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BolM nnd Carbuncle * .
These urc the volcanoes of Iho human
system. They proceed from impure *
blood and from a riotous demoraliza
tion of the digestive organs. They are
nnnoying , painful , and sometimes dan
gerous. They can be c r.ven out by
s toning up the system , and this can beifc
bo done by the use of Brown's Iron Bit
ters. Messrs Handy & llullman , drug
gist , Annapolis , Md. , say : "We sell
lots of Brown's Iron Bitters. All who
use it seem pleased. We hear not one
It is proposed to utilize the Yellowstone
park for the preservation of tiio bluon.
Rheumatism , Keuralqia. Sciatica ,
Lumbago , Backache , Headache , Toothache ,
SoroTliroutSTFclHitsii.SpraInRrnI cs.
tturnn , ScnldH , Front lil lea ,
Bold \ > j lrucil t ati(1 Uo-Jeraererrwliere. FinyCenUaLotUa.
DIrccllonb In 11 Lnnsuxscs.
( SnoMMori to A. TOdELEE L CO. ) Ballloorr , HA , C. S. JU
Browns Iron
The question has probably boon nsVed thousands
of times."Hovv can Brown's Iron Bit tors cure every
thing ? " Well , it doesn't. But it does euro any diseiso
for which n reputable physician would prescribe. IHOX
Physicians recognize Iron as the best restorative
agent known to the profession , and inquiry of any
leading chemical firm will substantiate the assertion
that there are more preparationa of iron than of any
t other gnbstanco used in medicine This shows con
clusively that .iron is acknowledged to be the most
important factor in successful medical practice. It is ,
however. R remarkable fact , thatprior to the discov-
oryof ; IJItO WN'S IRON IliTTKHS no perfect ,
ly satisfactory iron combination had over been found.
headache , or produce constipation nil other iron
medicines ilo.mUNVN'SIIlONJIlTTERS
cures Indigestion , Biliousness , Weakness ,
Dyspepsia , Malar in , Chills and Fevers ,
Tired FccIingCcncrnlDcbilityPain in the
Side , Back or Umbq , Headache nndNeurnl-
gia for all these ailments Iron is prescribed daily.
minute. lake all other thorough medicines , it acts
slowly. .When taken by mm the first symptom of
benefit is renewed energy. The muscles then becoma
firmer , the digestion improves , the bowels nre active.
In uomen tha effect is usually more rapid and marked.
The eyes begin at once to brighten : the skin clears
np ; healthy color comes to the cheeks : nervousness
disappears ; functional derangements become regu
lar , and if a nursing mother , abundant snstenanca
M supplied for the child. Remember Brown's Iron
Bittera is the QNIjY iron medicine that is not in
jurious. 1'hyricians and llruggittt recommend it.
Tie Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed red lines
on wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER.
Dyspepsia ,
Liver and
And Health Restorer ,
Jl perfect renovator and invijrorator of tha
system , carrying' away all poisonous matter ,
and restoring the blood to a healthy condi
tion , enriching It , refreshing and invigorating"
"both mind and body. As a cure for HHEU-
HATICS it has no equal.
In all cases of Indigestion , Biliousness , Con
\ stipation , Headache , Loss of Appetite , Files ,
Neuralgia , Nervous disorders and all FE
JSittcrs never falls to perfect a cure vrhen
properly taken.
Of the worst forms of these terrible diseases
fe&ve been quickly relieved , and in a short
time perfectly cured by the use of Hops
aud IHLA.I/F Bitters. DonotgecIKops
and mAI/T confounded with ether Infe
rior preparations of similar name. Take
nothing but Hops and 1UTAJLT. All
drug-gists keep them. None genuine unless
manufactured by * "
HOPS & MALT BITTERS CO. , Detroit , Mich ,
G'U'-td-tJS '
Dyspepsia , Gonornl ,
Jaundioo , HaTbitual Constipa-
tioc , Iiivor Complaint , Sick
, Headache , Diseased ELid >
noys , Etc. , Etc.
Itcsntalns only the Purest Drags , among
vhlch may be enumerated P21CILY ASH BA2I
4KB BSEI1E3 , UAliBSilS , BUCH0 , EEiUU , Stc.
