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The Tribune
Thursday , July 3rd ,
Indicates that your subscription to TIIK
X TuniuNK hag expired , and that un Invita
tion to renew the saino Is extended.
AH locals under this heading lOc. nllno lor
each Insertion , and Biuno inserted until order
ed discontinued , unless time is specified , Bills
payable ) monthly.
l\ Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
All kinds of blanks kept for sale at
this office.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
K you want cheap pork call at John
Farley's meat market.
. . . i. . . , . . . . „ - . - . . ,
Paris green and St. Patrick's pills
at B. & M. Pharmacy.
Blank notes , neatly bound , 50 in a
book , for sale at this office.
We hear of five antelope having been
killed in one day by a hunter on the
Upper Beaver , above Atwood.
A. Constable shipped a car-load of
his horses down the valley , this morn
ing. He still has quite a bunch left.
The Chicago Store is now running a
delivery wagon , making the fourth firm
that delivers goods throughout our town.
The railroad company has built a
small coral and shoot in the yard at
this station for the accommodation of
Chamberlin's pain balm , Chamber-
lin's eye and skin ointment , Chamber
lin's cholera and diarrhoea remedy , at
B. & M. Pharmacy.
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of white bolted corn meal.
We neglected in our last issue to
notice the collapse of the "wonderful
one-horse chaise , " but it hap , never the
less , succumbed to the inevitable.
The Starbuck and Short horses will
fight the war over again , Friday , for
$50. After the war is over will be the
most interesting and exciting time.
C. H. Rogers has just received a
uuiuplete line of crockery , which he will
sell cheaper than anybody at prices
that defy competion. Call and inspect.
A man is sometimes led into griev
ous error by "thinking he is the dog ,
when he is only the tail , " unless the
tail wags the dog , by a curious freak
of nature.
The first trial ever held in Dundy
county was heard before a' justice of
the peace , last Tuesday. J. B. Jen
nings of this place was one of the at
torneys iu the case.
Another slight rain in this neighbor
hood , Tuesday evening. Still other
localities seem to Te more favored in
the way of rain , as the amount of mois
ture here was rathered limited.
We suggest that Chairman Berger
would be a proper person to call a meet
ing of the citizens-of McCook for the
purpose of organizing a fire company ,
and that now is the accepted time.
Somebody made the remark to us ,
the other day , "Is it not remarkable
the change that is taking place in the
way of public sentiment on the temper
ance questionbothhere and elsewhere T
Polishing up buffalo horns is all the
rage now. Quite a number of these
rough , unsightly Jiorns have been dress
ed down and polished until they look
like ebony. They are susceptible of a
high polish.
Best and cheapest flour in McCook.
For the next 15 days , Starbuck Bros ,
will deliver the "Marysville , " Kansas ,
Patent Flour , the BEST flour in town ,
warranted , for $3.25 per hundred. Want
to close out. Try it
The Ladies Union is preparing for
an Apron Festival in the near future ,
proceeds to be used in seating the Con
gregational Church. Any one wishing
to contribute work , or material , please
report to Mrs. G. L. Laws.
Dropping out advertisements seem to
be epidemic among our patrons just
now. We don't know whether the brac
ing air of this grand young * state will
sustain life or not We may be able to
speak more intelligently in the future.
The Catholic Bishop -Nebraska
will bo in Mc'Cook.on tje'19th | day o
'July to administer the right of confir
j , n
T . - - ! - - ! - , | , j , j r-IWjll _ l _ . _ L.t l
The Beatrice Daily Express'of ' reccn
date contains an article on "the fire
tost. " , We can tell you all about th
I fire test. ' Fire usually conies out aheat
of the game. "
The Dramatic Company plays "
Case for Divorce , " to-night , and "Our
Boys , " to-morrow evening. After the
play , Friday evening , the hall will be
cleared and a social hop will be given.
Insurance companies are writing up
an unusual number of policies , since
the recent fire. Should a fire again
devastate our town , the majority of the
people would be in better shape than
heretofore to stand loss.
