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D. M. AMSnnUBT.Vuull her ,
Congressman Settle of Kentucky
died on the 17th.
At Frankfort , Ky. , It Is conceded the
Btato election will remain in a tangle
till the meeting of the state election
commissioners the last week in this
The Topelca city council has decided
to employ only union lahor In the erec
tion of the now city hall and auditor
ium , and to work the men only eight
hours a day.
The treasury has paid out gold cer
tificates since August 7 last to the
amount of 5191,280,480 , and has re
ceived $91,053,400 , making a net ienua
of $97,233,520.
Gerson Siege ) , vice president ot Ihe
Slegel-Coopcr company , died at his
homo in New York after an illness of
three months. Ho was G2 years old.
Heart trouble was the cause of death.
Hess C. Preston , of Deporo ,
has oeen upprfiited a teach jr at the
Osngo Indian school , Oklahoma , and
Anna Garner , of Hunnlng Wnter , S. 1" ) . ,
appointed a teacher at Fort Sill , 0. T.
At Amsterdam , N. Y. , the broomcorn -
corn trust agreed to make the price of
Central Illinois broomcorn two hun
dred dollars a ton , on cars , all other
grades to follow in price according to
Governor Tanner has refused to in
terfere in behalf of Michael Emtl Hol-
lenger , senten ed to hang. Rollenger
was convleted of murdering his wife
because ho desired to marry another
Justice Hooker has set the week be
ginning January 2 , 1899 , for the elec
trocution of Howard C. Benham , tlio
banker of Batavla , N. Y. , who is under
conviction for the murder of his wile
on January 4 , 1897 , by poison.
The secretary of the treasury lately
made announcement of his readiness t
buy $25,000,000 of G per cent United
States bonds of 1904 , and fours of 1907
at the price at which they wore ofi'creJ
on the New York stock market.
It is authoritatively announced that
the Turkish government has approved
the concession to the Deutsche bank of
a railway extension to Bussarah ,
frontier city and river port of Asiatic
Turkey , 270 miles southeast of Bug-
Secretary Wilson of the agrlculturra
department la investigating the CDID-
plalnt of the New York Cotton exchange -
change that the special cotton crop re
port Issued on Tuesday was in the
hands of private firms before It reach
ed the exchange.
The secretary cf the interior has
awarded the contract for three Indian
schools to bo built at the Iowa Indian
agency , 0. T. , to Kane & Hundley , eEl
El Reno , 0. T. , as follows : Riverside
school , $7,092 ; Fort Sill , $0,752 , ami
Rainy Mountain , $5,430.
The coffin manufacturers of Ohio a
n meeting ratlllcd an agreement to ad
vance the prices on cheap and mcdiun
caskets 10 per cent , the advance to take
effect at once. The Increase in the
price of material is given as a rc-a
Bon for the advance In prices.
A telegram announces the death a
Birmingham , Aln. , of Cora Ernest , the
actress , who played in northwestern
cities last year with the Woodwari
Stock company , and who has boon in
the south this yoar. Her remains' wil
bo brought to Plerro , S. D. , for Inter
The statement of the Imports and
exports of the United States for tlv
month of October last , issued by th
bureau of statistics , shows that th
amount of merchandise imported duv
Ing the month was $72,705,891 , of whlcl
$29,692,014 was free of duty. The ex
ports oft domestic merchandise during
the same month amounted to $125,232 ,
Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy , the notet1
Christian Science lady of Boston , i
erecting a $13,000 residence for no
son , George Glover , in Lead , S. D. 1
will be the most palatial residence litho
the Block Hills. George Glover is an
old timer in the Black Hills and own
considerable mining property. Tht
residence is being built of pressed
brick and stone.
A special from Phoenix , Ariz. , say ,
that Pearl Hart , the alleged woman
bandit , who was charged with holding
up a stage near Florence , was acquit
ted at the trial before Judge Dean a
Florence. Miss Hart addressed lh <
Jury In her own defense , and pleaded
passionately for freedom that ah
might return to Toledo , 0. , to EGO he
fast failing mother.
