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K. M. & 15. M. ItlMJM KE.r. , Pubs.
McCOOK , - : .NEB
Harvard Journal : Corn cribs are to
be hccn going up in all part * of town and
county , and they arc no little 0x12 concerns
either , but are such as will hold from fi,000
o l.'i,000 bushels of corn , and nearly every
armer needs a crib of this capacity in order
o hold liis corn for a fair price , which -wii
ertalnly comcwhen.cornis in iijjood mar-
kutablo condition.
Hastings Journal : , G. "Wv Wigton ,
tb'j bor < s cattle man of Ayr , was intownyeb-
tijrduy and offered our creamery folks , the
milk from 500 cows to be delivered daijy at
he depot at Ayr. This offer will' bo accept
ed provided satisfactory rates can be ob
tained from the railroad , -company tor the
eliveringof the milk at thin point and the
cturn of the empty cans.
Pluni Creek Pioneer : . J. J. Jensen ,
v ing in Uutler Grove , uorthwcfct of town ,
nforms us that on Thanksgiving day , early
n the morning , a wild goose was placed in
frontofhishou.se. His first thpught was
hat pomobody had been kind enough to give
m a goose for dinner , but on clo er ex-
mination it was discovered that several in-
S3 rtious had been made into tncmeat , which
d to some suspicion. He cut off apiece
and gave it to the dog , Uub-the animal re
used to cat it. The same piece was then
veil to a hog and in a few minutes the hog
howe.d unmistakable symptoms of being
oisoncd by eome powerful poison. The
og was only sa > ed by giving him a large
quantity of nwcet milk.
There is work in Juniata for a score
of carpenters , but they cannot lie had for
eve or money.
Merchants are carrying large stocks
of holiday goods and arc expecting a big
The members of the Nebraska dele
gation in congress are < niarteredao follows *
Senator Mandorhon , the Portland : Senator
Van Wyck , KK3 Eis htccnth street ; Repre
sentative Laird , National hotel ; Weaver ,
I' . ! ) ! Indiana avenue ; Valentine , National
Capt. John Taylor , of Stanton , left
for the east Monday. When he returns he
will bring back with him two cars of stock
one of Merino sheep and one of Durham
West Blue , Adams county , claims
the champion thresher In the west. He
made $ l,44.7o ; this season in sixty-seven
days , an average of about $21.00 per day.
His best days work was 1,452 busliels of
Plattsmouth Journal : The counsel
forS. H. Richmond have been busy to-day
preparing a number of affidavits from prom
inent citizens in support of a motion for a "
change of venue in the-ca-e > The affidavits
allege that the feeling is so Etrong n this '
community against t.he defendant that his
life is in danger , and that there is a prob
ability that lie cannot receive a fair trial in
any of the courts of the county.
Superior. Journal : A.bold , bad man
by the name , of Swanttrom , whose only cap.-
ital was a government license , some villain
ous whisk } * , a pack of cards' ' and a heap of
cheek , recently opened a saloon , etc. , in ir
Xelsou , without so much as * 'by your irH
leave" to the good people of that town.
He was soon arrested anil bohud over to IECl
trial-in the sum of 500. Not having secu Cldi
rity he languishes in durance vile , and considers
siders himself fortunate that he escaped a
coat of tar and feathers.
A gas-fitting firm of - Nebraska City th
were about to move their outfit to Omaha , ta
when a writ of attachment put in an appear a
ance and suspended operations. The pro
ceeding bids fair to end Sii a law suit.
A car load of serva'nt girls is now the
great "want of Hasting- , according to , the. -S ,
Gazette-Journal. . '
F. C. King languishes in the Valley re
county jail for fifteen days for personating a st
woman in female attire. ti
Ord Journal : Mrs. A. J. "Wilson CO
started on-Tuesday for-Sidney , Iowa , where ai
her husband is in. jail. The cashier of the lie
Riverton bank hu : > identified Wilson as the
man who held the revolver oil him when the
bank was robbed , -o there is bnt little erne en
no doubt that a conviction will be made.
