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_ Thursday. January , si , 18 5.
S2trV.ll locals under thin hctid : it ilia at or
luc. rornrxt fi ] erifon ii'i-l ! " jirrlJiii-foreiu-h
BUb3o < | Ut-nt insoruon , and MMVC will be run
trull t nlfi."J out. iiiii-s- rui.c IK tipoc1' ! ! }
.mb woiU M" ' ' finh , tatcirnts will he JMC-
eonlcil nt tinind of each -tionth
COMJJtKGATIONAIj. onndiiy School ut It )
A. M. every weeic I'rciu'hiiJK service.ovcr >
buuduy nijrht at 7.1M. M T Also , every alter
nate Sunday morninjr nt 11. .M T. Exceptions
to the above will be noticed In locals.
Giumni : DU > OAN. Pastor.
METHODIST. Services every ether Sunday
morning nMO.M. M. T. , mid ovenintf ut 8. M T
Sunday School oven- week ut . : w , M. T. Ser
vices held in Opera Hall.
CATHOLIC. Services will be held in the
Opcru Hall once every four weeks.
Josii'i CbUKY , Pastor.
A. F. & A. M. MeCook Lodpe , U.
D. , meets on the llrnt and third Tues
days of each month.
( J. L. LAWS , \V. M.
T. G. KKES , Secretary.
I. O. G. T. The Independent Order of Good
Templars meet in the Congregational Church
every Tuesday evening : .
B. & M. R. R. Time Table. j
No. 2 . 7:10 , A. M. | No. 40 . 5:40 , P.M.
No. W . 1:00 , P.il. I No. l . W , P. M.
EtfEost bound trains run on Central Time ,
and westbound trains on Mountain Time.
freight trains do not carry passengers
LliAS. Uhba , Agent.
Local Intelligence.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
For good J ; welry at low prices go
to the Jewehy Store.
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketclmm
"Wairons the best in the world.
100 new Overcoats just received at
Wilcox Bros. , at from § 5 to $20.
Car-load of Choice Michigan Salt at
All persons indebted to C. H. Bogers
are requested to call and settle their
accounts at once.
Wednesday night was the most severe
of the season , the mercury falling 20
degrees below zero.
A couple freight cars were also de- (
stroked at Cambridge , during the burning - j
ing of the station.
We call your attention to the adver
tisement of Hayden & Co. They are
selling woolen goods at actual cost.
- . - --Cai-load- Boiler Process Flour
f f
from Superior Mills at fr > ui SOc. to
$1 50 per -ack WILCOX Buns.
Anv I'Crfcon lUfchin" t" invest about
$1.5(11) ( in a good pacing business will
please call J--t thiat-ilicp for information.
At thi ? Cm Hakorv y u will find the
largest and uio.-t < . .eliiiu > CaliSoriii. ;
pears ever offort-il for xt'.e ' in Mci'ook.
An excellent quality .if street Michi
gan cider at City Bakery. Also , a car
load of Apples which will be sold cheap
by the bushel.
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of corn meal.
TER ever heard of in MeCook , was n-.ade
at Rogers' , this -week , on Overcoats.
Call and get prices.
The William Stoddert property has
been purchased by the Wilcox Bros , for
$1,200 , a very cheap and desirable prop
erty for the 11101103 %
The nicest Maple Syrup and new
White Clover Coml > Honey you ever saw
at Wilcox Bros. , and New Sorghum on-1
ly 50 cents per gallon.
The May-Pole was skated at Bragtr's
rink , Saturday evening , under the direc
tion of Mr. Prehm. We understand
that it was a great success.
Why do it ? When it is known that
you can buy solid Gold Goods for less
at McCracken's than you can buy snide
goods at other places.
If you want to drive a good bargain
when you want a Heating Stoves , go to
L3'tle Bros. , where you can purchase a
heater from $3.00 up to S-JO.llO.