It cleanses the system thoroughly , and as a
Is 3Tnoquoled.
It Is not an intoxicating beverage , nor can
It bo need as such , by reason of its Cathartic
Solo Proprietors ,
' HonePottn mm , THRF HFRS8AWSILIS' cioTerHullers
An eyeless ohiclcou is on cxhibitioa
at New "Orleans.
A bullet tnivols .a milo in throe and
two-tenths seconds.
Summer cottages in chrome yolloxv
Vfill vie with tho'uiwuy aeu-sands this
] \Iiking envelopes out of straw pa
per is a new and nourishing industry iu
Penjdch is accurately written and
pronounced Pimjdch , and means "live
villages. "
The number of letters posted in the
world each year averages about f > 2.-
The 'jinc tree , says an authority ,
serves as a refuge for more than 400
species of incets.
The cost 6f each saloon to the city
of ludianpolis last year was $163 , and
the license only § 52.
The base ball clubs of this country ,
it is estimated , will cost the people
810,000,000 this. year.
Thirteen hundred new buildings ,
worth about § 4,000,000 , were erected
in Washington last 3rear.
Some jrenius has invented a fishing
rod that registers the precise number
and weight , of the liahes caught.
Mexican soldiers are said to be of
all shades of color , ranging from near
ly a pure white to a perfect black.
A real-estate owner in San Francisco
adds to his large income from that
source by peddling fruit about the
cit } ' .
A wealthy timber merchant has had
his coat-of-nrms painted on his carri
age with the Latin motto "Vidi" I
Coal mining machines capable of
doing the work of twenty men are
being introduced in the Panhandle
The pyrometer , an instrument in
which heat is measured by the expan
sion of metals , will accurately mea
sure heat up to 7,000 degrees.
Every penitentiary in Texas is pro
vided with a kennel of three or more
lierce bloodhounds for the purpose of
hunting and capturing escaped pris
A train composed of two cars of
gold bullion , three cars of silver , eight
cars of silk and four cars of tea , is en
its way east from California and Col
An iron car-wheel will travel about
40,000 miles. A steel tire wilf run
200,000 miles , costing two and a half
times as much and running more than
four times as long as an iron wheel.
W. H. Wood , ot Nav > T York city , re
cently caught on the gulf coast of
Florida a tarpon weighing 111 pounds.
The tackle used was the ordinary rod ,
reel , and line employed by bass lishers
on tiie Atlantic coast , and the feat
ranks without a known parallel.
An enterprising man , who wished'to
be able to announce the first sign of
spring placed a twig on which was a
cocoon of a caterpillar near the stove
for a week or two. The butterily was
hatched in the month of March and
exhibited as the first harbinger of
spring. "
A Philadelphia minister has even
exceeded Mr. Giflbrd's denunciation
of pleasure. Tie condemns not only
skating-rinks and theaters , but ail
church fairs and festivals , and says :
"It's a shame that whenever money
has to be raised for church purposes
some people think it can't be done un
less they must have a little fun over it. "
The tunneling of Tuscarora moun
tain , in Fulton county. Pennsylvania ,
is a gigantic work. Drills propelled
by compressed air are in operation on
each end of the tunnel night and day.
The tunnel is already bored 1,200 feet
on the west side and 1,300 on the east.
As the mountain is calculated to be
just one mile through the boring is
now half completed.
An effort has recently been made to
measure the dimensions and speed of
deep-sea waves with marked success.
The longest wave recorded measured
a half-mile from crest to crest , with a
period of twenty-three seconds. Waves
having a length of five hundred to six
hundred feet and periods of ten to
twelve seconds are the ordinary storm
waves of the north Attantic ocean.
It is not generally known that Ver
mont has a gold mine. It is called the
"Hooks , " and is located at Plymouth.
