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( A Constant and Persistent Effort to
Evade the Law's Provlslons-Fr 1ud
Shown In Civil Service Examlna.
, 'ell on Monrlay romovcd from 0111"
, : William S , Llob , nsslstant Unlit.
SwtOR trensurcr at Phllaelelphla , for
"constant an Ilcrsistent violation IIf
c' " . the civil servlco law whllo In IImco , "
In n formal stntement Issueel at the
Whlto house by Preshlent Hoosovelt
Mr. 1 leh'R removal Is nnnounced , 'fho
Ireslilont , gav'o Mr. Lloh n henrlng last
1.'rltlay at the request of Senator Pen.
I rose anel SenatOl' Knox of Pennsyl.
vania. Mr , 1lob snbmlllQll a long
l AII emcnt In answer to the charges
. . I1l1\elo against him nnd wns supporl)11 ( )
' In his rlefenso hy Hellresenlallvo Pat.
. ' torflon of Pennsylvnnllt.
The statement says :
"After careful cOlIslderntion of an
the Cnots developed hy the Inqnlry , the
Ilrosident rleclded tll remove Mr. Lleh
from omco , It holllE ; shown , accon1lng
10 Iho statement , that there wa. ! 'can.
Htant anll conKlsleut eITllrt on 'our
( Mr. 1.I0h'H ) IlI\rt to evade the pro'll.
Alons of the 01'111 service law , to ham.
} Ior ItR worldngs as far as posslhlo and
to ohstruct In every way the action of
the conllnlsslon. ' ' '
'fho Ilrooidont Ileclared that. the 0'11-
denco Hhoweel Craull In the civil porv-
Ice oxamlnatlonl ! , the fraud In one In-
! ! tuuco Implicating Mr. Lleh's slf.itor ,
After rovlewlng the case the llrcsl-
< lent concludes :
"Unelor these clrcmnslances of Ilor.
81stonoo In wronllolng ! on 'our IJI\rt ,
It fooms ! to mo that lhero Is no aller.
natlvo hut tq remove you from omce.
, You are accordingly herob ) ' removoll
frum 1I10 [ Iosltlon oC assistant trens ,
urer oC the United Staten. "
WASIIINGTON-'rho Iowa state
law [ Irohlbltln ! { Insurance Conl111\II1C5
from entorlng Inlo agreemontH Uxln ! ;
Insurance rales Is declared constltu-
tloual hy a declllon ! of the BUllremo
court oC the Unlteel States In the case
or Der1 F. Carroll , Iowa slate audl.
tor , agalnt ! the Greenwich Inlurnnco !
comJI\ny , et al. 'fho decision reverses
the decision of the Unltod States tits.
trlot court of southern lawn.
Panic Stricken , They Hurry to Get
ST. PI1.IT RSDURG-Advlces b '
tOlophono from Mogcow declare that
thaI. city Is In a state of panic ane ]
. that the boller classes are hurryln
uhroad. l 'rom 100 to 200 forolgn pass
) lurL'I nro lJOlng Issuoll at Mosco"
Mall nllvlces from Warsn.w ! lay thai
uio number of arrests of political oC
fOIllIers Is on the Increase ( UlII 1I11l
tho'enrchlng oC prcmlses hy the )10 )
lIeo Is continuous , 'rho political prls
onors are mn.rched through UII
streotlJ , guarded hy dragoons will
drawn swords.
From TollOlsle , In Western Siborin
comes nowl1 oC a ! ) reat proceS'slon t ,
the cemetery to show honor to th ,
monwry oC the exited "Decombrlsts
who are burled there.
WASHINGTON-Tho commerce c
the United Slntoa wllh lls non.conti (
uous territory In 100 seems lIItol ' t
I exceed by many million dollars Ihn
of any precedIng 'car. 'l'ho nln ,
month statement ondlng wllh Sopton
her , Issued by the depart oC commerc
anti Inhor throughlls bureau of stalll
tics , shows that the ! lhlpmonts fro I
; the Unltod Stltes ; to Its non.contlg1
! ous territory amountell to $36 , [ j2,17'
! against $20,9W,079 : In the corrospOlll
I , ing months oC lho lrOcel1lng ) 'ear. II
\ Increnso of Blx nnd ona-halt 111\1110 \
i dollars , and that the shlpmenls oC me
: ( ) hamllse to the Unlteel Slates from II
'non.contlsuous , tort'llor ' In the san
110rlod amounted to $66 , O,15
I : against ' 47,141,638 In the correspon
: 'Ing months of the IlrocClllng 'ear.
