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JT. M. & 15. M. KiantlEIX , Pnba.
McCOOK. : : : : NEE
THE JfEDAtt roa Ex-Gov. FURNAS. In uc
cordancowlth a resolution adopted by the
last legislature , Secretary Itogrgcn proceeded
to the securing of a medal for Governor I'ur
nas. Tills modal , the Lincoln Journal says , i ;
entirely of pold with the exception of om
small square of enamel. From a bar at tin
top and partly cut into the bar hangs a smal
equaro bearing : the national Has : with th (
words , "Nebraska , she Is just eighteen yean
old. " A bar with a circular plate at the con
tcr hangs by short chains from this. The clr
clo boars the recipient's monogram in gold oi
different tints. I3olow this hangs the Amerl
can eagle with a shield in its talons , and at
tached Folidly to this by one point is a six-
pointed star surrounded by a wreath. In the
xnladlo of the star Nebraska's coat of arms h
wonderfully wrought in different colora oi
gold , and on the different points nro designs
representing the products of the soil and im
plements of toll. On the reverse of the star
is the following inscription :
It W. FtnmAS ,
Commissioner of Nebraska ,
1B84 Now Orleans Exposition 1833
With the thanks of the Legislature.
"Palman qui Merult Ferat. "
The whole forms a rich , beautiful and an"
woprlato trophy and is one of whicti Gov.
Furnas may well feel proud for itself as for
that which its preseutatlon implies.
Following is the letter of transmission
which will bo forwarded with the medal sc
Gov. Furnas :
LINCOLN , NEU. , April SOth , ISSo. j
Hon , Robert W. Furnas , Commissioner from
JJobraska , Now Orleans Exposition :
Dear Sir I have the honor. In accordance
with the provision of a joint resolution ,
adopted by the legislature of Nebraska and
approved March E , A. D. , 18S5. to tender to
you herewith a copy of the t-ald joint resolu
tion , expressing the most grateful thanks of
the senate and the house of representatives
of this stale for your efforts on beh-ilf of Ne
braska at the world's exposition , andapold
medal commemorative of i hose services and
the occasion that called them out.
Permit mo to tender , also , my congratula
tions to you upon this well deserved recogni
tion by tbe representatives of the people , and
upon your eminent success In representing
our young but great commonwealth at the
exposition at New Orleans. I am , sir , most
respectfully your obedient servant ,
Secretary of State.
A BELLE OF THE RINK. A merchant of Ta
cura'ck was in the city yesterday in search of
his wife , who left him three weeks ajo. pro
fessedly to visit her sister-in-law in Iowa.
The husband supplied her with all of the
money and new clothes that she wanted , and
supposed that she had gone to visit a * she
said , but after a letter and a telegram to her
bad been unanswered ho telegraphed to his
brother-in-law and found that the wife had
not been there.
The wife , who married when she had just
entered her teens , is : i vivacious and pretty
brunette , and since their child , a little boy ,
now three years old. was born , the husband
has obligingly stayed at home evenings
with the baby to allow his wife to go
with her brother 1o parties and enter
tainments. During the past winter the wile
has I een a continued victim ot the ro'ier '
skating craze and a constant patron of the
rink. She found the company of a young
c'erk more agreeable thantnat of her brother
and her conduct created so much talk in he
little town that , the husband a li tie overthree
week s ago asserted himself and insisted that
she should abandon the rink. The wife took'
it so much to heart that she was ill for three
days , and upon recovering proposed the trip
"to her sister-in-law s , " and departed , leaving
the baby with her mother.
Some of the neighbors nssort that th ° wife
has eloped with thn skatinp clerk , but the
husband will not believe i and trusts that he
will be able to llnd her and effct a reconcil-a-
tlon. and induce her to return to his home.
Buthc has no idea whcie she is and has uone
to Council Bluffs iu search of her. [ Omaha
" *
Ponca capitalists are building a number of
cottages to rent.
The police of Omaha have been raiding the
opium points of that city.
Thieves broke into the residence of Rev.
Father Cusson at Nebraska City , but only
secured a small amount of money.
During a recent storm Thomas Hart's barn.
In Staple Creek precinct , Colfax ; county , -was
truck by lightning and ono of his horses
killed. Although the barn was filled with hay ,
some of which lay on the beam along which
the fluid passed , it was not fired , and Sir. H.
did not know that it had been hit until next
morning. The horse was insured for a hun
dred dollars.
Schuyler has been passing through a mad
dog scare. Tbe upheaval has , however , about
subsided and the canine is again allowed to g
and come in accordance with his own sweo
The Talmago Tribune learns that Rev. Tan
ner , for the past eight years pastor of the
Evangelical Lutheran church , of Osage pre
cinct , Otoe county , has received and accepted
a call to go to India as a missionary. Rev.
Tanner is dearly loved by the German peas
antry of Osage , and his going will be a sad
loss to their religious and social circles.
Eight young wolves were recently captured
three miles west of Weeping "Water.
The matrimonial market in Otoe county was
never better. The batchclor ranks are thin-
ing out at a rate astonishing to the natives.
The creamery near Dorchester is making
arrangements to commence operations at an
early day.
