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The Ouster County Republican
D. M. AMSBERRY , Editor
11 _
L Review of Events of Greatest Interect
' ! To Renders From all Parts
' ] of the Globe.
! Washington.
'I H IB not certain that President Taft
> * will approve the Arizona coiiBtltutlon.
] Senator Ixjrrlmcr wnu given a clean
I bill by the coinnilttco that Invcstlgat-
j Kd the charge of hrlbcry.
* A bill baa been Introduced before
I congress providing for the restora-
J tlon of the army canteen.
' The prospect of a revision of the
tariff by either the present or the next
J congress is said to bo not very bright.
The present year's trade statistic
I Know a large rate of Increase on both'
\ Imports and exports over former
I years.
' The rumor that Assistant Secretary
\ of State Wilson would be appointed
i ambassador to Turkey has proved un-
j founded.
; The president Is having a bill prepared -
[ pared designed to carry out his Ideas
J of the collection of tolls ut the Pana-
if ; ma canal.
j Dr. Nclll , U. S. labor commissioner ,
! has gene to Chicago to undertake an
V adjustment of the railroad labor dlfll-
f unity there.
It Is generally understood that
Congress will pass some kind of a
tariff commission bill during the pres
ent session.
Leroy Senders , publisher of the
Seattle Star , has been adjudged in
contempt and jailed for criticising the
action of the superior court.
The wlta of Senator Gore of Okla
homa denies that her husband "re
ceived or solicited financial assistance
during his campaign from Mr. Ihun-
| , i The proposed advance in rates on
lumber east bound from north Pacific
.points lias boon suspended by the Interstate -
terstate commerce commission until
April 23 , 1911.
It is understood that the president
gave but little encouragement to the
commltteo having in charge the bill
for the increase in the pensions of
civil war soldiers.
A reorganization of the office force
nt the white house will probably be
provided for in n bill to be presented
to congress. The aim IB to put the
force oif a non olltical basis.
Portugal will elect a president In
April. l |
Floods In Italy are gradually sub
Bishop Folcy was consecrated at St.
Augustine , Fla.
The first Amc-ican apple congress
met nt Denver.
Michael Cudahy left an estate val
ued at $11,000,000.
The Winnipeg street car system is
tied up by a strike.
Aeroplanes will bo introduced Into
the German \\i\r and marine service.
. Navigation on the Ohio river has
. been suspended on account of ice.
Many new trees will bo planted In
the national forests of this country.
A phonograph supplanted the regu
lar choir at n Ixjxlngton , Ky. , funeral.
Friendly relations have been reestablished
tablished between Bolivia and Argen
Sailors in the Brazilian navy who
mutinied recently have been Impris
The Now York board of trade wants
the government to fortify the Panama
A torrential ra'nstorm has con
tinued for several weeks at Cupo
Now York's now automobile law wll
not a revenue of $7(50,000 ( a year for
that state.
Twol men were instantly killed
by an explosion in the Bond coal mltio
at Greene , Va.
The Ilrst convention of womoi
voters will bo hold at Tacoma , Wash.
January 14 next.
Students tit St. Petersburg have
gene on strike in protest against the
cruellies which It is said are being In
dieted upon political prisoners In the
Russian empire.
A Blx-year-old boy was taken In the
net of rifling mail boxes in the post
ofilco at Rochester , Pa.
Now York city has a Chinese
church , Uio only one In this countrj
save that of San Francisco.
Insurgents have captured the towi
of Abernathy , Pern. A number o
persons on both sides were killed dui
ing the fight.
Secret service olllccrs raided the
bucket shop of the Capital Invest
mcnt company at Chicago.
Announcement is made by the Yah
university authorities of a g'ft o
$100,000 to the Yale forest school bj
Mrs , Edward II. llarrlman , for' ostab
liEhlng n chair In forest management
Booker T. Washington has aske
sheriffs of Alabama for statistics In re
gard to crime among the negroes o
that state.
Postal authorities have nmtlo n num
ber of arrests at Philadelphia of per
sons accused of using the malls to de
Dr. Gco. Edgar Vincent of Chicago
ins boon clnrtcd president of the unl-
crslty of Minnesota.
Harry Whitney , of pnlnr fame , will
start for the South Polo next yttir.
