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THURSDAY , JAN. 24 , 1884.
All locals umlor thin heading lOc. a line for
each Insertion , and sumo Inserted until order
ed discontinued , unlcsd time Is spccllled. Bills
payable monthly.
1/ocaJ Intelligence.
Grahafn Flour at City Bakery.
Fresh Oysters , Celery , etc. at Israel's.
Cold mornings and nights , but fine
Smoke the Verbena 5 cent cigar at
Israel's- .
Choice Apples , $4.50 per bbl. , al
Rogers' .
Warm meals and oysters at all hours
at Israel's.
The finest lot of Candies in McCool
at Israel's.
Buckwheat , Flour and Maple Syrup
at Rogers' .
"Victor" Flour at Israel's. Warrant
cd. Try it.
For the best Flour in town call al
City Bakery.
Arapahoe Creamery Butter at J. P.
Israel's. Try it.
Monday Avas an exceedingly busy daj
for our land officers.
The famous Boot Jack chewing to
bacco for sale at the B. ' & M. Pharmacy
For cough or colds use Jamaica Run :
and Maple Sugar , to be had at B. & M
Claim hunters and claim jumpers an
scouring the Frenchman and its tribu
taries. Sun.
E. E. Breece of Indianola , has open
cd up a photograph.gallery in the Wick
wire building.
Contractor Collins is building a car
pcnter shop on Dennison street , oppo
site McCook Hotel.
Just receiA'ed , 5,000 "Doctor' !
Choice , " the best nickle cigar made
at B. & M. Pharmacy.
Lumber for the Mcnard building i
on the way , and Mr. Collins inform !
us that work will be commenced ii
about a week.
Young lady from the Stinking Watc
visiting in the East : "I live on th
Bad Smelling Water Creek , but I don'
think it smells bad. "
We put up all letter heads , not
heads , bill heads , etc. , in blotter tablets
if desired , without extra charge. The
are very convenient.
The force engaged in the B. & M
"shops at this point work on Monntai
Standard time. Churches and school
also use Mountain time.
Postmaster Scott's pet prairie dog
have been coming out for a short tim
during the past two weeks. They wer
all out , Sunday afternoon , absorbin
the sunshine.
Rev. V. F. Kletzing of Alma , Neb.
will preach at the church at 7-o'clock
P. M. , the 26th day of this montl :
We hope there will be a good turn oi
to hear him.
Elder Pardee of the Christian Churc
has been conducting a series of succes :
ful meetings on the Willow , during tl
past two weeks. The meeting is sti
in progress.
Hereafter we Avill require that a
contest notices and proof notices I
paid for at < the time of their first inse
tion. We are compelled to do this i
a matter of protection.
While taking our weekly exercise :
the Washington , last week , we AVCI
honored by a short call from the.follox
ing Indianolianrs : Messrs. Phillip
Quick and Hunter. Again , gentleme
The Catholic brethren are preparii
to dedicate their church at Indianol
A choir is in training at this pla <
which is to render the music on thi
occasion. , 'Due' notice will be given i
time , ' . -
A fine up-land , deeded claim for sale.
Inquire at this office.
Mr. Marble informs us that he will
cither erect or rent a building and open
up a photograph'galleryj at a date in
the near future. We have seen speci
mens of his work , and they indicate
that he is an artist of more than aver
age taste and execution.
Perchance it is. not generally known
that there is an ordinance prohibiting
the discharge of fire-arms within the
corporate limits. A fine of not less
than SI , nor more than $100 being at
tached. To put it in its mildest form ,
it is a dangerous amusement.
We are not adding names to our list
at the rate of one hundred per week ,
but our list is increasing at'a rate which
clearly indicates to our mind that the
people of Red Willow county appreciate
the efforts being made to produce a
good , newsy , local paper. Such is oiu
purpose , and we feel assured of T
goodly support.
A number of cattle are being killed
every day on the B. & M. west of Mc
Cook. The "Kings of the road" use
dvery precaution , but explain matters
thus : The trouble seems to be one oi
prders. Stock never have orders tc
make more than 20 miles an hour , and
we frequently go 30 better , and as s
consequence the ambitious bovine ii
summarily bounced.
An order recently issued by the B. S
M. to the effect that all stock killed on
the road west of McCook , in this state
must have the hides taken off and plac-
cd where an inspector can examine the
brand , will meet the approval of a ma
jority of the stockmen in this pait oi
the state. All differences about owner
ship are tlms settled , and .the propei
parties are paid for the losses sustain
ed. Sun.