District Court was in session Tues
day. Two or three divorce cases .were
disposed ofnndstveral motions submit
ted , when court an'journed. Courier.
How Sheriff Wclbnrn and I. J. Star-
buck failed ti > c wiect with No. 2 , Mon
day morninir , and how the- enjoyed
their drive to the county-scat , inquire
of parties tl 'in fhp * . hut. caution !
Irush Lanut : rt e hear up to date
of .July thirtrtu ln-.io of cattle kill-d
along the Hue f * tij > LS & .M raiisrav i.p
iJmfh'and C' ilJ . . , .Tattu-
t\ve < Mi ' crt * < n. -
. . . <
- v l.U ' .
Presiding Elder Jniingnn of the M.
15. church will preach at the Opera Hall.
ne\t Sunday nxi-mngal 11 o'clock. See
tif'tico elsewhere : i ; > to quarterly c-onl'or-
t'llfiC , OU * .
The Ludell fc'fttk'idesires us to rc-
eniifltruvt our two ktory-skafing-rink-
. ind-btil ; mom encomium. George will
hint1 it that Ludell is a three-story
town , Mansard roof.1'
The Trumpet hsis it ftom ' 'a promi
nent republican that the now demo
cratic postmaster has been selected , and
that he will be appointed at the proper
time , and that the postoffice will be lo
cated in West MeCook. '
Buy your Christmas candy at the City
Bakery , where a consignment of cur
iously designed and handsomely deco
rated candies has just been opened.
The finest , byall odds , ever brought into
MeCook. Call and see for yourself.
I The amount of quinine and whisky
"liquidated" in MeCook does not necessarily -
sarily indicate that we are more than
ordinarily subject to the enervating in
fluences of malaria , gentle readers and
strangers. The national debt must needs
be paid.
Rock candy , Moses' cough candy , Ly
ons worm confections , arnica tooth soap , _
chlorate potash , globules , globe pills , 1
atomizers , Espcys' cream balm , tooth
brushes , nail brushes , hair brushes , I
paint brushes , etc. , at Metropolitan' '
W. A. Clutc's Art School will com- '
mencc on Friday evening , January 2d ,
18-S5. Drawing in all its various branch
es will be taught. Thos-e desiring in
struction , or information i ' aiding the '
same , will find him at the B. & M.
Eating House. i
A lady contributor in the Franklin
Echo thatsiue otlier-iu-law
suggests \siue - -
'be used as a target for ctlitoiial ( ? ) wit. "
and the mother-in-law be < rivi-n a much
. .
needed rest , . Curcis is willin' , but what.
will the peppcrminL-drop-man of the Bee
do for inspiration. .
Our ice men are'diligently at work ,
these days , laying in a supply of that
cooling commodity , for which we arc so
thankful when the thermometer indi
cates a temperature of 100 in the shade.
Butb Me.si-rs Farley and Brewer Bios ,
will btore a larire supply.
Considerable attention is being given
tn the fa .t mail train which the B. & M. ,
it i < ! < ported , will puton between Oma
ha aiid ] ) en\er. January 1st. This part
of the j tate already enjoys excellent
postal facilities , but nothing is too rich
1'i.r our blood , and we can eas-ily stand
a fa&t mail service.
The runaway on Friday c.-msed a mo
mentary ripple of excitement on Main
Avenue and Dennison streets. The span
belonged to J. Goodenberger. H. W.
Pike's lumber yard fence , we believe ,
was the only thing damaged , and it but
slightly. No one was in the wagon at
the time of the go-as-you-please.
The Second Quarttrty Meeting for
the MeCook charge of the M. PI church
will be held in Meuard's Opera Hall ,
next Sunday , January 4th. Preaching
at 11 o'clock , A. M. , by Elder Johnson.
Love feast at 2:30 : , P. M. Quarterly
Conference at the residence of U. H.
Berry at 7:30 : , P.M. , Saturday. All
are invited to any and all services.
