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Woman Can't Live on $3,000 a Year
1TE\V YORK. "It 19 Imposalblo for
, > l a woman to Hvo In comfort in
Now York on $3,000 n year. " Tills Is
the claim of Mrs. Juanlto LoBar , who
has petitioned the orphans' court in
Scrnuton , Pa. , to allow her an addi
tional $1,000 so she can send her
eleven-year-old son to a military acad
emy. "During my husband's life , " her
petition cites , "our Income was $ G-
000 a year , and the estate Is now
yielding $8,000 , so I don't see what
law there can bo that refuses a wom
an half of her Income. " Mrs. LaBar
lives In a comfortable , but modest
apartment , dresses well and lives on
the best the market will afford , but
she claims she la not extravagant for
eho doesn't owe a cent.
"I can't get along on $3,000 a year , "
Bays Mrs. LaBar. "And I am not ex
travagant My apartment Is modest ,
but comfortable. It Is absolutely Im
possible for us to live at a hotel on
account of the expense , and we have
to take an apartment. I have to keep
ono servant , because , In the first place ,
1 am not strong enough to do the
work , and In the second place there
Is no reason why 1 should put In mj
time In the kitchen. I consider a
servant ono of the necessities.
"Then butter , eggs , meat and every
thing else has gone up so , and I In
sist upon the best for my table , be *
cause that was what I was raised to
have , and I am unwilling to eat in
ferior stuffs or give them to my boy.
I consider money spent for good food
an Insurance , out of which you get
heaps of pleasure beside.
"People in Scranton ask mo why 1
don't move Into the country , because
I ; could Hvo much cheaper there and
economize. I don't see what good
that would bo the prospect looks un
utterably dark to mo. I would b
lonely , and I don't Ilka the country ,
anyhow. New York Is a necessity.
"In regard to clothes. A woman IB
New York , If she Is to bo presentable
at all , must have decent and appro
priate clothes. I make and design
many of my own gowns , and some of
them I will confess to fixing over.
That saves -a great item of expense
for the budget. I don't think Import
ed gowns or a great number of gowns
are a necessity , but they must bo well
made , of good quality , and have
plenty of style about them. Then
there is a small amount of entertain
ing that Is obligatory , and an occa
sional trip out of town during the
summer and doctor bills every once
In awhile. "
City Heated by Natural Hot Water
OISE , Idaho. This Is the only city
in the country heated by natural
hot water , taken from springs near
the town , and which Is employed , not
alone for heating purposes , but for
cooking and oven In sprinkling the
streets of the city In summer , there
IB such an abundance of the water
flowing from three wells. The water
remains at about 176 degrees In tem
perature and the flow averages about
1,500,000 gallons a day.
Ono hundred and ten homes In
Boise are supplied with the water ,
whl.ph Is employed for all household
purposes , except washing of silver
ware , which tarnishes In the water ,
charged as It Is with sulphur and
minerals. The water Is pumped from
three largo wells , about six miles
east of Boise , in the foothills of the
Interest was first taken In the wa
ter In 1890. Previous to that time
there had been n great black mud
hole where the wells have since been
sunk. The water was stagnant and
the spot was known simply as a place
where hundreds of range cattle had
dropped out of sight In the old days
into what appeared to bo a bottom
less well.
The cost of the water a year to the
average family Is $135. The water
company which now has control of
the wells does not employ the meter
system in measuring the supply , but
the water flow Is gauged by the size
of the pipes running Into the indi
vidual homes.
The cost of supplying a house for
all purposes with the natural hot wa
ter Is somewhat heavier than with
the ordinary furnace system , but
there are advantages. There are no
furnaces In the homes using the nat
ural hot water , the danger of flro la
greatly reduced , and there Is none of
the dirt and Inconvenience connected
with the handling of coal and wood
for flro purposes.
So curative were the waters con
sidered that they were carried by
them back to their camps , where
they were rubbed on the limbs of In
valids to heal rheumatic and kindred
unicipal Dance Tried in Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE , Wls. The city of
Milwaukee will have another mu
nicipal ball. This Is the declaration
of the city administration after a re
view of the initial municipal dance at
which the mayor , city officials and
eoclety danced In the same hall as
workingmen and women.
