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F.'M. & E. M. KIMMELL ,
Editors and Publishers.
V * * * >
To OUR patrons and friend ? , one and
all , we wish "a nappy and prosperous
New Year. " This is the season for
retrospdct and moralizing , but we for
bear. It is meet , however , to take a
parting glance back over the old year ,
note failures , and profit thereby in the
year upon which we arc now entering.
Ecsolve , but resolve firmly , and forget
THE Nebraska Legislature meets on
Tuesday , January Gth.
THE Chicago IJerald defines a "bliz
zard" as a storm where the snow is three
feet deep and all in the air.
THE eoal miners at Canon City , Col. ,
have resumed work after months of idle
ness and waste nf both capital and labor.
We are not familiar with the grounds of
the strike and are rejoiced that it has
ended. One of the principal reliances
of Colorado is her excellent coal , for
which there is a great and growing de
mand all over the slope between the
mountains and the Missouri.
a justice of the supreme court of Ver
mont from 1803-to. 1813 , made himself
famous by being the first to officially re
fuse to return fugitive slaves to their
masters , replying to a- slave huntei
who asced ! him what proof of ownership
he would require : "I want a bill of
sale from God A.1 mighty ! " . It is now
proposed to erect a monument over hif
grave in Clarendon. Vermont. Tiie col
ored pejple of the United States ought
to contribute liberally to this memoiiai.
and no doubt would do so if called upon.
] T is now announced that on next
Sunday the C. B. & R. road will com
mence running into Omaha the larger
and heavier passenger train ? , known a < =
Atlantic and Pacific express trains , and
will run trains No's. 5 and 6 , now run
/ in to this city , into Council Bluffs instead
of Atlantic express No. 1 , and the Pa
cific express No. 2 , carry the mails and
the principal part , of the through travel ,
and the reason for running them through
to and from Oaiaha is apparent. They
will leave and arrive about the same
hours as at present 9 A. r. and 5.00
1 . M. Bee.
IT is alleged that Governor Slier-
man , of IOWH , is contemplating a call
of an extra session of the lejriblattm-
this winter. The object of the call i.s
ostensibly , to see about redueinir "rain
freight rates , which cannot be done by
O "
a legislature , since jrrain rates ik-peii. !
upon the laws uf up * iu < r ! ' ? state for
their nrigmjiuujv.bijv ie-n'a ! < > ' > . ] ; * i--
sai-.l to j.S"tiii5"- | [ i > al of the JH-PSI-MJ ?
iirohibititiff la\v" . Now , with all the
racket-4hat has ben mi < le iu lon-a
a.out ! the prohibition law , would it
not be as well to let ir hav a longer
swinLet it be tested thoroughly
r > * -7 *
while they ure about it. Then , next
u inter , the people will be in a better
position for ( leekling what they really
\vai.t than they are now.
NEBRASKA'S exhibit at the New Or
leans world's exposition in attracting a
great deal of attention , and' the money
spent in gi-ttinir it up has undoubtedly
been well invested. It was fortunate
that the state secured the services of
Ex-Governor Furnas as commissioner.
No better man for the place could have
been selected. In speaking of Nebraska's
exhHit < thri New Orleans Times Demo
crat"o'l December ISth says :
Governor Furnas is doing wonders
for that young prairie state ( Nebraska )
in the of > rand of her
way a i display resources -
sources and products. As one entcns the
government building they are instantly
att.actud to the Neluviska exhibit , which
is one of the most striking and tasteful
in th'e building. . . Already the state has
' ' ' S"
' & -'i "
gainedj 'throuiiili'.he'r partly finished ex
hibit , reputation . : that is enviable ,
thiHiL'h but a hint of-what the complete
whole will l ring Tim corn display is
really beautiful , as is th.-it of the wheat
and grasses' . The manufacturing and
milling inte/esto' f thj state arc repre
sented in an attractive manner. Nebras
ka is surely ripj : in resources. Her hor-
tieultural , : igrrtiltur.il anJ duirj inter
ests are .well repiesenJud. . . The iiis-ilay
o'fUhis state yesterday was nearer per
fect than any in the building for state
and government exhibit , and presented
a nag..ikt a-id unique appe..ruice
Tlio RcnNons an Given by
Men ofOur Country.
[ Cor. United States Uconomist. ]
Let mo give your readers the benefit
of the replies I have received from lead
ing men of our country to the question ,
i4\V hat , in your observation , have been
the chief causes of the numerous failures
m life of business and professional
men ? "
Governor St. John answers : "Idleness ,
intemperance. " Alexander H. Stephens
answers : "Want of punctuality , honesty ,
and truth. " Hon. Darwin H. James
answers : "Incorrect views of the great
end and aim of life. Men are
not contented to lives of integrity
and upright ness. They want to
get ahejad too fast , and arc led into
temptation. " President Bartlett , of
Dartmouth college , names as caused of
failure : , "Lack of principle , of fixed
prrpose , of perseverance. " President
Lhpt , of Harvard , replies : "Stupidity ,
ia incss , ra mcss , anddishonesty. . "
Dr. II. M. Dexter , of The Ccngregation-
al.tt , answers : " 1. Want of tlioiough-
ne.ss of preparation. 2. Want of fixed
ness of purpose. 3. Want of faith in
the inevitaole triumph of right and
truth. "
Anthony Comstock's answers are :
"Unholy living and dishonest practices ,
lust and. intemperance , living beyond
one's means. " ilr. II. E. Simmons , of
the American Tract society , replies :
"East living , mental , spiritual and bodily
ily ; lack of attention to the details pi
bua.ness. " Gen. O Howard answers in
substance : "Breaking the divine laws
of the body by vice , those of the mind
by overwork and idleness , and those of
the heart by making an idol of self. "
Professor llomer B. Spraguc , of Boston ,
answers : " 1. Ill health. 2. Mistakes
in the choice of employment ! J. Lack
of persistent and protracted effort. 4.