I . ,
I Governor Will erfere With tl
I WAI.DEN , Vt.-Govornor Chnrlcs
Dell when Informed of the decision ,
I the supreme court oC UIO Untt4
Slates In the case of Mrs. Mnry Ho
I . ors stntod that ho stood on the san
f groulld that ho has maintained hm
toforo In this caso. Ho snld : "I h (
not Interfere In any wa ) ' with the rc
I ular arrangements for the executl
I oC Mrs. Hogers on the date sot , I
comber 8.
Operations of Postal Department.
WASIlINGTON-'fho nnnual rOlx
oC the auditor for the postomco I
partment for the 'ear ended .Juno :
100 , ahows the fiscal oporatlons
the dOllllrtment to have been as f
lows ; 11.evenues of the } Iostal sOI'vl ,
$162,826,685 ; oxpondltures of the p
tal sorvlco $ lU7,30,160 [ ) ; total amDt
of money orders IssuOd , domeslle .J (
916,214 ; torelgn , $ .12,603,2.16 ; to
amount of mono ) ' orders paid , dom
tic $404,334,974 ; forolgn $7,150,680. '
tal. $1.176.130,879.
- ' " - . , - " . - . .
WashIngton Pont Crltlclseo the Land.
fencIng Decision.
W ASIIINO'l'ON-ln the maller oC
the Nohraslm land ( 'use the Wnshlng.
ton Post devotes 11 hnlr column edit.
orlal , In which It mnlws 11 hillor at-
tacle on the rulings oC .Jullgo Munger
of the Uultoll Slllte" district court Cor
NelJrnRlm , TIre Post sn 's :
"Wllh the OXr'lltlon oC the head of
the state nllel the ruurts oC last relort ,
every otllrlal hils some oue hlghnr up
with i1llthorlt ) . to ex'rclso Homo con.
trill over his prorlelllngs , to modify
his decisions , 11I111 to rehuleo orlunlsh \
an ' neglect of dut . or Improller om.
clal nctlon. III the jUllll'illl IJl'nnch of
the government , however , so hupor.
lallt wn. ! It thought to maleo judge ! ! In.
dlpenllellt that to II largo extent they
are exempt Crom uny olllrll\l ! luper'll.
slon or coutral. It thlY de'ldo Il lfJlnt )
of luw , It cnn be IIppealed and rovc/Bed
In a hlghor court , butlC they hnllosu an
unjust 01' lundequato sontenC'e , CJr IC
they are gullly of on ' conlll1C't unho-
romlng , short of an ImllCa'hoble of.
fonso , which all ( lxlJC > rleI1l'o of 1m.
llollchmenttrlall ! lIRa shown must ho a
very grave ono , to se'lIrfl convlrllon ,
there Is no ono wit h authority to rOe
lIulO them , or cnll thorn down , or e1s. [
clpllno thom In nn ' wn ' . 'I'he chief
justlco of the Unltell StateR ha' ! no
slllervlslng power dvor judgeR oC th\
loweI' rourts ,
Such helng the CIIRe , the exerrlRe oC
otherwlso Irn'sponHlhlo jllell'lal power
sholllll ho helll resllonslhlo to public
opInion , and should ho Iwptundor close
and couslant walch.
- - i
W ASIIING'l'Ol-C , . Adams or
Suporlor , Noh. , has heon appointed by
COlllmander-ln.ChleC Tanner as n mom.
her of the penllou ! committee of the
Grand Army of the Ilellllllllc. The
worle of the commltteo will lJo to for.
mulnte IInd [ Iresent a hill to congress
to provldo that all honorahly dls.
charged soldiers of the civil war ho
granted a lIat rate or pension of $12 a
month , and to ralso the Ilensions of
these who are now getting $8 to the
lIat rnto of ' 12.
Thill Country Has No Claim to Isle of
W ASIIINO'l'ON-ln the new mnp
Cor 100Fi , Issued hy the general Innd of.
fico , the lIlUo dot oC land lying oft
the cost oC Culm and Imown ns 1I10
Isle oC Pines will no longer have the
lellers flU. S. " following lls namo.