Beatrice Republican : Thegreat su
reservation land sale-closed _ yesLerday at
about four o'clock in the afternoon , the last
piece eing sold and one-fourth the pur tit
chase money paid down. The excitement for
nsted until the closing hours , and the vii
pric.es ran from four dollar * above to twice Ui
the appraised the
Henry Shiiltz , living ! tiborit four of
miles southwest of Odell , had hileg j
broken by the kick of a * mule. He , lay a ad
couple of hours in fearful agony before be kil
ing discovered. At last "accounts he wa1 * in
doing as well as could * bs expected under- de
the circumstances' . . - CO
Lyons Mirror : Barney Jackson , the paHi
thief who entered Hopkins * barbershop , Hi
Sioux City , last Wednesday" evening , and" * i
stole sixteen razors smoother goods , was lll
arrested Saturday evening in the livery foarn , _
of F. ' F. Parker , this , placp by Deputy ;
Sheriff'w/Gr.'Thayer , of Sioux City/ assist
ed by Wm ClnrV.1- Six of-'lW'rhzors , were IH
found in his possession. He' wa3 'taken-
back to Sioux City Sunday. en
Fullerton Journal : The Omaha , ors
Niobrara & Black Hills railroad is at last |
completed to this place , and Fullerton is \
connected with the rest of the world by iron of
bi nds. Our people have just cause for rej j trv
J. .
joiciug in that the greatest possibilities are
opened for the futuie of our prosperous city
and county ; already its beneficpnt influence
io felt in the increased demand for town
prbp * ortv and "Nance ' 'county soil. " < < f * -
An interesting series of religions
meetings have been in progress at Fairfieldt
resulting- nearly fifty accessions to the
Lincoln Journal : The members of
the Driving Park at ociation propose to
make a move looking toward the locntionof
the next slate fair in this city. Thest'atn
fair managers meet in Lincoln some time in
January , when they will decide upon the
location of the next state fair. The Driving
Park association will submit to them a prop
osition , i. e. , to give tLem the free use of
their "grounds , fifty-five acres , for five years
roe of charge.
Seward Blade : Many of our. best
farmers are experimenting with and
testing their corn with a view of
securing good heed ; for next year.
This is very important , as there Is undoubt
edly a large amount of corn that will not
grow , in fact many who raised big crops
this year will be obliged to buy seed. By a
little precaution now much trouble may be
avoided in the spring.
Mrs. Martha AVilson , of Hastings ,
wants a divorce from ner habitually drunken
husband and slie ought toliave it. "
Lincoln had a close call for a disas-
trousTfire on the night of the 20th. Timely
action of one of the firemen quenched the
flames before they had urule much head
way. *
Harvey Btmdy , a brakeman , was-
run over and instantly killed at Nebraska
City on the 20th , at the Burlington and Mis
souri depot. He attempted to board a
freight engine , and there being ice on the
Htep , he slipped and fell on the track , the
wheels passing over hischest. . When pick
ed up the bowels protruded. The de
ceased was unmarried and lived at Lincoln.
Geneva Keview : Last Thursday
night.Bernhard Ivrug , who lives in Frank
lin , was suddenly Jerked out of bed by some
unknown persons andaftera severe struggle
was overpowered and thrust into a corner
with his face held to the wall , while 'other
parties made a light and searched the house
for moncv ; then the light went out and the
rascals made good their escape. When Mr.
Krug had recovered sufficiently to make an
examination of the premises , he found him
self badly bruised about the head and b ° dy ,
the possessor of two or three broken ribs ,
but minus SJSiii cash which had been in his
lanfs pockets. No clue has been discov
ered which leads to who the bcamps are.
