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-F. M. & E. M. K ) MM ELL
" State Republican Tickel
For Judge of the Supreme Court ,
M. B. REESE. .
( For Regents of > the State University ,
( For Full Term , )
M. J. .HULL.
. ( To Pill Vacancies , )
' Per Representative. 55th District ,
-To 1TH1 Vacancy. )
* For < ! Jounty Jadge ,
FOT County Clerk , *
For County Treasurer ,
For Sheriff ,
For Coroirer ,
For Superintendent Public Instruction ,
For Surveyor ,
For .Oounty Commissioner , 3d District'
Per Representative , 55th District ,
( To Fill Vacancy , )
' 11. S. COO LEY.
- * ' For
- - County Judge ,
For County ClerV ,
' : For County Treasurer ,
For Sheriff ,
For Supt. Public Instruction ,
For Coroner ,
For Surveyor ,
For County Commissioner , 3d District ,
FISH BROS , of Racine , Wia. , have
THE president has issued a procloma-
tion designating Thursday , the 29th
of Nov mber , as a day of national
MASSACHUSETTS promises to look
like an angry and disturbed hive of
bees for a. month or two to come.
Boston baked beans , Boston base ball
and Boston Ben Butler are making
things fly and hum.
MONTANA is following the example
of Dakota in clamoring for the honors
of State-hood , and has been holding , an
election of delegates to a constitutional
convention preliminary to its applica
tion of admission. Montana claims
100,000 population.
IT is reported from England that her
majesty , Queen Victoria , will administer
"The Garter" to the JJarquis of Lome
when be returns to London. If she
reads his lordship's poems on Canada
before the ceremony the old lady may
not think it necessary to go higher
than her slipper.
OLD Dr. Griffin and
, portly papa-in-
law of Mary Anderson , has caused it
to be advertised world-wide that Mis
tress Mary , quite contrary , refused
to be introduced to the Prince of
Wales because he had the reputation of
being a fast man. As a matter of faet
the prince wasn't in London when she
appeared , lie was off at Hambourg
flirting with the cocottcp and Fran-
THE TRIBUNE has not seen proper tc
take an active part in politics , this fall ,
nor to identify iteelf with eitber of the
tickets seeking the suffrage-of the'-voicn
of Red Willow county , because the edi
tor had not been in the county suffi
ciently long to become familiar with the
-needs of 'the county , and the characters
.and qualifications of the candidates. He
considered that the intelligent property-
owners and tax-payers of the county
could makera more judicious selection
.than could he a stranger. He ap
prised the candidates with whom it was
s pleasure to meet , of his position ,
and while stating that he would not per
sonally say anything either in favor erin
: in opposition to their candidacy , the
columns ot THE TRIBONE would be
open for any honorable use which they
-or.their friends , might desire to make.
When the representatives of the people ,
men of character , ability and iatelli
getice , met at different times , and in
opposing conventions , nominated two
distinct tickets that received the appro
bation of the friends of both sides ,
he felt assured that from the two tick
ets regularly nominated , the voters
would elect officers that wouJd be satis
factory to the majority , and who would
strive to administer the affaire of the
county to Ihe satisfaction of all. But
when a new ticket appears in the field ,
nominated by a convention of one that
met without a call or authority , and in
its superior ability and wisdom , ignored
the work of the former conventions ,
and formulated a new ticket , silence
is no liinjjur golden. THE TICKET !
What a tribute to the brains of the
county's representative men ! What a
colossal monument .to modesty ( ? ) .
Jvyery voter in the county has the
right to vote for whom he leases. It is
but proper that he should exorcise that
right. If he desires .to vote for the
gentlemen on the revised ticketlet him
do so , but lot him take either a Repub
lican or People's ticket , and make the
alteration he desire * , and not soil his
fingers by handling a ticket that is an
auxiliary t' the "one man power , " and
uentralkation. There will be but few
persons handling the revised tickets on
election day , and the few that will han
dle them will be sore-headed kickers ,
who will be found in dark alleys and
secret places. It is to be hoped that
lot a single candidate on either of the
egular tickets will touch this ticket
? or the one who does , and it is hard to
jelieve humanity would be so depraved ,
vould be ; a traitor to the trust reposed
n him by his friends , and should be
ihunned by every honest man in the
jommunity. Candidates stand by your
icket , and sink or swim with it !
