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A Singular Service of the Salratloi
Army lit Baltimore.
Ealtlraoro American.
The Salvatiou Array , in their new
barracks at Gilmer and Baltimore
streets , yesterday , had a jubiloc all day
I he bright weather brought out man }
interested from motives of curiosity
only , and others who desired to testifj
to the practical workings of Christian
ifcy in their own liv s. Arr old-fashion
cd experience meeting was held in the
afternoon. The rays from the declin
ing sun streamed through the side win
dews , on the inside of which were tack-
cd strips of cheap calico in all colors
except black. It was a very unsuccess-
ul attempt at reproducing the gorgeousness -
ness of pure sunlight through imported
stained glass. When the sun sank be
hind the houses and withdrew its rays ,
the gloomy aspect inside was relieved on
ly b } ' small clusters of gas jets about the
pulpit. Although light was scant there
was no lack ot sound. In the pulpit
were a stout man with a close-fitting
red jacket , the top of which seemed un
relieved by shirt collar ; a tall , angular
woman in a red jersey , a buxom col
ored woman in a dark dress , trimmed
with two rows of pearl buttons ; a very
slim white woman , a beardless boy ,
two elderly men and a ten-year-old
child. All 'these , excepting the child
and the two men , were singing at the
top of their voices , "Salvation's Free , "
"I'm so Glad Jesus Loves Me , " etc. ,
and swinging their hands like the
chorus in Pinafore in "Sbftly on Tip
toe Steating. " The stout man was the
leader. He was very hoarse , but man
aged now and then to bo heard. The
deep baritone voices of the noisy youn
men in the rear of the house sa'ng ha _
a line behind the leaders , but contrib
uted to the volume of the sound , if not
to the melody. All crave their experi
ences. the regular officers of the army
first The angular woman in the
red jersey , after saying , in a strong
foreign accent , that she was very
happy , took a seat beside one of the
elderly men and put her arm over the
bench behind him. The leader gave
his testimony , but with a most reckless
disregard for the letter "h" wherever
he crossed it. Frequent exclamations
of " ! " " ! " .
"glory "hallelujah , encour
\ aged the speakers , and a 3-year-old
IT child drummed loudly in applause on a
bench with its feet that its mother had
to threaten mild personal violence. All
the experiences were most satisfactory.
Some gave long reviews of lives once
almost wasted , out happily reformed at
critical periods. At the end of the ser
vice the stout man could hardly be
heard , but he summoned all his vocal
powers and announced'hoarsely : "NVeMl
have a service to-night at 8 o'clock ,
and take up a collection at the door , seas
as not to interrupt the exercises. We
mean to break the devil all to pieces , "
What Do the Druggists Say ?
They know tvhat the people call for ,
nritl they hear what their patrons say as
to whether the medicines they buy work
well or not. Martell & Johnson , Rush
City , Minn. , say , "Brown's Iron Bitters
gives entire satisfaction to our custom
ers. " Kliukbammer & Co. , Jordan ,
Minn. , say , "We sell more Brown's Iron
Bitters than all other bitters combined. "
L. E Hackley & Son , Winona , Minn. ,
savs " , "All our customers speak highly
of "Brown's Iron Bitters. " A. C. Whit
man , Jackson , Minn. , says , "Brown's
Iron Bitters is giving good satisfaction
to purchasers. These are only a few.
We have hundreds more just as good.
career in England under the most prom
ising auspices. The prompt demand for
the paper in response to the announce
ment of the English edition compelled
Messrs. S. L y & Co. tp print 50,000
copies of the inital number.
Flirts are like fiddlers Xo good without the
The tea that always tastes bitter to the tyro
Sorrow and gloom the soul may meet ,
Yet love wrings triumph from defeat ;
And the coarsest hair ran still be flue
by using Jtfagic Carbdlne.
A shoe manufarluring company Is not a
toleless corporation.
Old Time Partisanship.
Hartford Courant.
In the election of 1792 , George Clin
ton was the candidate on one side and
John Jay on the other. The returns
showed a majority of about 300 for Mr.
Jay , but in the counties of Clinton ,
Otsego and Tioga technical errors were
discovered in the returns which threw
out Mr. Jay by 108 adverse majority.