"I think these gatherings have
something about them that will make
for the betterment of the city , " says
Mayor Soldel. "You know when we
read about each other In the papers
or hear each other talked about we
sometimes think that the other fol
lows are awful fellows. But when wo
look Into each other's eyes wo find
that the other fellows are not so bad
after all.
"For ono thing , I hope to see these
dances as democratic as they can be.
Gentlemen will leave their dress suits
at home at the next dance , I hopo. If
any young ladles have new hats or
fancy gowns at homo , I hope they
won't wear 'em. "
The plans of the dance did not take
cognizance of "wall flowers , " and
there did not seem to bo any. It was
the duty of floor managers to see that
young persons were introduced. The
spirit of friendliness so far took pos
session of the affair that It was not
long before a fellow could ask a girl
ho did not know to dance without beIng -
Ing snubbed.
But no ono seemed troubled about
her own gown or that of her neigh
bor to any great extent. Each ono
was Intent on the good time she was
having , and the great matter of spec- '
illation was who her next partner for
the dance would be , and not how
much some other dancer's dressma
ker's bill had been.
The official "introducers" worked
faithfully. Ono of them would approach
preach a couple of demure looking
girls who wcro all by themselves in
faome obscure corner and ask them if
they wanted to dance. They usually
did. Then the official "Introducer"
would disappear and presently return
with two young men and Introduc
tions were made.
The Brotherhood Home of Cleveland
, O. An institution
which is doing great good in
Cleveland , Ohio , Is the Brotherhood
Home , developed from the Idea of ono
man , an cx-prlsoner who wanted to
help someone else.
In November , 1905 , James Shaw
was paroled from the director."I
of correction. While there he had
boon a teacher In the night school ,
and had bccomo Interested in the
Bible class. Ho was a man of moro
Intelligence than the average work-
ho\iso prisoner and soon after his re
lease on parole obtained employment
with a shipbuilding company. When
ho drew his first wages ho went to
the director of charities and correc
tions with the proposal that ho take
in another prisoner who was about
to be paroled.
"I think Fred wants to behave and
Hvo decently , " ho told the director.
"I can give him a bed , stake him to a
meal ticket and * get him a Job , too. "
"Fred" did want to live better and
went to work with a will. In a week
they rented another room , and went
again to the director with the request
for the parole of two other members
of the workhouse night school class.
They promised to give them food and
lodging , and to get them work. The
four in turn put by something each
day for "grub stakes" for other un
fortunates and presently the club had
a membership of nine.
Soon after that the Brotherhood , aa
It had come to bo known , moved to a
ten-room house on the lake front. The
parole officer went In debt for $900
worth of furniture. At the end of the
year the club showed an earning
which nearly took It out of debt. Ten
rooms were added , followed by ten
moro a little later. It was self-sup
porting , and had paid for $2,000 worth
of furniture. The later history of the
organization is a record of continued
efficient work , with finances fairly
easy when work is plenty , and pain
fully tight when It Is scarce. Outsldo
help has been necessary from tlmo to
Mlitletoo li Dangerous.
FVsw pcoplo who know mistletoe
only as a desirable feature of Christ
mas decorations understand that the
plant is a parasite dangerous to the
life of trees In the regions in which
It grows. U Is only a question of
tlmo , after mistletoe once begins to
grow upon a tree before the trco It-
Belt will be killed. The parasite saps
the life of the Infected branches. For
tunately , It Is of slow growth , taking
yeara to develop to largo proportions ,
but when neglected , It Invariably ruins
all trees t reaches.
English Women Smoke Pipes.
The latest fancy of the woman-
smoker Is a pipe not the tiny affair
that suffices for the Japanese , but a
good-sized brier or n neat meer
schaum. The plpo Is boldly carried
along with n gold card case and chain-
purse. For uomo time now the cig
arette has given place to a cigar ,
small in size and mild in quality.
Women said they were tired of the
cigarette , and wanted a biggur smoke.
London Mall.
Cripple Rides Bicycle.
George Anstey , aged 12 , a cripple ,
of Lolot'stcr , Kngland , Is ono of the
most remarkable cyclists In the coun
try. Both his legs uro withered and
useless , but the Leicester Cripples'
Guild has provided him with n two-
wheeled pedalless machine , with a
padded tube covering the axle bar.