From annual report it appears that the
mine produced from September , 1883 ,
to January , 1885 , § 68,070 in gold , and
paid four dividends aggregating $46-
000 , the yield varying between. $33 88
and $5059 ; while the cost declined
$10 15 to $7 20 per ton for mining and
A colored preacher in the outskirts
of Columbia , S. C. , notified his congre
gation on a recent Sunday that he
would not preach till he had $5. The
hat was passud round , and when re
turns were made $3.50 was in the pot ,
whereupon the preacher said he must
have $1.50 more before he would
preach. The hat was passed around
the second time , and the $5 made up ,
when the congregation was treated to
one of the best efforts of the thrifty
From recent surveys it has been
ascertained Unit the entire city of Virginia
ginia , Nevada , has moved ove"r thirty
inches to the east since the big lire of
1876. The Maynard block , in Golden
Hill , is known "to be gradually sliding
down in the direetion of Gold canyon ,
and has moved nearly two feet siucn
its erection. This movement is so
irradual that it does not affect in any
manner the safet } ' of the building , as
the ground to the depth of nearly one
hundred feet to the bed rock is known
to be continually sliding. It is a well-
known fact among practical miners
that the ground on which Virginia
City is built as what is termed a slide ,
and that it is necessary to sink nearly
one hundred feet before finding the
natural bed rock. These slides are
caused by the constant crumbling of
the rocks on the mountain sides. The
debris thus accumulated through in
calculable ages is constantly grav
itating downward , and in a few hun
dred thousands of years what
is known as the site "of Virginia
City will be nothing but barren bed
Historical Snatches.
Notes and bills first stamped. 1782.
Use of quicksilver , discovered in re
fining silver ore , 1510.
Pens for writing were first made from
qmlls in 635.
Paper money first used in America ,
Signals at sea first devised by James
H , 1665.
Tulips first brought into England ,
Thread first made at Paisley , in Scot
land , iu 1722.
Mortars for bombs first made in En
gland , 1543.
Microscopes first used in 1621 ; the
double ones , 1624 ; solar microscopes
invented , 1740.
Letters were invented by Memnon , the
Egyptian , 1822 B. C.
Earthen vessels were first made by the
Boinans , 715 B. C. ; the first made in It
aly in 1710 ; the present improved kind
originated in 1763.
Insurance policies were first used in
Florence in 1523 ; first society estab ,
lished at Hanover , 1530 ; that at Paris
"I Don't Want Ilelief , but Cure , "
Is the exclamation of thousands suffer
ing from catarrh. To all such we say :
Catarrh can be cured by Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Remedy. It has been done in
thousands of cases ; why not in yours ?
Your danger is in delay. Enclose a
stamp to World's Dispensary Medical
Association , .Buffalo , N. Y. , for pam
phlet on this disease.
Wanted a Western Drink ,
"Hit me with a little vitriol mixed
with broken glass , " said a man who
might have been taken for the worst
man in the west to a Philadelphia bar
tender the otlier morning ; "and fire in
few rattlesnake stings along with it.
I'm from Dead Man's Gulch , I am ! "
"That's a western order , sir. I don't
understand it , " was the reply.
"Don't j'ou know what vitriol is ? "
"Yes , "
"Don't you know what glass is ? "
"Yes. "
"Don't you know what rattlesnake
stings is ? "
"jtfo. "
"Well , throw in a little red pepper.
It will make a weak drink for me , but
I'll have to go you. It's a mean sec
tion of the country , this. " Philadelphia
Au Important Arrest.
The arrest of a suspicious character
upon his general appearance , move
ments or companionship , without wait
ing until he has robbed a traveler , fired
a house , or murdered a fellow-man , is
an important function of a shrewd de
tective. Even more important is the
arrest of a disease which , if not check
ed , will blight and destroy a human
life. The frequent cough , loss of ap
petite , , general langour or debility ,
pallid skin , and bodily aches and pains ,
announce the approach of pulmonary
consumption , which is promptly ar
rested and permanently cured by Dr.
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery. "
Sold by druggists.
The "Wrong1 Note.