The counties of Clinton andTiogo oft-
set each other , and the result was due
to the manner of dealing with the Ot-
sege county returns. The law required
that the returns from each county.
after being delivered to the sheriff
should by him bq delivered to the state
canvassing committee. . A man named
Smith had been sheriff of Otsego
county , and , when his term ran out ,
had been reappointed. He declined
the second term and his successor was
named , but did not receive his commis
sion until after the election. Smith
therefore received the ballots and sent
them to Albany. The majority of
the canvassing committee being Clin
ton's partisans , decided that Smith was
not the-legal sheriff at the time of the
election , and threw out the Otsego re
turns altogether , thus changing Jay's
majoritv of 300 to 100 for Clinton. Not
withstanding the great political excite
ment , Clinton was duly inaugurated
and served out his term.
This precedent , ninety-two years ago ,
shows that in the "good old times"
partisanship was as violentandunreason
sble as it is now. It also shows that ,
in obedience to the legally constituted.
authorities , the people acquiesced in
the declared result , although a major
ity of them knew that they had been
cheated. _ _
t t
Laura , the bright little daughter of Mr. J.
H. Pock , of Emporia , Kan. , has for many
rears suffered from hip joint disease , which
had reMiU-l ! in shortening to a great , extent
tbclimb. A month or two a o her mother
placed her und.-r the core or thp suwnns , Hrs.
Jjicker.-on & Stark , of the Ivar.j-a * Cit. , Sur-
cical Institute. Since then her limb has much
Unproved. _
Mint ftatittic = The nmnl.cr of juleps ilis-
d'y iLc La .cwlcr.
IlAstonlHlicdtlio Tubllc
to hoar of the resignation of Dr. Pierce
as a Congressman to devote himself
solely to his labors as a physician. It
Avas because his true constituents were
the sick and alllicted every whore. They
will iind Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical
Discovery" a beneficent use of his
.scientific knowledge in their behalf.
Consumption , bronchitis , cough , heart
disease , fever and ague , intermittent
fever , dropsy , neuralgia ; goitre or thick
neck , and all diseases of the blood , are
cured by this world-renowned medicine.
Its properties are wonderful , its action
magical. By druggists.
"None but the brave deserve the fare , " re
marked the conductor , boldly pocketing the
unregistered nickels.
"Say , why is everything
Either at sixes or at sevciA ? ' '
Probably , my dear nervous sister , be
cause you are suffering from some of
the diseases peculiar to your sex. You
have a "dragging-down" feeling , the
back-ache , you are debilitated , you
have pains of various kinds. Take Dr.
R. V. Pierce's "Favorite Prescription"
and be cured. Price reduced to one
dollar. By druggists.
An extension table The multiplication
When Ignorance is bliss-it is folloiv to as
the landlady what sh'e puts in the hash.
The Worst Uretlir.il Strictures
speedily cured by our new radical
methods. Pamphlet , references and
terms , two letter stamps. World's Dis
pensary Medical Association , G63 Main
Street , Buffalo , N. Y.
A blunder-bus Kissing the wrong girl.
The grandest verse ever composed the uni
From among the many testimonials received
we select the following written by J. II. Car
ter , a resident of Phclps countMo. . , who
says , "I have used Sherman's FKICKLY ASH
BITTERS to the best advantage , and can hon
estly testify that it has done myself and family
an immense good , and from my experience
recommend it hi < jhlv to all sufferers. "
The Rood dye young when they are prema
turely gray.
Mcnsinan's l > eptonlzed Beef Tonic , the
only preparation of berf containing Its entire nutri
tious properties. It contains blood-making , foi co-
generating and life-sustaining properties ; Invalua
ble for Indigestion. Dyspepsia , nervous pros
tration , and all forms of general debility ; alio. In all
enfeebled conditions , whether the icsultof exhaust
ion , nervous prostration , ovefrrork. or acute disease ,
particularly If resulting from pulmonary complaints ,
ASWELL , HAZAED i ; Co. , proprietors , Xew Yotk.
Sold by druggists.
Steps have been taken in New York toward
erecting a $50,000 monument to Father Mat
thew , of temperance fame.
Higher Prices for Butter.
All dairymen who use Wells , Richardson &
Co's. Improved Butter Color , agree that it in
creases the value of butter several cents a
pound. It is pure and harmless , convenient
for instant use , has no taateor odor , andpives
a clear , golden richness to the butter. It is
the very best butter color obtainable , and is
not expensive. In every state in the Union
the demand for it is increasing.