A low ideal , making success to consist
-ersonal ] aggrandizement , rather than
in the training and developement of a
true and noble character. "
Dr. Lyman Abbott answers : "Tho
combinect spirit of laziness and self-con
ceit that makes a man unwilling to do
anything unless he can choose just what
ha will do. " Mr. A. W. Tenney , of
Brooklyn , icplies : ' "Outside of in
temperance , failure to grasp hold , scat
tering too much , want of integrity and
promptness , unwillingness to achieve
success by earning it iu the old-fashioned
way. " The attorney-general of a neigh
boring state replies : "Giving ' beyond in
come , and speculating with' borrowed
funds ; unwillingness to begin at the
foot of the ladder ami work up. Young
men want to be masters at the start ,
and assume to know before they have
learned. " And another reason in the
same line : "Desiring the success that
another , has , without being Avilling to
work as that man does. Giv ug money-
m-'king a first place and right-doing a
second place. "
„ u gc Tourgee ; author of "A Fool's
Ur-and , ' * considers the frequent cause
of business collapse to be : "Trying to
arry too big a load. " As to others ,
i.e says ; "I don't know about a profes
sional man's failing , if he works , keeps
solcr , and sleep at home. Lawyers ,
ministers , and doctors live on the sins
of the people , and of course , grow fat
under reasonable exertion , unless the
competition is too great. It requires
real genius to fail in either of these
walks of life. " Hon. Joseph Mcdilj , ex-
mayor of Chicago , answers : "Liquor
drinking , gambling , reckless speculation ,
dishonesty , tricky conduct , cheating ,
idleness , shirking hard work , frivolous
reading , lack of manhood in the battle
of life , failure to improve opportunities. "
Among the causes of failure given by
my correspondents many may bo classi-
lie'd under the general fault of wavering ,
suelr " " "non-stick-
as "wavering purpose ,
to-it-neiS , " "failure to grasp and hold , "
"scattering too much , " "trying to do teem
m : ny things , rather than stick to the
' "
one 'thing "one knows most about. " A
young m.n spends seven years in a gro
cery .sioiv , and when he has just , learned
the"bx siness he concludes to go into dry-
j.ooK By failing to choose that first
in ; has throw n away seven years' experi
ence. Pro ! ably , after learning the dry
goods business , he will conclude to be
come a watchmaker , and at last become
a " ' -nek-j.t-ll-trades , " good at none.
A i rorn ncnt merchant says :
"Nearly all failures in legitimate busi-
ne s come from not serving an appren
ticeship to it , ' ? that ia , from leaving a
bus.ness one knows for another which he
does not understand.
Another cause of failure is the dispo
sition to escape hard work , and get rich
in haste "desiring the success another
man has , without being willing to work
as that man does , and begin as he did ,
at .the foot of the ladder. " How many
who wcie in haste to j et rich , to reap
w. hout patient industry in sowing , have
le.uned the truth of the old proverb.
"The more haste , the worse speed. "
Tlic Art of Short Stories.
[ London Saturday Review. ]
While the chief qualification of a
novf list may be the felicity with which
h d ; pcts life , the chief qunl.ti s of the
writti * of short stories must be in-
g u ity , originality , arid compression ,
tune qualities a. good novelist maybe
and oltcn is without. If , in addition ,
the writer of 5hort stories has a touch
of fantasy so much the better. But
the one absolute indispensable quality is
ingenious originality. And , therefore ,
the two greatest writers of the genuine
short story have been Nathaniel Haw
thorns and Edgar Allan Pee.
BrcedtcoJ SIKi-lVorms.
[ if. J. G. Eamumck. ]
There are three kinds of silk-worms :
Annuals , bivollines , and trivoltines.
The annuals produce hut one brood a
year , bivollines two broods , and Tri-
vollincs turee. After considerable ex
perience wo are satisfied , that the last
two breeds cannot be laised as profitably
as the puie annuals.
A ITIoderii Womler.
[ American Agriculturist ]
Xot one fanner in five hundred keeps
books of accounts. No other class of
men with the same amount of capital
conduct business at such loose ends ,
and it Is'one of the modern .wonders that
farmers do not all become bankrupt.
Longfellow : The rays of happiness ,
like those of light , are colorless , when
The Girls At Z.on Branch *
[ "Slanhattan" In Chicago Journal ]
The most sightly and satisfactory
things to study at Long Branch are the
girls. They are constantly presenting
\ new and curious aspects of femininity.
Jufat now they are engaged in a light
for and against the bang. Shall or shall
not ( he "forehead be exposed to view ?
The curtain of hair is ordered up by a
mandate of fashion , but obedience is by
no means general. Girls with low
brows are willing to denude them , be
cause they know that , the effect , will be
pretty in "itself , besides nonplussing the
possessors of high foreheads , who r.e
bound to look odd in exposing an expan
sive portion of cranium so long kept
covered. The common result is a kind
of compromise cropping of front locks ,
and a frizzy arrangement like that
shown by Mrs. Langtry during her last
tour here.
The increase of apparent intellectuality
fe astonishing , but I am forced to write
that ( here is a corresponding loss o
prettiness. The change is improving to
only a small minority. Lawn tennis i
played in the most picturesque mannei
possible to art. The girls wear cost.nnes
for this game that are doubtless dis-
ti acting to impressionable observers.
Very jjtunty jockey caps ; Jersey waists
that arc pliant to every move of joint or
muscle underneath ; scarfs that encircle
shifting outlines , skirts that are short
and scant , stockings that are bright in a
brief sectional view , an 1 canvas bhocs
matching the dress in color , that make
a show o utility in , their rubber
soles all these components of
the tennis toilets are highly ap-
i j proved by the admiring eye of
j man , when the game is pitched on the
lawn of a big hotel , and the adjacent
veranda holds a crowd of critical spec
tators , it is a stretch of credulity to sup
pose that the girls are other than con
scious performers ; and the success which
most of them achieve in an affectation
of indifference to the staring , of com
plete absorption in the exercise , and of
unstudiedncss in graceful posing , is re
markable pioof of the American trait of
cool self-possession.
