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\ 1
Declaration of Independence and sov.
I erelgnty Set Forth-One of the
t Causes for Det're ! of Swedcn and
Norway to Separate Consular Syt. . .
t , . I { CHRISTIAN A-"Norwa ' tallay Is n.
\ , 1ull ' Inllcpendent and sovereign state , "
{ 'fhls Is thQ text of the elUtol'lal.s In
t the Norwegian newspnllers amI It reo
. 1lects the spirit with which the pcoplo
J of Norway acccllt the action of the
storthlllg whcn It proclaimed King
Oscar no longer ldng of Norwa ' ,
King Oscar's rcfu al to sanction the
" 1\l1 \ passll by the storthlng providing
, for a selmrato consular Ren'lco for
I Norwa ' culminated In thc passage of n.
I , resolution by the stOl'thlng declaring
the dissolution of th < . ' union of Swede
en and Norway and that the ldng had
f ( ceased to act ns IdnA' of NOl'way , AI.
l' though the action was ant\chlatcd. \ It
, caused c'oTlsldemhle excltPment In this
i city on account of the nnxlet ' as to
: 'what action the ldng woul tal\O ,
The crisis became acute l\lay 2G ,
when his majesty. after three months'
rest , during which the regency was
confided to Crown Prince 'ollsta\'e , reo
sumed the reins of office , The cmmcn
of state Immec1lately submitted to him
the consular hili , which he. May 28 ,
reCused to sanction , arguing that any
I action must receive the sanction of
? the mixed council , The Norwegian
council of state thereupon resigned
I and the Idng refused to accept their
resignation , as , In'Iew of the state of
} H1h1lc opinion , It was Imp03slhle to
form a new go\'ernment. Demonstra.
tlons were held througJOut the coun-
I try endorsing the action of the council
I of state ,
I ! One of the causes for the desire In
Sweden and Norway for 8011arate con.
Bular Rystems was the fact that Swede
en Is ] Irotectlonlst. and Norway Is for
free trade , and also lJ < 'cause of Nor.
' wa"s more extensive sea tra e and
I' other divergencies of commercial In.
I terests ,
I" I \ At Its meeting the storthlng ad.
l dressed n. proclamation to the Norwe.
, glnn people. In which Is given a de.
tailed nccount of the 0\'ent8 precede
ing the passing oC the resolutlon ,
This ] lroclamatlon . concludes us fol.
lows :
"The storthlng" hOleS ] that the Nor ,
wegan [ people wl11 succeed In Ih'lng In
peace and on good terms with all , and
, not the least with the Swedish people
to whom we are 1Inl\Cd hy so manr
i , natural tI s , .
"Tho storthlng Is sure that tlw ] leO'
pIe wlll join with It an wIth govern-
I - ment In maintaining the fnIllnde1end- ]
'I ' j.t cnce oC Norway and with firmnc7g und
t , dignified tranlul1lty ] submit to the l1ecJ J
cssarr sacrIfices , and It Is Curther sure
I that 0.11 . subjects wl11 ful1r r'spect aIJ .
I ordnnnces [ and ] lr scrlltlons ] ( I'om the
. go\'ernment ,
"AlI officials , civil nn l mllltnry.
must In every ropcct ; yield that ohedl.
ence which the government has the
right to claIm nccordlng to the author.
it ) , transCerrecl to It hy the storlhlng
' In the name of the ] Icoplo of Norway , "
I' ,
, W ASIIINGTOThe commissioner
i of the general land office has Issued
instructions to regl5'erS and receIvers
; of land omcas throughout the countr '
directing- that In the future 110 ne
i } lel'SOn shall ho 11Cl'mltted to aClulre ]
i more thnn : : : : ! O acres of'nonmineraI
! . . , } JUbllc land under existing laws. Here-
t . , toCore appllcllnts have been ) ! ermltted
. to Increase the luant1tj' ] uuder the tim-
lJCr an stone and Iioldler : : alIIltloual
l 'homestead laws ,
Up to the Suprcme Court. \
' . CHICAGO-\lunlcIIJal : ownership of
'I ' street railways hero Is now awnltlng
I uctlon by the IiUIJl'emo : : court of the
, , United States Ulon the valldlt ) ' of the
so-caHed ninety-nine year act , which ,
It has been claimed , would give the
street rallwar comHmles ] control Cor
nearly a half 'J centur ) ' lot. . Judge Gross ,
cup refused to continue In force the
. tem10rarr Injunctlons to prevent
1\1aror Dunne and the city council
from proceeding with munlctJalization !
l1em1lng decision from the United
States SUlremo court.