To what geological formation does rock the
cradle belong ?
A. Perfect Semedy for all abrnlsons of the
skin and all diaeuea of the feet of Horse * and Cat
tle. * Invaluable to Stockmen. Cole's Veterinary
Carbollaalve. In Me and tlOO nans. At Druzgbts or
bv mall. J. W. UOJjttf & CO. , Proprietors , Black
JB.ver FaU , Wta.
Of the forty-nine railways in Russia only
fourteen use wood , notwithstanding every line
runs more or less through Immense forests.
Sprains , bruises , stiff joints , burns , scalds ,
and rheumatism are relieved by Uncle Sam's
Serve and Bone liniment. * Sold by druggists.
Worms cause peevishness , fevers , convul
sions and frequently death. A pleasant , safe
and certain remedy is Dr. JAQUE'S GERMAN
WORM CAKES. Sold by all druggists.
Headaches , constipation , liver complaint ,
billiousness are cured by that mild , cleansing
remedv ' which never produces pain , ELLERT'S
Sold by druggists.
An economical man will Keep the leather of
ais harness soft and pliable , which preserves it
rom cracking or ripping. He alwavs uses
UNCLE SAM73 HARNESS OIL , Sold" by all
tlarness Makers.
One-third of all who die in active middle life
are carried oil by consumption. The most fre
quent cause is a neglected cold , cough , hoarse
ness , bronchial trouble or asthma , all of which
may be permanently cured bv EILERT EX
Sold by druggists.
A farmer's wealth depends on the condition
of his stock. When scraggy and feeble they
are especially liable to distempers , fevers ,
: olds. and all diseases which destroy animals.
Thousands of dollars sue saved annually bv
that valuable old stand by , UNCLE SAM'S
Restless , fretful , crying children are snffer-
insr and need for their relief DR. WIN-
CHELL'S TEETHING SYRUP , which is use-
ul not only for all the disorders of teething
nfants , but cures coughs , croups , .sore throat ,
colic and cramps of older children , and should
always be kept in every Louse for emergencies.
3nly 25 cents. Sold by all druggists.
100 Doses One Dollar
: an be applied truthfully to Hood's Saraaparllla only ;
and it U an unanswerable and convincing argument
as to the strength and real economy of this great
medicine. Hood's Sareaparllla is made of roots ,
icrba , barks , etc. , long and favorably known for their
power In eradicating disease from the system , and
u rifylcctae blood.
Restored to HcalUt.
"Durlne the SHmmer months I have been some
what debilitated or run down. I have takeu Hood's
'ar&aparllla , which pave mu new Hfi" and restored
me to my wonted health and strength. " IVII..IJLX H.
CLODUU , Tll.cn , X. IL
Given an Appetite.
"Within a week after taking Hood's Sarsaparllla my
ppctlte began to Improve , my headache left me , my
treiigth seemed to be renewed , and I felt better iu
very part of my body. I rejoice when I think of the
: oud Hood's Sarsaparllla has done me. " CHARLES L.
JABBITT , Syracuse , X. Y.
Hood's Sarsapariila
by nil druggists , si ; si : for * o. Made enl
. HOOD fi CO. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar.
cicanscs the
II cad. Allays
n flam mat on.
Heals the Sores.
Restorcs the
Senses of Taste
S SraellTTA Quick
i Positive Cure.
oO cents at DrnjTKlirts.
ro cents jy mall rcjds-
ered. S nd for circular. Sample by mall 10 cents.
_ ELY UROTHEKS. Urugalsts. Oxfcgo , X. Y.
n ? A'ctofmacnlflcentFIoral
iUi cnrtl . 4ViXG Inches , sent
rce to all persons who have iiied l.rowu'n Iron IHt-
ers. fcialcrtfFraKe cml effect. Write your addre s
Brown Chemical Co. , II alt f mure Md.
! r.iiflnni I oMcje. Trwlo
UooS-Veeiieri 1 < cifi : twnlrmrt-
When you visit New York City , via Central
depot , save Baggage Expressage and $3 Car
riage Hire , and stop at the Grand Union Hotel ,
opposite said depot. Six hundred elegant
rooms lilted up at a costof one million dollars ;
? 1 and upwards per da y. European plan. Ele
vator. Restaurant supplied with the iK-st.