Dorchester reports more fruit trees deliv
ered in that vicinity than ever before in the
history of the town.
Fifty prairie schooners passed through
Wisner last week , the majority bound for the
White river country.
A strange woman arrived in Omaha a few
flays ago , destitute and apparently very ill.
Arrangements were made by the authorities
for taking her to the county poor house. On
her arrival there the woman was found un
conscious , and at her side lay i living , healthy
child but a Sow minutes old. Mother and
child were removed from the vehicle and
given comfortable quarters in a ward in the
Eighteen oblique-eyed Celestials stood up
before Judge Stenberg at Omaha last week to
answer the charge of being keepers of opium
joints or smokers of "hop. " Ther obtained
continuance for a few days and readily fur
nished bail in certificates of deposits or 53C
gold pieces.
A confidence man was taken In by the
authorities at Omaha the other day. He had
on his person a big roll of money issued by
tbe Confederate states in the early days of the
Fred Stuhbersr , a German , from Illinois ,
went to bed the other night in an Omaha
hotel , and after turning off the gas gain
turned it on. Ho was found next moraine so
far gone that tbe doctors could not save him.
Adams county , says the Hasting Democrat ,
IB not only recognized as a great grain and
stock producing county , but she also bas the
faculty of pioducing more newly-born people
In a less time than any county In the state , i
From the 19th to the Mth of April , in Cotton
wood precinct in a radius of four miles , the
following gentlemen became fathers : Atthc
residence of Mr. Holienbeck , aglrl ; at the
residence of Steve Nelson , a girl ; at the resi
dence of Mr. Morse , a girl ; attho residence oi
Henry A. Rosscn , a girl , and at the residence
of Henry C. Kane , a fine girl and boy. If an.
of our down-east friends think that Nebrasku
will not produce human flesh as well ns stock
and grain , lot them come out and try it
Gus Vastbcrg , who a short time ago stole a
horse near Kcnosaw , has been ovcrhauld at
Superior and taken back to the scone of hh
transactions. Ho will undoubtedly get n
term in the pen near Lincoln.
Oakland has a flattering ootlook for this
year. Already quite a number of buildings
have been constructed and many morn ara
The St. Joe and Western is now operofi as
a branch of the Union Pacific.
Mr. Cropsoy Is suing Gage county to recov
er the court house grounds which ho donttod
the county fifteen years ago.
A passenger arrived in Lincoln the other
day minus his pocketbook containing 5100 ,
concerning the loss of which ho made a good
deal of noise. A look through the car ro.
vealcd the pockctbook o'l the ilo-n , whcro the
passenger had dropped it , although before
the finding ho stoutly averred that hehsi
been robbed.
At the present rate of track-lty'.nar tha
Sioux City and Pacific will , bo conpleted to
Chadron , on the White river , by theraiadle oi
Doe" Middleton was in Omaha the other
day , circulating among old friends. Ha
avows that ho has abandoned the ways of th/j /
freebotcrand settled down , to peaceful citi
zenship , in the manpgcmtat of a saloon at
Gordon , Sioux county.
Wilber has recently been stirred to it *
depth with a divorce suit that has occupied
the attention of the courts for many days.
The judge has taken the matter under advise
ment and will give a decision some time in
Three Central City young toughs , one of
them the son of the resid.s-u Methodist minister -
tor , have occn arrc-.od for placing a railway
tie across the tt .Jr. Their motive for attempting -
tempting the wrecking of trains was that of
revenge for having been put off a train while
stealing a ride.
Prairie fires have been quite destructive in
the vicinity of Bona"za , Boone county. My.
Hnrdcll lost his stable , mower , reaper and
other farm implements.
Uri Frarr , of Beatric3. while on a visit to
Blair , was thrown from a wagon , having his
shoulder fractured and otherwise being se
verely bruised.
A. F. Blundell , manager of the Lincoln tel
ephone exchange , who disappeared suddenly
about eighteen months ago , leaving a deficit
of about § 1,500 in the funds of the company ,
has written a number of letters to Lincoln
mrties , in which ho says ho is coming back
o stand trial for his misdeeds. Ho is now
clerking in an eastern store.
The Omaha nail works , which have been
standing idle nearly all winter , have again
started up , employing about 125 hands.
A special to the Chicago Times says that
Charley Donnor died at Dubuque Saturday
'rom the effect of lead poisoning through in-
mlation while working in a lead factory in
Omaha. Ho reached home Monday to die.
lis body turned Black after death , and hia
watch and cha.n were of the same color.
Prisoners in the Lancaster county jail made
an attempt to escape a few nights ago. The
sheriff got onto their racket just in time to
prevent a wholesale delivery.
The Sunday school assembly will bo in ses
sion in Crete from July 1st to 10th. A special
programme will be prepared for the 4th.
The Fullerton Journal talks thus about
the lightning-rod vender : The deceptive
lightning-rod man will soon pitch his tent in
Nanco county , and wo hope the farmers will
be on their guard and not submit to the rob
bery that is sure to be perpetrated upon them
if they patronize these traveling humbugs.