Across this he lies face foremost , and
with wooden clogs trapped to his
hands he propels himself along the
streets and roads in a marvelously
rapid manner. Ho boa complete con
trol of the machine , his hands acting
ns pedals , steering gear , and brake
Pretty Good Definition.
We hear some funny things In Fleet
street sometimes , and the following
definition of the height of aggravation ,
by a gentleman In rather shaky boots ,
whom we encountered In a well-known
hootelry the other day , struck us as
being particularly choice.
"Tho 'eight of haggravatlon , gentle
men , " said thin pothouse humorist , set
ting his pewter on the counter and
looking round proudly , with the air of
one about to let oft a good thing , "tho
'eight of haggravatlon why , trying
to ketch a flea out o' ycr car with n
pair of'boxln' gloves. " London Tit-
An Alaskan Luncheon.
Runners of woven Indian basketry ,
vlth white drawnworl : dollies at each
of the 12 covers , were used on an oval
mahogany table. The dollies were
made at Sltka. In the middle of the
table a mirror hold a tall central vase
of frosted glass , surrounded by four
smaller vases , all filled with white
spring blossoms. The edge of the
mirror was banked with the same
flowers. Four totem poles were placed
on dollies In the angles made by the
Place cards were water colors of
Maskan scenery. Abalone shells held
salted nuts , and tiny Indian baskets
held bonbons. The soup spoons were
of horn , several of the dishes used
were made by Alaskan Indians , and
the cakes were served on baskets.
The menu was as follows : Polsson
a la Bering Sea ( halibut chowder ) ,
Yukon climbers ( broiled salmon , po
tatoes Jullonno ) , snowbirds avoc
auroraborealls ( roast duck with Jelly ) ,
Shungnak river turnips , Tanana
beets , Skagway hash vsalad ) , Fair
banks nuggets ( ripe strawberries ar
ranged on Individual dishes around a
central mound of powdered sugar ) ,
arctic slices ( brick Ice cream ) , Clrclo
City delights ( small cakes ) , Klondike
nuggets ( yellow cheese In round balls
on crackers ) , Nome firewater ( coffee ) .
Woman's Homo Companion.
"You will admit that you ewe a
great deal to your wlfo ? "
" 1 should say so , " replied Mr. Cum-
rox. "I wouldn't , bo Invited to any of
her receptions or muslcalos if I wasn't
married to her. "
Her My brother won first prize in
that amateur guessing contest , but
thuy ruled him out as a professional.
Him A professional ?
Her Yes. He's employed in the
government bureau , you know.
Lightning Change.
The Manager Can you nmko quick
changes and double in n few parts ?
The Actor Can I ? Say , you know
the scene In "Lovo and Lobsters , "
where the hero and the villain nro
lighting , and a friend rushes In and
separates 'em ? Well , I played all
three parts ono night when the other
two fellows wore 111.
Not Altogether Dead.
Mr. Robert Butler of Morlborounh ,
England , has had the peculiar expe
rience of hearing his death announc
ed. Ho was attending the poor law
conference at Uxoter when ono of
the delegates moved that , in consequence
quence of the death of Mr. Butler ,
which they all regretted , another gen
tleman , whom ho named , should bo
appointed to fill his place as ono of
the representative of Wiltshire on
the central committee. Mr. Butler
rosH from his place on the platform
and announced to the conference ,
amid much amusement , that , so far
as he was aware , ho was still alive
and In good health , and would be
pleased to continue In the ofllco If the
conference desired.
Bankers and Bank Notes.
Four men , throe of whom were con
nected with brokerage concerns In the
Wall street district , were discussing
United States paper currency and the
disappearance of counterfeits. "Wo
are HO sure nowadays , " said ono of
the party , "as to the genuineness of
bills Unit little attention Is paid to
thorn in handling , except as to de
nomination. " To prove his assertion
ho took a $10 yellowback from his
pocket , and , holding It up , asked who
could tell whoso portrait It boro. No
cno knew , and by way of coaching
the broker said It was the first treas
urer of the United States. Again no
ono knew the name. "Why , It's
Michael Hlllcgas , " said the man
proudly. "But In confidence , I'll toll
you , 1 didn't know It five minutes
ago. " New York Tribune.
Vivid at Least.
