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The JTribune.
TIHTKSDAY , SEPT. 27th , 1883.
The Week's Doings.
V"Fair !
Bright days.
Pair next week ! ' , , ,
New goods at Rogers' .
Fresh Oysters at Joe's.
Fine weather this weok.
A new grocery store in prospect.
Go to Rogers' and sec his new goods.
'Don't forget the County Fair , next
Xow is the time to incorporate Mc-
Copies of the TIUIUJNE on sale at the
For dry goods of every description go
to Rogers' .
Jefc buckles for dress drapery at Mrs.
.v. A. Rowell's.
J. S. Holmes will henceforth be one
f our readers.
Hats and caps , boots and shoes and
notions at Rogers' .
Ladies' hair frizzes for 75 cents at
Mrs. S , A. Rowell's.
See notice in another column of
Choice bucks for sale.
Ottoman ribbons in all the new shades
sit Mrs. S. A. Rowell's.
See Mr. Mclntyre's new advertise
ment. He means business.
" ' Fancy and staple groceries , at Rog
ers * , at lowest market prices.
Don't forget that Rogers' has re
ceived a fine line of new goods.
Birds , feathers , and plumes of all
descriptions at Mrs. S. A. Rowell's.
Mrs. John Sanders has returned from
her trip to the mountains of Colorado.
Dick Davenport and A. E. Lytlc of
Culbqrtson were in the city on Tuesday.
Thc storm on Friday demolished the
ornamental chicken yard of Dr. Johnson.
Our merchants have been receiving
large consignments of new goods , this
Mr. Will McCartney , of Indianola ,
spent Sunday in our city , with his
Mr. R. T. Hill of Saint , Louis ,
spent Sunday In McCook with Tom Mc
The prosperity of the people of Red
Willow county is a subject of frequent
Mrs.J. M.Woods , of Culbertson , came
down on Sunday , and is the guest of G.
W. Daniels.
The indications are that in a very
short time , McCook's water works will
be completed.
We noticed the rosy countenance of
Mr. Love of the Culbertson Sun on our
streets , Tuesday.
C. Knapp , proprietor of the Indian
ola City Bakery , was looking over Mc
Cook on Tuesday.
Dr.Willey , accompanied by his wife ,
xeturnod to the "Magic City of the
Weft" on Friday.
J. P. Israel , who has been down at
Hastings for a few days , returned on
'Tuesday morning.
' 'Neighbor" Archibald expects to
occupy his neat and convenient cottage
on the hill , next week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Bosley , returned
from a trip to Denver , Saturday , and
report a delightful time.
r * The young fellow who don't take his
best girl to the Fair , next week , is. not
worthy of her affection'
Mr. John Sanders madesa visit to
Lincoln , last week. He reports rain
dnring his entire absence.
lion. W. Z. Taylor of Culbertson ,
matjc this office a short visit , Saturday ,
\ & ; " his way to Indianola.
A full line of the very best cigars at
' - - - * * * * -
thc-13. & M. Pharmacy.
The' famous Boot Jack chewing to
bacco for sale at the B. & M. Pharmacy.
Major R. II. Crifwcll and Gco. A.
Hunter , of Indianola , called at the
TKIHUNK office on Wednesday.
We notice -ome little improvement
in the appearance of the streets of Mc
Cook. Keep the good work up.
Mustard seed , white and black , cel
ery seed. Red and green peppers for
pickles at the B. & M. Pharmacy.
Mr. Al. Ebert. formerly clerk with
Haydcn & McCartney , of Indianola , has
been spending .some time in our city.
Foil SALE : My residence on Madi
son street. Good new house , three
large rooms and'pantry. J. P. ISRAEL.
The resi-rvoir for the water works
which is nearing completion , will be , if
not a thing of beauty , at least a joy for
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Phelan returned
from Kimball , Dakota , where Mrs.
Phelan has been making her parents an
extended visit , Saturday.
