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THURSDAY , FEB. 21 , 1884.
tactile under thiit hcmtlntr 10c. u line for
wertion , and mime Inserted until order-
< r i illKcontimicd , unless time to specified , llilhi
payable monthly.
' Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
Choice Apples , $4.50 per , bbl. , at
Rogers' .
Cash paid for Poultry at Dungan &
Buckwheat , Flour and Maple Syrup
at Rogers' .
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery. ' '
Highest cash price paid for fat cattle
by Dungan & Shekel s.
Choice cuts of beef , ham , pork and
mutton at Dungan & Shekel's.
Fish and poultry at Dungan & Shek
el's , every Thursday and Friday.
John Farley brought up twenty large
jack rabbits from Orleans , Monday.
Fine sugar cured hams and breakfast
oacon sliced at Dungan & Shekel's.
Remember the temperance lecture
in the Congregational church next Sun
"day evening.
Great bargains at Haydcn & Co.'s.
See advertisement on eigth page of this
issue for bargains.
Mr. Hayden put a new Hall Burglar
Proof Safe into his store , this week ,
which would try the cunning of any
Fv . We hope to be able to announce a
if. Leap Fear Party in the near future.
The ladies will make a recherche affair
of it , we opine.
L. 0. Marble of Marengo , Iowa , is
an town. Quite a colony of Marengo
people will make this place their resi
dence in the future.
A number of teams from Oberlin
were in town , Tuesdayloading up freight
for transportation to that point. Ober-
> * lin merchants have thcirgoods shipped
to this point.
The Menard building is looming up
in fine shape , and its size you can just
begin to appreciate. When completed ,
it will be the finest structure between
Hastings and Denver.
The Emma Wells Comedy Co. comes
to McCook highly recommended by the
press .wherever they have appeared.
Their first appearance in the Band Hall
next Monday evening.
Lytle Bros , arc having a large ware
house , built on the ground in the reai
of their hardware store. The dimen
sions are 16x52 , and Contractor Mcln-
tyre is doing the work.
We hear of one stockman up Driffr
wood who has lost 23 head , 18 of then :
dying in one night The opinion is fre
quently expressed that the loss wil
average above 30 per cent.
The members of the Masonic Ordei
held a meeting , Tuesday night , and de
cided to organize a lodge in McCook ,
There are a sufficient number of Masom
in town of the right material to foru
the nucleus of a fine lodge.
Just received , three barrels of Rob
ertson County , Kentucky whiskywhicl
I have for sale by the drink at my bar
"Also , J. Schiltz & Co.'s Milwaukee bee
constantly on hand.
We observe that Rev. Amos Dean o
Bloomington , who made many friend
in McCook during his preaching at th
Union services held in our town , som
y time since , has received' substantia
token of the regard of the good peopl
of Bloomington for him , in the shape o
a gift of $90. Verily they have thei
Charlie Fisher and M. A. Spauldin
have been assisting at Hayden & Co. :
during the week. We are informed tha
Mr. Spaulding will remain , and ths
Charles Noble , now clerking for C. I
liogMrs , will also assist at Hayden'
a jr this week. Surely this is a worl
of change.
The mild weather of the past few
&VH5ri Tasf - * , > > * " V *
s * ? ftJip „ i if i"
days has brought quite a rush of land-
seekers to this point. ' Parties of gthcm
have been and now arc { scouring the
country in search of claims.
The postal service has in a measure
been extended. Hereafter mail pouches
will bo run as far west as Bcnkleman ,
a great convenience indeed to those liv
ing west of McCook. This will afford
our western pooplc daily mails.
Hoh. Frank J. Sibley , of Lincoln ,
will lec'ture in the Congregational
church , Sunday , February 24th , on th'e
subject of Temperance. Mr. Sibley is
a speaker of note and there should be
a large turn-out of those of our people
interested in the matter which includes
all , aS all are deeply interested.
Engineer floge killed 17 head of cat
tle coming down from Denver , Thurs
day morning. It being dark until after
the morning train gets east of here , it
is impossible to see stock until the train
is almost upon them. Engineers report
cattle so thin and weak , that they col
lapse like a bag of feathers when struck.
A few crossings are needed very much.
And some action ought to be taken about t
that draw on Dcnnison street. The
street at 'the point where that draw
crosses it is in a terrible condition. A
blind ditch or some similar contrivance
ought to be built to carry away the wat
er which comes down the draw at every
thaw or shower.