THE People's Central Committee
lominated Elmore Devoe as candidate
or County Supt. of Public Instruction
n place of Ada P. B.uck , declined.
Edward Ervin was appointed to fill va-
: ancy in Heaver precinct in the Central
Po tiie Charge of Irregularity in
Dr. Greiin'saNominatiou.
'o the Voters of Red Willow County :
A statement having been published
n the Indianola Courier , to the effect
hat Dr. S. L. Green did not receive a
majority of all the votes cast in the
Republican County Conventionfor the
ffice of County Commissioner of Red
Villow county. The undersigned dele-
ates to said convention respectively
ubmitthe following statemeiit which is
correct ( statement of the matter as we
nderstand it.
On the ballot next preceeding the
ist formal ballot , Dr. Green had
ighteen votes , and the other two can-
idates together had eighteen votes ,
aking thirty-six in all. A motion wast
len made that the nomination of Dr.
. L. Green be made unanimous , which
as carried without a dissenting voice ,
r protest from a single delegate so far
we know , and we fully endorse the
stion of the convention in his nomina-
on and believe him honestly and
lirly entitled to the republican vote
P the county.
THOMAS CLARK , East Valley.
J. W. DOLAN ; Indianola Pre.
H. 8. WEBT ,
Indianola. Neb , , Oct , 2flth. 1883.
From the Secretary .of the Count ;
Central Committee.
To the Voters of lied Willow County :
Permit me to call your attention fc
the .political situa'-ion as it appears fron
the reports received from the variou :
jjrecincts of Red Willow county , , fron
day ( to day and time to time since thi
.primaries'were held.
-Scarcely any strife occurred in nearh
all the precincts at the primaries. Thil
-convention jpaa harmonious irom be
ginning to end. A ticket was p.'acec '
"in nomination that was generally con
ceded by the majority of all parties ,
would give as good satisfaction as an }
that could have been made ; iu factwas
considered a very strong ticket. D m
ocratssaid , I can support nearly all oi
that ticket. Greenbackers said , Nearlj
all of that ticket suits me. So it was
generally thought the opposition to the
ticket nominated by the Republican
Convention would not be strong or uni
ted. This brings us to t he subject oi
opposition the shape of what was
cylJed a People's Convention , held at
Indianola , at which the people were
represented not by a vote of each -and
every precinct,4hrough regularly elected
delegates : ; but , byseveral men who ,
having failed in finding others , and who
were much interested , in their anxiety
for office , stirred up a few men in sev
eral precincts , and got themselves en
dorsed , not by men representing all the
precincts of Red Willow county , but by
men who to a considerable extent openly
stated after their convention adjourned ,
" 1 was only working for one man in
that convention , the rest I do not care
anything about , but that one man I
shall work for. " And such is the case.
Every man who was nominated in that
convention is talking for himself , and
letting the other candidates on the tick
et do the same. If he talks up his whole
ticket he knows he will be covered up
so deep on election day that he can't
hope to dig out for so long that he will
be glad to forget that an election .for
County Officers was ever held in Red
Willow countv , on the Gth day of November
vember , 1883"
He wants office so very much that he
is a bolter of everything that docs not
put him in office , if he is out ; and a bol
ter of everything , if-he is not kept in.
lie is a good republican when he can
jet office from them. He is a good
Democrat , sometimes , not always , and
le is above all things , anything and
jverything , and a good deal of the time
lothing , to get office. These matters
ire common talk. While they work
lard for one candidate , they openly say
, hey don t care anything about the rest ,
vhich no doubt is very encouraging to
he rest of their ticket
Voters ! Do not let men who are so
ixtrcmely anxious for office , as to al-
uost force themselves upon you , receive
our support ! Stand by the men you
mow will not drift like a straw , which
: ver way the wind blows ! Vote the
traight Republican ticket by all means !