The railroad toys request us to an
nounce that the dance , which was to
have been given on the 30th , "but was
postponed on account of the inclemency
of the weather , will be held OH the
evening of thu 15th of January * , with
out fail ; and that all persons who have
received invitations will consider them
selves duly invited to the dance on the
Stockmen are not feeling very solici
tous about stock , although tins vrenther
of the past few weeks has been rather
severe. They think the generally fine
condition ot stock an-.l abundance 'if teed
will have carried them through in 7uir
condition. The driving wind and snow
of Tuesday and Tuesday night has evi
dently , however , caused considerable
drifting of cattle acres * the Republican
from northern ranges , to the Smoky.
What a pity that merit suppositions ,
- . di on5.itiou ' . . become
by si-.me | > uh'jr.e.amol ;
come real r.'grit That our estimate of
ourselves us men of letters , scientist ? ,
artist ? , or in the various avocations and
vocations of life , is not the estimate
real That mcsi in their attainments
reach but ai li a m ilV "f thi'ir ; ; imnt :
infii.'U1 : it > > .si.iiii : ; \Vure the I'oniH-
tioj < > thi'rv , irJi' . what a superb race of
iPchatu v.J , fX-U'iitSfic. literary , artistic.
c&e , . ' . : aits tjii.s ujuiHr-uie sphere would
coutain I Jiui'iJr. .
On the 10th day of January the people
ple of Hayes county will vote on the
question of county seat location and for
county oflico.is as well. There arc quite
a number of candidates , we understand ,
for the r'-spectivf offices , and the elec
tion promises to be interesting and ex
citing. The voters of Chase county ,
which is attached to Hayes , will have a
voice in the election of officers. The
merry war will soon be open.
Bro. Burr of the Itivcrtnn Enterprise ,
who afore limes ha. remembered THE
TRIBUNE generously and without stint ,
digresses as follows. No George , we
are still occupying the tripod : "The
MeCook Tribune has changed hands and
comes foith as the Trumpet , under the
management of Davis & Israel , the lat
ter being the old owner before Mr. Kim-
mell purchased it. The change does network
work an improvement in the appearance
j \ I of the paper , whatever it may do for the
other departments. "
J The borrowing ( ? ) of wood and coal
has become quite epidemic , judging
from the tone of our exchanges. One
of them touches up the matter in this
wise : "To borrow or not to borrow
wood that is the question ; whether
it is nobler in the mind to suffer the
pangs which zero weather brings , or to
go out and borrow or perchance to steal ,
ay , there is the rub , for in that steal you
may get hold of a loaded chunk that may
raise a ruction in the stove. Thus con
science does make cowards of us all , and
the native hue of resolution is sick
lied o'er with the pale cast of fear. "
Tin : Franklin County Echo has it :
' It is correctly reported that after Jan.
Ibt , no passes will be granted by the
railroads in Nebraska under a penalty
of $100 fine on whoever issued it. This
will be a hard blow to the poor coun
try editor. ' Is > theie no hope beyond ,
Ileib ? Unsay the cruel words , which
relegate to obscurity , not to be bright
ened by an annual visit to the metropo
lis even , the p. c. e. Else there will be
weeping and wailing and gnashing of
teeth , and the p. c. e. will refuse to be
comforted because his pass is no more.
A delightful little party was given
the members of the Dramatic Company ,
Monday evening , by Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
Hunt , in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wal
lace , who have been among the compa
ny's most faithful and efficient mem
bers , and who shortly icmove from our
midst. The following members of the
company were present : Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace , Misses Fisher , Menard , and
Messrs. Hills , Forbes , McCracken , Fred
Harris , Chenery and Swinehart. Music ,
vocal and instrumenLil , card playing ,
etc. , were the order of the evening.