'l'hls decision has heon reached b ) ' the
general land omce , which , slnco 1900 ,
hILS deslgnatell this bit of land "Plno
Islaml" ( U. S. )
The omclal maps have had the
Island In(1cated [ as an American pas.
Hosslon for over I'our 'enrs , F I'Iln Ie
Dond , chlof of the map (1Ivlslon ( of the
eneral land omce , said today that
the lellers flU. S. " had been 1)laced
r aCtor Plno Islaml hy mlstaltO and that
lho error wou1l1 ho rectlUml on the
now maps , There Is now 11endlng In
- the senate a treaty formally turning
ever the Islnnd to the relulJllc [ or
I. Cubn.
W ASIIING'l'ON.-Tho total mIll (
" of morchandlso ox ported from the
Unltod States to China In the tor
months on od with October , 1905 , waf
$50,10.1,767 ngalnst $20 , 7,18.1 Cor thl
same 11erlod of 190,1 which up to thai
time was the high record year In Olll
ox port trade with China. These Ugure :
are given In a relort [ Issued by the
lJurenu of ! ltatlsllcs of the del1llrtmen
of commerce and lahor. In OctolJor
100 , the value of oXllOrts to Chltll
was $3,138b4 against $3,8.16,803 II
Octoher , HIO .
Exchange Ratifications.
W ASIIINOTON.-Wlthout formalll
the final challter In the bloocl ' wa
between Hussla Hud Japal1 Wa ! ; 01
acted In the clllllomatlc room oC th
slate department , when nt five mil
utes past 4 o'clocle Dnron Hosol1 , th
Russian amblsallor ! , and 1\11' , Talt
hlra , the Jal1l\I1eSO minister , on lJohnl
of their reslJOcUvo sovereigns , e ;
changed rallflcn lions of the tren ty e
Portsmouth , which was signed Sel
lombol' las t.
V. Taft GIves a Dinner.
WASIIlNOTON. - Socl'olary Ta
le gave a dlnnor at his home here to t\J \
llOard oC consulting englneors of U
J , Panamn canal commission. The occ
oC slon was a farewell ontortnlnment I
3d the forelgu dollgatos , who lenvo fl
tholr resllecUvo countries.
' 0.
\ 0.11 Help Swell the Poor Fund.
IE ; ' LONDON-Ambassallor Whlteln
[ ) n Rled has contrllJutoll $ OO to Que !
Aloxandra's fund for the unemlllo ' 1
which now amounts to $ .100,000.
New British Ambassador.
> rt LONDON.-Slr Arthur Nicolson , t1
10' Drltlsh amhnssador at 1\ltulr1cl , s\
30 , ceeds Sir Charles lInt'dlnge as ambt
sador of Gn'at Britain to Hussla.
co , Figures on Russian BUdget.
os. LONDON.-A dispatch to a no'
lilt agency from St. PoterslJlIl'g sa 's t
11" minister oC Unnnco has comll10ted t
tal bud got for the t omlng 'ear. and t\J \
os. the revenue Is esllmated at $1,027,00
fa. 000 and the eXllelHlIturo at $1,020,00
- . - - - , . . . . - . " . _ . . -
- -
They Are Charged with Presenting I
Series of Petitions to the Emperor-
One Rumor Abroad that the Em.
peror Had Been Attacked.
ST. l'I.TlmSBUUG - 'fho most
alarming Indlcntlon of the spread oC
the dlsuIT'llon III the arll1 ' , extond.
Ing even to roglments near the person
oC the emperor , WIIS given In the ar.
rest nt Tlarslwe ! Selo of a number of
'Soldiers ' helonglng 10 the Yellow Culr.
nsslers of the Guard , the I1ulsars ! of
the Guard and the Life Guard lUlie ,
ment for p1''sentlng a serlcs of pot ! .
tlons , Including 0110 agaInst the use of
troolls for police purposl'H.