Mrs S. A. Rowcll returned on Fri
day last , and in this issue of the TRIB-
UNK has something to say that will beef
of interest to our ladies.
When you come to town drop in 'at
C. El. Rogers' and examine the fine line
of new goods just received. You will
surely find something to please } Tou.
Postmaster Scott has the following
notice above the delivery window , and
he hopes the hint will be taken :
" 'Nothing for me. ' Call your name
when you ask for mail. ' "
On account of the blustering state of
the weather , the fair which was to have
been held at Arapahoe last week , was
post-poned until Friday and Saturday ,
October 12th and 13th.
The frequenters of the depot witness
ed an amusing , but futile , attempt by a
tardy passenger to out-wind No. 81 ,
Friday. But Archibald moved out a
little too rapidly for him.
Daring feats of horsemanship were
exhibited on the streetsMondayby some
'wild cowboys , " whose ability to ride
was not impaired by the quantity of
"tangle foot" they had taken.
McCook experienced a little flour
famine , last week , both groceries being
entirely out. But , we are informed ,
there is a goodly stock of that very
necessary article on hand now.
J. M. Young of Washington , D. C. ,
connected with Postal Service , was in
the city , three days of last week , dur
ing winch time he weighed and took the
average of the mail matter at this'office.
He went on west , Saturday night.
Jacob Daniels , Jr. , who has been
visiting his son , G. W. Daniels of this
place , started for his home in Beverly ,
\V. Va. , on Wednesday afternoon , Mr.
Daniels was well pleased with Red Wil
low county , and will have an abundance
to talk about to his neighbors at home.
We were glad to see in our office on
Tuesday , C. L. Nettleton , G. B. Net-
Nettleton , A. N. Nettleton and Mr.
Johnson , a gentleman related to them
by marriage. They are pleasant gen
tlemen , whom we shall be glad to pee
whenever they have time to make us a
R. P. Sharp , the Pioneer Barber of
Red Willow county , who for some time
past has been located at Indianola , has
opened up a shop on Main Street near
the Churchill House. Mr. Sharp is an
artist in his line , and will shave to the
satisfaction of the public. He will re
move his family here in a few days , and
will make McCook his home.
The subject of Rev. Dungan of the
Congregational church. Sunday evening ,
was : "Shall McCook have a saloon ? "
The reverend gentleman fell it to be his
duty "as'a minister of'.tho gospel to pre
sent , this" important question for the
carefully cpnsideration of the good people
ple of our orderly little city. He dwelt
upon , at considerable length , whether
our people want a saloon or not , do our
merchants , and-o'thers want jt , will it
.be productive of .good , good order , etc.
' & < *
W. H. Ilayden spent a short time in
after bis business interests here.
Sunday School will hereafter be lield
at 10:30 , and services at 11:30 : , in the
morning. Evening services at 7:30. :
Rrv. Stuart Croclcctt will not hold
services , Sunday , as has been reported.
We will give due notice when he will be
in McCook.
The band boys held their inaugural
ball in their hall , Wednesday evening ,
which was largely attended by our pleas
ure-loving people. The music was fine ,
the floor in good condition , and a de
lightful evening was enjoyed by all.
They purpose holding another dar.ce in
two weeks.
Mr. A. Vincent , of Taylor county ,
Iowa , has purchased the cattle ranges
and cattle of Mr. Keith and his son-in-
law , Mr. Hoge , on Red Willow creek.
Mr. Vincent is a young man with the
appearances of energy and push , and he
will be a valuable acquisition to Red
Willow county.
The attendance of Odd Fellows at
the B. & M. Pharmacy , Thursday even
ing , was not so large as was wished.
After discussing the feasibility of es
tablishing a lodge , the meeting author
ized Dr. Johnson to get the signatures
of such persons who would go into a
lodge as charter members , and adjourn
ed to meet again at call.