The expenditure for dress is extrava
gant or not , according as the indulge * s
can not or can well afford it. Hard
times have not. appreciably lessened the
lisplay of costly clothes. A few of the
wearers in former years have disap
peared , but their places are taken by
fresh dressers. Ou the whole there is
no deterioration.
TZie Netv So Kl naS.
[ St. Louis Globe-Democrat. ]
The fog-signal apparatus is now con
structed in such a manner that in calm
weather its sound may be heard twenty
miles. This power is gained by means
of two slotted cylinders , one fixed and
the other revolving in it. The slots , as
they pass one another , stop or cut oil'
the passage of compressed air or steain
and thus cause a series of vibrations ,
and consequently a musical not' ' , th"
pitch of which depends upon theei
of the revolving cylinder. In or t
vary the note , it is only ncce - :
control this velocity. The doubj
horn is formed with a easing
which is a fixed a slotted ey. r
and' a revolving cylinder m . . .
upon a spindle. The slots arc form. .1.
each cylinder at opposite inclined ar. lc- ,
so thac the motive fluid impinging
against a number of inclined planes
causes the inner cylinder to revolve with
rapidity , carrying with it two disks , at
tached to the common spindle. and upon
their peripheries are pressed levers , un
der the action of small pistons operated
by diaphragms , to the outer surface of
which compressed air is admitted.
When the high note is required , one
brake ia put oh ; for tne low note , both
brakes. _
A Sea. Cook's Training.
[ Tlio Century. ]
A sea cook is a peculiar character , re
quiring a special training. Ho must
know how to prepare a sea hash out of
salt-horse Ilavored with onions , incrusted
with , the variegated browns of polished
mahogany , and savory enough to create
an appetite in a stomach that the toss
ing waves have rendered as sensitive as
rhe needle of a compass. He must un
derstand how to make eatable bread ,
and take his duff out of the kettle on
Sunday as light as cotton and as deli
cate as sponge cake. Besides this , he
must know how to economize in the use
of water and provisions , and , more diffi
cult yet , ho must contrive to keep the
crew satisfied with the mess he cooks
for them , while , at the same time , he
looks out sharply for the interests of his
employer and the captain. He must
also bc proof against the worst weather ,
and undeviatingly punctual to the hours
of meals. It goes without saying that
it is not an easy thing to find such a
paragon in the galley ; but when he is
there , ho is , next to the captain , by far
the most important character on board.
Tlio Earth as a ProjcctlJc.
[ Exchange. ]
If , looking at the earth in an artil-
tery point of view , and follow.g the
principles Ilelmholtz has laid uown. the
earth were considered an enormou- pro
jectile , and if it were supposed furf.ier
the whole energy stored up in gun
powder could be utilized , there would
yet be required a charge 150 times
greater than its own weight , or ! JOO
times than its volume , to communicate
to the earth her orbital motion.
TJie Secret of Success.
[ Phrenological Journal. ]
Daniel Webster on one occasion pre
sented , with a brief epistle , a valuable
book to a literary society at Harvard.
The note , so carelessly elegant and
graceful , elicited many compliments. It
was discovered , however , when the book
was examined , that the donor had
thoughtlessly left between its pages a
paper on which half a dozen different
forms of the same note were written.
Atlvlco to a Teacher.
[ Charity Snow. ]
"Let mo tell ye , young man , git the
good will of yer. scholars. There ain't
nothiir in the \vorld but what they'll defer
for ye. if they like ye , but if ycr git ou
the wrong side of 'em , they'll thawn
( thorn ) ye to death. I could study up
more ways of thawnin'a masterin twenty
minutes , than he could lick out of me.
in half a day. Xow , you jest collate
that's the truth , "
Some Fnluo Thoorlra.
[ TMward Eggloston in The Century. J
If the future sociil historian of .Amer
ica , Khali put much trust in the propo i-
tious about- the chnracter o tin Ameri
can people of toliy that are cnr cut ij
essays , newspaper leulers , SCIMIOU - , ant ]
elsewhere , lie will miss tne murx.onie
falsu the : > rit.s , from frequent repett on.
g dn an authority equal to that of t.i
Apostles' Creed. . Since the first scaj
of tha English race germinated on the-e
shores , sevt-r.il theories abo-it them h ive
been accepted as generally t.'tie. Thi
most of these have been fctl-e. ll \\n
very early l > elieved that Americans , e
shorter-lived than th-'ir Engli h prog niters
itors ; the falsehoo J is so vital that oven
life-insurance experience cannot quit
kill it. Jt wa- . long held , and 1 suppose
it is yet hold , that Yankees love money
more than any other people ; but d - \ ?
an Amc.1-ic.ui like a do.lar any b tr .
than an Englishman or Scotchman lilc s
4 shillings. Will not the geneivnu
heartcl son of Erin higgle for a ha f
penny in a bargain ? Isn't a franc ver. .
deir : , also , to a Frenchman ?
