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Ziooatod at Omaha.
Bpecial to Chnnhn Itepubllcan.
LINCOLN , January 16. Tbe principal
bublnfHg before the board of ugriculturu to
day w&H the location of the fair. Proposi
tions were introduced by reprcsentaUyea
Vl from Omaha , LincolaMaud Grand Island ol
lerlnggrounds , buildingi , etc. , foftKeJo-
catlon of the fulr for a term of live years.
Each deputation of citizens presented the
advantage * of the r localities in an able man
ner , and'tno whole foronoou was spent in
the dlscu-blon. Finally Burks , of Lincoln ,
propwod to withdraw the Driving Park's
proposition , provided the board locate the
fair at Omaha for one instead of five years.
No proposltions'for one year had been of
fered and the board granted an opportunity
to revise Itio propoaltlonH. ' After more nig-
ciiHsion , JudgeSavafjeoffered a < jresolutUxn
"that the titate fair be located at Omaha for
one year , provided the Driving Park asso
ciation grant the same terms as
-lost year. ' ' The resolution was carried by
an almost unanimous .vote. The general
opinion among the members seemed tobc (
that the fair should not be located at any
one place inoro than one year as at present ,
owing to the rapid changes going on in the
state. The board appointed J. F. Kinney
delegate to the national turf congress to beheld
held at NewYorkJn February'
The board'of hortlculture.had a very In
teresting meeting. The day was consumed
lnTthe discussion of topics relating to fruit
tree culture and varieties of fruits. . The
display of winter apples waa the finest ever
made In the state. The fruit was arranged
on four long tables , and consisted of 152
plates , containing different varieties , and
entered by nine competitors. They pre
sented a fine appearance.
In the vast amount of business trans
acted at the Baltimore , Md. , postoflice }
Mr. M. V. Bailey , superintendent of the
mails , is kept exceedingly busy , but
somehow he finds a spare hour or day
to go fishing , and from his experience
he gives his testimony that St. Jacobs Oil
ia the best remedy iu the- world for rheu
matism , sprains , sore feet and joints ,
bruises , etc. Itjs the remedy for fisher
men and gunners , who .should always
keep a bottle on hand. ! :
Nebraska State Farmers' Alliance.
KEAIINBY , Neb. , January 17. The
Nebraska State Farmers' Alliance con
cluded a two days' session to-ni"ght. After
trans. c'Jon of routine business a
platform was adopted declaring in
favor of national' and state * legisla
tion to regulate railway trafllc with both" a
maximum and minimum rates , and demand
the abolition of the national banks and the
substitution of a currency by the govern
ment direct ; to oppose protection and de
mand a tariff for revenue only ; express
sympathy with labor and ask protec
tion for labor. Organization was recom
mended for the abolition of convict labor.
They ask congress to reclaim all unearned
land grants and reserve the public domain
for the octuar settlers and oppose the ac
quirement of public lands by foreigners. A
resolution was also passed endorsing the
conduct of Senator Van "Wyck. The alliance
has taken measures to recognize and itt >
members will continue an independent
movement. *
party _ -
OONSUMTTITES KrrenwD by doctors have been'
cured by Plso's Cuio. 25 cts.
Weavilly Wheat.
NEW YOUK , January 14. Upwards
of four hundred thousand bushels No , 2 red
wheat were posted this morning in various
Brooklyn stores as. being 'warm , Weavilly ,
and having a strong smell , The president
of the produce exchange announced careful
examination has been made of wheat in
Brooklyn stores , and the inspector in chief
reports wheat for the present in good con
dition , The market is nearly a cent , lower
on first trading , Jl _ _ . '
troubled with Chronic Catarrh
and gathering in my head , was very deaf at
times , had discharges 'from my 'ears , aud
was unable to breathe through my nose.
Before the second bottle of Ely's'Cream
Balm was exhausted I was cured , and to
day enjoy sound health G. J. CORBIN , '
923 Chestnut st. , Field- Manager , Philadel-
phm Pub. House. PA. ( Speadv't. )
Unhappy is the young man whose
overcoat is with his uncle.
health and vlffor , cures Dyspepsia and Impotence.
The Spaniards have a religious rev
erence for the banana , " believing it to
be the fruit of which Adam .partook.
li has certainly caused the fall of many
a son of Adam. . .