We are pleased to note the fact that
our efficient county clerk , C. D. Cramer ,
is keeping a fee book. This is in strict
accordance with law , and admits of no
possible misunderstanding. While it is
most probable that there has been no
'excess fees in Red Willow county as
yet , still it is but justice to the clerk
himself that such book should be kept.
Mr. Cramer has established a precedent
which ought to be adhered to" always
Barring mud , Monday was a beauti
ful day , and everybody took advantage
of its mildness. The work on the dif
ferent buildings in course of erection
went on with renewed energy , and all
Nature seemed to have aroused from
her enforced lethargy of the past montli
or more. And our loafers few in num
bers , we take pride in saying were in
clover : and taking positions on the
sunny side , imbibed the welcome solai
heat regardless of expense.
Elder T. B. Lemon , Superintendcni
of the Western Nebraska Mission of tlu
M. E. church , with headquarters ai
Kearney , preached to large and atfen
tive audiences in the Band Hall , Sundai
morning and evening. The Elder gain
ed the entire and rapt attention of his
hearers at the beginning of his cxcellen
sermons , and retained the same through
out. A church has been organized a
this place , officers have been elected
a site will be selected and a house o
worship erected thereon as soon as tin
necessary arrangements can be perfected
The bridge needs some attention. Tin
water rushing down the north approacl
has loosened the earth'at that point , am
unless some stone are hauled and dump
ed there , it is not improbable that th <
bank will cave in , and render more ex
tensive repairs necessary. We also sug
gest that a crossing be built over th
railroad just as soon as the weathe
renders the same practicable. Had th
crossing been made last fall , many un
necessary miles would have been save
to the people south of the river , an
the neglect of last fall should be mad
right as soon as the frost will permit.
An immense amount of corn has bee
shipped to McCook , this week , whic
stock men in this vicinity have bee
busy hauling out to their ranches. Th
major portion went to the ranches of i
B. Meserve , John Hattield & Son , an
A. W. Corey. This winter has probab ]
demonstrated to the satisfaction (
g stockmen that some feeding must I
done to avoid great loss , and they wi
not be caught -without feed in a blizzai
again. The lost west of Benkelman
reported as being appalling 50 p <
cent loss at least is the estimate <
stockmen we have conversed with c
the subject
R. S. Cooley of Stoughton , was ip
town , Tuesday and Wednesday. Ho
informs us that he ; has positive information
mation of at least 50 families who are
coming into this country from the east
ern part of the state and Iowa , as soon
as the weather opens up warmer.
The Emnw.WellH Concert and Com
edy company , under the management
flf R. W. Marks , < played'at the Opera
House last Tuesday night to a good and
very appreciative audience. The sing
ing of Miss Emma Wells , in four dis
tinct-voices , is something.wonderful and
called for well merited applause. The
song entitled , "Who will buy my roses
red , " was finely rendered.and Miss Wells
was recalled by the audience. Her pi-
ann solo was first class , and received a
long round o'f applause. The rest of the
company arc well up in there difierent
parts. The Bulletin , Baldwin , Wis.
There are individuals on this mun
dane sphere whom the Almighty in his
inscrutable wisdom suffers to afflict the
dwellers thereon , whose characters arc
so pusilanimous , and whose records are
so slimy and so prominently antagonistic
and at variance with even the lowest
appreciation of honor , of manhood , or
of morality , ( and who , forsooth , would
poise as the people's patron saint , ) as
to make him who deigns" to notice their
impotent utterances equally reprehensi
ble princcps crirainis as it were. In
accordance with information which
should consign to oblivion shall we or
der our future action.
'Tis with pleasure we note the re
moval of another moral incubus from
our midst , which should have been
eliminated by the keen knife of public
opinion long since. Haste in matters
appertaining to the moral welfare of our
town is to be decried , but slackness and
indifference is vastly worse. Although
we have a stringent ordinance prohibit
ing gambling , the number of visiting
"sportsmen" has not a whit diminished ,
nor is "home talent''found to be want
ing. We had some fine specimens of
"gentlemen of the green cloth" in our
midst during1 this week. Our unusually
wide streets were hardly of sufficient
width to accommodate two of these in
dividuals , after their becoming well
water-loged , Monday. Up and at them
ye minions of the law !
We clip the following account of the
marriage of Miss Nellie Forbes , sistei
of our popular lightning manipulator ,
J. F. Forbes , from the Parkhill ,
( Canada. ) Gazette :
On Tuerday , February 19th , nt the residenci
of the bride's father.by the Rev. Mr. itcnnie
of Ailsa Craig. Mr. W. H. Deyell , St. Thomas
conductor on the Canada Southern railway
to Miss Nellie , second daughter of Davii
Forbes , Esq. , of Parkhill.