Seo. Republican Co. Central Com.
? o the Voters of Red Willow County :
A few of the many reasons why we
elieve DP. Green should be elected
omity commissioner from this district :
The district is comprised of the pre-
incts of Willow Grove , Driftwood and
Led Willow. Willow Grove precinct
i much the larger of these , and con-
ns more people and property than
oth the other precincts combined , and
i as large , and is increasing in popu-
ition and property more rapidly than
uy precinct in the county. Now , this
recinct has never yet had a commis-
oner , while Driftwood has had three ,
ho have held the offi e more than ten
ears , and Red Willow has had one
immissioner for three years. For
icse geographical reasons alone it ap-
2ars to us that-this precinct is.entitled
i the office for the ensuing term. The
epublican convention so believingcon-
ided us the office , and Dr. Green , who
as the choice of a large majority of
ic delegates from this commissioner
strict , was nominated to fill it. He
the regularly nominated candidate for
IB office. He is the choice of the dis-
ict and will undi-ubtedly receive a
: ry large majority of all the votes cast
"this district.
He is.a resident of the precinct which
beyond question , entitled to the office ,
e is a man whom we know , and whom
z can trust. He is a careful , sober
id competent business man ; and , if
ected , will bring to his aid , in the dis-
large of his official duty , a careful , an
.most , and a well balanced mind ,
ben , again , he has not sought the
See , but it the .man. . And it was only
ter much solicitation on the part of
ir people that ho consented to be-
me a candidate under any circum-
ances ; and for the last named reason
oue we think he merits a favorable
thought from the voters of the county ,
showing as it doea that ho is not a wok-
cr after political favors , nor the emolu
ments of office.
A few reasons why we believe Mr.
Pickens should not be elected commis
sioner. 1st. He is a resident of Drift
wood precinct , which has had a commis
sioner for more than tea years continu
ously. He was placed in nomination
for this office by the Republiouas , thre
years ago , and elected. Tfyis yejir , the
Republicans in convention conceding
the office to another precinct , did no <
place him on their ticket. Mr. Pickens
himself virtually conceded this precinct
the 'Commissioner , Haying he was not a
candidate for re-election ; but asking
the support of tuis precinct for Treas
urer , which was cordially given him for
that office , as Is well known , cast our
ten votes for him each and every time
until the nomination was made.
All these things being facts , itftseems
hardly fair or consistent for Mr. Pick-
-ens to bolt the convention and espec
ially to accept at the hands of another
convention and party the nomiuaUon
for commissioner , the only office sought
by our delegates , which was conceded
us by the convention.
U. S. Land Office McCook , Neb. , Oct. 8th 1883.
Complaint having been entered ut this office
by Leonard B. Stiles against Benjamin F.
Hoyt , for abandoning1 his homestead entry
No. 1662 , dated at Nortb Plutte , Nob. , Jan. 2d.
1880 , upon the southeast quarter , HO.-lion 14 ,
township 3. north , range 30.west , in Red Willow
county , Neb. , with ti dew to the cancellation
of mid entry ; tuo said parties are hereby sum
moned to appear ut this office on the 14th day
of November , 1853 , ut 10 o'c'ock A.M. to respond
spend and furnish testimony concernintr said
alleged abandonment. O. L. LAWS.
1U-41. Register.
U. 8. Land Office , McCook , Neb. , I
Oc ober 3d. 18h3. f
Complaint having1 been entered at this oflioe
by Isaac N Hobock against illium A. Wallin
for abandoning his homestead entry No. 1346.
dated at North Plutte. Nob. . June j. 1S71) . upon
the northwest M section 10 , township ! ! , north ,
range 2'J , west , in Hed Willow county , Neb. ,
with view to cancellation of s id entry : the
said parties ore hereby summoaed to appear
at this ollice on the 7th day of November. ltV3 ,
at 10 o'clock , A. M. , to respond and furnish
testimony concerning euid alleged abandon
ment. 18-4t. G. L. LAWS. Register.