John Hatfield , Jr. , of the stock firn
of Jno.Hatfield & Sonof Illinois , isii
McCook , at present , looking after his
stock interests , near this place. Oi
their ranch , situated in the Republicar
Valley about 4 miles cast of McCooi
and comprising some 1500 acres o
deeded land and a leased school section
they have a bunch of 350 as fine grad
ed heifers as can be seen in the Repub
lican Valley. The ranch is under thi
management of L. B. March.
Rev. Dungan , of the Congregationa
Church , assisted by Rev. Dean of Bloom
ington , and Rev. Bartley of the Metho
dist Church , McCook , has been con
ducting a revival meeting during tin
past week , which , while but few con
versions have been consummated , ha
been a feast to the professed follower
of the meek and lowly Saviour , giviiij
them renewed strength , establishini
their faith , and has been in many re
spects a source of profit to those i
attendance. Rev. Dean and Rev. Bart
ley formed a happy combination of ser
timent and practice , and their word
and work will be remembered.
There'are two divorce cases on tapi
in Red Willow county which will prov
most interesting and mayhap warm fc
some of the parties interested. Job
Plunkett of this city petitions for d
vorce from Mary E. Plunkett who r <
sides in Indiana , on the grounds c
adultery. The second case is that c
J. M. Plunkett , also of McCook , wh
petitions for divorce from Elizabet
Plunkett , a resident of the Hoosic
State , on the ground of extreme cruelt
and irnpatency. The facts in these case
we will refrain from mentioning ] ust z
this stage. One of the same we hav
from the best authority. Mrs. Job
Plunkett of Montgomery county , Ind
ana , wife of John Plunkett has frv
children dependent upon her , and sli
is now in destitute circumstances , an
her husband whom she has been und (
the impression was in Denver , in tli
mining" business , has been living i
McCook all the time , paying the gallar
to another. Our information is authei
tic and much more extensive than hen
, t in set forth , and we anticipate warnx
weather about February 5th , unless tl
matter is continued.
Senator Dolan was in town on busi
ness , Tuesday.
Mrs. Joseplf Braun returned to Sutton -
ton on Tuesday.
Boyal Buck , of the Willow , was in
Lincoln , the last of the week. ,
Judge Ashmore of Tndianola was in
: own on business , Saturday.
Mrs. T. S. Bosley was a passenger on
lie east bound train , Tuesday afternoon.
B. M. Suavely Lad business before
the land officers , a number of days this
Messrs. Straut , Hunter , Taylor , Love
and Wray , of Culbertson , were in town
W. JI. McCartney spent Sunday in
town , returning home on the early train ,
Mrs. S. II. Colvin who has been se
riously ill for some time , is now on a
'air way to speedy recovery.
J. F. Collins has been awarded the
sontract for the Mcnard brick. He ad-
rcrtises for a number of good mechanics
elsewhere in this issue.
H. C. llider returned from an extend
ed visit .to Lincoln and other points ,
Saturday. Mr. Bider went cast on
business again on Monday.
J. Beaver of Clyde , Kansas , is in
town. He has purchased the building
now occupied by J. P. Israel from J.
W. Dolan. Mr. Beaver informs us that
he will remove to McCook about the 1st
of May.
Col. Burch of Kansas City , was in
town the first of the week. The Col
onel reports his forth-coming handbook
of Bed Willow county as progressing
finely , being held back alone by the cuts
Fred. Boehner , of the Arapahoe Pioneer
neer , was in town Thursday on business
and made us a pleasant call indeed
Mr. Boehner is also in the pork packing
business , which , perchance , he finds
more remunerative , at least , than jour
Eev. Dqan of Bloomington , who has
been assisting Bev. Dungan , pastor loci ,
in the series .of protracted meeting !
which have been held in McCook dur
ing the past week , returned home 01
Wednesday. Rev. Dean made inani
warm friends during the meeting.
W. W. Davis , the live corresponded
and solicitor of the Northwestern Liv <
Stock Journal , a "cow paper' ' whose
initial number was recently issued a
Cheyenne , Wyo. , spent a number o
days of last week in McCook. We re
ceivcd pleasant calls from Mr. Davi :
during his short sojourn in the Magii
. Mr. and Mrs. George Hocknell am
child , started for New Orleans , on Tues
day afternoon. They will stop at Sai
Antonio a short time on their journe ;
to the Cresent City , whither they ar
wending their way for the benefit of th
baby's health , which has been very pee
for some time. Mrs. Byron Churchil
accompanied them. Mr. Ilpcknell wil
return the first of the week.