Mr. C. L. Nettleton lias sufficient
cause to look with pleasure over the advancement - -
vancement of school matters in Red
Willow County since he first was
elected Superintendent. The school
population has increased four fold and
the School Districts from sixteen to
thirty-eight. We hope that Mr. Net
tleton will prepare a detailed statement
for publication.
Friday will long be remembered by
our citizens as being one of the most
disagreeable , dusty , windy days of the
year. The wind blew a perfect gale ,
and real estate was on the move all day.
The dilapidated appearance of numer
ous fences , out-buildings and cliickcn
yards attest the stiffness of the breeze.
No. 39 was three and half hours late ,
breasting the storm.
We learn from the Omahn. Herald
that the B. & M. railway has just let
the contract for twenty miles more of
their Kenesaw cut-off , which will carry
the line twenty miles beyond Mindcnthe ,
county seat of Kearney county , to
which point grading is now in pi ogress
and track-laying will soon be com
This is a fair indication that the road
will be continued until it connects with
the main line west of Red Cloud , and
bring McCook several hours nearer Chi
W. F. Wallace of our city , chairman
of the board of directors of the State
Band Association has been in corres
pondence with the several members of
thtj board , with reference to the prepar
ation of a uniform text book , and the
annual band tournament which it is
proposed to hold. There is a feeling
favorable to both , and it is expected
that the board will meet at an early
date to arrange for the preparation and
publication of the book , and also to de
cide upon the pla e of holding the first
tournament. We rise to nominate
McCook , as the prettiest and best point
in the state for the meeting.
The Bridge.
Mr. George Hocknell returned from
Lincoln on Wednesday , and brought
with him a communication from R. 0.
Phillips that the Railroad Company
would transport the material for the
McCook bridge free. Also that the
company would give the right of way
through' their land south of town ,
on t e condition that it * at the
expiration of seven years , the land
is needed by the R. R. Com-
, pany. they propose to move the bridge
to the cast section line at their o\\n
cost. As the condition can make no
difference to the people of McCook , the
proposition will most likely be accepted ,
and work commenced at once. This
will he peed news for-thc people south
of the river.
A Pleasant Surprise.
" " One'of the most pleasant events of
the year in the social world of McCook
was a surprise party given to Mrs. S.
L. Green on Monday evening. The
doctor was in the scheme , and , not be
ing a woman , he kept the secret well ;
and when the neighbors and friends of
Mrs. Green appeared , her surprise was
complete. The evening was passed
very pleasantly , and , dancing being in
augurated , it was kept up till a late
hour. Refreshments were served , and
their excellence was fully attested by
the manner in which they were enjoyed.
Among those present your society
reporter noted the following : Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace , Mr. and Mrs. A. Camp
bell , Dr. and Mrs. L. Lee Johnson , Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Fisher , Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. Babcock , Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
Babcock , Mrs , George E. Hays , Mr.
and Mrs. V. Franklin , Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Kcnvon , Mrs. Mcscrvc , Miss Brod-
crick , Miss Vaughn , Miss Jennie Fisher ,
and Messrs. G. M. Chencry and J. F.
A disposition to incorporate McCook
has been growing among our business
men for some months , and the time
has now come for them to act. The
advantages of incorporation are many ,
and we shall not attempt to enter into
particulars. The County Commission
ers meet in Indianohi on the 6th of
October , and if McCook is to be incor
porated this fall , the petition should be
presented at that time. Let some one
interesfed in the prosperity of our city
prepare a petition , and in half a day he
can have the requisite number of signa
tures. Act at once.
On or about the 3d of Sepf. between
Sterling and Gamp Sheridan , Hastings ,
Neb. , a red moroco wallet pocket book
containing ten or fifteen dollars in $5
bills , a bank book with the Bank of
Sterling , Neb. Also several promissory
notes and securities of considerable
amount , the payment of which have all
been stopped and can" be of no use to
any one but myself. Any one return
ing the papers can retain the money
without further questions , or I will
give a reward of ยง 15 if a return of the
entire los is made. Address ,
K. A. MOORE , Sterling , Neb.
Our County Fair.
