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lf Thursday , January 8th , 1885.
537"All locnlB under this head at the ruto of
lOc. for 11 rat Insertion , and fie. per lint * for each
subsequent infeortlon , and PIUIHS will bo run
until ordered out , an I CHS time Is H peel lied.
Job work spot cash. Statements will be pre
sented nt the end of each month.
CONGUEGATTONAL.-Sundny School at 10
A. M. every week. Preaching services every
Sunday nl ht at 7.30. M. T. Also , every alter
nate Sunday morninir at 11 , M. T. Exceptions
\ to the nbovo will bo noticed In locals.
vices held in Opera Hall.
BAHTLKY , Pastor.
CATHOLIC. Services will be held In the
Opera Hull once every four weeks.
JOSEPH Cr.Eitv , Pnstor.
A. F. & A. M. McCook Lodtrc , U.
D. , meets on the llrst nnd third Tues
days of each month.
' O. L. LAWS , \V. M.
T. G. UEES , Secretary.
I. O. G. T. The Independent Order of Good
Templars meet in the CongrcxaUonul Church
every Tuesday ovoninir.
B. & M. R. R. Time Table.
No. 2 7:10 , A. M. | No. 40 5:40 , P.M.
No. HO 1:00 , P. M. | , No. 1 l:3T ) . P. M.
v3y Etistbound trains run on Central Time ,
nnd westbound tnuiib on Mountain Time.
Freight trains do not carry passeiiRcrs
CHAS. UULS , Agent.
> * Local Intelligence.
KetchumWe've got 'em you bet.
Attach your autograph to the mail
route petition.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Baker } .
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketchum
Wagons the best in the world.
100 new Overcoats just received at
Wilcox Bros. , at from $5 to $20.
Car-load of Choice Michigan Salt at
Frees & Hocknell added more sheds
to their facilities for handling coal , this
The contract for the erection of side
walks , the committee on sidewalks and
crossings informs us , has been awarded
to J. F. Collins.
Herbert Spencer , the great philoso
pher , while in America , said : * 'The
Yankees live too fast , work too much
and catch cold too often. ' '
Cattle drifted largely during the re
cent severe weather , and considerable
suffering must have been eudured.
IU Car-load of Boiler Process Flour
from Superior Mills at from SOc. to
$1.50 per sack. WILCOX BROS.
Any person wishing to invest about
$1,500 in a good paying business will
please call at this office for information.
At the City Bakery you will find the
largest and most delicious California
pears ever offered for sale in McCook.
An excellent quality of sweet Michi
gan cider at City Bakery. Also , a car
load of Apples which will be sold cheap
by the bushel.
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of corn meal.
The nicest Maple Syrup and new
White Clover Comb Honey you oversaw
at Wilcox Bros. , and Xew Sorghum on
ly 50 cents per gallon.
We learn that William Johnston , who
resides a few miles north of McCook.
froze his feet badly during' the late
irigidness. and that he may loose some
of his toes by reason thereof.
If you want to drive a good bargain
when you want a Heating Stoves , go to
Lytle Bros. , where you can purchase a
heater from $3.00 up to $40.00.
MCcCook has been very fortunate in
her skating rink experience , so far no
accidents and an immense amount of
enjoyment has been the older of things.
The costs in the case of the village
vs. Geromp , the dude , a case of which
our people are still conversant , amount
to $60. CO. Bather to much fun ibr a
We call attention to the communica
tion of our new principal appearing in
this issue. Apropos , more attention , by
parents , should be given to educational
The "Star of Bethlehem" may bp seen
very earl } these mornings in the east
ern sky. It will shortly disappear , to
return again after the expiration of four
hundred years.
llev. Hall , the new M. E. pastor ,
will hold services in the Hall , next Sun
day morning at 10:30. M. T. , and in
the evening at 7 o'clock , M. T. Sunday-
School at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
There is every promise of an enjoy
able time at the rink , to-morrow evening.
A gentleman from Cambridge bought
a dozen pair of skates from the Palace
boys , Saturday. Soon the denizens of
that burg will be cutting a dash , etc.