London , Ontario , Is being supplied
vlth light and power generated at
Niagara Falls.
Milvlllc D. I/imlon , better known as
'Mil Perkins , " died Friday at the age
of seventy-one.
Plans are being arranged for a tun
nel to carry pnreels between Chicago
ind eastern points.
An earthquake was recorded by
ho seismographs at the Snntsi Clara
) bKcrvalory Monday.
John Cundlff was killed at Clear-
vater , Kansas , when a grindstone
mining at high speed burst.
The next world's convention of the
Christian endeavor union will ho held
n Sydney , Australia In 1914.
The Chinese loan of $50,000,000 IB
) clng held up until the appointment
f a financial adviser by the American
yndlcato negotiating the loan.
P. Diaz Cosslo , Spanish consul gen-
nil at Constantinople , has been ap-
lointctl consul general nt New York.
S. W. Rose a socialist , was elected
o the city council of Boloxl , Miss. ,
efcatlng the democratic nominee.
President Gomez has accepted the
oslgnatlon of Major General Gnerra
s coinmandor-ln-chlcf of the Cuban
rmy. >
Porter Chnrlton will bo taken to
fronton , N. . ! . , where lie will seek re-
case through habeas corpus proceed-
Tlio bonrd of education of Rochcs-
er , N. Y. , has declared against fra-
ornltles and sororities in the high
Kansas City has begun a crusade
gainst lotteries of every description ,
ven to the placing of a ban on church
Mrs. Dora Doxcy , who was acquitted
t St. Ixjuls of the charge of the mur-
er of William Erhcrf will bo tried
or bigamy.
The Farmers and Merchants' mnk
at Anson , Texas , has closed Us doors.
Drouth and- bad crops arc given as
he reason.
Chicago church pebple have sent a
memorial to congress protesting
gainst the militarizing of the Pan
ama canal.
Business men of Bangor , Ws. ! , have
lodged ball in the amount of $22,000
or John Dletz , the "outlaw of Cam-
ron Dam. "
Waste of natural resources is at-
rlbuted by Governor Evorhart of
Minnesota as the main factor in the
high cost of living.
The first of the "peace services"
ilnuneil throughout tlio country was
icld at Metropolitan Temple in Now
York City Sunday.
A Ilfteen-ycar-old boy with an
mpty Vlilo hold revolting prisoners In
ho Lima , 0. , jail at bay until assist
ance arrived and quelled the rioters.
Canadian farmers who petitioned
heir government for an immediate re-
Melon of the tariff arc much dlsap-
lolnted over the refusal of the request.
Following a series of earthquake
shocks a small Island off the coast of
San Salvador has disappeared , carry-
ng nearly 100 persons to their death.
With the mercury GO degrees below
/ero , firemen had a stubborn light
vlth flames that threatened for a
time to destroy the town of Fairbanks ,
Melville Lo Lnncy Landon , bettor
< no\vn as "Ell Perkins , " the humor-
st , lu critically 111 with locomotor
ataxla at his home in Yonkers. lie Is
71 years old.
Troops sent to the relief of Elkarek ,
recently attacked by Bedouins , put the
Insurgents to rout , with little opposi
tion. Many of the Bedouins were
killed in the attack on the town.
Jack Abernathy will get $ . " ,000 from
some wealthy New Yorkers for show
ing them how ho catches wolves
allvo with his bure hands. They will
give a big wolf hunt on Long Island.
By an explosion of , gas at the auxil
iary power house of the Grand Cen
tral station , Now York City , nine per
sons were killed , 125 Injured ami
property damaged to the extent of
The bureau of National Indian Wat
Veterans at Washington Is making an
effort to secure tlio name of every ex-
soldier who fought , either as regular
or volunteer , against the Indians on
the frontier.
The engine and three cars on tlio
Rock Island Golden State Limited ,
oastbouml , jumped the track at Alns-
\\orth , near Washington , la. The
depot was badly damaged , but noouo
was Injured.
Indians have sued the Copper River
Railroad for $10.000 for desecration of
an ancient burying place * through
which the road ran. They Intend using
the money recovered to give n potlatch -
latch or feast to nppeaso the splilts of
the bodies disturbed.