Rev. Dr. A. H. Strong , president o
the Rochester ( N. Y. ) 'Baptist ' thcolog
leal seminary , announces that John D
Rockefeller , president of the Standan
Oil company , has made a condltlonu
pledge of $150,000 to the support of th
seminary. Mr. Rockefeller will glv
$1 for every dollar that may bo raised
in other directions till an aggregate of
$300,000 shall have been secured.
The New York cotton exchange will
take steps to discover how it came
about that the special crop report pub
lished recently by the department of
agriculture was known to private in
dividuals and firms before sent to tl.u
exchange. Superintendent King said
that the exchange had taken stops
to Investigate what was evidently u
leak In the ofllco of the government
statistician. Ho would not say whut
steps had been taken.
The Berlin police dissolved an uu-
archlst meeting , called to commemor
ate the Chicago executions of 1887.
Senator Hanna continues to huvo
rheumatism and gives out no intima
tion about intending to refuse to bo
chairman of the national republican
committee next year.
Herr Morris Dusch author of a "Life
of Prince Bismarck , " died In Lip iff
on the 17th.
The Bolivian government has declar
ed free of duty all merchantllsa ship
pet ! from Brazilian ports to Aero until
September , 1900. American and Euro-
IK-au goods enjoy the benefit of this do-
What lloluriid From 70 of tlio 00
ConntlcH Hlicnv.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. 18. Tlio vote
on regents so far JIB heard from , (70
of the 00 counties ) including the dupli
cates of ofllclnl returns received at the
secretary of state's ofllce , la as follows :
Chcyenno 517 412 371
Clay IKS 14(50 ( IKK ) 1093
Colfnx 7or > 713 107" 1181
Cumin ? fir,7 PS2 ir,7G 14G3
Cuntcr ici4 ircn , 21 < il IGtr
Piikotn 573 491 CIS 520
Dawou 51 491M2 G0i ( G.V ?
Dawflon 1217 llfi ! ) 1130
Dcuel 271 Tilfi 212
Blxon 9ir 100 : Ofi2 1021
DodRO 19fl , 1871 1979 2020
DouRlfiu 101SI P7C,1 6401 9191
Dunily iOO 218 2S5 2fl3
' 'Illtnoro 1S23 145 1SG3 1741
frontier 930 M 914 Rtl
unms 1150 1315 133 1408
2Mt ; 307' 2121 2010
UOHIICT 42 : 377
Oroolcy tn' 71 !
ail . . . . ' 179C 1609 1703
larlan 77 G8 113 910
laycs 27 2W 300 2G7
Iltchcock . . 4C 40 475 432
loll 99 as : 1313 14GS
Howard 71 cor 1209 1141
J off arson . . . 142f 153' ' 1174 1407
JohtiHon 129 ns. 1019 'CO
Kearney . . . 129y 871 1137 P93
Keith y 19 217 213
Koya I'ftlia 2. . 2SC 352 SOO
Klinlwll 9 S Gl G3
Knox 106 102 1586 1311
C23 43.V 43S8
Ijlncoln . 121 111 1034 1079
I-oup . 12 12 US 102
Miidlflon . ino 139 HOC 12GO
Mcrrluk . 103 97 839 921
Nunco . 75 74 S4C 778
Nomaha . 139C 137 lf.SC 1173
Otou . 203 1S7 204 1R70
Pawnee . 13. . 127 nsr 928
I'liclps . 103 91Ki 1111 101G
I'lcrco . Gf Ki 77 ! G75
Platte . Gf7f 100 iso ; 171G
Polk . 7f 72 141 1282
Ilcil Willow 101 90' 93. 874
Richardson . 23 20C 229w 2118n
Hock . 37 34 w > n >
Hallno . 1M ( 155 ISM 1G91
Hariiy . " ra 8G4 R37
SaunJors ic"2SC 1G1 235. 2321
2SC 19 , 191
Sheridan . . . 4C 44 71' G4I
Slionnan . . . , 36 73 ! 617
So ward . ICO l&l 1GU7
Btnnton . ts 01 G < 673
Thayer . 153 141 148c 1390
Thomas . 4 c : Co
Thurston . . . 45. GS4I 551
Valley . G4 S3SI 840
Washington 12S 113 1178 ] 1103
\Vnyno . 83. 81 SG2 : 774
Wheeler . 0 92 ! 163 HO
York . , IDS 1823 1701 ! 1758
Totals SGIC J.270G 915781 S7G35
Contributors llclng Notified.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. 18. Follow
ing Is a copy of the communication
that Is being sent from the governor's
office to contributors to the First reg
iment transportation fund , who ara rn-
titlcd to have their money refunded :
COLN , Neb. , Nov. 13 , 1899. Dear Sir :
Afer paying all expenses Incurred in
returning tlio First regiment Nebraska
volunteers from San Francisco to its
points of enlistment out of the fund
raised by voluntary contributions for
that purpose I find that a surplus re
mains. Had I known at the time how
much would bo required I would have
declined to accept contributions after
the required amount was reached.