The b.ilbauiic healing and noothing prop
erties ot Samaritan nervine are something
Signor Salvini has written his'1'Im
pressions of Shakspeare's 'Lear' " for
the February Century. It is said that
the paper contains also many striking
general observations on the" dramatic
and Navy Liniment cures Colic , Scratches
and others. For particulars See advertise
The map of Nebraska , issued by the
State Journal company , is a. valuable
reference , in that it is a late compilation
from the official records of the govern
ment and railroad offices , anil contains
every county in the state , including
those organized by the last legislature.
The map is highly colored , well print-
oil , and arranged'to foldln such a man
ner that it will always be found clean
and ready for reference.
The San Erancisco reporter didn't
get anything new when he asked a Clii-
naman how the children of Confucius
kept Christmas : "Samee like Melican
man , " was the rejoinder , "eat , dlink ,
and gled dlunk. "
* * t t ?
Discovered Barely in Tlm The Most
Deceptive and louring of Modern
IhrlJi * Graphically .llet-orlbeil.
Syracuse Journal.
Something of a sensation was caused
inythis city yesterday by a rumor that
one of our * b'ost-knowri citizens was
about to publish a statement-concerning
some unusual .experiences during his
residence in Syracuse. How the rumor
originated it is impossible to say , but a
reported immediately sought Dr. S. G.
Martin , the gentleman in question , and
secured the following interview :
"WJiat about this rumor , Doctor , that
you are going to make a public state
ment of Home important matters ? "
x"Just about the same as you will find
in allu rumorffsome truth ; some fic-
tiorw X .had. contemplated making a.
publication of some remarkable epi
sodes that have occurred in my life , but
have not completed it as yet.1'
"What Ls the nature of it , may I en
quire ? "
* "Why , the fact that I am a human
being instead of a spirit. I have passed
through one of the most wonderful or
deals that perhaps ever occurred to any
man. The first intimation I had of it
was several years ago , when I began to
feel ( jhilly at" night and.restlesg after re
tiring.Occasionally this would be
varied tijra soreness of the muscles and
cramps in my arms and legs. I thought ,
as most peoplejwould think , that it was
only a cold and BO paid as little atten
tion to it as possible. Shortly after this
I noticed a peculiar -catarrhal trouble
and my "throaj- also beaame inflamed.
As if this were not variety enough I felt
sharp pains in my chest , and a constant
tendency to headache. "
' Why didn't you take the matter in
hand and check it right where it was ? "
"Why doesn't everybody do so ?
Simply because they think it only some
trilling and * passing disorder. These
troubles did not come all at once and I
thought it unmanly to heed them. I
have found , though , that every physi
cal neglect must be ( paid f .r and with
large fntere&t. Men cmmotdraw drafts
on their constitutions without honoring
them sometimes. These minor symp
toms I have described grew until 'they
were giants of 'agony. L-became more
nervous ; y had a strange fluttering of
the heart , an inability to draw a long
breath and an occasional numbness that
was terribly suggeativa of paralysis.
Howl could have been so blind as not
to understand what this meant I cannot
imagine. "
/And did you do nothing ? "
'Yes , I traveled. lu the spring of
1879 I went to Kansas and" Colorads ,
and while in Denver , I was rttacked
with a mysterious hemorrhage of the
urinary organs and lost twenty pounds
of flesh in three weeks. One day
after my return I was taken with a ter
rible chill , and at once advanced to a
very severe attack of pnenmonia. My
left lung soon entirely filled with water
and my legs and body became twice
their natural size. I was obliged to sit
upright in bed for several weeks in the
midst Of the severest agony , with my
arms over my head , and in constant
_ fear of suffocation. "
"Amldid you still make no attempt
to save youreelf ? "
"Yes , 'I made frantic efforts. I tried
* every thing that seemed to offer the
least prospect -of relief. I called a
council of doctors and had them make
an exhaustive chemical and microscop
ical examination of my condiiion. Five
of the best physicians of Syracuse and
several from another city said I must
die !
' It seemed as though their assertion
was true for my feet" became cold , my
mouth parched , my eyes wore a lixed
glassy stare , my body was covered with
a cold , clammy death sweat , and I read
my fate in the anxious expressions of
myJamily and friends. "
"Came at lasF. My wife , aroused to
desperation , began to administer a rem
edy on her , own responsibility and
while Pgrew better very slowly ; I gain
ed ground very surely until , in brief ,
I have no trace of the terrible Bright's
disease from which I was dying , and I
am a perfectly well man. This may
sound like a romance , but it is true ,
and my life , health and what I am are
due to , Warner's Safe Cure , which 1
wish was known to and used by the
thousands who , I believe , are suffer
ing this minute as I was originally.