Just at present , we would sugges
to our farmers , is the time to conside
the matter of spring planting. Th
crops best adapted to the soil. Th
most successful modes of cultivatin ;
and planting. If you have not bee ;
successful heretofore , consult with thos
who have made a success in the mattei
There are farmers in Bed Willow cour
ty who have always successfully raise
crops of small grain , others who hav
failed almost every year. Farmers
industrious men , we mean , will drai
their own conclusion. We have hear
it from the mouths of a number o
homesteaders that they purpose planl
ing more extensively the coming sprin
than ever before. They seem to be full
satisfied of success. Choose intelli
gently respecting crops to be planted
and cultivate industriously , and rea
good crops next fall.
Fourteen degrees below zero at eigli
o'clock , this morning.
Hayden & McCartneys
Will sell the following goods at these
astonishingly low prices after this date
and until further notice :
Calicoes , Standard Prints , 6c.
Light Brown Sugar , nibs , for $ i.
Granulated Sugar , lolbs. fori ,
We are selling all other goods at
correspondingly low figures. Make it a
point to call and ascertain our reduced
prices before going elsewhere. We have
the goods and are selling them low to
make room for spring stock.
The clang of the anvil for county
organization grows louder.
Will and CJiarlcs Bailey have moved
, o their ranch at the head of Blackwood.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Fairbanks arrived
on the 12th. Those who have met the
bride , speak of her as being a lady of
superior culture and of rare beauty.
Stock is being better taken care of
this winter , than during any season
prior. Riders are out every day looking
for weak cattle. Of dead cattle on the
Jreek , only three head have been report
ed. Texas grades are looking the best ,
tStock has increased so rapidly during
; he last year , that several of our firs !
men talk strongly of moving their cat
tle to the northwestern part of the state
among the lakes at the head of the
North Loup. They talk of starting
soon after the spring round-up.
Carrico , January 1st. W.
This neighborhood is afflicted witl
the measles.
Elwood Paxton , brother of'Postmas
ter Paxton , arrived a week ago Friday
lie thinks some of making his * home
J. G- . Stokes has returned from Nev
Jersey , accompanied by his brother-in
law , H. Troth , who .contemplates in
vesting in cattle.
Miss Force while coming from he
home at Culbertson to her school 01
the Bed Willow , became lost , and wan
dered around until eight o'clock in tin
evening , when she came to the housi
of E. N. Keeler , five miles above he
destination. PIIILO.
Carrico , January 13th.
[ Believing that Philo has failed i
entirely understand our correspondent
"W. , " we have seen proper to eliminat
that portion of his letter. And , then
your own experience with the fair se :
of course would make , you very chari
table , and the more so as the charge i
only one of absent-mindedness. ED.
A Slight Fire.
We had a fire this morning about !
o'clock , which might have proven mor
serious in its results had the same oc
curred during the night. Mr. Farley'
kitchen was the scene. The stove pip
runs up through the roof there bein
no chimney whatever. This mornin
being quite severe , and a very hot fir
was a prime necessity , and the roc
caught fire from the red hot pipe. Th
fire -was speedily extinguished. Thi
matter of running stove pipes up throug
the roof is dangerous , and our city dad
ought to take the subject in hand , c
one of these days we will have a conflr
gration of dimensions to report.
Sunday morning , January 13 , nes
Otterbouruc , Thomas county , in an altei
cation over disputed cattle range , Wir
Salsbury , a email cattle owner , shot an
instantly killed Lewis G. Rider , a slice
owner. The quarrel grew out of er
croachments on each others range.-
Oberlin Herald.
"We will furnish the TBIIICTCE and any of the pul
llcatlons named to all who will pay np to date , ai
renew for one year , at the following reduced rates
Any one who has recently paid up and rencwc
can take advantage of these reductions.
We are also prepared to give reduced rates on a
moat any publication la the United Sttes. Wh <
making np your rending for the next year glvo us
call , and we will help at you out.
Marsh's Golden Blood & Liver Tonic is
a Grand Remedy.
"My wife has used MARSH'S COLD EX
BLOOD & LIVKII Toxic for Dyspepsia
and derangement of the Liver with happy
results. " T. II. Johnson , Austin , Minn.
TONIC has cured my little hey of Scrof
ula and General Debility. It is a grand
remedy. " Thus. J. Smith , Kansas City ,
IC and GOLDKX BALSAM tor the Throat
and Lungs give excellent satisfaction
to my customers. " L. T. Dorsey , Drug
gist , Burlington , Iowa.