A lady of rank , says London Truth ,
had received the honor of an invitation
to dinner from the Princess Mary of
Teck , for a day when she was engaged
to dine with an'old friend. She wrote
two letters one to the Princess in her
sweetest manner , acknowledging the
honor , etc. ; another to her friend , be
ginning : "Such a bore , dear ! Fat
Mary has invited mo to dinner on our
day , and , of course , I must go. " To
her horror she learned by the next post
that her friend had the letter for the
Princess in her envelope. The mischief
was done , and she went prepared to
throw herself at the feet of her royal
hostess , when the Princess met her with
open hands and smiling face as she said :
"Fat Mary is very pleased to see you ,
and hopes you won't find her a bore. "
Miss Forto'cuc , who obtained § 50COO from
Lord Garmoylo , IB to marry a reporter.
Weak lungs , spitting of blood , con
sumption , and kindred affections , cured
without phvsician. Address for treat
ise , with two stamps , WORLD'S DIS
lo , N. Y.
A Guaranty of Character.
The primitive Baptists , says the Ogle-
thorpe ( Ga. ) Echo , make it a rule to ex
pel a member from the Qhurch who takes
advantage of any relietiaw or refuses to
pay a debt. A few months since one of
this class , a pretty rough looting case ,
entered an Athens store nnd wanted
credit for a few goods until he could sell
his cotton. Not knowing his customer ,
the merchant refused ; but about tin's
time a well-known elder of the church
entered , and , tapping the farmer on the
shoulder , asked : " How are you , Bro.
Blank ? " "Is that gentleman a mem
ber of your church , Uncle D. ? " asked
the tradesman. " Oh , yes , and a good
one , too , " was the reply. "Well , then ,
my friend , " continued the dealer , "go
through this house , from , cellar to gar
ret , and pick out what you wont. I will
sell you the whole establishment , clerks
and all , on credit , with only your relig
ion as security. " It turned out that the
customer was one of the solid men of
Northeast Georgia.
Palpitation , Dropsical Swellings , Dizziness. In
digestion. Headache , Sleeplessness cured by "Wells
Health Rencwer.
In some states the girls can chew gum and
dance at the same time.
Insurance Is a good thing whether applied
to life or property * . No less a blessing is any
thing that insures good health. Kidnej-"Wort
does this , ft is nature's great remedy. It is
a mild but efficient cathartic , and acting at
the same time on the Liver , Kidneys and
Bowels , it relieves all these organs and enables
them to perform their duties perfectly. It has
wonderful power. See advt.
As spring1 aproachcs the bonnet crop Is ex
pected to ripen. No bonnet , no church.
When you visit New York City , via Central
depot , save Baggage Eipressage and 53 Car
riage Hire , and stop at tie Grand Union Hotel ,
opposite said depot. Six hundred elegant
rooms fitted up at a cost of one million dollars ;
$1 and upwards per day. European plan. Ele
vator. Restaurant supplied with the best.
Horse-cars , stapes and elevated railroad to all
depots. Families can live better for less
money at the Grand Union Hotel than at any
other first-class hotel in the city.
Nine thousand houses artTercctcd annually
In London.
Clears out rats , mice , roaches , flies , ants , bedbucs ,
iknnkg , chipmunks , gophcra. I5c. Druggists.
Edwin Wiggins , of Alaino , is lecturing : on
"Mince Pie as My Mother Made It. "
PnicKLT Asn BITTERS Is not an Intoxicating
beverage , but a pleasant , mild laxative and
ejjlclcut Tonic , actini ; directly on the Liver ,
Kidneys , Stomucli and Bowels.
President Cleveland never nods in church.
preparation of beef containing Its EXTIKE NUTRITIOUS
FJtoiT.RTiKi. It contains bluod-maklng force , ccnerI I
atiiiK and life-sustaining properties ; invnlunbla for I
Indigestion , dyspepsia , nervous prostration , and all
forms of general debility : also. In all enfeebled con
ditions , whether the result of exhaustion , nervous
prostration , overwork or acute disease , particularly it
resulting from pulmonary complaints. ( uswell. Haz
ard < S ; Co. , 1'roprletors , XewYprt.Sold by druggists.
Henry Clews says dinners are the highest
and only rational way oi' entertainment.
FOK Ilfea es of liurtes and cattle , nothing com
pares ttlth Veterinary Carhollsalvo. It I * ttie only
preparation that li n.-ca no tear ft'id limiftuhly grous
tluliiirlnltiorltl-u ! . to.d by druB'BLU ao U <
cents aud UX ) .