October 27th , ISSl. f
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Allen A. Philllppi against George Day. for
failure to comply with law as to timber cul
ture entry 1233. dated at North Platte , Nob. ,
January 1st , 1880 , upon the northeast Jt section
2. township 2 , north , range 29 , west , in Red
Willow county. Neb. , with a view to the can
cellation of said entrv : contestant alleging
that said George Day has failed to break live
acres or any part of said tract , during the first ,
second and third years of his entry ; that he
has railed to plant trees , seeds or cuttings , on
5 acres , or any part of said tract , from .Ian. 1 ,
ISSJtoJ n. 1.1&S3. The saM parties are hereby
summoned to appear at this oiflce on the lltn
day of December , 18A3 , at 10 o'clock , A. M. , to
respond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged failure.
22-4t. G. L. LAWS. Register.
OOTOBEK 27th , 1S8 ! (
omplnlnt having been entered at this ollice by
Mary Aunte JlcCotlcr njralnst John M. Henry , fur
abandoning his homestead entry 1855 , dated at North
Plrtttc , N'cb. , January 1st , 1S60. upon the west ?
southwest Hi section 11. and west < 4 northwest l +
section 4. towuxhlp 3 , north , range 3D. west. In Heil
Willow county. Neb. , with a view to the cancellation
ofad ! entrv ; the said parties arc hereby summoned
to appear at this ollice on the 8th dixy of December
I.S83 , at 10 o'clock , A. M. . to respond and furnish tes
timony concerning said alleged abandonment.
22-U G L. LAWS , liCKister.
U. S. Land Office. McCook , Neb. , I
October 16th. 13S3. (
' 'omplalnt having been entered at this office by
Rutherford B. Archibald aeainst Ilorlow W.Keye for
Failure to comply with la was to timber-culture entry
381 , dated at North Platte , Neb. , May 22 , 1879 , upon
: he S. W. Ji section 26 , township 2 , north , range 2S ,
west. In Red Willow cnunty , Nebraska , with a view-
to the cancellation of said entry : contestant alleging
: hat said Keyes has failed to break S acres , or any
part of said tract , from > > iy22879. . to May 22,188" ,
Hid to tula date ; that he has f.illed to plant trees ,
iccds or cuttings on. 5 acres , or any part of said tract ,
'rom May 22 , 1881. to May 22. 18S2 , or at any other
; lme , or to cause the same to be done The said
urtles are hereby summoned to appear at this offire
in the 3d day of November , 888. at 9 o'clock , A.
. , tn respond and furnish testimony concerning said
illeged failure. J0-4t. G. L LAWS , Register. I
U. S. Land < Jfllce at McCook. Neb , I
October Sid , 1383 f
< omplalnt having been entered at this ofllcc ny
loses y. Starliuckgainst John Vf. Kfstler lor uhan-
lonmg hi * homestead 1741 , dated at North Platte ,
feb. , November 11 , 1879 , upon the cast H northwest
4 and west J4 northeast U section 22. township 3 ,
lorth , range 29 , west. In Ked Willow county. Neb ,
ith a view to the cancellation of said eniry ; the
aid parties are hereby summoned to appear at this
ttlceonthe .3d day of November , 18S3 , at in o'clock.
L. M. , to respond and furnish testimony concerning
aid alleged abandonment.
Sl-4t. G. L. LAWS. Register. 3
U. B. Land Offlce nt McCook. Nel > , I
October d.
Complaint buying been en > ered ut this offlce by
.ysiuder J. Roberts agalnsi Thomas Fieeman for
b < indonlng hishomeatead entry 3J. . dated a. North
'latte , fieb. , September Htii , 1882. upon the went 5-J
Jiutnvest J4 southeast ! -i touthnc.st H and . - < uuthwc
1 southeast section 2 , township V. north , range
3 , west , m Frontier county , riebii ka , with a view
> the cancellation ef said entry ; the said parties are
ere by summoned to appear at this ollice on the 3d
ay of December , 1S33 , at 1 o'clock , A. .M . to re-
pond imd lunilsh testimony concerning tt.iid aliened
andunnent. 2l-4t. G L. LA\V , Regis er.
