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' „ ( ( - . " " " ' ; * ; " ' "IT ; ' ' ' * ' , - ' * . a j
For uccuring coata and Imts ngnlnst
tlioft in public places a ncnvly patented
Garment hook has an auxiliary arm
hinged to the base , io be depressed
over the point of the hoolc and grip
the garments , a spring lock prevent
ing the opening of the arm without n
A German has patented a process
for the preservation of eggs , consist
ing in immersing them in an acid so
lution of proto-Eiilphato of iron con
taining tannin , thus closing up the
pores in the shell and preventing the
action of air on the contents.
"I nave used your Hair
Vigor for five years and am
greatly pleased \rith it. It cer
tainly restores the original color
to gray hair. It keens my hair
soft and smooth. It quickly
cured me of some kind of humor
of the scalp. My mother used
yo-.T Hair Vigor for some
tventy years and liked it very
much. ' Mrs. Helen Kilkenny ,
New Portland , Me. , Jan. 4 , ' 99.
' * & Years
O' Twenty
* " *
O *
< & ,
- * > :
' , V -We do not knov of any other
hair preparation that has been
used in one family for twenty
do ? > - ' -
ycarsf you - - <
But Aycr's Hair Vigor ha9
been restoring color to gray hair
for fifty years , and it never
fails to do this work , cither.
You can rely upon it for
stopping your hair from falling
out , for keeping your scalp
clean and healthy , and for mak
ing the hair grow rich and long.
$1.00 a fcc'.tle. All druggists.
Write the Doctor
I f you do not obtain nil the benefits yon
desire from tlio use of the Vigor , wrlto
t ho Doctor about It. Address ,
Dr. J. C. Avr.it , LoiroU , Mass.
Special Offer until Jan. 1st.
The Boat Piano In the market.
We wish to Immediately place one in
every town in the state , knowing by
experience that wherever we sell one
other sales are sure to follow. To in
troduce these pianos we will , from now
until January 1st , make a Factory
wholesale price on the first piano to
go to any locality where we have not
already sold one. This means a great
saving to the buyer.
We Do Not Mention the Actual Price
Because wo will only sell one piano In
each locality at this extremely low
price , hoping through the advertise
ment to sell others at a profit to which
every dealer and manufacturer is just
ly entitled. Terms cash or easy pay
Pianos sent on approval.
Write for catalogue and full partic
ulars. We also sell the Ellington ,
Hamilton and Valley Gem pianos and
Hamilton and Monarch organs.
151-1 Douglas St. , Omana.
of ncrcs of cliolco tirl-
cultuiul LANDS now
opened for settlement
In Western Cumuli.
Hero Is irronn tlio col-
cbrntcd NO. 1 IIAUD
WHKAT. which brings the liik-hcit prlco In the
tuarlcctsof the world : thousands of cuttlo me
fattened for maiket without belns foil Rruln ,
utul r.lthout a day's hhcltor. Send fur Informa
tion nnd bccure n fieo homo In Western Cuuud.i.
Write the Superintendent of Immigration , Ot
tawa , ortiddress the undersigned , who will rnntl
vou utilises , pamphlets , etc. , free of cost. W. V.
llonnett , 801 N. V. Life Building , Otnuha , Nob.
Ger Your Pension
Write CAPT. O'PAURl-LL. Pension Agent ,
M JS New Vorl ; Avenue. WASHINGTON , D. C.
J.IOSIN xv.itionmo ,
_ _ ] \VudIilllgtou , D.O.
& Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
I I.nte Principal Examiner u B. Pension Uureau.
\mlucirilnar. . l&uUuillrutlusUalm > , atO niiiee.
raca. Hook of testimonials anil 10 ul s1 treatment
I KKK. 1)11. ) II. II. UlKtVS bO.\8 , lloi K , itllaU , Ua.
} Thompson's Eye Water.
l JPft ntln tockiilnveittOtotlOO !
I anil KCHI.IXO for IHO
jure ; tafc ai
a banW. HEKU d. CO , , 131 S. 5th St. , riilladelplila , I'a.