We are happy to note a slight change
I for the bettei in Mrs. G. W. Daniel's
condition. The doctor in charge thinks
that , barring accidents and further com
plications , she will recover. And this
is the hope of many friends.
No inconsiderable number of frozen
feet , hands , ears , nosus and cheeks are
reported as a result of the flirtations of
the mercury about zero. No more of
such fickleness we pray , this season.
The ice that the B. & M. is storing
at this point and Red Cloud is being cut
at Cambridge , by the Thompson broth
ers. The Medicine affords excellent ice ,
as well as some pretty tough customers.
We have had occasion to judge of both.
The desirable residence lot on the
corner of Dodge and Marshall streets
has been purchased by J. A. Wilcox ,
$450 being the price paid. Senator
Dolan was the former owner. The loca
tion is one of the most desirable in
Rock candy , Moses' cough candy , Ly
ons worm confections , arnica tooth soap ,
chlorate potash , globules , globe pills ,
atomizers , Espeys' cream balm , tooth
brushes , nail brushes , hair brushes ,
paint brushes , etc. , at Metropolitan
Drug Store.
F. L. McCracken , our sterling young
jeweler , has been appointed Village
Treasurer , to succeed Mr. W. F. Wallace
who handed in his resignation , Monday
evening. Mack will ? eon be a bloated
bond-holder on his salary $1 per year
( ' and Snd himself.1) )
B. F. Olcott's father-in-law brought
a handsome full-blooded Hamiltonian
and Mambrino stallion out from Illinois ,
Christmas day. The animtl is a fine
specimen of that magnificent breed of
horses , and will be an acquisition to the
blooded stock of this county.
The Village authorities have com
menced the erection of sidewalks along
Main Avenue , belonging to non-resident
owners. The walks will be built at con
tract figures and the amount taxed up
to the lot. Men were at work on the
pavement in front of J. Beaver's Wed
Dr. Kay was called out to Benkelman ,
Friday night , and reports sickness , es
pecially fevers , as being very prevalent
in that burg , and accommodations as be
ing rather limited , the hotel as crowded.
The doctor occupied the soft side of a
slab in the station house until No. 2 in
the morning.
Everybody should niake it a point to
sign the petition for a mail route be
twcen Oberlin and McCook. The peti
tion may be found in the postoffice and
be easily signed by all when in quest
of their mail. A large petition , embrac
ing all interested , has been prepared by
the Oberlin friends , and'we ought not
fail to carry our end.
We have just received a car loadof ,
that Grand Island Flour that has been
such a great favorite with the people
of McCook , and we are selling it at a
sweeping reduction of 50. cents pt-r
hundred on all grades. We have also
reduced the price on bread , and we now
give four loaves for 25 cents. Pies , 10
cents a m'ece. PROBST BROS.
E. C. Bellow will leave for Indianola ,
this week , where he will take a position
in the county clerk's office. Mr. Bellew
has been assisting Geo. Dodd in the ab
stract office for a few months past , and
during his short residence in this city
has made for himself many warm friends
who will regret to learn of his intention
to leave Red Cloud for other fields.
Red Cloud Argus.
D. Fuiks of Hastings was hi town ,
Tuesday , looking aft < jr a location for si
merchant tailoring establishment. He
was agreeably surprised and impressed
with McCook. and has decided to locate
in our midst. He has rented the vacant
building on West Dennison street , op
posite. Wilcox Bros. ' store , and will re
turn about the first of next month with
a stock of clothing _ , cloths , etc.
Northwest Kansas has just experi-
eiu-ed the longest scige of continuous
cold weather in its history. Fourteen
days of irost , snow and wind , with a teui-
p'erature uncomfortably near zero.
Oberlin Herald. The same may apply to
Southwestern Nebraska with equal force.