Horse-cars , stages and elevated railroad to all
depots. Families can live better for l w
money at the Grand Uulou Hotel than at any
other flrst-clasa hotel in the city. _
A deer has been killed within ten miles of
Michigan's capital. _
A CA1CD. To all who are suffering from
errors and Indiscretions of youth , nervous
wealniecs. early decay , loss of manhood , &c. .
I will send a rcceipa tnat will euro , FliEB OF
CHANGE. This great remedy was discovered
by a missionary in South America. Send solf-
addressed envelope to Ituv. JOSUPH T. ISJI.VN ,
Station D , New York.
Some of the Canadian papers printed Presi
dent Arthur's message In full. _
We Want to Buy Abandoned Home
steads in Western Kansas aud Nebraska.
Send description of your land , county and
state. We have cheap Farms and School Land
for sale. Write us. BKRTKAU & DOOM ,
Heal Estate Agents , Oberlin , Kan.
The fashionable fall flower is the banana
peel. _
Tonne Men ! Read This.
THE VOLTAIC BELT Co. , of Marshall , Mich. ,
offer to send their celebrated ELECTOO VOLTAIC
trial for thirty days , to men ( young or old )
afflicted with nervous debility , loss of vitality
and manhood , and all kindred troubles. Also
for rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis , and
many other diseases. Complete restoration to
health , vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk is incurred as thirty days trial is allowed.
"Write them at once for illustrated pamphlet
Alligator steakts are to be on the bill of fare
at a 2 ew Orleans restaurant during the expo
A slight cold , if neglected , often attacks
the lungs. Buowx's BHOXCIIIAL TROCHE *
give sure and immediate relief. Hold only in.
boxes. Price 25 cents.
A father who has put his boy into a law
office , speaks of him as hls > son-in-law.
For Dypep < iia take Allen's Iron Tonic
Hitter * . All genuine bear the slgnatuiu of J. 1' .
Allln , Druggist , St. Paul , Minn.
It is easier for a woman to return a kindness
than a copper-bottomed preserve kettle.
Hoatrttei'8 Stomach
ach Bitters Is the a-
title for you. It stim
ulates the failing en
ergies , 1m Igorate *
the body and cheers
the mind. It enable- ,
Hit ; svHtciii to throw
on * the debilitating
effects of undue fa
tigue , gives renewed
digestion , arouses
the liver when Inais-
the. renews the jad
ed appetite , and en
courages healthful
icpose. Its ingredi
ents are afe. and its
credentials , which
consist iu the hearty
endorsement of per
sons of every class
of society , are most
convincing. Korsule
by all Druggists and
Dealers generally.
SSyopopsia , General Debility *
Jatmdioe , Habitual Conctipa-
tion , Xiivo ? Complaint , Sick
Hoadacbo , Diseased Bad-
21070 , Etc. , Stc.
It contains only the Purest Drugs , arsons
T7hlch mayIjo enumerated P2ICSL7 ASH BA ?
AUD BZ3SIZ3 , UilTDSiZZ , EUCHTJ , E21UTA , Si : .
It cleanses the By at cm thoroughly , and as a
Is TJnoqualecL.
It in not an intoxicating beverage , nor can
itbeusedasfiuch , by reason or Its Cathartic
Solo Proprietors ,
Four-Hand Treasure , justout. collection or
the best Piano Ducts , by famous composers : gent-r-
ally quite easy , and a good and entertaining book
for all homes where thrre are two Piano Players.
Minstrel Songs , Old and New. immensely
popular. All the best Jllnitiel , Plantation and Ju
bilee Songs.
Musical Favorite. }
Gems of Strauss. - Music.
Gems of the Dance. )
Gems of English Song. )
Beauties of Sacred Song. / vocal Music.
Franz's Album of Songs. }
The above eight books are uniform in binding : each
contains 3X ) to ISO sheet music tze pages and each
costs , in Boards S3 , Cloth S2.5O , Gilt SO.
Students * Lire in Kong41.50. .
KM vines and Times. lids. * 1.'J5. Cl , ll-TiO , Gilt $2.
Xorway Music Album. $ iW , " SJ.IW , " St.
Also , 30 Vols. of Musical Literature , attractive ,
well bound , and Interesting , among which arc IHttcr'A
Student's History of Music. SirxJ , and the Lives
of the various Great Masters of Music.
Also many Christmas Carols.