J Ucat Cough Ujrnp. Taitca Good. TJea
51 In time. SoM br droreliti. I
Cecil Rhodes , who Is one of the
richest men In the world , went out
to the African diamond fields ns n poor
boy with hlu brother. Their whole for
tune wns in their outfit , but from the
first they "struck It rich. " Mr. Hhodes
Is only 46 years old.
Gold IMntPd Strimlirrrlr * .
Fresh strawberries from Florida are
on view In New York fruiterers' stores.
They nro dewy and dainty , as they
should bo to appeal to the sense alike
of taste and sight , lint they cost SI.23
a pint.
For 47 Vrnm n Itnllrond Conductor.
Early this fall the management ot
the B. & 0. R. n. decided that the uni
formed force should bo provided with
service stripes , and on the winter uni
forms each man has one or more gold
stripes on his right sleeve If he has
been In the service for five or more
years. The gold stripe stands for live
years continuous employment by the
company and a glance over the list
develops an Interesting and Instructive
condition of affairs.
The ordinary man , In a peaceful and
uneventful vocation , Is seldom In con
tinuous service for forty years , yet on
the B. & 0. H. K. there Is a hale and
Me has been employed In the B. & 0.
for 50 years.
hearty old man , with keen , undlmmed
eyes , and a springy step that has been
In the continuous employ of the com
pany for 50 years and Is still better
than many men half his age.
W. H. Green is his name , but every
body on the line calls him "Captain
Harry" and ho has a record that any
man , in any station in life , would be
more than nroutj of.
Captain Oireen is probably the old
est passenger conductor in the world.
If ho is not ho has the best record , for
not once has he been suspended from
duty for any cause whatever. And
then , too , he has never been Injured.
Green was born on September 12 , 1827 ,
In Cockeysvllle , Baltimore county , Md. ,
and entered the B. & 0. service March
3 , 1850 , as a freight brakeman. He was
promoted in two years to freight con
ductor and In 1857 was given a pas
senger train and has served In that
capacity ever since. He Is now run
ning through trains between Baltimore
and Cumberland , Md. , and wears ten
service stripes on his right arm.
For many years B. & O. train em
ployes have had an enviable reputa
tion for politeness to passengers anrV
attention to duty , and the adoption of
the service stripe system will give the
traveling public an opportunity to rec
ognize long and faithful service.
On November 3 Mrs. Eunice Slade ,
widow of Samuel Slade , celebrated her
100th birthday , when she was visited
by many of her neighbors in Walpole ,
N. H. She was the mother of seven
children , ' including twin girls , was
never seriously ill , and is In good
health to this day.
I never used so quick a euro ns
Cttro for Consumption. J. H. Palmer ,
Box 1171 , Seattle , Wash. , Nov. 23 , 1S9J.
Nothing dwarfs a man so much as
petty pleasures.
has stood the test of BO years
and Is still the Hunt Cou li
Komcily Hold. Cures when
other iemedlt'3 full.7 < \stcs
Kood ; chtldicn lll > o It. Sold
by all druggists i"i oenU.
bring your children
upon It.
( ifiitlcinnii or I.ady to represent
u m n.u > lclnlty Imlng wldo nc-
qunlntnnce with property OH tic-u nml people of inciun.
An Income uf \cral thousand dullnra to one of
ability and seed reference. For Information address
I. JM. : UtIriK , 11 Jtroiuluay , Neiv York.
* i . fcMets
tc t * otuut
of Hie AGE ,
No Boiling
No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It Polishes the Goods
It makes all garments fresh and
crisp as when first bought new.
You'll like It If you try It.
You'll buy It If you try It.
You'll use It If you try It.
Try It.
Sold by all Grocers.
Great Colony of tlio lltrdi on mi Inland
la tlio Missouri Itlvcr.
From the St. Louis Republic : Pell
ran bend , in the Missouri river , near
St. Charles , Mo. , is the scene of n
great annual gathering of pelicans.
There is a big Hat bar in the river
there which has endured far beyond
the usual span of a bar's existence In
the treacherous , shifting current of
the Missouri. This bar is the semi
annual stopping place of vast flocks
of pelicans that migrate from south to
north in the spring and from north to
south In the fall. Persons who have
observed their habits claim that they
invariably arrive at Pelican bend on
September 4 , and remain until cold
weather sends them south. The pell-
can Is not an attractive bird. He of
fends both the eye and the nose. But
ho is commcndnbly regular in his hab
its. The parent birds catch fish and
after eating their fill deposit the others
in their pouches under their bills and
carry them to their young. These
pouches will hold from three to eight
pounds of fish. They are clastic , and
when distended to their utmost nearly
touch the ground. When empty the
pouch lies closed up under the big
bill and is merely a mass of wrinkles.