Many white people patronize the Chinese
theaties in California cities.
If afllieted with Sore Eyes , use Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it.
Little Falls , N. Y. , has n skating rink , bub
they don't call It the "Little Fulls rink. "
Ask for Wells' "UoiiKh on Corns. " IHc. Quick.-
complete cure. Hard or sort corns , _ warts , bunion *
Idaho will build a capital at a cost of SSO-
Sauce expressly for family use. Only
sold In buttles. Hot and cheapest.
President Cleveland shaves himself.
_ For : i tonic mcdiciiio tilco Allen's Iron
Tonic Hitters. All genuine lieir the signature of J. I * .
Allen , Druggist , Sr. 1'aul. itlnn. _
President Cleveland is partial to poets.
Brown's Bronchial Troches for Conglis
and Colds ; "I think them the best and most
convenient relief extant. " lieu. U. Jf. Humph
rey , Gratz , Ky.
Gladstone is called the Uej-Btond of Engl5oh
sense and dignity.
Mr. Ganz , the famous clothier on Main
street , Kansas City , has had a daughter about
fourteen years f age alliicted with curvature
of the spine.'c arc pleased to note that Drs.
Dickerson & Stark of the Surgical Institute
have been successful in correcting her dc-
formtty. _
The mosquito always makes himself to hum.
B " You will be Happy. Make your old
things look like new by using the Diamond
Dyes , and you will be happy. Any of the
fashionable colors for lOc at the druggists.
Wells , Richardson & Co. , Burlington , Vt.
A Jersey City srirl calls her bashful beau
"Pity , " because he is achin * to love.
Constipation is positively cured by Carter's
Little Liver Pills. Not by pursing and weakening
ening- the bowels , but by regulating1 nnd
strengthening them. This is done by improving -
ing the digestion and stimulating the liver to
the proper secretion of bile , when the bowels
will perform their customary functions in an
easy and natural manner. Purgative pills
miibt bo avoideJ. Ask for Carter's Little
Liver PilK Price ST > c-ents. _ _
Boston has a man-milliner who makes too-
too-utterly sweet bonnets.
The mild weather , following our lotis and sevens
winter , lias such a depressing effect upon the body
that one teds all tired out , almost completely pros
trated , the appetite is lost , and there Is no ambition
to do any th Ing. Tlc whole tendency of thesystcmls
downward. Hood's Sars.np.irllla Is just the medlclnu
needed. It purities the Mood , sharpens the appetite ,
overcomes the tired feeling , and invigorates every
function of the body.
"My daughter had been ailing some t'me with gen
eral debility , and Hood's Sarsaparlll.v was recommend
ed to us. After she had taken three bottles blie was
completely cured and built up. U Is with great pleas
ure that I recommend Hood's S.irsaparllla. " BEN M.
MIRKIKLEES. Supt. Cincinnati & Louisville Mull Line
Co. , Cincinnati. J
"Hood's Sarsaparllla In four weeks made me a new
man. My head ceased to ache , and my whole system
Is built up anew , enjoying perfect health. " I. liir.-
RIXGTOX , IS ) Bank St. , N. Y. City.
Hood's Sarsaparilia
Sold by Jill drugglsta. SI ; sis for s . Ma-Je only l > /
C.I. HOOD &CO. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Mass.
iOO Doses Cne Dollar.
AMTMisputelintlie BROAD GUUfticIlieW
Ever offered to the public.