In one breath Old World writers du
the people of the United Status a nal i m
of 'dollar-hunlera , ' and in the next lo
rate them for an execs jive liberality th it
'spoils travel. ' jiost Eng.is.hsijen'hoUi
to the opinion that Americans s t up o
nights to corrupt the English language
lint the most curious of fallacies abuii :
Americans are those which they hold
thi'insel. ns. One of these is th it .we : iv < ;
u overworked race , incapable of amu-
ing ourselves. Over and over again ti !
loader-writers the only real ex cat.icdr
preachers of our age assure us that v.
are incapable of merry-niak.ng , that o
attempts at fun are cumbrous failtt
and that , as a people , we are qui.e i
capable of play. Th > best of t'.io jo >
that we all bciieve this , and feel
for ourselves
An Artlroiiducti Jlo.iintico.
iPliilatlclpliiu PIV.-W. ]
"This 'ore's a great place for people t
come hidin' away , " eonrinued tne talk
ative guide. "A party caiiio up u < .
years ago and stoj > ped up at the ho.\
; ne day they madi ivaly to gi u
Lu-ouih the lake as far as faul Sniitli's.
and ii.itl so-n ; Snrriae guides to ta ; .
'em , and when t / V.MS a'iout gottin'
into the boatcueoii the iadic ? iuiMpenjil
to cast ai eye on one of the guides an-
gave a scream and fell over in a dead
faint. The feller he wa pale as dent ! ; ,
and he picked her up , and tnkin' o.r ; (
hat , said : 'Ladies ami gentlemen , 1.1
'eve's i y w.l'o. W had some d.iV'.i-
' : ie3. and 1 loft years ago. ' And I'a :
s es.'daid ; , : : -oj ; man , stopping th
iv.noe and gi'.i p n.w water-l.V ,
"if they didn't Tiu.v.1 u > . ilj's livin * i ; .
style in New York c.y , ar.cl comes up
here a ivgu'-ar swell , with- his senv.nt ,
and I tet. . you the boys ain't forgot wlun
he's around. Jlene-.er forgets he wa ?
guidin' himself. I never heard the outs
and outs of how it was. 1 ain't mucn
for inqnirin' into folk.- : ' affairs , but th.-y
said how he had married a gal that hill
heaps of money , and he hadn't a cent : ,
rihe kept throwin' it up to him till he
got his back up' , as tne sayin1 is , an
left , and , beiii' kind of shamed , he du
out and came up here gniJin" fosks ou
the 'jaranac , never expeetin' , i suppo e.
to meet any of his connection. Ko ula.
romantic , Icall it. "
Aw Ungrateful Rsnuty.
[ New York letter. ]
A bright-looking young woman , who
wore low shojs a-u. i.itb i , ! ic bio.dn ; s.
made a misstep in a. wre .ro n tat *
steamboat Ceius .i von.'y Is.an.l re
cently , and fell into tlu water. One u
the deckhands promptly tarew o
straw hat and blousj ami leaped in .ttt.
her. Hundreds oL- people cro.vaed t
the cdgooi the boat and ca orly wal h .
the attempted rescue. Tiie deekh.
Ciiught the young woman around th
waist and bore her up until a small bo.u
came out from under the iron pbr ami
picked up both ( he ressucr and the r - ,
cued. The young woman hail s.v < ii-
lowetl more or less wat.-r , but she wa
none the less sprightly ror all thar.
"You have had a pretty do > e shave
miss. " said the deckhand as the drippiu
coupled clambered up on the pier.
"Yes , but where i my fanJ" said tht
young woman , with aniaiation.
"I don't know. Did yon have a fan.
said t'ue deckhand carelessly.
"Yes. I did. and I paid tfl.75 for it
and I bciieve that you knocked it out o
my hand when you graboed mo in t"
water. I don't see why men are alwa.
so cluinsv. "
Iutcrcti : r , but Idol's Jfot Try JJ.
IPhiladfllphia Pros ? . ]
Somebody of a mathematical turn
with nothing better to do , Ins made th
following computation , which iscuriou-
if not essentially correct. He says that
German mile about Sive English milt
contains 25.8."JG feet ; a square Ge.
man mile contains , therefore , GS8-jM ,
000 square feet. The snpu'ricial are
of the lake of Constance , being 3.J Ger
man square miles , therefore contain.
5,682,000,000 square feet. They are liv
ing on the surface of the globe ac tin -
moment , in round numbers , abou
1-1:30,000.000 : human beings. Let every
man have four square feet allotted to
him , and if the lake were frozen over thc
whole human family might find standing
room upon its surface , .Should the
weight prove too great , the ice break ,
and the whole human race b < " siibmei ul ,
it would only iviiae tlu level of the Lks.
abor.t six inches.
Tao idea of explanation cards to gnide
the visitor at the elostrioial exhibition in
Philadelphia might be usefully applied
to the exh.bitioii of machinery at our
industrial fairs. Curious and "interest
ing exhibitions are often only exasper
ating to the visitor , which might bseouie
more satisfactory and more instructive
by a short account of their methods or
operation. Exhibitions could bo mad
thoroughly educative.
" love " ho murmured he
"By-by , , , as
started down to bis office in tle morn
ing , and she did , to the extent of a $ oG
boiinet. He says "Good morning now.
California's Chicory.
The chicory erop of California last
year was reported to be worth § 1,000 ,
000. It was neiirly all sent to the east
ern states to use iu adulterating coffee.
6 nidl'i. c 11 . : > - ! I M , " * ' . n 't
o : , > to mrry in m/ck sinlu i ui fn-yiiiiiy. bu to
- ' | ' . HtuncwfU -
i-i ure tl > i' AM Hi } l-r bfcu tt'it. H--
niltiWII HUM i. ailti arc | Wf-Hl i with ! iu ptumli'liff -
hy kUkta'iiIiiK'hcrofiti atlou of nuius itiw-ij. * cn-cr-
prUiiiK. and ever rt'i.ahli' . llnmu t'uure i hr A rn-
< > t > r 1)10 ) cclelirAtcd Dr. Kind's New Dltcoery furl
unsmnptlon. will Kelt It on a puslthc Kunraii'.cu It
Mill mud ) Liiti-mij mill o\cn .ificclioii nf liru..t.