It is this pouch that gives the pelican
his characteristic and disagreeable
odor , caused by particles of decaying
fish. The pelican's legs are short and
strong , and Its feet have large webs.
It Is not a fast swimmer nor a rapid
flyer , but it is pracHcally tireless in
both air and water. On land it , Is
awkward and unwieldy. Its feathers
arc pure white except for a fluffy tuft
of brown plumage that is seen on the
top of the head for about six weeks iu
the early autumn. This tuft disap
pears in August and leaves a pimply
bald pate that Is not pleasant to view.
At first the skin is red , then pink , then
a straw color. By November 1 the skin
on the head hardens into a horny
crest , which grows as the winter pro
gresses until by the time the bird ar
rives at Its breeding place in the
northwest it is so prominent that it is
called the "cen'terboard" because of Us
resemblance to the centcrboard of a
sailboat. When properly cured , the
pelican skins and plumage are largely
used in women's garments and hats.
A Foir or tlio KpIcrnniniatlgU' Shots nt
Woman' * Chief Foo.
Worry is the father of Insomnia.
Worry is forethought gone to seed.
Worry is discounting possible future
sorrows so that the Individual may
have present misery. Worry is not one
large individual sorrow ; it is a colony
of petty , vague , Insignificant , restless
imps of fear , that become Important
only from their combination , their con
stancy , their Iteration. Worry is the
traitor in our camp that dampens our
powder , weakens our aim ; under the
guise of helping us to bear the present
and to be ready for the future worry
multiplies enemies within our mind to
sap our strength. Worry must not be
confused with anxiety , though both
words agree in meaning originally , a
"choking , " or a "strangling , " refer
ring , of course , to the throttling effect
upon Individual activity. Anxiety faces
large Issues of life seriously , calmly ,
with dignity. Anxiety always suggests
hopeful possibility ; It Is active In beIng -
Ing ready and devising measures to
meet the outcome. Worry Is the dom
inance of the mind by a single , vague ,
restless , unsatisfied , fearing and fear
ful Idea. The mental energy and force
that should be concentrated on the
successive duties of the day is con
stantly and surreptitiously abstracted
and absorbed by this one fixed idea.
The Dog Got the "llrash. "
A very curious circumstance hap
pened in the fox hunt at Clinton re
cently. The dogs were hard upon the
heels of a fox , when the fox darted
Into a hole , but some obstruction Im
peded Us passage , and It only entered
far enough to conceal Us body , leav
ing the end of its bushy tall sticking
out of the hole. When the men came
near they saw one of the dogs tearing
across the field with the "brush" in its
mouth , and the fox flying in another
direction , with nothing left of its
beautiful tail but the skinned stump.
The dog had literally pulled off the
hide , and , having obtained the brush ,
retired from the contest. Several shots
were fired at the fox , but failed to
bring him down. Hartford Courant.
Autom.ibllo Weddings.
Betrothed couples who go with the
times now drive motor cars to church
for the wedding ceremony. The latest
of these up-to-date marriages has been
celebrated at St. Germain 1'Auxorrois.
The bridal party drew up to the porch ,
not in stately equipages , but in a long
procession of some twenty horseless
vehicles of the newest pattern. A
largo crowd had gathered to witness
the arrival. Cheers went up , mingled
with humorous remarks , when the cor
tege of motors appeared. The bride's
and bridegroom's carriages were
decked out with white lilac , chrysan
themums and ferns , Paris Dally Mes
To Stop Noio Illecdlng.
Bleeding of the nose Is often very
difficult to stop , but the efficacy of the
following method is vouched for by a
correspondent of the New York Times.
The writer says : "Cut some blotting
paper about an inch square , roll it
about the size of a lead pencil , and
put it up the nostril that is bleeding.