Later in the evening , refreshments ol
a most enticing and appetizing charac
ter and in great profusion , were served ,
which were made to disappear with a
rapidity indicative of the avidity of
"Boarding House" performers
The Christmas entertainment given
by the Union Sunday School , while a de
parture iroiu the conventional Christmas
treat was a pleasant and enjoyable affair
for the children withal. The usual tree ,
with those thiiurs that ordinarily go with
it was dispensed with , and the children
were each given a bag of pop corn and
a package of candy. The little boys and
girls performed their respective parts as
"little pilgrims" and "little soldiers"
very well. The children were exceeding
ly amused by the appearance of Mr. and
Mrs. Santa Claus on the scene , with
their numerous brood , some of the co
lossal proportions of the head of the fam
ily , while others were of the hlliputian
dimensions of the mother. The inter
vals in the evening's program were oc
cupied individual and concert singing.
A number of the friends of Mr. and
Mrs. V * . K. Wallace ' -surprised" them
at their residence , Saturday evening , in
a manner that tiny will have reason to
remember with feelings of pleasure long
after the\ shall have removed from our
town to Inrm new business and social ac
quaintances and relations in the great
metropolis. This was an instance when
a surprise surprised. Mr. and Mrs. Wal
lace being at the rink. The presents
were a handsome card receiver1 from
McCook friends and an equally hand
some and usclul article from J. F.
Forbes , in the shape of a fine ink stand.
Register Laws made the presentation
speech in a very effective little talk , to
which W. F. failed to have words to
respond , but could simply say , ' -thanks
and still thanks. " The donors were Mr.
and Mrs. Gco. Ilocknell , A. Campbell ,
G. L. Law ? , J. R. Phtian , S. L. Green ,
Phas. Noble , Chas. F. Babcock , and
Messrs. Forbes and McCracken. t
* *
As we foreshadowed in our last issue ,
the Mubonic Ball and Supper was the
most successful and brilliant social
event that has ever occurred in our city.
Over one hundred invitations were sent
out and about sixty couples were pres
ent , making a scene pleasant to look
upon. By 9 o'clock , the supper hour ,
the house was crowded , and over fifty
couples sat down to the tables and par
took of the abundance of good cheer
spread before them in great profusion.
The tables were cleared and removed
from the room about 11 o'clock , and
dancing inaugurated , and the fascinat
ing light fantastic was tripped until
almost 4 o'clock , when the wean * danc
ers iductantly withdrew from the mer
ry scene of festivity to their respective
abodes , unanimous in the verdict that
the affair was a moat enjoyable and
successful one. Everything passed off
smoothly and without friction , leaving
only pleasant impressions The follow
ing names of those present were gath
ered by our reporter sort of between
breaths , his attention and time being
too largely monopolized by the festive
occasion to warrant very accurate ob
servation :
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Phclan , S. L. Green , \f.
F. Wallace , W. W. Fisher. L. H. Stiles , J. A.
Wilcox. A. Campbell , J. 1 $ . Mcserve , 31. A.
Spaliliug , Albert Norcn , G. L. Laws , J F. Ken-
yon , C. F. Babcock , It. G. Mitchell , V. Frank
lin , A. J. Pate , T. G. Kees. C. D. Ercnnbruck ,
Jos. Mcnarcl , J. E. Bcr-jcr , S. D. Hunt , F. D.
Hess. A. M. Kelly. Z. L. Kny , J. F. Collins ,
Page Francis , Hugh McGnnn , W. S. Perry , C.
N. Batchelor , A. McG. Kobb , S. H. Colvin.
Misses Ueiily , Hunt , Graham , Laws , Fisher ,
Menard , Meserve , Hollistcr , Goodinjj , llowcll ,
Farnsworth , Shaw.
Messrs. Graham , Bonno.Fry , Chenery , Fred
Harris , Forbes , Ashmores , Jus. Campbell , J.
E. Hawksworth , Ebert , Cornwall , Bauin , Fish
ers , McCracken , Swinehtut , Willey , Stokes ,
The heavy-weight set took the prize
in dancing quadrilles , besides affording
an immense fund of auimusement.