'I'ho rogllllents In lIupston ! are these
which halIern . specially Holectell by
Gcneral ' 1'r1)ol'f to gUlml the emperor
IInd his Cumlly. ' 1'hey hn.ve lJeon
counted UIOI1 ! as bolng loyal to the
lalt ! , read ' oven to he torn to 1Ieces ,
In defense oC his majest ) . , 1l1co Ihe
Swiss guards of Louis XVI. Their nr.
rest , how over. allhough not for open
sedition , shows how the len.ven of discontent -
content Is worldng even within the
precincts oC UIC Imllerlal Iarle at 'fanr-
sl\oo Eclo ,
'rho Incldont gn.ve rise to most
alnrmlng rumors In Sl. Petersburg , In.
chilling ono to the eCrect that the em'
perol' aclllll\1) \ ' had been aUaclwd and
that a grand dulw hall heel1 wotllllied
whllo efenlIng him ; hut the Associated -
ciated PrerR ! Is assured hy a memher
of the Imperial entourage at Tsar-
slOe Selo that this Is alJ801utoly un.
Comml\lllralion with the out51do
world ceasell at : : o'clocl , In the aftor.
1100n , when a strllw waR calle In the
general tolcgrallh 01llce. 13y a ruse ,
howo\'el' , the management succeeded
In reopening the cable shorUy after
6 o'clock
At 3 o'cloc1e , when the strlleo went
Into operatIon , many of the 11.ussln.n
oporatorH were reluctant to leave , hut
a wa\1dng \ delegate ] ) romplly smashed
a holllo of hydrochlorIc acid on the
fioor IInd the fumes soon drove the
mon from their 1I'Ys. ,
'fho governmlnt stili manages , with
the aid of the allmlnlstratl\'e omcer3
along the Une , to Iwo ! ) communication
Ollen with Sohastollo'fhe \ mnnager
of the l\Ioscow omce Is himself worlc-
Ing a Iw ' there.
Six Months In the Iron County Jail
and to Pay a Fine of $2,500.
S1' . LOUIS , 1\10.-Unltod States
Senator .Josoph Hnlllh Durton of Kan-
sus WM on Thursday sentenced In the
United States clrcllit court to < 101'10
six monlhs In the Iron county jail ,
Ironton , 1\10. , and to pay a. Une of
$2 , OO for acting In the capaclly oC a.
lIald attorney In behalf of the Ulalto
Grain and .Securltles company of Sl.
I ouls before the postomco deparlment
to lJrevent the ISRuonco of a fraud
order , wh1\o \ a srnntor.
lie Was rollased on lJond In the sum
of $ , OOO , with n. C. Kerens , aR surety ,
pelHllng an { ) ) ) ( ' to the 'Ullrome
court. Execution of senten co was
sta 'ell pOl1l1lng I1I1)leo\ ) \ .
After a trial which continued
throughout the last three weeles , llur-
ton was founll gllllty early last Sunclay
morning on ! llx rounts of the Indictment -
mont , four of which charged that he
agt'eed to recelvo comCllfmtlon for his
services as an attorney lJoCore the
postomco dOllartmlnt In hehalf of the
Ulalto comllany , nllll two charging
that ho received such compensation.
- - -
WASIllNO'I'ON.-Slmon Wolf , of
this city , former llresldlnt of the national -
tional organization of the D'Nal B' .
Rrllh , and a leading momher of the
executive committee of that nssocla-
tlon , declared In an address last nIght
thnt ho fcm'od the I'econt alrocltles In
Russin wlll hrln [ another oXHIIIR or
Jews to thlR ' . .
( 'ounlt.y. The address
was delivered at sltcred srrvlces whIch
were held In the WnRhlngton Hebrew
congregation In rommomorntlon of the
two hundred anll IIft1eth nnnlvorRnr
of the coming of the , Jews to AnlOl'lcn ,
' } 'ho meeting waR altonlled h ' leodln
memhers of the race In this clly.
PostponcD Enforcing Order.
ft WASHINGTON-A circular wn ! ! Is
sued to collectors of Internal rovenul
by Commissioner General Yerltes a
a. the Internal rovonllo servlco lwstpon
) C Ing unlll JI\t1uary 1 next the ordlr re
r qulrlng Internal I'ovenue taxes to b' '
lIald on certain prepnratlons sold a :
romedles , but rontalnlng IlropondCl
anco of alcohol. 'rho clrculnr state
thnttho chomlcal hureau of the ! lervlc
iW has comlloteel the anal 'sls oC elevel
3n such remedies which como within th
d SCOIIO of the order on Iho sUlJject ( ]
gelltomhor 12.
Carnegie Is Finding Fault.