LUIIKS and < hexl. and to ai ou' our fuaixiuiicc. * t In-
vlc iou to cull utiil Kvt a lrl.il Uottlo Krcc.
9 L I * B % ' < " woWrit : r "ui' : . fcmi m ots r * *
IK k I U KI * . Hiul M K u lit mull you ft re , royal ,
jl | I fv.iluiiliic Snnipie I'O.v uf K' < i lt > tlmt vrlll
lElalLI put jou In tile wny of maklnx inert
inoau > In i > few Uuju tlmn yon u\cr tlionxlit pofntiblu
at an ) buslia'M. tapllul no ; n-qnlreit. VouciinlUu
ut IK/IIIC .iin.1 work In pirc time only , or oil thu time
All of bo. h 8r.\w. of I'll iC.- , srr.itiuly kticvcMful 5U
clx to $5 ciiDtly enrnci ! u\t-ry evening. Timt all who
want work may teal tin * busmcd * . we make tlilx un
paralleled otter : To nil wlio HTL not ivcll bUtUUi-il u e
will tend ( I to i a > for ihu-truiible of wrllliiKus. Full
particulars , dlri-uttoiiH.etc. , m-nt free. Imtnensi.- pay
l > olutely sure ( until v.hu sfarl at once , liun'l deluy.
A'lilre s ST1NSOX & CO. . Portland. JlaltK3S'J
An Answer Wanted.
' "an any one brlnjc u n cane of Kidney or Mver
omplaliit that Electric Jllttrr * will not greedily
cure ? We boy tliey can not , aft-thousands of eases
already i > eiinauemly Hired and who ure dally reeom-
mciv.llnu Klrctrlc Hitters , will prove HrlKht's Dis
ease. Diabetes. Weak Itaek , or any urinary complaint
quickly L'ured. They purify thu blood , reflate thu
bow eU , and aec dlrecl ly on the diseased parts. Kvery
liotilcKuaranteeil For sale at 50 cent ! ) A bottle at
Metropolitan Drug Store. .
proicnts pivun .away.
$200,00053 Hit o els. postuge , mid
J W W Wby mall you will get free a
uf KUIMIS of largu vuluc , that will start you In
work tliat will at oucc bring you In money faster than
iinytlifiiK cUu In America. All nbout the f UU.UUU In
prei-ems with each l > ux. Agents wanted e\rrywliere ,
of either sex , of nil ape * , for all the time , or Fp.ire
time only , to work for us at tlieir own liu'iiea. For
tunes for \\oilersai-o'.uifly siksttreJ. Kon't delay.
II. 1IAI.LMTT & oO. , Portland , .Maine
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
THE REST SALVE In tin : world for utir.
-ori's. UlrtTB. Suit Ulicmn , I'evurSutes , T tti'i , cliip- :
t.cd llmius. ciiIIMiihis , orns , and all -kin Eruptions. jinn j
inn ! puMincly citrus I'llr.s or no [ my wjinred. 1' ' j j
; riutiiiiicei ! to pl\c perfect biiibf : ciioii , or money j j
ri'iumk'il. 1'nce ia cunts JH.T lioFur tiie : at j I
Wcirl i * . I- ! * ' . U..UU bI\RE. i
Sli tCninflfrpMMilVi'.KUd i
. .n.1 ci tly l Ov i.f
wlileu nil ! l.i-lp you iu
ii ! nt' } ri lu JX HV than
, . . * . . . . ! . l ! . - MMliti'1'il
ili. It.li } fti-i I.I 4ii. > \ < tril. X > ! < i.i-i M-\
f i inn Ills ; hour. 'I hiIIKJK. . : ! < rni H , f.iriuut ; opuiH lie-
tola i he wuriJtTi1. sil.i-oiuii'l ) eiiU' At uiiri * . uure
l : i I. A : "Jli. . . AIUIIM.I. Slan.r 2-'i. :
Wonderful ! "
V > 'c la in. : kii > u of any uiciilcine tliit lias K.itncd
.in co.iii-i [ ; o ; ul.srliy. In MiJi a * .In > rt thai * , for tlic
lu t.ii. idler ol niiiulis iir.il < soriiie > - ! > in tin * IUHKS , a
11KUUS' i 11KKUV Ol"il .SVKUI * . U is mild imd
peiMint ! in ; : .ku nn.l ulll not Injun ? tliv tiuwtdelli-aie
infant. S'iiHilo | bottle * , free tit S. I. . Green's anil
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ff * . a wei'k at liuine. i. outfit free. Pay all-
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< i. Header , if you : vant business at which
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ur.uiit } , Mr-tie for particulars to II. HALLI'.TT &
to. ivr'-'i ; ! . V-iixo. 'i-2.-
"Vfii i you visit or leuvc JCrvr Veil : City , .ive R\K-
ae , hipvtM.Kc anil ' .irrl.itre Hire and stop at thu
rsud Li.icu llutt'l. epyio.-iit Grand Criitra ! D''jxit.
Hi. anl rooms , ncd up at n cost of 'iic inllhcn
< ! oi-trs. teiluc d to fl.OOand upv , luU per day. Euro
pean pli'i. Klcvitor. iie'-taiinint rtipplltd with the
st. Horse cars , .itase ! > and elmated niilroad toill
depots. FisniU'e" i-tis live honor f > r U s money at
the finmrt t'ni'in Ilo.t ! ; ! iati at any uhe. tirst-ulns ?
hotel in the cltv 3-31
to my { irumitcs , oneImlt'niilo o.isl of
ilcCook , November SJrd. J&84. four head of
Ktock. two cow s ami two tieiler cuives , l > rmd
U O ou Id t side. Also , swallow fork of ri ht
earund scjiutre crop and underslit of left car.