I have concluded to return this sur
plus to the Individual donors , com
mencing with the ono received last
and continuing until the surplus IB ex
hausted. If you dcslro the return of
your contribution of ? at this tlmo a
check for the amount will be mailed to
you on return of the receipt issued to
you dated August 21 , 1S9D. ,
Fall of 100 Feet.
FREMONT , Nob. , Nov. 18. Peter
Tralnor , who lives on the bluffs ot the
Platte river three miles southwest of
the city , lost a team In a rather un
usual manner through the carelessness
of a farm hand. The man was pick
ing corn near n deep gulch , and back
ing his wagon too close to the edge of
the bluff , it went over and carried the
team with It To the first landing was
forty-eight feet , and the team and wagon
gen landed in a heap , only to topple
over the edge for another fall of JOO
feet ; a total fall of 150 foot. Ono horse
was killed , the other hopelessly injured
and the wagon demolished. William
Freeman , the hired man , who was
standing on the ground at the time.
has not been seen since the accident.
llrccdcrs of I/lvo Stock.
LINCOLN , Nov. 18. The next an
nual meeting of the Nebraska Improv
ed Live Stock Breeders' association
will bo hold in the chapel of the state
university beginning December 19.
Three sessions will bo hold the follow
ing day and a business meeting will beheld
held in the forenoon of the next day ,
December 21. In addition to the regu
lar discussions and business meetings
the matter of holding n live-stock show
and sale In the autumn of 1900 will bo
considered. The leading stockmen of
Nebraska have spoken in favor of holdIng -
Ing such a salo. The attendance at the
annual meeting will probably bo larcor
than last year.
Fort Sidney Sulo Completed.
SIDNEY , Neb. , Nov. IS. The sale of
the military reserve hero brought ? i5-
333 , which now cleans up all tint Is
left of the old fort. This post was es
tablished in 1871 and was always con
sidered ono of the prettiest garrisons
in the department of the Plattc. Iho
last troops to occupy the place waa the
Twenty-first United States Infantry.
The tract of land containing the offi
cers' quarters was sold to Edgar M.
Westervelt of Lincoln for $3,080. The
balance went to the Union Pacific mil
a resident of Sidney.
A Good Showing 5s Expected to Bo Made
at tbo Paris Exposition ,
Preliminary Steps to ( let Together a Pine
Kxlilldt oniclnl Ilotunifl From the
I.uto Election Nearly All In Miscella
neous Miitturg In Nebraska.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. 20. Even If
the agricultural resources and business
interests of the state are not repre
sented there will bo on exlhibtion at
the Paris exposition In 1900 examples
o [ the work done uy the public school
children of Nebraska. There Is a great
deal of sameness in all public school
exhibits and in view of this fact an at
tempt will be made to emphasize the
remarkable growth of the Nebraska
schools and to give an accurate idea
of the high standard of education In
the wc t. Superintendent Jackson has
been considering plans for an exhibit
for some tlmo and the preliminary
Bteps have already been taken. Copies
of the Nebraska school laws and other
statistics concerning the schools of the
state have been bound expressly for
the exhibit.
There will also bo comparative state
ments showing the concision of the
nchools nt dlfteront periods and from
ono of these the following figures are
taken :
1875 1S9S.