The ball and supper was up to the
traditions of the order. Masonic balls
are proverbially successful , and Christ
mas night's affair was one of that kind.
The B. & M. road did a land office
business , Tuesday night , beyond ques
tion : Passenger train No. 2 succeeded
in killing twenty-five head of cattle be
fore she reached this station , 19 of this
total being killed atone time about Otis ;
Colftf , some 130 miles west of here. At
that place one of the coaches was thrown
from the track , and her trucks so damaged -
aged as to necessitate its being left at
that station. The depot at Cambridge
also went up in smoke , a victim to the
devouring element. Twenty-five head ]
of cattle and depot buSldiucr will some
what reduce the profit on a train or two
as they run these days.
The following ticket was put in nom
ination by the County Convention held
at the temporary county seat of Hayes t
county , La Forest , on the 27th day of
December , 18S4 : j
Commissioner , 1st District. II. IJ
Troth ; 2d District , John Hughes ; 3d
District , John S. Wise. County Judge ,
M. H. Coons. Sheriff , Charles Bailey.t
County Treasurer , John H. Daniels.
Clerk. J. W. Dyer. Supt. Public In
struction , Mrs. M. W. Daniels. Coroner
ner , John Snydcr. Surveyor. J. K.
Tiie exhibition given by Prof. Arnold ,
last evenine , was well worth the admis
sion. The pictures exhibited consisted
mostly of Egyptian scenes along the
Nile River. One can gain information : j
and ideas of this country from these ;
photographs taken by a new process , that
the } ' never can acquire from books , and
everybody should attend these exhibi
tions and lectures they are exceeding
ly interesting and instructive.
S. D. Hunt lost a valuable watch.
Monday morning , while making his run
on No. 2. While out on the running
board engaged in thawing out some ! :
pipes connected with the air brakes apparatus - j
paratus , in leaning over , hi ? watch , not'
being held by a chain , dropped out. TJie 1
fact of the loss was telegrapher ] along
the line , and the watch will likely be
The wind and snow of Tuesday and
Tuesday night drifted about 2,000 head ,
of cattle from the willow and Blackwood j :
into and around Culbcrtson. An effort i
is being made to get some of the boys j
from the Willow down to drive the Gtoc I
back to their range.
about 8th. 188-1 ,
On-or September - a
3'oung man by the name of William
Ncwcomb. The family think he ran
away ; an y information as to his there
abouts will please the parents and con
fer a great favor.
3Ius. J. N. NEWCOMB.
Ahhton from the Beaver was ;
iir town , Sattirda } %
Editor Solomon of the Culbertson
Sun was in town. Wednesday.
Deacon Fisher , Es. Bcynolds and W.
S. Tannchill spent the holidays in town.
John II. McGinnis. stock inspnctor
of Colorado , made a visit to MeCook ,
last week.
W. M. Graham and sister , Miss Ella ,
of Trenton , participated in the Masonic
ball , Christmas night.
A. P. Bonnn of Denver , .brother of
Mrs. J. K. Phelan , spent the holiday ?
in town , and took in the Masonic ball.
Christmas night
E. E. Stewart and brid < ? of Oberlin
took passenger No. 2. at this station.
Tuesday morning , for Minden , where
they spend New Year.
J. F. Forbes is suffering from a bil
ious attack , which seized upon him ,
Tuesday morning. We hope / . F may
soon be at his instrument.
J. A. Cordeal of Alma spent Christ
mas with Thos. Golfer , an old-time
friend. Mr. Cordeal , who is one of
Alma's prominent attorneys , made us a
short call during his stay.
William Eruin orders his paper sent
to Chatsworth , 111. , for the next month
or six weeks. William has business in
terests at Chatsworth that demand his
attentionHe departed on No. 2. Thurs
day evening last.
Prosecuting Attorney Elect Osgood
of Tecumsch was in town , last week , a
few days , taking in the town and coun
try and visiting theEasterday boys , lie
invaded our sanctum. Friday , and made
us a short but pleasant call.