The ceremony was performed at 7:3 (
in the evening , and the happy coupli
left on the early morning train , for !
trip to Chicago. They will reside in St
Thomas , where Mr. Deyell has a beau
tifully furnished house awaiting bin
and his bride. A gieat many friend :
were present at the marriage , from St
Thomas , Forest , Ailsa Craig , Lucan am
here. The bride and groom received :
great number of handsome and costl ;
presents , among which were two luxur
ious easy chairs , from the brakeman 01
Mr. Deyell's train. We wish Mr. am
Mrs. Deyell a long life and a happy one
We had the pleasure , through th
courtesy of Mr. J. B. Meserve , of goin ;
over his ranch situated about eigh
miles southeast of McCook , Monda
afternoon. At this , his lower ranch
embracing some 4,000 acres of fine pas
ture under fence , Mr. Meserve has som
400 head of cattle , composed mainly o
eastern stock , and in part of uea
range cattle. The afternoon was one o
the finest we have enjoyed for a numbe
of weeks , and .the cattle were out on th
gently sloping sides of the canyons al
sorbinff and basking in the warmth c
the welcome sun. It is certainly r <
markable how range stock stand sever
weather it absolutely does not affec
many of them at all , as most of then
we were informed , are in the same coi
dition they were in last fall when o
is the range. Mr. Meserve is well please
with the appearance of his catt !
throughout His loss has not bee
> n large up to the present , and he does n <
anticipate losing many in the spring.
Thf Union S. S. Entertainment.
The entertainment given by the schol
ars of the Union Sunday School , in the
Band Hall , Tuesday evening , was a gratr
ifyiug success in every particular. The
program was well curried out , the hall
was Well filled , the oysters unusually
abundant , and everything passed off very
pleasantly. While the entertainment
was in a * manner impromtu as the
season of preparation was rather short
still the little ones , and adult partici
pants as well , executed their respective
parts well in every instance. The affair
was a creditable one to the scholars and
reflects credit upon the officers of the-
school. Below we give the entire pro
gram of the evening :
The entertainment opened with in
strumental music by Miss Mabel Me-
serve. Singing by Sunday School. Tab
leaux by infant class "Into Mischief. "
Broom drill by Misses Gertie Laws ,
Nellie Fisher , Dora Hunt , Nellie Lee ,
May Clark , Theo. Laws , Edith Wilson ,
Eva Kurd , Laura Furgeson , Gertie
Johnson and Lou. Clark , captain. The
young ladies went through the manual
of arms verycreditably. . ' 'Clinging to
the Cross , " tableaux by Selma Noren ,
was very pretty. Duet by Artie Dungan
and Nellie Lee. Tableaux , "In the
Worid and Out of the Word , " by Mrs.
Noble and Misses Nellie Fisher and May
Clark was very favorably received. Rec
itation , "The Tramp , " by Willie Lee.
Mr. H. W. Pike was strongly enchored
in his solo , "The Sexton. " Instrumental
music by Nellie Lee. Tableaux , "The
Waif , " Gertie Johnson. Miss Jami
son's recitation , "Last Hymn , " was' well
spoken. The tableaux , "Our City Coun
cil , " was received by a storm of applause.
The point was well taken. We are only
sorry the pig did not occupy more prom
inence. Bertie Boyle's "Daisy's Faith"
was the tfnest recitation from a child
of her age we have ever heard , and the
parady on "Maud Muller , " in response
to the continued enchoringwas equally
worthy. Tableaux "Washington's Vis
ion. " Song by Mrs Dungan and Miss
Clark. Mrs. Chas. Noble's essay on
"American Sentiment Toward Foreign
ers , " was an able paper , well delivered.
But wider experience , we think , would
modify the lady's sentiment on that
subject very considerably.
After the completion of the evening's
entertainment the brooms used in broom
drill , and the oysters remaining , were
auctioned off.
Mr. Boehner of the Arapahoe Pioneer
was in town on Monday.
Receiver - Babcock went down the
road , Wednesday afternoon.
Judge Ashmore and Tom McCartney
came up from Indianola , Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCartney oi
Indianola spent Saturday in McCook.