J. K. CAKiN V.
AleCook , > .eo. ,
Complaint ti.tviu been entered at this , otliee
y'Aiiu i.-.UV-iry a aii.bt .John 1' . > uirtz for
ihae to eonijjiy with hr.v astoTiinher-Cul-
tnvo K11 try . ; n. duied i > ortli 1'lattc. r > .el > . . Juno
th , lo7A iii ) u the fcoutheabt ijuarter section
. . tonship i north , nin eti west , in Red Wil-
ow county , > > et > . , with u view to tli'-eaneelht-
tton ot t-aid entry ; cuiitc tant sillefim - that
John F. Sxvartz hits failed to cultivate 10 acres
ol said tract iroin Juno 0 , I * * . ! , up to th.- pres
ent time as required lij law ; tlic eaiil parties
are hereby suinmoned to appear at this olhee
on ihuoth day of February , INN > , at J o'clock ,
i' . M. , to res-pond ami lurnish testimony con-
cerninK ; gad alleged taihnu.
: . li. li. LAV.'S , Itegister.
-Met'ook , Net ) . . December 2nd , ISJ--l.
Complaint having been entered at this oiliee
hy Henry H. Anders against George- . \VaIsh
Tor abandoning liis Homestead Entry ( fcJ7 ,
.lated May lothJSSl. upon the southwest quar- .
erspction' ' ! , township 1 north.ranjre-T west , t
. ! ) Iced Willow county , ebraska. wttii a view '
to the cancellation of said entry : the said
p : ; : tics are hereby summoned to appear at
.his ollice on the lath day of January. ! ( ! ? . " , at '
i o'clock , P. \ ' . , to respond and turnish testi-
nony concerning said alleged abandonment.
& ( J. L. LAWS. Itejrister.
Jocbniu & Helm , Att'ys.
LAND Ornci : AT McCooic. NEI : . ,
leceinlcf . ; i > t , icM. i
Notice is hereby iven that the following- ;
iinieU bettlcr hu > hietl notice 01 his iileition
o make tinal ( .root in support ol lis eui , .
.tut tliathiiiil proot will l.v niuiuciore Utvu- .
vror itecei\ci : t .Mt-cool : . .NCO . ( -sstnniai. . J
. ebruary Uh , l5 , vi/ : Leonard 15. stiies. i ) . I
. nil , Ji.r tle iiorlheasl quarter < ! surtnm _ . > . :
\vtii > hip north raiiKAS wit. . . \iui . -o.ia-J
luiti . KirUnian. uioinai > u lloni'Steid : Kntry [
- : ' . U eeii.t er Hili. , " .s ; , is i.ineii to appear
said tin.e ai..i pie ! : < . ' MI-'I CI.UM ; why his
. .ml H'iie < iya'l i-Jntry i > h > > ulu uot be he'd tor .
iaiiceliatioii. iie naiw.liif u ioxvm : wili i
es-esto pn.vi * lii Kintn.U'iuo.'once upon. }
anil cultivation of. sanl lat.it. via : \Viltiam M.
r v in , fcmuel i > ro * n. Liav .ts tSryan and 1'rank
v'ore , all ot" . cL'oo.k , i\eb.
Si. G L. LAWS , Kej-istcr.
1'Ccemlier 2i'th. JJiM. f
Notice is hereby given that the followin -
ansed settler has filed notice of I.is intention
.o malic Una ! { iroof in sapjiorC of his claim.
tinl that saiil proof wil ] be in.ide before Ker-
: ter < r Keceiver sit JfcC'ook , Neb. , on Friday ,
i-eoruary eth. ltK > . vi/ : Herman llcriult. I ) .
s.i Si. lor the southeast ( piarlerof section " ,
ownship 1 north , ratineit west. He names
he loilowin witnesses to prove hi . ontinu-
; i.s rciiieiitc upon , anil cultivation of , said
: ii > d , % i/ : . \ir.o < Goodenbcrccr , UiiTus fer- !
er , Cooi v O't-r cr and C. Mnith. all of Mc-
. v.bt - - . ; ; i < ; . f. . LAWS. iesntcr.
Li Oii'iti : AT Mf.-CooK , XEB. ,
1'uccinber atrth , ! & - ! . f
Notice is hereby -iveu Thnr. the foilou-iiJt--
: aiic < l pettier his Illcsl norc > t his intention
.u uiutiu liititl pn.ol in snppoit of his claim ,
iiii ! tlntt srt.d proof itl bemaile belore He ts-
, er or itt'ceiver ar M < -'ook. NcU. . on Friday ,
f'i'Oruary lith , 1K-5. viz : Jaates \Vsnvate. . j
jociestead bo1 ; , lor the southwest quarter of i
< ection 1. tow-h'0 ! : ; orth. r.ingtis wfs .
ie names liif u.iiov. iii - witnesses to prove . '
his c'jntiiiao''S retideace upo : > . and ctt\u-t
r.on of. s.u ! hind. \ iz : .Mitchell Younjr. J-unv- \
. Lalferty. Nicholas \Vycolf n l S--.tiRihsun. "
M of iJiXiiuury , Neb.
: jl G. L. LAWS , Kc ister.
December Mib , IK-'l. f
Notice i ? hereby jrfven that the folov. : in -
iiiucii settler has fileil notice of his intention
10 make final pi > of in support of hi > claim ,
ind thar said pioot" will be mmie lieiore tif. "
sieror Keceiver at Mci.'ooU. Ncb , on i'riiJuy.
rcbruary 20th. IN . viz : Htmm Uey. I ) . .
Ct , ' , for the south ' northwest 5i and north ' ;
southwest } tbecttoif > .to'-vnship-nortt.rnn r
w > t. lie naijtes tlr. loliowtii-f wiiiicseM >
ovehip continuous rudiiicncM > ] > ( . : i.nnd cui
iivation of. said land , viz : Lharies Elicrf.
\Vjll.ani LiubaokO. f-iv < l unsi.i cr'iru Lrnst
rman. . all ot lintianola. .Neb.