Dees pot such an experience as this jus
tify me in making a public statement ? ' '
"It certainly does. But then Bright's
disease is not a common complaint ,
doctor , "
"Not common ! On the oonttary , it
is one of the most common. The trou
ble is few people know , they have it.
It has so few marked symptoms until
its final stages that a person may have
it for years , each year getting more
and more in its pover < and not suspect
it. It is quite natural that I should
feel enthusiastic over this remedy and
my wife is even more so than I am.
She knows of its being -used with sur
prising results by many ladies for their
own peculiar ailments , over which it has
singular power. "
The statement drawn out by the
above interview is amply confirmed by
very many of our most prominent citi
zens , amongthem being Judge Keigel
and Col. James S. Goodrich , of the
Tillies while Gen. D wight H. Bruce and
llev. Prof. W. P. Coddington , D. D. ,
give the remedy their heartiest endorse
ment. In this age of wonders , surpris
ing things are quite common , but an
experience so unusual AS that of Dr.
Martin's , and occurring here in our
midst , may well cause comment and
teach a lesson. It shows the necessity
of guarding the slightest approach of
physical disorders and by the means
which has been proven the most reliable i
and efficient. It shows the depth to
which one can sink and yet l > e rescued
and it proves that few people need suf
fer if these truths are observed.
Tis Frequently Rccomemled. Mr ,
H. C. Mooney , of Astoria. HH. ! , writes us
that AlInn'H Lung Balaam , which he has
gold for fifteen year , sell's better than any
oth'er oough remedy , and gives general sat
isfaction. 'Tis.Jreqnently recommended
By the medical profenslnn here.
John Morley-has finished his mono
graph on Em rjon.
Brown's \ Bronchial * Troches far
Coughs and Colds : "There is nothing to
be compared with them. " [ REV. O , D
WATKixaValton , Ind.
Schaikowskv is assuming a prominent
place among Russian composers.
DON'T DIE IN TH MOUHE."llouRh onllats'
clean out rats. mice. tile * . rnarh > yi. bed-bugs , lie
A Denver Iwckinan complained in"
court.that his reputation has been dam
aged' $2,000 worth. How about the
Niagara baokmijn's reputation ?
"My brother , aged 19 , had tits from his
infancy , Samaritan Nervine cured him. "
A. W. Curtis , Oaakis , Minn. 1.50 at
Druggists' .
A cloth saturated in cold water and *
laid before-the bed at night is suggested ,
as a sure cure for a somnambulist.
G.uiriKi.D , IOWA , Dr. A. T. Henak
Bays : Once lining Brown's Iron Bitters
prove- its riuperiority over all other tonic
Brepantions. "
Tennyson's latter-day poetry probably - .
bly suggested the idea , of making him
barren in name 'as well as nature.
IF ailllcted with Sore Eyes , use Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it.
_ _
Bridget Cronin was awarded six
cents damages in a suit against Rev.
Florence McCarthy for assault at
The Chinese must go , and all Americans
should go and buy a bottle of G'ur-
boline , the Hair Renewer. Since the
recent improvement , no preparation ever
had such a sale * or gave HUCU general - ,
eral natisfactlon as Curboline. Sold by
No smoking allowed in this room ,
said a waiting passenger to the stove.
Piles ! Piles ! Piles !
Sure cure for Blind , Bleeding and Itchlnp
Piles , One box has cured the worst cases of SO
years' standing. No one need suffers minutes
after using Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. It
absorbs tumors , allays Itching , acts as poultice ,
gives instant'relief. 'Prepared only for piles
itching of private parts nothing else. Mailed
for $1. FRAZIEB MEDICINE Co. , Cleveland , O.
"The trees will not begin to turn
over a new leaf until spring , " said a
sad-eyed tramp , "and as I always fol
low Nature's teachings , I think I'll
wait. "
8TIXOUfGlrrltation.lnttammationalI kidney and
urlnoiy complaints , cured by "BncSu-Paiba. " U.
Kissing , Dr. Deems has discovered ,
is purely an American habit. It is ,
however , one that foreigners take to as
kindly as the red man to our fire water.