In order to
the Wood , and thus
impart fre'h vlfrorW
an enfccblfdbybtcni
stiianito ! : fl a KB in f
dlpcstlon with tin
national Invlgorant
IIo tcttcr'3 Stouiacl
IJItters , wlilcli , by In
fusing energy Intt
the operations of thf
stomach , promotes
nay. Insures tlior
oujrh digestion ant
assimilation , ant
consequent n u t r 1
tion. Again to ap
p ctlte. vigor anc
flesh. Is InvarlaW ]
found to follow i
course of this deserv
edlv. popular tonli
which is , moreover , i
reliable preventlvt
of malarial fevers
For sale liv all Drus
gisti and Deslen
Twenty Tears' Experience in
dlseises treitedsuccefsfull ;
FEKSLE ar.dC UKED , such as Prolep
BusOvirIan troubles , Inflara
. , - „ mat Ion n-id Ulceratlons , Fall
antl Displacement of thi
g B ! * e\a wobBBCfe mK
RJfl C rV ? * 9 Bl HI % . AVomb. Si > lnil Weakness , ant
ffSCiiB H tLSJfl-B Chance of Life , nnd all form
"i " . , - * > of KII "EV troubles. Cai
plaints and weaknesse- common to womankind
Luns diseases. Liver complaints and all diseases of i
private nature successfully treated. CA > CEK !
treated and cured.
Letters of Inquiry confidentially answered.
Address DR. A. C. SAlSIIs.
liesitrice , Neb.
The Mirror
is no flatterer. Would you
make it tell a sweeter tale ?
Magnolia Balm is the charm
er that almost cheats the
o >
H. H. WAHNEE & CO. , Kochestor , N. Y.
H , H , WARNER & Co. , Rochester , H , Y ,
W.T. HUDSON , of nrownvllle , Ala. , makes afll-
davlt that four bottlesof Wainor'B TIWICANOK. The
Jiest , cured him of a case of blood polsonliiK of
twenty yean. '
S X . O O A. JB O TJC1 Xj E.
H , H , WARNER & CO. . Rocliesler. H , Y.
REV. TVM. TVATSOJT. TVatcrtown. X. T. . re
ports that his wife Is Indebted to a thorough tone of
the system and restoration 'of her strength to War
ner's Tii'1'KCANOE , The ttest.
IB a iu > ua a t v& v& u u a
" "
2egnlirGraiMtoIalIeiIlas. ITyrspractlM
10 in Chicaco. Authorized to treat all
Chronic. Nervous nnd Special Diseanes ,
Seminal Weakness ( Night Losses ) , Sex-
I uul Dslillily [ Loss of Sezunl 1'owi-rI.Ae.
UuarantjCifreor money refunded. Clmreef
„ _ _ ' low. AKeintl cspcrience ate important. No
mercury or Injurious medicines used. No tune lottfrom
biuiness. Fatienti from a distance treated by moil iledi-
ctnes sent everywhere free from gaze or breakage State your
cm ft"d send for terms. Cuniultation free HHU conllclciitial ,
A COOK for both ieze > , illutt d , iut tcaled furCcm stamps.
A POSITIVE CURE for nHEUM ATISM. $500 for any
casethii treatment tails to cure or help Greatest di < cover
jn &nnalt of tredicme One dose gUes relief * itfew do e * re-
moyei fever and pain in jo-nU , Cure completed in 5to 7 days.
Bend statement of on c with stamp tor Circulars. Call , or ad.
In Sheep , Russia and Turkey Bindings.
Get tiie Standard.
I Webster it h < J 118,000 "Words ,
3000 Ensjravinfjs , nnd a Is'eiv
Uiojjrupliical dictionary.
Standard in Gov't J'rintint : Office.
32,000 copies in Public Schools.
Sale 20 to 1 of any otlier scries ,
i aid to make a Tamily intollicrnt.
Uest help for SCIIOT AKS ,
JZ3"The vocabulary contains 3000 more words
than are found in any other American Dictionary.
The Unabridged is now supplied , nt a small ad
ditional cost , with DENISOX'S
The Greatest improvement in hook-making that
has been made in a hundred vears. "
G. &C. MERRIAM & CO. , Pub'rsSpringfiedMas3.
Send for Circulars. CEO. IJ. It ATIUJUIiy , Principal.
I have a r isltUo remedy for the nboro dlieaso ; by Us
nao thousatflsofcasesot tlio woret kind and of long
tandlnir hava been cured. Indeed. K
InlUeHcacr.thatlirill 8 ndTWO BOTTLES FREE ,
tS-etherwitn aTA t.UABI.ETBEATISE on thli dlieuo
fferer. Glvoexprpisindr O.addr st.
BLocUM , 181 PearlSt. , Now Tork.
