fellow soldiernnd
Whereas , The lather of the decea
sed is an old comrade and member of
the G.A R.Therefore be it ,
Rerfolved , That we , members of
0 C.Waehburn Post No. 08 and its
Auxiliary Relief Corps No. 90 , ox
lends to the soirowing parents our
sincere sympathy f or the loss they
have sustained , commending them
to the cara aud love of that Saviour
with whom ho is at rest.
Mrs. T. E Wheeler , Com.
. A New Hotel ,
Broken Bow will soon have a new
hotel that will not only bo A paying
investment for thu proprietor but
will be a credit to the city. B. O
Swoazy , proprietor of the Com
mercial , has contracted with Par-
meter Bros , of Plattsmouth to build
a hotel on the present gight of the
Commercial , of brick , which , when
completed , will be ono of the best
equipped and arranged for the ac
commodation of the public of any
in central Nebraska. It is to be
jjOxlOO foot , two stories high , with
13 foot ceiling below and 11-foot
above. It will have a stone bisc-
ment under tbe enliie building.
The building complete will contain
50 rooms , of which f0 ! will bo fil
ed up for bed rooms. The oflice
room , which is to bo 24x30 , will
have a tile floor. The building
will bo healed by steam and the
entire arrangement will bo modern
A room for the use of conumtteeH
and political parties \\ill bo provid
ed for the free use of tbo guests of
Iho hotel. The hotel complete will
cost $8,600 , besides the material of
iho old building , which will bo
used in tbo construction of Iho new
as far as possible. The ground is
to bo cleared and ready for the
workmen by January 1st nnd the
now building is to bo icady for
occupancy by March 1st. The con
struotion of iho hotel at that soaHon
af the year will provide work for
our mechanics at a time when work
is usually slack. The site is an ex
cellont ono and it is a pleasure that
the UiciMiiiuoAN finnounoPH that a
building of such magnificent arrangements
rangemonts is to occupy the ground.
J C.Nn ) lor Is Dead
Attorney Naylor of Callaway ,
who htifi been in the city aovenil
days attending oourt was found dead
in his bed , al Iho Morritiwy roaturant ,
at six o'clock this morning ,
ffo had been driking heavily nevcral
days , Heart failure is said to have
caused his doi th. No inquest was
lit Id. lie is about bixty years old
and leaves a wife and two small chil
( Iron. His remains wi 1 bo taken
to Callaway tomorrow.
Next Sunday morning will be
Sunday school rally day at iho U B.
Church. The Cuslcr Center school
will participate in the exercison
consisting of appropriate songHreci-
tations and speeches by Mr. Lornax
and others on Sunday schol work.
This will take the place of the
morning sermon , ocouring afto
the usual Sunday school hour , jf In
the evening Y. P. C. U. meeting
at 0:30 : followed by a serin in to
business men. All arc invited ;
especially the business men of the
Buy your fancy articles for Christ
mas from the ladies oftbo Presby
terian church about December 1st.
Games for old and young at Mo-
Comas' .
Those who subdcribjil , of Mrs.
Edholmo for this bcok , at tbo M. E.
Conference can got the books , by
calling on Rev. Ilornaday for them.
Made from pure
cream of tartar ,
Safeguards the food
against alum.
Alum baking powders nr the greatest
incnaccrs to health of the prextnt day.
ifw1 OAKIMJ rocn QO .
aaML' ;
Dollw from lo to * U il McComaa' .
Albums of all kindnat MoC-oman' .
Chili"ron'ri toy hooks : uul hlooktt
at K'l Mi Comas' .
11. II. Aiidrc\vH of Callaway ! H
in thu oily attending oourt.
Uo to liM MoComaa' if you \vuut
a nice proaont. llu linn llioin
Collar , ouff , nock tin. glove and
handkerchief boxen at McComaV.
I'lio M 13 A lodge mci'tH next
Friday al ti o'clock. AH members
an ; requested to bo present.
1 haven't nil the hooka in town ,
but 1 liavu thu l.irgUHt . stock mid
buft collection. Ed MuComas.
Thn Urge city flag wai 'I'uplayod '
al halt maul yesterday on n-oeipt of
the news of thu death of Vijo Pros ,
idont llobart.
Senator Thuralou was married
last Friday to Mien Lola L'urman ol
Washington. The wedding was a
quiet affair.
Fret } ! ' hoinomado broad for sale
at Fi.mer'ei Restaurant , third door
north of post ollice , Broken Bow ,
The latent thing in gentlemen's
ohain is the Bignoy Vent Fob or
the Eillel Pony and Fob at Ed Mo-
Coiiiau' .
The Broken Bow Ho.so company
will give their annual hall on the
evening of November ! tO at the
north fiido opera house.
A watch malcoB a very dOBiiabb-
ChriHtmaH present. A largo ansort-
mont of ladii'b' or goiillemuu'ti waloh
oa at Ed MoComas' .
Ed McComas carrieH the only
stock ot ctat gla nwaro in town.
Thoho goods must be seen to be np-
Have you Been those latest in
ladies' guard uhaitiB ? ( Jail for the
Maruoetlo ; they are bi'anticH , ' ' at
Ed MoComaH'-
Fleet \Va 11.011 had two of his ribn
fractured by one of IUH horsoH
crowding against him 'Aith more
force than ha could withstand ,
On receipt of the news last Friday
that Sargcanl Humphrey , late mom
her ol Co. M. had died at Howard ,
both the city and Co , Al. Hags wore
lowered to h ilf manl.
Claude , HOD of ox-Congressman
Koin , came in Tuesday night from
Colorado on a visit. Ho expects to
remain all winter. Ho flays his
father haw 20 acres planted to orch
ard , RO aorpfi o alfiilfii and 100
head of Battle lo panturu it.