J. B. Meserve returned from his trip
to Illinois , in the interest of the. Paxton
Cattle Co. , of which he is general man
ager , Christmas eve. He reports the
atmospheric condition of affairs in Suck-
crdom rather uncomfoitably frigid , and
financial matters equally stiff.
Chas. L. Schpll of Beatrice was in
town , a number of days the latter part
i iI j i I of last week , making arrangements for
' putting up a bank building on West
| ' Dennison , opposite Wilcox Bros' , store.
j Mr. Schell expects to commence the
I j erection of his building as early in the
1 spring as feasible.
Mr. Hopwood of floldrcdge , editor
of the Nugget , and proprietor of the
Commercial Hotel of that little city ,
made THE TRIBUNE a friendly and fra
ternal call Friday. Mr. II. was among
the original emigrants from Fhelps Cen
ter to lloldredge , and the move has not
decreased his earthly stores.
Mr. and Mrs. Xoren and little daugh
ter went down to Orleans , llarlan coun
ty , the la. t nf the week , to spend the
Hoiid v season with Mrs. Noron's par
* 4
cuts. It has been Mr. Novell's custom
for years to take a hofF each Christ
mas to ppL-nd the time in a social way
and to look after his stock and other
J. G. Stokes and 11. D. Tatc of Car-
rico were among the participators in the
Masonic Ball. Christinas evening. J.
G. Stoke" informs us that the firm of
Stokes & Troth have purchased the stock
interests , ranch and appurtenances of
the Bailey Bros , of the Willow. The
herd purchased numbers about 500 head.
This gives the bo's one of the finest
ranches and herds on the Willow , em
bracing in their ranch about ? even miles
of the creek.
referred to the
American tramp : "For good , honest
interchange of thought and sentiment ;
for sit'tino- ni in. and separating the
corn fion : the ehiFiii his im-ril , spir
itual and social characteristics ; for
getting- grip stronger than ever in
the way of possessing bis beart , I
know of nothi'icr that can bring better
occasions \ve.ilthier chances to you
than walking with him on the king's
highway. " writes a contributor to the
columns of The Quiver.
A dash , a cash , 'twas nwful rash ,
but tiie roller bkutu3 upset her. A
slip , a rip , she cut her lip , hut the
next time she'll uo better. A slide
she tried , tha skates v-ere snides , thi'v
proved a fetter. Xo more she'll sour
the rink ail o'er , buoause her urn won't
let her. Ex.
Any person having a Timber Claim ,
near MeCook , for sale , should call on
H. W. Pike.
WE trcst that the lavr requiring the
cleric to hold warrants 90 dayd before
delivering them , will be repealed this
winter , creditors should not be obliged
to wait go long for their warrants. Twen
ty days { lives ample time for appeal from
allowances , and is not an unreasonable
time for creditors to wait for their war
rants. Ex.
Lor.A.v has the lead by a large major
ity in the Illinois senatorial race. He
is the first choice of 100 republican
members of the legislature. IF a repub
lican senator can bo elected , Logan will
probably be his own successor.
Tribuiio Job Department.
We take especial prida in our job
facilities , and now have in stock a full
line of stationery of all kinds * Uall
programs , invitations , etc. And with
nc'.v type , presses , cutler , etc. , we arc
prepared to do good work. Give us a
roil SALE.
Qii.irter section of land , timber and
water , & } miles , and a 37-acre parcel ,
% miles from McCnok. Both deeded.
Call on or address , EATO.V BROS. ,
27 MeCook , Neb.
Parties wishing to buy a Piano cheap ,
for cahh should call at the B. & M.
Eating House , at once.
Wo will furnish Tun TRIBUNE and
any of the following publications , one
year , at the rates named below :
ami map of U.S. . 3.50
TOLEDO BLADE. ( Nnaby'B Paper ) . . . .75
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
$1.00 per foot , Kitchen Safes for $50 ,
Carpets 35c. per yd. Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap for cash.