Isumhcr counties GO 03
Number school districts 2,403 C.741
Number school IIOUHCH 2.01S 6.C93
Children of Bchool ago 80,122 SflG.OGO
Number enrolled & 5.42ri 273.813
Number grade schools 28 400
Number male teachers 1.501 2,433
Number femulo touchers 1,587 7,173
1875. 1S98.
Wages paid $ 433,733.00 $2,449. 3.00
Average wages , fo-
mule 33.10 30.01
Average wugc ? ,
mnlo CS.CO 42.CO
Vuluo Bchool prop
erty 1.S48.259.00 8,044,531.00
Receipts ! i28,198.00 3.908,533.00
Expenditures 1,051,817.0) 3.712,017.00
Amount apportioned 241,207.00 808,001.00
Surety Company Sues Him ,
AMES , Neb. , Nov. 20. The state's
evidence In the case against J. G.
Glnglcs , who la charged with obtain
ing over $5,000 from the Kansas City
& St. Paul Grain company under false
pretenses during the last nvo years ,
while acting as the company's agent
at Collins , la. , is nearly in.
There have been nearly fifty wit
nesses for the state and as the defense -
fenso has subpoenaed that many al
ready and over 700 pounds of books
and records will be examined , It Is
probable the trial will consume over
two weeks. This will be the longest
preliminary trial ever held In this part
of the state.
Heavy Court Docket nt Stochvlllc.
STOCKVILLE , Neb. , Nov. 20.
Judge G. W. Morris opened court herewith
with 253 cases on the docket , of which
nine arc criminal , eight of the nlno
being for selling Intoxicating liquor in
violation of law. These persons plead
ed guilty to selling liquors unlawfully
and were fined $100 and costs each :
Philip F. Hess , William J. Hurtle ,
Henry P. Hughes , Reeco Heaton , John
Hill and William Hughes. In the case
ot the state against Evan T. Jay , for
compounding a crime , receiving money
to suppress n prosecution at Eustls ,
the Jury returned a verdict of guilty.
The amount of money received by him
was ? 30.
Stock IndiiHtry'g Itccnrd.
CHADRON , Neb. , Nov. 20. The tre
mendous shipment of stock of the sea
son Just closed was equaled only by
the stupendous shipments from the
northwest two years ago , yet the num
ber of rnngo stock has Increased In
Uawcs county. Particularly noticeable
in this increased number of stock is
the sheep husbandry , which has grown
hi three years from the fragment of a
flock to equal in number the number
of cattle. Already sheep are getting
so thick as to menace the range , and
Dr. Romlne , the pioneer llockmaster
of Dawes county , is moving his entire
sheep interest In to Scotts Bluff
Pulp Twice Divorced ,
OSCEOLA , Neb. , Nov. 20. A di
vorce was given to Mrs. Mnryetta Cox
from her husband , whom she twice
married. She received n divorce from
the same gentleman last year , was re
married again and now has received
the second divorce and both Maryetta
Cox and William O. Cox are free to
wed again. Mr. Cox agreed to give her
§ 200 In the property as alimony , and
has already given her a mortgage on
the home.
Cnttlo rcctlcr.
CENTRAL CITY , Neb. , Nov. 20.
Merrlck county boasts of having the
largest cattle feeder in the United
States in the person of T. B. Herd , a
resident of Central City , and who , at
the present time has 20,000 cattle on
full feed In the county and all within
a radius of ten miles of this city. As
a result of this Central City Is a big
market for corn and hay. Corn Is
quoted at 23 to 25 cents , hay at ? 3 and
$4.50 , baled.
Hush n Sick Stan's Com.
TOBIAS , Neb. , Nov. 20. William
Pratt of this place has been confined
to his bed for several weeks with
typhoid fever. Last Wednesday the
men of Tobias and vicinity turned out
and husked about 1,400 bushels of corn
for him.
Saw Schloy Hldo the ( .out.
CHADRON , Neb. , Nov. 20. Dr. C.
O. Elmoro of Chadron , who recently
visited iu the cast , visited the Masonic
ledge In Washington and witnessed
Admiral Schley take his first three de
grees In Masonry. The grand master
on his occasion wore the masters'
apron worn by George Washington
when master of Alexandria lodge. At
torney C. Dana Sayers of this city Is
a member of Alexandria ledge , where
he- was made n Mason , and ho sat in
that historic ledge room with his fath
er and grandfather.