The rain that began falling Mon
day night , was quite : i biirprittc , but
was never the lesrt welcome. The
unprecedrnlcd dry upoll 'which .wo
have been having for Huvprnl weeke
had led thu people to think that
ther would be no more rain b.-fore
next npriiig AH the rain continued
lo fall for Btvral d.iyn , finders are
greatly encouraged.
Gov. Ilolcoinb of Lincoln is in
Iho city renewing old acquaintances.
The governor in justly proud of liiw
big majority received i. . iha late
election for niombur of the supreme
court , ovororo of the buist m n for
the position the ri publican parly
has ever boon able to nominate. AM
thu term is for six yoaiN , it will re
lieve < > im from active participation
in polities for that period of time ,
vUiich he no doubt will appreciate.
Vicc-PreHidonI Hobart d'ed on
Ttieslay morning at 8:30. : IliH
funeral jvill ba luld Saturday after
noon at U o'clock. Air. llobarl has
ibly filled the ollico of vice-presi-
ilent and has won the high ogtoem
of all the members of the aenntu of
all political partit'B. By hit ) doxth
Senator Frcy of Maine bfcom
president pro tern nf the acinte ,
there bilng no provisions for fill-
lug the vacancy.
Economy , Scciirlly. fl-K
j } ! } . * ! ho true test f.T Llfo Iimurnnci la f
Mfe found In the Krjiilty of the Contract , ! l * "
tw tlm ICcnnnmy of Management , and tlio
JW [ Hocnilty for the IViyinont.
jf TUB OUlfllNAl ,
H Bankers Life Association , | |
i i
$ Uca Molucs , iowrt. W.tf
' -1 * KiiWAini A.TBMi't.B , President , jjj
OrRanlBcd July 1st , 1870. $
j'jfi Climranty Fund for r > afoty ,
iii'jv Surplus I'unil for protection. '
Wit * Socurl lea tlepodltcd with the atiilo $ j
\ ยง & dopiiriniDut. ! ; ?
i3.f. ; ConsiTYallve mothotls. if : *
jj Preferred HU.tsLow Uatrs. aj.
Jj'ei Qunrtorly I'liyinoutK. vjl
? } ' . formica mid full Infonnntion'call .M :
iC on or mltlrosH ) J ji
| J , A , HARRIS , 1
y'lU Auont for Cueter . Vt
: , ; i County , Nub ; : Htf
. . , , , .
S ? "
| r % tl i * * i f n > '
ul l-Akinon llniik tit OIIB er .Y"
Cocnty , Itrokoii How , Noli. ; ? { !
The Pirat National Hank of
lirok'eu Mow , looatod at Broken
Bow , in tlio Htnto of iSebr.iHka , IH
elo"5ng up ilH alliirH. All note
holders and others , creditors of
Haid aB80i > ialionuro therefore hereby
notified to present the noteH and
ether olainiH againnt tbo aBKouiation
i for payment. " D.itotl Got aod , 1890.
oot iiOiS 11. G. UOOKUS , CaHhior.
Cattle For Sale.
Ono thousand bead of om > , two
and throe year old Htoera are ( ci ht
hundred bead of Hlook eatllo. for
parliotilarH enquire oi W. C.
ory. If.
Dreading cases from 75u to * 1S at
McComas' ,
, , t'v < * V T '
Tholargfst filock of solid gold
rings in the oily at E 1
.lust Keiiteiiilier
That \V. D Grant does all kindri
of repair work , and in the only gmi-
Ainiili in Broken Bow. Bring in
jo-tr guiiH , n-voIvpi-H , Hewing ma-
uhinuH , locks , ( jjHHolino HIOVCH , a nl
in f iot anything lhat nectlH reptii r
itif ! , and lie onndo it for you , Also
tin roofing and roof repairing , -ft
Hslray Notice.
Noli tie in hereby given lh.it I
havu taken no a red heifer ono year
old , nti my place of rotudoiuiu sixteen
milt'H tiortb and two miloH east of
Broken Bow. The owner in rrquen-
1 led lo prove properly and pay cont.
.Walwortb Nolr.
For He lit
A well improved farm near town.
Comn early. JAMKH fjicnu'icu.
Last Thursday evening . the
mt'inbcrs and friendH of the Un'tod
Brctiiren congregation heio with
some Irom Ouster Center perpetralcd
a complete Htiprisoon their paHtorL
L Ep'cy ' by calling at lha pirson-
ag in a hotly and after spending an
hour in hocal ; pleasure , departed
loavint ; good thingntu the amo'int
of * 10 Mr , Euley but reuen'ly '
lo 'k charge of this congregation , but
this event B rjwHhiH Btatding : among
hi * people , llu duBireh to thank his
frit-tain for tliuir.kiiHliiufit ,
Biblui at publiB'nerd prices at Alc-
( -iandy IIOH at all IIIIUB on
IliH ranch , six milcn southwest of
Broken Bow .slock catllo for sale.
TeiniB made on application tf
Try Wilson Bros , for all kinds
of turd and nod coal , and co if
they do not nu-rit puoh"avors / in
quality , weitilitd and price. s29-U
A Now Itnkcry.
1 liavo jinn put in a now bakery
complete with the latest improvc-
mctitH and Eolteit public patronage.
Frefill bread , pica and cakoa a speci
alty. To sei'iiie frebh bread or
pastry instead o' ' ordering of your
gi-ocorynnn order direct from mo
aud I will deliver to your grocery-
man. Su it will bo delivered with
your order for grncenoa All ord-
era aitondoti to promp'ly. Con-
feotionnries aUo kept in stock. Call
and leave your orders on west , side
of rquaro or lolophone No. 125.
i \V. II. OsuoUiNK , Jr.

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