3Ir. Ganz , the famous clothier on Main
street , Kansas City , has had a daughter
about fourteen years of age afflicted with
curvature of the spine. We are pleased to
note that Drs. Dickerson & Stark of the
Surgical Institute have been successful In
correcting her deformity.
Two heads are better tha'n one , par
ticularly in a barrel.
Well Founded.
b"or six hundred years after the founda
tion of Rome no physician was allowed to
practice in the city and in explanation
thereof It has been lecently discovered that
during all that time the people put their
trust in Allen's Iron Tonic Bitters. Their
faith like their city was well founded. All
genuine bear the tignature of J. P. Allen ,
St. Paul , Minn.
Barnum1 will covers nearly enough
parchment to make a circus tent.
Fare Cod-Liver Oil , miule from selected livers
i > n the sea here by CASWELL , HAZARD & Co. , Nevr
rork : It Is absolutely pure nnd sweet. Patients
who have once taken it prefer It to all others. Phy
sicians have decided It superior to any of the other
alls In market.
Chopped Hand ! , Face , Pimple * , and Hough
Skin , caret by using JUNIPER Tin SOAP , made by
OASWBIX , HAZARD & Co. , New York.
A Texan who has lost both arms has
learned to shoot his revolver with his
toes. ]
When you come to Omaha , take the
Street Cars or * Bus for the Metropolitan
Hotel. $2.00 per day. Tables as good
any $3.00. per day house.
never fail to destroy worms and remove them
from the system.
artd BRUISES arc permanently relieved by
Uncle Sam's.JNerve and Bone Liniment.
Sold by all druggists.
PURIFY THE BLOOD with Eilert's Day
light Liver Pilte. They act directly on the
Liver , Stomach and Bowels being mild and
cleansing but never griping or painful.
SAVE YOUR HAUNES3-by oiling with
Uncle Sam's Harness Oil which will make it
soft and pliable. This is the best oil ever
made for leather. Sold by all harness ma
is just the medicine lor mothers to have in
the house for the children. It will cure
coughs , colds , sore throat and restate the
bowels. Do not fall to give it a trial , you
will be pleased with its charming effect.
Sold bv all druggists.
spiritless , bcragcy and feeble , they need
treatment with Uncle'Sam's Condition Pow
der. It Purifies' the blood , improves the
appetite , cures COLDS and DISTEMPERS ,
invigorates the system and will keep the ani
mal in a healthy , bandHome condition.
Every case of consumption commences
with a cough ; occasioned by having taken
cold , jivhich , If allowed to run its course ,
will soon work its way Into the air passages
and then the lungs , if not checked by some
such valuable cough remedv as EILERT'S
RY , which Is unrivalled for all diseases of
the throat and lungs. Save dangerous spells
of sickness and expensive Doctor's bills by
baking this valuable medicine in beoson. Ask
j-our Druggist for it.
"When you'visiror leave Now York City ,
save Baggage , Expressage and Carriage
Hire , and top at GRAND UNION HOTEL ,
opposite Grand-Central Depot. COO elegan
rooms , fitted up at a cost of one million dollars
lars , reduced to $1 nnd upwards per day.
European plan. Elevator. Restaurant sup
plied with the best. Horse-care , stages ant
elevated railroads to all depots. Families
can llye better for lexs money at the Gram
Union Hotel than at any other flrat-clasahote
In'the city.
Stop at the Metropolitan Hotel when
in Omaha. The best $2.00 per day
house in the west. Tables as good as
any S8.00 per day house.
Madame Gerster's little girl is learn
ing English in a kindergarten.
Coutrh way If you want to , but If not ,
use Hale'H Honey of Horchound and. Tar.
Of Druggist. Pike's Toothache Drops
cure hi one minute. "
Dr. Mary Walker wears a plug liat
when she wants to put on style.
Every woman who Buffers .from Sick
Headache , and who dislike * to take bitter
doses , should try Carter's Little Liver Pills.
They are the.easiest of all medicine to take.
A positive cure for the above distressing
complaint ; give prompt relief in Dyspepsia
and Indigestion ; prevent and cure Consti
pation and Piles. As easv to fake as sugar.
Only one pill a dose. 40 In a vial. Price
25 cents. If you will try them you will not
be without them.