The continuous severity of the weather
of the past few weeks is without prece
dent , not so much by reason of its sever
ity , but because of the length of the
' 'spell. "
Oh these men I These men I
These wcnk and wavering : , witless things ,
They cnnnot net or move without us ;
Who If we do not pull the strings ,
The senseless puppets scorn and ( lout us ;
'Tls claimed by man the world is ruled ,
That he's the noblest of things humau :
But each nnd nil are still befooled
And ruled also by lovely woman.
Song from Glrotle-Glroflu.
The railroad boys will hold their de
ferred dance on Thursday evening , the
15th inst , without fail.
Both Senator Dolan and Representa
tive Hocknell responded to the roll call
at the opening of the Legislature ,
The Palace Skating Rink manage
ment are making arrangements for hav
ing a grand mask carnival at their rink ,
Friday evening. Sc * adv. elsewhere.
We don't know of a better pleased
man in town than Dr. Kay. There is a
smile of sublime satisfaction on the
doctor's countenance as he handles the
ribbons behind that high stepper , at
tached to the new buggy.
The stockmen of Southwestern Neb
raska should take steps to form a more
complete stock association than they
now have. Less log-rolling and more
business , and our stockmen would not
be dancing to Colorado music.
The proprietors of the Palace Skat
ing rink have purchased Mr. Bragg's
skates , Mr. Bragg discontinuing the busi
ness , lie informs us that he will engage -
gage in the agricultural implement busi
ness in the spring in the skating rink
Prof. Arnold's Sun Pictures were en
joyed most heartily by the people of
McCook , and each evening showed a
larger audience and more interest than !
fhe preceding. These exhibitions and j
lectures contain a fund of information '
that make them at once interesting and
A petition for a sidewalk from the
corner of John Farley's meat market ,
along the south side of Dennison street [
to McDowell street , has'been filed with
the village clerk and will be acted upon ,
to-night. The proposed sidewalk will
be a great convenience to our West
Dennison street people.
The people of the Republican Valley
have much to be thankful for. The
past season has been a successful one ,
and now , while bubiness seems to be
stagnant at all points and business cen
ters east and west , here we are enjoying
a reasonable amount of prosperity and
plenty , although capital is rather coy
and difficult to get one's hands on.
Col. Cramer's new residence received
i close call from fire Monday evening.
[ t seems that a fire had been built in
the fire-place of one of the upper rooms ,
aud that through a defect in the con
struction under the hearth , a joist was
set on fire. When discovered the fire
lad progressed about fifteen feet across
the room and was getting under good
.lead way. Fortunately it was discover
ed at this stage and the Col. sent for.
Several gentleman happened to be at
the court house and hastened with Mr.
Cramer to put the fire out. As it was
the damage will be about twenty-five
dollars. Courier.
The Fabrr hopes the cursed traffic in
intoxicating liquors may never be open
ed in Stockville or Frontier county.
With the present board of county com
missioners handling the. reins , the blas
ting , withering curse can never gain a
legal foothold and we have abundant ev
idence that the sentiment of the com
munity is strongly against it. Keep out
the rum power aud we keep out the
most deadly weapon of Satan. Frontier
County Faber. You have the drop on
iis Satanic majesty.Brother Powers ,
and the only safety for your people is to
keep it , and never legally permit the
serpent to draw its slimy length through
your peaceful community.
We re-produce the following from the
Courier. It is not precisely the account
given us by an Ind'anola gentleman , but
that is immaterial , and the moral is just
as apparent :
Last Friday morning Mr. Henry Baxter , the
well known tobacconist , feeling : unwell , step
ped into Purduui's drugstore to obtain some
medicine. It seems that on the night previous
George had been putting up some horse medi
cine and left a small vial of aconite standing
on the base shelf. Not noticing the difference
Mr. Baxter picked up the vial of aconite and
proceeded to take a dose. Me had scarcely
done so before Mr. Purdum noticed the mis
take , and realizing the danger informed Mr.
Baxter of the situation. All haste was made
to produce vomiting and Dr. Shaw was sent
for. The stomach pump was freely used , but
all effort seemed of no avail for some time , as
convulsion after convulsion succeeded each
other in rapid succession. Yet the doctor la
bored and after a time succeeded in getting
the patient under control , and hope again re
turned. By night Mr. Baxter was somewhat
better , and Monday morning found him able
to resume his business with but the inconven
ience of a sore throat.