Send for'LIsts. Any book mailed for the retail
LYON & HEALY , Chicago.
OLIVER DITSON& CO , , Boston ,
Dry Goods , Notions , Cloaks and
A reduction In nil departments for the next 3O
days of 1O to " 5 per cent , less than they can be
bought for at any retail store In Chicago.
drOrdcrs by mail solicit ed aud will receive prompt
No , 1307 Farnam St. , Omaha , Neb ,
W. N. U. . Omaha , 28 1.
eay yoy law the advertisement in this paper
* rp -i
Rheumatism , Neuralgia , Sciatica ,
Lumbago , Backache. Headachs , Toothache ,
SoreT iruat. weIIliic .Sprnln .BruUen ,
Burn * . Ncalds , i'roit UitCB ,
Boldbr U.-ugcii'.n aud l > ' frxvorrwherr. Fifty Cenu bottt.
D'rrotl'Mi. l.i II l.iojusicl.
Til P. CUVHI.Kf. A. Vor.KLKU CO.
* , na.U.S.l.
This medicine , combining Iron with pnro
vegetable tonics , quickly and completely
Cures Dyspepsia , Inillaestion , Weakness ,
Impure Blood , MalariaChills and Fevers ,
and Neuralgia.
It is an unfailintf remedy for Diseases of the
Kidneys anil Liver.
It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
IVomeu , and all who lead sedentary lives.
It iloes not injure the teeth , cause hendache.or
produce constipation oth'r Jion medicines do.
It enriches and purifies theblood , stimulates
the appetite , aids the assimilation of food , re-
' lievcs Heartburn and Belching , and strength
ens the muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers. Lassitude , Lack of
Energy , &c. , it has no equal.
. ( Si- The genuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
JUdoouljby BUOITH U1E3IIC1L CO. , BILTI30HE , ED ,
Well Boring a
Rock Drilling
For Horse or Steam Power
Hundreds of the best men in SO States
and Territories use it and will have no
other 1
Established over 35 years.wo have ample
facilities to fill orders promptly , and I
to satisfaction of our customer * . Cata-J
logusiTBKE. Address *
JLOOiliS < t NY3IAN , Tiffin , Ohio.
* FOOTE'3 Original METHODS
fll n CVC ? KaflaKew without docOF
ULU 1 1 3 tors.medlclne orglisses
DHDT1I DC Cared witho'toperation
II U I I U II L. or uncomfortable trass.
Debllltr , etc. ; canses
and rational treatment , f .
Diseases of all kinds- * ; ? *
bo-callcd "Incurable. " lOc.ewh
Dr. E. B. FOOTE , Box 788 , V. T. Cltr.
The Oldest Medicine In the World
C is probably Dr. leano Thompson's
Thta artiol 1s a oarofnlly prepared
prescription , and bu beoa In constant nsa for naar5
a eentorr , and notirltbitandin ? the many othct
pTepsrations that have been Introduced Into thj
market , the aalo of this article li cocxtantly tacroa *
inR. If the dlrectloni * ore lolloped U will naver fall ,
We particularly Invite the attention of phjalclani to
Iti merlta. JOHN li. THOMPSON , SONS & Co. . Troy
N. V. .
Fine Cards , inscribed Floral De ! isij , - Sc to 3c each
Friiifred Cards , Floral Design , color * . - KI to lOc eacli
Fringed Cards ( larger. ) floral DeM n and
Soeiiorv. colors , - lOc to SOc each
DD A M PJO beautiful Cards , plain and
I firm U O fiingeU , Ironi - IJXf up to S3 each
Klepant de-ign1 * , from j < - tip to S3 each. Plush Cases ,
Odor , Toilet. Ji-ttelry. Uo e , Cuff and Collar Boxes
s.j > Broom Holder , trom 81 up to $ i i. Send 2o stamp *
cmK A. lIOSJL'i : , Ouiahu.
per cent mere Groceries it tie
liable two of
thxteaa afcoaeht'eliewnersuitlieatMtt. They nil
1C Ibs A Sngar tor - - Kl.OO
161baKxtr c 8uffarfor - - Kl.OO
14 lb * . Granulated .Sac r for - - & 1.O3
16 1-2 ISw. Netr Orleans Sugar for - Ol.OO
Aa < Ocher woods In proportion. Send for Monitdj
Sloe List. J. B. TREKCH & CO. , OMAHA.