Stuart Ledger : Just as we go to
press we learn that five horses were stolen
from Captain Tarbull one night this week ,
two mules from A. J. Burnham , and sev
eral other animals from parties along the
river. The entire country is said to be
thoroughly aroused , and are armed and in ,
hot-pursuit. The Ledger is of the opinion
"thatrthe entire outfit of desperadoes- be
driven from the country before many
The city council of Lincoln recently
passed an ordinance requiring a high license
fee of merchants re-sorting to auction sales.
This action of the council is held by the in
terested firms to be'arbitrary and illegal.
The auctions ard confirmed , and if the city ,
interferes a test ease will be made up.
Ainsworth Xews : The attempt 'to an
indict Judge Hooker was a failure. Judge
Hooker , who formerly owned a cattle ranch
in the northeast part of this county , was
charged with having caused his biother's .
death at hi * home on his ranch by ndminiss
te'ring poison. Captain Hooker , the de
ceased , was a retired army officer , and , it til
appeared , was stopping with his brother , In
the judge. Some time last winter the cap pi
tain wa * taken s-widpr.ly ill and died within dc
few hourx.
Colored Menlin Convention. to
The executive committee appointed . <
the colored intioiial comcntion at Loui--
"vilie met at "Washington on the 19th. prM
'I'welve states-and the District of Columbia M
responded to the roll call. The chairman
stated that since the meeting of the conven- at
tion < the civil righ'ti decision of the supreme ha
court had caused considerable agitation 'an
among the colored .people , and this would
dgubt incidentally affect the discu-sions
the present meeting. Init the members
should not lose sjgnt of the main principle1 *
enumerated atthe Louisville convention.
Fred Douglas said the public mind was. mi
largely ; divided on the .recent decision of the 'n
supreme court. . He jii jrested that if a :00
unatimous decision was possible by the , Pcr
committee in the dissenting opinion of Jus- cr
ticeHarlan. it would be the proper thing
the committee to take such actiqn. Jo.
view of the present , political situatio'n , he
Lhought'it would be weil for them to hold
national convention just -prior to-those thi :
the two .
great powers. IU
A committee was appointed to prepare an
iddfes's to the public on the subject of the
killing ofiiegroesin A'irginia. and the chair- coi :
IIIRII I was instructed to call upon-the presi-
iemVind ask him oirwhat day it would be wl
ouveiiieiit for the .committee , to. call and be
their respects. cit :
- a- -
Resolutions of Kespect Adopted : I
'WalsnixoTOXDecember : ? ! . A ineet-
iiffof the bar was held by the' " supreme , fly
joiiri to-duv ti > take appropriate"action witii en
w " * * * ,
espect to the.deith. t > f Ju UreJere , Black. enM
jenator Edmunds was called to the chair ten
inuMcTvennvaihos'e'fi ecretary. Eulogistic Sai
ry. Ashton , and W. H. Smith ; also Sena- thr
Bayard , V.mce and Garland , and Rep- eoi
esentathe Hopkins. Resolutions expres- a
\c of the high character and attainments the
the deceased , and the great loss the coun- Ing
sustained by his death , were adopted. plii
n. j >
' The printed statement that Governor
ilendrickH has gone abroad for medical ad
vice and treatment is denied by-members1 of
" . * L * 1 " * * " " *
V" T " * * ' * - ? "T1 !
his family.
While playing ball near Paris , 111. ,
th'e'bat slipped from the hand of thc batter ,
striking a boy named Asa Mapesj 1C years
'old , bursting his eye-ball , from-the-effect *
of which he died.
Asa 'B. Baker , of Brockton , Mass. ,
plead guilty to the murder of his , wife , and.
wa < j sentenced to imprisonment for life.
. ' > A dispatch from Santa "Fe" says the
Nayajo Indians are running off the stock of
thCjSettler.s , and that the latter are highly
incensed and threaten to shoot the liiuians.
The anti-administration democrats
in caucu agreed to support General Fran
cis T. Nichols for the nomination for gov
ernor of Louisiana.