J. W. Maikcn and Col. Snavely of the
county-scat , were in town , Monday.
E. W. Lewis , a Cambridge disciple
of Blackstone , was in town on land
business , Saturday.
Mr. Kerr of Hastings , proprietor of
the Kerr Opera House , has been spend
ing some time in town.
Representative Hocknell started for
Lincoln , Sunday , on No. 40. The leg
islature convenes on Tuesday.
Rev. Hall , the new M. E. minister ,
called at our sanctum and whiled away
a few minutes with us , Wednesday.
Mrs. Chas. D. Phclps came down from
the ranch near Culbertson , Friday , and
spent a few days in town visiting friends.
Miss Lou Clark and brother Harry
arc absent visiting at Hastings and
points in Iowa. They will make quite
an extensive tour.
C. L. Watkins of Blue Hill , and
brother-in-law Mr. of the
- - , Lathrop same
burg , were in town , Monday , and made
THE TRIBUNE a pleasant call during
the day.
A. P. Leech of McCook , a former
newspaper man , but now dealing in loans
and land and hiw , is in the city and will
watch the course of legislation for a
; time. Journal.
County Clerk Perry of Culbertson
spent a short time at these headquarters ,
Tuesday. Mr. Perry is a pleasant gen
tleman of modest demeanor , that makes
him many friends.
J. B. Meserve left on No. 1 , "Wednes-
day night , for Denver , to be in attendance -
ance at the meeting of the Colorado
Stock Association which convenes in
that city , to-day.
J. H. DauchyA. S. Shelly , S. Smith
and Richard Dunning , all of Frontier
county , were in town , Friday , as pnnci-
pals and witnesses in final proof cases
before the local department.
Miss Farn&worth went out to her
claims about 18 miles west of Benkcl-
man , Monday. She was accompanied
by a lady friend who has entered claims
in the same vicinity. They will remain
some months.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stewart and Miss
Bertha Rodehaver of our neighboring
town of Oberlin , came up to McCook ,
Sunday. They all took the train for
Iowa , Monday evening , where they will
visit extensively.
. *
Mr. and Mrs. Jennings returned from
tlu-ir visit to Mrs. Jennings' home in
Hamburg , Iowa , Friday night. Mr. Jen
nings has been having a serious time
with the fever , and still suffering severe
ly from its effects.
R. 0. Phillips of the Lincoln Land
Co. came up to McCook , Saturday even
ing , on business connected with the in
terests ot that company : Settling with
Mr. Wallace , the present agent , and
appointing his successor.
W. S. Webster , formerly principal of
the Fairbury , Jefferson county , schools ,
has been selected to occupy the import
ant position of principal of our schools.
He entered upon the discharge of his
duties , Monday morning.
W. S. Work of the old McCandlish
ranch came down from the Driftwood ,
the latter part of the week. He is still
suffering somewhat from his sprained
ankle received by him some time since
while breaking a festive broncho.
William Black , one of the extensive
stock raisers of the Upper Willow , was
down for supplies. Saturday. He re
ports that to date there has not been
any loss from hunger among stock in
his neighborhood , and that no consid
erable loss is anticipated this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Stephenson moved
to Indianola , Friday , where they will
make their home in the future , Mr. Steph
enson occupying a position in the coun .
ty clerk's office. Their many friends in
McCook regret to sec them go , and THE
TRIBUNE joins iu wishing them pleasant
paths at their new home.
Joe Swan , who now has charge of all
the Eating Houses on the B. & M. . took
possession , Monday morning , and the
house at this statiou is now under the
personal management of Mr ? . Swan ,
who will remain until things are in
good working order. Mr. Sanders has
not yet determined as to what business
he will engage in.
Rooms for Keiit
I'have a number of furnished rooms
in the Churchill House for. rent. Call
at Colvin House. S. II. COLVJX.
Frees & Hocknell have replaced their
old scales with new Fairbank's scales.