The hollow In ft will allow the sufferer
to breathe ; the blood will fill the space
between the tube and the nose , and
will very soon coagulate and cease to
flow. "
Blnco the beginning of the govern
ment live vice presidents have died In
ofllcc. During the came time four pres
idents have died In office , two of whom ,
Lincoln and Oarfleld , were assasnlnnt-
cd. Tlio mortality , therefore , seems to
have been greater among those holding
the second ofllco in the government
than among the chief executives.
Runaway horscn arc unknown Ui
Hussla. No one drives there without
hang 'a thin cord with a running noose
around the neck of the animal. When.
an animal bolts , the cord Is pulled and
the horse stops an soon aa ho feels the
picpsurc on the windpipe.
V. S. rittrut Ulllco
The Examiners of all the 111 divisions
excepting 3 are now under one mouth
in arrears with their work.
Five hundred and alx patents were
issued this week and CS of them to one
Inventor for printing machinery. To
Iowa Inventors 9 for various subjects.
Minnesota t ) , Nebraska 3 , Missouri
1 1 , Illinois 37 , New York 140.
Mrs. 12. V. Pondlnot , of DCS MolncH ,
has been allowed a copyright for a
bqok entitled , "Patriotic Poems , Our
Heroes fromi ' 01 to ' 99. "
Patents have been allowed as fol
lows : To C. 12. Baker , of DCS Molues.
lor a label , tlio title of which H
"Ozono , " a coined word for a remedy
for oatarrlu a disease that Is prevalent
and distressing.
To S. S. Templcton , of Dunrcath , la. .
for an automatic valve for watering
troughs adapted for regulating the flow
of water therefrom and preventing
waste of water by animals that are
supplied from a source or supply con
nected with a trough by means of a
Valuable printed matter sent to any
address and advice to Inventors sent
free. THOMAS G. OIIWIG & CO. ,
Registered Sollctora of Patents.
DCS Molncs , Iowa , Nov. 25 , ' 99.
Those who love always have no leis
ure to pity themselves , or to bo un
New Inventions.
Thirty-three per
cent of the Inventors
who obtained pat
ents the past week
were able to dispose
of the whole or a
_ _ _ part of their invcn-
tion before the pat
ent was Issued.
Among the manufacturers buying
patents were the following :
Regna ( Music Box Co. , Ralnyny , N.
J. ,
Dempster Manufacturing Co. , DCS
Molncs , Iowa ,
Atlas Yack Co. , of Maine.
Union Scale and Manufacturing Co. ,
Sacramento , Cal. ,
National Folding Box and Paper Co. ,
New Haven , Conn. ,
Simplex Railway Appliance Co. , Chicago
cage , 111. ,
Automatic Air Carriage Co. , of Now
York ,
Edward Hctt , of New York City ,
had twenty-eight (28) ( ) patents issued
to him last week , all relating to print
ing presses. The government tax on
these patents alone was one thousand
dollars ( $1,000. )
Parties desiring information as to
procuring patents or bringing them to
the attention of possible buyers should
write to. Sues & Co. , Patent Lawyers ,
Bee Bldg. , Omaha , Nob. , for free ad
Affliction What everyone can carry
for Eomeone else.
STATE OF Onio , Crrr OK TOLEDO , I , _
Frantt J. Cheney innkos oath Hint ho Is tha
senior partner of the llrm of P. J. Cheney &Co. ,
doing ImMnohS in the City of Toledo , County
and Htnto aforcsuld. ami that sutd llrm will pty
the sum of ONE HUN1MIED DOLLAHS for
euch and every case of Catarrh Hint cannot bo
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed In my
presence , this Oth day of December. A. D. 18SCL
, cKAr i A. W. UMJASON.
lbtAUJ Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally , nnd
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials , free.
V. J. CHKNUY & CO. , Toledo , a
Sold by PrnsslstH , Too.
Hall's Family 1'llls are the best.
The higher you sit the bettor you
can drive.
Dropsy treoted free by Dr. H. H. Green's
SOUR , of Atlanta , On. The greatest dropsy
specialists in tlio world. Keml their adver
tisement iu another column of this paper.
A good boy Is worth far more than
a bad man.
- - .rrrx rrrpnri i Al Il
vO'l . < t > ' .e' i tvo
rcu jurru cRvWiiii FB.U tot rtBtcntit.