Few brides now wear gloves on either
Liver dbeabP , headache , and constipa
tion , cau ed by bad digestion , quickly
cured by Brown''s Iron Bitters ,
Robert Grant is to revise the first
chapters of the Century serial , "The
Average Man. " "
The cenulno "llouah on CornV Is mide only by E.
8. Wolla ( propr et > i of "Roiiuh on llata"i. and has
lau blnK face of a man on Inbolx. 15o & 25c boitloi.
It must tear Boston's heart-strings to
see Sullivan act so like a naughty cow
boy * _ [ '
Young Men. Middle Aged Men and All
Men who suffer from early.Indiscretlons will
QndAllen's Brain Food the most powerful
Invlgorant ever introduced : once restored
by it there is no relapse. Try it ; it never
fails. ? 1 ; 6 for $3. At druggists , or by
mailfromJ. H. Allen , 815 First Ave. ,
New York City.
A professional reformer is one who
: ries to work his racket on other poo-
Tlellevos and cures .
Neuralgia , 2
Sciatica , Lumbago ,
Soreness. Cuts. Bruises ,
And nil other bodily nchea
ami pains.
Sold by all Druggists and
D'-i'lcrs. Directions In U
The Charles A. Vogcler Co
Uuxwiwi t > A. VOQELSH * CO. '
CsUIaore , Ed ,
The recosslty for
prom , t and efficient
household remedies
Is dully KTOwinK
more 1 ro peretlve and
of these liostettc 'a
Stomach Uitteis H
the chief In njorit
Hndtt.o niostpi-pu-
lar. IrreKulunty of
the xtirmach and
bowels , mnlarlal fe
vers , ivtr complaint
and mln- a-lmcntfl ,
are Jhoronjihly con
quered by this in-
C"TnpuraMe fa nlly
restorative ad me-
( ! > cInM s fevuatd ,
nnd It is Just y re
garded a < the purest
and mo t compre
hensive romady of
Its claa" .
For sale by all
DruzclstH nd Deal
forany disiWllty ; ulijo f > Heirs.nd
stamp for circulars COL , . 1 , . BCiO-
IIAM. Attorney. WaBhlngto i. I ) . C.
JUAftTJEftexperienbed BOOK and Bible Agents in
" e ery County. Liberal Salaries Paid. Address ,
stating experience , P. O. Box r. jr. , * t. Louis , Mo.
Best OouRh Syrup. Tastes Rood. UU
Ustlntime. Sold by druggists.l J
VnilWP MCH learn Telesrapliy h rc and
TUUtlu Rltft eurn bi"wages. . Situations
'nrnished. Address , witii stamp , VALENTINE
Buos. , Jane ville , Wis.
A. Month tvnd Board ror 3 A.lve Tonnjf
Men or Ladies In each county. Address
P. W. ZtEOLKU & OoChiccgo. . 111.
TCI CCRADUV &K. rt. AKnta' buslne s
ItLtanArnl uooi situation ? . BKST
chance ever offared. Ad.J.l.BKOW.v.Slrr.SedaliajIo
B" We caution all who desire a truly meritorious o
Powder and accept no other as a substitute. J'rrparede
Lay the Axe
to the
If you would destroy II' ' a can
kering worm. For any exter
nal pain , sore , wound or lame
ness of man or beast , use only
MENT. It penetrates all inns *
clo and flesh to the very boiio ,
expelling all inflammation ,
soreness and pain , and healing
the diseased part as no other
Liniment over did or can. So
saith the experience"of two
generations of sufferers , and
go will yon say when yon have
tried the " Mustang. "
CATARH HBrt Cream Balm
when applied by
the finger Into the
n08trilfl > ube ab-
8ori > ea effectually
cleansing the head
of catarrhal virus ,
causing healthy se
cret iona. It allaya
inflammation , pro
tects the membrane
ot the nasal pass
ages from addition
al colds , completely
heals the sores ana
restores taste and
smell. A lew ap
plications relieve ; a
thorough treatment will positively cure.
Agreeable to UPO. Send for circular. Price
50 cents by mail or at druggists.
EI/T BROTHER * . OwcVo , K. Y.
The Most Powerful Healing Ointment
Ever Discovered
eirv'5'C3rb3lic Salve cures
Henry's Carbolic Saiveai lays
Henry's Carbolic Salve cures
Henry's Carbolic Salve heals
P mples. .
' Henry's Carbolic Salve cures
P Us.
Henry's Carbolic Salve heals
Cuts. ,
Ask for Henry's and take no
Sold by ALL DEALEKS throughout the World.