Lorillard's Climax Plug
bcarine a rtd tin tag ; that Lerillord'a
Roffe Lienf fine cut ; that Lorlllard' .
Clippings , and.that Lorillard's Snnfli , ar
the best * na cheapest , quality considered J
Wholesale anri Retail
R S\S \ 3 T
DEWEY & STONE , Omaha , Neb.
Bro. Jonathan's Jokes
80pnge3.Hlustratcd. Sent ;
_ Postpald.forTwelTe Cents ,
Cxultlcr Hocse. 29 * SI EccluunSL , Sew lock.
Ask your dealer for a CAPITAli
CITY WHIP and be surprised.
Theyaresomethlngwonderful. In-
Ustonyourdcalerorderlngthe CAPITAL CITV WHIP , I'
they do not carry them In stock. A. J. Gusttn & Co. ,
Lincoln. X eb. ' _ _ _ _
Wr k
< < 7 < . X. I.I. a.
M tk * ° i. lr
work. Til m * M&tf.t
| . * lk - . -
L. A. L. BiUIU A U ) . , lUUno , Ob
Pfll I FCF Omaha Commercial. Send name for
UULLtOti Catalogue and sni-dmcn of pcnman-
ship. M , G. ItUIIItBOUUII , Principal.
Jlorphlno Habit Cared in 1O
to "O days. Xop.iy till cured.
DK. J. STZPiigxs. Lebanon. Ohio.
Sample Boot , Premtara Llit , Price Lt J
CARDS lent free. TI.S.Qu-d Co. , Centerbrook , Cons 1
rrosrcutr the Sirtiidlcm ill
If when you cnlt for Hop Bitters ( see yretn
clusttrof JFaps on the while label ) the tlruirgfot
hands out any stutl callal C. D. Wnruer't
German Hop Hitters or with other "Hop"
name , refuse it uiiil shun that druggist as you
would a viper ; and if he ) ias taken your
money to : the stun" , indict him for tlm fraud ,
and sue him for damages for the swindle , and
we will rcuard jou liberally for the convic
"IHare Suffered !
With every disease imaginable for the last
three years. Our
Druggist , T. .1. Anderson , recommending
"Hop'mttfrs" to me ,
I used two bottles !
Am entirely cured and heartily recommend
Hop Bitters to i very one.
. J. 1) . Walker , BucUner , Mo.
Coiinterfeitiitf1'roces Superiority ,
"Although counterfeiting' is one of the
greatest crinr-s ajiainot the" business of any
couutrv. and in mauv eases
"Destructive of he'altli and life ! "
"It proves beyond a doubt the"
"Supt-rioiity -
Of the article c > umterfcitcd ;
As no iitjerfor article ixerercottnterjcitul.
Proof ot this is found in the great number in
"Australia , England , France ,
'Germany , India , lie'guin ' , Canada and the
U & " " *
Of counterfeits of the great remedy ,
' Hop Bitters , "
Whose namu and merits am so well known
the world over that it is a
"Shining mark mid favorite prey
"For Couiitt-rftiters ! ! ! "
Beware of all that docs not have a green ,
cluster of hops on the white label.
Froiecttle the Swindlers ! ! !
If when you call for Hop Hitters ( see green
cluster of Hops on the \vnire Intiul ) the drug
gist hands you out any btnir called C. L > . War
ner's Gorman Hop JMters or with other
"Hop" name , refuse it and shun that drug
gist as you would n viper ; and if ho has ttken
your money for the htuff , indict him lor the
fraud and sue him for damages for the swin
dle , nnd wo will reward you liberally for the
Doctor. "Yes : yon are bilious. Jaet pet a bor of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Tills ; they will cure yon.-
BUions Complaints are caused by torpidity , con
gestion , or the nlccration of the liver. - ,
The eymptoma are dark , greasy , yellow Ekin , a ,
brown orwlutiahcoatto the tongue , appetite nc-i
ular , often a dry congh at night *
The elan sometimes breaks out into pimples nnd
6oresandthewhoesystemiaoutof ! order. Wright's
Indian Vegetable JL'ills are one of the very beef
remedies known for any form of tKese troubles , and
will certainly relieve the sufferer. They are purely'
vegetable , made from the best drugs by competent
hands , and give satisfaction. They are very gentle
in their action , causing nogripingornnpleafantfeel-
imj to the most delicate. A. trial will convince any
one troubled with biliousness th.it Wright' * In.
diun Vegetable Pilla is the medicine ho needs.