, ' Pa1ers ! to ConE-oil date.
I- ST. LOUIS-The St. Louis Star
f ( and the St , Louis Chronicle , both
" \ afternoon 1)1llOrS [ , ] Jubllshed announce.
' ments of th'I1' consolhlatlon under
, the name of the Stnr.Chronlcle , Ne.
'l g-otlatlons were closed hj' which the
consoUdatlon goes Into effect Immo.
I' dilltely , nn the llew corporatlon will
, he lmown as the StarChronlcle Pub.
'f } Jlshlng companr. with a calltal ] stoclt
of $500,000 , The Star.Chronlcle , It Is
unnounced , will ho an Independent
. ] ) [ 1ler. ] and will he Issued from the
Star bu1ldlng.
jj Last Russians Leave Port Arthur.
CIIE FOO-Geneml Balas'hoff has
arrived hero from Port Arthur with
his staff and dellUrts for Hussu'Ia [
Tlen Tsln.
The embalmed hoc1y of Genernl
KOlHlratchenlm was hl'Ought here bv
General Dalaschofr and will ho shJ1lJC1 [ ;
to Odessa ,
GellOrnl Dalas'hofr's start of twent ) ' .
nine } lerSOns , which accomllRnleci him i
, to Cho Fee , Is departing fOI' home
ovel''arlous routo8. 'rhs [ lIart ) ' ( 'am-
pletes the Russian evacuation of I'ort
I ArUlIIr.
Tom Dennison Gets Verdict of Not
HED OAK , Io-A jur ) ' of two1\'o
men hns dcelnr d that Tom Donnlson
Is not gul1t ' of goln ! ; to lI:1rrJ : on
count ) ' and digging \111 the Pollncl (
lllamonds. It relulred ] dollberatlon of
two and onohal [ hours and five bal.
lots to reach this result.
Th first ballot was Informnl nnel
stooll three to nine , with the major-
It ) ' for aClultttal. ] The first formal
ballot stood the same. 'I'he scconll
stood ten to two , the third cloven teen
on , and the fourth gave the \'or lct
of acquittal.
It was 11 : Iii o'cloclt wh.'n : the jury
was brought Into the court room , ntHi
the \'Cl'dlct was handed Ull to the jUdge
b ) ' the bailiff. 1I0 read the document ,
which brlefi ' declared that the deCenll.
'ant was not guilty , and then ascer-
tanlng [ b ' Inquiry that It was the \'er.
dlct of the jurj' . discharged thorn
from further ser\'lce , The defendant
was also dIscharged fl'om custodr , so
far as this case was Ioncerned the
other chnrgo against him stili remain.
Ing to be tried , In that he Is chllrgeel
with polng n principal In the robbery ,
as the Iown. statutes malw an acces.
sory befOl'o the fact u principal In
hIe crime ,
'I'ho charge dll which Dennison re.
celved an acquittal was that of re.
celvlng and lonceallng stolen 1'1'0"
ert ' ,
Inqulrj' of the jurors reveale thllt
tue jl1r ' thol1ht ! tha there was no
corroborative e\'ldonco of Shercllffo
relatlvo to Dennlson'l : ! going to Mis.
sourl Valle ' and digging up the ella-
'rhej' stated that there was n belief
that he ha somelhlng to do with the
I'obherj' , but the ) ' wore moro Inc1lned
to be1levo that the diamonds hlleI
been given to him In Omahll than
that he had crossed the river and dug
them Ull Inmself.
Said Foreman George T , Cooper :
' ' 'fhere were three of the jurors
who were for conviction as It stood ,
an there were others who could not
understand some things about the rob.
herj' itself , but we coul not find proof
be 'ond 11. reasonable doubt that ho
went over and ug up the stones , If
seemed to be the enl ' \'erdlct we coul
return under the evidence In the case
and the court's Instructions. "
Elmer Thomas retlred as soon as ho I
hear of the verdict , an upon being
aske for a stal < 'ment reCused to tallt ,
The defense has made :1pp1lcatlon :
to have Dennison's bon on the sec.
end Indictment reduce from $10,000'
to $2,500 , Dennison now has $10,000
on deposit Ih the First National hanle
of Council Dluffs to secure his bon s.
men ,
l\IEXICO-Amhassador Conger ] 1Ut
an end to the rumor clrculate 1 in
American papers that he would remain -
main hero but six months , retiring-
become n candidate for go\'ernor of
Iowa , lIe denies this and sa's :
"I have been rOJCateHy urged by
mr fren [ s In Iowa to a'celt the nom.