Dr. Hiram C. Cortlandt , the well-
known theologian of Do3 Molnes , sold
in a recent address :
"Thomas A. Edison tells us that ho
thinks the soul Is not Immortal ; but ,
after all , what does this great wizard
know about souls ? His forte Is elec
tricity and maciilnery , and when ho
talks of souls ho reminds mo irresist
ibly of the young lady who visited the
Baldwin locomotive works and then
told how a locomotive Is made.
" 'You pour , ' she said , 'a lot of sand
Into a lot of boxes , and you throw old
stove lids and things Into a furnace ,
and they you empty the molten stream
Into a hole In the sand , and everybody
yells and swears. Then you pour It
out and let It cool and pound It , and
then you put It In a tiling that bores
holes In It. Then you screw it to
gether , and paint it , and put steam in
it , and It goes splendidly ; and they
take It to a drafting room and make
a bluep rlnt of it. But ono thing I for
got they have to make a boiler. Ono
man gets inside and ono gets outside
and they pound frightfully ; and then
they Uo It to the other thing , and you
ought to see it go ! ' "
Echoes of Munchnusen.
It was an absent-minded traveler
who Imd lately taken to ballooning.
"Yes , " ho observed Impressively. "It
was a fearful Journey. The machine ,
n thousand foot up , and no moro ballast -
last , headed straight for Siberia , and
the rarefied air well , you know an
well as I do what effect that has on
a balloon. . Yes , the peril was terri
ble. " Then the old habit was too
strong for him , "Tho wolvoa detected
our presence. A desperate race en
sued. Wo felt their hot breath on the
nape of our necks , " London Globo.
Largest of Whales.
The largest wlmlo of Its typo of
which there IH scientific record was
captured recently oft Port Arthur ,
Tex. Ho measured slxty-thrco foot
In length , and was estimated to bo
about three hundred years old. Cap
tain Cob Plummor , inato of a United
States pilot boat , sighted the monster
in the shoals off the Jetties , and the
crew of his vessel captured the mam
mal. The huge body was towed ashore ,
exhibited and much photographed bo-
foio being cut up.
Rat Bounty Excites Merriment.
Seattle , fearing the Introduction of
bubonic plague by rats , has offered a
bounty of ton cents n rat. This moves
Tnconia , safe from Infection from the
sea , to raucous laughter , and the Led
ger says that the bounty , "though not
intended for rodents of Tacoma ,
Everett , Belllngham and other popu
lous and busy centers , 1ms boon find
ing ita way into the pockets of non
residents of Seattle for non-rosldent
rats. But the Joke would bo on us If
t wcro found that our rat popula
tion had found its way into the Scat-
, lo census. "
Two Very Old Ladles.
Wo have hoard a great deal lately
about long-lived pcoplo , but It Is prob
able that the oldest two people In tbo
world today are Fran Dutklcvltz and
another old lady named Babavasllka.
The former liven nt Posom , In Prus
sian Poland , and was born on Febru
ary 21 , 1785. She Is therefore ono
hundred and twenty-five years old.
The latter , however , Is nine months
her senior , having been born In May ,
She Is still a fairly halo old woman ,
and for nearly ono hundred years
worked In the fields. Her descendants
number close on 100 , and thcso now
make her a Joint allowance. She lives
at the village of Bavclsko , whoso
neighborhood she has never quitted
during the whole of her long life. She
remembers events which happened at
the beginning of last century much
moro clearly than those of the last
40 years. Dundee Advertiser.
Too Ardent a Lover.
Georgette Fontano , an embroiderer
who lives In the Rue Sovroo In Paris ,
has found heraclf condemned to a
month's Imprisonment for what seems
to her a harmless act.
She was going homo from a concert
a few evenings ago when aho deckled
she would like to see her fiance. As
ho happens to bo a fireman whoso
station Is In her own neighborhood It
occurred to her It would bo very easy
to summon him to her side by break
ing the glass of the nro alarm and
sounding a call.
She did so anr In a few moments
flro engines came from several direc
tions , all laden with firemen , of course ,
but alas ! her flunce was not among
them , and moro than that all the fire
men were angry , and before she know
what had happened she was taken tea
a magistrate , who proceeded to make
the course of true love run unsmoothly
by sending her to prison for a month
In spite of her tears and protests that
she thought It would bo a simple way
of bringing her flanco to her sldo.