An ordinary lightning-rod , as usually put up ,
is of no earthly use ; in fact , is worse than
nothing at all. Give the lightning-rod dis
penser a cold reception , and he will do you
The Fullerton Journal editor offers a reward
for the scalp of the man who dares to assert
that "it never rains in NebrasKa. "
Elder R. C. Barrow , state evangelist , ha
commenced a series of meetings at Alma.
The young ladies of Hastings have organ
ized a cooking club.
The citizens of Alma put out a great many
trees on arbor day , the school children and ah
others taking a hand in the good work
The Ord creamery is being filled with ma
chinery and will soon bo in operation.
Joseph Hubanks , while down in a fifty-foot
well in Otoe county , had a narrow escape
from instant death. One of the heavy buck
ets used to take out the dirt slipped from the
attendant's hands and fell into the well , hit
ting Hubanks near the tip of the shoulder.
He will have to carry his arm in a sling for
several weeks.
Thieves broke into the barn of C. A. Reed ,
near Syracuse , and were just getting away
cvitha team of mules when discovered. A hot
Qght ensued during which the thieves es
Nebraska City's packing house is slaughter
Ing from 800 to 1,000 hogs a day.
A man by the name of Hanson foil to the
bottom of a sixty-foot well lit Hopcwell , near
Reynolds. He was putting in a wall and was
svithin eight or teu feet or the top , when ,
losing his footing , ho went to the bottom.
Had it not been for the mud and water ho
would have been instantly killed. He was not
very seriously hurt.
A heavy storm recently visited the vicinity
of Juniata. Hail fell to the depth of two
There is at least 5:0,000 : worth of buildings
planned and under course of construction in
Fairmont this spring.
The postoffice at Superior has been raised
to a presidential office.
The Valley county agricultural society will
soon hold a meeting to arrange for the com
ing fair. ,
Nebraska papers have been requested to
give notice that the survi-ing veterans of
the Third and Fourth regiments of Iowa cav
alry will hold a reunion at Mt. Pleasant , be
ginning August 24. Many of the old soldiers
if these regiments are scattered through Ne-
John Litt'e , a precocious youth of Omaha ,
bought he would have a good slide by catch
ing hold of a mule's taL His injuries are
serious , buc the mule remains in healthy
ticking order.
WorK has commenced on the M. E. church
it Arapaboe. When completed Arapuhoe will
lave three good churches.
Of a number of Chinese arrested in Omaha
.ho other day for having something to do
vith oolum joints , all had the wealth to put
ip for their fines before the police court.
Indianola put out 1,009 maple trees along
ho hignways and byways on Arbor Day. ,
Mr. Gundlofinger , of Nebraska City , is lying
very low , the result of injuries sustained by a
barrel of oil falling on him.
This IB the way they do in Red Cloud , ac
cording to the Argus : "A trio named Daley
Hall and Johnson , all swindlers and dcat
beats , caught J. U. Keller ( or tenderfoot for
a better name ) to the tune of $80 on Saturday
last. Our efficient sheriff was notified and
very soon had ono of the beautiful group in
custody , and when the fellow was brought up
before Judiro Yclser ids honor promptly said
' $ ' ) ! and costa is your punishment , besides re
turning the amount obtained from the vie
tim. ' Allot which was complied with. Rod
Cloud is certainly not a healthy placoforsuch
characters. "
The Odd Follows of Friend have decided to
put up a substantial building this year.
The Sons of Veterans of Dorchester talk of
erecting a monument in the cemetery to the
memory of the "unknown dead" soldiers
who died in the room and whoso graves are
The barn of Hon. V. P. Peabody , near No
malm City , was i eccntly destroyed by fire
Th-3 following was burned : Three horses ,
two cows , ono calf , buggy and harness , 50 ;
bushels 01' corn , 100 bushels of oats , fifteen to
twenty tons of hay , two barrels of meat , one
barrel of Hour , sot of carpenter's tools , about
all his agricultural machinery and many
other valuable articles.
Governor Dawes bus appointed the fo'low-
ing ladies and gentlemen to act as delegates
to the national confcrenpe of charities and
reform , to be held at Washington , D. C. , June
1.1SST : Prof. J. A. Glllespie , Omaha ; Gen. O.
O. Howard , Omaha ; Dr. H. P. Mathewson
Lincoln ; Mrs.'O. C. Dinsmoor , Omaha ; Mrs.
Angle F. Newman , Lincoln.
Larjro parties are being organized in north
ern Kansas to go into western Nebraska ,
some for permanent settlement and others to
bccurc timber culture entries.
The Ninth cavalry , a colored regiment , is
coming from the Eouth to be stationed at
various posts in the Department of the Platte
The boy Charley Daley , under treatment at
St. Joseph's hospital , Omaha , for a malady
said to bo hydrophobia , is dead.
W. S. Stretch , an old-time now spaper man ,
is about to start a daily paper at Fulls City.
Mr. Lev/is Wood , near Table Rock , is out
four stacks of hiy : by the fire fiend.
A little two-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob Rist , of Pawnee county , fell into a
tub of scalding hot water and burned itself
'erribiy from its knees to its neck. The little
one suffered greatly for several hours , when
death relieved it from torture.
James Loch took to Pawuco City seventeen
wolf scalps and thereby placed 31 down in
his jeans.