Inatlon for governor , but I have per.
slstently eIp'lInel ( to do so. My views
In the mntter have not changed , 1 1\ItO \
the c1lplomatlc sen'lce and ] lref'r to
serve mj' ( , ol1ntrr In It. 1\1) ' appoint.
ment hero Is ] lel'lnanent so far as I
lmow , It Is suhject to no other con.
dltlons than are attached to an ) ' other
consular allIontment. [ "
Favor Honorable Peacc ,
ST , PE1'EHSDURG - President
'Hoosovelt's tent1m' of his uood offices
to bring about peace Is receh'cd with
general fa\'or In the 11ress and br the
] 111 b1l c , and a desire that some steps
bhou1c1 he talt n townrcl securing 1m
honorabl < . ' ] JCace Is Increaslngl ) ' manl.
fest. The Huss declares that the
president's offel' shoulll be cornmen .
ccl as all act of frlendshp [ tendIng to
1ll'Ing Ollt .Japnn's terms of peace , and
Russa's [ acceptance oC an offer which
would not mean surrender on humUl
allng terms ,
Say ! ! Packers Tried Bribery ,
CHICAGO , II1-Preshlent Shea of
the teamsters , sUJplemented ] his brlb.
erj' chnrg < r.l : br declaring that an attempt -
tempt at bl'lberr was made hj' some
of the hl ] Iaclwrs dm'lng the progress
of the stocl , 'Ul'ds strl1w ,
Rescue Captain and Crew.
NEW YORK-The life-saving sta. .
lion a. Lone HIlI , n , I. , reports that a .
steamer Is mhOl'e ; ahre'ast of Shlm.J' ,
coclt Light. 'rhe station nas put out ,
hut has Ilot ) 'et reached her , 'rho ves.
sel ] Iroved to he the I1shlng steamer
Sriaconett , Callam ] Charles' Fish ,
bo\\n from Greenlort ] , IJ , I. , to New
Yorl" 'rho lICosa\'lng crew took oft
the caltnln and two men comJl'lslng ]
the crew of the I1shBI'rnan. which lies
full of watm' ono and threequarter
miles west of Shlnnecocl , Light ,
Eart quakes In Japan.
TOKIO-Sevel'o earthllIulws ] have
occurred In Central Jlllltln , extending-
generallr from the ] Iro\'lnco f Hre. [
: ; ; hma [ to t.ho straits of Shmonoseltl [ ,
The extent of the amago und loss
of lIfo Is uot ret l\11own , hut It Is fear.
cd that It [ s hea\ ' ) ' , .
Woman Is From Nebraska.
FOR'l' WA Y\'I , Ind.-Hev , Noah
Wallter. agecl slxtr , ancl Mrs , Nancy
I.lncoln of l1catricl' Neb , . who have
not mot for fortr rears , will meet in
( 'r"Uteo atl,1 ! narrv ,
. ,
ISRAEL W. DURHAM BO S . - = -1' ' I
I ' ,
, .
1I 1I 1 I I
I r - I
: W.D7zrha7TI'
Israel W. Durham , boss of Phl1a el. .
phla and leader of the forces that nro
trj'ing to force a sevent.five.'ear gas
lease down the throats of the people , '
now threatens to have : Maror 'Vea\'er
impeached , Durham has been a power ,
StatIstics Prove Honor Should Be Ac.
corded Surgeons ,
In every modern wale Imt ono the
proportion of deaths among the medl.
clll omcers has been greater than thr t
among the combatants , In the French
campaign against Constantine , whllo
over ) ' thirteenth combatant officer
'was ' Itllled , ever ) ' sixth surgeon died ,
In the Crlmean war the morta1ltr
among the surgeons was 18,2 per cent
nnd among the combatant officers 7,3.