The Bright el-Jo.
Nebuchadnezzar waa lurching In hit
accuntomcd stylo.
"All flesh being grass , " ho reflected ,
"this must bo Beef a la Mowed. "
And chuckling hoarsely , ho took an.
other chaw. Puck.
Kindly Intentions.
"A man who enjoys seeing a woman
In tears Is a brute. "
"I don't know about that , " replied
Miss Cayenne. "Ono of the kindest
husbands I know takes hla wife to sou
all the emotional plays. "
Takes Himself Seriously.
Nicola Tesla , dining by himself in f
hotel's great dining room , tnkea a
table whore ho can bo scon. Through
out his meal ho wears a deeply stu
dious , a completely absorbed , attitude.
Ho may bring to the table a portfolio
filled with papers. These ho may
scan with prolonged solemnity. In
any event , ho sits an eloquent tableau
ot profundity. Now York Prcsn.
Holidays In the States.
Washington's birthday la a holiday
In nil states. Decoration day In nil
states but Florida , Georgia , Louisiana ,
Mississippi , North Carolina , South
Carolina , Tennessee and Texoa. Labor
day Is observed everywhere. Virtu
ally every state has legal holidays
having to do with Its own special af
fairs battle of Now Orleans in Louis
iana , Texan Independence and battle
of San Jnclnto in Texas , Admission
day In California , and so on. Missis
sippi Is like the federal Government
In lack of statutory holidays , but by
common consent Independence day.
Thanksgiving and Christmas nro ob
served. A now ono Is Columbus day
In n few of the states.
Planting Wedding Oako.
Princess August Wllholm , wlfo of
the kaiser's fourth son , has sot herself
the task of reviving ono ot Germany'ii
oldest customs , that according to whlcll
newly wedded couples Immediately at
tor the marriage ceremony plant a cou
pie of oak saplings sldo by side in a
park or by the roadside of their na
tlvo town.
The town of Mulchauson , In Thurln
Kin , Is the first to respond to the prln
coaa' appeal. A municipal official np
/pears / nt the church door after ever ?
wedding and Invites the brldo and
bridegroom to drlvo with him in n car
riage to a now road near the town and
there plant oak saplings.
The trco planting idea was ntarted
by a former elector of Brandenburg
with the object of repairing the rav
ages caused by the 30 years' war. The
elector forbade young persons to mar *
ry until they had planted a number of
fruit trees.
An Unnecessary Confession.
A hearty laugh was occasioned at
the Birmingham police court by a pris
oner who gave himself away in a very
delightful manner. The man was the
first on the list , and Uio charge against
him was merely ono of being drunk
and disorderly. Ho stopped Into tha
dock , however , Just at the moment
when the dock officer was reading : out
a few of the cases which wore to r.om
before the court that morning , ntid n
guilty conscience apparently led him
to mistake these Items f cr a list of hi i
previous convictions.
Ho stood passlvo enough whlln thi
officer read out about a dozen drunli
and disorderlies , but when ho came ti
ono "shopbroaklng" the prisoner ex
claimed excitedly , "That was olghl
years ago , your honor , " Everyone br-
gan to laugh , nud the prisoner , realiz
ing the blunder ho had made , at first
looked very black indeed , but finally
saw the humorous sldo of the matter ,
and a broad smile spread over his facu.
His blunder did not cost anything.
Birmingham Mall.
tHe Posttam Cereal Co. , Ltd. , Gave a Splendid CHanc ©
to Bring * Out Facts
A disagreement about advertising arose
with a "weekly" Journal.
Following It , an attack on us appeared In
their editorial columns ; sneering at the claims
wo mndn particularly regarding Appendicitis.
Wo replied through the regular papers and
the "weekly" thought we hit back rather too
hard and thereupon sued for libel.
The advertisement the "weekly" attacked
us about claimed that In many cases of appen
dicitis an operation could be avoided by dis
continuing Indigestible food , washing out the
bowels and taking a predicated food Grape-
Observe wo said MANY cases not all. .
Wouldn't that knowledpo bo a comfort to
those who fear a surgeon's knlfo as they fear
death ?