The Frlck Coal company at Union-
town , Pa. , will d'strlbute 10.000
pounds of candy amongst the children
of Its employes for Christmas.
Prompt protective measures by Col
onel Lui , in command of a small mili
tary force at Linchow , prevented a
massacre of American missionaries in
that province recently. Considerable
ihissionary property was destroyed ,
but no Americana were killed.
Striking garment workers in Chica
go turn down the plan suggested by
tlie federation of labor to end the
Tlio liberals of Guayaquil and Quito
have designated Alfredo Uaquerlso
Moreno as thc'r cand'dato for the
presidency The elections will beheld
hold on January 8.
Changes Necessary to Expedite Pro-
cecdlngo Other Matters at
the State Capital.
"I am thinking strongly , " said Gov
ernor Slmllonberger , "of incorporat
ing Into my message to the legislature
a suggestion for an amendment to thu
Sackott law. AH It now stands my ex
perience Is that It Is practically Im
possible to get good results from act-
tlons under it. l-'or instance , last July
1 caused ouster proceedinga to be
started against Chief Donahue of
Omaha. With the slow methods
of court procedure It will be Im
possible to get any results
from that milt until long after 1 am
out of ofllce. I am persuaded that If
a governor , soon after coming into
oliice , should begin ouster proceed
ings against some otllclul under tlio
Sackett law , ho would be unable oven
with the best of proof , to secure re
sults until near the close of Illsterm , ,
and , possibly , not until the onicial's
term of olllce were out.
"I am thinking of recommending In
my message that the Sackett law bo
amended so that a governor after a
[ nibllc hearing on any charge- pre
ferred against an official of the state
for dereliction of duty , might oust
lilin without any process of court , the
individual affected having the right
to appeal against th& governor's
action , but to do so from the outside.
This Is a lot of power to give a gov
ernor , but in my opinion it is the way
to make the Sackett law effective.
"We talked the matter over at the
convention of governors and it was
generally agreed that a governor
would bo so hedged about by pro
ceedings taking place in public , with
Ills record and good name at stake ,
that ho would be mighty sure of his
ground before ho would exercise such
n power invested In him. "
Water Sites In "Cold Storage. "
State Engineer E. C. Simmons , who
Is also secretary of the state board of
Irrigation , states in his report to the
governor that methods have been
used In this state to monopolize water
power sites and to put them "into
cold storage. " These methods are
strangely like those charged against
the so-called "water power trust , "
and indicate the existence of condi
tions In this state that have generally
been ascribed to the far western and
far soastern states. Mr. Simmons re
ports the following :
"Attempts to put power plants into
cold storage by means of overlapping
filings , and the use of other dilatory
tactics , and applications to segregate
large areas on the pretense of waterIng -
Ing the land from some dry gulch
have been mado. A filing fee of from
$10 to $100 , according to the magni
tude of the application , should bo
llxed and a guaranty required to In
sure good faith of the applicant. The
state should receive a reasonable
rental on all power sites. " .
Arsenal for the Guard.
The coming legislature will bo
asked to provide for a warehouse or
arsenal for the national guard in Lin
coln. At least the quartermaster's of
llce should bo housed there , If the
building should bo built , and possibly
the entire adjutant general's office
would bo moved. Members of the
present board of public lands and
buildings and the governor are in fa
Mall Clerks "Up In Arms. "
From one-fourth to one-half of the
railway mail clerks of the country
threaten to throw up their jobs and
quit the service if present plans to
lengthen the working hours of the
men are carried out after the holi
days as has been proposed at Wash
ington. If the men make good their
throats , the result , it Is said , would
bo to embarrass the service worse
than a strike. Until trained substi
tutes could bo found for the dlssatis-
lied men the effect would be to delay
malls and generally hamper service. *
Mullen Has Returned.
Attorney General Arthur .Mullen re
turned Irom Washington , whither ho
wont in company with L. L. Albert
and C. O. Whcdon arguing In behalf
of the state the bank guaranty case
where the state appealed from the
llnmngs of unconstltutlonallty of the
federal circuit court. Mr. Mullen says
that while ho would not presume to
predicate what the court will do , ho
feels very hopeful of a reversal of the
lower court's decision In the matter.
The court listened to the argument
with much attention.