The reason why the law has more
attractions for young men than any of
the other profeBsIonn was considered
nt the American Soda ! Science moot
ing in Saratoga lost Week , nnd the
conclusion watt reached that it Is due
to the fact that in addition to Itu direct
advantages and emoluments , it oft'cis
The cost of rubber IB lessened by n
now French process , consisting of
mixing with wood oil another oil hav
ing greater density , lighter color and
cheaper price , the two oils being heat
ed until solidified , when the masu is
powdered and mixed with India rub
Among Berlin's cabMlilvcrs there
nro seven former army officers , three
farmer clergymen , nnd sixteen mem
bers of the nobility.
GRIP etmi : THAT 6is cum : .
I.axutlvo Itronio Qntuliiu Tablets rcmo\rs
the niuso that proriuqps Ia Qrlppe. U. W.
tlrovo'H slgr.aluro Is on each bux. l'5o.
The man who fears pleasure Is of
finer stuff than the man who Imtcn U
XCT HomlinritT Conililnatlon ItntcrtlMa l' tlor
Gninn lUmiil. SI pnmi'Ml'IPKClllill . .
Injonr. ' A ci\U
\\nntrri. \\.D.lflltln ell & ( , ' < > . , nil biiiirili'r-Ft , , Uilc.txo.
The brief call of the president of the
United States on the secretaiy of state
after hours n few days since recalls
the fact , it Is said , that Mr. McKInley
In the first president to visit the state
department In many years. It la Haiti
that Cleveland was never In the de
partment In cither of his administra
tions. President Harrison visited
Blalno there once. And before him
thcro had been no presidential visit to
the department Hluco the time of
Try Graln-o ! Try Ornln-ot
Ask your grocer today to show you n
package of GRAIN-O , the new food
drink that takes the place of offnc.
The children may drink it without In
jury as well as the adult. All who try
it , like It. GRAIN-O has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java , but it is made
from pure grains , and the most delicate
Btotnach receives it without distress.
One-fourth the prlco of coffee. 15o.
and 2Cc. per package. Sold by all
Mrs. Byron Alfortl , of Eldrcd , Pn. ,
owns and operates a nltroglccrlno and
dynamite factory.
Chrlstmnii lroicnlB.
It Is often difficult to select an ar
ticle for a Christmas present that will
be acceptable and inexpensive. The
John M. Smyth Co. have solved the
problem by offering for sale 5,000
guitars at $2.G5 each , thus bringing
them within the reach of everyone.
The firm Is thoroughly reliable. See
"ad" in another part of this paper. Got
their mammoth catalogue.
There is nothing gootl In a man but
his young feelings and his old
This Guitar Is made
of the fined imita
tion nutiogany with
either solidrojewcod
or walnut finger
board , pearl inlaid
position dots and
German silver raised
frclsi it has fancy in
lay around Eound
hole and best quality
American patent
heads ; the top of
Guitar is beautifully
bound with celluloid ;
it is strung with a
full : et of best quality
cteel springs and is
ready to play upon.
* * * - ' j. * tr
The failure of the sohomo"
ganlzo the Carnegie ctcel int <
within the time fixed is said to h.iv ,
cost four men. one of whom wn Hotiry
C. Frlck , $256,000 each the f 1,000.000
going to Andrew Carnegie for no other
consideration than their Inability to
meet the terms of the option given to
An ndmlrer of Admiral Dewcy in At
lanta , Ga. , has presented him with , i
valuable autograph letter yritcr by Ad
miral Farragut , in which occurH iho
phrase : "That young Dewey is a vofy
promising chap. "
S/ys Pcrunas "I join Sena
tors Sullivan , Roach and flic-
nco' / their good opinion of
Ptruna as an effective catarrh
W. N. U. OMAHA. No. 49 1899
flow Long flavc You Read About " 5 Drops" Without Taking Them ?