Land Offlce at McCofck. Neb. . Oct 27 ,
Notice is hereby given that the following
amed settler has filed notice ot his intention
3 make fin 1 proof in support of his claim.
nd that said proof will be made before Ke is-
jr and Receiver at McCook , Xeb. , ou Friday , m
lecember 7th. 1S83 , viz. : John Whittaker. PIbi
omestead StiS. for the southeast Vt southwest bi
, southwest i southeast } \ . and lots S. 9 and
) , section 31 , townships , north , ran -"y.wcst. . tiie
10 names the following witnesses to prove his e ;
antinuous residence upon and cultivation of , si
iid land , viz. : C. L. Nettlcton , John G. Eaton Inai
lenry H. rickens and Nephemiah Burtless , ai
. !
11 of McCook , Neb. <
22-Ct. G . L. LAWS , Rpgister. S (
Land Office. McCook. Neb. , Oct. 27. 1883.
Notice is hereby given that the following
amed settler has filed notice of his Intention
> make final proof in support of his claim , n :
ad that said proof will bo made before Ret'is- tcai
sr and Receiver at McCook , Neb.on Saturday , ai
ecember 8th. 1883. viz. : William S. Bye. D. S. tcD
(43. ( for the south H northwest H and lots 3 D
id 4 , section 2. township 2 , north , range 30. It
eat. He names the following vrltnessus to 8tft
rove his continuous residence upon , and cul- ft
vation of. said land , viz. : William 8. Fitch , re
'llllam T.Htone. Mathew H. Johnston , of Mc- viH
x > k. and Charles B. Hoag , of Tndlenola. Nob. viX
S-J-Bt. G. L. LAWS , Register. X
Land Office at MoOook. Ki > b. , Oct. 10. J -
NotJoo la hereby slvon that the following
n&tned eottier baa Bled notice of bla inUjntlou
to ma3i final proof in aupjKirt ot bis claim.
and that said proof will be made before R jrk-
tor and fteoolvor atMoCoolt , Nt * . . on Wedne--
lay. November 21 , 1U83. vlx. : Frederick K.
Vondrea , homoattwl 8310 , for the south went ,
section 15. townahip 3. north , raoxo 2 , wwt-
He nnmea the following wltaosaea to provohj *
continuous residence upoa , and cultivation
of , said land , viz. : Nicholas Sevenkpr , John H.
Evert , Frod. Treble and - Wicho. all of Mc
Cook , Nob. llWt. O. L. LiVWd ,
Land Offloo at McCook , Neb. . Oct. 17. 14W3.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named wettler ban filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support in his claim.
and that eaid proof will be made before Retr-
seer nnd Receiver at McCook. Neb. , on Satur
day , Nov. 24th , 1883 , via : Catherine Snyder. for
the southeast & section IB. township 3. north
of range 9. west. She names the follow iny
witnesses to prove her continuous resident- * *
upon , and cultivation of. said land , viz : Jo * > .
A. Snyder , Pa fQ T Francis. William Mitchell
aud John H. Evert , all of McCook. Neb.
20-61. G. L. LAWS , Kogiflter.
Land Office at McCook. Noi > . .Oct Zl.
Notice is hereby given that the follo
named settler has nied notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of bin claim ,
and that said proof will bu mxdo before Regis
ter and Ht-ceiver at McCook , Nnb..on Monday.
Dec. 3 , 18S3 , viz : Israel Wood , D S. No. 3007 ,
for the east Yt northeast ! 4 section 21 and w jBf
54 northwest J4 section 22 , township 8 , uort-b.
range . ' 9 , west. He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of , caid land , viz : Jasper T.
Twlss. Lysandor J. Twins. Frank M. Marshall
ana Geo. W. Warner , all of Laii-1. Neb.
: l-Ct. G. L. LAWS , Register.