1 McCook Public School.
The winter term of the McCook pub
lic school opened with a good attendance ,
on Monday , January fth , notwithstand
ing the fact that an uncertainty was
quite prevalent ap to whether the term
would open on that day , or a week
i later. We 'respectfully suggest that
parents send their pupils promptly and
regularly in order that they may become
thoroughly interested in their studies ,
and the highest degree of enthusiasm
be maintained. It shall be our aim to
conduct the school in such a manner as
that pupils will consider it a pleasure
to attend and that an absence will be a
loss. The erection of our school build
ing speaks well for the public spirit of
the citizens of McCook , but it will soon
prove inadequate to our wants , as more
room will have to be provided in the
near future to accommodate the rapidly
increasing attendance. We are nego
tiating for a series of lectures , elocu
tionary entertainments , etc. , the pro
ceeds of which will be devoted to the
purchase of an organ , library , litholog-
ioal cabinet , and chemical and philo
sophical apparatus. The patronage ot
the public is respectfully solicited.
Trusting that we may have a pleasant
and prosperous term , 1 remain ,
Very respectfully ,
W. S. WEBSTER. Principal.
Trustees Blurting.
Boaid met pursuant to call , Chair
man Berger presiding. Present , Trus
tees Laws , Rider and Franklin. Ilepoit
of Treasurer Wallace uas read , and on
motion accepted and ordered placed on
file. Resignation of Treasurer Wallace
accepted. F. L. McCraqkcn , on motion ,
appointed Treasurer. Diuggist's report
of S. L. Green received and placed on
file. Bill of W. W. Fisher , J P. , E.
H. McCormick , Constable , and witnesses
and jurymen in case of village vs. Ge-
rome , was on motion laid on the table.
Moved and carried that Treasurer's
bond be fixed at $5,000. Bills of TllK
TRIBUNE , SI 32 ; I. J. Starbuck , $50 ;
City Clerk , $25 ; State Journal , $4 ;
J. E. Berger , ยง 4 ; Treasurer , $1 ; were
approved and warrants ordered issued.
On motion adjourned to meet January
8th , 1885.
January 5th , 1885.
Dr. E. E. Higbee says : "Children
can not be allowed the same liberties at
school that they have at home , school
rooms should be large enough to com
fortably seat the pupils ; the lives of the
little ones should not be imperiled by
sitting near a hot stove and then going
out in the cold while perspiring ; the
State means that the pupils must be
protected ; a thermometer is a necessary
adjunct to school rooms ; teachers should
possess a knowledge of anatomy aud
hygiene , and use it.
THE latest argument in favor of the
use of the weed comes from the N. Y.
Tribune. The story runs on" to the effect
that a sailor , who was swallowed by a
sperm whale , by chance had a plug of
tobacco in his pocket , which so nausea
ted the whale , that the jolly tar was im
mediately ejected.
THE New York Times arraigns the
tobacconists for thp immodest and inde
cent prints they are circulating around
among the trade. Shall the Times de
vote a little space to the manufacturers
of barb wire on the same score , that
journal will richly merit the thanks of
the public.
The Burlington road has suspended
the sale ol mileage ticket to coinmerci.il
travellers , but will this year issue a per
mit to such , allowing a rebate when 1 ,
000 miles have been traveled. "Regular
local rates will be exacted and the ex
cess refunded upon application to head
On or about September 8th , 1884 , a
young man by the name of William
.Newcomb. The family think he ran
away ; any information as to his where
abouts will please the parents and con
fer a gieat favor.MRS.
Quarter section of land , timber and
water. 34- miles , and a 37-acre parcel ,
miles from McCook. Both deeded
Call on or address , EATON BROS. ,
27 McCook , Xeb.
Parties wishing to buy a Piano cheap
for cash should call at the B. & M.
Eating House , at once.
Apples ! Apples !
I have a fine lot of assorted winter
apples for sale at very reasonable fig
ures. S. H. COLVIN.
N E W : R I N K !
Friday , January 9th.