The Vittbrculi in the Abrf/iit-c.si Growing
More Alarming Settlers Killed and Their
Wives Ili-ld in Captivity.
Winnipeg dispatch : Edmonton advices say
: he region north and cast of there is full of
lostiles , in fact all the Indians west of Battle-
'ord are in war paint and the settlers have
led. John Walkinshaw and Alb2rt Harkness ,
joth from Ontario , were killed by Big Bear's
Band over a week ago. Their wives aud the
ivives of the missionaries are prisoners. The
four women are being frightfully maltreated.
Scouts from the northeast will have a fearful
.ime of it Poundmaker , Little Child and all
jther chiefs are on the war path. A number
) f halfbreeds are directing them. Slajoi
stcclc was to have sent word back when ha
cached Edmonton , but nothing hns been
jeard from him. There is a perfect panic in
: he Eh anor districts. Scores of homesteads
liave bi-cn burned.
The part } * irom Bsittleford with the news of
he figat on Poundmaker's reserve , repaired
; he wires , which have been down since the
irjtof the mouth , and communication is now
estored. The messenger from Battleford
taic * that Col. Ottrs division attacked the
icstile Crees on Poundmaker's reserve on
Saturday aud routed them with immense loss.
Fhe Indians fought with stubborn determina-
; ion from five o'clock in the morning until
10011 , when they commenced to retire , and a
'ew minutes later were driven in all directions
Before the victorious troops. The troops un-
ler the commander's direction then burned a
portion of Poundmaker's camp. The Indian
oss is not positively ascertained , but reliable
stimates place it at one hundred killed out-
ight. Otter's loss is eight kled ! aud thir-
; cen wounded.
The Indians about Queappelle are greatly
'xcited over Poundmaker's defeat , and are
laid to be off the reserve. A general uprising
f savages is now feared more than ever.
Jrowfoot , the great chief of the Blackfeet , is
he natural brother of Poundmaker. Crowfoot
s at present none too well disposed towards
he government. Major Walsh fears that the
lalllcd Crees will now massacre their captives ,
le does not out the fighting strength of the
udians north of the Saskatchewan at more
; han COO.
Major Walsh , who has spent his life among
he Indians , and who is intimately acquainted
vith all the chiefs in the northwest , was inter-
'itwed. Replying to a question as to his
ipinion about the present light , and the effect
t will have upon the Indians , he said he did
lot like Otter's marching back to Battleford
10 quifkly. As to other phases of the que-stion
ic thought the first blow , which will be fol-
owed by a bloody Indian war. had been struck.
3ucc aroused , the Indians will fiiiht , and it
rill le diflicult to pacify them. It also ap-
> eared that the Indians of the whole North
Saskatchewan district arc arouse.i. He is of
lie opinion that COO Indians represent the
vhole fighting population of the North Sas-
iatchewau district. From their knowledge of
, he country he feared they wou'd make lorm-
dable foes. Poundmaker was a restlt-ss and
)0tvcrful chief and would leave nostone un-
urncd to induce other bands to join him.
le was a relative of Crowfoot , chief of the
ilackfcct , and the major thinks Crowfoot will
io\v be induced to join Poundmaker in his fight
gainst the whites. The major is of the opin-
ou that Factor McLean and other captives in
he hands of the Indians will not now have a
[ host of a chance to escape being killed , if , in-
letd , such fate has not already befallen the
> oor creatures. He thinks it was very bad
iplicy to advance and offer fight to the In-
lians until the prisoners were ransomed. A
> argain might have been effected with the In-
lians ( as was t'one in Minnesota some years
igo ) by which the prisoners could havo'been
ansoif.ed. Major Walsh has the gravest ap-
( rehension that the Indians have outraged the
emale captives , as was so frequently the case
n the northwestern states , lie believes the
jovernmeut would have to send 5,000 more
roops to the northwest in order to success-
'ully combat the Indians. He strongly favors
nountcd troops. Pouudmaker's reserve is
ibout thirty-five miles from Battleford by the
outh side of the Battle river and nearly due
rest. Poundmaker has about 300 fighting
neu alone , not to mention the forces of Red
'heasant , Strike-Me-on-the-Baek , Mosquito ,
_ uckv Man and Little. Pine in the same local-
ty. Th ir combined strength would easily
each 600 or 7CO men. They are armed with
very conceivable style of weapon , from the
far club and the bowie-knife to the rifle. The
irobability is that they occupied every vantage
lointonthe bluffs and fought in real Indian
tyle. To their reserve had been carried much
if the supplies stoli-n from the settlers , and to
ry and recover these was one of the objects ol
Hter's expedition.
The Right Reverend Bishop Gil-
lour , Cleveland , Ohio , is one of the
lany eminent church dignitaries who
ave publicly added their emphatic en-
orsement to the wonderfol efficacy of
t. Jacobs Oil in cases of rheumatism
nd other painful ailments.