The Creek council at Jkmulgee or
dered a recount of the votes for principal
chief , , and the count elected Spieche chief
by thirty-seven votes. He was' duly in-
ailgurated and tookJhe oath of ollice. The
second chief , who had heretofore refund to
take the oatli on account of the fraudulent
count , under which Perrpmau wan chosen ,
was also sworn in.
A tract of 2,000'acres of coal lands j
northwest of Peru , HI. , has just been pur
chased by a syndicate , said to include the
Northwestern and Burlington road * . Bor
ings are being made , and several shafts will
be sunk in the spring.
Efforts aio being made by the Catho
lics of Denver , Colo. , to make that city the
-eat of the largest Jesuit college in Amer
The western nail association met at
Pittsburg and decided to clo-edown for a
period of six weeks , from December 20th
till January llth. The meeting was one of
the largest ever held , every mill in the west
being "represented by person or by letter.
The stoppage is for the purpose of restrict-
ng production.
The obsequies of the late Dudley
! hase Hiskell at Lawrence , Ks. , were held
on the 20th. The business part of the city
and many residences were draped inmourn-
ng. Flag * floated at half-mast , bells tolled
and the entire city gave itself up to paying
respects io the honored dead.
Sullivan and Slade were advertised
or a sparring exhibition at Kansas City ,
but the chief of police called their attention
to the statute forbidding such displays , and
as a result the exhibition took place acro-s
the river in Wyandotte , KH.
Miss May Fairfield , daughter of Prof.
E. B. Fairfield , was married at Grand Ha
ven , Mich. , on the 20th , to Hon. A. W.
Field , of Lincoln , Nebraska.
The corn mill , elevators and ware
house of Tyson Bros. , on the south side of
Baltimore harbor , were almo-t entirely de
stroyed by fire on the 20th. Lo-s about
$70,000 ; insured.
A reduction of ten per cent , has been
made without notice in the wages of labor-
era at'the ' New Jer.-ey steel and ironworks ,
$1,000 for trial for forgery in connection
with u pension iasucd to him.
San Francisco merchants are com
plaining that their trade with the northwest tl
s rapidly declining. o.j
A.large meeting of Salt Lake Genai
tiles , both democrats and republicans , wa1P '
held at Salt Lake to appeal to congress to cl
pass the laws recommended by the presi tr
dent. th
dent.The Fitxgeralds and Webb , Washing thH
ton pen-ion attorneys , have given bail in H
2,000 to answer to the indictments against 11
them. They have been suspended fiom &um
practice befoie the commissioner of pen m
Great distress exists from small-pox 70m
Gadsden , Tennessee. Out of 24 case * * 1-t m
have died. An appeal is made for nuraca to
nnd virus. of
The Heading ( Pa. ) rail mills will SU
ulose down indefinitely on January 1st. This
ivill throw 300 men out of work.
The Xew York weekly bank state
ment on the 22d reports as follows : Loans ,
inerease ( , $77,030 ; specie , increase , 3,000.- ton
; legal tenders , decrease , ? ( J-22fcOO ; deposits -
posits , increase , $3.1W , JWO : circulation , in- "j1
rease , $44,100 ; reserve , increase , f 1,038-
to :
legal requirements.
The lauding : of the Piljrrims was ob-
erved on tht 22d at Plymouth , Mass. , by
hePilgrim society on Pilgrim hill , Thos.