Cold3Kedal Paris Exposition , 1378.
$26.00 REWARD !
'Wo will pay the obore.reward for any ease of
Rheumatism or NcnrnWn'we cannot can. It will
oliove any case of Diphtheria or Croup Instantly.
Army and Navy l.ln ment will relieve pain and yore-
ness and remove anyunnamral ( rrowth of bone or
muscle on man r i-east Price per bottle : Larpe ,
1 ; small , SOc. Will refund the nionevfor any fail
ure. Army and Xuvy JTilrilmeut Co. . 61 Wabf.sh
Vve. , Chicago. Illchoidson & Co. , Whcleaale Urns-
Klsts , St. Ixmls. Mo. , vi estern agents.
TKO thousands cf easc-a of th went kind and ot lonx
r tsndlne have b-xn cared. 1 ufrod , so stroa ( ? U my faith
la 1U efficacy , thai I wu : Bond TWO BOTTI.E3 FIlEE , la-
gather with a VAU'ABLKTHEATISE en tMs diamu * , to
. GlvoExprrwand J" . O. address.
DR. T. A. fLOCUJI , Iflt rc rlh .
fend Btomp for my circular , Htr 1 manig *
poultry : , $700 , 31.30O , S1.6OO a yeac
tow to mclte poultry profitable , llowtouiakfl
an Inct > atur totting Icon than 96. Ho7 to
build ehiap poultry hotiw * . Preserve effj ; * .
Core CholoratMako liens Lay t General > Jan-
" ng n ir , etc. , etc. 1 .OOO things for the pon-
try ynri A new book , a O. BESbEY ,
" - " " ABILENE. KAHOAH. Breeder of
the beat Family Knit-
tlnir Machine ever Invented. Will knit e. pair oT
lockings with HEEL and TOE complete In O-
minutes. lt 111 also knit a great variety of fancywork
work for which there Is always a ready market. onA-
or circular find terms to the Xwombly K.nlttln4i
IXochlne Co. . 1G3 Tremont street. Boston. Mesa.
OECTS WANTE3J for the beet nad
nolllng Pictorial Booka and JMbles. Price reduced/
33 per emit. NATIONAL Pua. Oo . Ht. ixraliMo. .
W W U Umalm IDO--4
plcass say you saw the advertisement
this paper.
, , , , ,
" An animnl r ith derailed dfgestlrn , imptmi-
ishrd l > loful or < liw s. ottKid.i'V8 cannot thrive. II
becomes wak , pmtivs ! , of scrscpy appearance ,
which mjiT it un * ial > lf. If ccsts no more tj
keep sound , healthy animali that will find ready
market , AIM. shrewd fan : ere fiui it j-ajs Ihpm to
Five ltnct > Eani's Oointiiion 1'OTtder frfvly to
< i'sfay l itixk , and fca. . > ii > na.ly to all ; because It
punfifs tlie Iriixnl , mils ilici t'.on , ttiiniUdtes the
various. funcicus to lir.Utf.j secretion , and thr > *
prr > inots growth. auJ clvw a. siuuotli. jrtosjiv- coat
oflrilr. MILCH COWS artmucfi LtuiCte
by the rct&sional use cf .Uncle Fatn' Ccn ! Hior *
1 o-.vder In slop orfA. . HOGS fatti u faMer when
it fi KVII tlifee orJburdays in mx-vloa every
month or two. SHE PP.-All uu .is a common
to sheej > , . uch as cough * , icldd , scubs , etc. , are re
lieved by this jxjwiJer.
rtlclc to be ( ure acd ask for Uncle iam'a Condition
n/y ty THE
i It Is a well-known fact that most of tlie
I Horse andCitUePovrdcr sold in tills coun-
Jtry Is worthless ; "that Sheridan's Condi-
I tlon Powder Is absolctely pure and very
Ivalu'ble , Nothing on'Earth ivlll
Intake hens lay like Sheridan's
I Condition Powder. Pi > .e.oiie * tea-spoonful to each pint of-focd. It will also prevent and euro
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I Wl"B i WlVSEi8 Sfl WbiI t\M7 a cents hi stamps.ko furaUhpJ hi Urje can % for
breeders' use , price $1.00 ; by mall , $1.20. Circulars sent FBEE. L 8. JOIINSON & CO. , Boston , ilais.

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