The Text Citxo Itcforc the Supreme Court
I. ! holy to Ho Hotly Contested.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. 17. The In-
; al controversy as to the liability to
.ho state of the insurance companies
that paid fees to Eugene Moore as
nndltnr In becoming more complicated
and the test case now pending before
ho supreme court promises to be hot
ly contested on both sides bcforo a de
cision Is allowed to stand. In the
liricf and argument of the defendant
in the case of the State of Nebraska
against the Home Insurance company ,
filed in the supreme court , three
points are raised by which It is hoped
lo relieve the Insurance companies ot
all further liability.
The argument opens with the asser
tion that the brief of the state con
tained no positive argument in sup
port of Its claim and that the attor
ney general preceded upon the as
sumption that because Moore was not
convicted under section 124 of the
criminal code , as auditor of public ac
counts , of embezzlement of the insur
ance fees iu question , and because the
sureties upon his ofllcial bond are not
liable to the state for his defalcation
with regard to money which he , as
auditor , had no right to receive.
The llrst of the three points raised
by the Homo Insurance company la
that under the constitution of Nebras
ka the auditor had no right to per
form services for the defendant and
oltcr Insurance companies unless the
fees therefor were paid In advance
into the state treasury. The second
point is that the state Is estopped to
claim from the defendant insurance
company compensation for services of
the auditor which he could not legally
perform unless the fees therefore were
paid in advance into the state treas
State House Notes.
The Gage county bonds , which the
county commissioners some time ago
agreed to sell to the state tor an In
vestment for the permanent school
fund , were turned over , n delegation
of Gage county ofllclals coming up to
attend to the uetalls.
The ttate board of public lands and
buildings appointed W. B. Hester of
Lincoln to be superintendent of the
new building at the Nebraska hospital
for the Insane. The legislature appro
priated $40,000 for this building and
the superintendent of the building
will act as the representative of the
board In supervising the construction.
D. W. Barnes of Valparaiso has
been appointed a member of the state
fish commission to succeed J. P. Rouse
of Cass County , resigned. Barnes'
term expires June 1 , 1902.
Good 1'roflt for Farmers.
FREMONT , Neb. , Nov. 17 , The
Standard Beet Sugar company has
made arangements with the Norfolk
company by which a considerable portion
tion of the beets raised around here
are to bo sent to Norfolk , the Stand
ard company paying the farmers the
same price that they were to pay for
delivery at Ames. The Standard Cattle
tlo company has shipped to Norfolk
a good many beets and will ship the
beets of one 400-acre tract. The larg
er part of the beets are being siloed ,
the sugar company paying for the si
loing of those beets the time for de
livery of which has expired. Work on
the factory Is progressing as rapidly
as possible , but It will not bo finished
before December. The yield of beets
per aero Is not as large as was expect
ed , but { here Is a good profit on them
tor the farmers.
Yonnqr Business IHan Missing1.
BEATRICE , Neb. , Nov. 17. Seven
or eight months ago n change took
place In the business of the Beatrice
Electric Light company , G. D. Rob
erts being sent hero to take charge of
it. Ho was last seen hero Monday
evening. When it was discovered that
he had left town a message was sent
to J. E. Sullivan at Omaha , receiver
of the company , who came to Beatrice
as soon as possible.
Rumors are rife on the streets re
garding his suddcji disappearance ,
some being of the opinion that he will
return , while others believe he has
gone for good. Mr. Sullivan reports
the affairs of the company In good
shape , whatever the outcome of the
disappearance proves to be.
Goes to .lull lor Stealing liny.
FREMONT , Neb. , Nov. 17. David
Etherton was arrested here on n
charge of stealing hay from P. II.
Sweet , a farmer residing northwest of
the city. Ho was found guilty by Po
lice Judge Coman and sentenced to
pay a fine of $100 and costs. Ho will
go to Jail. Etherton has served two
terms In the penitentiary for grand
larceny and Is thought to have been
Implicated In a good -many small
thefts from farmers near tha city.