In the last Husslan campaign prior to
the present war 355 surgeons out of
a totnl of 2,839 died , In the Mexican
expedition ( French ) the mortality rate
among the sllrgeons was about , 20 per
cent. Here , then , all unheralded In
the dally news of g-r'tJat ' victories , 0.1'0
the real heroes of war , who dlo not in
an effort to Idll but to save lives , Ho
who would have a cOfrect estlmato of
war must look beyond the magnificent
man on horseback and beronll the
ranlts of human targets that offer lIfo
for life to the Iulot ] , unheral e heroes
who 11\1t their lives ag-alnst death and
so often lose.-Atlanta Journal.
Mayor's Highhanded Rulings.
" 'est Vlrgnla [ has a town named
Thurm an largo enough to have a
mayor who lately distinguished him.
self hr some curious mnglliterlal : : de. .
clElons. An Ita1lan named Darlti com.
mltted suicide hr jumping Into the
New river , which 110ws through the
town , A rewar oC $ O was offered
for the recovery of his hody. It was
found a few dn's after by a river
captain anel a search dlscloseel the
sum of $130,50 In the poclwts , Of this
$50 was paid to the cllptaln as the
promised reward and the rest the mny. I
or confiscated hecauso Its possessor' '
had hrolwn the law 41n committing
suicide , Ills father , who had como
on from Plttsburg to claim his ef.
fects , remonstrated and the mayor
flned him $17.
Frick a Leader of Men.
Henry Clay Frlcl" supposed to bo
worth about" $50,000,000 , has left Pitts.
burg for a limo and will lIve In Now
Yorlt whllo his daughter Is being eelu.
cated , Of Illto 1\11' . Frck [ hils heen
much In the public ere , because of his
growing Ilrominenco In the steel trust.
hs [ unsought primacy In the Equltablo
Lifo trouble , his entrance Into proml.
nent connection with several railroads
of the west and northwest anel his
wdenlng [ power In politics. lIe Is
singularly quiet and masterful , of the
stern and unbendahle stuff on which
other men leqn for advlco and guld.
ance , Mr. Jo'ranlt Is n short , thlck.set
man of suave manner , soft \'olco and
modest bearing.
Important Work for Professor.
Lincoln Hutchinson of thr. Unlver-
sty [ or California , who , for n llUmher of
years has heen a member of the staff
or the college of commerce , has h'l1n
appolnte by the United States gOY' I
ernment special commlssoner [ for the
etudr : of the commercIal relations hOe
tw n the United Stntes and the South
I American countries , . Ho has tQ spell
nine monlhs In the southern hemls-
phero In these Investlgntlons. HoJIl
then return to the University of Cal.
Ifornla to resume his wQr1 , In llie do- '
'JIartmont of commerce.
I In PhlladelJhla ] ] Jolltlcs for twenty
: rears , and for the last fi\'o years has
been the unofficial ruler of the city ,
'IJlcldng and electing clllllIdates for
office and dlctntlng legislation. Ills
ownfall Is now pre [ cted.
. . . . . . . . . . -
Vessels of Moderate Tonnage Carry
Largest Amount.
The American consul at Homo sa's
tllat recent statistics pub1lshed in
Franco estlmato the tot.al tonnage of
the worl 's merchant. mnrlno at 32-
G42,000 , and the number of vessels at
, , , about cquallr dvlded [ between
steam and sail , 'l'he tonnage of the
former , however , is much the larg-or ,
helng about 30,000.000 , against G,500-
000 for sailing vessels , Whllo the
bulldng [ of hg [ an hlgger shlls ) has
been a feature of the business for the
last quarter of 11. centnry , the grellter
part of the world's goods Is still car :
rle by'essels of moderato tonnage ,
The number of sl1lls ) of moro than
10,000' tons Is only elghtynlne , Eng.
land leads [ n tonnage with GOOO.OOO ,
America follows wlti ! 3,500,000 , Ger.
many and Franco having eac1i ahout
half as much , 'fho list dwindles down
along the IIno of the other marltlmo
countries , reaching Its minimum In
Argentina which has about 25,000
tons ,
His Hopes for Harmony.
"Camp Meuting John Allen" of
1\1alno \ was n. Methodist. and during
ono of his } 1\storates was very friend.
Iy with his llap"tlst brother In the
town , an as their weeldr prayer
meetings came on dltrerent ovenlngs
had urged him to come Into meeting
and Ileal' their snglng. [
It so halponed ] that ono evening
the Daptlst brother dl go , hut , It bo.
