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? Vur f fer
LONDON , December 17.-i-O'Donnc
hour'hvst . Tl
retired at tin curly hvst evening.
morning lie rose promptly and took njo *
breakfast , Hhortly after live o'clock. At p
Valuer Fleming. arrived and reeolvcd tl
prlfeoner'b hist communication and aelminl
tered the lioly .sacrament. A few mlnut
before eight o'clock the pririon > r waft r
moved from his cell to the large room of tl
prl on c.Hcortcd by the wardens. In tl
large room wurc fetatloncd JJinn , the hunj
' man , the sheriffs and under * hheriffri , uo
ernor of the jail , Jlev. Dr. Dufiield , prise
chaplain , and the Newgate surgeon. Tl
proccfeb of pinions the prisoner's limbs w
performed by DInii , O'Dounell keeping
ref.oluti ( iilenco and t-howinj ; the utino
llrmncsH , ocwLsioiKilly htnilingin an abhtrac
eel wy. . This work done thejproceH3lonmoV (
to the court-yard , where wart thecaffolt
O'Donnull declined any assistance from tl
warden smd ascended the fecaff.ihf. Falhi
Klemlng , by his hide , repeated the hervice
the church for the dying and held the crue
lix before O'Uemucll'dgaze. This priboin
took his place on the drop under the ropi
the slack of .which was held up ov crji
head by a piece of thread. Binn appeart
very calm arid quickly fixed tin- nee
around O'Donnell's neek , carefully placii
the knot , under the left ear. Ile item
stepped back and pulled the fatal le\er , at
O'Donnell fell eight feet. The rope hard
quivered. According to the Mirgeon , deal
was instantaneous , there being scarcely at
nuifeculiir movement of the hanging fern
A the black llag was run up-tho- in tl
prlon could hear a hushed murmur fro
the mullifudo outside. The body hung 01
hour , when it was cut down and remove
for the proper legal humect.
Uiim pulled the lever of the trap precke' ,
athe neighboring eTinrch clock * wei
striking 8Th'e crowd in front of Xcwga' '
increased rapjdly , and shortly before
o'clock numbered 20,000 peivons. Tl
streets were closely packed , but the thron
observed n quiet and orderly eleinennoi
The Irish element was not connpicuou * . A
the moinont for the execution approach * )
the crowd swayed up against the prieo
wall , and the joudway , which had befoi
been kept clear , became blocked. Thep <
lice , however , moved rapidly through ll
multitude and easily cleared the waj
"When the lilaetk fl.ig was hoisted , anuoum
ing the tnisrody was at an cud. there was n
demonstration , although suppressed excite
mcnt marked many faces. .O'Dounell'
brother remained to the last , bitterly wecj
ing in the center of a r.ympathi/.ing grouj
The clouds began to break as the hour of
approached , and when the black flag wt
run up it was distinctly displayed again :
the rising sun. The people immediate ]
dispersed after the hoisting ot the llag.
Kxtensive precautions have bee
taken at London in consequence of informs
tiou of the arrival of the feuian , Dalej
concerned in the storage of arm * at Clerk
euwell , for which offence WaKH wai > con
\5etcd. A special corp-5 of police , many c
whom speak the Irish language , arc place
wherever it is thought mischief i likely t
occur. All prisoners in the public build
ings and the docks arc carefully watched
A special corps of police have been detaile
to guard the parliament building"West
min-ter Abbey , the government officers
national gallery , German einba y , Mansio
house , stock exchange and the Bank c
England. The luggage of all passenger
landing from Atlantic steamers is careful !
Baker Pasha has started for Suakim
He Will have supreme command of Soudan
The khedive has instructed him to endeavo
to conciliate the tribes before resorting t
force , the object of the expedition being t
pacify the countries between Suakiin an
Herbcr. The khedive also advised him nc
to begin operations until reinforced' h
* lllack recruits , and not to engage Iheenem
miles * under the most favorable condi
The steamer Grantully landed at Do
ver one passenger , chief engineer and lif
teen men , rescued with great difficulty f rot
the burning steamer St. Augustine , j
heavy sea at the time rendered futile all el
forts to get a boat along side the vessel , an
the rescued men were hauled on board th
Grantully with lines and buoys. They wer
the lat that left the fjhip. The second mat
shot himself , and a sailor stabbed himsel
during the fire through fright.