The "weekly" writer said that was a He.
Wo replied that ho was ignorant of the facts.
He was put on the stand and compelled to
ndmit he was not a Dr. and had no medical
knowledge of appendicitis and never Investi
gated to llml out if the testimoiial letters to
our Co. were genuine ,
A famous surgeon testified that when an
operation was required Grape-Nuts would not
obviate It. True.
Wo never claimed that when an operation
was required Grape-Nuts would prevent It.
The surgeon testllled bacteria [ germs ] helped -
ed to bring on an attack and bacteria was
grown by undigested food frequently.
Wo claimed and proved by other famous
experts that undigested food was largely
responsible for appendicitis.
Wo showed by expert testimony that many
cases are healed without a knife , but by stop
ping the use of food which did not digest , and
when food was required again it was helpful
to uao a prcdlgested food which did not over
tax the weakened organs of digestion.
When a pain In the right' side appears It is
not always necessary to bo rushed off to a
hospital and at the risk of death bo cut.
Plain common sense shows the better way
Is to stop food that eUdently has not been
Then , when food is required , use an easily
digested food. Grape-Nuts or any other If
you know it to be predlgcsted ( partly dlgcated
before taking ) .
Wo brought to Court analytical chemists
from Now York , Chicago and MlshawaUa , Ind. ,
who swore to the analysis of Grape-Nuts and
that part of the starchy part of the wheat and
barley had been transformed Into sugar , the
kind of sugar produced In tlo | human body by
digesting starch ( the largo part of food ) .
Some of the State chcmlats brought on by
the "weekly" said Grape-Nuts could not bo
called a "predlgcsted" food because not all of
It was digested outsldo the body.
The other chemists said any food which had
been partly or half digested outsldo the body
was commonly known as "predicted. "
Splitting hairs about the meaning of a word.
It Is sufficient that If only one-half of the
food Is "prodlgested , " It Is easier on weakened
stomach and bowels than food In which no
part Is prcdlgested :
To show the facts wo Introduce Dr. Thos.
Darlington , former chief of the N. Y. Board
of Health , Dr. Halph W. Webster , chief of the
Chicago Laboratories , and Dr. B. Sachs , N. Y.
If wo were a little severe In our denuncia
tion of a writer , self-confessed Ignorant about
appendicitis and its cause , it is possible the
public will excuse us , In view of the fact that
our head , Mr. C. W. Post , has made a lifetime
Btudy of food , food digestion and effects , and
the conclusions are Indorsed by many of the
best medical authorities of the day.
IB It possible that wo are at fault for
suggesting , as a Father and Mother might , to
ono of the family who announced a pain In the
side : "Stop using the food , greasy meats ,
gravies , mince pie , cheese , too much starchy
food , etc. , etc. , which has not boon dlgcated ,
then when again ready for food UBO Grape-
Nuts because It Is easy of digestion ? "
Or should the child bo at once carted off tea
a hospital and cut ?
Wo Imvo known of many cases wherein the
approaching signs of appendicitis have dis
appeared by the suggestion being followed.
No ono bettor appreciates the value of a
skilful physician when a person Is In the awful
throes of acute appendicitis , but "an ounca
of prevention is worth a pound of cure. "
.lust plain old common sense Is helpful even
This trial demonstrated Grapo-Nuts food
la pure be > end question ! '
It Is partly prodlgcatoil.
Appendicitis generally has rlno from undl-
ge1Btcd food" " "
YT"ls not always necessary to opcrato.
It in best to stop all food.
"When ready to b"cgln fccdlng nso a prodl-
" _ _ _
It Is palatable and strong In Nourishment.
It will pay line returns in health to quit the
heavy breakfasts and lunches and use los
food but select food certainly known to con
tain the elements nature requires to sustain
the body. May wo bo permitted to suggest u
breakfast of fruit , Grape-Nuts and cream ,
two soft boiled eggs , and some hot toast and
cocoa , milk or Pofatum ?
The question of whether Grape-Nuts docs or
does not contain the elements which nature
requires for the nourishment of the brain , also
of Its purity , will bo treated In later news
paper articles.
Good food Is Important and Its effect on the
body Is also Important
THere'o a Reason"
Postiim Cereal Co. . Ltd. ,
Battle Creole , Mich.

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