.Tho Chlrlcahuas are reported to bo com
milling depredations on the southern borders
of Colorado. Ono herder has been scalped
and bis stock driven into Old Mexico. The
boldness of the Indlons is attributed to the
presence of colored troops in Arizona , the
Indians knowing they have never been iu
active conflict on the frontier and have nc
knowledge of their fighting qualities. The
Indians have not ventured far from thcMox !
can bonier. Should the reported raids be
verified Mexican and American troops wll
operate jointly against the Indians.
The country In the vicinity of Vnndalia
111. , was recently visited by a wind , hail am
rain storm. Trees and outbuildings were do
moll shed and hundreds of rods of fencing
wore driven before the wind like sta\\B
M - orchards were entirely ruined.
Notice has been given by the Western Union
telegraph company that it will pay its opera
tors in Chicago for all extra work. This is
in accordance with the custom in vogue unti
a few months ago , and for the restoration ol
which tlio operators petitioned General Super
intcndont Clowry.
Ono hundred and twenty rebels who escaped
from the city of Panama are recruiting am
maldng disorder at Arraljan. Gon. Koyes lof
Panama yesterday with a force to disperse
Specials from Gunnison and Grand Junc
tion , Colorado , state that promptly at 9
o'clock on the 4th , in obedience to instruc
tions from headquarters at Denver , all mem
bers of the Knights of Labor in the employ
of the Denver and Rio Grande railway quit
Ilic Union Pacific railway company filed an
intcrven ng.petition asiiinst the Wuba-h rail
way at St. Louis to recover $98,076 alleged to
bo duo by tbe latter for labor , material ,
rental , etc.
The Western Unitarian conference met in
St. Louis on Thursday. R. J. Sunderland , of
Chicago , read the secretary's report showing
a slow growth of Unitarianism in the west
and pleading for homo worship. The treas
urer's report showed the total receipts of the
year were ? 3,37S. disbursements the same.
Secretary Sims , of the Iowa state'board of
griculture , estimates the winter wheat pro
duct of the state for this year will be20SCO,000
bushels. This is a small fraction l"ss than 43
per cent of the total production of the harvest
of 1884 , ar.d slightly in excess of 68 per co-it of
tlio average annual product for the last five
years. Frost and decreased acreage are the
causes assigned.
A Ric'imond ( Ky. ) dispatch says an immense
crowd gathered in front of the court house in
: hat place to witness a public sale of negroes.
They were sold into slavery to the highest and
J3St bidder. One man brought ? 33 for twelve
months' service , one Sli for three months ,
a woman 25 cents for twelve months. The
sales were made under the vagrant laws of the
Maxwell , the Southern hotel ( St. Louis ) mur-
Icrer , has been arrested at Auckland , New
/ealand , and will bo brought uack to this
cjuntry to answer for his crime.
Senator Dawcs will leave for Indian terrl-
ory shortly with other members of the cotn-
nittee appointed to investigate the system of
casing Indian lands. "The present abuses , "
aid Mr. Dawes , "grew out of an attempt of
Ir. Teller to allow the cattlemen to get con-
rol of the lands without himself being di-
ectly or technically responsible. For the
ast eighteen months the speculators have
made contracts with the Indians , who are. in
onscquence , receiving irregular and , in
nany cases , nominal rents for valuable
ands. The leases have boon drawn without
ny otlicial knowledge of the department.
The investigating committee has already
-nowlcdgo of one tract of hind as large as
lie state of Massachusetts , and there will bo
Touble in securing to the Indians their
rights. "
Secretary Whitney has directed the court of
inquiry for the investigation of the charges
Df collusion between Paymaster-General
Smith aud A. P. Brown , to extend the exam-
nation and report the facts conneoted with
uiy contract for purchase of supplies for the
lavy made by the present paymaster-general
luring his occupation of the office.
Admiral Jouett recently ordered a court of
nquiry at Aspinwall to investigate the
ihurges made against Commander Kane to
he effect that he did not perform his duty at
he burning of that place. The finding of the
: ourt is as follows : "That had Commander
Kane acted otherwise than as he did , theie is
10 doubt the lives of Americans imprisoned
jy Preston would have been sacrificed , with
10 benefit to the Americans or other foreign-
jrs , either In the saving of life or other prop
erty. "
A dispatch received atthepostofilce depart-
nent announces the death of Postmaster
vniekerboeker , at Aurora , 111. Charges of a
lolitieal nature had been filed against Post-
naster Knickerbocker and vigoious efforts
nade to have him replaced by a democrat.
Us nomination was confirmed February 26th
AtYoungstown , Ohio , Charles Clarke and
Uichael Collins enticed Mrs. Hattie Ruby , n
vidow , to an unfrequented part of the city
ind committed a brutal assault upon her.
Mrs. Ruby screamed for assistance , and a
> oy hearing her screams notified the police.
JIurke was captured near his victim , but Col-
ins escaped.
Five Sicilians were arrested in Chicago ,
jharged with the murder of Fclippo Caruso ,
vhose corpse was recently discovered in n
runk at Pittsburg. Mamie Calchett , aged
7elve , saw Caruso enter the Sicilians' rooms
n Chicago , the day before ho was missed. An
iour afterward she noticed a trunk corres-
jonding to the Plttsburg article carried into
he same house.