The premiums offered by the manag
ers of our county fair are very liberal
and should bring out a good exhibit.
But even if there were no premiums
offered the producers and stockmen of
Red Willow should take sufficient in
terest in the fair to make it a success
by exhibiting the best productions of
their farms or herds. It is to be hoped
that this view will be taken by the people
ple of the county , and the fair be made
a success in every particular.
Ladies , Attention !
I havt1 just received a full line of
ladies' , misses' , and children's hats of
the latest styles. I will take pleasure
in showing you my new stock. With
many thanks to my patrons for their
kind favors in the past , and desiring a
continuance of the same in the future ,
I remain , yours respectfully ,
Look Here !
St. Louis white lead for $8 per hun
Pure boiled oil 80 cents per gallon.
150 tet headlight , 25 cents per gal.
Machine castor oil SI .50 per gallon.
Coal pressed castor oil $2 per gal
All monies due the TRIBUNE for sub
scription come by the terms of the sale to
me. Parties who know theniPclvesto be in
arrears for subscription will be warmly
receivcd at any time , if they come ca.--h
in hand. A. B. COEFKOTII ,
Wanted , r
Ten cords of dry abh wood. Apply
to Citizen * ' Bank. IG-tf.
-ty > t3 * .
" *
" t t" r
Marsh's Golden Balsam , tne Famous1
Lung Medicine , is Valued Highly.
"I have used MARSH'S Oor.DRN'l > At.-
find it a splendid Couch reined } * . If.
gives speedy relief. " D. II. Wilson ,
Crcston , Iowa.
"I wish everybody to know that
medicine. One bottle cured mo of a
hard , lingering cough. I value it highly.
R. A. Jackson , Quincy , Ills.
' I would be pleabed to receive five
dozen bottles of MARSH'S GOLDEN BAL
SAM at once. Everybody that uses ir-
appears to be greatly relieved and well
pleased with its effects. " P. R. Cri < - ] ,
druggist , Monroe Gity , Mo.
mous Throat and Lung medicine , and
TONIC , the great Blood and Liver ren
ovator , are for sale by S. L. Green ,
druggist , McGook. Large bottles fi ( )
cents and $1.
New Millinery Store.
Mrs. H. A. Frylinu , who will occupy
the new building on Main Avenue , op
posite the Post Office for a millinery
store , will have her first opening of
millinery goods on Saturday. She will
have all the late styles , and invites the
ladies of McCook and vicinity to gi\ <
her a call.
A Card.
The ladies of the McCook Sewing
Society take this oppotunity to thank
.Mr. Rider for the use of his hall for thf
"Harvest Home" entertainment. Alt-o
McCook Band and others who so kindly
furnished music tor the occasion.
For Sale.
1C or 18 choice grade bucks. Wof
of Driftwood , south of the river.
17-3t. G. B. NKTTLETON.
New Home.
M. A. Spalding , agent for the light
running , New Home sewing machine.
A girl for general housework. Apply
at Citizens' Bank.
Notice of Application for Liquor
Notice is hereby ji ven thut on the Oth ( tor 01
October 1S83 , at a. meetinjr of theeountv coia-
inijwioners o Ked Willow county Nebnisku , to
be hold lit ludiunolo. on thut day , Joseph
lirnun will apply to said commisolonors for H
cense to sell malt , spirituous and vinous Li
quors aa provided in Chapter "JO of ttevil
statute * of Nebni-kn. in McCook , in Willow
Grove Precinct , in paid county. HIjraed , thi
loth day ot Sept. IbM. JOSKPU r
D. Kendall's ; n (
Favorite Resort
Is the place for
Ice Cold Lemonade ,
Ginger Beer , Pop ,
Choice Cigars , Candy , Nut , Etc
Pool Table
Ask your storekeeper for it. or wr't--
direct to the jiianufacturerj- .
Cleveland , - - Oliia

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