Acquitted of HOMO Stealing.
SIDNEY , Neb. , Nov. 17. Albert
Verner , who was tried for horse stealIng -
Ing In the district court , was acquitted
by a Jury.
No clew has yet been obtained to
the perpetrators of the fire at Fort
Sidney and the tract is being thor
oughly guarded. Many believe It was
done In a spirit of splto work. These
grounds were formerly the attractive
feature of this city.
Cholera In Hurt County.
TEKAMAH , Neb. , Nov. 17. Hog
cholera Is becoming qulto prevalent
In this part of Burt county. An in-
Biiranco company that Insures swlno
against disease has several herds in
charco and Is treating them and re
ports some success.
ICcd Hot Telephone War.
FAIRBURY , Nob. , Nov. 17. A tel
ephone war Is in progress here. The
Nebraska Telephone company has re
duced the rate from $3 to CO cents a
month. The Falrbury Telephone com
pany , a now organization , will have
their system ready for operation in a
few days. The stockholders or the
new company , Including nearly all the
business men , have signed an agree
ment not to use or permit In their
places of business the instruments of
the Nebraska Telephone company and
will make a rate of one-half of that
charged previously by the Nebraska
Telephone company.
Pntll Is n DnjrRcr Collector.
Mmo. Pattl possesses n queer fad ,
which she has kept secret for many
years from the public. It Is only a few
years since tne peculiar fad or hobby
became known. It is the passion she
has for daggers and similar weapons.
They are very small In size and many
of them historical.
Gully In u Golfer.
Mr. Gully , the speaker of the house
of commons , is an expert goiter , but
takes no Interest iu pugilism , tny
sport at which his ancestor was so dis
"He That Any Good
Would Win"
Should have good health. Tare , rich
blood is the first requisite. Hood's Sarsaparilla -
parilla , by giving good blood and good
health , lias helped many a. man to success ,
besides giving strength and courage to
< women 'who , before taking it , could not
even see any good in life to * win.
More than 12,000,000 acres of the Sa
hara have been converted Into fertile
soil with the aid of artesian wells.
Used Ills Ilrnlni.
Sometime ago a brakeman on the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad used his
brains and saved a passenger train
from running into two derailed cars.
The Company sent him a check for
? 50 and posted a bulletin complimentIng -
Ing , hlm for his quickness of thought.
A few days later , Engineer John Hag-
crty was oiling his engine at Connells-
vlllc , while waiting for the passengers
to alight. He heard another train
coming and believed that It was not
under proper control. He sprang into
his cab , opened the throttle and start
ed his train. The other engine struck
the rear car but It was not a hard blow
and Hagorty's promptness saved toner
or a dozen lives. The Company has
ordered a handsome gold watch , suit
ably inscribed , and a gold chain for
Engineer Hagerty , as a reward for his
devotion to duty and "using hla
brains" In time of emergency.
/ .
-j jr * * rm r v f" / * * T * f A t \ t
sot riswint.
The old Greeks said that a man
had two cars and ono moutth that ho
might hear twice and speak once , and
there is a great deal of good'sense In
It. You will find that if you simply
hold your peace you will pass over
nlno out of ten of the provocatlona
of life.Henry Ward Beecher.
A Roldlor'fl monument , with the god
( less of liberty on the top ; two small
boys gazing up at it with admiration.
Johnnlo ( very solemnly ) 16 that
God up there ? Willie ( full of patri
otism ) No that's Dcwcy's mother.
The deserts of Arabia are specially
remarkable for the pillars of sand ,
which arc raised by the whirlwinds
and have a very close resemblance 111
their appearance to waterspouts.
S3 & 3.50 SHOES
Worth$4 , to $6 comparec
with other makes.
Indorsed by over
1,000,000 wearers.
The genuine have W. L.i
[ Douglas1 name and price f
Istamped on bottom. Take *
\no substitute claimed to D
las good. Your dealer
1 hould keep tliem If./ ' "
Inot , we v , 111 send a pair
ion receipt of price. State
Iklnd of leather , size , and width , plain or
q TSgpcap toe. Catalogue A free.