Requisition Issued.
Governor Shallcnberger has Issued
a requisition for the person of Roy
Gardner , alias William Gardner , of
Lincoln , charged with grand larceny ,
and now under arrest In Georgia. It
Is charged that Gardner on or about
December 21 , 1909 , stole from a
smokehouse In University Place two
dressed hogs and a dressed beef , all
worth about $100. After tlila Incident
Gardner enlisted in the regular army
and has boon for the last ninety days
conluunl in the federal prison at Fort
Oslothorro for desertion ,
Secretary Royce Reports on Bank
The abstract of the condition of Ne
braska state bank * on November 10 ,
when the last call was issued , shows ,
acordlng to the statement given out
by Secretary S , S. Royso of the bank
ing board , that deposits have mater
ially fallen off as compared with one
year ago and loans have advanced
almost as much. This conditions Mr.
Iloyso does not consider alarming , as
ho points out that crops have not
been moving , farmers waiting for bet
tor prices , and this circumstance
would alone , In his estimation , ac
count for the decreased deposits and
the Increased loans.
The compilation of the reports indi
cates that In GCO state banks there
tire unO.OfiT depositors , and' that the
average reserve Is 21 per cent. This
lust Is an Important Item. The state
banking law requires that the cash
reserve bo maintained at 1G per cent
Ht least. Of the total cash reserve
In the banks , more than three-fourths
of it is in the hands of eastern cor
respondents so that the actual cash
on hand in the state bank valuts Is
only a little more than 0 per cent.
Tills is not an unusual condition.
Secretary Hoyse's summary of his
analysis of the conditions In the
banks of the state is as follows :
"This icport compared with the
one of a year ago shows that loans
have increased $1,98-1,216.26 and de
posits have decreased $1,5 : ' > 2,011.91 ,
and compared with the report of Aug-
ijst 25 , 1910 , loans have increased
SJ2.115.483.7G and deposits have de
creased ? 3,487,401.7G. While the in
crease of loans and decllno in de
posits are a little more pronounced
than usual at this season of the year ,
on the whole , under existing condi
tions , the report is all that could bo
"It is a known fact that very little
of tills year's crop has been placed
on the market and advices from the
banks indicate that no inconsiderable
portion of the 1909 crop still remains
unsold. I am of the opinion that this
fully 'explains the increase of loans
and decrease of deposits shown.
"Another factor that has materially
Increased the loans and which also
has an effect upon the deposits is an
unusual amount of stock feeding that
Is being done in this stato. All those
Influences operating easily explains
the heavy demand apparent. "
Best Acre of Corn.
The first prize of $50 offered by the
state board of agriculture for the
best acre of corn raised by a boy un
der 18 years of age has been awarded
to Guy Hickey of Gretna , who sue *
ceeded in raising ninety-five bushels
and fifteen pounds. One hundred and
seventy boys entered the contest , but
only eleven Deported the results of
their efforts. These making returns
are :
Premium. Name and address. Lbs.
$50 Guy Hickey , Gretna C.CG5
$25 Ralph Hickey , Gretna 6,430
$20 Audsley Fellows , Walthill..0,392
$15 Wm. A. Wiese , West Point. G.159
$10 Howard Hickey , Gretna..0,130
$ 6 Ben Love , Valparaiso 5,480
$ 6 Fred H. Chappello. Homer.5,230
$ 5 August Bugcnhagen ,
Wause 3,810
$ 5 Theo. Miller , Bloomfleld. . .3.G40
$ 6 Leo Anderson , Gothenburg.2,150
$ 5 Philip Urbauer , Clay Center.20GO
Invited to Washington.
Food Commissioner S. L. Mains has
been Invited to attend a conference of
food officials , manufacturers and ex
ports in Washington , which will be
engaged In the draft of a model net
weight branding law.
Killed an Eagle.
Fred Gardner of Lincoln , while
hunting for ducks near Havelock a
short time ago , killed an eagle which
was much larger than ho expected.
The bird measured eight feet and
eight inches from tip to tip.
Governing State Institutions.