lUi'-sell presiding. pa
The Burlington Gazette publishes a Lo
omplete description of the buildings and th
raprovemcnts of Burlington during 1833 , ob
vhich foot up in cost o\ei ? 1,000,000. the )
: record of grow th in the history of the vill
itv. j all
Excitement at Durango , Col. , over his
killintr of Bruce Hunt , sou of ex-Gov- pr
irnop Huntr by a negro ( Big Ike ) whileei
iurjlari/.ing the bank of Durango. iin -
eii-e. Su-petting an attempt to rob the
iank , ajparty compo-ed of two bank oili-
, Hunt-and thc-town marshal } had for ch :
hree night * kept watch from a law office 3 ;
onvenicnt. At midnight the watcher--aw prc
man approach the side door , pick nt
lock and go in. After waitgra
some time for the accomufn [
ilieeif any , to appear , and the burglar to / nit
get well to work , the party approached the
front door , pushed it open and ordered the
robber to throw his hands up , but who , in-
'bTead7fireiT\vp shotis in rapid succes-ion
and jumpcditlirough thocbidodoor. . .Oue
'ball too effect in Hunt's breast and 'lie full
aiuHnstitn'tly expired. As the .burglar lefa
thVbulIding he was recognizedasjthe ncgnJ *
' 'Big Ike , " the most desperate character
in the region.
Robbers entered the houso-of S. P.
Crcasinger , a wealthy resident of Maple
Rapids , Michigan , chloroformed him , rail-
Hacked the premises- , secured about $2,500
In cash and a quantity oNvaluiiblep and'then-
undertook to cover up their tracks by set
ting fire" to the house ifnmcdiatejy'bolo'iv the
roorn'jn.which the proprietor lay. file re
covered from the influence of it in time to
escape , though the house was wrapped in
flames , and burned to the ground , with its
Thomas Drewcs , sentenced to seven
yearn in the penitentiary for killing Patrick
Maloneyfof jRat Portage , Manitoba , in
uary last ; hanged himself in bUcelll ? " "
i ? convicted oL burglary >
late term of court at Sterling , III. , and sen
tenced to one year in the penitentiary , was
found dead in thu-county jailat that place.
He hunghim elf with the bed cord. -
The Brownwood stage , which was
robbed of the mail near Cisco , Texas , on
the 18th , by-a single highwayman * , was.ar .
tacked agafn.the next day , and i'pas.songer
named Henderson shot at the robber , the
latter firing back continuously as he re
treated as fast as his horse- * could run. No
one was hurt.
George Freesture , twenty-live years
years old , one of the boarders at the'Auburn
house , Joliet"l1l. , entered the room of the
head cook , JaneJIaycock , bound her head
topre\ent her screaming , nnd then out
raged her. When he .started to leave the
room the woman gave an alarm , when
Freesture rah back and cut her throat with
a knife and fled.
Edward Duehamen , aged 21 , report
ed .it the Cincinnati police station fhafhe
hucTk'Hed his Wife , and stfovv'ed' lire * "knife
with which the deed was done. He wii.s
locked up and the case investigated. Itwas
found that he'had stabbed bin-wife and sup-
po-ed she was dying ; then went and got
breakfast before going to the station house ,
wife inoi seriou-ly hurt.
Guilford Loon ( colored ) was handed
utlunatou , N. C. , on the20th , for brut-illy-
outraidng widow Jones , in May la-t. The
executio'n was witnessed by several thous
and person"- ; . Death wasin-tiintaneous.
Police Officer William Conroy , of
New York , who killed Peter Keenan with a
club and pistol * on the night of November
3d , has been sentei.ced to be hanged on the
8th of February next.
Caleb Washburn quarreled with his
niece. Jennie Washburn , at Williamston ,
Ills. , about a small amount of money , when
the neice seized : i heavy stick and-truck her
uncle on the head , inflicting a woundwhjeh
resulted in death an hour later.