Bold by ALL DEALERS throughout the Worlc
Gold TTIcdzl Paris Exposition , 1878.
Sample Copy ( with Special Offers ) i'KKE.
Address. THE REPUBLICAN. Omaha. Neb.
Spinal Misses' Waist , 75
Spinal Corset , OO
Spinal If uriiiis Corset , . . . . . . . . . . .
Spinal Abdozuiual Corset. . 23 55
Recommended by leading physicians , delivered
free anywhere In. the TT. S. on receipt of price. . ,
Satisfaction guaranteed. Lady Agents "Wr-nted j
" \7 e want agents , men or women. In every town to
fhe 1'nlted States. Xo experience necessary. Agents ,
nlrcidy at work , average . to si ! ) per day. O\er IK
percent proflt. Four dozen sample * for five ttfa
cent stamps. Address
322 7tU St. , lies Hlolnes , Iowa.
Handling1 other novelties
can ad our ? to their busiiraa
- -nlthcreatpront. bell on sight.
Wowill send , prepaid. 0 Sample' ? , for 10 cents.
AWtss > -
313 Court Ave. . Des Moincs. la.
Lorillard's Oliigg Ping
a reel ffntoc ; that LcrTnaixil
Hoco Loaf fine cut ; Utat Larinerdl
Clippliica. and that Lorillard's Sniit& , an
tka b tt AuU ohe-.pes : , qualitjr considered f
O C. CAMPUKi. ! . ,
New Ilcuie. avim , $7 per dy. 1-13 ; li3 St.
I taro a positive roracdy fur tia ! sSovo JIssa e ; bj 115
ta to thousands crcusc nf tlia rrcrFt k'nlaiul < > f ( on ?
utaadlnirhnvo l rncu'cU. iMilo'il.t enf
init * nici' < T.ti'-iti i i s-n-iruo nom.r3 vncii.
tocctherwltu a J.fASi.fc rill VTIfaUoi ; ' : ( . < ; iiso
toaiivttin" < 'rcr. ISlTSfTiirissniril1tilr v.
i : . r. A. S f , 5U i' . . - . Jt , > \ ? Vu.i.
, "V * "
' mmax ito
"Kidney-Wort Is the moot Buaocaaful remedy
leverused. " Dr. P.C.J3r.iouJtonMonVt.
"Kidney-Wort is alwaye reliable. "
Dr. II. IT. Claris , Bo. line , Vt.
"Kidney-Worthao cured my T ifo after two yean
oofferinsf. " Dr.C. H.Summt-lln , QunlLU ] , On.
It has cured where all claa hail filled. Itisralld ,
but efficient. CEKTAUi Ei ITS ACTION , but
barznleas in all cases *
tJTIt cleanse * the Blood and Strengthen * ard
eive * > "cw Life to all the Important organs of
too body. The natural octloa of tiio Kidneys is
restored. The Liver is cleansed of all disease ,
and the Eowcla move freely and healthfully.
In this way the worst diseases ore eradicated
from the oystem.
racE , $1.00 UQTO ) on DST , SOLO nr smjotnsrs.
Dry can bo cent by mail.
WCIXS , RICIIAXDSOX i CO. Burlington Vt.
Jformer ( toparty looking over fence ) : Losing
flesh , are yer ? and don't sleep o' nights. eli7
my boy , and you'll soon talk otherwise. 1
takes 'em regularly. $ >
They purify the blood and cure all bllr
ions complaints. Perfectly safe to take ,
being purely vegetable.
All thine painful Complaint'
* anil Weaknesses BO common *
* * * * *
* to onr best
* * * * *
rrie * $1 In liquid , pill or loitoj * fona.
Jt pvrpots is solely for the legitimate healing o )
dittcae and the relief of pain , and that it doe * at ,
it claim * to do , thousands of ladles canyladly testify. *
It frill cure entirely all Ovarian troubles , Inffomim
tlon and Ulceration , Falling end Displacements , and
consequent Spinal Weakness , and is particularly
adapted to the change of life. * * * *
Itremoves Faintness , Flatulency , destroys all crarhiK
for stlntulaaU , and relieves Weakness of the Stomach.
It curei Bloating , Headaches , Nervous Prostration ,
General Debility , Sleeplessness , Depression and Indi
gestion. That feeling of bearing down , causing pain ,
and backache , is always permanently cured by ita use.