All those pnlnfnl Complaints
* and \ \ enltiirsscs so common *
* * * to our licit * * * *
* * * * * *
J'rlee $1 la llijaiJ , pl'l nr lozenge funn.
* Tts purpose is eolclu for the legitimate healing of
disease anil the relief of pnii , and that it dues all
it claims to tlo , t&ovstintls of ladies car gladly testify. *
* It will euro entirely all Ovarian tronMcs.lnlUuma *
tion and Ulcemtion , Falling and Diip'accments , and
consequent Spinal "Weakness and is particularly.
adapted to the change of life. * * * * * * * *
* . '
for stimulant * , and relieves Weakness of the Stomach.
It cure1 * Bloating , Headaches , Nervous I'rostration ,
General Debility , Sleeplessness. Depression nnd Indi
gestion. That teelinu o lx-.innfc downcaiiFiiir ( pain ,
and backache , is always permanently i iired liy iN us - .
* Send stamp to Lynn , Max * . , for i mphlrt. letters of
Inquiryconfidentiallyanfwered. Furtaleatcirugyistt.
ST. JOI'S ' BOffl
Recommended by leadin ? physicians for
Impurities of the Blood. Indigestion , General
Debility ; also valuable for
Frice , $1.00.
Clarke Drug : Co. , Omaha , solo irholesale
n s S..O 5sss * ewr' n
Thrown in and out of wind .
TeTelTingthopump rod , ilolnsr
nivay with all levers , pullrya , rbain * , and
\virea paculitr to all other mills. Has a DEAD
LOCK , to prevent wheel running wh n oat of freir.
.Simple , Strongnd Durnjile. Fnlly \ \ ar-
ranted. 33f-f.lVK AtJliN'i'.S WANTED.
A 30-pa e Farm and
Family Journal ; to new
subscribers only. History of the War , Lives
of the Presidents , and other g-ood books free.
Write for sample copy and particulars.
RURAL NERK ASKA. Omaha. Net ) .
lie Best
Coat ,
The FISH BRAND SLICKER i < warranted Traterproof and will Veep you dry
in the hardest storm. The new POMMEL. SUCKER j a perfect ridinco .
and corers the entire saddle. Beware ofimitationi. iCone Eeatiinc without the
"Fish Brand" trade-mark. Dlnrtra d Catalogue free. A J.Tower , BostonMaM.
CHEAPEST Oil Tube Colors , Wo. doz. ; Sable f11 I
Brvshes , Zc. up ; Bristles , 7c. up ; Plaque * . 5c. up ; I'aUeU ,
55c. ; Easels.SOc. ; Arists * Bom. SlJl ) : Panels I c. up ;
Oils. 12 1-Sc. ; Varnish. Sac. ; Gold or Silver Paint , 23& ;
CnTa * < . 75c. vard : Pottery and Noreities for Decoratinr
Ic. up : Studies rented. 20c. per week ; Gold Plush Frames.
Moulding. Painting. Enprarinir < . Cord and Nails ; PI
ANOS and ORGANS , from S25 up ; Violins. 5 ; Guitars-
R/l 1 1 C I P Ban jo3. $ iM ; Fifes. Zithers. Sheet Music , 1-1
lYlUolu off list ; Instructors for all instruments , SJj.
" 05 Om Ua-
' -
B , d3c.at Stamp for
rrant Rnslness Colleire , St. Joseph , Mo.
B established IBM. CatalOKue free , write for
terms to A. COOX. President.
nslness College. A. I . Tfyman , Principal
B Catalogue free. Write for terras to National
Business College , Kansas City , Mo.
W. N. TJ. , Omaha , - - 25" 70.
e yjou saw the advertisement in this paper
All Sorts of
hurts and many sorts of ails of
man and beast need a cooling
lotion. Mustang Liniment.

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