30 G. L. LA\Vrf ,
f ; t A.NbUl MCK AT MtCiK , W. , I
! ! > . < . Mini i-r , .th , l. I
; -n.tc ih htiil.v jica that the
' .1 ti.ml S''ttlvr nas iiluil tiotlctf 01 hs Intention
I to make linal proot in Htipport of his claim ,
t ' and that said proof will bo made before Jtcg-
. Uitur or Kecei vor at ccook , l > ieb , on Friday.
' .Itiniiary : > dtii , . . " * o , viz Gilbert U. > iOltlcton ,
, D S lu ) , for the soulli H southeast U section
: U. north f ; northeast U sec-lion ( u , township -
north , raiiKO 'Ji > west. He tamcs the following-
witiieshi-n to prove his continnout ) rtHidoncu
upon , unit cultivation of , wild land , viz ; .1.
Stone , W. B. Fitch a d M. H. Johnson , fit Mc-
Cook , Neb. , and U. liarnes , of Vailton , Neb.
: fO. ( J. L. LAWS , Hector.
L.\K Of HCB AT McCuoK , NKU. , i
Ucceinber Hith , IWt. f
Notice Is hereby given that the following-
named settler ban tiled noticu of his intention
to make tinal proof In support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before KCKIH-
ter or Heceiver at .MeCook , isob. , on Alonday ,
February yd , 183. viz : Melvlll L. Lacy , Home
stead Entry : r.l , for the southwest quarter of
section It * , township 4 north , ratine Co west.
He names the following witnosscH to prove
IIH ! continuous residence upon , and cultiva
tion of , said hind , viz : J' . S. Wilcox , J. A.
Wilcox , S. A. Shaffer and Kdson Koblnett. all
of McCook , Neb.
) O. L. LAWS , Ile lster.
December ( Jth , 1881. f
Notice Is hereby jriven that the followinpr-
naincd settler has llled notice of his intention
to make Until proof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before Itcx-
Istcr or Hecelvcr at McCook. Nob. , on Friday ,
lammrySiru' , 1W3 , vU : Nels J. Johnson , D.
S. 7iU ! , lor the south 4 southwest U section I
and north northwest } . \ Rcction J-.township
1 north , ranc'eiO ; west. Ho names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence uponand cultivation of , said land , viz :
Andy S. Hoyer , William L. Pryor , W. H. Jhib-
bell and Myron Wilson , all of .McCook , Neb.
X'8 G. L. LAWS. Itetflster.
LAND Ori-iCK AT MCCOOK , Nnii. , \
December nth , 18W. f
Notice Is hereby jdven that the followltiff-
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make linal proof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before UeKls-
ter or Keceiver at McCook. Neb.on Saturday ,
January "Mill , lfcf.1 , viz : Jacob Harshbergcr ,
Momestcad 1NS7 , for the southeast quarter of
section I't. township - \ north , ratine "J west.
He names the followinjr witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon , and cultivation
of.said land viz : William JJcQuayHcnjaniin
MeQuay , Gustavo E. Wullin and Alexander
Johnston , all of Met ook. NCJ. !
G. Ji. LAWS , Itcaistcr.
LANI > Orrici : AT Mo" UOK , NKU. . i
December 10th , Itm. f
Notice is hereby { riven that the followinjf-
tiamcd veitler has Uled notice of his intention
to make linal proof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before Uc is-
ter or Keceiver at Metro k. Neb. , on Saturday ,
.lanu ry 17th , 18S.J , viz : Charles II. J'ate ,
Homestead Entry ( "J , for the northeast quar
ter of section i ! , township : . ' , north of niiiKottU
vest. He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon , and cul
tivation of , said land , viz : Gilbert IJ. Kettle-
ton. Chester U. Newman , George H. Starhuck
and Alphcnis Starbuck , all of McCook. Neb.
'S ( ; . L. LAWS , Ucjfister.
Cocliran & Helm , Att'ys.
L.VM > OFnci : AT MCCOOK , NKI : . , I
December 10th , 188-1. \
Notice is hereby jjiven that the following--
.nanicd settler has liled notice of his intention
to 1'iake linal proof In sup ] > ort of his claim ,
and that said pioof will be made before IJejf-
ister or Keceivei ut McCooic , Neb. , on Friday ,
.Ian uary Kit h , 1&S , villurlliert A. Graham ,
1) . S 7jlf. for the north northwest " section
I , township 1 north , range IJO west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his continu
ous nj.-idcnce upon , and ci ittvuticii of. said
land , vi ; : : .lames K. Lawthers , .lames Law-
thers. N. liurtless .mil Nathan O. Vv'ickwire ,
all < > tJ > ! cCook , Neb.
M O. L. LAWS , roister.
McCook , Neb. . October rrth , 1 8J.
Notice is hereby given that the followini -
lUitncd settler has hied noticu ot her Intention
to imU.c linal proof in support of her claim ,
aim that sum proot will be made before lcls-
teror Keceiver at JlcCook , > eli. , oti Friday ,
January jOth , ltt. > , viz ; .Mary M. Un gs , 1 > .
t > . 001 , lor tne northwest quarter ot hccnon- ,
township } lujrth , nin e oi nest , ohe names
the following witncffes to prove her continu
ous iVb.ticnic upon , and cultivation ot , said
laiiU , vitinam ThrailKill , Chatham H. 1'hil-
hps , kmorhuii U. Coiemaii and l > auard U' . Vim
Horn , all ot . -.Cook , A\CO.
i O. 1 IjAWtf , Kexistcr.