Bend stamp to Lynn , SIoss. , for pamphlet. Letters ol
inquiry aonlldentlally answered. For tale at druggist * .
pares meu better for business than any other In *
ttltution U the testimony of the commercial world.
For circular * address
ULLIBRIDGfi A DUtfCAN. Darenport. Iowa.
Sample Book , Premium List , Price List
ecntfree. U.S.CardCo. , Ccnterbrook , Cons
Maryland. "
* # "L'retty wives ,
Lovely daughters and noble men. "
"My farm lies in a rather low anil miasmatic
situation , and g ?
'My wife ! " ' 'cA
"Who ? "
"Was a very pretty blonde I"
Twenty years ago , became
"Sallow I"l
"Hollow-eyed ! " * | T
"Withered and asrcd ! "
Before her time , from
' Malarial vapors , though she made no par
ticular complaint , not being of the grumpy
kind , yet causing mo great uneasiness. "
"A short time ago I purchased your remedy
for one of the chlldren-who had a very severe
attack of biliousness , and It occurred to me
that the remedy might help my wife , as I found
that our little girl , upon recovery , had
"Her sallowncss , and looked as fresh as a
new blown daisy. Well the story is soon told.
My wife , to-day , has gained her old-timed
beauty with compound interest , and is now as
handsome a matron ( If I do say it myself ) a *
canbe found in this county , which Is noted for
pretty women. And I have only Hop Bitters
to thank for it.
"The dear creature just looked over my
shoulder , and says 'I can flatter equal to the <
days of our courtship , ' and that reminds me !
there might be more pretty mvcs if my brother
fanners would do as I have done. "
Hoping you may long be spared to do qood ,
I thankfully remain C. L. JAMES.
BELTSVII.LE , Prince Gconje Co. , Md. , >
"May 20th , 1SS3. f
rJP Nonc genuine without a bunch of green Hops
on the white label. Shun all the vile , poisonous btiilt
with "Hop" or "Hops" In their name.
The spunky Free Trade paper began In March. 1853
ItnowhasoTcrS.OOOreguIaryearly subscribers. The ,
campaign Just closed leaves many evidences of the !
good done by the MILLION and now U the time to fol
low up the work. The MILLION- determined to com
pel the politician to accept the issue. The people will
notlet go. And all those who want the factMoucbtng
the robber system should subscribe now. The MILLION
has the approval and endorsement of all the lending
thinker * and writers on political economy. Its co i-
tributors are :
PEOF. "W. C. SUMMCK. of Yae College.
PKOF. A. L. PERRY , of Williams Ccllega
A. L. CHAPIX. 1) . D. , President Belot ! Col'.eg * .
PEOF- . JI. bTcnTEVAKT , Illinois College.
Poor. JASihs II. CAXFIELD , of Kansas.
HOX.J.STERLIXO ilOETOx , of Nebraska.
MB. SAMUEL HAK.N-ETT , ofGcorgla.
Pcor. N. C. FnEUERrKBEK , of Wiicon tn.
GE.V. M. M. TKUMBCLL. author of UUtory of Free
Trade In England.
Hon. WM. G. BBOWXLEE , of Detroit.
Mr K. 1C. llowKER , of New York.
MK. UBAIIAM McAtsAM. of New Yort.
MR..I. ScuoE iior , of New York.
MR. WoitrHiNGTON C. TOKD , of IJrooklyn , } T. T.
PROF. H. K. Surra , of Chicago Unlvenlty.
JI c. E.V. . JUDD. of St. LouU.
There is not another publication In the land wltb
luch an array of talent , and all working for the good
of the public.
TbcMiLLlox It Issued weekly and the subscription
price is SOcts A.
Send for sample copies or remit direct In postal note * , fi
draft on ChlcJgoorKew York , or , if these cannot be
obtained , in 2ct postage stamps. Address ,
KKSTORED , cures gnaran-
teed ; Saniple remedy 2 dimes.
Address , Dr. Wood , JOl ourth St. , Sioux City , Iowa.
Morphine Hiibit Cured In 1O
to 2O layn. .No pay till cured.
lJn..I. STKMIEXS , Lebanon , Ohio.