A large and complete stock of Furni
ture 15 per cent , cheaper than can be
sold by any other dealer.
.1. S. PHILLIPS , Indianola. Neb.
I am now prepared to buy Grain to
July 5 , "Si-Cm.
Wilcox Bros. Sell
13 lb ? . Standard Granulated Su < rar
for SI. M lb . Extra " ( T Su-ar for * 1.
20 Bars White Uussian Soap forl.
K. S. Cooley's Bulletin Board.
One qua ! ter deeded landG , miles from
town. Price , SH-'O ca&h.
One quarter deeded land , 11 miles
toivn. Price , $ IMO ea&h.
One quarter deeded land , timbur and
water. ( J miles from town. Fric
One quarter deeded laiui , 2 miles
from town , timber and water. Price ,
* 1.200 cash.
Houses and lots in MeCook to sell
4 bouses and l't < = in West MeCook. c !
uuuses und lots in South Mc'Cook. One
acre of land , with good house. All cheap.
FOR SALE. A complete outfit , for a
retail grocery store. Also , will Ieise
tor a term of yeurs a sp'endid ' location
fi'r a country store in the Beaver Val
ley. Addieas iS. . COOLLY. MeCook.
Many other bargains to offer. Call
on R. S. Cooley , Heal Estate Agent.
1st door south of U. S. Land Office.
Locals under this Menu nc. a line for eacb
iii&ertioii. Itillj p.syjiMo monthly.
All kinds of blanks kept for sale at
this office.
II. W. Pike Parted a Lumber Yard
in MeCook , Neb. , January , 1884 , and
has come to stay. Full assortment of
Lumber , Sash. Doors. Lime and Build
ing Material , sold at close prices , con-
sicierincr the fVeicht.
Blank Deed < . IU-a ! Estate Mortgages ,
Lease ? , Bills of Sale. Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds. Contracts for Build
ing. Mortgage Deeds , Uelea = e of Mort-
irajre. Om'cii : Bon-Is. Soldiers I/ischarge
* " *
Petition for License. .iAOtes W V , Receipts ,
etc. . at TUB TRIHUNK office.
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Our Opinion.
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vlnccrt t ! : Ui-.l.t.b * TKOl'U'AL OH. I * nncqusled-
For pain. cuts. Ji'iiises. rheum".tlsm. frost bites , chlt-
bl.tlns. etc. . it Is uarranfilbT S. L. Green awl John
AUF. VOl' MADE mlcrnMc by Indigestion. Con
stipation. IM/zIacv. Losof App tlte , VeMowSKa 'i
slillolf s Vlrallzcr In a pmitivc euro.
FOIi DYPI'KPsIA ami LUer complaint , yon liu\e a
prJn < l iiar.iniee 02 every tiouteufiIoU"H ! ! Yltal-
1/cr U I.CMT fail 4 'o cure.
THE Urr. Hec. ! I 'I buyer.f 13onrH > B , 1ml .
"Ki.jh lajrclf. mil wire owe oar liveto
COX8UMIT10N , nE/ '
WHY WILL YOU counts v.ltcn rMiohj Cure v.ll
tlhe lnuiuatv ! reL'cf. J'--.Ve ! 0 c ? . . 0 cts r.-l l.
SHI/.Oti'S CAYAifi : ! itv.bT- % litlve cure
for r-tarri. ! Dij-lrhfrla : ! Ciukrr Month.
A NAsAh 1N.JK 1 ! > ! : life wlili each bottle it
Slillolf s I at rt ! . Ueiu-Ji . Trice 50 ccvs.
SIULOI1 * ! ' t'UK r.iihiinciifat : ! y < "rmi ? ,
i' > j ; > Iii ci > iui ! JaU IJ-.im.5ili l .
" 11 ACKMET-.Civ" ' a l riuit rprfunie.
Price 23 . : r.i { M cuVi.
Sold by S L. Grceu t. .MeCook. N

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