Lord Lyons , English ambassador' t
France , has written Victor Hugo expres.-
ing regret that the English governmer
found it impossible to advise- the queen t
commute O'Donnell's sentence of death.
Franco is reported not- disposed I
negotiate further with China before the oc
cupation of JJacninh.ItJs , said. thatSi
Charles Dilke is about to visit the continen
to moot the question of mediation of th
powers between prance and China.
The chamber of deputies debate )
Bert's interpellation concerning- with
drawal of the prohibition against the impor
tation of salted meats. Bert demanded tha
the withdrawal be postponed * mtil th
special hill on the subject be discussed
'llerison , minister of : commerce , ' opposed th
motion on the "ground .that the : withdrawn
responded to the demands of interestcd'per
sons , and showed th.it no case of trich'inos
is had occurred during the time the frei
importation of pork wan permitted. Tin
adoption of the order of the day was puri
mcnt , but was rejected 21itoi liOO ; Tl
order of the day , 04 propoh'ed y "Bert/ '
-carried flSO to 2at. _ > ] * -H , .
' , SENATE. * Monday , December ' 17.-
, ilr. Sherman offered a resolution' that tl
Hcnuio proceed to theelcctlon'of olllcep
Ordered to Ha over till to-motro ' , A met
sage was received from the IIOIIHU annoiu
cing the death of Ha-kdl , of Kansas , an
was Immediately taken up. After appn
priate remarks bv IngallK , on hlsTTiotioi
tentative. Adjourned.
HOUSK. The chaplain ; In" touching wove !
referred to the death of IJotu 4 J ) . C. U : > -
kell , of jvatifas , and invoked divine ' .blue *
ing upon the bereaved family.Mr. . Andei
son offered tlie customary rcnolullom
which were 'unanimously ' adopted by tli
house as a tribute of respect to the meniQr
of the deceased. Adjourned until MoiuTuv
SKNATK. Tuesday , December 18.-
Mr. Van Wyck offered a resolution callin
upon the secretary of the interior forcopie
of the mortgages given by the Texas Paeili
railway on lands granted by the act <
March 8 , Jt > 71 ; also-to inform , theeonate *
the names of railroad corporations claimin
lands not eanicd during lifetime t
the grant , together with th
TUimher of acres claimed by each road
The senate went 'into committee of th
wlmlefor thcpurpo.-uof continuing the eon
ciili > ratun ! of tho- new rules. Mr. Injill
offered the cu-tomary resolution , whic
was agi'red to , that tlie presidunt and th
house of representatives be notified of th
plOcti'ni of a new .secretary of the senate
1'cniling the vote on the ' rule theciiatc ad
journed. * /
1 SHXATI : . Wednesday , December l
Bills introduced Mr. Cullnm , to provid
forthe accoptaniio l > y the t'nitpd States (
the Illinois and Michigan canal from Illi
nois. Mr. Ingalls , to provide for the ap
pointnipnt of a commission to inveMigat
railroad trnwportation. Mr. I.dgan. t
consolidateth bureau nf military ju-tlccan
corps of judge.- * advocate of the armv
' ' 'he bill rt atinir a new standard of time fo
the diMrict of Columbia was pa ed. Th
senate took up the hoii'-c concurrent re.-olu
tion for a holiday recess. It was amende
to make Monday , January Tith. the date fo
reassembling. "As amended the resolutio
was agreed to and returned to the house.