SYHACUSN , N. Y.-ln Il letter t
I Ie
IC. the Syraeuso lIhrar ' honrd congral1
IS. lallng the rlt ' upon romplrtlon oC It
now $ : ! OOOO IIhrllry hlllll11ng. Anclro'
Cal'l1eglo , the Iionor. tal\es orcnslon t
critic Iso the commission thnt erert {
the lJul1l11ng for the oXllelllllluro (
\\8 \ 18OOO , or nearly 10 Ilor rent oC n
ho cost of the hulltllng , for InsprC'tor
ho Ce08 , ntlorno's' fees and IIrrhltect
II\t fees , Mr. Carnl'glo sn 's ho nO\1
' 0- heard of such things and Imows 1I0t
to attol'l1e ' In connoctlon wi
10Ing as 's
the building of his lIbrnrles
N _ _ ' _ _ _ ' P- " ' _ " .m. , _ . - _ _ , . _
Senator Durton of Kansas Convicted
en All Counts.
S'I' , LOUlS-Sonator .J. Halph Bill'-
Ion oC KllnsaH was fOllnd guilt ) . on all
six ( ' ( JunIA In the IlIlIctmonl-1 ( UllOn
which ho has heen on trial for the pnst
\\'eelt In the Un1tl(1 ( States circuit
court chargll.l ! ; him with having agrced
to IlccoVt IInd having accepted ( 'om'
pensatlon from the Blatta Grain and
Securities cOlllpany of SI. Louis to
avpear Cor the company In the callnO'
It . oC nn nttornoy herore the IOstomco
The verllict WIIS hroughtln at 12 : O
o'clocle , two hours and twenty.fivo
minutes after the jury hnd recolved
the clIse.
Senator Burton was ordered to np.
poar' In ( ourt at 10 o'cloele l\londny
morning when , his counsel announced ,
a hill of excoptlons would ho lIre-
sented IInd an aVlleal aslwd Cor. Court
then ad.lournell.
Fl'om the limo the jury went out
Burton was )1I\'lng ) the court room
with even strides.
At 12 : 40 ther ( ' was a summons from
the Insldo oC the room In which the
jury had been confined considering 1.S
vordlct. 'fhe marshal , ullon being In.
formed that an agreement had heen
reachel ( , notified .Judgo Vandevantel' ,
Senator Burton toolt his accustomed
scat nt the tahle with his counse\ \ . Ills
features were sot , hut they expressed
no vlslhle sign oC mnollon from the
time the jury entered the room unlll
the verdIct had hcon read.
Ills facial eXlresslon ) did not chJ1t1ge
during the reading of the verdict and
the selmrate answers lJy the jury of
"guilty" to each counl.
Senator Durton , accompanied by his
counsel , descended lJy the elevator to
the ground fioor , nnel together 1I1e ' de.
partld for his hotol. The senntor WitS
pormlttod lJy the marshal to have Ills
freedom on the promlso of his counsel
to pro uce him In COUl't when wanted.
WAShINGTON - To inaugurate
Theodore Hoosevell , president of the
United States Jast March cost $145-
.191 , a greater sum than was ever spent
for any previous Inauguration. ' 1'ho
details of this cost was made publlc
In a report h ' Gen , .John 1\1. Wilson ,
chairman of the Inaugural committee.
Notwithstanding the large expense ,
the committe has turned over a hal-
once oC $4,830 to the auditorium association -
ciation , an organization formed to
erect a building In which to hold fu.
ture Inaugural lJnlls. General 'Yllson
strongly urges the erection oC such a
Can Make Expenditures.
WASHINGTON-Secretary Taft Issued -
sued a statement In which he shows
that by congressional legislation the
11resldent Is authorIzed to maIm expenditures -
ditures on the Panama canal not only
from the $10,000,000 annual approllrla.
tlon , hut from the $13 , OOO,000 In
bonds provided for canal construction
lJy the Spooner act.
WASIIINGTON.-As soon as the
historic hallloship Ol'ogon , now under
orders to return homo from the \sla-
tic station. reaches AmQrlcal1 waters
she wl11 lJo sent to a go\'ernrnent navy
yard and Illaced out of commission for
a. thorough overhaullng. lIavlng
sen'ed In the first lIno. she wlll , when
recommissioned , lJe placed In the second -
end line of defense , use lJelng found
for her hI' home wnters. The out.of-
date hattll'shlp Massachusetts , now at
the New YOl'le navy yard , wl11 be put
out of commission.
McClelland to Help Hearst.