Land Offlce at McCook. Neb. . Oct. 23 1SSJ.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim.
and that said proof will l > e made before KegiB-
ter and Receiver at McCook. Neb . on Monday
December : ; . Ibitf. viz : Jasper T Tiviss. D. S.
number 172 forthe west M northwest ! 4 & west
Vi southwest H section 1C , township b. north ,
range 2s ) west. He named the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upou
and cultivation of , said lumJ. viz. Lybandrr
J Roberts. Israel Wood , Frank M. Marshall
and John Ackerson. all of Ltinl. Neb.
21-Ct. G. L. . AWS. Itegistcr.
Lund Office at Me ook. ob. , uct f. . 1883.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of hfc intention
to make final prool in support ot his claim.
and that said proof will be inudo before Regis
ter and Receiver at McCook. Nob. , on Friday.
November Itith , If83 , viz. : AfaTrumbo. home
stead entry 2595 , for the north i northeast u
and north /f northwest ? 4 section 25 , township
i , north , range 31 , west. He mimes the follow
ing witnesses to piove his continuous resi
dence upon , ttnd cultivation of. kaid luid.viz. :
Joseph Williams. Rodoric U.irnerf , Louis Fos < * ,
nnd Charles A. Smith , all of Vhiltmi. Neb.
G. L iAWS. Re ibter.
Land Office at ilcCook , Neb. , Sept , 6. .
Notice is hereby given that th'e fo lowing
mimed settler hus filed notice of ln'3 intention
to make final prool in.support of lusclaim.auil" ' "
that said ] > roof will be made liufc.niitCKistercr
Itffceiver a McCook , Neb. , on l-'riilay. Nov. V ,
Iffa , viz : Willijim .lohnson. honiesteinl No.
1572 for the northwest ! j auction J'J. township
I. n9rth of ranxe2'J , wt-si. Ho niiiues the fol-
owing vitncsses to prove his continuous ? rcti-
lenceupon , and cultivation of. stiidlund. viz :
lolm S Modrelle. Thomiw Ituggles. Thomas
[ Joles of McCook. Neb. , anJ H. W. Juhiison of
\nipuhoe , Neb. 17-Ct G L LAWS. Register.
Land Ollice at McCook. Neb. . Sept.f. . ISXl.
Notice is hereby given that the following
lamed settler hsis filed notice of her intention
o make final proof in support of hercliiin.iiu l
.hat said proof will be miiila before Ucgistercr
Jeceiver at McCook. Ne. . . , on Frhlay. Nov. 2d.
SW , viz. : Laura Phillips , homestead No. : < i4o ,
or the west'J northwest it am ; north H bouth-
vest > -i section 2 i. township north of rouge
0. west. She names the lollo'.viiijjwitncsftv *
0 prove her continuous residence upon , and
iiiltivatiouof. said land , rbs. : MtiryE. Orme.'f
liunie IJati-s Wilfiam Orme and C. K. McPhor- *
on. all of McCook , Neb.
IT-Ct. G. L LAWS , Register.
Land Ollice. McCook , Neb. , Oct. 2fl. 1883.
Notice is hereby given that the lollowiryr
iiuntid Pettier has filed notice of his intention
u make final proof in Mipport of h.s claim ,
nd that said proof will be mule beiore Reis-
T and Receiver at McCook. Neb. , on .Monday.
> ccember 10th. 18S3. viz. : Nicholas White eL
[ . E.852. for the northeast southeast M fee-
ion 32. nnd west K northwest ? * and northwest /I
1 bouthwest Ji section 3i , townhip 3. north , Ift
unge 28. weet He names the following wit-
eshes to prove his continuous residence upoii.
nd cultivation of. said land , viz. : William W. ft
isher , McCook , Neb , Hezekiah M. Ashmore ,
tidianola.Neb. . William P. Uiirus , Dauburv. i
'eb. . William Porkins. Rod Willow. Neb.
22-Ct. G. L. LAWS , Register.
Land Office at McCoolc. Neb.cpt. . fith. I8f3.