Ilorsi : Mr. Morrison offered ;
concurrent , resolution for a holiday veers
from M mday. Decembers-Hit until Thur *
day , January 3d. Agreed to. 1411 to til
with the umlerstanding that no busine *
should bo transacted on Monday except th
nppointmont of committees. O'n motion o
Mr. AVill an anipndmont was artifpted in
crpasinirithf inembprship of i-elucl commit
tees from one to three members each eve
the la-t congrr'-s number. The origins
j-i'solut'on as amended was agrred to
3Ir. Oolkens offered a resolution , which wi
adopted , crilling upon the secretary of tat
for all communications , documelitam
paper * in his po' e' ioll relating to the trial
conviction and execution , of the late Pat
rickO'Donni'll by the British government
Mr. Blackburn "reported a resolution fo
nii.Mnir a standint ; uouuiiittec on labor , t
which to be referred measures affrctin ;
labor , and limitimr the jurisdiction of th
committee on education and labor , and pro
viding ithal' ' hereafter be konwn as th
committPt' on orlucation
SENATE. Thursday , December 20.-
A me sage \v.i received from the hous
concurring : in the senate amendment , mak
in r the date of the reassembly of congrcs
iifterthe holidavs : Monday. tJanuary 7th
Mr. Van Wyck's resolution , introduce !
yesterday , calling on the secretary of the in
terior for information regarding la'ntli grant
ed to railroads , wa called up. Mr. In
rails had an objection to the preamble a
tending to commit the enate to an interpre
lation of the deci-ion ( if the supreme court
Mr. Van \Vyek insisted that his preambl
was correct. In the course of the debate h
referred to the opinions of Attorney Gener
id Devons and Justice Harlan on the saini
subject , and criticised thfir opinions , a1
well as the practice of the general lam
3tlicp inlollowiufrthe law laid down by thos
opinions rather than those by the suprem
purt of the United States. The discussioi
closed by the insertion in the preamble o
the words , ' 'it iH alleged , " so as not t
commit the senate to any special intrepretii
: ion of thp sunrpine court decisionA
imended Van Wvck' ip.snlutiou was agreei
: o. Adjourned till Monday.
HOUSE. A lonsrdiser's on sprang ti ]
jver a resolution offered by Mr. . Geddes ti
; rant a munth's extra pay 10 di cliarged em
ployes. " TrTlveifer calle'd up"lh resolutioi
foe the appointment of a committee 01
ivoman's suffrage. Mr. Keifer spoke in fa
ror of the appointment of a special commit
lee to which will be referred all petition :
md measures pertaining to the sub
iect of woman suffrage. The resolu
: iou was rejected yeas , S8 ; nays. 12t
Mr. Hollitzell , from the special committal
iuving the matter in charge , reported :
joint resolution requesting the iresidentt <
issue a proclamation recommending to thi
people , either by appropriate exercises ii
connection with rel gious service , on th <
J3d inst , or by such public observance a >
they deem proper on the 2Hh , to comment
jratc the surrender by Washington of his
lomrnission as coinmander-in-chief of th (
irmy. Adjourupdtill Monday.
The Case of Polin , Under lieatl
jpeciul to the Omaha Republican.
LIXCOLK , December 19. The su
areme court adjourned to-day sine die
They have considered a number of civi
; ases , and a few criminal ones , the mos
prominent of which was that of Polin vs. thi
State. Polin , it will be remembered , wa :
lentenced to be hung on the 21st , for mtir
; ler committed in Plattsmouth some tim <
igo. A strong effort ha * been made to gc
: iis sentence commuted , and , that failing ,
m equally strong effort has heen direciec
.oward securing a new trial. The motioi
n the matter was argued to-day before tht
upreme court but was overruled. The en-
; ry of the court was as follows : "In tht
natter of Polin versus the State , the motior
'or a. orehearing is overruled. The formei
> rder fixingthe dato-i execution is vacated ,
md now fixed for the 2oth day of January ,
SS4. "
One Hundred Years Old.
Mrs. Johanna Lipp celebrated hei
mndre th birth day at Maysville ; Ky. , a few
lays age. She was born in Kerchhelm ,
9tith Germany in 1783 ; has five children ,
uneteen grandchildren and tweutyffivc
rreitt'grandehildren. Her mental -fkcnltici
ire good , and she is an interesting and
luent talker. She held a levee on the oc-
: asion , and many gentlemen called to pav
heir respects.