NEW YURK-\1ayOl' McClel1an
gave IllS support to W , H. Hearst to
Investlgnte the hal10t hexes In the re ,
cent mll'ornlty election and to have
the ballots recounted. IIo announced
that ho hnd directed Alton U. Parlwr ,
hIs attol'lloy , not to a Jl\lCa \ I from lhe
doclslon of the supreme court , whl'h
ol'del'oel five lJllllot hexes to ho opened ,
Promotion for Cowles.
W ASIiING'l'ON.-Orders were re
I celvccl.at the nnvy department aS5lgn.
, Ing Captain 'V. S. Cllwles , who hm
, just ( 'ompleted his captain's crulso III
com maud of the Missouri , to specla
duty lu the bureau of equlpmont.
Woman Kills a Doctor.
JACKSON , l\llss-A dispatch re
cel\'ell hero from ; \lontlcel1o , Miss ,
says that Mrs. .Tame. . . " BIrdsong , wlfl
- of Il lh 'slcl:1t1 : there , wallwd into UH
omco of DI' . Thoma8 Butler aud she
Dr , Uutlor 11\0 times with n pistol
1lIllllg him Instauth' .
Horse Trade Caused Killing.
SPRlNGl.'mI D , m.-In a fight 1' (
sui ling from a dlsagrQement In COt
uecllon with a llOrtlO trnrle , WI11 an ,
.James Hinman shot and Idlled Samuc
Douglass ,
Pastor Falls Dead.
a 1.INCOlN-Nows of the sudde
\ . Ileath of HpG : II , Wright of Fal
s Holtl was I'ecel\'ell h ' HoHarlllo
w Ih'oss. Hov.1 ; \ ' . Wright was paste
:0 : of the Congl'o atlnnal churt'h at Fat
Id Hele ) ' lIe was h'lng ou 1\ sofa at h
[ ) f homo and rolled onto the fioor and e :
10 plreel ltlstnutly.
s' ClIICAGO-Sarah Dornhnrdt , U
01' French trageillonuo , Is to build at :
h. malutaln n theater lu Now Yorlt , a
th cording to her manager , 'V. F. Co
: - ; = = ; : ; : : : -
. . , . - . - . . . . . - . - . . - - - - - . ,
Promises to Stand by Roosevelt on
Much Dlocussed QlIcstion-Repre.
sentatlve Hinshaw of Nebraska Also
Sees the President.
' ' ' Star
WASIIING'I'ON-'rhe yenlng
has the following on Senator MllIard's
rnlo position :
"The nttltuilo of Senator MlIlnrd of
NelJraslca , who Is a member of the son.
ate commilleo on Interstate com.
merce , has lJeen one of doubt for pomo
time , but there Is strong bellof that
Senator l\IlIlal'd hns pledged himself
to the preslclent , voluntarily , to sup.
port a measure In lOeplng with the
IIl'esldont's vlows. Scnalor l\1111ard
saw the presldont a few days ago and
had a conforClce with him. 'rho Ne-
hraslm senator Is a candidate for re-
olectlon and ther.o would lJe absolutely -
ly no chance In the world of his COI11'
Ing lJack to the senate If he should go
astra ) ' on the rate IH'oposltlon , The
Nehraslm ropuhllcans last year started
lhe hnlJlt of Indorsing candidates for
United Slates senator In their state
conventions , This was ono In the
case of Senator B\11'Iett. \ The next
state convention , to he held next summer -
, mer , probably will malee .an h dorse-
I ment for a successor to Seuntor 1\111.
lard. Even In case he stands by the
admlnlstrallon on the I'Illlroad rate
proposition Senator l\HlIard w11l have
a hard time coming to the senate
again. Among those who w11l oppose
him are Norris Drown of Kearney ,
present attornej' general of the state ;
Ross Hammond , a well Imown editor
of 1'remont , and Gurdon 'V. 'VatUes ,
11 prominent bnnler and citizen oC
Omaha. "
Hinshaw Sees PreDldent.
Hepresentatlvo Hinshaw saw the
IH'esldent for a few moments. On
emorglng from the cabinet room l\1r.
Hinshaw said It was his posltlv.e con.
vlctlon that a rate bill In strict accord
with the president's poHcy would pass
lJoth bodies. "Tho people or Nebras1m
are unr.tlmous In support of the presi-
dent's position as to rate legislation. "
Senator Dolliver oC Iowa , a memlJer
of the commltteo on Interstate commerce -
merco , talked with the president brief-
Ij' . ACter his Interview the senator
remarlccd when asJwd about rate leg.