Notice Is hereby given that the following cara4
ittler hHB died notice of bis Intention to make anal
ruof In support of la claim , arid Umt said proof w2ig
J made before Register or Receiver at cCooi.
eb..on Friday Nov.-d , 18S3. viz. : Wallsce S.T u-
iblll. n S. No 77 for the ouhrii ! norths c t
aud lot 2 and 3. section 2- , and 10 : 1 , dcctlon 27 , 3
irtli of range 30 , west. lie names the following l ,
itnesdeti to prove his rontinuc.as ri-MJcnw cpoc ,
id cultiiatlon of , saldl.ind , viz : A'jolpli Krlnchlct.
L-orge Poe. Michael Wclck rnd PLllIip Wu cfe. sll
Ale oolc. Xcn. 17-6t G. L LAWS. Rcci-tcr.
Land Office at McCuofc. Neb. , Oct. 1. . JC.- .
Notice i hereby givea that the following nsmtsi
ttler has filed notice ojhlb Intention to raaiCK final
oof In support of his cl.mi. nnd that n td jiroof will
: made before nejnster and Receiver t : rCook ,
? b , MI Monday , November 26 , 13S3 , viz : Henry L.
itch , Osboru , Neb. , homc > tead 22:7. Tor the s.e > i Vi
rtbe.m Soulhent-i :5 nonht-i : ? j and uor.hcm
Sju.licat , ; $1 sci-ilou 13. towiifhlp 5. north ct r&nge
. west. He names the folium-ins wuneesej. : o prove
s coatmuuus residence upou , ami cultivation of ,
Id land , viz. : William Beach , liver I * , FalTbnuiu ,
! iuilsMcKlillp and Michael JIc ; , ip. UI of Tliorn-
rbNeb. . 20-tit. O. L L iVi3 , Resls.er.
Land Offlce at . 'cCook. Ne . Oct 2 ISS3. "
S'otice is hereby given that the foliowlu n rar.J
Uler has filed 110:100of his laientiou to mxke final
juf in i-upport of his claim , zuri 'hat fcalil proor
U te made before Itcgister and liccclver i.t Me-
ok. Neb. , on Saturday , December 8. Jcfv. viz :
or e Hujrglus. hoiDeaicail nuuilar 1735 for the
ithi corthwcDt H end lot * a cuti t , tecti n 1 ,
vnshlp 1 north , range is , wen : , lie n lines tL
lowing witnesses to prove hla contit-coue re Wence
ju , end cultivation of. a id land , viz : G
wier , Thomas 11. Cat , Kpuraioi Green
bert S. Cooler , all of Stoushtoa , Neo
:1'6- : GL LAWo. KegtiCer
Lsnd Office at JIe''ooiceb . Oc : . 16.
Totlce I * hereby given that the lollow.'uit . . . . . .
tlerhns filed noIce of his Intcutija to n aie final
> of In support of hi * claim , and that ild proof will
made before Register and Ueceiver at JIc oot.
! , on Tuenday. December 4th. Us&J. vi : : ThoniM
Arrini on. homestead S50 , for the north it north-
it ft and north J/i northwest H sectlou 3J. towa-
p a. nortlu ranire 29. west. He names the folljv
wltnesaes to prove hN continuous realae.ice upon.
I cultivation of , said L nd , viz. : William H. I > ojl > .
m H Even , Richard Joinuon sad George F. Ififs- '
! , all of Me ; ooic. Neb.
: - G. L. LA.W3. Register
Land Offlce , McCook , Neb. . Oct. 29. :
Jotice is hereby given that the foil * „
med settler has filed notice of his intention
make final proof la support of his claim.
i that said proof will be made before Rejos-
nnd Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Friday *
comber 14th , 1883 , viz. : Walter Ilicklini
S. 3029 , for the northwest K section 9town-
p 3 , north , range 29 , vrest. He named the
lowing witnesses to prove bis continuous
Idenco upon , and cultivation of. said laud"
. : Vernon Thoman. Lyraan Miller , Unlit ?
: kln # and Richard Co&gdon. all of MHDook ,
U. 226t. . O.j J 17 * * t > - - -

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