HY3. K. Ft.K18CIIM.lK. '
, , {
lt parklen ,
I , Itrt diamond jtttd on high ,
, fTill it waters clear and pearly ,
Jlellect on the azure sky.
Tho'Graybeard hltH and watches . , ,
dlifi treasures with jealous care ,
Watches and Walts for ybitorjj
Victors few and rare.
For he who would drink of the fountain
M"uJ.4tpas3 the portal of bliss ;
It * passage iH rocky and scraggy , '
Surrounded by precipice. ' ,
And he would drink of ite watery
. 4l'hat sparkle , no clear and high
Must live the life of the righteous ,
' "For the righteous never die.
[ Philadelphia Call.
e > o
4' *
'Twa noon ( old time ) ; the busy clocks'
A brief while ceased their ticking ;
I crept behind my sweetheart , Xcll. .
My way , with soft feet picking.
' ' - . . .
I Mifitched a kiss ; she blushed and scroamci
And vowed me b'ase to win it ,
And that she'd rtih and telHier ma
That-very , very 'minute.
"Old'Titne is dead ! " I cried with joy ;
And for thin blessed quaiter
iVlI luw-8 are off ! 'Tino time now ! /
I would not wish it shorter. "
rhe clock" struck 12 , and 'Nell's dcareucel
Were bright an summer's posies ;
S'cw time for us winged on its way ,
And strewed it deep with rose * .
[ Life.
Harper's ilPK-'izine for Dccembur.
mas looks out : iL us from the dii
shadow of the groves of the Druids wh
mew not Christ , and it is dear to they
> vho uov/ renounce the name of Chri :
< ian. The Christmas log , which llei
exhorts his merrie , merrie boj's t
with a noise to the firing , is hi
; he SaxYin Yulc-los : ' burning on tli
English hiiurth , and the bla/.ing iiol
lay temples of Saturn shine again 5
.lie illuminated Christian churches. ]
s the Inigan mistletee under which tli
Christian youth kisses the Christia
uaid. It is the holly of the old Itoma
Saturnalia which decorates Bracebridg
.l-M on Christmas-eve. The hug <
iinoking baron of beef , the flowih
jeeans of ale , are hut the survivals t
"he tremendous eating and drinking c
lie Scandinavian Walhalla.
Tlie Christian and anli-Christia
'eeling blend in tlie happy season , an
: he Christian observance mingles : i
svery point with the pagan riter It 3
tot easy to say where the paganisr
; ntls ancl the Christianity begins. Th
: arols and the wassail , the prayers ain
phe games , the generous hospitality
lobby-Horse and the Lord of Misrule
Vlaid Marion and Santa Glaus , are
; urious medley of the old and the iie\v
\s the religious thought of all ages am
: ountries , when it reaches a certain el
jvation , Hews into an expression whici
iiakes the scriptures of the most divei
i ent nations harmonious , the history o
, his happy festival is evidence of th
lommon humanity of the earlier am
ater races ; and the stranger in Brace
> ridge Hall , musing by the glowinj
icartli on" Christmas-eve , as he watche
lie romping revelry beneath the glisten
ng berries , and listens to the waits cat
oiling outside in the moonlight , or a
ic is wakened on Christmas morninj
> y the hushed patter of children's fee
n the passage , and the shy music o
iluldren's voices at his door , may v.rel
leeni to hear a more celestial strain
ind to catch a deeper meaning in th <
vords , "Before Abraham was , I am.1
is i Christmas tradition makes goo <
: iieer the glory of the day. Forty year
igo , when Leech was "beginning hi :
iareer , Kenny Meadows was the "char
icter artist" of the Illustrated Londoi
sews , and its chief holictay picture :
vere drawn by him. They were _ al
cones of eating and drinking , of game :
ind jollity. They were full of bottle ;
md smoking bowls , of roast beef am
> lum-pndding and mince-pie , of burn
Bg brandy and kissing under the mis
letoe. "Old Christmas1' was repre