Islatlon : "We are now moving along
toward a } Irncllcally unanimous stand
for the president's policy. "
President Silent Until Message.
It developed today that the subject
under discussIon at the White house
conference which was participated In
by the presldont , Secretaries Hoot ,
Taft and Bonaparte , Senator Knox and
Commissioner of Corporations Garfield -
field , was Ilroposod legislation affectIng -
Ing freight rates. It has been positively -
tively decided that there shaU be no
further expression of the admlnlstra-
tlon's views on this subject pending
the pulJllcatlon of the president's message -
sage to con gross In which It Is treated
at great length.
It was also learned that there has
lJeen no change whatever In the presl.
dent's vlow as to the best form of rate
loglslallon , In othe ! " words , his views
have not lJeen affected h ) ' any of the
propositions recen lly made public.
Canal Consulting Engineers Stick to
Their Views.
WASHINGTON-Tho 11ve foreign
delegates to the hoard of consulting
engineers of the Isthmian canal commission -
mission left for Now Yorle and will
soon sail for their homes , They will
meet again In llrussels during the
first days of next .January. General
Davis w1l1 go to that clly as repre.
sontatlvo of tlw American mombol's
of the board , nnd w1l1 talco with him
the documents which are not 'et
drawn up and which will then have
to 1.10 slgncd by the forolgn delegates.
Speaking of puhllshed stories that
they had reconslelered their first VOtc ,
ono of the delegates made the follow.
ling statement :
"Whatever wo have hnd to sa ' will
ho found In the report which will
shortly be In the hands of PreslCOnt
Hoosevelt. That wo should change
0\11" vote on a suhject to which ror
three months we have given 0\11' \ clos.
cst alien lion , nnd should change It
merely because Homo parties arc not
contented with It , Is a great alJsura-
llY. "
ChlcaJo May Bar Football.
CHICAGO-Alderman Hnrrls of the
, NInth ward on Monday night Intro.
duced In tllO clly council a resolution
requeslln ConlOralion Counsel James
Hamilton I owls to prepare an ordl.
" nanco prohlhltlng the lllnylng of In.
tercoUeglnto footbaU In this cll ) ' un ,
1I1 the rules regulating the game hnve
been modified and changed to ellml.
! . nalo the present danger of serious In.
jurj' to pla 'ers. ' 1'he reOlulion ! wns
referred to the commltteo on helllth ,
which will report thereon at a future
Dates for Transport Sailing.
WASIIINGTON-1'ho Ilostomco de
partment has announced that Informa'
tlon 1\1\8 been received from the Unltet'
States IIrmy transport oll1clals stllln !
that until I'lIrlhlr notlco transpol'tl
will snll from San Francisco for : -1n
nlllon apl1roxlmalolj' a t\\'ent ' dn )
schedule , vlz : Novewber 25 , Decem
10 her 1 , 190 : .Janunry , January 2
Ld Fohruary 1 . March and March 2 (
c. 1006 , and continuing thol'eafter In thl
n. ardor , 20 daj's elapsing between sail
Ing dates ,
. .
The Secretary ; - ; ; Issues {
His Report.
W ASIHNOTON.-Secretary oC Agrl.
cullureWlison has sent his nnnual re- :
! ) ort to the president. In ILs opening
IItges : the Hecretary sets forlh at
Icngth the reasons the Amcrtcan
Carmer has or thanlesglvlng. lIe sa 's :
"Another 'enr oC unsunmssed pros.
lJrltj' to the farmers oC this couQtry
has been added to the most remarlc.
able series of similar 'ears that has
como to the farmers of any country . . . . .
In the annals of the world's agrlcul. ,
tlll'O , Production has been ulleQualed ; ' , - . . . . . . )
Its value hi1s reached the highest fig.
uro 'et attained ; the value oC the
farmers' natlonni suntlus still main.
taln ! ! the magnllude that has built U1 >
the balance of trade hy successive ad.
dltlons for man ' years sumclent to
change the nation from II borrower In.
to a lender : there Is a continuation or
the unprecedented savings thnt have "
embarrassed local hanles with theif
riches and have trouhled farmers to
, find Investments : and , as If aU of
these monlfesta lions of a high degree
of weUbelng wore not enollgh , the
fal'ms themselves ha\'e Increased In
value to a fabulous extent.