The negro , "Bi/r Ike , " who murdered
young Bruce Hunt , son of Ev-Governor
Hunt , of Duraugo , Col. , la-t week , was
captured on the 20th on tLe Southern LTte
reservation. As the pursuers came sudden
ly upon him , about daylight , sitting by a !
tire just made , he jumped and ran like a
frightened deer to a precipice forty feet
high , over which he leaped. He was found
the bottom terribly bruised but alive. a
J. F. Lantz , a barber , released from P
the ] Kansas City work-house , died on the bt
22d. A brief inv estigation w as made by the sa
authorities , which resulted in the arrest of
Patrick Murray , guard of the work-hou-e , ti
charged with causing Lantz's death by mal tihi
treatment. Several inmates told a story
that i- very damaging to Murray. aiw
At Petersburg , Pike county , Indiana , ctM
Henry Curtin wa- murdered , and Charle.- M
Har\ey , a hard character.was arrested on re
suspicion. Strong feeling prevail- and he O
may pos-ibly be lynched. 01
Mrs. Judith Fitzpatrick , widow , aired
, living near La f'omptoii ! Kansas , was n
murdered in her home and an attempt made m
burn the house with the evident purpose am
concealing the crime. The motive is m
-upposed to be robbery as the old ladj was sa
known to have several hundred dollars. in
The president will leave Washing 'til
Thur-day for a visit to "Brooklyn and
Philadelphia , and will attend the annual
banquet of. the New , England fcocietv of
Philadelphia on Saturdav , and will return
Washington by Sunday and spend the
Christmas there. Secretary Chandler , and Cc
probably < other member- the cabinet , will boo
iccompany the president. 'H l
There is a better prospect for the bi
passage of a bankruptcy bill the pre-ent biPI
longress ] than la-t. The promoters of the PIFu
Lowell bill are preparing modification- Fu
.hat measuic with a desimrof inukinir jt less tai
buoxioii9 to the we-tern intere-is. It i ? cle !
os-ible , therefore , that a bankruptcy law
be framed which will meet the uews of
sections. ,
The republican sena'ors held a caucus
morning at which it wa- decided not to
rocced < with the election ofa , pre-id < | nt pro ioi-
empore of the senate until after the holiday di-
advisable not to , make the contemplated
hange just before a long recesr , f , . . . j
3Mr. Dockery will introduce a bill" na
providing that after June Of > . 1SS4 , the pre an.
rates of duty on all woolof whate\er
rade or classification to be u-ed in tneman-
facitire of shawls , blankets , flannels , hat- ,
goods and wearing apparel of every de- .
Hcriptlon bo reduced 25 per cent. The resolution
elution will bring the average duty 01. wool
to about 22 per cent.
SuperinlendonJameson , ' of the
railway mall sen-Ice , has 'returned from
* Portland , Oregon , and points ( in the North'-
' ern Pacific railroad1 ? He .succeeded in per-
feeling- the "S-nUway nVair y.itotn of tha
route , HO that no delay N now experienced
In the distribution of mail matter.
The 'president sent a long list of
nominations to the senate on the ,18th ,
mostly rece-.s appointments.
„ _ Attorney , General Brewster characterizes
terizes the published statement ) * of John A.
W-ilsh. in which the latter diseredits the
sincerity of the government's efforts to
prosectjte ex-Senator Kellogg , as "a rig
marole of diHcngenlous In-xilcnce. " The
government , Mr. J5rpwster > ays , fias made
an hone.-tandjauicere effort to find-Wal.-ih
and bring him to the witness standt.
A olose" friend of Senator Conkling
says concerning a storjsnntrf rom Washing
ton , that Conkling.'BIaino hnd Grant had
formed a combination to put Log-in forward
for the presidential nomination , that it wu >
an entire fabrication , and wan without the
slightest foundation .so far as Colliding was
concerned. *
Col. Boudinot presented an applica
tion to Di-trict Attorney C'orkbill , asking
him to prosecute William A. Phillips , of
Kansas charged by Uoudinot with violating
thu reyifcd statutes in making contracts and
reoei-tlng money from Indians. The names
of six wltne"- < 4 , including Secretary Teller
and Commissioner price , will be furnished
to Corkhill.