At Fort Smith , Ark. , James Urcine and
Villiam Parchmeal , full-blooded Cherokees.
rere sentenced in the United States court to
ie hanged June 6 for tbe murder of Henry
'eigel , un old Swiss traveler , committed in
ndian territory twelve years ago for Fei-
rel's money.
A serious shooting affray occurred near
'redo ' , West Va. , in which one man was killed
nd two others wounded. The murder oe-
urred at a house known through the sur-
ounding country as the "White Bear. " A
arty of five men were standing on the porch
f the house about midnight when Henry
'reese. ' a negro , who had lonr ; been a terror
) the neighborhood , slipped from behind the
ouse and fired five shots into the crowd ,
hree of the men fell and the two others lied ,
telp was obtained and the wounded men car-
led into the house , when it was found that
harles Hamakcr was fatally shot in the ab-
omen and David Stewart and Peter Canler-
ury in the thighs.
A long standing difficulty has existed be-
nreen the Hnnson-Gridley families , Chicago
eople living in Geneva , 111. 1 brents of
looting had frequently been made. Gridlcy ,
bile intoxicated , tried to enter Hanson's
ouse. The young son of the latter fired at
im twice from an upperwindow with a shot-
un , the first charge entering Gridlcy's arm
ad the second bis abdomen. Young Hanson
seventeen and lives with his father , who is
In the commission business in Chicago. lie is
n Jail. Gridloy is forty-five ycaw of ago and
a son of the lute Judge Gridlcy , of lilootn-
The comptroller of the currency bas ap
pointed Kent K. Hayden , of Omaha , to be
national bank examiner. Ho will bo assignee
to the district of Kansas and Nebraska.
Lieutenant Commander Nichols , command
ing the "Plnta , " writes to the navy depart
ment from Sltka , Alaska , undordutoof March
3Iet , and says the Chllliots are somowhnt tin
easy and say they will have no more white
men among them. Russian citlzons and mis
sionaries have been having sorno trouble
owing to the alleged encroachment of the
missionaries on lands claimed to bo within
the town limits. Tlio mutter culminated in
an Injunction prohibiting missionaries doing
work until the case is settled by the court.
The president hns appointed Horatio B.
I.owry to bo quartermaster in the United
States marine corps , with the rank of major ,
and Richard S. Colium to be assistant quarter
master with the rank of captain.
Secretary Whitney has written to Johti
Roach repeating bis demand for another trial
trip of the Dolphin. The secretary is under
stood to have stated in unequivocal terms
the necessity for another trial trip before the
vessel can bo accepted.
The district authorities are enforcing the
new gambling law with great vigor. A young
man was fined in tbo police court $100 and
sentenced to jail for ono day for having per
mitted a game of Fcven-up to bo clayed in his
bed-room. The game was of an entirely so
cial character. Tbo police apparently claim
the right to enter houses without notice to
enforce the law.
Col. Monoypenny , Indian commissioner un
der President Buchanan , hns arrived to assist
In pushing the charges against Agent MeGil-
Capt Louis Brechcmin. assistant surgeon
department of Dakota , has been ordered to
relieve Major James H. Bill , surgeon , depart
ment of the Platte , who becomes a member
of the army medical examining board ntNew
York city.
Postmaster-General Vilas doffed his coat a
few nights ago and signed the appointments
of ono hundred postmasters.
President Cleveland will hereafter receive
10 callers on Saturday. He finds it necessary
o devote at iCast one working day of every
vcek to the transaction of public business
without interruption.
Win. B. McConnell , of Fargo , Dakota , has
> cen appointed to be associate justice-in Da-
wota , vice A. A. Hudson , whose commission
uis expired.
Advertisements will soon be issued froii
he navy department for proposals and plans
or the construction of the four new imva
CSK-'S which were authori/ed by congress ,
'he naval advisory board will not be eon
ected in any way with the construction of
liese vessels.rlhe new vessels will consist of
wo ciuiters , of not les ? tlnm : , OK ) nor more
lian o.OLO tons displacement , costing , exclu-
ivc ot armament , .51.100.0JO each ; onp heavily
rmcd gunboat of about l.GOO tons displace"
ic-nt. costing- not more than § . )20,000 , ami ono
s-ht gunboat of about SCO tons , costing
- 73.000.
zer TUK C.IJILJ- : .
'liscrll'incoiis ' Uliiller.i of Interval from the
Oltl U'orlil.
The London Stanclai'd says : All the
ndications point to the king of Denmark as
he arbitrator to be selected by llussiu ant
England in pursuance of the pending agree
nent. In the house of lords the Earl of Gran-
ille , secretary of foreign affairs , in answer to
nquiries stated that Russia and England had
greed to the new negotiations in London con.
crning the Afghan frontier question , and that
meeting of delimitation commission has been
rrangcd in detail. M. De Stael was present at
the Royal Academy banquet. Earl Gran-
rillc in a speech expressed a somewhat confi-
lent hope that England and other friendly
aatlons represented may find for years to
: orae , by honorable good relations the means
) f continuing then-course along the paths and
fertilizing channels of continuous peace. The
; overnment has sent an order to Dover to
lease chartering small pattern ships for trans
iort service. This is believed to foreshadow
he stoppage of war preparations. Consols
vhich closed Saturday night at 961-16 , opened
Monday , May 4th at 97 % but reacted to 97
Ill other securities firm.