Governor-elect Aldrlch is credited
with adopting a centralized system In
the state Institutions that will bo In
directly under his care. It is said
that under appointments in each In
stitution have been made at the sug
gestion of the head of the institution
and , having given him the selection
of his subordinates , expects the chief
to deliver the goods. Subordinates
who ca-nnot got along with the chief
will bo dropped.
Lincoln Charter Measure.
The Lincoln charter bill which will
bo presented to the next legislature
has- practically been finished. The
charter does not provide for a com
mission form of government although
a few phases have been taken from
the experience of the cities in which
the commission plan has been tried.
Gellus Wins Eighty Acres.
Game Warden Dun Gellus , who had
invested in some Texas land to the
tune of $210 for a parcel , thus giving
him a chance of drawing for larger
stakes , has received a telegram that
ho has won an eighty-aero tract.
University Report.
The soral-annual report of tlie
treasurer of the state university for
six months ending November 30
shows a total of $205,003.09 expended.
For salaries and wages out of the
mill levy , $89,800.01 was spent and
out of the endowment income $8,940. *
78 , leaving In the two funds for the
further payment of wages $14G,5G3.44.
This must last until next April , when
the appropriation Is available. For
current expenses , maintenance ID
other words , $57,809 53wao expended
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
fill. Purely vegetable -
able net turely
hut gently on
the liver.
Stop after.
cuieradu'v - .
cettion iraprore the complexion brighten
( he cyei. Smell Pill , Small Dote , Small Pric * ,
Genuine mutt beat Signature
Number of State Institutions Is
Double During the Past
Two Years.
Sixteen state sanatoria , 28 county
hospitals and 21 municipal hospitals
for tuberculosis have been erected
and provided for since January 1 ,
1909 , says a recent bulletin of the Na
tional Association for the Study and
Prevention of Tuberculosis.
Within the last two years the num
ber of state institutions for tubercu
losis has doubled , and the number of
county and municipal institutions has
increased from about 30 to 80. The
expenditures of public money for the
treatment of tuberculosis also has
more than doubled. Not less than
$3,000,000 of state money was appro
prlated for tuberculosis Institutions in
1909 , when 43 legislatures met , and
, over $600,000 in 1910 , when only 11
.legislatures were In session. The ap
propriations of counties and cities for
tuberculosis hospitals and sanatoria
In the last two years will aggregate
'fully $2,500,000 , bringing tfio total
.of . official appropriations for tuaercu-
'losls ' hospitals up to over $6,000,000
in the past two years.
In spite , however , of this good show
ing , the National Association for the
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis
states that not one-tenth of the pub
lic provision for tuberculosis that is
needed has been made. More than
250,000 tuberculosis patients are con
stantly without proper institutional
The Modern Way.
A couple of young men on the Mar
ket street viaduct the other evening
offered a new version of an old saw.
After they had passed a couple of au
burn-haired damsels one of the young
men took his stand at the curb and
gazed up and down the bridge.
"What are you looking for ? " in
quired his companion.
Pointing to the red-headed girls , the
young man answered : "I'm trying to
Bee a white automobile. " Youngstown
H Knew.
A certain Jurist was an enthusiastic
golfer. Once he hud occasion to In-
'terrogate , In a criminal suit , a boy
witness from Bala.
"Now , my lad , " ho said , "aro you
acquainted with the nature and sig
nificance of an oath ? "
The boy , raising his brows in sur
prise , answered :
"Of course I am , sir. Don't I caddy
for you at the Country club ? " Suc
It Worked Woll.
"How Is the new filing system ? Suc
cess ? " asked the agent of the mer
chant to whom ho had sold a "system"
a few days before.
"Great ! " said the merchant.
"Good ! " said the agent , rubbing his
hands. "And how Is business ? "
"Business ? " echoed the merchant.
"Oh , wo have stopped business to at
tend to the filing system. "
Cause and Effect.
"He's a poet of passion , isn't ho ? "
"Yes ; I've seen him fly into onu
when his verses were returned. "
Found the Answer Was "Coffee. "
Many palo , sickly persons wonder for
years why they have to suffer so , and
eventually discover that the drug caf
feine In coffee is the main cause of
the trouble.
"I was always very fond of coffee
and drank it every day. I never had
much flesh and often wondered why I
was always so palo , thin and weak.