R. O.'Phillips , Secretary of the Lin
coln Land Co. , was in town , Wednesday
H. H. Troth and S. F. Clifford , oi
Carrico , were in McCook , Wednesday ,
Fred. Yondrcs of Dorchester was ij
town , Tuesday. He had a contest be
fore the land officers.
W. H. Hayden came up on No. 39 ,
Monday , and installed a new clerk ii
his establishment at this place.
Commissioner Crabtrce and Colone
Snavely , of Indianola , called at thes <
headquarters , last Thursday.
Mr. Dave Baum of Lincoln , senio
member of the stock firm of Baum S
Wray , was in McCook , Tuesday.
„ Mrs. D. J. Osborn of Osborn , showei
us a very fine specimen of wax work
executed by her own hands , Saturday
F. M. Golay and J. C. Ashton of Dan
bury , two of our enterprising Beave
subscribers , called to to see us , Mondaj
J. W. Kiuisey of Benkelman drop
ed in and subscribed for THE TRIBUNE
Friday. He informed us that cattl
were poor in that neighborhood.
W. A. Clute and C. W. Collins o
e Hubbell , were in McCook a number o
days , this week. They took a driv
over the country , Wednesday , with
view to taking some claims.
m George Chenery started on his Ion
id journey to England- Sunday morning
le He has a perilous trip before him an
; n a safe voyage and a speedy return is th
wish of the many warm friends he lia
made during his sojourn in our city.
A Trip OvrHiy $ County.
Dado Tomlinson has returned to. his
old rancK at the head of Blackwood. la
able to be about with the aid of crutches.
Every man met on the Frenchman or
Stinking Water favored organization.
Hayes county haa the quota of citizens
required by law for organization and
several to spare.
Hudson Bros. , living on the Frenchman - '
man , 8 miles ab.ove Palisade , are pVc- , .
paring to put in a water-wheel for irrj- '
gating purposes. Say they can irrigate
40 acres with a 16-foot wheel.
Ed. Douglass , foreman for Wray & '
Baum , had a hbrse fall under him this
week. His foot was severely bruised.
John Hughes of the Blackwood met'
with n similar accident .
John Daniels is in the east buying up
cows. Mrs. Daniels was thrown from a
buggy on the 10th of the month. Her
right wrist was very badly sprained , and-
left arm broken below elbow. With the
aid of her brother , they set the broken
member , which was doing well on the
IGth. - W.
Carrico , Feb. 18th , ' 84.
McCooK , NKB. , February 5th , 1884.
The Co-partnership existing under
name and style of Hayden & McCart
neys at McCook , Red Willow county ,
Nebraska , is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent William H. Hayden con
tinues the business of General Merchant
under name and style of
who collects all outstanding debts and
assumes all liabilities.
36-5t. W. H. MCCARTNEY. '
McCooK , NEB. , February 5th , 1884i
The Co-partnership existing under
name and style of W. H. Hayden & Co.
at Indianola , Red Willow county , Ne
braska , is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. Wm. H. McCartney continues
the business of General Merchant who
collects all debts and assumes all liabil
ities. WM. H. HAYDEN ,
Locals uuder this head 5c. a line for each
insertion. Bills payable monthly.
Extra copies of THE TRIBUNE at this
Call and see our artistic designs iu
A fine up-land , deeded claim for sale.
Inquire nt this office.
Samples of the latest designs in Wall
Papers at W. M. Sanderson's.
If you want to buy a deeded claim
one of the best on Driftwood creek
call at this office soon.
Hereafter we will require that all con
test notices and proof notices be paid
for at the time of their first insertion.
We put up all letter heads , note
heads , bill heads , etc. , in blotter tablets' ,
if desired , without extra cjiarge. They
are very convenient
Blank Deeds. Real Estate Mortgage ? .
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Receipts , etc. , at THE TRIBUNE
FOUND AT LAST ! That for which
the people have waited for. Baking
Powder has become an almost indispen-
sible article in every well regulated fam
ily , and DeLand's Chemical Brand sup
plies the want , with a Powder that is
perfectly pure and at the same time
reasonable in price. Sold by Hayden
Attention !
Two dozen pairs of Roller Skates for |
$1.00. Drawing to take place as soon
as all the numbers are sold. Tickets
c for sale at B. & M. PHARMACY.
3 or 4 horses. 2 cows , 2 brood sows ,
a few thorough-bred Plymouth Rock
cockerels , and a well improved home
and stock ranch. For prices , inquire
of H. S. WEST ,
Indianola , Red Willow Co. , Neb.

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