None but Masked Skat
ers will be allowed on the
floor until after unmasking ,
which will be at 9:45 , Cen
tral Time.
Masks can be obtained at
Green's Drug Store.
Fail to Come.
Fisher , Ashmore & Laycock.
Tribune Job Department.
We take especial pride in our job
facilities , and now have in .stock a full
line of stationery of all kinds. Ball
programs , invitations , etc. And with
new type , presses , cutter , etc. , we are
prepared to do good work. Give us a
We will' furnish TUB TRIBUNE and
any of the following publications , one *
year , at the rates named below :
and map of U. S. . 3.M
TOLCDO BLADU. ( Nasby's Paper ) . . . 2 75
'o MONTHLY . 3.50
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
$1.00 per foot , Kitchen Safes for $50 ,
Carpets 35c. p"CY"yd , Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap for cash.
A large and complete stock of Furni
ture 15 per cent , cheaper than can be
sold by any other dealer.
J. S. PHILLIPS , Indianola , Neb.
Wilcox Bros. Sell
13 Ibs. Standard Granulated Sugar
for SI. U Ibs. Extra "C" Sugar for SI.
20 Bars White Russian Soap for $1.
R. S. Cooley's Bulletin Board.
One quarter deeded land , G miles from
town. Price , $ ( HO cash.
One quarter deeded land , 11 miles
from town. Price , Sb'40 cash.
One quarter deeded land , timber and
water , U miles irom town. Priee$900.
One quarter deeded land , 2 miles
from town , timber and water. Price ,
$1,200 cash.
Houses and lots in McCook to sell
4 houses and lots in West McCook. 3
houses and lots in South McCook. One
acre of land , with good house. All cheap.
FOR SALE. A complete outfit for a
retail grocery store. Also , will lease
for a term ot years a splendid location
for u country store in the Beaver Val
ley. Addiess II. S. COOLKY , McCook.
Many other bargains to offer. Call
on 11. S. Cooley , Kcal Estate Agent ,
1st door south of U. S. Land Office.
Locals , under tins head nc. a line for each
insertion. Hills payable monthly.
All kinds of blanks kept for sale at
this office.
II. W. Pike started a Lumber Yard
in McL'ook. Xeb. . January , 1884 , and
has come to stay. Full assortment of
Lumber , ? ih. . Doors. Lime and Build
Material , sold at cloj-'e prices , con
sideriiifr the freight.
Blank Deeds , Real Estate Mortgages ,
Leufeus , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build-
iujr , Mnrtiraire Dcedh. Release of Mort
gage. Official Bonds , Soldiers Discharge ,
Petition lor License , Xotcs , Receipts ,
etc. . at THE TRIBUNE offico.
Our Opinion.
After telling numberless preparation" , we we con
vinced that BEGGb * THOl'H AL OIL la unequated.
For pain. cuti. bruisei. rheumatism , frost biteschil
blains , etc. , ills warranted by S. L. Green and Jobs-
son & Si'ildln , ;
THAT HACKING COUGH can be to fjuickly cured
by ShlloVd Cure. We guarantee It.
WILL yOCSCFKEII with Uyppep-.ia and Liver Com
plaint 'i Shilolf s Vltallzer is guaranteed to cure you.
SLEFPLESS XIGHTS. made miserable by that ter
rible couph. ShUoh'e Cure i > the remedy for you.
CATAKKII CCItKU , health and street hrcatli fcc-
cured by Shlioh's C.uarrU Itemed ? . Mcc CO cent' .
Xa al Injector free.
For lame Back : , fcldc or Chest us'i _ &hloa' Torous
Planter. Trice 23 cents.
SHILUH'S COL'GH and Con ampfn ! tare is told
by us * n a guarantee U cures consumption
SHILOH'S VI rALIZF.II ! what you need for Con
stipation , Lc s of Appetite. Dizziness and all symptom -
tom of Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 7r cent' per bottle.
CKOCP , WHOOPING COUGH awl Bronchitis Im
mediately relies e-1 l > y ShlMi's Cure.
BoW by S. L. Gr on drusefct. MeCooi.

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