1'arm ( 'rops have never herore .heen
harvestel ( at such a high general level
of Iroducllon and value. The Imrtlal
Cnllure oC two or three sccondclass
crOllS ml\l\Os no apparent Impression
upon the great aggregate of aU crops. ' "
The corn crop just harvested In the
United States Is Illaced by the socre-
tarj' at 2,708,000.000 lJushels , a gain of
.12,000,000 over the next lowest year ,
that of 18W ! , Wheat 'Ielded 68.1,000-
000 lJushels , the second largest ylold '
In the history of the countr ) ' . Oats ,
with a yield of 930,000,000 hushels , CeU ;
OOOOOOO bushels short of the record \ ,
production. The farm values oC the I
average crops , according to the esll.
mate placed on thom by the secretary
of agriculture , Is :
Crop. Valuo. ' ,
Corn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,21 6,000,000
Hay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . G05OOO,000
Cotton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 575,000,000
Wheat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25OOO,00
Oats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 282,000,000
Potatoes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 138,000,000
Darloy , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,000,000
Tobacco . . . . . . . . . . . . ; . . . 52,000,000
Sugar cano , sugar beets. 50,000,000
11.Ico . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . 13,892,000 ( '
After explaining that the values glv- ,
on "are farm values , and are In no-
wlso to bo mlstalccn for exchange ,
middleman's or consumer's values , "
the rellort goes on :
"While It may bo ohserved that only
ono crop-corn-retched : Its highest
production this 'oar , four crops
reached their highest vnlue-namely ,
corn , hay , wheat and rice. The general - .
eral level of produrtlon was high and
that oC prices stili higher , so that no
crops Cor which separate estimates
can be made faU lJelow third place In
total value compared with the reps .
of preceding years , except potatoes , .
lJarley , tobacco , rye and buckwheat.
The cereals , Including rice , moro than
malntalne theIr previous strong posl-
lion In producllon , and their aggregate
yield Is 4 , 21,000,000 bushels , with a.
farm value of $2,123,000,000 , or $14 , '
000,000 overlast year.
miss , second secretary of the Amerl.
can emhass ' , who has just romrned
here after a three months' vacation
In Paris , was the vlctom of an ont-
rage by rowdies In one of the most
fashlonablo streets of the capllal late
last night , and only escaped being
lJeaten to eath through the timely
arrlvnl of the police.
Charge d'AfCnlres Eddy has reported - !
ed the aCCalr to the authorities at I
Wnshlngton , lJut as the incltIolIt was ' ,
a plain case or rowdyism he prolJably !
w1l1 not make omclal rellresentatlons .
at the foreign omco hero unless In.
structed to do so. I. :
NEW YORK-Application to open .
Uvo ballot lJlxes and recount the
votes In them cast during Now Yorlc's
contested ma 'ora1lty eJection was
grnnted by the SUllreme court. The
a)1)1Ucatlon ) ) was mnde lJ ) ' WlIlIum R.
Hearst , candldato for ma 'or on the
hunlcillal ownership league tlclcet.
Another Football Victim.
SAI EM , Mass-Arthur W. FoFote , T ' :
a pupil of Phl1ll11s' grammar school
here , dlod from Intornnl Injuries sus- 1\ j
talned In a footbnll game recenUy.
Foote was 13 years old.
Visible Supply of Cotton.
NEW Om EANS - Secretary lies.
ter's statement of the world's vlslblo I
supply of collon shows a tolal of 4"
, 546,661 , against 4,280,85G last wee Ie. Of 1
I thIs the total of Amorlcan cotton Is " . , '
3,722,661 against 3,502,8 G last weele. )1
Going to Morocco Conference. ' -
W ASIlINGTON - Henr ) ' White ,
, American ambassador to Home , was
selected to relll'esent this country In
I conjunction wllh Minister Gummere ,
of Tanglor , nt the allll1'oachlng Mor.
3 occo conferonco.
" Shot and 1 < ! lled by Negro.
KANSAS ClTY-W. 11. Hanlw , n
I , street car conduclol' , was shot and \
i , 1\1I1ed b ' a negro hlghwlI 'lUan in a .J.
s trolley car at the southern terminus of
I the Honnoko cnr IIno at Thirty-ninth
and Dell streets

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