The band boys go to Cambridge , to
morrow , to enliven the Fourth of July
occasion at that 'stirring little village.
They have been doing considerable prac
tice lately and will be in fair trim to
discourse sonic good music.
A slight rain fell in this vicinity ,
Monday afternoon. The fall was much
heavier south and in other directions ,
than in this immediate vicinity. We
do not seem to be as highly favored in
the way of rain as other localities.
Some handsome specimens of rye and
wheat have been left at this office , re
cently. The rye stands six feet high ,
and is pronounced fine by those compe
tent to judge. The crop of small grain
will be as fine as anywhere in-the state ,
if nothing unforseen qccurs.
Mr. Spurgeon , the London preacher ,
being asked whether a man could be a
Christian and belong to a brass band ,
replied , "Yes , I think he might ; but
it would be a very difficult matter for
his next-door neighbor to be a Christ
ian. " We wonder if S. H. is trying to
injure our prospects for the hereafter ,
or not ?
The latest addition to the business
interests of McCook is a tin-shop , which
has just been opened out in the new
building adjoining Wilcox Bros. ' store
on the west. The proprietor also has
a claim about 3 miles northwest of
town , upon which he intends soon to
build a house 24 fee't square , with
The earnest desire of the people has
been responded to in the shape of a
thorough , soaking rain , which fell ,
Wednesday night. It was worth many
hundred dollars to our farmers. Those
crops , which were planted late and were
a little backward , will receive an impe
tus that will carry them through till
harvest. All crops are much better
for it.
The B. & M. company has issued an
order prohibiting the employes of that
company from using intoxicants , and
from frequenting places where the same
is vended. This order , if observed , will
be mutually beneficial. The employes
will have more money , and the company
better service , and as to the observ
ance of the rule , railroads usually
mean what their orders say , and enforce
an edict.
The parties who stole goods belong
ing to Hayden & Co. , during the recent
fire , are hereby informed that unless
the same are promptly returned , the
parties will be treated.to a dose of legal-
suasion. Those , who' stole goods on that
occasion are well-known can be fully
identified , and they may do well to re
turn the goods , thereby saving them
selves no little inconvenience to put it
We would suggest to those who have
been in the habit of performing their
ablutions in the river , immediately be
low town- , that "red bathing suits and
red 'cotton and canvass dresses are in
course of preparation for the seaside , "
and that they will probably answer the
purpose for the riverside well ; at
all events , one of these suits in fact
most any kind of a suit would fill the
bill , under the. circumstances , better
than nature's best.
Mr. W. Coleman informs us that the
parties who drove westward through
McCook , last week , are homesteaders
located by him his immediate neigh
bors and that in addition to the stock
that went through here , there were GO
head of stock belonging to the new set
tles , that were driven up the divide to
his place. They have come to stay and
are energetically engaged in breaking.
Mr. Coleman informs us further , that
his corn looks equally as well as the
corn looks in counties much further
east through which he recently made
a visit.
Certain young ladies in town are earning
for themselves the title of "Whistling Girls , "
which is not very elevating in the eyes of a
eritical public. Indianola Courier.
The whistling girls of Indianola re
spectfully inform the Editor oR the
Indiauola Courier that their whistling
is artistic and is practiced for the pur
pose of devotion and aesthetic culture ,
and his critics might profit by taking a
few lessons from them.
The entertainment and festival given
by the Union Sunday School , last week ,
was a pronounced success. The Opera
Hall was comfortably filled to hear the
little ones in their dialogues , tableaux ,
etc. , and the tables were crowded with
refreshment-seekers. The picture pre
sented to the school by J. E. Berger
was given to J. R. Phelau , who made
the nearest guess as to the number of
beans in a bottle. The number in the
bottle was 1011. Mr. Phelan's guess ,
1003. There is a wonderful difference
in guessing faculties , as the guesses
ranged irom 200 to 2400.
Tlie fire department , which was the
theme of conversation" for some days
after the fire , has failed to materialize.