Dispatches from Shanghai state the
: he dispute between China and Russia regar-
ling the frontier of MancLiaara has become
icute , owing to the non-arrival of Russia's
nembers ol the delimitation commission , and
he constant postponement of the date of their
irrival at the place of meeting to settle the
) oundary question. Chinese commissioners
lave been ready for months to begin the work
) f delimitation , and the failure of the Rus-
lian commissioners has caused the Chinese
government to fear that the same farce cnact-
: d respecting the Afghan frontier will be per-
brmed in this case. Now that the difiiculty
vith France in relation to Tonquln has been
iCttled , China has become more courageous ,
ind has demanded that Russia fulfill her part
if the agreement which led to the appoint-
aent of the commission. The English fleet
iccupied the port of Hamilton. The Chinese
irotest against this act ag a violation of the
ntegrity of China ,
A dispatch from Tirpul states
hat the dam on Karabaud river ,
evenly miles from Sarakhsk , burst , flooding
he country for miles and doing an Immense
mount of damage to the military roads that
; ave been constructed by the Russians who
re now making strenuous efforts to renair
he dam and prevent further destruction. The
ispatch also states there has been no ques-
ton as to the ownership of Penjdeh , as the
ity paid tribute to Herat for over 100 years ,
'he guard for the governor composed of Af-
han soldiers has been quartered in the city
Ince 'SI and it has always been an Intregal
ortion of Herat. Though there is no definite
ews on the subject , the war cloud seems sud-
enly to have dissolved. It is stated that the
linisters In council decided to-meet the
tmost limits of English concession.
The public are dissatisfied withEng-
md's concession to Russia , and fears are
enerally expressed now that the English at-
itude may have already endangered the safe"
F of the party composing the Lumsden sur-
eying commission. Preparations for war enlarge
large scale still continue in India. The na
ves of the Punjab are reported to be In a
tate of alarm over what they regard as Glad-
tone's truckling policy toward Russia.
An Appeal by tlie JlIorninni A I'rolc.it anil .
Declaration of ( Srleritncen.
Meetings were recently held throughout
Utah , Idaho and Arizona at all Mormon taber
nacles at which a declaration of grievances
and the protest which was formulated at the
general conference of the Mormon church ,
April 5th , was read. The declaration Is ad
dressed to the president and people of the
United States. It begins by saying :
"A condition of affairs Imperiling the vital
interests of a vast majority of the people of
Utah and their co-religionists In neighboring
states and territories Impels us , their * repre
sentatives , to address you. Our rights as
American citizens arc trampled upon , and be
lieving It our Imperative duty In the presence
of such a danger to protest against the gigan
tic evil which threatens not only our liberties
but tbe liberties of every free man , we , In
general mass meeting assembled In the name
of freedom , justice and liumanitv. make this
appeal for relief and protection. We arc un
popular with our fellow-countrymen. It la
our religion which makes us so.V arc a
email minority In their midst , hut we have yet
to learn that these are grounds upon which"to
justify In a land of liberty the acts of oppres
sion which we , as a people , from the beginning
of our historv , have been made to gutter. As
to our religious faith , it is based upon evi
dence which , to our minds , is conclusive
convictions not to lie destroyed by legislative
enactments , or judicial decisions. Force may-
enslave the bodv but It cannot convince the
mind. To yield at the demand of a legisla
ture , or a judge , the rl lrs of conscience ,
would prove us recreant to every duty we owe
to God and man. Among the principles o.
our religion is that of immediate revelation
from God. One of the doctrines so revealed
Is celestial or plural marriage , for which osten
sibly we are stigmatized aifd hated. This is a
vital part of our rcl'glon ' , decisions of the
courts to the contrarv notuithstandln1. : . "
The declaration defending the practice of
polygamy declares that the practices as under
stood among the occidental nations I. " a systur-i
of sensuality , but the Latter Day S.iints be
lieve that marriage is one which , projicrlv sol
emnized , exists in extniltv. . Ev ry faithful
woman in the church believes that lii order tf >
Insure her exaltation in the prcscm-cof God
she should be married or sealed to an upright ,
faithful man.
The declaration thrn says : " .Acting upon
tTiis belief these allianare farmed while.