Ing late ho decldod to romaln In the
baclt of the room , A h 'mn was gven [ '
out to be sung , hut , unfol'tunately ,
there helng 110 loader , It was started
and sung through In different tunes ,
Mr. A lion saw his Baptist friend
and was elual ] to the occasion , At
the close of the slng-ng [ ho sprang to
his fuet and sh uted : "Glory to God I
I hope wo will all get to heaven
where wo cnn all sing In the SIUllO
tune-Doston Herald.
Author and Explorer.
Rex E. Beach , In addition to being-
an author and a bushlOSS mlln , is an
explorer and an athlete , H wont out
to Alaska with the first mad rush of
the gold seelwrs and brought impres.
slons or the countrj' an a plcturesquo
vocabuillry which ho has used to ad.
vantage In a novel. Ho holds the In.
door r < xor : of 100 ) 'ards In swlmmng [
anel was the winner of the mlle handle
cap swimming race at the Olymplun
games In St , l.ous. [ He Is clnsse
among the now school of humorlst ,
hrlnglng- out In a breezy , hearty st'lo
rho moro amusing side of exlstenco ill
the frozen north or on the northern
cattle plains.
Proper Estimate of Yourself.
In summing uP. let mo say onn
word , Never admit that ) 'OU are 111
any \'ltal waj' Infel'lor to your 1101gh.
bore 'Vhat anj' ono else has done , ) 'OU
may do , All education Is not found In
the Rchoolroom , Plent ) ' of It ma ) ' ho
acquired In the Itltchon , AvaIl your-
ReI ! of opportunltlos. Never succ lmh
to cUscouragoment. Do not discount
'our own IOw'r8. ) or r\JlC ' that a cui.
turo c1lfforent from ) 'OUI'S Is of neC9R.
sit ) ' better than 'ollrs-Margnret ,
Sangster In " 'oman's Homo Compau-
lon ,
- -
' " 'iW'f' '
Eventful Career of Mrs. Mary Livermore -
more Is Ended.
Mrs. Mnry Ashton LI\'ormoro. tn-
mous as an nbolltlonlst , n t01nllerauco
1 ( 'formor amI an advocate oC woman
8uffrage. died May 23 at her 1101110 In
rolrose , Mass. Bronchitis. mp1t-
cnted wllh fin nrtccUon oC lh 1lCart ,
caused her dcml8c. The bA.t ! ) ' \'II ! bo
crcmntel and the ash < . ' ( placell In th\3
fnlnllr tomb In W 'ollltng cemetery nt
Mrs. I.Ivorn oro'B mnlelon 11amo WIlS
Hlco. She was born In Boston. Dec.
HI. IS21. She wns graclunteI Crom the
] JUblle schools nnd subsCluentlr ] from
a female seminary nt Charlostown ,
whel'o for a tlmo she was n teacher
of Latin , Grcelt ntHi Fronch. She wns
but n moro grl [ when she wont South
to talto chnrgo or n. school In Virginia.
arlll It was there she became familiar
with the bal'bnrltleg of slavcl' ) ' . After
three ) 'onrs she returned to Boston ,
amI began on abolltlonlst 1ll'ol1l1sanlln.
In 184 she was mnrrClI [ to Prof. DanIel -
Iel P. IJI\'ermoro , 11. Unitarian clorg ) ' .
man , and In 1857 the couple 1110ved to
- -
Mrs. M. A , Livermore.
Chicago , whel'o Mr. LI\'ermoro became -
came e ltor of the New Covenant , a
Unltnrlan lJUblication. 1\1rs , Livermore -
moro became conslcu [ us In Chicago
In worldng f r the } Ioor nnd sUfCerlng ,
and also Rho dlstlngulshod herself In
connection with the snnltar ) ' commls.
slon to 11rocuro SUllpllcs for the Union
arm ) ' , 1II's. . Lh'ormol'o next Identified
herself with the fjufmgo 1110voment ,
an was the first president of the 1111.
nols Woman Suffl'ae { Irsoclatlon , She
estahllshod the Agitator , which shoe
e lted , and Illter moved to Doston to
assume charge of 'thoVoman's Jour-
11\1. For ) 'el1I'S she had been famOUD
us a lecturer an writer. She hlld
been n widow slnco .July ( i , 1899 ,
One Generation Not Sufficient to CivilIze -
Ize Savagc.