ented as a tlowing-bearded satyr crown
id with ivy and pouring huge llajroni
if wine , or as a rollicking boon com
> anion stretching out one hand to th (
pectator over decanters and jugs am
passes , while the other holds an. oper
ankard. The typical faces of th (
Jhristmas figures were those of the
ubicund middle-class John Bull , 'am
lis hearty daughter gayly resisting the
fforts of the young soldier Irving's
fulia and the Captain to draw fiei
inder the permissive bough ; or of the
luxom chambermaid and greedy chil-
iron in a frenzy of delight over tin
rnoking plum-pudding. Christmas , ac-
ording to these delectable pictures ,
ras all guzzling and gobblingJoye-
naking and other bliudman's-buff ; and
s the reader of to-day looks with
mused curiosity at these holidaj
ketches of yesterday , he too , like the
tranger by the fire' in Bracebridgt
Tall , throuirh all the fun and the feast-
rig , Hears the music of the old Chnst-
ias song : ,
' -Twas Chrietmas broached the .mightiest
' ale. J't
Twas Christmas told themerrie , t tale ;
L Christmas gambol oftwould - cheer v- ,
'he " 'poor imri's heart through -half the
year. ' *
This is the spirit of Dickens' Christ-
: ias , at.d of Thackeray's , and , in a
; reat degree , of Irving's , touched in all
of them by 't'he mo tern humaiiitari :
sentiment. It is the traditional "Eii'
) iah Christmas , wlmn no man should < j
hungry1. For there is no jo } ' upon : i
'empty ' stomach except , indeed , ti
thin ecstasy of the starving saints i
olel pictures , and the } * were already d
'humanized. ' Thh is' " a Christian tnit
which asceticis-m has forgotten. I
identify squalor , emaciation , and doni ;
of all human delights with espeei :
sanctity was to elegrade the rich an
generous 'eligiousi spirit which taugl
that all the worhl * is for man's benef
and pleasure. Ic was George llerbe :
Of whom Richard Baxter said that 1
sang as one whoso business in this worl
was most with God , anel whose beaut
ful lines , *
" ; > weet daj' , so eool , noe-alm , MO bright ,
The bridal of the earth ami sky , "
are as fresh as when they were written
who also said ,
"For u the winds do blow ,
The eartli doth rest , heaunmove , lui
fountains llo w :
Nothing we need hut means our good ,
As our delight or as our tre-i-ure ;
Tins \ \ hole is either our eupbouril of fooe
Or cabinet of pleasure. "
Christianity does not decline an
wholesome uses or beauty of the worle
anel it would be a sorry preacher in tli
church embowered ami seentod wit
Christmas greens who diel not hold thi
Christmas gooel cheer contemplate
body as well as soul.
While their neighbors upon jMa > saclu
setts Bay were banning Christmas , tli
Dutch at New Amsterdam giaelly we
corned and honored him , anel nowher
has he been so truly at home upon tli
continent as in the Dutch city. Th
character of the inhabitants natural !
determined that of the day. It wu
les s an ecclesiastical festival than a si
cial and deuuuslic holiday. The g i !
luring tree of gifts was its lighted an
decorated altar , anel hearty gooel eat
ing anel drinking were its genial ceremonial
menial rites. Hereditary Dutch pnd
sometimes looks askance and even an
grily atDieelrich Knickbockei s storj
But it is plain that tlie gay exaggeni
tion of the old chronicler only emphi :
sized the truth , and that his huuiorou
imagin tive touch produced a likenes
as accurate as that of Bradford of th
Pilgrims , or that of Winthrop am
Sewall of the Puritans. Tin ; tranquil
contenteel burghers whwu he elrcA
were sure to make the most of Christ
ina.s-tide , and their neighbors wh
cursed it must have seemeel to them th
most whimsical of lunatics.