Ujon earth , upon the princi , Ic that the man
Is not without the woman nor tin- woman with
out the man in tinLord. . We lirudy believe
that God revealed this to them j > s a command ,
but while patriarchal marriages , as It is
termed , is a part of their faith" and practice ,
and they haw no Idea that it should become
universal. The equality of the fezes , If forno
other reason , would prevent this. It is a mis-
takci ; idea that our rhnrch favors the propa-
gat'on of this doctrine or seeks to establish it
as a universal system. "
It then goes on to sav that the general gov
ernment has overborn willing to lend a willing
ear to all reports of seditions made among the
Mormon people , and the right of citizenship
has ncvir be'-n confine ! upon them , and
petitions against these abuses Live nuvcr been
Continuing , the protest fays that the eom-
mi-sionfis appointed under tinKdmnnds law
grossly abused the authority conferred upon
them and have usurped extraordinary , Hl gal
and arbitrary powers. They oflicially formu
lated an unauthorized , ill.-irul , expurgatory
lest oath which could nt he taken bv uy one
who ever lived in polvgamv. thus disfratit-his-
Ing thousands of loyal Mo'rmon voters. It is
turther asserted tl at they constituted them
selves a supreme tribunal" for tbe determina
tion of all matters in the territory pertaining
to the election and qualiiu-rition of vet rs. It
is asserted they greatly abns-d their authority
in the appointment of registration ollircrs by
selecting for such positions , whenever possible ,
3nly such persons . - > . : i. longed to the auti-
Mormou factions. Complaint is made that the
L'nited States onicials hav generally allied
: hcmsr-lvc3 with the s < ctarian'pi jests and po-
itical adversaria's , Irndmi ; tlicir ex , cutivu m-
luence to foment loculcxcitcm"itt and degrade
is in the estimation of the p"nple abroad.
The present governor csp eially , says the r -
wrt , has acted tt.c part of a p.-tty Ur.mt. Its
s cited that he vetoed a bill p'as-i-i bv the
ccislature fr the em-linn of a universitv" and
ds' > : i bill passed in ai-co' ' Janets with the Kd-
nunds lav.- for tlu dito itinuanrc of the Utali
loininission The dei-laniti'in then a-s.-rU the
'Edmunds law.'v.Ji.ch not onlv provides for
, he punishment of p > iyamy , but for c-habi-
.ation with more tuaii une" woman , whether
n th inarr.age relation or outside of it , is
nade to operate upon one class of people only
-M'irrnons and \et of the n < ; n Morm > n class
vho transgress the law the name is k-gion.
Hie paramourof mistn ss'-s and ballots secure
ruin prosecution , walk the streets in open
lay. No United States ollicial puts -'sputters' *
m his trail or inak < r an i-fTi.rt to < lr.ig his
lecds of shame and 1:11 It before the judgeami
ury for invi-siiiration and punishment. Kilt
ion- the CMitrast. In Utah , Idaho and Ari-
.011:1 , a concerted assault is made upon the
ilormou people. "Spotters'1 and spies dog
lieir footstt-ps. Delators thrust th-msclves
nto the bed charnl-ers and watch at the wn-
kws. Children are questioned on the streets
.s to the marital relations of their parents.
: amlies ! are dragged before the commissioners
.rid grand juries and on pain of j.unisliment V
or contempt are compelled to testify against
heir father and husbands. Modest women
re made to answer shamefully indecent ques-
ions as to the sexual relations of men and .
rornen. Attempts have b"en made to bribe
: ien to work cases against tht'ir neighbors.
Totoriously disreputable characters are era-
loved to spy into men's family relations. "
The document concludes with various pro-
ests against these proceedings and by asking
or the appointment by the president o"f a com-
ilssion to fairly and" thoroughly investiirxto
lie Utah situation and pending its report it
retests against the continuance of this merci-
2ss crusade.
T/ic I'tijlttiiuj in tinXtirtliirrst. .
Further details of the enira ire merit between
olonei Otter's forces and Chief Pnundinuir.
r's Indians show the H-rht lasted seven
ours. The Indians used musKcte , wurcluhs.
inars. bows and arrows , and t-vory conceiv-
MC ! we.fpon of warfare. No mention is inside
i the d'spatchepof the kil cd und wounded
sin ? brought back , ami it is judged fronj the
asty mareli back that they were eft Uhind. .
o'h nir but the la-t extremity would induce
ol. t-ttf-rto It-ave them behind. No one lias
ny doubt now that a bloo ly Indian w r will
jlloiv. 'I he Quonppi-lle Indian- are reported
) hstv-p ri en and it-It the.-cherve. Crowfoot *
licl of the ISiat-kfeet. is related to I'ound-
laker , and wil. it is s.iid. join him against
ic wniies. The Dominion government and.
ol. fitter are blamed for not f-ecurintr the
inborn of Factor Mcf.ean and other white
ptiv& fr m the Indians before pree pta-
ng matters. Private advices from Hark's
rossmfrsay Middle-ton had begun his nd
ince , and a Diittle is expecteJ at any mo-
ecnrlty of Transit Tor tlie ITnlted
States Across the
It is reported on trustworthy authority that
treaty has been concluded between the gov-
mmeat at Bogota and the minister of the
nited States in respect to security of Iran-
t across the Isthmus. The treaty confers
pen the United States government certain
Khts of compensation on all transit across
ic Isthmus of Panama with special duties of
rotection to be exercised in accordance with
ic government cf the U. S. of Columbia.
is understood that by this treaty Co-
mbian and United States governments
ill co-operate to maintain freedom of
ansit against all attacks or attempts to ob-
ruct and it Is beleived that joint con-
ol over the transit route under this treaty
111 not only authorize but make it tbe dutv
the United States to give all the required
d in maintaining the transit routes for coni-
eice , mail and passengers.
The robber Preston , who burned Colon ,
: ving made his escape has since seized Porto.
th the helo of which it is feared he will
ake trouble unless the United States naval
rccs capture him and his vessels.

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