Our people are fully awake to the press
ing importance of such an organization ,
and it is inexplicable why they do not ,
through the proper source , call a meet
ing of our" citizens , and proceed to the
formation of a fire department. The
business portion of town is composed
of frame buildings , compactly built to
gether , and in case of a fire in some
parts of the business blocks , nothing but
the prompt action of a proficient com
pany will avail , so the crying demand is
to organize. Why pursue a course in
which the earnings of a life time are
imperiled and left without adequate
protection. We propose "to fight it
out on this line if it takes all summer , "
at any rate.
Through the courtesy of County Su
perintendent Nettleton , we had the
pleasure , last Friday , of inspecting his
ranch on the river bottom , a few miles
west of McCook. He has about 150
lead of graded cattle on the ranch ,
which comprises about 400 acres of
Bottom and bench land under fence ,
with a half mile of excellent river front ,
making one of the most desirable
ranches along the valley. In addition
Mr. Nettleton has a large range of ter
ritory south of him , over which his
stock run in the winter. An extended
drive through the immense canyons ,
which run back from the river , and over
he adjoining divide , showed the grass
to be unusually luxuriant , and cattle
are looking fat and sleek. The enter
taining hospitality and excellent meals
of Mrs. Nettleton and assistants were
enjoyed with great zest.
We had a horse race on the course
icre , last Thursday afternoon. Now
lorse races 'are usually enjoyable and
exciting , and are not in themselves par-
icularly ought else than harmless ; but
lien there is a great likelihood to be
lissatisfaction connected with the same ,
which with the addition of a moistening
element , easily procurable , has a ten-
lency to transform an otherwise peace
ably disposed crowd into a disorderly
and drunken mob. The race resulted
n a victory for the Starbuck horse , to
the chagrin of the many Indianola peo-
) le who came up to witness the expect
ed victory of their favorite horse , and
after the race was over some of the
.ndianola boys came up to town , and a
) ortion of them took on board more
'budge" than was expedient , and there
was the usual performance. The peo-
) le and' town were roundly cursed , they
lad neither money nor sand , in fact in
the eyes of some of these drunken
> raggarts the standard of manhood was
very low. There was one miserable
[ runken wretch who excelled all others
n his disorderly conduct , indecent ex-
tosure of person , etc. , Quigley , we be-
ieve , is his patronymic , and we under-
tand that he is not entirely unknown
o fame in his own home. Two or three
of the party behaved themselves in a
manner that should have consigned
hem to the cooler if we were blessed
with such an institution over night.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining : in McCook , Neb. ,
lostoffice , uncalled for , for month ending
une 30th , 1884. Parties calling for any of the
ollowing letters will please say "advertised. "
LETTERS. Potter , C. A. (4) ( )
Lndrew , Mr. Reitcr , Henry
iatcman , Lewis E. (2) ( ) Roberts , Fred. H.
Jrent , Arthur Reynolds , Isichar
Jassell , Calvin Reynolds , I. J.
/armick , A. Stewart , W. D.
' 'arce , Lewis Talmadge , Claranco
Fleming. Mrs. Sarah CARDS.
Heisler , J. M. (2) ( ) Crouch , B. B.
Miller , W. A. Martin , M. C.
IcCowen , John L. Moore , ' G. W.
General SuperintendemVCalvert.and
> arty pulled into-this station , Wednes-
lay , taking dinner and leaving for the
west in the afternoon.