A bill has b.een introduced by Sena
tor" Cullom to c tablNu a board of railroad
commistioners to regulate inter-state com
merce , which provides for the appointment ,
by the pre-ident , of a board of five com
missioners at a salary of : , (100 ( each , who
will exercise i-upervision over the inter
state commerce of lailroadn , caiuN , and
commerce of foreign countries , and inve
tigate all complaints niadu by railroad < * om-
niis-ioueis of state- , and otbors of discrimi-
nationxin charges'made by s-iich tranporta -
tion companies tlien for service as common
carrier ? .
In the Proteus court of inquiry Capt.
Powell , acting chief signal officer during the
absence of Haien , testified thatLieutenant ,
Ca/.iari drew up what wa knoxvn as ' 'sup
plemental in.-truetions , ? ' including orders
for the conduct of the 'ttcppdition. which
witness thought had licen all settled by the
chief Mgnal officer. It contained Caziari's
views. The i-uestion of leaving utoreat
Littleton ir-iand was not diocti.-scd in the
presence of the witness.
President Arthur on the 2Ldt issued a
proclamation recommending that the 100th
anniversary of Washington's surrender of
hit commission as commander-in-chief of
the , armof the United States , at Annapo-
libe ob-erved by appropriate exerci-e-
connection with religious serviceon the
-3d in'-t. , or b3 * such public observance as
may be deemed proper on Monday , the 24th
iiirjt. The pre-ident further directs that at
12 o'clock , noon , on Monday , the 24th , a
national salute be fired from uli forts
throughout the country
In the criminal court Judge Wylii *
rendered ' a deci-iou in the case of ex-Sena
tor Spencer , charged with contempt of
court for failing to appear in the star-route
trial. The judge said the subprna was not
aubp < i-na , became there was no penalty
attached. It ordered
the ex-senator to ap
pear , but limited the time to one day. The
subp.una , by error of the court , the judge
said , was for a ehil , and not for a criminal
ease. The ex-senator wa- , here before the
time ordered by the so-called subp ina , and
he remained here two weeks. He sought
ai interview with one of the counsel , bnt
was unable to secure one. I'ndur these circumstance
cumstance- , and owing to the fact that the
siibpu-na had been improperly served and
returned , the judge held the , , case was not
one ! of contempt , and discharged the pris
i Speaker Carlisle is expected to an
nounce the house committees on Mondav
morning. Considerable difficulty ha- been
experienced from the fact that some of the
membera given places have expressed dis
satisfaction with their alignment. In-onu-
instance1- the dissatisfied membera have re
fused toerve. . necessitating a number of
Chan-re- . . Throughout the work Carli-e
ha- been a i-ted by f'oi. Morrison , an in
timate friend.
Nebraska Appointments.
WAIIINGTONDecember 20. The
senate thi- afternoon confirmed the follow-
Sngappoinimeut- , : Postmasters Charles K.
C'outant , Omaha- Joseph M. Davis Wa-
; Kdward Whitcomb , Friend ; William
. iedaman , Norfolk ; Hiram Price , Alien -
ion : Peter F. Peterson , Tekamah ; W.
. Morri-on , Beatrice ; George Little ,
I'lum Creek : J. Gandy , York ; Solomon F.
Pajette , I'.lue Spring * . Ben. C E. We--
.ailaul ha- been appointed railway po-tal
erk from Omaha to Oj.'den.
\VAainxGTOK , December 36. The
enate to-day confirmed the following :
.awTence Welton. of Illinois , judge of the
ourt of claims ; John Ji. Tanner , of Illi-
ioiUnited States marshal for the southern
li-trict of Illinois ; Nathaniel P. Burnof
Iax-ichuetts United Stat s marshal for
ttaisnehusetts ; John W. Scott , of Kansas ,
ndian agent atPonca , Pawnee , and Otoe
jenfcy ; Col : Samuel U Ualabi'rd ,
-ter-genen.l ; John S. Tucker , of
. secretary of Montana.
COI > OIL-J. PA. Hev. J. D. Xehrin" .av . -
WMparalyid in my ri'ht side. "The
seofHrown- " Iron Hitters" enabled me to

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