TONIC , the great alterative and chola-
the famous cough remedy , are for sale
by S. L. Green , Druggist , McCook.
Thousands of bottles have been given
iway to prove their extraordinary merit. '
Large bottles 50 cents and $1.
Locals under this heud 5c. a line for eacli
nscrtion. 15111s payablenumthly. .
Call and see our artistic designs in
Samples of the latest designs in WallPapers
Papers at W. M. Sanderson's.
We always keep a number of extra
copies of THE TRIBUNE to accommo
date parties who wish to send the news
of this locality to their friends in the
To those who are indebted to me on
advertising in the McCook Tribune
during my term , I hereby give notice
that your accounts have been placed in
the hands of J. Byron Jennings for
settlement. Unless settled by February
1st suit will bo instigated against said
creditors. J. P. ISRAEL.
Attention !
Two dozen pairs of Roller Skates for
$1.00. Drawing to take place as soon
as all the numbers are sold. Tickets
for sale at B. & M. PHARMACY.
Ten good carpenters to work on the
Opera House. None but good work
men need apply. J. F. COLLINS.
McCook , Neb. . Jan. 21.
I have for sale about 50 bushels ol'
Pop Corn , at 3c. per pound.
31-4t. II. W. POWELL ,
Palisade , Neb.
U. S. LAND OFFICE , McCnoK , NEH. , }
January llth , 1884. f
Complaint having been entered at this ofliet *
by SsLxton II. Co.train against lienjamin F.
Kclley for failure to comply with law as to
tiinl'er-culture entry 1059 , dated North Platte.
Neb. , October 0,187 ? , upon the northeast quar
ter section ! i , township 1 , north of range ' , * .
we-t , in Ked Willow county. Neb. , with a view
to the cancellation of baid entry : contestant
alleging that Benjamin P. Kellcy has failed to
.break the second live acres required to Ins
broken during the second year of his entry
and to this date ; that he has tailed to cultivate
any part of said tract in 1882,1883 and 1884 and
to this date ; that he has failed to plant the
required amount to trees , seeds , or cutting *
to this date ; the ' aid parties are hereby sum
moned to appear at this ofliee on the -fit dav
of March , Ib&l , at 1 o'clock , P. M. , to respond
and furnish testimony concerning said alleged
failure. 33-4t. G. L. LAWS , Register.
November -.Min , . lbS3. J
Complaint having been entered at this ollicc
by Peter Boyle against John M. Hood for fail
ure to comply with law as to timber-culture
entry W' , dated at North Platte. Neb. , Octo
ber fi , 1879. upon the west ' northwest * anil
west ' / ; southwest * * section 2. township : >
north , range 30 west , in Ked Willow county ,
Neb. , with a view to the cancellation of said
entry ; contestant alleging that said Hood has
failed to break the second 5 acres durinp the
years 18S2 and 1883 and Tip to present date ;
that he failed to cultivate the firsts acres from
October 6 , 18SO , to the present time ; that he
has failed to plant the same to trees , seeds or
cuttings since making said entry ; the said
parties are hereby summoned to appear at.
this oliice on the ath day of January. 1884 , ar
10 o'clock , A. M. , to respond and furnish testi
mony concerning said alleged failure.
(1. L. LAWS , Register.
Case continued to Monday. January 28th , at
10 A. M. C. P. UABCOCK , Receiver.
December llth , 1PS3. f
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Prancis M. Kimmell against William A.
Wallin for failure to comply with law as to
timber-culture entry 1C40 , dated North Platte.
Neb. . October 1st , 1879 , upon the southwest
quarter section 3 , township 3 north , range 2 ! >
west , in Red Willow county. Neb. , with a view
to the cancellation of said entry : contestant
alleging that said William A. Wallin has failed
to break the second five acres required to bo
broken from October 1st , 1880 , to October 1st ,
1SS1 ; that he has failed to cultivate 5 acres or
any part of said tract from October 1st , 18S1 ,
to October 1st , 1883 , or at any time ; thatheha *
failed to plant to trees , seeds or cuttings live
acres or any part of said tract at any time
since making said entry ; the said parties are
hereby summoned to appear at this office on
the 5th day of January , 1884 , at 10 o'clock. A.
M. , to respond and furnish testimony concern
ing said alleged failure.
G. L. LAWS , Uegister.
Case continued until Friday. January 25th
at 10 o'clock , P. M. G. L. LAAVS , Register.

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