I Mh < /Jb.ove positively Illustrates our plnti of dealing with our subscribers. The con- !
nectlntf link consists of cash premiums instead of exhorbltjuit commissions to middlemen , f
WE GIVE AWAY | < W $30,000 FREE
Below is pur premium list. Every article has been carefully selected and we guarantee
[ complete satisfaction : j
lat caili. - 93,000 2d cn b , . $3,000 3d cash , . 92,3001
4th cn > h. - - 2OOO 3th cuali , . - i 200 Ctli cm.il. . . 1.00OI
7th , piano , - 75O tttbpiano , - . GOO Stli.plaiio , - - SflOl
lOtb , carriage , - 35O 11 tii. bncury. - 2.V ) lails. crold wntcb , 2OO |
13tb. c n. - 15O Hill , cold wntcli , 123
1041 worth in . _ _
- cniib. - - - _ K < y > n
100 elegant nlhnm.worth in ea.h.Sl.OOO 10O elegant album * , worth In on h7tiO
50 American .liver vrutche. , worth in cn Ii.81 , 507 iOO elegant bound book :6cO :
The above premiums will be ready after Starch 10th , oa soon us the awards are raado by the Committee
which will hare charts of the allotment. In addition to the premiums we will mail ixMtpaid toeverV
new subscriber who follows our directions a present , independent of the premium. ' worth from 15 to "A
cents. . These will be f9rwnrdo < l as soon as the subscription received. No p r on will be ponaitted to
participate in oar premiums anle s he sendi ONE DOLLAR for ono rear's s.ibwiption lolSr peTon
receipt of which his name will be entered and a numbered receipt forwarded entitlins him to tJ 85fSeE
. . . . . . . , , , , ing pub-ltiont
! fhlin.on ia.7lliw i.l3r. ? . * lo.reach weekiToTHKKANSAS CITTTIMF.S Co. :
Jan. 1.1S8I. I bare to I
TO charge forTho' iir'edltions otoarfVMrT''SvyKjir'aAVs.S \
f ° nii3IfjI-'lt0rie'ilT ! ! IEnfor M1 was l3G2 ; ; f r Wi > . S7.liO.7B ; fern !
, . . - . - ----n . --'noted divine and 16(58 ( , $10.ia5. ? THKO. S. n'sV I > Vf I
( tenaral Iiterar-mikcellany , each isiao contains the
following : Illustrated sketches of prominent men ;
letters from all parts o * the world ; nensof the week ;
fall and reliable maricet reports ; politicul goinss-on.
Washington nsns and upcuial ilepurtmeuts carefally
edited for Farmers , lattla Folka , the Family Circle ,
nad busines.4 men cenerally. The present publishers
have conducted THE TIMES for 15 year" , and have
learned by experience that genuine merit wins more
friends than anythins elr . Tha pubiio can , there
fore , rely on us to add evcrr
improvement deiirablc. and
to spare no ezpease in kcep-
inRonr paper at the head.
We are eacoaragod bv oar /
largely Increased list of tub-C
scrib r . now numbarici ;
I over 63,000 , to continnothe
I n year , and will therefore receive subscriptions at
this low price. EVERT TTESTEIIN JIAK. EVEBY rxn-
OK > rr NEWKPAPEIC DZADEK will find omethiau ev
ery week in THE TIMES worth onr price of $1.00 a
your. Specimen copies fre : .
To tha firat 500 person * who send in their order flint , with ( HiE DOI.LAB enclo * * ! . we will wnd a hant- '
ing-casa nilvcr watch like cut here given. We btwrante * the watch to ! > a correct time piece , and m da E
of xterlinz silver. Th .e watche * are cirea away in addition to and independent from the l.CFOpremJ-v
urns and presents mentioned above. First come , Unit served. Remember to eend ONE DOLLAR br ixwf
t l not , moner order or registered letter and we will enter your naae for one year' * nubscrintion I
THE TIKES ; nlso send TOO a anmborod receipt and forward a present worth from 15 cents to Z > cents , and I
if TOO are one of the Cntt 50) you will also get one of watched. Order now and get a good fomiir
forth * Ion. * wintereventnCT. Addr&qTHE TIMES. Kansas City , Mo.
Mentloa thli paper.
CoTcn ti rntIn * : < 3JI . aod will keep you ( Styln any t na.
SoWcTtrj-r-hrre. Ilh trrJ cttaurct m * . A. J.Timcr.Boitoa.

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