"About five years ago my health
completely broke down and I was con
fined to my bed. My stomach was in
such condition that I could hardly take
sufficient nourishment to sustain life.
"During this time I was drinking cof
fee , didn't think I could do without It.
"After awhile I came to the conclu
sion that coffee was hurting me , and
decided to give It up and try Postura.
I didn't like th'o taste of it at first , but
when it was made right boiled until
dark and rich I soon became fond of
"In one week I began to feel better.
1 could cat more and sleep better. My
sick headaches were less frequent , and
within five months I looked and felt
like a new being , headache spells en
tirely gono.
"My health continued to Improve and
today I am well and strong , weigh 148
pounds , I attribute my present health
to the life-giving qualities of Postum. "
Road "Tho Road to Wcllvlllc. " In
9kgs. "There's a Reason. "
Hvcr rend ( lie above 1fttorf A nc\v
on iijitioiUM friiin time to I lino. 1'liey
nrr uruulnc , true , aud lull of liuiuuu
Big Man With Good-Natured Face Sutx
mils Reasons Why Built
That Way. '
"I don't want to blow my own horn , "
said the big man with the good-
natured face , "but I think I como un
der the head of square men. "
"Dk\t you find a lost purse and restore -
store It to some millionaire ? " was
"A little better than that , 1 think
Ten days before the state election o
man came to mo and asked :
" 'John , how do you think things ara
going to go ? '
" 'All my way,1 I replied.
" 'Will it be a landslide ? '
" ' '
" 'But I'm told that it will go the
other way. '
" 'Don't you bollovo It. I'm seeing
Uio signs in the sky. Bet my way. Bet
even up. Bet all you've got. You'll
bo a sure winner. '
"And he took your advice , did he ? "
"Ho did. Went right off and made a
bet within an hour. "
"And about the landslide ? "
"It landslided the other way. Yes ,
my party got burled ten feet deep. " # 83
"But where did the square deal
como in ? "
"Oh , I saw him afar off on the street
next day and ran to him and handed
him 50 cents. "
"But but "
"He'd bet that and lost. It was his
nil. I restored it to him. Square deal ,
and he is a happy man. No compli
ments , gentlemen. I am built that
way ! "
Without Malice.
"What have you done ? " exclaimed
Mrs. Cumrox , as she flourished a letter
ter at him.
"Has that anything to do with the
correspondence I tried to help you
with ? "
"It has. It's on indignant protest
I told you to address that distin
guished pianist as 'Ilerr Professor. ' "
"And I did so. "
"Yes. But you wrote It 'Hair Pro
fessor ! ' " \
Would Avoid Him.
Slopay Here comes a man I don't
care to meet. Let's cross over.
DeLong Why don't you care to
meet him ?
Slopay He has a mania for collect
Ing bills.
Of Course She Must.
"What time does the dance begin ? "
"Nine o'clock. "
"Then we must be there at 8:30. : "
"What for ? "
"I must have at least an hour In
the dressing room to rearrange my
hair. "
Some women wear big hats because
they have small heads.
Lewis' Single Binder , the famous
straight Co cigar annual sale 9,500,000.
The noblest motive Is the public
good. Virgil.
If you are sickly and run
down and very easily sub
jected to Colds , Grippe
or Stomach Ills you can
not take a better medicine
than the Bitters. Thous
ands have already proven
this ; why not you today ?
18-20-22 West 20th Street , New York
Branch Kstabllshmcnta under ? AMB NAMH at
IVCIl'/Jfl , LONDON , i'AIMH ,
Germany England IVuuco
and soiling reprrsontntlve > s In nil taj-
r.r Mhurlcl,8 "J * l" ° , Worl11' " ' "trllVutlB
urtlclo where best result * nro obtained , TO"
Jblu us to pay highest market prices for raw
furs at all times
mUL UW | rur Quotations , Shipping Tacg. etc. .
will be sent to any luMrrss on rl-qupgt.
Inferences : Any Mercantile Agency or Dank.
' SJllS ; Thompson's Eye Water
Nebraska Directory
MAIN OFFICES Fratrrnlty Buildine
Lincoln , Nebratlta
IJell Phone 513 Aulo Phone KiO
Lorecst ITonsn In tlw West
gce Dreamery @
Pay * Uio lilK&rst price for

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