It was natural that the genius wine !
described those burghers with so sub
tie a .sympathy should seem to b
kindred with them. Indeed , there wa
so much eif the true Kniekcrbocke
spirit in Iring that he is usual ! ;
supposed , bthose who d <
not'reltect , to be of Dute !
descent. It is this quality , perhaps
this reaely sympathy with cheerful am
simple domestic enjoyment , whici
made the author of ivnickbocker's His
tory the laureate of English Christ
mas. The holiday that he describe
effects him as it affected tlie citizen o
New Amsterdam , as a day of pleasun
consecrated by religious association
ind the enduring popularity ol hi
. harming essay show that this is tlu
Christmas of the English-speaking
race. Even the NewEnglanel air
.vhieh was so'black with sermons thai
Jt f-uffocateel Christmas , now murmur ;
softly with Christmas bells. The chil
Iron of the resolute Goel-fearing mer
.vho elid not rest from labor on thai
irst Christmas morning now rest ami
rejoice in the happy day whose dawi :
s a benediction.
But it is no longer a superstition ol
my scarlet woman , no longer a festival
ivho'o observance implies perilous ael-
ierence to papal or prelatical errors ,
The purifying spiritual fire , historically
cnowu as" Puritanism , has purged the
iheplpgical and ecclesiastical elros *
iway , anel has left the pure gold of re-
ijjious faith anel human sympathy.
When-the neophyte asked his confessoi
, vhat was the central truth of Chris-
ianity , the olel man answered , "Char-
ty. " Then he explained that charitj
neant love , and that love meant the
ipirit 'of universal ' fraternity. The
ilmsgiving which is the technical inter
n-elation of the word is but a symbol ol
hat giving of the heart anel soul anel
ife to help others of which the supreme
acrifice of Christ is the accepteel type.
The day that commemorates His birth
s the festival of humanity , as the in-
piring sentiment ot actual life. The
ovely legends of the day , the stories ,
md the songs , and the half fairy-lore
hat gathers around it , the ancient tra-
litions of elusky woods anel mystic
ites ; the magnificence or simplicity of
Christian observance , from the Pope in
iis triple tiara , borne upon his porta-
ive throne in gorgeous state to cele-
irate pontifical.high mass at the -great
Itar of St. Peter's , to George Herbert
nimbly kneeling in , his rustic church at
tamertou , or 'to the bare service in
olnc missionary chap'el'upon the Ameri-
an frontier : the lighting of Christmas
rees and hanging up of Christmas
lockings , the profuse giving , the hap-
y family meetings , the dinner , the
; atnu ; the _ dance they-are all the
atural signs and symbols , the , flower
nd friiit/of Christmas. , For Chriitmas
> the day of days'which 'declares the
niversal human consciousness that
eace on earth comes only from good
nil to 'man.
" 4j
The first international exhibition of
lie newjearwillbea display of culinary
rt"at' 5 icnna , e'arly in January , at
, 'hibh ail' thc''best bpoks' hi Germany
-Austria will'Vombnd for prize med-
fe. , rj v// : : , . } i , z\ M-- :
W. B. Johnston has just ended at
Tebster , Mass. , a buggy ride of eight
lonths1 duration , his starting place
azing been San Francisco.
Queer Shadows.
Detroit Kit-e Pn-rs.
It was twilight. The red Hashes
thrown on the window-panes by the
setting sun had slowly faded out and
given place to the first soft shadows of
night , which bring tlie cricket from his
hiding place and send the bee and but
terfly to sleep. There was a feeling of
rest in the room a fouling of quiet con
tentment and perfect satisfaction. The
hum of voices from oilier rooms lulled
instead of annoyed ; the voices of chil
dren on the street seemed far away and
had a touch of pathos.
The old man lay at perfect ease. U\n \
eyes rested on the wall at tl e foot of
the bed his , thin , wrinkled hands were
folded one over 'the other there was
no pain to deepen the lines on his kind
ly face. He had seen the sun go down ,
and he had listesned for thft voice of the
cricket and the call of the whip-poor-
will.Vhat was that ?