The total-abstinoncc-iiiuni-as-aii-oys-
tcr plan does > not seem to be conducive
to longevity iu the weaker sex , espec
ially tlie later : Lizzie Bradley , of
White Cloud , Douiphari county , Kan
sas , who started to commit suicide-by
starvation , succeeded on Sunday morn
ing at 3 o'clock. She wholly abstained
from food for a period of fifty-three
days , during which time she stubbornly
refused to speak. Before beginning
self-starvation she had lain seven weeks
on a bed of sickness and bar system
therefore was much reduced when she
began. The autopsy showed her organs
all perfectly healthy. The formal ver
dict of the physicians was death by
The following account of a joke per
petrated on our jovial electric spark by
Lincoln dispatchers is to be found in
the Railroader : Their latest and most
successful joke was on J. F. Forbes , the
strawberry blonde , who dispatches at
McCook during the day. Forbes is one
of these if-you-get-it-on-me-you're-a-
good-one , kind of a fellow , who consid
ers himself invulnerable to the shafts
of the designing. He had just returned
from a trip to Chicago and laid over a
day at Lincoln to see the boys and chat
over old times. While sitting at the
through wire he answered "Ni , " in a
mechanical kind of way , and received
a dispatch , asking his.superior officer
if he still wanted a first-class train dis
patcher , and to see his letter in regard
to dissatisfaction with one of his men.
Forbes broke into a cold sweat and tried
to laugh the matter off , and asked the
chief if he did not want an operator.
However , he gradually calmed down
and assumed a rational look.
When the fiendish jokers thought
him sufficiently cool , they called him
over to another wire and told him
McCook office wished to speak to him.
He innocently answered to his initial
letter and was confidentially infformcd
that his effects had been seized at the
hotel and that two different parties had
garnisheed him. He feebly attempted
to rally from this last shock , and said
he did not understand the matter at all ,
but just as he was sinking into a dreamy
state of insensibility , a light began to
illuminate his brain and he muttered
between his teeth : "Sold by Thunder. "
Explanations were in order and a box
of ftie best cigars obtainable , stopped
the loud guffaws of the numerous dis
patchers , operators , clerks and message
boys , who were accessories to the das
tardly plot.
ELAINE , says a "Washington correspondent
pendent of the Cleveland Leaderisone
of the best hand-shakers in public life.
He seizes your hand , gives it a hearty
shake , and holds it firmly and rather
confidentially while he is talking. Here
at Bellaire he was shaking hands from
the beginning to the end of his visit ,
and crowds gathered around the depot
anxious to give him a parting look or
shake before the train left. He was
sitting in the car by the window and
shaking the hands of those on the plat
form outside , when among others , a
very pretty Virginia girl came up.
Elaine seized her hand with his hearty
grip. Almost instinctively and at
almost the same moment , and old friend
of his engaged him in conversation.
He began to talk holding to the girl's
hand , and not noticing , I suppose , that
it was not the hand of the man to whom
he was speaking. After about a minute
affair began to attract attention. The
girl attempted to pull her hand away
gently , but Elaine , who was engaged
in an animated conversation only tight
ened his grip and talked faster. At this
the young girl's lover , who , with hot
face , had been standing back in the
crowd , came up and twitching Elaine's
sleeve , pointed out to him what he was
doing. He let go the girl's hand tt once
with a word of apology and the blushing
maiden was led away into the crowd.
AN exchange warns the country
against the small-calibre bosses , and
we echo the warning , and add that the
republican party is in no need of bosses
of any description , small or large cali
bre. They are an insufferable nuisance
wherever and whoever they may be. It
needs leaders and will give them all
lue honor and preferment , but the
bosses will be retired. The party bosses
itself and will prosjer best when thus
conducted. Faction and quarrels always
occur when there are self-appointed
bosses , and hence they are not only a
nuisance but also a menace to the
party. Gazettev-Journal.
BOSTON has beeu famous for bolting
ever since it played that tea trick on the
Dr. J. F. Shaw of Indinnola made us
a short call , Monday.
F. P. Nicholson has built an addition
to his house , this. week.
Charlie and Will Fisher drove down
from the ranch , Tuesday.
Miss Calvin of Indianola made a short
visit to McCook , Thursday last.
G. B. Nettlctou put up a power wind
mill for I. J. Starbuck , last week.
Ed. Wilson , manager of the Circle
Ranch , came down from Max , Tuesday.
Gco. Hams , of Lincoln , biother o
Fred. Harris , is spending some time it
F. D. Hess and family came dowi
from the Hitchcock county ranch ,
Mr. Troth of Carrico , of the firm ol
Troth & Stokes , came down , Monday ,
for supplies.