Do you not think you Imvc wasted prccfjtts time anil suffered enough ? If
so , then try the "S Drops" nnd he promptly nnd permanently cured of
your afflictions. " 5 Drops" Is a speedy anil Sure Cure for Rlieunfatlsm ,
Nciiralgln , 5clntlcn , Lumbago ( lame back ) , Kidney Diseases , A.ntlimo ,
( lay Pcver , Dyspepsia , Catarrh of all kinds , llron'cliltl.i , La Grippe ,
llcudaclio ( nervous cr neuralgic ) , Heart Weakness , Dropsy , Earache ,
Spasmodic and Cntnrrhal Croup , Toothache , Nervousness , Sleeplessness ,
Creeping Numbness , Malaria , nnd kindred diseases. "S Drops" hna cured
[ TRADE MARK. ] morn pcopKi during tlio pant four years , of the above-named dlsenrei , thntt
nil other remedies laiown , and In case of Rheumatism it curing inoic than
all the doctors , patent medicineselectric belli nnd batteries combined , fortltey cniinot ciircClitoiiic
Rheumatism. Therefore waste no more valuable tlmo nnd money , but try "S Drops" nnd l > e
promptly CURliD. " 5 Drops" 1.1 not only the best medicine , but It Is the cheapest , fornfl 00 bottle'
contains 300 defies. Price per bottle , $1.00 , prepaid by mall or express , or 6 bottles for fSOO. For
the next 50 clays we will ucnd a c cample PKGB to anyone feuding 10 cents to pay for the
mailing. Agents wanted. Write to-day.
TIRfrt fltnvo for 21.41. Rnrotho
KetallorhTrout-navotliu , iler
I'rotH. TuknailTantaRU of our contrnct
purchnso. Otliorn Iiavo advanced tlietr
I'rlccmof PurlorHtotuB , uutouri'untnict
wltnthn manufacturers coin pel tham
ln furnlxh u7ltli them ) , ao no cun neil
thorn it n small profit nt (111.41 , (21. ' . " 7 onil
$ ' . 7.77. VOU would tie promt of cither
.ouoof tliene iiurlorBtovei. The plcturot
alvo but n Inlnt luou of thclrelt'griQCo.
Hent C. O , D.on receipt uf 07c. you to
pay balance to your bnnkeror freluht
nnnnt onnrmnl at jour depot.
A IMTXO titoio InUoc len fuel than a tuiall ouo fur heat
vivttin liuur Iu ulna when , nnlorlm ; .
jrr > t niCE.S8B.7B ettwi roun FREE
concr cm ijtuvinf c u.
HIM cAat25c.nifncis > J LAND Oatulosnon
c * for it V cent
.STUMPS Ptiimpt A-
B Jlnrncm
O Btovesnnu Itnnno * D Axrlcnlttirul Imiilonifiiitn ,
E Hauy CurrlnKOO. F Urut nmll'ntont Medicines ,
13 Mutlcul Jnntrnmentn. H Orson * unit Hrnlnn
Machine * . | I'lcrcle * . J Ounnuaa Hiartliig Uomlt.
K Jjidlimnnd OcaU" Kurnlrlilmt Goods. L 1'ry-
llooJu. M Kfliulr-mnunClotblmi ( ur Men ( indjloj * .
N lioolii nnd Shoo * . O Lndlek'Cnfie * nnd GlonkH.
Bend 15oli nnd our I.tirm Hupplr Catalogue vontnln.
Inc tmrVtMttpf * nml ov rene hundred tuoutuudiult
HIIII Drlceswlll boiontoJiirem puld. ,
FOR $2.65
Xn moro , no leas , than I > ,000 of them ,
probably the lurgoet contract in cuitnvs
over inndo nn instrument that \.u- > \
lively tell i from $3.50 to | 7.U ) . When tills
lot 13 oxliunutod v.o cannot duplicate
tliiaolTor. Quantity talks. Only by o | !
atiuK on guclin bfcEcnlo. together willi
\\oll-kixiwnsninllproilt policycould
Mich tin altering bo possible. Another
roiieon for dispensing bticli u bnrcuin
broadcast U the confluence feel tlint
every Ruitttr sold v\ill win for nt n per
manent patron mill a fricud v/horo
rppommendntiouvocnn count upon. We
will forward the pultar to nuy uddre'U
C. O. D , , subject to cxnmiuutlcn , uncm
receipt of SOc. Wo , however , ndvisa tliat
cush in full bo sent , us thct tatcs rotcra
charges for money and wo ttnn.1 per
fectly rfiuly to refund money it the
Kiiitar U not nil and moro thuuvdtlnim
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