A shadow suddenly llitted across the
wall in front of his c cs. Now anoth
er and another. Now the firat shadows
Hit back to head a procession. Passing
irom right to left the procession moves
a procession of queer shadows. They
take on faees as they move along , and
the old maa's heartbeats fister as each
face eomc.s before him. Hero arc the
friends of his youth- faces which grew
white in death so long ago that he had
forgotten them. This one was a child
that a otith-thut a fair young girl
when he fatood by anil saw the earth
cover them. They smile at him , and
his heart grows young.
One procession ends and another be
gins. There are the faces of men and
women sirickcn down in the noonday
of life. Some of them had shared his
hopes and yiupathi/.od with his sorrows
rows all had been his friends. The
sea , the lake and the forest gave up
their dead to the procession of shad
ows , each face was recogni/ed and re
membered. The proe-erision moves on
and on. He is shocked lo realize that
30 many of his friends fell in the battle
of life while ho was spared to grow
olel and rest in peace.
Now conies the third procession.
There is a father , old and bent and
feeble ; a mother with wrinkled , pa-
Liejnt face ; brothers in youth and mid-
ille age ; sisteis who wept with him
over some of the graves. Every face
looks as it did in life : every ey < s meets
his with a glad look of rece guition.
The shadows wave their hands and
move on , and the old man's heart
jrows childish and big.
There is another procession. The
'irst ' shadow is that of a loved wife ,
.vho died while the ? now-white locks
! iad scarcely turned gray. Then came
.he children sons anel ( laughters five
.n all. One by one they had grown
A'cary and rested by the wayside , leav-
ng husbanel and father to pursue the
journey alone. The procession halts ,
md every shaelow holds out its hands to
he poor old man as if in supplication.
His heart swells tears fill his eyes ,
uiel he cries out to them :
"I see 3ou all I am coming11 !
Back with your light ! 3ut it is too
ate. The glare of the lamp flings the
.wihght out of the room with hasty
land , and the shadows which crept
iloug the wall are gone forever. No
me saw them but the old man , and yet
here is proof of their presence. His
> oor old hands are outst retcheel on his
vhite cheeks are tears on his wrinkled
ace a smile of joy and gladness.
His pirit had joined the shadows !
A Young Lady's Gift in Music.
'roin ttu Norwich , Conn. . HuI.Vtm.
The sense of absolute pitch , by which
. person Js able to name any note of
he musical scale when sounded , is one
if great rarity. Some interesting ex-
leriracnts were recently made with a
oung lady of this city who possesses
his gift to a remarkable degree. Tlie
ndy sat in a distant part of the room
, 'ith her back to the piano , while a per-
Drmer took his .station at the instru-
uent. In tlie linst ulace , in order to
iroduce a confusion of tone and ele-
irive the lady of any pitch which she
light be carrying in her mind as a
asis of reckoning , the experimenter
rew his thumb up and down the key
oard two or three times , with the
ampers raised from the strings. When
lie noise had subsided he struck a
ingle note at random , when the'lady
romptly declared that it was "E flat , "
rliich was correct. After she had been
lioroughly tested on the single tones
without a single mistake , the pianist
ent through a series of comph-
ateel modulations and when he
fjsted and inquired , "In what
ey is this chord11 the response came
uickly , "G.11 Although lacking the
jchnical knowledge ot harmony , and
nable to call every chord by name ,
ic could mention the component tones ,
3 once in answer to the question ,
What chord is this15 she replied , "I
on't know the name of it , but the notes
re C sharp , E , G and B flat , " which
ras correct. At a public entertainment
n one occasion , conversation turning
n this subject , the lady said that the
iece the orchestra was then playing
as in the key of D. In order to test
le correctnejof the statement a gen-
eman went to tlus conductor at the
inclusion of the piece and returned
'ith the reply that they had played in
i flat. The lady insisting on her accu-
icy , a seconel inquiry revealed the fact
lat the piano , to which the orchestra
as tuned , was a-serni-tone below con-
ert pitch. Her ability in this direction
; entirely a natural gift and not an ac-
uir'eil accomplishment.
i -
"The increase of livestock is not equal
' - - - . - -Since
> the' increatcof population.Since
SGO the population of the United States
as increased Go per cent. , while the in-
reasc in live stock has been about 50
er cent.

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