Messrs. Sam Ashmore and Ed. Leav-
enworth "took in" the festival , last
Thursday evening.
F. L. McCrackcn went east , Satur
day , to dispose of some real estate he
owns in that section.
Judge Lucas of Republican City has
been staying in town the past couple
weeks , and will probably remain per
manently and practice law.
Miss Ashmore of Indianola came up
to attend the festival , last Thursday
evening. She remained in town , the
guest of Miss Nellie Fisher , until Sat
Mrs. Chas. Noble is entertaining her
mother , Mrs. Patton of Indianola , Iowa ,
and Mrs. Keenan of Chicago. They
arrived in town , Friday , and will remain
some time.
Misses Papin of Ihdianola were
among .the many visitors from the
county-seat in McCook , last Thursday.
They enjoyed the festival in the evening ,
and returned home the following day.
Major Criswell came up to see the
race , attend to some business , and to
enjoy the festival , Thursday last. The
Major completed the entire program ,
and chatted at these headquarters a
while in addition.
Mrs. F. A. Thompson and young
daughter arrived from the east , Wednes
day night. 'Tis unnecessary to state
Bert's feelings. They go to house
keeping in their cosy little home , re
cently completed on Mt. Zion.
Jos. B. Teas of Indianola called at
THE TRIBUNE , last Thursday. Mr. Teas
has entered claims about midway be
tween McCook and the county-seat.
He is now engaged in building a hand
some residence for County Clerk Cramer
on the hill over-looking Indianola.
Mr. tfayden was iu town , Monday.
He met the adjusters down the valley ,
and satisfactorily adjusted his loss by
the fire , and will stock up handsomely
at once. The store which had jut been
handsomely arranged and displayed was
thrown into dire confusion by the fire ,
but is being rapidly righted again.
C. L. Watkins , F. A. Watkins , Win.
A. Watkins of Blue Hill , and A. A.
Post of Springfield , 111. , were in town ,
Monday , and entered a number of claims.
The Watkin Bros , are proprietors and
editors of the Blue Hill Times , and do
a real estate and insurance business in
connection therewith. They made THE
TRIBUNE a pleasant call during the day.
A Charming Remedy for
Diarrhoea and Sum
mer Complaints.
"We have used all your TONIC AS
TRINGENT with happy results. Not a
single complaint relating to it has ever
reached us. " Jones & Jackson , Drug
gists , Jonesburg , Mo.
"Please send us two dozen MARSH'S
TONIC ASTRINGENT at once. It works
a charm in Diarrhoea and Summer Com
plaint. " Ward & Veuable , Druggists ,
Pattonsburg , Mo.
sale by S. L. Green , druggist , McCook.
It quickly cures Diarrhoea , Dysentery ,
Cholera Infantum , Cholera Morbus.
and the Summer Complaint of children.
It is a delightful remedy for old and
and young. Price 50 cents.
The MARSH AGUE CURE is sold at
ihe low price of 50 cents liquid or
pills. It cures the worst cases of Third
Day AguCj and all forms of Chills and
Fever. For sale by S. L. Green.
For Swellings , Burns , Sores , Piles ,
For sale by S. L. Green.
THIS is how the Gazette-Journal
feels about the pre-emption and timber-
culture laws now under consideration
in Congress : There never was any
good reason for the present congres
sional war on the land laws. The repeal
of the timber-culture act and the pre
emption law was not and is not called
for in the intorcst of the people , partic
ularly the poor men , who can take ad
vantage of them to their prosperity.