LAMJ OFUCE AT McCui ; , NKK. , _
November xfttli , ih'&l. j"
Notice is hereby iv.-n mat the lollowin-
nanteit bctuci lias tiled nonce ot his intention
to make nnal proot in support 01 his claim ,
aiiu tiiiL > ; ii < i prool will l.c-ni ne ijftore ucx'fc-
tei or iteceiver at Met ook , Nei > . . on Tue-iclaj' ,
.latiuary uth , aer.i , viz : hlsworth U. Uassett ,
11. b. 4 0 , lor tl.esoutn ' , ; southwest ? .t section
-Z ana east i nortliwcst } .t section s7 , to\vn-
fchip o iiorih , ranjjcKJ west , lie names the
loltowin < ; Mitne. es to j n'e his continuous.
rchidenee upon , and cultivution of , said land ,
viz : 1 * . . ) . ostiurn , licorge bimmernnui , Wil
liam Vincent and James Lampbell , all of Os-
born , Aeb. U7. G. L. LAWS , Ue ister.
November th , lbS4. f
Notice is hereby jriven that the followiiis1-
named settler has hied notice f his intention
to ninKe limit ] iroof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before lter-
ihter or iteeesvcr at McCook. .Neb. , on Frjday ,
January li.th , l rt , viz : John C. sherilf , J ) . S.
CM , lor the southwest quarter of section ' 9J ,
township 1 north , i-aiuie - ' ' west. He names
the lollowinx' witnesses to prove his continu
ous resilience upon , and cultivation ot , said
land , vi/ : John iJelph and William Helph of
McCooK , Neb. , Uctiben Gorverand Henry Gcr-
ver ot MoiiKhtoii , Neti.
IT G. L. LAWS , Keffister.
Ii\'t > OFXICB AT McCooic , NEIS. , i
November aith , I ! < c4. f
Notice is hereby given tiiat tne foliowinjf-
nainett settler hu = ine l noticeor beriiuention
to iuaKe bnat proot in support of her claim ,
juu itiaisai.i prool wni oe maue uciore e ts-
ler i.r Ueceiver ut iicLoo. . . Aeb. . on Tncsuay ,
January -iih , Io , viz : hmily V. 1'ortcr ,
nonic icau l-.iaiy .u/n , lortneboutliwestquttr-
tfi-M.t-t.oa-- , towiisii .lorit : , ratine _ 'j west.
ilc n.uu''a Hie loiiouin witucbses to. prove
i.i.- . ci-i. : . . tii > iL-i.i.ci.e upuii , ami cultiva-
lioii ol , b.uu iunit. \ > 7. : itioiuas cotield , Wtl-
nalii JL i.j ie . : tU stepnen iioi.es ot Uox Elder ,
- vi' . . a.iU .uui.t0o . er > Uo > icot liiormmrg ,
> .eo. - ' < t. i , . i.AUS , Ite istcr.
LAXU OFticiAI MctuuK ,
Ijcceinijer 1st , leSl. f
Notice is hereby sivt-u tliat tiie foliowiax'-
naiiieu setin-i lit niott notice ot bis intention
to m-t c iii.U proot in support of his claim ,
ui.it iJiat saul pioot wiil be made belore lie ia-
ter or jCeceirerat iscCooK , et . , on Monday ,
J.uiuary i-Jth , lb. < , VIA : Ferdinand H. Keller ,
i > . ; > . i.e. lor the southeast quarter section 11 ,
tow tiship nortl ) . range > west. He names
the loliowinn witnesses to jjrove his continu
ous residence upon , and cultivation of , eaid
land , viz : Anco Shniter. Kobcrt Johnston
William McQnay and licnjamin JIcQuay , all
ot McCook , > eb.
7 G. L. LAV.'S , Ucsister.
L VXD OFFICE AT McCuoK , NKI : . , i
November 1. ls 4.
Noticeis hereby Kiven that the followinsr-
natneit settler hits tin-d notice of his intention
M make linal proof in support of h- claim ,
and that said proof will be made before Kcjris-
tt-r or Ueceiverat Mc , ; ok. Neb. , on Tuesday ,
Januarv iJth , Ib < > , vi/ : Thomas McQuuy , D.
S. uU. for the northeast - soulhe ; .i section
.1 , and nortnwest J-i s > uthwest lanil south
west ' 4 north wcs-t ! i aim Jot Z ol section 21 ,
townssip'o ' north , vusru ' i'west. . He nair.es
the ffiiowinjr v.-ifwsse.- prove his continu
ous lOsisleine upor. , ur.d cultivation of , said
li'i : < i , viz : i J. Miirbuck , J.tcob Hurshberxer.
Viliani Hvatt and Uichurd Johnston , all of
K. .Neb. M G. L. LAWS. Kc'dster.
November sith. i4. f
Notice is hereby given that the ! olowinK-
nainui settler has fild notice of hi ? intention
to make tinal proof in support of his ciaini.
and i hat sa ; < i proof will by made bcfoie lse is-
ter cr Keceivrr at c < .ook. Neb. , on Saturday ,
Januaiy am. If-co , viz : Ernest Fuller , D. S.
h7f , for the oiuheastquirtorsecion ; te.toivil-
sliij : north , ranee ? west. He names the
loilowin vutisfii'.T- prove Ins coiit > nu < us
re-iGfh ! . i ; } ' ' ! . sifi m.nvaiif1 ! ot uau itittu ,
nz. iii.-t-in.a A Kuxcrs , . o. Jlo/ci Cli.rk. Hu
tu.i.iKloy : . : .f C iitr.ru.-fi > : uuiit > ; > , at ! of
ah.a.G. . L. LAWS , Kc istcr.
. . morf awii'i lana'fiirrMi.gi'isi fcytsIrfrR
f' jVaun.-cuci ' - th'i - - ' -i.1-11 i- i ! : tu
* 15. US..IKIS nUvi-i'itl 'uidlv. Noi.e fail.
Tcims fr.e. 1IALLET i 1SOOK t.O. , I'urtlaud. Jiace.

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