* * I , J.l. | DOUGLAS SHOE CO. , Brockton , Mass. 7
Special Offer until Jan. 1st.
We wish to Immediately pla.ce one In
every town In the state , knowing by
experience that wherever we sell ono
other sales are sure to follow. To in
troduce these pianos wo will , from now
until January 1st , make a Factory
wholesale price on the first piano to
go to any locality where we have not
already sold one. This means a great
saving to the buyer.
We Do Not Mention the Actual Price
Because we will only sell one piano In
each locality at this extremely low
price , hoping through the advertise
ment to sell others at a profit to which
every dealer and manufacturer is just
ly entltfled. Terms cash er easy pay
Pianos sent on approval.
Write for catalogue and full partic
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
LANDS. . .
There are still thousands of acres of gor-
crnmcnt lands In the states of Washington
and Oregon , also prairie and timber Hinds
near inllroad and water communication that
can be bought for $3.00 pertcre ; and there
are no cyclones , blizzards. Ions winters or
real hot summers , no falluio of crops , but
always good marlcets.
If you wish to raise Brain , principally , or
fruit , or the finest stock on c.trth , you can
Und locations In tliesc two states where you
can do this to perfection. If you are looking
for employment uml wish to secure steady
worlc atRoodwacs , I cnn help you to do this.
I have no land for sale , but U you want In
formation about this write me at 199 E ,
Third St. . St. Paul , Minn.
maltes writlcg a comfort.
Bend to-day for ourlmndcomcly unpriced
sstli anuhcrsary work oa r tent FHEE
Patent Lawyeru , Washington , D. C.
Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
nto WlnclDnl BTAmlnrr U.S. Pension Bureau.
I'l nil ! civil war. ISmUuiUratlusrlntinii.nttVRliitO.
g The Best Sewing i
At Iho Price , $14.25 ( or Our
"MELBA" Sowing Machine.
A hlsh-artn , lilglfrrade { mnclilno equal
to what others nro asking $25.00 to 15.00
for. Guaranteed by us for ao years from
date of purchase , against any iniperfoc-
tion iu material or workmanship. Tlie
stand Is made oj the best Iron and ia
nicely proportioned. The ceblnet work
lo perfect and ia f ui niehcd in j our choice
of nntlque.oak or walnut. It has seven
drawers all handsomely carved and with
nickel-plated ring pulls. The median-
Icnl construction Is equal to that of
any machine regardless of price. All
working pait3 arc of the test oil-tern-
rcred tool steel , every bonrinpr perfectly
i" ° wl nUV8tc.a ! * 2. O8 t ° ' "to the
running qualities the IlcUttit , most per-
mado. This Sowing Machine has nil the latest Improvements. It makes UMrfertnml unl
furtn LOCK STITCH , and will do the best work on cither the lightest muslins or heaviest
cloths , sewing over soataa and rough places without skipping stitchoi. A full Bit of
best steel attachments , nicely nickol-platod and enclosed in a handsome plush-lined
RO DAYS TRIAL ViBlllpttii8macllInCl9 > I'subJccttooPrroTali0nrccclptof two
youS23oriOonnRent'8pricopaytho Ji l ; ' dollar- * { ° " halnnroand examination freishtcharposUicntry you nro convinced tnatvo , J nro savins
the machine. If notsatuflod at any time wlthlnOOdaysecnd the machine
back to us ut our expense and we will refund the full purchato prico. . , '
. -llttcd at lowed wholesale prces ?
jevorythlng to eat wear and usc.is furnis
'ed . on receipt of only 109 to partly pav !
rsrtr-t * MA *
K. i
* \
MMMpAr cart ft " K ft -j * *
r. ' c---i the 10 ? is allowed on first
'purchase amounting to 6199 or above.
* * SgSre 5gaPgfgS garnl.oun MONTHLY CiROCEftY PHICE. LIST j jg
\AAAW > ifWWW 4 , A
Write CAPT. 0'PARRHLL. Pension Agent ,
I J3jj New York Avenue , WASHINGTON , D. C.
: $ } Thompson's Eye Wafer.
W. N. U. OMAHA. No. 47 1S9D
1 In UBh , SyrUP' * S tf > 60

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