We arc glad to see that a re-action is
taking place among our law-makers. A
Washington telegram say ? that numer
ous protests are being received by Con
gressmen against the passage of the
House bill to repeal the pre-emption
and timber-culture laws. Mr. Nelson
said to-night that he had received a
good many remonstrances from the people
ple in his district , who claim that the
bill , if passed , will work hardship to
actual settlers. He says the bill is
looked upon by a great many as a move
ment in the interest of 'railroad compa
nies , as it would prevent people from
getting lands under the pre-emption
and timber-culture laws and compel
them to buy lands from railroad compa
nies and speculators. "A great many
poor people who have had their home
steads and lost their rights , " Mr. Nelson
says , J'can not get lands because they
have exhausted their homesteads. They
must , therefore , buy of these monopo
lists. " The bill is regarded as a great
land-jobbing scheme. It will hardly
pass the Senate. Nelson has got hold
of the correct idea. This repeal scheme
is evidently intended to benefit some
body else besides the people. We hope
our Senators will oppose any repeal.
We say this wholly in what we regard
as the good of the masses who are to
take advantage of these laws and be
come the pioneers of the unsettled coun
try. We say no more lands for rail
roads , nor foreign syndicates , but give
the poor a chance at them.
DR. MARY WALKER has come out in
bold denunciation of Elaine and Logan.
We arc not such bitter partisans that
we would not rather enjoy to see the
vivacious Miss Gall Hamilton hit her
with the rolling-pin. |
Locals under this head 5e. a line for each
insertion. Bills payable monthly.
Claims for sale. II. S. COOLEV.
Go to John A. Lee's for sewing
J. E. Berger is agent for the Western
Cottage Organ , which he will sell cheap
for cash or on long time. 4.
Call on E. S. Cooley for deeded lands.
He can fit you out with a piece of deed
ed land in any part of the county.
J. S. Phillips agent for McCormick
reapers , mowers and twine binders ,
repairs , etc. , Indianola , Neb. 52.
Stock ranch and farm of 1280 acres
( timber and water ) for sale. Price ,
S3,500 , part cash , part time. Enquire
of R. S. Cooley.
Parties wishing to purchase a first-
class machine can be accommodated by
calling on John A. Lee , who has the
agency for the celebrated Wheeler &
Wilson Sewing Machines.
SKILL and intelligence have accom
plished what has been thought practical
ly impossible , viz : The combination of
Grape Cream Tartar and Bi-Carb. Soda ,
without filling , into Baking Powder.
Ihe result is DeLand's Chemical Baking
Blank Deeds , Real Estate Mortgages ,
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Mortgage Deeds , Release of Mort
gage , Official Bonds , Soldiers Discharge ,
Petition for License , Notes , Receipt ? ,
2tc.at , THE TRIBUNE office.
You that want wind mills , please se-
ect a tempestuous day and examine the
'Challenge/ see how nicely it runs.
A. high wind NEVER stops it , neither
Iocs it HURRY it. It is perfectly self-
regulating. 3Iessrd. Meserve , Roper &
Johnson , Hatfield , and Eaton , have them
south of the river , and Messrs. Erean-
jrack , Mitchell and others , north of
; own. Write to G. E. Nettleton , Agent ,
7or terms , " etc. 4.
Legal Notice.
WHERE. * ; , On the 28th day of June , 1SSI ,
\nna L. Miller , mother of Grace Miller , made
mrt filed in my ollice her sworn statement.
Inly attested , that she desires to relinquish
ill right to the custody of and power and con-
rol over Grace Miller , her minor child , anil
ill claim and interest in and to lu-r s-crviccs
ind wages : and also came Thomas G. KIM- *
md Helen Grace Recsand madcuiul llleil in
ny office a statement , under oath duly attebt-
! d , that they desire to adopt said Grace : Miller
is their own child , I have , th < 'rufori aminint-
: d the 2 th day'of JuljUSWat9 o'ulftvk. A.
> ! . . at my office in Indianola , at TCfiitrfi"'tini ! !
ind place all persons interes-ted inuyVrfjriifeHr.- )
t is orderedthat a copy of thlsprdCKjif * pub-
ished in TiiE'JI.cCoiTka'nFfiuxE farjpri& pu t
lessive weeks prior to the trmo perTm * said
leariuf. H. M. ASHMORK.
5-3. County Judge.

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