A newspaper man who owns a No-
grito boj' for whom he paltl $1-1 011'
nounces that ho Intends to cducnto the
lad as a test of American methods on
Phlllppino unclvllIzetl tribes , 'I'hls 1'0'
form 01' will fall. 'rho boy can be
taught the multiplication table , hut
that won't civilize him. lIe cnn learn
spoiling anti astronomy , hut these will
not educate him. It talws hundreds
of years to clvlllzo a savn e. AmerIcan -
Ican methods may lie a111111ed profitably -
ably to Japanese who have the heritage -
tago of conturles of civilization , but
ono genoratlon of contact with books
and association with the best Teutonlo
Ideals will not change the moral structure -
turo of a Negrlto any moro than it
will an Indian. There nro some laws
of nature that ) 'OU can's ameud nor
llulllfy-Portland Oregonan [ ,
Household Secretary of Pierpont Morgan -
gan Draws Big Salary.
Miss Hhott Is J. Pierpont Morgan's
household secretar ) ' , looltlng aCtor
everything- the management of hlg
'i' W' , ) '
.1775.5 na ; nzUZ77 '
Now York , London and country
houses , rellovlng him and Mrs' . Morgan -
gan of that work , For this ho pa8
$10,000 n ) 'ear , 1 > 1Is6 nhett [ s satd to
bo n rolatlvo of Mrs. 1\1organ ,
, \dmlrll Schley Fond of Work.
Admlrnl Wlnflold Scott Schloy , G5
) 'ears old , and stili young , straight as
the barrel of n rifle , shows the color
of splendid health nnd the general as.
pect or unimpaired mURcular condl.
tlon , Ho refuses to sit stili an drnw
his retired pay , hut Itceps busy work.
Ing on his forthcoming hook. "l\Iary.
land In the Navy , " Contentment. . is
] llcturod In his rUddy countonance. bls
Itlndly OJ'O showln no hint that Ulroo
score and ton Is approaching , "I want
to wear Ol\t , " bo fill'S , "not to rust
out. "
- - - - - -
. . . ' , , ,
. J ? : " . '
, . . . . . . . . . ,
- -
On Rccord From the TIme of the
Romans Down to the Twentieth
Century-Much Damage Done by
Tremor OccurrIng [ n 1750.
- -
Thnt earthqualto which frightened
IJeoplo In Englanll a short , thno ago
Was not at nIl \Inll\Io ] In the hlstorr of
the Islnnd. Quallos of'ar 'lng Bovor-
Ity ha\'o heon felt from the times of
the Homans llown to the twentieth
conhtrj' . Ono of the earliest English
carthlualw ] .Is said to have over.
thrown n Homan temple \0 \ AllOlIo In
Lonllon. Another happenell In 1100" " ,
when , In the Illnguago of an 0111 hlB- /
torian , "strango It was for the strong ,
trembling of the earlh , but mal'O
strange for the d01eful anll hideous
I'oarlngs which It ) :1 eltl etl forth. "
'l'hlrty-throo ) 'ears Inter lIeveral shoclttJ
were felt , clm'lng Olle of which , It Is
asserted , lIames ISl'luoll from rents III '
the ollrth and burned muoh timber. i
In the r'\ster. weelt of 1185 another : , . '
carth tremor Imt In an aPllenrnnco
and seomA to ha vo , lleon moro 1I0mon-
stratlve thnn Itll ] Iredecossors , for n
wrltCl' Bays thnt "Its 111\0 had not heon
hoat'll of In ElIgllulIl ! : Ilnco the beginning -
ning or the wOl'lel , for stones that lay
eouclwd.fnst . In the , earth were ro- . . . 1
mo'od111 the great church of Lln- . ,
coin rent from the to ) ) downward. "
Panlo followed the carthlunlto ] of
AIIl'I1 G , 1580 , n dn ) ' remal'lablo : for It ! !
hcat. Nothing untoward took lliaco
until D o'cloclt nt night , when a violent ;
trombllng ot the eal'th made Itself : '
felt In London. . . Instlng about the :
tenth of n second , ' nnd was accom-
) ) anled hy loud rumh1lnls In the
1Iowels of the earth. Close upon Its
hcels came minther shocl < . which Get
the great cloclt boll at Westmnstor [
clanging anll ninny other churehes
gn.\'o out violent llenla. The public ,
toole fl'lght , nnd rushed Into the 'i
stroets. whllo plnnoers hnstll ) ' loft ,
Ithelr seats , with the result that mnny
of them , , , ere tramllled to death. A
writer on the sUbject sars : "Tho
scene was te1'l'lhlo-tho clanging of
the bolls , the suhtorranean noises and
the nolso of fal1ln : ; houses , the shrlolts
and lamentations of the 11eOle. ) mln-
"gled with the cries ot these who
thought the last day had como was
enough to fill the stoutest 11enrts with
fear. " The shoclt was also oxperl-
enced In various parts of the country. \ '
The Impr sslon took 8hapo that this .
onrthqualto had occurred because .
hca vun hall lost patlenco with the peo.
plo-a bollot which led Queen Eliza- ,
heth to Instltuto a form of pra'or for
household use in order to remove the
hano supposed to bo hovorlng over
Great Britain.
In January anll the early pnrt of
l < "ebruary , 17 O , the heat was Intonso.
so much so , that the superstItIous
went about declaring that something
out of the ordinary would surely soon
hap en. TI lolr forecasts came true ,
for on Foh. 81 London experlonced
sTlght oarthlualw ] shoclts , but moro
severe shoclw were felt exactly
month later. These Iator nro snld to
have heen the worst disturbances In
modern tlmos In England. The shoclt9
were preceded by lightning , then n
roaring f10uml WO" hQard , house ;
reeled and many foil , and some lIttle
damage was done to ancient buildings.
'rheso vibrations tool , place In the
night and many } leoll10 were thrown
froxa their beds.
Llfl's History. .
\\0 IIvo b ' clnrs-eneh ono Is n new lent ,
On whleh to wrlto n scrap ot hlstol' '
'I'hnt hclllS to mnllo the whole , although
so Inlet ,
E\'entless IJIlll ( lo\'old ot mrstor ' .
No hnnd , howovol' sltll1Cu enn oraBO
A slnglo word that' In .l.lto's boole we
trace ,
'Vhnt ere wo wrIting on the pnges fnlr.
So white and IItnlnless O\'OI'Y glowing
morn' ;
Docs the true record show unwaverIng
cnre ,
Or Is each 11\I1 : ' lent blottell onel torn ?
" 'hat e10 wo wrlto 1'0-c1ny ' In Lito's grent
lJOo ] { , '
In which God's senrchlng eyes can . c\'or
look ?
Oh , let us seee ] to ] toe1 each clayeat ]
As tlmo Roell onwnl'cl In thlll husy lite ,
And on the lovIng Father o\'er lenn.
To hold UII steac1tast 'mId the toll and
strIte ,
Then when the last' c1ny's grlet Is wrItten -
ten o'er.
A story swect shall live tor cvermore.
OrigInated Polo Hat Fad.
It has been freely Imilsted that 1\IIS8
Ethel Darrymoro Is the real author
of the latest femlnno [ frealt , the polo
turban , and Miss Darrymore has not
seen fit to deny the Impeachment , at
least not In ] lrlnt , sqys the ; = lI. Louis
'Jlobe.Domocrat. The storj' runs that
the ) 'oung nctress hecamo Infatuated
with the pm box worn hy "Tommy At-
Itlns" In Lon on on the Occbb'Jn of n
recent vlqlt , and surroptltlously purchased -
chased ono for her own use , merely
as a fad , She tred [ It on and was
quite pleased with her appearance
In It. From that to n hlnclt ono of
the sarno shape was I111t n step and
from there to the pompon was child's I
play , with the result that-well , YO\l
see every womnn who Is an'ono wearIng -
Ing them , don't j'ou ?
Australia Gaining Population Slowly.
" ' 1'ho greatest source of worr ; } ' illo.
Australia , " said Phlll)1 ) Saunders , of
l\Iel ourno , "is that the country Is
maldng such slow headwa ) ' In gaining I .
11olJUIntlon ,
" \\'o arc getting very Ilttlo ImDllgra-
tlon from all ) ' quarter. In many pnrts
of the countr ' the ] le01110 would be
glad If there w : 'a a chance to bring
In cooHo laborers from Irda [ or ChlnB ,
hut there Is a strlng'nt law ngalnst It.
an ao the landowners nro deprived of
l1ccde lIol } ! , ] Jnrllculal'f ) ' In those hct.
rOGons [ where whlto men cannot endure - ,
duro the om 1'atl' \ c Imato. " \

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